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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  January 13, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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iranians to secure release of 10 navy sailors in the gulf. melissa: that situation is a mess. [closing bell rings] dow down 363 points as the bells sound on wall street. look at crude oil. back above 30. crude on the back of inventor data that showed a build in distillate and build in refiber-opticked product. not much demand for crude oil as it continues slide. let's go to lori rothman on floor of new york stock exchange on what fueled the selloff. lori. >> wow we survived. couldn't come too soon, melissa. we had a little panic. people coming over to the fox business booth. have you heard of financial firms or hedge funds? keep an eye on headlines after the bell. we get a lot of news. flight to safety. saw on the board price of gold up first time in several
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sessions. gain of $9 an ounce. broad based selloff today. along with consumer discretionary claims. we'll hear from jpmorgan. latest earnings before the bell. fed beige book, financials real sensitive to anything out of interest rates. ge this, was a story stock. a lot of news about the headquarters being moved from connecticut to massachusetts, to boston of the shares down 1 1/2%. word of 6500 layoffs by ge in europe. a lot of concern about that. again global growth story. in terms of biggest moves individually. netflix and amazon what is fascinating, what are best performers in 2015. today netflix gave up almost 9%. 8 1/2% or $10 per share. bringing it to 10dollars and change. amazon another loser, off 6%.
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a broad-based selloff. we'll see where we start tomorrow. urge suspects, right? china and oil killing us. melissa: lori, thank you so much. david. david: nasdaq as you can see woos down 3 1/2%. other people looking at oil. some blaming brent crude for today's big selloff. at least trigger for it. phil flynn of price futures group, fox business contributor at the cme. phil, what happened with brent? >> when brent crude, there is two major issues we're looking at. one is iran and one is libya, believe it or not. after the u.s. apologized allegedly for this iranian incident, the expectation we'll see iranian crude very shortly, next week maybe. that quickly. so that put downward pressure on that. at same time libya talking about a coalition government to work together to stop the fighting and get oil exports going. they feel that they can get some
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kind of a deal and raise exports 1.2 million barrels. that is what gave brent additional downside pressure. wti of course had its own issues after the energy information administration reported that we have a record amount of supplies of everything oil. that's right. crude oil, distillates. put it all together, we have more than we ever had before. david: how you get from oil in the nasdaq down 3 1/2%. it is a lot of down arrows. thank you very much, phil. melissa. melissa: here to weigh in, leif fidel american wealth management. scott martin, and gary kaltbaum, caught obama capital management and fox news contributors. sort this out for me. scott wren what happens tomorrow? >> the reasons we sold off today are no different than what we've seen in most of the last 12 months. it's oil, cheers about china and panic selling setting in. for me the fundamentals they
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haven't changed. just think december 2nd we were within shouting distance of a record high on the s&p 500. you're tilling me that six weeks later fundamentals have changed? they have not changed. i think this is overreaction. melissa: is it overreaction, gary, or reality of the situation setting in that the market was built on false principles what is going on with federal reserve? look at data, at low of the session we were down 1300 points for the dow so far this year. still second week in january. what do you make of it, gary? >> for me price is reality. i don't look at things as under or overreaction. i am a huge believer market is flushing out recession going forward. you will see minus one and minus 2% gdp come middle. year. melissa: let me stop you. you're saying it is predicting recession by middle. year. >> telegraphing and forecasting recession. if not, it will cause recession
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because i believe the economy is held up by higher asset prices. look, this did not come out of nowhere. you have had bear markets start in summer of '14 with commodities, sweep across many sectors throughout 2015. this is major indices playing catch-up with what the average stock and sector were already doing. this is classic textbook topping out of big bull market of seven years. melissa: that's bleak. do you agree with that? >> well let's take a little bit more of micro look what is going on in the market. do was very difficult day. continued to push lower. it was tough but you know in reality where we're at today on price is, stock market or let's take a look at the s&p 500, is down nearly three standard deviations below the 200-day moving average. last time we saw that end of last year. it is really getting stretched to the downside in the short term. look at some breadth indicators. mcclellan oscillator negative 270. again extremely low. could have pushed lower? absolutely.
