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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  January 12, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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nations when he leaves office. we'll see how that works out. that's it for us. thanks for being with us. chris stirewalt amonday our guests tomorrow and millions of you will enjoy the, i assure you. good night from new york. neil: welcome, i'm neil cavuto. we are reporting live from charleston, south carolina. we are getting ready for the big presidential debate. bust kickoff for the chief baits as the president is getting ready to kick off his swan song to the american people, his final state of the union address. most presidents save that for a good-bye address. but this is his last chance to give a lay of the lands.
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we are told the president will give an upbeat lay of the land. he will say the nation is in better shape than it was when he assumed office. he will say we'll be vigilant on terror. but all of this occurs when just hours ago we got word the iranians seized tefn our sailors hot iranians say wandered into their sea space. we are argue otherwise. but they hope toned this peacefully. but it's a little more than three weeks after they were firing missiles within 1,500 yards of an aircraft carrier. i have got montel williams here. he's following these veterans issues very closely. we'll be my special guest star as we lead up to the president's speech and the public reaction.
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montel, great to see you have again. these are great communication efforts on the part of presidents. their chance to put a stamp on how they are doing. the president will say things are great. republicans have been arguing, a man and woman, they are not great. he has the power of bully pulpit. he does but i hope it uses it in the right way. something i have been working on. you know me. we were very involved in trying to get -- remember when we had the jail in mexico. we got involved on both sides and came together with former governor richardson to get that young man out. i have been working with the hegmadi family. we had 10 other soldiers taken by the iranian government.
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i want him to say hegmadi's name tonight. we have a soldier who spent 1,60 some days in -- 1,600 days in prison in iran for wearing a uniform. we need to go in and say we want our prisoners back. neil: do you think he will say that. >> i hope he says tomorrow morning i expect our 10 military members to come home. but tonight ... neil: we are told they hope it resolved amicably by tomorrow. why do these incidents keep happening? >> i have heard so many pundits talk about the fact there is an emboldened portion of the iranian government that feels because they have the world in a rock and a hard place.
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they have got us. and we are responding to them like this. neil: you are saying we are not responding, we are giving them ground. neil: donald trump was saying these provocative acts are because we don't respond. >> i think we right now have aloud this tenor in trying to insure some succession in their government. right this minute we need to say tomorrow, this was a provocative act. whether they want to say we were trying to help or trying to rescue. we have 10 soldiers being held against their will, i don't care if it's for two hours. neil: what if they did wander into their space. >> then because of the way it is. fit was a mechanical problem maybe they should have allowed
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u.s. government to retrieve their floating debris. but tonight in the speech, sitting in that room will bed the sister of hamir spartanburg hegmati. then speaker ryan got involved. and the president looked down the eyes at the family that we'll have to call upon the 5,000 iranians serving in our military to get the other guys out. neil: this syrian doctor who fled syria after his wife and daughter and on the are family members were killed. he came to the youth seek asylum. the president will hold him up as an example much more typical
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of the refugees who he's letting into the country and not the scare tactics republicans are using. >> i would rather he hold up sahir hegmati who put his life on the line to defend on you constitution. neil: what do you think of this syrian doctor being show cased tonight. he's trying to say not all of these refugees are bad. >> that's a point because we do have a sign that says bring us our masses. bring us your huddled masses. >> i think that's against the constitution and against what so many people put a uniform on to fight and defend. neil: when you hear donald trump
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saying slow down until we get this right with muslims coming into the united states. >> we need to look at the way we allow up grants into america. but that doesn't mean we say stop you because of this race or this ethnicity. i'm saying correct the administrative problems that allow people to slip through. neil: hang in there. i don't want to mess with this guy by's a fun guess. new york democrat charlie rangel joining us. always good to have you, congressman. this isn't the president's swan song, he still has a year to go. republicans said he's crowing about stuff that isn't much to crow about. you say what?
