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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 13, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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"strange inheritance." and remember, you can't take it with you. before we go, salute t american success, go to lou dobbs in charlotte. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. tonight, coming to you from the north charleston coliseum and performing arts center in charleston, south carolina. this is where tomorrow evening republican presidential candidates will be taking the stage for the first debate of this new year. votes are set to be cast in iowa less than three weeks from now and a new des moines register bloomberg politics poll shows ted cruz holding lead on top with 25% support, but donald trump is now challenging him. just three points behind at 22%. only last month, trump had a 10-point deficit, and trump
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tonight in a fighting mood. the political establishment went after him last night with both president obama and south carolina governor nikki haley hitting him in her response to the state of the union and trump firing back at both the president and governor haley. >> he doesn't want to talk about what's going on in the world. the real facts that are going on in the world. he's living in a fantasy land. she's very weak on illegal immigration, and i've known that for a long time. but she's weak on illegal immigration and has no trouble asking me for campaign contributions because over the years she's asked me for a hell of a lot of money in campaign contributions, sort of interesting to hear her. so perhaps if i weren't running, she'd be in my office asking me for money. lou: and among our guests tonight, fox news digital politics editor chris stirewalt and former white house reagan
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political director ed rollins. two small u.s. navy patrol boats drifted into iranian water. the wait for the sailors's release dragged on for hours as iranian officials inter fwrogat the sailors about motive. and they did express gratitude for iran's cooperation as they put it. is presidential gratitude the appropriate response? we'll talk about that with former pentagon official k.t. mcfarland and john hannah tonight. top story, republican presidential candidates preparing for the first presidential debate of the year hosted by fox business network. fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron is in dorchester, south carolina, northwest of us here with our report. >> reporter: the gloves are off and cruz is amping up attacks on donald trump as a new york city liberal eliteist. >> i'll tell you the rest of
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the country knows exactly what new york values are, they're not iowa values and not new hampshire values. >> reporter: trump accused cruz of dirty tricks tweeting, quote -- push polls in part about candidates and test reactions, cruz's campaign said no one should be surprised they're working the phones, the rubio and trump camps are getting calls that suggest trump remains a new york liberal posing as a conservative republican. >> the fact you were born in canada. >> reporter: trump's attack on cruz's citizenship have taken a toll on cruz. latest poll shows cruz leads trump in a two-man race with rubio and carson barely in double digits. another problem for cruz is opposition to ethanol subsidies. 42% of gop caucusgoers say that concerns them, too. trump aides are so confident they'll win iowa they are
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shifting to presumptive nominee attacking clinton democrats more and more. cruz is battling marco rubio tying rubio to new york democratic senator chuck schumer. >> bring these people out of shadows. >> his fingerprints are all over that disk. >> he supported legalizing people that were here illegally, now he is against it. supported doubling the number of green cards, now against it. supported 500% increases in guest workers, now against it. in favor of birth rights citizenship now he's against it. he hasn't been consistent on the issues and we'll have a conversation in a debate about that. >> reporter: calling him a pro-choice moderate. christie clarified position today. >> i came to this point of view over 20 years ago, i was pro-choice before. over 20 years ago. i had a change of heart. >> reporter: all the candidates are trying to fortify position in advance of tomorrow night's debate, knowing they'll not only face tough questions from the moderators but they are looking at the viable candidates.
