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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  January 19, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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and i set out, i am ash. neil: do you say that with your accent? ashley: first customer set i'm looking for a pair of my pants. pants and underwear means england so i took to the jockey shorts. looking for something with a slightly longer leg. neil: look at this, trish regan. now we know -- >> my favorite. president obama's immigration plan is heading for supreme court showdown. welcome to "the intelligence report". i and trish regan listed in court justices decide one of obama's most far reaching executive action, a plan that would grant work permits to 4 million illegal immigrants. the plan was unveiled in obama's high-profile speech where he told millions of illegal immigrants you can finally come
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out of the shadows. >> if you have been in america more than five years, if you have children who are american citizens or legal residents, if you registered, passed a criminal background check and you are willing to pay your fair share of taxes, you will be able to apply to stay in this country temporarily without fear of deportation. you can come out of the shadows and get right with the law. trish: or he hopes. those adults with children born in america under the president's plan would receive a whole host of benefits like health care, disability, retirement and it would cost american taxpayers a whole lot of money. 26 states arguing obama is ignoring procedures and abusing his power by sidestepping congress. was a look at what was at stake, the man leading the charge against the president's plan, texas attorney general can hatched in. >> hope your doing well.
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trish: i am. the point you are making is texas is being given an unfair economic burden. walk me through your argument here. >> when this occurs, this stays in place we have to issue driver's licenses to a lot of people, it will cost millions of dollars. is not part of the budget and it doesn't take into account other costs this will entail. trish: 86 million is what you anticipate it would cost taxpayers there to issue of these drivers licenses. let me play devil's advocate and ask what about the cost of not having them in the system? what do you think matt is? >> let me say this. what we are looking at here is an unconstitutional action, not just we are talking about policy but a president who has ever stepped is downs, just made up the law without going through the process of congress, representative government and
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the texas affected by that, but federal government, and social security. trish: amnesty was pointed out as the taxpayers if you have all 11 million immigrants, $6.3 trillion because you would pay all kinds of welfare benefits including food stamps, housing, medical benefits, there's a whole host of them and we know even if it is just a fraction of that and you are bringing 4 million people in and you are paying 2 trillion in benefit costs, the match just doesn't add up. this would be very costly. this is what the other side says over and over, you run a risk by not bringing people into the system. there's an economic penalty to all of that. what do you say in response? >> congress set up the statutory framework for immigration, they
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are the ones that are lawfully allowed to change that is the president is not allowed under the constitution to change law and that is what he has done. you cited texas costs but we're suing on behalf of 25 other states to have their own costs along with states that are not involved in lawsuits and the cost of this is larger than it is costing texas. trish: there's something else, the president may be abusing his power here. he has a duty to protect the law of the land, you have to take care cause of the u.s. constitution article ii section iii, the president shall take care that the laws will be faithfully executed. that is something that the supreme court is looking at as well. what is your argument there? >> absolutely. that is the president himself over 20 times over six year period from the time he was campaigning until 2014 said himself he didn't have the authority to change the law,
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that he was not the king, congress would have to do it and suddenly out of thin air he created this new law. this is not just a policy decision the president can make, this is a policy decision representative government, congress has to make. trish: get ready, this will be a very interesting spring and potentially a very interesting june as we anticipate the supreme court making an announcement on this, decision on this before they break. thank you, good to have you here today. big question whether president obama i can really runaround congress on such a vast and divisive issue. senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano joins me right now with all the legal ramifications. good to see you. what is your sense of how strong the case is? judge napolitano: i attorney -- i agree with attorney general paxton and so did the judge before whom the case was argued and said in a panel of three appellates judges who heard the government's appeal. a couple basics, the supreme
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court the united states wants to hear an appeal of only takes four votes to require all nine to hear an appeal. not that they are going to reverse what happened below and the fact that the supreme court addressed to take care claus by specifically ordering the states and federal government to address this clause leads me to believe the court is very interested in whether or not the president can decide not to enforce certain laws and make up his own. trish: this is a divisive issue plays into this? >> sometimes it does. the court wants to get rid of the divisiveness that in this case the court is concerned with a president who appears to be making up his own laws as he is going along. the clip you just ran in which he said if you have been here for five years, if you pay your taxes, if you pass a criminal background check, if you have children that were lawfully born here, those conditions he made up.
