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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  January 13, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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deal while taking a shot at presidential front runner donald trump. >> when politicians insult muslims, whether abroad or our fellow citizens, when a mosque is vandalized. >> a kid is called names, that doesn't make us safer, that's not telling it like it is. >> maria: meanwhile south carolina governor delivered the republican response after the president, many now saying he also took a shot at trump. >> today we live in a time of threats like few others in recent memory. during anxious times it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angry voices. we must resist that temptation. >> maria: donald trump's son will join us.
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we will get the reaction and you will hear from the entire field of the presidential candidates form. fox business network will be hosting the next republican debate. first event at 6:00 p.m. moderated by my colleagues trish regan and sandra smith. we are looking at aurally at the open, of course, after a brutal beginning to the year. take a look at where we stand this morning. we are expecting a higher open for the broader averages. you can see the dow industrial is expected to open better than 100. s&p also looking higher this morning. oil prices also bouncing up nearly 3% right now after yesterday drop below $30 for the first time since 2003. so all of that coming up and what it means for the economy on the program this morning. markets are mostly higher overnight in asia. better than expected import-export data in china. sang high composite down 2 and a half percent.
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nikkei average was up almost 3%. turn to go sport this morning, city of st. louis losing another professional football franchise. approving the rams move to la. also giving san diego chargers to join the rams in second largest media market. breaking news the ten american sailers who with were being held in iran have been set free. peter barnes with the story. >> peter: it does provide a few more details on the incident that happened yesterday. i will read the statement. ten u.s. navy soldiers sailers, rather, safely return to u.s. custody today after departing iran. there are no indication that is the sailers were harmed during their brief detention. sailers departed island at 8:43 aboard the two command boats that they had been operating when they lost contact
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with the u.s. navy. the sailers were later transferred to shore by u.s. navy aircraft while other sailers took charge of the rcv's vessels and continue to the boat's destination. the navy will investigate the circumstances that led to the sailers presence in iran. yesterday while it was breaking right before the state of the union address, defense official said that one of those two vessels might have had engine trouble and drifted into iranian territorial waters and the other boat stayed nearby to provide assistance to it. but we are, of course, monitoring the situation and hope to get more details on how this all happened as the day progresses, maria. >> maria: absolutely, peter, we want to find out how the sailers are doing and what kind of shape and how they were treated. joining us former massachusetts senator scott brown on the phone
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and grammar. your reaction to all of this. pretty extraordinary that they captured the sailers on the day the president was to give union address. >> well, certainly, maria, good luck in debates, you're going to do a great job. first of all t navy is going to investigate. how does this happen, how did they drift into territorial of iran? you know, being the big shot in that region. i'm curious to see what happens after -- the after-action report to see how it developed. i'm thankful they returned safely, i'm hoping that the equipment was returned safely, certainly there's a new kid on the block and iran is showing what it means to have another $150 billion of money to export
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terrorism around the region around the world. >> maria: showing that, but also appearing to taunt the united states, ian, what's your take on all of this? >> let's put it this way t iranian government both want that deal to be implemented but also is fearful of some of the terms and also they don't want to undermine but there has been a lot of chest thumping most at the iranian domestic audience and not the international community. i think being able to grab the two beats, it does appear that they were in iranian territorial waters, i accept that. early announcement from the u.s. and iranians were within their right to grab them as consequence. internally how they play that, the photos of sailers are going to be played morning, noon and night by the iranian hard liners
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in doing on the same day obama giving a speech even a couple of members saying you should delay. nonetheless, useful for the iranians for domestic purposes to make that. anthony scaramucci, the president did not mention this last night in the state of the union. >> anthony: he's obviously trying to downplay. ian, the question is related to nationalism. 102 years ago we started a world war over a rise of nationalism, we seem to be getting a superrise of nationalism now not just in the middle east but russia, other parts of the world, what do you think of that and are you worried about it? >> well, i'm not worried about it in the sense that the leaders we have in the united states and in europe and china, the largest economies in the world have very little interest in playing into this and it takes two to tango. that's why there's no new cold
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war. the americans want no part of it and neither do europeans. you're right, there are a number of unpredictable leaders who are under a lot of pressure and even with all this money iranians are going to be getting it they are going to be under economic pressure. this entire region of the world is political unstable and that's when leaders who aren't accountable to their population start acting in more unpredictable ways and for that reason the dangers of nationalism causing so much more conflict emanating from the broader middle east clearly something we are going to see a lot more of iran versus saudi arabia, of course, the biggest story here. >> maria: yeah, and dagen, all of us in the face of this new conflict between iran and the saudis and a number of other middle eastern countries following iran -- saudi's lead in cutting ties with the
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iranians. >> dagen: absolutely. you were talking iran was doing for domestic audience. what about what they're doing to send a message to the united states and what we are going to do in response firing rockets near the truman, ballistic missile test that we threatened sanctions and backtracked on them. do you think we are backing away from sending a hard message to iran just simply because they're dying for this nuclear deal to get done and for the sanctions to be lifted? >> there's no question that the obama administration is really agitated. so much work over so many years by the u.s. and allies to get this to half-yard mark. they're not going to avoid the goal line. they can take a little bit of
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advantage of that in terms of some of their speeches and in terms of their actions in the region. so you're absolutely right about that. let's keep in mind, they did let the ten sailers go in short order, very different from when the brits were caught in tested waters a few years ago and were held like 13 days. iranian government did not want to take advantage of this to the potential that they might actually themselves upset on implementation, which is probably only a week or two away at this point. >> maria: yeah. ian, thank you, i guess senator scott brown, you know, yes, they released them in short order but i want to know why they were captured in the first place, frankly and whether or not this story is true that they -- that they wandered into iranian waters. >> that's a great question. i have to disagree with ian
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somewhat. they are poking as dagen said, they are shooting missiles. they are pushing the envelope like no other. they know they are getting $150 billion. they recognize they have the ability to basically run united states, they still have prisoners, they still have people, our citizens there. and the president never should have done this deal without getting those people released first. so this is just a bad deal. i think israel and other countries, saudi arabia specially are really going to feel the pinch in the next year. >> anthony: one other thing and the senator knows this, there's iranian intelligence operation in iraq disrupting that country and so this is a nation that really does want to take over the middle east and be a superpower, frankly in the middle east. so they're wrecking havoc in a lot of places, maria.
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>> maria: do we know about the naval ships and whether iranian revolutionary guard is looking at those ships, examining those ships for technology, u.s. technological advancements. what do you think? >> dagen: you would have to assume that the answer is yes to that and to the point that iran is very carefully watching all activity in that part of the -- of the world to take -- to use it to their advantage. i was talking about firing rockets near the u.s.s. truman. again, who are our allies in the middle east because we certainly don't act like one to saudi arabia and iran knows that. >> maria: we never got an answer about why the president delayed the sanctions against iran knowing that they are continuing this ballistic missile program.
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>> listen, the president has been off base on this entire deal. it's a terrible deal, maria. it's been said over and over and over, you talk about the speech last night. i know anthony and others said he should have said this and that. the first thing he should apologize to the american public. he should have apologized to the military men and women and their families who passed away trying to get medical care. putting out what he should have done and plans to do in the next year of his administration to try to get our country in and world security back on track. >> maria: this no doubt will be one of the issues that comes up tomorrow night. make sure to tune in for the fox business network republican debate. sandra smith and trish regan will kickoff the early debate and then join myself and niel cavuto for the later debate at 9:00 p.m. eastern.
