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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  January 19, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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a top inspector general says hillary clinton emails on her home server had intelligence from federal government's most secretive and highly classified programs. more on this investigation. david: even above top secret. [closing bell rings] markets managing to squeeze out a gain today but nothing like early in trading. futures showed a big gain, triple digit on the dow. lost momentum very quickly as harsh realities began to sink in, what might be happening with earnings. speaking which we get netflix out any moment. that stock, by the way, which has been hit hard recently, may move as much as 10%, melissa. melissa: here's a look where we're ending the day. the dow trading up 26 points. s&p trading up a point, basically flat on the session. nasdaq down. crude oil there down a dollar. you can see better than 3%, 2.36. david: billion something right
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so far. -- 28.36. oil once again, on stocks, look at this, crude hitting a new 12-year low, settling down over 3%. larry shover, chief investment officer at fc-f alternatives from the cme in chicago. larry, we had a report from the energy agency that oil market may drown in supply. are they right? >> so far so good, yes they are right. we do know supply has been dropping that does stable aids marks kit. we're not seeing that. clearly this market has lacked confidence in every support zone. $70 all the way down to to dollars a barrel, it smashes through everything. what we need is real demand support and we have not gotten it. right now the boo birds are correct. i do believe the market will become balanced by the third quarter of this year.
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we will see oil prices back up in the 40s. right now, a very good buying opportunity. david: you used word demand. i've been hearing nothing but supply. we have oversupply. >> oh, no. david: you're seeing lack of demand which means slowdown in the world economy, right? >> well, david, not exactly. i think, we had great demand last year, even facing falling gdp, 1.4 million bears a day is not nothing. this year we're projecting 1.2 million. if we keep that with the drop in supply around the world, even adding $400,000 a barrel from iran, we should have a draw on the market by the third quarter of this year. david: all right. bottom line is, people are not buying as they should be to get rid of that extra reserve. larry shover, thank you very much. melissa. melissa: president obama's immigration plan is heading to highest court. the supreme court will use the executive order to shield up to
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five million immigrants from deportation. fox news's shannon bream in d.c. with the latest. shannon. reporter: melissa, with word that the justice will hear this challenge to president obama's executive actions on immigration we're teed up for a decision to come in late june, right in the middle of the presidential election. the justices are considering an action led by texas. it includes 26 states total. the states are arguing that the president went far beyond his constitutional powers and right around congress when decided to block deportation for millions in the this country illegally as well as making them eligible for things like work permits and various other benefits. texas attorney general ken paxton said, quote, the court should affirm what president obama said himself on more than 20 occasions that he can not unilaterally rewrite congressional laws and circumvent the people's representatives. the white house says it is pleased the court decided to take up the case. that is because the administration essentially lost at lower court levels t has a
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fresh chance at nation's highest court. here is what white house press secretary josh earnest said earlier today. >> administration believes strongly that the prompt implementation of these executive actions would have positive benefits for our economy, would have positive benefits for the security of communities across the country. reporter: he went on to add that the administration is feeling very confident about its chances. case comes down how the court views the president's use of executive power. in recent years they have pushed back what they saw overreach by the white house. not in this context. we'll see what they decide. will hear knit late april with a decision by june. melissa. melissa: thank you so much for that, shannon. wow. david: right in the middle of political season. we're less than two weeks until the iowa caucuses. war of words is heating up even more than it already has though donald trump might be about to get a little help from a friend. fox business's peter barnes is in d.c. with the latest.
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peter, tell us, is she going to be there? >> david, so trump, his campaign has not yet commented on speculation he is about to get endorsed by drum roll please, sarah palin. trump has been teasing a major announcement for this evening in iowa. palin's daughter bristol didn't calm speculation any when she posted on her blog today she hopes it happens. ted cruz prented special announcement with a tweet this afternoon saying of the former alaska governor and republican 2008 vice-presidential candidate, i love sarah palin. without her support i wouldn't be in the senate. regardless of what she does in 2016 i will always be a big fan. also from iowa the "the des moines register" is reporting that the state's republican governor terry branstad is calling for cruz's defeat, citing cruz's opposition to ethanol subsidies important to iowa farmers. trump piled on with a tweet, wow, highly respected governor
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of iowa stated ted cruz must be defeated. big shocker. people do not like ted. david: even though he spelled shocker wrong. melissa. melissa: oh, my goodness. hillary clinton hillary clinton dewalk kel could be taking more serious turn. her unauthorized server used while she was secretary state had highly classified government programs. this is according to unclassified letter from a top inspector general obtained exclusively by fox news. the intel contained in those emails pertains to what are known aspects act kest programs which are considered beyond top secret. more serious than that david? david: just keeps getting worse. listen up, east coast. huge storm with potential for heavy snow could slam from tennessee all the way up to maine. joining with us all details, fox news meteorologist janice dean. janice, that is the entire northeast. >> it is. full disclosure here, david.
