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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  January 15, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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important to the electorate and the remarkable candor and tonight some of the biggest highlights. >> tuesday night i watched story night with barack obama, and i have to tell you, it sowned like everything in the world was going amazing. >> hillary clinton would be a national security disaster. she might be going back and forth between the white house and the courthouse. we need to stop that. >> someone who cannot handle intelligence information appropriately cannot be commander in chief and someone who lied to the family of four victims of benghazi can never be president of the united states. >> donald's mother was born in scottland. she was naturalized. now donald -- >> but i was born here. >> on the issue of citizenship, donald, on the issue of citizenship, donald, i'm not going to use your mother's birth against you. [laughter]
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>> because it wouldn't work. >> well, listen, i've spent my entire life defending the constitution before the u.s. supreme court and i tell you i'm not going to be taking legal advise from donald trump. >> you don't have to. >> governor christie has endorsed ideas that barack obama has. >> you talk so much that nobody can ever keep up with what you're saying is accurate or not. >> china does not want boeing building their planes here. china happens to be smart the way they do it, not way we do it. >> you head back to the airport tonight. >> we should be for free trade, when countries violate and dump products in the country, we need to stand up against those countries without making them into an enemy. >> i'm happy to get a question, i was going to ask you to wake me up when the time came. [laughter] >> my tax plan enables you to
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fill out taxes in a postcard. marco leads with all of the complexity. >> you may rename the irs, there has to be some asian that's going to collect your tax. >> to actually answer the question you asked, which was on entitlements. do you remember that, everybody? the reason -- the reason -- you had your chance and you blew it. >> wherever you're sitting, nikki, i am your friend, we are friends. that's good. she did say there was anger. and i could say, oh, i'm not angry, i'm very angry because our country is being run horribly. >> if this all works out i'm happy to consider naming you as vp, if you happen to be right you could get the top job at the end of the day. [laughter] >> no, no. >> maria: we have every single angle covered this morning with
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a powerful lineup of guest, candidate jeb bush, bill o'reilly and former texas governor rick perry, also with us talking about tax reform. first futures pointing to a steep selloff at the open. the meltdown continues. take a look where we stand. dow jones expected to open down this morning 300 points. nasdaq under severe selling pressure this morning, all ones again taking cue from the price of oil. crude down around 5%. we are looking at markets this morning and impact across the board. some of the top issues discussed ded included china, morgan ortagus, before we begin i want
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to bring exchange between myself and senator ted cruz about new york values. >> you suggested trump embodies new york values, can you explain what you mean by that? >> i think most people know what values are. >> you're from new york so you might not but i promise you in in the state of south carolina they do. [laughter] >> and listen, there are many, many wonderful, wonderful working men and women in the state of new york, but everyone understands that the values in new york city are socially liberal and proabortion or progay marriage, focused around money and the media. i guess i can frame it another way, not a lot of conservatives come out of manhattan. i'm just saying. [laughter]
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>> are you sure about that? >> maria, so conservatives actually do come out of manhattan included william buckley and others, just so you understand. >> maria: wow that was a critical moment certainly for senator cruz. morgan, you're a new yorker and i'm a new yorker, what do you think about that? >> morgan: it was interesting specially since senator cruz's wife works for goldman sachs. it was silly to criticize. just in manhattan there are 81,000 registered republicans in manhattan. most of them are in my neighborhood on the upper-east side. >> anthony: that's the best that i've ever seen donald trump. i thought -- >> maria: wow, wow.
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>> anthony: you have to give this guy his due. >> dagen: ted cruz gave the opportunity to sound sensitive and eloquent. >> anthony: he crushed him. that's hurricane sandi moment. if governor christy is wondering where he's not where he thinks he should be after what he did to governor romney, that's the reason. this is ted cruz's hurricane sandi moment. i'm old enough to remember when the daily put in the front page that four dropped dead. it cost for the election on a lot of ways. you guys are going to scratch the head. i know where the donors live. >> maria: this is the daily news this morning. >> anthony: i tweeted that fife -- five seconds later he said it. this guy is finished.
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>> maria: i don't agree that he's finished. >> anthony: then he should probably apologize. we lost 3,000 people and they're still dying from the diseases of taking the wreckage out of the world trade center. ridiculous comment. he offended my parent and every immigrant that's come to the city. it's a gateway -- >> dagen: if you're a donald trump supporter you dog on well need a thicker skin than that. donald trump is a master of insulting people and if you're insulted by that one line, you've got bigger problems. >> anthony: he's insulting me. i'm not a politician. >> dagen: don't care. >> anthony: you know what the beauty of this stuff is i'm not a politician. i happen to be a new yorker. >> dagen: i'm a southerner by birth and a new yorker by choice.
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i'm a new yorker by choice. i've lived in new york for 22 years. >> anthony: were you offended by it? >> maria: i don't want to say i was offended but i did feel like new york, i love new york. i love new york. >> anthony: exactly what marco rubio said, hey, dude, somebody told you to say that or you tested that somewhere, that's not working. you may need those delegates. >> dagen: calling donald trump liberal yankee. that would have worked better than insulting all people. about ant what about buffalo, new york? are they the same -- >> morgan: it's about the money that's raised in new york. he's raised a significant amount of money in new york city. it's been over $20 million. it'll be interesting for me to
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see, i'm most concerned about the delegates as it relates to republican primary but people like the koch brothers. >> anthony: i'm a mets fan but i don't root for the yankees, but after 9/11, i was rooting -- routeing for donald trump. he schooled ted cruz. >> maria: you think donald trump won the night? >> anthony: i do. he commands the stage. i love jeb bush, from a debating perspective and performance perspective, i interacted with jeb on the sideline, he looked at me and shook his head. this is more a performance than it is a debate and he sort of feels that way and the truth of the matter if you talk about performers you're not going to
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find one better than donald trump. >> dagen: ted cruz did not get jeb last night. cruz held his own and he's a master debater and held his own that he's still a contender going into iowa and new hampshire. i don't think -- comparing to the chris christie moment is dead wrong. hewas hogging on president obama. >> anthony: you're going to change the tune again. let's see how many of those donors come out for him. governor cristcri does not have those donors, dagen. it has cost him a lot of field operation, organization. we know that jeb has the donors. is he going to be able to punch
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through like john mccain did? >> morgan: what was really interesting that jeb, christie, trump, rubio, these are really excellent debaters and you guys did a great job, of course, i think we had a really strong subject of debate last night, when you turn on the democrat debate between the two 70-year-old socialists fighting it over this is a much stronger event. >> maria: stay with us. we are looking at another selloff for stock prices. we have expert analysis on the fox business debate last night. talk about tax reforms, take a look at another top moment from the debate last night. governor christie, sometimes it seems like the world is on fire, where and when should a president use military action to restore order? >> well, maria, i'm glad to have
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heard from you in the summary of that question about what is going on in the world because on tuesday night i watched story time with barack obama and i have to tell you u it sounded like everything in the world was going amazing, you know. [laughter] ♪ ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at
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>> maria, what you were talking about is corporate inversion, one of the biggest problems our country has. right now corporations by the thousands are thinking of leaving our country with the jobs leave them behind, they are leaving because of taxes and also because they can't get their money back. >> the value added tax. a tax that you find in my companies in europe where basically businesses will have to pay a tax on the money they make but also taxes on the money they pay employees, that's why they have it in europe, that's a way to blindfold people. that's what ronald reagan said.
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the true cost of government was not there for them. >> ronald regan's chief financial officer has written that my simple flat tax is the best plan of any of the individuals on the stage because it produces economic growth and raises wages and helps everyone. >> maria: one of the biggest issues there tax policy. one of the top issues on fox business republican debate. i want to bring former cbo director, american action president, douglas, and also former reagan economic adviser, good to see you, gentlemen, thank you for joining the conversation. which tax plan creates growth? >> they're all good, they're all good but i think cruz is exceptionally good with that plan and i don't know why rubio said it wasn't -- i wouldn't be pleasing to regan. that's all we were trying to do
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with regan was lower the rates. that's the '86 tax act. did we go as far as we should have? probably not. that's what cruz does. >> maria: wait a second. i want you to talk about this. when you look at dr. carson's plan that's really a flat tax because there's no vet tax in it. does ted cruz's plan have a vet tax, what rubio was talking about? >> income taxes that are comprehensive are like a back tax, you get the sales tax which is the huckabee, they're all taxing pretty close on the same base. i think it was mccain that had the 999. >> maria: yeah. >> you have to come up with a broad base, and that's what cruz does. >> maria: doug, what do you think, weigh in here?
