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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  January 12, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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9:00 p.m. will hold center stage, next to him marco rubio and ted cruz. following the lineup at 6 testimony p.m. carly fiorina, mike huckabee and senator paul. senator paul said he will not be present but the invitation remains open. 115-point addition there after gaining roughly 50 points yesterday but the nasdaq in an eight-day slide, 52 -point gain. remember that year? it is flat right now. above the fold. top of the wall street journal today reports by the paper that because of the selloff in crude, one-third of american oil and gas producers could be at risk of bankruptcy in the next year. more on that what means for the
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economy. we raise the question, is the drop in crude bad or good for america. the market route to start have people on edge on the u.s. economy specially since the federal reserve start today increase interest rates. chairman and ceo is more optimistic. >> there's so much focus on the rate rise and they raise it had rates and didn't mean that much. why are they raising rates and the reason has been because the american economy is has strengthened, that is a good thing. >> dagen: sat down with maria and we will have more of that interview. you don't have to wait till tomorrow to see maria. she is coming in a moment. alabama winning championship for the fourth time in the last seven years. 45-40, we have the incredible highlights.
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and so our top story t lineup now finalled for thursday nbn presidential debate. donald trump and his familiar center state position. trump leading senator cruz by two points in iowa, that's a reverse of what you saw in the fox poll last week. let's bring keith, keith that's what happens. it's keith. i will get it together. >> keith: you're doing great. >> dagen: what trump needs to do, more of the same?
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>> keith: yeah, he needs to do what's been working for him. he's gone on a brilliant strategy here on planting seeds of doubt about ted cruz. it's almost as if whether ted cruz was actually born a citizen or not and almost everybody agrees that he is a naturally-born citizen. he's planting doubt about whether there's going to be a challenge by the democrats to cruz's eligibility and is probable getting some people worried who aren't really paying close attention and don't know the fine points of constitutional law. you know n the debate more of the same. it's work for him and no need to really change anything that he's been doing. >> dagen: and sometimes donald trump is not known for subtlety. well, you know, this could drag on for a long time in the court system and it does make -- give people pause, at least some, does it not?
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>> keith: it does. an interesting point that he's not known for subtlety. donald trump, if you read some of his books, he's much more self-aware than people realize and much more devious in a way or much more of a strategist than people think of. he knows what he is doing and some of this is much more planned and strategized than people realize. >> dagen: fbi taking a major step in hillary clinton's private remail extending to public corruption, public corruption track. >> keith: she now has two separate fbi investigations going on, one is on the emails and whether or not she had -- didn't correctly classify information on the server, the other is the clinton foundation, there's all kinds of contributions coming in from all
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kinds of places. people with business before the state department, this is a real problem for her. on the democratic side of the polls we are start to go see movement by sanders and i think part of this is related because whether or not people think she's going to be a viable candidate. think about this. the democratic leader is under fbi investigation on two fronts. that's an incredible thing to have happening. possibly very damaging for her going forward. >> i want to see who you see breaking outside of the cruz race among the moist moderates on stage, are we seeing anything out of christie or bush that could challenge cruz or trump in >> keith: i think possibly, in recent days we've seen a christie that everybody was waiting for for months. he's sort of -- he's becoming
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more of the tough guy. trump stole that from him, the tough-guy aspect that christie was supposed to have. he's making stronger statements about people and going after people. he might be able to delete a little bit of support from trump. at this point, it's really an outsiders race. people expected a moderate versus conservative establishment versus on outsider and really what you have the two outsiders competing. i don't see the guys breaking through. i think christie may have a chance if he can keep a momentum going that he's had in new hampshire and the way he's been presenting himself recently. >> dagen: sets up a really terrific debate coming up on thursday, that's for sure. keith, thank you for being here. make sure that debate january 14th when the republican candidates debate each other, sandra smith and trish regan will kickoff at 6 testimony p.m.
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eastern time and maria bartiromo and niel cavuto for the late debate 9:00 p.m. eastern time. turn on your tv sets. you do not want to miss that. back to the morning breaking news. at least ten people are dead, 15 injuried in istanbul after an explosion on the historic district, police are clearing the area in case of a second explosion. we will update as the story develops throughout the morning. back to the market, are we seeing a market reaction here? the buying has picked up in the last hour or so. dow has doubled gain so far. triple-digit rally on the dow futures. but yo have you gains across the board. nasdaq trying to brake the 8-day streak. this is the start of earning
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season. how bad is the question? alcoa kicked it off. 18% drop in revenue. the stock is down almost 20% this year. michael, let's talk about earning season because there's only three of the ten s&p sectors are supposed to pose positive earnings. the earning season, if you take autoenergy, they look pretty good, if you take out energy, they still -- they don't look good. >> michael: you have to think about this in terms of expectations. if you look at alcoa, event-driven spot, maybe it's not the most relevant stock. we will see what happens in the week. tonight we have the rail sector that is much more aligned and everyone is saying stay away from that and there's coal exposure and there's deals going on there in that sector as we know or deal speculation. intel thursday night. very beaten up until the magic point until the bell went off
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yesterday and everything started rallying back in tech. the other thing that's important which we are going to talk about which have been beaten up -- >> dagen: jpmorgan and wells fargo. >> michael: mongoose. the other interesting thing we noticed yesterday is conference season. >> dagen: that's where maria was and that's where maria sat with jamie dimon from jpmorgan. >> michael: i'll single out here that got beaten up after they said not really the right things in terms of expectations. i think the bar is pretty low going to earning season as we mentioned at the top. we are down eight days in a row. the best thing i can say about the market is the bar is low. >> dagen: so you're saying you could see an upside surprise in a lot of the earning's numbers? >> michael: absolutely. >> dagen: you will also hear from maria. she sat down with the chief
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heather, you will hear the interview later this hour. >> jon: they're separating arrow space business and auto business. auto sales are booming from the raw materials business. that's what we are seeing in from the global economy. the commodity sector is getting beaten up but you see others doing well. >> dagen: do you think auto can hold, though? but also the really cheap money -- >> jon: they had a really good year last year. i do think they can hold up because unemployment is falling, household incomes are rising and people are more money in the pockets because gasoline prices have fallen so much and interest
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rates have gone -- short-term rates are low. 17-18 million units last year. >> dominick: maybe slightly higher. but the auto stock did nothing last year. they should have blown it away. >> jon: why is that? >> dagen: china. >> dominick: here is a company that should have killed it, right, largest cost as energy, energy is half of what it was. the profit margins should have been throw the roof but sales in china were way down. it speaks to the global economy. >> dagen: thank you for shaving, by the way. you look younger. >> dominick: i took your advice
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and many others. >> dagen: women and men. weak innocence twitter. ipo price. losing, lost more than half of its value over the last year, more downside, we will break it down for you. ♪
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i saihi, i'm andrew luck.... could anyone use some of my lucky beard for retirement? i could use some luck. make a wish. nice. thanks. your turn! no... thanks andrew. see,td ameritrade has everything i need for retirement. like rollover consultants for assistance and portfolio planning tools to help me manage my ira. so, i think i'm good. oh well. luck is in the air. um... td ameritrade. you got this. >> dagen: explosion rocking istanbul. >> cheryl: good morning, dagen, good morning, guys. an explosion in istanbul.
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it's being investigated but local media are reported it's likely carried out by a suicide bomber, area popular for tourist, turkey borders syria. check this out. this is cool. this new video has been emerging over the last few hours of the raid that caught joaquín el chapo guzmán. mexican authority releasing footage of the drug king's hideout. another group that is in hiding right now, investors of twitter, hitting an all-time closing low yesterday after falling nearly 2%. shares down 25% from the ipo just two years ago. okay, so we closed 20 for the first time on friday and yesterday, low was 1926, the stock has been really under pressure and jack dorsey don't seem to be shaking the boat.
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>> dagen: do you think it goes out of business? >> michael: i'm not sure how they make money. everyone loves the product in terms of business users. we were talking about the youth crowd is really tie today instagram, snapchat until something else comes along. the way is we saw facebook. they figured how to monotize mobile ads. wonderful. twitter as you notice otherwise would be tang. [laughter] >> michael: twitter is not. they're not monotizing. >> dagen: ads. >> cheryl: dorsey introduced the ad. >> dagen: you can hear the
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sucking sown from here. getting rid of the limit it kills the concept for being. i'm not going the use it if i have to read these long blog-like posts from people who call me names. >> cheryl: do those catch your attention? >> dagen: you know who does the most ingenious job is ensea gram. i-- ensea gram. i have signed >> dagen: i'm revealing way too much. >> they're going to focus where most of the viewers are. twitter is going to have a really hard time to compete.
