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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  January 21, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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today's session will be critical, we'll being watching and have the latest. thank you to all all of our guests tomorrow at davos. we've got our davos coverage including the chairman of ubs, and the chairman and ceo of merck, meg whitman and larry fink, blackrock and an interview with queen rania of jordan. about the crisis and terrorism we're talking about every day as relates to isis. "varney & company" is up next and charles payne taking the wheel from here. >> thank you very much, maria. don't look now, but stuart's return is around the corner. there's a lot and maria talked about it. the big turn around in the dow, a 300 point reversal off the lows. we'll be swinging all over the
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place and can't return away from the screen. we'll watch it step by step for you. oil starting to come back just a little bit. creeping above 28 and all bets are going to be off. we've got a new inventory report that comes out two hours from now, it won't dictate oil, but also your 401(k). and vladimir putin accused of ordering the poisoning of a former soviet spy. and john mccain treading in political waters, blaming the president for the market. and jeb bush says that donald is afraid of him. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> we're going to begin with the report that russian president vladimir putin said that, well, the report says that he quote, probably ordered
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the killing of former russian spy ten years ago. ashley, give us the details. ashley: he died back in 2006 and it was determined that he was killed by someone poisoning his tea with plunomium 210 and died shortly after drinking that tea. that was in 2006 and here we are in 2016, a public inquiry in the u.k. came to the conclusion, yes, they've named two suspects, two russians no longer in the country as those that carried out this murder. and that it's very likely, probably is the word they used that vladimir putin approved it. of course, russians are saying this is politicized and call it absurd. >> all i can say i'm shocked, absolutely shocked that vladimir putin might have ordered the killing of a former russian spy, i'm shocked! what i'm not shocked about, the craziness in the stock market, up 23, we were down 150, up
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150, and a lot has to do with oil, it continues to be cheaper, but also continues to weigh on the equity markets, we're at 28 now and there's going to be big news on oil and watch it now. things happening in asia and particularly china. there's a lot to watch. the oil inventory numbers come out at 11:00. let's bring in right now, barron's senior editor. you've been saying all along, don't panic. yesterday was the first time since all of this began that my subscribers panicked. i had to stop a lot of people from selling everything. it's not a good sign, but here is why. >> don't panic, if you're putting money aside for the next 10, 20 years, if you need to spend it in a year or two. >> what about a woman 529 i think kids goes to school in a couple of years and started it six months ago, panic? not panic? >> have a low allocation of stock. there's plenty of instances of stocks underperforming or negative over that short of a
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stretch of time. have a low allocation to stocks and then don't pain -- panic. >> everyone is a long-term hold and buy person, everybody tells me they're an investor is cool and half of them blink. the first sign of weakness they blink. and leads to more selling. >> both the journal and the times today trotted out the same quote, one that i love. the markets predicted the recessions. sometimes the financial markets predict recession and we saw it during the global finance crisis, they predicted trouble that xhifrts didn't see and during the dot-com they called it a recession and sometimes it's nothing. right now, i don't see anything on the horizon. we're aware of the problems and the slowdown in china, problems in the euro zone, but i think this could be a selloff that
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investors should use opportu opportunistically. if you own individual stocks be ready to sell your losers. avon sold at 16.77 today it's $2. and 34%, it could have been a whole lot more. let's head out to the economic forum in davos, switzerland. governor, what the heck are you doing in a place like davos? >> charles, i am bringing business back to texas. i've had a unt too -- an opportunity to meet with business leaders here. they know the texas model, less regulation, tort reform, we have the right environment for business and i've talked to ceo's from across the globe who are thinking about doing business in the great state of texas. >> well, i tell you, i get that you're there to promote the state, but it feels like an odd fit because you're more of a--
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i just don't see you fitting in with these guys over there, about big government, big taxes, but i understand a business angle. let's talk about the oil situation though, but it's the number one issue in the world right now. obviously, texas has sort of mitigated the impact, but i don't know that enough that it's not going to hurt your state. what do you make of what's happening in the oil market? >> well, listen, the oil market is extremely predictable, charles, in this regard. in every decade in my adult lifetime there have been oil down turns like we're seeing now. oil is a pure commodity based on demand and supply. your audience needs to know this, as i talk with business leaders across the united states and davos, they're all positive and upbeat and see positive things for the future. so what i think we're dealing with is a short-term downturn, but what i gather from the ceo's and business leaders here is that the future looks very