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those are not conditions in the law. they may be good things, humanitarian, save a lot of human tragedy because you are talking about deporting parents, children whose lawfully born here, that is not the law. he can't rewrite the law. he took an oath to enforce the law whether he agrees with it or not. trish: that is the take care claus. what does it actually mean for additional illegal immigrants that might come here. and come here illegally, recall the rules, we will grant you status. judge napolitano: sending a signal, come on over. he has 12 months left to his presidency. the supreme court is going to rule in another six months. if they uphold what he did in my view that would be shocking and probably not going to be the case but if they did not told what he plans to do, that program would only exist for another six months unless he is succeeded by president who agrees with him. trish: the statement indicates
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the supreme court will very much be in favor, there is a political component to it. judge napolitano: political component is the decision will lead to rich four weeks before the republican national convention starts. trish: so good to have you here. we want to talk about the political component. it comes out days or weeks before the convention and it is going to thrust immigration as an issue very much into the spotlight as if it wasn't enough already. 13 days until the iowa caucuses, the war of words is heating up between ted cruz and fellow front runner donald trump, and the immigration debate is very much in play right now because he put it there, ted cruz saying not so fast. >> if you didn't stand up and fight amnesty, when the stakes were live or die, the stakes were do we lose this permanently
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or do we win, i would suggest as voters, we have reason to doubt the credibility of the promises of a political candidate who discovers the issue's it was announced as repressive. trish: they could bring in millions of voters, they could win over the growing hispanic population. and helping to cement the potential in. gina robbins, solidarity strategy, start with you. politically speaking, how big an opportunity does this represent? >> you are trying to get your base out of this, and very much against any of this, donald trump kicking off his campaign. when you want to rile up the base wanting to rile up the base
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talking about undocumented people. >> i am talking about ones you get the national stage, if just weeks before, 4 million illegal immigrants that are now being given amnesty, they are likely going to feel pretty sympathetic to the obama administration and that is hillary clinton and anticipative they have any relatives they contest about those relatives will feel very sympathetic, to the democratic administration. >> none of them will be citizens and none of them convoke. my family was born here. we are sympathetic to people who come here and want to be part of the fabric of this country and you can't win the presidency without carrying florida, colorado and nevada, and i can see donald trump playing this up in a way that he has been plagued for a while. maria: got to give him credit for this, he will play issues
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and when he goes head to head with democrats, it is pretty difficult, you need to spend -- how will he get hispanic when potentially there is the ruling may be in favor of bringing 4 million people in and people are crediting obama and his administration for that. >> it is funny. the polling on this is a little counterintuitive. the number of people who want to stop the influences a lot higher. and even those hispanics interviewed, the most crime happening from illegal immigration happens to the legal hispanics in this country i happen to live in a very hispanic neighborhood and i consistently and shocked with the number of people who love what folks like ted cruz or donald trump per se in about stopping illegal immigration because legal immigrants want to
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be saved. trish: what about data that shows both john mccain and mitt romney have the majority of the white male vote and yet they didn't win the presidency of the united states. is that going to coming to play on the national stage? >> i don't think so. this is not about race to most people. the issue of illegal immigratio. considering that the timing of the john mccain and mitt romney presidential run it wasn't a national security issue like it is now. we didn't have training camps just across the border for people to look mexican and train as terrorists to come into the country, now we have confirmed those are verbage that scares anyone. it is not skin color or ethnicity. trish: one thing that scares me is the financial side of all of this because is going to be completely and sustainable for us to take on all of these additional people and the
