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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 12, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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charles: this is the same president that said isis is contained and tonight he's going to take a victory lap on the same observation. thank you for watching every night at 6:00 p.m. a big night. lou dobbs next. later on neil cavuto and the state of the union. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. the president has just been briefed by his military and intelligence advisers at the white house on iranian provocation in the persian gulf. the iranians have seized two u.s. navy river patrol boats each with a crew of five sailors. the boats and the ten american sailors are held on a small island farsi island in the gulf. the iranians have told the navy that our sailors are safe and that they will be released soon, along presumably with the boats. this incident taking place just hours before the president's state of the union address. it's his last state of the
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union address of his presidency and just days before iran had been expected to satisfy the terms of last summer's nuclear deal, and, of course, for the obama administration to release $150 billion to the iranian government. we'll have the latest developments and fox news military analyst general jack keane will join us momentarily with his view on what to make of this latest reckless act on the part of iran. also here tonight, the iranians persian gulf seizure of our patrol boats and crews interrupting the president's preparations to deliver what will be his final state of the union. as for the content of that speech, the white house says it will be a nontraditional speech in which the president will reach out to the american people rather than the republican-controlled house and senate. of course, that has been the new normal for this president for some time, who's gone
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around congress to reward cuba and iran, to seek a unilateral decision on illegal immigration, and just last week going after our guns. republicans vowing now to stop the president's fiat on guns. i'll be talking with one of them, house freedom caucus chairman congressman jim jordan among our guests tonight. and donald trump set to begin a campaign rally went hour. he's in cedar false iowa on the campus of northern iowa. comes a day after a brand-new poll shows trump leading ted cruz now in iowa. but by a small margin. the race has been tightening as trump continues to tweek senator cruz on citizenship, but appears there's been an effect as trump continues to raise doubts about the senator eligibility to become president. >> you think that these recent closer poll numbers for ted
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cruz, oh, to the concern that is he an american citizen? a natural born citizen? >> he's a friend of mine, i like him a lot. but if you have him as a candidate, you don't know whether he's allowed to run or serve. how can you be voting that way in the democrats have already announced they're going to bring a lawsuit. lou: we'll have a full report on the republican race upcoming. we begin with breaking news on the two u.s. navy vessels and the ten sailors. nine men and one woman held by iranian revolutionary guards on a small island in the persian gulf. the pentagon tonight saying the boats were on their way from kuwait to bahrain, and ended up in iran's territorial waters. it is uncertain whether the navy knows that or that's what they've been told. the sailors are held on farsi island in the gulf. the island is also home to an iranian revolutionary guard base. a senior obama administration
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official telling fox news president obama has been briefed now fully on the situation. secretary of state kerry has also, we're told, spoken to iran's foreign minister. the white house says the sailors are safe, and the president's spokesman josh earnest said iran has assured u.s. officials the sailors will be allowed to continue their journey, quote, promptly. officials not giving any exact timing at all. the navy boats detained by iran are small patrol boats looking something like this, which conduct routine patrols in the gulf. the pentagon says one of these boats may have had mechanical trouble and drifted into iran's waters. i emphasize may have. it is fairly clear that the pentagon does not know where the boats were, they do not know clearly what happened, and had no communication or telemetry of any find to tell them what happened.
