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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  January 20, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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in every year. they purchased water from detroit a. but because they were in overship, that's -- in severship and that's why they are in this crisis. charles: stocks crash with the dow at 1 point off 565 point. more than 500 stocks changing hands. still the indices closed in the red. the political world abuzz after donald trump gets a huge endorsement. now the ball is in ted cruz's court and wait until you hear the name he's about to roll out. hillary getting scorched by bernie sanders who ising on like
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a rock -- who is coming on like a rocket. it was a brute at day. have you her heard dow down 250 points not bad? the dow nose diving right out of the gate. then we made this big rebound. when it was all said and done we were still down, the dow off 249 points. crude is the central story dropping below $27, the first time since 2003. let's talk about what's spark the sell-off. to our pros, liz, i am going to start with you. you were an oil analyst for a couple of decades. you know that market in and out. oil down, markets down when people would think if energy
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costs less that should help economies. it should help households. who why does every time crude goes down the market goes down. >> the world is slogan china is slowing. that's where the incremental demand has been coming on. so it's a destabilizing element. there are pluses from lower gasoline prices and heating oil. but it's not enough to take care of the fact. and it has meant that all of these sovereign wealth funds dependent on oil revenues where they are look at a $600 billion budget deficit, they are having to sell out of their sovereign funds and they are not alone. it's not good. charles: saudi arabia which is -- the king said another victory like that.
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they are winning but they are losing. they had a big deficit that will be a lot bigger this time around. they are exhausting resources. why are they playing this game. why have they turned on the spigot so much? >> some of it goes down to geopolitics. they are determined to beat the russians and iranians and they will use oil to do that. the big issue is credit. the reason the price of oil is affecting the stock market directly. you had loans from commodity companies and energy companies, which now they may not be able to repay. so you have to go through the bankruptcy cycle. people are afraid the more oil goes down, the bigger the bankruptcy will be. >> is this bubble, is this trouble to the degree we saw with the collateralized bank together gaightss how they took
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the housing loans and parss them out over and over again. are we at the same level of risk? >> there will be some pain that will be more painful than people spent right now. you will know you are at bottom when these bankruptcies start to get rolled out and they are in the paper and on the news and the junk bond market stops going down. then actual know the capital markets have priced it in. and i think that should happen this year. charles: let's go to the guy who told everyone to get out, sell everything in december. what did see then and has anything changed? >> i saw a lot then which i'm still seeing. the weight on the market is china. the numbers coming out of china are suspect. i think china's shadow banking industry is so leveraged to what was once the growth element of china.
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if it slows down and the yuan has to come down to increase exports so they can maintain revenues, that will have an effect across the emerging markets. charles: we are seeing that. >> we have seen the tip of the iceberg. china has held up fairly well. china has not been hit yet. it's nowhere close to where it could go. charles: the chinese officials are fighting on three fronts. the currency, when they lowered the pay, they started it. so they started this and they can't close it. showing the currency, shoring up their economy and the stock market. they have got a lot of cash. but is it possible they can shore up these three things successfully? >> they can't. this is like trying to hold back water from a dam that's been seeping. eventually that dam will break.
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the evident schematics between $500 million and a trillion has been spent by the chinese to hold up the yuan. so this has cost them a lot of their reserves and this is weighing on global markets. char where we note negative out there. it feels like it's hard to pinpoint a worst case scenario. what do you think? >> i'll add a political element to this because i'm a policy guy. i agree with everything that's been said so far on the show. but i think it's a bearish climate for investors. what is being said on the presidential level? if anybody watched that debate. not many people watched it sunday night. you have got hillary clinton saying raise taxes through the roof.
