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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 18, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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charles: fantastic stuff thank you. at home, thank you, watching every night 6 p.m., can't see the show? dvr it, the market is open tomorrow, we'll walk you through it. but for now lou dobbs is next on fox business. lou: good evening i'm lou dobbs issue three americans traded as part of a controversial prisoner swap with iran are now in germany, they are one step closer to reuniting with their families, a fourth prisoner decided to stay in iran, a fifth, student left separately. president obama hailing this exchange ha he orchestrated that start, disciplined diplomacy can work, but critics say this proof that president has allowed americans to be used at pawns
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with the iran ra iranian government. as a result world powers have unlocked reportedly some $150 billion in frozen iranian asset, i take that up with congressman lee zelden. >> also donald trump-ted cruz rhetorical attacks heat up. i'll talk about it. with just two weeks left before the iowa caucus. >> he did not respect his bank loans. >> excuse me. >> say whatever you want, he didn't respect -- report bank loans that is okay, he has bank loans from goldman sachs, and city bank, then he acting like robin hood. it does not work that way.
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>> donald makes me rattled for whatever reason he is dismayed. as conservatives continue to unite, behind our campaign, his poll numbers continue to go down that seems to be he is testy about it. lou: we'll have a full report, a discussion with former reagan white house political director ed rollins. michael goodwin, it has been 17 days since armed demonstrators took over headquarters building of the national wildlife refuge in oregon. to the leader of those protests, the hammond family has come to symbolize quiet courage in the face of such government oppression. the hammonds, ranchers in oregon, serving 5 year prison terms now because of the obama justice september targets the -- justice department targeted the hammond family, tried to
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crush them with 5 year sentences in federal prison. i'll talk with the brave woman who now leads the hammond family threw this ordeal. susan hammond' join us, don't miss what she has to say to all americans here. our top story, white house deal with the devil. critics blasting obama administration over its dealings with iran, the negotiations led to release of 5 detained americans. but some say that sets a dangerous precedent that could lead to more americans being taken hostage. fox news correspondent kevin corke with our report. reporter: not long after the once held americans touched down in switzerland. half of a world away their freedom was hail by the obama
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administration at the major diplomatic victory. >> we feel very comfortable that the united states of america got its people home. reporter: 5 americans were released over the week, including washington post journalist jason rezaian. this came as president of the set to announce an end to major economic sanctions. >> this is a good day. we're seeing what is possible with strong american diplomacy. reporter: some worry that this exchange has now put a price tag on every american abroad. >> yes, we do celebrate this moment, but we also recognize that the door now has been opened further, for what could happen in the future to other american citizens travels in the world. >> a president traded hostages in exchange for prisoners who did commit a crime.
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and were convicted after due process. reporter: iran has fulfill its obligations that assures continuous u.s. oversight of the nuclear program. and deal reduces tehran's enriched uranium stock pile but it means that the regime gets access to billions of dollars in oil revenue, and frozen assets, and iran gets to buy arms and related components if approved by the security counts, that includes, militar mill helicopter, that russia has is now saying it will send to iran. >> we're writing iran a big check. what are they going to do with that money? why did we do it? this administration has made a
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big bet with that money. reporter: a high stakes gamble say critics with america's security interest. >> it shows the american people, what i have been saying for the last week true, this president lives in his own world. reporter: i want to bu button up some numbers, $400 million has been in a trust, in 1979, the iranians wanted to use it to buy american military material, after the break down of diplomatic ties that money has been sitting there. u.s. has to give it back, $1.3 billion, that is a sum that secretary kerry called, a fair settlement. we should all be so lucky. lou: we should be able to use loose language with little context and little guidance to the future. it must be great to be secretary of state in this administration. thank you kevin cork.
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lou: search operation underway in baghdad. a police major general, described the apartment as a brothel. but the iraqi military denies that it was a brothel. many people in region refer to any building that accepts foreigners as a pro them. there is no claim -- br brothel. there has been no claim of responsibility for the kidnapping. >> turning to presidential politicians, donald trump and ted cruz continue to trade blows with less than two weeks to the iowa caucus. trump spent the morning in virginia talking with a crowd of evangelicals, at liberty university, debuting a new line of attack against cruz. carl cameron following the candidates, and has our report. reporter: donald trump at the late jerry falwell's liberty
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university in virginia, courting evangelicals today. with a call for the country to unite around christianianty. >> we have to unify, we have to ban together, we have to to a large version of what they have done in liberty, the country has to do that around christianity, getting it let's do it. reporter: after weeks of pummeling ted cruz over citizenship, trump opened a new line of personal attacks this weekend. >> he is a nasty guy, nobody likes him, nobody in congress likes him. reporter: rush limbaugh and mark levinning is that trump is makes a mistake attacking cruz, cruz tried to joke it off tweeting a link to janet jackson video.