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again, that breaking news tonight, 10 of our sailors held by iran in the gulf. the iranians assured the pentagon they are safe and will be released soon. that has not occurred yet, however. we'll update the story as new developments come in, this hour. this latest incident amid heightened tensions with iran and only hours before the president's set to deliver his final state of the union address to congress. it is a speech which the president is expected to show he remains relevant. the speech is expected to be his shortest. the shortest so far, 52 minutes. however long it is, the reality is now this president is a lame duck, and the race to replace him in the oval office is in full swing with just three weeks to go before iowans kick off the race for the nomination, casting the nation's first presidential votes in the caucuses. fox news white house correspondent kevin corke with our report. >> reporter: for president
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obama, it's been a painstaking process. searching for the right words to convey a sense of optimism in his final state of the union speech while reflecting the serious challenges facing the country. in an interview this morning, the president said tonight's address would focus on the nation's future while recalling the long road the country traveled together. >> we are still battling terrorism. people are still recovering from some of the economic blows that hit. and it is sometimes important for us to step back and take measure of how far we've come. >> reporter: not nearly far enough. at least according to the latest "fox news poll" which found that just 42% of those surveyed approve of the president's job performance while 53% disapprove. said house speaker paul ryan, he'll present a glossy rendition of the last seven years, try to set verbal traps along the way and it will be a very political and pointed speech. pointed perhaps, but the
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politics have been anything but easy for the president, whose failures over the past seven years credited with the resurgence of the gop which has overtaken both houses of congress on his watch and has a leading candidate in presidential candidate donald trump rising higher and higher in the polls. >> the message that donald trump is putting out has had adherence a lot of times during the course of our history, talk to me if he wins, then we'll have a conversation about how responsible i feel about it. >> can you imagine donald trump standing up one day and delivering a state of the union address? >> i can imagine it in a saturday night skit. >> reporter: a pointed if not dismissive response by the president who added that sometimes the rhetoric of the campaign trail, lou, gives way to the realities here of the job at the white house, that's something the president learned the hard way over the past
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seven years. lou? lou: seemed a little petulant on the part of the president. what kind of mood is he in having been briefed that the iranians have been provocative and taken ten of our sailors into custody and apprehended them and their boats? >> reporter: you hit the nail on the head in your opening remarks. keep in mind, this is part of a pattern by the iranians. there are hard-liners that don't want the nuclear deal to happen, they don't want to be seen as a weaker power. they want strength enhanced and it is diminished if it is working for the administration. they're going to plow ahead. they're hoping things go well. they've said all the right things, we'll see how quickly the iranians release the sailors in custody. you mentioned nine men and one woman. i did speak to ben rosy, deputy national security adviser.
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he said we're aware of it, i don't want to get too in front of this. we expect it to be resolved quickly. here's the question to you, what does quickly look like to you, and what does quickly look like to the administration? we'll have to see if it plays out in the way i describe quickly, my friend. lou: i was going to point out to you, you're the one talking with the big shot, ben rhodes at the white house. i think we all know, the iranians define quickly and hope for the best here. thanks so much. kevin corke from the white house. >> you bet. lou: full coverage of the president's state of the union address coming up. neil cavuto anchoring our coverage after this broadcast. turning to the race for the white house. republican candidates slowly make their way to charleston, south carolina for thursday's debate hosted by fox business network. if it mirrors the campaign trail we'll likely see a lot of sparring between ted cruz and donald trump.
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cruz now openly attacking trump for questioning his citizenship, his eligibility to be president. fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron is in charleston and has our report. >> reporter: after a rally outside a hudson new hampshire gun shop hours before the president's final state of the union address, ted cruz let donald trump have it with both barrels implying trump's attacks on cruz's citizenship help hillary clinton. >> it is strange to see donald relying on authoritative, a liberal left-wing judicial activist harvard law professor who is a huge hillary supporter. starts to make you think, gosh, why are hillary's strongest supporters backing donald trump? >> reporter: trump named the harvard law professor on fox business network today. >> this is not a settled issue at all. and it's a big problem. >> reporter: cruz says he's a natural born citizen because his mother is american born.
