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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  January 12, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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rn world. esurance. backed by allstate. click or call. >> nicole: breaking news this morning, u.s. stocks turned over night. >> lauren: dow futures had been down and s&p up 7 and a quarter and nasdaq for the first time up for 17 points. >> nicole: shanghai composite just up slightly. live report from you from beijing. >> lauren: big driver are has been crude oil prices. crude 31 and 5 cents a barrel. a decline of 1.1%.
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>> nicole: set is stage for fox business republican debate. >> lauren: president obama set to deliver state union address. we will tell you what to expect. >> nicole: in sports clemson and alabama, we will have all the highlights. welcome to fbn:am, first look at what's moving in today's markets, latest news and what to expect on the day ahead and a few up arrows this morning. >> lauren: central square in estambul in turkey was hit today. there are at least ten people killed and 15 injured. news reports show turkey security forces clearing the area, if you recall, this is a hot-bed area n. october two explosions hit a lunch-time peace rally. we will keep you top date on the developing story including trying to find out the cause of
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the explosion in estambul. >> nicole: so rob, what do you make of the turnaround and do these up arrows continue? >> hey, nicole, it's obviously a very good sign. certainly the market sold off into an over-sold condition last week. we are starting to see some sanity be restored here and i think what we talked about last night is certainly the thing. >> specially if you look at the nasdaq up eight days in a row, would you say so. we were driven by the china data
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for the most part with some other geopolitical concern. slow growth from china. fees started yesterday. alcoa reported. expectations are going to be low. >> nicole: keep expectations low. we appreciate you getting up and talking with us this morning. thank you. >> lauren: oil prices down after falling 5%. phil flynn, fox business contributor joins us with the latest. phil, every year oil has sold off, does it go below 30? >> phil: if they don't do it today, we should get some type of recovery. let's face it, this market deserves. we have been going in a
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free-fall mode for some period of time. even if you throw something, you have to hit bottom eventually. you get something. i think $30 could be support. the big question is whether they take that out and open up the door for further selling, but i would imagine because this market is getting extremely oversold that if we can see the stock market hang in there, just maybe we could see some stability in this price. >> nicole: some analysts are calling could go bankrupt. that's a little high or on target, how does that ripple effect our equity markets? >> phil: i hate to say that. i think that number is probably right on target. there's no way that the shell producers continue to do this specially because most of them are highly elaborate. i heard that one-third of oil producers could get down.
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it's going to be bad. >> lauren: phil flynn. senior market analysts at price futures group. >> nicole: all right, fox business network announcing the lineup for thursday's presidential debate. i'm very excited about this one. donald trump, ted cruz, florida senator, marco rubio and dr. ben carson, new jersey governor chris christie, former governor, jeb bush, john kasich have all qualified for the debate. there's the lineup there. if you're able to watch on television, you see rubio and trump in the center and the participants qualifying for the early debate, kentucky senator rand paul and carly fiorina and mike huckabee and santorum. chairman is commenting on the debate on the record.
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listen to this. >> we were a lot more involved in the debates than we used to. as far as criteria are corporate products that the networks get to set criteria. all it shows what a competitive field it is. we have adversity team of candidates out there. >> nicole: make sure to tune in this thursday for the fox business republican debate. sandra smith and trish regan will kick off the early debate then we will join maria bartiromo and niel cavuto for the late debate. >> lauren: president obama will have state of the union. south carolina governor will
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deliver gop response. be sure to tune to fox business 8:00 p.m. tonight for state of the address union. niel cavuto will bring you coverage as well as analysis. >> nicole: donald trump said he will flash funding for education and environmental agency. he said he would do, quote, tremendous cutting of the federal cutting. trump said education policy should be returned to the states, he said he would end the common core education standards which conservatives sees as federal overreach. trump was a guest on the tonight show with jimmy fallon and talked about his rival and her rival. >> he's got some guy that he's easy to beat. i mean, how can you lose like this. he really isn't a democrat. he said he's a socialist, i
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think he may be a step beyond a socialist and she's not doing well. >> nicole: democratic candidate bernie sanders has narrowed hillary clinton's lead. >> lauren: e-mail from hillary clinton while secretary of state are still being examined closely to see if they contained any classified information. utah republican representative chaffetz said on the record that mrs. clinton brought the e-mail problems upon herself. >> since he created this own convenient relationship with her emails, it's begged all kinds of questions. we have questions not only about the class if i can occasion and the danger it might have put people in but also freedom of information act request because the inspector general has come back recently and said that there were problems there. >> lauren: chaffetz said the
