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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 19, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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inheritance." thanks so much for watching. and remember... >> it's just money. can't take it with you. you bet you. i'll serve. and like you all. i'm still standing. so those of us who have gone through the ringer as mr. trump has, makes me respect you even more. that you're here and you're putting your efforts and you're putting reputations, you're putting relationships on the line to do the right thing for this country because you are ready to make america great again. [cheers and applause] lou: make america great again. you're watching former governor sarah palin standing with donald j trump, whom she has just endorsed for the republican presidential nomination. good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs, and we are beginning with breaking news tonight. donald trump and governor
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palin in iowa where just a few moments ago he announced that big endorsement. here's how it all began. [cheers and applause] >> a new commander-in-chief who will never leave our men behind. a new commander-in-chief, one who will never lie to the families of the fallen. [cheers and applause] i'm in it because just last week we're watching our sailors suffer in the humiliated on a world stage at the hands of iranians in violation of international law. because a weak need ca chief has decided that america will lead from behind. and he who would negotiate deals kind of like with the skills of a community organizer maybe organizing a
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neighborhood tea. yeah, well, he deciding that, no, america would apologize and as part of the deal as the enemy sends a message to the rest of the world that they capture and we cow tail and we apologize and then we bend over and say thank you, enemy. we are ready for a change. we are ready and our troops deserve the best. a new commander-in-chief whose track record of success has proven that he is the master at the art of the deal. he is one who would to know negotiate. lou: governor sarah palin obviously enthusiastically endorsing donald j trump for the party's nomination. we're going to be going back to donald trump and sarah palin in the broadcast. tonight we're also going to be bringing you a lot of developing stories. including the family of former
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fbi agent robert levinson. tonight the family sliming the obama administration for not doing more to win his release from the iranians. levinson disappeared in iran nine years ago. his wife and son say the obama white house did not inform him -- inform them that he was not included in a prisoner exchange that was announced over the weekend. >> feel extremely betrayed by them. they have done nothing to get in touch with me other than after i asked them to. >> serving this country and his country hasn't done its duty to get him home. lou: we'll be taking up the latest developments in the iranian nuclear deal. we'll be talking with house foreign affairs committee member congressman matt salmon and fox news strategic analyst lieutenant colonel ralph peters tonight and more trouble for hillary clinton. serious trouble. new revelations information on her private e-mail server was
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more highly classified than she had admitted. we'll have the details coming up. our top story tonight fall out over president obama's negotiations with iran. the white house patting itself on the back for winning the release of five americans but one american family says they are devastated that their loved one was locked behind without explanation. fox news white house correspondent kevin cork with our report. >> an enthusiastic president obama today praised australian prime minister and his country men for their steadfast support in the u.s. effort on the war on terror. >> they have been a consistent and extraordinarily effective member of the coalition that has helped to deliver an opportunity for the afghan people to build up their security forces. >> the intensity of that fight growing but using it to
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consolidate power in the middle peace now with billions of cash, there are new concerns tonight that the regime will be further emboldened to imperil u.s. interest in the reason. >> this is a diplomatic water lou for the united states. we have legitimatized a regime that practices state terrorism, that supports terrorism as its central banker internationally. >> thanks to the deal, iran's flushed with cash with assets and central relief and today they moved billions from south korea to germany and the uae and more cash comes a greater emphasis on oil production. sinner already one of the least expensive places in the planet to produce crude. far less than the u.s. and the uk, which means more economic strings for an enemy of the united states. >> the deal by itself communicates a desire to on our part to have a relationship with iran that i
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think is not resuspect i indicated by iranians. >> evidence this weekend's negotiated prisoner swap that did not include 67-year-old robert levinson, an american who went missing in iran nearly nine years ago. >> we're trying to meet with the top level administration officials to find out what they're going to be doing now that everyone else is out, now that the sanctions have been lifted, what next? what can they do for us to get our dad home? >> this is a delicate situation. but it is important for people to understand that the administration has been in touch with the levinson family. >> meanwhile, lou, tonight we learned that received a threat information to kidnap americans ahead of that prisoner swap we heard so much about over the weekend. of course we're learning about this news as the on going search continues for three missing americans in and around baghdad. that search continuing even tonight. lou: kevin, thank you so much. well, it's been a big day for donald trump on the campaign
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trail. governor sarah palin just moments ago as we reported to you officially endorsing the republican frontrunner for president. >> are you ready to make america great again? [cheers and applause] we all have a part in this. we all have a responsibility. looking around at all of you, you hard-working iowa families, you farm families and teachers and teamsters and cops and cooks. you rock 'n' rollers and holy rollers. lou: well, her endorsement comes as a blow to one republican candidate in particular. fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron is in new hampshire with our report. >> i love sarah palin. sarah palin is fantastic. without her friendship and support, i wouldn't be in the senate today. >> no love lost for trump who cruz said will work with the liberal left. >> if you're looking for someone who is a deal maker, who is can a pitch late even
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to the democrats and give in to harry reed and nancy pelosi, perhaps donald trump is your man. >> cruz had hoped to win palin's endorsement who says he wants cruz to feed it because he opposes ethanol -- >> i believe it made a big mistake for iowa to support him. >> trump wasted no time of agreeing with the governor. >> that's strong feelings so i guess you agree too. >> i agree. i agree. >> and he's been mixed in the subject. he goes wherever the votes are. >> the washington cartel lives. >> on cronyism it lives on picking winners and losers. >> also blasted trump for supporting government bailouts. >> mr. trump enthusiastically supported the tarp big, bad bailouts.
