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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  January 19, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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threw his own tea party and he got the queen of the tea party. decenter viewers, you can see on your screens there, that is the podium in ames, see you what. donald trump will have an official moment. stay with us for that. charles: breaking news. we are moments away from donald trump's big announcement. his campaign declaring the former governor sarah palin will endorse the gop frontrunner. with me now, former presidential candidate herman cain, katrina pierson, david macintosh and sheriff david clark. a lot of anticipation over this. a lot of people thinking this moves the needle enough to
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distance cruzing from trump in see you what. >> you know how extremely coveted the endorsement of staira palin -- sarah palin is. she was one of the original leaders of the grassroots conservative movement. she is fighting for pro-life and is recollected as one of the -- is recognized as one of the strong left leaders in country because of those endorsements. charles: early on you launched an ad campaign against him. now the campaign is a bit of a steam roller. there is any way to stop it? >> i don't think the key will be endorsements. people are looking for veal conservatives. and -- people are fleerk real conservatives.
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trump is not a veal conservative. i think it will be competition between cruz and trump in see you what. i don't think trump will make it. >> it's not just sarah palin's endorsement. phyllis schlafly who has been revered by the conservative movement. he will admit he may not beat cruz today without the support of saish a palin. >> that was 2012. today i think her popularity is way down. the voters will look at it and see that trump is for raising taxes and for eminent domain abuse. charles: because you guys are remote.
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he had a tweet from senator cruz acknowledging that if it were not for the endorsement and help of sarah palin he would not have made it into the senate. earlier somewhere one came out negatively -- earlier someone came out negatively and there was back traffi -- a backtrack . what is a real conservative today. >> it's interesting these unconventional alliances continue on the gop side. if i'm donald trump i would rather have her inside than outside my tent lobbying -- lobbing rocks and bottles at it. this will help him more count line than it does today. but her name still carries some weight in some conservative circles. endorsements are more window dressing.
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i don't know too many voters who say i'm going to vote for x because they are endorsed by so and so. the on endorsement i see is that of the american voter. charles: we have someone in the studio who was seeking all the american voters sat one point. the conservative question. donald trump's grab footer van gel cals. and with respect to being a true conservative in part because of his background. he has done a lot of things with democrats and eminent domain and things that traditionally go against the conservative values and he's trying say this is all behind me. this sort of helps, doesn't it? >> not a lot. an endorsement may draw a few voters, but i don't think it's a game changer. charles: even though they are neck and neck?
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>> even when they are neck and neck. the game changer is that governor brandstan convinced his constituents not to vote for ted cruz because it's against the ethanol subsidies. charles: doesn't it take a lot of political guts to go into iowa and say this is crony capitalism and i'm against it. maybe it might get those voters who say i had a couple tweets including a farmer in iowa who says i'm a farmer and i appreciate ted cruz's stance on this. >> my stwawstles most nervous about if that question came up. fortunately it didn't come up because i was going to take it same position ted cruz took, even fit cost me votes.
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-- even if it cost me votes. cruz said it should be fades out, not cut. but that's not the way it's being presented. i believe that sarah palin's endorsement may change the order of one, two, three, but it's not a major game changer. charles: in iowa you look at the success of a joni earn ernst. i remember the commercial with the castration. there may be a cowboy technical term. she hit the match and she was a laughingstock. but the saish -- the sarah pals parachute in and she was the senator.
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>> we are talking about years ago of beliefs or positions trump has taken, all of which he hasn't tried to hide anything. he hasn't misreported one single thing he supported in the past and he talked about where he stands today. we gave passes to mitt romney who held liberal positions in the past. the reason people don't pander to subsidies because when you are backed by big oil money, you can't. >> the table conservative, true conservative isn't as important to people across is country based upon callers to my show sat label of leader, fighter and winner. those labels are the ones that are propelling candidates like trump, rubio and cruz. charles: who is looking for those leaders and fighters?