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>> dagen: jon is not on twitter. >> jon: i can't take it. >> dagen: i think the pope is more exciting. i like the pope. coming up oil near a 12-year low. we debate is low oil good or bad for america. here is a preview of maria bartiromo exclusive interview with jamie dimon, chairman and ceo of jpmorgan. >> it's important, by the way, that we are there in good times and bad. you can't be a bank and the second something goes wrong, you go running. ♪
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>> dagen: crude oil is searching for direction after tumbling levels not seen in a decade. phil flynn, top of the wall street journal today about how hard hit the energy business is, bankruptcy fears. is low oil good for america? >> phil: it's not a yes or no answer. it's bad when prices are crashing right now and driving us out of business. we had a common that hey, guess what, guys, our strategy is working, we are getting ready of
6:24 am
other producers and so they're winning the war. so this has been a manipulated attempt by opec to drive shell out of business and he's right, they're succeeding. >> dagen: phil flynn at the cme group. i read it carefully. i read it more than once in terms of the impact on business but it goes into -- some 30 smaller oil producers, energy producers have filed for bankruptcy this year and their expectation that is one-third of oil and gas producers here could face bankruptcy. >> jon: to your question is this good or bad for america, i would say this is good and bad for america. so data points are unemployment rate in houston is 4.9%, it's moving up. the unemployment rate in detroit is 5.2%. who would have thought four
6:25 am
years that the unemployment rate of detroit would be close to houston. the reason that's happening is because oil prices are moving. car sales are booming, we talked this a moment ago. they had a great year last year. people were buying big cars because they don't have to worry about gasoline prices and they're suffering in houston because of it. it's good and bad. >> dagen: a hundred billion dollars thereabouts sitting among private equity funds, private investors to invest in beaten-down assets. they haven't yet. >> a lot of them burned last year. money was raised to invest in oil-related credit and a lot of the guys got burnt pretty quickly. the demand is still there as companies come free and they need debit financing. as we came on the air we got optimism number. it came in better. >> dagen: that's good. >> michael: we saw a job creation survey actually take a
6:26 am
little higher. we saw capital ventures higher. the key is compensation part which was encouraging. it was flat month over month in terms of how you look at it. the job creation there -- jon, rolled out impressive unemployment numbers. we saw on the job report. we could see dislocation in the job's market. if there are some job loss from some of the companies going under, where do those people go, what happens and how quickly. >> dagen: we will talk about that next. maria spoke with jamie dimon about sinking energy prices. that is next. ♪
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>> one of the things that the candidates know very well is that we are going to stick to the issues and it's about what the american people care about and they better have real answers and solutions to the issues that are important to voters. >> neil: what i think has made the debate more heated, the time is running out and the candidates have to register. >> maria: i think there's been a lot of distraction and noise, when we are talking to candidates we are going to talk through all that noise. i want specifics.
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dagen: good morning. i am transfixed that maria bartiromo is unattended. tuesday can regenerate child. with me make about, "wall street journal" jon hilsenrath and ran a trading partners michael blom. gentleman. top stories at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. breaking news out of turkey. an explosion rattle in a tourist area in istanbul. local authorities say at least 10 people have been killed, 15 injured in the blast. the cause of the explosion under investigation now. turkish officials saying there is a high probability that islamic state militant guy responsible. turning to politics at home president obama hours away from his final state of the union address. more details on how he went to finish out his term and shape his legacy.
6:32 am
average is a address starts at 8:00 p.m. eastern time with neil cavuto live from south carolina. you don't want to miss it. why is mail-in south carolina u.s.? you know why. that is vital that the fox business debate coming up on terry's day at 9:00 p.m. donald trump will hold vendors to age. next to him senators marco rubio and ted cruz filling out the lineup for the 6:00 p.m. event. carly fiorina, mike huckabee, rick santorum and senator ran paul. paul will not participate that the invitation remains open. checking markets right nowcome again to the features across the board. dow, s&p and nasdaq all heading higher. triple digit gain. nice to see the nasdaq bounced back after the losing streak since early 2008. a quick look at the cost of crude. talking about the hard-hit energy sector. oil up a little bit. bp according to reports announcing it will cut 4000 jobs in expiration and production.
6:33 am
upstream business if you will the 600 jobs in the north business being cut over the next two years. alabama winning the national championship for the fourth time in the last seven years. crimson tide in the clemson tigers 35-40 in one incredible game. we will have highlighted. talking about oil dipping a $30 a barrel overnight as the brutal selloff continues. maria bartiromo sat down with jpmorgan ceo jamie dimon in a fox business interview to discuss the impact of low oil prices on businesses and consumers. >> what is the impact of the drop in oil we have seen? how confident are you that major banks, jpmorgan included have energy exposure and check? i recognize a small part of the overall business. energy prices moving lower as a big deal given that's where a lot of the lending lies.
6:34 am
>> there's an industry where obviously prices change like this all the time. you should somewhat be prepared for it. obviously, that needs to be heard. the credit side will be fine. we will lose more money. we told the world that want to be at the compliant. you will cause us to increase reserves by $500 million, which is fine. we will still help companies get through it. it is important today by the way that we are there in good times and bad. you can't be a bank in the second something goes wrong you go running. the beneficiaries both oil prices. that purpose though, good for india. it is good for consumers and businesses. all those who consume energy and pay prices we think, jpmorgan uses real data that they are spending 80% of the increase. maybe suvs and houses.
6:35 am
it is very kind of the benefit is a little bit spread across a lot of things that suppose to one which is heard. it's good for the american consumer. gases that $2. kind of the same prices. >> you see the data for every spend money. you say that they are saving money at the gas pump and going out to dinner. >> that is true across the country. true by income levels. 80% is the number we think we're spending. dagen: you say credit quality is okay right now? >> average consumer has $700 from $800 every year. so the benefit is a little bit everywhere as opposed to the very narrow slice being hurt or helped. maria: where you and your cost-cutting efforts? last time you had your cost-cutting [speaking in native tongue]
6:36 am
to buy cheaply and in as well as investment bank. since then, a lot of competitors have taken a asked to capital market businesses. are you almost done cutting? >> would never actually do what we call cost-cutting. we are always trimming sails. get rid of the things you don't need pr boon would never stop doing things we need. technology, marketing, people in certain countries. but we showed the world the cost is coming down and we are meeting or exceeding what we do know we will always be investing in the future. we will do that, too. i was make a joke that a lot of companies announced plans. they are expected to never come down. total expenses come down this year. >> a lot of people feel you see the benefits of disasters certainly over the last couple years. this is the financial crisis. are you almost done? >> it is an ongoing thing. >> today, goldman sachs is down
6:37 am
grading jpmorgan partly because of that reason, basically saying the low-hanging fruit has been picked in valuation is the issue. any reaction to that? >> goldman sachs. listen, i saw that. they accomplished and i think they think we are quite a good company. analysts have their opinions and somewhat divided on what to sell. that is what makes the market. trend to more of maria's interview with jamie dimon in the next hour of morning cytherea. this goes right to lovely talk about it the bottom of the hour. jamie dimon sounded very optimistic about the benefit to u.s. consumers. the additional money. 80% of the savings being spent, putting a number on it. >> a typical social security recipient. they haven't seen an increase, virtually none of five years.
6:38 am
if you look at the middle class, they virtually got no increase in their paycheck in the last five plus years. this is the first real cut in their expenses and therefore real dollars in their pocket that they can go and spend. we actually didn't have a terrible holiday retail sales number. dagen: you are a nerd. the greatest influence on consumer expect patience i think for inflation is filling out the car appeared i saw that my car for $1.65. >> you see that once a week so it does register in the surveys. what i found most interesting about what jamie dimon just sad that actually wasn't a nerd thing. he talked about when your customers, when businesses start getting a little volatile, you can't cut and run. you have to have conviction and stay with your people. it struck me because you don't see a lot of people with conviction these days. a lot of people who when they
6:39 am
see it aims, especially in the markets when they see things volatile that want to cut and run. dagen: no loyalty. >> jimmy has that loyalty. jamie dimon have been up for a blog time, a farmers myth barred a guy. but i will say going back to have the gas prices float through, we've seen oil come in the past and there's been disappointment for we see companies like supermarkets, restaurants do very well and some other retailers don't follow a blog. but we've all noticed overnight is the icr xchange in florida. last night we saw lulu come out in the race numbers off a low base and see what the quality is. they are all kind of flowing through. burlington also raising numbers and right now as we speak, expressed the xp are raising numbers. we save retailers --
6:40 am
>> made phase. it's targeted. >> cap keeps having bad numbers. >> that is a trip somewhere we don't want to go. up next, organized in a lotto is a lot of work. just got a bit easier with the new smartphone now. powerball fever and health care reform once again a hot issue heading into this year's presidential election. maria's one-on-one interview coming out.
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dagen: breaking news out of istanbul. cheryl casone has the latest in a check on other headlines. >> that's right. new developments coming out of turkey right now. turkish president just saying a series suicide bomber is hers possible for the blast in istanbul and we've been reporting on a central square in the city very popular was hit by an explosion. the governor's office says at least 10 people killed, 15 injured. we don't know nationalities of
6:45 am
the deceased to have. we will keep you posted. in other news, jerry hall and rupert murdoch have announced their engagement. this is the murdoch's fourth marriage in the first for hall according to a spokesman the pair have been dating several months. the couple responded arm in arm on the golden globes red carpet for the executive chairman in 20 centuries for fox, fox business network. the powerball jack pot for tomorrow nights trying now expected to be $1.4 billion. this is now the largest lottery check out in the world either. lottery officials expect 80% of the number combinations to be purchased by somebody at this time. here we go again with powerball fever. $1.4 billion. again, billion. dagen: just a note to my friends, can you stop posting on social media, if you don't hear from me at 11:01, then i'll get
6:46 am
in touch with you. nobody i know is going to win, including myself. >> are you one of those people when people start pulling money and pulling money in office, you make fun of them and saying they are fools. dagen: no, i don't, just in case they win. it is just the bragging if i win here's i'm going to do. >> two dollars for a fantasy. >> is the excitement. it like you get to look at the numbers. the menu lists. that is life. >> i'm still buying tickets. i'm going to definitely buy tickets. a high profile murder deal hits wall street. straight ahead the one-on-one interview with the ceo of mylan. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today.