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>> i say i couldn't resist saying that. i wish the president had you and montel to give him directions for the future. we have so many foreign policy experts now that this state of the union, they can reach the high standard. but for me it's a special night. 46 year ago when i was supposed to be in this hall to listen to president knic nixons state of e union, we boy cod because he wouldn't meet with us. so we said if he doesn't meet with us as members of congress, we won't go listen to him as president. soon after that he called me and
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we did some extraordinary work in international drug trafficking. but to say that now i'm attending the last state of the union with president obama, an african-american. it's an exciting, historic time for me. neil: you are saying richard nixon. i was thinking filmore. >> it was richard nixon when i got here in 1971. neil: between the presidential year on the democratic side. bernie sanders, hillary clinton, joe biden surprised people by saying high standard.
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he speaks to a cover our party. maybe hillary clinton can learn a thing or two from hip. neil: do you think he's reading her slippage in the polls as a sign he's the guy to carry on the obama doctrine or obama message? >> i don't know. the vice president is my buddy. to think about becoming president, i don't think that is something that ever get outside of our minds. it's something we can't control. and it defies reason and common sense in term of what we think we can do. and you need a little bit of that. neil: what do you make of that. the way he said and prayed -- went out of his way to praise bernie sanders and went out of his way to zing hillary clinton. >> to me ...
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neil: he's envisioning bernie sanders as gaining in the polls and seizing on that. >> he can't run around saying he was bumped by the secretary of state when he was vice president. bernie sanders will never become the president or the candidate and this could possibly make hillary a better candidate. we have a sensible discussion deciding who is going to be the democratic presidential candidate. the problem i'm having with the republican base i can not distinguish their debate from "saturday night live." neil: whoa, whoa ... what would you say to the republicans? >> i'm saying i'm so excited that the head runner is donald trump because that's new york city's contribution to hillary clinton. this is what we need is a trump
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up there. neil: all right. >> most card carrying republicans haven't the slightest idea what they have to do with our new york city donald trump. it's bad for the country but good for democrats. neil: bernie sanders beats hillary clinton in iowa and new hampshire, is she in trouble? >> i don't think -- these early things, it is political trouble. but it's not something that we cannot overcome. these are small communities. it's only a frack of the democrats throughout. and we wish that doesn't happen. but these two small state are not going to dictate who the democratic candidate is going to be. neil: are you going to be watching on fbn the republican national debate?
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>> you bet, that's entertainment. but i'm going to south carolina to watch hillary clinton. neil: three debate in this fine state in the next three week. congressman thank you for taking the time. >> always good talking to you, and you have a happy new year. neil: you, too. when they start entering the well of the house, there is a for to this and procedure where they go through the diplomatic corridor, speaker paul ryan calling the house to order. it's down to the detail. and it has served this way since dwight eisenhower. it was briefly interrupted by john kennedy who found the pomp and circumstance a bit much. there is something very iconic about this whole symbolism here. reporting to you tonight from charleston, south carolina where
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we are getting ready for the debate. it will be the first one of the new year. maria bartiromo, the young lady doing that with me. why the republicans are seizing on everything that will come out of the president's mouth tonight. it no doubt on what they will discuss in 48 hours. stick around, you are watching fox business.
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sounds like my ride's ready. don't get stuck on hold. reach an expert fast. comcast business. built for business. neil: maria bartiromo and i are at this again. we are going to host another debate. but it did dampen our holidays because we had to work through
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them and do all this stuff to prepare. she joins me ahead of the big debate a couple nights from now. i have a feeling a lot of what will be coming up in that debate will be coming out of the president's mouth tonight. you talked to a number of ceos, jamie diamond who has a different take. what was your take their take. >> we have seen the worst stock market start since 1916. when you drill down and you talk about lending, i think people are worried about auto lending. people are worried about the credit contraction and they are worried about the fact that lending is robust and jamie diamonds was positive. he kept coming back to the consumer and they have the
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strongest balance sheets they have had in a long time. you are talking about a savings rate of 5.6%. so when they are ready to spends we slufd -- we should see vibrantsy and lending. most of the lending for corporates is they want to borrow for m & a. neil: with some of these pharmaceuticals, you know, we have had a long run with this recovery. 3, 4 months, and the nature of its course, it has run out of juice. that's a worry. the president will mention it tonight but it's a worry. >> when we talked about the fed's special. we talked about what the fed was doing.