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' you have bernie sanders saying raise rates to 80-90%. that's a bearish message. that's a contributing factor. where is the growth going to come from? i have been saying the last couple weeks. i'm more and more nervous about a potential recession in 2016. we'll only get 1% to 1.5% growth for the first quarter. i don't think american investors and savers and families are in any condition to deal with another recession. charles: december 15, lana said fourth quarter growth would be 2%. so a lot of greed even to perhaps that fourth quarter being a rescission and if this
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is how it's going to go for the first three months here, it wouldn't be hard to say back-to-back quarters. the lack of confidence and leadership. the president, congress, world leadership. angela merge was seen as a big leader. central banks around the world. then china, the leaders of china. there is a big leadership vacuum that plays a role in this. >> talk about confidence. if we are concerned about china. that's where there is no confidence in the leadership. there is a huge corruption thing. they have ceo's disappearing and being kidnapped in mainland china. imagine that napping this country. chain today's economy is plummeting at a time when the government is trying to orchestrate a massive shift in the structure of the economy. they are talking about we used
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to be a manufacturing powerhouse, now we have to be a consumer and service sector powerhouse. this government is not up to it. they are not used to it. they are not used how you manage this multi tridollar economy and it's not going well. charles: it seems crazy that they would do that at the same time they crack down on rich people. they won't let them -- >> it's about consolidating power. he's terrified they are going to lose control. charles: you look at china two ways. an amazing miracle growth story, but you still have maybe several hundreds and millions of people riding around on bicycles and they want a piece of the action.
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>> they are in a dangerous situation. they must grow to retain power in the communist party, but the model on which they grew is obsolete. there is an infrastructure around the world built up to support china. putting money into export-driven -- charles: what steve moore is talking about is on the democratic side, i have got to tell you some of the republicans are making me nervous, too. >> it doesn't help when donald trump says we should have a 40% tariff on china. charles: we want to talk about the gop and what their policies are. but getting back to this idea somehow these governments can create a soft landing which he government tries to do, then spark our artificial growth. this administration, steve moore
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hits it spot on. the rhetoric between fakes and regulation, the on reason i think we are doing as well as we are is muscle memory. >> that's well put. we are the cleanest dirty shirt in the laundry. but those claws are slipping against the pressures of the global economic circumstances and china leading in the that down. there is no leadership in term of the country and central bangs. none of the central bang policies have proven to be effective. now what we are seeing is the buy and hold and certainly by the dips mentality is out the window. >> where can the growth come from? i don't think we'll have a rescission, but i think we could have a quarter of negative growth. what will pick up the economy from a policy point of view?
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they rated rate a little bit, but there -- they raised rates a little bit. but is there not much more the fed can do. the budget deficit is rising. i think there are no bullets left, except one big one. a corporate income tax right now. charles: let me ask you, steve. if the fed were to articulate to the ebb vettors, we are not wedded to the rate hikes. we are not going to do it. >> that would help a lot. >> it's craziness. >> if they reversed themselves now i think people would view it negatively. saying the fed misread the economy and it's weak. >> they don't have to reverse what they did, but they should renounce this quarter point rises.
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i think that spooked the market. >> i think they should stop talk. they are confusing the market. charles: how about saying we are not wedded to four rate hike. we don't know what it's going to be. january 1 there was a 94% chance of a rate hike. >> when we have oil prices falling, if anything there i deflation. >> there is no inflation in this economy at all. the immediate has made things much more volatile and nervous than they had to. charles: i think janet yellen has got to say we are out of arrows but we are not going to force it. >> they are been wrong for 34 years, they are not going to get it right this time. charles: breaking news. the stock market essentially crashed.
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charles: it was the tale of two markets. we finished a little bit lower, but there was some buying out there. i don't think it was all retail buying. the bottom line is the market came down really hard. individual stocks or sectors. sean, i'll start with you.
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you have been spot on. with respect to the down side. but you also are an investor. buy low, sell high. are there any areas you like? >> i would look at things from a short-term trading style basis. liz and i were talking about oil stocks. this is a good time to throw some cash into the oil stocks. if oil pops, if you are going to put money down on the table, they are big dividend. if oil rises, we get a spike in oil, oil prices will be a good place to jump into right now. charles: chevron is a name i love. 5%, 8% dividend yield. i don't see how you can go wrong with that the next year.
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>> the big cap oil companies have an ability to withstand this oil drop. >> you are starting to get attractive val waigs. some of the big financial institutions. they are utility now, but they are selling below book at reasonable valuations. >> i guess the buzz going into that first rate hike. you have got to be in the financials. goldman i guess had a so-so number today. but the fact of the matter, part new regulations that hamstrung them to a certain degree. >> but these are valuable franchises in the long term. they move capital around the economy. also some of the dividend stocks you are talking about. the auto companies are selling
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at a 5 were * dividend. but just don't expect to make money this year. >> i like oil. i don't know if it's quite right the time to buy oil. i'm not with the ceos of the major oil companies. necessity is the mother of invention. they got fat and happy when oil prices were at 100 a barrel. the cost of drilling is going down dramatically. the technological improvement is breathtaking. they can't make money at $26, $27 a barrel. charles: they are getting close. >> i think we'll see a return to normalcy. maybe $40 a barrel oil. i think they can make money at that. we are not talking enough about the beneficiaries of low energy costs. i would say that's manufacturers and the transportation industry.