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bright, not gang busters, 2 to 5% growth and at least it's not growth, but a down turn. >> two weeks ago american airlines had blamed the attack in paris and oil and our houston customers aren't flying like they used to. specifically, it hitting your state hard. does this argue for more of a diversified economy? ne near-term it's got to-- >> one thing we're working on in davos working on further diversification. one is with regard to the-- the feed stock is lower and working with regard to drug companies with expanding health care, working with regard to technology. texas you'll find, mark my words, in five or ten years, texas will be the home of
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innovation. apple is opening, and oracle a campus. you're seeing dramatic growth in the tech sector, in the health care sector so we're diversifying our economy in the lonestar state. >> i want to talk about immigration here, you filed a lawsuit, you want to stop amnesty for illegal immigrants. you're on the opposite side of president obama, where you are in davos, they voted germany the number one company in the world due to their openness. is there a disconnect between what you want, strong firm hand on immigration and perhaps what the business leaders over there want as well? >> well, it's two-parts. one is my understanding is that merkel and other leaders in germany are facing great backlash from their citizens because of the refugee situation and i heard the same thing across the european nations and they're dealing with the consequences of open borders. second, what i did in filing the lawsuit against president obama with regard to his
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illegal executive amnesty order is, he violated the constitution of the united states of america. and don't take my word for it, take barack obama's word for it, he said 20 times he didn't have the legal authority to grant amnesty and then he turned around and did exactly that. understand this, and please, your listeners understand, the united states constitution vets and the congress to make the i am anythings laws and here we have the president writing the immigration laws from the oval office and that's contrairery from what the constitution says. >> thankfully the supreme court will give the answer once and for all and everybody is waiting for it. you're right, it feels like a strong abuse of executive power. having said that, back to the immigration issue itself. i know in houston, a large percentage of people under 30 are hispanic or whatever, people who certainly have just come into the country recently. so, where do you stand? where does texas stand, a border, a big wall, you know, stronger vetting policies?
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where do you stand and what do you think is best for the state and the country? >> you know, it's so funny, charles, people who are not from texas are not from the border, they have one thought process about the hispanic population in texas and places like that, that is completely wrong. understand where i come from, my wife is the first hispanic first lady in the history of the state of texas, i know the hispanic community very well and won almost half in my election as governor for one reason because the hispanic community is not monolithic, they don't all believe in one particular thing. most of them believe what you and i believe in, they believe in jobs, believe in economic opportunity, they believe in upward mobility, they believe in a quality education and believe in a promising future and they know that the heavy handed regulations imposed by the liberal agenda destroys them. ask the person who comes across the border from mexico to texas why they're coming here,
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they're not coming here for global warming, that the president says is the number one concern. they are cutting back and regulation and jobs, that's the type that they want. >> governor, you're doing the right thing. don't let them influence them. >> all it takes is one texan to change them all. >> now, back to america and the northeast bracing for the first major winter storm of the year. lauren simonetti has what you need, what you missed-- in case you missed it, what you need. >> both of those are fine. >> really what to talk about. >> a blizzard, a snowstorm is headed to the eastern u.s. with potentially paralyzing snow for the weekend. the national weather service says that 12, 16 inches, maybe more of snow could come down tomorrow night and sunday morning along the i-95 corridor. last night, washington d.c., they had trouble dealing with
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just a dusting that made the untreated roads slick enough to cause a commuter nightmare. half hour commutes turning into four hours. vehicles in the president's motorcade slid delaying the drive back to the white house and all of this was before the blizzard. d.c. is expected to get about two feet of snow. and if you are flying into the storm, please call your airline, american, delta, united, jetblue, frontier and southwest. they are already offering some travel waivers, even refunds for passengers in the affected cities. so be sure to check with them. fly out ahead of time if you can or fly out later in the week. the airlines are being nice. >> thank you, very much, appreciate it. more troubles for hillary clinton, new top secret e-mails found on her private server and there could be another crazy day, it will be another crazy day for your money. i can tell you right now. good thing we've got the legendary investor wilbur ross.
