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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  January 14, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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david, melissa, lots of fun ahead. melissa: absolutely. all right, we're just two short hours away from the fox business debate. it is the first republican faceoff of the year. the heat is on. david: particularly with the timing. we're only less than three weeks until the iowa caucus. tonight's performance could be make-or-break for some of the candidates. [closing bell rings] first let's talk about the markets. looks like dow jones industrial closings up 222 points. melissa: nasdaq biggest winner on percentage basis, 2% there. crude oil trading higher as well. there we go, david. david: let's go straight to ashley webster. he's on the floor of the stocks exchanges. ashley, we say that the nasdaq did better than all indices but didn't make up for yesterday, did it. >> if you want perspective and don't throw cold water on the rally we're still far behind where we begin the year.
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most down 6% since we began the year. melissa mentioned oil stablizing today. crude oil up a little more than 2%. that really helped. i should mention jpmorgan, the biggest bank by assets in the u.s., came out with some pretty decent quarterly results showing a profit of more than $5 billion and i think that helped to add to more bullish sentiment but it's a wild ride these days on wall street. we'll see what tomorrow brings. david: see a little corporate profit. ashley. melissa: tonight's republican debates are a few hours away and a night for candidates to remember. fox business's blake burman is in charleston, south carolina, where the drama has already started, blake. reporter: melissa, good afternoon to you. there has been a lot, not only today but last couple days leading up to this. this is the first debate of the new year. a few weeks out until iowa and new hampshire to follow after that and here in south carolina as well. a lot of folks are starting to
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line up now. less than two hours to go. there are two debates tonight. we'll talk about the first one at 6:00 here. three candidates will be on that stage, carly fiorina, rick santorum and mike huckabee. with just three they will get some extra talk time. those three will try to hopefully gain some momentum, maybe even break through here as we count down to the next debate and to iowa. seven candidates at that 9:00 debate on that stage. of course donald trump will be front and center. he will be flanked by ted cruz and marco rubio. alongside them, dr. ben carson, chris christie, jeb bush and john kasich. 10 people here tonight but no doubt about it, the headline leading up to all of this is donald trump and ted cruz. cruz for really first time in this entire election cycle naming trump, going after him and confronting him at his campaign stops and on the campaign trail. trump last night really did not talk about one of the issues he has been pounding over last
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couple weeks, whether or not ted cruz is a natural born citizen but at a rally in florida, trump kind of fired a warning shot as to what cruz might expect tonight on the issue. take a listen. >> a lot of lawyers say you can't run if you do that, you can't be born in canada. you have to be able to run. i will not get into it. i'm sure they will get into it tomorrow night. reporter: trump says he thinks they will get into it tonight. cruz is facing several other headlines. new york values and story in the "new york times" about his ties to goldman sachs. so many different storylines leading up to this. we're just a couple hours away. melissa, david. melissa: he talks about it and says i will not get into it. that's perfect. blake, thank you very very much. reporter: that's trump. david: our maria bartiromo is getting ready to moderate the second debate. she joins us now from charleston. maria, does this feel any different from the last one? >> it actually does, david. you know why it is different? the news flow is different.
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if you consider the fact since november, the first debate on the fox business network so much has occurred. number one, look at terrorism. you had san bernardino, you had paris, 1000 investigations in the u.s. right now concerning isis sympathizers and isis-related cases. when it comes to terrorism and national security a lot has changed. that issue catapulted up to number one issue for the american people. look at economy, look at the stock market. we begin the year with worst performance for any year ever. that indicates real nervousness and uneasiness on part of investors voters viewers. what behind that? worry about the economy, jobs and basic economic lifestyle. so i think that also has changed. just the news flow. david, two days of a the state of the union address. this is the first time you will have candidates reacting in collective way to what the president just told us. david: there is also intensity in the rivalries now we haven't seen. as intense as last one was. this one is more intense. last one you kind of let things
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breathe a little. >> you're right. david: if you do it this time they may take over the whole debate. >> you're right, you're right. last time we were very cognizant making sure viewers could take away differences. one of our most important goals last time was basically saying look, let the viewer decide for themselves in terms of differences between each candidate's proposals, so let it breathe. if one person says one thing about the economy. let's see what the next guy says. see what the next gal says. unfortunately because at end of the day, because you did that, we have only two hours, a lot of questions were left on cutting room floor. not that we'll not let this one breathe, same situation. we're cognizant to get issues important to the american people out on the table and they don't get cut at end of the day. david: we'll still have time to see those fights. we love those fights. maria, good to see you. we'll watch you tonight. >> thank you. melissa: speaking of that, there is gop fight night. there "there will be blood.."