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melissa: break that down into regular terms for anybody out there who may not be a chartist. do you think that that means we're at a bottom or at the low or means we'll break down into new territory and this market is really falling apart? >> we certainly could break down into slightly lower territory but i think probability is getting extremely high market is set up for snapback rally. melissa: cot wren, what do you think of that? >> i do, melissa. couple things that i have here. lei, record high in november. ism services good growth. nfib small bit optimism report good. there is a lot of fundamental news going out there? is it great? absolutely not. will the economy push forward with low inflation and improving job market? based on our work it is. this is human emotion overrunning fundamentals. >> gary, you're at fundamental other end of the spectrum from scott. >> with all due respect the
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market couldn't care less about november. it cares about what the shape of things to come. >> fundamentals do not change that quickly. melissa: one at a time, gary. >> you just do not have transports at three, almost three-year lows while oil prices are crashing. it is telling but the economy going forward. i'm just a big believer at evidence at hand. i believe it is really screaming loud and clear, not whispering, not talking but i believe it is screaming. i'm 99% short because i have to leave that 1% out there we'll be getting negative numbers very soon in the economy. unfortunately. melissa: scott wren, that is compelling case especially look at crude oil. that is responding what is going on in the world. that is responding to demand. crude oil is one of the most fundamental things you use to fuel the economy. there is a glut of supply and no demand. >> in any other in any other cycle in 30 years i would be doing this i would agree 100%, it would be demand. this cycle it is almost all 80%
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at least in my opinion supply. we had too much supply come on and every commodity in the last 15 years. that has to be flushed out. that is why oil prices are low. we've got high-yield bond market completely paranoid. lots of exposure to the internet sector. we'll see more defaults there, no doubt about it. it's spread. widening high yield spreads in our opinion does not mean we'll slip into recession. i hate to say this, melissa, it is different this time. >> i hope you're right. >> i do too. melissa: we'll see with the market off 364 points today alone. david: sometimes paranoids are right you know? president obama said anyone claiming america's economy is in decline is peddling fiction. we shall see. republican fox business second gop debate is tomorrow night and already the gloves are off. our very own blake burman is in charleston with the latest.
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hi, there, blake. reporter: david, good evening to you. crossfire between the candidates picked up 24 hours or so as we're about4 hours until the fox business debates tomorrow night. ted cruz launched quite possibly his toughest attacks to date on donald trump. he said yesterday trump, quote, embodies new york values. he says he feels that trump, is being quote rattled. trump fired back in iowa saying cruz is not pro-ethanol, which is of course a huge issue in that state. he also says he feels that cruz is being controlled by millionaires. around then on twitter earlier today, he went back to a familiar talking point from the last 10 days or two weeks questioning whether cruz is natural born citizen. here is what he tweeted out. sadly there is no way ted cruz can continue running in the republican primary unless he can erase doubt on eligibility. dems will sue. that is trump earlier today. marco rubio appeared to jump
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into the trump fray even though he didn't mention trump by name at an event earlier here in south carolina today. >> electing someone who is upset alone is not enough. you have to elect someone who knows exactly what they are going to do. knows exactly what they are going to do. that is good segue to say i was very proud of the governor of this great state give the state of the union response. reporter: rubio himself wasn't out of the crossfire either as jeb bush on campaign trail today shot back at rubio saying we are not electing a back-bencher to the u.s. senate. a whole lot going on here, david. as we look forward to the fox business debate in charleston tomorrow night. david: we do indeed. thank you very much, blake. action kicks off tomorrow night 6:00 p.m. eastern. sandy smith and trish regan. at 9:00 p.m. eastern maria bartiromo and neil cavuto host the second debate. you don't want to miss either one. stay tuned. melissa: sorry, not sorry. iran demanding apology from the
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u.s. before releasing 10 u.s. sailors captured yesterday. secretary of state john kerry says this is testament to the new diplomatic relationship between the nations. it is ironically. not in the way he means it. david: the new world. melissa: yeah. david: meanwhile divided we stand. the space between democrats and republicans seems to be growing wider but is that really such a bad thing? we'll debate it. melissa: st. louis rams returning to their roots but not everyone is feeling the california love for rams owner stan kroenke. >> he is actually trying to stay in st. louis, putting a ridiculous proposal in front of us and walking away and of course setting his sights for l.a. >> depressing to see a team i love and poured all my sundays into for years just leave.
