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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  January 13, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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chance to win. i'm in nevada, i can't play the lottery here. cheryl: you are supposed to go to the border. that's it for me. "making money" with charles payne coming up next. charles: lot of today it laying in the market -- today i. we have a panel of expert on whether this is the part of the next recession. iran hugh mill yates america. a gop civil war shifts into the next level as the establishment uses the state of the union address to attack outsiders,
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particularly donald trump. president obama calls nikki haley courageous. courageous. trish: the market meltdown, two different messages being conveyed to the american people in the last few hours. trish: the reality is these are numbers and numbers don't lie. the economy right now is in a pretty anemic state. we are adding jobs, 200,000 in the last month. unemployment at 5.0%. but that ain't wait used to be. 5% includes a lot of low-paying jobs. that's partly why americans aren't feeling so good. they have money in their pockets
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thanks to lower gasoline prices. but people just aren't spending this money. they are not feeling confident enough got future. while the president was telling everyone last night, things are really good, i did a terrific job with this economy. the reality is a lot of the economic numbers don't prove it out. charles: today the hardest hit sector with consumer discretionary names. even if wages are starting to nung up, something is holding them back. what will you say or ask if these -- of these candidates how they unlock this, how they unlock the american public into spending money and taking a risk we haven't been taking. trish: it's policy. you have to have the right
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economic policy in place to generate growth. the fed as we have seen, can only do so much. you can have that debate as to whether they may have saved us from a big depression. but the fed has done all it can. you need the cooperation of government. you need incentives for corporations to be spending money, for them to be located here instead of moving offshore and potentially taking jobs with them. we are getting word that g.e. will be looking to moving to massachusetts. that's a great example of how tax policy influences business. gevment is moving out of the state. you need the kind of policies in place here in this country to generate growth at a time when there is not that on the horizon. it's hard to say this industry or that industry will propel us out of where we are.
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it will be a topic in tomorrow night's debate. and we'll be talking about foreign policy and other pressing issues the country is facing. >> all of them have question marks after them. hopefully you guys will get some answers. you are the guys tomorrow. see you, we'll be watching. you don't want to miss that debate tomorrow night. the first debate at 6:00 p.m. will have trish regan and sandra smith moderating. then at 9:00 it's maria bartiromo and neil cavuto hosting. president obama assured americans we have a strong economy in his final state of the union address. >> anyone claiming america's economy is in decline is peddling fiction. what is true and the reason a lot of americans feel anxious is that the economy has been changing in profound ways.
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charles: but the market did not take the president's cue. obviously there is a major disconnect going on and a big question about what is the true state of our economy. i cannot think of three better people, three great economic minds. let me start with you, peter. in the past you said there have been positive signs with respect to this economy, but there are also things holding us back. it feels like the stock market is hinting or signaling that a recession is on the horizon. >> you are dead on with where the problem is. consumers from continuing to spend. economists are predicting slow growth numbers. but it's because businesses are not investing. can you blame them, with obamacare, book after book of regulations. the administration. when we talk about the highest
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corporate taxes in the world, they want tax reforms that will raise taxes. you talked about g.e. moving from ten to massachusetts. they are hardly moving from a high tax jurisdiction to a low-cost jurisdiction. they are moving to a government friendly place because g.e. has been socialized into becoming a government-oriented corporation. charles: you talked about the business investment being the one magical key. i find it interesting we began the year under a lot of pressure because of worries about china. but we hear starbucks is going to open 100 stores every single year in china. disney, the next theme park will be in mainland china. maybe it's time to start wondering what mayor case doing wrong. >> there are a billion consumers
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in china. the richer they got more people we can tell things to. but i want to go back to this issue about why businesses aren't investing and there is such fright in the market. think about what happened the last week among the presidential candidates. i think most investors have looked beyond obama. so the frontrunner in the democratic party says she wants to raise the income taxes by 4 percentage points on top of raising the capital gains tax to 45%. donald trump i agree with a lot of what he has done. but as you talked about, a 45% tariff? that's the cause of the great defletion the 1930s. i don't think investors are hearing anything bullish or positive from these candidates.