6:47 am
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dagen: health care reform one of the hottest issues heading into this year's presidential election. a rebar to rumble at the jpmorgan health care conference in san francisco for an exclusive interview with mylan ceo heather brush to get her take on high drug prices and everything related to the 2016 election plus its impact on the health care industry as a whole. maria: do you worry if we see the white house chain chance to perhaps secretary clinton, for
6:51 am
example, that we will see real pressure on drug races? we know what happened last year in terms of her talking about keeping drug prices affordable after we saw what martin sure kelley did with the aids drugs. >> you know, i hope not. i don't think the answer is price control. when you look at the macro environment, there is no question the united states has subsidized the rest of the world with drug innovation and it's been because of capital markets that have allowed us to do that. when you step back, we are growing the entire pharmaceutical market a little over 10% this year as it did in 2014. however, you have outliers that i think get the pr headlines. when you look overall generics for 90% of the volume, 3% price increase overall. i think there are certainly outliers scribing great headlines, but it is not the answer.
6:52 am
the remaining competitive salving fda make sure they get as many people in the marketplace at the same high-quality level is also continue to make supply and demand -- equalize supply and demand. maria: you would think regulators so want to have a favorable environment for generics as possible. they are the ones making sure the free market works and that's exactly what happened after, by the way, sure crowley raised his price. he said we could make generic for a dollar a pill. >> when you have an outlier, there is a pretty quick market correction. so you know, it is very unusual or an anomaly to not have the course corrected very quickly just as you said. suppliers come out, pressure on the fda to make sure there's not just one supplier in the market. so i think overall the u.s. market works near the pharmaceuticals are 10% to 12%
6:53 am
of the overall health care dollar. if you look at 300 billion out of the $3 trillion cost, what i hope we pay more attention to his or her entire health care process. i have said before we have focused more on a stick care system than a health care system in way to focus on 3 trillion how to be more proactive and preventative health care versus trying to figure out how to contain costs. maria: is absolutely true. at the same time and when you think of the need, if we had an alzheimer's joke i don't know how much the drug to go for it. you need investors to be able to want to entice and are indeed so you could actually find some of these breakthroughs. >> and it delivers long-term value. the $3 trillion cost comes from again must not paying enough attention or wanting to invest in innovative preventative medicine that will make hospital stays shorter or keep you at the hospital together for help
6:54 am
disease states that become debilitating to society as we enter into the baby boomer generation and his parents are getting older. we need to step back and take a holistic picture of this. unfortunately in an election year is about headlines and not always the substance of the right policy underneath a hope at the end of the day once we get through the election, whoever wins the white house will have an intelligent conversation about what the health care system should look like and the changes we can continue to be the best in the world. maria: one of the headlines has been tax reform. american companies merging with overseas companies to get a better tax story for themselves. how big of a disadvantage is that when you see someone like pfizer getting together with allergan. i spoke with someone yesterday who is telling the tax rate was 4%. but effectively it ended up being 4%. compare that to 35% in america
6:55 am
and you can understand why major come to an a's have got to figure out how to make their cost improvement. >> it is significant here but i don't understand is the conversation tends to continue to go to less handcuff companies to the u.s. versus let's make the u.s. a better place to do business. i can't get my head around it. as long as regulators, senators, presidential candidates want to talk about how can i force the company to stay here versus what do i need to do to make those competitive. one of deal they developed countries in the world that attacks you everything you make him do in the rest of the world. not only can you not bring cash back, you are at a disadvantage at your tax rate, everything from acquisition to just competing in the marketplace. aside from that, we are saying that we are going to taxi for
6:56 am
everything you sell around the world. it is unfortunately it took her hand drew conan tax system that is refined. looking at the entire picture, dairy things between washington and wall street, all of these things could work together to incentivize longer-term behavior versus driving to the short-term goals but unfortunately, you know, becomes a feeding frenzy. maria: obviously you are in the deal noted growing buzz from organic as well as through acquisition. >> absolutely. very aggressive. maria: great to see you. dagen: you will hear more from maria when she sat down with jamie dimon of jpmorgan chase. coming up, talk about former governor john hunt them. also, the fox business debate that is on tap on thursday. so much more. kt mcfarland also on this bombing in istanbul strata had.
6:57 am
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dagen: good morning. i am transfixed. maria bartiromo is on assignment. tuesday, january 12. brittany, dominic cavallo, jon hilsenrath and rhino trading partner michael watt. welcome. first her top stories. raking is that of turkey. an explosion rattling a major tourist area in istanbul. the cost of the explosion under investigation. moments ago turkey's president blamed an isis related suicide bomber from syria for the blast. local authorities say at least 10 people have been killed, 15 injured in the blast. kt mcfarland joins us in a moment. two politics ago. president ago. president obama hours away from his final state of the union address. more details on how he wants to wrap up his term and shape his legacy. coverage of the address 8:00 p.m. eastern time with neil cavuto life in south carolina.
7:01 am
you don't want to miss that. down in charleston because we've got a debate coming up thursday in the stage is set for the fox network today. 9:00 p.m. event. donald trump will hold center stage. next ahead of marco rubio and ted cruz. going up the line up of 6:00 p.m. event. carly fiorina, rick santorum and senator graham paul. he will not participate, that the invitation remains open. we are looking at a rally to start this day. gains across the board. a little bit of the highest of the morning so far. the nasdaq critically dagen: break an eight session losing streak, longest since january 2008. oil also searching for direction after falling below $31 a barrel in early trading. check out "the wall street journal" this morning. the top story talking about one third of american oil and gas producers could be at risk of bankruptcy by next year.
7:02 am
what it means for this economy and your wallet. the market route to start the year has many people on edge about the global u.s. economy, especially since the federal reserve started to raise interest rates. jpmorgan chase chairman ceo jamie dimon is pretty optimistic. >> there's so much focus in the rate rise. it didn't actually may not match. >> why are they raising rates in the reason has been the american economy's strength is. that is a good thing. dagen: we will have more of maria's interview with jamie dimon, the fox business explicit to the rest of the show. as much as i heard some of us are, alabama did win the national championship for the fourth time in the last seven years good the crimson tide beat that tiger is 45-30. more discussion ahead and moaning and groaning. back to our top story. an explosion rocking a major
7:03 am
tourist area in istanbul, turkey. the blast killing 10, wounding 15. there's no immediate claim for responsibility, but security officials are telling reuters that isis involvement, the islamic state is a high probability. president erred to one blaming a suicide bomber. joining me on the phone as pentagon official kt mcfarland. to describe where in istanbul this took place, it is a major tourist center that many foreign tourists visited. it is an historic area in istanbul. talk to me about significant that the placement of the bomb. >> it is like times square. a major tourist and shopping area right next to the major [booing] , like times square near st. patrick's cathedral. they couldn't have struck at a busier place, more symbolic place religiously and also for the tourist trade.
7:04 am
frankly, it was only a matter of time before this happened. it will not attack against turkey as much as an expansion in the fighting across the entire middle east or north africa to iraq, syria to the saudi peninsula, soon including saudi arabia. the turkish president as you said who i've met before gave a rambling speech saying it was a suicide bomber. at the same time he criticized the kurds. the reason it might've been a syrian suicide bomber is turkey has said nato air bases for attacks against basis, the bombing raids against basis. but turkey is also fighting the kurds. turkey has a very porous border between the islamic state in turkey. turkey has some 2 million syrian refugees. all of these ingredients together, frankly just a matter of time. dagen: where do we stand in all
7:05 am
this? you talk about isis. you talk about the kurds and how we fit in the picture because it becomes increasingly complicated. we didn't even mention russia. >> you are right to say it's complicated. the middle east is where everybody is fighting everybody else. we are supposedly helping a syrian rebels fight again. the turks are the best use their air base. they are supposedly fighting against basis that they are really fighting against traditional enemies the kurds. the russians are they are to fight against the people we are supposedly supporting. iranians either supporting the bag to iraq government who is fighting a sense, but is really using the opportunity to make sure the sunnis and the kurds to rise again. the islamic state is trying to spin it to spin into all of these regions and is fighting the iraqi government, syrian government, anybody in this way.
7:06 am
it is hard to pick this not a part. everybody fighting everybody else. dagen: thank you for calling in. terrific to talk to you. another top story this morning. president obama will deliver his final state of the union address tonight. let's bring in u.s. ambassador china, presidential candidate john huntsman also cochair of the political group, activism group no label. good morning to you. >> hey, great to be with you. dagen: i'll put money down the president obama talks about infrastructure. he's mentioned it in every speech since he took the oath of office seven years ago. >> that may be the case. this is president obama's last year in the final year you worry about your legacy. i'm not sure much else forget that. it's totally overtaken by the seller relationship with congress and a wide-open presidential candidate. that is where the talks going to be. it will be interesting to see
7:07 am
how it lays out his legacy. it is marked by executive order which changes the dynamic of how the presidency works vis-à-vis congress. i am going to be -- i am going to be listening with open ears for this speech. dagen: what else you think you could move on with executive orders because he's seen what he's doing with gun regulations. he tried to do with immigration and those are two of the big ones, but there are more. >> well, i hope whatever happens does not compute the marketplace. we are the greatest in the world and slight tweaks on the regulatory side that i executive mismanaged major intervention could further hamper what if a market is starting to recover and find its cruising altitude. that would be my only concern whether in the energy side, health science side. you heard just in the last hour about the pharmaceutical
7:08 am
industry health sciences. we are in the cusp of a major economic growth revolution in some of these factors. that enough confidence to take off in any further regulation or unilateral reaction could be catastrophic to growth. >> governor huntsman, you are the former u.s. ambassador to china. there's a lot going on in china right now. a lot of uncertainty about how fast it is growing, how big of a group we have over economic development. what is your assessment has stable china looks at the moment and how president obama needs to be dealing with them. >> well, china right now is going through a transition on the economic side for the old investment that export machine on which they drawn from cheap labor a discount occurrence in export to the major markets of the world amassing a whole lot of foreign exchange reserves to a consumption model. that is where she's in pain wants to take this thing by the end of his presidency in 2022.
