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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  January 13, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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thank you very much. our online poll, 96% of you say president obama hasn't improved your receive i and welfare over the past seven years. be with us tomorrow at 5:00 for the debate on the fox business network. kennedy: hello and welcome. like you, i'm watching the warpup for that all-important fox business debate tomorrow night. the butterflies like stampeding buffalo to candidates who know the stakes couldn't be higher. for voters who are just starting to pay attention to the election, this could be an opportunity for candidates to insert some assertion. freshen up the talking points and sell this baby like alec baldwin giving the runner up a set of steak knives. >> anybody want to see second prize? it's a set of steak knives.
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of course, ted cruz has to settle the argument on whether he's a natural-born citizen. he can trot out judge judy or burn the canadian flag right there on stage and do it without crying. the table is set, the world is watching, and all these candidates are some to do is play precision offense and convince voters they worthy of the most important job in the world. on the show tonight we have coverage of the big debate. we have greg gutfeld. and moderators trac trish regand neil cavuto.
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i loved it, let's get started, i'm kennedy. a presidential debate can be enlightening or total monkey house depending on the moderators. bret baier is a true master of the trade and he joins me now. i know like you i love debate nights. i can't get enough of it. so the table is set. i want you to dress the turkey and tell me why tomorrow night's debate is so important. bret: we are getting closer to the iowa caucasus. the first voting in this crazy election unlike what we have seen before in politics. this is an opportunity for some of the candidates who haven't gained as much traction as they wanted to in new hampshire and
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south cyril to make their case. i think it' more difficult to control the candidates because they are champing at the bit. it will be up to neil and maria to control it. kennedy: donald trump says he's going to sit back. that there is plenty of infighting and he's not specifically the target. what relationships are you expecting to see bubble to the surface. bret: i think there will be targeting of trump. there will be an interesting dynamic been ted cruz and donald trump after all the birther talk and whether he's a natural born citizen. i believe that will result in some fireworks. rubio-cruz is also an interesting look at things. then you have christie and rubio and kasich all fighting along with bush for the establishment lane in new hampshire. there is a lot of ways this
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could bubble over. donald trump has in the past up until now kind of hung back and not been as forceful as he is on the campaign trail on the debate stage and that's worked well for him. he hasn't had to. kennedy: marco rubio has drawn fire from so many side. but i think there has been a sift since the last debate and cruz doing so well in iowa. which one of them is a bigger target to the rest of the field? bret: i think cruz will take a lot of incoming because he's leading in the in most of the polls. it's either trump or cruz in iowa. i'll bet he will take a lot of incoming and there could be fireworks there. what's interesting in the debates is to give them the breathing room to interact with each other. but also get answers to key questions of the day and not be -- let it breath.
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and that's the balancing act we have to do as moderators. kennedy: last question. i know your day is jam packed. how do you neutralize the nonsense when the candidates go immediately to the talking points and the malarkey. how do you shut that down and get real answers out of them. bret: if they keep going on, the bell helps quite a bit to get candidates. tips they don't pay attention to it, but it does help. i think we redirect them and point out respectfully they didn't answer the question we originally asked. that's how you have to do it. they own the time once they get the time at least that's how we looked at it. i think a lot of candidates on stage are going to be keeping the others in check. kennedy: for more brilliant political analysis and predictions i'll assemble a paneling. joining me is katherine timphpm
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from the gregg pu greg gutfeld d she is a national review reporter. katherine mangu-ward joins me. a big debate night tomorrow night. pete, we talked about it with bret baier. can kus handle the pile. can he take on the incoming? >> the question will be will he stick to his guns on outgoing. he made his first broadside on trump with the new york values comment. would he do that on stage in front of him and trigger potentially some sort of confrontation. they have been frenemies for a long time. he will get a lot of incoming. cruz-rubio on national security will be the big discussion. kennedy: and immigration.
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they are trying to differentiate themselves on immigration. you think nikki haley was a debate preview. >> the whole thing was a veiled attack on trump. our party doesn't stand for this, this is not who we are. i think she was teeing up all these guys on stage to say we are going to separate ourselves from trump. this is not what the party stands for. i like the idea they could conduct the whole debate the same way nikki haley conducted her response is to never name trump. it's not him, it's not even this guy. >> i think cruz will be polite because he's a canadian. kennedy: i actually think that trump's passive aggression serves two purposes.
