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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  January 13, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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new and improved fox dot-c dot-com. we hope you'll join us here on "mornings with maria," varn any and company, charles payne in for stuart. looks like stability in the markets. charles: fingers crossed, two days in a row, could be something we have not seen in 2016. thanks a lot, maria. i'm charles payne. stuart is off this week. we've got a lot of big stories, iran, you know our partners in peace, released ten sailors they had and we thanked them. they have two of our ships and the technology with it and if you watched the state of union address, you would think that the president had nothing to do with the divisiveness that permeated the past years. we have the response. and we've seen it over and over again, something we're going to
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watch for you, speaking of change in an instant, how about $1.5 billion, the powerball drawing tonight. are you in it. >> yes. charles: "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ we've got to start with those ten american sailors captured and then released by iran. general jack keane is with us. and general keane, i've got to ask, what does it say about our deal with iran, the highly controversial deal, their attitudes towards america and where we stand right now within the middle east? >> that's a great question. you remember, back what the president was trying to achieve, not just the nuclear deal with iran, but also actually with them in the sense that he wanted them to join the international community of nations and curb their behavior
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to contribute to the stability and security of the middle east. the harsh reality is ever since the iranians, charles, have signed that deal with america, plus five, what has truly happened is they've taken the gloves off, they've returned to their past behavior. they tried, convicted and sentenced a washington post journalist. they've taken two more iranian-americans hostage. they've fired off two medium ranged ballistic missiles in violation of u.n. resolutions and fired rockets in the near vicinity of u.s. and french warships and now, they held onto our sailors, i think quite unnecessarily, should have told the navy come pick up your people and your boats, and so what they are doing is they are, charles, they are sending the message to the region that we are the powerful nation in the region, we continue to want to dominate and control this region and the united states is
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not going to protect you. charles: there's no doubt about it. they don't fear us. they're belligerence has gone higher and higher and i guess it has to do with the negotiating process, the fact that president obama wanted this deal no matter what, they've seized on that, they've got two of our warships-- >> ships, rather, they're smaller, but they have a lot of technology there. what do you think they'll get from that, it will give them insight into what we have and maybe have to actually take advantage of it. >> well, certainly, they'll exploit the technology and everything they can on those ships before they're turned over. but also, i mean, these are not nuclear submarines, these are essentially patrol boats that had the best technology available for the purpose and mission of those boats, but they're limited in scale and scope of technology by comparison to a normal warship or to a submarine. charles: generally jack keane,
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appreciate you this morning. >> you, too. charles: and the state of union address, president obama touted the state of the economy and blasted anyone who would say otherwise, roll tape. >> anyone claiming that america's economy is in decline is peddling fiction. now, what is true, and the reason that a lot of americans feel anxious is that the economy has been changing in profound ways. charles: karl rove is with us. you don't need the white board for this one, huh, karl? >> don't need one for this, no, no. look, i guess everything is hunky dorie and rosie in barack obama's view of the economy, but that's not how the american people are perceiving it. charles: how does the president then go and make such a strong statement and challenging anyone to say that america's
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economy is not in decline, how does he get up there and say that knowing that the average person is hurting? what kind of spin do you think ultimately do democratic challenger for the white house is going to be able to piggyback off this? >> well, they want to build a vision that they did -- everything that they did made it better if there are problem it's not their fault. we had the weakest economic recovery in the history of america and he last night said it's the longest. one of the reasons it's longest, it's so weak. we have a work force participation rate back to where it was in the 1970's when we had double digit inflation, double digit interest rates and double digit unemployment. 16 million people roughly have been able to enter the work force and 14.8 million of them have not. we have 1.4 million people working part-time-- 1.4 million more people working part-time for economic reasons than before we went into the recession and the number of
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people in manufacturing jobs today is about 12.3 million, that's down from 13.7 million when we went into the recession. household income, median household income, we've never had it drop in a recovery except under the obama recovery we have had people literally, the household income dropped and so he may think it's rosie, but the average american has very good american to believe it's not hunky dorie and they have a reason to be concerned about the future of the country. charles: we know right now at least among g.o.p. voters, i think all voters, national security, those things resonate more, but isn't it the candidate that can articulate to bring back personal prosperity, the person that probably wins the white house, karl? >> i think it has a huge impact. we'll see how much by this
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november, but my sense is national security and the economic issue will end up being roughly equal in the weight of the average voter, but you're right the pocket book tends to have a bigger impact. and people's attitudes towards the pocket book are not good. look, there are surveys that show that a majority of americans think we're in a recession and we're not in a recession, we're just in an anemic recovery that feels like recession to a wide swath of american electorate. charles: thank you. i want to look at the numbers that don't paint the same picture as president obama. ashley: he made a lot of claims when it comes to the economy, the strongest most durable said mr. obama. 14 million new jobs, manufacturing created 900,000 jobs he says in the past six years and claiming that america's economy is in decline is peddling fiction.
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let's look at what the facts tell us why don't we. six minutes-- six minutes, six years into the economic recovery, income levels are stagnant. median income lower now compared to 2009 when mr. obama took office. he says there's a longer streak of private job creation in history. it sound good. let me tell you, significantly less than under ronald reagan and even bill clinton. so, that is not true. and 230,000 less manufacturing jobs since obama took office, he says he's created 900,000. by the way, unemployment down, but millions of americans have left the work force. that's how you bring the unemployment rate down, you get people to quit. employment population ratio for the civilians in december, this is interesting, just 59.5%. so, wheel you can throw out numbers all day long or all night long, the facts don't always back up. charles: by the way, i crunched the numbers and at the peak the
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population rovered was george bush. we would have 163 million people working instead of 149 million. we've got another economic number for you. 93% of counties in the united states are not fully recovered from the recession. 93%. joining us john yarmouth, from kentucky. representative, president obama talked about peddling fiction. if you suggested it was in decline, there are so many numbers, including the number from the national association of counties, a national entity saying we are not back on all cylinders. >> first of all, it's good to be with you and one of the counties i represent is one of the counties has recovered. they're using four measures, unemployment rate, housing values, and a community had a to meet all four criteria not
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to be on that list, so, not to be-- to be the 93% so i suspect there are an awful lot of counties out there that had significant housing declines, some lost 50, 60, 70% of value and that's the measure they're failing on. but more importantly, i think that number is indication of exactly how deep the recession was and the situation that president obama inherited. because the first month he took office the united states 800,000 jobs. between his and bush's fiscal year, 1.4 trillion. the deficit is now a trillion dollar less than that. charles: all due respect we're at 18 trillion and counting in total deficit. waejs are lower than they were before. household income is lower, birth rates, marriage rates, business startups are near all-time lows. i get that president obama was dealt a bad hand, but after seven years, i think we could have done better. i think the old america would have done better on all four
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criteria you talked about. i think any period every county should have been able to say, check them off, yes, we improve. >> shows 84% of the county improved on one measure or more and only 16% hadn't improved on any measure. i think you're mischaracterizing what the president said, getting the best jobs and fully employed need for better training and education, these are longer term problems. in my district, i have employer after employer telling they could hire tons more people if they had the training. charles: no doubt about it, i love the agree we're learning how to computer code, the next 100 years is about the knowledge economy. appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. charles: we're going to host a republican debate here tomorrow. 6 p.m. is when it starts. sandra smith and trish regular reagan, your moderators for
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that debate and neil cavuto and maria bartiromo all live from south carolina. and in our next hour, my interview with dr. ben carson and his reaction to the state of the union and his recent drop in the polls. two isis inspired attacks in the past month and president obama says isis is not a threat to our national identity. that's next, plus, another isis-inspired attack and a student attacks a jewish teacher and now jewish are being told to be vigilant.
