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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  January 18, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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banning donald trump. more important things to do. >> not even attempt to try to replicate your english accent. it is so much better than i could ever do. >> we are watching that story, for sure. three americans are reunited with their loved ones after being released from an iranian prison. believed to have been kidnapped. i am trish regan. welcome, everyone, to the intelligence report. they are all said to be reunited with their families. they were part of a deal. both sanctions on the country. we confront new headlines today.
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more americans were kidnapped. are we sending the wrong message to the world. here right now is peter barnes live at the white house. judith miller. good to have all of you here. peter, i am going to start with you. >> k, trish. officials will only confirm that several americans are missing in iraq. they were kidnapped by a militia in baghdad. the associated press also quoting one iraq eo fischel. it was from their interpreters home. no immediate claims of responsibility. claims are commonplace in iraq by militia as well as by isis and criminal gangs. john curry was asked about the missing americans this morning on fox news.
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>> we are in very direct contact with iraq authorities. we have a good sense of what may have happened. that is all i can really say at this time. a full effort to find them as soon as possible. >> i will not get them into the circumstances about what may or may not have happened. except, we have pretty strong indications of where this may have emanated from. we're we are working very hard with iraqi authorities. hopefully we can secure their release. they are contractors. their company reported them missing recently. trish: thank you very much. peter barnes. there is relief. there is concern as well. they favored iran. john kerry is trying to refuse.
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listen. >> people that were wrongfully held. convicted in prison and iran. we also have some people here who have committed violations of sanctions. a good number of months away from getting out anyway. we do not feel like we traded something that was critical. trish: we just heard from peter about the kidnapped americans in iraq. the question i am asking right now is does this deal put but americans around the world that risk? judith miller joins me right now. along with fred fleet. the president is touting this as a victory. in your view, is it? >> i think that it is. every president from republican,
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democrat, i think that we ought to get the obama administration credit for getting people out who are held under, as you point out, barbarous conditions. here we are. we did this deal with iran. $150 billion as a result. why could they not have release these prisoners earlier? the administration wanted to keep these processes separate. if they collapse, what would happen to the talk if they were linked? it is important to keep them separate. now because of the timing, it looks like they were joined all along. >> whether or not we are running the risk. i would like to get threads view on this. learning their the risk of creating more dangerous sonority owes because it is like we are saying, yes, we will do go she ate with you.
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now, we're dealing with for americans. >> well, i agree partially with my friend judy miller. i think we should call them what they are. these hostages were released. we are also sending a message that hostagetaking, we should not be grateful that iran did the right thing. they have not mentioned that the government paid $500,000 in ransom for the release of these americans. maybe that is business for usual. it is not something that the administration should be portraying. we should be condemning the fact that iran is taking hostages. >> we frequently agree on these things. a great ally of the united states. it has been instrumental in the past. this is not unusual.
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i want to commend him for his tireless mediation efforts. >> correct me if i am wrong, that is what you are getting at. 500,000 ahead. we will never pay for hostages. you effectively have someone else acting on our behalf. >> that is right. we had a close friend of ours pay. judy is right. this is not the first time that this has happened. also paid ransom. they described it as bail to get them out. >> exactly. >> i just think that, yes, it is terrible that iran help these people to begin with. the key goal was getting them out of their.
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trish: the precedent that it sets. i know that you want to with. these prisoners. how does this affect our standing in the world as you see it? i do not believe you see this positively in any way. >> it is great that they are out. we should have made it clear. it is unacceptable. the brutal mistreatment of americans and iranian prisons is unacceptable. secretary kerry has not said that. we are simply setting ourselves up. trish: does this have anything to do with what happened with the american sailor? are these situations related in anyway? thinking iran for releasing.