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lou: carl cameron reporting. a deeply troubling display by iran today, releasing video of our captured u.s. sailors being treated like prisoners of war. the video shows the ten sailors held at gunpoint kneeling down with hands behind their heads. iran in direct violation of the geneva convention. you cannot show video of prisoners, according to that convention, and you cannot coerce them into making statements. both of which the iranians did. one of the sailors, a navy lieutenant appears to have been forced to apologize and to express his gratitude to the iranians. >> it was a mistake. that was our fault, and we apologize for our mistake. the iranian behavior was fantastic while we were here, thank you very much for your hospitality and assistance. lou: and the president's reaction to all of that, the obama administration tonight insists that no formal apology
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was made to iran over the incident. it instead thanked the iranians for releasing the nine men and one woman aboard the two boats. the sailors and boats are back with the u.s. fleet in the persian gulf. the pentagon still not saying how they went as much as 50 miles off-course if indeed they did, ending up in iran's territorial waters, if they did. the boats going from kuwait to bahrain. the sailor detention incident could not come at a worse time for the president. democrats have joined republicans in asking president obama for more sanctions against iran, not fewer. come monday, the iranian government is set to receive expected billions of dollars in sanctions relief. fox news correspondent kevin corke with our report. >> reporter: even before president obama touched down in omaha this afternoon, hopes of a post-state of the union bump
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were deflated by the release of troubling images of american sailors held captive by iran. but administration officials insisted that recent talk with the regime by way of the controversial iran nuclear deal held in the situation quickly. >> secretary kerry's aggressive and early engagement in this and open channel that he had, and he has with his foreign minister counterpart was important. >> reporter: the detainment of american sailors is the latest in a series of provocations by the iranians in the region, casting fresh doubts about the pending implementation of the iran nuclear agreement. >> it is incomprehensible to me with ballistic missile tests have been conducted, americans held hostage that the administration wants to hand over 100+ billion dollars to allow the iranians to have more sources to conduct terror around the world. >> reporter: on capitol hill house republicans latest bid
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hit a snag today when a successful effort to sanction the regime was vacated after 137 members missed the vote and protested. all the members who did stick around wasted little time in slamming the administration for giving iran a pass in order to save a flawed agreement. >> no shameful act that iran can bring us to the administration that's not willing to overlook. >> reporter: the obama administration seemed bound and determined to do this deal though it's not a signed deal. >> iran has rolled back nuclear program, shipped out uranium stockpile and the world avoided another war. >> reporter: the political flames were fand after the president having been briefed of the situation failed to even mention the sailors during last night's state of the union address. >> one of the things that secretary kerry and the president talked about in terms of the iran deal was that somehow it could moderate iran's behavior. well, that hasn't worked out very well has it. >> reporter: that is, in fact, the $64,000 question, and i
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think the answer is frankly somewhat obvious. i should point out one more thing, lou, before departing joint base andrews, the president met with king abdullah ii of jordan, it was an informal one according to officials, lasting only a couple of minutes. that comes ahead of an important meeting tomorrow in london. secretary of state john kerry is supposed to be meeting with saudi counterpart as you know. the saudis in a long line of countries that are having quite a bit of trouble with the iranians right now, lou? lou: kevin, i think safely put in the category of understatement, and well, well said. thanks so much, kevin, kevin corke reporting from the white house. on wall street today, a sharp sell-off for stocks. the dow plunged 365 points, the s&p down 48. the nasdaq fell 160 points and volume on the big board continued heavy trading. 5 billion shares.
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the dow, the s&p 500, the nasdaq have all now entered correction territory. that is down more than 10% from recent highs. up next here, hillary clinton's campaign could be in full panic mode after the news today. we'll have that for you, and this guy shows off an impressive move after someone tries to steel his car. worth watching. much, much more straight ahead. we're coming right back. stay with us. i know how it is. you're all set to book a flight using your airline credit card miles. and surprise! those seats sometimes cost a ridiculous number of miles, making it really hard to book the flight you want. luckily, there's a better way... with the capital one venture card. with venture, you'll earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. and when you're ready to travel, just book the flight you want, on any airline, then use your miles to cover the cost. now you're getting somewhere. what's in your wallet?
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now, that's progressive.