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>> i know her very well, i know her hi her husband very well, i like them well. reporter: with cruz blasting trump for new york values, trump's daughter out thes his traditional values. >> my father is a man who is deeply grounded intradig. -- tradition. >> ronald reagan did not spend first 60 years of his life supporting democratic politicians. supporting things like big bank bailout. reporter: in iowa, at a town hall meeting marco rubio was asked about -- dismissed it as naive. >> i don't think it is right to do a religious test, it counter productive.
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we need the muslim community in america to say, hey, there is this mosque over here that is preaching hate. reporter: if trump wins iowa caucus, he could run the table. >> thank you very much. carl cameron. about 70 national guard troops are in flint, michigan to help with the city's drinking water crisis, the national guardsmen handing out bottled water, filters and testing kits. over the weekend, president obama declared a state of emergency in the city, and ordered management agency to join in the efforts. water contamination caused by flint's decision to save money two years ago, by taking tap water from the flynt river. soon after, residents started complaining about lead-tained water, now michigan's governor
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is under fire for not doing more to stop the crisis. >> we're back with more stay with us. >> donald trump said this is the worst deal ever, president obama is excited, lifting sanctions, $150 billion plus interest, ready to give to the iranians, we find out what congressman lee zeldon makes of it. >> a spacex mission that was almost a success, almost. we'll show you what happened in the video, we're bringing that you to after these messages, we'll be right back. when a moment spontaneously turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night.
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lou: secretary of state kerr today said he was furious after released the video of the sailors. >> the pentagon released its first official account of the incident, failing to answer questions about the two boats being taken off their route. for what reason and how.
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two sim cards were taken from the sailors, joining us congressman lee zelton . good to have you with us. >> good to be back. lou: i have to ask you, a secretary of state is furious, should we set aside our emotions because he is upset after the fact. >> i think he is thrilled this is implemented, they understand sound bites and domestic politics, i think they are thrilled that deal has gone through. lou: i am annoyed this administration does not think that american people deserve to know any part of it, there is no transparency in this quote-unquote deal, the detain am of the sailors, why done the leader that uss. truman,
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that group, what was he doing while two boats, ten of his sailors were put in the hands of the iranians, we're not not getting straight answers from this government, american people are clear they have had a belly full. >> you will get a straight answer if they like the answer. they will tell you about 5 americans coming home, but what they won't talk about are the details of the 7 people who are going to be granted clemency in return, not talking about iran firing ballistic missiles in. or a rocky on th rocket passat navy warship. >> it does not fit their narratives.
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i mean, we're looking at a congress, led my republicans, senate led by republicans, y'all have not got an answer to a president who right now disney does not -- does not have an approval, he has had a underwater approval rating for 3 years. and republicans stan there mute. >> for first time, one great thing. just couple weeks ago, for first time. in years, president passed a bill to repeal and replace obamacare. lou: how many bills have the republicans in house of representatives pass. >> dozens this is first time it passed senate. lou: first time it got close. >> it passed. lou: i have the utmost respect for you, but we have a
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standard that says that republicans got close. my lord. >> but congress passed it, the president vetoed it. lou: i got it. >> he should not get a free pass, this next. we go through a appropriations process this year, in senate, democrats will hold on to their 6 votes needed to bring a bill for a vote. that gives nancy pelosi a seat at the table, and barack obama a seat at the table. lou: let's talk about the iranian deal for a moment. all protested loudly, for two years now. fact is here we are it is about to be done. we -- it has never been signed because it does not exist on paper. this the republicans did not
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have the courage to say, this is a treaty mr. president, by any definition, we're going to court we'll insist upon a constitution being observed. what happened to the bellies? what happened to the spine of the republican party here? as we bemoan when this president has done. >> i agree it should be treated as a treaty 100%, house passed legislation that would prevent this president from waving any sanctions, we also passed a regular that said the clock has not started yet. lou: to what affect. >> you can't -- >> why go through the charade of it. >> i don't think it is a shea are charade issue we have to fight. lou: i think it is because it has no affect you might as well doing shadow theater, there is no effect.