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i believe the federal reserve raised interest rates because its back was up against the wall. not because of the right reasons, not because you are seeing an economy that's showing vibrancy. but because there was pressure to do so. when you look at the industrial medals complex, the things used to build homes and produce cars are in the dumps. that tells you global demands has slowed considerably and we are not at a point in the economic recovery that you would expect 7, 8 years after the financial crisis. people have not seen a salary increase, wages move in a decade. that's why the average guy and gal is not feeling it. neil: you said he had the best
8:21 pm
laid plans then life happens. we are well off where we were certainly like the meltdown we had. we are well after where the numbers lie, the market averages. we are off the map. but he's interpreting that as being off to the races. >> i think the markets are telling you that we are not off to the races. markets tell you what's going to be happening in the future. several chief kind indicated a recession is on the way. neil: he has a sinister cynic accents that makes it obvious things will get bad. it will and retracted bear ruthless market. >> you hope it's more of a catalyst for things to come. you saved $10 a the pump so you will spends it on the economy. when oil is where it is, it's an indicator what's happening in
8:22 pm
the world today. we are very slow. it's chug along. you will probably not seat head of the federal reserve have an opportunity to raise interest rates. neil: maria, thank you for taking the time. you have had a hellish schedule. neil: maria and i do parties. bar mitts vas. >> we take our act on the road. we are 40 minutes away from the president of the united states' final state of the union address. we are told a record number of people will in the first lady's guest box. this is a trends that picked up with ronald reagan. the president has done it.
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neil: we had this incident earlier today where iran says two of our vessels wandered into their waters. have you heard whether this will be mentioned by the president? >> the answer is no. a senior administration official tells fox this will not be an issue, the 10 american sailors. the president will be talking about the iran nuclear deal but not about ways going on in iran tonight, early morning and what happened earlier today. what we can tell you is a u.s.
8:27 pm
defense official says there are plans in place to get these 10 american sailors back. 9 men, 1 woman. we are 8 hours behind there. it is possible they could be released weren't upcoming hours. but the obama administration feels confident they will be turned over soon. the word they have been using all day is promptly. neil: i want to go to the former payne weber chairman. you don't want to get caught up in the news of the day. so we'll gift president his due. we have seen the iranians fighting us, tempting us,
8:28 pm
shoving and daring us. this is the latest example. it's worrisome, is it not? >> it's brazen. they sent a missile within 1,50 some yard of one of our ships. rather than warning the boats to move out of what they perceive to be their territory. they are not calling them sailors, they are calling them passengers. that would lead me to believe they are leaving their options open according to the geneva convention. i always wonder when i connect all of these incidents and they might not be connected. but with china now taking over these islands, supposedly international waters making them their own. i get the sense we are being pushed.
8:29 pm
what will the americans do? what will the americans do? it's similar to what vladimir putin did in crimea. no one said boo so he starts threatening ukraine. >> from the perspective of america being a world leader. with this administration we are becoming more and more marginalized. from everything with isis being a jv team which certainly is not true. our response to the ukraine. and i think you can't draw a line in the sand in syria and once it's crossed, do nothing. i think countries are not look at us with a sense of confidence and the wherewithal to do what we say we are going to do. that's taking leadership. if we had a short coming of our president, i think his foreign
8:30 pm
policy has been awful. so i think that that's an achilles peel and set our country back maybe a decade. neil: the president is going to brag about the economy and how well it's doing. but republicans say it's jobs that haven't great. he will organize the unemployment rate got up to 10%. he is going to do a little comparing and contrasting. >> i think it's a postmortem highlighting. we have to give this president credit for avoiding a meltdown on financial crisis in 2008. and that was done and done as well as i think anybody could have expected. i do think that all of this rhetoric about improving the economy is a headset. we have a 5.5% unemployment rate but the lowest participation
8:31 pm
rate since 1978. if you look at poverty. food stamps. under clinton there was 17 million mayor dance. under bush it was 26 million americans. cost of $34 billion. with this administration the food stamps are up to 46 million americans, 15% of our populous -- populace. you can't have an improved robust economy when you are seeing growth there. either way, median household income is down 7.4% from 2007. neil: good seeing you, happy new year, my friend. i don't know how barack obama will feel when he leaves the white house. if i were president this would be the coolest thing. he's going to be giving a big national address and he hasn't left the white house.