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look at the video. the pictures that made their way around the world did hands on their heads. government pointed at them. another picture of them held up altogether. the woman off in the corner. the american sailor having to cover her head. let me ask you. in any way were these negotiations tied together? >> i do not think that they are tied together. i do think that the optics of this are terrible. nothing you can do when an american vote wristed to american waters. i have a lot of questions. whether or not they were instructed. dangerous situations. trish: i think there may have
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been a connection. you always think about the people that were being held. >> difficult situation for everyone. it is wonderful that they are now free and they will be reunited with their families. thank you so much. thank you so much. >> the democrats win after it pretty hard last night. bernie's big spend and tax plans to bring medicare to everyone. will he be able to -- that is next. could donald trump be banned from the uk. it is happening right now. more than half a million prints. he said he would temporarily banned muslims from coming to the u.s. ashley webster. he is here.
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that story unfolds. we will see you back here in two. ♪
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trish: iowa caucuses just two weeks away. ramping up the attacks on each other. last week's democratic debate. the pair fought over guns. who is the toughest on wall street. listen to this. >> senators senator sanders, you are the only one on this stage that voted to deregulate the financial market in 2000. >> can you really reform wall
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street? they are spending millions and millions of dollars on campaign contributions. when they are providing speakers. i have doubts. >> radio host. good to see both of you guys. >> are people saying, oh, yeah. maybe they cannot be so tough on wall street of wall street is helping her on her campaign. >> legitimate concern. sounding like a republican. hillary got burned last night, by all accounts. she lost that debate and she lost it badly.
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not only on the domestic side, but also on foreign-policy. anyone looking at that debate, had to turn the sound down. bernie scored big points on hillary. i would have my commercials already in the bag should hillary get the nomination because of some of the outlandish statements that she said. obamacare is the greatest thing since sliced bread. obama has done a great job with the iranian deal. this is a gift. trish: we have not seen bernie go on quite this attack. what is it about now? really scrambling to try. last night or this weekend. coming out in such a significant way. >> i think that now is the time. we knew that it would not be a coup by assets forever.
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i think people that like ernie thought that he had one. he was passionate. that is what the streaming is about. there is really a very small percentage lead that he has in new hampshire higher. he will win iowa. you look at the map and the further landscape. i think it just looks on paper. the nomination is clearly moving towards her. despite these close leads, the close leads he has in new hampshire higher. >> a state where i would have thought, she would have trumped him, no pun intended, by a significant margin. new hampshire higher is the place where a lot of people are still making up their mind. what do you think will
2:17 pm
ultimately have been. >> i would not be surprised that bernie would win new hampshire higher. i actually thought that bernie would have a larger lead. we know that the individual state. you know, vermont is a neighbor. i think that bernie is perceived as a homeboy, if you will. i am surprised that he is not doing better. >> if he wins new hampshire higher and he manages to win iowa, what happens then, brad? >> everything moves to south carolina. if she were to falter in iowa and new hampshire higher, you will see money. you also see momentum moving to bernie.
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moving their money. let's not forget. wall street does back hillary clinton. backing a guy who is a socialist. >> a massive donation. >> at some point. south carolina. little donations. i cannot imagine they will take you all the way to the nomination. >> you can run as many ads as you walk. you have to look at the demographics of the state. south carolina has an extremely large voting base. hillary clinton has a major advantage right now. i put, vegas that she will win south carolina. i think she will win iowa.
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>> trying to outdo each other. >> i think that secretary clinton knows that what she says is very disingenuous. >> yes. look. i have made it clear based on his own record that he has voted with the nra. voting against the brady bill five times. he voted for community for gun makers and sellers. the nra said it is the most important in 20 years. trish: pro gun ban hillary clinton. that would hurt him?
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>> especially if they are looking out what she said with regard to amtrak. not necessarily carrying them on trains. even those who own guns while more comprehensive legislation with regard to gun control. this is one area in addition to healthcare and the banks on wall street where the two of them have to separate. they are pretty much in step with each other. trish: leslie, brad, it will be an interesting few weeks. the battle between ted cruzan and donald trump is getting personal. cruise is a nasty guy after he slams trumps new york values at the fox business gop debate. >> not a lot of conservatives come out of manhattan. i am just saying. >> new york is a great place.