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scheduling of the secretary of state can be considered classified. >> nicole: hillary clinton joined deportations who entered i legally and ignoreed deportation raids. some have fear across the country. iowa expand on a plan to make the wealthiest americans pay higher taxes. >> make sure there's a minimum tax they have to pay and i want to go further and impose what i call a fair share surcharge on multimillionaires because right now we are behind and we need to get the wealthy and corporations to pay more of their fair shares. >> nicole: well, mrs. wants to impose a 4% surcharge on taxpayers making more than
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$5 million a year. >> lauren: méxico attorney general said the secret meeting between actor sean penn with joaquín el chapo guzmán to discuss a magazine article was essential to finding the fugitive. guzmán was captured on friday after he tunneled out of a mexican maximum security prison back in july. méxico said they plan to extradite him to the united states. rolling stones magazine said u.s. investigators will also examine penn's interaction with the drug lord. >> nicole: the high court hearing arguments yesterday of
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whether workers should be force today pay fees to public sector unions. the court conservative justices appeared skeptical about the mandatory fees. unions say they are needed to help cover the cost of collective bargaining. >> lauren: let's get you caught up on global market overnight. in asia we have a mix bag. red arrow for the nikkei opening for the first time this week. the sang he think 1.9%. >> nicole: retailers and autos leading the way in europe. ftse up 1%. cac 1.7%. the best of the bunch dax, dax is up 2.1%. >> lauren: and some follow throw, dow futures indicating a higher open. 66 points, nasdaq seems to be breaking an 8-day losing streak, it's up 21 points, nicole.
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>> nicole: everybody is watching oil so closely. they are watching the 30-dollar mark. 31.05 and gold is down almost two bucks at 10.94. >> lauren: you do see strengths in the peso against the dollar. i just want to point out that south africa ran after hitting the record low yesterday, down again today. >> nicole: ten-year bond rate 2.1%. >> lauren: alcoa reporting decline, slump in aluminum prices. but excluding those charges, alcoa posted better than expected profit, four kept that was down from 33 cents a year ago. alcoa is the first major european country to report results.
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>> nicole: company said it has -- had a very successful season. more consumers chose to wear workout close outside. >> lauren: coming up alabama edges out clemson in thriller. >> could we get a smile, how about now? >> you got it, baby. [laughter] >> lauren: heading close to $30 a barrel. we will have the latest quote and analysis. checking u.s. stock market futures this tuesday morning. dow up 67 points, you're watching fbn:am, first look at morning markets and breaking news. keep it here.
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>> tell me a little bit about yourself. >> well, i'm an extraordinarily handsome person. [laughter] >> i have a beautiful head of hair. >> i notice, i noticed, i noticed that. >> i was always a good student and i've always worked hard. >> lauren: china making biggest move in hollywood ever. production finance company behind jurrasic world and strait out of compton for 3 and a half billion dollars. >> nicole: jerry hall, they have
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announced engagement. they have been a couple for just four months. executive chairman and fourth marriage and the first, unofficial ceremony with mick jagger, were spotted arm in arm in the golden globes red carpet, congratulations to them. >> lauren: stocks mostly lower, you do have an up arrow. two tenths of 1%. nikkei in japan opening down 2.7%. >> nicole: up arrows, dax the best of the bunch, up 2%. cac up 1% and ftse high but a percentage point. >> lauren: maybe it'll be better after chope action. dow is up 52 points, s&p 7 and a quarter and the nasdaq up first time in nine days of 17 points.
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>> nicole: we know you're watching oil. 38.98. down 43 cents. gold down a dollar. >> lauren: let's do some sports, if you will. we will quick it out, alabama are national champions again, they beat the clemson to tie the game in fourth quarter. tie called for a sneaky kick and got the ball back. touchdown to take the lead, alabama would hold onto win the fourth championship in the last seven years all with nick as head coach. shakeoff didn't help off brooklyn nets. internal manager resigned. san antonio spurs expanded that i can stream 106-79 victory over brooklyn. the best in soccer were honored last night for the fifth time in
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seven years, barcelona and arge argetineb -- balon de oro, lionel messi. >> it's important that we are there in good times and bad. the second time it goes wrong you two running. >> nicole: be sure to watch him on mornings with maria this morning. >> lauren: coming up on our show the set is stage for fox gop
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debate. >> it's highly competitive, there's a lot of interest in these things. >> lauren: we will have the lineup for you. you're looking at it now. over 20% since the beginning of the year, price is falling again overnight, how low will they go. checking u.s. index futures. you're watching fbn:am, first look at morning markets and breaking news this tuesday morning. keep it here. ♪ we live in a pick and choose world.
