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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  January 14, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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[speaking in native tongue] >> dagen: multiple explosions rocking the city center leaving seven dead including four suspected terrorists. we will have more on the developing story throughout the program. to the campaign trail, well all roads lead right here north charleston, south carolina. early even at 6:00 p.m. and moderated by my colleagues sandra smith and trish regan. the later debate. the host of this program maria bartiromo, one of the moderators there along with niel cavuto, that is at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. you don't want to miss it because, well, republican donald trump is already in a war of words, this time with the governor-this grate -- great state.
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>> one of the commentators said to me that nikki haley, very nice woman, she said i'm an angry person, they said you're an angry person, i thought, i said, i am, i am very angry because i hate what's happening to our country. i am angry. [cheers and applause] >> i am very angry. >> dagen: that is classic trump. turning to the markets futures are searching for direction after yesterday's massive selloff. again you have all three major market gauges even that territory. that's all 10% from the recent highs. oil has been a huge drag on stocks and oil right now is searching for direction. it's up just a little bit, 30 cents a barrel at the moment. we are watching that. stocks mostly low overnight with shanghai the exception there. there you have it. nobody became a billionaire but
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a few people did when a power ball jackpot it was hit the one and a half billion dollar price will be split in three ways, california, tallahassee, florida and montford, tennessee. congratulations to the people wherever you are and the breaking news. a series of explosions and gunfire rocking indonesia's cap pal killing at least seven people. at least six explosions going off including one at a police traffic post, starbucks and a burger king all in the popular downtown shopping district according to withins on the ground. police say they killed three of terrorists. morgan, isis has not claimed responsibility for this but you see what's going on in turkey, you've seen what's happened in
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paris, here in saab -- san bernardino and the u.s. is not leading on it. >> morgan: also explosions, these are al-qaeda-linked groups. this is a country that is used to having the fight with those groups associated with al-qaeda. south carolina, this is a perfect place for a debate about national security. i think this is the state with most veterans in the country and this is a very heavy military state, a at a time that jock -- john mccain won in 2001. national security security should be a priority. daig taig anthony, all the work that you have done with troops, you have been overseas, if you're going to be in favor, all the republican candidates are in favor of a more aggressive stance on national security, if you're talking about committing
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more troops, you have to speak to putting men and women's lives in danger, do you not? >> anthony: i'm probably not the perfect military strategist to know what to do. we need special operators. one of the problems is -- >> dagen: particularly in iraq. >> anthony: also in afghanistan. so if we do those types of things and more coordinated with the internal police forces in the military attachments to those police forces, you will bring the terror down but you're not going to eliminate it, dagen. there's a lot of issues that are causing terrorism, one of the biggest is unemployment and poverty in these areas. general campbell who is running afghanistan said that 80% of the taliban is relate today money and not a religious and they are
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getting 75-$85 a day to take ak47 in the back of a pickup truck. >> dagen: let's move on to the debate. everybody, we are gearing up for tonight's fox republican debate in charleston, south carolina. so much more. blake berman is with here in north charleston with the very latest, hey, blake. >> blake: good morning to you. if there's a constant throughout the debate, donald trump has been front and center and that will once again be tonight as he is joined by six other candidates at 9:00 o'clock. marco rubio on one side, ted cruz on the other. at a campaign event in florida last night in front of some 11,000 people trump really did not get into the issue that he's been pounding over the last ten days two weeks or so, that being
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whether or not ted cruz is a natural-born citizen, instead he left the audience with somewhat of a tease, i guess you should say, it's something that they will get into tonight. meantime, ted cruz is becoming more confident, more comfortable taking on donald trump and naming him out on the campaign trail. here was his response last night just down the road from us here in south carolina. >> you know, it's very interesting. this issue did not seem to concern donald until a little over a week ago when suddenly he was trailing in the polls in iowa. >> blake: meantime the texas senator has been force today respond to a new york times report which said that ted cruz did not completely fill out all of the necessary paperwork to discloses a loan or a couple loans totaling $1 million when he ran for the senate in 2012,
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part of that loan came from goldman sachs, a bank from which his wife worked. this creates a couple of headaches for cruz, he's the outside candidate and now he's got goldan -- goldman sachs attached to his name. >> dagen: ted cruz talking to values. let me translate new york values to you as a southerner, that's like calling somebody a yankee liberal. it's not being very nice. blake, thank you so much for that. let's bring in former u.s. comptroller general david walker. david, what should be the top issue on the debate stage tonight in your opinion? >> david: despite what happened in indonesia overnight and despite south carolina is a significant state from the point of national security, i think we have to focus on the economy and
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domestic issues. the simple truth is if you don't keep your economy strong, then your national security and your foreign policy will suffer overtime. so i'm hoping that what we will see is people addressing things like how are you going to grow the economy and generate jobs, how are you going to put our finances in order, how are you going to help social security and what are you going to do to deal with the growing gaps in so many different dimensions between the haves and the have notes in america. there are economic that have to be addressed. >> dagen: david, a lot of the republicans, at least center pieces is tax reform, is there enough daylight between all the different plans to really use that as a standout issue on the
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debate tonight? >> david: no. many my view there's no question that we need comprehensive tax reform, among other things that will make the tax code simpler, fairer, more competitive and ultimately generate more revenue not just through economic growth but otherwise, but that's not enough. we need to also be able to understand what are we going to be able to reassure programs and rationalize our defense posture, what are we going to do to separate the weak and between which programs work and which ones don't work. for example, in december there was a major tax bill and spending bill that was passed that quite frankly no matter wh you think of provisions will add 3-$4 trillion of new debt over the next 20 years above and beyond where we already were depending upon the assumptions that you used. we have to start looking more comprehensively and have to
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focus on the bottom line and what matters there is percentage of the economy. >> anthony: david, what do you say the average person that hears trillions dollars of debt, they don't see any way out of it, we are going to end up running off the cliff, possibly ending up like greece, what do you say about the future for their grandchildren and great grandchildren? >> david: first you have to put those numbers into per person per household so they have meaning for the individual. the bottom line is this, it's not too la to put finances in order and be able to create a better future. for the first time in the history of this country, majority of americans that life may not be as good for their children and grandchildren. that is downright un-american. here is the good news -- >> dagen: david.
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>> david: yes. >> dagen: steve, you have the ten-year treasury back close and u.s. government can borrow 2% a year over ten years and until that changes, until it welcomes a real strain on uncle sam to borrow, not a dog-on thing is going to be done about the national debt until maybe it's too late. >> steve: you know how many zeros are in a trillion? >> anthony: i probably should know. >> steve: a trillion is a million dollars. these are big numbers. i use sensitivity analysis about how vulnerable we are on this debt, which is now what $18.9 trillion. here is my greatest fear and i wonder if david agrees with me. the rates are so low right now and it's the only thing carrying forward. if we have a return to normal
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cri on interest rates, you're talking about adding another -- every time we raise the interest millions of debt. more and more of what we are spending on tax dollars is just finance the debt rather than get the things we want, roads, bridges, social security and thick like that, i wonder if you share that concern. >> david: steve, do i share that concern. if you look at the projections over the next 20 years, they expect normalcy but obviously higher than what we have now. they expect that the fastest growing expense would be interest. what do you get for interest, nothing? that's the issue. there have been a number of reasons why interest rates are
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so low right now. we are not exempt from the low of proven finance. we have to start doing something about it. >> dagen: david, great to talk to you as always. david walker, let's see if it's a break-out issue tonight on the debate. >> david: sounds good. thank you, bye bye. >> dagen: take care, david. tonight is the night at 6:00 p.m. eastern time moderated by my colleagues sandra smith and trish regan and the prime time debate moderated by the host of this very program maria bartiromo and niel cavuto. 9:00 p.m. eastern time. we will getting answers to the questions that you are asking. what do you want to know, you do not want to miss it. coming up it's all about the issues, more from south carolina as the candidates prepare for the second fbn republican debate. that is next. ♪ ♪
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>> dagen: breaking news a terrorist attack in the capital of indonesia leave seven dead and many injured. cheryl casone has that and top stories. >> cheryl: good morning, dagen, a series of explosions in jakatar killing at least seven people in what people are calling a terrorist attacks, at least six explosions went off including one at a police traffic post, a starbucks and a burger king all of this according to witness that is were on the ground. no one claimed responsibility for the attacks. police say they killed three of the terrorists and they arrested four more. we will keep you posted. meanwhile new video of iranian state television showing one of the captured u.s. navy sailers apologizing for entering
6:18 am
restricted waters yesterday. >> it was a mistake, that was our fault and we apologize for our mistake. >> cheryl: it is not clear whether the apology was made under duress, secretary john kerry has made it clear that he has not apologized to iran. a group of school children on a ski trip. french president said an emergency rescue team has been assembled and operation to rescue those in danger. fbi investigating ambush and shooting of police officer. the incident thought to simply be a crime of isolated violence, law enforcement is working off a tip that the shooter could be part of a larger radical group that could still pose a threat to police in that area. those headlines from up here,
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dagen, back to you in south carolina. >> dagen: thank you so much, cheryl. great to see you this morning. we will see you all morning long. coming up the stage set more from south carolina as the cabbed dates make their final preparations for the fox business gop presidential debate. oil flirting with lows not seen in more than decade. we will take you to the very latest, what does that mean for tonight, you, the money and the economy, we get answers here on fox. ♪ ♪
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>> dagen: oil higher this morning after snapping a seven-session losing streak yesterday. todd is at the cme group. todd, give me some direction here.