8:32 pm
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>> joe biden made some curious comments about bernie sanders and what an intriguing candidate he is. a lot of people are wondering, why is joe saying that? i don't think it has anything to do with hillary clinton's tough fight with bernie sanders in new hampshire. >> what's really overshadowing, maybe not overshadowing, but lingering in the backgrounds in this event in washington is what happened in rwanda in the persian gulf and the incidents that led to the arrest of ten of our u.s. service people. 10 sailors. this is an extraordinary move by the iranians.
8:37 pm
we don't know the details. we don't know exactly what happened. but sailors don't give up their boats easily. perhaps there was a shot of the across the bow to get them to stop. there was some big incidents that happened in the persian gulf and this administration would rather not deal with it because they are more interested in the pomp and circumstance in the capital. neil: if you make a big fuss in the middle of this deal, i understand the iranians themselves have not form rally signed -- have not formally signed off on. >> the whole purpose of the iran ran nuke -- the iranian nuclear deal was this was supposed to turn the iranian moderate into the leaders in iran. you give them this incredible deal that allows them $100 billion a year and they will be
8:38 pm
peace-loving iranians. they are illegally testing missiles and cracking down on dissidents and seizing u.s. personnel in the gulf. it many hardening the hardliners, not strengthen can the moderates. neil: thank you very much. a lot of folks are look at this as the president trying to say things have great, don't listen to those republicans who make you think we are going into a depression. how do republicans counter that? >> i think it's a contrast of visions. the president will try to talk about successes. but we have to focus on reality and republicans have a way to help a lot more people than have been helped during this administration. we have 30% more people on food stamps. when he gives his speech tonight
8:39 pm
if he tries to make a victory lap it will get shot down because there are a lot of people not just in the nation's capital but across the country who don't feel as though we are better off than we were before he came into office. we realize we need new leadership, new direction and a fresh vision. >> it's hard for any incumbent party in the white house to make it a third time. george bush senior did it and ronald reagan. but by and large it is next to impossible to repeat that magic. est republicans have grabbed defeat from the jaws of victory before. how do they avoid that fate this time around. >> if the administration is going to repeat and stay in power, they have to have something to stands on, something they have done to improve the american dream and make it real for everybody. but i realize we have got more
8:40 pm
people out of work today than they were before this president came into office, struggling to pay their bills. in south dakota or anywhere in the country. a lot of people living paycheck to paycheck. that's a reality we have to address. i believe the republican policies we want to enacts and put into place will do that. we haven't seen it under this top down bureaucracy. he made the government more powerful. my dream would be to make the people more powerful. neil: you might have noticed the congresswoman speaking. john boehner, the beard is gone. give has to practice that so i can face. he has a pretty good sort of stiff upper lip face.
8:41 pm
right now he's exchanging pleasantries with joe biden. stick around. has the president even left the white house yet? that's a tough job to give you have when you know you can leave at the last second and they have wait for you. know hasn't left the white house. this is incredible. honey, we have got to go. i've been called a control freak...