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fox news analyst howard kurtz says punches will be thrown and only question how much blood will they draw. who will be left battered and brewed? we have our own charlie gasparino boxer,.ho it could be a free-for-all. jeb bush attack jump jump. melissa: sure. >> donald trump attack jeb bush. the real battle between ted cruz and donald.
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melissa: i clearly thought that. >> someone like me who stares at these things, very difficult to find that stuff. and i went back. >> i will say this, does he positive vote. ted cruz, when he tells you is against new york values. he is full of you know. what he takes money from new york firm. not just any new york firm. goldman sachs. melissa: absolutely. tony, who has a target on his back. i would guess marco rubio. he is leading establishment pack and all the guys having trouble getting traction to make name for themselves want that spot. >> rubio problem isn't he has
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target on the back, his good performance hasn't materialized very much in strong formidable early state lead or advantage. jeb bush again, because all these events are tough for him, he is in single elimination battle all the time because he is trying to fight a two-front war against trump. partly against cruz. what he perceives as right-wing. but against rubio and other establishment kind of competitors. so i think bush is the one who always has this kind of outsized amount of pressure on him. he did a really good job last debate. quelled down concerns about his candidacy. if you ask his people he has a campaign built to last around a long and costly primary. each one of these events for jeb bush could potentially produce a fatal moment for him. melissa: mercedes, don't forget, cruz is a real veteran of this format. this is his forte. this is what he is really known for in academic forum and i don't think it would be easy necessarily for trump to get the
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best of him in this sort of situation especially trump has been sort of laying back. >> what's been interesting with senator ted cruz the fact he made a decision to be sort of southern gentleman and not necessarily attack donald trump until when? until this past week. he talked about donald trump having new york values. his association with the clintons. it's very interesting where he is gently changing his tactic to go after trump and i think we'll see more of that in his sort of texan style against donald trump. melissa: absolutely. that whole new york values thing, i didn't realize that was insult. i had to hear it for three days -- >> only if you talk like a new yorker. that is what it is. >> talking like new yorker, i think ted cruz is actually best able to get to trump who yet has been defeated or dominated by anybody. >> i disagree with that. >> he is in the best position. >> got to go. >> i will say you guys make it sound like this is oxford
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debating points. melissa, you went to harvard. you think this will be ivy league -- melissa: wait. is that insult too new york thing, harvard thing? somebody has to clue me in. >> this will be the food fight, best guy able to win a food fight, the guy on that reality show. melissa: there you go. you're right about that. guys, thanks a lot. david. david: i think trump went to ivy league school too. tonight's debate trending big time on the web. jo ling kent joining us to break down what we talk about on social media. jo? >> dave, melissa, it is a big heavy conversation, a billion people use facebook every single day. a lot of them are talking about the presidential race. here is what it looks like in terms of national conversation. who is resonates most. one guess, donald trump right now. this is exactly what it looks like. red means he is a big part of the conversation and that is from california all the way up through maine down to florida, through texas and a little bit lighter across the midwest where other candidates may be doing
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better. look at ted cruz. you v. the map completely change. that means ted cruz is talked about but resonating with less people. 18, 19 million people talking about donald trump and just a few million people talking about ted cruz. ben carson is third most talked about candidate on facebook. just about the same story there. move to marco rubio, you see also. donald trump continues to resonate at least among what's talked about. not sure if it means pro-donald trump or against him but top five candidates here. issues that are a big topic right now, religion. click on religion. we want to show you this. this is ongoing debate about the roll of islam in america right now. you see this conversation is being had by about 5.8 million people. it skew as little bit female. 53%. it very much is an issue on minds of younger facebook users between ages of 25 and 54. then, if you flip over to another issue we care a lot
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about here at fox business network, the economy. this issue is more male skewed, 52%, versus 48%. but this issue goes across all different age groups. everyone cares about their pocketbook, taxes, all kinds of different entitlement reform. that is where we stand on issues going into this debate. i have a feeling it will be a very good one. it will change the landscape entirely in terms of what is happening on facebook at least. david: surprise, surprise, trump ranking number one again. jo ling, thank you very much. melissa: intel out with fourth quarter results. ashley has the numbers for us. ashley. >> we do indeed. fourth quarter numbers earnings per share 34 cents on adjusted basis. estimate was 63 stents. on revenue side estimate for 14.08 billion. came in at 14.91 billion, just a beat on the revenue side. this is company that is in transition. trying to get away from pc market which is dying.