7:09 am
the journey has become a difficult one and the road is rickety and full of potholes and i'm certain because their policymaking on the regulatory environment has been uncertain at best. i think it is having a spillover effect on xi jinping's credibility within the market. you have got problems recently, commodities upside down. you have debt problems in provincial areas. right now there's not a lot of confidence in the market place. you look at stock market and the price earnings ratios particularly and they are just off the charts upside down. it is therefore no surprise that late last summer with a 30% whacked right out of the market in this last week. so it is a very difficult uncertain time. long-term i have some confidence in to where they want to be. there is real turbulence in the german-made.
7:10 am
>> governor camejo can't make comments about raising taxes and the wealthy. you think president obama runs with the rhetoric tonight? >> you know, class warfare unfortunately has been part of the rhetoric, part of the mantra of the democratic party. i think it is dangerous. why we can't talk about opportunity and lifting people starting with education reform, starting with economic tax reform and providing real opportunity is a mystery to me. but that is the message and i think we will hear a current president obama continuing into his last year and i think we would hear it from whoever the democratic nominee is. dagen: governor, great to see you. thank you for being here. take care. >> a pleasure to be here. thank you. dagen: virtually every candidate talking about rationalizing the tax code tax reform, cutting out the nonsense, making it easy to understand the same time hillary clinton has proposed a four surcharge of what she called
7:11 am
their shared surcharge on people who make more than $5 million a year. if there brings her on the campaign trail. you will hear a different song. the fox business network main event moderated by maria bartiromo and neil cavuto. the earlier debate moderated by sdn sandra smith and trish regan. see them thursday night. the heat that will be generated. coming up, she is eyeing the rich, that the fbi is eyeing her. the latest trouble for hillary clinton asked. -- next. ♪ when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill?
7:12 am
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dagen: we are getting new details about the deadly attack in istanbul. cheryl casone has that story and a check of her other headlines. cheryl: that is right. istanbul, a very popular error with tourists with it a theory and isis related suicide bomber. that is according to turkey's president. the governor there saying turks and foreigners are among the dead. looking for more details right now. we also have some go pro video of the capture of monkeying out chapel bluesman from the hominid mexican-americans are the most wanted drug were captured friday following a month of manhunt. mexico plans to extradite him to the u.s. where he's wanted for exporting hundreds of time that drugs across the u.s.-mexico border. finally, new developments in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal.
7:16 am
fox news sbi investigation has fixed manage to look at whether the possible intersection and state department business may have violated public corruption laws. sources telling fox news this fox news disagree in addition to the focus on classified material found on clinton's e-mail server. mrs. clinton saying so far she has not been contacted by the fbi with this new information. dagen: this is a story "the wall street journal" has been all over in terms of uncovering. >> looking at this at a daily basis, it is highly unlikely they will not recommend criminal charges. the real drama is the justice department going to do anything about it? they clearly didn't follow through whether it was clear the legal issues done there.
7:17 am
if this comes down, i think going to follow through and go after hillary? they've shown in the passer not want to do that. >> i'm really dubious, maybe i've been watching making the murderer so i have little confidence in the justice system. i really don't think anything will come of this even though it's very black and white with the co-mingling of everything going on at the clinton foundation. >> they went after him and he's done. how can they justify petraeus going after him him and not going after hillary? >> i hope someone is listening to you because this is how things go. my concern right now is the rhetoric unfortunately primary season running against this guy who's very upset the soviet union doesn't exist anymore. she is saying all this crazy things and when she was nomination shimmers towards the middle. personally i'm looking forward to that. >> i would be shocked. >> that is why were not going to
7:18 am
get them. the justice department in an election year. dagen: this is the question, and as president obama while part of his legacy to be he somehow got in the way of hillary clinton running for the president. >> he made it possible for donald trump to become the next president. dagen: you said it. i didn't. coming up, number two alabama winning its fourth college football championship. all the highlights. before we go to break, donald trump talking hillary clinton with jimmy fallon last night. >> she's having a tough time. she's got some guys who should be easy to be. he really isn't even a democrat. he said he is a socialist and i think he may be a step beyond the socialists. she is not doing well. amerivest selects the funds and manages your portfolio.
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comcast business. built for business. dagen: role type. all of them i taken the crown yet again. i am sad, but what are you going to do? >> what more can we ask for. dagen: rica jasper climbs into win. that is what we can ask for. number two top number one. if you fell asleep before the final quarter, you miss the fireworks. number 1324-21 into the fourth quarter before the 38-yard pass to set up a field goal. it tied the score for the third time at the game. what happened next change the course of the game. nick sabin turns to trickery, and on-site cake and it worked. alabama recovered the ball into place after the onside kick, jake coker with o.j. howard for a 51-yard touchdown. how would second long with
7:23 am
200 yards receiving in the offensive player of the game leading by four after a crimson field goal, the tide continued to roll. kenyon drake would take the kickoff back all the way. 95 yards. they've been dances his way to the end zone to put them in for 38-27. biggest kick return since forrest gump did it. fighting back. deshawn watson accumulated more total yards in the entire alabama offense with a 15-yard touchdown and was 38-33 alabama. but the game would just continue to go in the favor of alabama. nick sabin had his way last night. derek and ran the one yard touchdown with 158-yard and three scores. the final score 45-46. national championship for the
7:24 am
type. the fifth overall for nick sabin. college football fans that there is no real championship game. last night we got it in space. what a night for college football. dagen: now if they could just play the most critical import games under your keys. that was. the one i really wanted to watch watch -- i root for acc teams. i will live and root for duke in the ncaa college basketball tournament. >> i've got a lot more teams to root for her. >> it was past 10:30 p.m. eastern time last night. i looked up and said we are starting the third order. the game takes off at 8:30 eastern time. we had east coast versus west coast battle. for what it's worth, if you build it, they will come.
7:25 am
115 million people watching. it's a work night at 6:30 eastern time. can we find a compromise? >> finally getting it right to make it in system in place. dagen: can we talk about vegas? clemson lost again. tommy would have been. >> last touchdown commit millions of dollars in the house of las vegas because the majority of people that alabama and despite losing they were getting six and a half points in losing by only five. las vegas is the big winner. >> i wonder if any alabama guys have anything at stake in that one. >> &-ampersand dagan had a couple down on the tide. dagen: i don't die. i will bet you -- i don't know. the seahawks will go to the super bowl. dagen: what is at stake? >> twenty dollars. i do one-on-one.
