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tv   Republican Presidential Debate  FOX Business  January 15, 2016 6:00pm-8:01pm EST

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some of the early primary states because people from feeling the burn. thank you for watching here. an step corp presentation of the gop debate starts now. >> i paid for this microphone. >> announcer: tonight the republican candidates for president are ready to capture their moment.
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three days from now the democrats will debate just a few miles away. here in the city older than the country itself, from the revolutionary war to the civil war. to the war of either shore. south carolina prepares once again to take center stage and the republican candidates know the spotlight of the palmetto state will shine on them. >> good evening and welcome to the north charleston performing arts center. tonight you will hear from 10 republican candidates vying to become president of the united
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states. i'm trish regan along with my co-mod p -- -- co-moderator sandra smith. sandra: for the next hour three of the candidates will be answering questions voters want answered. trish: former hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina. former arkansas governor mike huckabee. and former pennsylvania senator rick santorum. this debate will last one hour. each candidate will have up to the 0 seconds to responds to each -- up to 90 seconds to respond top each question and one minute for follow up. when your time is up you will hear this bell. in tuesday's state of the union
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address the president said our economy is strong and said millions of jobs have been created. what else your after he saysment of the economy right now? i would like to hear from all of you on this one, beginning miss fiorina. >> if i may begin by saying how honored i am to be standing here with two former iowa caucus winners. governor, senator. and how honored i am to be talking with all of you. i am not a political insider, i haven't spent my lifetime running for office. the truth is i have had and have been blessed by a lot of opportunities to do a lot of things in my life. and unlike another woman in this race i love spending time with my husband. i'm standing here because i
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think we have to restore a citizen government in this country. i think we have to end crony capitalism. the crony capitalism that starts with donald trump and hillary clinton. hillary clinton sits inside government and rakes in millions, hands out access and phase and donald trump sits outside government and rakes in millions buying people like hillary clinton. the state of our economy is not strong. we have record numbers of men out of work. record numbers of women living in poverty. young people who no longer believe the american dream applies to them, we have working families whose wages have stag night for defend kids all while the rich get richer. the powerful get more powful and the wealthy and well connected debt better connected. citizens, it's time to take our country back. [applause] sandra: governor huckabee, same question to you. where do you see the country right now?
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>> i wish i saw the country in the same place the president presented it to be in the state of the union. he talked about how great the economy is doing. i guess for the people he hang out with it's doing great. the president should have stood in a line at the layaway counter at walmart just before christmas. we have heard a different story. i wish i could have introduced him to the lady to cleans the building where our campaign headquarters is located. her name is kathleen. she works all day at a local hospital cleaning, then she goes to a bank and our headquarters where other offices are. she works 15 hours a day. i guarantee you she is not working 15 hours a day because she loves scrubbing toilets and sweeping floors. she is working that's hours because that's what it takes for her to maker it work.
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and she is not alone. there are people all over this country working like that. and they used to have one job and that would take care of them. but because of wage, stagnation which we have had for 40 years, because they are punished for working harder. the government gets more of their second shift than they do. as a result, there are a lot of people hurting today. i wish the president knew more of them. he might make a change in the economy and the way he's managing it. trish: senator santorum? >> all has to do is listen to the democratic debate and find out about how bad the economy is. all they do is talk about how america is struggling so badly that they have to make radical changes in washington. they have been in control for the last 7 years. what have we seen in the most important jobs that fill the middle for the 74% of americans
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who don't have a college degree twent age of 25-65, are manufacturing jobs. your governor and legislature have done an amazing job of bringing manufacturing jobs back to south carolina. right here. right here. in charleston. right down the street with boeing. you have done a great job. you have grown this economy and strengthened the center of your state. the middle. if you are going to create wealth and opportunity you have to get good paying jobs for everybody. two million manufacturing jobs have left this country because of barack obama. regulations, epa, workplace regulations, things driving people offshore all because of his number one priority. global climate change. let me tell you this, mr. president. for every dollar of gdp, china
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create five times as much pollution as we do here. you want to lower global climate change, bring those jobs back to america and let american workers do that job with less pollution. sandra: moving to the world stage, the middle east is on the brink of chaos. iran continues to provoke the united states, north korea claims it's tests a hydrogen bomb and afghanistan is in danger of falling back into taliban hands. critics of the administration say it's due to lack of u.s. leadership. to you miss fiorina, how do you have see america's role in the world today? >> america must lead because when we do not lead, when this exceptional nation does not lead, the world is more dangerous and a more tragic place. barack obama, hillary clinton,
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john kerry, they all refuse to lead. worse, they refuse to respond when this nation is revoked. hillary clinton famously asked what difference does it make how four americans died in benghazi. here is what difference it makes. when do you not stand up and say the truth, that this was a purposeful terrorist attack and say the united states of america will retaliate for that attack, terrorists assume it's open season. we refused to respond to every provocation. the president wouldn't even mention the fact that iran had taken two navy boat and our sailors hostage. he didn't mention the fact that they violated the geneva convention. he didn't respond to the fact iran launched two ballistic missiles in direct violation of a deal they just signed. we didn't respond to the fact that north korea attacked sony pictures.
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when we refuse to respond over and over to provocation and bad behavior, we'll get more provocation and bad behavior. i know most our allies personally and have met many of our adversaries. when we'll not stwand our alleys and respond our adversaries and lead in the world, the world is a dangerous and tragic place. i will be a commander-in-chief who will lead. trish: senator and tore up conflict between saudi arabia and iranv has escalated after allegations that iran bombed the saudi embassy in tehran. how would you mitigate the
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historic promises to iran. >> the historic promises we made in this deal with iran need to be torn up on the first day as president. iran has already torn it. you. iran has not aproved agreement president obama said they approved. they approved a different agreement in their parliament. the fact of the matter is they violated this agreement. carly just mentioned some of those violations. they launched ballistic missiles and tested them in clear violation. the president announced they would impose sanctions, then president rouhani said there would be retaliation. what did we do? we backed down. ladies and gentlemen, there are 50-some citadel cadet in this
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audience tonight ... i want to ask them to stand up if they will. i want to tell each and every one of them as they stand. here is what i want to tell them. whether it's you watching that movie this weekend that just came out where we abandoned our men and women in benghazi or whether it's we treat iran that gave courtesies to our sailors as they made them record a hostage video, let me tell you this. if you choose to serve this country, i'll have your back. i will not let american be tram tramples upon any more by these radical jihadists.
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sandra: governor huckabee, in afghanistan the taliban is strengthening, attacks are on the rise and thousands more civilians have been wound or killed. much of the surge can be the withdrawal of i.s. forces. you say you see no end game in sight. what then is your solution to the growing conflict. >> when i went to afghanistan i saw a land that looked like the land of the flynt stones. it was desolate, barren and primitive and it's been that way for thousands of years. they want to take it world back to be just like that. we don't. we need to make a clear goal as to why we want to be anywhere in the middle east. i'll tell you why we want to be and need to be, is to destroy radical islam and everything that threatens civilization.