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is it cheap? you'll find out on varney after this. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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>> let's take another look at the futures, essentially flat. we were down and now you want to talk about the tension. there's a lot of tension. let's go to legendary investor wilbur ross. you were spot on last year, no, too many things were wrong, you were sitting on a pile of cash. this market's come down a lot. is this the panic? are you starting to put some of that money to work? >> well, we are buying some of the bonds of the brokendown exploration and production companies. many of those have gone to trivial price levels, but we think that maybe now is the time to start being selective. if i were a regular open market investor, i think what i'd be doing is picking out the companies that have the most confidence in, putting in some
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orders, down 5%, down 10%, and then hoping they get touched off and if they do, and it goes lower, i'd put them in again, down a little more. i think now is the time to average down. charles: it's one thing, how does the person get that confidence? you made a fortune putting on things that people completely gave up on. people who were throwing in the towel on great, vibrant companies. how do you get that confidence? >> i think there's an overall malaise, a psychological malaise worldwide. i think what you're seeing going on in the presidential election here exemplifies that. there's a move away from centerism, polarization that goes into the political spectrum is there, and i think that's the same kind of nervous symptom, the same kind of erattic behavior that you're starting to see in the market.
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if you've made the stock market into a cardio gram, you would say this patient is about to have a cardiac arrest. [laughter] >> i couldn't have said it better myself. i appreciate your time this morning. all right, guys, more top secret e-mails, yeah, you've heard this before, but this plot really thickening. hillary clinton's private e-mail server, ashley, you've got the details. ashley: from the beginning, hillary clinton and her staff said, look, they may have been deemed classified today, but they weren't at the time. turns out they found what they call sap e-mails, special access programs more secret than top secrets. takes a special protocol to open these, they're so secret that some of the lawmakers on the oversight committees don't have the clearance to even look at them. that's how secret they were. we're talking about the names, these would be the things that would identify the spies that the u.s. may have around the world, not that we spy on anyone, but you know what i'm saying, the moles, whatever it
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be, top, top secret stuff, you need to go through a special protocol to open them, so to say as hillary clinton has that there weren't any classified e-mails on her private server, it begs belief. charles: thanks a lot. jeb bush, he's now saying that he knows why donald trump has been attacking him and it's going to be amazing when you hear his reasoning. we'll have it for you after the break. >> the reason why he attacks me, he's scared of me, he's insecure, he doesn't believe that he can take me on. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands
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of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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>> all right. here is another look at the futures now. and heads up a little bit, guys. stay with us, we've got you covered minute to minute. in the meantime, jeb bush going after donald trump yet again and this time says that trump is afraid of him. listen to this. >> the reason why he attacks me is, he's scared of me. he's insecure. he doesn't believe that he can take me on. and while i'm doing worse than him in the polls, the simple fact is, why would he spend his time tearing down someone who is so low compared to him. this is because we're moving up and i believe that he believes that we're the real challenge for his winning the nomination. >> you know, as my mom used to stay stuff like that when the bully would beat me up at school, they're really afraid
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of you, charlie. and come home the next day beaten up again. ashley: well, donald trump beats up on jeb bush because he made it easy to do it. and it's be honest. >> do we know where donald trump is, in possible in hiding. charles: one of his four hours of sleep. in my thing and i think that jeb accepted the role of disrupter like the wedge kicker in football. the job now, let me try my best to bring trump down any means necessary. >> the irony, he is a getting trounced in the polls by trump, but if you look at what the polls say would happen in a national election against a democratic candidate, jeb bush, i think, stands a much better chance because he has a greater ability to appeal to the middle and trump has little ability. people who want to win the election. ashley: but his campaign has faltered from the beginning and every time he's got to ramp it up.
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charles: can't argue that, the establishment lane is still wide open. let's check the dow futures because it's another crazy day for your money. we're up slightly, we've been all over the board already. the opening bell is just a few minutes away.
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>> he's violated the constitution of the united states of america, don't take my word for it, take barack obama's word for it. he said 20 times he didn't have the legal authority to grant amnesty and then he turned around and did just that. please your listeners understand, the united states constitution, not the president, to make their immigration law. charles: twitter is lighting up. you want him to be president one day. that was texas governor greg and the. we start 9 a.m. every day on "varney & company." the opening bell is going to ring in less than a minute. we've got a lot of great things going on here, guys. the market made an intraday reversal. 300 points off the low so you can look at glass half full, glass half empty. you've got the beaten down names, etsy, twitter. and you've got marriott off the canvass as well. bad news for united nations and union pacific both missed.