7:26 am
thank you. jerrod max. coming up, crude oil flirting with lows in 12 years. before the cma for what this means for energy giant in our economy with markets off to a rough start of the year, investors running. the federal reserve is right in interest rates. jpmorgan chase jamie dimon sat down with maria exclusively with his take. >> there is so much focus on the rate rises may raise the rate then it didn't actually mean that much. why are they raising rates? the reason has been the american economy's strength. that is a good thing. dagen: more of maria's exclusive interview next. ♪
7:27 am
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only at a sleep number store... find the lowest prices of the season, going on now. save $600 on the #1 rated i8 bed. know better sleep with sleep number. . maria: well back global markets suffering from historicly bad start to the year, maria bartiromo jurat down with jpmorgan ceo jaime dime in interview found out yes is about about optimistic about the world academy in 2016. >> it has been the worst beginning of the year to the stock market, of any year. what do you think is behind why are investors so nefrz nervous. >> i am not as worded as really worded if you look at o world united states economy is chugging along i wish it was going faster but it is strong very broad cafed consumers in good i happen household formation o going going along business in good shape i think it is all china, you know, and
7:31 am
china had uninterrupted growth for 10 years, market driven economy reducing corruption, i hadn't is going to be more turbulent i think the world is learning now china not only food are growth but more volatility, and making people nervous. >> why so nervous about china the jewel of the world where growth sfwhoos predictable, become less predictable so you know you have the second largest economy in the world becomes predictable that makes everyone skittish. >> how do you characterize in u.s. right now you said things are going well, but there are some people expecting a credit contraction this year as relates to the auto sector mortgages what are you seeing. >> i hate forecasting the future but, mortgages are pristine, obviously, if rates o go up a little bit might change a little bit the refy the volumes mortgages but a
7:32 am
lot of examples of rates going up, home sales went up didn't go down not just mortgage alone. auto credit is very small compared to -- i think so trillion dollars in auto loans a trill two or something like that got extended i don't think a systemic risk people are buying bigger cars, leases longer the consumer is in pretty good shape it is increasingly good shape 12 million more working since great recession, something like 5 million last two years ao lone we see the wage inflation, wages starting to go up a little bit, and certainly unemployment coming down you might see more competition, and so, the consumers in good i happen household formation going up people moving out of the homes, you know, homes prices still going up so, the consumers doing okay. maria: when you look at carpet lending today are you seeing lending mostly for businesses that want to invest in the business capex? building the business or are you seeing much of the less
7:33 am
thaning, going toward m&a? >> so that is a big question. so if you small business and middle market is -- they are still borrowing credit very, very good, you know not doing you and i call bull market capital sxvpz big companies looks like exel expenditures disappointing because growth is slower ceos have an order book investors can say, they feel you know bullish they feel bullish in the porder book goes up m&a activity nothing long with that another form of economic activity could be good i think you will see companies spend more when they have more reason, i know, stronger. >> so we're sort of bumping along the bottom. >> i think we are growing we have had moderate growth for five years, i think a bret we to put it 12 million more people working i think 143 million people work, and so, you know, it was kind of
7:34 am
disappointing not 3 1/2% still not terrible. and, you know, as unemployment comes down hopefully will be shared more widely across america. >> we have got first rate increase end of the year after years what is impact of higher interest rates do you expect the federal reserve is going to be able to raise rates a couple times in 2016 given moderate slow you can't to characterize the u.s. economy. >> so i think there is so much focus on rate relies raised rates didn't actually mean that much why are they raising rates? and the reason has been because the american economy is strengthening, that is a good thing. so the more we have -- the more raise rates, if they have to raise because of stagflation would be terrible, reduce them again because economy is going back in some kind of recession would be terrible like i said the economy seems to be okay, the fed does forecast four rate raises look at their dots
7:35 am
markets has two huge skrepgs in short periods of time of time non nose what is going to happen dependent they have to be data dependent i hope they raise rates i think normalization is a good thing not a bad thing. dagen: a lot of optimism from jaime dime hear more from maria's exclusive entrust neint next hour crude oil for direction after tumbling to levels not seen in more than 12 years, take a look where trading phil flynn at cme group with more phil it has been market oil down market down, oil stable market stable oil up market up. what does it decouple. >> well, i think when there is viewpoint the global economy is object oil prices selling off concerned the global economy is slowing concerned that we're going to see
7:36 am
contagion from china that otherwise going to affect the entire globe and so hurt energy the demand, oil prices have already been under pressure morgan stanley says this is worst sell-off in oil in 45 years ramifications you saw "the wall street journal" story one-third of oil and gas companies could be go bankrupt factual 50% of all shell producers could go bankrupt, this year. . what does that mean we're going to be more dependent on foreign oil demand for foreign oil actually going to go up we are going to see job losses bp announced more job cuts so this is a very serious time, and what has happened historically when we see is a pullback like this we pay the price in the future we may have low prices today but we're going to create a price spike in the future going to hurt down the road. >> phil i saw recent numbers on china looks like their demand on natural gases going up 6 1/2% in 2016 over time 5%
7:37 am
doesn't sound -- the rate of growth may not be as aggressive as it was a year ago but the demand is still increasing, so, doesn't look like world demand is really slowing down as much as a some people are predicting. >> i agree with you, i mean that is the oxymoron when you talk china the oil markets reactive if you look at numbers they are importing more oil than have a year ago a long shot it was slow in november because of warm wintery but numbers have been very solid next year we expect china imports could double so long as academy does not fall apart this has been a disconnect between what is happening in the chinese stock market what is happening in oil demand that is not true of other o commodities we have seen a dramatic drop-off zinc lead those kind of things the chinese can't get enough oil. >> what matters is demand relative to expectations even if chinese demand is rising if
7:38 am
not rising as much as market expected as much as producers is expected prices are going down, i think this is a major adjustment that -- that o doesn't end overnight because china is not consuming as much. >> i want to come back i think -- >> a demand problem. dagen: phil final word go ahead. >> i was going to say, he is absolutely right, perpetration of demand when it comes to china i will tell you this, one of the things we saw is that demand will globally this year has far exceeded expectations if we have the same rate of growth next year, that oil glut we are talking about day or overproduction, versus demand will go away. >> demand to the rescue from your mouth to everyone's thank you phil flynn straight ahead new polls good news for donald trump. when has he gotten bad news really in early voting says it what it means for fox business debate coming up cbs a rite-aid a host of retailers
7:39 am
rekilling a children's cold men over fears of overdosing, you must hear this story next. >> ♪ ♪
7:40 am
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7:42 am
. .
7:43 am
. dagen: a detailed explosion rocks historic area in istanbul, cheryl casone has that story, and a check of your headlines. cheryl: that is right new developments out of turkey this is parliament square in istanbul very particular, with tourists there was hit by a syrian isis related suicide bomber that is according to turkey's deputy prime minister, at far as we mother 10 people killed 15 injured two series the deputy prime minister, by the way, says the victims mostly he foreigners we are trying to get aahold of that for you this morning, if supreme court it could be ready to deal a major blow to organized labor. the high court, hearing arguments, yesterday over whether workers should be forced to pay fees, to public sector unions, the courts justices disappeared skeptical about mandatory fees unions say needed to help cover costs
7:44 am
of about. >> two flavors of cold men recalled due to potential overdose risk with a dose markings on it recall coffers grape and cherry flavors, no reports of any overdoses that is the headlines back. >> thank you cheryl. donald trump surging in iowa where he lost ground recently to senator ted cruz. trump now up 2 points, this is a brand-new quinnipiac poll, for iowa a monmouth poll shows more than doubling closest rivals in new hampshire crewed was ahead in last debate kind of you know he can lay back a
7:45 am
little bit or no? >> well, in this case i think the reason propelled forward frank plea overa lot of 10 days taken on hillary clinton. acting like the nominee. showing how tough aggressive he would be as nominee, in going after and defeating the democrats i think that wins you republican votes, witho aggravating spors i expect trump to focus on hillary in this debate elevates him above all other candidates. dagen: roger he highlighted the fact that ted cruz was born in canada do you think that is helping him mention that this could drag out in the courts, maybe for a long time, it is is sowing seeds of doubt does it not. >> legitimate issue john mccain said it was a legitimate issue mccain born outside u.s. in a u.s.
7:46 am
tiertory ran for are president ted cruz running trade policy for the bush administration, being the guy made these very trade deals with china, mexico japan, that i think is another issue on which cruz is exceedingly vulnerable trump remains way out front a scramble to see who is seki away as you know not a reliable predictor of nominee what metastasize me trump's incredible strength in new hampshire poised for a strong second-place finish in iowa blitz through iowa within south carolina run table through the south. dagen: you are involved in sue pac backing trump the trump campaign wasn't that happy about it trump has dismissed the super pacs are you in contact with the trump campaign at all? >> well they are very strict legal rules what i can, cannot talk to donald trump about my fear quite frankly is because
7:47 am
of the 278 superdelegates rule 40b requires nominee to have a majority not a plurality in at least 8 states, there may be some effort, to have a brokered convention where trump comes to cleveland with largest bloc of difficulties short of 50%, the other candidacy no prospect being nominated stay in the race to deny a majority this nomination is stolen from him, so the super pac i am involved in, does not take corporate funds, or lobbyists' funds or special interest funds will focus on convention issues. >> republican part of no labels campaign with a democrat joe lieberman donald trump signed on with one of the programs, called problem solvers, does he if he is elected president, does he govern as a conservative or
7:48 am
does he govern somewhere else in the spectrum? >> i think he z governs as a populist conservative, what is interesting here is if you will break down any of these polls, he is already getting a larger percentage of both latino and african-american vote than mitt romney or john mccain was ever able to muster, at the same time, he can pull the so-called aring democrats white blue collar ethnic democrats voted for obama last two about elections donald trump not our weakest candidate but strongest candidate. >> we will see how he does in the debate on thursday makes it interesting thank you for being here. >> great to be here, thank you. >> twitter shares catching all-time low in the midst of early january stock swing, jo ling kent lays out reasons why, next. you owned your car for four years,
7:49 am
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dagen: one stock to watch this morning, shares of twitter and all-time low, falling below 20 dollars a share for the first time since company went public, two years ago. jo ling with more. jo ling: good morning dagen twitter dropped to new all-time low closing bell yesterday 19.65 that is closing price, on friday stock below 20 dollars for the first time at 1998 so 3 months since the cofounder dorsey retook reins as ceo twitter has 300 milliontive users new products moments, may expand to 140 characteristic limit for tweets, then starting this morning integrating life
7:54 am
streaming videos from periscope into news feeds on apple mobile devices for also pop up basically like photos and videos here, but the struggle very much continues since going public more than two years ago, twitter stock down 25% and in the premarket struggling as well that next earnings report is out february 10, a lot of investors analysts see this as a very important moment for the company. dagen: muddle along right? >> look. you know changes twitter is making in terms of making pop-ups come up photos videos trying to be more like facebook. >> instagram, right? >> sure, let's not forget a couple years ago facebook was being levity for dead cover stories all over newspapers bar ronz that is it stock in the teens, and suddenly figured out how to money tides this mobile ad environment that is buying opportunity if -- >> you i think so?
7:55 am
>> no -- yes, let me finish, can i finish. >> i was so -- >> no, a buying opportunity if you think that twitter can actually monetize these changes they are making i am skeptical is in a blackberry was all buried and dead reinvented now but to get to that moment the capability to actually do it would have been a stretch. >> a big stretch. >> blackberry comparison even though it is software more secure and those are selling points, it never has returned to the promise that it once had, and so with a company like twitter do you see it as an acquisition target as we did all of last year? >> i do not but the reininvention thing is important talking about this facebook instagram especially instagram snapchat have lock on youth market is twitter more commercial type instrument, can they monetize better that way, jack listening? >> maybe there is something there. >> hi, jack. >> hi, jack.