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>> i'm with art. rubio actually has a zero tax on capital income. it is the most progrowth from that perspective. the cruz plan has the lowest rates but has 10% surtax on the capital income. if i see that, i would be happy. >> maria: rubio has the highest tax rate, it's not a flat tax. >> yeah, he's making that point. bat, at least what i learned about it from the camp of my economist friends, they don't like the vat, they think it's creeping form of socialism. >> maria: helps government. >> the single most efficient tax, that is what scares him and all the taxes should scare the
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heck out of you, to be honest. >> anthony: they can expand it. >> we can expand this one. 91% when harry truman was in office. you can't stop politicians from doing bad things. what you want to do is collect taxes in the least damaging imaginable. i think carson's is fine and not debated like cruz's. >> maria: he really has. >> dagen: when you look at hillary clinton's effort to complicate with surcharge and minimum tax on the wealthy, raising the estate tax rate, limiting deductions, you name it, i will take issue with marco rubio with expanding the child credit and making it refundable against the payroll tax, that's kind of a little bit of a handout. he's trying to appeal to families out there. >> maria: there's nothing harder than raising a family and you
6:20 am
should get a break on it. go ahead, doug. >> dagen is exactly right. a good tax policy begins on a spending side. he's promised another trillion dollars in spending programs. the marco rubio spending program, that's all it is. it gets in the way. dagen is onto something there. i want to make sure we get back to the first piece we saw which was trump talking about inversions. that would solve a lot of the inversion problem and that's a big deal in the u.s. we really need to take that on. >> maria: absolutely. bottom line, we have a 300-point selloff -- >> anthony: won't even happen then, maria. >> maria: don't you think in i agree. huge rally. >> anthony: people are wondering when it's going to happen.
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>> maria: doug, good to talk to you. art, you're sticking around. coming up reaction to last week's debate and we are checking markets as we head to the break. stay with us. i think it landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪
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whenever you need them. so your business can get back to business. sounds like my ride's ready. don't get stuck on hold. reach an expert fast. comcast business. built for business. maria: welcome back. a developing story this morning and it is market. an ugly open once again. futures with. futures that victory might sell off the cheryl casone with that and some other headlines. >> that's right, maria. of course the global selloff is really affect in u.s. docs here. mobile markets overnight really fallen off a cliff. first the u.s. futures as you mention are backing off a little bit. still, this could be quite an ugly market day. the dow futures number 277. the print on the s&p is 34, not because while pointing to a low. we are also looking at oil above
6:25 am
$30. 2964. of course that is a drop of 5% in of course affect and what happens in china. china did go into bear market territory. the entire region got hit. shanghai composite down 3.6% and the hang seng following very close to you. some campaigners as well. a new "wall street journal" showing donald trump has a double-digit lead over over the closest republican rival ted cruz. just a few weeks before the first course of the 2016 presidential race. followed by senator mark or ruby or 13% and ben carson 12%. breaking news in indonesia following for carry out multiple attacks yesterday. a lot of days here in new york and we will of course continue to follow market bid back to you in south carolina.
6:26 am
>> cheryl, thank you very much. i hear it in your voice and i hope you are okay to just get a glass of water. we are expecting a 300-point selloff. oil once again the catalyst anthony tran 11. >> it's a combination of factors. it is where the dollar is relative to the yuan and again. you've also got the raid issue people are concerned about. earnings not super terrific so you look at the multiple compression on stocks. whether people like this or not, the stock market is back to the 14.5 to 16 multiple range. you are getting there now. you are sort of on our earnings estimates are about 15 times this year's earnings. >> they are better than expected actually.
6:27 am
>> the revised upwards. maria: u-boats at two days ago. in terms of the broader economy and earnings. >> market are what will be, not what has been. you really should be looking at the types of political changes. obama just continued to be horrible. markets are seen as last year. imagine we got a republican president with lower taxes two years from now. what would you do if taxes were lower two years from now? >> i would be buying the market with both hands. i don't know that it is china. >> two years from now. in other words come a good tax cut causes a very deep to climb this year at just the way it did in 81 and 82 taken effect on january 1st 1983. that is where i look at the world. >> why you think this is a similar election in 1980. >> i think obama is. we had johnson, nixon, ford and carter. we had obama, obama.
6:28 am
you can't get more parallel than not. donald trump is very much like ronald reagan in a sense everyone was taken ronald reagan. an amiable dunce he said. he says words. he is a racist. he's a warmonger, all of that stuff. he even had john andersen, fellow republican running against him in the general election as an independent. jimmy carter, john andersen. >> does the market and the economy do us well as secretary clinton is the president? let's talk about the other side. >> it is a no. look at her tax policy. she will lay her on tax, tax, tax on top of the job creators in this country disaster. maria: apparently she is telling the bankers privately that she's not going to do it. >> i don't believe that for a second. maria: you don't think it will
6:29 am
happen. >> she's a fine person, her experience and all that. this is not the set of policies america needs to get back again. all of them are really great to a person with supply-side economics. free trade tax is just great. >> the democratic front runner, secretary clinton is subject to have an criticism the debate last night. my one claim she's already disqualified from president the next. stay with us. ♪ there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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maria: welcome back live.
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i maria bartiromo. we are coming to you live at the site of last night fox business network presidential debate. blake burman right now. >> hi, maria. good morning to you as well. if you had any doubt that the dow between donald trump and ted cruz is over, last night it is fair to say a race any and all of those suspicion. crews came with a ready-made answer over the question that trump has been proposed in the last week or two about whether or not cruz is indeed a natural born citizen and that's making him eligible to run for president of the united states. trump responded in part by saying one of the reasons he wants cruise to have this cleared up if in case you want to have cruz as as as presidential nominee. >> we are running. i win. i choose him as my vice presidential candidate and the democratic do because we can't take them along for the ride. i don't like that. i'll tell you what.
6:34 am
if this all works out, i'm happy to consider naming you as vp. you happen to be right. >> this is certainly a changing dynamic in here is what the important. the latest nbc wall street news poll. donald chung continues at the top of the field with a report from republicans. he has basically doubled the lead in the last month. you can recruit second at 20. take a look at this. if this gets whittled down, trump, cruz and rubio because he is running third, trump would get warty% of the vote and win this thing easily at least the national polling suggests. we will see if it meant that getting down to those three. certainly a new facet between trump and cruz. maria: my colleagues here on fed saying he had the best night. thank you so much. joining us now is each rider under president clinton don
6:35 am
bair. good to see you. as for wayne and hear your reaction to the debate last night. >> to be honest, it is good tv. i didn't see a lot of seriousness of purpose that they are. we are living in very serious times with big challenges. guys that there are very jolly and good with the quips and all of that. i didn't see a president. i worked in the white house. i know what it means to deal with the issues when they come into after day after day. i didn't see a single person up there the way of they are behaving now who deserves to be in the white house. >> we talked about national security, terrorism, economics in terms of jobs, infrastructure entitlements. where specifically are you saying was the shortfall? >> this is not a criticism of what you and your colleagues did. you try to set the tone and set the questions right. when it turns into new york
6:36 am
values are not new york.he is or who is an american or not an american, i just don't think that is what the country wants to hear. they want the candidates and the president politicians focused on their problems. we are getting not very fast. the mac i agree the issues. >> the point you are making as it is a personality complex rather than policy debate. why do you think it evolves with the groups of personalities? >> they are fighting on this little bits on the ground. the biggest reason is donald trump is running away with this. a couple are trying to catch up and hold onto him and donald trump brings the tone to the national conversation, which is nodded dancing a seriousness of purpose that we face at this point. >> good morning. this is morgan. governor bush is coming up next to be interviewed with her rear. he was the one on stage last night who went after hillary
6:37 am
clinton. a lot of people one after president obama, but i felt like jeb bush was pretty aggressive. do you think that is fair game? how would it be if one of the men on stage rendering a vi investigation? >> they should talk about everything they want to talk about. there is no question of the people up there last night in you compare them to hillary clinton, hillary clinton is the person who knows how to make things happen in this country at a time when we are dealing with very big issues. turn the camera a little bit of look at everything going on in the world in terms of the economy and national security challenges, in terms of what is happening and changing demographics and changes in the way people have to work and live. this is a moment where we need great, strong leadership and that is what hillary brings certainly better than what i saw last night. >> i don't agree with you.