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charles: we saw the dow turn higher today. spirit airlines and netflix blew them away. that's still the stock if you can stomach volatility. we have a new poll showing donald trump has a 20-point lead over ted cruz in new hampshire. but there are interesting developments beneath the surface. cruz on the verge of getting a big endorsement himself. back at ya donald.
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marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. thanks. ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly.
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great job. (mandarin) ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪ charles: breaking news. donald trump surging in new hampshire and a brand-new cnn-wur poll, he's on top. but ted cruz had a bigger jump from 6% to 14%.
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marco rubio and jeb bush are tied at 10%. this as glenn beck says he's ready to hit the road with ted cruz in iowa. will he be a counter weight to sarah palin? joining me now, stacy, i want to start with you since you are new to the show, welcome to the show. these numbers are like a million polls. they go all kinds much different ways. but i find it interesting, while trump has a commanding lead, he's not necessarily running away with it. it doesn't seem like this thing is over with even though it field like it is. >> he has to actually debate the democratic nominee who could possibly be hillary.
6:26 pm
how it could ever happen, i can't imagine. charles: i guess even through advertising. >> when he does that, he wins. he's not a loser. he says what he means and means what he says. i'm looking forward to it. charles: there is no doubt the trump train is running full steam ahead. cruz is 34%. only 31% of the folks in this policy they 100% have their mind made up. it's hard to not see donald trump not wing the whole thing right now. but polls haven't been that reliable anywhere in the world. it feels like it could be the top three or four people still have a shot. >> any poll is a snap shot of the a moment. it's not a reflection of the entire spectrum. the polls in 2008 were generally
6:27 pm
accurate had mccain and palin up by 8 points. then you had the economic downturn. that's where the obama team started to how much. the environment changes things and surprise events change things. hillary in 2008 was leading in iowa, four days, five days leading in the into the caucus. she lost that state to barack obama. what these candidates have to do, especially mr. trump and sarah palin, is try each day as you have lead into those last three days of decision making to be the person who is on the fence when they are ready to switch over. charles: maybe it's deliberate or maybe he's settling into the leadership role. it feels like donald trump is trying to be more presidential if that's the right word. he's not being as bombastic as he has been in the past.
6:28 pm
starting off lathe night's announcement with a shout-out for ben carson and his staffer. for lack of a better word, take an adult presidential aura about him. >> i think definitely he has gone the more comfortable in his role. leading in the nomination essentially the way he has in these polls. there has got to be a lot of pressure. it's not something where there is a book you can read about how to do it well. he hit his stride. grabbing on to sarah palin, a super cool move for conservatives, especially with the evangelicals in iowa. i think he has gone the more comfortable in his own skin and where he is. it's a good thing for the whole gop field. charles: where are we now? is it still anyone's ballgame?
6:29 pm
i see rubio throwing commercials against jeb bush. you playing for second place? is there still time for someone to win this thing? >> obviously it's been a new game. history has not been repeating itself in anyway. i'm interested in seeing how it plays out with glenn tbhek iowa versus sarah palin. sp rrp energized the evangelical base and glenn beck through 100,000 people down to the national mall to support his efforts. but last year when glenn beck, sarah palin, and donald trump came together they couldn't fill the capital yard. but we do have a chance in new hampshire. this is going to be a much longer primary.
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charles: in a few polls jeb bush has come back. maybe we wrote him off prematurely. we want to talk about hillary getting scorched by bernie sanders. how much trouble is hillary in? we'll discuss it next. turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours.
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the newest poll shows bernie sanders with a commanding lead in new hampshire. she is 33% he's at 60%. should democrats be canceling the coronation? it's got to be desperation in hillary's camp. i know they are talking about this is not the core demographic for democrats and it's no big deal. but it's got to be deja vu all over again. >> hillary clinton is sharpening her attacks against bernie sanders calling him a social toift a certain extent. you are starting to see more of hillary striking back talking about his positions on gun control not going far enough, talking about he wants to go to a single pair system in healthcare. sanders is sticking to what he knows best.