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i disagree with him. we should have no bailouts of wall street banks. [clapping] mr. trump enthusiastically supported's plan -- >> earlier in the day trump was endorsed by the late actor's daughter. >> and i tell you what. if john wayne were around, he would be standing right here instead of me. >> trump warned iowa caucus voters not to run against hip. >> i'd really like to win and they haven't picked that winner for 16 years. if they pick someone other than me, they're going to pick another loser. ted has a rough temperament. i don't know. you can't call people liars on the senate floor when they're your leader. >> cruz and trump are dominating the polls and their battle is dominating the news. that makes it particularly tough for candidates like kasich, jeb bush, chris christy, marco rubio, and others to even get in the headlines unless they come to
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town halls like this and they've got three weeks to the new hampshire primary and a little less than two weeks to the iowa caucuses. lou. lou: carl, thank you very much. carl cameron. the battle over the president's executive immigration fiat is now headed to the u.s. supreme court. justices will be considering a lawsuit by 26 states that argues president obama went beyond his constitutional authority when he blocked deportation of millions of illegal immigrants. a decision is expected to be made by the high court by late june. just as the presidential election is getting into full swing. and it took three and a half years but a federal judge has finally rejected president obama's assertion of executive privilege to protect documents related to the operation fast and furious scandal. district court judge amy burman jackson ruled the justice department's public disclosures about the gun-running operation supported by atf and the
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justice department under cut the president's executive privilege claim. the obama administration can appeal and likely will. hillary clinton's e-mails scandal today if you can imagine worsened. the intelligence communities internal watch dog says clinton's e-mails on her unsecured private receiver contained intelligence that was more highly classified than she has admitted or previously considered by investigators. several dozen classified e-mails apparently had intelligence known as special access programs. that sap destination indicates a level of classification beyond even top secret. the level previously given to two e-mails found on her server. this finding is likely to further inflame calls for clinton to face prosecution over the use of her private e-mail for official government business.
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we're coming right back. >> . lou: president obama calls his iran prisoner swap a success but the president failed to bring home a former fbi agent and his family feels betrayed. we talk about it with colonel ralph peters here next. and google gives the world a glimpse of a robot-filled future. we'll have that video for you and much, much more coming up feel a cold coming on? new zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam.
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. lou: america war planes destroying a large islamic state last night. an estimated $45 million of islamic state money stored in the iraqi bank. it was blown to bits. just last week destroyed another state bank. it housed an estimated $90 million in cash. as a result of these attacks, islamic state fighters have had their salaries slashed in half. well, joining us now fox news strategic analyst ralph peters. >> it's great. always great to be with you. i just love the person to person. lou: well, it's a delight for all of us to have you here too.