2:21 pm
it has great people. loving people. loving people. wonderful people. that was a very insulting statement that had made. trish: i think that trump really carried the night with that. i am a new yorker. outside of new york, is this a winning message. we will debate that next. stay tuned. ♪
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trish: oil prices on a roller coaster ride. promising to flood the already overcrowded market. international stock market dropping today. what does it mean for traders back at all? will we continue to see the worst start of the year? >> good to have both of you guys
2:25 pm
here. oil is below 30. the global economy is in tough shape. we get there reading from china tomorrow. no one thinks that it will be all that good. what does that mean for our markets? >> we are getting close to a balance in the markets. it is the last in a market bottom with concerns about china. we can get to earnings seasons here. we can get back into the buyback season. they are very important to u.s. equities. setting up for a nice bounce on a tactical basis. >> there has been a huge amount of loans made. it is from the banking sector.
2:26 pm
we can -- it weakens further. dislocations in the loan market or the junk bond market that will feed back into the u.s. economy. trish: you are talking about a systemic crisis. sometime in the next month or so. reasonably attractive again. some of the auto companies with 5% dividends. the risk is, we don't. trish: what would stability mean? what does it need to be in order for everyone to breathe easy? people do not pay a lot of
2:27 pm
stocks to the numbers. there is probably a lot of concerns. more importantly, we need china to get off our backs. it puts pressure on china. we have had strong dollar which means weaker oil prices. i think we need to break these a little bit. once china delivers this number tomorrow, they go on vacation for the new year. you get to earnings seasons in the u.s. >> a better situation. >> fundamentally, what i think we need is a weaker dollar. it helps commodities bottom. trish: you need a weaker dollar. the only way you will get it is through dismal economic reasons here in the u.s. or a federal
2:28 pm
prisoners that has become more aggressive. >> last week, he said he would raise interest rates four times this year. he will lose a lot of credibility if they tune around and lower interest rates. trish: go back to zero? >> i am afraid that they are so worried about the credibility, waiting too long to raise, they will only stay if the world situation deteriorates. you get an accident on the downside of commodities. it can trigger. if you think in terms of investing for years, buying into that, stocks are your four years from now, you'll be glad that you did that. >> at what level does affect common.
2:29 pm
i think that she needs covered. it will come from a much lower s&p. i think you have to be very careful. trish: what about qa for? i do not want to do that either. >> that is a reversal. i think jim is right. we are in a box. the economy, if you have to reverse, i think you need a reason. that reason will be a sharply lower stock market. >> you will not be concerned. she is not a politician. this is the beauty of having that. >> what they do has implications. >> thank you very much. the battle between donald trump and ted cruz is heating up.
2:30 pm
>> the truth is, he is a nasty guy. nobody likes him. nobody likes him anywhere, once they get to know him. >> only two weeks to go. the stakes could not be any higher. who will win. that is next. ♪ [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. thcompetition, it's protecting buscustomer trust.not every day you read headlines about governments and businesses being hacked, emails compromised, and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime, and it affects each
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trish: the war of words for chewing donald trump and ted cruz heating up on the campaign trail.
2:34 pm
doubling down. new york values comment. simply nobody likes ted cruz is what donald trump says. >> the media lead running around with their hair on fire. wondering what on earth are new york values. he is a nasty guy. nobody likes him. nobody in congress likes him. nobody likes him once a get to know him. trish: failing to disclose a second campaign loan for his 2012 senate race. >> how about when he does his personal financial disclosure form. borrowing money from goldman sachs. today he is also borrowing money from citibank. he does not list it. he wants to look like robin hood. he is the one protecting the people from the banks.
2:35 pm
it is illegal. trish: neck and neck in iowa just two weeks before the caucuses. paletta, sling a swaying voters. joining me right now is a former senior aide for then senator clinton. mark cerrado. good to see both of you guys. tell me, do you think that this whole new york value things that ted cruz's invoking, does that play? better yet, in iowa? >> it plays with conservatives for sure. you know, here is the risk for ted cruz. you put mudslinging on one-five. ted cruz gets about two. you know, donald trump can be in a mud pit wearing an all-white suit and walk out without a spot on him. he is just too good.