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benefits. the obama administration says if you don't take in, the obama administration says if you don't take in the 11 million illegal immigrants and bring them into the system you are missing out on the eve billion dollars worth of economic potential but let the counter that with what the heritage foundation says. if you take in those 11 million people you are going to be hit with $6.4 trillion worth of liabilities in the way of a host of different welfare programs, social security, health care, etc.. i don't know how we do it. >> the american people are smarter than the heritage foundation. common sense will tell you when an undocumented person works, and give some cash money, bring them out of the shadows, give them a work permit, they start paying taxes. what do you have against doing that? >> they won't be able to pay in taxes to offset -- >> what we talking about 4
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million people, not 11 million people, 10,000 of those people are mothers and fathers of u.s. military. they are good enough to serve in the military, their mother and father are good enough to stay in the country with a work permit. trish: you can cut the $6.4 trillion down and still looking at $2 trillion. i don't know how these numbers add up. it is a discussion we are going to stay on on "the intelligence report". stay with me. i will come back to you shortly. we will look at iowa because it is feeling the burn as sanders storms through the state on a bus tour. is the going to be able to court enough democrats away from hillary clinton in order to win it in iowa? we are talking about that was the one issue democrats and republicans all agree on. can you guess what it is? on major issue in this campaign and it has a whole lot of people mad about it. how is that for a tease? we will be right back.
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marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader,
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so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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trish: bernie sanders on a bus tour hoping to build on the momentum from the debate. four stop swing through iowa comes just as the race titans to 13 days before the caucuses. he is also leading hillary clinton in the granite state in new hampshire which holds its primary just one week after iowa. all of this as the two candidates fire at each other. ed henry with more from the campaign trail. >> reporter: what is interesting is bernie sanders is gaining in these key states, you mentioned a poll in new hampshire, consistently up, consistently ahead. in iowa there was a poll,
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bloomberg and the des moines register put it together and bernie sanders was only behind hillary clinton two points and in those key early stage he is either closing in or taking the lead but i think what is really significant is when you look at the national coal from monmouth university out today and chose hillary clinton's national lead over sanders has been cut in half and deeper numbers tell the story of who is going to win this nomination. among white voters, white democrats clinton 43, sanders 43 so it is a dead heat and clinton had a 25 point lead among white democrats month ago. that is gone but look at the next number, black and latino voters, clinton 74%, sanders 21% so that is the 50 point adapter. this is the big hurdle for bernie sanders. he can tie hillary clinton, take a small lead among white democrats but if he does not cut into what the clinton camp believes is a southern fireball,
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african-american voters are critical, is still a 50 point gap. he is simply not going to be able to do it once supertuesday comes around, this map goes beyond iowa and new hampshire and starnes going south but hopeful sign for sanders last night as he was in birmingham, deep south, he had 7,000 people. who would have thought a 74-year-old white senator from vermont would get over 7,000 people in birmingham. he has momentum. trish: women are a critical demographic for her to hit. how is she pairing with younger women compared to bernie sanders? >> that is a problem. a mm-hmm win in broadly especially older women hillary clinton is doing well but among female millennials, there was the usa today poll week or so ago, it should bernie sanders was doing surprisingly well, leading hillary clinton among female millennials. that is the huge problem because across the board men, women, if they are young these college students turn out for barack
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obama, they're going to bernie sanders that is a key part of the obama coalition. trish: i imagine feeling a little disillusioned after the last seven years. thank you. stocks erasing all of their gains today, spinning in negative territory down 50 on the dow. china releasing gdp report today showing china's economy so bad, it is good because investors are hopeful china will print more money and stimulate the economy somehow. what is next? what do you do to keep your money saved? stay with me, the answers right after this.