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>> a jewish teacher attacked with a machete, an isis attack. ashley: it was in marseilles, urging jewish teachers not to wear yarmulkahs, we're forced
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to hide, it makes him sick to the stomach to take such a move. the chief rabbi of france is it rejecting the idea saying we should not give an inch, however, there's no doubt that jewish people in france are being targeted and let's not forget the day that charlie heo was attacked, four jewish people. charles: and you will an of the isis-inspired attacks and president obama once again downplaying the isis threat. roll tape. >> as we focus on destroying isil, over the top claims that this is world war iii, playing in their hands, and they play a danger to civilians they have to be stopped, but they do not threaten our national existence. charles: let's bring in rich lawrie saying it's not the soviet union or the old cold war. >> it's not the cold war, the soviet union could have
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destroyed the entirety of the united states in 15 minutes and isis can't do that, it doesn't have that kind of power, but we're involved in a struggle against radical on par with the struggle against fascism and this bit gets to the problem with the whole speech. the president is portraying a global situation much sunnier than what the american people thinks and feels and there's a big disconnect there. charles: there is a big disconnect particularly when we see things like san bernardino and paris and it hits home. the cold war was in the shadows and we didn't know about it, even though my mom told me she was afraid of crew chef, but the more we talk about it, the more we empower isis? >> i don't get this as a serious threat, we need to take them seriously and go and destroy them doesn't help isis.
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it's true that isis doesn't have nuclear tipped icbm's to hit us with, look at paris and the mayhem and level of fear, look at san bernardino with two relative unsophisticated people. charles: did you catch that pregnant pause before, it felt like he was going to say radical islam and teased a little bit and then he said, a handful of people. and really, does he do us all a disservice by brushing this off and suggesting it's a couple of loose canons and couple of lone wolves? >> of course, the depiction of isis how they've lost territory, they have, they've lost ramadi, but the bigger picture, since 2009. it was a small rabble defeated in iraq and now controls a huge swath of territory and the president does not have a credible strategy to deal with this besides handing it on. charles: ironically he admitted they might take other parts of
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the world, africa and middle east. >> just details. charles: thanks a lot, buddy, appreciate it. guess what, guys, the dow jones industrial average is going to open higher and so will apple just a little bit, back above that $100 mark. we're watching that closely, a lot of news and a whole lot of stocks, including general motors, increased their dividend and their buyback, a huge increase why? well, they upped their forecast and that stock is going to lead to blue chips, we've got stocks higher and also watching oil. remember, we'll get the inventory numbers, the latest in the next hour, that will move the market. oil up after falling below 29 yesterday. and to thenal, the rams, they're going to return to los angeles. the league, well, let's the second biggest market, there's been two decades absence and there's also some talk about perhaps another team coming back as well. and president obama, well, you heard it if you watched him last night, he said this country is stronger than ever, that the job situation is
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fantastic. i want your reaction to everything he said. we'll tell you ours next. ♪ promises, promises, knew you'd never keep ♪ we live in a pick and choose world.
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football fans have reason to be excited again, they're back. ashley: they're back, stone cold sober. and they've allowed the rams to move back for the 2016 season and the chargers a one-year option to join the rams. it will be on the site of the old hollywood race track not far from lax if you're familiar with the l.a. area, the stadium will cost $3 billion. however, they say no public money will be used. charles: the raiders got shut out. >> if the chargers don't pick up the option, the raiders could. charles: the state of the union dominating the conversation all over social media. i want to bring in jo ling kent. jo, what were folks talking about with respect to the state of the union. jo: facebook users were talking about the main topic of iran came out and that's what the people were talking about the
9:25 am
most as the president gave his state of the union. muslims, concern about immigration there. and isis number three, and terrorism, and food stamps rounding out the top five. gol, what people were actively searching. the economy, terrorism, and going into the debate the economy is top of mind for a lot of facebook users and beyond. charles: it's obvious that people weren't taking it at face value. thank you for the updates. oil is big, huge for your market and money. yesterday the market made the turn and we'll know more and ten more gitmo prisoners released, president obama hellbent on closing it before leaving office. judge napolitano will join us on that. when a moment turns romantic
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>> we had the weakest economic recovery in recorded history of america. he last night side it's the longest, one of the reasons it's the longest, it's been so weak. we have a work force participation rate that's back to where it was in the 1970's when we had double digit inflation, double digit interest rates and double digit unemployment. charles: of course, that was karl rove at the top of the hour. remember, we start 9 a.m.
9:30 am
eastern time every single day. and you can hear it, everyone is pumped up. it's not just a sign saying clap. people are excited we have two up days in a row. and stobcks found a way to rally into the close. let's check the opening bell, the first tick up 20, we might claim over 100 early, but the first hour of trading has been eventful. and along with john layfield and liz peak. today they're up together. john, everyone has jumped on the oil thing, saying two handle, 20, and even some analysts saying, $10. what do you think? >> it gives me hope that everyone is hopping on the bear market, part of the whole trade and usually a contrarian indicator. we need 96 million barrels of oil a day. saudi arabia is about the cheapest in the world. they need about $20 oil to bring that oil out of the
9:31 am
ground so there seems to be some type of bottom there, but i don't think it will go below 30, i don't think hardly anybody did. i think we could go lower, but i don't think we'll stay much lower. i do own oil stocks, by the way. charles: and you own oil stocks and oil rigs and doing the show for us. from a trading perspective, this thing has broken key points. when you look at the chart, i see the next support 20. does that mean it automatically has to happen? >> you know, the market looks at these things and they look for targets. 20 happens to be the one right now. so we're going to have to pay attention to the fundamentals. market. we have inventories coming out later tonight and should inventories come out stronger than expected, then expected to go back below 30 again. i don't think it goes below 20. i agree with the previous guest. too many bearish things out there. and more speculation than anything else. i want to see what's really going on in the oil markets on the fundamental side first. charles: i want to talk to you
9:32 am
about the relationship of oil and economies. we always talk about cheap oil and the knee jerk reaction this is great for the economy. and it's a symptom of a bad economy to begin with? >> it's very good for the consumer and it's amazing to me that consumer spending has been so sluggish in the fact that they're saving on heating oil in addition to gasoline, but look, this oil price swing, this is what we went through in the 1980's, it's a supply driven correction in the price of oil. i agree with all of this chatter, i mean, basically it's going to go below 30, it appears, it won't stay there terribly long. what we don't know is how long. you have the looming increase of protection that would come out of iran the next several years, no one is really sure how much that is, but there are just too many supply increments to give anyone a good fix on what the bottom is. charles: almost everyone outside of saudi arabia losing money every day. ashley: they are the other side of the equation to liz's point, the demand isn't there, it
9:33 am
speaks to a weak global economy, you've got the perfect storm for oil, massive glut and a demand down. so, it's no big surprise where we're headed. charles: although, dan, you say the demand is higher, but it's not keeping pace with supply, is it? >> are you talking to me. the demand is not down. the growth of demand is down, but if you look at the past two years for sure, 2014, we had a global demand increase, 1.1%, last year at .97%. that's an increase not as strong. and china's demand isn't down, it's just about flat to an ill little bit up right now. supply is the issue not demand. it's going down a bit, but there's still more there. charles: the supply yesterday, the wild card has been saudi arabia. i know there's a lot of oil bulls out there saying i told you so, no way in the world would they think that saudi arabia would open the spigots last year and at the end of the year.
9:34 am
it seemed like a suicidal mission and how long they can attain it. >> it's not suicidal, there's new supplies coming on. saudi arabia is dependent on oil prices and income and yes, this is hurting them in the short-term, it's a very wealthy country and they're going-- >> and 90 billion dollar deficit highest, they're floating bonds and may take the oil company public. i don't know. i know they've got a lot of cash, but it's a dimensional country and diminishing their assets. let's go down to nicole and get more details. >> we had one report, the api inventory showed a surprise drawdown and you have the demand here going up. you can see here, exxon, schlumberger, royal dutch, we're waiting on another report at 10:30 this morning. in china they had oil imports rise.