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go check out our new site real quick, senator brown, any expectations out of the debate? >> i'm just looking forward to you and niel doing a great job like you did last time. it's raised and set the bar for all debates here after. so congratulations and go get them. >> maria: thanks so much. we are geared up for it. coming up, senator brown, thank you so much. candidates making prepar pages for gop presidential debate and for the first time the nfl is coming to the city of angels. prepare to go make the big move. stay with us, back in a moment. ♪
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>> maria: welcome back, as the gop prepares to take the stage in south carolina the race for who will get the democratic nomination is getting tighter. cheryl casone with that and the other top stories right now. >> cheryl: good morning, maria. well, yeah, less than a month for the primaries, hillary's lead is shrinking. 48% of democratic primary voters support secretary clinton with bernie sanders taking 41%. that's a major change from last month when clinton held 52% and sanders at 32%. turning the sports, nfl is la bound. approving the move of st. louis rams. the team expected to play at the lacoliseum. they may have some company. league is giving san diego chargers a one year option to join the rams proposal in
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carson, california by january of 2017. finally, check out the video spacex releasing footage of falcon rocket last month. successfully landing back on earth after delivering a satellite in the orbit. previous attempts have failed. maria, those are the headlines, back to you in south carolina. >> maria: all right, cheryl, thanks so much. oil big story today. bouncing back from a 13-year low. take a look at the energy trade, one of the big problems this morning. back live from north carolina. stay with us. ♪ the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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>> maria: welcome back onto markets. we have green arrows this morning on oil. that's certainly a welcome relief. crude coming with the longest losing streak in the year and a half. still below $32 a barrel. >> phil: , i mean, we did get some news overnight. quite a surprise. we saw the chinese import data at the highest level ever. china imported $8.7 million of barrel last month which at least for right now makes them the world's biggest importer. this is the only second time in history china has imported more oil than the united states. we will see when we get data from the united states later today to see china is, indeed, number one. we got a report from the american petroleum institute overnight which saw drawdown of
6:24 am
crude, so maybe print below 30 maybe below for a while. back to you. >> maria: do you think oil has finally found a little bit of a bottom then? >> phil: i think so, maria. >> maria: how can you know, right? >> phil: well, you never know for sure. we are down eight days in a row mainly because we thought china was falling apart. we get data that shows that their demand for oil is the highest it's ever been. so we definitely have a disconnect with china market right now. >> maria: is this going to be enough, dagen, to stabilize the market? it's only a matter of time before jobs are going to get cut. >> dagen: globally a quarter of a million jobs have been cut. production to start 2016 is still up in the united states, a little bit over a year ago. it's up about 1% because you have the desperation of the
6:25 am
companies that are going out of business. once you start, this is going to be horrible to say, once you start seeing bankruptcies it will help. short oil, you start to get some short covering, you start about a decent rallying. >> maria: we were talking about knock-on effects. selloff, bankruptcies up 23%. they are lead by the energy space. >> anthony: that sounds super scary. as they restructure and that sort of thing, maria, that will be positive for them. just remember what happened after the housing crisis. a lot of things went into bankruptcy and got better. my concern about what is going
6:26 am
on and phil didn't address it. we just uncapped america's ability to export oil for the first time in 40 years. i believe that will have another size effect on supply, and so that's something to be concerned about. i don't know if you feel the same way, phil. that's what i'm worried about. >> phil: pressure is on products but not necessarily oil prices, actually it's going to probably raise of cost. right now we have oil sitting in storage because we can't use it. now that it can get into the global market it actually will increase the value of that but will have more product. we saw that in the api report last night. that oil is going to get used and that's going to increase a demand for oil, i believe. >> maria: so you're talking about oil in the 20's, anthony
6:27 am
>> anthony: these guys are more experts on oil than me. what will we do in our portfolio? it's not a pretty picture of oil in the 20's, therefore, it could threaten the economy as it relates to gdp numbers. >> maria: president obama took a shot at republican front uner donald trump last night in state of the union address. we have the details straight ahead. the count down is on for the next presidential contenders gearing up for the gop debate, live from south carolina, the site of the debate, we are live next back in a minute. ♪ you can't predict... the market. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your investments through good times and bad. for over 75 years, our clients have relied on us
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maria: welcome back. president obama delivered in a date of the union address last night calling for better politics but also acknowledging its failure to bring the parties together during his time in office if this is one of his few regrets. peter burns in washington with more. >> good morning, maria. the president called on fellow politicians to cool it with the partisan rancor in washington and the presidential campaign or maybe the republican campaign. >> it is one of the few regrets of my presidency at the rancor and suspicion between the parties has gotten worse instead of better. i have no doubt a president with the gifts of lincoln or roosevelt made a better bridge the divide. i guarantee i will keep trying to be better so long as i hold this office. >> the president heads to omaha, nebraska today and baton rouge, louisiana to follow up on a seat
6:32 am
at the union speech. we will see if he sticks with his own new standard on civil political discourse. maria appeared maria: peter burns in washington. joining us with more on that, and farmer specialist to -- interesting the president shows humility last night and not is one of his few regrets. but who do you blame right now without the executive action and finger pointing up everybody else's fault. it is his fault, no? >> i enjoyed that moment of humility. i thought that was a nice touch for him. you just can't compare obama to a kennedy when he came to power begin to reach out to the middle. he did before he came to power in the campaign. the same with bill clinton, with triangulation and worked with the opposition for barack obama.
6:33 am
this was his last chance to be the father of the nation of all the people of spain you may not like me. i like you and that given my life to keeping you safe and prosperous. he couldn't do it. his definition of unity is submission. that is a message that i took from it, which is unfortunate. maria: what did you think of the speech? >> i thought it would be better delivered from fantasyland at disney world then last night. there was a disconnect with the reality on the ground. you've got 10 sailors at the time being held by iran terror attacks around the world, and the middle east disaster and one of his closing line was i am not a mistake that unarmed truth and love will have the final word. it is one thing to be optimistic, but also another thing to be in denial.
6:34 am
maria: anthony, the world is falling apart. then there's the economic part of the story. any year for market. no mention. >> he had a few regrets. i can think of a laundry list he showed a period he is a phenomenal public speaker and the reason why he became president was the speech he made at the democratic convention in 2004. city is a phenomenal public speaker. he has captured the imagination of 51% or 53 people in the last eight years and the republicans want to win the presidency. they need to learn from that and figure out a more unified message for the american people. maria: you wrote a great piece this morning just talking about the possible bankruptcy and restructuring of the republican party. no matter which candidate gets
6:35 am
this, if it's an establishmentarian of summer someone from the outside that will cause a schism in this great party and will force the party to restructure a lot of a lot of the ways it does things. more togetherness in the republican party. true to check out our new site, fox, new and improved site. what did you take away from the state of the union and what do you think the republican contenders need to do on the heels of what anthony is writing this morning? >> the speech fell apart when i got into foreign policy. i just flew in from moscow last night in one of my russian friend pointed out to me all through history you will see headsets made attacking the government of other old saying we don't have anything against russian people. obama has a strange the entire races of people and attacked the russian people. you are a regional power in the next day russia had to ferry an american astronaut back to earth
6:36 am
because we don't have capability. i think the speech fell apart when he got into foreign policy and he was trying to force a round paid into a square hole. one point he even said which is unforgivable to me that these terrorist acts don't damage america. maybe technically that is true. but even the killing of a non-armed black men by white police officer, that woman to america but that's terrible. the killing of innocent people on american soil is terrible. he's our president. so i think it fell apart when he got into foreign policy. maria: in fact, he called that hot air. dagen: i absolutely agree with doug. who does the president compared to if not kennedy, who is he going to be best -- who is he
6:37 am
going to be remembered as being like? >> i think he will be remembered for being a lack and osama bin laden. the long view of history will be unforgettable. here is the man elected president of the united states is african-american and a country with the words all men are created equal written by men who owned slaves. that will be the dominating theme of his presidency, his election, not what happened on his watch except osama bin laden. you have to admit that was one of his great lines that came out. he overstated a little bit. he said let them ask osama bin laden. i thought that was a great moment for him. maria: it sure was. make sure to tune into marmite for the fox business republican debate. sandra smith and trish regan will kick off the debate 6:00 p.m. eastern live in south carolina. myself in neil cavuto will gear
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up at 9:00 p.m. eastern. all happening right here on the fox business network and the new and improved fox the tsa rechecked programmer popular despite concerns that privacy. cheryl casone right now in the studio with headlines. >> good morning. the program has 2 million subscribers doubling membership in less than a year. under the program members can leave laptops and mall bottles of liquids in carry-on bags and keep on shoes i might check it out check point. well, we all know winter can mean bone chilling temperatures in the midwest. take a look at what mother nature did to this car next to lake erie near buffalo new york. high winds, freezing temps, turning it into a frozen sculpture. the guy who owned it since he left it in the lot overnight because he was having drinks with friends and didn't want to drive. finally, walt disney counting
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down the days for the opening of the first theme park. shanghai disney resorts set to open on june 16th after more than a decade of planning. the $5.5 billion project originally scheduled to debut in 2015. maria, back to you and what is it warm or south carolina. maria: of tomorrow's fbi debate, jeb bush super pac launched a new attack on senator marco rubio. we will take you there and tell you about it. we are live from charleston, south carolina. stay with us. ♪
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maria: gop presidential candidate jeb bush super right to rise releasing a new tv ad targeting marco rubio making reference to send to rubio's changing stance on certain issues as well as the new but it's rubio has been wearing on the campaign trail. joining us now, fox news contributor frank lutz. "the wall street journal"'s john busey. good to see you. thanks for joining us. what do you think? how did that go over? >> first of all, i want to know what nancy sinatra sings. it is pathetic. this is one of the challenge is jeb bush is so much better than his campaign. he is grounded in facts, grounded in substance. honestly, i feel personally very sad for how he has been treated because the arguably his most qualified candidate. when you run ads like that, you deserve your 4% poll numbers.
6:45 am
whoever put that together, i'm sorry but that is not what republicans want to use the word here. it will not put a single vote for marco rubio to jeb bush. the bush campaign not to be ashamed of itself. they've got so much substance and that is what they do. by the way, they don't work. people try to figure out what the heck this is. others in their 60s remember when this song came out or just listening to the song and nobody knows what the ad is about. jeb bush deserves better than what is super pac is doing. maria: i have to agree with frank. i love that song. >> i think it is actually hysterical. i do agree we need more substance than the sorts of things, but people will look at this thing. four years ago when the suitcases came out on the luggage rack and it said newt gingrich had package, this stuff is the fact he is.
6:46 am
whether we like it or think it's shallow, this stuff is the fact days. maria: where did you take away from it? >> i will tell you the boot are not going to play well. sure people have no reason to live and i am a sharper end. don't be wearing boots like that. dagen: give me a break. it's too early to be making fun of the guy's boots. >> you guys are overwhelming me. i did my best. >> let me change the topic from roots to two things that's kind of interesting to me the republicans and democrats have agreed on. one is last night we heard obama and nikki haley at the republican response essentially denounced trompe and my sense is that denouncing will probably have zero effect on the polls.
