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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  January 12, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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mr. karl rove is here to give us his take on the first debate of the year, just two days away. melissa: but first, stocks climbing into the close. closing bell rings] dow is up 122 points as the bells sound on wall street. david: we're ending day, real up and down day. real roller coaster as we're getting a sense whether they're oversold. times in the day we were deeply in the red. we ended up with a triple-digit gain on the dow. everything is up except oil and gold both which were down. oil briefly went below $30 a barrel. melissa: while markets wait for tomorrow here is everything you need to know right now. the stages are set for the first republican debate for the year. fox business's lineup for thursday's 9:00 p.m. eastern debate is as follows. donald trump is front and center, flanked by senators ted cruz and marco rubio. ben carson, chris christie, jeb bush and john kasich round out the pack on that stage.
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the candidates invited to appear at 6:00 p.m. eastern's debate, senator rand paul, carly fiorina, mike huckabee and rick santorum. right now senator paul says he does not plan to attend the debate. fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron on. campaign trail in south carolina with the latest. carl, what is the latest? reporter: well, rand paul and carly fiorina did not make the prime time debate stage for thursday night. they have been relegated to the second-tier. for carly fiorina, she says she will be there. rick santorum, mike huckabee all say they will be there as well. rand paul says he is not a second-tier candidate. doesn't like all idea networks are using polls to judge who should be on which debate set. so therefore he will not be coming. instead, he will be out campaigning in the early states of iowa and new hampshire. mr. paul today actually had a vote on his bill to audit the fed. it was procedural one and he
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didn't make the 60 votes necessary. so his efforts to do that died today. ted cruz had been a supporter. he is out campaigning. today he and donald trump are renewing their bitter as gets each day more intense, donald trump debating whether ted cruz was american citizen. he was born in canada and miss mother is u.s. sit sown so that makes him a u.s. citizen. one who represented mccain when his citizenship was questioned, donald trump is quotes him. ted cruz is arguing that up interest -- trump is doing to help democrats, specifically hillary clinton. >> hard to believe donald relying on liberal, left-wing
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activist harvard law professor who is huge hillary supporter. makes you think, why are hillary's strongest supporters backing donald trump? reporter: very, very tough stuff. over the weekend trump specifically mentioned laurence tribe again and says ted cruz is very glib talking about being natural born citizen the problem, you're not, unquote. very, very tough stuff. trump not letting up. melissa: oh, campaign carl cameron thank you so much. david. david: amazing they have to get together in the end. probably will. trish regan will help us kick it off on thursday moderating the first debate. we're closing in on the iowa caucus. hard to believe but it is here. must be more urgency and tension now than there was in the first debate, no? >> that is interesting question, absolutely. as each and every day goes by, david, you're getting more tension, getting more urgency. these candidates are really finding out the final days with
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iowa and new hampshire fast approaching. look, anything can happen in politics. and i'm from new hampshire. born and raised there and i'll tell you a lot of voters they wait until the final moment until they actually get into the booth and are casting their vote to actually make their firm decisions. so we shall see. i think this is an opportunity for all of these candidates, david, to really show america why they should be president. as we saw before, sometimes you get some breakout stars. chris christie came out of the undercard debate, first debate before and now on the main stage there on thursday night. so we shall see. david: how do they prepare? i know you guys prepare like crazy for these things. how do they prepare? do they have false debates where they have their own staff substituting for various members of the debating crew? >> they ought to, right? i imagine they probably do quite a bit of that. but they're also confronting a lot of this on a daily basis,
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right? if you're hitting campaign trail in new hampshire you're getting a lot of questions you might bet on stage on thursday night. so they should be pretty versatile in terms of being able to respond. they also, david, should pretty much by now have their policies hammered out. david: yeah. >> they should know what they want to do when it comes to fighting isis, when it comes to dealing with the economy, when it comes to taxes. these are the things that we, sandra myself, neil, maria, we'll all be exploring in depth. david: yeah they better know by now. if not you twice will let them have it. trish, thank you very much. we can't wait. meanwhile overseas isis strikes again. a deadly attack in istanbul, turkey's most popular city. a syrian member of the islamic state blew himself up in a homicide bombing that killed at least 10 people. joining me former ambassador to the u.n., john bolton.