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perhaps more into other areas unconcluding data storage. data center revenue up 4%, down from 12% or 11% gain in the previous quarter. also concerns that revenue was just marginally better. because of that we've seen intel losing some ground in after-hours trade, down 2, 2 1/2%, guys. melissa: ashley, thank you so much for that. >> sure. melissa: republican candidates praying for a win in what is known as the holy city. the top two contenders have already begun to spar ahead of tonight's main event in charleston. >> looks very interesting. this issue did not seem to concern donald until a little over a week ago when suddenly he was trailing in the polls in iowa. >> supposing he runs and everybody's banking on him and then the courts rule that he can't run? that's not so good. what do you do? concede the election to hillary clinton or to crazy bernie? david: those are anti-establishment guys.
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melissa: very dignified. trump versus cruz battle has been brewing heating up past few days tonight. it all comes to a head. their earlier no attack pact and gloves are off and cruz's citizenship to trump's new york attitude which i guess is insult is fair game.
4:18 pm
we have kennedy, host of "kennedy" on fox business and tony sayegh, judy miller, manhattan institute adjunct fellow. both fox news contributors. judy, who do you think wins head-to-head with trump versus cruz? trump seems to punch hardest but not necessarily in debate setting. >> i think rubio wins. cruz and trump will go after one another. this will make both sides a little uncomfortable. i think rubio emerges as smart, zane -- melissa: does sanity count a lot in these things, tony. >> of course it does. i'm not that cynical to think it doesn't. i think ted cruz is very adept not just in oxford style charlie alluded to in last segment but as debater he is smart and understands how to most effectively reach donald trump. up until this point i think he played the trump-cruz bromance brilliantly probably better than donald trump has. melissa: yeah.
4:19 pm
>> because he has, he allows the credibility, when he starts attacking trump, because he has to, they're top two contenders, especially in iowa, does it in a way that doesn't seem whiney and kind of pathetic as you see others that try to bring trump down. i think in this alignment cruz has the advantage. melissa: let me ask all of you. what advice -- go ahead. >> no i disagree about that, because i think cruz has been so well in his wheelhouse not attacking trump but forced himself by his own hand and trump's passive aggressive citizenship attack he has to respond. he is much more comfortable tweeting out peoples memes of phones sy jumping the shark. he knows anyone who does that puts himself in losing position. carson and jeb said they will come out, gloves are off. they will be aggressors. melissa: what does that look like from those two? >> that is not the place for either of them.