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and let's start with finally this administration has destroyed go. a couple of banks. that's progress; right? >> lou, you don't think this administration wants to destroy banks wherever they can find them? but seriously -- lou: for a second i did not get the joke. >> but, no, anything we can do to degrade to harm islamic state, to curtail their abilities is worth doing. so i applaud this effort. i applaud going after fuel trucks. but at the end of the day the greatest advantage of the islamic state and other terrors -- even over us is they're willing to do anything to win. their strength of will is greater than ours. and the hard-core guys in islamic state, you know, there are guys that like the salaries. the hard-core guys believe they are doing this for their god, for their faith, and we still cannot accept that. lou: their numbers continue to grow. >> indeed. lou: as the president who said to each one of us, looking us straight in the eye that he
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was going to destroy the islamic state. at what point do people awaken to the fact that this entire administration and war on terror is a joke. they won't say the name of the enemy that's radical islamist terrorism and they president won't acknowledge that the islamist state is islamic. it is a mindless point of view taken by this president and utterly feudal policy that he has pursued. >> well, president obama clearly has the genius of the true ideology. to believe what you want to believe in contradiction of any evidence can stack up. for instance, last week in it state of the union address when he told us that the world is better. and then he said -- in reference to the iran deal with the prisoner's release, he made the world a safer place. it is not a safer place if you're in iraq or syria or yemen or saudi arabia for that matter or lo lebanon.
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it's such a view of the world that one doesn't know where to start. lou: and certainly expressed in the nuclear deal reminding this president of what a chump he's been played for. the language, the actions or aspiring rockets near u.s. aircraft carrier. whether it is two icbm tests. whether it is taking ten of our sailors -- >> humiliating them. humiliating them. lou: it is. and there's no reaction. i was talking with a number of gross men here over the last few days. there is no response from the republican party that amounts to any of it. not want of desire but want of invention in any way to blunt, to stop, to roll back this president and his wrong-headed policies, activities, and actions. >> well, i think you're right. thus far the republican candidates overwhelmingly have
11:20 pm
been given us bumper stickers as opposed to strategies. and it's interesting to watch the dynamic with the iranians because even if -- everything went perfectly for iran now, and they became rich overnight, but they're not going to. nonetheless they need us as an enemy. and you saw that today with, you know, warning about american deceit and be wear of the americans, et cetera. they need us. it's no action they call us a great satan because -- just as putin's doing, they need a galvanizing external threat to keep the people behind their external failures and that's what you're seeing here today -- lou: well, it seems to me -- excuse me. this president seems to me to be making a poor work if we were to be a threat to iran. we hardly seem credible. we are -- we are subsidizing iran.
11:21 pm
we are embracing iran. we are peeing, comforting iran. it's hardly a threat it seems. at least under this president. >> the bitter irony is that this awful nuke deal that kerry and obama struck with iran. it will slightly delay the advent of an iranian nuclear weapon. but it has made it almost irrelevant because the iranians are now getting everything they want without nukes. we're paralyzed. obama has paralyzed our policy and they're running wild across the middle east. lou: i take a slightly different perspective and that is we have demonstrated ourselves irrespective of iran or whatever the country might be. but if we cannot forestall an action that is absolutely in direct contradiction to our national interest, then who are we? and what do we become? if we do not have a loyal opposition, a party that can stand up with a full-throated
11:22 pm
voice and say this cannot stand. our constitution requires a treaty in this kind of deal between two countries. this should not be a deal between a charismatic figure and the personality of barack obama. this in every way screams for a treaty, the formal recognition that this has to have the consent of the u.s. senate. but republicans haven't got the -- to stand up and say that. and every single person listening to our voices right now knows that it should be a treaty, it should be signed, and it should be -- >> or should not be signed if the case may be. lou: yes. but the fact of the matter is it does require a signature, and it does require a vote of the senate. >> we live in an age of lawlessness at the very top of our country. this is a president who
11:23 pm
although he claimed to be a constitutional scholar, i don't think he respects the constitution. lou: i think it's less lawlessness and more gutlessness. >> which brings us to the point that our enemies have the strength of will worse than ours. lou: always great to see you. thank you. >> thank you, lou. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight. would any other federal employee who compromised national security by using a personal e-mail server as did hillary clinton already have been charged? cast your vote on twitter and lou dobbs news. we'd like to hear from you and follow me on twitter at lou dobbs news, follow me on instagram, lou dobbs links to everything well, cleaning the house may get a lot easier. the team over at boston dynamics creating this. this is the atlas robot now equipped to sweep the floors and carry out the trash. it needs a little polishing
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but the 6'2" 320-pound robot hasn't been taught to do the dishes yet. we're sure that's only a matter of time and the polish sure to come. up next a few thoughts on the importance of the iowa caucuses and new hampshire's as well. and a truck driver's mistake nearly cost him his life. we'll have the chilling video for you and much more straight ahead. we're coming right back.