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fox news contributor. we know the bomber was a syrian refugee, a recent entry from syria. what does that tell you about the whole refugee movement? >> well, i think it has been known for quite sometime isis was using the flow of refugees to insert terrorists into turkey, into western europe and probably into the united states. you know the minister of information of lebanon four or five months ago said that he estimated 2% of all the refugees going into europe were terrorists. that is a phenomenal number. i think this is not certainly the first serious act of terrorism in turkey. we've had several in the past year. this one though i think directly aimed at a well-known tourist location. mostly europeans killed apparently. intended to send a signal not just inside of turkey but to europe and the u.s. as well. david: now, ambassador, some people speculated that somehow turkey or erdogan, his prime minister, his son, whoever it was might have some connections
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with isis in terms of buying isis's oil. do these attacks disprove that thesis? >> no, i don't think so. i think in that part of the world all kinds of things happen. i don't have any doubt that isis is selling fair amount of oil it produces into turkish territory. erdogan is hassing his own policy, islammizing turkey and changing the second constitution after the ottoman empire ended after world war i. you can be out on the spectrum of muslim, extremism and still be at each other's floats. david: i want to read a line from his last statement a year ago. iraq and syria, american leadership, including our military power is stopping isil's advance, he said including our military power like anything but that would dissuade isis. what do you make of that?
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have we made any strides against isis since then? >> well i think there have been some territorial gains. i don't think there is any question about that but in terms of really dealing with the serious threat that isis is entrenching itself in parts of iraq and syria and spreading across north africa and throughout the middle east, i think in total reach, isis is has increased. i don't often advertise for the no, times but they have interview what the president won't say, we're exaggerating this threat of terrorism, we need to get used to it and deal with it like the israelis do. the real question for the president, how many dead americans are acceptable to you because of the threat of terrorism? you will not hear that discussion. david: ambassador john bolton. ambassador, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> thank you, david. melissa: the threat of islamic state put terrorism as top concern among voters.
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65% of the americans say the obama administration has failed at handling national priorities and the fight against isis. according to a fox news national poll, making this a big factor in the race for 2016. republican presidential candidate rick santorum says he is the best gop candidate on national security and he joins me now. thank you, sir, for joining us. >> thank you, melissa. good to be with you. melissa: why do you say you're the best candidate on national security? >> experience and policies. i've been involved in fighting radical islam, particularly iran. i was author of the iranian sanctions to put nuclear sanctions on the iranian program. i all authored a bill in 2003 put sanctions on assad and tried to contain him. i also served eight years on armed services committee. helped modernize the military. a long track record. melissa: let me ask you about that, you bring up sanctions against iran. how do you feel about the fact they have been rolled back? >> this is the greatest betrayal after president of our national
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security in the history of our country. the president put iran on a path to nuclear weapon. he did so with eyes wide open and doing so without any condition. the fact that iran has twice now violated this agreement, once by launching ballistic missiles, which are only used to carry nuclear weapons, and secondly, by not cooperating with th international atomic energy agency and divulging their nuclear program up to this point. that was one of the requirements of this agreement and they have not done so and in the face of that, in the case of ba list i can it missile test, the obama administration said they would impose sanctions. president rouhani has a tweet and says we'll retaliate and he backs down. on other issue we really didn't expect the information anyway. so he is plowing for word with an agreement that will put them on path to nuclear weapon.