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isn't it the people who kind of look back to the 1950s, white picket fence. america the number one power in the world. we just vanquished germany. we were on top. people feel that slipping away and feel this is their best chance at reclaiming that. >> they are saying i want to be proud of this country again. they are tired of a president who has been apologizing for seven years about the greatness of america. and you have got no only the group that you described, but you have got the independents and some conservatives who are ready to have snob the white house with those labels. >> i'm not buying conservative that gets behind donald trump is an apostate. i think there are a certain number of people in the gop who are tired of the way things have been and not much has changed
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since the 2014 mid-term elections in which they gave full control to congress and they still continued to fund president obama's agenda when they told us they would stop it. i think her endorsement of donald trump carries more weight than lyndsey graham's endorsement of jeb bush. i'm still going to say it's a a lot of window dressing. charles: what do you think that the whole apple cart, the whole script and the whole way of business as usual in the gop, no matter the outcome, donald trump turned it on its ear in terms of not listen together little people. vowing to super pacs. and all these other things people are reject as part of status quo that added to the erosion of the greatness of this
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country. >> both trump and cruz say they won't be washington. but donald trump is taking mitch mcconnell's side saying ted cruz was too mean to him. when he gets to washington he will be up there with the insiders. he will say anything to get elected. if he gets back here he will be part of the establishment. that's his record. he was when he was part of the new york establishment. he's running as an outsider now. by says cruz was too mean to mcconnell. you can't be against washington and say you need stake care of mitch mcconnell. >> that's not what donald trump said. an doesn't have a record, he hasn't cast a vote. he has taken a verbal opinion on something. but yes, he is talking about what he has heard with senator cruz. it's no secret. senator cruz is not well liked
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and it's not just by establishment people oonter colleagues. that's one of the reasons bristol palin made her tweet today. char rrp what would you say about the notion senator cruz went in there like a wrecking ball? isn't that what we want someone to do? isn't that what you ultimately want? you used to be close to ted cruz. >> that's right. charles: isn't that the person you embraced to go into d.c. to be a wrecking ball and upset all these guys that rubber stamp everything? isn't that what people wanted? if that made hip unlikeable, it's too bad. >> when you go to washington to shake things up, ultimately to run for president instead of fight for if the con i -- for te constituents. where the senator joined paul ryan and every senator in the state of texas had to come out
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against that before he changed his position. a year ago on senator cruz's own youtube page, he supported bringing in syrian refugees which is something donald trump has never been in support of. but a lot of people have seen these shifts, the i am shifts marco rubio point out at the last debate. not having a track record, it's easy to say would i have done this in the past. and david is right. when you get to d.c., it won't be as simple as saying i'm going to go in there like an old western and just fire up the joint. all of these people are embed. they have their own self-interest and a way of gamesmanship doing things. even barack obama ran into that with his own party.
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>> obama said there is a new sheriff in town. you all sit in the back seats. you have to talk to members of congress and find ways to talk with them. that would be the difference. an outsider has to go in there with the attitude, don't tell me how thing work. let's talk about what we need to damage in order to make thing work. i believe the outsider label is what's causing people like trump, cruz and rubio to be leading in the polls. i don't consider rubio and cruz as an insider like someone who has been there for 8, 12, and 24 years. they are not as stand it as someone who has been there for a long, long, long time. and trump is definitely the outsider. charles: in this cam paint lines have been sort of clear.