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lou: a few thoughts now on the iowa caucuses less than two weeks away now. donald trump today hitting the trail in iowa touting his chances in the february 1st contest. listen to him. >> i'd really like to win. and don't forget iowa hasn't picked that winner for 16 years. if they pick somebody other than me, they're going to pick another loser. okay? so i want to see iowa win. and i think it's very important iowa picks the right person this time and they've
11:29 pm
had a rough 16 years, but we are going to win. lou: you've got to love his reasoning and his sales approach. of course the last two winners of the rip caucuses rick santorum in 2012, mike huckabee in 2008. both polling 3% this time around. but donald trump locked no nah tight race with ted cruz. on the democratic side hillary clinton leading socialist senator bernie sanders in iowa just four points. you know, the margin of error but still four points. but just really how important is iowa? how important are those caucuses? well, for the democrats, just for the record five winners of the last nine competitive iowa caucuses have become the party's eventual nominee. that's just a little better than the odds of just flipping a coin but not much. for the republicans, only three.
11:30 pm
iowa caucus winners have gone on to win the party's nomination since 1976. imagine that. three winners in all of that time seven competitive caucuses. so iowa seems to be hardly a make or break deal for the republican candidates. as for new hampshire, the first in the nation primary is february 9th. only three candidates from either party have lost their primary and then gone on to be elected president since 1952. guess who they are? those three? bill clinton, george w bush and president obama. that's right. the last three presidents elected. so there may be a statistical trend here that people aren't recognizing and more than just a little hype swirling around both the iowa caucuses and the new hampshire primary. no republican in the last 36 years has won both iowa and new hampshire. and guess which candidate seems most ready, however, to
11:31 pm
accomplish the allusive double? the one who's made it clear he wants iowaians to win, and he want to win all of the contests and to do that, donald trump, well, he would be disappointed with anything less than wins in both iowa and new hampshire. after all you can't win them all if you don't win the first two. and the quotation of the evening on winners and losers. this one from a grand philosopher, this from the great yankee management casey. he said without losers, where would the winners be? we'll give you a moment to think that one through. i'll be thinking with you. and we're coming right back. stay with us. >> president obama has lifted sanctions and tens of billions of dollars in frozen assets flowing to iran. how can we be sure iran won't use the money to fund terrorism? we can't. and we take it up with
11:32 pm
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lou: the family of an fbi agent who went missing in iran nearly nine years ago are outraged that he was not part of the iran prisoner exchange.
11:36 pm
robert levinson, his son talked about their feelings that the administration had left -- well, his father behind. >> if they're okay with leaving him behind, someone who has been dedicating his life to this country, what does that say to other people? and how do they expect to have their government support them when they go overseas in these dangerous missions? that's a very big problem for this country if my dad's left behind. . lou: and the white house today saying only that they had been in contact with the family and that levinson may no longer be in iran. our next guest has been warning about the disastrous effect of lifting sanctions against iran and joining us tonight, congressman matt salmon. member of house foreign affairs, cofounder of the freedom caucus and, congressman, good to have you with us. >> good to be with you, lou.
11:37 pm
lou: great to have you here. let me ask you first. leaving levinson behind, the administration says cryptically he may not be in iran. this has been a pr deal for the family and this is particularly painful because no one is talking to them. >> well, beyond the feeling, this guy is our commander-in-chief and i don't know if you remember when he said they got bowe bergdahl by trading five thugs out, he said he said my philosophy as commander-in-chief. i don't think he follows that and levinson's family has the right to be frustrated because they're not giving him any answers. saying cryptically that he may not even be in iran.