6:47 am
it's interesting that both parties are now in the game i'm not. the other thing is they are both attacking wall street. if you are wondering how the economy is going to respond over the next few months as bankers in this country watch both democrats and republican party, they attack on wall street and banks. he's looking at this and shaking his head. we are holding our power because we're not sure which regulation will go with democrats or republicans are like it. maria: give me a break. all they are talking about is raining in regulation. they will not regulate more on top of what we've seen already. this is their campaign promise. >> he's blasting away. >> or do much all the other
6:48 am
republican fires while at this point, maria. republican party -- >> that is one of their campaign promises to repeal obamacare, to roll back some portions of of.frank, to get rid of the recent regulations we thought on the epa. so what regulation specifically are you talking about that republicans want to add on to what we've seen? >> the presumption would be nothing. at the same time, what you are hearing in the rhetoric is this kind of unified attack of wall street, which is interesting. it is an interesting moment that the discussion of the economy, which houses the president said last night, profoundly changed is not about how emerging markets in china and india have plugged back into the grid, how jobs have migrated abroad. instead it is a simplistic argument that wall street is causing problems.
6:49 am
it was the financial crisis of 2000 it caused by wall street now ricocheting through the economy. it is not the more sophisticated arguments, the more in-depth discussion. it is not the same republican party. >> why are they attacking wall street? >> because nobody was ever held accountable in 2008 and 2009. nobody went to prison. particularly for the trompe voters statistically in viewer should know this, the avid trompe voter has a $20,000 income below voters from other political parties. they are much more likely to be working class. they are much more likely to be in 50s and 60s heading towards retirement program retirement. they look at wall street at wall street is being progressed, all about big as this. the republican party is going through a metamorphosis right now. it is no longer the party of the suits and the three my teeny
6:50 am
lunches. it's now the party of mom and pop in main street does not like wall street. maria: i know. what i am talking about is regulation in particular. for example, every candidate is talking about tax reform beaten a number one peace a priority on their agenda. so how can you equate hillary clinton with the republican candidate and say they are exactly the same on what they do with regulation when they'll talk about tax reform? >> i'm at "the wall street journal" reporter. >> nobody is equating the two, but it creates a confucian. it creates an uncertainty. that is a part of what is informing the business community. they are not sure what to do. the banks are saying how do we now attack this and they ask their trade associations to get out front. >> and they do a bad job at it. let's face it, big business in america had a chance to
6:51 am
challenge donald trump six months ago, five months ago, three months ago. now they are going to suffer for it and they may come next month. >> how would they challenge them? >> in a word, accountability. maria: gentlemen, thank you. john busey. we will be right back. s. legalzoom. legal help is here. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex.
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maria: welcome back. let's look at markets for the price of oil still trading near the lowest level in about 12 years. big banks are calling to fall even more. the pole pedal bb is that more of the fallout. reporter: that's absolutely right.
6:55 am
how global ago. some of wall street's banks are still calling for crude to move lower in the long in the long-term. who has the most bearish call? right now $29 range. jpmorgan calling for $48 a barrel. morgan stanley $47.50. standard chartered looking for $10. as we look at that number, that's pretty incredible. eric boling same $20. crude is certainly under pressure despite the fact bouncing back today. whether or not oil has found a bottom, i'm not sure anybody knows that. we have a strong u.s. dollar. you don't have the cohesion between the opec members so it still very much a wildcard in the market. maria: thanks so much, nicole. more from south carolina as the candidates take center stage for the fox business republican
6:56 am
debate. but trump organization executive vice president eric trompe with his take on the others residential campaign in reaction to the state of the union last night. everything you need to know about the run for the white house coming up at every turn... when you're engineered to literally to drive circles around the competition.
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maria: hi, everybody. good morning. coming to you live this morning from charleston, south carolina. the site of thursday's republican presidential debate. wednesday, january 13th. with me, fox business network dagen mcdowell. top stories at 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. we do have breaking news or the 10 american sailors reported he been released from iran. they have been held by the iranian revolutionary guard on a
7:00 am
small island off the coast of iran. two navy boats were seized after iran claims they strayed into iranian waters yesterday. this coming on the heels of president obama's final state of the union address. the president did not address the situation in the persian gulf. that choosing to praise the iran nuclear deal while taking an apparent shot at republican presidential front runner donald trump. >> when politicians in salt muslims, whether abroad or fellow citizens, when a mosque is vandalized for a kid is called names, that doesn't make us safer. that is not telling it like it is. maria: south carolina governor nikki haley meanwhile delivered the republican response. many say now she also took a shot at donald trump.
7:01 am
>> today we live in a time of threat like few others in recent memory. during ancient times it can be tempting to follow the siren calls of the angriest voices. we must resist that temptation. maria: donald trump's son eric trompe will join us in the broadcast. his reaction to all about. you will hear from the entire field of the presidential candidates tamara was their reaction to the state of the union. fox business network is hosting the next presidential debate. right now the first event taking place at 6:00 p.m. moderated by mike cawley, trish regan and sandra smith at 6:00 p.m. the later event at 9:00 p.m. i will be moderating a long with neil cavuto. we hope you'll join us tomorrow night. check the live stream on fox, the new and improved fox let's check markets. looking at a higher opening this morning and 84 points higher.
7:02 am
s&p and nasdaq also bouncing a bit. oil one of the reasons over 2% after dropping below $30 a barrel for the first time since 2003. or what that means for the economy. anthony saying he thinks oil goes even lower going forward. markets are mostly higher overnight in asia. we do have some gains in japan. the nikkei average 2.8% above the shanghai under pressure down 2.5%. turn to sports. the city st. louis blues in another professional football franchise. owners approved back to los angeles. the group giving the san diego chargers a chance to join the ranks of the nation's second largest media market. back to this morning's top story, with all been waiting for the news that the 10 american sailors beg hd i ira aarely aeben setree theyre felyboar h s tsid of t ri d terrori aers. peter bnest thhiteouse
7:03 am
th peagon response. reporter: that is right, maria. sailors are now undergoing medical screening and debriefing on the nco. the 10 sailors rendezvoused with the ship outside of iranian territory waters this morning after departing for sea island at 3:43 a.m. eastern time after a brief stay, the soldiers were scheduled to fly to the uss harry truman air carrier. they may actually rdb there now. an official says th twe will ine incident. maria: peter, thanks very much. we want to look at the upcoming debate as well as classmates stated the union address. i'm joined right now by a man he used to work for the white house. former white house chief of staff under president obama, bill daley. good to see you. thank you for the conversation this morning.
7:04 am
what is your take on the fact that on a night that is such an important speech for president obama you had the iranians captured these 10 sailors? was that tonkin america? also what is your take on the fact that president the fact the president did mention that when the sailors were behind bars in iran? >> my guess is when the facts come out there is at least regulation of a mechanical problem with their bowls. the president was very confident that secretary of state carried had said before the state of the union that they have been assured by the ukrainian government to be released and they were. to overreact in the state of the union to lay out some great fear of for these when the sailors lives at that point were confident they were going to be released i think was the right thing to do. it points out that i know we all want immediate answers and
7:05 am
reaction. sometimes having spent time in the white house, a president has got to be calm, cool, understand the facts and then wait and not overreact. in today's world, lots of people jump to conclusions. to take any time in the state of the union embrace the fear of the american people that somehow these lives are at risk when they were very confident that they warrant would've been the wrong thing to do for sure. and that points out how words matter and how people in the political system today and obviously if you get as far as the white house have got to be a little cooler than the primaries in the political system dictate today. you've got to be in control. the president did it absolutely right. i'm not talking about the sailors at that point. we had evidence that somehow there was more to this, that would've been a different situation. i felt very good and confident.
7:06 am
>> let's switch topics for a second. why do you think the president planned to the donald trump situation and started to dig at him a little bit? why do you think they put that in his speech or why do they wanted in the speech? >> look at donald trump and what donald trump is singing rather aggressively is dominating the political system right now. it is moving political polls, the body of politics at least in the republican party right now. to ignore what is going on in the real world of politics that affects governing in today's world as you know better than anyone, anthony, the word spread around the world immediately affect their ability and how we are viewed around the world. for him to be in loblaw landed at her in what is going on in the politic of america would have been a disservice to the system. so like it or not --
7:07 am
maria: do you think it makes donald trump that much more powerful? you've got the president alluding to donald trump and nikki haley, it just gives them more power. >> ignoring him right now with ridiculous because he is driving the front runner for the one party other than democrats will nominate someone more likely than not will be one of the finalists in the presidential election in less than a year. like it or not, he's dominating the system right now. maria: for sure. he says that pain. >> do you like that he is dominating the system? no, i don't. i think it is a sad commentary on where we are going. i'm a democrat so i'm not going to comment on your party like you have commented in your article about the prospects. the one thing and i know how
7:08 am
divided we all are obviously, but the president tried to put an optimistic face on things in a positive spin. everyone talks about ronald reagan and he's always out to you, always positive. forget the fact we have terrible deficits at the time. russia was a real power at the time not just militarily, but globally. you ronald reagan had the ability to be positive. i like the fact the president said in the primaries again i get it. i understand you've got to find a few voters, not a lot of voters like the general election. our economy is strong. we know this. look at the rest of the world. could it be better? absolutely. are we under threat by terrorism? yes, we are. but we are still the country that has more resources and the ability to stand up to that. the fact that we have not had a
7:09 am
major terrorist action in this country, yes we had terrorist action, but nothing organized like we've seen directed in paris or other parts of the world and that is a test of our intelligence, military, police agencies. we can't get so fearful of either the economy or what is going on in the rest of the world that we lose our identity. maria: yeah. it's a great point, but let me ask you this. you bring up the economy and numbers in terms of jobs to appear strong. what is going on with investors? we have begun a new year, the worst performance ever and obviously the investor class out there is worried about something and there are some predictions that the economy will go into recession in 2016. can you really say it is all that strong? >> if you believe the market is the only indicator of an economy, you are right. maria: it's not the only
7:10 am
indicator. you've got the highest of the industrial metals telling us something as well. that's an indicator of the fact people are spending the savings at the gas pump. you're not seeing the consumer spending. you do have indicators and that area, no? >> yeah, absolutely. we've also gone through a process where central banks are converging on policy. you have the fed raising rates, others trying to basically stimulate economies in different ways. maybe the market is starting to act normally and not just be held up and propped up by central banks as it was the last number of years. those of us who celebrate the free market and the market reflecting what is going on should feel better this is more reality. doesn't make us all nervous? yes, it does. people at great fears about what's going on in china and that affects us. you can't say i am just going to punish them and therefore we
7:11 am
will be better if some people talk about. a market is obviously concerned. we've had a good run the last number of years. look at their earnings and there's reason to be concerned. that is the system. that is the process. the market goes up, the market goes down. nobody knows that better than anthony. sometimes it makes sense, other times it doesn't. not that long ago, somebody told us that would be in the $30 a barrel range. we would all celebrate again it's great because consumers would be benefited. now we have great turn the speed is dropped his other greater indication of difficulty and you are seeing companies in the energy space under great stress. that is part of our capitalist system. people do well and we celebrate that. when they do poorly, which i do help them, but you can't save them. sometimes the system works its way through. that's what we celebrate.