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donald trump, ted cruz, ben carson, those are your outsiders. everyone else, according to rubio according toed the media are the establishment. but you are saying i isn't a tea party guy. someone yelled in my ear. they were excited i was asking this question. what do you make that? the media decide who is assistant and who is not assistant and who can be bought and who can't be bought? >> i think they are way off on that. you look at their record and people do have record saying things on policy over the years. rubio and cruz consistently have been there 99% of the time with pro freedom and conservative votes in congress. they disagree on of the details on the issue buzz they are there 5% of the time. trump has been consistently
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higher to a democrat. healthcare, higher taxes, and eminent domain. >> you support eminent. >> not the abuse where you gift to the developer. >> what do you think keystone pipeline is. >> donald trump take little old ladies' houses to build parking lots? >> did that woman lose her house? you just said that woman lost her house and that's not true. >> this is the kind of stuff main street u.s.a. is not paying attention to. the abuse of eminent domain, main street u.s.a. is not paying attention to that. charles: that's john wayne's daughter who endorsed donald
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trump and said the dikes alive. eminent domain. here is a prime example. here is an issue that would normally resonate with the grassroots. they are still up there in this government building. support the ranchers. they don't like the tactics with the guns but they like the fact someone is standing up to government, whether it's big business or big government, my house can be taken from me. maybe some of the candidate haven't articulated it well. why don't some of these traditional conservative issues matter right now? >> i haven't heard, we don't hear the details of the situation. he got stuck with the accusation. i know something about accusations, that he abused eminent domain. that's all we hear. what were the circumstance
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associated with that situation? that's something somebody vently put a label on and that's circulating the press. spoon feeding the public is an art form on the part of a lot of people trying to change the perception of the american public. >> eminent domain is not something the president of the united states will be dealing with. that's more the judicial branch. but in the end, ours is a system -- >> donald trump will be appointing a lot of judges. >> ours is a system of shared government. insider, outside i shall, it's the constitution that matters. donald trump knows our system of shared power. he knows how to get things done. that attracts people to him. people are tired of this go along, get along atmosphere in washington, d.c., this club
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mentality, the ruling class mentality. he will come in and shake thing up. but in the end he will still have to work this congress and i think he knows that. charles: katrina, do you agree with that? >> i do. and i think we have proven donald trump is not always a democrat like people would like to put out there. he supported ron paul and mitt romney. donald trump does know how to get things done. he's known for that internationally. he will do wait take to get throughout and support the people. his policies aren't about making special interests happy. they are not about making people in the u.k. proud to have someone come to their country. their policies are about bringing jobs back to the country, stopping illegal immigration. all to the three thing that have to be done or nothing else
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matters and that's a big draw. >> what is the main objection against donald trump and perhaps cruz. what is it that your organization is most worried about? >> the biggest thing i'm worried about is donald trump doesn't understand the constitution. he says he will slap taxes on people. ultimately his economic policies would drive us into one of the deepest recessions because he would tax people and regulate them and dictate whether they set up a plant here or somewhere else. those things ruin the economy and cost us millions of people their jobs. >> what tax was that? what exactly what tax was that? >> the threat he made to ford that if they don't do we want and locate the plant where he want them to. >> you are talking about trade, not tax policy. >> ultimately the american
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people pay those tariffs in taxes. >> i want to make sure we are not misleading in the the viewers here. >> we are not. donald trump would slap all these tariffs on these goods and they will have to pay for it. >> this is the problem charles. charles: herman cain said you are sort of misrepresenting these things here. >> david with all due respect you are misrepresenting it. donald trump was the first one to specify his replacement for the tax code. that does not raise tax on most of the people. in fact it lowers taxes. as far as some tariffs, donald trump may say he's going to do that but he knows he can't do it without the approval of congress. so i wouldn't interpret words that say he's going to make a company do something with tax policy when he has a specific tax plan that does not create a
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recession. charles: what do you say to the critics who say all the democrats. all the gop department krats say would hike the deficit. the deficit is going done
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he's just saying he's going to make a hospitable economy so the jobs come back. charles: we are awaiting sarah palin's endorsement of donald trump. stick around. we have an all-star panel. ned yr for four years,
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charles: they expect him to kick down doors and upset this entire thing. >> confidence. that's what people are looking for. some of this conversation is at the 30,000 foot altitude level. people want to be able to find meaningful work that can lead to individual development. they want more than this anemic rate of growth in the economy. they are tired of excessive regulations and they want borders protected. that's the conversation happening at ground level other kitchen table, so to speak. some of this other stuff, that's why i keep coming back to that phrase, this is inside baseball politicos like to talk about. in the iowa caucasus and