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you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store... find the lowest prices of the season, going on now. save $600 on the #1 rated i8 bed. know better sleep with sleep number. >> lauren: breaking news this morning, u.s. stocks have been under pressure overnight but turned positive in the last hour. oil prices continue to slide
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closer to $30 a barrel. good morning, everybody, i'm lauren simonetti. >> nicole: good morning, i'm nicole petallides. let's check u.s. stock market futures for you. we see dow futures down 44, nasdaq up 14. >> lauren: we will take it. shanghai composite two tenths of 1%. we will have live report from beijing. nick >> nicole: big driver is oil prices. >> lauren: set is stage for fox business network republican debate. we have the lineup for you. >> nicole: president obama gets set to deliver his last state of the union address and we will tell you what to expect. >> lauren: in sports crimson tide edges clemson in a thrill
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thriller. you're watching fbn:am, first look at morning markets and what to expect on your day ahead. >> nicole: we are going to check with tracy yu, reporter for chinese television. good morning, tracy. >> tracy: most of the markets in the red. still managed to gain about two tenths of 1%. brokerages also rallied on earnings result. in hong kong hang seng dropped after the hong kong trade spiked to 7% overnight as r&b gets squeezed due to intervention. over in tokyo, six-day losing streak 2.7%. energy companies were slumping due to sliding oil prices and over in south korea, kospi lost about two tenths of 1 percent by
5:27 am
pharmaceutical companies. >> lauren: stocks are up. up by the most in the group. the ftse and the cac also trading higher. the cac is up 1.7%, nicole. >> nicole: let's bring on u.s. stock market futures, ready for green arrows. just moved so i will tell you. s&p futures over 8. nasdaq up 20. you can see a trend higher. it had been down overnight. >> lauren: oil down once again. down every day this year. decline about 1%. gold at one thousand 94 cents a trade ounce. decline of almost $2. >> nicole: fox announcing the lineup for thursday. florida senator marco rubio, dr. ben carson, new jersey governor chris christie, former florida governor jeb bush and
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ohio governor john quay rick have all qualified for the late-night debate. you have rubio and trump and cruz in the center there. the participants qualifying there for the early debate are kentucky senator rand paul, former ph ceo carly fiorina and mike huckabee and rick santorum. rand paul not participating in the debate. >> we are a lot more involved in the debates than we used to. it's a corporate product that network get to set the criteria, all this shows is what a competitive field it is. we have adversity team of candidates that are out there. >> nicole: make sure to tune in this thursday in fox republican debate, sandra smith and trish regan will kick off the early
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debate at 6:00 p.m. eastern time t late debate at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. don't miss it. >> lauren: president obama addressing final state of the union, that is tonight. will not make appeal to americans to keep democratic in the white house for third straight term. the president will outline domestic and international priorities that build on steps he has taken during his two terms in office. south carolina governor with response. fox business niel cavuto followed by state of the union address. >> nicole: check the medicine cabinet. big children's cold medicine recall. if you like to text, you want to find out about at&t's latest move. we will tell you all about it. overnight action, right now we have war rows, s&p futures up 8,
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>> nicole: before you head out the door let's take a look at the tuesday forecast with fox meteorologist maria molina. >> maria: hello, everybody, at home. we are continue to go see the snowfall and we are looking potentially foot of snow throughout today. right now impacting parts of great lakes and also midwest. it's going to bring accumulation in ohio, 6-inches of snow, throughout the day today and even into early tomorrow morning across parts of new england. a few showers. parts of main that you're going to see the most significant snowfall accumulation. those areas could potentially see a foot of snow. a current look at potential temperatures, a cold day across the upper midwest with high
5:35 am
temperatures to stay in the single digits but across the gulf coast not bad, temperatures there should reach the 60's this afternoon. let's head over to you. >> nicole: maria molina, thank you so much. >> lauren: u.s. stock market futures looking decent this morning. dow futures up and nasdaq up 20. >> nicole: gold is down a buck 80. >> lauren: check your medicine cabinet, retailers including cvs have recalled children's store branded liquid cold medicine because the dose cups could have the incorrect markings on it. this recall incollides grape and cherry flavors. the store has not received
5:36 am
overdoeses yet but you do want to check cabinets nobody else. >> you can get unlimited data at $100 a month for one line, additional phones cost forty dollars per line, with the fourth line free after the first two months. tablets will cost 40 bucks per month unless you go for the 10-dollar monthly charge with one giga bite limit. coming up the stage is set for thursday night gop debate. >> compared to debates of four years, it's highly competitive, there's a lot of interest for these things. >> lauren: crude oil prices down 20% since the start of 2016. guess what, prices fell again overnight. we will have the latest quote and analysis and checking u.s. stock market futures, dow is up
5:37 am
85 points. that's the highest i've seen it since the show started. s&p up 11 and a half. you're watching fbn:am, first look at morning markets and breaking news.