11:38 pm
we're just about to give them $100 billion plus. they ought to be giving us answers as to his whereabouts. we shouldn't be saying we don't know where he is. that's -- and as close as john kerry says he is to those folks over there, we should -- we should know exactly where he is, and he should have been part of any kind of agreement . lou: you know, it seems to me that secretary kerry, congressman, president obama trying to project toughness if you will. some sort of macho strength. but in point of fact, do very little they -- whatever the result of their activities, it always seems to be they're left in a compromised position that has very -- at best an ambiguous result of the interest in the united states. and what i don't -- >> go ahead. lou: i'm sorry, congressman. >> i've got lots of experience dealing with these guys when our folks are in harms way. i've worked with -- or tried to work with the
11:39 pm
administration for over seven months trying to get andrew a out of mexico and the white house did nothing. they didn't lift a finger. i've been working on trying to get amir out for -- with congressman for several months and we had a hearing with john kerry about the hostages in iran. and these guys crowing about trading 21 thugs for five hostages, five innocent people for 21 thugs. that's nothing to crow about. i mean i'm thrilled that the five that are home are home. but the fact is they should have been released when we started the negotiations on the nuclear deal. they should have been let go when we concluded the negotiations on the nuclear deal. i mean we had all kinds of leverage over these folks and then to finally add insult to injury, we then have to trade seven prisoners who were convicted of arms trading and
11:40 pm
14 that were -- investigated by interpoll who are also arms dealers. so 21 thugs in addition to $100 billion. that is not some deal to crow about. lou: you wouldn't think yet crow the president does as his secretary of state as you pointed out. let me turn to the republican leadership. which frankly has been it seems to me projecting utter in all of this. i can't understand why the republican leadership doesn't demand in both the senate and the house that this president move forward with a treaty in physical form that requires the consent of the united states senate and the -- you know, it's just -- this is a lamentable government it seems to me right now, and i understand the complexities or at least some of them. but i don't understand what are has to me a shameful,
11:41 pm
shamefu shameful display of a reluctance to stand up on the interest of both democrats and republicans here. this is a profound -- >> i can't argue with you, lou. i don't know of any other nuclear deals between nations that haven't been treated as treaties and require a two-thirds vote in the senate. i think one of the biggest mistakes that we made in congress was to pass the corker bill. and less walk down memory lane. i believe 99 senators voted for the corker deal and then they couldn't get 60 votes to bring that same vote to the floor after they already voted for it. it's hypocrisy at its worst. it should have been a treaty, and it should have required two-thirds vote to do it. and i think as history looks at the way that republicans handled this, which is probably one of the most harmful deals to america in my lifetime, if not the most
11:42 pm
harmful deal to america in my lifetime, i -- i don't think we're going to be treated kindly on this one. lou: well, let's hope god treats us well and pray. congressman, great to have you with us as always. congressman matt salmon. thank you. >> thank you. lou: incredible video coming out of utah tonight. the folks at red bull -- yes, they're at it again. they created this. it might be the world's largest -- well, i guess it's a hammock. it could be -- any number of things. but it's a space net as far as red bull is concerned. that's concerning when you see that. these daredevils aren't laying around. the adrenaline junkies taking a 400-foot jump off the net, the net seems a perfectly nice place to me. but jumping into the canyon
11:43 pm
below, it took two days and 80 volunteers for building the playground for daredevils of all stripes. well, a truck driver came within inches of his death. surveillance video shows the driver of the truck checking a flat tire when a huge truck comes right at him. can you imagine that? this was on a busy highway in london. i mean there's not more than an inch or two it seemed to me of room. if that wasn't enough to scare him, a second truck passed so close, it knocked off the side mirror. thankfully the truck driver survives with a few bruises, and i'm sure inhaled a deep, fresh, grateful breath of air surviving it all. you know, it's amazing to me the number of times we show you videos like this of people who come within just inches or seconds of disaster and are utterly on
11:44 pm
oblivious to that moment that their existence might have been extinguished. well, up next bob is next and a group of bikers shows the world how not to honor martin luther king jr. we'll have that story for you as well.