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that can't happen. iran is dangerous theocracy that wants to bring about the end of the world because that is what they believe will be their theological aim. melissa: i don't want to run out of time before we ask you what you would do about the isis problem? >> we have to take their land. melissa: how would you do that? >> which means they believe that they are the legitimate rulers of sunni islam. and if we do not call that into question -- melissa: how would you do that, how would you take their land. >> we would deploy troops in the southern part -- anbar province to support the sunnis and secondly we have to start arming the kurds, allowing them to go on the offensive in the northern part and take their land. if we take their land under islamic law they become delegitimatized as caliphate and will not be followed. all the attacks will begin to abate. melissa: turn you to the debate tomorrow night, thursday night, so we don't run out of time on that front, what are you doing to prepare? >> i'm here in iowa doing a
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whole sears are of town hall meetings today. we'll do some in south carolina tomorrow. i'm meeting with voters every single day, taking as many questions as i possibly can. i found out last time around as well as this time that is the best preparation you can have. melissa: thanks for joining us sir, good luck to you. >> my pleasure. melissa: catch more from the senator this thursday when he joins us for the first gop debate of year right here on fox business 6:00 p.m. eastern with sandra smith and trish regan followed by the later debate at 9:00 p.m. eastern moderated by maria bartiromo and neil cavuto. don't miss that. david: we were talking about iran. the pentagon now says it briefly loss contact with two small navy craft in the persian gulf near iran. but has received assurances from iran that the crew an vessels will be returned safely and promptly. that word returned is interesting. comes from the pentagon. pentagon spokesman peter cook
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telling associated press the boats were moving between kuwait and bahrain when the u.s. lost contact with them. oil moving on this news after hours after settling lower for the seventh straight day at new 12-year low, down over 3% to 30.44 a barrel. phil flynn price futures group and fox news contributor joins us now. phil, the fact that iran news affected oil is significant, no? >> it can be because that can be a trend-changer, dave. oil prices have been down seven days in a row. i think we traded below 30 just to get it out of the way and we rebound. this is very significant because everybody is counting on iranian oil supply to come back on to the market. white house says they are working with iran but this is going to put a monkey wrench. there may be outrage from congress the way iran continues to be provocative against the united states. this could put more pressure on the white house to, you know, get over this oil deal.
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it could put lifting of iranian sanctions in jeopardy if this story continues to heat up. now they say they're trying to cool it down. the white house is trying to keep calm but how can you keep calm when just a few weeks ago the iranians in the straight of hormuz was shooting missiles at our ship? now apparently two navy ships were under iranian control. it's not the type of behavior you look for when you're going to a country to lift sanctions for bad behavior. david: looks like administration is bending over backwards to try to forgive them for whatever happened. we'll find out details in coming hours. phil, thank you very much. melissa? melissa: jpmorgan ceo jamie dimon says lower prices are not bad for everyone. hire is what he told maria bartiromo earlier. >> it is good for consumers and businesses. so all those who consume energy are paying lower prices. we think, we have jpmorgan chase institute which uses real data that they are spending 80% of the gas decrease.
4:15 pm
it is good for american consumer. gas is at $2, adjust for inflation kind of same price it was at in 1960 i'm told. melissa: catch the rest of maria's interview with jamie dimon tomorrow on "mornings with maria," live from charleston, south carolina, starting 6:00 a.m. eastern time. david? david: there is new evidence that isis could be experting with chemical weapons. sources giving catherine herridge the very latest details. she joins us next. melissa: the war on terror is one of the biggest topics we'll ask the candidates about in fox business's big gop debate. coming up, karl rove will give his take on who will come out ahead. david: powerball setting new world record. estimated $1.5 billion. t could have been over, 28 people missed winning by one number. they still get a lot of money. we'll tell you how much coming up. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists.
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david: we're getting a little more information what happened in iran in the persian gulf to be specific where some force from iran, perhaps their navy, we're not at all sure at the moment, took two boats going between u.s. boats, u.s. vessels between kuwait and bahrain. 10 sailors were apparently held at least briefly. again there are assurances from the pentagon they are about to be released. that the vessels will be returned but we don't know the details. we don't know why they were taken in the first place. as i said before they're doing as much as they can to discount any tension. when a foreign government, particularly like iran takes over vessels, and 10 sailors taken in the move. we'll get you more information as we get it. it is a breaking story.
4:20 pm
melissa. melissa: mounting evidence supports the possibility that isis is experimenting with chemical weapons at several locations in syria and in iraq. fox news's catherine herridge has the details on this. they are disturbing he details, catherine. reporter: thank you, melissa. two sources including a doctor on the ground in northern iraq last fall says there is growing evidence that isis is experimenting with chemical agents with the goal understanding how it impacts the battlefield and then exporting that expertise outside of the region. these photos taken by kurds last fall and shared with fox news show burns and blistering asking tent with use of chemical agents with i were scrubbed to us as odorless, colorless and absorbed through the clothing causing burns hours later. former fbi intelligence sister said in research for upcoming international conference he found evidence that isis is using safe havens in syria, iraq, potentially libya as laboratories to understand the impact of chemical agents, with
4:21 pm
goal of exporting the expertise via social media. >> they were particularly interesting in using these chemicals in confined space environments. soft targets like shopping malls, movie theaters and so on. reporter: meantime a u.s. intelligence official confirms to fox news that the number of foreign fighters has hit a new high. more than 36,000 from 120 countries traveling to the region since the conference began in 2011, including at least 6600 westerners. this morning former senior intelligence officials testified to this fact on capitol hill. >> if they acquired these weapons, that they would use them. and they wouldn't care that, that the vast majority of those killed were civilians. and they have also provided a religious justification very similar to al qaeda. in fact i think it is identical to al qaeda's justification for using such weapons.