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trish: we did in to negative territory. we were up most of the day. we are starting to see some downside as we head into almost the final hour of trading. you can see the dow off 34
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points, a loss of 1/4 of 1% of a lot of questions how the market will fare as a result of what we saw in china today, wall street dissecting the economic data, gdp, the measurement of the overall economy in china came out this morning and said it is at its lowest he's we have seen in 25 years. it sounds like bad news for the state of the global economy but i can tell you the initial read on that negative report had a lot of people hoping for some stimulus. so investors may be backing off of that idea. maybe the reality of things is settling in but allow the focus these days on china, i have team coverage here, we're going to go shortly to the investing impact but let's start with china, 6.8% their economy is supposedly, i say supposedly with emphasis. >> every analyst and the economist is skeptical. the number in real terms may be closer to 4.5% which is that
2:26 pm
very different story but if you look at what they did the number came out, the chinese government, met senior economic officials, president xi jinping was in meetings about this ongoing economic crisis is what they are in and you see the people's bank of china releasing a new stimulus just this morning our time, 600 billion usd lifting stock market futures into the triple digits. trish: is going to be more. jo lin: that there is ongoing support, what we have seen so far has not worked and we are dealing with a lot of volatile factors here, the stock market is one indicator of gdp not growing as quickly as another, then the currency devaluation and how that affects the u.s. market as well and good coming of china into the u.s. so essentials leave this move, this pressure to create service sector instead of an export-led sector is much harder than it looks.
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trish: jo lin kent, thank you for breaking it down, let's talk about shine and analyze these markets. the strategist, steve, hey, there are a lot of investors on this side of the pond that are hoping some of the negative data we are seeing from around the world might actually lead to some stimulus in the u.s. as well. >> there are hopes of that but they are feeding hopes. we have exuberant market in looking at future markets before we open and here we are and also the day crude oil getting slammed yet again, primarily because of china. what we are talking about. the slowest growth in a quarter century. last time china was the so i was in college, this is a major problem. by the way this news, the people's bank of china cutting rates, offering more stimulus, in 2013-14 that would have made global markets go crazy.
2:28 pm
we are not seeing that anymore. markets of lost their faith in the ability of central banks to induce growth. trish: we have learned one thing from the fed's aggressive move and that is you really can't have the impact you desire as a central bank ron fundamental demand and fundamental growth, not when you are fighting washington at the same time as the rhetoric out of d.c. but as we look at this market, we look at 2015 and how things may or may not shape up, will it be a good year? do you think the malaise we have seen and the downside we have seen in the market is going to continue? >> sadly i can't offer much hope here. i do think the downside will continue. the last two weeks have been so brutal that people who are more tactical this might be a time to look at the long side, our viewers were mainly lager term
2:29 pm
investors, i think growth is challenging. you mention hurdles to grow out of washington, the biggest we too are byzantine tax code and overregulation of so many areas of our economy, neither of those factors the going to change in an election year so said the 2016 is going to be a very tough year for global markets that having said that i am was her turn optimistic of we get up republican president in the fall 2017 and beyond america can rebound and rebound hard. trish: declaring economic state of emergency, socialist president doing that, we'd better hook a socialist doesn't line up in the white house. >> a major candidate. trish: thank you so much. coming up everyone, the one thing that everyone in both parties seems to agree on. can you guess it? we will take your thoughts next.