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trump flatly contradicted him this weekend. >> ted is glib, and says i'm a natural born citizen. the point is you're not! >> reporter: jeb bush held a town hall in coralville, iowa. >> does he know what principles look like? apply them in a way that would allow everybody a chance to rise up or is it ball him? i'll say he's not a conservative. [laughter] trump believes that the loud voice is a sign of strength. >> reporter: chris christie delivered state of the state address in new jersey. he's back on the new hampshire trail tomorrow. the gop presidential contenders know they'll be attacked in the president's address as he tries to curb the anger trump and others tapped into. they see the last state of the union as the first 2016 speech for hillary clinton to continue his agenda in the third term. the next gop debate is in south
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carolina thursday. the primetime roster includes trump, cruz, marco rubio, christie, bush and john kasich. rand paul and carly fiorina qualified with rick santorum and mike huckabee. paul says he's a top-tier candidate and will not participate in a second tier event. most of the candidates are spread across iowa and new hampshire, trickling right up until the debate thursday with the exception of rand paul who will not be here, he'll be in iowa. lou? lou: carl, thank you very much. carl cameron. another attack in turkey, a suicide bomber from the islamic state blew himself up in istanbul's tourist district. all those killed were foreigners, nine germans a peruvian. president obama sure to tout progress against the islamic state in his state of the union. we're coming right back much with much more. one more year and eight
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days of the obama presidency, and tonight he tells us what he wants to do with it, with the republican view, freedom caucus chairman congressman jim jordan here next. even brotherly love can sometimes require a little anger management or a lot. that video, as "lou dobbs tonight" continues. stay with us. why do some cash back cards keep throwing obstacles at you? first - they limit where you earn bonus cash back. then - those places change every few months? i think i'll pass... quicksilver from capital one puts nothing in your way. you simply earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. you can't dodge the question... what's in your wallet?
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. lou: tonight's state of the union will have at least one first, paul ryan will be seated behind the president as the newly elecd speaker of the house. ryan today says the party needs to look beyond mr. obama. >> we're going to lay out a case to the public on what it's going to take to get this country's fiscal house in order and clearly that's going to take a republican president because this president has continued to kick the can down the road and i see no change in his behavior. lou: joining us tonight, congressman jim jordan. in addition to sitting on the oversight committee he serves on the judiciary committee, chairman of the freedom caucus. congressman, great to have you with us. >> good to be with you, lou. lou: start with criminal justice reform, the speaker making much of that. the white house talking about legacy. of all of the issues and all of this trouble land, criminal
7:18 pm
justice reform? >> yeah. right. look, that's something we can look at. i agree there are other pressing issues that help middle-class families who have seen income stagnate like welfare reform that puts in place the tax code that make sense rather than deal with obamacare, a huge impediment in the economy. those issues are more important or as important as those when we talk about helping middle-clas middle-class families. >> i have to say, to me it seems the speaker is being awfully adventurous for a man who's just taken a job, trying to redefine the limits. the constraint to the traditional role as speaker. gun control, this president making clear and likely will make it clear his wishes about controlling the second amendment and whether it will be honored in the breach? >> instead of focusing on securing the borders, instead
7:19 pm
of focusing on make sure our country is safer when it comes to the threat terrorism, this president uses the irs to go after your first amendment free speech rights. obamacare to go after religious liberties and through executive order is coming after second amendment liberties. he's been one of the most divisive presidents in history, continues to go after i think fundamental liberties that we have under the constitution and that's a real concern. something i think we got to continue to highlight in the course of this important election again. lou: we did a quick count and came up with 373 days remaining in office. is there any reason in the world we should expect this president to rein in his impulses and step away from the imperious and imperial presidency he's expanded far than any other? >> we can hope and pray he'd change his course, i don't think he's likely to. they believe in big government. he believes in big government.