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one is to remind people that ted cruz is a no-good canadian which synonymous with communist. and he's just american enough so he can prove his americanness. so trump can be the vp. but some people think he's a maple syrup swigging hockey fan. pete says the debate will get feisty. a lot of elbows tomorrow night. what do you think, katherine? >> there will be nobody on national security or foreign policy now that rand won't be there. it will be i'm going to bomb isis the most over and over again. i'm going to kill the most isis. no, i'm going to bomb them all plus more. it will be so obnoxious. those are some of my faichtd moments. so you don't have to be a war hawk to agree with somebody.
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>> carpet bombing. i genuinely don't think ted cruz knew what that was. what i'm trying to say is i'm awesome. i'm going to bomb. he's coming out there saying, you know, the stand by, i don't want to look like a wimp. but the fact that it came up in the state of the union. >> you think that hurts cruz? >> cruz loved it. i think it's bad for the republican party. no one is actually carpet bombing anyone. >> the republican party is isolationist. kennedy: it's a very important distinction and he submitted a budget that increases spending for the military unlike to marco rubio who like to say he would
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gut the military. i respect your expertise. don't forget to watch the fbn republican presidential debate tomorrow at:00 p.m. eastern, the second debate is 9:00 moderated by maria bartiromo and neil cavuto. first what's the one thing jeb bush and ben carson could do to save their campaign? greg gutfeld joins me with surprising advice next. they represent blood cells. and if you have afib-an irregular heartbeat that may put you at five times greater risk of stroke
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kennedy: welcome back. thrilled you are here. ben carson says the gloves are coming off in tomorrow night's debate. while the other candidates are scrambling to get back on top of the conservative dog pile. but what should you be look out for. greg gutfeld is co-host of "the five." he's the author of a book "how to be right." i need some clarity. jeb bush and ben carson have promised to be more aggressive. they are going to be mean and nasty. is that necessary from either or both of them? >> i don't think it will help them. it seems events are dictating the leaders.
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you know, jeb is not the one chosen by these events. it's a weird time. an unstable time. a time rife where suspicion and division. you are getting people who are popular because they are reacting to that suspicion and division by being powerful and blunt. trumpy. and the prom legal is i feel bad for jeb. a strong leader of a large state the size of most countries, and you know he would probably be a decent president because he's a decent guy. kennedy: lord knows he spent enough time in the white house. 12 years. kennedy: if hillary clinton wasn't yapping about women she would probably say i lived in the white house. their implosions are self-imploding.
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>> i think the world is moving so quickly away from whatever they are. ben carson was such an interesting novelty because he was a pediatric neurosurgeon. if you were on a deserted island you would rather have somebody like ben carson who is not a politician. a politician can't save your life. he can only boyer. if you are on a decertain the side with ben carson. you would purposely get injured so he could operate on you. kennedy: let's make a tourniquet out of a coconut. >> the problem is the novelty has worn off. kennedy: i think if we tblert middle of the obamacare passion and hatred ben carson would be doing well. if we were from the throes, rand
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paul would be doing well. i'm tired of this false comparison between establishment and populist. you will have a candidate or a lead were a 90% atu rate hog is called a rino by people who support a populist candidate who is probably one of the most liberal republicans since rockefeller. i think it steers people away from the fact when you create that duopoly where you say assistant and rino. it's a fight fueled by emotion. we are not supposed to be emotional. we are fact-based. we are reasoned perverts. i'm a pervert for reason and i haiti motion. but now i have a case where the leader on the republican side is
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very emotional. kennedy: and stirring the country into such a froth everyone is so mixed up we don't know where we are going. i'm happy you landed here. >> i love coming here. it's always a pleasure. kennedy: hillary clinton has a bernie sanders problem and it's getting worse.
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kennedy: if you know one thing about me, i can live or snirks and kale for two weeks. i'm not content to watch a debate unfold. i want to sneak up on it and follow it into the bathroom. that's why i went to charleston to peer behind the scene.
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i can feel the power and tension because fox business knows how to put on a debate. as you know, iowa is moments away. let us embrace this moment. feel the chaos. tell me about the facility. >> we have events from wwe to the globe trotters to rock & roll concerts to hockey. kennedy: prince played on this stage? >> did he? is he here? kennedy: no, but i hear he's a republican. who do you have to watch levels for? >> donald trump likes to get on the microphone. kennedy: who backs away too much. >> ben carson is a voice that takes more attention to detail. he's more soft spoken.