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i've been emailing with melissa's son thompson because he really wants to know if this will be a big event for new york. so the pressure is on here. i feel it. let's talk about first of all the potential for very cold air in applause for this potential nor'easter this weekend. we've got it. this is windchills right now, minus 3 in international falls. feels like 19 in new york. 15 in richmond. this is part of ingredient we need for this potential big blockbuster storm this weekend. now temperatures are going to moderate a little bit. as we head into wednesday, thursday, friday, temperatures come up a little bit but around the freezing point. now, we have the first storm system that is going to move across ohio and tennessee river valley and bring us three to six inches of snow as we go through thursday and friday. this is our big event, coming out of the gulf of mexico. streaming in from the atlantic,
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snow heavy at times as well as mixing here, across portions of mid-atlantic, starts to crank up friday into saturday. but a lot of uncertainty here right now. we have to really hone in on the forecast models. this is the gfs. this is saturday. you can see these are the isobars. tightly packed here. the tighter the isobars, more windy we have and potential for blizzard conditions all along the coast. again looks like friday night, all day saturday, into sunday event. as far as snowfall totals are concerned, it looks like right now west and around the d.c. area, that's where the jackpot is. however, all along the coast from the delmarva up towards new england need to monitor this storm. i will have better details for you as you we get closer to the event. snowfall is really hard to forecast. the takeaway it will be the
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biggest snowstorm we've had so far this winter for the northeast. david: not only melissa's son, i want to know. i'm going to washington on friday night. i want to know as well. >> earlier you get there the better, david. i don't think you should be traveling friday knight. david: i'm taking a train. they can plow through everything. melissa: my son said, how do you know if it will snow. my son said ask your friend the machine. keep us posted. david: thanks, janice. dangerous deal, backlash against lifting sanctions in iran continues to grow. >> with some money they're going to get from the sanctions, some of that, billions of dollars are going to go into meddling and interference and terrorism. i think on the nuclear deal we wanted a deal a lot worse than the iranians did. melissa: state of emergency. flint michigan, has been living off bottled water for months after a botched move to save
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money over a year ago. we'll take you to flint where angry residents are calling for the governor to resign. david: we're awaiting big earnings from netflix. stay tuned. the stock could move big-time after hours.
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this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. david: we have breaking news on netflix. it is popping after-hours.
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lori rothman has details to why. lori. >> bottom line earnings per share in the fourth quarter 10 cents versus two cent estimate. 10 cents a share what they did last year. revenue a little soft. you can see the shares are popping in the extended session. you've seen them as high as 12%. this is because of extraordinary subscriber growth all around the world. we know netflix has a presence all around the world except in china. netflix shares are higher ahead of the report. they continue to surge because of fantastic subscriber growth. i'm trying to nail down numbers. for fourth quarter, international subscriber growth came in four million subscribers. they were only expected to add 3 1/2 million. overall we want netflix coming in with 75 million total current subscribers globally. we have to do a little math to see if we're at that number. so far wall street is very
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impressed with this report. shares are incredibly volatile. as you know they move on average 12 or 13% the day after last earnings. this year has been a tough start for netflix like some other stocks in this marketplace, down 10%. last year netflix was up 135%. i don't have to tell you, melissa, original content which has folks glued -- 75 million, just confirmed. thank you, liz, our awesome producer down at new york stock exchange. netflix met the international subscriber growth number. that is why everyone here is very pleased. back to you. david: lori rothman, thank you very much. melissa: here to weigh in, jack hough of "barron's" and david dietze wealth point management. you heard lori with the number, of subscribers of 75 million. >> over on international adds. what i want to see, i haven't looked at yet, guidance on first quarter will be important. the reason netflix turned on the
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switch to more than 100 new markets at beginning of this year. they haven't put any effort behind it. they're not rolling out special site for all these different countries and markets. there is no new content. saying anybody who wants it could have at it. could lead to first quarter, international subscriber growth number well ahead of the treatment estimate but difficult to forecast how many folks sign on with basically a very soft launch from netflix. this bodes well, the fourth quarter number. >> i'm pleased with this report. it is all about subscriber growth. offering first month free-for-all new international subscribers. so they're not focusing on revenue right now. with 130-country launch they have the opportunity to take it to the next step. one country they're not in, china. ultimately we're watching to see what happens in china but i think that is the focus. melissa: is it enough to just hook in the new subscribers if they don't know if they will make revenue off it? that is the idea. i love netflix.