7:56 am
>> we are at the debate too. >> all going flying down this afternoon, part of -- speaking of one of the debate moderators maria exclusive intu with jamie dimon his take on globally markets top priorities for the new year that is next. your path to retirement... may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. for over 75 years, investors have relied on our disciplined approach to find long term value. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call a t. rowe price retirement specialist or your advisor see how we can help ke the most of your retirement savings. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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dagen: good morning, everybody i am dagen mcdowell maria bartiromo is on indebted tuesday, january 12, with me this mornings dominique cavelo, jon hilsenrath. >> breaking news out of turkey explosion rattling a major historic tourist area in istanbul the cause of the explosion under investigation, but a short while ago, turkey's montana erdogan blaming isis related suicide bomber from syria for that blast local authorities, say at least 10 people have been killed 15 injured.
8:00 am
in that blast. to politics, here at home president obama, hours away from giving final state of the union address we will get details on how he wants to finish out his term and shape his legacy. coverage of the state of the union address 8:00 pm eastern with neil cavuto live from charleston, south carolina, you don't want to miss him, neil in south carolina that is great the debate, thursday night right here fox business that the same is set, the 9:00 pm inventoevent number one in p donald trump center stage next to him senators marco rubio, ted cruz bush on the end makes for interesting shouting back-and-forth we hope filling out lineup for the 6:00 pm event carly fiorina mike huckabee rick santorum senator rand paul said he will not participate but the invitation remains open, checking markets looking at rally at the open, futures are showing gains across the board.
8:01 am
bounceback in the dow jones industrial average up 52 points yesterday, nasdaq skrubldz mightily to start nasdaq down 8, trading days in a row the longest losing streak for the tech-heavy nasdaq, since the early 2008 year of the financial crisis. and, of course, oil pulling down stocks, each and every day, tumbled oil steady at the moment, the "the wall street journal," biggest story in the paper today, is talking about, brips in the energy patch, and the expectation is that one-third of american oil and gas producers could be at risk of bankruptcy in the next year. the market rout to start has many on edge about the global economy here in u.s. especially with federal reserve starting to raise outrights jpmorgan chase chairman ceo jamie dimon is more optimistic. >> there is so much focus on that are a rate rise of they raised the rates didn't actually mean that much, i the reason, why are they raising rates?
8:02 am
and the reason has been because the american economy is strengthening, that is a good thing. dagen: more of mar prea's exclusive interview with jamie dimon later in the smo, and roll tide alabama winning the national championship fourth time last seven years crimson tide beating crimson tigers 45-40 oh, what a game it was, more highlights coming up, president obama, gearing up to deliver final state of the union address tonight let's go to fox news rich, for a preview, of the key issues, on the agenda, rich is really nice to have you back here on fox business. not often enough you look about terrific. >> feeling good big decreases for president obama, the white house is saying this is not going to be one with of those typically speeches where the president will deliver longer list of items he wants coming to pass, instead of what white house is saying this will a speech with president will lie out his vision, for the country, after, beyond his
8:03 am
administration. one of those issues whether or not the u.s. can defeat or win with u.s. -- will defeat isis president asked on nbc's today show this morning if isis would be defeated in his daughter's
8:04 am
state of the union address typically thing for the president of the united states to do so policy, tomorrow he will go to omaha next day, baton rouge louisiana. >> i know he is going to utter infrastructure because he said it i think every speech that he has given since he took the office nine years ago. >> congressional light one he got major way 800-billion-dollar plus stimulus package thereafter calling for more since. >> that is right rich great to see you a always, from the fox news channel, back to the campaign trail, we go, hillary clinton expanding on a plan to make the wealthiest americans pay even more in taxes, she wants to impose a 4% tax on those who make more than 5 million dollars a year, this
8:05 am
is on top of all the taxes that they already pay. joining us now from washington, d.c., is former bush chen. dagen: presidential campaign advisory terry holt you might not utter 90% tax break the that bernie sanders talked about but take more and more and more and more from those who create the jobs in this country. >> speaking of perfect language, for a presidential campaign, that is about big ideas, republican versus democrats, in this case republicans with the low tax limited government message, get the economy moving again, and the democrats in disarray, all fighting for who can be the most leftist mo more-socialist money grabbing in the complain theirs newed hosted blif fox business printing money for you will finally go cayce a gop field
8:06 am
in stark contrast to the leftist policies of hillary clinton. >> turning out to be even a philosophical defy what kind of country do you want to live in, what how do you want the government to be run, do you want to encourage job creation? by business owners? or do you want the government to be more and o more responsible do you think we have gone so far in terms of the government controlling parts of our lives and funding parts of our lives, that we are past point of no return? >> well, in health care we might be, we've had four or five years now of obamacare, where it decimated the private marketplace for people to get health care on their own, with their own choices. let me tell you something every republican in the field is for limiting this government, for taking some teeth out of onerous government he relations killing business one of the things that we found over decades and dedicated watching this is that when you let the
8:07 am
marketplace solve nation's great problems you not only get a better solution but you get job creation you get innovation you get the country moving forward again. and i think, ultimately, that is what this presidential campaign is going to be about. do you trust the private markets do you trust people creating their own jobs? or do you think the government could do better job that is what it empathies to go boil down to, i'm sorry that is -- dan: i was going to point out to everybody i know mike wants to get in here, as jon the tax operates on 400 wealthiest americans in 2013, for the most recent year available, rose to their highest average since the 1990s, because of increases in the likes of capital gains taxes, and taxes on dividends. >> talking about claptrap hillary sunldz us to outdo bernie in primaries assuming she gets no mores do you think
8:08 am
she tacksmore to the center facing general election. >> i do, ultimate she is a shake shifter going to do what it takes to win primary then she is going to try i don't know that she will be sufficiently she had a lot of funny things out of mouth about soishlism in the past we are going to hold her accountable for that we will see the, i think, a very philosophical very issue warranted general campaign, where there are big differences between the two parties themselves. >> terry i don't know if you remember this but last time we had increase like this was obama, and tax receipts went up 90 billion dollars that quarter. filing prior to april 15 the economy of that quarter turned negative, so, they literally sucked 90 billion dollars out of economy guess what? we didn't grow. i think we could look at same kind of effect if hillary got her way. >> it has got to some from somewhere there are not enough
8:09 am
rich people in america to pay for all of the debts and obligations that the government has promised. we're still talking about trillions of dollars, in long-term debt, it is going to introducing our economy down, and make us less competitive, in the world overall. i think we've got to get a president, no wonder people are so angry we're having these conversations about more taxes, and in the meantime, the rallies out there in america particularly for the republican candidates are full of people that are throwing up their hands in suggestive disgust i think disgusted for a good reason. >> terry good to see you terry holt see how it plays out at kaeb thursday night. >> thank you very much decision will decide faith of three nfl teams in their quest to move to los angeles. >> deals, oil near lowest level 12 years big energy companies could be facing you have to decisions, layoff bp announcing more layoffs 4,000 jobs shed tre what about
8:10 am
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. dagen: a serial linked suicide bomber believed behind deadly attack in istanbul cheryl casone has that news you need to know. cheryl: good morning deviatingen that bomb went off in the square in istanbul very particular area with tourists, at least 10 people killed 15 injured two seriously dep prime minister says victims were mostly foreigners we have identified a 28-year-old syrian as the suicide bomber, new gopro video of the capture of quota wean "el chapo"
8:14 am
guzman from helmets of mexican marines most wanted druglord captured friday following a monday morning long man hutch opportuneled out tunneled out of a mexican prison plans to extradite him to you have thes for exporting hundreds of drugs across the border. >> nfl owners starting a two day meeting in houston to consider the relocation of several teams to los angeles. here is the team. raiders rams chargers, all petitioned the league to leave their current homes for the nation's disconnect largest market los angeles, has has been without a team, since 1990 for 21 years guys, here are numbers 24 votes of the 32 owners, you want to talk about lobbying, and houston today, and tomorrow it is all centered around roger goodell and owners. >> who wants to jump? >> we talked about this last
8:15 am
week hard to imagine oakland losing again to l.a. after it didn't work first time around same with rams my money on chargers. >> chargers and -- two teams make sense. >> one big stadium two teams. >> the raiders are apparently going to try for san antonio, though if they lose los angeles. i mean you got the spurs, but the san antonio raiders, i l love san anton please don't send hate tweets i love san, anton a grittier city roger goodell came out in memo circulated said nonset of proposals are good enough to keep your team putting it back on oakland and st. louis san diego saying get it together or lose your team. >> has pretty sharp he will boz. >> rams.
8:16 am
>> ramirez and charges this is this year that would happen it would be fast move. >> where in holy mackerel. >> doha -- >> the question is, l.a. has not been able to sustain a football team before we have had other teams coming through there hasn't worked why do they want to go back. >> you know why they haven't been able to sustain one again you can't get the celebrity courtside seats your photograph taken -- >> why not. >> no, but -- because the giant stadium you don't get the television exposure if you are a celebrity going to these games because they don't really care about the lakers they carry about being seen, except for maybe, jack nicholson nobody cares they go sit there, and -- drink box wine get drunk act like fools. >> jack nicoleson drinking -- >> all that. >>. we must move on. >>. cheryl: i will get with you
8:17 am
good box wine a friend of mine, purse wine keep a bottle in your purse in case. >> -- the watercooler. dagen: a chill report from the "wall street journal" predicting doom for energy companies if oil prices continue to sink. we discuss that volatility, in markets, next. ♪ ♪ i think it landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here.