2:36 pm
he has been doing it for 40 years. very, very effect this. playing the high road for a long time. he needed to come out swinging at trump. a very risky business. i think cruz ruses clearly appealing to the conservative space. it is a very high risk. trish: nothing is quite as it seems. people react differently that you may think. part of that may then come back to the new york values. i think that trump was very effect of when he shot back in a fox business debate when maria asked him about it. new york has been through some pretty horrible stuff. i was so impressed. i think that all of us were. new york was able to rebuild itself the way that it did. trump also, forgive me, cruz opened himself up for that line of attack.
2:37 pm
at one point, use all cruz having to applaud donald trump. playing with some conservatives. i don't know. at the end of the day, people do have tremendous respect for what people did in the days following 9/11. i am a lifelong new yorker. i really upset at what ted cruz said. glad to see that governor cuomo here in new york, the mayor of new york city, bill de blasio, right away pushing back against ted cruz on this. donald trump has made his career here in new york. certainly an open opportunity for him to go after ted cruz. donald trump supporters like him in this format. they like him being combative. they think it is up to him to point out the hypocrisy among his colleagues that have been in washington for so long.
2:38 pm
they want to see more of this from him. trish: i think you are right. likability. ted cruzan donald trump. necessarily having the likability factors. you heard that earlier from trump. you know, voters have to like mark in order to get elected. say what you want about trump. there is always a party that cannot help, you know, but smile at what he is saying. delivering things that a sense of humor that you do not typically see from these candidates. cruz does not have that. >> ted cruz on republican ideology. a terrific president. there is that personality that trump is now, you know, ringing against ted cruz. he has this darth vader
2:39 pm
personality. trump is using that to his advantage. trump is likable because of timing. because of his command to media. trump is able to turn around tens of thousands of people. that is a sign of movement. cruz is doing very well. positioned well in a lot of states. if trump can get those people in those arenas to turn out to vote, there will be no stopping him. finally because they like his message. they like the way he turns things around. they believe him. they suffered for seven years. trish: do think that he will get it? >> i do not see anyone stopping him right now. >> i go back to howard dean in 2004. same kind of energy. same kind of movement. the question wasn't to they have enough of a voting history?
2:40 pm
are they being motivated enough? it remains to be seen. i would be surprised if trump actually wins iowa. trish: some people would say, hey, who needs iowa anyway. rick santorum, mike huckabee, but examples of people that have done really well in iowa. >> all the primary states will make a really big difference. we have lasting appeal. trish: thank you very much. the president of france. a socialist declaring an economic emergency. a mere 20 year high. bernie sanders presidency. a socialist, two. an economic emergency. my intel on that, next. ♪ we're the hottest
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just after landing on california's coast. look at this video. pretty unbelievable. it caused the booster to tip over. elon musk, the owners said heavy fog at the launch fog site may have caused condensation causing it to ice over. i will be right back with my intel on this french president declaring a state of emergency. no one would have to work harder at all. have you been listening? ♪
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trish: all right, the french president is declaring a state of economic emergency. unveiling a $2.2 billion plan. just so we have this straight, everyone. you have the french president declaring an economic emergency. he insists he will not put into question the 35 hour french workweek. because, clearly, even in the state of economic emergency, the french do not want to be told the answer is to work harder. he is up for reelection. popular when they are trying to buy votes. >> should be able to get a high school education.
2:46 pm
everybody going to college. >> we will make the wealthy pay for it. that is the way you get it done. trish: knowing that socialist economic policy, they don't work. even the mere talk is enough to create habit. is it the government, the fact that 75% super tax on anyone making more than $1.2 million that year. it is right back where it started which is a no man's land. a youth unemployment rate. more than 25%. socialism is not working in france. it will not work here. wanting to raise taxes. he wants to eliminate all tax
2:47 pm
breaks. paying for a government ran single-payer healthcare. maybe he should take a closer look at the economic emergency. could donald trump be banned from entering the uk? the british parliament is debating that. his comments on muslims are hateful. that story is next. ♪
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is. >> is there anything that you are a few want to this position? >> no. >> i did not say permanently. political correctness.