9:35 am
oil, we know it hit below $30 to the $29 range and we haven't seen that in over a decade and that's tough to some mack, but today, up arrows. >> nicole, general motors had a lot of good news. i think they increased their buyback from 4 to 9 billion. raised their guidance. how did it open and how is the trading so far? >> with that let's take a look here, the stock is soaring on that good news. that's right. when they raised their profit outlook, that stock is at 4% right now at 31-42. >> they've been taking market shares and looking better, but a long way to go for government motors. also down a lot is apple. now it's flirting with the $100 level. john, key support on the down side. when it broke there, a lot of people said it's got to get north of there to buy it. are you a buying yet? >> i'm a buying and bought it around $100 within the last week, look, apple has $200 in cash or cash equivalents and a
9:36 am
market cap, or whatever it is today. it's down some. you're talking a pe in mid single digits. this is a company with a decent yield and probably in the history of the world. i don't think that the dire predictions of apple, i think they're overexaggerated. and tim cook was a better salesman like steve jobs, amazon, netflix, google, facebook, john, what are your thoughts on those? >> look, i think that some of the big tech companies, i'm worried about amazon. i love the country and i think that the sea-- ceo has done a good job. he got vilified for that. people want today remove him. and an incredible run. what worries me the most, like netflix, netflix to me it's all about competition, i'm a
9:37 am
subscriber of netflix, love the service, and love that they're going into 130 more countries. the problem is you've got amazon, itunes, everybody getting into this business and hurts netflix going forward. charles: let's take a look at yum, parent company of k.f.c. and taco bell. ashley. ashley: a nice reversal of fortune for yum! brands. held by a 5% gain, k.f.c., that revers revers reversed actual losses. and they're spinning off sometime by the end of this year. so, you know, it's been a tough go. there was a tv report in china, let's not forget that said that one of the suppliers was using expired dated meat and they've had a really hard time turning it around. >> and that's a huge issue in china. the chinese do not believe in
9:38 am
local food products, concerned about tainted meat, tainted milk, it's a huge problem. charles: it will take a while before they get over that public hurdle. good news for today at least. to the state of the union, president obama says that anyone claiming that america's economy is on the decline, you're simply peddling fiction. dan, i want to go to you, are you peddling fiction or drinking the kool-aid? >> i'm certainly not drinking the kool-aid. i've listened to the spot at the top of the show, karl rove. it's disappointing and disheartening. i've been in this business a long time over 33 years and i've never seen an economy or a market so negative on itself despite the fact that it keeps going up. the mood in america right now is not good and that's got to change. and this isn't solely president obama's fault. our congress, senate, everybody's got to get together. they're not doing it and i
9:39 am
don't see any glimmers of hope right now. i hope the election brings us something different. charles: so do i. john, what do you think? >> i'm with dan. this isn't a state of the union. in was a state of denial. look, you can actually quantify this. from 1980 to 2000 there were 40 million jobs put in the economy. since 2000 we've had about 10 million, but from 1980 to 2000, 4 million people came off of food stamps. you had a middle class that was growing. since 2000 we've had 10 million jobs that we've created, 30 million people have gone on food stamps so for every job created three people have gone on food stamps which shows you 0 your middle class has been obliterated and that's what you're seeing a lot, seeing the economy kind of slogging along, it's not that good. it's not horrible, but it's not good. charles: what john is talking about hits to the central theme of the obama administration. it's never been about the economy, it's social justice. it's about redressing the wrongs of yesteryear and i
9:40 am
don't think he's cared about the other stuff. >> by the way, all of that has meant that his policies have never been directed towards creating jobs. you look at something like the national federation and independent businesses, look at their optimism index, those guys have been pessimistic for six years. it's important because you don't get jobs created or companies started. we are not creating new businesses in this country, for the first time in 34 years we're losing more businesses than we're creating. that's a terrible data point. something incredibly important to the united states. charles: of course, tonight, tomorrow night. fox business, we're hosting the next republican debate and it's in charleston, south carolina. the first event is moderated by trish regan and sandra smith and later, kicks off at nine, moderated by neil cavuto and maria bartiromo.
9:41 am
and in the next hour, dr. ben carson is joining us. and what we're looking at plus 72. anxiety is always there at the open. in the meeblt, iran returns our sailors after capturing them and then president obama thinks that this deal with iran has been a huge success. and congresswoman mia love is joining us next. and congressman gomez is coming up in the 11:00 hour. we've got everyone talking about this thing. we'll be right back. ♪ hey now, hey now ♪ this weeks btv spotlight features
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>> look at that, guys. and oomph just wasn't there. the pre-market action sort of tripped us up a little bit. remember the first half hour to hour of trading has been extraordinarily privatal. it's been ugly the rest of the day. it's critical that somehow we hold up a little bit higher. the candidates took to social media to talk about the last night's state of the union as well. e-mack, a lot of fun tweets liz: twitter has become england's version of parliament. it's a full-time reality check when they're bounced in the speeches. not let's say a slam on president. donald trump what he treated in real-time in his reaction to the state of the union. one of the most boring, rambling, i've heard in a long time. new leadership fast. he also said it's really boring, slow, lethargic, hard to watch.
9:47 am
>> ted cruz, state of the union, more like a state of denial. we have hillary clinton weighing in, we can't let republicans rip away the president's progress and also we've got others as well weighing in, bernie sanders tonight's speech was important, not to be afraid of change, but to wield it to improve the lives of americans. but, you know, i'll tell you something, the funny ones came from dr. rand paul. he said, you know, i just yelled you lie really loud. good thing i wasn't there. [laughter] and he's weighing in, a lot of them are weighing in. charles: he's absent from a few things lately. hopefully not tomorrow. here is what the president had to say last night about our iranian deal. take a listen to this. >> we built a global coalition with sanctions and principled diplomacy to prevent a nuclear armed iran and as we speak, iran has rolled back its nuclear program, shipped out its uranium stock pile and the world has avoided another war. charles: he said that as ten americans sailors were still at
9:48 am
that moment held captive in iran. joining us now, congresswoman mia love. and republicans. and one little boat broke down, congresswoman and another boat came to help them iran seized both and held the sailors and still own these boats. i don't know, can we really trust iran? >> oh, my gosh, can we trust iran? can we trust the president? this president can ignore facts if it doesn't fit his narrative astounds me. he touts out this deal we immediate and how -- deal we made and how americans don't feel safer while we have the iranian regime holding onto 0 your sailors, he didn't mention it last night and didn't talk about it last night. how he was doing well and we need to stay the course, i'm telling you after dealing with these policies, after seven years, no one wants to stay the course. no one feels safer.
9:49 am
our economy is moving sluggishly at best. it's astonishing how he can ignore these facing our country. charles: it's not the oomph and the american growth that we've come to expect. you're introducing a bill, one subject hat a time bill. >> it's my attempt to change the environment here in washington. one of the things that frustrates me, the must-pass bills, you like parts of it and not other parts of it. this allows them to be more accountable to constituents. it clearly states that congress, any bill that congress enacts or brings to the floor has to deal with one subject and one subject only and the subject has to be clearly stated in the title. so that way the american people know exactly what we're voting on, they know exactly what is
9:50 am
in it and we can take it one subject at a time. and people can be held accountable for what they vote for and what they vote against. charles: i love that idea. it takes away that old washington d.c. back room, horse dealing kind of stuff that we never get a chance. >> that's right. charles: i love it, i love it. thank you very much for hopefully it will get through. this is what the american people need. true transparency. thanks a lot, we appreciate it. >> that's right, thank you. charles: and employees at a restaurant in new jersey think they've won the powerball. they got it wrong and their reaction was caught on tape. it's priceless. plus, first, ten more gitmo prisoners getting ready for the big transfer and some of them are about to be sent back to the middle east. judge andrew napolitano is on his way. he's next. ♪
9:51 am
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9:55 am
one quit the job. ashley: oh, no. >> really? >> wow. i'd done all three. anyway. [laughter] you've got a chance tonight, guys, give it another shot. now to this, the obama administration pledges to release more gitmo detainees in a transfer to the middle east, in an effort to shut it down. all rise, judge napolitano. you're not a fan of gitmo. >> i'm not a fan it's not recognized by the constitution. the president's view pleases, rand paul supporters, bernie sanders and even some ted cruz supporters in part because whenever the supreme court has reviewed what the government is trying to do in gitmo it's ruled against the government and forced them to treat these people with more normalcy, meaning, you can't hold them forever. you've got to share the evidence you have against them with them because the constitution requires it and you have to eventually put them on trial. and if you can't do that,
9:56 am
you've got to get them go. charles: how would you try them? a military tribunal or in a civilian cart, bringing them to new york city. >> i'm conflicted on this and i'll tell you why. the chief military prosecutor is a dear friend of mine and i have conferred and consulted with him and some of the fascinating legal issues involved and he has a superb, superb team of prosecutors and investigators, one of them is a former student of mine working with them and i know these people have a lot of respect for them. they're just the prosecution, not the system. the military system is far more cumbersome than the civilian system. in the 7th district of new york, federal prosecutors in manhattan, they simply don't loose these terrorism cases. they're prepared by resources to try them and they're prepared by security facilities to try them. i dare say if the gitmo people were brought here and tried,
9:57 am
they would have been fairly tried, fairly prosecuted, fairly convicted and the convictions upheld by the appeals court. charles: and what about those south there creaming, the resitsir recitivism is high, and that-- >> i don't know the criteria for him releasing them. he seems to be doing it under cover of darkness. if the military says there's no evidence to prosecute them there's no authority to detain them. charles: judge napolitano, i appreciate it. coming up next, my interview with dr. ben carson sharply criticizing president obama. >> he gave us a very good description of the world as he sees it or as he wishes it to be. he talks about, you know, unity and how to bring it about and yet, he has not really contributed to that. really has done just the
9:58 am
opposite. d, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. ..