4:22 pm
i have no doubt that they are pursuing such weapons. reporter: for some balance the president's special envoy to the anti-isis coalition recently told reporters here in washington they believe the trend line overall is moving in the right direction and they believe there is real progress in securing the turkish border to blunt flow of foreign fighters into iraq and syria, melissa. melissa: catherine herridge thank you so much for that. >> you're welcome. david: hope and failure. president obama is set to list the accomplishments tonight but how long is that list? gunfire and grenades in mexico. "el chapo" nearly managed to avoid capture, how else, hiding in another tunnel. [shouting] you totaled your brand new car.
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4:26 pm
final progress report on the nation expected to focus on obama administration successes over the years. blake burman has details. i guess if you were going to tease it and get people to watch, seventh time at bat, saying it is totally non-traditional would be one way to do it, right? reporter: there is article in "politico" administration trying to get attention for this speech tonight. this is president obama's final state of the union speech as you mentioned and the white house says expect the president's pitch to the nation to look past his time in office. while a laundry list of sweeping policy proposals is not expected tonight the white house mentioned earlier this week potential talkers like criminal justice reform and ratifying the tpp trade deal. the first lady's box of invited guests include a syrian refugee and mexican immigrant while also leaving one chair to empty to represent victims of gun violence. josh earnest says tonight's speech shows the president is
4:27 pm
still able to drive the political narrative. >> the president is putting forward more ideas than anybody else. putting republicans in situation which they're responding to the president they like to refer to as the lame duck. reporter: tonight's speech will have at least one first. paul ryan will be seated behind the president as newly-elected house speaker. he is downplaying tonight's address already looking ahead to the prospects of 2017. >> we're going to lay out a case to the public on what it is going to take to get this country's fiscal house in order and clearly that will take a republican president because this president has continued to kick the can down the road. i see no change in his behavior. reporter: melissa, what many people could see a potential vice-presidential audition. south carolina governor nikki haley will give republican response. uniqueness of this speech, they moved it up this year to get it before the debate here on the fox business network later this
4:28 pm
week and iowa caucuses just a few weeks out. a lot different this year. melissa: interesting, yeah absolutely. blake, thank you so much for that. tune in to fox business for live coverage of the state of the union. special edition of "cavuto: coast to coast." that is starting 8:00 p.m. eastern. david: we are getting more breaking information on the situation in iran. senior administration officials confirming that 10 u.s. navy soldiers have been detained by iranian forces in the persian gulf. the pentagon says briefly lost contact with two small navy ships moving between kuwait and bahrain earlier but received from assurances from iran that the cry and vessels will be returned safely promptly. fox news's military analyst chuck nash joins us on the phone. what concerns me, captain nash, u.s. personnel will be returned. that means they have been detained. that presumably the u.s. craft were boarded by iranians, correct. >> what happens probably sounds
4:29 pm
like in a move from kuwait down to bahrain, farsi island sort of sits closer to the saudi arabian coastline. so, kuwait, saudi and then bahrain and it looks like what may have happened is either one of them lost power and started drifting, or, they edged too far to the northwest and strayed into iranian territorial waters. david: okay. we have some information, forgive me, captain nash. now an administration official, ben rhodes, deputy in the administration, he says that in fact one of the boats did go into iranian territory and was seized by iranian revolutionary guard forces. >> yeah. david: can you tell us anything about that group? >> yeah. it is actually the islamic revolutionary guard corps and they are, they are not the regular iranian navy. the islamic revolutionary guard
4:30 pm
corps is what they say they are, that is, they are loyal to and support the mullahs and their islamic revolution. so the regular iranian navy is actually very professional. it was islamic revolutionary guard who fired rockets just last week near the uss harry s truman as she was transiting. this island, no one is there except military people. it sits on 5.8 million cubic meters of natural gas and there is irgc, islamic revolutionary guard corps on that island. it is very secretive and iranians protect it. if they did stray into those waters by accident, it does not surprise me that the irgc would intercept them. david: okay. once begin, these 10 sailors apparently are being kept now,
4:31 pm
held on this island called farsi island. is there any indication, do you know of any indication this island has been used to house prisoners before? >> no, i don't. it is an irgc navy facility. they don't allow any visitors other than, unless you have got clearance from the iranian military to go over there, from the irgc probably, not even their own navy. but anyway it is secret military facility. it is well-guarded. and if our guys did in fact drift in there or charted wrong course to head in there, it doesn't surprise me they were intercepted. if on the other hand irgc folks came out and being their normal provocativeselves instigated something like this, it doesn't surprise me the iranian government promising to release them right away. this would be really stupid move and government probably does not want to get involved in something like this.