6:35 pm
he's not associating himself with the wall street special interests groups and linking that to hillary clinton and he's focusing on his populist message which is working well with the younger voters. as long as the message stays on the economy he seems to be doing better with the democrats. this is iowa and new hampshire. watch for hillary clinton to play strong in the deep south. this is a replay of 1992 when bill clinton became the comeback kid and started winning the south and win can the elections despite the fact he lost iowa and new hampshire. charles: she better not crack up. remember the scene, she lost in new hampshire and she didn't think this upstart would knock her out. you monitor enthusiasm. you have do the dials. there is no doubt bernie sanders has hit a certain amount of enthusiasm, particularly with
6:36 pm
millennials. why can't hillary spark that? >> there is something interesting about hillary. people want to like her. they want her to be the thing they get excited about, but they just don't. bernie has come out from nowhere. people are excited, they are energized. people are sharing and facebook and getting out there. a lot of the things polls don't track is you be likely voters. hillary could be surprised again. when you are looking at her poll numbers in iowa seeing she could be within the margin of error in some polls she has a lot to be concerned about. charles: gina, could bernie sanders be doing hillary a favor? if she is attacking him for being too far left, she has drawn a line. maybe this helps her in the general election.
6:37 pm
>> she is performing so miserably and the dnc is failing so badly with this weak candidate they have in hillary clinton. and this is her second shot. my prediction is this. i don't think we'll see hillary in the southern states. i believe if she implodes in the early primaries, i don't their we'll see her compete later on. i think the dnc has got to be thinking about a game changer whether it's bringing someone else or handing off the torch. i don't think she can go very far if she doesn't start performing and get some strength. charles: they probably joe biden's name in a box saying in case of emergency, break glass. leonardo dicaprio is slamming big oil copies. but how did he get to davos? in a big shiny jet.
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is it. >> the example of hollywood's hib cite i? -- hypocrisy?
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6:42 pm
economic form. lee or only travels at the best, the big fat juicy jets that soak up the oil. and a boycott of the oscars because of no black nominees for a second year in a row. let's start with leonardo dicaprio. hollywood every year, they put out two or three movies about oil being bad. then they have these mansions and jets. >> carbon footprint as big as buildings. it's hypocrisy. but i'm glad he believes in something. he put $15 million into it. i just don't understand how it's going to be effective. when there are other thing that are much more important. charles: i think a lot of people
6:43 pm
don't realize. we lived until 40 years old at the turn of the century. our life spans, quality of life has gone the better, oil has bent engine, the power to do that. you can't have it both ways. >> i think it's amazing where we have gotten to the place where we are so anti-big company and success. that's where innovation comes from. there are environmentalists out there who say it's important to partner with businesses. strong businesses mean strong economy, strong economy means more innovation. so i think you are missing the boat. charles: i hung out with leo one night last year. got to talk about this. jada and will smith and a bunch of black celebrities upset.
6:44 pm
for some reason hollywood didn't see smart performances by black actors. or is it that the average academy member a 60-year-old white male who didn't see those movies? >> i don't know who's voting. charles: that's the average age in demographics. >> there are also not the opportunities. the roles don't exist. part of the reason the roles don't exist are because we don't demand them. instead we create things like b.e.d., and the bestment t. awards where you have to be black and everything has to be -- and the b.e.t. award where everybody has to be black. if white people did that everybody would be up in arms. but if you don't get a nod for an oscar it's racist. i don't get it. it's a double standard. charles: black history month,
6:45 pm
you took a lot of grief for that. you don't think there should be a black history month. >> no, i don't. we are americans. should there be a white history month? charles: black history month is in february and that's the shortest month of the year. but i think it's stupid. every day should be about all americans. we get caught up in these kind of things, but it's another form of hypocrisy. >> if people want to make this a cause, and if it is an issue, symbolic of a larger problem this country, calling people to boycott something is the same as calling people to be for something. let's celebrate there is one nominee and celebrate and get people excited to change their minds. charles: if will smith had been nominated him and jada would have been there. it's not about black people.
6:46 pm
it's about degree dised by the pool they hot loved them. charles: donald trump takes on am. he says he's going to make them bring their manufacturing back to america. what's up with subsidizing ethanol. we'll be right back. i've been called a control freak... i like to think of myself as more of a control... enthusiast. mmm, a perfect 177-degrees. and that's why this road warrior rents from national.