7:12 am
maria: i am trying to figure out if the market is telling us anything. >> i agree with you, maria. there is reason to be concerned. does that mean the government ought to run in and propped it all up again? i don't think so. >> i actually think the economy is doing better than what the market would suggest. the reason the market is selling off right now has to do with normalization of federal reserve policy. you are likely to get back to multiples in the 15 to 16.5 sound and that means the market will sell off near term but the prospects for the economy are way better than people think and that is why the rates are coming up. true to one positive is the savings rate is up to 5.6%. >> that is a long-term positive. talking about the cash levels, dagen, also a bullish sign.
7:13 am
dagen: decade high. >> let's say the negativity about the economy weaker in the political system right now is somewhat of a disconnect. if you are accurate and i think you may be, would have to be more positive of where we are, especially look at brazil. >> a cause that they disposable income number during the obama administration are down about 8% and that's why there's so much political attention. maria: good to see you. thanks so much. more from south carolina as the candidate make their final preparation. the fox business network gop presidential debate live from the debate site. we will be right back. ir to criticize him for missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time.
7:14 am
"one third of all of his missed votes in 2015 were missed before he announced he was running for president." over the last three years, marco rubio has missed more votes... than any other senator. washington politician marco rubio. doesn't show up for work, but wants a promotion? right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. type 2 diabetes doesn't care who you are. man woman or where you're from. city
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maria: welcome back for the first time in over 20 years, los angeles will have an nfl team. cheryl casone in new york. cheryl: talk about power and politics in houston, texas. nfl owners to allow the st. louis rams to move to a new stadium in angle went out side of los angeles. san diego chargers have the option to share the facility. the chargers and the oakland raiders want to share new stadium in carson, california but the inglewood stadium is expected to open in 2019. also this morning, matt light says it is looking at spinning off its retail life and annuity business in the united states. the company way in the move because of harsher regulatory oversight following a financial crisis. that life has been challenging resignation of his systemically important entity deemed too big to fail. finally, get your ticket. you don't strike me as a powerball type of gal, but the
7:18 am
jack pot surging now to his doctor in 1.5 billion ahead of tonight's drawing expected to get even higher. the jackpot has a cash value $900 million. we should at least get one or two tickets apiece. back to you. maria: i am done. i've got my tickets. do you have yours? cheryl: i am going after the show. dagen: are you keeping it real? >> when i win i will come right back at 5:00 a.m. on monday. 100%. you guys are still stuck with me if i went powerball. transfer you better come bearing gifts come about though. maria: both president obama and hillary taking shots at gop front-runner donald trump. i will try camp respond? eric trump coming up in a. ♪
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no annoying hold music. just a real person, real fast. whenever you need them. so your business can get back to business. sounds like my ride's ready. don't get stuck on hold. reach an expert fast. comcast business. built for business. >> today we live in a time of threat like few others in recent memory. during anxious times it can be tempting to file before and call of the angriest way things. we must resist that temptation. no one who is willing to work hard, i bite our laws and let our tradition should ever fee unlce in country. maria: dowser public in south carolina governor nikki haley speaking of wet sounds like a jab at gop presidential
7:23 am
front-runner donald trump. joining me now is donald trump's time, eric trump. good to see you. thanks for joining us. >> how are you, maria? maria: dgc at that with the nikki haley as well as president obama a job or your father? >> if you don't start talking about the issues, issues don't get solved. he's the one i brought up illegal immigration. it's ironic the president in the state of the union was talking about border security. he is the one bringing up the issues. he is the one making issues come to life. you have to talk about them. if you're not going to talk about the issues, they will never get solved. that is what he contributed to this amazing race. maria: gimmick to really get point. he also said look, you don't want to be out there criticizing muslims. so that was a direct hit at your father and his commentary about banning muslims from the u.s.
7:24 am
>> i think it's a great compliment he spent as much time and directly talking about a messy day. the reality is you need to have these conversations. we have more muslim friends and partners that anybody. this is we are sick of seeing cities in the u.s. get shot up. sick of seeing planes get run into buildings and attacks the heiress and the one you had in istanbul the other day. these are real problems our country faces and we need to address his rookie message when we are going to pump the brakes and let a government that has failed this country really figure out a solution to these problems. that is why he keeps winning in the polls. that is why his message is resonating. maria: actually, i think it is 100,000 muslims into the country every year. anthony. >> eric, that is a big issue. rhea is bringing up an issue about the openness of the
7:25 am
society and some of the fear that people feel about our current society if we close down the border based on religion. what is your response to that? >> i think the point is putting on the brakes until we figure out to the people were let into the country are. he has been very clear about that despite how the liberal media my spin it. let's pump the brakes. had we let hundreds of thousands of syrian refugees in this country if we can't block them. >> but you are not addressing the issue of a religious test. when candidate trump says okay, if you are a muslim will not bite you in the country. those are not syrian muslims. those are muslims all over the world. indonesia, other parts. so -- that does strike fear in people. >> listen. >> listen and anthony. we've got great projects in indonesia and all of the middle
7:26 am
east. this isn't an anti-muslim thing. this is we've got to make sure the right people are coming into the country to keep the country safe. this is a national security issue. the one thing president tromp were doing a credible job is keeping our country safe. he's an amazing man. he's a great patriot and when he sees violence in the streets and the cops being shot in the name of isis, when he sees san bernardino, crime on the streets in what happens in paris, that really affects them. by the way -- maria: to be fair, the american people agree with donald and let's not forget what happened in germany. all of the syrian refugees. attacking women. >> he's run an amazing campaign. he's been a brilliant strategist and executioner. if he becomes the nominee, all i'm suggesting that i want eric to say this to his dad. you've got to come up with the
7:27 am
unifying message if you become the republican nominee so we can galvanize the party. there'll be no more unifying president in the history of this country then had. he has made things happen. you know that better than anybody. you have to unify it. you have to get along. he's been talking about that for weeks that the executive action taking place. one is the president going to take the common road that government has which is going to house, going to senate, having people vote a democracy. is not what america is all about. instead he signed an executive orders. that is not being a unifier. that is a dictator. dagen: eric, have you ever said to your dad when he has taken a personal shot at somebody that maybe that was unnecessary because that is not a unifier. to some people it is anything to do that, but he keeps doing it.
7:28 am
loves twitter. >> he does love twitter. i say this proudly if somebody hits in, he hit back harder than they can imagine. at the same time, he is the same guy that did the shirt off his bat for anybody and he has shown that time and time again. he can be the biggest enemy. he is willing to hit back. we sat in a commander-in-chief. we need somebody willing to hit back against the people who take advantage or the people who criticize and the people dictate use. that's why he's doing so well. people like fighters. maria: do you worry he's alienated some people in the party to the extent if he's the nominee they will actually go to hillary? how do you feel about his ability to actually beat hillary clinton in the general election. that's a gop voters are worried about, that he gives the election to the other side. >> that is three or four polls. he will actually be to hillary clinton.