4:20 pm
you have so many unnatural elements with cruz, carson and jeb, i think christie and kasich are smart they will take advantage of that and rubio will do whatever he can to deflect attention from him and back on to cruz. melissa: not that he needs your advice but what advice would you give to trump tonight? what would you tell him to do? >> i would tell them counter intuitive advice not necessarily engage in these attacks. here is why he has disadvantage tonight. two less people on the stage. donald trump as you watch the debates gets uncome to thible when he talks for too long. melissa: gets more tired. >> he is comfortable doing quick witted thing, dodge insult there. he doesn't necessarily want to have too much time to say what he has to say. if he allows fight to go elsewhere or arrows to deflect off him he is much better off than taking the bait of fighting. >> he said that tonight he will not draw first blood. that has been his protocol. if you have seen last couple
4:21 pm
debates he has laid off. if he is smart and he is, he is going to let cruz absorb that because cruz is the frontrunner in iowa which is obviously only 18 days away. melissa: we'll leave it there, guys. thank you very much. david? david: like "thrilla in manilla" big donors concern millions of campaign bucks are going to waste. a warning to jeb bush not to go after marco rubio tonight. take a look. >> jeb got into the thing about being joyful for campaign. if they decided they will tear people down, that is what they are going to do. david: round two of the fight night. so who will remain standing at the end of the night? ♪
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david: rising tensions with iran
4:25 pm
ahead of tonight's republican debate. defense secretary ash carter explaining a navigation error accidentally led u.s. sailors into iranian waters. the state department defending secretary john kerry's thank you to tehran following the sailors release and humiliation. take a look. >> he was thanking the iranian authorities for the release, for the diplomatic process that led to their release. we have to remember we got these guys back within 24 hours of them falling into iranian hands. that's not insignificant. nobody is turning a blind eye to iran. this is not a trust relationship with iran. we're mindful what iran is capable of. that is why we're so engaged in the middle east. david: fox business's peter barnes in charleston how this will all play out during the debate. the peter, the fact is, some of these captured sailors were forced to deliver apologies. that's against the geneva convention, if anybody cares about that in the state department. how do you think it will play out in the debate tonight?
4:26 pm
reporter: definitely will be a hot topic, david. it happened the day of the president's state of the union address. of course it came just as the united states is preparing to lift sanctions against iran. so there are going to be questions about all of this here in charleston tonight. it certainly has been hot topic among republicans on the campaign trail. >> show people, look how we're bringing america and humiliating them. on my first day in office, in the oval office i will cancel the ridiculous deal he has cut with iran. >> stood up there and talked about how proud he was with his deal with iran. let me tell you something. friends don't take friends hostage. [shouting] >> this is jimmy carter stuff, believe me. what is going on now, we're now back, we are now back in the age of jimmy carter. reporter: now even before this
4:27 pm
incident back in washington the of representatives was considering a, excuse me a republican bill to keep tough sanctions on iran. the house is expected to vote on that later this month. if it goes to the senate, and passes, the white house says that the president would veto that bill. david? david: peter barnes, thank you very much. melissa? melissa: our national security also a big issue on the minds of american voters. back with me to break it all down where candidates stand, judy miller along with mercedes schlapp, former spokesperson to george w. bush. take a look at situation with our sailors with iran. who do you think would have handled it best of current candidates out there and what would they have done, mercedes? >> that is unfair question because i think a number of candidates would handle it appropriately. we need to view it from here, you have senator rubio one hand being more of a neocon,
4:28 pm
following a bush foreign policy approach. you have senator ted cruz who would probably take more of a middle ground approach. he likes to compare himself more to reagannesque foreign policy approach. these personalities or these individuals would probably along the line of wanting to have one point in common here which is that of toughness. i think you see that in variety of candidates including a jeb bush and i would say donald trump in unique way. melissa: yeah, i mean, judy, what do you imagine donald trump doing in this situation? get on the phone blasting them, firing things off? >> trying to figure out where the persian gulf is. melissa: come on. >> we have a real problem here with donald trump. it was really highlighted today in article by peter werner who worked for three republican administrations said why i can not vote for donald trump. this is a man who does not know how america delivers its nuclear weapons, by air, by land, by sea.
4:29 pm
this man doesn't know the difference between iranian "al-quds" force and kurds of iraq. we're talking about some serious, complex problems in the middle east i've ever seen, and yet donald trump doesn't seem to feel the need to study up for debate. melissa: let me take the flip side of that because i think a lot of americans out there nobody has studied more than barack obama. he knows nuances and ininterest can sys of so many things yet seems to be miss hand little delling all of it and they're ready for someone who isn't nuanced and. >> part of it reaction donald trump saying i go with my gut. his park, for donald trump it might be more about how he talks in public but how he is going to be negotiating privately might be a very different scenario. we know in addition to obviously getting his information from tv, he does talk a -- melissa: good place to get information by the way.