4:32 pm
they want to call it an accident and turn it back over. david: lord knows what it woo do to the iranian nuclear deal. captain chuck nash, appreciate it. melissa. melissa: this is fox news's doug mckelway. what are you hearing on this? reporter: basically what you're hearing at this point. seems highly unlikely these guys could have intentionally gone into iranian territorial waters without, with knowing it unless they were on some secretive mission. perhaps they were navy seals. we do know that the navy seals also operate in the persian gulf in addition to u.s. navy riveines operations. my old son doug operated there and i got off the phone to learn about operations. they will operate small patrol craft out of mother ships, amphibian assault ships. they can be lowered into the water from these ships n this particular case does not appear that was the case.
4:33 pm
apparently they were in transit from kuwait to bahrain when they ventured into these waters. the kinds of boats the navy river reasons operate. they were built in seattle by the safe boat company. they are 80 feet long. can go up to 45 knots. can hold anywhere from five to 10 crewmembers and passengers in addition to that they have heavy machine guns, grenade launchers, things of that sort. circumstances of this very peculiar. interested to hear more about it. back to you. >> doug, thank you for that. that was a lot of interesting information we appreciate it. we will key eye on breaking news story to bring you any updates as we have them. david: very interesting stuff. countdown to the first gop showdown of 2016. we'll talk to karl rove what he expects from the republican candidates at thursday's fox business debate. melissa: plus the secrets behind donald trump's data vault and it is heading straight for iowa.
4:34 pm
our panel weighs in on his quiet ground campaign. you may not have heard about that coming up next. ♪
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david: candidates have just two days to prepare for the fox business republican debate. donald trump already has a became plan. take a listen. >> i'm not going to be attacking anybody that know but if they attack me i will attack them back times five. david: we know he means it. here to weigh in, karl rove, former deputy chief of staff and
4:38 pm
senior visor to president george w. bush. he is also a fox news contributor. so, carl -- karl you had your first column of "wall street journal" of the year and in that column you predict if trump is nominee the republicans will lose white house and united states senate. is there no way the gop could win with trump as nominee? >> yeah, sures but the column asked me to make a conclusion. is there a way could conceivably win. if he becomes nominee. repair damage among latinos. i has 12% vote of latinos. mitt romney only had 27% of latino voight. unite the party. hard to call everybody you do you're running against, accomplished people, lightweights, losers and morons. david: karl, has been both ways. a lot of republican establishment may be behind closed doors, word gets out called him same kind of names.
4:39 pm
>> well look, there is difference between doing it on television from our own lips and put very deep in column attributed to third sources about some secret meeting which no names are attached. big difference. david: right. he is running. the establishment -- what happens if donald trump becomes the nominee. would you support him? >> i have always voted for republicans for president. i don't intend to start doing something different now but the fact of matter is you can not win, democrats don't win the presidential election only getting democratic votes. republicans particularly don't win the presidency only getting republican votes. the question can you unite independents and pry away significant part of the other party's camp. and just going to be a tough, tough shred for mr. trump if he becomes nominee -- sled. he is changing. he announced he will make
4:40 pm
significant outreach to african-americans through preachers. do a lot of for latinos, representing threat illegal immigrants threat to jobs of legitimate hispanic immigrants. david: it is going both ways. members of the establishment came out during talk shows and stuff they wouldn't object to donald trump as nominee but i interviewed brad blakeman. you know brad. >> yeah. david: stalwart gop guy. i said could you vote for donald trump. he said absolutely not. i'm wondering how many republicans there are like brad out there? >> well, look there are a lot of if you take a look at polls, trump loses, looks like he could lose as many one out of every five republicans. look, if you lose out of every 20 or one out of every 25 or one out of every 30, you can win the general election but, if you take a look at parties that have lost the white house have tended to lose somewhere about 10% or more of their voters to somebody, to the other party.