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>> when you get to congress you get a pin, your seniority number. lou: it is good looking. >> 435 members on the house, i am 434, i just got there i have -- i just want to fight. lou: amen. >> i don't care if you are number one or 435, i am fighting for love of country. lou: i'm not degrading your motivation, i am introducing a new perspective, do something. do something that has affect. this is a party lid by mitch mcconnell, and the congress, and paul ryan, and the speaker's. chair. and my lord, they -- i could not tell you what they believe about anything. but they have majored in not doing anything. >> well. lou: except talking. >> you know, the house has
7:22 pm
been passing legislation on iran, we can't get it to the president's desk, we can't sign it for him. we have to do what of -- whatever we can in our power to score victories until the president is out of office. lou: that is 367 days away. >> most of america is counting. lou: always good to talk with you. go fight. you will win. we appreciate it. >> thank you, lou. lou: congressman zelden . >> do you believe that donald trump's support is understated or over stated? which do you think? do you -- proudly proclaim your support for trump or whisper it? or cruz or rube or bush even. >> follow me on twitter. like me on facebook, follow he
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on instagram. links to everything on lou: third time not charm for spacex, the 3rd effort to land an unmanned rocket on a barge. this is what happened, the landing seconds away from being a success, but this was not. a device on one of the rocket's 4 legs broke, causing it to tip over, concept of landing a rocket, on its tail, from reentry is still extraordinary. spacex founder elon musk said he remains optimistic about the project's potential for success. and. nasa celebrating a milestone, they have flown a blower in space. a xenia. it is pretty.
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astronauts had grown red remain lettuce, but xenias are edible as well. an edible flower and more difficult to grow. maybe a trillion dollars, there you look at the result, i'm kidding. a lot more than that. up next, a few thoughts on loss of reason in the obama white house. and perhaps more. have you been on a motorcycle and wished that it doubled as a jet ski? this is your night. we have amazing pictures for you next. stay with us, we're coming right back.
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lou: a few quick thoughts, on a president who is a lame duck, but yet not a short timer, drat the luck. in two days we'll have a year to wait until a new president is sworn in. it is funny, i have the feeling we understand
7:29 pm
mr. obama no better over the course of this next year. he will still be boasting about accomplishments as he walks out of white house door, and most of us will still be asking, what in the world is he talking about? even thousand he brags about the economy, millions of americans lost, and abandoned by their president. with a year and two days to go, mr. obama has abandoned one was his few declarations, his promise to destroy the islamic state, remember? destroy it. which he not only has not done but he is not even bring himself to utter the name. it grows, syria after proclaiming assad's use of chemical weapon would constitute a red line that
7:30 pm
would result in action by his administration, it turn out he really does not care that assad used chemical weapons, but he because nothing. instead of helping hundreds of thousands of syrian refugees create a safe zone in their own country or nearby. mr. obama exacerbates the crisis and compounded social and political conflict in this country. all this after mr. obama chose to strap a missile -- scrap a missile defense feel fo field for poland. you can imagine slightly pe
7:31 pm
perplexesed. obama did you not' to work with congress. he does not try to make sense. because he knows the liberal national media will not hole him to account, he issues another fiat. and hapless republican leadership on capitol hill can only dither ask hope a lit of sparkle can land on them. so it goes. for one more year, and those two days, it will i'm sure seep every bit of that. eye. >> tonight of the obama kind. she wrote, to arrive at a contradiction is to confess an error in one's thinking, to maintain abdicate one's mind and evict one's self from the rearealm of reality.
7:32 pm
we're coming right back. >> hillary clinton embraces all things obama at the democratic debate. >> we have the affordable care act. that is one of the greatest accomplish thes of president obama. lou: we'll take it up with ed rollins, michael goodwin here next. >> navy proudly showing off its brand new weapon, it is something to behold, we'll show you what it can do, when "lou dobbs tonight" continues, these important messages. ♪
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cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪ marco rubio thinks it's unfair to criticize him for missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time. "one third of all of his missed votes in 2015 were missed before he announced he was running for president." over the last three years, marco rubio has missed more votes... than any other senator.