7:29 am
another amazing poll says 20% of all democrats to switch over if trump was ultimately the nominee. i think he wins this thing in a landslide if he runs against her. i think voter turnout -- voter turnout during the election would be history. that is amazing thing for politics in this country. he is reengage people for better or worse. he has reengaged a whole sector of people who are not interested in real political topics because of the conversations he had been because of the way he had been. he's done an amazing service during this race. i tell him every day. >> is he going to buy my overview to make a one sale? maria: i can't believe we are talking about marco rubio's boots. eric, always good to see you. appreciate your time. see you tomorrow night at the debate. tune in tomorrow for the fox
7:30 am
business network republican debate coming to you live in south carolina. sandra smith and trish regan will take it off at 6:00 p.m. eastern. turn myself in neil cavuto at 9:00 p.m. eastern happening all here right on the fox business network. the new fox check out the new and improved site. we will stream the debate live. we will be right back. or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease
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so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at . maria: happy wednesday everybody welcome back, to charleston, south carolina the site of the in connection with fox business network republican presidential debate top story right now iran, apparently has released the 10 did he contained you have thes native sailors after boats entered iranian waters as a result of reported equipment mall funion as president obama dlooifrd final state of the union in washington making no
7:34 am
mention of the din that 10 sailors were wind bars in iran the possibrepercussions of that. >> we bring in -- forest good to see you thanks for joining us. >> honor to be here. >> when you look at where we are, in the campaign, you are sticking with rick santorum you think something changes as we enter first caucus in iowa. >> i think many changes, in the next 6, 7 months mccain walked into new hampshire carrying his bag he had no staff, when you look at -- the comeback kid santorum represents so much of what america is all about. you know the values that he represents, his tax plan hasn't got coverage, i think it is like a demolition derby car around the edge everybody else bumping into each other i think people are going to realize some ideas that he has about taxes, about dealing with isis he was the only when
7:35 am
we had 17 candidates he was the only one on the isis online magazine as enemy, he has been writing about this for five years understands it. i think not -- yeah. >> i want to get to tax reform plans i think this is really important, and sort of has taken a backseat to some terrorist issues right now when you look at what is going on in terms of iran, relationships in the middle east, how series and your take in terms of what needs to be done. >> well i am one of those believes we definitely are in world war iii, this generation world trade center bodily injury wag our generation's pearl harbor did is traut with media use term war on terror, terror is not enemy in world war ii we did not declare war on blitzkrieg, the -- the enemy is the global jihad movement one day taliban,
7:36 am
al-qaida, al-shabaab hezabollah ham ages all have same goal there are fractions between them and arrival but will everyone of those want o to bring down the west and replace, the constitution witha the koran until we revise that we have an enemy that is very intent on bringing us down, we have to engage in this war. >> the president said they don't the capability to do that in america is not a threat your response senator santorum's response what. maria: he said hot air last time -- >> not a threat to the united states, san bernardino is one event i don't want a second event like that, but the reality is that if you overseas they are killing christians crisp don't existence in some of these places anymore they are killing our friends do we want a world where we -- want to be able to attractively travel be able to go to places or go
7:37 am
every place we walk down the street considered a hostile enemy? to that is not the america's best interests. maria: um-hmm -- >>. dagen: in terms of downturn to shift to that market downturn more people protecting there is going to be a recession would it seem to benefit, the republicans, but maybe antiissue about establishment er former businessman has name on everything instead of somebody more a senator like santorum. >> i think they being predicted seven of the last two recessions. maria: agent markets i agree with that keep mentions the markets markets are telling us something. >> when i -- my success came from ignoring markets i wanted to look at companies i told a potential client never invest in stock market invests in businesses we tried to move from our decision making process, where is interest rates going, what is going to happen to all this macro-- because, those are so
7:38 am
unpredictable, how many times do you see predictions go completely -- how many people predicted 2007, 2008 meltdown it wasn't predicted. >> are you applying right now. >> know -- >> do you want to invest what we are seeing as meltdown. >> i look at individuals companies, and find those, i have a few dollars tucked under my pillow in mattress. maria: we know that let's talk really quick on the race tomorrow tonight you've got presidential debate happening here, in south carolina. who has the most to win and lose? >> well, i would guess, rubio still has a chance to win a little bit more, and i think santorum because he is just laying in the weeds, he has opportunity to rise up. what we are missing whole debate mara someone can bring people together so distressing to see media cnbc worst capital cnn did same thing
7:39 am
candidate b a, candidate b, what do you think about what candidate a says i was one of three nonspeakers at family summit in iowa when rick perry said, trump ought to drop out of the race because he maligned john mccain not being a hero, what perry should have said anybody shows up on battlefield in my book is a hero if captured tortured a superhero let me they will you what we republicans want to do with tax reform about education health care. but instead, by -- by attacking trump, what i walked past fox news guy, everything he said here is what -- perry said about trump here is what jindal said about trump the coverage was all about this controversy we have to get back to how can american people understand what a do we want to do for or i country, nikki haley, knocked it out of the park last night. i loved that one phrase she said, when charleston murders
7:40 am
took place we didn't have also very we had vigils we should remember that instant like remember the alamo we must remember what happened in charleston tells basic problems in our country one of culture how do we restore,the judeo christian value systems. >> good point quick because i promised it that is the tax reform story a major issue for the gop voters want tax reform on top of agenda for next president why do you believe santorum has best plan ben carson came out with details a couple days ago. >> as i said i am a microguy i am not a macroguy, what impressed me not only did santorum's plan get endorsements it got accolades from steve forbes. >> laffer giants of tax policy
7:41 am
in america this plan works great accolades 20% flat backs across the board no deductions accepted for home interest, and for the purpose charitable contributions, compensates everything first year get rid of all deappreciation schedule brilliant why hasn't it got coverage. >> sim to the other ones ben carson goes further gets rid of all deductions -- >> no. >> flat tax. >> that is a big difference if you get rid of charitable contributions you change the whole character of america. >>. dagen: character of america according to ben carson we are going to give dpont need government to give use tax break. maria: i think it does to encourage giving tax break -- dagen: i agree but i am just saying -- >> charters. maria: a lot of charities will be -- >> i want to know where he learned how to be a loiyal
7:42 am
friend. >> thanks. >> good to see. >> you nice to be with you thank you for having me. maria: are oil this morning up 2%, off the morning's high nonetheless up jamie dime says not to worry. >> so you know there is an industry, where audible, the changed all the time, all different commodities so you should somewhat be prepared for it obviously that -- the credit side, we will be fine.
7:43 am
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maria: welcome back green air roz for oil crude off the longest losing streak in year and a half a below 32 dollars a barrel you are you are seeing a gain 2%, joining us research chairman and ceo former romney presidential campaign energy advisory "the wall street journal" john bussey in new york good to see you thanks for joining the conversation today. >> you bet, good to be here maria, thanks for inviting me on. maria: let me get your take let me get your take on what has been a bloodbath for the energy market, to what do you attribute what we have seen happening for oil this year over the last year? >> well, what has happened you know saudis decided to take on predatory practices again done 40 years want to eliminate us we have become a threat with all new production brought on
7:47 am
by horizontal growing, in this country they want to droup us been trying to do that, you know it is money monumental smaek for them, it is not happening here -- you know, different today than 80s, oil companies -- they are banks primarily long-term money, they can ride this out they are doing awfully good job they will be around when this is over. maria: we have been talking on this program for about a year now about the knockon effect of a drop in oil prices i feel that is what we're seeing take place in financial markets certainly this year with meltdown. what are the knock-on effects from your standpoint, i mean you are going to see bankruptcies, we are already seeing bankruptcies up 23% led by energy space job cuts you expecting that worse. >> a lot of people out of work
7:48 am
there is about a million jobs out of work, 250,000 direct jobs, so it is hurting, everybody has to cut back on capex amount of money we are spending all of a sudden -- 75% in drilling, capex in this nation that is a huge change from where it was everybody cut back, and, also, become very, very efficient in operations, and we have seen that continental every company very, very fetch with are operations drilling operations n anyway a huge change companies know what to do to ride it out we are speeg display and demand correct faster declines with horizontal wells than anybody predicted these two supply and demand are coming back together but the saudis put a 1.8 million baerldz of
7:49 am
new oil out last year, the end of 2014. and so that is what we've been fighting against is about two million barrel oversupply in the country, and -- the world. but that is only 2%. so that is fast correcting as we go forward now. >> saw theedize the saudis in p to run shale out of business make a point in the market hang on to market share now that that process is working through and as you point out, a l a lot of rigs taken off line decline in production hit the market, what happens to prices now over the next year over the next two years over next three years? as this -- you know battle continues or works its way out where do prices go? >> well one thing we've seen, for sure, we were captive until the export legislation passed the end of 20 is a. we were a captive market here. in u.s. u.s. -- we are no
7:50 am
longer. >> u.s. exporting oil. >> we are exporting oil 11 days of trading we saw market flip, and suddenly we were superior to brent that is what should it be he what it should have been all along we should have been 10% under, 20% under -- brent prices we should have been. >> even a did he man for u.s. oil. >> howard quick you are going endorse a candidate. >> looking at all candidates one good thing you bring up candidates what we are hearing from all republican candidates is they intend to put u.s. workers energy workers back to work, and you know that is a real bright side that that is what we are hearing from all of them, i have talked to each and every one of them, so far. so we are hearing good things. >> good to see you thanks so much for joining the about conversation appreciate your time, we will be right back.