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david: president obama's list of accomplishments included regret and something both sides of the aisle at least for the moment, seem to agree on. >> one of the few regrets in my presidency, rancor and suspicion between the parties has gotten worse instead of better. >> important for us to look at mirror. republicans need to understand they too are responsible for the status where we are in the country. david: but do americans and markets really want politicians so ready to agree with each other? here to weigh in, sean spicer, republican national committee chief strategist. i say a plague on both your houses. i don't agree with the president or governor haley. i don't like it when politicians get along. when they get along they spend more of my money and waste a lot more of my money. what do you say about that? >> i agree with you on that but what governor haley is talking about is the tone.
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if buying off another side is, what it takes, that is not a good outcome for anyone in this country, that is what gets us $19 trillion in debt but i think tone and civility we engage is another thing. think i that is what governor haley is talking about. we can disagree without being disagreeable and name-calling. david: at same time you have to be tough. our next president could be a session alist. bernie sanders is running for president, he might win, who knows. if we compromise with socialist the best we get is welfare state and i don't want either one. >> no, agree with you. we have obamacare. can you imagine going further to the left of that? david: yes i can imagine it. it scares me but i can imagine it. >> that is what keeps me up at night. david: right. >> i think difference, i agree with you if you think bernie sanders, you don't need to attack bernie sanders personally or call his names. you need to tell people what his policies are, how far left it will go and how much it will cost to implement anything
4:17 pm
bernie sanders wants to do, how much it costs average family, lack of accountability, lack of innovation that results from it, hopefully i don't even say hopefully, there is no question in my mind that wins day every day of the week. i think tone which we do it, that hopefully is where governor haley was. david: let me play another spot from the president's speech which he talks about why it is important for two sides to cooperate. >> there are a whole lot of foles in this chamber, good people who would like to see more cooperation. would like to see a more elevated debate in washington. but feel trapped by the imperatives of getting elected. david: so it's weird to me they feel trapped because they have to do what the people elected them say they should do? that doesn't make sense to me. does it to you? >> no. that is called representative democracy. david: i thought it was. >> other thing interesting that he further went on an talked about the ills of gerrymandering
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district from a guy who gerrymandered his district when he was in illinois state senate. there was a little bit of irony. i felt like we were listening to first-term president not eight-year president. what barack obama talked about things he has been on the front row of the last seven years and sort of sat there and lamented where we are as if he hadn't been president of the whole time. david: look at bright side. you're in beautiful charleston. about to see a fantastic debate hosted by a wonderful news channel, business channel. so stay tuned. you're going to have a fun time in the next 48 hours. sean, thank you very much. >> no doubt about it. david: thank you. david: rnc chief analyst. melissa: democratic side of the presidential race is burning up with bernie sanders catching up to hillary clinton. david: amazing. melissa: top concern for americans downplayed by the president. we'll talk to lieutenant colonel ralph peters for his thoughts on the fight against isis.
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melissa: thank a billion, iran. iran releasing 10 u.s. sailors after two navy boats crossed iranian waters. they are telling fox news that there was no apology from the u.s. to iranians but there was this. >> also want to thank the iranian authorities for their cooperation and quick response. i think we can all imagine how a similar situation may have played out three or four years ago. melissa: meanwhile iran could receive billions of dollars worth of sanction relief in the coming days. fox news's jennifer griffin is at the pentagon with the latest. a lot to sort through there, jennifer. reporter: that's right, melissa. a knave lieutenant did apologize in video clip released by iranian revolutionary guard, possible violation of the military code of conduct and i will give name, rank, and evade questions to the best of my ability. >> it was a mistake, that was our fault and we apologize for our mistake.