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>> good morning, dagen, did you get my 20, by the way? >> dagen: i bet you $20 that the federal reserve would raise interest rates by the end of last year and i won and you did deliver a 20 to me in a frame. so thank you for that, todd. >> anthony: to use in power ball. >> i didn't win either. i think we are start to go see a decouple lg -- from the stock markets, i think what you are seeing in overall, they had a pretty good and you are going to see commodity space hold up because what you are going to start to see is relationship with dollar not the market. we are going to start to see in 30 bucks.
6:25 am
>> dagen: mike, i will point out you haven't seen production in this country pull back yet. it's still at the start of 2016 it was still running a little bit higher than a year ago. i don't want to wish this on anybody, some of this production disappear and that might mean more bankruptcies in the energy patch. >> mike: it might be. to todd's point you don't need too much to get aurally, if you see some sort of economic strength you could see the market turn and turn quickly. down at 30 things look terrible but if we get a bounce in mid-30's people are talking about aurally. i don't think necessarily, although you may see bankruptcies i don't see the industry falling off the cliff. they know what they are doing. they've been through this before. i think we are close -- a lot closer to a bottom and the
6:26 am
rallies in the very near future. >> dagen: morgan, i want to bring in saudi arabia, saudi arabia has been the lynch-pin in all of this just really trying to put our companies out of business but continuing to pump crude. >> morgan: the game that saudi arabia is playing is clearly with iran which is their arch enemy. >> dagen: wow. >> morgan: we talk about this all of the time in the show. they're playing the long game. i think it's mostly directed towards iran, but they have -- the economy is not diversified. this is it. so this is the whole game for them. >> dagen: right, we are watching oil. a lot of people like low oil. keep those prices below $2. come on, people. thanks to todd and mike murphy. fox business asking the questions that you want answers to with one of the republican contenders will be the best for your wallet.
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that is next. ♪ ♪ i think it landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪
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dagen: good morning. i am dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo, coming to life in north charleston, south carolina, decided to match republican debate. is thursday, january 14th and with mica mistype rich capital founder, anthony scarry michie come out morgan ortegas and heritage foundation distinguished visiting fellow, steve moore. first at 6:30 a.m. eastern time. debate dais here we are hours away from the first republican debate at the new year. you are looking at video of the stage getting fed up for tonight's event.
6:31 am
a lot of hard work put into this. we are beyond excited. we are without words. the first debate starts at 6:00 p.m. eastern time moderated by trish regan and sandra smith. there is the line appeared 9:00 p.m. maria bartiromo and neil cavuto will moderate the main event. surely to take the stage as a topic in the debate tonight. a terror attack in jakarta, indonesia. explosions set off at a starbucks in jakarta appeared after a gunbattle with police, for the attackers come at least three others were killed. no group claimed responsibility for the attack at the moment, the local police say it was definitely the islamic state. turning to markets in the economy coming futures pointed to modest gains that they're actually off this morning after yesterday sharp selloff. the sox could not get a big good other major market gauges and correction territory yesterday
6:32 am
now close to naming a 10% drop from the most recent highs. oil and main driver of the selloff. you saw some stability yesterday, the crude collapse trying to hold the $30 mark right now. once that too much that could move markets today, jpmorgan, jpmorgan kicking off earnings season for the financial sector peer will break down results with elizabeth nick donald at the top of the hour when they come out. finally, trina levin didn't win it, but some people did win the powerball. many tickets were sold in chino hills, california, mumford, tennessee and florida are the exact city still not known. >> you would've missed me. >> you are going to be here bright and early. >> i was just a matter. >> winners will split a 1.60 yen dollars check. sadly that is a drop in the bucket when it comes to our national debt.
6:33 am
that was steve moore. >> that was one-day ventures. >> play with me here. the gop debate where the economy will be a hot topic. but cannot a live picture of the debate stage right now. it is dark, but the lights will go up in a short while. all of the fantastic fox people have been putting the debate together. that is where candidates will stand. you will hear their stand on the economy. there is still plenty left to learn. join us as "wall street journal" chief economic correspondent john hills in rats. someday what you want to know. >> i want to hear how each of these candidates proposes to get get the economy growing faster. we are living through a period of very slow economic growth. at the end of the day it is growth that help solve budget deficit problems in the long run, wrote great income and reduces unemployment. you need to drill down on that. we are going to see some
6:34 am
interest in twists and discussion about the various tax plans. republicans come back when they want to talk about growth. you see for instance different ideas coming from people like marco rubio who wants to preserve the existing system to lower rates and increase productions. someone like ted cruz who wants to revamp the entire system. we will have an interesting debate on that front. >> other than tax plans, what else do you want to hear? you get into labor participation rate near a 40 year low. these are tough issues in the not easy to pinpoint how you fix it. >> this is the challenge for republicans because when you look at economic growth, the two key drivers of economic growth in the long run are the productivity of the work force and how fast the workforce is growing. labor force participation. republicans very often come back
6:35 am
as a solution to the problems. a lot of them got a product today. for instance, education of the workforce, and how we do with bringing skills to workers. i want to see what else they have a say on that front. dagen: steve moore. >> jonas wright is a big debate on tax plans. i think there's going to be real fireworks tonight between ted cruz and marco rubio. those two have very contrasting plans. ted cruz has a flat tax, very low rates on fixed &-ampersand. marco is more tin can with a sister. i am a flat tax guide. i've been a flat tax guide for 25 years. i predict this will happen. marco rubio will go after ted cruz saying you have a value added tax. we can't have a value added tax and then i think rousseau come back and say you are just tinkering with the system that
6:36 am
is not fixable. on the issue of growth, of course you are right. growth is everything in terms of this province. you could say everyone is. how do you translate that to the average america as a carpenter or someone working on middle-class job. but in this concern isn't it a paycheck increasing? a lot of americans see a reduction. >> frankly, this is where the discussion becomes interesting as they relate to taxes. both parties have been tinkering with the tax system for the last 30 years. obviously to see if the response to this. hillary clinton wants to create a surtax on people making several million dollars. we heard this many times. you know when a republican comes into office who allows lower tax
6:37 am
rates. people believe that it will create the growth that will create -- make them better in the long run. >> the reason we haven't seen the growth in wages. wages are directly related to business investment. businesses invest more -- we haven't seen it. where is the investment? the biggest thing in the economy now is businesses are reducing investment. either way, you increase the capital gains tax and raise those on the rich people, investment will go down. >> i would like you to be a looping repeat that 100 times. it is essential these days of what is going on and businesses are not investing because they are super fearful. barry sanders are now further to the last, secretary clinton in the white house. you will stop business
6:38 am
investment. that's how it works. you will reduce the average income for the worker. >> to turn this around on you, we did lower the capital gains tax rate during the bush era and we haven't gotten a lot of investment, which brings me back. >> that is wrong. the first few years we got a big bump in business investment. we've seen a reduction. dagen: let me just stop it real quick because i want john because part of this lack of willingness to invest and part of the government manipulation of the financial system is going to get blamed on the federal reserve. >> yeah, i think the fed is heading into a difficult. as this election gets closer because republicans are going to go after it. they are going to attack the financial system and causing a lot of distortion and financial markets. they went through this in 2012
6:39 am
and they go through it again. it is worth pointing out their friend paul had a proposal to suggest that took more audits and matches failed this week. he is not showing up. my point here is the fed does get attacked and managed to escape a lot of these attacks with most of the powers intact. >> i think there's a lot of political punch if you're a republican. people are so angry right now and they think they've inflated the currency. rightly or violently there's a lot of political currency. >> it was great to see you. thank you so much. we'll talk more about donald trump because a lot of that coming up and what he is talking about resonating with people is like i will go after china, bring back manufacturing jobs
6:40 am
whether that works or not. plus, on an extended riff against its closest competitor in the hawkeye state just weeks before the caucuses there. ted cruz is fighting back against the republican front-runner with sharp attacks of his own. details on what it means heading into tonight's debate. i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder... ...whether i should seek treatment. i am ready.
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dagen: breaking news. jpmorgan earnings crafted right now. let's make donald in our newsroom in new york with the very latest. >> it is an earnings beat coming in at $1.32. i expect patience for $1.25 earnings per share. revenues in line with expectations as well as 22.9 billion for the quarter. jamie dimon paint was a quiet trading period. this is coming in the fourth quarter we are talking about after the august market downturn and the volatility bear. bone growth is up, mortgage loans are down. we will be watching the results as they continue trading down before the open. the fact that loan growth is also core long growth is that
6:45 am
there's potentially a good sign because we are always looking for the bank earnings numbers with an economic downturn. back to you. dagen: i will just point out in the expensive industry from earlier in the week, his overall tone about the town is very optimistic. >> this thing ends the october quarter, it was a disappointment. this is the biggest bank. now sending a very nice earnings season. all units were down, but it looks like some of the units of jpmorgan are trading rather performing nicely right now. we are going to be watching commercial loan growth and what is going on with the trading because of it chunk of revenue does come from trading. core long growth coming up as
6:46 am
jpmorgan chase is up 16% year-over-year. the lines are down. it is to be for jpmorgan. $1.32 earnings per share and revenue is coming along with exit patients at $22.9 billion. back to you. dagen: thank you. back to new york and back to our top story we are in north charleston south carolina. people file into the building. i can hear them in the background for the fox presidential debate. the gop presidential debate happening tonight. all eyes on the growing war of words between donald trump and senator ted cruz. >> it's been very nice until the last couple days. you've got to make sure you can run. a lot of lerawys say you can't run if you do that. i'm not going to get into it. the get into it tomorrow night.