7:51 am
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. maria: good wednesday morning welcome back morning mornings police from south carolina tomorrow night the big event takes place fox business network will host the next republican presidential debate, we are also digging deep into president obama state of the union last night, jo ling kent a look at what resonating. >> what are you hearing as far as biggest moment from state of the union. jo ling: when president obama criticized anti-muslim sentiment a veiled criticism at donald trump i want to show
7:55 am
top issues on facebook number one issue on back to iran if you look at situation with sailors that makes a lot of sense followed by islam, muslims third isis terrorism top of mind followed by terrorism and food stamps number five then breakdown between men and women you see a really interesting difference, the top issues among women are food stamps education, and wall street, then if you flip over to the men's side a completely different conversation, it is -- number one, isis number two, and terrorism at number three. >> i this i this is unbelievable dagen women are looking at those topics and not something like -- dagen: he run us havehold finances if there is anyone that is avoided in this nation it is the wife it is the mother, sitting at home wages are not growing, and this goes to what we've been talking about, watch some of these republican candidates tack to
7:56 am
antiwall street sentiment at at least trying to say i am here for you american individual i am not for wall street. jo ling: google search term taxes number one -- food stamps with a. maria: are talking about stamped worded about economy. >> pot how i fits into the structure. maria: jo ling kent, governor chris christie joins you see prior to taking the stage at boxing business debate his thoughts tensions with iran to battle for nomination more from south carolina live this morning right here, next. ♪ ♪
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7:59 am
announcer: this is "mornings with maria" live from the republican presidential primary debate in charleston, south carolina. here is maria bartiromo. maria: good wednesday morning everybody i am maria bartiromo, coming to you live from charleston, south
8:00 am
carolina, thursday's presidential debate it is wednesday, january 13 skybridge capital founder anthony scaramucci, fox business network dagen mcdowell your top stories 8:00 a.m. on eastbound 10 earn a sailors have been relief according to the pentagon held by iran iranian revolutionary guard off the coast of iran two navy boats seized afr an cimedhey rayeinto aniawate yesrdayore details on this as it develops on heels of president obama final state of the union address the president did not address the situation in the persian gulf instead can he choefs to praise iranian nuclear at a detail taking parent shots at republican presidential front-runner donald trump. >> when politicians insult muslims, whether abroad or our fellow citizens, when a mosque
8:01 am
is vandalized, or a kid is called names, that doesn't make us safer. that is not telling what tell it like it is. maria: south carolina governor nikki haley dived she also took a shot at donald trump. >> today we live no time of threats like few others in recent memory, during anxious times it can be tempting to follow the siren call, of the angriest voices we must resist that temptation. maria: are and, of course, you will hear from donald trump and the rest of the republican presidential field tomorrow night right here on fox business network,fox business network hosting the next republican presidential debates tomorrow night fissure event 6:00 pm live moderated by my colleagues trish regan sandra smith the later event
8:02 am
9:00 a.m. eastern i will moderate with neil cavuto join us on fox, we are looking at higher opening on heels of what has been a brutal beginning to the new year dow jones industrial average off the bottle of levels of the morning nonetheless a gain 75 points nasdaq s&p 500 also in positive territory this morning. has to do with oil partly, off this morning as well. 2% dropped below 30 dollars a barrel for the first time since 2003 yesterday, more on that what it means to the economy coming up on the program, markets mostly higher in asia, by the way, shanghai composite in china down 2 1/2% we had money back into japan, the nikkei average up almost 3% hang seng hong kong better than 1 pnz cross pe in korea better than 1%, sports we go city of st. louis losing a professional football franchise nfl owners approved rams move to l.a. giving san
8:03 am
diego charges chargers a chance to join the rams. >> ten person sailors being held in iran set free they are safely abroad ussanzio outside of iran territorial waters. >> officials say the sairltz undergoing medical screening, and a preliminary debriefing. on the uss anzio sailor scheduled to fly to uss harry truman aircraft carrier for further debriefing may be on carrier now last night a republican member of the house armed services committee was concerned that the vessel seizure could have proud intelligence windfall for iran. >> -- a long time to seal all of the technology, off two ships -- hack communications equipment on ships get all of the sailors all their
8:04 am
technology, and all of their equipment, that takes a few hours that is probe with iranians are doing. >> u.s. official says the first concern is for the safety and well being of the true and then we will investigate the incident, maria. maria: all right peter thank you so much joining me right now from campaign trail new hampshire new jersey governor republican presidential candidate chris christie governor good to see you thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> maria happy to be on with you i will see you in charleston tonight. >> yeah, i am going to see you tonight and then see you tomorrow at the big debate we are looking forward to that, governor let me get your take first on the developing story this morning, that iran jailed these 10 sailors, captured them yesterday on the very day that the president is giving his state of the union address. we know thank god, that the sailors have been released, what is your take on these developments?
8:05 am
>> well first maria i agree with you, i think we need to thank god for the fact that they are health they are fine and back in the hands of their fellow citizens that is important. listen, this is a display of by iranians how little they respect this president how weak this president truly is on day of state of the union address would take this action, and jail american service men and women is outrageous why the american people are nervous why they are scared anxiety ridden over place in the world what it means for the purpose our own safety the safety of fellow citizens this president is just failed us, and when you listened to that speech i am tell you like it is story time with barack obama, because there was absolutely nothing in that speech last night, that wasn't about the world the way the president wishes it was i see the world the way it is we need to change it. maria: are i thought it was really extraordinary that he did not mention what was going
8:06 am
on at the time in iran, that our 10 sailors were there, yet he did praise the deal, the nuclear deal that u.s.-led. now the president's chief spokesperson this morning governor, is talking about you, basically saying look, why is governor christie so negative in his assessments of the state of the union sharp contrast between what the president thinks, so he says it is all good. >> listen. i am glad that josh erins is sp being me i give the message because i live in real word boss your boss in fantasy land might as well be epcot center not white house it is out remain u.s. when you hear him say our syria policy is working maria tell 250,000 dead syrians have policy is working tell syrian refugees running for lives to europe other parts of the middle
8:07 am
east. right now fourth largest city in jordan is a refugee camp, this the president says syria policy is working this is a guy says isis is being over estimated by us, well tell the families of the 130 dead people in paris, that we are overestimating it tell families of the 14 dead folks in san bernardino that we are overestimating them and tell the families of the folks who were killed in turkey that we are overestimating them. this president in his own world we should life him a lifetime pass to disney world let him go there he doesn't belong in the white house. >> you make a good point national security top issue for american prosperities let's assume you do get the nomination break out from here, and win the election, the general election, what do you do as president christie come january 17? >> well first on terrorist front seven years i spent as united states attorney general fighting terrorism after 9/11
8:08 am
i know exactly what to do we need to increase, our intelligence capability we increase law enforcement capability because our first job, is to protect the homeland. keep the american people safe and secure. and no one -- needs to explain is to me how to do it i don't need to read owner's manuel i know how to do this secondly we need to rebuild relationships over parred the world take the fight to isis around the world not sitting here like sit ducks waiting to be hit for allies waiting to be hit we need to rebuild relationships so our folks allies around the world will trust us again we need to have very direct talks withed a sarries tell them the limits of our patience make sure they understand that vigilant limits will hasee very violatin limits lightbulb of ramifications. >> do you agree with senator lindsey graham and senator john mccain, by the way, that
8:09 am
we should be sending 20,000 troops to iraq and syria right now. >> listen maria what i believe we have got to build a coalition of our nato will will allies sunni allies to fight isis america cannot go this alope america has to lead it american leadership filled with opportunities and burdens but it is not a choice we have to lead. so i believe that we have to lead it, but we have to get everybody else involved in the game, too, the leaders in paris, and germany and great britain know as well isis is a threat to them we may need to help us bring the fight. maria: no doubt about it, particularly after hundreds of women were attacked by refugees, in the thousands, by the way, in colon germany, to economics here governor we have had the worst beginning of the year, of any year markets obviously worried there are predictions we are going into a recession in 2016. gop voters feel that tax
8:10 am
reform is going to be real important, why do you think your tax plan is better than your colleagues' onstage tomorrow night? >> well, our tax plan is better maria because it is very simple, we get rid of all the deductions, and all the special interest loopholes except for two that people really using that real people use every day, that is the home mortgage interest deduction the charitable contribution deduction in return we can lower rates where they were or lower than 1986 when reagan did bipartisan tax rochl 28% rate 8% three brackets do taxes in 15 minutes under my plan i will tell you something else it will be fair the rich won't be able o to use special interest loopholes deductions that lobby has bought in washington, d.c., so they are only having two deductions as well going to have to pay fair share of taxes as well as middle class families in this country why our tax plan is the best one the one that has best chance of passing. maria: quick governor what is the most important leather you
8:11 am
can push to get growth moving again in this country? >> the most important is really two, they work together, it is the change for the tax code make tax code smart on individual corporate side but then what i am going to do as first executive order first executive order to freeze any new regulation, any department or agency of the government for six months, and to begin a lifting of incredible regulations where barack obama and hillary clinton have this government in every corner of your life, it is a wet blanket on our economy we are going to get that wet blanket off let our economy grow jobs again. maria: you think you can beat hillary clinton? i know i can beat hillary clinton. no doubt about it. same with -- against all odds in new jersey, listen, new jersey is toust at a time for republican to win in, in the country. and yet we have an elected he hp haven't elected republican in united states senate 43
8:12 am
years you saw it not only -- beat after 33 million dollars negative ads against me in 2009 they thought i was a one trem termer i won 51% of of hispanic vote, 57% of the female vote against a female candidate, i have experience doing this, i have worn toughest places going to beat hillary clinton. maria: are good to see you thanks so much for joining is. >> looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night maria. >> we will see you tomorrow night at debate governor chris christie joining us on campaign kwil. >> one-on-one interview with jamie dimon getting his take on 2016 presidential race ahead of fog business debate tomorrow night we are book in a minute. back in a moment. ♪ ♪
8:13 am
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maria: welcome back nfl is l.a. bound cheryl casone on the story. cheryl: big news in sports nfl owners last night approving the move of the st. louis rams to los angeles beginning next season expected to play at l.a. coliseum until a new stadium is ready for 2019 season, they may have some company, though the league has given the san diego chargers one year option to join the rams proposal in inglewood california, by january. of 2017. check out this video, spacex releasing new footage of the historic landing of its fall ko falcon 9 rocket landing back on delivering slate satellite, will attempt to land on a ship at sea you got to see this, a water main break is bad enough
8:17 am
when temperatures are below of freezing gets worse check out the video, froma pennsylvania break caused a geyser to shoot into air, water freezing on trees and power lines, the water was shut off about 30 minutes later, so incredible video there for you, maria, of course, back to you in charleston, south carolina. >> all right cheryl thanks so much national security front and center tomorrow night's debate former u.s. attorney general john ash across the joining is straight ahead live from south carolina right here fox business network, we'll be right back.