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charles: donald trump somewhat walked that back. >> good. charles: we agree on fair trade. you say whoever the candidate is will win 47 states. is that based on the economy? >> as one of four peddlers of fiction it's great to be with you. i do want to get back to your debate with juan williams. i think we'll klein. the republican candidates are great, they are fantastic. and hillary is just going in the wrong direction. she is a fine person. they are fine people, but they have got the wrong issues. it will be 1980 all over again. this time it won't be two republican candidates against the incumbent. it will be one without a
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democratic incumbent. i may be exaggerating with 49 dates, but 45 at least. charles: we know giveaways have been successful and we know pointing to wall street as being a demon or villian has worked well with the mainstream. so essentially with the democrats we can pit 99% against 1%. we might win at the ballot box. >> they are using an established game plan. what republicans need to do is explain how they are going create better jobs for people, how their economic policies are going to work and inspire confidence in those approaches. family incomes continue to fall. the situation in many household is very, very tight. it's time to ask americans would they be better off, would four more years of barack obama. and do they trust hoik?
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where i disagree with art is i don't think hillary is a fine person. i think she is out to basically be the first female president and all of that nonsense. but i don't think she gives a tinker's damn about this country. charles: her trustworthiness issues are haunting her. she may not be the democratic nominee. but we do know who is the democratic nominee will peddle this us versus them and the only narrative to fix this country is to take from one group and gift to another. >> you look at those numbers, that is a crisis. there are a lot of democrats who are very, very nervous. joe biden is kicking himself for not getting in this race. arthur and i have worked with a lot of these republican candidates to get them on a
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pro-growth tax message. i think that will be the big issue once the republicans chose it. they are saying plant out the rates. cut that corporate rate. we'll bring jobs back to the united states. what are the democrats talking about? class warfare. raising rates. why would anybody invest in the united states with a 49% capital gains rate. charles: let me catch up the audience. i was filling in for barney and company. juan williams is trying to support president obama's contention things are great despite the fact most key indicators from wages to home prices to job creation, all these things are moving in the wrong direction. >> there are two measures of the economy you want to look at. one is total employment as a share of adult population which includes the unemployment rate and participation rate.
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and the other one is gdp in real terms which is the total output of goods and services. all the others are ancillary. if you look at total employment when clinton left office it was 64.7%. today it's 59.5%. if we had the same employment to population today that existed at the end of bill clinton's term. we have have 12.5 million more jobs in america. that's a travesty. if we had as manies george w. bush had, we would have 9 million more jobs. this guy is a loser. charles: i agree with you 1,000 percent. that employment to population ratio was a lot higher january 2009. thank you all three have much. we are less than 24 hours away
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charles: we don't want you to forget to tune in to fox business tomorrow for the gop debate. bashar al-assad and nei de. you may want to macmark your calendar, neil.
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maria: it's amazing the market has performed the way it has. it opened the door to a new conversation, what's going on and why is the economy coming in worse than the predictors were look for. neil: i remember the one maria did when she was in the dark shadow place. and the day you did it, it was a big tumble in the market. i don't want to be disparaging of maria. but everywhere she goes. we have a major sell-off and a lot of people have been telling us if it's a backdrop of something more worrisome. maria: charles you have been out there. the economy is not seeing the traction a lot of people thought. now we are seeing it play out. we have a trillion in market
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value so far this year. that will be one of the topics. charles: the people invested in the market knew what we were seeing today. coming into this year a few stocks entered a bear market. we know the situation napping iran, the rights of isis, terror is don't around the country and around the world. i'm beginning to wonder. we know gop voters are most concerned about national security. but i would not be surprised if the number one issue is back to the economy, back to the pocket issues. neil: a lot of these sell-offs are punctuated in the final moment of trading. i think people are getting back to a 2008 feel. these are worthy issues. if it does get into
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meltdown-itis, what would they do? maria: i feel like in many cases the world is on fire. i don't think i'm exaggerating when you consider the fact the middle east is seeing an even worse situation than just a year ago with the saudis and iranians at each other and other middle eastern countries cutting ties, then you have isis and the worries of national security. neil: they all have seemed to come together at at exact same time. even with the runup in the market, they know what it's like when markets are free balling. and a market can lead an income and it could spiral out of
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control. jpmorgan is reporting earnings. if that can beat expectations or put stability in this market showing not a lot ... neil: then you have to raise the issue. if we run into what president bush ran into his final year in office. it was so massive the government intervened. i'm not saying we are approaching that. but these candidates by and large are all don't touch, don't get involved. that's another story when you are talking about your constituents and their banks. maria: we are two weeks away from the first debate in 2016. people are going to start
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looking at the candidates and figuring out which person they agree with and they will start peeling back onion and recognizing the policies and how each one differs. neil: you heard -- charles, you just pipe down. one thing that's interesting is you hear these candidates say the president was given this rosie scenario of the economy then mocking them for saying they were in an alternate universe. then comes this real selling of palpable play layoffs and complete toda capitulation. i think the candidates would say so much for our fiction, mr. president. charles: for a number of these candidates, it's do or die. i think the audience wants to see the onion peeled back.