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>> nicole: breaking news this morning, u.s. stocks negative overnight but turned positive. good morning to you i'm nicole petallides. >> lauren: good morning, i'm lauren simonetti. let's show you stock market futures. dow is up 90 points, s&p is up more than 11, nasdaq gaining 27 points and up for the first time in nine days. >> nicole: stock in china stabilize a bit. we will have a live report for you from beijing. >> lauren: big driver has been crude oil prices. once again under pressure.
5:41 am
>> nicole: stage is set for thursday night fox business' republican debate. we will have the lineup for you. >> lauren: president obama to have final state of the union address. we will tell you what to expect. >> nicole: alabama edges out clemson. welcome to fbn:am, first look at what's moving in today markets and what to expect on your day ahead. >> lauren: stock market futures pointing out to gains today. rob joins us. good morning, rob. >> hey, good morning, lauren. >> lauren: are stocks oversold? >> i think so. kind of a sigh of relief because we're not getting terrible news out of china, oil seems to be stabilizing a bit. so hopefully we get a positive day for the u.s. market. >> nicole: rob, what do you tell
5:42 am
investors are getting spooked. i'm getting really nervous about china, what do you think i should do? >> i've been hearing a lot of that too. i suggested rotating in sectors. if people had not done that and they're contemplating passing out of a stock, that's the worst time for that. we have u.s. earnings season. expectations are low, i'm recommending the clients a bigger risk to be out of the equity markets than to be in them. >> lauren: i like that, rob morgan at chief financial group. >> nicole: phil flynn, joins us on the telephone with the latest, we have watching the 30-dollar mark, what do you expect on the day ahead and how
5:43 am
do you think it has a ripple effect? >> phil: first of all, stability in the stock market. because we were able to stabilize in china because u.s. stocks are higher, that gives oil a chance to hang in here. the other thing that you have to get through is oil inventories, you're also going to get a viewpoint from the american petroleum institute and a lot of the analysts are looking for another increase of crude supply about two and a half million barrels. we did the forecast yesterday that supplies in oklahoma continue to rise, so if they hit another record it is going to hit home that, you know, despite the fact that the markets are stabilizing, we still have have to worry about the demand side of the equation. >> lauren: do you think that oil prices will go below 30? >> phil: you know, i keep looking for bottom hire. i think they are extremely oversold. ramifications when prices crash like this, it really does affect
5:44 am
the long-term output and people that are saying that it's not going to are going to be surprised. >> lauren: oil producers are losing about $2 billion a week that does put it in perspective for you. >> phil: absolutely, you can't keep that up forever. i heard producers say, i'm losing more money than i ever have before. >> nicole: phil flynn thank you for joining us. >> phil: thank you. >> lauren: fox business network announcing the lineup for thursday republican presidential debate. donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio, dr. ben carson, new jersey governor chris christie, former gloried governor jeb bush and john kasich all qualifying for the late debate at 9:00 p.m. now participants for early debate, rand paul, carly fiorina
5:45 am
and mike huckabee and the paul campaign says it does not plan to participate. chairman commenting on the debate on on the record. >> we are a lot more involved in the debates than we used to. as far as criteria, it's a corporate product that the networks get to set the criteria. look, all it shows what a competitive it is. >> lauren: make sure to tune in january 14th, sandra smith and trish regan with the early debate and then maria bartiromo and niel cavuto at 9:00 p.m. >> nicole: president obama with state of the union today, the president will outline priorities that build on steps
5:46 am
he's taken during his two terms in office. south carolina nikki hailey will deliver for gop response. our coverage begins at 8:00 p.m. eastern with niel cavuto followed by the state of the union address at 9 testimony p.m.,. >> lauren: these are how global stocks are shaping right now. chinese shanghai composite with up arrow of two tenths of 1%. >> nicole: ftse and cac also up arrows. >> lauren: look at that. s&p futures up 13, nasdaq up 30. >> nicole: we are watching commodities market. oil 31.26. it's off the lows in the morning. gold 4.90.