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they have to make money. suggesting in the long term they should try to monetize it. i love netflix but i have apple tv. there is plenty of other streaming services. now that i'm used to that way of getting tv i could take netflix or leave it. >> companies like this get a pass for a while if they show per roche schuss growth of numbers exercise bringing in. look at amazon. they have a while before they have to show significant profits. street obviously likes what it is seeing. seeing movement on the stock. if you think that is violent move for netflix stock to the upside, it is not. over past five years average quarterly move after earnings is 15%. this is snoozer. melissa: up 15% year-to-date. it is actually down 10%. david, let me ask you, if there is anything good we want to find, it is on itunes. that we have to pay.
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netflix, make a murderer, "house of cards," but on the whole my kids think netflix is like, uh. >> if they have something exclusive to netflix it attracts attention. that brings other content from other content producers because there is big competition between hulu and amazon. who will get the other original content. it gives netflix the edge. >> ask kids few years how they feel about youtube. at "barron's" we feel youtube is twice as valuable as netflix. melissa: i have to take it away from them because they get addicted to youtube which is bizarre. david: good suggestion on jack about youtube. toxic tapwater in flint, michigan, is beginning to make waves for governor rick snyder. some are calling for his resignation and some filing a class-action lawsuit against them. the governor expects to lay out his plans to fix the problem
4:17 pm
during the state of the state address tonight. fox news's mike tobin live from flint, michigan, with the latest on the developing story. reporter: the lawsuits claim a few things. for starters, people subject to the contaminated water shouldn't be subject to a water bill. they want some relief there. they should be financially compensated for illness or injury results from contaminated water. they allege everything from miscarriages to anxiety. the lawsuits are looking for a lot of disclosure, particularly communications from the governor's office. the plaintiff's attorneys believe that the governor's office knew about the problem before they took any effective action. >> how could he not know about this crisis when gm in october of 2014 said, we don't want your damn water anymore because it is rusting our parts? reporter: plaintiffs lawyers are making the connection between the contaminated water from the flint river here and cluster of legionnaires' disease cases, 20
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diagnosed cases roughly and 10 people they say have died and plaintiff's attorneys say that they will ultimately make a connection between those cases and the bad water here. we got announcement from the white house that a czar, if you will, will be appointed from the department of health and human services to coordinate federal aid coming out here to flint. thus far only $5 million of emergency money have been freed up to come here to flint. governor rick snyder said the need is somewhere around $55 million. governor snyder for his part says he is responsible. that he could have done more. in fact he said in recent interview it is fair to call this his katrina. governor snyder will deliver his sixth state of the state address today. the problems in, michigan, will be front and center. david: i'm sure the czar will fix everything. czars always solve the problem. melissa: right. david: isis and deadly war crimes. details on shocking new number of slaves that the terror group is holding in iraq.
4:19 pm
u.s. prisoners freed from iran but one man was left behind. the message his family has for the white house. you are going to want to see this coming next. >> we had no information that this was going to happen and we found out about it on tv just like everyone else did and it was very disappointing that they had not athlete given us some information that this was going to happen. you both have a perfect driving record. perfect. no tickets. no accidents. that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no. your insurance rates go through the roof... yoyou anything. anything. perfect.