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kennedy: when he closes his eyes do you think he's napping? i respect someone who can sleep while they are standing up talking. for the record, i have a super solid history with moving things like this. i have a feeling someone is going to come over and try and stop me. but i also think if i can figure out how to mcgiefer this thing i could drive it back to new york city. it's dork proof. i can't get to work. jimmive knows all of the elements that have to be clicked into place. like a lego set for this to execute properly. how is this debate different from the other one. >> this arena setsup is completely different. you have to bring in everything to make it like a theater. this is the third time our set
8:23 pm
has been on the road with us. we adate to wherever we are at. kennedy: ways the protocol before the debate? do the candidates hang out with each other. >> it's an interesting experience to, them on their way down from their holding rooms. there is always a sense of the battle they have, but they are very cordial to each other it's nice to see the politeness and camaraderie. kennedy: neil cavuto you are my power hero and dream come true. you had a flawless performance at the last debate. neil: don't you risk creating a near-term budget drier cyst? these things are high pressure. you are always afraid you will forget something or you will forget to wear your pants. that's the problem.
8:24 pm
kennedy: the politicians are slippery. neil: they are well scripted. and they stick to their talking points no matter what question you have ask. >> we need to build a wall. kennedy: that's where you come in. you have to be prepared and challenge them. neil: that's when i have to become the dad and say you have got to stop. neil: i'm here with one of the moderators from debate number one, trish regan. some economists say your tax plan would discourage. what concrete steps will you take to get america back to work? kennedy: how nimble do you have to be when things and issues change? trish: we have been writing questions for weeks and weeks and that's been part of the preparation all along. but we are writing questions right now, and we are going to be writing questions an hour
8:25 pm
before the debate. kennedy: do you think this debate is important enough that you can see candidates drop out between thursday and iowa? trish: if they don't perform well they have could drop out. but it will come down to this, it really will. kennedy: yes it will indeed. coming up, russell simmons weighs in on 2016. he has been donald trump's long-time friend. someone won the billion dollar power ball lottery. but the plot thickens. find out in "topical storm" next. s romantic s romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex.
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kennedy: the on debate we have around here this time of the show is how weird do you want
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your news? have you ever had your wildest dreams come true only to have them truly crushed like an ant minutes later? it many hard to rebound from that feeling when you think you and your co-workers have just won almost a billion powerball dollars. but the folks at the restaurant had all the winning powerball numbers from the wrong day. ken require's about to be the saddest thing ever. they were reading the earlier powerball numbers. the ne -- the new ones hadn't bn posted yet. that's sad.
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but that's god's way of punishing these people for gambling. or the good lord has a sense of humor. topic number two. there is nothing like a brutal crime lord to sell t-shirts. here is walter cronkite -- i mean sean penn during his interview with el chapo who says i have ordered countless murders and beheading, but whose shirt says i'm funniest uncle at the neighborhood pool party. a neighborhood store is cashing in and pushing el chapo's shirts on social media. come summer look forward to electric blue paisley patterns while fashionably running a cocaine empire. fun, fun, fun. topic number three.
8:31 pm
it is never too early to teach your kids geopolitical politics. like this young take who is learning about russia. >> russia is a democratic federation. the president of russia is vladimir putin. black laughter] >> vladimir putin. it says vladimir putin. ken require's kind of a combination between poop and tootin. watch this clip. stunning really. topic number four. do you know what one of my favorite movies is? did you know her?
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no, wait, was she a great big fat person? >> yes, she is a big girl, sir. report the silence of the lamb with the torture well. it's where america's famous seamstress set up his sewing circle. it's a three-storey house in pennsylvania and they can't sell the house to save their lives. they can't give the thing away it's been on the market since august for $300,000. but they just dropped the price to $250,000. if you buy it, please invite me over for dinner. we have have a nice chianti.