6:38 am
this is the criticism poster reagan in 1980 that he was next to your hands. he was an actor. he spoke other people's minds and then we had the greatest president in my lifetime. >> how long has ronald reagan been governor before he became president? >> yes, you had lost twice before and it was those same criticisms you are saying. maria: secretary clinton was senator from new york and first new york and first lady and secretary of state. she wasn't necessarily having the x. do you are talking about her husband had. >> i think it does an injustice to ronald reagan and what he accomplished and who he was when he came to the president need to compare where donald trump is today to where ronald reagan is in 1980. >> reagan wasn't what you see him as before he was elected president. he became the super large hero, my hero for sure during the
6:39 am
presidency, not before. we are looking at a group of candidates before they are elected. if you look at any reagan books, demeter times book rate right after he was elected, but before he took office. it was all of these comments that he couldn't handle this, did know how to do that. he was unqualified and it turned out to be the best president. >> to yeltsin in the room is the fact that senator clinton is dangerously close to losing in iowa and new hampshire to bernie sanders. what is going on? it is looking dangerously close that she will not win. >> we haven't had a single vote yet. these things always tighten up. there's no question about it. the democratic party just like the republican party fights it out during these primaries. iowa is always unpredictable and whatever happens in iowa -- maria: what is your reaction to bernie sanders success?
6:40 am
what is your reaction to bernie sanders? >> bernie sanders is an effective candidate. he has been presenting a strong argument. so the democratic party has a certain amount of that sentiment in it. but so is hillary clinton. she is out there campaigning. they have the ability to move the country forward unlike any candidates based on her record and based on what she's saying she would do under president. >> i just disagree. i was the bill clinton supporter. i voted for clinton twice and it was well-publicized and i thought he was a great president. maria: our tax plan. >> clinton was great on taxes. >> she's the exact opposite ever has been. >> she is tied with the 74-year-old socialist. >> don't pick on 74-year-olds.
6:41 am
maria: thank you so much. coming up, market meltdown continues this morning. futures pointing to a triple digit loss of the open this morning. china's market with another head overnight. oil below $30 a barrel. we will have much more on last night that presidential debate. keep it right here live on the fox business network from south carolina.
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maria: welcome back. as he did this morning. markets melting down once again and retail sales numbers coming out. no topic is more contentious than last night's presidential debate in the economy in china and have the next president will deal the second largest economy and trade and policy. watch. >> i'm totally open. if they don't treat us fairly, you can't deal in china without terror. they do it to us. we don't do it. >> you think the chinese about a 45% tariff would retaliate and start buying airbus? of course they would. this could be devastating. >> the best thing we can do to protect ourselves is make our economy stronger, which means reversing course and the damage barack obama is doing to this
6:46 am
economy. maria: china hitting the market this morning with more economic data overnight that was underwhelming, weaker than expected good once again, we are seen art laffer, steve moore on this conversation. we are seeking the chinese economy slowdown. where did we go from 11% to 6%. now people talk about 3%. that is a big deal. >> that is a big deal. that is a very big deal. china is still positive and still a phenomenal economy. maria: recon capital investment kevin kelley and are new york city's festival. the distinguished fellow here with me steve moore joining a sunset. thank you for joining us. first, give us the lowdown on this markets here. we expect a decline in the dow jones industrial average of 240 points here. retail sales expected to be unchanged in the data in about two hours or so. what can you tell us?
6:47 am
>> we can see from the action overnight at china as well as commodity prices will further dictate the action. until they get corporations to come out with guidance during earnings season. we want to see what companies will say, how they fare in a $30 oil environment where the dollar is getting stronger. no doubt about it. when there is a capital flight and weakening economy in china, that will put further downward pressure and that has not gotten effects across the globe. not only emerging markets, the canada, australia. some great developed markets. the globe has built down the excess capacity and it is slowing down. it is a big deal when they go from six or sent gdp to 3% gdp because where's that capacity going to go? corporations need to come tell us how they will fare in this new paradigm. one important fact that i think
6:48 am
everybody needs to take into consideration as buybacks are not happening by corporations. one's earnings to come out, corporations will start coming back and putting their own capital work in buying back shares. >> that is a very good point. really good, kevin. china was down 3.5%. connect the dots for us why this is important for the u.s. and also why are we so dependent on oil? oil breaks below 30 and we got a 300-point selloff in the market. >> first of all, maria, you are my hero. what a great job you did, congratulations. look, china is the second world largest economy. when it has this kind of mini recession, i want to talk about this $30 a barrel oil. a year and a half ago, we were at $110 a barrel. i think that is ultimately bullish for the u.s. economy to have lower price oil. you talked to people like harold
6:49 am
hamm. a lot of these will go out of business. production hasn't fallen that much, but the drilling has fallen off a lot. i loved when oil prices fall because of the increase in supply, but now we see them tumble because of the decrease in demand. not just in china, but around the world. that does make me nervous. i am a little nervous in at least a negative quarter or two. we make the cries are getting louder. we could be a recession in 2016. >> that you shed. 2017 with a good policy is coming in. people will shift income into the lower tax 2007 -- 2017 and 2018. the laughter of obama will be his first year. 2016 is it going to be a bad year. if you look yonder dip in the economy coming to see nothing but good stuff coming. >> look, i generally agree with
6:50 am
you. i am worried about these protectionist fringe as we saw from republicans last night. maria: you walked away from the 45%. >> yeah, we've got to retaliate against china. republicans have to be at free trade priority. >> they have or have been except for reagan. if you look at the 1930s, it was republican. >> also in the early 1920s when hardy and coolidge came. that is bad for markets. we don't want a trade war. >> i agree with you, steve. we don't. maria: real quick, give me the highlights on wall street. i was looking at financials? what is most important from a stock market perspective? >> jpmorgan reported yesterday and they were great. jpmorgan has done phenomenally well. people want to what wells fargo is going to say because they are
6:51 am
more of a domestic bank in a true bank in the sense is it a group supporting as well. that will lead to 17% said they will dictate market action today. maria: kevin kelley, good to see you. stephen moore, always good to see you. we will be right back. we live in a pick and choose world.
6:52 am
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6:54 am
maria: welcome back. last night's republican presidential debate trending around the world. jo ling kent at all the details. train details. jo: good morning, maria. we want to show you the most social moment occurs up on page with you. >> listen, i spent my entire life defending the constitution before the u.s. supreme court. i will tell you i will not be taking legal advice from donald trump. jo: that is exactly it.
6:55 am
donald trump and ted cruz going at it. that was the main debate. if you think i'm a top candidates trending on face the tiered trump taken the top spot followed by cruise and rubio, carson and christie. if you look at the issues that people were talking about, what resonated the most is actually iran and immigration, isis and the economy and guidance. a very diverse group of issues that people cared about that they were discussing at the candidates try to differentiate themselves but then attacking each other at the same time. maria: you also get a life study and analysis on women versus men. i thought that was interest in for me last night. jo: thank you had oftentimes you find the economy resonated more with women and guns and tear is the more with men. overall, facebook split 50/50. >> the moment about new york values, how did that play out?
6:56 am
>> is a social moment because people see that differently. i'm all about that. and others thinking that the stereotypically bad thing. go in with the argument. seeing trump and cruise, a lot of tension. maria: there is tension there between bush and rubio. jo: many debates all under one roof. we will keep all of your analysis because the fact is you are getting immediate and now assess as you're covering that. like a live focus group. >> you came out in the middle of the debate and asked me on my questions. jo: was the last is the interview with those of you. thousands of people watching the people cared about what you guys thought as the issues jumping out. kind of like a halftime show on facebook. a fun experience. maria: really great stuff. more expert analysis on the fox isn't today. we will also break down winners
6:57 am
and losers on wall street this morning. looking at another market meltdown down 300-point. coming up next, former governor jeb bush's repair the presidential candidate has his own way in him to do. back in a minute. you stay up. you listen. you laugh. you worry. you do whatever it takes to take care of your family. and when it's time to plan for your family's future, we're here for you. we're legalzoom, and for over 10 years we've helped families just like yours with wills and living trusts. so when you're ready, start with us. doing the right thing has never been easier. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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7:00 am
maria: welcome back this friday morning. i maria bartiromo live once again for north charleston, south carolina. friday, june teams. we are at the site of last night fox business network of republican presidential debate. the republican candidate for president all assembled on stage last night for the second time i network. the evening was marked by a serious discussion of the issues that are most important to the electorate and a remarkable candor displayed by everyone on stage. now some of the night's biggest highlights. tuesday night i watched storytime with barack obama. i got to tell you, it sounded like everything was going amazing.