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. lou: republican presidential front-runner, we've been saying that for about seven months now, donald trump holds a 17 point lead over his closest rival senator ted cruz. 17 points. a new york sometimes-cbs national poll shows trump with 36% support, followed by cruz with 19%. marco rubio at 12%. all other candidates are in single digits. joining us tonight, fox news digital politics editor chris stirewalt. great to see you here in charleston. >> isn't this nice? lou: it is beautiful. and these events over the last several days are something unexpected. i guess we should be expecting the unexpected now, but to have nicky haily, the republican,
11:15 pm
the republican response to the state of the union actually take a shot at the front-runner, and accuse him of being divisive. what could have been more divisive that she could possibly have said. >> she put little stink on it. she did not do diatribe against trump. she's allowed to not like donald trump, right? lou: of course, when she speaks for the party, i suppose her personal opinions respect the views and opinions of the party, that would be a new form of politics that only stirewalt knows. >> nikki haley is a valuable commodity for the republican party. lou: she's a terrific governor. >> successful governor of an important state. she's a woman. she is a mom. she is indian american, daughter of immigrants, she has a great story to tell. that's of value to the republican party. does absolute decorum demand that she take no swipe at donald trump? yes. you are absolutely right.
11:16 pm
absolute decorum would demand she not say anything about fellow republicans. lou: push decorum and good manners and judgment aside for a moment. >> okay. lou: this is a republican party struggling to come together and to unite behind a candidate. the purpose of the primary nobody knows better than you, and donald trump is demonstrating he can bring millions of americans together. he's bringing so many together, the republican party has never seen its like, the energy, and then divisiveness from the establishment itself. >> have you seen the movie raise the titanic, they floated the titanic up off the bottom of the ocean. lou: uh-huh? are you suggesting that as a metaphor for the republican party? >> no for jeb bush. jeb bush says he could still win. yes, it is possible if they hung balloons off the top of the candidacy and reinflated the exclamation point, they could conceive --
11:17 pm
lou: i cannot wait for you to connect this. >> if jeb bush were able to wrest the nomination especially in a convention floor fight from donald trump, what would all of donald trump's supporters say? they would say you pound sand. i ain't voting for you, i'm staying home. i'm not going to vote for another jeb bush establishmentairn. lou: you haven't answered the question, to the indictment of trump supporters coming by the legion to the republican party and the presumptive nominee at this. >> they would be well within their rights to say. that well within their rights to say. i don't care, i'd rather have hillary clinton win than jeb bush get in there. there are going to be a lot of establishment republicans who say to donald trump, i ain't voting for him, have you him if you like him, i ain't voting for him. >> i get the sense from you i have struck a nerve bringing up haley and the establishment. this is a case splintering the
11:18 pm
party seems to be the strategy conceived by paul ryan, who probably -- >> oh, now! >> do you think nikki haley was operating as a free agent last night? >> i think if the republican establishment were as good as people said it was or as powerful as they said it was or well organized, they wouldn't be getting biscuits burned to 500 degree crisp right now. they wouldn't have the first republican establishment guy at third in 12% if they were as powerful and organized as -- look, the republican party, four years ago. lou: you're making me feel like i'm supporting establishment candidates. >> no, the republican party -- you know what the republican establishment is? the republican establishment is everybody who has held office who gives money, who volunteers, participates and organizes. the republican establishment is, i don't know, 70,000 people. 100,000 people. it's a broad establishment. lou: at its peak.
11:19 pm
agree that the light glares brightly upon the u.s. chamber of commerce. >> yeah. lou: the business roundtable. >> right. >> the national association of manufacturers, and the american bankers association, big pharma, and by the way, who write often their own laws in the congress. >> that is the duopoly. america suffers under the duopoly. lou: do you know we're a duopoly. that's what my producer said. >> you're done here, stirewalt. there was so much more we wanted to talk with chris about. great to talk with you about anything. >> always good to be here. lou: thank you, doctor. >> look forward to seeing you soon. >> chris stirewalt. join us for the next two republican debates on fox business network, coverage begins at 5:00 p.m. eastern, sandra smith and trish regan will moderate at 6:00 p.m. eastern.