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i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. lou: joining us tonight, red rollin, and michael goodwin. >> thank you. lou: we start with, for the fun of it, start with hillary clinton and the debate. that was quite a pair foul -- powerful clash of ideas and principles to concern a direction for the nation. as two primary challengers there. >> one of most significant days we'll look back on, and realize how bad this deal was with iran, and someone that cleams tclaims to be an
7:37 pm
architect of one of it, failed to discuss it last night. we will sit by and watch this president turn terrorists loose from guantanamo bay, that is his next thrill. and i think to a certain, tent we need to have a honest debate. it is not going to come from that side. >> i think that juxtaposition of th parties on this issue, are as wide as they could be. all of the -- talking last week, talking about islamic state, here is the president, does not come up much last night with democrats, none will say islamic terrorism. lou: they held a debate the evening before a federal holiday, they want to hide their candidates, i understand fully their motivation. those candidates, they should be in the witness protect program, they are not speaking
7:38 pm
to issues, not forthrightly, you watch the republicans, you can say what you want about the candidates. but the reality is, the republicans are voicing real positions, they are talking about real issues that matter, they are doing it. there is an engaging debate about things that matter to the american people. >> i was struck last night, that questions were largely questions that democrats want to hear the answer to. not the country as a whole. >> like where do we get the money. >> they were partisan questions not questions for the nation as a whole. lou: ed? >> i agree, when a socialist candidate, stands toe-to-toe with a wha watch who was --
7:39 pm
woman who was secretary of state, former first lady, and not a dime a worth of difference between the two of them that is astonishing to me. lou: trump today calling cruz nasty, cruz saying what he will. rubio and cruz, fighting it out, christie trying to find someone who will get him a couple more points. this is what -- is there in your judgment a undecided out this that will be persuaded soar do most people right now, know who they will slow the for? >> well, -- know who they will vote for. >> starting with iowa, historically there is a lot of movement toward the end, same with new hampshire. lou: last 10 days. >> right, we're now getting into that two week window. i was looking at last 6 polls, about in iowa. it is amazing how little movement there has been. i think of 6 cruz is ahead in two, trump in four of, the
7:40 pm
rest of lineup is consistent. now that carson has fallen back. there are about 20 points of all stragglers where will they go if they show up. lou: there is a interesting coincidence, sanders going after hillary clinton for $600,000 in speaking fee, trump going after cruz because goldman sachs back loaning the family a couple dollars, his wife works for goldman sachs. goldman sachs seems to be one of the most active, passive institutions in the country with a lot of money available. >> no matter what, it makes money. they have all pledged that next treasury secretary will not be a goldman sachs ceo. probably a good them going forward. but the critical thing, before a voter gets to vote, we're down to 3 candidates that
7:41 pm
absurd, there is a long way to go. if people are willing to stay in the race it could change. lou: politics? getting expensive. >> actually voters getting to vote, and make the decisions as opposed to poll steres. lou: i am for that. that said, who do you am will win iowa. >> i think if -- if it is a traditional turn out cruz. a higher turn out it would be trump. >> i think it is the test of trump, will the people. he does not have a huge organization but a lot of people who have not voted before are those who are polling for him. let's see whether they turn out, if they do he wins. lou: i am excited to see as you say, votes getting counted. i can't stand it, i'll be patient. wednesday. >> thank you.
7:42 pm
lou: michael thank you. >> the best of the best. the navy showing off the newest weapons. ex schall -- ex ber -- excalibur built by raytheon. it was built out of water there. it up creating accuracy and fire power of navy destroyers and cruisers. >> initials may have been watch -- engineers may have been watching too much jame bond when they came up with this, a motorbike that converts into a jet ski. bike can reach up to 87 miles an hour on the road, 37 on the water. british company, hoping to brin the bike-ski to market in months from now. that is cool. up next, i'll talk with the
7:43 pm
woman who is leading ranking family -- ranking family, all about oregon standoff, about two men sitting in a federal prison because of little bitly motivatedded federal agency, and the obam obama justice department. we'll talk with her. >> i'll tell you when movie knocked star wars out of the box office top place. stay with us, you don't want to miss any part of any of that. when cigarette cravings hit,
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lou: we're now in 17 day of armed occupation. happening on a wildlife refuge in oregon. with no end in sight at-this-point. at heart of protest is dwight hammond jr. and his son, into weeks ago they surrendered to for the authorities. it is a my judgment a pure out effort by federal government, and a little bi a little a -- little bipoliticalize justice
7:48 pm
department and agency to crush a family. and violate what this country stands for, joining us to talk about this is susan hammond. and a close friend of the family, mrs. hammond, my heart goes to you, your families, friend and communities, and the country for what you are going through. your husband and your son have been in prison for two weeks now, how are they doing. >> i believe they are doing as good as they can were th under the circumstances. lou: how you are holding up. you have a family, a ranch to run. you have some help, but it is tough, has anyone from your congressional delegation, any of the senators from your state, called you to say, what can we do to help to make this right. >> no, they have not.