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when things are great it's chief executive officer. when things get shaky, it's chief excitement officer. we have got the rah-rah stuff. but how are you going to make us great again? we need details on that. maria: this election is about leadership. how do you catch that ball and what do you do in terms of upset. when you have a situation like this meltdown in markets, an economy that's underperforming you will be able to see which person has the goods to lead in a tough situation. neil: what kind of signs are there. what candidate out there could emerge out of nowhere. who would have thought it would have been bill clinton in 1992 in the so-called field of seven
6:23 pm
dwarfs. he emerges as this bigger-than-life figure. then we saw john kennedy. you never know. charles: even more recently. at this time in 2008 very few people thought this guy barack obama had a shot. it's still wide open. we can't wait for you guys to help us settle the dust. we are anxious. we need leadership. maria: the stakes are high. charles: the debate is tomorrow night, guys. fish reagan and sandra smith. they will be asking the questions. maria and neil, we call them the a-team. let's see who will lead us into a better direction. we are going to be right back talking about the situation in iran. the humiliation, the video. and some are saying maybe the military has changed on barack
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sight was a mistake that was our fault and we apologize for our mistake. the iranian behavior was great when we were here. we thank you for your months i talt and assistance. charles: that's video of an american sailor apologizing for drifting into their territory. secretary of state john kerry has called the peaceful resolution a testament to the new u.s.-iran relationship. but are the apologies and images signs of american weakness. captain nash, i want to go to you first. i have gone the mixed reaction on twitter. many people obviously know these sailors were coerced to a
6:28 pm
certain degree, but some are calling them a reflection of a weaker obama military. should we be disparaging them that way? >> how they got where they got is -- that's going come out after an investigation and we'll probably finds that out. my question gets down to i think is your point, why did they act the way they did. what were their rules of engagement? i didn't see shell casings on the decks of those boats. so what was their r.o.e.? and once captured what were they give in the way of code of conduct training. the navy does a tremendous amount of training. but when was the last time they had code of conduct training and training in their rules of engagement, and who was supposed to be overwatching them as they have transit from kuwait down to
6:29 pm
bahrain and now we are hearing the final destination was qatar. the aircraft carrier had e-2 aircraft airborne. were they even told about this transit and told to look out for them? there are too many questions at this point and far too many questions and not enough answers. when we have a lot of the questions and no answers speculation runs ram pants. how could a couple of iranian pushing boats capture two very well-armed u.s. navy vessels. what has gone on here. how quickly should the administration let us understand this situation? it's got us paul baffled. >> it's good to avoid speculation. but there are some facts we know. it would be outrageous even if we were at war with iran for our sailors to be used in this way as propaganda tools and we are not at war with iran. these are not combatants
6:30 pm
fighting each other. to build on what captain nash says, the one thing we should wonder about is whether we have too many lawyers and too few warriors pat pentagon. what was a well-armed ship and well-trained crew should have engaged with the iranians before being taken hostage. when you focus on accommodation with our our adversaries. charles: i don't know why they think it relationship has changed. obama has bent over backwards to get this nuclear deal through. the humiliation on the night of the state of the union address. they both re seized. the captives are humiliate. the woman is forced to wear a burka.
6:31 pm
>> the iranians are complete lire aware that john kerry and barack obama will do anything to make sure their legacy nuclear chord is not rattled. and i think this is absolutely horrendous what has gone on here. we don't know enough to be critical of the sailors. we ought to be critical of the administration. >> it has been bizarre to watch the narrative. this is not good iran. this is iran launching ballistic missiles. charles: donald trump taking the fight to governor nikki haley or advice versa. or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. and i quit smoking with chantix. i decided to take chantix to shut everybody else up about me quitting smoking. i was going to give it a try, but i didn't think it was going to really happen.
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>> during anxious times it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices. we must resist that temptation. we must fix our broken immigration system. that means stopping illegal immigration and welcoming properly vetted legal immigrants regardless of their race or religion. just like we have for centuries. charles: that was south carolina governor nikki haley taking a shot at donald trump during her state of the union response.