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it's not just a threat to israel or to america, it's a threat to he civilized person on this earth. and we need to be equipping not only the kurds in iraq, we need to be making sure that those willing to fight radical muslims will do it. but we need to never ever spend a drop of american blood unless there was a clearly defined goal, and we can't make sure we win unless we have a military that's the strongest in the history of mankind. we have got to rebuild our navy. it's the smallest navy since 1915 when my grandfather got on a destroyer in world war i when he was in the u.s. navy. we have young men in air force b-52s that his father flew in the 80s and his grandfather flew in the 50s. those plane planes are older th.
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we have to have a military the world is afraid of. use it sparingly. but the whole world will know america is on their tail. and they will never rise up again. sandra: .we need to be in afghanistan? >> only if there is a concerted effort to destroy the advance of radical islamists who are against us. as far as what we are going to make it look like? i don't know what we can make it look like. you can't create for other people a desire for freedom and democracy. and that's not the role of the united states. the role of the united states military is not to build schools and bridges and not to go around and pass out food packets it's to kill and destroy our enemy and make america safe. that's the purpose we should be there if we are going to be there. trish: miss fiorina, nearly 600
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women say they were attacked in a german city on new year's eve by a men of arab or african descent. and 45% were sexual assaults. 22 of those 32 men arrested are asylum seekers, are you worried about similar problems in the united states? >> of course i'm worried about similar problems in the united states. we cannot alowf refugees to enter this country unless we can adequately vet them and we can't. therefore, we should stop allowing refugees into this country. and we don't need to be lectured about why we are angry and fearful because we have had an illegal immigration problem for 25 years in this country. politicians stand up in election
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after election and promise to fix the problem, yet it has never been fixed. i offer leadership that understands actions speak louder than words. we must secure our border and enforce a pro american immigration system that serves our interests. not rest of the world's. i understand what it takes to translate goals into results. that's what i will do as president of the united states. of course we've should be worried. this administration has now told us they don't know who has overstayed a visa. this administration told us they don't even both to check facebook or twitter to finds out who is pledge allegiance to jihadis. we can do better than this, citizens. we need to take our country back. trish rsh i want to stay with you on this.
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the world shares a common enemy in the way of isis. we all agree isis is a threat and it must be stopped. during world war ii the world manned with josep -- joseph stao fight the nazis. everyone agrees we need a coalition to fight isis. do you have agree with that and if so would your coalition include russia and iran? >> we need to be clear eyed now about who are our allies and who are our adversaries. in the fight against isis saudi arabia is our ally. rains our adversary. despite donald trump's bromance with vladimir putin.
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vladimir putin and russia are our adversary. we can not outsource leadership in the middle east to iran and russia. we must stands and lead. the kuwaitis, jordanians, egyptians, the kurds, i know virtually all of these nations and their leaders, and they have asked us for specific kinds of support. bosms, intelligence. we are not providing any of it today. i will provide all of it. we have am lies who will stands up to help us deny isis territory. they will help us do this and yes we need a coalition. but only the united states of america will lead such a coalition. but we must be clear eyed through this fight. iran is our adversary, russia is our adversary. we can never outsource our leadership. only the united states of
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america can lead to chief feet isis, i will. sandra: we are just getting starterred. jobs, homeland security, gun rights. all of that is coming up straight ahead. we are live from charleston and the republican presidential debate. we'll be right back. i'm billy, and i quit smoking with chantix. i decided to take chantix to shut everybody else up about me quitting smoking. i was going to give it a try, but i didn't think it was going to really happen. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix definitely helped reduce my urge to smoke.
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>> welcome back to the republican presidential debate. on to the next round of questions. sandra: senator santorum. president obama urged technology leaders to make it hard for
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terrorists to use technology to escape from justice. hillary clinton says social media companies can help by swiftly shutting down terrorist accounts. the companies say they are already working with law enforce and any proposed legislation would do more harm than good. should companies like facebook and twitter be required by law to be more actively engaged in fighting terror? >> if we were doing a better job within the government we wouldn't need the private sector to do the things we are asking them to do. i have had a little experience of this in the private sector and i found a government with layers and layers of bureaucracy. people who had technical expertise, but they had no authority. one of the things i found is a if a lot of people have authority, nobody has authority. and if you don't do anything, you don't get fired it many only when you do something and
6:25 pm
something goes wrong that you get fired so they do nothing. that's what's happening in our defense department. we have a capability to play defense. we have a lot of tech no jifts whdtechnologists. we don't have war fighters. we have technologists. how do i protect cyber security. how do we go after them? how do we respond? we need leadership that's willing to make sure when someone attacks us, and they are attacking us as we speak. they are attacking us all day every day, private sector companies all day every day, they have to learn they will pay a price when they do so. right now just like in every other aspect of our national security. people who attack us are not paying the price. we need a leader who will make sure they know when they mess
6:26 pm
with america they will pay a price. sandra: would you require anything of those companies like facebook and twitter if you were president. >> facebook and twitter can teach us things. we can cooperate with them and share information. this is a dicey area for the government to require the industry to do its job. it needs to develop that capability. we need responsible dialogue, but i don't think requirements are the order of the day. trish: fist fiorina. the president issue offed an executive order to -- has issued an executive order to expand background checks. the majority of americans are in favor of background checks. it's the poll data. >> we believe the poll data all
6:27 pm
the time, don't we. [applause] trish: why in your view is the president's proposal a problem. >> it's yet another lawless executive order. he doesn't like the fact that congress rejected his ideas twice on a bipartisan basis so he thinks he gets to override them. sorry, mr. president, that's not the way the constitution works. secondly he basically admitted that he hasn't been paying much attention to enforcing the laws we have. he said gee we need a few f.b.i. agents. that would have helped stop a tragedy here in south carolina. in president, you are right. we need to even 40s laws we have. let's enforce the laws we have. there are criminals running around with guns that shouldn't
6:28 pm
have them and we don't prosecute any of them. i want to go back to the technology issue. in this regard i disagree with senator santorum. there is one thing bureaucracies don't know how to do. they don't in how to innovate. we have come 7 generations of technology since 2011. we have bureaucracies incapable of bringing that innovation. there are specific things we should have the private sector to help us with including making sure we have the latest and greatest algorithms so we find terrorists before they attack us. and we need a president who understands technology in the oval office. mrs. clinton, actually you cannot wipe a server with a towel. [applause] trish: miss fiorina you said
6:29 pm
when you were ceo of hp you worked with the government. >> i was asked very specifically for some very real help. the help i was asked to provide, this is now public information. so i'm not revealing something that once was classified. we had a large shipment of equipment, software and hardware headed to a retail outlet. and i was called by the head of the nsa who had an urgent need for that capability to begin laying out a program to track terrorists. we turned that truck around on a highway and it was escorted to the headquarters of the nsa. in world war ii our government went to the private sector and said help us do things we cannot do. the private sector has capability the government does not have. there are some legal authority that are required. the sony attack could have been detect and repelled had legal authority been passed in congress allowing public and private networks to work together.