7:20 pm
he thinks washington knows better than families and taxpayers in communities around the country how to run things. that's what they believe in. want to grow the size of government. spend more money and as i mentioned earlier, seems they want to attack fundamental liberties for law-abiding citizens. that's a huge concern and something we got to continue to highlight in our oversight function for the 373 days left in this administration. lou: you know, congressman, as i listen to you and think about the president and you are exactly right, of course, that this president and the democratic party wants an ever larger government, but sense that this president is going to feel at some disadvantage, 374 days from now because he'll be out of office and not entirely sure, knowing best as he always has, how to voice that to the new ears that will be in the oval office. somehow i think the nation will get by. >> yeah. look, it's the greatest country
7:21 pm
in the world made up of all kinds of great people and families. i get the opportunity in ohio to people who believe in the principles that made us great in the first place. ure right, show the difference, the distinction where obama and clinton want to take the country and where conservatives based on constitutional principles think the country should go and how that helps people? we need to make the distinction clear throughout this upcoming year, and speaker ryan will help us do that. that's one of the chief responsibilities into the november election. lou: quick judgment what you expect the president to say and how persuasive you expect him to be tonight? >> he delivers a good speech, it's what's in it. content and the message and the policies contained in it. more big government, control in washington, i assume more attacks on fundamental values that families cherish across this country and more attacks on liberties, namely the second
7:22 pm
amendment rights that law-abiding citizens have in the country. lou: congressman jim jordan, thank you. >> good to be with you, lou, thanks. be sure to vote in our poll tonight, the question is -- cast your vote at improved or worsened? and follow me on twitter -- links to everything deproit police video capturing two brothers in an unusual fight. there they come. a little disagreement. oh, they weren't looking where they were going. one brother jumped onto the car to drive away, the other tried to stop him. unfortunately they ran into a police cruiser head on.
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the one brother was arrested while his brother was charged with reckless driving, both currently out on bond. reckless windshield obscuring, absurd. up next, a few thoughts on hillary clinton's struggle, struggle in the polls. and buffalo, new york residents are used to harsh winters to say the least. a recent storm especially tough. we'll show you the video here next. stay with us. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night.
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it's a fact. kind of like working from home equals not working. numbers look pretty good, how's it on your end dave? oh, the numbers look so good. dave, dave's on it. . lou: a few thoughts now on hillary clinton, who is increasingly feeling the burn. the latest polls show a tightening race for nomination, a race that has tightened in favor of sanders, not clinton. mrs. clinton trails sanders by 14 points in new hampshire in the latest monmouth poll. sanders leading in every major category, including women!
7:28 pm
in iowa, new quinnipiac poll shows sanders leading 49-45%. this is the first time that he's had the lead in the hawkeye state since september. clinton's troubles are not limited to her deteriorating position in the polls. the liberal group throwing support behind sanders today. nearly 80% of members voting to endorse the socialist senator from vermont. as for a boost from the top democrat, that's not going to happen for a while. president won't make an endorsement in the democratic primary according to his chief of staff. but mr. obama's vice president, not hesitating to offer support. biden praising sanders in recent days for focus on income inequality, and the vice president today claiming his comments weren't a knock on clinton, really. but proceeded to boost sanders again.
7:29 pm
>> this is bernie's mantra from the time he was involved, even when income inequality wasn't as serious as it was today. it was his drumbeat. she's coming up with good ideas but bernie is pushing the envelope on this. lou: pushing the envelope and the vice president is pushing bernie. the dnc still doing all it can of course to support the presumed coronation of the presumed nominee, mrs. clinton. the dnc is holding yet another debate on the weekend before a holiday. the next democratic debate is scheduled for sunday. one day before a federal holiday. this coronation appears to be in jeopardy as her lead continues to shrink and the fbi investigation of mrs. clinton expands, which could lead to an early october surprise for the former secretary of state, perhaps a surprise that could arrive as soon as next month. well, the quotation of the
7:30 pm
evening, one that should be reassuring to mrs. clinton and supporters. this one from mahatma gandhi who says -- that should be reassuring. we're coming right back. stay with us. the president doesn't have a lot to say about donald trump. >> talk to me if he wins. lou: but no surprise, trump has a lot to say about obama. >> he's been a terrible president. done a terrible job. lou: our political panel also with a lot to say, larry o'connell and cathy lynn taylor join us next. and convenience store robbery is about to turn into something else. that video right after the messages. we're coming right back.