6:47 am
dagen: he just keyed into. doesn't it? in fact, donald trump has pulled back in some of these debates. he is one way on the campaign trail, another of the debate. join the conversation, political correspondent giving the rally. what are you going to see tonight? >> i'm very excited to be here. i'm interested as the two front runners go at it. ted cruz really could present himself as a constitutionalist and conservatives. you've got donald trump who could go after cruz either on the eligibility aspect run the other hand he could also go after him on the fact teacher goldman sachs and try to paint him as an insider. so it will be interesting to see who is going to do what and when. now that college football is over, all eyes are focused on what's going on. maria: questar will talk about is coming up.
6:48 am
cruise needs to attack. jeb bush who you are behind and ben carson waited too long to really start going after them. i would assert that it hurt them in the poll. that is one of the reasons they lost momentum. >> this is also a money game. he's got money and so we'll have to see what happens here whether the establishment candidate shakes out. he did have a good poll results yesterday. i am interested in the reaction to this. donald trump is a weakness, heat seeking missile. he finds the weakness in the candidate and surgically strikes a target. it will probably be goldman sachs allegation. why has no candidate been able to keep the to keep feet can find a weakness on donald trump? >> i think because of the people on the ground who are just tired of the establishment politicians come and the insiders.
6:49 am
it is like a game of no matter what politicians do or say, americans are tired of it. donald trump is saying and doing things and people thinking what they want to hear. when i go to church every week, the individuals ask me what happened this week and a hear what donald trump said. i am behind him all the way. i am looking at it from a perspective of people who are really engaged in watching what is going on politically. it's a different dynamic because of donald trump another outsiders. >> we talked about it at the top of the hour, but ted cruz is referring to donald trump's new york audios and that cuts across the candidate's entire person if you will. part of that is accusing him of having loose morals. >> listen, the attack could be effective from cruz as you pointed out earlier. the gloves are certainly off
6:50 am
tonight. some candidates have to drop out after iowa and new hampshire. i expect this to be the most fiery debate we've had thus far. when you look at donald trump's record, cruz may be the only one to critique them in the way because the workers stand and we'll talk radio. i know that twitter is going to explode from a famous. in terms he talked about church. in terms of people -- >> are you going to defend our at one point? i'm like a triple pariah. we have to defend new york a one point. >> my mom seems like she's a god-fearing catholic and she loves morals. dagen: i was going to add quickly to people. is that an important criteria? >> guest: it is about values
6:51 am
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dagen: breaking news, more in the jp at mark in earnings. is that donald in new york with more numbers. >> the investment banking unit really helping jpmorgan's bottom line. $1.32. the beta 7 cents per share. the revenues coming in 23.75. the other thing we are watching and really interesting stuff,
6:55 am
basically jamie dimon and jpmorgan is saying that they really did keep the rain on expenses, a tight lid on expenses. the head count is down to 15% since 2012 over their jpmorgan chase. they have been cutting a lot of people in reigning in expenses. this comes in light of goldman sachs laying off 10% of the fixed income and sales people over there. we'll continue to watch what jamie dimon is saying. we are going to stay on the story for you. back to you. >> thank you so much cortez joined in the conversation. egc partners. your reaction to earnings and will it be an elixir? >> i don't think so. my reaction is a tale of two cities. i am not surprised they did well because mergers and acquisitions 2015 was an absolute banner year, the best year of all-time. a great year for wall street investment bankers, great for lawyers are not a great year for
6:56 am
main street. from the financial engineering the fed has spurred. that is a good news for jpmorgan. the bad news and you alluded to it with fixed income. interest rates are staying incredibly low. just above 2%. below 2% for most of this year. recently a new year, and eight of the last nine trading sessions has rallied in price meaning yield going lower. incredibly low interest rates. a flat curve is not good for banks generally. dagen: steve, we will see you next hour i hope. but seymour market reaction to the jpmorgan. we will have more from south carolina as the countdown to the fox gop presidential debate. fox digital politics editor is coming out. he is loaded. we can't wait.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
>> good morning. i am dagen mcdowell in for a maria bartiromo, coming to you live from north charleston, south carolina. it is thursday, january 14th in with me this morning, anthony traina levin and we have a major guest coming up at 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. all roads lead right here. if you are campaigning for the republican presidential nomination, this is where you will be this evening on the fox business network. the early event kicks off at 6:00 p.m. moderated by my colleague, senator smith and trish regan. the later debate starts at 9:00 p.m. with moderator neil cavuto and a host of this program, maria bartiromo. the republican front runner donald trump on a war of words
7:01 am
with the governor of this great date lashing out at mickley haley ashy criticized him during her state of the union response on tuesday. >> one of the commentators said to me that make you sad, very nice person, that i'm an angry person. by 7:00 a.m. i am very angry because i hate what is happening to our country. i am angry. dagen: they love it on the campaign trail. also an issue, terrorism. moreover season and tenacious. terrorist attack in the capital city of jakarta with multiple versions in a shootout with local police. the attack on the city center leaving seven dead included four of the suspected terrorist. report service and the islamic state isis is claiming credit for that attack. we'll have much more on this developing story.
7:02 am
turning to your market futures searching for direction after yesterday's massive selloff a loss of more than 300 points. oil a big driver in all of this. the three major market gauges and correction territory down 10% of the recent highs. oil is a little bit of a bait here. stocks mostly lower into asia with shanghai is one exception. jpmorgan just came out with the fourth-quarter results moments ago reporting a profit of $1.32 a share on sales of $22.9 billion. that is to beat on the bottom line in the stock is moving higher in premarket trading. nobody became -- no single person became a billionaire but the powerball jack pot did get hit. $1.6 billion will be split at least three ways between winning tickets sold in chino hills, california, mumford, tennessee and the city still to be announced in the southern state of florida. the longest standing alliance
7:03 am
for president is now broken with a b. senator ted cruise and donald trump attacking each other while noting that cruise cannot back down in tonight's debate. both spring and fox news digital politics editor and power play host, chris starr while. i read your column religiously. she started going after donald trump on the campaign trail talking about new york values which is southern code forward a heathen liberal yankee. >> to be fair, the first thing i need to say is if there's any starr there's any star walter mumford, tennessee, i want them to know i have been loving them the whole time. i have been for that. but it's not just in the south that people don't like new york. it is all across the country. people in minnesota don't tell their kids they want to have new york values. not that there's anything wrong with new york.
7:04 am
but this is a coded attack and it works two ways for cruise. it works on the political side because new york republicans generally are not conservative republicans. i think trump does fit the mold on the giuliana republican side. then, they are also personally do not tend towards shall we say wednesday night church. dagen: trump supporters care. so many of his supporters are working class union, even democrats. they don't care where he is from. they just care he sent a strong message and i will attack everybody against the u.s. in the way i go after people against me. >> donald trump support is not a miracle. it is a predictable result about broke in two party system. a bunch of donald trump supported democratic party.
7:05 am
probably 20% or more democrats are trump. they probably look at hillary clinton and say low-energy, this is not what i want. i don't like her either. donald trump support is as we say in west virginia about driving. he takes this path out of the middle. his supporters are two lane highway driving in the middle lane. dagen: which takes guts. >> you better get over to the side of the mountain. the point being, can you translate that to primary victories? the actual republican base is christian, conservative, southern, midwestern. these are the people -- when people in magazines and newspapers and on msnbc's lament the republican party, they are lamenting a republican party
7:06 am
that is ted cruz's republican party that is christian and conservative. not talking about donald trump's moderate blue's moderate blue-collar fire database. dagen: let's talk about the debate. tonight it is critical for which you've been writing about to attack donald effectively which we waited too long to do, which ben carson waited too long to do. how do you do it tonight? >> there's a lot of different strategies on that stage. cruise is going to be the one that has to stand up this time. jed stood up the last time. dagen: it waited too long. >> he's been criticized for that. he's got to be the establishment candidate versus trump. cruz has the most interesting point to your point about being in the center lane. when mike in the establishment, one leg and antiestablishment. he is the one that bumped trump off of the road you are describing.
7:07 am
he is the one that has to come out here aggressively. they fear for all of these candidates is that he has been absolutely masterful at taking those punches inflicting them. my question is why is he so good at that? >> he is so good because he doesn't engage on the actual question. the secret in politics is to not answer the question. answer the question you want to answer. trump is very good when you say sir, your position on this is inconsistent or you are flip-flopping on this. that is not a conservative value. dagen: he doesn't even need to communicate with words. >> he makes that a human just immense as i understand why you say that because you are such a terrible loser. he goes right to you agree to insulting you. he doesn't never say actually it's interesting. i used to feel this way then we changed our position.
7:08 am
he just it off in a taxi. dagen: what is worse canadian, new york or someone who works on wall street? didn't disclose a loan from goldman sachs. >> i smell sarah. dagen: june a senate campaign. >> that story is a little shaky. ted cruz did disclose that. he filed it on this farm. he didn't file it on that farm. it's a little jackie. be careful if you are republican candidate about going after ted cruz about this. number one, it is "the new york times." >> who wrote about marco rubio speed though. you know where he can take that story. >> .jack with heidi cruz.