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melissa: we have breaking news right now. sarah palin endorsing donald trump for president. we have former john mccain campaign advisor joins us now. what does this endorsement mean? >> oh, i think it is quite significant. it's one of the first large endorsements, first of all for donald trump of any well-known national figure. secondly, comes on heels of iowa where governor palin has a large following, keeping in mind that particularly with iowa voters and evangelicals she is
4:23 pm
extraordinarily popular. and secondly, it also signals something about senator cruz. of course governor palin had endorsed senator cruz strongly when he became republican nominee in texas. she would choose donald trump over senator cruz is also significant because senator cruz hasn't received one endorsement from one of his senate colleagues. so it's a huge boost on heels of the iowa caucus. melissa: what does it signal down the road? who do you think is likely to follow next? >> i think it opens up the door for a number of other endorsements for mr. trump. the fact of the matter is, i think a number of republicans are now looking at mr. trump as possible nominee, something that would have been really frankly unthinkable even six months ago. so i think a number of other conservatives, where there was expectation that even reverend fallwell might make endorsement. he almost seemed to have made it
4:24 pm
yesterday at liberty university. i think this certainly for the conservative movement this is a fight between senator cruz and donald trump for the most conservative members of our party and i think it's a huge door-opener for donald trump. melissa: yeah, it shows you that maybe part of the party is starting to realize that this could happen. >> sure. melissa: may happen. it's time to get on board. >> correct. melissa: be interesting to see if that is the case. thank you very much. we'll have more coming up with you a little later with an pa nell on our show. thanks for coming on early to react to it. >> absolutely. david: wait until "snl" deals with this on saturday night. white house taking a victory lap after freeing five americans held prisoner in iran but the family of former fbi agent robert levinson who went missing in iran nine years ago, feels betrayed their son was not part of prisoner swap. maria bartiromo spoke with them earlier today. >> we're trying to meet with top
4:25 pm
level administration firms now that everybody is out, now that nuclear deal is struck, now that sanctions have been lifted what can they do for us to get our dad home? david: meanwhile the white house just announcing they don't believe levinson is still in iran. here to weigh in, captain chuck nash, fox news military analyst. that white house announcement is kind of mysterious. are we to assume from that they believe he is deceased? >> it is very difficult to tell, david. one hand is not talking to the other. you would think something as momentous as bringing all but one of the known hostages back from iran would at least be worthy of a phone call but sometimes i don't know that as many hundreds of people that are on the national security council staff, probably larger than it has ever been in our history -- david: they can't talk to family? >> hello, really. david: this is one thing, i had a lot of problems with the bush
4:26 pm
administration but i got to say they were very good following up with every family member that they could that was in jeopardy. this administration, you go from benghazi to this, they don't seem to care? >> david, i'll tell you, every bone in my military body has always told me leadership starts at the top. the leader sets the tone for the entire organization. david: i have to ask you about some breaking news that our own catherine herridge and pamela brown of fox news spoke about hillary's emails. there are new documents supposedly above top secret in classification, that found their way to her private server where presumably they could have been hacked into at least more easily than a government account. they're called sap, special access program intel. can you tell us anything about them. >> yes, sap programs, special access programs, are contain the highest classification or sensitivity of information that we as a nation possess. it has extremely limited
4:27 pm
availability to people because the information is either so sensitive that it would reveal the source of the information. it would reseal the maybe a human source or what kind of technical means used to collect it or it could tell what kind of analysis was used. so if you disclose that information the enemy now knows that you're on to something and they can track it. it is very limited access, strictly need to know. you have to sign a piece of paper -- i've been read into sap programs. tough sign a piece of paper to get in. when you get read out you have to sign out and it will scare you. david: we have to go. is there any way a secretary of state would not know that this is classified information? >> that would have to be willful disregard of knowledge, yes. you can't, you can't not know that that's, that it is that classified. and if you don't know, then you're too incompetent to hold the job. david: captain chuck nash, thank
4:28 pm
you, sir, appreciate it. melissa? melissa: millions of dollars going up in smoke. u.s. hitting isis where it hurt. the attack on the bank of the islamic state. plus a new major endorsement for donald trump. just not the one jimmy kimmel will try to get you to believe. >> dr. martin luther king, jr., this morning came out endorsing donald trump for president. what was your reaction to that? >> please don't? would be a little nervous. i would think he would be last one to endorse trump marco rubio.
4:29 pm
he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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david: breaking news. trump getting a major endorsement. there are reports that former governor sarah palin is endorsing the billionaire businessman just moments ago. we're expecting confirmation of this endorsement from "the donald" himself in half hour or hour 1/2. aides to senator ted cruz were deeply disappointed but cruz tweeted out, i love sarah palin. without her support i would not be here in the senate. regardless what she does in 2016, i will always be a big fan. our panel is back with us. we have sabrina schaefer of independent women's forum and julie roginsky. adolpho, we just her from you. everything didn't go smoothly with the mccain-sarah palin
4:33 pm
groupings. when you take on sarah palin you get a lot of attention but you might also take on other stuff. >> you can. she is poe lemmic figure. donald trump is not exactly a shrinking violet. so i think he can handle it. overall i have to tell you i think this is a very positive development for mr. trump. she has a following. there is no question she will, would have endorsed our party nominee regardless who the nominee is in the future. there is no downside to it. and there is only upside. in iowa particularly, she has significant base of support. david: although, adolpho, i have to tell you, julie roginsky came in here studio with her arms raised yeah, she is democrat. what are you so excited. >> the stars are aligned perfect together. i can't describe. david: you think it will be a circus, is that what you're saying? >> they're the kardashians.