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new hampshire and nevada and super tuesday. that's when this stuff will start to form a picture of who is going to win the nomination. charles: would you say that person you described wins over the grassroots, the average person through -- not through detailed nuance strategies and tax plans, but through a certain image, i'm confident and i can get this done. that matters more than the nuts and bolts of it? >> flange for the future with imagination. that's what people are looking for. a lot of this stuff that goes on. it's all parts of what goes upon within the political class. but in the ends it's the average voter. that's going to make the difference in this thing. we are a long way away. but the person who has vision
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that's clear to understand, i think is an odds on favorite. charles: we had someone running for the white house who was derailed. but herman cain has written a new book, "the right problems." it addresses the things sheriff clark is talking about. you experienced all of this. you know, you had some experience. >> shaffer clark is absolutely right. the new book released today, the right problems, it identifies the nine problems the congress and presidential candidates ought to be talking about. but too many people in the media won't let them talk about it. they would rather highlight pot shots rather than talk about these problems. this is why i wrote the book such that the voters, people at ground level and main street will know what questions to ask and what are the most
6:32 pm
significant issues that will lead to the results that sheriff clark just outlined. charles: what are you saying that hasn't been said so far? we had the debate. but there was still the personal barbs that garnered the headlines. the next day we talked about -- the birther issue. is it the media's fault or does the public gravitate to that exciting public tv. >> they spoon feed those kinds of things because they make the headlines. charles: you see the signs starting to wave. the crowd is starting to get excited. there he is, the man himself, donald trump, the man of the hour. we are looking live in ames,
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iowa where donald trump will get a special endorsement from former vice presidential candidate sarah palin. this is sort of a shocker. she helped senator ted cruz get into the senate. she is a tea party favorite. >> thank you very much it's such an honor. the snoifs coming down and it's cold outside, and you have hundreds of people waiting to get in. but we'll go ahead. congratulations to the iowa state basketball team. the. [cheers and applause] what was that all about? i turn on the game, i said this shouldn't be that good a game. at the end of the game i said who won? yes! that was great. that's a great achievement. i want to pay my respects, ben carson, they had a bad accident, some of his staffers were hurt. i want to pay my respected to
6:34 pm
ben. he's good guy and his staffers, hopefully they get better, say a prayer for them, okay? we had an amazing time today. we have been all over iowa. we'll be here so much you will get sick of them. you will say tell him to get out of here, tell him to leave, tell him to go. we had an incredible time. the debate last week. everybody watched the debate. who knew about these debates? i didn't know anything about the debates. it's been fun. and it's been interesting. i have been treated semi fairly by the moderators. some have been very fair and some not so fair. but a lot of the press hasn't been so fair. look at the press. they must think a big event is going to happen today. this is like the academy awards. it's been an amazing experience that started june 16 when we
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came count escalator and it was -- i said let's go to my wife who has been so supportive and so wonderful. i said let's go. we are going to make america great again. that's what we are going to do. and you know, it's hard to do this because when you think of it. i have never don't before. i have never been a politician. i have always done jobs and put tens of thousands of people to work over the years. i have thousands of hi -- of hispanics that love me. the nevada poll came out where i'm leading with the hispanics which i knew. when i opened and said i'm going to run for president, i gave up a lot of different things including our friend at nbc, no more apprentice. you have a stop show and you say i'm not going do it anymore. you want -- they wanted to do it so badly.
6:36 pm
donald burke said you are not going to run, do it, do it. i was pretty sure. it is a tough thing to do. all my life i have heard, if you are a very successful person you will never run for president or politics. but actual never ever run for president. and i built a great company and it's a tremendous up in, you saw the filings. the press was going to look so closely. it was like d-day when we put the papers in. the first thing, i have announced. when i signed form-a when you sign your life away, they said, whoa, he will never file the financials because maybe's not as rich as everybody thinks. i filed the financials, you didn't hear a thing by the. but, oh, boy were theying with almost 100 pages, the biggest
6:37 pm
report ever filed in the fec. it showed great assets, very little debt and tremendous cash flow. the reason i tell you that is because that is the kind of thinking we need in the united states. we need that kind of thinking. we need that whatever it is. we need a mentality that's going -- we had $19 trillion in debt. it will be up to $21 tri. you saw the horrible budget approved two week ago and that's going to lift it. we went a long and a lot of things happened. then the polls came out. new ones came out today i'll tell you right now. now that we are at it. and they came out, some brand-new new ones. one is coming out. a big one dish don't know exactly what it is. but it's got to be pretty good. with all people til trying to come toe up this building. some people said it's a barn. this is a very nice barn
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actually. with all of the people trying to come in one see what it is. we do have something special in a couple minute. to me it's special. because it's a person i think is a spectacular person. so it's very special to me. but the polls came out and some of them as an example, national polls, 38% for trump, 20% for second. i wouldn't mention him. i won't even mention. i'll be non-confrontational for a change. 21% for the second, then they are all down and some of them are at zero and 1%. i don't know. jeb. well, you know jeb has got one problem. he loves common core. he want your kid educated from washington which is immediately no good. the second problem is he's weak on illegal immigration. he said they come as an act of love. i said what?