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i'll be back with a special "lou dobbs tonight" when the first debate concludes around 7:00, and around 9:00, at 9:00 sharp, maria bartiromo and neil cavuto moderate the primetime debate. then neil and i will wrap it all up at 11:00 tomorrow evening. be with us, please. chris stirewalt is thinking everybody will like him on all of those social medias. >> they'll get the duopoly going. lou: sometimes as we transition, a thief pix the wrong person to rob, that is what happened in australia. where a thief tried to steal a car at a gasoline station. the car's owner was able to stop the theft. a ninja kick through the window. the thief tried to drive away, but eventually abandoned that
11:21 pm
idea and the car, which is in the hands of its rightful and highly athletic owner. >> don't steal jackie chan's car. lou: and courageous. up next, the united states expressing deep gratitude to iran for releasing our sailors who they detained. k.t. mcfarland and john hannah tell us what they think of that incident and the president's response. a rescue operation under way in france after a massive avalanche. we'll have the video for you. it's shocking. we'll have that for and you much more. stay with us. we're coming right back after i said you better sign it... hi, i'm andrew luck. could anyone use some of my lucky beard for retirement? i could use some luck. make a wish.
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. lou: our ten sailors retained by iran released today are undergoing medical observation, they are in bahrain after rejoining the fleet. secretary of state kerry thanked iran for releasing our
11:26 pm
sailors and taking the opportunity to tout the administration's nuclear deal, if you can imagine. >> i think we can all imagine how a similar situation might have played out three or four years ago. this kind of issue was able to be peacefully resolved, and officially resolved, and that is a testament to the critical role that diplomacy plays in keeping our country safe. lou: former pentagon official, fox news national security analyst k.t. mcfarland and foundation for defense of democracies senior counselor, former cheney national security adviser john hannah join us tonight. good to have you with us. k.t., your reaction to the expression of gratitude for iranians seizing two of our naval vessels and ten of our sailors? >> i never thought i would see the united states navy on its
11:27 pm
knees in the surrender position to the iranian revolutionary guard. now if they were released, but why? what has this done? the picture says it all, lou. this picture is going to go all over the arab world. what is it going to show? the united states on its knees to the iranians. the united states in the surrender position, and by the way, within 72 hours, the united states is set to pay a signing bonus, release a signing bonus of over $100 billion to the same people who had our american sailors on their knees. lou: john hannah, the idea that we don't know right now what happened with those ten sailors. why those two boats ended up being apprehended by, detained by, iranian forces. there is no explanation as to how they were released. what happened to the equipment aboard those ships? this is one of the most woeful incidents i have ever seen
11:28 pm
because as k.t. mentioned, we have a young lieutenant saying he's sorry on behalf of the united states navy as his sailors are on their knees with their hands over their heads. this is outrageous that it could happen, that there was no response once there was any sign that the two ships, those two vessels were seized. i mean what have we got here, john? >> yeah, no, there are an awful lot of unanswered questions here, lou, about when we found out about, when the ships were seized and what the rest of our fleet in the gulf was then doing about it, if anything. what are the rules of engagement that we have when the iranians engage in outrageous behavior. there's no doubt, no one should doubt iran manufactured this incident with the purpose of humiliating the president of the united states and our entire country with the purpose, as k.t. said, of
11:29 pm
demonstrating to that entire region and to the saudis in particular that there's a new sheriff in the gulf, and it's iran, not the united states. lou: it looks for all the world that the possibility is very real that this administration is complicit with the iranian government in that humiliation because of the choices they made, what are the reasons that those two riverine craft were in that vicinity? what in the world were they doing near farsi island in the middle of the persian gulf, as general jack keane said, why would they be making a 300-mile journey from kuwait to bahrain? there are so many questions and not a word, not a word, not a syllable from this administration. >> you know, lou, the problem is not just have we been humiliated. that's bad enough. what is this message sending to the entire region? what it says is the united states is out of here.