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. lou: donald trump, as we told you, holding a rally tonight in cedar falls, iowa at the university of northern iowa. and how many people does that venue hold? just over 2,000 people. trump leading cruz in iowa by two percentage point, well within the margin of error. this one he's on top. trump at 31%, cruz at 29%. the iowa caucuses take place february 1st so the clock is ticking. let's hear what the donald had to say. >> all of these things, washington times, 62%.
7:35 pm
cbs philadelphia, 59%. these are people calling in, fox news, 62%. these are people calling in, who won the debate? it's fantastic. now we have another one coming up, and i enjoy it. i didn't know if i was going to like to debate, but i enjoy it. all i'm trying to do is get the idea across we have to be strong, we have to be powerful. we have to rebuild our military and hopefully never use it. it's like these guys, the stronger, the tougher, the better you are, people aren't going to be pick on you the same way, right? lou: donald trump, as you saw him gesture toward part of the audience there, the university of northern iowa, apparently their wrestling team is there in the balcony as well, and as he's filled another venue, and doing what he often does, going through first of all his poll numbers, which are, as he suggests, rather impressive.
7:36 pm
joining us the host of mornings on the mall at wmal at washington, d.c., editor at large at ij larry o'connor, good to have you with us. >> hi, lou. lou: and republican strategist cathy lynn taylor, founder of the policy people what do you think? he looks like he's got another audience enraptured, if you will, by his speech. and i lot of way, larry, he says he hasn't debated, he never debated before, didn't know if he'd enjoy it. that's because he's not used to it being a two way conversation in part of his normal business hours. what do you make of it, larry? >> you're right. they love coming out for the rallies. he's good at the rallies. yet to be seen if he's good at a caucus or not. i feel politicians, the career politicians, the people who make their living off of the u.s. government, they're whistling past the graveyard. not looking at the fact between ted cruz and donald trump, these are the two most hated
7:37 pm
men in washington, d.c., and they're getting all the attention and all the votes, and they're still blaming the candidates and blaming the voters instead of looking at themselves and why this is happening. >> cathy? >> this is unbelievable on what might be the most important day left in the current president's career, donald trump has goaded him into giving donald trump the attention by talking about him even as a joke as potential president. so kudos to trump. i don't know how he's doing it, but he is. lou: i was asked by a bunch of college students i was talking with briefly at fox headquarters who had come by from texas a&m university, and i have to say, i was asked by one of the folks, is donald trump doing this by accident? or is this a strategic -- couldn't buy that anybody could be that smart and that lucky in the construct of his comments, larry. but he is all of that. >> he is.
7:38 pm
and again, this is a time where the president said today that one of his biggest regrets is how divisive washington, d.c., has become. this is like the kardashians complaining there are too many trashy reality shows on tv. look in the mirror, dude. americans are tired of how ugly things are in this town, and donald trump is saying i am the consummate outsider but have a track record of success. it makes sense why he's doing what he's doing and why people are responding. >> how people are going to respond to the president tonight, cathy, in his final state of the union, and how are they going to respond in advance of it? paul ryan, speaker, is acting like he's an executive. he's going to join with the president on criminal justice reform. what brilliant -- now you have two politically tone deaf individuals, the president and speaker taking on a subject in the midst of crisis across a
7:39 pm
host of policy areas, and they choose one, not really in sight. >> two things, i think first, the easier is to say there's no downside for paul ryan take the high road during a presidential year -- during a presidential election, with a lot of noise out there. that's okay for right now. however, there's no doubt we're going to hear a lot of talk from president obama about unity and coming together. that's the forte when he speaks. lou: we're going to gag. >> this is from a president led by divisiveness, led by executive order and the perfect example is he clamors for some -- lou: he's an authoritarian! he's not only a partisan. >> please! please! >> where was gun control in 2012 during the connecticut shooting? it's pr. lou: it's pure bull, and i hope
7:40 pm
it's more eloquent than bull. >> when the president said unify, he says unify behind my ideas, that's what he means when he says that. i was at capitol hill, lou, he's got a stage crew right now erecting all of the strawmen he's going to knock down during the speech. lou: i wondered where you were going with that. well done, larry, as also, larry o'connor and cathy lynn taylor. >> thank you. lou: join us thursday night on the fox business network. next two republican debates hosted by fox business. i'll be in south carolina beginning tomorrow along with colleague sandra smith and trish regan monitoring the first debate thursday, 6:00 p.m. eastern, then at 9:00 p.m., maria bartiromo and neil cavuto moderate the primetime debate. robber never learned to underestimate the person behind the counter. check this out. a thief walked into a convenience store and crawled up with a knife. whoa! he's swinging the knife.