7:01 am
>> hillary clinton national security disaster. she gets elected her first hundred days. she might be going back and forth between the white house and the courthouse. >> hillary clinton is disqualified from being commander-in-chief to the united states. we cannot handle intelligence information cannot be commander-in-chief than someone who let the families of the four big guns can never be president of the united states. >> she was born in scotland. she was naturalized. on the issue of citizenship, donald -- on the issue of citizenship, donald, i am not going to use your mothers are against you. >> because it wouldn't work. >> listen, i've spent my entire life defending the constitution before the u.s. supreme court and i am not taking legal advice from donald trump. >> you don't have to. >> unfortunately, governor
7:02 am
christie has endorsed many ideas barack obama supports peer >> when you're a senator you get to talk and talk and you talk so much nobody can tell whether what you're saying is accurate enough. >> they want to build in china because china happens to be smart the way they do it, not the way we do it. >> go check and see. >> when countries violate trade agreements or products in this country, we need to stand up against those countries that do that without making them into an enemy. >> i'm very happy to get a question is early on. i was going to ask you to wake me up when the time came. >> my tax plan enables you to fill out taxes on a postcard so we can abolish the irs. microbeads the irs with all of the complexity. >> you may rename the irs, but you will not abolish because there has to be some agents need.
7:03 am
>> on the floor of the senate to actually answer the question you asked, which was on entitlements. do you remember that, everybody? you had your chance. you blew it. >> wherever you are sitting, and a key, i am a friend, we are friends. that is good. she did say there was anger. i could say i'm not angry. i am very angry because our country is being run horribly. >> of this all works out, i am happy to consider naming you as vp. you can get the top job at the end of the day. [laughter] maria: what a night. we've got every angle of last night's debate covered this morning. i will be joined momentarily by candidate jeb bush. o reilly factor host, bill o'reilly and texas governor rick perry among others. first in the markets we are looking at the market meltdown
7:04 am
continuing. a selloff expected at the up in. look at the damage. this is off to the worst love of the morning. the dow jones industrial average down 250 points. underwhelming on its earnings. a number of earnings also underwhelming. jpmorgan was better than expected, but it doesn't seem there's a lot of stories like that. oil, the big story once again continuing to fight. crude oil down 5% at 2970, breaking below $30 a barrel level. and then there is china appeared economic data overnight. that was weaker than expected. indicating yet again the slowdown happening overnight in asia and the chinese economy. our top story this morning. contenders taken a case for the white house in last night's last night's boxer public yesterday. bring in "the o'reilly factor" host bill o'reilly. thank you for joining us. tell us what was your take away favorite moment of the night.
7:05 am
>> i think you guys did a nice job. an amazing amount of energy. maria: not allowed. you know what they said what i always say, i will sleep when i'm dead. >> yeah, well it was a good debate. i felt sorry for ben carson. and the first hour he had very little time. he was the guy who really needed to do some pain and i don't think it happened. he said they referred to me, too. they said what. he said the word everybody. i like cars and, but i just didn't have enough present. on the other front, christie and cruz are the best debaters and
7:06 am
they go back and forth to each other on immigration and taxes. that is just the american people. those two guys are eloquent and prepared and i think they both made good points. although trump took crews down. trump is not that quick honesty. he says the same things over and over. he did that again last night. on the new york values, trump got crews when he said i was here in 9/11. maria: well, he was very smart. trump came back with what was most important and sensitive to new yorkers in the air crews hard. >> yes, it did.
7:07 am
trump was looked upon as the guy was than feeling and he stuck up for his hometown in an effective way. the interesting part with the syrian refugees and he is still banning all muslims. the rest of them, except for rubio, went on the record and said syrian refugees we would all back to. rubio was strong on fighting isis, but he wasn't that specific about the syrian refugees. we last saw the same questions. and the rest of it i didn't mind all that much, i thought they had good energy. i think christie is positioning himself to be vice president. i think he knows you get the
7:08 am
cost model going competing well in new hampshire. but i think -- he's a jersey and a jersey and if you make jersey republicans they, he is positioning himself they are. you've got to admire it. maria: he took a crack at the infrastructure question. i asked him about the $3 trillion needed to fix the road and bridge is because we about cutting spending given in $19 trillion debt, but we hadn't heard what they would do in terms of spending on things like infrastructure which is very important. >> he's had to deal with that, although he got in trouble. that would've alleviated a lot of problems. so it's obviously in trouble on
7:09 am
the spending tax-cut with a huge issue. you can't raise taxes anymore as they all pointed out and then the flat tax, value added tax. maria: do you think it resonated the tax lands? that is most important. what are the differences. >> you can, but it's macroeconomics. you're talking about complicated things they teach and grab school at wharton. so the voter, listening to the fact tag, this, that, flat tax. people don't really know what the most effective thing is. they tell us what plan is the
7:10 am
most effective. who knows. >> you know it is going to be a lot lower than where it is right now. that's what people do now. >> the republican party has always stood for lower tax, always. we are living in an age now where signet can pavement of the american people want the government to provide. sanders does well and that is why obama got elected. does that do a lot of good? maria: yep. bernie sanders doesn't think 90% tax rates are too high. that is they had scratcher. no, we will see you tonight. >> thanks for having me, maria. maria: thanks, bill.
7:11 am
bill o'reilly on the phone. straight ahead, governor jeb bush or the reaction to last night's debate. everything from his battle with marco rubio to the attacks on hillary clinton. back in a moment. >> here is the problem. if she gets elected, she's under investigation with the fbi. her first hundred days instead of setting an agenda, she might be going back and forth to the white house in the courthouse. we need to stop that. iall across the state belthe economy is growing,day. with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech.
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and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at
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7:14 am
maria: welcome back. i want to point out we are expecting a sharply lower market opening down about 300 points. oil prices down $30 a barrel. a big week for earnings and economic data could retail sales in an hour. we've got numbers for you. first, moore highlights on last night's big presidential debate including a war of words between donald trump and senator ted
7:15 am
cruz. blake, good morning to you. >> you remember during a debate a couple months ago, ted cruz said he didn't want to get into a cage match with donald trump. that's sure to last night i first debated the new year and cruz was a willing and able participant engaging with trump face-to-face. this was really brewing over the last 10 days to weeks or so as trump had been questioning whether cruz is eligible to run for the presidency at all as a natural born citizen. cruz had a ready-made answer to go last night. trump responded by saying he thinks this is a real legitimate issue. >> you know, back in september, my friend donald said he had his lawyers look at this from every which way. there is no issue there. there was nothing to this earth are issued. [laughter] in september the constitution hasn't changed.
7:16 am
but the poll numbers have. >> the fact is there's a big overhang, you do? run your head head. you can't do that to the party. you have to have certainty. >> would have to wait until the first scientific polls are released after this debate. a poll released yesterday by "the wall street journal" shows by this back-and-forth between the two is so important. trump continues to sit on top of the field, support from a third of voters, cruz back derrick back in. doubled his support in nepal over the course of a month of time. i want you to take a look at another figure they released. if this ends up being boiled down between cruise and marco rubio who was running third, everybody gains, but trump is by far an ahead of the 41st and if it makes it into the three-way. maria: amazing numbers. thank you so much.
7:17 am
like bourbon with the latest there. the market selloff continuing. the worst start the worst start to the year ever. futures point to a sharp selloff this morning. the action following data out of china in just about an hour we are getting a read on the station as well as retail sales that may very well furthered that this market. right now we are off of the lows. nonetheless down 240 points on the dow jones industrial average. right now we are looking at a thinking situation everywhere. even yesterday's rebound is really falling short here. the sentiment is to the downside once again for stock prices. you had intel report in terms of earnings. that underwhelmed at a number of other companies this week kicking off the fourth-quarter earnings season and we are not doing the kind of conversation you want to hear in terms of an earnings recovery. that is not happening. check out crude oil back low $30 a barrel.
7:18 am
the worry is this is going to trigger bankruptcies. we are already seeing corporate bankruptcies led by the energy sector. oil prices down $1.51, almost 5% right here. of course the calls for the recession in 2016 are getting louder. the market are back to d.c. financials among the weak spots this morning and a number and the momentum is to the downside. weaker cries aboard on global markets. and rebound is sold into they are fading. we will hear from one of the republicans on the heels of the debates last night. florida governor jeb bush weighs in on the debate of what he would do to turn around the economy. that is straight ahead. don't go anywhere. you are watching morning to maria. stay with us. spirit every weapon system has been gutted. in this administration, they are going to a level where our friends no longer think we have
7:19 am
her back and enemies no longer fear us. we are much in a different position than we should be. for the life of me i have to understand what the president thinks everything is going well. we live in a pick and choose world. choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number, and the lowest prices of the season. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! save $1100 on the i8 mattress with purchase of sleepiq technology and flexfit3 adjustable base. ends monday. know better sleep with sleep number.