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tand that's what we're doings to chat xfinity.rself, we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. . . >> searching for direction after tumbling to levels not seen more than 12 years, hold the moment, phil phillip at cme group with what is driving
8:21 am
trades hey phil. >> good morning well it has tinder higher, because the stock market has hope so signs of strength, that might give us some hope that in an won't totally dry up but there are obviously a lot of concerns about the energy sector today i mentioned that story, about u.s. energy bankrupting that is going to be a pall over the market we had united arab emirates saying their plan is working maybe they read that front page in the "the wall street journal" about that report. and they are saying hey, this is exactly what we wanted, we want to put u.s. shelle shale oil producers out of business winning the price war, interestingly enough there is a good side to this story you keep mentioned will gasoline prices continue low for sko skoskoe skoem period of time heating oil for the first time in many, many years fell below a dollar a gallon this morning positive side not good do a for oil producers back to you. dagen: that is right jamie
8:22 am
dime told maria bartiromo you got the average household savings 700 dollars a year in gas savings spending 80 of it 80 administrators of savings, phil thank you so much jon i turn to you i know you want to get to market turmoil is gut-wrenching we saw what is it saying about global economy which the economy here. >> i think it is saying that the global economy is very soft but i still am not convinced in as much peril as stock market seems to be indicating it is. this is a big tax cut for american households i mentioned earlier 6:00 a.m. hour the unemployment rate in detroit right now 5.2%, it is very close to the unemployment rate in houston which is 4.9% we're seeing a shift going on in u.s. economy but that doesn't mean that we are heading back to recession, you know, the other thing i would say about what is going on with oil prices, falling, is that the fed has been saying, that before it raises interest rates again, it wants to see
8:23 am
real evidence that inflation is going to start rising towards 2% objective with oil prices talling to these new lows another leg down on inflation could instead of doing the four rate increases could lead fed to one or two or tle. >> private sector waim growth improving oil prices are so low, and, also, if i look at it on a year on year basis we are starting to see little signs of some improvements in wages, so it is not time to bailout on that one. >> the i am surprised not more, everyone keeps pointing to phillips curve not working my other issues we have manufacturing peak starting to see some of these services pmi's he can peak as well i think we are in late cycle length could be forever because the fed is another fanati
8:24 am
factors manipulated what that is going to be i don't think a recession we are in for that bumpy ride job numbers hiccup i am not sure wages go up there are encouraging signs will it carry through given what is going on in energy and manufacturing. >> to jon's point we woke up january 4 hit with china news markets down 7% next day hit with saudi arabia, and iran event next day hit with north korea exploding what they hydrogen bomb, geopolitical geopolitical didn't get to u.s. until friday a good jobs number. >> i i want to take issue with what you said about late cycle, i don't think that you can describe what is going on in this economy in terms of those of cycles we have seen in the past this cycle is unlike any cycle that we've seen going book to the greet depression. >> it is different. >> housing sector typically business cycle housing sector is first one to take up fed lowers rates borrowing, people go out buy homes that hasn't happened this time around,
8:25 am
look at fiscal policy in a cycle fiscal policy expansionary it has been contrack shunary. >> income as low as it has been we've not had growth in household income like most recoveries. >> fiscal policy could become more expansionary i know we're not supposed to like that or talk about that. >> phil krugman are you listening. >> that would be key that is happening. >> out of recession o since the battle that obama, and congress had in going back to 2010 that is coming off fiscal policy mostly neutral last year going to be a little expansionary this year with spending. >> that is the factor. >> again you are right, it is is different. >> gentlemen, we will continue to discuss coming up iraqi starts 2016 investors where to
8:26 am
put cash maria asked jpmorgan chase chairman ceo jamie dimon where to find growth given uncertainty we were talking about the third part is next. >> it is important, by the way, that we are there in kwood times or abouted you can't be a bank and second something goes wrong you go running. you focus on making great burgers, or building the best houses in town. or becoming the next highly-unlikely dotcom superstar. and us, we'll be right there with you, helping with the questions you need answered to get your brand new business started.
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try align for a non-stop,ive sweet-treat-goodness hold-onto-your-tiara, kind-of-day. live 24/7 with 24/7 digestive support. try align, the undisputed #1 ge recommended probiotic. >> so far 2016 has been a rough year for global markets leaving many to wonder, where is the growth? maria sat down with j.p. morgan jamie dimon to discuss his priorities moving into the year. >> let me move on to investing and where you see the best opportunities around the world. where is j.p. morgan allocating
8:30 am
capital and where? you look at europe, asia and we know the china story, are there areas where you think there are investment opportunities. >> we can see deeper and deeper segment, in the united states in middle market lending and segments that we go deeper, we do it geographically, by region, by country. so we look at countries and say how many clients in the country are multinationals, local multinationals going into the country and out of the country and how can we capture those flows, so we capture them and we're doing that around the world. investment banking, we're doing that by saying why are we not stronger in this industry and that country and do we have the right bankers and right place, et cetera. and we normal go higher or train people. >> is there an area where you see that's particularly attractive? >> our view in china, 20, 30 years from now, the likely
8:31 am
outcome is that they will house 30% of their global fortune 2000 and you know, they have a lot of growth to go. it may be rocky times in the meantime, but the big difference, that's still the likely outcome. so we want to manage the turbulence and make sure we invest properly. you know, if you-- we were at risk committee meetings in india and they were talking about the corruption and problems and low growth a year or two ago. if you had that in 1870 you would have said the same thing, just had a civil war, it's corruption and polluted and united states would industrialize it, it's coming from europe, okay? you've got to keep your eye on the long ball, too. we are in the stock market and when we're there for people, for your company, we're there for good. we're working for good with them. we want to grow everywhere, we grow, you grow and serve in different countries and that's our view and we manage weeks
8:32 am
and months and years. >> we all know the diversity and strength and size of j.p. morgan is the reason that jp was able to bail out the governments frankly in 2008 and acquiring bear stearns, washington mutual and being there. but we also know that broken up, the parts could be valued higher for shareholders than as a whole. this question keeps coming up about the banks breaking up. >> and goldman sachs, by the way, very good analysts, went to our investor day last year and because it's not true, okay? we-- >> you don't think that the parts are worth more? >> absolutely not. and you just said diversity and stability, ability to invest, that was because of our diversity, our size and strengths, we could serve huge countries around the world and invest more overseas because we're big in america. we can take intelligent thoughtful risk where you can afford to do that and you can't if you're smaller.
8:33 am
and keep in mind, the analysts report, i think he said after that case closed. he looked at what we said, the expenses the synergies, and our clients and said case closed. i don't think it's a legitimate argument. >> priorities in terms of spending and investing from j.p. morgan, i know you're spending on cyber security and regulation is a priority. what are the priorities in 2016? >> that's a sinequan on. big data is real. and we have a lot the data scientists and ph.d.'s in math and physics, et cetera. seib ser real, spending almost $600 million a year, we have very strong, good cyber
8:34 am
defenses. and the banks and defense probably way ahead of most other people. and digital, and digital is in a long line of technologies, not brand new. i mean, wall street has been digitizing, banks have been digitizing for years. if you go back to when i was a kid, people settled stocks physically and put it in a validity and digitized the vault and the cost of doing which is was coming down like this. putting it on mobile and making it easier for people and giving them insurance they want and reducing the pain points and having on-line applications, all of those things are going to be great and we're going to do all of them. dagen: dimon said about china, even with growing pains 30% of global fortune in the next 40 years. so much has been driven in 25 years. >> and what struck me, his long-term optimism about china.
8:35 am
his thought that china will go through a rocky path the next few years and it will be a challenge for american ceo's whether they want to keep their flags planted there. what we heard coming out of him over and over again in this interview, a focus on long-term and staying committed to his projects. interesting vote of confidence. dagen: i wants to bring up something you were talking about. in terms of, in comparing this cycle to past cycles, but what we do know, there's been unprecedented stimulus from the federal reserve, juice, response, after the financial crisis and is there any way for anyone to really know, even the smartest guys and gals in the world, what the payback is going to be because you don't have central bank pulling back at this point. it's more and more and more and does it lose its effectiveness? are you seeing evidence of that already? >> well, you have some sense about the effectiveness because you could compare what happened in the u.s., for instance, with
8:36 am
what happened in europe. in europe, they tried to raise interest rates early in their cycle and didn't do qe. and they have unemployment still around 10%. now, there are a lot of other reasons for that. dagen: some of that is structural. >> you've got to have a sense that the fed's policies were more effective than the ecb's policies. as far as payback, are we moving into a world where there's going to be another bubble building underneath our feet and i look at areas like commercial real estate. i know at the fed they're looking at commercial real estate. >> with the public, we see the bubble and it's bursting. >> nowhere in the world has it been done prior where it was successful. look at america and africa and nowhere have they been able to flood the market with this much capital and this much money. >> the one point i would make is the united states itself in the 1940's and 50's. we had an extraordinarily low interest rates and the fed took a really long time to start raising them.