6:30 pm
those legal authorities have not been passed. i was asked to help. i know the technology industry, they will help again. but they must be asked by a president who understands what they have. sandra: governor huckabee, you called president obama's executive orders on gun control unconstitutional and completely insane. >> yes, i did. sandra: you even told gun store owners to ignore the president's orders. innocent people are dprieg gun violence in cities like detroit, chicago and charleston every day. is there anything that can be done at the federal level to prevent guns from falling into the hand of criminals? >> why don't we start by making sure the justice department
6:31 pm
never does an idiotic program like fast and furious where the u.s. government put guns in the hand of mexican drug lord that ended up killing one of our border agents. they want to talk about law-abiding citizens. the president says the gun show loophole. there is no gun show loo hole. i promise you i have been to more gun shows than president obama. and you fill out forms. the president says it's easier to get a gun than groceries. i purchase guns and i can assure you it is much more difficult to purchase a firearm than it is to get the ingredients of a salad at the supermarket. but the president keeps pushing ideas that have never worked, ideas that would not have stopped san bernardino, sandy hook, aurora. if you keep retrying thing that don't work, maybe we should just
6:32 pm
see if we can resell all those used lottery ticket that didn't work real well because that's the lock i can of keep doing the -- that's the logic of keep doing one thing that has failed. the common thing in mass shootings is they happened in gun-free zones where people who could have stood up and tried to stop it were not allowed to under the law. trish: governor huckabee, an american in san bernardino murdered 14 people while terrorists with belgium and french passport murdered 130 people. we are facing a threat within our borders and from outside the united states. those our mean terrorists could have come here at any time, given that we have a visa waiver proper that enables people to travel back and forth. it exists with those countries and 36 others.
6:33 pm
if countries around the world including many in europe cannot insure that their citizens are not jihadists will be why are we waiving the visa requirement at all? >> we shouldn't be. that's one of the reasons there are a lot of voices in our country saying it's time to relook at the visa program. the european union is a failure. it has not even aloud for the economic goals they were trying to achieve. now it's making europe less safe and it's proven not to be exactly what they although it was going to be. our first and foremost responsibility in this country and the first responsibility of the president of the united states is to protect america and protect americans. we have a president who seems to be more interested in protecting the reputation and image of islam than he is protecting us. and i want to be very clear, when this president makes
6:34 pm
comment like he did that we have to be careful because we don't want to offend muslims. he needs to read his own f.b.i. crime stats from last year that will show him of the hate i'ms in the country, 1,100 were religious hate crimes. and 58% were directed sphoard jews. only 16% were direct toward muslims. maybe the president should have talked about how we ought to be more careful in the anti-semitic comments going to american jews because by three times as many they are being targeted for religious hate crimes. trish: if you get rid of the visa waiver program does it shut down international commerce? >> it does not shut it down but it may slow it down. a slowed down commerce that
6:35 pm
makes us safer is worth it. a lot of americans didn't buy it when the president said we'll bring in syrian refugees but don't worry, we'll check them out. we have a lot of confidence in a president who said we can keep our doctor and health insurance and it will cost us less. and now the latest is if you like your gun you can keep it, too. we don't bite. he has lost his inept capability to pass legislation led him to do what i never imagined doing as a governor. than that's just doing it my own way. that's why we elect a president, is to lead and shepherd things through. if i can do it with a 90% democrat legislature in arkansas. there is no excuse for any president not to lead in washington if he knows what the heck he's doing when he gets there. sandra: senator santorum.
6:36 pm
many of our military leaders believe america's critical infrastructure is vulnerable to a terrorist attack. this is the power in our homes, the water we drink. the internet and phone system by which we stay connected. if attacked, these essential services that underpin american society could come to a grinding halt. do you have a specific noon protect us from this type attack. >> the most devastating attack that could occur would be an electromagnetic pulse attack triggered by a nuclear explosion in the upper atmosphere of our country. the best way to prevent that is to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon so they can't explode that device. the president of the united states has put iran on the path
6:37 pm
to a nuclear weapon. there is a bill in congress that would put money forward to try to put redundancy and harden our select grid south could survive an enp. it's a devastating explosion that send a pulse that knocks out all electric. everything that's connected, that's wired, a circuit board gets fried out. everything is gone. cars stop. planes fall out of the sky. this president has done nothing, number one to take the most probable person -- most probable country to launch an attack and stop them, and has done nothing to defend us. particularly our electric grid. i put the original sanctions on the iranian nuclear program when i was in the united states senate. i have been fighting for 12 years with one thing in mind. we must stop iran from getting a nuclear weapon.
6:38 pm
because they are different than every other country. they do not want a nuclear weapon to defend themselves. they want a nuclear weapon for theological ends to bring about the end of the world. that's the most serious threat facing this country right now. sandra: senator santorum, moving to jobs and the economy. in his state of the union address president obama touted his record on jobs citing 14 million new jobs and boasted of nearly 900,000 manufacturing jobs added in the past six years. do you dispute his track record of creating jobs? >> the jumps just don't add up. they have not added manufacturing jobs. manufacturing jobs have been lost in this country, 2 million of them. this president has done more to take jobs away from the hard-working people struggling
6:39 pm
the most. folks the 74% of americans who don't have a college degree. they are talking about providing free college for everybody. nobody is focused. let's just be honest. nobody is focused on the people struggling the most in america today. let's talk about the president's immigration plan. he wants to bring more and more people into this country. almost all of the people here illegally and most of the people who came here legally over the last 20 years, they are working in wage-earning jobs. we have unfortunately two political parties with most of the candidates in this field for some form of amnesty and allowing people to stay here. even though they are here illegally and for increasing levels of illegal immigration.
6:40 pm
we need to send people back. let me make one point. i was in storm lake, iowa near a tysons plant. 91% of the kids that go to the elementary school are minority kids. they said what are you going do with all these kids, their families. >> i said i'm going to give them a gift of being able to help the country they were born in and i'm going to export america, the education they received. they learned the english flank wage and learned about capitalism and democracy. you want to stop the flow of immigrants, let's send 6 million back into their country so they can start renaissance in their country so they won't be coming over here anymore. sandra: former chairman of joint chiefs admiral mike mullen said the greatest threat to our security is our national debt.
6:41 pm
our national debt is on pace to top $19 trillion. yet you as well as miss fiorina have laid forward no plan to reform entitlements. how can you say you are going pay down our country's debt without cutting social security or immediate care. >> social security is not the government's money. it belongs to the people who had it taken out of their checks involuntarily their entire lives. for the government to say it's the fault of working people we have a social security problem. no, it's the fault of the government who uses that money tore something other than protecting those people's accounts. here is the fact. i sometimes hear we'll have republicans say let's take people work until they are 70. that sounds great for a white collar person who sat at a decks
6:42 pm
their whole lives. have you talked to someone who stood on a concrete floor their entire working life? they are virtually tripled because they worked hard. 4% economic growth, we fully fund social security and medicare. it's not that it's too generous to seniors. our problem is our politicians have not create the policies that would bring economic growth. i still support strongly that we get rid of the 77,000 pages of the monstrous tax code. pass the fair tax. super charge his economy with the rocket fuel that happen with the consumption tax and we don't have to cut social security to any senior who has worked their lifetime for it. trish: we are going to continue this conversation. we are taking a quick break.