7:49 pm
lou: i have to say, imf stunned -- i'm stunned, and community seems it has been pollacksed, they are stunned, that don't en what to do, yet, two members of your family are in prison because they did a backfire, set a backfire, on your ranch land, and federal land that you had grazing rights, to congressman walden said, ranchers do that all of the time, sometimes the blm does it, and not notifying the owner when they did a backfire on private property. i mean, how do you feel about the lack of justice in this case? >> it is nothing new. that's how it is. when you live out in the far
7:50 pm
lands of eastern oregon. when the majority of the land is government land, and majority of the people work for the government. lou: and to those who don't know watching this right now in oregon that number rising above half of the land in oregon. is federal land. across the west. most states, about half of -- it rises to 80% in a state like nevada. is there anyway, chris, for the family, community to come together with congressman greg walden, a democratic senator ron wyden, we could not even get a call back from these people, as mrs. hammond as your husband and your son are taken off to prison after having already served time in prison for the offense. what can be done here? chris in. >> we can keep fighting, we
7:51 pm
have to do something, we have to ask your elected officials to help us out, greggua walden has fought for us for a long time but we has not been able to get support from others. lou: you -- your family, has worked with the federal government, with congressman walden, you have done terrific work on balance at the interest of environmentalists and private ranchers, why in the world isn't there -- where sudden there anyone i there sudden there anyone in your -- isn't there anyone in your delegation to stand up, and say, forget the bunnies, i don't want to talk about them, stand up say, by goodyea
7:52 pm
goodyear not taking it anymore. is there a senator not worth two bits. this just -- >> i'm sorry. this is just. >> in oregon, eastern oregon that how things are. too bad but, our voting population is on the west side of the state. and the sparsely populated ranking communities in eastern oregon, don't really compete in the voting arena. it looks like that the federal laws or the local laws, would have to be oarvetio obeyed by either side of the equation but that not the case. lou: we're out of time but can i ask you to come back, and join us as we go through this, we're going to try to to
7:53 pm
everything we can to be of any help at least let people know about the outrage. and talk -- i mean. there is something -- this cannot just stand. i know that as i feel that, you must feel it by orders of magnitude beyond anything that i can conceive, i salute your ouriage and example. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> lou: up next, a scathing new political ad we'll have that for you, and the man behind ad, american crossroad ceo steve' law with us next. stay with us we're coming right back. this just got interesting.
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our trusted network of attorneys has provided guidance to over 100,000 people just like you. visit legalzoom today. the legal help you can count on. legalzoom. legal help is here. lou: joining us now. steven law, good to have you with us, one or two line ofs from -- ever wonder how hillary clinton can afford so many ads, chances are they were paid for with wall street cash. there is a lot of wall street cash out there. >> she is retending to be bernie sanders -- you are
7:58 pm
coming out against clinton, you staying away from other candidates? or time to attack trump nonstop. >> our focus is on general election, we're neutral in the primary. we think that this is an opportune time, voters are tuning in to a competitive come democratic race. lou: do you need a counter weight to donald trump? he has about 40%, if the polls are correct? >> that is not for us to decide, mr. trump has a lot of support he has a message that some segment of the elet rat is responding -- election rat is responding to.
7:59 pm
lou: do you think that paul ryan could be a counte count weight. >> i don't think that speaker ryan would want to be a counter weight. he has an important job as speaker of the house. he has a lot of legislation he wants to push through. >> what do you see as fundamental issue to be decided in this election? >> we have a lot of concerns and problems, we're less strong overseas, we're less strong economically, we need leadership to break from the failed policies of the last 8 year, and set us on a cures of prosperity, and security overseas, and respect abroad. lou: i'll take that. steven law thank you. >> thank you.
8:00 pm
>> great to have you with us. >> that is it for us. we hope you will join us tomorrow night. good night from new york. kennedy: welcome to highlight of your day. like you i 4ed mysel forced myself to watch geriatric political porn last night, bernie sanders showed up for a debate. proving it thank you not make -- not take much for hillary clinton to sound shrill. all bernie wants is single paipayer healthcare and the


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