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7:22 am
>> you know what, here's the problem. if she gets elected she's under investigation with the fbi. her first hundred days instead of setting an agenda, she might be going back and forth between the white house and the courthouse. we need to stop that. [cheers and applause] maria: hillary clinton focused numerous tax last night. germany right now is republican presidential candidate, former florida governor jeb bush. thank you rejoining us. >> rate debate last night.
7:23 am
maria: thank you. we tried to stick to the issues. your reaction. >> i was pleased to talk about issues that were important and back to the hillary clinton thing, i don't remember ever in modern times were a candidate is under investigation by the fbi, they gain candidate for the democrats. no big deal. it is a huge deal. she is untrustworthy interviews are basically a third term for president obama on national security economic policy. the one unifying theme for people on the stage last night was we have to defeat her. maria: we had don beyer on earlier. he basically was saying i didn't see the kind of leadership that hillary clinton will have when she is going to be in the white house and she's got the ax variant and i didn't see the year ends. how do you push back to that core that is hillary clinton core supporters saying she is
7:24 am
the one, it is her turn and she's got the experience. >> well, we are divided country. the simple fact of independent voters -- was the record of accomplishment? three bill she sponsored became law, naming the highway and a post office in naming a monument. her knee, which is extent is his inexperience of failure. and ghazi, the russian reset, all of these things were under her watch and she was quite proud until they exploded into a disaster. maria: you have to believe isis did get stronger as hillary clinton was running the state department. >> completely. it didn't exist until she started running the state department. do you know how my time she went to iraq? most ever in those four years. one. they abandoned the fragile security that existed an intimate of both lyrically and militarily, the void was filled
7:25 am
with isis. that is the simple fact. >> in terms of her plan and your tax plan, this is most important in terms of business and economic growth. we need to see a growth president. >> she wants to impose surcharges and more taxes. that is not the approach to create a vibrant economy. what has been missing in this recovery, which is the tragedy is there's no capital investing in their own country. we need to move to a territorial tax code that we need to simplify the code. my proposal is down to 20%. eliminate all the loopholes so you are not protecting the incumbents and allow disruptors to emerge. that is how you create a more focused approach on high growth on main street. wall street is going to do fine in any kind of condition. the real economy is what needs to get a jump start and you do that i have on select and dana capital investment.
7:26 am
maria: the clinton camp will say the republicans are in the pocket of business if republicans are in the pocket of the rich. they want to cut taxes. i will fight for the little guy. what is your response? >> the response is the argument of income inequality of an economic mobility. a person near poverty workers and middle classes getting squeeze will not benefit by class warfare. they will not have a better chance. we need to create a better economic environment where everybody benefits. right now 62% can afford a $500 car repair. most people live paycheck to paycheck. in the age of obama this to please. people feel it's like the system is not working and they are ready. changing the system to simplify, focus on the broader issues is the way we go about this. maria: we are looking at another market well done this morning. the market has lost $2 trillion
7:27 am
in value just in the first two weeks of the year. obviously people are worried out there. what are you going to do about it? when you step into the oval office. we are at recession. >> first of all, the president needs to be steady and have a clear view that is totally transparent. you can't send out a signal of chaos. this president is not sending e-mails of safety and security for markets or for people. we need a president that has a plan come is prepared to find consensus and start solving problems and sends a signal that the united states is a serious actor on the world stage. last night the conversation about china was interesting. china's weakness is being evidence now. the idea that somehow we have to retaliate against china when their system seems to be failing at least temporarily. they are going to be a long-term challenge to this country. we need to be fully engaged. a president can't sit back and
7:28 am
blame everybody else. that is what i offered to republican primary voters is not only the detailed ideas about how to fix the mess and a proven record to do so, but with a steady hand. >> i agree. this is about leadership. there's no doubt about it. give me the practical steps you're going to take. we are in recession. we've got a market that continues to melt down right now. what are the practical steps you do to turn this around? >> fight for tax reform to simplify the board and put more money in people's pockets to allow for a broader recovery. use the power of the presidency to repeal all of these mindnumbing rules that obama has placed on industry. whether it's the united states commend epa clean power act, the ozone rule, if they haven't been finalized, they will be repealed. we will begin the process of the
7:29 am
ones on the books. creative rate of the budget. make sure the interest of the country are an equal footing with whatever the social benefits are of rules should power back to states across the board. send a signal that we are in business again. look at the capital investing in this country. it is anemic beyond belief. the first step to bring back confidence in investing in matters here at moving to a territorial tax code and bring them back to $2 trillion in cash, there's so much low-hanging fruit to send a signal that america could grow at a faster rate. maria: time and time again small business managers, large business managers come on this. people save money at the gasoline pump, but the health insurance just ran out. you and your colleagues want to repeal obamacare. what is your alternative? >> my proposals on all of these are postals or jeb we need to eliminate the federal
7:30 am
exchange, eliminate the employer mandate, all but mandated benefits bring about these costs, shifted back to say, allow them to create a more freedom oriented insurance plan, a requirement of catastrophic coverage of preexisting condition meaning only requirement and irrigation their own health care decisions. and bring back health savings accounts that they are rewarded for making healthy lifestyles. maria: final question here. online, a lot of people saying it had a good night last night. what do you need to keep this going and continue to break out because we know what the polls say. we are two weeks away from an important primary. what are you going to do? maria: i'm going to new hampshire. we have four town hall meetings. it ensures the first primary. people make up their minds late. so those three states where we'll spend the next few weeks. we have a debate coming up.
7:31 am
as we get closer, people want to know, can you make tough decisions? a lot of people are really talented. a lot of phrases, but no one has got the leadership experience proven like i have peered maria: governor, good to have you on the program. we will be watching. governor jeb bush. we will be right back. glad i could help you plan for your retirement.
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it's true, i thought jeb bush, i said on this show yesterday that e i thought one of the most important things
7:38 am
about this debate is which one of these three governors between all broke through. th* was about american jobs that had our jobs were a result of exports. i thought he was good. i will disagree with robert on one thing. i thought trump was excellent last night. >> i thought he won the night. >> who was the person on that stage to qualify for president. he will say who is the first. who would you draft? come on. >> well first of all, last night -- i would give probably cruz the first round,er trump the second round but obviously being someone who was impacted -- i thought thiss to an that was spot on and as a
7:39 am
democrat i would sail good for him. truth is, i don't know if that resinates, in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina which is why i would give the night to cruz. with respect to tackling secretary clinton, i think it's about issue depth. i think jeb would be the best candidate and look at what he did in florida. the republican party -- he doesn't have the same tone as a trump or christie. that's not what the republicans want today. i would say jeb probably has the best depth in policy but hasn't ban good debateer. >> if secretary clinton is going to raise taxes, capital gains
7:40 am
taxes, is that going to crimp an which that's having a hard time getting traction. >> there's not going to be one solution to overhaul it. you need to overhaul it all. it was a great idealistcally. let's see where the pork is but that's never going to happen because you can't get any senators to get into that aisle. i would say we need to change corporate taxes dramatically. i know that you brought up the tin tpra structure -- infrastructure to christie. a tax holiday is not going to work. it would increase the deficit dramatically. >> are you for the keystone pipe stphraoeupb -- are you for the
7:41 am
keystone pipeline? i think today it's not trel srapbt because where oil is and now that we are an importer or exporter of both oil and gas, it doesn't move the needle anymore. i just don't think it's debate anymore when oil is at a 100. i'm actually protrade. i would consider your guy's table for a lot of discussions. >> you sure could. >> before you jump. we have a mar can ket -- market candidate of. 300 today. >> i thought the fed's move was not smart. i didn't like that it with us done around december time. i don't see growth happening at the corporate level. it's all acquisition driven,
7:42 am
it's not organic. it feels to me that the u.s. is doing well. we are not hitting 3%. the u.s. doing great in a global economy that is not hitting 3% does not do good. we all know that china now has a lot of smokes and mirrors. i'm incredibly concerned and that's why i'm such a proponent of infrastructure. that's both gdp growth and for jobs. >> that's what we see materializing in jobs. >> great job for you and neil. >> thank you so much. we will be back. at every turn...
7:43 am
when you're engineered to literally to drive circles around the competition.
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7:46 am
global markets are falling off a cliff. taking a look at dow futures. that's a loss of 1.7%. behind the big move, oil slumming below $30 a barrel. that is a big loss of 5.8%. market shares following a deep sell off. the composite closed down 3.5%. that is down 20%.