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oh! it was >> welcome back to the republican presidential debate live from north charleston. sandra: let's get started with miss fiorina. the middle class represents 50% of the u.s. population, down from 61% back in 1971, according to pew research. the same research reveal as widening income gap, the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. what will you do to strengthen a
6:47 pm
middle class that is no longer the majority. >> for decades professional political class has been talking about the middle class. for decades republicans in particular have been talking about reducing the size and scope of government. but for 40 years the government has gone the bigger and more expensive. we have a 75-,000-plus page tax code. politicians running for office for decades promise reform and all the while wages stag night. when government gets bigger the rich get richer and the boor get boorer and the middle -- the poor get poorer and the middle class gets squeezed. who creates jobs? small businesses, family owned businesses. new businesses.
6:48 pm
they create 2/3 of the new jobs. i started out typing for a 9-person real estate firm. we are crushing small businesses and destroying the middle class. let us first actually reform the texas code from 73,000 pages down to 3. there is a 20-year-old plan to do exactly that. then let us begin piece by piece to focus on every single dollar the government spend so we'll spend less overall and still have enough for our priority. examine every dollar, cut any dollar, move every dollar. i call it common sense. citizens, we have got to take our country back. governor huckabee. it used to be you could graduate from high school * and get a pretty good job at the local
6:49 pm
factory, enough to take care of your family and yourself. those days seem to be gone. hard to do that these days. businesses are increasingly turning to automation to increase productivity levels. it's happening at the boeing factory in north charleston. the president says automation threatens workers' abit to get higher wages. do you agree with that and do you have a solution. >> the tax system punishes people trying to get ahead. if you work really hard and start moving up the economic ladder, you get bumped into a different tax bracket so the government thick it deserve more of your hard work than you do. so it's one of the reasons no matter how many reforms you have on people productivity. you are taxing their saving, capital gains, you are taxing everything that produces
6:50 pm
something. that's why i believe it's time to do something bold. not something minute. this is no time for a tap of the hammer and twist of the screwdriver. that's why the fair tax transforms our economy. it's the on the way we'll get middle class people moving ahead again. because the harder they work, the more they keep. one of the most important part, it's built on the common sense with which we raids our kids and trained dogs. you reward behavior you want more of and punish behavior you want less of. that's how i raised kids. it's how i traingd our dogs and it's not that difficult. we punish the behavior we say we want more of by taxing it and reward the behavior we say we want less of. if you make a good investment we punish you with a tax. if you make a bad investment you
6:51 pm
can write that off and the rest of the taxpayers will subsidize you and bail you out. trish: senator santorum. 40% of babies born today are born to single moms. that's twice as high as reported in 1980 and 11 types as high as 19 -- 11 times as high as 1940. studies show children are always better off in a house with two parents in the household. should the government be doing anything to encourage family formation. >> the right and the left are coming to agree with me. i have run around doing 300 town hall meetings talking about a book written by a liberal harvard sociologist named robert putnam. he wrote this book to support
6:52 pm
the democratic argument that the middle of america is hollowing out and the rich are getting richer. when he studied the information he realized the the biggest reason we are seeing the hollowing out of the middle america is the breakdown of the american family. if you are a single -- a child with a single parent and you grew up in a single parent family neighborhood and went to that single parent family school. the chance of you ever reaching the top 20% of income earners is 3% in america. i don't know about you. but that's not good enough. if we weren't so politically correct because we don't want to offend anybody. to fight for the lives our children. you read the first few chapters of dr. putnam's book. he talks about port clinton ohio
6:53 pm
and how poor kids survived and did well. but he go to the towns today and these kids are failing miserably. they don't have a shot. and we won't even have the courage to have leadership at the federal level within not with legislation. but the most power full tool the president has, the bully pulpit to encourage each and every one of you. to have a national campaign to rebuild the american family and give every child its birthright which is a mom and dad who loves them. that will change this economy. sandra: we are not finished yet. more from the republicank presidential debate in north charleston next. more than just you. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
6:54 pm
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6:57 pm
. moderator: welcome back. it's time for the closing statements. candidates will each get one minute, starting with senator santorum. >> thank you very much. i want to thank the people of charleston which has become a little bit of a second home for me, because i'm very privileged to have two young men who go to the citadel, my son john and my son daniel. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, america's frustrated and angry and they're looking for somebody who's a fighter, but i also think they're looking for somebody who's a winner, somebody who can take on the establishment and make a difference, and take on someone who's going to be the person who's going to be between a republican holding the presidency and that's hillary clinton. and there's one person in this stage, one person in the race who's done it and done it repeatedly. i've taken on hillary clinton
6:58 pm
on the issues you care about, partial-birth abortion. google rick santorum and hillary clinton and you'll see a five-minute debate. i'll let you decide who won the debate. i'll tell you who won, i know i'm out of time. i'm going to take some of rand paul's time here for a second. [cheering and applause] >> if you're looking for someone who fought hillary clinton on iran sanctions, she was one of four a deciding vote who skieded against iran sanctions. i fought battles against her. in 1994 i ran against the clinton machine, james carville and paul beggala ran the race against me when i took on the author of hillary care, and each one of the battles i won. you want a fighter, you want a winner, i'd appreciate your vote. thank you. moderator: thank you, senator santorum. [applause] >> governor mike huckabee. >> rick, i'm sure i did fight
6:59 pm
the clinton machine because every election i was ever in, in arkansas, i assure you they were behind it helping finance and campaign for every opponent. and i share with you the understanding that it's going to be a tough battle. but i spent the first half of my adult life in the private and nonprofit sector raising a family, understanding how tough it is for people to make it, and that first half of my life is what led me to believe that america needs a different kind of leadership. not people who spent their whole life running for one office to the next and living off the government dime, and i got involved because i got sick of what i saw. i also believe that there's got to be some leadership that not only addresses the monetary and military issues of this country, but the moral, of this country. at the end of every political speech, most of us say god bless america. but how can he do that when we continue to slaughter 4,000 babies a day?
7:00 pm
and i want to be the president that treats every person including the unborn, as a person, and protect them under the 5th and 14th amendments of the constitution. i close with this word from a gentleman in east texas named beutel lucre. he's 100 years old and i met him in east texas and he said this to me, i sure wish, mike, we had the days when the 10 commandments were in all of our capitols and in every school, and we prayed again. you know, he may be 100 years old, but i believe some of those old ideas to get this country back where we unapologetically get on our knees before we get on our feet might be the best solutions we've ever sought as a country, and i ask for your support, and your vote. thank you. [cheering and applause] . moderator: thank you, governor. carly fiorina?
7:01 pm
>> my husband frank they mentioned i love spending time with, he's down there, he was excited the other day because in new hampshire he was introduced as my eye candy. [ laughter ] >> you know everybody out there watching knows this, you cannot wait to see the debate between me and hillary clinton. you would pay to see that fight. and that's because you know i will win, and that's important, we got to start by beating hillary clinton. all of my life, i have been told to sit down and be quiet, settle, settle, don't challenge the system. that's what the american people are being told now and we have been told that for way too long. sit down and be quiet about our god about, our guns, about the abortion industry. settle for illegal immigration that's been a problem for decades as so many of our problems have festered for decades. accept a system of government and politics that no longer works for us.