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>> we are going to get things coming. we'll get apple to build their damn computers in this country rather thoonter countries. charles: it sounds like a rude awakening for am. but almost anyone else
6:50 pm
manufacturing outside of this country. he's warning if he becomes president he will force them to manufacture all their products near the good old usa. is this a case of emnentd domain -- of each comment -- em? yesterday when the governor of iowa came out against ted cruz saying usually i'm neutral, but do not vote for ted cruz. he was saying this is a guy who may wreck thette snol industry. but if you like free markets, the idea of subsidizing gets in the way. >> we are so far from free markets, it's what a lot of business people are railing against. it's what conservatives don't
6:51 pm
like in the omnibus spending bill. that's why a flat tax is attractive. this thing with donald trump is interesting. by it's one of emthings he says that likely can't happen. it's likely illegal. it doesn't make any sense. you don't want to put apple out of business. charles: their margins instead of 50%, it would be 45%. >> their margins are less than that. in china the wage rates are 1/8 less than they are here. that's not a terrible strategy. we need more private sector inducements. charles: if we start talking about tariff wars the average person will have to understand you will probably pay more for
6:52 pm
that flat panel tv. you understand the capital markets you probably understand that. but donald is speaking to the american public in terms of what they want to hear. they want to hear bring the jobs back. bring manufacturing back here and stop subjects does and supporting the 1% of the 1% making all the money and open the economy to job seekers who make good-paying jobs and careers. >> this populist kind of rhetoric. people for the last decade. >> donald trump, he is a candidate in the moment for the moment, doing whatever he needs to take to win every moment. he's going into iowa. it's a state with real concerns about the economy and about jobs. he's saying my base, the under educated male who is look for a
6:53 pm
job, i'm going to find a way to get you jobs. who knows what will happen. charles: president obama promised a manufacturing renaissance and we have less jobs than we had in 2009 when he was inaugurated. we are going to talk about isis and the war on humanity. we are talk about putting women and children in slavery and destroying the oldest christian church in iraq. i call them savages. feel a cold coming on? new zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam.
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charles: isis' determination to replace religions other an islam -- satellite photos, you look at the previous picture show, 1400-year-old site has vanished av a report yesterday called isis actions war crimes
6:57 pm
revealed details regarding 3500 slaves that isis controls. fighters can get the kids ages 1 to 9 for $165. you can buy add -- young girl for within 49, and a woman over 40, 45 dollars. this gets back to an issue we have talked about before. if they are committing war crimes, they are committing crimes against humanity, why can't we declare war on them, and take a more aggressive action to eradicating them. >> we'll be looking at some way of holding them accountabling right now what we have is a bigger problem. a civil war inside of islam that we've been talking about. we're looking at a fracture in a war in sunni islam.
6:58 pm
now isis says they are the true believers, they are the ones that are leading the reformination if you will, those who said, maybe they would soften up, they have had their reformination. and they are taking leadership saying we're the true believers. if you don't believe, that we'll kill you as well as the christians and the jews. charles: this war that captain ash talks about goes back to 632ad. i'm not sure how this is ever resolved. in the meantime the whole world is caught between the factions. >> well, isis is growing, they have made it clear, you are going to live our way or not at all, because we're going to kill you. at some point we need a leader
6:59 pm
to say, look, if you expanded another ge geegraphical country, i will put 250,000 -- and kill you all. we need to conduct it in necessary. charles: essentially talking about a lot of civilians but that is the price we have to go to economy ra eradicate them. >> if you are in isis territory, they have not killed you for a reason. sorry. charles: stacey, women over 40 sole for $41. the crimes again humanity. >> i think this is evil, pure evil. this is not a fight of flesh and blood, this is a holy war, this a war, we need to declare war to do what we have to do to eradicate it get rid of it, i want to know when is it
7:00 pm
enough? charles: this is a crime against all humanity. thank you, thank you for watching every night at 6 p.m., now here's lou dobbs. lou: good evening, i am lou dobbs, just 12 days to the iowa caucus, new polls show donald trump dominating the republic race for the white house. trying to bury ted cruz. republican front runner today ripped cruz over senator's reasons for failing to disclose loans and renounce his dual canadian citizenship. >> he said with the being a canadian citizen, he said, i didn't know that. how do you not know that? he said with the loans, oh, i didn't know that. smart guy,


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