7:09 am
anybody who was fool enough to get into this in day your wife works on walls draped, not only do you open up the door for ted cruz to say that my old lady out of this, but it opens the door or let's hear from heidi cruz. she is very good. dagen: i want to just point that out. ted cruz ran the crimson debate team. maybe we finally -- what tricks does he have? >> not bad for a canadian sleeper cell. >> he's built an incredible ground organization in the state. taking a page from senator obama's 2008 playbook with the voter registration. dagen: described the upcoming debate tonight into words. >> two words would be hares boxing. >> love it.
7:10 am
again, we've got to be careful. we are about to get really country. i have been holding it in. i've been done in south carolina for a few days now. >> go for a bagel on the break. dagen: you need to do something to show your know your credit. stand by your people. don't forget tonight is the night. it kicks off at 6:00 p.m. eastern time at the first debate underrated by sandra smith and trish regan and primetime debate by maria bartiromo, host of the program and neil cavuto. that starts at 9:00 p.m. eastern time on the fox business network. we'll be getting answers to the questions america is asking, you are asking. what about wall street? what about this economy? jpmorgan came out with the same numbers. lesnick donald is in our newsroom in new york city breaking down those numbers. >> i would rather have the south carolina barbecue.
7:11 am
here is the marketing line from jamie dimon about the bank's results. really strong results from jpmorgan chase. safer and stronger. he told maria bartiromo already that he was going to put a lid and he delivered. what we are seen as costs coming down. they are doing everything from looking at how computers are used to be that smartphone devices that employees are using. he's also talking about the noninterest expense line coming down. what is working to jpmorgan chase? record investment banking revenues, also the core of loan growth is a period credit card uses a period 23 million people now accessing accounts via their mobile devices. jamie dimon happy with that result. what is not working. trading down, mortgage loan growth down. we will be watching headlines
7:12 am
about jpmorgan results setting the stage with a nice earnings per share to $1.82. basically $22.9 billion. good results coming from jpmorgan chase. back to you. dagen: list, thank you so much. let much. let me school you want the barbecue from south carolina. south carolina has had an interesting mustard sauce. it is not vinegar. it's not tomato base but it is mustard base and it's quite delicious. >> i'll go with anthony tran 11th knish. >> in the sauerkraut. dagen: thank you, guys. thank you, lives. new reports say that isis is claiming responsibility for today's deadly attack in indonesia. we have the very latest on that. we are led in north charleston south carolina carrying up for tonight's big republican debate. keep it here.
7:13 am
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dagen: breaking news. a terrorist attack in the capital of indonesia leaves seven dead, many more injured. cheryl casone has that another top stories from new york headquarters. >> that is ready. we continue to follow a series of explosions and gunfire the rock jakarta killing at least seven. five attackers, two civilians, six explosions went off including one at a police traffic posed at starbucks and burger king on a popular downtown shopping district in all of this is according to witnesses who continue to follow that. a new agency affiliated with isis is now saying the terror group carried out those attacks
7:17 am
targeting foreigners. meanwhile, new video from iranian state tv reported the show in the captured u.s. navy sailors apologizing for entering restricted waters yesterday. >> it was a mistake here that was our fault and we apologize for our mistake. >> it is not clear whether the apology was made under duress, but a spokesman under state has made it clear he has not apologized to iran. also this morning, amid all the bank earnings, the axing in a goldman sachs. people familiar with the matter said goldman plans to cut as much as 10% of the fixed income traders and salespeople later this quarter. that is more than the usual number of underperforming workers said goldman usually cuts. at least three people including two high school students are dead, several others missing after an avalanche in the french alps in a group of schoolchildren on a ski trip. french president françois hamman says a rescue team had an
7:18 am
assembled in an operation is under way right now to rescue those that are still invaded. trying to get more details out of france. the mayor of been down for the avalanche occurred on a black graded slope that was closed after several days of heavy snowfall. a lot of this around the world, but obviously always right now when you and of course south carolina this morning. dagen: they will be candidates and moderators. thank you the match. we cannot wait for that. coming up, oil flirting with lows not seen in more than a decade with more than a 12 year low. the florida cme group at the very latest and hottest prices may plan to tonight's debate. the safety and security of our energy infrastructure. that is straightahead.
7:19 am
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7:23 am
dagen: oil higher this morning after his nap in a seven session losing streak yesterday. average joe achieve strategist todd horowitz. do you think maybe upside from here? >> i think there is a lot of upside here. good morning, south are learned. first of all, the catalan vexes saudi arabia getting crashed. we are beating them now because we've got our own oil. take a look at in the future. oil prices going forward are higher everest angle mind. a year from now we are pricing 20% gain in oil over the next year. that is going to be continuing to move and go higher. we found the level of support with things in short dollars which will naturally bring on ... the other things come into play very shortly. dagen: want to bring groseclose capital ceo mike murphy. you have a near record short position in terms of people dining -- money managers adding
7:24 am
oil will fall if they have to start covering that. you could be a snap back from 30 to 40 range. we saw 30 to 40 copyable offguard. >> you are absolutely right. good morning. you have seen this move and a lot of people get on one side of the trade. as some point people are going to cover. i don't believe we are down here simply because of supply and demand in the oil market. we are down here because the winning trades, the right trade so far has short oil. that is striving the price lower. when you get some positive news companies he is not that rally. dagen: morgan, this is kind of in a real house. it's saudi arabia, also politics. when you have candidates tonight trying to talk about energy come you have to be careful. people like low gas prices or they don't want people to lose jobs and energy patch. don't start talking about oil needs to be a victory, 60, 70 to
7:25 am
help the economy. >> arena transformation because half of the country really benefit from the lower gas prices. but we see texas and michigan and pennsylvania and all the states that could have fired as you noted earlier. what i am looking that is a nigerian oil officials said opec may have an emergency meeting next month to talk about cutting production. uae is saying we're not going to cut production. opec continues as you saw coming out of vienna to be greatly at odds over what they are going to do. it looks like they are going to have an emergency meeting next month. when they actually finally see some consensus for the oil cutting production. dagen: you look like you want to say something, new york man. >> reader for years ago when it was under $200 a barrel, what mike is identifying is trading patterns, oil and other commodities in the liquidity of these things are not as big as people think.
7:26 am
now the shorts are winning. is that fair to say? a couple years ago we were watching oil spike up in a way that a lot of people didn't understand. >> absolutely, anthony. whenever one started talking about oil going to 200 inevitable, that is on the market are going nowhere. we are at the opposite end of the spectrum right now. the winning trades people are pressing right now, looking for winning trades in short oil has been a huge winner. you were going to step in and is a market coming into cover and i will push the market higher. it is important to point out that it used to be were tied to global oil or what would not in the middle east really affected us here. it seems like we are decoupling and really the price of oil in the u.s. has more in your supply and demand globals. that is an important point. dagen: mike murphy, thank you so much. todd worked as. todd worked as well.
7:27 am
gentlemen, see you later. but in the republican party has nikki haley delivers the next was a shot at presidential candidate donald trump. mr. trump, i consider him a friend. he's given me donations in the past number but i disagree the fact he wants to dirt using religion as a way to divide people care that is is not how it's ever done in this country. this is the first mall. i want him to understand our country is made up of immigrants. that is the fabric of america. dagen: what was donald trumps response? that is next. amerivest selects the funds and manages your portfolio.
7:29 am
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7:31 am
. dagen: good morning, i am dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. coming to you live from charleston, south carolina. the site of tonight's republican debate, it is thursday, january 14th with me this morning skybridge capital founder anthony scaramucci morgan or teg us, and steve moore to top stories 7731 eastern debate day here horse away from first republican debate of new year a live picture of the debate stage, we are already busy, busy, busy to 12 hours, away from the first debate kicking off at 6:00 pm eastern time moderated by trish regan less than 12 hours away 9:00 pm maria bartiromo neil cavuto will moderate the main event, you can see the lineup there. and about, of course, one thing that will take center
7:32 am
stage tonight terrorism, the threat to our economy, a terror attack in indonesia overnight explosion at starbucks in jakarta the country exam after a gun battle with police for you attackers at least three others killed isis claiming responsibility for the attack, turning to markets the economy futures pointing to a mixed open, right now you see the nasdaq still continues to struggle, that had been hit hardest, so far this year, of three major market gages looking at big sell-off yesterday what took a hit from last year netflix amazon, oil about, of course, is in the tank. it is trying to find a little bit of a bid up 38 cents a barrel but crude overall has been in collapse. one stoke to watch looking for optimism fight mind it with jpmorgan kicking off earnings season on strong note bid/ask
7:33 am
on stock in premarket strengthen in investment banking helping drive jpmorgan profit higher scaramucci has have surgeon general to say about that cost-cutting helped their bottom line. >> looking through numbers obviously they are trying to structure themselves in a way dagen, to take advantage, next year or this coming year, in the steepening yield curve they lowered cost umbrella, means they are neither operating profits are likely higher next year, not enough to move the stock up in the markets today, because of the down draft s&p 500 on dow i like this name 12, 18 months. >> who didn't win powerball people sitting at this table winning tickets in chino hills california, montford tennessee melbourne beach florida we have the city where that ticket was sold, winners will split 1.6-billion-dollar jackpot. >> i want to be on record i will be doing a victory lap 10 times around stage.