7:02 pm
i will not sit down and be quiet, and neither will you. so i ask you to stand with me. fight with me. vote for me. citizens, it is time to take our future back, time to take our politics back. it is time to take our government back. citizens, it is time. we must take our country back. [applause] . moderator: thank you to all the candidates. that does it, everyone, for the first debate right here in north charleston. in just about two hours from now, at 9:00 p.m. eastern, seven more candidates are going to be taking to this stage. right now special coverage of the republican presidential debate continues right here on fox business. .
7:03 pm
>> and there it is, the first presidential debate, the first republican presidential debate of this new year, and another in store in one hour and 57 minutes. good evening. i'm lou dobbs. coming to you from the north charleston coliseum and performing arts center in charleston, south carolina. the first republican debate wrapping up with a vigorous debate. the first three candidates of the evening and the biggest issues, jobs as you expect, the economy, the war on really islamist terrorism. we're going to go to our panel for reaction in just a moment,
7:04 pm
as i said, we're less than two hours away from the beginning of the second debate which seven candidates will be taking the same stage and presenting their ideas, again, to the american people and voters. governor john kasich, governor chris christie, senator marco rubio. donald trump. senator ted cruz, dr. ben carson, former governor jeb bush. my colleagues, maria bartiromo and neil cavuto will be moderating the second debate of the evening. but first, let's get some reaction to tonight's first debate among governor huckabee, carly fiorina and rick santorum, joined by fox news digital politics editor chris stirewalt. senior writer for the weekly standard, fox news contributor steve hays. these candidates, these debaters, i thought made the most of the time allowed to them, convincingly on so, persuasively so to the voters.
7:05 pm
what do you think? . >> the unique situation with two former iowa winners, carly fiorina was looking to recapture a magic moment, too. this was a replay of cleveland of the first debate of the cycle and carly fiorina missed the cut for the main stage, had to do the early debate and won, and won decisively, and really was the winner of the whole day because nobody -- moderator:. >> and for a time definitely fought her fort. >> you know and fought her way to the main stage. the problem here is that the vote share is so locked up among the top tier is such a clear top tier and there you mean rubio, cruz and trump, that i don't know if there's enough elasticity in the vote to change. >> do you think it's that hardened, steve, is it immutable, one can almost conclude from what chris is saying? >> i don't think it's immutable.
7:06 pm
we're likely to see a lot of change between now and iowa. between the caucus and february 1st. chris is right, the prospects of the likelihood any of these three is going to have a second moment from this year, from 2012, from 2008, i think the prospects are pretty dim. >> let's talk about one moment and certainly the first moment was seized by carly fiorina, when she did a spousal comparison, if you will, if we could look at that video of carly fiorina? >> i'm not a political insider. i haven't spent my lifetime running for office. the truth is i've had, and been blessed, by a lot of opportunities to do a lot of things in my life, and unlike another woman in this race, i actually love spending time with my husband. [ laughter ] >> there was some hesitation
7:07 pm
there on the part of the audience, but an enthusiastic response, chris. the line, the play. >> look, carly fiorina's argument all along has been some version of this, you know you want me on the debate stage with hillary clinton. that has been some part of -- because she can get away with saying things that other candidates who of the male persuasion can, not say, or at least until donald trump came along and started saying whatever he wanted to at any given second of the day, and fiorina demonstrated effectively there she could do that. >> and each of the candidates in one way or another talked about the anger, the frustration of the american voter, and in some cases trying to, if you will, project that frustration in their remarks. this is the first time we've seen it absolutely unanimous, that there is a recognition of the anger and the frustration which donald trump recognized from the very beginning going back seven months? >> absolutely.
7:08 pm
i think the candidates came in trying to do two things. one was to present him or herself as the face of that anger, to show they get it and to articulate the kind of concerns we're seeing propel somebody like a donald trump or ted cruz to the top of the polls. the other thing they wanted to do is have a breakout moment, and clearly carly fiorina plans to say that, she knew it would get the audience going, knew it would be a big reaction, and the whole hour for me felt like one after another after another of the candidates trying to say something that would be that breakout moment, and i didn't think there really was a breakout moment. >> so it would be, perhaps, given your statement, and chris, wagging his head in agreement, i have to say i'm hesitant to ask you who the winner of the first debate was, but courageous as i am, i'm going to -- [ laughter ] >> your thought about that, who did it? >> go with it.
7:09 pm
i think carly fiorina probably did the best. it was a bit reminiscent of her debate performance that propelled her onto the main stage. the question is whether it's enough. and i think it's really a big hill for her to climb right now. >> the american people? because of representative democracy continuing to chart its -- >> wow. >> um -- >> hays is looking at you. >> the fox business network? the fox business network and the great anchors for the great questioning? >> the moderators were as always, perfect, and we're going to have sandra smith and trish regan join us in the next block to give us their sense of the evening and the way in which the candidates handled the stage. as we get ready for the second debate of the evening. seven candidates standing tall here in north charleston. and that's now just about, i can do quick math about, a minute -- a minute?
7:10 pm
about an hour and 50 minutes away. thank you, gentlemen. a lot of reaction to the first debate on social media and fox business reporter jo ling kent has been tracking that. jo, tell us what folks are saying online. what is the wisdom we can derive from social media at this moment? >> reporter: lou, looking at social media right now, you see the question of who actually may drop out next even though people were listening very intently to the moderators' questions and what is happening and what the candidates are saying. the question is what happens next for the candidates. a very strong statement from rick santorum, he hit on the issues that are the top trending issues on facebook. you can see religion, iraq, isis and syria. the economy is the third most important issue talked about on facebook over the last few weeks, and santorum, fiorina and huckabee hitting that very hard. homeland security and terror really is the take home point for a lot of facebook users and those on twitter.
7:11 pm
that's what really matters when it comes to choosing from the primaries and caucuses coming up, and the top five issues, the fifth one rounding out the facebook discussion is guns and certainly heard that in carly fiorina's closing statement, saying she does not want her guns taken away, in that closing statement. but what's interesting here is looking ahead to the debate coming up, lou, you've got the top five candidates trending on facebook, and it runs actually counter to the polls we've been seeing. of course donald trump, no surprise, coming in as a top trending candidate on facebook. he's got 18 million people talking about him. 103 million times. he really is taking the cake in terms of the social media conversation, but then you have ted cruz, he really is a fraction of that conversation, on twitter, google, facebook, across the board. and lou, i want to bring you to number three. ben carson, dr. carson dropped precipitously in the polls but still discussed on facebook with a lot of passion.