7:41 pm
i think that, well, anyway, to the robber's surprise, the clerk pull the out a much bigger knife. are you believing this? after an intense, and i think when you are wielding knives that big, that makes it intense, the suspect did manage to get away. store clerk suffered only minor injuries. i give you all the credit in the world for guts, my friend. and naysly paried. but six rounds to the abdomen would have worked much better, just saying. up next, iran detains american sailors and the white house tries to downplay it all. the iranians, two of our boats, ten of our sailors and this president is just going about his business. there's growing evidence that the islamic state is experimenting with chemical weapons. should we be outraged? beheading, chemical weapons, seems a little, well, brutal, barbaric. general jack keane joins us next to take up all of this and more. stay with us.
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. . lou: breaking news now, and updating you on the story of the iranians taking 10 of our sailors hostage and detaining them and the two boats they were on.
7:46 pm
pentagon now saying iran will release those american sailors detained today by early tomorrow morning gulf time. the sailors are from the u.s.s. truman carrier strike group which is operating in the persian gulf. the pentagon says the sailors are being treated well, they have been assured by the iranians and have been no injuries. no word on whether the iranians are releasing the two boats. this is just the latest in what has been a series of provocations by the iranians. last month firing rockets near the u.s.s. truman itself and, of course testing two icbm missiles in contravention of united nations security council resolutions. joining us on all of it, of course, ignored by the president. vice chief of staff, fox news military analyst, general jack keane. great to have you here. it's now being a spectacle to
7:47 pm
have the pentagon informed by the truman group that ten sailors have been taken, apprehended by iranians and not know where the boats were that it was occurring or doing anything about it. this is not only provocative but embarassing, is it not? >> it is humiliating. there are a lot of unanswered questions here. why are they translating 300 miles from kuwait to bahrain in small vessels. why would they get close to farsi island, everyone knows is an igrc base, that is hands off, wouldn't get within 25, 30 miles of it, make themselves susceptible to the conditions. why no radio communication? why was it lost? if the iranians jam the radios and the gps, that's only a hostile act. and if the iranians mean no harm, why is the igrc media broadcasting that the americans' boats have been
7:48 pm
seized, the sailors have been arrested, and their weapons and gps technology have been confiscated. so iran is doing exactly what you did in the intro, in continuing to provoke and humiliate the united states and send a very loud message to our allies in the region that the nuclear deal is done now, they made their accord with the united states plus 5, and they are back as the dominant power in the region. loud unequivocal message. lou: they did all of this within the shadow of the u.s.s. truman in that strike force. i'm just stunned. the recklessness on the part of the iranians, the irresponsibility of this administration because he's given the iranians absolutely no reason to think that there is any provocation that will cause this president to respond. it is now $150 billion ready to be turned over to the iranians.