4:23 pm
iranian behavior was fantastic while we were here. thank you very much for your hospitality and your assistance. reporter: the state department and others denied the administration apologized. >> no, there was no apology. there was nothing to apologize for. when you have a problem with the boat, you apologize the boat had a problem? no there was no looking for any apology. reporter: state department spokesman john kirby added, quote, nothing to apologize for. officials we have spoken to, don't jump to conclusions. we don't know what kind of pressure the skipper was under. 10 sailors, nine men, one woman seemed to be 50 miles off course if they indeed drifted into iranian waters. fox news has learned that senior u.s. defense officials ruled out mechanical issues caused the vessels to stray off course. that island in farsi is a very sensitive iranian revolutionary guard naval facility about 70 miles off the coast of saudi arabia after secretary kerry spoke repeatedly to his
4:24 pm
iranian counterpart over the course of 10 hours the sailors were allowed to go in the same two boats they arrived in. there are real questions whether the geneva conventions were violated by iranians videotaping a confession and releasing humiliating photos and videos of american captives with their hands up. the u.s. sailors are currently undergoing medical observation in bahrain. melissa. melissa: wow, many more questions than answers at this point, jennifer. thanks for staying on top of it. thank you. david. david: here lieutenant colonel ralph peters, fox news strategic analyst. colonel, it was humiliating. looking at what the sailor was forced to do, and you see john kerry thanking them for humiliating u.s. service people. what do you think? >> outrageous. it's, bewildering. to hear u.s. secretary of state express his gratitude to the iranians, basically for taking our sailors hostage, treating
4:25 pm
them very badly. filming them for propaganda films. letting them go. he is great fful to the iranians? david: unbelievable. >> shows you how far down the road kerry and obama have gone with opiate intoxication of this nuclear deal. david: the administration justification for the deal and everything that goes wit, basically this will empower the middle of the roaders, the moderate iranians and take some power away from hard-liners. look what happened. it seems to do the exactly opposite. they're testing missiles. humiliating our service people. cracking down on their own dissidents at home. hard-liners seem harder than ever. >> american left just doesn't learn. for half a century they have this bumper sticker approach, basically if we're nicer to evil people, they will be nicer to their own people. david: right. >> it hasn't worked in china.
4:26 pm
it didn't work in the old seven yet union. it is not working right now. david: it doesn't work for the bully on the playground either. meanwhile president obama downplaying the threat of isis. let's take a listen from his speech last night. as. >> as we focus on isil, over the top claims this is world war iii play into their own hands. they are enormous threat to civilians, they have to be stopped but they don't threat our national existence. >> it is is not a war. war on terror is a fake. i guess called a police action what we're doing now. >> this is the latest evasion, outright lie from the obama administration. islam tick state doesn't really matter, islamic terrorism doesn't matter. it is not existential threat. it can not destroy our nation. they have killed thousands of americans all through the recent wars. they maimed tens of thousands of
4:27 pm
fellow muslims. nearly exterminating christian civilization in the middle east. they, getting on airplane is now humiliating experience. more and more countries to which americans can not travel and feel safe. this matters. just because they can't wipe out the entire north american continent doesn't mean it is not a threat. to say that well we don't have to worry about anything but existential threats, call off police. don't worry about robberies or murders. they're not existential threats to our existence. this is absolute nonsense. another obama straw man. islamic state may not be the threat of the soviet union with nukes but it is a grave threat to civilization. david: but other than that you agree 100% with the president. >> absolutely. david: colonel ralph peters, thank you very much. >> good to see you again. >> donald trump versus, well, everyone at this point. democrats and republicans can agree on one thing. david: plus that extraordinary selloff on wall street. what you need to know before the opening bell rings tomorrow.