7:47 am
>> a new e.bolla out break. an aide said she exposed 27 other people the disease. officials plan to set up quarantine to other parts of the region. >> kr*e leine dionne's husband died yesterday. he was the former manager of celine dion. we have much more live from north charleston, south carolina coming up next. shouldn't what makes each of us a unique individual,
7:48 am
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7:51 am
>> i will give you my word, no serviceman or servicewoman will be on their knees fighting for the united states of america. >> senator cruz making a firm promise if he is commander and chief in last night's debate. joining us is general richard myers. sir, thank you for being on the show. good to talk with you again. >> thank you. >> your reaction to what you heard last night with regard tpaogsal security and fighting the what we are looking at in the world today, aoeu isis, north korea, what are your take aways? >> most of the candidates talked about a military that's been
7:52 am
depleted due to low budgets. i think that's the common theme that came out. i think the defense came out to budget cuts. all red light in a profound way and reduces the options that you can present to the president of the united states when you have security incidents that you want to deal with. i think that it was common theme i heard. one of the ways is to have the physical house in order. i don't think we have sustain able the social security or medicare yet. we have to solve that problem. we need stronger budgets to fund the military in the ways that we need to to give the president the options that he or she needs. >> we do need that. that is the one area we need is on defense. we need to get out of the business not to do changes but
7:53 am
just get the heck out. we have to repeal obama care and once we do that, we will have plenty of funds available for a strong defense. >> how is it possible that we are talking about a dangerous world. isis has gone stronger and our military has been cut. can you explain that to us? >> that is the out come and the fact that we don't have our fiscal policy house in order. we don't have a long term sustain able solution. >> i respectfully disagree. you can't have a strong military without a strong economy. we did if we get the tax cuts, economic growth. reagan depleted the soviet union
7:54 am
without losing any u.s. troops. >> there's little daylight in terms of acknowledging the threat and understand the position that the obama administration has the put in the united states. >> i think jeb bush is the only candidate to say that we need to work with our arab allies and work with them in saudi arabia. general, i'm curious on what you think trump has to say on muslims in the united states versus what jeb bush has to say. >> no country can solve its problems by itself in this world. so, we need to work with our friends and allies, the middle east is in turmoil. that doesn't mean we should abandon our long-term allies
7:55 am
there and try and work with them. i think building fences to keep people out. it's never been our solution and wouldn't say it would work now. >> general, appreciate it. we will take a short break and join our friends. or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card
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we will be joining our sister network fox news live momentarily. two different control rooms, two different networks. first joining us now to recap last night's debate, all the the super stars. congratulations. >> thank you. >> you did a fantastic debate. >> i was hiding my coffee. but, come on.
7:59 am
i said, neil comes first. that's fine. it gave me time to get a cup of coffee. we have to talk tact what our favorite moments were. it was my new york moment. what i wanted to say, when i said, "can you explain this to me." i wanted to say, "are you talking to me?" >> i kept thinking, surely 9/11 is going to come up. trump lit that. that was my favorite moment. they all got caught up in 9/11.
8:00 am
>> trump handled it beautifully. >> he did. >> the crowd was so much larger than what we had in milwaukee. you felt the energy. we had a little bit of rand paul in the end with you. you really felt the energy of the room in a way that was a connection with the crowd. the testify crowd roared -- the proud roared. you called them insane. but senator santorum pauling out
8:01 am
rand paul. i thought that was pretty funny. we want to get with our sister network now. fox news, fox the and friends host. when he get with them now. >> good morning. e we are doing it simulcast. good morning to all of you. >> we are doing great. a clear winner last night. fox business, good job. >> thank you so much. we had some fun there. we were talking about our favorite moments. >> my favorite moment was up with that you were involved with. at senator cruz called about how new york values are not what new york and iowa values. donald trump said sit offended
8:02 am
him. what did you make of that exchange? >> i just said to neil and sandra and trish onset, i said what i wanted to say, "can you explain what you meant by that?" i wanted to say, "are you talking to me?" >> he came through and mentioned >> i kept thinking, surely 9/11 is going to come up. >> we were all watching that an we were so hurt. on that september we came back. you felt so proud to be a new yorker after that. >> i think trump's response that everyone was thinking.
8:03 am
it's great job. when you are looking at their debate. a lot of people were saying where was rand paul. he said i don't want to do this. >> there was couple moments when we heard from a crowd. he said he was going to take rand paul's time. he was candidate thated that fun with it. he was missed the i'm sure by
8:04 am
many. >> he had a big laugh as well. as we were watch, we saw on tv but during the commercial breaks they had the opportunity to speak to one another, that that's cruise -- that's between cruz and trump and rubio and christie. did anyone talk to each other during the break? what was going on? >> the candidates made it very clear if they are not happy with something. that's much more proactive. sometimes they will come over you like how you doing? just saying i wish i had a few
8:05 am
more questions. it would be nice. they really relay that. it was interesting. but ted cruz was going back to the audience during the commercial and he had his lovely daughter. the younger one was on his lap and he was really dear to her. during every commercial break he went back to his daughter. after the debate she was in his arms and he was taking her up the an she had some fluffy sweater. he said i got to put you down and trying to get all the lint off of his jacket. she was adorable. >> i thought her favorite moment was the facebook moment.
8:06 am
she rolled on us and we were live streaming, neil and me and i know how much you like that. >> i just discovered facebook as being a big deal. >> thank you. you're trending on facebook. >> brian has been trending on facebook. you're always trending. >> he's an author. >> neil, did you think your questions were better than marias? >> yes. she copies. >> aww. >> the one thing you worry about -- you can never win. don't interrupting but your head
8:07 am
is spinning but to maria's point an everyone else's point. it might be pig there. big trump the fan -- there might be big trump fans there. the crowd was very much engaged. >> what did you think in terms of the content? >> we were showing intent on sticking to issues. >> you were. i had no interest. >> did you get that from your viewers? did you find that your followers want that? >> . people tangle, no doubt. i think people were interested in seeing the dynamic giving the fact that hailey said she gave on be haft of the republicans, she was talking about donald
8:08 am
trump. he came out and said she said i'm angry, i'm a -- he's a friend of mine and i am angry because this country is all screwed up. another thing oh on the muslim thing would you say that again. yup. that's a line there. i think it was good night for him. >> we heard some booing several times during the debate. who was doing the debate? >> there was rand paul moment there. >> the guys shouted out. , we want rand. it was couple minutes. >> i thought it was, "neil, i'm your fan." >> i had asked the question act
8:09 am
gun control and cited some polls that a majority of people are in favor of background checks. the whole crowd erupted with boos. it was funny moment because carly said we don't like polls. >> that's a take on how she did. this is the first time on that debate. they are going after hillary clinton and she stuck to that throughout the hour. >> you see so much talent. you see how much talent on who is doing better in the polls. congratulations. i know you must feel leaved. >> thank you. >> we talked with the economy last night and had another major
8:10 am
market sell off. we are trying the to figure out here and the rest of the show how we will protect our money. we will see you soon. thanks. >> thank you. maria,thish, sandra, thank you. >> every someone better with friends. >> you are tired. >> you guys did have a debate but also entertaining. we were watching here in our news quarters backstage. it was fun to watch. there were those moments between cruz and trump that was u so engaging. yet, you stuck to issues. there's a lot of meaty stuff in there. >> they all come with their ready responses -- so you know carly wanted to get in.
8:11 am
nobody wants more than hillary clinton. i think in ted cruz's case he was ready to respond to the whole citizen issue. >> the last debate, neil and i had all these questions. thigh five to to you -- high five to you. we kept that in. >> that's a point across but that's always an expected
8:12 am
development. >> i don't -- the debate donald trump had the 9/11 comment that will blow everyone away. no one was expecting were cruz and rubio. >> even if you are against free trade you went back several times. would you invoke a tariff? that was another moment and an interesting moment and you got a lot out of him. >> i didn't know in rick
8:13 am
santorum's case. i would have buried the headline an mentioned that up top. so, we met his sons after and his sons came up on stage. they were great and proud of this dad. >> i love that conversationty heard in the stairwell. there's a lot of ways you can judge the success of the debate. i heard a group of high schoolboys saying who did you like more? i had never heard this gay say this. it -- i never heard this guy stay this it was healthy debate. >> who do you think won the debate? i would say carly. i thought all three were strong. as far as reaction i think carly. >> i agree. i think she was strong on the international policy. she was good on some of the tech stuff. >> i'm trending on facebook.