7:49 pm
this is one of the most, to me, one of the most repugnant foreign policy jokes in the history of the united states. >> yeah, i mean, this iranian policy journey that the president has been on since he set the secret letter to khomeini in early part of his administration in 2009 helped destabilize the middle east because the fact is that achieving this end, this nuclear deal, which guaranteed iran the very thing we were trying avoid which is a nuclear weapon plus 15 years, it is caused huge problems because this administration has been failure to act and make sensible policy decisions in the region to shore up the issues with radical islam to back our allies in the region. our allies to a person there, are all have, lost trust in the
7:50 pm
united states, and don't believe we're a reliable partner. so much so, that the russians are doing arms deals with virtually all of our allies and also going to build nuclear power plants with them with no thought of controlling, enriching uranium which could lead to nuclear proliferation. this has put middle east in free-fall and other administration sadly and tragically is trying to check the box and say this is a big win. lou: and we will likely tonight hear precisely that from the president, what will be a final address, don't you suspect? >> i think so. the president normally gives very optimistic speeches. last one is going to be certainly. that he's going to say the world is a better and safer place. the harsh reality is the facts don't support that. he can't point to a country or to a region that is better in terms of national security. the truth is the radical islam is morphing into a global
7:51 pm
jihad. three of the revisionist powers, russia, china and iran are seeking regional domination and they have success to prove it, and cyberespionage is rampant by our adversarial advanced countries, and stealing our intellectual property and criminality and stealing money, and there is no place that is better as a result of american leadership. people are at a low point in terms of their respect for america. it's sad, embarrassing and humiliating to watch it unfold in front of our eyes. >> general jack keane, thanks for being with us. >> good talking with you lou, as always. lou: thank you, jack. a car owner in buffalo, new york is going to need a lot more than an ice scraper to get to his vehicle and operate it. 50-mile-an-hour wind gusts on lake erie, producing waves that froze parked cars into place and froze them some more. beneath that ice lurks an
7:52 pm
automobile. it's gonna be awhile. and a driver in california trapped in his pickup truck for an hour and a half after he crashed into a power pole and fire hydrant. there's a bad combination. a power pole and fire hydrant. firefighters rescued the man. the car fountain is going to take a little longer. jeb bush's super pac says it has the perfect strategy to turn around his struggling campaign. take a look at this ad hitting marco rubio. ♪ these boots are made for flippin. that's just what they'll do. one of his days marco's going to flip-flop-flip on you. lou: i'll take it up with mike slater and mark simone next. stay with us. it's a fact. kind of like reunions equal blatant lying. the company is actually doing really well on,
7:53 pm
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7:57 pm
immigrant,. -- an illegal immigrant and syrian refugee and empty clare. malloy is the worst governor in america but i don't think they will be mentioning that during the speech. >> the state of the urineon speeches, it's more about what is said than what's not said. two chairs is all you need. >> a chair for the people who can't find a job. we would need 70 million chairs right now. lou: one of them for marco rubio. he's taking a terrible beating over his 2-inch high heel boots. jeb bush comes out with that ad.
7:58 pm
that's somebody's idea hard hitting? take that, marco. >> i would flip it back around and say people. america do you want someone who has low energy sensible footwear? lou: rubio needs to run an ad saying what a good dancer he is. marco rubio is very serious. he's got to have a sense of humor. i don't know where he got boots. it looks like the "ed sullivan" show in the 60s. trump and clinton in trouble. trump dominating. the president going to give us all a warm hug and tell us how good things will be and ignore the last seven years.
7:59 pm
do you have think he will pull it off? >> i think the state of the union speeches are the worst. they are everything our founding father didn't want the president to become. he takes on a regal position and the congressmen turning into 12-year-old girls at a bieber concert. that's why thomas jefferson stopped doing this in 1801. >> we are losing him after 8 years, but thank go ahead was available. lou: now it sounds like the president wants to be the secretary-general of the united nations. isn't that great? >> i think they deserve each other. lou: mark slaughter, mike simone, thank you for being with us. 65% of you say president obama will try to win the job as secretary-general of the united
8:00 pm
nations when he leaves office. we'll see how that works out. that's it for us. thanks for being with us. chris stirewalt amonday our guests tomorrow and millions of you will enjoy the, i assure you. good night from new york. neil: welcome, i'm neil cavuto. we are reporting live from charleston, south carolina. we are getting ready for the big presidential debate. bust kickoff for the chief baits as the president is getting ready to kick off his swan song to the american people, his final state of the union address. most presidents save that for a good-bye address. but this is his last chance to gi a


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