11:30 pm
the united states is on its knees. don't count on the united states as an ally if you're israel. if you're the saudis, any of the sunni arabs. find a new sheriff. lou: hell, k.t., ten of our sailors can't even depend on the u.s. navy. how must the sailors feel? and how of the every man and woman serving in the u.s. navy feel tonight that that is the response of the commander in chief and the chief of naval operations? it's absolutely appalling. john, what is your reaction. >> the women in the head scarf, the one woman in a head scarf, why? lou: this is a mockery of the country, the navy and the military. john, you get the last word here. >> lou, this is dangerous as well. this is the latest in a series of brazen iranian challenges to the united states after the nuclear deal. no american response at some
11:31 pm
point these guys are going to push so far that the president will have no choice but to respond. this is how wars begin, lou, when you allow deterrence built up over 70 year, american deterrence to collapse. it will be filled by chaos, by conflict, and eventually, i'm afraid, by war. lou: john hannah, k.t. mcfarland, thanks for being with us, we appreciate it. >> thank you, lou. >> i mentioned at the outset that avalanche in the french alps. we received new video of that avalanche in the alps, three people were killed at a popular ski resort. two french children, a tourist killed when the avalanche struck earlier today. two others are in serious condition. about 60 rescuers are working, four helicopters searching the scene for survivors. witnesses believe the avalanche was likely triggered by groups skiing over freshly fallen snow. up next, a stunning
11:32 pm
admission by a sitting president. the very revealing comments from mr. obama about his own character.
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. lou: joining us tonight, former reagan white house political director and republican strategist, ed rollins. ed, first i want to ask about the monumental just monstrous, it seems mockery of this
11:36 pm
president, his administration, this nation, in taking ten sailors, then releasing them, and secretary kerry a supplicant before the ayatollahs expressing gratitude. this is mind wrenching, gut-wrenching, it is disgusting. >> disturbing picture i've seen of american soldiers there on their knees, eating whatever garbage they're giving them for having a boat breakdown. the idea that the president would go to a state of the union and not mention it pretending it didn't happen. john kerry saying this is such a great deal, they feel so good about us, we are such good negotiators, we have good relationships. this follows three weeks ago firing missiles at the "u.s.s. harry truman" an, the aircraft carrier. let's get it over with and they'll get their 150 billion dollars. lou: do you think this president has the guts to
11:37 pm
actually step back and say that you have not acted in accordance with the spirit of this agreement? because it's not a treaty, it's not a signed document? no. lou: we're not going to release the funds. do you think the president has one iota of strength and resolute principles and strength to say hell no. >> i'll say hell no. absolutely not. he wants deals, this is great deal. i got them to sit down and negotiate. unfortunately the deal is all in their favor. they still get to build a nuclear weapon. they don't have to have all the sign-offs we hoped they'd have. we're going to give them 150 billion dollars with no restraint on the activities they spend it on. they're going to reinforce hamas and all the terrorist groups. i don't know what we got out of this thing, the premise they won't build a nuclear bomb for ten years, they can build all the ones they want. we have 6,000 of them.
11:38 pm
lou: frankly, i don't know where the republicans are here, i don't know where the republican establishment is. i don't know where the republican candidates are, they're not being nearly as vocal as one would expect, and i think the circumstances demand. i want to turn to this, and i hope i'm not in any way distorting history or disturbing your memories of ronald reagan. but this, for at least most of the past six months has reminded me a lot of 1980 and ronald reagan and trump playing reagan, at least in being the subject of vicious attacks by the republican establishment. then in 1980 it was bush going after ronald reagan. ronald reagan, donald trump, in both instances, is there any possibility this is an absolute design of the republican establishment to have nikki haley, a governor of south
11:39 pm
carolina, republican response, take a political shot at him to have obviously paul ryan who said he was going to table immigration until 2017, say he's back at it again. this is starting to look like the -- this party looks like exactly like what every trump supporter in the country thought it was. >> as i said before, all trump has to continue to say is they're not for me because i'm for you. i care about the people out there. and the republican establishment and washington around the country are not for and you haven't benefitted you. i think the combination i have great respect for governor haley and her job was to basically rebutt the state of the union, not attack our candidates and talk about what they're doing or not done it. enhances trump. lou: you've got one candidate bringing people together, ed, and his name is donald trump, and she doesn't like him because he's divisive? who is trying to splinter the party here?
11:40 pm
it's the establishment. they can't get their candidate, so airline thatting to say the hell with it all. >> he's stronger by the day. stronger in iowa, he's going to win the state. better get used to donald trump, because he's going to be around for a long time. lou: ed rollins, thank you very much as always. up next, bernie sanders gains ground on hillary clinton. this is turning out to be quite a surprise for mrs. clinton. and we all know "el chapo" is the most notorious drug kingpin. did you know he's something of a trendsetter? we'll explain that for you as well. stay with us, we're coming right back.