9:59 am
10:00 am
charles: i am charles payne, inert and release ten american sailors held captive for 24 hours and our government thanks them. ambassador john bolton coming up. president obama plays down the isis thread during his state of the union speech. big day for oil up right now and a half hour from now we get some news that will move the oil markets and probably our stock market as well. all that and dr. ben fresen, our two of "varney and company" starts right now. want to get a check of the big board to give up their legal we were up 72 points. early indications were triple digit open starts this session. the price of oil 30 one dollars
10:01 am
and $0.50 trading in tandem the yesterday decoupled late rally for stocks, we will see how it goes, it will be one of those days i guarantee you. on the other hand another new low for twitter. want to look at that, under 20, fallen completely apart. they need new management a as 80. government motors starting to get some traction, taking market share and they have increased their dividend increase their buy back to $9 billion from $4 billion in fiscal year 16. microsoft costs and upgrade, they got an upgrade to confirm blue chip names, we went to get back to the price of oil, crude near at 12 year low. a growing number of states may have to raise taxes to make up for lost revenue. we talked about pros and cons, there are a lot of cons we probably should know about. liz: as the administration has tightened regulations on the oil
10:02 am
industry you are seeing a downturn, that they states they operate in, will producers operate in a have to raise state taxes. this is based on a new report out of the energy department's of what we are talking about is alaska, north dakota, west virginia, wyoming, six states are seeing such as the downturn there's a warning they have to raise taxes because when states forecasters, economic forecasters budget war say this money will be coming in and it doesn't attack figure runs dry even though they spend the money. alaska may reinstate the first time in 45 years. and downturn state -- charles: alaska shared the money. liz: they still do. they are going to reduce the dividend payout for the permanent fund and they got there.
10:03 am
charles: no turning back. we have breaking news, terror of arrests in germany. ashley: three men and one woman, a far right terror group, planning an attack, federal prosecutors say the four are accused of a terrorist organization that went by the name old school society, they plan to use explosives to attack refugee shelter. and to take place, something we are going to see more and more of with germany in the forefront of the problems with refugees. charles: don't forget this euros centric, part of that was about immigration and they are saying we told you so. to ten american sailors released by iran, ambassador john bolton joins us.
10:04 am
what does it say about the deal with iran? >> i don't think it says much at all. we look at the proposition the seizure has less to do with crews and more with the boats. this island is in the middle of the persian gulf, has an iranian revolutionary guard naval base on it, and intelligence gathering observation posts, observe them observing us. the intrusion into iranian territorial waters would be for iranians to say to our boats identify yourself, get out of fear, you are in the wrong place. the fact that they were seized and boats and crews brought to the island, the crew was separated from the boats, there was a lot of intelligence gathering going on by the iranians during that period and one could only guess what sensitive information they come away with. charles: they will just be large metal empty husk that once had a
10:05 am
bunch of information. similar incident in 2008, u.k. iran sees it. 13 days to get their sailors back and it marked the official decline of the once great empire. could this be a seminal moment in american history? >> there's a lot we don't know about, there are press reports that we apologize for this incident. even the iranian revolutionary guard said navigation equipment on one of the boats failed, you have to apologize for that. i don't understand how if the mechanics or the engine on one boat failed, it failed on the other boats at the same time. were both of them unable to reel back to their mother ship to say we have a problem here? i want to hear more once our people have been debriefed as to what happened because i don't think we are hearing the whole story.
10:06 am
the other story is the split within the iranian government. this was a revolutionary guard naval base, they are the people who control the ballistic missile program, the people who control the nuclear program and maybe this was their way of saying we can do as we please in the persian gulf. the implications of this incident are still out there and still growing. stuart: everyone is clamoring for more details, appreciate it. now let's listen to president obama and what he had to say about isis last night. roll tape. >> as we focus on destroying isil, the top claims that this is world war iii just played into their hands. they pose an enormous danger to civilians, they have to be stopped, but they do not threaten our national existence. charles: republican senator john grasso joins us now. president obama saying listen, this is not nazi germany, the old soviet union the we had that
10:07 am
long cold war with, we are overplaying the actual threat that isis has. the c oversimplifies this? >> i believe the president is living in a cocoon of self delusion. remember he described isis as a jayvee team. the american people believe very differently. i met yesterday with the king of jordan who had a map of the middle east and other places around to world where isis like a cancer has spread. i was in afghanistan for thanksgiving with wyoming national guard. isis is not in afghanistan. isis is on the move. the president doesn't have a plan to deal with them so he tries to downplay the truth threat that isis provides to the american people. people at home are very concerned about our national security and national safety. charles: president obama saying be cool, this is an ideological battle more than a physical on the ground battle and it will
10:08 am
take generationss. does that make it harder to defeat them? >> the president from the time he took office to right now has left america weaker. our enemies are getting stronger. it is not just isis. we are seeing it in iran, russia, north korea, you are seeing it in syria, you are seeing it around the world and i think it is because of the president's connection in some anyways and his reluctance to engage. people as talk to around wyoming and run the country know what we want, we want america to be the most powerful and respected nation on the face of the earth. today we continue to be the most powerful but i don't believe we are the most respected and it is because of the positions and actions of president obama. charles: we had this incident in philadelphia, san bernardino, we saw what happened in paris. do you think the reluctance of president obama to really go
10:09 am
after them, his notion that even claiming isis is powerful actually helps them. it feels in my mind and i think our audience, every single american a lot less safe. >> i agree with you. americans feel less safe. isis has a powerful recruiting effort on going, they have been very successful with that. they continue to be well funded and the attacks on even the oil reserves they are having have been very low-key by the president, just picked up in the last month since the terror attacks in paris. the president who has said we are doing everything we can, we now know that you're into that the president has not been doing everything we can. before the attack on the oil supply only picked up after vladimir putin of all people criticized what was going on. thank you very much. appreciate your time and this morning. >> still not answering questions about bill clinton's past.
10:10 am
>> you are and in a blur of bad behavior and sexual assault. >> i have no response. i will let him say whatever you wants to say. he can say what he wishes. charles: should she have to answer questions about bill's past? >> she should and she decided to bring him along on the campaign trail, it is fair game, and she has to answer for her role in silencing who refused her husband of sexual misconduct. wrote a story line of the other day title bill's war on women throughout the years, this has been going on, and then it definitely going to claim to be the champion of women, she should have an answer for and quite frankly is insulting when she makes statements about sexual assault and says everyone
10:11 am
should be believed when she had a direct role in silencing the accusers of her husband. this will be a huge issue especially when she calls republicans terrorists for their views on women and women's issues because she certainly, she and her husband are the war on women. charles: what do you make, we had a recent fox news poll asking who was more respectful to women, bill clinton or donald trump and bill clinton overwhelmingly came ahead of donald trump. in fact he had a higher rating among women. is this just the passage of time? how would you explain that? >> these questions that will continue to surface as the campaign continues i think bill's credibility is severely diminished. i know a lot of people like him, he was a very popular president but at the same time these are very serious allegations and if this is going to be a culture it is turning extremely progressive and incense of the fact that when sexual assault is brought up everyone should be believed and that is what our culture
10:12 am
says this doesn't look very good and i do think this is going to negatively impact her campaign down the road especially with women. we are seeing that with young women in predictable. they are not flocking to her campaign. they are turning more to people like barry sanders who are in the race and obviously running against her. at the same time when you look at donald trump, he has made some comments about women that are not favorable sometimes that he with women is doing pretty well ended depends what poll you look at the at the same time he is the one taking hillary to task on these issues when it comes to her war on women rhetoric. that is something to point out. charles: birdy sanders has me a huge move and scenes came just at the time questions about bill clinton's behavior toward women -- >> i think we can thank donald trump for that one. charles: president obama sounds like he is blaming everyone else for the problems in washington
10:13 am
for the past seven years. steve hayes on the divisiveness blame game right after the break. that.