4:41 pm
david: karl rove -- >> we're a long way away from that. we still have iowa, new hampshire and a lot of delegates to select. david: we have got to go, karl, one question you want to ask donald trump in the debate, quickly? >> how will you defend yourself declaring four bankruptcies when you were merely taking advantage of the law. david: just to be fair he never personally went bankrupt. companies had trump name. he personally never went bankrupt. >> he was the head of all four of those companies and principle shareholder in everyone many them. if he steps forward i didn't declare bankruptcy. there is fact has to be dealt with there. david: he never personally went bankrupt. >> four companies he headed went bankrupt. david: i get you. thank you, karl. melissa. melissa: donald trump secret data vault is using it to build up ground game, surprise to trump rivals. gop frontrunner hired an experienced data team to build a
4:42 pm
ground campaign and mobilize voters in early states, according to deep dive in "politico." joining me guy benson, political editor. fox news contributor. dan henninger of "the wall street journal" guy benson, what does this report say to you because the thing people always say about trump and what will surprise us he will not get huge votes in these states because he doesn't have a huge ground game? it seems that idea may have expired. >> that is the hope of people don't want donald trump to win. he will run a campaign based on television saturation which he has done, on big rallies, get a lot of media attention. he also has done that but will not sort of have any ground game. he can't actually turn out vote years seems like that is not true any longer. he has gone in and spent money. >> that is what i'm saying. this could be wishful thinking. i read the piece. it is a little bit hazy and mushky of details and how sophisticated and expansive
4:43 pm
compared to other voter campaign turnout operations. it seems like it was nonexistent people were sort of assuming with the trump campaign. melissa: dan, they said it appears from multiple source he hired outfit l-2 which is well-known and people on his staff working with them. he doesn't necessarily want to be loud about this because he will take people by surprise? >> well, that is exactly right, melissa. there is one interesting new fact out there about trump supporters, actually surfaced by another data firm called sivis analytics which emerged from obama campaign in 2012. it was very sophisticated operation. what these folks say a lot of donald trump as supporters are in fact registered democrats who self-identify as republicans. now, donald trump has to find a way to go out there and find those people and get them to vote in those primaries because obviously democrats don't normally vote in republican
4:44 pm
primaries. but that is the sort of thing you use data firms for. find out where people are, go out, knock on their door and tell them to get out to vote for your candidate. i think that is what he is doing there. melissa: guy, have you heard of this firm and anybody else talking about this? this article got a lot of traction past couple days since the weekend? >> i heard some people talking about it certainly. what is important, melissa, i looked at poll came out couple days ago from nb this news and marist. it showed in iowa, ted cruz leading donald trump among republicans and likely republican voters. however among the broader electorate, and maybe lean republican or undecided voters, that broader universe of voters donald trump had a slight lead over ted cruz. so again, finding those low propensity voters or non-traditional voters like daniel was talking about making sure they turn out, that is the whole ballgame. melissa: very to go. we have hard break.
4:45 pm
david. david: iran seized two navy vessels in the perking gulf. we have more on this story -- persian gulf. stay tuned. tter. i'm at the edward jones office, like sue suggested. thanks for doing this, dad. so i thought it might be time to talk about a financial strategy. (laughing) you mean pay him back? knowing your future is about more than just you. so let's start talking about your long-term goals... multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors. it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. i'i like to think of myself as more of a control... enthusiast. mmm, a perfect 177-degrees. and that's why this road warrior rents from national. i can bypass the counter and go straight to my car. and i don't have to talk to any humans, unless i want to. and i don't. and national lets me choose any car in the aisle. control. it's so, what's the word?...
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david: more breaking news on situation in iran. senior defense official telling fox news that two of navy vessels were head to kuwait from bahrain and when they lost contact with the boats and headed into iranian territory. they have 10 soldiers on board but pentagon says it received assurances from iran that the crew and vessels will be returned safely and promptly. peter brookes, heritage foundation senior fellow joins us now. i wonder if we brief the pentagon. seems they're going out of the way to excuse the iranians and give iranians best of intentions here. do you buy that? >> pentagon i don't see any reason to be untruthful about that the truth will come out eventually.