4:34 pm
they're both reality stars. bristol palin last time i checked just given birth, trashing ted cruz essentially for no reason and saying she wanted her mother to endorse donald trump and ps, don't forget to buy her mother's devotional out this week. so basically selling books off of this. and -- david: chance to get back in. i want to hear from sabrina. sabrina, what do you think about this? will this turn into circus or is this a good thing? >> i suspect it will turn into a circus because this is donald trump but i'm confused, david. he wants to use her to strengthen his conservative credentials. i wouldn't be so excited to have sarah palin. this woman given opportunity of a lifetime. never did her homework. never really got ready for the big leagues. you want to bring her on and suggest she is -- david: adolpho, is that fair characterization of way she operated during the mccain campaign? >> that is very, very unfair. first of all is former governor. she was our party's nominee for vice president.
4:35 pm
she was selected by senator mccain. i don't think most people see him as right-wing zealot. david: no. >> the fact of the matter is this, sarah palin was going to endorse someone. would it be better to endorse senator cruz? is that better? david: we have one other issue we have to deal with and, i want to give you all have a chance to weigh in on this because it ties into the political campaign. president's executive order protected millions of illegal immigrant from being deported finally getting its day in court. the supreme court is expected to rule whether the president overstepped his authority a month ahead after crucial race for the white house. julie, question, who made the best case against what president obama did on immigration? >> look, i have to say that trump politically made the best case. david: forgive me, let me just throw this in here. i say it was president obama himself who made the best case because at least 22 times, that we were able to find in the
4:36 pm
public record, he came out saying it was a impossible for him to do exactly what he did. >> exactly. david: according to constitution. >> he did. reality the court will have to determine whether he was right then or right today. politics and that is life. court taking this up is probably a good thing potentially for his legacy if they rule in his direction. i am somebody very concerned about executive orders. i would wish this kind of legislation would go through congress an sign by the president. david: that is what the president himself. >> i'm not a huge fan of executive orders. david: a group of little sound bites. to get at least one of them in here before we leave. >> with respect to the notion i can just suspend deportations through executive order, that is just not the case. for me to simply through executive order ignore those congressional mandates, would not conform with my appropriate role as president. david: sabrina very quickly, how will he justify that with what he did? >> well the fifth circuit court
4:37 pm
of appeals told him he can't justify it. so i think the supreme court will now hopefully reinforce that. i think president talks about political rancor it is things like this, pushing through massive pieces of legislation by executive order or massive policy changes through executive order people dislike. makes them feel like there is no cohesion in washington. >> we have to wrap it, julie roginsky, sabrina schaefer, adolpho franco, thank you for being here. melissa. melissa: donald trump sending a strong message that he would get the apple, the tech giant to make its products in america if he is president. >> we'll get things coming. we'll get apple to start building their damn computers and things in this country rather than other countries. melissa: interesting. deirdre bolton. >> you chose that clip well, melissa. he said they will get them to build their own darn, i'm using lighter, friendly version, products in the u.s. most
4:38 pm
computers, most laptops, most computers are manufactured inu.s targeting are the iphones. those are produced in china. you talked about foxconn squarely based in china. that is where all the iphones are manufactured. he is saying in fact if he were elected president, he would make apple come back here, and bring jobs here. apple saves a lot of money. ceo tim took is blunt about that, we save money doing this overseas. we'll see what happens. melissa: there is a lot of room when he says make them come. what does that mean? tax incentives? there is a lot of room there, deirdre. it will be interesting to watch. we'll see you for sure at the top of the hour on "risk & reward." david: meanwhile a major scandal is rocking the world of tennis. new evidence how insiders might be rigging the game. melissa: plus chipolte wants you back and badly. the chain's latest efforts to get you back into its
4:39 pm
restaurants. ♪
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david: got a little update to you, for you on that breaking news about donald trump and sarah palin. trump has now released a statement confirming he has received the endorsement of sarah palin, former vice-presidential candidate for republicans. in the statement his campaign says, palin praised trump's leadership and unparalleled ability to speak the truth and produce real result, end quote. melissa? melissa: disturbing new report on isis and their deadly war crimes. terror group currently holding 3500 people as slaves in iraq. most of them are women and children. 18,000 civilians have been killed in the country since 2014. these actions are being called war crimes, possibly genocide according to united nations report. captain chuck nash is back.