8:18 am
8:19 am
8:20 am
. >> united states of america is the most powerful nation on earth period. [cheers and applause] . >> period. it is not even close.
8:21 am
[cheers and applause] it is not even close. it is not even close. we spend more on our military than the next 8 nation combined. our troops are the finest fighting force in the history of the world. maria: president obama, delivering his final state of the union speech last night addressing the strength of the united states armed forces joining the conversation now veteran advocate montel williams good to he so a you thanks for joining the conversation. >> thanks so much for having me starting with that clip. maria: i know you had a fairly negative response, to the president's words regarding veterans recently. what is your take. >> we are gravest fighting force in the world our soldiers do the best yet still not giving them support they need, period, i heard from paul last night ib-- iv ia
8:22 am
chairman, and you know the iraq, afghanistan veterans association he said what the president did was clearly just kick all the military issues down the street kick to it next president did not address the fact 22 soldiers a day committing suicide didn't address the fact that we still have delays, he didn't address the fact that everybody who is hacking less than 20,000 troops in remember, nonhave sent their children, those didn't wear uniforms i guess\sitting in congress right now 65, 75% of them never served don't have a dog in this race but going to send us off other people off to do same not respect us when back here i was a little angry about that. >> how do you think the generals we showed on tv feel about this situation. >> when they heard him saying we are good faithing you most money like okay thanks but also saying you right now along with everyone else trying to figure out how to put more troops on the ground quickly as you can wheyou do so be prepared for what you are going to do whether they come home i am tired of
8:23 am
hearing all these politicians talk both sides the, talking about what we need to do none of them wore a uniform for us it is almost tantamount to embarrassing because look what happened with 10 soldiers kidnapped -- i call kidnapped, arrested last night had they not been let out who is going to go get them none of congress's children none of the guys talking right now going to send over a couple soldiers one or two get popped when do they see them walter reed bethesda they don't i go down there ae and they don't. maria: iran captured 10 sailors, on the day of the state of the union almost like iran is taunting us. >> i think it was a -- i think a direct smack in the face the fact that okay. i will let them go, at 2:00 in the morning after speech a direct smack in the as if he should look at that very clearly with jaundiced eyes before sending troops.
8:24 am
dagen: chanting diet to america diet to america we are great satan we bent over backwards to ink iran nuclear deal we are still ignoring every act of aggression, ignoring ignoring ignoring pulling backing on sanctions. >> i am not dignify with you i am saying deal should not go forward right now especially right now that provocation showing us clearly i am going to do whatever i want to do kno nose to you. >> montel do you think more than that i've been on troop support mission always canvass the most important technology on the ship, all of this sophisticated radar sonar don't you think it was that expedition. >> they wanted that. >> four hours -- >> -- montel goes through everything this happened -- >> remember, also gulf of honorkin what we should gulf of tonkin we don't know details that took place when they you were captured ship
8:25 am
should have been sunk. maria: that is on that ship. >> only thing they want to know o amount of technology, that is on there would be something that -- the -- he -- >> let's see what ships like when we get them back. >> super important point you go on decree they cover up all the radar intelligent communication intelligent even if american citizen not in military, so we have a lot of classified information on ships and subs, airplanes in hands of guys five, three or four hours. >> we lost contact we don't know what went on on those ships. >> overall, general consensus most soldiers people i lynn to know to twitterverse they were extremely angry with the speech they president would have said i want to do following before i leave executive orders could have passed one said let's do xyz for va could have been done
8:26 am
not done yet we can exercise the pen for those things that you might believe matter but for me those people who put uniform on protect the democracy that matter most. >> who is the candidate you see in this party right now. >> wow. . >> you don't have an answer. >> you hurt me i am so sorry not on democratic said to slip to rep side if picking ocasish, he is not getting traction because of personality and optics we also said on break, you know, maybe it is those dark horses that have not announced yet so many saying too late i don't believe that i think we live in a society right now that responds to the news and responds to celebrity responds to what we cover. the right person steps up right amount of money you o know who i am talking about bloomberg stpd up right amount of money tomorrow could be whole on the race. maria: hillary clinton tweeted last night saying i am
8:27 am
proud to be president obama's friend great state of the union speech. does hillary clinton potential presidency look like president obama's. >> not at all i don't think they look even -- when you start taking apart what she says when we get to real debates you are going to find she is a little bit -- further left how much further left can you we. >> further left than bernie sanders, things like. >> certain things i think you are going to be a little bit surprised and -- did the president last night endorse anyone. >> i didn't haefr endorsement did you -- >> no, he said he is not endorsing anybody until primaries are over if that is a presidential thing to do but i think it is important to make this distinction the ren i think she is doing poorly she will move wherever she thinks they needs to move for focus groups now further left of bernie sanders she is doing worse relative to bernie
8:28 am
sanders as barack obama 8 years ago. >> everybody wants to make it a given, that this is going to be the nominee. but i really want you to stop most people i talk to democrats i am an independent i've been independent 15 years, most democrats family members i talk to are still trying to come up with excuses not to -- >> i feel most people every hanging out a in the middle you might lean right lean to the left but hanging out in the middle montel great insight pressure it montel williams we will be right back. >> you supported the troops thank you. >> can't is to. >> free am ir.
8:29 am
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>> welcome back, our top story of the day, the ten american sailors held in iran have been set free. joining us is former attorney general under president george w. bush, john ashcroft. thank you for joining us on the program. >> good morning, it's great to be with you. maria: your reaction to what
8:32 am
went on overnight with iran holding our ten sailors? >> well, i think we really need to hear from our military people as to what the situation was when they were taken. if it were some kind of accident that's attributable to our own conduct, the prompt release is to be considered and valuable. if this was some sort of a test of the united states, including a wrongful taking of our sailors by a hostile nation and a state sponsor of terrorism like iran is, i think we should act with significant understanding of the seriousness of that and there should be consequences associated with it. but we need to find out from our own armed forces exactly what happened here. it stunned me that the president didn't mention this at all in his state of the
8:33 am
union message when he was in some respects touted the united states strengths and how we were well-respected around the world and ten of our armed forces were taken by a country hostile to the united states and state sponsor of terror. when the president hides from issues like that, i don't think that reflects the kind of leadership that i would expect. maria: what do you think of the state of the union address? >> i think that the president was at his best in campaign form. he used all the kind of rhetoric that you would expect in a campaign. he selectively, he confessed things that were undeniable that washington is divided and it's partly my fault, but he did not confess what i think is even more important is that america is divided and it's a division that he has exacerbated and aggravated every chance he's had the chance to do so in an effort to
8:34 am
have political gain. and to divide people in order to have your way in politics instead of to unify people in the national interest is one of the things that i really -- disappoints me. i would like a president who would unify us and when there are problems seek to be a healer instead of a divider. he didn't mention that, of course. and he didn't mention the fact-- he did mention there's a statistic that indicates the united states might be doing well economically, unemployment is down to a low rate, but he didn't mention the fact that we have the fewest people seeking to work now than we have in the last 38 years, that the-- about 62% of the public who really want to be a part of the work force as opposed to much higher levels in the past. people have given up on work because they're addicted to other means of governmental support in many cases. so i think we had a selective campaign-type projection and
8:35 am
he's saying to the american people, this is sort of my aspiration, this is what i campaigned on. the problem is that he's got seven years of history, bragging about the health care system when a lot of people are really in trouble because their health care costs have gone up and they can't get the doctors they once had and the people to attend their health needs that they choose. that's difficult, but he was in top campaign formulas night. and in a sense, saying, look, this is what i've done, i want a good legacy, you should be thanking me for all of these things. frankly, i think we are going to have a more candid debate in the election about what the condition of america is and we'll have an opportunity for new leadership and ahope they'll be more willing to confront reality simply-- than simply campaign rhetoric. maria: and we'll hear that tomorrow night, dagen. >> that's right, attorney general, who has stood out countering what the president is saying.
8:36 am
the president, essentially to your point, is trying to convince the american people, we'll spend the rest of this year trying to con the american people into believing that the country is better off than we all know it to be, but in terms of the candidates, who stands out for you at this point? >> well, there's u-- unanimity in terms of understanding there are problems. the idea that america is so well-respected around the world at the same time we have people taken on the high seas. there is a disconnect. there's a cognitive disdense, there's this tension between the reality of where we are and what this president is asking us to do. and fortunately for republican candidates they have a chance to tell the truth, the whole truth, and not just the selective set of facts which might lead people, if they didn't know the truth, to a different conclusion. and i think virtually all of
8:37 am
our candidates understand that america's at a very difficult time. the american people understand. they feel an insecurity about where we are. this idea, for example, that we have to respect religions that even have at their core, i'm not talking about the muslim religion generally, but components of religion whose article of faith is that they must kill us and exterminate innocent people, we don't respect those religions, you can't respect the religion that doesn't believe in freedom of religion or whose religion it is to kill innocent people. and to whitewash things saying we all respect everybody, it's all one lovable family and there are no bad people in the words, refusing to call a terrorist a terrorist, that's not going to get us where we need to be and republican candidates understand that difference. maria: mr. attorney general, good to have you on the show today. thanks so much. hope you'll come back soon. >> my honor to be with you. thanks a lot. maria: thank you, john ashcroft. and to the other big story, the president's state of the union
8:38 am
address last night and the next republican debate, and jo ling kent, what is dominating the conversation. jo: we're watching what people are looking at on google, health care came in at actually number one after the state of the union was over, followed by immigration, the economy, minimum wage and then terror actually came in fifth in terms of search terms on google. then if you look at what people were talking about more versus men versus women, let's take a look at women right now actually. want to show you food stamps was the top issue that women talked about on facebook, education, and wall street, which is interesting. and then you have among men on facebook, isis-- or excuse me, islam and muslims number one, followed by isis and then terrorism. so, as much as everyone cares about the economy and health care, you see that the conversations among men and women are really different. maria: really interesting findings in terms of what welcome are talking about versus men. thank you so much, jo. we'll be right back with jamie dimon. stay with us.