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remember, the dow jones industrials, the dow jones transportation, burfirst to cra before the others did. we've got seven seconds and looking at the big board, the nascar, some excitement because we were down 150, up 150, we're unchangeded now and here we go. up 2. let's bring in ashley webster, and jo king kent, todd horowitz. news from china, the china government injecting huge, huge amounts of cash, trying to save the markets. kevin, to you first. >> what is convincing about the market, this has been an orderly selloff in the face of oil and stronger dollar, earnings recession, if we take a step back and look what's happened over the history in the last three years, there was a taper tantrum and we saw the
9:31 am
market spike out. we're seeing biotechs, down over 18% since the height. and they found the bit and they led the market reversal. so, once oil starts to stabilize and get a bottom i think we could have found the bottom of the market. charles: looking good yesterday and others. and in the meantime, there one down more than 50%. todd, i want to piggyback on the notion that this has been an orderly pullback. are we wedded to the notion it has to be an average capitulation, dow down 1,000, and is that the ultimate one? >> as an orderly selloff, what makes the market i'm on the other side of kevin. as a market, i want to see an orderly selloff. we keep going down and we had a nice bear market rally yesterday, a great selling opportunity if you're a bear. the overall picture is, it's
9:32 am
the entire commodity space, it's not oil. we're having trouble everywhere creating job layoffs and creating a lack of growth. they'll be bargain hunting and all kinds of stuff coming in. overall, the whole system does not look well. the financial engineers are breaking down because they're built a bull market on artificial lows through buying back mergers and acquisitions. so i think we go definitely lower from here, but there will be a rally that we saw and those are great opportunities to sell. as long as it's orderly, i'm happy. >> jack, here is the thing, there's a debate about financial engineering and what we mean by that, large corporations spending billions to buy back their own stock. now, you can argue that that can skew the market for a long time to the upside. the flip side is individual investors have been selling the stocks. does it really, either way, matter with respect to actual fundamentals? >> it does matter. companies, when they buy their own stock, are a lot like most
9:33 am
individual investors when they buy stocks, their timing is lousy, right? when do they buy a lot of shares? when their profits are high. when times are good and when the share prices send to be high. when do they pullback, when there's a crash in the economy and they squander investor money with a lot of buy backs, not every company, but a lot of them. i'm not impressed with the activity in recent years, i'd rather see them go as dividends. >> back to oil, strikes me a year ago i came out and side cheap oil is not necessarily a panacea. people kicked me and thought i was crazy. at some point you have to scratch your head and say, why was a cheap input like oil, gasoline, hurt balance sheets and why would it hurt the u.s. household economy? why at some point is this not a good thing? >> well, because the real truth is, charles, we're really not
9:34 am
working. we look at the statistics, the middle class has never come out of recession. they're making less than five years ago, so you're not getting the spending because average mom and pop don't have the money to go to the store so they're not getting the car to drive. plus, if you add in amazon and on-line sales, it's picking up less demand and one more thing, an unseemly warm winter, it's slowing down the economy, plus, the lack of jobs that it's now creating because we're not getting the major drilling or fracking going forward. and i was always with you, cheap oil does not make a better economy. we need big solid once for everything, not just for one product. >> jo, what do you think about it. jo: many'-- i'm focused on the chinese market because you see the injection of cash stabilizing the markets in a lot of ways,
9:35 am
but certainly not providing long-term healing. some analysts are telling me it's like a bandaid on a gaping wound in terms of reform and being able to bring this to market consumer-led economies. charles: let me ask you, jo. the chinese are trying to do three things, propping a currency, propping a market and propping an economy. i know they've got $3 trillion, but if they want a market driven economy don't they have to accept the pain that goes with it? >> that's what most have been saying for decades. you have to allow a correction. removing the circuit breaker limitation, you see that that calms things down a little bit, but you have a lot of currency questions going into this. it's not about us. the 401(k) person or portfolio. it's about the stability outside, if people do not feel confident and not spending money, the internor economy, they could see cracks, and
9:36 am