7:34 am
dagen: you keep changing your tune. >> i got to make it interesting. dagen: we are gearing up for you know what will be interesting tonight's fox business republican debate gop candidates face off on all economic issues blake burman in north charleston even more. >> good morning to you huge night an fox business network two debates involving 10 candidates first debate of new year as we head toward iowa new hampshire south carolina all in upcoming week first debate tonight 6:00, 3 candidates on that stage, include fee or ena santorum huckabee beating leadoff after that debate at 9:00 trump center stage once again flanked by cruz and rubio, alongside them, carson christie, bush and kasich, developments in this race developing ted cruz among them his willingness, and his
7:35 am
confrontations for the first time, with donald trump. among them, cruz earlier this week said that trump quote embodies new york values 38 this morning trump responded bloomberg politics posted an interview with trump here is what he said in part in response to those new york values trump saying i am quoting, we took a big hit with with with the world trade centers, worse thing ever, worst attack ever in united states, trump goes on to say the way they hammed that attack speaking of new york people, was one of the most knowledgeable things that anybody has ever seen, he goes on to say when you want to knock new york you've got to go through me new york is amazing place, with amazing people. that is donald trump today, trump cruz escalating as they head into fox business debate tonight back to you. dagen: thank you so much. >> trump is good isn't he -- >> you know who thinking ep is
7:36 am
good robert ditch avie famous actor master in many things joining us from new york one of the reasons right robert that you are backing trump. and i think that that is a heartfelt -- again he is loyal he will stand by you and that was what you got in this response good for him what do you say. >> absolutely i rei meaned ted cruz teddy roosevelt from new york as many other people donald trump to me is the last hope for america. now i know anthony doesn't agree with that because he is -- has backed two other people but for me donald trump, i don't want nuance i want bold colors red, white and blue america i have seen, dagen last several decades, absolutely fray in decline when he i saw guys in boats on to mes that sends a picture about america i was not scene ever before and i think we need donald trump right now. the country needs him, and he is only candidate for me, for
7:37 am
me, that can stand up to these establishment, to the left and the right and i've got to tell all of you something. people that i talk to even last night out in long island a lot of night democrats, not one or two, but many are voting for donald trump. as well as republicans i have seen this all over the place. so i think there is a big, big movement happening and i got to say that -- you know, we need him. . >> robert i actually was i respect that i love your -- sinatra performance last new year's eve my issue with donald trump not personal a style issue as relates to who is going to represent the american people globally on the world stage? and sort of a finger pointing in attacks i don't think our super presidential only thing i said in a negative thing about donald trump he becomes the president, you know what i am a patriot i am going to support him. >> yes. >> i travel the world doing signing in estonia december 28, 5,000 people, i engage
7:38 am
people of different countries met a girl a major reporter went to hungary with refugees when before she went there was kind of sympathetic after she interviewed did a documentary for country of estonia was terrified i have got to tell you that, nikki haley's comments disgusted me the other night disgusted me first off trump didn't say i want to ballpark muslims li-- to ban mu you have a plumbing leak you cannot fix that unless you turn off faucet no matter how many times you attempt to fix a leak he said i have said written about it 10 or 15 years ins is broken don't know vetting process who is coming in this country you cannot say that islam, is also a political movement, it is a political ideology, couched in religion. >> robert i want to i want to bring in steve get response to that because i suspect, in
7:39 am
terms of the republicans and governor nikki haley in particularing going after trunl on this issue worried if he gets no mores how he itself going to fair because of this in general election. >> i am a republican i want to see a republican elected, in november because i think it is important for our economy and our country, there is a i like about donald trump but i think the thing that makes me nervous a lot of other republicans is look republicans to win have to get 40% of hispanic vote deal with asian voters i do think some of his wrote with all due respect i think some of his rhetoric immigration so on unwelcoming i worry could be a meltdown among ethnic voters republicans need to win back. >> i talked to pakastanis, indians, my grandparents came from italy, america has an immigration program called unassimilating we're not going to have a country we are going to be kosovo in 50 years unless we have people that are
7:40 am
here, assimilate into our culture, that is not happening. >> i don't want to see mexicans, those you know -- he south american voters -- >> trump said come back in ted cruz wants to keep them out trump said you can come back about in we don't want illegal immigration, sir i don't want he illeg illega am i am comraik. >> the hit a we are jrth. >> love the country i said he, i you didn't say hey. we are all -- robert can't even understand me. >> all morning down here. >> it is all about the love. >> -- under the laptop so you guys know. >> thank you. >> robert terrific to see. >> you great to see you as always. >> somebody tweeted where is day ago-'s chewing tobacco and
7:41 am
spit tuna o an on the floor. >> talk on issues in other from south carolina the fbn gop debate next. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained.
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7:45 am
dagen: are breaking news a terrorist attack in capital of indonesia leaves seven dead many more injured cheryl casone which is a that top stories from new york about headquarters. cheryl: that is right to follow developments out of indonesia, there were a series of explosions and gunfire, that rocked jakarta, killing at least seven people five attackers two sifbs six excuse me including police traffic post starbucks a burger king all according to witness reports a news agency affiliated with isis few modestlies ago saying terror group acquired out the detailed attacks targeting foreigners, this morning jpmorgan chase kicking off earnings better-than-expected numbers bank reporting fourth quarter profit 1. 2 a share on revenue of 22.9 billion dollars, results, helped by strong perform and jpmorgan
7:46 am
banking with division, asking jamie dimon where the growth byes the dow jones industrial average and the s&p 500 off to their worst every start to a year. >> obviously a lot m&a activity nothing wrong with that just another form of economic activity when could be good, so i think you will see companies spend more when they have more reason, you know stronger. >> we are bumping along the bottom. >> i think we're growing we've had moderate growth for five years. dagen: want to let you know. cheryl: looking at jpmorgan more than 1% move in premarket something to watch when market open 9:30. back to you. dagen: cheryl thank you so much for that joining me senior strategist steve cortes i will open the floor to this question something amiss in this economy if this market is doing this because the valuations in the stock market were not so lofty to start to
7:47 am
explain away with one fed hike,al and valuations not economically high market is sending a signal what is it. >> i think you are exactly right there is a crisis of confidence, going on, globally in the economy right now, not just united states as a matter of fact i think united states is doing better than most world we are still not doing well, we've seen, for instance, december employment report, which was robust report really on the whole it was pretty. dagen: on top line. >> pretty on the whole if you look wages, waings didn't grow the problem most americans are facing. jamie dimon talked about banner year for wall street m&a not a banner year for main street wages not growing or very tepidly, but expenses soaring particularly if you look at education, and if you look at health care, both, by the way, i think exacerbated by government policy people are feeling the squeeze, and that is why, by the way, tonight, we are going to see donald trump in action once again i think why donald trump is speaking to people why on
7:48 am
the left bernie sanders is, why we're seeing populism rise accuse there is angst anger out there, among regular americans economy is not growing anywhere near, its capacity. >> morgan wall street could easily become a punching back you have starting to see from democrats and some republicans. >> there is no love lost for wall street wall street clearly i think steve the president i think was you can tag but saying pedaling fiction talking about economy what we talked about earlier for millenials, educatisocial security politicians talk about grandchildren to worry about i am a millennia 33 years old no way i will have social security to depend upon i don't of thing i will have medicare when older talking about education, i am still paying off my mba, these are things that the affects voters' grandchildren affects are a real voters i think
7:49 am
candidates should speak to it tonight. >> anthony. >> well i think -- voicing. >> off mba -- >> you have to work at skybridge -- but, you are saying that i think the entire millennial generation is saying that. >> absolutely. >> i think there is a biography of cynicism about to hit shore of politics i think peep are super fed up donald trump is going to be first of many politicians that tap into the antipolitical movement as a politicians. >> good news antonio -- >> we are going to the electric a republican in 2016 i think the pentup demand in america is so significant this economy can soar in 2017 if we just have a few significant policy changes on taxes, regulation near-term i am pessimistic i think 2016 hard rear nor markets and economy 2017 could be fantastic. >> regulatory reform growing behind about 2 and 2 1/2% you
7:50 am
need more in the compromise i to grow faster the market is signaling they don't believe there is going to be a republican presidency, the market is signaling to you right now, that the growth is going to be slower, that the cash is going to continue to build up on s&p. >> i want to follow up when we come back the market is signaling, there won't be a republican elected in november i am going i am going to wring your neck over that coming up this you. >> thank you steve, social media dominated by presidential election news cycle we show you next what facebook users warrant to hear from candidacy tonight on fox business. king around on ancestry.
7:51 am
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. . > . dagen: welcome back everybody, i am dagen mcdowell for maria bartiromo. coming to you live from charl charleston, south carolina it is thursday, january 14, with me this morning, of course, anthony scaramucci and morgan, heritage -- steve moor will be joining us back, we go to jo ling kent right here standing by with coverage of the what people want to hear from the debate, in social media, jo have at it. jo ling: it
7:55 am
about him move women 54% woim skews younger to millennial age-group i want to bring you to december 7 how big part of the conversation donald trump has been, in this, you will remember he made his anti-muslim ban comments on december 7, watch this word cloud work he becomes a huge part of the conversation, fades a bit continues through the rest through january 12, so donald trump as he takes the stage, here in charleston will be a lightening rod for lots of dean. dagen: i love a good word cloud jo. >> me too. dagen: on twitter saying i am you know.