8:39 am
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like seeing our album sales go through the roof enough to finally start paying meg's little brother- i mean,our new tour manager-with real,actual money. we run on quickbooks.that's how we own it. >> an intense investigation underway in turkey after a deadly suicide bombing in the country's capital. cheryl casone with that and the other headlines this morning, cheryl. >> maria, this surveillance video we're going to show you purportedly showing the suspect of yesterday's attack that happened in istanbul, turkey. turkish authorities saying the bomber is an isis member from syria. he's only identified as 28 years old and from syria. the attack killing ten germans
8:43 am
and wounded 15 other people. police arrested one person in connection with that bombing. and this, a group of workers won the powerball for about 20 minutes. at this restaurant in engle brook cliffs, new jersey, workers went crazy they thought they won the prize. they separated and cheered together before they figured out they didn't win. they were comparing the saturday ticket to last wednesday's winning numbers. maria, some of the workers, quit immediately and you'll be happy to know they did get their jobs back, back to you. maria: oh, what a buzz kill. >> i promise you guys, i'm not quitting. i expect to win and i'm not quitting. i'll be here with you. dagen: and one of the guys in the kitchen took his apron off and threw it on the ground and started jumping on it. maria: oh, that's horrible and too bad. ahead of the fox business network debate. the chairman and ceo jamie
8:44 am
dimon, we'll get his take on the best candidate for business. >> i thought you did a great job on the debate and i know you're doing another one soon. maria: thank you. >> i like the fact that people paid attention. i think it's a good thing not a bad thing. and it's hard to have ten people up there. and it's hard to have a conversation, but detroit, i think the way that society gets better is collaboration and thought and analysis, and we had a session downstairs about the gates foundation is bringing philanthropists and what works and doesn't work and they're eradicating polio hut by hut in pakistan and afghanistan. if things don't work, they change direction. we need to do a lot of that. and we're trying to do in detroit, making education and 60% of kids in inner city high poverty area do not graduate high school and 40% who do are probably not prepared for jobs. that's a national loss. infrastructure planning, you
8:45 am
think that our city, states and government, if you have infrastructure, it's for a long period of time, bridges and roads and tunnels and water plants, et cetera, and then obviously, fiscal, we need to think through the fiscal policy, long-term policy of america to pay for the things we're doing and keep the country growing. maria: voters seem to believe that tax reform is one of the top issues that need to be on the agenda of the next president, of congress. do you think this is important for business right now? i mean, obviously, this is all for business? >> i think tax reform if it's done right would help businesses grow faster and help all americans. we've had this debate, corporate tax and individual tax, not going to help the companies or the individuals. you hope to compete. when companies do well, this he have better prices for consumers and everyone should pay tax and stuff like that, but our system is driving capital overseas right now. i think that's a mistake. and the damage is permanent. so, the question to me, how
8:46 am
long is it going to take before we say, let's stop this and take before we say that americans have to compete, too. i'm not saying that individuals shouldn't pay, i don't mind paying personal taxes and i'd love to enhance the earned income tax credit and all of these things that they can do to fe for individuals, too, we've got to get on this. it takes time, but this could damage the country. maria: you say reform taxes and use money for infrastructure and impact people? >> and what people are worried about, raising taxes and go into washington and this sucking sounds down there. we waste a lot of money. so, i think that government has to spend it wisely, intelligently, thoughtfully and not ideologically on things that work like infrastructure and help taxes and businesses grow and businesses create jobs. there are 143 million jobs in america and i believe all, but 20 million are business. now, business is a huge plus in the world.
8:47 am
it's a huge plus. and then, of course, we want to help all americans to do better, but that doesn't have to be a binary thing, democrats, against republicans, let's hold our hands a little bit and figure out a way to make it better. maria: you said that you're a life long democrat, could you ever see yourself voting republican? >> yeah, i've never been a knee-jerk anything. listen to both sides don't have the reaction that's immoral or wrong. it's good to have principles, but bad to have ideology which you won't look at facts or information, what works in the real world. so, to me, i just want people to work together and get it done and sometimes we'll disagree, but sometimes we should agree. maria: do you have a candidate yet? >> no. maria: are you hearing different things privately from secretary hillary clinton than she's talking about in the population, in the populous? for example, and i quote, i will rein in wall street, i will hold insurance companies to account, i will make sure drug prices are affordable. do you believe she's going to
8:48 am
do all of that? >> look, when you say that, and i don't know and i just heard what you said, of course she's going to hold people acuntable. i believe in holding people ttable. maria: rein in wall street, what does that mean? >> if someone is doing something among you should rein them in. i don't know specifically what that means and look, i'm hoping whoever becomes president does the right things and, including knowing that business is a huge positive force for good and that there are needs for big companies, there are needs for small companies, they're very symbiotic, more than the public is being told now. and big companies, medical insurance, they're philanthropic and do great things and do it around the world and they help our company succeed. our clients are very happy with us. if you survey our small business and clients, customer satisfaction never been higher. we were there through thick and thin for countries around the
8:49 am
world and for governments. we're there and we're going to be there in the future and we're going to keep building to serve those clients. . maria: and a big thank you to jp dimon and their company for having us at their health care conference. the banks we're getting into the fourth quarter earnings and thoughts on where we are. dagen: anthony was muttering this under our breath. jamie dimon articulated something that republican candidates need to articulate, why are they loyal to the customers, stick with customers through the bad times and talking about that in the earlier part of the interview. i think that's critically important to understand rather than pointing fingers and blaming wall street. maria: and if wall street is business is evil--
8:50 am
>> the american capitalist system lifted more people out of poverty than any system in human history. he does a better job than any of the candidates, frankly. maria: because talking about how business makes too much money and is evil, it plays well, it plays well. >> it plays well because people are upset. but the republicans have to flip that and make it more aspirational. if you can convince a parent that their children's lives will be better, we have not been able to do that as republicans. dagen: american businesses have changed lives and improved lives. energy, uber, changing, creating jobs for people and giving them control of their lives. maria: quick, gm coming out with into us this morning. >> gm, their guidance is going from $5 to 5.25 to 5.50, very positive.
8:51 am
$9 billion share repurchase, overall positive for the economy. maria: that's a piece of good news in a brutal market. we'll be right back. stay with us. ♪
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remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ >> welcome back. the stage is set for the second fox business network g.o.p. presidential debate. tomorrow night, we're live in south carolina, this morning, with anthony scaramucci and dagen mcdo you mean. it's going to be an important debate. two weeks before iowa. >> it's a make or break for some of the candidates for sure. we were talking at the break about rand paul not going on the undercard. i think that's a fatal decision for him. and it's almost a gameover decision. maria: i think it's a big mistake. >> i don't understand why he did that. maria: given an opportunity to
8:55 am
speak to the american people. >> governor christie, said, i'll crush on the undercard. maria: and he did. dagen: the candidates own their own candidacy rather than trying to untrump trump. you need to talk to your candidate jeb bush, i know his superpac ads against marco rubio. maria: who came up with the ads, anthony. >> one of the people are going to say after this campaign is what happened to the $100 million in that bag and why didn't they spend it better. and so, certainly they'll say why did they go after donald trump earlier? because they thought he was going to implode on his own. this is something magnificent about the trump story, he's been at the top, maria and dagen, for the whole ride, i've never seen that. dagen: the other candidates aren't good at it.
8:56 am
he's a master politician and every day gotten better and better. it's a good schoolyard fight. i think that governor bush has really got to shine here, i want to say, predict that it will, it's a big issue if he doesn't. dagen: carson needs to punch through. maria: no wonder why he came out with the tax details in the last week or so. thank you so much this morning, the republican debate tomorrow night. we'll be right back. shouldn't what makes each of us a unique individual,
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help individualize our cancer treatment? now through advanced genomic testing, we may be able to pinpoint and diagnose what makes your cancer different, which can reveal precise treatment options that were not considered previously. with this important breakthrough at the intersection of science and technology, we've arrived at precision cancer treatment. the evolution of cancer care is here at cancer treatment centers of america. call or visit to learn more about precision cancer treatment. >> well, the big events, one night away. the stage is set for the second fox business g.o.p. presidential debate. sandra smith and trish regan will kick off the debate tomorrow night. join myself and neil cavuto for the late debate 9 p.m. it's happening live on the fox business network and then the
9:00 am
new and improved fox dot-c dot-com. we hope you'll join us here on "mornings with maria," varn any and company, charles payne in for stuart. looks like stability in the markets. charles: fingers crossed, two days in a row, could be something we have not seen in 2016. thanks a lot, maria. i'm charles payne. stuart is off this week. we've got a lot of big stories, iran, you know our partners in peace, released ten sailors they had and we thanked them. they have two of our ships and the technology with it and if you watched the state of union address, you would think that the president had nothing to do with the divisiveness that permeated the past years. we have the response. and we've seen it over and over again, set


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