4:49 pm
we're breaking news. we'll find out what happens. you think that would happen instain taken justly from washington out there, so many layers of command. we'll know a lot more tomorrow. i don't see advantage of pentagon not revealing what they know at this point. david: no reports that shots were fired by iranians to board the boats. clearly don't stop navy vessels with soldiers and marines and sailors on board without some show of force, right? >> well, it depends. if they're, if they realized they're in iranian waters, iran has rights within those, that sovereign territory around that island. and it may not have been in interests of commander, american commander on scene to put up any resistance, especially if one of the ships was disabled. in this case, what should happen is, these crews should be released quite quickly. there are other issues out here, david. we're talking about releasing all of this money.
4:50 pm
iran recently put cement in their nuclear reactor. president has state of the union address tonight. there are many other issues out there. so this is, this is a delicate situation. david: timing is awful for the president but let's wish very best and pray for safety of sailors. peter brookes. thank you. >> the warning islamic state is gaining allies much faster pace than al qaeda. our panel responds to that, much more coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ the new 2016 ram limited. you don't have to be a king to be treated like one. ♪
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happy belated birthday. thanks. for all the confidence you need td ameritrade. you got this. melissa: while president obama says there is no threat from isis,isis has been gaining in the middle east. >> isis has gained affiliates faster than al-qaeda ever did. from nothing a year ago, there
4:54 pm
are now militant groups in nearly 20 countries that have sworn allegiance to isis. melissa: here to weigh in lieutenant colonel tom, retired air force lieutenant, peter brooks is back with us as well. general, what are the implications o? >> well, i think they're very dangerous, melissa. it is showing how destabilized the middle east is growing. i happen to agree with that. and the reason they're getting more recruits than al-qaeda is because they own a caliphate, a territory. people go in and out. they have money. they have a whole host of things. they are, in fact, a nation stayed and this administration has elected not to destroy them. we've been at this for 18 months. and it's about time we get serious. melissa: yeah. peter, there are reports at the beginning from katherine that there's evidence they are using chemical weapons. what are the implications of that? >> well, very dangerous. they say that, melissa, that
4:55 pm
chemical weapons are the poor man's nuclear weapon. they can kill a lot of people. you have everything from blistering agents to nerve agents. and it could be used not only in warfare but against their own people. we heard reports about them executing those who may have fled the battle in ramadi. so this is dangerous and the idea they might send it beyond iraq to affiliates to use chemical weapons. melissa: yeah, general, let me ask you about this report that peter just mentioned, the fact that there were isis fighters in ramadi and burned alive. i mean you would think that that would discourage people from joining their army if you're going to be burned alive if you die. what are the implications of this? >> well, first of all, this is the first time they have burned alive their own people. i happen to believe that's a pattern of behavior and if they are correct and they didn't want any of them to retreat from ramadi, melissa. but the fact is we ought to take advantage of this. i clearly agree that they did
4:56 pm
this and now we need to spread the word and tell the people that they will not with martyrs that they will be killed and what they call unholy warriors and never go to heaven when their own people kill them. so we need to take a psychological warfare game and get that going. but the fact is this brutal behavior pattern is classic of what they are. melissa: yeah, gentlemen, thanks to both of you. scary stuff. david: okay. here's mine. i hope you have yours. here's my powerball ticket. the drawing is overnight but over dozens of people were just one number away. but they did get a lot of we'll tell you how. it's a fact. kind of like reunions equal blatant lying. the company is actually doing really well on, on social media. oh that's interesting. i - i started social media. oh! it was when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill?
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5:00 pm
winners because while none of them became billionaires, second place winners take home a hefty amount of cash, second place prize is $1 million. . melissa: i would take that. that's not bad. it would work for me. david: risk and reward starts now. deirdre: and we begin tonight with breaking news. two u.s. navy boats have been detained by iranian forces. welcome to risk and reward i'm cheryl in for deirdre bolton tonight. a senior official confirming to fox news almost ten navy sailors have been held back by the iranian guard after one drifted into iranian territorial waters. the fox business blake berman with the very latest from washington, blake. >> hi, cheryl, lots coming in here. here's what we can tell you at the moment. 10 navy members aboard two ships are now in control of iranian authority. the senior defense official


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