7:56 am
jo ling: donald trump. dagen: are don don dominates conversation why we are talking about him trump cruz also coming up i can promise you bush rubio will caulk about -- carson kasich how they jump out i can't wait for coverage all day, everybody we'll be right back. marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped,
7:57 am
and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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save $1100 on the i8 mattress with purchase of sleepiq technology and flexfit3 adjustable base. ends monday. know better sleep with sleep number. carolina. . >> announcer: this is "mornings with maria" live from the republican presidential primary debate in charleston, south carolina. dagen: good morning. i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. coming to you live from charleston, south carolina. we are having a big old time and debates have not happened yet that is tonight, thursday, january 14th, with me this morning skybridge capital founder anthony scaramucci
8:00 am
maverick pack morgan ortegus, heritage foundation visiting fellow steve moore top stories 8:00 a.m. eastern time all roads on campaign trail lead right here. north xharl ston coliseum south carolina where the candidates daep on fox business network the event ticking off 6:00 pm moderated by sandra smith and trish roguan the later debate 9:00 pm eastern moderators neil cavuto and the host, of this show maria bartiromo. >> rn front-runner donald trump in war of words with governor of this great state trump lashing out after nikki haley criticized him in state of the union response on tuesday. >> one of the come at a timeors said to me nikki haley, very nice woman she said i am an angry person simply -- they said you were an angry person i thought -- i said, i am. i am very angry.
8:01 am
because i hate what is happening to our country i am angry. very angry. [cheers and applause] dagen: and the voters love it turning to indonesia, and terrorism another topic tonight for certain. terrorists attacking the capital city jakarta indonesia overnight multiple explosions shoot on the with local police seven killed including four suspected terrorists, reports now surfacing that isis islamic state is claiming credit for that attack. turning to the markets, and your economy, futures searching for direction, we have a little bit of a gain on the dow write now 55-point gain after yesterday's massive he sell-off the worse start of the year for broad markets the collapse keeps coming, crude oil one of the culprits below 30 dollars a barrel yesterday, now holding above that mark, again, stability for crude
8:02 am
means stability for stocks, we will discuss j.p. morgan showing solid earnings as season kicks off there a profit of 1.32 a share on sales of 22.9 billion dollars. that is a beat on bottom line stock higher in premarket as anthony scaramucci has been talking about cost cutting a been to the bottom line, no one stienl person became a billionaire last night some folks did hit, that powerball jackpot 1.-- >> over there you are an economist, steve -- you had no shot winning that some people did. -- worth of prize will be split between three winning tickets sold in chino hills, california, munt ford tennessee melbourne beach florida i can tell you that goes further in tennessee than in florida. or california, speaking of money about your money your economy, your job security your family your everything. all covered in tonight's fox
8:03 am
business republican debate, the gop candidates facing off on the top issues of the day, blake burman in charleston north charleston excuse me south carolina outside the center coliseum with very latest, good morning, blake. >> hi dagen charleston about 10, 150 minutes away beautiful part of the country, by the way,. you can make the argument, that this is the start of the homestretch here of this election cycle, first debate of the new year tonight at least fireast debate south carolina and beyond two debates first 6:00, three candidacy on that stage fiorina santorum, huckabee get things going after that 9:00, seven, trump, front and center as he has been on main stage throughout he will be flanked by cruz rubio ao long sided him carson christie, ambitious and kasich. there have been a few
8:04 am
developing stories as relates to ted cruz last 48 hours or so among them, his willingness, and really his ability to be able to confront donald trump and mention trump by name. among them earlier this week cruz said that trump quote embodies new york values, trump is responding this morning by invokeing 9/11 and the response by new yorkers, there. in interview that bloomberg politics posted our trump responded i am quoting trump said we took a big hit with world trade centers worse thing ever worst attack ever in the united states he goes on to say, the way they handled that attack speaking of new yorkers was one of the most incredible things anybody has ever seen trump added when you want to being no new york of you got to go through me new york is amazing place with amazing people. trump, cruz escalating as we head into the fox business debate tonight. dagen. dagen: yes, it is.
8:05 am
and it is going to be fantastic! thank you so much blake, blake burman outside the coliseum in north charleston phobias media chairman editor in chief steve forbes have you decided on a candidate. >> not yet i am watching the dean focus on the economy, fox business, doing the thing, i think it is going to be a very, very important a lot of people are going to start making up their minds, so i feel i am in dating game, like a lot of things in various candidates watching like millions of others. dagen: steve you've been down the road before, and we -- and you know, we talk about trump versus cruz, bush versus rubio, but in also, kasich christie and carson, on the main stage, give these candidates advice how do you punch through? ben carson struggled in debates to shine in a way he does on the campaign trail at
8:06 am
events, kasich, you know he came out in the last fox business debate and looked -- looked grumpy quite frankly after a while, about christie, he goes the after hillary clinton but on the stage with other candidates give these guys advice how to shine. >> first of all, amazing is many candidates like a circular fire squad shooting at each other trying to be untrump to donald trump what they got to do is focus on the economic issues. people are very concerned some of them very interesting tax plans out there, you mentioned dr. ben carson, he has a fantastic tax plan out there they have got to push positive things in a reagan about he isq way i want to see if ted cruz goes after federal reserve as in past an institution needs to be hit-and-run hard regulatory environment hurting lending to small and new businesses the job creators i want to see also when they are going to
8:07 am
say about health care. in terms of playoffing health care i have got a book out arriving america get rid of obamacare what are you going to replace it with? i think people are interested in that. >> this is steve moor here 20 years ahead of your time you look at this field right now, and they've all got version of the steve forbes flat tax you mentioned ben carson, ted cruz rand paul, congratulations on that. is there. >> have you have been pushing this -- >> yeah. well, i mean fantastic i wonder when of these tax plans i am not asking you to endorse a candidate but maybe a tax plan when one do you think best. >> right now impressed with what carson put on the table i think in terms of how he deals with business taxes, and the like. but the others have plenty of opportunities to tweak and i am glad that you've got several candidates promoting
8:08 am
variations of the flat tax i hope they get the federal reserve stop mucking around with integrity of the u.s. dollar i hope one proposes hospitals clinics health-care providers have to post prices so people can see, what they are going to be charging when they go for treatments people are having more co-pays about about deduct i believe so we need transparency i hope substance not just shooting each other in 1980 reagan came across with 30% across the board proposal advocated no one else did that is how he got elected, positive substance. >> i think republicans need to translate these policy ideas we talked about this earlier in terms of how it is going to affect the average voter steve you did a great job i think stooimz republicans don't connect dots that well how growth means higher incomes.
8:09 am
>> absolutely, and americans are very worried about corruption, not in old sense but crony capitalism kind of corruption the fat tax takes that away focus on real things instead of this almost semicriminal organization called irs in terms of health care you being in charge of health care patient control instead of bureaucrats people want to hear you are right this is very, very exciting for americans being able to get higher incomes again vibrant economy they want to look at candidacy see who is putting real stuff on the table. >> morgan. >> steve i know about you something i particularly like to hear in south carolina debate because it affected the state so much is about where the candidates stand on the bank you have boeing bmw michelin, whenever the bank was not reauthorized they lost 500 jobs, in greenville south carona, so i don't know
8:10 am
about you but i think ted cruz came out incredibly strong against xm bank some other candidates have been quiet would i like to hear what candidates have to say why in south carolina. >> well, in terms of the bank brought in 80 years ago to subsidize loans to the soviet union, but in terms of -- if you have a functioning credit system, you don't need those kind of special government favors and the like, so again you have a -- >> amen. >> it will take care of itself, but all special favors breeds corruption, believe me. >> donald trump would say, believe me. >> -- >> steve forbes final exchange i want to be anthony scaramucci the end of last hour said that a republican will not win in november -- markets is predicting that? >> the market is signaling that we are in for a rough if republican doesn't win market will trade lower it feels that way right now.
8:11 am
dagen: what do you say to that market saying republicans not winning in november. >> i think markets will get a better feel when primarily process is over and get a better feel for who candidates are there is turmoil on democratic side i think of you are going to see amazing things happening there. so i don't take it too seriously now as a matter of fact if it looks like you are going to get a reganesque platform you could see markets up in anticipation of a better future even though right now 2016 is going to be rocky rough year especially as earnings are coming under pressure federal reserve continues to prove it doesn't know what it is doing. dagen: and steve forbes we are going to leave it there i point out something about hillary clinton's poll numbers they are in a quote free formally link to ed henry last night, that she was in a stronger position against president now president obama, back in 2008 than she is right now in polling against bernie sanders in iowa new hampshire
8:12 am
that is an incredible thing, steve as you so much great to see. >> you thank you everybody. >> you are going to be on at a stage tonight. >> i think steve is happy where he is at this point it is not easy at all. >> it is all about the issues, more from south carolina, as the candidates prepare for the second fox business republican presidential debate, that is next. ♪ ♪ eye of the tiger ♪ your investments through good times and bad. for over 75 years, our clients have relied on us to bring our best thinking to their investments so in a variety of market conditions... you can feel confident... our experience. call a t. rowe price retirement specialist or your advisor see how we can help make the most of your retirement savings. t. rowe price.