8:14 am
>> i think a number of them did well. i think trump did very well and wanted marco rubio also. neil, sandra, trish, what a privilege. . in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at
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8:17 am
no surprise, last night the republican debate trending world wide. >> the most social moment was ted cruz saying he's not taking legal advice from donald trump. >> i have spent my entire life depending the constitution before the the u.s. supreme court and i'm not going to take legal advice from donald trump. >> we are also looking at what was trending the on twitter as well. facebook a big conversation there. on twitter it was different. it was followed by gun issues
8:18 am
and the economy. as for the largest follower growth on the republican side, donald trump gaining more on his rivals. and paul chose not to attend and governor chris christie of new jersey. i want to share, donald trump when he announced that he had 2.9 twitter followers. as of this morning, 5.7 million. >> he came over to the set last night. it was a great debate. i'm up at 69%. i said, wow. he was actually tracking it or his family was tracking it an he said that he was gaining followers and gaining attention. >> that's what's happening back stage you can see them scrolling through and looking at how
8:19 am
people are responding. those are those thrive focus groups. people remember talking about it rather than tebgs saoeugs support. going in to new hampshire. >> i would love you to go back and look at your data because you have so much data an check out what the republican field looks like versus hillary clinton. >> absolutely. we can do it later in the program or do it monday. we have a big show monday. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ the new 2016 ram limited.
8:20 am
you don't have to be a king to be treated like one. ♪
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8:22 am
8:23 am
they are also leaving because they cannot get their money back. >> i will not have something that ted described in his tax it's a tax you find in many companies in europe. businesses will have to pay taxes on the money they make and the money they pay in their employees. that's why they have it in europe it's a way to blindfold the people. that's what reagan said. so the true cost of government was not there for him. >> i would note that ronald reagan's chief economic advisor has written that my simple tax was the best on any individual on this stage because it raises wages and helps everyone. >> >> tax the policy, one of the top issues, joining me now, box
8:24 am
business network business correspondent, you don't think any of this stuff will get through. everybody has a tweaking on their tax plan. close the news -- go far lower corporate tax rate. here's the thing, who will be riding their plan. pretty smart guy, paul ryan. he's not -- he has his expertise he's the inspiration for everybody's plan. he would say they are all a various on the same theme. you have to take down the rates, close the loop holes and get back to corporations. one guy has a -- one guy has that tax. >> a lot of flat tax. there will be people in congress
8:25 am
that will play if this does happen. we will have tax reform, thank god finally. at this point is when they get in it. you have to say paul ryan is his this expertise. he would be the guy. >> we have to mention this market for a second here. they expect to open down 300 points. we have earnings that are under womening. you have to -- under well -pling, you have something like tax reform in the first part. but before that in the next year, watch out below. >> yeah, you think there is a floor on this market. i don't think we will go in a steep bear market. there's enough job growth. >> isn't it a worry about
8:26 am
earnings. >> it's also the about an adjustment. we are now normalizing. it's about weaker earnings. >> you have to actually pay back for the years of this cheap and easy money. i think this is a collapse mt. the cannotty bubblele fueled by central banks where people borrowed money to bet on the economy that would never go down. >> the bankruptcy is in double digits. >> the hedge fund of course. >> i don't know one of your clients who believe in the number of 5%. they look at the other employment. if we are not in a recession, we are barely growing. what are your points going to be
8:27 am
now. >> a quarter from now negative i bet. >> i think recession in an election -- i don't know about the negative. >> that's a big call. we are at an inflection point where we will get hit with something. i don't know if it will be a flu or a 24 hour to virus. >> we are in a statistical recession. if you take population growth which is roughly 1%, you to grow the economy at 3%. if you are growing at 2% you are actually slipping a little bit. >> that's not issue. issue is where is the fed going to be in january of 2017. >> you are not going to do anything. >> you take no more rake hikes
8:28 am
in '16. >> everybody last night is talking about who will be the three guys who will emerge out of this. >> trump, cruz or rubio -- >> add michael bloomburg. i hear from my sources and they are political consultants. here is what the private poll said, he trails hillary telling other political consul at that particular times. he's in a dead heat with trump. >> he spent a lot of money on this, i don't know. if he somehow won the gop nomination he could beat hillary .
8:29 am
he drops the personality. >> i would say there are a lot of republicans who tell me -- in is an unofficial poll they will not vote for donald they would rather vote far physically conservative moderate guy. i'm sitting between two yankee hethens. >> i love it. i love the food here. >> i am using that on my you tube. >> i know we got to break but the corporate tax are needed for 30 years away from the last one. why we couldn't get this done. >> you do realize all this conversation is moved unless you have -- if you have hillary clintonry. >> that i agree with.
8:30 am
>> we are talking about a 300 point sell off. earnings is the major sell-off now. we have retail sales numbers coming out in the next five seconds they are expected to be unchanged, retail fail will tell us where the consumer is. as soon as we get those numbers out. i have been on this. we will be right back. we live in a pick and choose world.
8:31 am
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8:33 am
>> welcome back, breaking news right now. we've got a market that's severely selling off. down 300 points is what the expectation is when the market opens in about an hour from now. this is the lows of the morning, folks, down 331 points on the average. we've got retail sales out, they were underwelcoming, down 1/10 of a percent.
8:34 am
let's have good news, anthony scaramucci, i think it has to do with the bank. >> like citibank they cut costs coming in this year and with a steepening curve-- >> j.p. morgan, too. >> and citibank took loan loss reserves about you it should be better on a relative basis of the rest of the s&p. maria: this group had been selling off big time year to date. are you people basically saying, look, maybe it was an overreaction or maybe it's just that, looks being, the cost cutting is working? >> i think the selloff is a broad-based selloff and adjustment by tactical portfolio managers away from stocks into bonds, given what's going on in the overall market. sort of a risk-off trade. so those stocks are going down for that reason. i think now people are looking at it clinically as price discovery returns to the market
8:35 am
as the fed normallizes rates. these stocks will be on a relative basis as a sector this year, it's going to benefit on the steepening yield curve, that's the key. maria: look at wells fargo expect today open lower, but nonetheless, not for the broader market. 300 point decline on the tape. art laffer, explain this to us and connect the dots. how the heck is the federal reserve going to raise rates given worries about a recession and worse with a market selloff? >> there's probably not one person on federal reserve board that wants to raise rates. they believe that stimulating it keeps the economy. that's not the way i see it, it's discouraged lenders and who wants to loan, it's a silly investment. and besides the people who have collateral, we've held back the housing market and, maria, you can't have a boom in this country without a housing boom.
8:36 am
housing is the largest form of capital investment in the country. maria: i thought housing was gaining traction. >> not really. >> the middle and lower tier housing is not gaining traction. there are still 14 million homes that are underwater, meaning their fair market value is below their mortgages so that's a reason you can't get the consumption spending, but what i think the fed is super worried about having no bullets in the chamber for the next recession. that's why they're raising rates. maria: they're out of options. if they had their back up against the wallace -- wall last year, and then the candidates, we heard a lot of plans. and joining us former speaker of the house, newt gingrich joining us right now. good to see you, sir, thank you for joining us. >> that's quite a panel you have there. i'm very impressed. maria: it sure is. >> hello, newt. >> hey, guys. maria: newt gingrich, let me kick it off with your reaction, first.
8:37 am
i want your reaction on what's going on in this economy and the stock market. hear what your reaction is to the debate last night. what are your take aways? >> well, trump entered the debate as a front runner, trump left as the front runner, if you look at the google map, every state had more commentary on social media about trump. cruz had a great debate and effective except for his new york exchange. rubio, i think, did very well and actually had this one riff of 11 different attacks on cruz, literally 11 attacks on cruz in one answer, which clearly had been pretty well thought out and the others and i've got great friends on that stage who i think are-- they're punching, but they're not getting in the ring. i think the ring right now is trump first by a big margin and then cruz and then by more narrow margin rubio.
8:38 am
and it's going to be fascinating to see how it plays out. you've got guys trying to break through in new hampshire who didn't hurt themselves last night, but they really weren't able to get in the main fight, which ultimately, was trump and cruz. maria: and what about jeb bush? jeb bush was on the show earlier, art and basically said, look, i'm on my way to new hampshire now. >> i endorsed newt, by the way in 2012, as you remember, newt, and was wonderful. when you look at it now-- >> he wanted to be fed chair is what i heard. >> i always loved newt and by the way, voted for-- >> newt and i have a back and forth in the cnbc debate a couple of years ago. >> at the university, i remember that. maria: go ahead, what was your question. >> i was wondering what newt thought of the economic policies proposed by the group and whether we're moving in the right direction? >> well, first of all, there's a general agreement we're going towards the simplified tax code
8:39 am
and there's a much better understanding that this issue of inversion is a disaster and that trapping money overseas is a disaster, but i think one of the-- mr. scaramucci said the key person on tax policy is paul ryan, not only the youngest speaker of the house since 1869, he is a guy who was chairman of the budget committee, developed a whole series of reforms, turned around and had just become chairman of ways and means, set tax reform as his number one goal. this is a guy who is a genuine deep student. he's also a-- jack kemp, he's going to have the right for this. he'll shape the bill and it will be a center piece of the republican convention this summer. maria: really good insight as always. newt gingrich. good to talk to you. appreciate it, see you soon.