4:43 pm
also with us is retired lieutenant colonel james carafano of the heritage foundation. colonel, let me ask you. how does this change things now? the u.n. has gone in officially put out a report. they're saying it is genocide, it is war crimes. what does that mean? >> it doesn't change anything for this administration. the president was clearly lear in his state of the union address. he has a plan to deal with this he will not change his plan. when he came into office nobody was dying in iraq. none of this was going on. it mushroomed under his presidency. he is clear he doesn't have a big plan changing much of what he is doing. things going on in iraq today, they will still be going on iraq the day the president leaves office. melissa: captain nash, this reminds me what happens in world war ii, what were people
4:44 pm
doing while this was going on? u.n. go in write an official report saying civilian death toll is staggering. describing executions by beheading, running people over with bulldozers or burning them alive or throwing them off of buildings. isn't that a call to the whole world that we need to get together and act and do something about this? >> i think it offends everybody's sensibilities and what is write and what it wrongs, we're looking at true face of evil. how do you address that, when what is underlying all of this, it is not a political situation, it's a civil war inside of islam where you have shia and soon any islam where they are at war. they have been at war for a very long time and most people in the west do not understand the religion to start with, let alone whole implications of ideology. melissa: colonel, maybe that is going a step too deep.
4:45 pm
we're not trying to stop the problem and war between two cultures but going at isis which is one who is holding slaves and one committing genocide and starting with stopping them and their killing spree? >> right. so, look, we have bad people doing bad things all around the world. melissa: not like this. not like this. not genocide. >> no, i agree with you, hang on. i agree and we condemn them, right? but here this instance people are doing things beyond the pale of human acceptable behavior by anybody's standards, and, and here is the big and, we also have a compelling national american interest because as long as isis controls territorial state in iraq, it's a threat not just to the innocent iraqis who are dying in large numbers but that war could spiral into a larger civil war which could be a true sunni-shia civil war and regional war which would actually engulf many people including the united states and it is going to continue to be the font of a
4:46 pm
global islammist insurgency and transnational terrorist campaign. so we have atrocities going on. melissa: right. >> we have compelling american interest. you're asking a very reasonable question, which is, why aren't we, why aren't we doing something? the answer is very simple. because this president doesn't want to. melissa: no, instead there is a report today they're celebrating blowing up bank meaningful in small scale, but in grand scheme of things pales to this report. thanks to both of you. david: you never thought you would see what you're seeing over there. you thought humanity made a statement we would not see that again. actors planning to sit out the academy awards. >> chris, i won't be at the academy awards and i won't be watching. david: the chris they're talking about is chris rock. he is supposed to be the mc. people are now saying chris, you should step down.
4:47 pm
vladmir putin will not come to theaters anytime soon but one oscar nominee wants to act as the russian president. you pay your car insurance
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david: movie made about the russian president, leonardo dicaprio wants the starring role. the star actor said, quote, putin, would be very, very, very interesting. i would love to play him, end quote. chipolte misses you and wants him back. the food chain attempting to get back customers after outbreaks of e.coli and noroviruss. they're doubling amount of free food they can give to customers. not winning any money, "jeopardy" contestants, three ended but surprising little no
4:51 pm
one walked away as winner. they all bet their all their money and all failed to answer the final clue. melissa: buzzfeed and bbc reporting of match fixing in the support. they have evidence that it happened in major tournaments but play continued with top-ranked players not receiving any sanctions. one of tennis biggest stars, djokovic, said he once turned down money to throw a match in the past. we have sports business journal's dan kaplan. thanks for joining us. one of the reasons this is getting so much attention, if you have somebody like djokovic that he is turned down money, well-known player, wonder who accepted money? >> djokovic said this in response to the report that came out from bus feed and bbc they did not come out and say there was match fixing. tour and grand slams said there was serious red flags on number
4:52 pm