4:30 pm
>> i think to assume that just to say he would not handle this correctly i think is wrong. i think that he is the type of man that does study. i think he really would put top people in best positions in these departments. the key will be will donald trump follow their advice. that is the one unpredictable question i don't think any of us will have answer to. melissa: we have to leave it there, guys, thank you so much. he is mad as hell and not going to take this anymore. >> when anybody, anybody, disparages people with disabilities, it sets me off. that's why i called him a jerk. what kind of person would you want to have in the presidency that does that? what point do we say enough of this? david: former governor taking on "the donald" for round three, stay tuned. ♪
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that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? david: dr. ben carson campaign is in the midst of another shake up as hissings in finance chairman resigns. the good doctor says he will put more pep in tonight's debate. joining us to discuss this, carson's campaign chairman, major general robert deace. >> thank you. david: "wall street journal" looked at budget of your
4:35 pm
campaign and found in october, which is last month they get full records, you raised $8.8 million but you spent 9.5 million. you were burning cash. is that why the finance chairman resigned today? >> no. that is not it. i would honor dean parker, our resigned finance chairman, but i can assure you that carson campaign is being good stewards of the, over last quarter, 23 million, a record, they gave to us. a large part of this is building infrastructure. i think you will see when you go to iowa, an interesting infrastructure that will surprise many people as well as in all 50 states of the union. so the money has been well advanced, well invested and some of that was paid in advance in preparation for iowa and beyond. i would also say -- okay. david: there are reports that he was given a salary of $20,000 a month. that is very often, an honorary position that doesn't take a salary.
4:36 pm
is the new finance chairman going to get a salary like that? >> the new finance chairman will not have a salary. david: okay. very interesting. >> i would also say the economy we're really interested in, the finances is economy of iowa and beyond. you may also know that "the wall street journal" put out dr. carson's tax plan. they said that it was the boldest, most pro-growth tax plan on the street today of all the candidates. so we need to look at that part of the economy as well. david: let's just talk specifically about it. there is 17% flat tax on both individuals and corporations. if i understand it right? isn't there tax holiday for the first year for corporations to bring back foreign capital back? >> 14.9. it is proportional and pro-growth. yes, there is opportunity for bringing offshore investments back without penalty. david: okay. i got to ask one more question about ben carson's attitude. >> yes, sir.
4:37 pm
david: exactly how he is going to express himself tonight. he himself said he will put more pep in his delivery. what did he mean by that. >> ben carson will remain ben carson. he will be civil to everyone. he is skillful couldn'ter puncher and will do that if necessary. i will point out for dr. carson is it volume or values? is it temper or temperment? is it wild, outlandish proclamations or is it common sense policy solutions? if you look on our website you find the common sense that portrays dr. ben carson. that has been his whole life. he has had more life and death scenarios, more 2:00 a.m. calls than any candidate on the stage. david: that's true. >> he lived this leadership right. he is ready to be president and as military man he will is ready to be commander-in-chief. david: if you don't have good reflexes you can't be a surgeon. thank you, general dees.
4:38 pm
campaign manager for dr. carson. >> good to be with you. melissa: concerns about donors and lost cash for lagging candidates. that's coming up next. marco rubio thinks it's unfair to criticize him for missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time. "one third of all of his missed votes in 2015 were missed before he announced he was running for president." over the last three years, marco rubio has missed more votes... than any other senator. washington politician marco rubio. doesn't show up for work,
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melissa: all right. trump and jeb bush are at it again. bush taking the attack to a new level, launching a personal one against front, i don't know what that means, frontrunner donald trump, in a new ad released today, calling him a jerk again. this time for allege he hadly mocking a reporter with a disability. here to weigh in, steve moore, heritage foundation distinguished fellow. he is also a fox news contributor. and kennedy is back with us as well. i don't know if you got a chance to see this ad where he calls him a jerk but he also shows different disabled people and person he was actually making fun of. it is painful, steve moore, to watch. do you think, does it hit the right notes?