10:14 am
10:15 am
10:16 am
10:17 am
10:18 am
10:19 am
constantly demonizes opponents. so often he did on the public stage like a million addresses scalding the supreme court, political rivals, anyone to disagree with them, and last night he was peacemaker in chief. thanks a lot. now to this, st. louis rams going back to l.a.. what about that? charles: the second biggest tv market in the country, the nfl doing great, absolute juggernaut but to get at team back in l.a. after 20 years, the nfl believes in their best interests, st. louis by the way is the great sports town but the rams will get a $3 billion arena that will be a stadium that will be state of the art. it will be the future, you could say come yahoo! glass enclosed, by the way, san diego chargers
10:20 am
have a first option to share this with rams, if they turned that down, the oakland raiders could come back -- liz: will they get these and turnout? rededicate it fan base. ashley: not a great sports town. charles: you could use it as a new corporate headquarters. the power ball back on $1.5 billion. and the jackpot could grow even more. more varney next. we live in a pick and choose world.
10:21 am
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10:24 am
choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number, and the lowest prices of the season. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store... find the lowest prices of the season, going on now. save $600 on the #1 rated i8 bed. know better sleep with sleep number. charles: uber raising a bunch of money. liz: $7 billion, uber has a go of it facing stiff competition
10:25 am
from a similar ride sharing service backed by ali baba and $0.10. their valuation is veering toward $70 billion more than gm or ford or lockheed martin's so uber is still going strong. charles: they say that is their biggest market. liz: their hottest most competitive market for ridesharing china. charles: to the power ball tonight's drawing a one$.5 billion, rick leventhal is in hoboken, new jersey. tell us about those lines and the feverish mad dash for new riches. >> reporter: the largest lottery jackpot in the history of the world and you are not going to win. you could buy a thousand tickets and you are not going to win. there will be -- someone might win and someone might not win. the odds go up because so many people are playing, they are selling 20 million tickets an hour, almost 400,000 tickets a minute at peak times in some
10:26 am
locations. that means there could be a winner and there has been a winner for 9 consecutive drawings and that is what jackpot is so high but the odds of being america's neck billionaire are 292 million to one. you are more likely to get hit by an asteroid. but you might as well buy a ticket. >> spending $2 on a piece of paper and that exhilaration when they are calling the numbers, there's one and there's another one -- for that moment of divine hope for two dollars and you can't buy anything else for $2. >> actually hear you can get a quarter pound big bite so you can get something for $2. charles: that helps me rationalize it even more. i spend more money on bad movies. i want to ask you, talking about the of the winners but where is the cash going? you could and one$.5 billion, where does the rest of this
10:27 am
money go? >> reporter: percentage of sales of the lottery tickets goes to charitable organizations, states give that money to charity and education, new jersey last year gave out $960 million last year alone in lottery sales lose some could go to a good cause but most of it goes into the state coffers and inert pocke their pd not in ours. charles: if you don't see me sitting here tomorrow you know somebody won. liz: we will be tracking you down. charles: hillary clinton's latest tax plan sounds like tax the rich. we heard it before, huge move to the left as barry sanders -- bernie sanders narrows the lead, in some polls is ahead of her. i and new hampshire.
10:28 am
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>> all fizzling again. we were up big. jeff flock at the sees what are the numbers? jeff: sort of splitting the numbers. the expert patients to build on 2.5 million barrels. the number is 234,000. a much smaller bill then yesterday. we had a draw of 3.9 million. not as good as expectations. $0.60 in the last minute. we were up about $0.80, $0.88. we are now up $0.24. this is not good.
10:32 am
gasoline also a big build. >> give me gasoline. what was the estimate for gasoline? >> the estimate was 2.7 million. a build of 8.4 million. >> 1.9 with the survey. the actual numbers were 6.1 million. we are still dropping now. now we are almost even on the day. we are now down six exactly. >> thanks a lot. really appreciate it. we have so much gasoline. it is cheap. there is no demand for it. the stock market is going along for the ride. we have another breaking story. general electric is moving to
10:33 am
boston. >> the headquarters there are in central connecticut. we know how high the taxes are in connecticut. they are moving to boston. they will get tax credits. a big win for the city of boston. >> charliecharlie gasparino pred that they move on to connecticut. here is what he had to say about those that doubted this economic recovery. >> anyone claiming that america's economy is in decline is battling fiction. [cheering and applause] what is true, and the reason that a lot of americans feel anxious, is that the economy has been changing in profound ways. charles: two former economic adviser to president obama's administration, you said on this
10:34 am
program that this recovery is not as strong as it could be. we know that this is not an american recovery. is it safe to say that the president should be talking more safely about this. >> no. look. did you listen to the state of the union? he said anybody saying we are in the client is peddling fiction. you are totally right about that. you could be talking about the fact that we are at a record low for new job creation. one of the most honest aspects of the job report. it has dropped precipitously
10:35 am
under president obama. >> during the recession. now it has been coming back. do not be misleading in that way. charles: just taking the wrong numbers. >> charles, give me a break. we are not a long-term decline. we have been making progress. a series where we need to do more work. argue that we are headed down. it clearly is not supported either fax. >> the session began to now. charles: beyond this. no matter how you want to quibble about this, we both look at data. all the numbers.
10:36 am
i knew i was coming up and had to be straight with these numbers. we have to be straight with the american public as well. >> it is now about only average. the first years of the recovery were worse than average. we have bubble and pop. kind of in the spirit of what the president is saying. the economy is changing and pretty profound ways. we cannot go back to what we were doing before. i agree. we want to get the growth rate up higher, for sure. come to the studio. well said. see you later. hillary clinton launching her own tax plan.
10:37 am
going after the rich, of course. maybe this is the reason. look at these numbers. showing it subliminally ahead of bernie sanders. another fox news poll. meghan mccain is here. a surcharge. because you were successful. that is what we do in america. you will go to the american public. it is a very good chance she could lose in iowa and new hampshire. the nominees in the democratic party. i would have thought you were crazy. i think it might happen.
10:38 am
>> bernie sanders pulls almost better. we cannot dismiss this. i think hillary made a break on that. what president obama sold last night. people do buy that. individual circumstances are bad. they get to say it is bad because of them. >> i agree. there is no denying how popular it is with a lot of different people. you have joe biden saying she is not really a person that cares about equality. bernie sanders is not popular right now. liz: awol at the president's state of the union. we debated him on this already. federal debt. money printing up kid health insurance costs going up. wages going down.
10:39 am
median family income going down. >> it just is not the america that we know. the democrats place playing better. they are really good at that. >> packaging himself really well. i think once you get down to the american public, it may not look so great. >> thanks a lot, megan. we are looking at these since -- sin stocks. poison stocks. >> we are very long in a old market. we have weakening global growth. we have a number of headwinds picking up for the market. more stable. typically less volatile. they are attractive.
10:40 am
consumer staples is an area that we like quite a bit. taking a look at the stocks that are there. charles: one of the names that you like also is pepsi. >> correct. those powerball tickets. they should be able to do pretty well. looking forward to next year. dividend growth. about 9%. terms of growth over the last three years. 50% less volatile than the overall stock market. >> widow and orphan stocks. something interesting about that. russell simmons. he is walking into the studio right now. one very big issue. right after this. ♪
10:41 am
10:42 am
nicole: i am nicole petallides with your fox business brief. over 4%. the latest eia report. the huge bill was really in gasoline.
10:43 am
with that, a big move to the upside. new lows for a few of these names. including marathon. transocean down. almost 3% today. general electric announcing a headquarter move from boston to fairfield group. dropping below $19. 1868. start your day on fox business. lauren simonetti. we've got you covered. ♪ because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients... ...who've had no prior treatment. it's the one and only cure that's... pill, once a day for 12 weeks.
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10:45 am
charles: to the special guest. russell simmons. welcome to the program. we will talk about, well, you say the book is politics. >> let me say this. the reason i read your book is we have three times the amount of heart disease. three times the amount of diabetes. we have so many instances of cancer in america.