of players consistently from 2008 through today. melissa: this could be going on right now? >> oh, absolutely. tennis of all the sports in the world, this may come as a surprise to some of the listeners, tennis is second or third most popular sport around the globe for gambling, much more than any u.s. sport for example. melissa: maybe not surprising they would be approached by outsiders to get them to throw a match? >> absolutely. melissa: what is surprising about this report as someone so deeply involved? >> it is not surprising that gamblers are targeting tennis. what is surprising if the reports are to be believed, the players at upper echelons of the sport have been approached. there is a lot of money to be made in the upper echelons of the sport. it wouldn't make any sense to throw a match for $50,000 when you could win $200,000 winning tournament. at loor levels where you make $500 for a week, if someone offered you $10,000 just to lose the first set that is a hard
4:53 pm
thing to be turned down. melissa: do you believe we watched major matches where matches have been fixed. >> unfortunately yes. melissa: david. david: there will be empty seats at academy awards. notable african-american actors plan to boycott the oscars because no african-american actors were nominated for second year in row. crush rock is under pressure to step down but all the hashtagged the oscars, the white b.e.t. awards. we have first of all, lee, what is the scoop? is chris rock still going to be the emcee or not? >> i think he will be the emcee. this is not idealogically monolithic group. there are different ways to achieve goals and chris rock is the most political out of all the african-american actors and actresses in hollywood. he probably has his own approach which is really make fun of the situation and try to draw light to it at the same time. david: now the thing for me that
4:54 pm
is interesting about all this is hollywood is always preaching to everybody about diversity, diversity, diversity. here turns out they shouldn't be throwing stones, right? >> well, you know, i talk to spike lee about this issue many times and he rei had rated it to the "wall street journal" that he think this is is really an issue about ownership. so it es one thing to have actors that are african-american in films but what about the gatekeepers? what about people behind the scenes making decisions about green-lighting films? and so maybe there is a displacement of the issue here because really that's where the decision-making is made and african-americans are not there. now, whose fault is that? is that partially the fault of the african-americans who have not collaborated economically and have not pushed hard enough to get together? david: you have interesting story, lee, you interviewed once, bob johnson, the nation's first black billionaire. >> yes. david: didn't he go to hollywood to get people together to start their own company? >> bob johnson has his own
4:55 pm
company, our stories films. before he started that company he went to the top five black actors and actresses said i'm going to put up money. we're going to put a company together where we can green light films and feature african-american actors and actresses you will own a piece of this company. guess what? they were fighting over who should own what percentage of the company because i'm a bigger star than he is and she is. david: right. >> and as a result bob walked away from the deal. so economic collaboration is a big part and a necessity if you want to get things done. that is something that happens over time, not overnight. david: getting things done with actors no matter what the color is always difficult given circumstances. lee hawkins, fascinating stuff. thank you, lee. appreciate you being here. melissa: the nation celebrates one of the greatest leaders in american history and sadly jimmy kimmel shows you people who might be living in a dream. >> were you surprised that martin luther king, jr., endorsed donald trump even
4:56 pm
though he got kicked off "celebrity apprentice" last year? >> yes, i would be surprised but you got to do what -- the rich are going to support the rich. the biggest challenge for business today is not
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for the privilege of flying higher and higher, together. ♪ >> are you surprised to learn that dr. martin luther king, jr., never once voted for barack obama? >> actually i am. >> do you think martin luther king endorsing donald trump was reaction to malcolm x endorsing hillary clinton? >> well, malcolm x and hillary clinton they from martha's vineyard. they go together when they're on martha's vineyard. david: has a whole story. >> i'm speechless. martin luther king, jr., had a dream, and that wasn't it, david. david: no, it wasn't. that is how americans responded when jimmy kimmel asked how they felt about civil rights leader endorsing donald trump for president. >> but in real news it, has been confirmed that sarah palin is endorsing donald trump for president. they're expected to appear together in iowa in about an
5:00 pm
hour. david: it will be very interesting to see how all this plays out. in fact we are going to be covering, i'm sure at least a part of that, the announcement and unveiling of sarah palin as one of the big endorsers of donald trump. that does it for is. "risk & reward" starts right now deirdre: this just in, gop frontrunner donald trump's campaign confirming the endorsement of sarah palin. the former alaska governor and 2008 vice-presidential nominee. this is "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. donald trump planning to make an official announcement in aims, iowa, shortly. pete barnes with me. two weeks to go to the iowa caucus. what are your sources telling you about the importance of this endorsement? >> no question this is big surprise for donald trump. in an event this hour, palin will praise, quote, trump's


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