4:42 pm
>> i think it was probably donald trump's lowest moment. i don't think there is any question anyone cringes when they see him making fun of a disabled person and it is worst of donald trump. there is a lot i like about donald trump. look, all fair in politics and you know, if jeb bush wasn't running this ad right now, if trump billions nominee, i guarranty you democrats would run it six months from now. melissa: contend dishes the flip side of this is though we're dealing with someone right now who is all finesse and all style and there are people out there who say, well, maybe trump's a jerk, but maybe we need a jerk right now. putin's jerk. al-baghdadi's a jerk. ayatollah is a jerk. we might need someone who can get out there and do this, no? >> you're absolutely right, melissa. jerk equals reactionary. there are a lot of voters out there want someone who will have forceful and powerful reaction for rest of the world being torn apart at the extremes, at the
4:43 pm
seams and jeb bush calling trump a jerk very inauthentic and very clumsy and i think he should be focusing on his positive record in florida and being like, you know what, donald trump is a jerk, i will say it again a jerk. i don't think it does him any favors. melissa: moving on -- >> by the way. just going to say authenticity is everything. melissa: yeah, that's true. we're moving on. feud between two candidates from the sunshine state, jeb bush and marco rubio duking it out after a pro-bush super-pac took aim at rubio in digital ads mocking him for changing positions on immigration even for the boots he wore a few weeks back in new hampshire. rubio keeping his head in the game, keeping focused on the future of america. kennedy, give me your take on this one. >> if i were marco rubio showing up on the debate stage in charleston, 9:00 p.m. eastern time on fox business network and wear six-inch ruby platforms with extra sequence just to catch the spotlight.
4:44 pm
he needs to make fun of boot-gate and kick jeb bush in the teeth. melissa: steve what do you think. >> i don't think these attack ads have any positive effect whatsoever. in fact i think if anything the attack ads hurt the person making the attack rather than or the way around. melissa: that can't be true. hang on, that can't be true we see them every cycle. negative ads must work. everybody spend as fortune on them. >> no. i'll tell you why. first of all that is because of the corrupt, people who make all this money putting out these ads show me where they hurt trump? they run millions of dollars attack ads against trump and -- melissa: steve brings up a good point. a lot of people spent millions of dollars on jeb super-pacs, right to rise. maybe sound great for a whole loaf of whole he wheat bread. not good for a candidate who has gone negative around hasn't helped him. melissa: steve, you bring up a good point, running campaigns putting ads out get a percent of
4:45 pm
media buy. they profit from the fact they're putting commercials out. that's a great point. we'll end on that guys. thank you very much. david? something you were showing? david: indeed donald trump's thrifty campaign leaving big republican donors and super-pacs frustrated. donors and super-pacs pouring millions into political ads but as they burn cash trump gathers most of the attention and rising in polls while spending next to nothing. charlie gasparino joins donald, according to people inside of the jeb bush campaign. this is story i broke on fox
4:46 pm
business. when he opens mouth on provocative ways. gets a lot of media attention. h he given them another dynamic. at some point he has to spend money. he hasn't yet. this is where you know him spending money, is a ground game. he is being really cheap on these things hurt him because polls are different than get out the vote. people will reassesses his campaign. i think that is a real key. he doesn't have to win iowa but his poll numbers have to somehow rewhat goes on in iowa. if it doesn't, people will say that is his achilles heal. david: where does he get theet s
4:47 pm
somebody give it to him. >> great, great question. donald says he will self-finance. he says he is worth 10 billion, five billion dollars. i know lots of billionaires. i'm not a billionaire. i cover billionaires. they're not that liquid. their money is in real estate, limited things, limited safe. they don't have 200, 300, $500 million in cash liquid. that will be a story going forward. where does donald get his money. i have been reading newspapers, unrelated to his campaign he says, but selling real estate. takes more than 20 million to win presidential election. take as billion. david: charlie gasparino, good stuff. appreciate it. four candidates set to battle it out in the establishment fight. take a look. >> trump wins nomination, and he
4:48 pm
might, hillary clinton will beat him like a drum. david: can anyone catch up to the trump-cruz train? details coming up next. ♪ at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like working from home equals not working. numbers look pretty good, how's it on your end dave? oh, the numbers look so good. dave, dave's on it. wheall i can think abouthit, is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini. it's a calling. a love affair. a quest. the next horizon.