10:46 am
it is illegal to put this amount of antibiotics, growth hormones and australia, germany. besides destroying the planet and making it uninhabitable. global warming. we are supported, our government is supported. $30 billion. >> cheap need. destroying the plant and poisoning the people. it is fact. charles: let me just jump in for one second. i think that that has been refuted. having said that -- >> there is no global warming either, is there? charles: that is a republican idea.
10:47 am
i will say no. i'll also say, what part of a person's health is your responsibility? >> i did not talk about the compassion. 100 billion annual's. rebuild these. charles: a person becoming a vegetarian or vegan. improving their life. is it some sort of diatribe against the way we treat the planet and the earth. i learned a lot about the health issues. how much carcinogenic.
10:48 am
the barbecue beef. twenty-six. charles: what about the notion that people do have a right. >> 20 cigarettes a day? don't they have a right to eat what they want. they don't know what they are eating. >> my company or myself. you can put it on tv. you can do whatever you want. a place where they make fd. you are going to jail. >> they want your government. >> ben carson is coming up next. he may have had a similar thing to say.doing re [laughter] it was
10:49 am
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10:52 am
>> now we have a very special guest for you. doctor ben carson. charles: it is great to see you. president obama. taking somewhat of a victory lap. what could we get wrong. a description with the world as he sees it.
10:53 am
almost everything. it could be talked about in a very different way. talking about unity and how to bring it about. he has not really contributed to that. really done quite the opposite. cutting the unemployment rate in half. at the lowest state in 38 years. the american people are so concerned about it. unity, is there something to that? not saying it has been accomplished under president obama. almost every poll says the exact
10:54 am
opposite. more against each other as a nation that we have been in decades. >> the best place from which to talk about those things that bring us together. rather than the things that divide us. there are a lot of things that we have in common. it really close the door. it is the way things were intended. he really does not have relationships with the democrats. >> i want to ask you a little bit about your campaign.
10:55 am
it feels like from the outside looking in, serious disarray. it is not in disarray at all. higher than it has ever been. communications were not what they were. relationship with the press is not what it should be. a whole host of things that were incorrect. we brought in what we need in order to fix that. some were entrenched in the way of doing things. obviously, did not feel comfortable. that is okay. they are incredibly happy. >> it feels like the clock is ticking. the numbers have come down. do you have enough time to turn this around?
10:56 am
reintroduce your self and reclaim the magic. >> i do think so. we have been in iowa several days in the last couple of weeks. overflow crowds. having to do double events in three cases. hundreds of people who could not get him. we just did not want to ignore them. that shows that there are some things beginning to happen. as a get closer to d-day, people are actually starting to listen to what is being said rather than listen to the misinterpretations that are sometimes intentional. really do not want to see the change in america that the people are seeing. >> the majority of voters in iowa and new hampshire and other places, do not make up their minds until days before the election.
10:57 am
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11:00 am
>> i am charles payne in for stuart varney. new images detained by iran. the obama administration taking the iranians. also. there is president obama saying that anyone critical of this economic policy peddling fiction. we are here to set that record straight. $1.5 billion. will we get a winner tonight? the third hour of varney starts right now. ♪
11:01 am
is it happening again? it should have been a big rally. not happening. the market is off of its lows of the day. about a half an hour ago. it took everything. the big news now. a huge bill and gasoline. where is the demand. all of this gasoline piling up. we are almost flat. trying to break through earlier. it looks like oil and stocks are moving. late in the session. we have this separation. maybe it was sort of a reflection point for stocks. not so. >> oil will not really find the bottom until you see a consolidation in that space.
11:02 am
having a lot of risk because of the energy sec error. unfortunately, until oil finds out bottom, you will see a tremendous amount of volatility. it will follow oil in the short term until we find out bottom. again, we will not find out bottom until we see consolidation. charles: getting hit pretty good today. >> amazon. talking about it last time i was on the show. one of the best performers last year. long-term, for that stock, when you look at that space, no one can come to you with a product that they have. capturing more and more market share. i think it would be hard for us to find a company better than amazon. >> $20 a barrel. you still like exxon mobil.
11:03 am
>> yes. one thing that our job is we are not day trading on a day to day basis. we look for opportunities. we are looking three-five years out. you'll never hit the bottom at the exact bottom point. they have taken a beating. they can cover their dividends. by them all the way down. you will not hit the exact bottom. i think if you do that, you will be rewarded long-term as an investor. >> you can almost argue it has a double bottom. under 100, over 100. >> one of the biggest things that i really liked about apple was the amount of cash that they had feared a company that has that amount of cash can be very creative from a business
11:04 am
perspective. i think they will do the company stock continuing to drop. you may find them buying through smaller technology companies to help boost their smaller business. tried to aggressively grow in china to help their space. i like the idea that they have so much cash on their balance sheets. charles: may be in large acquisitions. karl icahn will just force the government to bring it all back home. all right. thanks a lot. we appreciate it. our so-called partners. they held them for nearly 24 hours. in response -- to hear the president talk about iran last night. he does not think that there is a problem. congressman, can we or should we even attempt to trust iran? >> no.
11:05 am
[laughter] this is a country that has never been trustworthy. they do not keep agreements. some of the muslim leaders in the middle east. these guys have been at war since 1979. how do you not get that? they cannot be trusted. they have been running this administrations knows that it did untruthfulness. they do not even sign the deals, charles. this taking of these american sailors is, it is a bonanza, media wise, four iran. this shows the world, and it will, this president, even when they improperly taken hold our soldiers and have their hands behind their heads, this president still sucks up to those that ms. treats america. it is a terrible message.
11:06 am
>> we have seen the saber rattling between saudi arabia and iran. some are now predict and that maybe it will be a competition. some sort of military confrontation. can they count on us to have their back? >> no. that is something the president said in his speech. when it cos to important international issues, do not look to beijing or moscow. they call us. he used to be right about that. under this president, you had airstrikes in libya. egypt and other allies not even telling washington they cannot trust them. that message is made clear.
11:07 am
that is a figment of his or somebody's imagination. on the house floor, somebody who has been elected. i know the president would not like to violate the house rules. whoever wrote that speech for hampshire was lying. charles: or found a real obscure survey. it feels like we're doing barely enough with isis do what it takes to win the peace outside of this country. >> the lesson of vietnam was not what he said last night. if you are going to commit america men and women in harms
11:08 am
way, you give him everything you need to win and then bring him home. that is why in afghanistan, after the war is over, we lost the rivalry on 500 military men and women. under commander in chief obama. we have lost three or four more times. he does not give our people what they need to win. the message needs to be made clear. maybe not in the next 11 months. we will have leaders that will stand up and keep our word. use what we need to win. you can count on it. it will just be a little while before it happens.
11:09 am
senior director. arakawa. it will not go away. as soon as hillary clinton addresses this. better for a campaign. >> right now there are two parallel elections. persuaded by this. looking to persuade between her and bernie sanders. millennial's, the clinton scandals really are not a part of their clinical identity. first things first. >> here is a thing. we will have to engage on it. even millennial's. seen from time to time. what is this bill clinton thing.
11:10 am
who are these women. something a lot larger. >> i also think it shows the way modern elections really are. you do not have the persuadable swing voters away we used to. >> fewer people identify with the democrats. siewert even with the gop. is it really about the independent voter these days? >> i think it is about making sure that your voters show up. they help suppress supporters from actually showing up. here is someone, you do not vote that regularly. maybe you just do something else. you will vote for hillary no matter what.
11:11 am
negative attacks really start taking on a different role in campaign. i think that is a lot of what she is thinking. i think it kind of takes the emotion out of it. thinking strategically. charles: that that is sort of a prophetic indictment on the american public. >> i agree with you. i wish we were a little bit better. president obama blames congress and other politicians. do not vote for donald trump. we will go to washington next. making money with me, charles payne. all the things that make your life better. sometimes. [laughter]
11:12 am
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11:14 am
>> checked the price of the. lord first. two indications we could open. we are hanging in there, but by
11:15 am
a thread right now. the st. louis rams are moving back to los angeles. fox news is with us with the details. they are out there partying. they have the pom-poms in the confetti. >> yes. we are pretty excited. l.a. wins. st. louis loses. the rams left l.a. for st. louis. charles: why? that is the question. a lot of rabid sports fans. they supported the team. why go back to lala land? it does not take the l.a. fan base that serious. >> several things. you loaded it there.