6:39 pm
they come as an act of love? i think those are two bad points, frankly. [shouting] [chanting u.s.a. [. >> u.s.a., u.s.a., u.s.a., u.s.a., u.s.a., u.s.a.! thank you, everybody. thank you. thank you very much. so we had. >> the one, a big one come out. [booing]
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>> go ahead, you can get them out please. you can take them out now please. never fails. thank you. thank you darling. maybe you can be quite a little bit while they take you out. you know, i have be careful. if i'm too rough they save he was too rough. when i'm moderate and nice they say what happened to trump web's not tough enough. so you can't win with these people. but they always show the crowd. that's the on the way they show how big our crowds are. get them out of here. all right. so south carolina just came out, and that's 32 for trump, 18 for second, 11 for third. nor today, 31, 19, 13, then all
6:41 pm
down in the dumps. georgia just came out, 33%. don't forget, that's with 14 people, 15 people, but it was recent. 33%. connecticut. tom brady loves me and sort of like you know. i love tom brady by the way. 35% to 18 per to 9% to 2% to nothing. maryland just came out. 32% to 15% to 11% to 9% then they sort of phase out. have you ever heard of a place called iowa? i love this. we are doing actually great. i have to tell you, they never report it. even cnn doesn't report it. cnn does a poll, probably spends millions.
6:42 pm
they never report their poll. it was 33 for trump, 20 for cruz. nobody talks about it. they don't talk about it. cnn is reporting other people's polls. i call up and say you are cnn, you spends a fortune on polls and you don't report your own poll because i'm winning by a lot. and they have no excuse but they keep reporting other polls. gravis34 for trump, 28 for cruz. ppp, 28 for trump, 26 for trus. quinnipiac. and cnn, 33-20. i think we are doing better in the polls. i would do this and say i want to do well in iowa. i want to win iowa, folks. i love the people, the evangelicals have been phenomenal. but nationwide i'm winning with
6:43 pm
evangelicals by a lot nationwide. with iowa i'm doing well with the evangelicals and we are doing well with the tea party. but i think we are doing better than the polls. there is a thing people say they call up are you going to vote for trump? he has tough immigration policies. he wants to destroy obamacare and replace it with something else. a lot of people will pick up a phone and they will hear different things, then they get in the booth and say trump is my man. people are saying we are going do a lot better. you have to get to caucus. you have to go out. you have got to do it. otherwise we have wasted our time. one of the groups in maine. we were in different places up in new england, and new hampshire. and it was so cold.
6:44 pm
it was one little group of despite global warming. it was so cold. wind chill below zero. people are standing outside waiting to get in. if people are willing to stand out for four 40s cold or the heat in the summer and during the fall like you wouldn't believe. in tennessee, in texas when had 21,000 people. no matter where we go, we have big crowd. they will stand stand for hours and hours to get in. why aren't they going to vote or in your case caucus it's sort of an amazing thing. so we think they will be. why would somebody wait for four hours and then we are not going to take two minute to vote. yours is a little more complicated a because caucus system is different. here is what i have to say about iowa that's important. you know there is a movement to
6:45 pm
move iowa to the back of the pack. right? you know that. you will still see me but you won't see other people. i'm loyal to a fault. but i give you my word, i win, they are not touching iowa. this is an amazing tradition. seriously, this is an amazing tradition. they are not moving iowa back. and they are not moving new hampshire either. they are talking about iowa and new hampshire. so we are going to just keep it the way it is. it's an amazing -- first all you are amazing people. but all over the country, it's a movement. people are incredible. they want to make america great again. they are going to do something that's special. we used to talk silent majority. i say it's the noisy majority. it's not a silent majority. but people are fed up. so i started on june 16, and we did well right practically from the beginning we went up, we
6:46 pm
started at nothing. so even -- my wife said you know if you run you are going to win. i said what do you mean? she said people don't believe you are going to run. i was getting these little polls. i feel like some of these guys now that are senators and governors. this guy goes jeb again. he's taking a lot of abuse. i said you know what? you should use the name bush. what's wrong. maybe it not working but it's better than jeb. get rid of the exclamation point and just put jeb bush, it's your name. don't be ashamed of your name. i started like 2 or 3, then i went to, then i went to 9. and each time the pun did the,
6:47 pm
the geniuses back here, these real geniuses like george will with the little glasses, take away the glasses he looks like a cup guy. but each type these geniuses would say he's reached his plateau. he pla controversied at 6. then it goes to 11. well, you know this is surprising but he reached his plateau, 24e7b it went to 18, 2, 24, 28, 32, then 42 and in reuters we got to 42 and even a little above that. and all after sudden you didn't hear have much about the plateau. 42 with 14 people, that's pretty good. if he plateaued, that's all he will get. we have the smartest followers there are. and the hardest working followers. we have people that love the country more than anybody, and