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there is nothing more terrifying than realizing you are in a burning building. meet michelle, providing perhaps the best flaming building narration i have ever heard. >> oh, man, the building is on fire! what? i have got my three kid and we bounced out. we won't be in no fire. not today. kennedy: i love her so much. she is fine. the kids are fine. she need to come to new york and narrate the news on the "topical storm." i want her fresh perspective on everything. if you have any weird stories you want to see on the "topical storm" you know you can tweet me @kennedynation. guess who's coming up? sandra smith joins me from
8:34 pm
carolina and, south carolina to tell us how she is getting ready for tomorrow's debate. my panel returns right after this. ♪
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and as soon as i did that, literally it was like you're getting 7, 9, 10, 15 leaves that are just popping up all over the place. yeah, it was amazing. just with a little bit of information, you can take leaps and bounds. it's an awesome experience. kennedy: sandra smith is moderating tomorrow night's big debate. at 6:00 she'll be there with trish regan. i'm happy to have you here because i cannot manage what is going through your brain. the preparation must be so intense and fast and furious. let's talk about the news cycle. the first fbn debate we were talking about the domestic economy. then there was a shift toward terrorism. now the international economy is heating up with all of china's problems. how much is the news affecting
8:39 pm
the way you prep, and are there last-minute changes? trish: we are altering, updating, throwing out, adding questions, all the way to the minute we stand on that stage tomorrow night. it's a constant process. the news is changing rapidly. we had the state of the union address this week. we have the iowa caucasus coming up. but so much has changed since the last time we debated on the fox business stage and the economy was number one. now people are most concerned about how to keep their families safe. national security is number one, foreign policy, how will we fight the terrorism over there. these will be the center points of that debate tomorrow night. >> this is the last chance summer dance for some of these early bird. what i want to know is do you play gotcha with them or do you help them get out of theness and
8:40 pm
explode -- get out of the nest and perhaps win iowa? sandra: neither. we are up there as mode curators to moderate -- at moderators to facilitate a healthy debate. to some degree three or four candidates on that stage. there is an opportunity to let that debate breathe once it gets going. a healthy debate is the best thing for the american voters who are undecided. we are hopefully going to be asking this substantive questions that the american voter still need answered. we hope those candidate -- we can't help them or make them. but we hope they will answer those questions. we have an obligation and responsibility to get that answer from the candidate. so no gotcha questions, just veal questions that matter to
8:41 pm
the american people. kennedy: is there a chance tuck freestyle on the spot and make up a question out of thin air? sandra: yes, and you probably won't know i'm doing that. if something gets going, we are fully repaired to continue on with that subject. you do have to do that. we do have to be agile. if we are seeing the candidates are feeling a particular subject. we have a live audience by the well, more than 5,000 people are expected to be here. if we feel something is heating up or becoming important on that stage we want to allow it to breathe a little bit and we are ready to roll with that. kennedy: you take my breath away. i can't wait to watch the debate with you. thanks so much. coming up, hillary clinton, her cakewalk to the democratic
8:42 pm
nomination is starting to get slippery. someone put crisco on the runway. the latest quinnipiac poll has bernie sanders beating her in iowa 49% to 44%. and she is getting beaten handily in new hampshire. >> i don't pay any attention to this. i don't feel it's a good reflection of who will come out on caucus night. kennedy: the panel is back. she says she doesn't pay attention to the polls which sends me into a fit of giggles because that's a load of hot nonsense. >> it's not true but it should be true. hillary is right the polls are telling us almost nothing. we are about to get into the territory where polls are semi relevant.
8:43 pm
but early polls are nearly meaningless. early polls are barbaric into the darkness. kennedy: some anchor is bringing down these once infallible poll numbers. is it donald trump with this attacks against her? the unorthodox strategy going after her and her husband? or the seem scandal that won't go away. >> she has two people to thank, including herself. the emails read on the air network by network and fox being diligent about that. there is an increased probe into the cross-section of those two. she should be thanking -- bernie sanders should be thanking donald trump. he always shied from the confrontation and never has taken her on and donald trump has.
8:44 pm
the group that's most sceptical of hillary clinton millennials, many of which don't remember some of the scandals of that administration. maybe uncle bernie is a better pick. kennedy: you are a millennial. why do they love bernie so much? >> he has a record of supporting thing they say are important to them. the anti-wall street thing he supported. hillary clinton has probably had bracelet friendships. she supported doma. she tweeted about criminal justice reform which is ridiculous, she was taking contributions from lobbyists for private prisons just months ago. if they look at the record they have to think she is a joke.