6:36 pm
this is not the first time she has taken on the donald. many are cite sizing nikki haley, including anne coulter who tweeted "trump should deport nikki haley." i was watching the coverage and montel you were thrilled with nikki haley and what she had to say. why was it so important? >> i think that's a mischaracterization it wasn't that it was so thrilled. i said hey, this is one who seems to have taken a play out of ronald reagan's playbook. she was taking shots and introduction herself to the american public. who those what may happen as this race continues and we continue to see the divisiveness across the board with republicans and democrats. she was making it clear and a conscious effort to the rest of the republican party that wants
6:37 pm
to have a choice, that there is a different message to be heard. charles: you mentioned you were once a republican and you like the idea she is trying to pursue a message of inclusion across races and across religious affiliations and those kinds of things. >> as we look at the nation we live in, i was a republican when i was in the military, when i watt out of the military i became a democrat because i was disinnen from chased with both parties. when now i'm an independent. when you look at both parties, we have 75% of the congress has never served in the military. every single one of them if you go count list have entered -- not everyone of them. they entered at middle class and within two years they are millionaires. so i'm disenchanted with the whole group and when you say
6:38 pm
specifically with republicans. there is a need for a message of what is this country going to be like when somebody gets elected. you can divide right now but somebody will have to bring us together. charles: the image the mainstream media is putting out there is this guy is peddling hate. nikki haley admitted it was a shot at trumpen to a lesser degree ted cruz. can you tell the american people who the real donald trump is? >> she missed an opportunity to establish herself on the national scene. now no one will take her seriously. she had an didn't to lay out a platform for the gop. instead she used it to attack trump, unnecessarily. i thought it was a time to go after the democrats. trump has a vision for this
6:39 pm
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charles: the istanbul suicide bomber did enter that country as a syrian refugee.
6:42 pm
charles: the isis suicide bomber who killed 10 germans entered turkey as a syrian refugee. canada is welcoming its first 10,000 refugees. on the other side of the pond
6:43 pm
they are stocking up on guns amid fears the sexual assaults continue. canada just elected a progressive person to run their country. europe has been the stalwart for many decade. they are starting to change their mind on this. >> i think what you are seeing in the case of merkel. of the german leader, she is also one that's been very open to allowing syrians to come into her country. following the attacks in turkey, after 10 german tourists were killed came out and said i don't think you need to worry or avoid taking trips to turkey. you have to wonder does the leadership in germany, do the politicians understand the fact that by allowing these syrian refugees to come into their country or we are seeing it's
6:44 pm
burdening turkey as well, what this could lead to? we know the fact this has been part of the isis plan which is they were going to infiltrate the syrian refugees and cause havoc. and that's what they are doing. charles: there i a lot of pressure on angela merkel to turn this thing around. it may be tough. but we have seen denmark who drew a line in the sand long time ago. sweden is saying you guys probably had it right. >> we are at the front end of political turbulence. you have not only this event in cologne, germany which has been characterized as a rape jihad and another one in sweden that's been covered up by the police there. merkel saying we need -- they need to be able to deport refugees with violent conduct or
6:45 pm
violent pasts. charles: can days bring them on, bring them on. they are together same thing angela merkel did last year. could it be a mistake? >> any time you are not look at national security, and you are looking at compassion. compassion is important. but one of the most fundamental obligations of a state is to protect its citizens. in istanbul, this is something turkey has ignored. reuters is reporting one in ten turks don't think isis is a terrorist group. charles: is that because they share a lot with the caliphate? >> there has been a trend towards islamification. there was a "new york times" report pointing out it wasn't
6:46 pm
just refugees it was isis recruitment within turkish reporters. a brave "times" recorder. and erdogan called her a -- her a traitor. charlestraitor.. you pay your car insurance
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charles: 10 dangerous detainees, that's why they are still in gitmo. they won't be tomorrow. montel williams is back with me. i'm not sure where you stand with respect to the constitutionality of gitmo. but we note recidivism rate is very high.
6:50 pm
some have gone on to commanderships and the american public is concerned about the way the president is release these guys. >> we know for a fact constitutionally and all the international treaties we signed we agreed when the end of the hostilities happen either you will return detainees or charge them and convict them in a tribunal in your own land. i don't agree with the release of them. if these are people we found dangerous enough for us to have kept them incarcerate forward this lengths of time, they should be brought back here on u.s. soil. we have ultra super max here in the united states. i would feel better about them being in those jail cells than having the opportunity to be held by anybody else in the world. a lot of people don't want to hear the fact that we have to release them now that hostilities are over.