7:12 pm
people wondering about his issues. rounding out the top five, rubio and paul. lou? >> all right, jo ling kent. thank you very much for that insight into social media, at least at this point, it's still coming in, and we'll be updating the patterns and the results as we divine them on social media. joining me now presidential candidate, former pennsylvania senator, rick santorum, and i have to say, you look like that you were enjoying yourself. >> i was. >> i heard a number of people talking about the fact that you are a man who seemed very comfortable on that stage tonight. i thought that it was, you should know that you were getting a lot of plauded. >> i've done dozens of town hall meetings in the last couple of weeks, when you have the give-and-take and the energy, you feed off of it.
7:13 pm
the closer you get to the election, the more real it gets. for me, this is make or break time. people are making decisions now, you've got to see is it a fire in you to take on this job and to take on hillary clinton and what's necessary to win this race? and i just want to make sure people know, we're ready to go. >> and you went tonight. you were strong. you were emphatic. you were succinct. direct. all of the things one would expect of a senator or former senator and presidential candidate. there was not, it seemed to me, the anger that we've seen in you. there was -- if i may say, even a certain grace in the way you presented yourself, and i do mean that to be a compliment and to commend you. >> i appreciate that. you know, as i mentioned the book that liberal book that i referred to with robert putnam,
7:14 pm
and you know, the more i've thought about what's at stake in this country, the people's whose lives are affected and the fact that government is -- is not the answer by and large, and that we have to have someone who can put together some ideas, the government can certainly be involved. tax policy and all the other things, immigration policy. but someone who understands the real problem, the real hurt that's out there in america and what we can do as a party that's been, in my mind, tone deaf to those who are hurting the most in america. those who are trying to live the american dream or want to live the american dream, and it's not there for them. i felt like i need to reflect that. i can't be someone who says this is right and this is what we're going to do. this is who we need to help, and this is what it's all about. >> we're going to have lots of people, perhaps not giving you the answers you want, but will be critiquing you throughout the evening here. i want to hear your critique of
7:15 pm
your performance, if you will, as succinctly as you can, and what you think you accomplished against your goals tonight? >> well, what i want to accomplish is i wanted people to see a fighter and someone who's in touch with the values that made our country great and was willing to stand up and articulate those in a way that connect with people. and that, again, the process of going through these town hall meetings and meeting the iowans is just an invaluable thing to begin to sort of pull out of you what -- the traits that you need to lead this country. >> you've gone into iowa, trailing, you've emerged winning. >> i have. >> not entirely. >> three weeks out four years ago i was at 3 or 4%, newt gingrich was last. and newt gingrich was at 37% and he was first, he finished fifth, i was first.
7:16 pm
i'm not make predictions, that was amazing rise, but rises can happen when people look and start to make decisions and see who has what it takes to be president, and who has the vision to get this job done. >> and has the opportunity to present himself or herself to the american people as the three of you did tonight. >> appreciate it. >> rick santorum, great to have you with us, thanks so much. the moderators of tonight's first debate, sandra smith, trish regan will join us next. mike huckabee, carly fiorina will also be joining us here. we're giving equal time here tonight, senator. we're live from north charleston coliseum performing arts center, stay with us, there is so much more. >> but the biggest reason we're seeing the hollowing out of the middle of america is the breakdown of the american family. the reality is that if you're a single -- kyled of a single parent and you grew up in a single parent family neighborhood and went to the single-family school, the
7:17 pm
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7:20 pm
. lou: fewer than 20 minutes since they stepped off the stage of tonight's first debate, we're joined by sandra smith and trish regan. thanks for being with us. they just watched carly fiorina give what i thought was a very strong performance in tonight's first debate, and she will be joining us as well this hour to talk about that. fiorina needed a good night and by all accounts she delivered. she came out swinging. she hit both hillary clinton and donald trump pretty hard. >> i think we have to end crony capitalism.
7:21 pm
the crony capitalism starts with both donald trump and hillary clinton. you know, hillary clinton sits inside government and rakes in millions, handing out access and favors and donald trump sits outside government and rakes in billions buying people like hillary clinton. lou: whoa! fresh off the moderation of tonight's first debate, sandra smith and trish regan with me. thank you very much for being here. >> hey, lou! >> terrific job. >> thank you. lou: it was a different debate than we've seen, how did you think about it? >> it was great. i thought we asked important substantive questions, not "gotcha" questions, it was very much an opportunity to explain their platforms, and for the most part, there is an occasional dodge here and there, they did a very good job at answering the question directly, and attacking the issues. lou: do you have a sense of who won, sandra?
7:22 pm
>> there were definitely stronger moments for some of the candidates than others, i don't know that there was any clear winner, but you definitely saw three candidates on that stage who had the opportunity, had the time, including some follow-ups to get their message across, and i think we heard the three candidates in a different way than we have during this election season. lou: trish, we're going to go to mike huckabee who gave a very strong response. i thought all three handled it very well. but huckabee gave a very strong response on national security. let's see what everybody thinks of this. >> in afghanistan. >> only if there is a concerted effort to destroy the advance of radical islamists against us. as far as what are we going to make it look like? frankly i don't know what we can make it look like. you can't create for other people a desire for freedom and democracy. and frankly, that's not the
7:23 pm
role of the united states. the role of the united states military is not to build schools, it's not to build bridges, it's not to go around and pass out food packets. it's to kill and destroy our enemy and make america safe. >> the benefit of a live audience, you really got to feel the reaction from the thousands of people that were sitting in there, and that certainly helped drive the focus of the debate. >> they didn't like the gun questions. >> no! that didn't go over well. lou: they did not. they did like carly fiorina's jabs, without question. who had the greater reaction among these candidates from the audience, in your estimation? >> gosh, that's an interesting question. i mean, i felt like there was a lot of momentum and applause for each one of them. i wouldn't necessarily say one over the other. what do you think? >> senator santorum made a concerted effort to rile up the
7:24 pm
manufacturing base down in the state, and he did a good job at that. he got the crowd going a couple moments there, but so did carly fiorina, she whipped out a couple jokes and put the pressure on hillary clinton a little bit and donald trump as you heard. lou: and each of them, we've got just a hard wrap here, as you know how these things work. >> no idea what that is. lou: anger and frustration, the expression by each of them, but i don't know to me, tonight, it was pretty established. there is anger, there is frustration. each of them didn't hesitate to talk about it. that's a move. >> it's the frustration that america feels right now because you think back nostalgically to what existed before. we got to this in one question saying, look, you used to be able to graduate from high school and get a good job and take care of the family. that doesn't exist. >> great night, honored to do it, happy to do it. respectful, professional, informative debate. lou: and you were absolutely amazing.
7:25 pm
>> thank you, lou! thank you. >> thank you, lou. lou: trish regan, sandra smith. can't wait for the next one! up next, new details on what led to the capture of the sailors as days before the obama administration is preparing to lift sanctions against iran and deliver $150 billion. congressman mark meadows with me next. stay with us. we're coming right back. at ally bank no branches equals great rates.