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to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. david: it was a market rally today, no question about it. but was it enough to make up for what we lost yesterday? absolutely not. particularly on nasdaq. nasdaq lost about 3 1/2% yesterday. today it gained about 2%. which is great. but again, not enough to make up for what happened yesterday. the question is, what happens tomorrow. of course we'll bring it to you right here on fox business. the only thing down today was gold which was down about 10 bucks. all right. we're moving on to politics now.
4:52 pm
this election has solidified more than ever the national revulsion toward the established elite. how do four established republicans pull away from that label tonight? tony sayegh, steve moore, star parker are back with us to talk about that. so, steve, you have bush, christie, rubio and kasich. they're the four horsemen of the establishment if you will. how do these guys beat the establishment rap? >> well, i've been saying if you look back over last six months, david, people said stars of republican party are these governors, they're the real shining stars and yet the governors just haven't performed. three or four of them are out already. i will make this point about this debate tonight. i think make-or-break debate for all these of those positives, jeb bush, chris christie, and john kasich. one of them has to step up. i think their line has to be this.
4:53 pm
i can win. i am a governor. i know how to balance a budget. something all three guys have done. david: star, the most important not how you can govern, whether you can beat hillary. which of those four people are about poverty issues and things they have done in their respective states. we'll see in this particular debate they make the case that federal system the way that we should be going. we want to go to washington to make sure that happens. david: we're looking at pictures now, tony of jeb bush. the problem with bush of course is his last name.
4:54 pm
same problem hillary clinton. her last name. by definition they're establishment. is there any way he could beat that rap? >> if you ask the campaign they have the campaign designed to last through a very long and costly primary but the problem is their candidate is not inspiring. jeb bush more than anybody has suffered that kind of outsized rejection of the establishment class and party. one caveat we keep grouping marco rubio into this establishment group. i don't think that's totally fair to the rubio campaign. rubio is actually much more of a movement conservative. he is considered more acceptable among the establishment but by far jeb who is i think leading candidate in that group. you have also seen christie, by the way, this is important story, rising. christie and four guys we're talking about is the one with best apparatus on the ground in new hampshire. david: that's a good point. >> if you suggest this debate helps anybody in the immediate future, all four of these candidates need a top showing in new hampshire. somewhere in the top three. if christie has a strong one i
4:55 pm
think he benefits most. david: steve, other thing about christie, everybody talks about how ted cruz is professional debater. nobody debates like chris christie does. he does it in hard-nosed fashion. he really gets through so that people just squirm away from it. doesn't he stand the best chance in debate format anyway against hillary? >> yeah, i've been at the last two debates and i'm at this one. i agree with you, david, every debate i've seen except for the first one, chris christie was the best debater. he punches his point home. he has one-liners that cause people to come out of their seat. that's a problem for bush. he rambles. he takes five minutes to make his point and then you don't even know what his point is. he will find opportunity to humanize himself to get the edge
4:56 pm
and get back into the debate. david: competition works whether in politics or business. it makes individuals better. there is a market message here too. tony, steve, starr, great stuff, everybody. thank you very much. appreciate it. have a fun time. >> thank you, david. david: first fox business gop debate is just over an hour away. you're not going to want to miss that one. what everybody is going to be talking about tomorrow including us. stay tuned. you can't breathed. through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. >>
4:57 pm
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5:00 pm
anger and angst in a way that's very different than any time i can recall. but it should not come as a surprise americans are fed up that politicians don't listen to them. it's that frustration that we'll highlight, not bury in the debate tonight. i hope you enjoy the show. we'll have lots to talk about. have fun. here is lou dobbs. lou: good evening, i'm lou dobbs. coming to you from the north charleston coliseum and performing arts center in charleston, south carolina. we are one hour safe way from the first republican presidential debate. three candidates will be taking the stage in this first debate.


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