6:51 pm
if we don't want them to go home. charge them, then let's hold them here until they rot. then we don't have to worry about them becoming the commanders. charles: are the hostilities over? we are still in syria? >> who are the hostilities against? our government has not declared war. if we want to keep them, it's simple. declare war tomorrow. get congress to declare war against isis, then we can hold them as long as we want. but i don't want them in gitmo. they have been held long enough in this limbo status. let us do what we can legally do, charge them with a crime and lock them up. i don't get why we don't think -- if we can hold charles manson, we can hold a lot of people in the united states. they would probably want to stay in their cell. i don't see them running around
6:52 pm
with other prisoners knowing who they are. i'm not trying to be funny about it. let's do it. charles: we have folks particularly libertarians in this building who echo the same comments. by the same token. what would you do with someone who leaves this country, goes to syria and pledges he lee jones tconsiderplengs allegiance to i. i don't think they should be americans. i would make gitmo larger. >> stop putting them offshore. if we want to incarcerate people, we have the system in the united states to put a person in jail. i'm with you. i'll agree. if you are a u.s. citizen and you leave the united states of america, declare allegiance to a foreign body who has declared war against your own country, and then you come back into the
6:53 pm
united states, and say, well, i was on joking. i'm going to hang out for a little while. i'm sorry. i am really truly for protecting the united states of america. the constitution i put my life on the line to defend and all others do the same for. i'm telling you, from my perspective, that person comes back here, i'll not just vet you out. i'll hold you. go back to where you say you want to be aligned with. thanks so much. charles: all eyes on charlotte, south carolina where less than 24 hours away we have an all-star panel. we'll preview it for you. so many topics. so many problems. we have the experts next. when cigarette cravings hit, all i can think about
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♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? . charles: so we're less than 24 hours away from the fox
6:57 pm
business gop debate. what can we expect tomorrow night? back with me omarosa and christian and mercedes. we see what the market is doing and feel like there could be a recession. what do you think is the most central issues and what specifically do you want to hear? >> i'm most concerned about what's happening with the soldiers who were captured and released and how we're going to deal with that as it relates to the deal that we've made? is it a bad deal? are they going to address it? particularly trump is vocal against the iran deal. that's one of the main topics you will hear at the debate. charles: we could really unwind that. one thing we don, mercedes, president obama executive orders, should be easy to unwind, whoever is going to be the next candidate and perhaps next resident of the white house is going to have their work cut out for them. >> absolutely. i got to tell you, obama is so insignificant in the next
6:58 pm
debate. it really is about the battle of the egos. you've got the rubio versus christy. the rubio versus jeb bush. the cruz versus trump. we are seeing cruz going after trump for the first time. the dynamics are changing. these candidates are stressed out, and believe me, this is the first debate after a long period of time that they have not been together in the same room. so it's going to be very interesting to watch. going to be, yes, talking about the issues and politics, watch for a heated debate and about the character differences that we're going to see. charles: i guess the birther issue finally pushed cruz over the top. mr. nice guy. not anymore, christian. again, national security, we start the week off with istanbul. last week we had a cop in philadelphia, assassination attempt. obviously, that's going to resonate too. >> i think so, i think it will be less about national security and more about what you and mercedes mentioned. what i'll be looking for frankly is donald trump to get
6:59 pm
schlonged by ted cruz to borrow a term trump brought up himself. he is insinuating that ted cruz is not a natural born american. donald trump is the most canadian person in case. he was enslaved in canadian-style health care in the usa. sounds like a liberal from central park west when it suits him and now suits him to sound conservative. that's where the sparks will fly tomorrow. charles: omarosa? >> the more they go after trump, the more he attacks them. attack but he'll pull out the big guns. charles: i want to use the s-word but you won't, because i want to be here in the next two weeks and see the debate. mercedes, who do you think is the loser here and who's got make the last stand? i would think dr. carson has to make a serious last stand here? >> you are absolutely right. his numbers have declined so much. the shake-up in the campaign. i think carson is the one that will need to break through but
7:00 pm
you're talking about very strong personalities and i don't think that's going to work. charles: i cannot wait. i'm so excited. all three of you were fantastic. before we go, salute to american success, go to lou dobbs in charlotte. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. tonight, coming to you from the north charleston coliseum and performing arts center in charleston, south carolina. this is where tomorrow evening republican presidential candidates will be taking the stage for the first debate of this new year. votes are set to be cast in iowa less than three weeks from now and a new des moines register bloomberg politics poll shows ted cruz holding lead on top with 25% support, but donald trump is now challenging him. just three points behind at 22%. only last month, trump had a 10-point deficit, and trump


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