11:16 am
we support the lakers. the clippers. the dodgers. ucla. usc. they do have a fan base. hosting the 32 olympics, i think. the guy responsible for this is stan krohn k. now the most hated man in st. louis. he is worth about $7 billion. he can increase the value of his franchise by moving to los angeles. i don't know if you solve a saw the stadium that he is proposing. you get that feeling, you know, of being in the open air. i know you do not have that exactly where you are at. they voted 30-two to move the franchise to l.a. finally, last thing.
11:17 am
the chargers that have abandoned san diego have the option of joining the rams in l.a. and sharing that new stadium or going back to san diego. or, oakland can move into l.a. they are technically homeless. they are also in a 52-year-old stadium. they could try to go to london, toronto, portland. charles: i have to come out there soon. >> okay mr. fairweather fan. >> the san antonio raiders. i just don't think that works for me. divided congress.
11:18 am
i asked stephen hayes about this earlier. this is what he had to say. >> no recognition. he not only played a role, i would argue that the main cause of that division, despite the fact that he promised in 2004 to hand it did this president has a lot to answer for. >> special report host. you know, i saw you commentating on the state of the union last night after it was over with. this sort of rubbed people the wrong way. the president distancing himself. many people say he is the one who has been stirring the pot. >> you do not even have to look far. the gop candidates and the gop before getting to that line. he regrets that washington has not come together.
11:19 am
there are many examples about this administration, it you know, stirring the pot with republicans. calling them names. most recently the opponents of the iran nuclear deal. compared to the iranian hardliners. i think that there is a little bit of a difference here. they never use this position for arrivals. i really focus on the two-party eve all thing. the media trash them. any kind of thing make them pay negatively. not once did president obama ever come out and say we have a right to speak.
11:20 am
we have allowed a certain sort of faster. lack of words when they were critically needed. >> democrats on capitol hill will say that outreach over 17 years. it has not been that great. i think you are going to see over the next few months a real interesting development. speaker ryan said he thinks that the president will try to bait the gop into fights on specific issues to taint the parties like angry reactionaries to play off of it and set up, you know, a battle that lays the markers. in interesting take. that is what the speaker of the house said. >> to the republicans in the race. do not follow through. you know, listen. it looks like maybe they might.
11:21 am
the tone on the gop side has been a little harsh. >> it was remarkable to hear a republican response to the state of the union. saying that, you know, the loudest voice in the room is not always the best. kind of playing the lame the way for republicans to win the general election. that is not well-received on talk radio. i think that you have this split in the republican party. the president will try to divide the gop. >> always the same thing. you can be not politically correct and civil about it as well. thanks a lot. really appreciate it. >> a teenager gets a hold of his father's credit cards. my son did this, as a matter of fact.
11:22 am
this one spent $5000 on a videogame. we will be right back after this. ♪ [vet] two yearly physicals down. martha and mildred are good to go. here's your invoice, ladies. a few stops later, and it looks like big ollie is on the mend.
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11:26 am
they could figure out a way to explain the value. maybe it goes up. market share for over a year. now they are increasing their dividends. they have upped their four-year forecasts. should probably be up a lot more. i know somewhere stuart varney will be. only reason we are not down a lot more. ashley, his dad found nearly 8000. ashley: you will love this story. 17-year-old son. the soccer game. he started buying in game purchases. he started to wrap it up. these features are still there. charles: he did not know. >> he did not know.
11:27 am
no more xbox ones or what ever it is in the house. charles: my son hit me up for so much money. i am embarrassed to say how much. on uber. new jersey has gotten rid of their corporal punishment law. they really have truth after all. we have the full story for you next. ♪
11:28 am
.. note
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11:31 am
charles: real quick check market down theory. oil was up over 31, almost 32 committed full back in tandem. secretary of state john kerry speaking, take a listen to this. >> i want to thank but iranian authorities for their cooperation and quick response. these are all we situation which everyone here knows have an ability if not properly guided to get out of control. i am appreciative for the quick and appropriate response of the
11:32 am
iranian authorities. charles: like the slobbering love affair. pete, it gets out of control, it they should probably have taken two votes and ten salus captive in the press place. >> they have taken as a as a news them for propaganda, there are photos and videos circulating, they put a head scarf, but female sailor. they are circulating on state tv, propaganda of the american surrendering to iran. the prime minister of iran or others can say what they want to john kerry and john kerry laps it ought and here is what he wants to hear but they're using this as an opportunity to expose that americans are not strong, willing to surrender and back down. charles: they dealt with the obama administration who wanted this nuclear deal so bad they should their hand, there was -- great world series poker kind of stuff, they wanted a deal so bad that iran had an overall deal. >> they can do whatever they
11:33 am
want, sanctions and coming soon, they're willing to do this in the face of a deadline where they get the resources they want, iran from sanctions, they know there are no consequences. and before they fired a missile at us. they were not supposed to do and we are saying give them a pass. >> free pass, free pass because we want that deal because barack obama want that a legacy. talk about engagement, engage in when you look feckless enfeeble is not good engage in. i would rather have leadership and strength and engage in. charles: let's talk about something else. the s and p, san bernardino, paris, turkey, killed in the name of isis, last night at state of the union address president obama says, quote, they do not threaten our national existence. >> he is talking and existentialist read. he must be referring to the terror army of isis is incapable of taking over america but are they not seeking weapons that could create mass destruction with a chemical, biological,
11:34 am
nuclear, and the m p, they want those capabilities, they would like to white america off the map just like is to let anyone else deemed an infidel. are they an immediate existential threat to give maybe not but are they a gathering threat that could become one? absolutely. the american people are worried because this president downplays that at every step as opposed to ratcheting up what needs to be done. charles: the nazis never invaded america, the cold war with russia was the cold war with the soviet union but we have had attackeds in america with an bernardine no, fort hood, philadelphia, we are seeing people in this country commit murder in the name of isis. >> in numbers i don't think the general public understands. over 100 folks have been detained for plotting attacks in the name of isis since the group started. we saw san bernardino, we have seen isolated incidents but there have been hundreds of others thwarted by intelligence work, they want to gather, they
11:35 am
want to hit us, they want larger and bigger, they believe it is an apocalyptic battle. charles: the president saying when we talk about isis wimbledon and empowered them. it would be the exact opposite. inability to called radical islam and to attack them which one do you think is emboldening them? >> wimbledon them when we ignore the nature of who they are and what they represent and he has done that every step, the next president will be handed a worse problem set. charles: from the new york times the government will start tracking secret buyers of luxury real-estate in new york city and miami. what is this about? cheryl: the treasury sought under york times profile that should many luxury properties being sold in manhattan and florida and los angeles were actually by shell companies they believed were covering up people being investigated by the u.s. government.
11:36 am
let me give you some examples, russian senators, businessman talking to the prime minister of malaysia, all these people investigated by the u.s. government for crimes but they are using their money to hide it in u.s. luxury real-estate. the treasury is going to have access to all of that. the experiment will be next year from march until september or so to see who they find in their investigation. charles: is there a certain price threshold? cheryl: will go to the title company. i can be the broker on a $5 million apartment in time warner center in manhattan. what they are doing with people in other countries, add the title to layer upon layer shell corporation, larry complex but to hide money end i want to say if successful by the treasury department they will expand it.
11:37 am
it is $5 million in new york and $2 million in miami is where they start for the threshold which is nothing to be honest. charles: we just build a 100 story residential tower in park avenue. i get what they are trying to do but i wonder if they will the real one of the hottest areas of the economy. cheryl: the real-estate industry will freak out about this and could get their lawyers involved. charles: back to politics president obama says anyone who is critical of his record on the economy is, quote, paddling fiction. juan williams is here. i had this conversation with austan goolsbee earlier today. i tried to lay down a few facts, not fiction, wages are lower, business start ups at the lowest point ever and the population ratio has plummeted, job participation plummeted, food stamps through the roof, to say that the economy is not in decline, precision portions of it would be factually incorrect.