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. dagen: welcome back to "mornings with maria" back to south carolina in a moment fairs sad news to report, this morning, this just breaking, our sister network sky news among outlets report british actor died a much loved star of the same tv film including
8:16 am
harry potter die-hard where he starred as the villain. >> when alexander saw the threat of his do main he wept for there were no more words to come for the. >> his death reportedly confirmed by his family he died due to cancer, alan ryckman dead at 69. also this morning following breaking news out of indonesia a series of explosions in gunfire rocking the capital there, killing at least seven people, five attackers two civilians at least 6 explosions off including ones at police traffic post starbucks burger king according to witnesses news agency affiliated with isis saying terror group carried out deadly attacks they did target he foreigners, at least three including two high school students dead several others missing after avalanche in french alps where schoolchildren with on a ski trip french president françois hollande said emergency team
8:17 am
is under way to ask you those in danger, take a look at this video a 29-year-old woman in los angeles suing uber, claiming the driver punched her in the face and shattering her jaw allegedly attack happened during argument new year's day recorded on her cell phone dagen uber says it is assisting the lapd, on the investigation, police saying the driver is accusing the passenger of battery that is why i guess we always have to look at video, dagen to get the real story, that was a tough call, though. >> cheryl uber is in charleston interesting when you take in places outside of your major, major metropolitan areas kathere are mom driving ubers, you will wind up in some won's car where -- seats covered in graham crackesh crumbs. >> fascinating, it is
8:18 am
literally people driving around like running like they are out running errands they are picking up uber rides in interim bags in the back, you know can you put the seat up, bags in the front seat thank you cheryl. cheryl: great just great. dagen: shares of jpmorgan jumping after banking giant topped quarterly earnings complete breakdown of numbers we have much more from sthouk as we count down to fox business gop presidential debate. .
8:19 am
8:20 am
8:21 am
dagen: jpmorgan out with earnings earlier this morning,
8:22 am
before 7:00 a.m. in fact, liz in new york breaking down numbers comments from finance chief hitting wires right now. >> very happy that the expenses were reined in, in 2016 from chief financial officer of jpmorgan, jpmorgan chase has been second worst performer in the dow so far this year ahead one of dupont, the financial -- has also been trending down jpmorgan chase performing better, the results show dagen that china commodities those problems there, not really hitting jpmorgan chase in a big way the consumer banking going strong credit cards going strong. asset management strong investment banking strong, so this is really not the prices all over again as some complied in terms of market analysis, so jamie dimon is out in about 8 minutes, talking about the results we
8:23 am
will be watching that for you, sending it back to you dagen. dagen: liz thank you so much for that in new york. from the fox business heads are, but we are in south carolina, if you didn't know already, why? there is a big debate coming up tonight. joining us now, former new hampshire senator and jeb bush support judd agreeing great to see you how important is this. >> very important one more debate to come hampers voters are late diders, most meet the person they are going to vote for listened to that person, and they haven't decided yet most in new hampshire i think i probably got 70% undid he sided a huge flus as people
8:24 am
move into last couple weeks. >> is there any particular topic or issue that may be we haven't talked about this morning, that you think particularly for new hampshire voters that these candidates really have to drill down into? >> i think they have to make the case as to how you improve life on main street how you make this country stronger safer give people more opportunities to get jobs be successful in the american in the american dream. they've go to to connect with every day people's every day problems, and that is the key to getting elected usually but in this case it is very much it is very important, because i think there has been a lot of talk that has been hyperbole anger, and frustration, but very little talk about how you actually improve lifestyle, and opportunities of most americans. >>. >> hi this is steve moore get to see you again. >> great to see you steve. >> i think the biggest surprise so far of this campaign season, has been that jeb bush has not getton off
8:25 am
the ground a guy as you know, incredibly fabulous record as the governor of florida, everyone thought he would be the -- the big front-runner and has been great on taxes budget, education reform. why isn't jeb taking off? how big is this debate for him tonight? to try to get back to some of that ground that has not has never shown up for him? >> steve obviously i'm supporting jeb because i think he will be a superb president but i also think that the press and maybe the pundpundits not come up with new hampshire jeb coming up on outside coming up fast yes went into a down period some debate pomsdz simply weren't as great as the they should have been not reflection him appropriately he has been out in new hampshire aggressively i've been to a large number of town halls reception exceptionalismal positions exceptionalismal as you mentioned i think starting to catch on i this i the person
8:26 am
is moving most in hamper rignew hampshire now jeb you have six people vying all whom are viable extremely unusual. and going to be one with less than 25% of the vote i think in new hampshire. >> thank you so much for joining us annoy you wi, we kno tune in tonight we'll be back.
8:27 am
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>> we are 40 seconds away from the latest reading on the labor market. initial jobless claims out moments from now. we're watching for 274,000 claims and now, as we tap dance, if you will, about of that number comes out, here is what i came into work. 3:45 a.m. eastern time this morning, i had my name on the
8:30 am
makeup kit so nobody touched it and like a third grader, who wrote on that, dagen smells, who wrote that, nat candido, it raises the issue he could have said what i smell like and that would have been mean. we're having a great time down here in south carolina. of course, 284,000 claims for the most recent week. that's above expectations and we can watch any reaction in the markets, but again, if you're hanging well below that 300,000 mark, that's a solid sign in the employment report. and in the job market, rather, that employment report was exceptionally strong for the most recent months and what did the market do? it kept selling offment anthony scaramucci, you say a lot of this anxiety seems to be indicating-- >> a combination of three things, it's the federal reserve raising rates over the next say, 12 to 18 months, it's a mean reversion to get the
8:31 am
market back to 15, 16 multiple, 3 to 5% from here unless we get dramatic earnings rises. the last thing, uncertainty related to what's going on in the election and the high likelihood we could have another democratic administration, more regulation and tax reform and nor sclerosis for large and small businesses. >> and i said, dagen, on friday, the good jobs report, what was that. dagen: 200-- >> that this was the peak. i don't think we'll have 250, 300,000, i think we're seeing a big slowdown in the economy right now as we talked about this yesterday with the shipments down, we're seeing corporate profits fall, seeing consumer spending down so i hate to say it, but i don't think we're going to see a blockbuster report like that. dagen: i will point this out, something that shakes people to the core, if you add up hillary clinton's tax proposal going after the wealthy, you want to
8:32 am
talk about complicating an exceedingly complicated tax code, and those 2 million a year and 4% surge charge 5 million. and increasing short-term capital gain and trying to raise half a trillion dollars. this is a nightmare scenario. >> and here is what's more than a nightmare than that, she's trailing to bernie sanders who is a socialist right now, who wants to take 90% of your income, not-- and this is important, stock markets or markets in general love certainty. it's a bad certainty is reassuring to market. right now we have a complete lack of certainty. part of that we're a democracy and in an election year. to your point, steven, i think to your point yesterday, it was telling, the ceo of csx, one of the biggest railroads in the country, in the world, said he
8:33 am
had never seen this kind of a decline in cargo shipments without a recession. so, we're already in a profit recession, american companies have registered two consecutive quarters of declining products. are we headed into an actual recession? my guess is we are. and we have the fed committing a policy error tightening into recession and all of that is a toxic brew for markets. dagen: mike murphy, the transports, the railroads continuing the collapse into the new year and these are companies that touch every aspect of the economy, to shipping autos, oil, containers from china and around the world. mike, tell us where stability will be find in these markets? >> i'm looking at the transports, too, dagen, yes, they've been weak for some time. exautos. autos had put up great numbers. i think you'll see the stability there.
8:34 am
i think the weakness in the transports stems from oil dropping down to $30 a barrel. when it comes to csx, that's a lot of weight going on csx. back to oil for a minute. when that stabilizes. when we find ground where it's no longer in a freefall, i think the transports are going to revert back to being more in line with the market. so that scenario that i'm looking at right now, i don't believe that the economy is slowing down as fast as some other people do. i look at employment numbers and they seem decent to me. so, i think the upside here is greater than the downside for the economy in general. dagen: who wants to take that? raise your hands, guys. >> i'm somewhere in the middle between steve and michael, but i do think if you're looking at the data the way ben bernanke or janet yellen looks at data, they're going to move rates up. we're still talking a very low interest rate environment. if we have a 75 basis point overnight rate by this time
8:35 am
next year, i think we'd all agree historically it's a fairly low interest rate environment. >> i will rebound a wealth affect. if we see the stock market fall by 1400 points or so just in this year and that's 2, 3 trillion of wealth. i cory about the consumer portion which has been pretty strong. dagen: with the dropping gas prices and we talk about energy, bad for parts of the country, the job creator has been, but you've got more than $100 billion in gas savings just last year. you have-- >> that's a positive thing. dagen: it runs from 550 to 800 in households depending on the calculation, they spent 80% of it according to jamie dimon what he told maria earlier in the week. i'd say this about energy. it's the only sector during this tepid recovery, the only sector that's firing on all cylinders. without energy we don't have a recovery. >> that's true.