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8:45 pm
they are fighting with each other in the car -- probably not, they don't do that. why what i obsess over something so stupid. it never crease -- never ceaseso amaze me. the president will showcase this syrian refugee, whose doctor and wife and daughter and family members were killed. he's held out as a model of good certain seasons trying to reconstruct his life with get a new chance at america. the president is going to use the doctor as an example of refugees who are more to his kind of dna than the violent dna republicans have of refugees
8:46 pm
being terrorists. >> think about the rigorous vetting that -- you i know our hearts go out to this man what he suffered. think about the rigorous vetting process that took place to have him sitting with the first lady of the united states of america. while the american people deserve that same protection. neil: so when you call into question all these refugees who want to make their way, 10,000. the president said the first wave of 2,000 have been screened, properly vetted. obviously the good doctor was. but the concern many have had such as republicans is now with this latest wave. there are no background checks because there is nothing to go on. it's a hunch that's dicey as we learned in germany after the
8:47 pm
recent crime wave. is the alternative not to let anyone in? >> we can't let anyone in unless they are properly vetted. the president tried to politicize this by saying they are women and toddlers. any of us would want to protect a child. but look what we saw today, neil, in the horrible attacks that took place when we had at least 10 german tourists murdered. he was a syrian national and we can't forget what happened in paris where someone posed as a syrian refugee. anyone coming into this country must be properly vetted. this isn't political. this is a law enforcement issue. and we must protect floridians. we live in a different world
8:48 pm
where people strap suicide vests on women and sadly children. we have to protect. it's the president of the united states' duty to protect our citizens first and foremost. do wow hearts go out to these refugees? absolutely. if we can show, about they can demonstrate they are true refugees, that's what america is all about. that's what the statue of liberty says, we take in your poor, your tired and your needy. that's what we can do, but not at the expense of american lives. neil: just to show you what's going on. the vice president and the speaker go about the process of formally appointing members of their escort committee. they have a greeting group. some of these guys have been there for upward of 20 hours waiting to get their point in
8:49 pm
that line there. to greet president. all the cameras will capture them. the president as he walks down and walks back. that's the money shot to be seen shaking the president's hand or a quick atta boy kind of deal. i always wonder like, man, that's like waiting in these long lines for an apple device. you can order it online. obviously you can't see the president online. i understand that. but they are the leaders of our country and they are standing like groupies at a concert. but that's just me.
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knee * i have heard the president is going to go on a bragging spree. and you won't like to hear that because don't think most americans feel that? >> the state of illinois was grade an f as being hostile to small business. small businesses are going belly up all over the country. our unemployment rate may have a good percentage but the number of employed is down dramatically. this economy is not healthy. it's so far below our potential it's a matter that makes me try at night. we are just being brutalized and diminished and it's stripping the soul out of our country.
8:54 pm
neil: when you heard the president say as he will, i'm told, that we have come a long way from the meltdown he inherited. and to say we cut the unemployment rate in half. how do you think republicans should answer that? >> they have got to be a lot smarter with a strategy that reinforces the great news in this country. they have to take a page from reagan. we are the shining light and the beacon on the hill. republicans better quit fooling around with their silly political games. political correct new has got to go away. donald trump is not my guy. but i like his style and forcefulness. he's telling people how he feels and it's how they feel. people are scared. and trump is saying we are going to make america great again.
8:55 pm
[♪] they are to the point where they will introduce the president's cabinet. you mentioned trump *. how do you think it would go if it was trump's state of the union address. >> he would entertain us and not first respecting so many people. you look at the people sitting with the president's wife. what are we trying to say. what is the statement we are trying to make? where are all the heroes and the business people making jobs. where are the poets and writers and people making a positive difference in our society. why are we dragging people in from around the world to illustrate how bad we are. neil: the former ceo of mcdonalds.
8:56 pm
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if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card . neil: all right. i am not one to point fingers at the first lady. beautiful woman she is. but i feared that they might have left the white house too late. she just now entered the chamber, which by my math is running about six months off schedule. now, that does not mean that they could truncate things and jog down to the podium to get things hopping. but as things go right now, we're waiting to hear from the president of the united states as he makes his final state of the union address and address that will focus mostly on his accomplishments and the idea that he has done a great deal to help this country as the president is introduced and one last chance for the
9:00 pm
president to say. he will not be an awn sequential figure in his administration. it will be a busy year and productive year and it will be in an historic year. neil: all right, john kerry and the other candidate members in now as they await their boss who will make one last address to the house. not necessarily the last one but the last state of the union address. peter barns has had a chance to peek through that address. what can you tell us, peter? >> well, hey, neil this one has been previewed like crazy by officials and the president himself this morning on the today show. officials said tonight that the president will try to


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