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4:32 pm
barrel mark. wti held up at 30. that combined with the chinese economic data reports that come through are just really causing fear of a global slow down in sending investors to the exits. you mentioned gopro. this is not too good either. the action camera maker, shares were halted at 40on the nasdaq. -- 407. the company is warning about weak holiday sales. cuttings 7% of the its workforce. that move will cost them between 5 and $10 million. a huge range for a company the size of gopro. david: you hate it when you see cuts in staff, thank you very much. melissa. melissa: trump-cruz feud heating up. two presidential candidates taking sharp jabs ahead of fox business debate. ted cruz is fighting back against trumps birth they are claim. >> donald comes from new york
4:33 pm
and embodies new york values. and, listen, "the donald" seems to be a little bit rattled. anytime someone attacking your faith, that starts to suggest you're getting nervous what is happening in the race. i would be happy to invite an donald to church anytime he would like. melissa: hear to weigh in, michael goodwin, columnist with the "new york post" and fox news contributor and. lisa, let me start with you, i'm deeply suspicious back and fourth with what is going on between these two. when trump is acting on birther thing, anybody he brings up gets to be at top of the news cycle. i feel like these guys are working together. what do you think of my theory? >> i also see anyone he has taken on, we've also seen a dip in the poll numbers. focused in on ted cruz. the race is on for 2470
4:34 pm
delegates up for grabs this primary cycle. candidate needs to reach 1236 to:republican nomination. next month is huge month. iowa, new hampshire, south carolina and nevada. the primary process begins at that moment. what he is seeing ted cruz rising in the polls in iowa. he has sights on ted cruz and ted cruz giving it back to him. he has new york style values. melissa: is that insult, with new york style values? i don't understand. >> that will be a insult because middle of the country doesn't look favorably on new york and new yorkers. i would add one thing, melissa. debate has begun. it is big audience as fox debates have been. get their audience there. get their supporters to watch or
4:35 pm
to in way waa to being in the hall. each of them hopes to deliver on the debate and follow through on attacks. melissa: the reason why these two are taking swipes, they're working together. they're engaging each other. like fighters getting ready to go into the ring and getting both of their sides fired up and to heck with the rest of the people. >> look at kind of criticism throws trump throws at cruz, is harmless. this authenticity of birth certificate no one gives merit too and frankly pretty much a standard warfare in all the electoral things. cruz's punches back are somewhat delegate. he is not taking on the kind of attacks other candidates have. in debates they do same thing. trump at 25, cruz at 22 going into iowa new hampshire. think they're trying to unify a
4:36 pm
ticket at some point if one of them does carry because what cruz does bring is ultraconservative group that trump does not. melissa: that's true. hillary clinton meanwhile going on offense this afternoon. polling shows tightening gap between her and bernie sanders amazingly for the race for 2016. here is what she said when asked if she underestimated the sanders campaign. >> i had a very different sense of rhythm of this campaign. there was a lot for me to do to go around and meet with people, listen to them. put out my ideas. i've been laying out you know, very specific policies for months now. telling people how i would pay for them. i'm asking that senator sanders does the same thing. we need to move from generalization to specifics. melissa: marjorie, according to new poll, 60% of the democratic voters under 45 like bernie sanders. that's a problem. >> almost like what we saw with the trump campaign it became this fad. there is not a lot of super
4:37 pm
strong, detailed policy being laid out. more about the sentiment behind, as they see bernie this grandfatherly, quirk sy senator who played into the race. as john podesta, hillary clinton's campaign manager has laid out, they're not really concerned about the map as it goes all around. so iowa, new hampshire we are seeing a threat. but in southern states like florida, she has a 40-point lead which is more delicate. melissa: maybe she is in theory not threatened but "new york times" pointing outreaching back to the same rhetoric she used in 2008 when barack obama started to close in on her. her magic wand is back. listen to this. >> i wish that we could elect a democratic president could wave a magic wand and say we shall do this and shall do that. that ain't the real world we're living in. melissa: michael goodwin, i love it when she gets he folksy. >> gets that southern accent. openly find it in half the
4:38 pm
country. i do think that what bernie sanders is doing in iowa and new hampshire is significant. i do believe hillary clinton is rattled. and podesta's idea the firewall is in the south is an interesting concept because it almost concedes the early states. i also think that, that could be a mistake. if you lose the momentum and if he is to win the two states, it does not scramble anything. give him a second look in other states. they could prevail. he could be in for the long haul at that point. finally when she sent chelsea clinton out to attack sanders with a bunch of false charges that to me was desperation. melissa: lisa, is the concern bernie sanders or if she looks weak? does it open the door to somebody else jumping in down the road? we heard biden saying, maybe it was a bad idea for him to get out of the race? he said that as much, not that