8:37 am
it didn't start moving them up until the early 1950's so we went through world war ii in the late 1930's with very low interest rates and booming in 1950's. >> not the quantitative easing. >> they had a large balance sheet to go with it, because they were capping long-term interest rates at the same time. dagen: don't forget that part of our history. guys, don't forget mornings with maria every day at 6 a.m. eastern time. why wait until 6:30 or 7:00. before we go, here are moments you might have missed from earlier in the show. >> it's really an outsider's race. people expected there would be a moderate versus a conservative, establishment versus an outsider, and what you have are two outsiders competing. and i don't see these guys breaking through. >> there's so much focus on the rate rise and they raised the rates and didn't mean that much. the reason-- you have to say, why are they raising rates? and the reason has been because the american economy has strengthened.
8:38 am
>> weaves and dances his way into the clemson end zone and puts alabama in front 38-27, i am telling you biggest kick for alabama since "forest gump" did it. dagen: you know, i root for acc teams, i went to an acc school, i would even root for duke. >> and democrats who voted for obama in the last two elections, in truth, donald trump is not potentially our weakest candidate, but our strongest account. >> i was so happy to hear that. >> it's a buying opportunity if you think that twitter can actually monetize these changes they're making. i'm skeptical.
8:39 am
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8:42 am
. charles: laugh it up fuzz ball. dagen: harrison ford, a force to be reckoned with. cheryl casone has that. >> you know how i feel about harrison ford. he's now the top grossing actor in the history of u.s. box office thanks to his work in "star wars." he has racked up 4.7 billion dollars edging out the record of 4.63 billion for samuel jackson. adel making her late late show debut and joins james in the
8:43 am
car for car pool karaoke. ♪ rolling in the deep ♪ ♪ rolling in the deep ♪. [laughter] >> i think he was singing more than her. >> that's the best one of those is stevie wonder. stevie wonder and james corden, go watch that on youtube, that's the joke, actually. stevie wants to drive. >> i knew that you liked car pool karaoke which is why i picked it. dagen: i do. >> the album "25", 8 million copies sold last year and obviously, the sales are streaming and albums and everything combined and adele is cool. the jackpot drawing is expected at 1.5 billion.
8:44 am
la la-z-boy, barnes & noble 160 million. and dagen, you're going to play tonight so options to buy with that money. dagen: my husband, if we won, my husband would tried to hide the money. >> i'm putting dagen in la-z-boy. dagen: let's get the breaking news out of turkey. an explosion rattling a major historic building in istanbul. at least ten people have been killed, 15 injured in the blast. reuters now reporting that most of those killed were german citizens. because the explosion under investigation, turkey's president blaming an isis-related suicide bomber from syria for the blast. let's bring in leah gabrielle, does it make the situation in turkey worse? >> turkey has been volatile. we've seen foreign fighters using turkey as a way of
8:45 am
travelling between europe and different parts of the world into syria to fight, but you look at what's going on in turkey, you have to deal with the pkk which is basically the kurdish terrorist organization. we call them a terrorist organization in turkey and then the down in syria and of course, isis. so it's a very volatile area, if you look at the travel websites for places like u.k., even the u.s., you're going to see that turkey is a place that there's known terrorist activity and concerns of terrorist activity especially in places where foreigners visit. that's what we're seeing here. dagen: and let's tie it into the reports that the victims were german. you have the sexual assaults and the mass assaults in cologne in germany. angela merkel under intense pressure because of her willingness to take in the migrants and refugees. now you tie it together and you have them in istanbul losing
8:46 am
their lives. >> you see that terrorists often target locations that are going to have an effect, a profound effect on countries around the worrell. they want to fire for effect when they execute a terrorist act, right? so in this particular location that's in northwest turkey, but it's a popular tourist site, it's near the blue mosque. dagen: and associates there. >> what you're seeing they want to target areas where foreigners are going to be and of course, this highlights what's going on in europe with this-- with all of the migrants coming from syria, from north afternoon -- africa looking for asylum. and they say a lot of migrants out of syria, the men outnumber the women 3-1 and so you're seeing this group of people you can't really vet who they are. they don't have a proper travel document and of course, as you mentioned, angela merkel being criticized right now for
8:47 am
allowing so many in without really being able to properly vet them. >> leah, we now have turmoil and conflict in the arabian peninsula and conflict between saudi arabia and iran and we know all about iraq and syria and now we see the developments in turkey several weeks after russian fighter got shot down. do we need to be now calling this a regional conflict? this is no longer a civil war in syria or conflict in iraq. it seems like this is an all-out regional war? >> this is absolutely a regional war and it's a region that's been volatile for some time and it's becoming more and more volatile. what you're seeing in the broader region, basically the sunni-shia conflict that's growing worse and worse. you talk about saudi arabia, iran, what's happening there. this is a sunni and a shia issue, it's not something that our country can get in the middle of necessarily and fix, it's a problem that's going to have to have a social-political solution. dagen: and it's one that--
8:48 am
because the president has so tried not to get more involved in what was happening over there, whether you talk about what is happening in just syria, the iran deal was of critical importance, but it's here on our shores. it's not just in the san bernardino attacks, but the arrest of two refugees on terrorism charges in the last several days. >> well, i think what you're seeing this is an administration that's been trying to get the regional allies to really kind of shore up their own issues and focus on their problems and there's definitely some validity to that because of what i was saying about how this is a sunni and shia conflict in the region, but you have to worry when terrorism spreads to our shores and how do we contain that? what do we do, put troops in the region or have the regional allies take care of what's going on in their own countries. if you go back to the battle for kobani, and watched it burn
8:49 am
and burn, and turkey didn't want to step into that conflict, yeah, so, it's becoming worse. it's becoming more of an issue. >> are they now in it? >> turkey is definitely, oh, yeah, turkey is definitely and have been in it. again, what you have to watch out for in turkey and spreading into europe is these migrants coming across, a land bridge essentially, we'll see more and more of this in europe. that's what i'd like to point out more than anything else, we'll see more concerns and issues with terrorism in europe as we see those migrants coming across the med. >> and they're really resenting and-- >> you read what happened in cologne and it will give you chills. thank you so much, leah gabrielle. weep' be right back. we live in a pick and choose world.
8:50 am
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>> we're just under 40 minutes away for the opening bell. 38 minutes, 37 minutes, nicole petallides at the new york stock exchange, nicole. nicole: we're closer to that opening bell. we'll see. we've had up arrows we're looking at as oil pulls back. looking at a one-week chart here of bp, the big story on bp as commodity prices fall oil is closer to that $30 mark. we've seen that selloff. we're seeing bp like so many of the oil-related companies having to announce layoffs. they plan to cut about 4,000 jobs in exploration and production. this will occur over the next two years and this is so-- and the regional president of bp north sea says it remains competitive and robust and that's how they have to do this in order to stay competitive in this field. dagen.
8:54 am
dagen: thank you so much, nicole. we will be right back. i think it landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪
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>> i'm hoping whoever becomes president does the right things and including knowing that business is a huge positive force for good. dagen: that's a teaser clip from tomorrow's segment with jamie dimon weighing in on the 2016 race. you can't miss that. maria will be live from south carolina tomorrow morning. guys, i want your final thoughts before we go. you first. >> focus on earnings and a little less noise from around the world would be a happy week for me. dagen: you might get it, but you might regret saying that if
8:58 am
the-- or might-- >> pleasant prices, the expectations are so terrible, so low. we might get surprised. dagen: and you get j.p. morgan and some banker out of the way. jon? >> i'm not waving the white flag on the u.s. economy. i think the global economy is up for shaky times, but i think there's some underlying in the economy that will keep it going. dagen: let me ask you this because i've been saying this, you have to worry about confidence is shaky because shaky confidence can create a recession, can it not? >> confidence has been shaken in america the last 15 years, no question we've lived through horrible bubbles. people know how to deal with turmoil like this. dagen: so you're saying this is nothing compared to the housing-- >> nothing compared to the housing crisis or the tech collapse. dagen: the tech collapse was so isolated, it was one industry. >> it hurt a lot of individual investors who got too overinvested.
8:59 am
dagen: you're saying as a nation, we're tough people, thick-skinned? >> we've had learned to be the last few years. dagen: i'd say we were tough from the start, certainly my stock. your final thoughts? >> yesterday i took a look, one third of the rustle 1,000 was oversold on a relative strength basis and it's not surprising that we're popping here. i'm still skeptical and how the market takes to csx and intel and banking and conferences. dagen: coming this week. >> yesterday the health care conference was rather negative and so far this morning, rather positive, icr, into retail rather positive. call me skeptical, but i'm not in a hurry to short it. dagen: and all the people who played david bowie for me in the last 24 hours where i was working and uber drivers, you name it, keep it coming. thanks, everybody, jon hilsenrath, and all of you.
9:00 am
i'm headed to south carolina where maria will be live charleston, south carolina the site of the g.o.p. debates. legendary investor foster freed, attorney general john ashcroft her guest, right now charles payne, it's yours, charles. charles: i'm in all week for stuart varney. will all signs point to a terror attack in turkey, so far ten dead, 15 injured. it was a suicide bomber and he was a national. terror not affecting the market. looks like a triple digit on the dow, but rbs says sell everything. we're following oil very closely. right now it's higher, although there's a new report that says as many as one third of oil producers could face bankruptcy as oil continues lower, lower, lower. hey, hillary clinton, did you see her tax plan? it's


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