11:45 pm
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11:48 pm
lou: so why are our 401(k)s being ravaged? why is it that markets are so filled with turmoil and to give us this idea former goldman sachs chairman and former secretary of state under hillary clinton robert. great to have you here. >> great to be back on your show, lou. lou: this is a difficult time. the volatility we're all witnessing on wall street, $3 trillion ripped out of global markets since the beginning of the year. as they say this is beginning to look like real, serious money. and there's no sign of stability in these markets or these economies. >> correct. it's a very, very volatile market. there's a huge amount of uncertainty. in part, it's a concern about china's declining growth. but i don't think that's the major part of it. i think there's a general
11:49 pm
sense -- a general set of apprehensions about the world economy, which is still not really gotten on its feet after the 2008 crisis. a lot of debt has been piled up by a lot of people, particularly in emerging markets and that's a problem. and a lot of people have not benefited to the extent there are has been any growth. lower income people, middle income people, really have not benefited very substantially from it. lou: well, wages in this country have been for the past 25, 30 years basically stagnant. >> yes. lou: as you know. we have watched household net worth, wealth decline precipitously under this president over the course -- really since the last crisis in 2008 and 2000. we are watching -- jobs are hard to come by. this president brags about creating jobs. we've had 94 million people not in the workforce. >> a lot of people aren't in the workforce and those don't
11:50 pm
get counted as you know and the official unemployment statistics and a lot of people feel their kids should do better than they or at least they're trying and are not able to get good jobs and incurring heavy debt and they go to school and find it difficult to pay off. lou: it looks to me that we're caught in something and i don't know about your former state boss agree to what i'm about to say. but whether it's democrat or republican, we're not talk about the structural and systemic issues that face this country. we are blithely going along ignoring $19 trillion in debt that if the fed is successful at raising interest rates, there will be hell to pay for this country because that is going to eat up even more of the wealth that we do generate if we can. but at the same time all of this is happening globally. >> yes. lou: leadership in every part of the world is now showing itself to be incompetent, to
11:51 pm
be frankly incapable of understanding or communicating a vision to the people they are so elected to serve. >> uh-huh. lou: whether it's china, whether it is european union, whether it is united states, we are watching a league of fools internationally. >> well, i think governments really kept up with what's going on in the global economy. first of all, economy is steaming -- lou: but let me ask you this. you worked for hillary clinton. fundraised for her. you know her. she doesn't seem to have a clue. i look at the republican field. they're not talking about what is necessary to get serious. they're not talking about the inefficiencies and higher education that make it impossible for people to close the gap because they were not able to achieve an education. instead this government under obama has saddled students with over a trillion dollars in debt. >> well, i think there are a number of things that hillary has advocating that would be helpful.
11:52 pm
first of all, infrastructure. one of the things that we really need to do and we didn't do and people are going to look back on it and say you have low interest rates, why is there more support for infrastructure? . lou: but my god everybody in america supports infrastructure. we can't get corporate america to bring back $2 trillion because there isn't a president or political leader with the guts to say it's coming home. and if you're going to be in the home economy and the worldst greatest consumer market, you're going to be investing in america and the middle class of this. >> well, i think it is very important companies invest in this country. lou: so important that it shouldn't even be with a discussion on the part of 130 ceos of multinationals. >> how we do this is a matter of opportunity in this country to invest in. i think there are good opportunities. the other is to work with business, to help them train people to create the kind of opportunities that people need in order to survive and in
11:53 pm
order to thrive in this country. lou: bob, i've got to go. i'm sorry. you've got it. work together. that will be the day. thanks so much. hundreds of bikers going on a wild ride as part of a dangerous annual tradition. these dirt bikes, atvs, and motorcycles ridden through the traffic on the busy streets of miami. two people arrested. looks harmless enough from here if you're only from here. street level would be a different thing. up next ethan couch's attorneys have found someone else to blame for his scream to mexico. to mexico. we took that up with our legal
11:54 pm
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lou: joining us, two of the best attorneys in the business. lis weihl. it's on bookshelves right now. also mercedes colwin. let me star with this affluenza case and this kid who is one of the most annoying people in any story. i find this such a repug nantd story. >> can we lock him up? lou: i want to lock up the prosecutors, too. >> what about the judge who gave him probation? i'm sorry, i'm too rich to understand what i have done. come on.
11:58 pm
someone has got to have a reality check. put the kid in jail. >> because he only violated probation, he gets 120 days. that's the maximum. if he violates that be maybe he will get real jail time. lou: i'll turn to something that hopefully has a bert outlook. the supreme court hearing on the take care clause basis. the stay against the obama administration sheltering 4 million illegal immigrants. >> i will do the lawyer thing. what the states including texas are going to argue -- lou: can they arrest the president for not faithfully executing the laws. >> calm down, lou, come back to me. they will say you didn't execute the laws.
11:59 pm
you went against the laws. here is what's so fascinating about this. the supreme court says, both sides weren't arguing this before today. the supreme court said we want to hear about the take care clause. they decide wad they care about. lou: the reality is the disposition of illegal immigrants and children born in the country, at least a large number of them, whether they will be deported. the president has the power to decide who goes and who stays unilaterally without law? bull. the outcome of this case will decide whether this constitutional republic survives. >> june of this year.
12:00 am
lou: thank you, ladies. we are out of time. 78% say donald trump's support t recent poll. good night from new york. [♪] kennedy: i'm watching hillary get giddy because she has a new boyfriend, and it's not huma. it's president obama. hillary's chief you are got william jefferson clinton has failed to swoon the base pinning the predatory tail on the past president. now hillary is like sharon stone? "casino" look for a new sponsor. she should try that air cut. sit would be awesome. what caused this level of clumsy


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