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. lou: troubling developments for hillary clinton's campaign. her lead over bernie sanders has virtually disappeared. a "new york times"-cbs news national poll shows clinton leading sanders by seven points. a month ago she led the vermont socialist by 20 percentage points. that is erosion. joining us the trump campaign national spokeswoman katrina pierson, good to have you with us. reporter for the washington
11:45 pm
free beacon lachlan and eboni williams. good to have you all here. lachlan -- did i say lachlan markay? >> no, just lachlan. lou: i apologize to you. >> thank you. lou: your sense what's going on wo the campaign. i think most people would say objectively that hillary clinton, this isn't survivable for her. >> right. the dnc's effort to shield democratic voters from entire slate of candidates obviously failed and trending more towards authenticity than electability. i don't think bernie sanders is an electable candidate but the more heart felt, the more authentic, the more real candidate between the two of them, and as someone who disagrees with him on pretty much everything, he's appealing because you can tell he's speaking from the heart, he speaks reality. >> lachlan makes a great point
11:46 pm
on the backfiring of the dnc. i agree they set up hillary clinton to run unopposed and can't throw a loft to bernie sanders, my god. >> this is a bigger problem. we hear a lot of talk from the gop establishment when it comes to their base, it's not just their base that feels disenfranchised. it's the entire political elite on both sides. you see democrats supporting donald trump, minorities supporting donald trump. lou: did you say donald trump? >> that is right. donald trump. it's a national crisis that we have. people intrinsically know something is wrong with our political system and want somebody on the outside that's going to be tough enough to fix it. >> i want to ask all of you, this is a big deal here in south carolina. this is a big deal nationally. the governor of south carolina, nikki haley, coming out and hitting donald trump in her response, speaking for the republican party, following the state of the union.
11:47 pm
how is that going to play out? >> well, i think what she was expressing is really a conservative value at its core, and that is approaching policy making with the type of clear headedness and moderation that defines american conservatism, i don't mean moderation politically. lou: nikki haley is a conservative? >> absolutely. she's a stalwart conservative, and a great governor of south carolina. >> isn't there a $9 billion deficit in south carolina's pension fund. >> if you have the number on the top of your head? i don't. i think what nikki haley was expressing is the clear idea that this country needs, and that's the defining characteristic of conservatism that's been lost -- lou: i'll tell you what isn't defining is to call a man divisive, who is uniting the republican party as it has not been united since 1980 -- >> donald trump has a negative
11:48 pm
25 -- not approval rating, favorability rating among republicans, second to jeb bush in terms of number of people in the republican people. lou: what candidate are you so excited about? >> there are a lot of great candidates. cruz, rubio. >> those are more classical candidates. >> she's a conservative voice. >> no just classical establishment politician. lou: this is like jeb bush claiming to be a conservative, lachlan, this is nonsense. you're not talking about establishment candidates, you're not talking about conservatives. conservative candidates, cruz can make an honest claim for. the fact of the matter is, there are a number of candidates who can make an honest claim. >> i became a conservative because i saw liberals -- lou: you saw the labels so flexible? >> making policy not out of a clear-eyed vision for the
11:49 pm
country but out of emotion. lou: we've got trump's national spokesperson sitting right here, i want to hear your reaction to the attack by -- obviously sanctioned by paul ryan. >> sure, the establishment republicans. >> the bigger problem is that wasn't the opportunity to attack the republican front-runner. it was an opportunity to go after barack obama. this was his state of the union speech. thank god his final one and used that opportunity to attack the republican front-runner almost at 40% in her own home state. she insulted 40% of republican primary voters in her own state. lou: we're going to give eboni a chance to weigh in. >> this was nikki haley being used by the establishment. trying to maximize on the momentum being a part of what happened racially with south carolina earlier. this is grand entrance to a national stage, and she wasn't going to use it for anything but that. lou: how did that work out for her? >> we shall see. i have a feeling what you think
11:50 pm