6:48 pm
they want to take back what as happened because our country is going to hell. we can be nice by the and say it nice and soft. our country is going to hell. when you look at this crazy iran deal where we are paying $150 billion and they give us 5 back but they don't more where the fifth is. that's not a good sign. they give us five people. they get 14 off the interpol list. they are getting 21 people. and they have the right to do whatever they want from an end prize stands point. right to do oil or whatever they want. but why do they also get out of that deal, they don't have to develop missiles, they can buy them for the money we gave them. remember the deal? 24 days. they have 24 days for an inspection period. they all so have self-inspection. we paid $150 billion.
6:49 pm
i say what a great deal that is. two weeks agive said that's not a good deal compared to the other deal. they took over iraq. we gave them iraq. we knocked the hell out of iraq and december made it their armed forces and for years they would fight, or many, many years, nobody would win, rest, go back to fight. now we gave them the second largest oil reserves in the world which is running. we gave it to them. now they are going into yellen, and if you look at yefnl. they are going to get sir jar and yellen. trust me a lot of good things will happen. i get in. they get syria and yellen. they didn't want yemen. but did you ever east border center in they want saad irarabia? -- they wants saudi arabia. they want iraq, syria, gem
6:50 pm
yellen. we kreef eight this with stupid -- we created this with stupid leadership. we have to do something about it. it's something we have to do. i'm representing you. i'm not taking any money. some of these guys are getting millions. some people i know, some are nice people and some are bad people. but some are not good people. they have no interest in our country. these people and politicians will do exactly as they are told by their lobbyists, special interests and their donors. me, i'll do the right thing. when ford moves to mexico i'm going to talk them out of it. when nabisco moves their plant from chicago to mexico i'm going to talk them out of it. it will be easy. so i started and talked about border. strong on immigration and
6:51 pm
illegal immigration. took a lot of heat. but you have wouldn't be talking about that subject if i didn't bring it up. i talked about isis. but what happened is after paris, we had 130 people killed -- and by the way, i toiled common core is dead and second amendment is right this way. we are going protect the second amendment, we'll bro text the guns. if in paris and if in los angeles where you had the two main yacts that were married, she came on a fiance permit. wonderful fee and you say. she was totally rad callize p d she was totally radicalized. bad stuff is happening. we have to find out what's going on. we have a president who won't even talk about the term. he won't mention anything to do with what we all know is going on. and you can't solve the problem if you don't talk about it. you have to talk about it.
6:52 pm
so very, very strongly we started talking about that. then after paris, and by the way, if we had a couple you and you and you, we had three or four people in that room in paris where they have the toughest gun laws in the world. you can't have a gun unless around bad guy. they tbhawkd and said boom, boom, boom, killed 130, more to follow because there are people that are so badly wound. but if we had a few of the people i point out, if they had guns on their waist or ankle where the bullets went in the opposite direction a whole different story. but after paris and then to an extents los angeles, to california. what happened was these polls started coming in where
6:53 pm
everybody liked trump even more. i went up 11 points because people want strength. just like having the family of john wayne who is great. i love john wayne from iowa. but out of nowhere i got most beautiful letter from his daughter who you just met who is an incredible woman. she said she would like to endorse you. john wayne was a strong guy. we need snrent this country. we are withering away in this country with political correctness nonsense. you go to stores and they don't say merry christmas. even people who aren't christmas say merry christmas. but people like to see it. stores don't put it up anymore. we are withering away going in the wrong direction. i had no idea it would work this
6:54 pm
way. i figured i would be in the pack. i had no idea that 21-point leads nationally wirp by so much. and i want to keep it that way. when you think and just one thing give introduce our incredible guest. one thing, i have spent to this point almost nothing. and i'm in first place by a lot. i'm not bragging. i'm telling a story. i have spent, they will tell you almost nothing. i'm in first place by some polls have me 21 point. that's a lot. some people have 2. i have a lead of 20. jeb has spent $77 million. think of it. and the reason i bring him up, he spend a fortune on ads against me. you people have seen it before. i got along with everybody. i was a world class businessman and now i'm a politician. you go with everybody.