8:45 pm
kennedy: i like private prisons. >> voters criminal just first reform say who has been prison happy. she spent the ole 90s being prison happy. kennedy: she gave alex rodriguez steroids. the yowngs like the old. kennedy: we'll take it. what a wonderful time we have had. coming up, hip hop legend russell simmons has a unique take on 2016 and why he's disappointed in his long-time friend donald trump. [ music and whistling ]
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kennedy: russell simmons is a business mag natd, communications chairman and a new book out called "the happy vegan." let's see if you still like me. there is the book, the happy vegan. is he happy baifs's vegan or base has $4 billion. >> i wrote this book. all my books i have written i have been lucky, they are all best sellers. kennedy: they are all how to make people happy. this book isn't just about being happy, but about saving your life. with animal products there is more cancer. america's factory farming industry -- there is so much
8:50 pm
prozac and antibiotics. kennedy: what if you eat organic grass fed beef. >> 99.5% of all your beef is not that. black women. one statistic. if they are over 20, they are 50% likely to have some kind of heart disease. kennedy: that's absolutely true. they want women to know, hispanic and muslim women who don't eat a lot of the meat products that you have to watch what you put in your body. >> because there is a lobby, they get $30 billion in supplements. kennedy: do you like bernie sanders. >> i do, they get $30 billion to make cheap meat and only give
8:51 pm
$37 million to the vegetable industry. i like bernie sanders' ideas. i like hillary's chances of winning and i would like for her to adopt more of bern christmas ideas. kennedy: she is trying -- to adopt more of bernie's ideas. i gave hillary her first fundraiser in new york. kennedy: you were out with michael jordan and i was out with veronica web. i went to the men's bathroom with michael jordan and played dice. he told me if i lost i would have go back to his hotel room. >> did you loss? >> no, i won. and he gave us tickets to see the nets. >> that was a long time ago. >> 1995.
8:52 pm
>> you were just a baby. >> i went to my friend's funeral. he was 52. and joey robinson died the same week have colon cancer. kennedy: there is a relationship between red meat and colon cancer. do you have to give up animal products? i don't eat dairy or gluten. >> ask president clinton, they told him it was genetic and he was going to die. >> not true. it's not true. he does not eat animal products. kennedy: when you are not looking. he's not trying to brag. i doubt that he wants to lie about his steak. he's not eating animal products
8:53 pm
because it's going to kill him. and he reversed the process. kennedy: your friend donald trump you are disappointed in him, why? >> you are change the subject. this is really important. >> well, he's very divisive, he has said things that are hate new and un-american. the reason we moved -- mott moved, we were dragged here. religious freedom. here we are. that's a horrible thing. that's the most american thing we have. it's the first thing they came for. you can't tell people from a beautiful religion that we are going to block you out. you can't say these divisive things about latin americans. he's bringing out the very worst. the last kick and screaming. kicking, screaming part of america that's against the change towards more tolerance and love.
8:54 pm
they are the last people following donald. he is their voice. kennedy: he's a evening. with blue cheese dressing and bacon. >> i hope he wins the primary. thank you for being here. i hope you come back. ay vegan is russell simmons book. if you become a vegan you will reverse cancer and make a billion dollars like russell. thank you very much. coming up, i journeyed to charleston, south carolina and lived to tell about it. watch me talk to the locals about 2016. i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder... ...whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type
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kennedy: i'm excited about tomorrow night' republican
8:58 pm
debates. so excited i flew down to chuck town to talk to the locals in charleston. we are taking a horse and carriage ride through beautiful downtown charge. charleston. i like the. fox business is hosting the next montana debate right here in your town. how does that feel? >> is trump going to be here? >> yes. i'm sorry, i'm supporting donald trump. kennedy: don't be sorry. >> i believe in him and i believe he's an honest man. kennedy: what do you believe the last week or so donald trump going after ted cruz for his citizenship? >> he's going after anybody he can. kennedy: do you like that? >> i kind of. kennedy: is there anybody that sticks out that might make america great again?
8:59 pm
you are not a trump supporter? >> no. kennedy: your party is having a hard time, do you have any comment about hillary clinton and the f.b.i. investigation? what would your ideal president do the first day in office? what would she or she do. >> what they say they will do. kennedy: ways the last thing they do? the fox business debate is thursday night. i not' a republican debate, but will you be watching. okay, very few word. we'll see how it goes. no hard feeling. okay, bye. thank you so much for watching. you can follow me on twitter and instagram @kennedynation. and don't forget to watch the big presidential debate.
9:00 pm
years old... >> these are the biggest trees i've ever seen, and they're beautiful. >> the redwood forest has been on the planet since the dinosaurs. >> then the ax men cometh. one makes a redwood his ultimate log cabin... >> what? >> ...a log-rolling attraction. it's her strange inheritance. >> i was the only child, so i knew i was always gonna get the log. >> but the road takes its toll. >> it's hard to be the log lady and have a life and be the truck driver and the repair person and do it all. >> she's got a big decision to make. >> she sure does, jamie. she sure does. >> and what happens when it's time for the log to be inherited from you? [ suspenseful music plays ]


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