5:47 am
>> lauren: china is making basest move hollywood get, buying legendary entertainment. batman trilogy and straight out of compton. >> nicole: here is a look at the headlines in wall street journal. oil plunged bankruptcy fears and worry of sink of producers. the cable player known for shows such as shark week look to boost presence overseas and david bowie, the man who sold the world and bonds. david bowie was performer and financial innovator and we talked so much about his death. >> lauren: a lot of people are
5:48 am
buying his latest record as a result of coming up in mornings with maria. >> it's important that we are there in good times and bad. >> lauren: be sure to watch here on the fox business network. >> nicole: coming up crimson tide edges out clemson in a thriller. >> could we get a smile? how about now? >> you got it, baby, you've got pit. >> nicole: there's the smile. we will have all the highlights. close to 30-dollar-barrel mark. we will keep you posted. checking u.s. stock market futures, had been red, now they're green. dow futures up 101 this second. ♪ if you had a dollar for every dollar car insurance companies
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>> tell me a little bit about yourself. >> well, i'm an extraordinarily handsome person. [laughter] >> i have a beautiful set of hair. >> i noticed, i noticed. >> i was always a good student and u i've always worked hard. >> nicole: that was a mock-job interview on jimmy fallon. how would you answer those questions? look at the shanghai composite index. up one quarter of 1%. nikkei down and kospi also pulling back today. >> lauren: in europe stocks are higher, one and a quarter percent for the ftse and 2% gain for the cac and few sure for the
5:53 am
dax are up. >> nicole: we are looking at the dow in particular. 100 points to the upside. we are at the highest of the morning, folks. s&p futures up 13 and nasdaq up almost 30. >> lauren: trying to recover. oil prices now 31.27-barrel. decline of 16 cents. gold prices are down of more than $5. >> nicole: we have a strong u.s. dollar this morning. you have the euro, japanese yen all weaker against greenback this morning. take you right now to the latest from the world of sports. the alabama crimson tide are national champions yet again. they beat the clemson45-40 following a field goal to tie the game early in the fourth quarter. they get the ball back.
5:54 am
connected with howard for a touchdown to take the lead. alabama would hold onto win the fourth championship in the last seven years all with nick as the coach. a big front office shake-up did not help the brooklyn nets. a day after coach was fired and manager was reassigned, the nets dropped their ten straight at home, fifth in a row overall. the san antonio spurs extended their winning street over brooklyn. the new york rangers are getting it back together lately. they beat the boston 2-1 last night. score on deflection in front with 1:42 to play, the rangers are 4-2 and 1 in their last seven games. let's go rangers. >> lauren: coming up, we will run down global action before we hand it over to mornings with maria. stay with us.
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5:59 am
at -- yes, tomorrow at the debate down in south carolina. it's tuesday, everybody, january 12th, with me this morning dominic tavella. first breaking news out of turkey. local authorities say at least ten people have been killed. 15 injuried in the blast. the cause of the explosion under investigation, we will bring you developments as they come in. turn to go politics, president obama hours away from giving the final state of the union address. we will get more details on how he wants to finish his term and how he wants to shape his legacy. our coverage of the state of the union address begins at 8:00 p.m. eastern time, you do not want to miss that and the stage is set for thursday's republican debate here on the fox business network at the
6:00 am
9:00 p.m. will hold center stage, next to him marco rubio and ted cruz. following the lineup at 6 testimony p.m. carly fiorina, mike huckabee and senator paul. senator paul said he will not be present but the invitation remains open. 115-point addition there after gaining roughly 50 points yesterday but the nasdaq in an eight-day slide, 52 -point gain. remember that year? it is flat right now. above the fold. top of the wall street journal today reports by the paper that because of the selloff in crude, one-third of american oil and gas producers could be at risk of bankruptcy in the next year. more on that what means for the


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