4:39 pm
exactly, you know what i mean. is that a concern? >> potentially we've seen lead evaporate with bernie sanders. he is catching steam in iowa and new hampshire and now leads her in both of those early states. her lead has evaporated from 20 points to seven points. so she is losing momentum. but i think her biggest problem ironically is donald trump. he sort of resurfaced this argument against hillary clinton on women issue. she is hemorrhaging support among women. this is someone who back september said that every victim of domestic abuse deserves to be heard and deserves to be believed but yet she herself went and attacked monica lewinsky, attacked jennifer flowers. there is hypocrisy that i think is hurting her. melissa: thanks to all three of you. david. david: we have breaking news from the media world. tv network al jazeera partly owned by royal family qatar, announcing shutting down at end of april. network claims due to quote the economic landscape of media environment. may also have something to do
4:40 pm
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david: stocks getting slammed today. here is another look where we ended the day. look at nasdaq right smack in the middle there. almost 3 1/2% down on nasdaq. certain nasdaq stocks like netflix which have been up almost consistently past couple years was down 9% for netflix. morgan stanley downgrading a lot of tech sector. melissa. melissa: powerball jackpot is bigger than ever at $1.5 billion but your chances are winning are -- i'm so sorry about that. terrible odds are not stopping frenzy to get a ticket before tonight's drawing. fox news's rick leventhal joins us from hoboken.
4:45 pm
what is it like there? how many tickets have you bought? reporter: a few. a few. i asked lottery official today, a few hours ago, give me three of the numbers, tell me three of them. he refused which i thought was rude. 45 states have powerball and we got some fascinating numbers from one of them, great state of texas, they normally sell $3 million worth of powerball tickets. last week texas sold $100 million in powerball. they sold $25 million worth in one day. nationwide they're selling 575,000 tickets every single minute. they expect to sell $600 million worth of powerball tickets today alone. expected to total more than $1 billion worth of tickets and more than 3 billion since someone won the jackpot 19 numbers ago.
4:46 pm
you're more likely to be hit by asteroid or 24more times likely to get struck by lightning. a ford ham economist says it is okay to play. >> spending two dollars on a piece of paper and that exhilaration when they're calling the numbers, oh wait, there is one, there is another one and i didn't win. so for that moment it is hope, you're buying hope for $2. you can't really buy anything else for $2. reporter: lottery officials expect to sell 85% of possible combinations. that means there is 15% chance no one will win. sanjay here thinks that will be case. he thinks no one will win. we could have multiple winners as well. i'm told by very smart people, first thing you should do if you do win, melissa, call a tax attorney. melissa: or call me. that would be great too. rick, if they give you three of numbers, give me a quick call and weould talk about those numbers? >> why not. >> thank you so much. reporter: i will share with you.
4:47 pm
my pleasure. melissa: perfect. david, i feel like he wouldn't really call me. david: no. but i would. i bought a $2 ticket. melissa: you will share with me if you win. david: absolutely. melissa: you saw it on television. david: i know. going back to california, details on the nfl team kicking off their next season in the hollywood hot spot. we'll tell you what that is all about. we'll tell you what the fans in st. louis think about this. ♪ we live in a pick and choose world.
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save $600 on the #1 rated i8 bed. know better sleep with sleep number. melissa: after two decade hiatus the nfl is finding its way back to los angeles. nfl owners voted to officially move the rams from st. louis to los angeles, which will be effective this upcoming season. the rams intend to build a new $3 billion stadium just outside
4:51 pm
of the city in beautiful englewood, which will be done in 2019, however the moving process may not be over just yet. the san diego charges will have option to join them as soon as next season. if they decline, the oakland raiders could make the move to los angeles as well. lots of moving trucks and companies moving there. david: we have two teams, giants and jets. maybe they could too. joining me for reaction on the big nfl move, ktrs st. louis sports radio show host mcgraw millhaven and j.t. "the brick" and jason smith. mcgraw, go got to go to you first. tell me about the fans. you must have been getting earful from the fans. what is the mood there. >> the fans have upset but you have to know why they are upset. nfl told st. louis, you guys keep the rams or keep being nfl stadium or city, tough do certain things including, having a stadium proposal.