6:55 pm
you want to love everybody and you want everybody to love you. everybody knows the story. but so much money has been spent on me. he spent $79 million and i spent nothing. i'm in first by a lot. he's down toward the bottom of the pack. i say to myself, wouldn't that be great if this were the country doing this? education. we are number 28 in the world. we have third world countries ahead of us, education is very important to me. 28 in the world. countries that you wouldn't believe are ahead of us. you wouldn't believe it if you heard the names of some of these countries. we are number one in spending per pupil by far. wouldn't it be nice if you had this elect process where we spent the least and we had the best education? you know? so sweden and norway and china and others are the best. we are nowhere near them yet we
6:56 pm
spend far more per pupil. so we are going to change that. we are going to change that. watch. you just watch. i can tell you. we are -- i will tell you this. you can't educate your children through bureaucrats in washington, and that's what happens with common core. when the parent take over, and i mean this, when the parent around those schools and they love those kid and they love those pupils and even when their kids graduate, they are committed to those schools. they are committed to education. you can do so much better in iowa than they can possibly do telling it what to do in washington. not all of them. but most of them are just interested in where is my check. how much do i get. let's make the process complicated. and some of the thing your kids are made to study are an outrage. okay? we are going to bring that back locally and it will be great.
6:57 pm
so what happened essentially as i started looking and all after sudden things changed. they know i'll do great with china and japan and mexico who is killing us in trade and killing us at the border. we are going to build a wall and make mexico pay for it. all of the cnn polls where they said trump is not by a little bit, by many, many, many percentage points wing on isis, winning with the military, winning with the vets. we are going to take care of our vets big league, by the way. and we'll take care of our military. it will be big and strong and powerful and nobody will mess with us. it's the cheapest thing we can do. so it's been a real focus. i want to now say a couple word about a very special person.
6:58 pm
this is a person who i have known for a long time who i respected forward so long. an incredible husband and incredible family, and somebody when i heard that she was going to endorse me, i was so honored. you have no idea how honored. i would like to bring if i might, governor sarah palin. special, special person. thank you. america donald j trump. [clapping] mr. trump, you're right. look back there in the press box. heads are spinning. media heads are spinning. this is going to be so much fun. are you ready to make america great again?
6:59 pm
[clapping] we all have a part in this. we all have a responsibility. looking around at all of you, you hard-working iowa families, you farm families and teachers and teamsters and cops and cooks. you rock 'n' rollers and holy rollers. all of you who worked so hard. you full-time moms. you with the hands that rock the cradle. you all make the world go round and now our cause is one. when asked why i would jump into a primary, trying to stir it up a little bit maybe. and choose one over some friends who are running, and i've endorsed a couple others in their races before they decided to run for president. i was told, you know, warned and left right, you are going to get so clobbered in the press. you are just going to get beat up and chewed up and spit out and, you know, i'm thinking
7:00 pm
and? yeah. you know, like, you guys haven't tried to do that every day since that night in '08 when i was on stage nominated for vp, and i got to say, yeah, i'll go. send me. you bet you. i'll serve. and like you all. i'm still standing. so those of us who have gone through the ringer as mr. trump has, makes me respect you even more. that you're here and you're putting your efforts and you're putting reputations, you're putting relationships on the line to do the right thing for this country because you are ready to make america great again. [cheers and applause] lou: make america great again. you're watching former governor sarah palin standing with donald j trump, whom she has just endorsed for the republican presidential nomination. good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs, and we are beginning with breaking news tonight. donald trump and governor


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