about it. [ laughter ] >> speculation on it. >> it might backfire on her. lou: i know when the republican party spends time in response to the state of the union focusing on the front-runner of the party and attack him and insulting him in front of millions of american voters supporting a candidate, they're damn fools. that's the way i see it. we have to leave it with my last word on that. katrina pierson, thanks for being with us, lachlan markay, eboni williams, thank you all. "el chapo," well, he is having the most amazing impact. one i don't think anybody could have anticipated. sales of the shirt that the infamous drug kingpin wore during his recent interview with sean penn, well, it's all skyrocketed. the striped paisley button-down. there they are striped paisley button-downs are sold at a los angeles store going for $128
11:51 pm
each, and it is a land rush business. amazing. would you ever dream that would happen? >> yes, it's what he wanted, lou, he wanted to be famous, a pop icon, and now he's selling out shirts. where's your "el cpo" shirt? i was going to say. >> he is in favor of capitalism now instead of drug dealing. lou: well fallback for a fallen drug kingpin. up next, powerball fever is so big, canadians are crossing our border to buy our tickets. what would you do? well, we'll tell you what's going on, and i'll talk with red eye's andy levy and joanne nosuchinsky next. stay with us. we'll find out what they'd do. canadians!
11:52 pm
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11:56 pm
that they hadn't and the rest of us will be splitting a billion and a half dollars tonight. >> i want to know how they picked the numbers. lou: the physicality is to be explained a lot of ways. they thought they won. >> necessity looked at the winning numbers from the last time. i want to know if that was their strategy? if they just got lucky or one of them has re controversy cognition. the psychic power of seeing into the past which for purposes of lottery -- lou: how did they pick the last time's winning numbers? should i tell them? >> the numbers were displayed on the top of the page there at the lottery. >> that's usually what happens. >> andy is in shock.
11:57 pm
>> i don't understand what you arsaying. lou: it means i failed again to communicate adequately. but speak of big money, el chapo no longer a drug lord but buzzing with his new paisley striped shirt. would you have imagined something like that for a fallen drug kingpin? >> even if you are down, you have got, at least laterally. this is the next thing for chapo. if we are going to glorify criminals we've might as well make them big in the fashion world as well. lou: don't you think it's interesting sean penn works his way into the shot of el chapo and his shirt looking for all the world as a fashion partner. >> i don't think anyone who
11:58 pm
knows anything about sean penn finds that surprising. i had a relative who was a policeman. nypd. he bought something and he really liked it. he said it looks just like tony some pran oh. i said you are a cop. i don't understand that. but that's how it works. >> one of the dumbest criminals in history, unhappy and narcissistic. unhappy with his hug shots so he takes a selfie and provides it to the police. does it get much dumber than that? >> oh, for sure. i definitely think it does. there are too many examples for me to pull from now. remember that one hot model who had that great mugshot? now all of these criminals are thinking i can make a career out of this later on so i want to
11:59 pm
look my best in my mugshot. i don't fault him for that. >> the more people who take selfies should be arrested. that's how i feel. very quickly, let me ask you this. predictions on who's going to win the debate here. i know you probably agree with me that trump is getting a big sympathy movement in the country being attacked by the republican establishment. my guess is you are at the forefront. >> i'm looking for donald trump to sew up the nomination. i think the results will be huge for him, and he is the greatest. lou: joanne? >> i think ted cruz will give trump a run for his money. what a spirited defense of
12:00 am
donald trump by andrew levy. thank you very much. our online poll, 96% of you say president obama hasn't improved e past seven years.welfare over be with us tomorrow at 5:00 for the debate on the fox business network. kennedy: hello and welcome. like you, i'm watching the warpup for that all-important fox business debate tomorrow night. the butterflies like stampeding buffalo to candidates who know the stakes couldn't be higher. for voters who are just starting to pay attention to the election, this could be an opportunity for candidates to insert some assertion. freshen up the talking points and sell this baby like alec baldwin giving the runner up a set of steak knives. >> anybody want to see second prize? it's a set of steak knives.


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