2:51 pm
we have to get down to creating a country that is not going to have the kind of problems that we had with people flying planes into world trade centers. trish: that was donald trump in the fox business debate. saying he was sticking to it. this temporary muslim band. we just got breaking news right now. the uk parliament is wrapping up its debate on whether or not to ban donald trump from entering the uk. in retaliation. the petition calls trump's comments hasty. this petition has actually gone 570,000 signatures. calling for trump not to be banned. that is also being considered. our own ashley webster is with us with the very latest. ashley: it is not owing to happen.
2:52 pm
the vote is not binding. this is an opportunity for british world makers to say how outraged they are. >> trying to effect his lead way in. ashley: it is being hacked. here are some of the comments. giving a speech. a six minute speech, by the way. donald trump is free to be a fool. he is not free to be a dangerous fool in britain. i draw the line with freedom of speech. violent ideology which is what i feel is happening. i do not think what he said was violent at all. in two week it our arms around what the refugee program is and how we can properly vet people, this can be a proper ben.
2:53 pm
trish: not all that different from, say, rand paul. we must ban all serious refugees from coming into this country. we can be assured that we know who they are. >> they called donald trump poisonous, corrosive. alternately, it will make one a martyr and number two, the presidency of the united states. also upset them. they've radicalized muslims in certain areas. they really upset uk politicians. make trump number 85.
2:54 pm
what his chances were to actually winning the nomination. pretty good. >> we never thought that he would read this far. he continues to top the polls. he does have a big interest. a lot of time in scotland. a great golf course up in scotland. representing trump international scotland. sarah malone. for the uk to even consider banning someone who made a statement in america about american borders is ridiculous. i think sarah malone has a very good point. [laughter] trish: our favorite britain. not afraid to take on his own. gun control. tackling all these important issues.
2:55 pm
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for the full interview go online.
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>> if you work really hard and you start moving up the economic ladder, you get bumped into a different tax bracket, so the government thinks it deserves more of your hard work than you do. >> we have working families whose wages have stagnated for decades all while the rich get richer, the powerful get more powerful, the wealthy and the well connected get better connected. citizens, it's time to take our country back. >> let's have a national campaign to rebuild the american family and give every child its birthright which is a mom and a dad who loves them. [applause] that will change this economy. trish: economy front and center at the fox business debate on thursday night. you heard from governor huckabee who was also stressing the importance of his flat tax, a consumption tax, to me. ms. fiorina arguing that taxes need to be lower in order to make us more competitive, and
2:59 pm
rick santorum, senator santorum saying the breakdown in our family unit that we've seen over the last several decades in america is really to blame for a lot of the economic problems that our country now faces. it was, i can tell you, an honor to be there and to be given the opportunity to ask questions on behalf of all of you. we had a cordial, substantive discussion, and it was lively. at times, very lively. the audience, i can tell you, they were definitely engaged. watch in this. >> the president has just issued an executive order to expand the gun laws and background checks, and none of you on stage agree with this. but recent polls show the majority of americans are in favor of universal background checks. [inaudible conversations] >> not in this room. >> and we all believe poll data all the time, don't we? [laughter] [cheers and applause]
3:00 pm
[laughter] trish: okay. so the audience didn't agree with those polls there in south carolina, but, you know, look, bottom line it was a lot of fun and an important conversation. so thank you so much to all of you for watching. thank you to south carolina for hosting us, charleston's a great town. and thank you to all my colleagues here at fox business who work so hard to make this a great success. over to you. >> thanks for that. u.s. markets may be closed today, but a major new market is open for business. iran preparing today for life after sanctions. the u.s., european union and united nations lifting nuclear-related sanctions saturday. and today iran ordering an oil production increase of 500,000 barrels per day. the move driving oil prices to their lowest level in 12 years. dipping below $29 a barrel as a global oil glut braces for additional supply. we'll look at the deal from every angle.


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