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>> a big old party. a few outsiders. >> i am sure the world thinks this is more than just read. trish: taking stocks that wall street. the big bang seems to be the only thing that is uniting the parties in this election cycle. >> millions of people have
2:34 pm
police records. the ceos of wall street companies will destroy our economy. >> the combination. stimulus and cronyism in washington. that is what has moment did this incredible grassroots movement of the two party. fed up with bailing out wall street and ignoring main street. >> why is wall street the heart of our capitalistic economy. that with me. good to see you guys. >> it is a lawmaker represented in michigan. detroit. the kinds of things about michigan is detroit and the big
2:35 pm
auto business. saying about wall street. it would never fly. what makes wall street such an easy target? i could make the same case about a lot of other countries. >> i could explain that very easily. it is just like apple in america. it is easy for democrats and republicans to say, oh, it is those guys fall. i do not think people mind people being rich or being on wall street. that is why you see the rise of donald trump. sick and tired of being sick and tired. >> i think that is a very good point. the reality is, yes. i know nobody wanted to bailout the banks. the banks did pay back the
2:36 pm
money. and with interest. they made money on the financial portion of this program. people like to forget that little fact. again. it comes to wall street. >> the impact, also, on the middle class. i think back, it you know, one place where i really have a problem with this. talk about wall street. the democrats take more money from wall street pared i think it is a little disingenuous. that is somebody, ted cruz, has taken on a lot of the burden of taking on wall street. it helps to make him very unpopular. there are several candidates in this race that have really stood
2:37 pm
up to wall street in favor of the middle class. >> one positive for the republican party is for whatever reason it seems to have ordered did, over the last decade or so. it was seen as the party of the elite. i think that republicans can tell you, the party is anything of that. you work hard. there is an opportunity here it it will pay off in the end. that seems to be what donald trump is bringing back to the party. a billionaire. he is seen as kind of an average joe. >> it is interesting. i love doing anecdotal service. i love asking nontraditional voters. the people that would not
2:38 pm
necessarily vote republican. they will vote for donald trump because they know he does not need the money to be reelected. i think that will play a big role in the next election. >> does he have that crossover appeal? i think a lot of blue-collar democrats are excited by trump. i think that there may be some crossover. do you think that there is any merit to that? >> i have been doing this for four years. we have seen people identified as independents. i think that p2 donald trump is all the people actually show up to caucus. if they do, it changes the way we look at politics as a whole. i would give that advice to bernie sanders. it will change the way professionals like me actually
2:39 pm
judge and monitor these races. >> one advice may be to get your organization together. they will help usher these enthusiastic supporters. >> good to see you guys. >> are you ready to place the bet on the presidential debate? the front runner from the iowa caucuses failed to capture the nomination. what does it mean for donald trump and hillary clinton? what does it mean for what we are going to see in the next couple of weeks. my intel right after this. ♪ the biggest challenge for business today is not
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people and organizations safer. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. our passion is making life tougher for cyber criminals, and making it safer for you and your customers. >> time for a check on these markets. trading into positive territory. now we are looking at a market up almost 40 points there on the dow. settling. the lowest level in more than 12 years. 2846. the own earnings be forecasted. helping the airlines.
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not all earnings news is good news. jewelry sales are declining this holiday season. the intelligence report will be right back with my intel. why it is still too early for winners in this presidential race. be right back. ♪
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trish: we have breaking news from the carson campaign. suspending his campaign activities. a campaign staffer. it was a van full of volunteers. the staffer was said to have been driving. it was struck by another vehicle. all four people are being checked out at the cass county memorial hospital in atlantic iowa. ben carson is suspending his campaign for today. today only as he confronts this situation. you know, we are less than one month away from the new hampshire primary.
2:45 pm
thirteen days away from the iowa caucus. donald trump is still in the lead in both places. new hampshire voters, i would tell you, they are pretty skeptical. they can change their mind last minute. they really want to be certain that it is a candidate that they know and a candidate that they trust. unlike anything in the nation they have ever seen. he talks with a certain part of his appeal. talking about his campaigning style. instead of spending a weekend in new hampshire higher, going to the county fair, he is flying in for these big-time rallies. you know, consider this. in the town of hansen, which is where i grew up, a pretty small
2:46 pm
town, he gave a speech. 30,000 people. that is a quarter of the population that showed up. he is speaking to thousands. and then he gets out. he hightailed it out of town. you could say, maybe, he is the most productive politician we have ever seen. i say he is pretty productive. right. it is also worth noting and asking, will this tactic really pay off for him in new hampshire higher? one new hampshire farmer says to another, who are you going to vote for? i don't know. we have only met three of the candidates three times.