8:36 am
>> takely in jobs and if we're from texas and north dakota, we wouldn't have a jobs recovery. it's foolhardy to say that lower gas prices are automatically a positive. dagen: an economy that's 70% consumer, you can't tell me that 100 a barrel would be better, i don't buy that for a second. >> maybe not 100, but the story of 2015 really in the markets, i believe, was the oil meltdown. why are we starting 2016 this disastrous, the worst start ever in the stock market. ever. that's a big, big deal. i believe it's primarily because of the energy sector and by the way, it's not because of american demand, it's because of the emerging markets and that does matter to the united states. thankfully, long-term, we've become saudi america, okay? we've exported crude oil-- >> how about just america? how about just america? >> we're exporting crude for
8:37 am
the first time in 40 years and we're going to become eventually a massive crude exporter. long-term that's great news for america, but right now, $30 crude is not great news. >> dagen, i don't want to go back to $3. it's 1.59 a gallon here daem get down, get down. >> i don't want to go back to $3. steve does. dagen: we're in the south, let's get a hallelujah. steve, mike murphy, steve moore, anthony, sit right there. the economy is the third most talked about issue on facebook. jo ling kent has a lot more for you. >> check out the top five issues on facebook right now, resonating with voters. you've got the economy at number three. religion is the top topic. let's talk about who is talking about religion going into the g.o.p. debate. it's 53% of women and then 47% men. so, it's more skewed towards women. and the conversation is across all age groups.
8:38 am
if you look across the country, who is talking about it? religion is very much an issue across the country. to be clear, this topic of conversation is very much centered on islam and the muslim community and in the united states, especially after donald trump expressed an idea on a ban enit erring the united states. very controversial all throughout the country you see here and especially in texas and in california. there you have it, dagen, some of the top issues, but certainly terrorism, islam, the economy and it's dominating tonight on that debate stage. dagen: i love the data. i am a huge nerd and the more stats you give me, oh, the better it feels. jo: same here, the more the better. dagen: hey, those are about republican voters. those are all voters, right? >> these are all users on facebook and what they're talking about here, what you see is a broad, diverse group because that's who is on facebook. >> it sounds like religion is a proxy for terrorism? is that what you're saying? .
8:39 am
dagen: that's potentially, right, jo? >> religious conversation is about islam for sure and when you see and look at that conversation, it's about the controversy now about how isis may play into this and terrorism as well. dagen: thank you, jo. jo ling kent is covering that all day into the night for us here on fox business. mornings with maria starts every day at 6 a.m. eastern time on the fox business network. here are some of the best moments, if you missed them, from earlier in the show. >> it is not too late to put our finances in order and to be able to create a better future. for the first time in the history of this country, a majority of americans believe that life may not be as good for their children and grandchildren, that's unamerican if there's any in mumford, tennessee, i've been loving them the whole time, i've been for them. [laughter]
8:40 am
but it's not just in the south that people don't like new york, it's all across the country. >> don't jack with heidi cruz. heidi cruz is ted cruz's super secret welcome. dagen: south carolinaens have a mustard sauce, it's not vinegar or tomato based, it's mustard based. >> that would be can anthony scaramucci's kinish. >> donald trump is the last hope for america. i know anthony doesn't agree with that. i don't want nuance, i want bold colors. red, white and blue.
8:41 am
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>> turning back to the 2016 campaign trail and the debate tonight, the issue of national security, and terrorism will be front and center. in fact, it's the number one issue for americans in recent polls. it's been a complete flip-flop from economy and jobs, back to national security and terrorism. and, of course, this is on the heels of paris. san bernardino, an attack in istanbul, turkey and now jakarta, indonesia. an attack that left seven dead, reports that the islamic state is claiming credit for that attack. let's bring in former pentagon official michael ruben. michael, in your estimation, who is the best candidate when it comes to foreign policy? >> well, you know, i'm not sure
8:45 am
whether we have one. what concerns me most is that a candidate like donald trump is creating baggage which may be too heavy to hold. people forget that back in 2008, then senator obama, then senator biden were bashing afghanistan, bashing iraq as a way, as a way to get a bush, we may be teflon in the united states, but over in the region we have long memories, when they became president it put us in a hole. unfortunately, that's what i worry about, mitigating the damage that we have as people throw fireballs at foreign policy. dagen: in terms of that, that's a hole that the president, vice-president wanted to create, that they -- that they fought back against american exceptionali exceptionalism, allowed the vacuum to develop in the middle east. do you think despite the rhetoric from candidate trump would he necessarily take-- i mean, he would take a very different approach when it comes to national security and
8:46 am
also foreign policy overseas? >> well, dagen, i mean, trump is a deal maker and senator cruz is a deal maker. one of the things that strikes me is some of cruz's detractors say that he's too strident, but when he starts take making deals, people call him a hypocrite. there's a streak of praguetism. and the next president is going to be on speed dale and that's what what happened to rand paul, the rise of the islamic state and the metastasis of the problem, they're no longer comfortable with the isolationism that was espoused by rand paul and his father before him. dagen: morgan. >> we saw yesterday that isis asked their followers in saudi arabia to rise up against the government and to go against
8:47 am
the saudi kingdom. we've seen in libya, tunisia and many places around the world isis is getting stronger and of course, we have our new allies in iran, i say that sarcastically that harbor syria. with all of this in the middle east, what can we do as a republican party, what can we do to really lead and fight sis sis the way that needs to be in order for us not to see the daily terrorist attacks like we just saw today in jakarta? >> we've got to stop saving because of political correctness. if you have a chess board, you don't want to focus on two squares. this morning, we're talking about jakarta and we were talking about libya. as long as we ignore the fact
8:48 am
that we have an ideological challenge, people from under 90 different countries we're undercutting ourselves this is what i worry about with donald trump, the people thrown off the buildings, they're muslim. our best allies are the more moderate muslims. we can't antagonize them. we need to build that coalition against the more radical elements. dagen: we'll all be listening for everything about foreign policy tonight, homeland security, terrorism, everything. thank you, michael ruben joining us. >> thank you. dagen: and oscar nominations are just announced. stallone, yes! we're all rooting for him. i already declare him the winner for best supporting actor. cheryl casone has the nominations. cheryl: i've been monitoring the list for the nominees for 2016. i want to start out with best
8:49 am
actress, here are the lists, cate blanchett nominated, brie larson, jennifer lawrence for "joy", and then also, actress from brooklyn and the best actor list, great as well. you've got brian cranston, matt damon, leo dicaprio, michael fa fastbender, and here are the movies, "big short", "bridgette spies", "brooklyn", "the martian". "star wars" did not make the list. let you know that "star wars" got nominated for editing and mixing and smaller nominations, the biggest one is sylvester stallone for actor. what a cool thing for him,
8:50 am
hopefully they're awake watching it. dagen: yeah, i'm stoked for "mad max", i think that that was a hugely popular movie in the last year, but i'm definitely predicting it will be dicaprio and stallone winning in the actor categories. cheryl: "mad max" got a bunch of stuff, sound mixing and other stuff. i was surprised by it, actually. dagen: and one for cinematography-- and encourage people to see sacario, about the drug trade in mexico. >> the rocky picture up over the bed or by the mirror or vanity? >> i love stallone, but i was more like a han solo kind of girl.
8:51 am
you can't go wrong, stallone, ford. thank you, cheryl. we'll be back, everybody. we live in a pick and choose world.
8:52 am
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>> welcome back to mornings with maria. i'm nicole petallides live on floor of the new york stock exchange. the futures are down, up, and close to the 100 mark. oil is something we're watching closely after record lows that we haven't seen in over a decade and the markets are in correction territory after a 350 point selloff yesterday. the dow futures are up 77. when we talk about cost cutting and higher earnings for the j.p. morgan investment banking division, that was fourth quarter profit up by 10% and we're seeing that stock looking to the upside this morning by about a buck. so watch j.p. morgan move to the upside and we're watching oil and after the bell, intel earnings. so we've got a lot to keep an eye on.
8:55 am
of course, the g.o.p. debate tonight. much more coming up. ive in a k and choose world. choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number, and the lowest prices of the season. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! save $1100 on the i8 mattress with purchase of sleepiq technology and flexfit3 adjustable base. ends monday. know better sleep with sleep number.
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get started for free at >> final thoughts ahead of tonight's big debate. my thought is that i'm thankful my dress didn't split. and how do we get the economy going, a look at the governors. three governors on the stage, the stakes are huge, bush, let's see, we've got bush, christie, kasich, they've got to perform tonight. dagen: and establishment is-- they've been tainted by that moniker. >> the big story a year ago was the republican governors and where are they? a big night for them. dagen: they're back on their heels. morgan. >> for me, it's timely that we're in south carolina, we're talking iowa and new hampshire, this is an interesting state. every g.o.p. nominee since 1980
8:59 am
has won south carolina except for newt gingrich. the conservative state that cares very much about national security and about defense. i expect rubio and bush to play quite hard here. dagen: new york values. how about american values? and that's safety, security and prosperity? >> i love new york, ma, just to let you know that. two cage matches tonight, one between trump and cruz and the other between bush and rubio, that's the establishment side and nonestablishment side. my predicted winners, trump and bush. dagen: let me say one thing, the ads that the super pac have been running against rubio are dumb with a capital stupid. >> i think they're dumb, but find hem laughable and entertaining. you can't blame the bush camp for that. >> this is presidential politics. dagen: i get the final word because i'm filling in as the host today.
9:00 am
>> the zipper-- >> and a pleasure to spend the morning with you. tonight's debate, 6 p.m. and sandra smith and trish regan and 9 p.m., maria bartiromo and neil cavuto. i know who else is stoked, charles payne in for stuart varney. charles: i am stoked. and stuart is off all week. it's debate day and we'll go with that at the start. the market, we're going to be in the green a little bit, but don't forget the dow is down 10% from the november high. the carnage is so much significantly worse, the question, are stocks cheap? we've got an expert coming on and the back drop for the news is terror. deadly explosions in indonesia's capital and isis is to blame.


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