11:38 am
>> you are cherry picking or in this case became rotten fruit and say here is the case. if you look at the reality, 5% unemployment. you can talk about what is the labor force participation? that will take us into who is retiring, let me finish my case. charles: we don't have to talk about it now. >> your viewers know unemployment, they know labor force participation is that makes sense, the rest of it is lost on people. charles: you are asking people to ignore facts? >> i asking you to the attention to affect. 5% unemployment by anybody's measure -- charles: people dropped out of the work force. >> some are retiring, choosing not to work. charles: over 55 and a job participation is almost double,
11:39 am
young people are dropping out of the workforce, giving up on the american dream. >> young people and older people who choose to retire. charles: tell me that. >> 14 million more jobs created in this recovery is pretty good. i would say 17 million more people having held insurance is good news. median household income back to the deck it was before the recession began, good news. i would say good news that the auto industry had a record year last year. i would say it is record news about gas prices in this country. good economics too. charles: an hour ago we had inventory numbers come up and gas went down again. there is no demand for it, gasoline is piling up in tanks, people don't have jobs to drive to or places to go more money to spend. let me tell you something. there is a point, crude or anything, supply and demand and
11:40 am
the demands part is a problem one. the number one thing everyone thinks about is wages. people are not, their wages are down. wages are down. >> wages are not increasing, you don't see employers offering big increases but what you see is median household family income back to the point. it is on matter of how quickly is the economy recovering? if your case is this is a slow recovery charles is right. charles: there are enough pockets in this so-called recovery that is not recovering, too many things decline since january of 2009. by the way the national association of counties said 93% of counties have not fully recovered. "cavuto coast to coast" >> on want you to the pro america. i want you to say this is the greatest economy on earth. >> it is the greatest economy in the world but we are diminishing rapidly. that makes me afraid. particularly my kids and grandkids the power ball biggest jackpot ever, won't bail us out but not one$.5 billion, more on
11:41 am
that, i bet you juan williams will buy a couple tickets. >> have to give them to charles. we need to find out who's the best man or woman for this job. these candidates will come out swing. they have nothing to lose and everything to gain. >> the number one concern is national security. >> you can't have a thriving economy unless people feel safe. >> when i was moderating the last debate i found myself in the moment really wanting these candidates to personalize their answers. this is their opportunity to distinguish themselves from each other. how do you get them to say something more about something?
11:42 am
this debate is about the questions america needs answered. this is going to be the debate the matter is the most. >> what the gop debate thursday starting at 6:00 on fox business network or catch our live stream on new york ste believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at
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11:44 am
numbers and gasoline pushed oil negative but right now back in the green, dow is down 51 and the s&p down 5, looking at oil at the moment, you see it at 3058, dow movers include microsoft leading the way and under pressure on the dow jones industrial average down 1.5% including home depot and wal-mart legions of auto sector we watch general motors and ford losing stock repurchasing and announce last year by 80%. in the meantime the cfo of ford saying buyback plans are not in the cards but actually up to reward shareholders of a 25% dividend payment instead, a mixed bag, gm hire, ford pulling back, start your day on fox business at 5:00, "fbn a.m.," all the breaking news you need. you both have a perfect driving record. perfect. no tickets. no accidents. that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no.
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11:46 am
charles: president obama making a bold statement giving joe biden a very important objective, curing cancer. will take. >> i'm putting show in charge of mission control. for the loved ones we have all lost, for the families we can still save, let's make america the country did cures cancer once and for all. what do you say? charles: we have some brilliant people behind us, one of the producers of that and was reminded of an episode of the
11:47 am
west wing from years ago. listen to this. >> i announce to you tonight that i will bring the full resources of the federal government and the full reach of my office to this fundamental goal. we will cure cancer by the end of this decade. charles: sounds -- it was. this line has been grandfathered. >> the state of the union, the president's last is echoing the west wing, god knows when that show was on. little sad that that is all he could come up with. ashley: got to give him some sort of recognition for what he is going for and why not your cancer? he did not steal it from the west wing. cheryl: obviously there's a connection. at the same time, where was the speech four, eight years ago as we all laughed loved ones to cancer.
11:48 am
charles: a medical device tax and hillary clinton said she will go after drug abuse there won't be a lot of money to do that. cheryl: you need are indeed to cure cancer and crushing drug companies, won't happen. charles: don't know about you guys but i think i got a shot at winning the record-breaking power ball. my next question, which i do legally once i stop my happy dance? judge andrew napolitano. judge napolitano: if i won the lottery would be one of the first people i would call for advice what to do with the money but there are legal questions as well so somebody wakes up thursday morning and the government is knocking on their door saying we have a check in your name for $988 million, what are you going to do with it? you are going to talk to lawyers and get prudent medical advice and talk to someone about literally where would you put the money, my cellphone, i have never been confronted with that issue or had a client come to me with an issue like that but
11:49 am
obviously a person -- lawyers and financial advisers need some desperate help. charles: a lot of people including myself would be so paranoid i would not know what lawyer to go to. i trust you but the average person out there doesn't have anyone they know in the legal profession. is it good to go to four separate lawyers -- judge napolitano: is good to get a second or third opinion. most gold letters yet unique situation like that, even white-collar criminal case, here's the defense bashar al-assad would use, go to somebody else and run these facts and see if they agree. what should i do with $988 million? would you tell me to seek someone else's advice as well as yours because this is so extraordinary? charles: you don't have to take any risk, you just need to get a few dividendss and the rest of
11:50 am
your life, cure cancer and do all the things -- you love reading books, and some libraries, the one in dublin. that was a bunch. i would also want -- and almost every state, the bill you won. judge napolitano: constitutional issue. how is it the state can force you to reveal to the public that you received this. the money was not coming from the state somehow can the state force you to reveal it. charles: potential leaders, what the party and legal team. up next, voter reaction to president obama's final state of
11:51 am
the union and a programming reminder, the fox business network we got the republican debate, now we kick off at 6:00 p.m. eastern time by trish regan and sandra smith and the main event at 9:00 p.m. hosted by neil cavuto and maria bartiroma, you cannot miss it, tune in. of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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charles: i warned you this might happen once the rally faded. it happened every day, in the script, 2016, the market falls completely apart, lows of the session in part because the big rally in oil has faded. you see now what $0.14. i want you to check this out. we have some real time voter reaction to president obama's in the union address. in a few seconds watch the screen. democrat respond in. republicans in red and independents in yellow. the first clippers on iran. will it. >> that is why we built a global coalition with sanctions and principal diplomacy to prevent a nuclear armed iran and as we speak iran has rolled back its nuclear program, shipped out its uranium stockpile and the world has avoided another war. stuart: b. carter, what is that saying? democrats were happy with it? >> democrats went off the charts which republicans are all the
11:56 am
way down. none of that is surprising. what is surprising to me is how independents reacted, they were right in the middle and talk about iran, the reason is people are saying we have ten soldiers that were just taken today, how can you say this is such a great thing? we had some resolution today but people i saying why are you bragging about this? i want to know what is really going on so that did not do so well for us. charles: another clip, the present discussing his plan for the coming year. >> protecting our kids from gun violence. equal pay for = work. paid leave. raising the minimum wage. [applause] >> all these things still matter to hard-working families, still the right thing to do. four one of the spot with saw obama the sans and that sort of
11:57 am
little speechy in the church pulpit and everyone standing up and -- >> blue dial off the charts, read could have been more but independents square in the middle. they didn't know what to make, the thing they said to me was national security is my number one concern. economy is second and you rattled off a bunch of things in the middle that didn't hit what i care about most. that was unfortunate. before there was one point when everyone stood up, talk about our troops, was that reflected? >> the one moment everybody agreed independents, republicans and democrats, said we're going to come together behind our troops and make this. charles: more varney after this.
11:58 am
11:59 am
>> can we trust the president? the fact this president can
12:00 pm
ignore fact last bit of it doesn't fit his knowledge is astonishing to me. he kowtowed this deal we made and how we're better off yet americans don't feel safer and while these talking about this, we have not iranian regime holding on to our sailors. charles: neil cavuto, take away. neil: if you could work as a little harder i would get a little annoyed. thank you very much. about the markets in and out of session lows. oil and out of 13 year lows, add it up and get concerns about the recovery the president was pumping last night. a lot depends on how these candidates gathering here in charleston, south carolina, did big debate on the fox business network. how they portray what the president portrays? suffice it to say they do not see eye to eye when it comes to the pace of this recovery or whether it could be sputtering out.


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