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7:29 pm
into iranian waters, but the sailors did not communicate that to navy commanders. the sailors have been released, not before being forced on their knees and hands behind their heads. one even forced to apologize for the incident on camera. and guess what? the obama administration will lift sanctions against iran in just a few days and release 100 to $150 billion in assets to the iranians. joining us tonight, congressman mark meadows, he serves on the house oversight and foreign affairs committees, member of the freedom caucus, great to have you with us. >> great to be with you, lou, thanks so much. lou: start with what's happening here. we're not getting it seems a well-grounded report from either the secretary of defense or this administration about what happened in the waters of the persian gulf with two boats and ten of our sailors. >> we're not getting the true
7:30 pm
story and what happens is it troubles americans when we know there are military men and women who were actually taken captive. wouldn't have happened off the waters of japan or off of england and yet here we are supposedly having a partner in iran taking our soldiers and humiliating them, making them get down on their knees. if we actually have this relationship that secretary kerry says we have, we need to get the full story now and really address it. lou: well, i think among the issues that each of the candidates, seven in the next debate will be addressing, i would expect, i may be utterly wrong about this, but it would be why in the world the republican party itself has not stood up stronger and taller and louder on this issue? >> well, they should, obviously, the president didn't even mention it in the state of the union the other night. here have you ten sailors being held captive.
7:31 pm
ten gitmo releasees today, and what you have is -- is two different paradigms that are going on there that the american people are saying, well, i thought we were the most powerful country in the world? we've got to show that, lou. lou: and the idea that, instead, we're also watching the speaker of your house saying he's going to do precisely what he said he wasn't last year. that is move forward on immigration. he said he's joining with this president on criminal justice reform in the midst of all that is happening in the world. the market today recovered some of what it lost yesterday, the volatility is extraordinary, the market having its worst beginning in history, and we look around this country. there is pain for the absence of prosperity for millions of americans. >> well said. i don't think anybody could say it better, and what we really need to focus on are the moms and dads on main street, lou. they're the ones still hurting today. and immigration, moving immigration without first
7:32 pm
addressing the border is a non-starter. and i can tell you i just left a retreat where we had obviously the speaker and a number of other leaderships. they're willing to listen to the american people and members of congress. i think our voice has been not only in the freedom caucus but other conservatives have been saying what we have to do is make sure that we truly represent the people in america and their agenda and certainly comprehensive immigration reform is not what they're wanting to see. they want to secure the border. lou: secure the border. i think this country is welcome a warm nation that would do all sorts of things to accommodate those who abide by our laws and invest in our values. >> and we're a nation of laws, lou. you hit it right there. what we can't do is whether the president of the united states, a member of congress or anybody else, live by a separate set of rules. those laws what are we've been known for since our founding fathers and need to stay true to that.
7:33 pm
lou: reince priebus was with us earlier today, he said the republican party will unite behind any candidate. we heard from nikki haley, governor haley saying she and mr. trump are friends, suddenly, after criticizing him and acknowledging that wasn't her intent. do you think the republicans can seize this year and win? >> i think we can unite behind one candidate if that candidate is willing to get behind an agenda that the american people want, not one that's manufactured in washington, d.c. lou: let's -- i think that we've got a pretty good indication that the american people are not manufacturing a candidate. >> i agree. lou: thank you so much, good to be with you. up next, the president's latest misstep, what he did next. it's a beauty. up next, mike huckabee and carly fiorina, the candidates from tonight's first debate will join us in just moments. we're live from north charleston, south carolina. stay with us. we're coming right back.
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7:37 pm
lou: president obama apparently forgot where he was today during a town hall in baton rouge. listen. >> when i ran for office in 2007, 2008, i did not say, yes, i can. i said --
7:38 pm
>> yes, we can! >> yes, we can. god bless new orleans, god bless america. lou: new orleans? he's visiting louisiana as part of the post state of the union road tour this week. this isn't the first time he's had some form of cognitive dissidence. in hawaii five years ago he described the location as asia, back on 2008 on the campaign trail he claimed to have visited all 57 u.s. states. well, you know, i don't know about the average, i guess it's not bad. joining us now, howie kurtz, fox news analyst, the host of media buzz. great to have you back with us, howie. >> hi, lou. lou: the debate was engaging, each one performed very well, and as trish and sandra said, each of them had their moments. >> absolutely. and rick santorum may have been the most forceful on foreign
7:39 pm
policy and reminded us of the skills that enabled him to come out of nowhere four years ago and win the iowa caucuses. mike huckabee won in 2008 he does the best job of connecting with the working class, lunch bucket american, you start off with the story about the woman who cleans his building and comparatively about president obama's claim of a robust economy. carly fiorina is a good debater. i was struck by how many times she mentioned her husband, and soften her image and draw contrast to hillary clinton. lou: isn't it interesting she can embrace her husband and in so doing inflict a wound on hillary clinton. that's the reality of the rhetoric. >> right and trying to remind people she's not just the one dimensional former ceo, board chairman type, but she has a family life and that sort of thing. lou: i got a kick of her talking about donald trump buying hillary clinton, and i'm thinking i wonder what the public affairs budget was for
7:40 pm
hewlett-packard, you know, when she was running it? but this is all part of it. this is a tougher bunch right now. they are, to me, far more steeled, far more focused as candidates than we've seen previously. >> yeah, also interesting both huckabee and fiorina had been on the main stage in a number of debates and through the vagaries of polls and criteria got knocked back. they've shown they can compete with -- i don't want to say the big boys but first tier candidates and looking for a moment to lift the poll numbers to bring them into contention. lou: chris stirewalt raised a question he felt was presented well by three of them on the stage, and really the question is and michelle malkin as well. why are they there, and where do they go? can you see a path forward for the three of them? >> hard at this point. there's a tendency to talk about the kiddie table debate, the undercard debate. last time 6 million people watched the early evening
7:41 pm
debate. in past cycles that would be considered a really big audience. just appeals before the bigger numbers. given the crowded field, given the fact that fiorina will flip in the polls and flip back. it is hard to see them climbing back to trump or cruz-like levels, but politics is a funny game. lou: as we are being instructed once again, this election cycle. howie, good to have you here. >> thanks, lou. lou: howie kurtz. up next here, senator ted cruz, he's under fire now for failing to disclose a loan. will it affect his campaign, and if so, how much? we'll take up that issue and more when we continue live from north charleston, south carolina, the debate, debate number two in just about an hour and 19 minutes. much more straight ahead. stay with us. ♪ do you really think that's a good idea?
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lou: welcome back to north charleston. joining us now, presidential candidate, former arkansas governor mike huckabee. he's now in the spin room following his debate just about 45 minutes ago it concluded. governor, your thoughts on the debate and your performance. i'll let you be the first critic
7:46 pm
or first judge. >> lou, i never do anything they think is all that great. it always can be done better, i'll be second-guessing it for the rest of my life. i will say i thought the debate stayed on substantive issues, i really felt that both sandra and trish, they did a very first class, professional job. they kept it from going into the ditches and getting silly and going offtrack. i thought it was a substantive conversation, and i thought it was important that we didn't attack each other. we weren't there trying to be silly. we were there answering questions and talking to the american people. lou: and i thought that each of you took advantage of the time that you had, the expanded time, and i suppose, then, as some credit goes to rand paul for having, as one of our colleagues said, turning a small l into a big l benefitted each of you.