2:47 pm
you will have the opportunity to make these candidates not once, but twice. multiple times. people there seem to like him a lot. they do not know him, though. i wonder about that. they are certainly productive. ways of getting out a message. if i really wanted to lock down in the granite state, probably an iowa, two. expectations of candidates. i might go to coffee. you need to make sure that your supporters are motivated to get out there on election day. that feeling like they know you and they have a responsibility to you. all right. coming up.
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>> the city of flint michigan in a state of emergency today. the national guard sending in even more troops to hand out bottles of water. the drinking water became contaminated with high levels of lead. after the city switched to the flint river in a cost-cutting move.
2:52 pm
republican governor rick schneider is expected to fix the crisis in the state of the state. do not expect him to resign. in an interview with the national journal, first to the water crisis. a disaster. wanting to solve the problem. i do not want to walk away from it. the mayor of flint is at the white house meeting with valerie jarrett today. the white house is expected later today, in fact, they did announce this moments ago. an official that will manage the flint situation. well, is this just in example of government failure? dan mitchell joins me right now. dan, i have to say, it is nice that the mayor is meeting at the white house. my gosh, where was local
2:53 pm
government a year and a half ago when this whole thing first happened? >> exactly. i was a parent and all my kids were grown up. having to go postal. i do not know whether it was stupidity. a problem that the people in flint never should have allowed to happen. you have followed these silly politicians pointing fingers at each other. this is not the fault of governor rick snyder. nor is this the problem of president obama. both of those groups should have told the people of flint to try to protect themselves. the people or politicians of flint thought this was some other level of government.
2:54 pm
this is a responsibility. >> is god ignored again because of race. do you think that it is really race? the people running the town are just completely incompetent. they are not listening to the people they are. a bad person somewhere. we will take a lesson from this. local politicians and local governments. they were citizens and taxpayers. they all get sort of left behind. they are feeding upon itself.
2:55 pm
the responsibility of good schools. clean water. what ever. much better. >> they need to listen to their constituents. we're going back a year and a half ago when they made this choice to use the water from the flint river which was known to be dirty. residents came forward. this stuff does not taste right. they were ignored. it was not until a year and a half later. the government needs to represent the people. >> the best way to have government represent the people is to have responsibility and accountability at the local level.
2:56 pm
>> we have to expect more from everyone. >> a big shakeup on this debate front. away from nbc. it is all because of cnbc ethics failure. ♪ with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at . mmm, a perfect 177-degrees. and that's why this road warrior rents from national. i can bypass the counter and go straight to my car. and i don't have to talk to any humans, unless i want to.
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. >> this is not a cage match, and if you look at question, donald trump, are you a comic book villain? ben carson, can you do math? john kasich, will you insult two people over here. marco rubio, why don't you resign? jeb bush, why have your numbers fallen? how about talking about the substantive issues people care about. >> we have $19 trillion in debt, we have people out of work, isis and al qaeda attacking us and we're talking about fantasy football? [cheering and applause] . trish: remember that? not cnbc's finest moment. the reality is that was bias, bad questioning. and i was disturbed as all of
3:00 pm
you watching it. it's catching up with them. the hits keep on coming. rnc has officially pulled the plug on the planned nbc gop debate next month, and instead the republican candidates will stage on another network. c'est la vie, cnbc, oh, well. heading over to liz claman in davos. liz: thank you very much, trish, live at the world economic forum in a subzero davos, switzerland as the markets can't shake deep freeze struggling to shake off the worst start to a new year ever. dow jones industrials down 61 points, near session lows following the long holiday weekend. the dow and the s&p are down nearly 8% apiece this year. here's what happened this morning, it's a bit of a surprise for anybody watching hours ago. the dow jumped out of the gate leaping to triple-digit gains at the open following upside moves in asia and europe.


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