4:52 pm
they kept moving the goalposts. we delivered. first time in the history of the nfl a team is moving and the home city has a stadium proposal finished, done, completed. first time ever. david: let me go to j.t. on that. did nfl forgive the english screw the st. louis rams fans? >> absolutely, but stan kroenke is one of the richest owners in the world. his money to build the stadium without financing won out. raiders and chargers had really good proposal lined up. in the end when votes were needed everybody looked at englewood project to biggest sports development in the world, every up with said that is great deal. sad for the rams. you never want to celebrate a fan base losing and st. louis rams lost here. tell you there is a lot more to be done on this deal. this is fluid deal to see if san diego jumps in or raiders stay in oakland. david: jason, you're in l.a. we
4:53 pm
obviously have two teams in new york. giants and jets, share a stadium. works out pretty well. is there another team coming? >> oh absolutely the chargers are coming because the money is in los angeles. the money is not in san diego. they had plenty of chances to get this on the docket to figure out, do the fans want it. right now their big plan is citizens initiative for the ballot in november to say, hey, we could build a stadium downtown somehow. you tell me how that is going to worth out, increasing value of your franchise. david: what will fans do there? there are so many teams in california, a lot of different markets. >> fans in san diego will go to san diego padres games. this is one of those divorces where after 30 years you hear, boy, why did they get divorced, they can't believe it, they have grown apart. san diego fans don't make it priority to go to games. chargers went to silent counts at home, because too many fans from other teams coming to their games this year.
4:54 pm
david: i will end with mcgraw here. what do you do now? you have proposal for another stadium. fan base is very strong. but they feel burned. will they forever more feel same thing might happen again? >> i think it will be a long time before anyone in st. louis trusts nfl. word to the wise of people in los angeles. don't believe a word the nfl says. don't believe stan kroenke. and i hope you have $50,000 lying around for a psl. those are only people who will be going to games. david: jason 10 seconds to respond. go ahead, jason. >> that's okay because i'm going to play powerball. i know three of the numbers. look, they're coming. it is going to be great. david: that is even if you win at powerball, that is only half of the cost of new stadium. good to see you both. all three of you, jason j.t. mcgraw. melissa: charleston, south carolina, prepping for great debate. our kennedy is peeking behind
4:55 pm
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david: we are nearly 24 hours away from the first republican debate of 2016, fox business own kennedy traveled to charleston. beautiful downtown charleston, south carolina. check out all the preps for the big event. she joins us now for a behind the scenes preview -- first of all, talk about the city. what a beautiful place, huh? >> charleston is incredible, the venue is in north charleston, but i did have a chance to poke around downtown charleston, the market, the food, the people, incredible hospitality, very political people down there. david: okay. i thought we were going to -- >> give us some of the color? i mean what was it like? did they mob you? >> they did. the nice thing is fox business and fox news are huge in charleston. and all over the south. and it was so great to meet a lot of people. everyone had an opinion about
4:59 pm
donald trump. i met a support we are a fox news supporter and of course a fox business fan named anne who loves donald trump and she told me she wanted me to crack open her heart like an egg just so she knew how excited he was. and a state, a place rich with history and also very -- david: only san diego has a bigger military influence than charleston because paris island is there, base military base all over. so that's going to be important. military and our defense is here and terrorism. big issues. >> kennedy, who did you feel the support for? >> there were a lot of ted cruz signs all over the place, and i saw more his than anyone else, i saw all four moderators, and they were
5:00 pm
prepping like crazy, very hard at work, diligently following the news cycle, there are going to be big surprises and for the best minds in tv covering those two debates. david: all right. and you're one of the best minds to cover those people who are covering the debates. thank you very much, kennedy, great to have you. risk and reward starts now. . >> americans lining up across the country after today's market drop and in some cases for hours just for the shot at winning the largest lottery, welcome i'm cheryl in for deirdre bolton. coming up we have a seven-time lottery winner on how you can improve your odds on taking home the billion-dollar payday. but first we head back to south carolina where fox business is preparing to bring you our next republican presidential debate tomorrow night. coverage starting at 5:00 p.m. eastern time. and iowa polls shows donald trump regaining ground against ted cruz.


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