7:47 pm
i haven't heard any of you with such expansive answers on substantive issues as we did tonight, and i want to, if i may, congratulate you on that. you were particularly, i thought, strong on national security. your thoughts. >> well, i do think it's an area where i haven't been given an opportunity in the previous debates to talk about it. so many of the debates, lou, have been about what do you think of this candidate and his comments? they haven't been about what would you do as commander in chief? or how are you qualified or prepared? these are questions that americans care about. they care about whether or not you're going to keep this country safe. a whole lot more than they care about your reaction to another candidate. and i think in terms of the economic issues, they care. do you understand people like us. that's why when i talked about the notion of expanding social security age, people who talk like that don't understand the folks who have worked hard and stood on their feet for a living. these are the people who sat in chairs for their entire careers and they don't get it, if a
7:48 pm
person is 65, they may be pretty worn out, asking them to work to 70 or 75, you're putting a punishing hurt on, that's not what it's supposed to be about. lou: you know in part, credit to you. the republican party this year, in this presidential election cycle is focusing more on working men and women, the family, small business and entrepreneurs than it has ever in my history as a journalist. i think it's striking that the republican party is making a direct, direct appeal to the middle class of this country. >> you know, lou, in some ways i'm a little vindicated because eight years ago when i was talking about these kitchen table, lunch box issues, i was a pariah in the republican party. go back and read what the "wall street journal" would say about me, when i would be talking
7:49 pm
about the workers and how the income disparity was growing, and i didn't suggest that the government ought to, you know, limit ceo salaries. but i talked about the fact that we can't keep building an economy where people at the top get further and further away from people in the middle and people at the end. now it seems like everybody is singing that chorus. whether i'm the nominee or not, i hope i am, i feel i have contributed something by talking about that eight years ago within the republican party and now other candidates are, at least, recognizing you can't build a strong america without strong manufacturing jobs, middle class, mobile upward, and that has to happen. lou: governor, if i may, compliment you on your performance tonight. enjoyed watching and listening as always. governor mike huckabee. and by the way, he was validated on more than just one issue over the course of the past years in this campaign. governor, thanks
7:50 pm
for being here. >> thank you, lou, great to talk with you. lou: good to talk with you. up next here, we're a little over an hour from the primetime debate, the candidates are gathering, the excitement is building. the security is widening. this is an electric evening and it is a make-or-break evening for most of the candidates. you will be watching the debate right here on the fox business network. candidate senator ted cruz facing a new controversy over his ties to wall street. donald trump says he's going to bring it up. trump says it's a big thing. his words. and it's his night. we'll see what happens. we'll examine the issue, a lot more, fox news bret baier joins me right after these messages. stay with us. [ music and whistling ]
7:51 pm
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. >> well, republican presidential, former republican presidential candidate senator lindsey graham has entered the building, and, of course, senator of south carolina. glad handing and saying hi to friends and more than a few of his rivals on the debate stage. he will be front and center there, watching this evening. tonight, republican presidential candidate ted cruz
7:55 pm
will be dealing with the issue of having failed to disclose on federal fund-raising reports that he relied on about a million dollars in loans to help finance his 2012 senate campaign, that borrowed money included a large sum from goldman sachs. goldman sachs employees his wife heidi cruz. cruz has called it all a filing error, and donald trump says it's a big thing. we're going to find out how big because he also says he's going to bring it up in the debate. joining me now, fox news chief political anchor, host of special report, bret baier. bret, good to have you with us, and along with business correspondent adam shapiro, good to see you. >> good to see you, lou. >> let's turn first if i may to the cruz filing error, as he calls it. bret, a big thing, as donald trump suggests, says outright? >> listen, on the story itself, it is a million-dollar loan
7:56 pm
against his own assets, and the big part of it is that it's an fec filing violation. it is not legal to not have it filed. the cruz campaign and senator cruz himself says he's going to take care of it by amending the filing. the reason it may be a bigger deal is because it brings in the specter of goldman sachs when he's trying to be the every man on the ground in iowa, and brings up that his wife works for goldman sachs. and that's not the image that he's portrayed on the trail. as far as the specifics, though, i think it might be tough for donald trump to make this a huge issue in his words, huge, tonight. >> you got that huge down pat. i compliment you, bret. adam, your thoughts on trump and his ability of this, a big thing. >> huge. >> wall street is really on
7:57 pm
trial on this one, it seems to me, and how trump can disavow his relationship to wall street is a little -- well, it seems like a sizable chore as well, what do you think? . >> i think trump can goes on offensive on this because it goes right to the core, the constituency for ted cruz, the people, the tea party, furious with the banks, goldman sachs made a $1.5 million settlement for lying to investors, and you have ted cruz, yes, he used own assets as collateral for the $500,000 loan, but you're not supposed to do that because the law says you can't use more -- it gets tricky, but it's 50% of assets if jointly held with your wife. he has to explain to supporters. >> there are millions of people thanking you for giving us the threshold on assets. [ laughter ] >> but the reality is here, wall street is on trial, it
7:58 pm
seems, as far as the democratic party is concerned, even by the biggest beneficiary of wall street largesse, that is hillary clinton, against a, well, a democratic socialist. now wall street moves into the cross hairs of the republican party, it will be interesting to see where it all goes. bret, turn to jeb versus rubio, old pal, seemingly mentor and grasshopper going at each other tooth and tongue. are we likely to see more of that, and to what effect do you think? >> i think so, lou, i think you're going to see all of the candidates who are vying for second place in new hampshire. you have jeb bush, marco rubio, john kasich, chris christie, there are going to be fireworks there. aside from the cruz-trump drama we expect to see. jeb bush super pac has been attacking marco rubio on immigration. if we ever thought we were going to get to that point in the campaign, they are essentially on the same side
7:59 pm
when it comes to the bottom line of that policy. >> well, jeb bush isn't pulling any punches. marco rubio not either. and donald trump here, seems to be standing in so many ways as the man who has now built a tremendous record for throwing punches and hitting people hard, as he puts it, he seems to be above the fray almost now, as we watch all of these interniesing battles amongst the other candidates. what do you make of it, adam? >> i think donald trump is going to have a very good night. the supporters of donald trump love donald trump, and they love when he goes on the attack, and one of the best parts of the debate, sandra and trish did a great job, but the commercials that have already aired which the candidates are attacking each other are phenomenal. it's intriguing. >> adam, with intriguing, bret baier has been kind enough to
8:00 pm
join us through the evening. look forward to you on the other side, bret. thanks for being with us, live from north charleston coliseum. stay with us, our coverage continues right now.ontinued rit now. ♪ >> this is "lou dobbs tonight," live from the the republican presidential primary debate in charleston, south carolina. here is lou dobbs. ♪ lou: there you are. we're coming to you from north charleston coliseum. good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs in charleston, south carolina. we're less than an hour away from the beginning of the second fox business network republican debate of the evening. seven candidates taking the stage in the debate, the fewest number of candidates we've seen on the stage this election cycle for a republican prime time debate. the candidates are in the building, all of them, all seven of them.


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