8:40 am
>> take care? south carolina senator former g.o.p. candidate lindsey graham set to announce his endorsement of jeb bush for president. breaking news on that. fox news's john roberts with the story. >> good morning, maria, this is a big one for jeb bush, a lot of people were trying to land lindsey graham's endorsement and the senator will say he's throwing in for jeb bush. you remember lindsey graham was candidate for president until last months when he dropped out of the race, his campaign never caught fire, but he did get big points for being strong on the military, strong on national security, a lot of people believed that he would have been probably a very good commander-in-chief, but certainly, he believed he would have been a good commander-in-chief at least, but now he's throwing support behind jeb bush saying, quote, bush is best prepared to be commander-in-chief on day one, he's steady and ready and understands the serious threats our nation faces and a short time ago, i asked jeb bush what
8:41 am
the support means to them. >> lindsey graham is probably the most knowledgeable person on the hill as relates to national security, military affairs and foreign policy and his endorsement is meaningful and along with him comes a lot of friends and supporters of his. i'm excited about it. >> that's the key here. it's unclear exactly what lindsey graham's standing up for jeb bush means, but he had a vast apparatus to get out the vote in south carolina. so at least here in the palmetto state that could do jeb bush a lot of good and lindsey graham popular in the granite state of new hampshire and you can be sure that graham as he was with senator john mccain in 2008, and 2000 will be on the bus with governor bush and i tell you, if history is any guide, lindsey graham has the habit of being on the bus of the eventually winner. not that that is going to happen, but history repeats. maria: good stuff, breaking news, john, thank you very much. lindsey graham goes for jeb
8:42 am
bush, interesting. you know who is joining us next, former texas governor rick perry. stay right there, we'll be right back. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension,
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>> welcome back. immigration reform, another top priority in this year's presidential election. at last night's republican debate candidates were given the opportunity to address the policies. i asked florida senator marco rubio if he's changed his mind
8:46 am
on the issue, following recent events concerning refugees coming in from the mideast. >> so your thinking has changed? >> the issue is a dramatically different issue than 24 months ago. 24 months ago, 36 months ago you didn't have a group of radical crazyies named isis burning people in cages and entering our country legally. they have a sophisticated understanding of our legal immigration system and we now have an obligation to ensure that they're not able to use that system against us. maria: joining us now a former texas governor rick perry. good to see you today. >> it's my honor, maria, thank you, good job last night. maria: first i want to get-- thank you. i want to get your reaction to the debate and then are you surprised na you're hearing a bit of a different song here from marco rubio when it comes to immigration? >> well, it was a very, very good debate. americans got to see just some
8:47 am
classic back and forth with real substance, real vision for the future of this country. i think certainly senator rubio and senator cruz, that debate back and forth with them bass instructive and it was instructive in the sense that both of them are very strong on securing the border and i think that is the real take away from moo i perspective is that securing that border is one of the most important things the next president of the united states is going to be involved with and we've got to be specific about it. we can't just go say we're going to build a wall, it's going to be beautiful, mexico is going to pay for it. we've got to talk specifics about putting the boots on the ground, the technology in the air, and at that particular point in time, then america can get comfortable. that's going to get done. we're tired of the talk and we want to see action. maria: yeah, you know, i mean, you say that, but donald trump has been saying that wall and he keeps going up in the polls. it's extraordinary, anthony
8:48 am
scaramucci. governor, art laffer and i agree that you're one of our favorite people in politics and on. maria: i'm on that list. >> critical for us, who are you going to endorse, sir? >> at some point in time, i'm going to weigh in on this. and art laffer, you're not a slouch yourself on the economic side, and maria, when we were off at that big energy and economic conference, i got to see you perform. america is well-suited by the three of you talking about these economic issues and that, i think, is where this campaign's really going to turn. tax policy. we heard some very, very wise approaches, i think, to get this economy back going. senator cruz, obviously, with his tax plan. i'm very, very intrigued and supportive of it at this particular point in time
8:49 am
because i think he has a tax plan that's going to be very powerful to get this country turned around in a hurry. >> very wise perspective on the tax front. i think what we're seeing in trades. all of these people were free traders, two, three, seven, ten years ago and free immigration and open borders. and people could go here because they want to have jobs and support their families. and we have a different situation they're not coming here because we're great, they're coming here because their place is awful. what i said with the immigration from the middle east as opposed to mexico or south america, you have a bowl of m & m's, one is poisonous, do you want them? don: no. >> i could eat them depending 0 what's going on. >> and donald trump missed an opportunity last night because he didn't mention the sexual assaults in cologne, germany. >> that's the m & m.
8:50 am
>> he missed that and i expect a little bit of love from governor rick perry because i found more like you than anybody on this panel. >> that's true, dagen, indeed. maria: what about that? what happened in cologne, we're talking about 100 women attacked by a thousand. >> and the mayor comes out against the women. maria: what was with her, the mayor? keep your arms distance. seriously? governor, give us your take. >> they're out of touch with reality. the fact is, the people in this country, i'm not going to speak for the rest of the world, the people in this country, they want to see some very, very strict immigration as well they should. one thing i wanted to address from last night that i thought was intriguing, i now there were new yorkers from what senator trum of said. we've been making a bit of fun of new yorkers for a time, and we had a company and had an add
8:51 am
that said, new york city, get a rope. [laughter] but the point is the governor was speaking tongue in cheek last night and mr. trump took offense to that and the fact is. maria: yeah. >> the fact is, you know, we were all new yorkers on that day. we were all new yorkers. maria: no doubt about it. governor, thank you very much. >> and can't-- >> he's talking senator cruz and donald trump. >> and governor, sir, we'll see you soon. >> god bless, so long. >> peace, rick. care of my heart. that's why i take meta. meta is clinically proven to help lower cholesterol. try meta today. and for a tasty heart healthy snack, try a meta health bar.
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8:55 am
oil is below $30 a barrel. right now 29.72. citigroup, by the way reporting a massive jump in quarterly profit as legal costs fell and revenue rose. shares though down more than 2% in the pre-market right now. and wells fargo's earnings beating expectations by a penny although revenue just missed that forecast. shares of that bank also under pressure ahead of the opening bell. more "mornings with maria" coming up after a short break. ♪ i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients
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8:58 am
>> welcome back to north charleston, south carolina. i'm with the best in the business here and get your final thoughts, end of the week here. down 400 points on the dow jones industrial average right now. we're looking at another meltdown. earnings disappointing. anthony scaramucci what's your take? >> i'm optimistic here, i think that the market has a 14, 15 multiple floor. look where fed futures are. pricing now september rise as
8:59 am
opposed to march and that's sort of positive. bill dudley will be speaking today, and expect it to be dovish. maria: steve moore, your take away. >> and fox rocks, great job last night. maria: fox rocks, i like it, raising the roof with fox. >> that's not bad. >> maria, it's trump and the rest of the field right now. everybody is chasing this guy. for six months they've been saying he's going away. ladies and gentlemen, this man is not going away he's an amazing retail politician. and number three, republicans if they're going to beat hillary talked so much about that last night they have to find a message that doesn't just appeal to conservatives, but to latinos and asians and other groups and i worry that if they sound anti-immigration and anti-trade, that's not a great message for the party. maria: art laffer. >> i was going to say what steve said during the break, 100 points on the dow, we're buyers. maria: is that what you do, anthony? and when does this market find a bottom? what's the metric for you?
9:00 am
>> not yet. we're in a cautious stance in skybridge, but soon. maria: soon you think? >> a republican president, dow 20. >> 30 maybe. maria: because you're talking about tax reform. gentlemen, great to see you all. steve scareamucscaramucci. i'll see you monday. charles: thanks, it maria. it's a big day for your market and for the country and for fox business. we've got a couple of major stories for you, including, of course, the stock market. the big selloff, just in a half hour from now. you're looking at futures that are going to be down huge. china falls out of bed, we fall out of bed and reports, tell us maybe our worst fears could be coming true. president obama may have to rewrite the state of the union. and the oil now below 30. lowest level in more than 12


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