that's what they're trying to stop every month or two. charles: whether it's a socialist, communist or democratic company, people try to keep power by any way necessary. and all of these are down 5% already this year, start with apple which looked better yesterday, but netflix just had an amazing earnings report. fell with the broad market yesterday. amazon, take a look at amazon coming down a lot, all of a sudden, everyone is cautious on it. ibm, we know ibm reported, cloud was okay, but the rest of the company is in trouble and i wouldn't be surprised if the ceo is out ap facebook is down as well. let me go to you, kevin. we know that we had the trade last year, apple sort of lost a little bit because it wasn't, i i don't know, buyers for it, but can they lead the market higher? >> they can lead the market higher, one of the reasons why,
9:37 am
they're going to come out with earnings and they're going to give guidance. they're in the spaces that are growing. you mentioned ibm, it goes back to jack's point earlier. they're doing financial engineering and share buybacks. what is facebook doing? they're investing going forward and did it with virtual reality and doing it in their mobile platform. i mean, 67% of the revenues are coming on the ad side and reinvesting in the future and everybody complains about amazon, they don't make any money. they have tons of revenue and they can turn the spigot to turn into earnings. they're reinvesting in their futures. look at amazon web futures. >> that's sort of piggybacking on the amazon model and the world profits will come later. jo, over to you. let's go to the floor because we've got earnings out including united and southwest, earnings this morning, nicole, let's start with united. >> all right, so they're both looking good here. you see united is up 2% and
9:38 am
southwest is up 2 1/2% and both talked about lower fuel costs, with united you had the ceo, who actually suffered a heart attack and needed a heart transplant and that was something that was in the quarter. but, they have been behind some of the other airlines and headwinds and the big picture. they did well and then we saw southwest tripling its profit and saying that they intend to repurchase additional shares of stock. and gary kelly, the free cash flow of 1.1 billion in 2015. the airlines are doing well and richard branson was on with maria bartiromo and talked about virgin atlantic overall and the low gas prices and the fuel prices in specific, it's great news for the airlines and it's not seeing a down tick in his industry. >> they shouldn't, these guys are saving a bundle. news corp., denying the rumors that they're making the rounds for twitter and of course, news corp. is the sister company at 21st century fox that owns the
9:39 am
network and that's not the first final we've heard this, what's the latest? >> we saw twitter pop, 14% on the report. and coming back and saying, no, this is not the case to reuters and you see here, it's down a little bit and the issue with twitter, it keeps on moving lower because it's a question of performance and a question of whether or not this is the acquisition target which a lot of analysts say it is. coming up february 10th, only 300 million active monthly users and compare it to the elephant in the room and it's not facebook, it's snap chat, a highly valued company that has hundreds of video views per day and month. and they're facing a challenge even if the numbers are good. charles: they've got to get rid of jack dorsey. let's start with celgene, you like that a lot here? >> yes, it's trading around $120 a share and they had a big overhang of their stock removed in december, actually. they had this patent lawsuit.
9:40 am
it's going to open the flood gates for billions and billions to drop to the bottom line and they're growing great multiples and they've got irreplaceable drugs. celgene is growing and trading at 15. >> what about gilead? >> they have the hepatitis c drug. but they're one biotech that gives off a good dividend of 1.57% and so much cash on the balance sheet and they're going to be able to acquire a great target. and once they address the hepatitis c, you can get in-- >> high beta names, another one, google. >> google is getting back to that, dominating the spaces you want to, whether it's search, mobile, cloud computing, and they're a great company. they're stretching shareholder value and that's what she wants. she's coming through and
9:41 am
delivering it to the shareholders. they're more transparent now. youtube is dominating one of the best streaming services and getting back to twitter, i think it would be better for google to buy twitter and said this all along. >> after shutting down google plus. the one chink in their armor. charles: they've got more than one chink. jack, we heard a portfolio, all high beta names, to the average person means they're extraordinary volatile. we talked about people worrying and panicking, how would you counter this? >> i wouldn't. those are great. google was one of the top at barron's and celgene i like a lot. when you have a problem like gilliard, you have a great moneymaker and the value is low, but a great drug and that can make a lot of money, that's easy problem to solve. >> it's the apple of biotech.
9:42 am
>> and google is not nearly as expensive as people imagine. look what's going on with youtube, tremendous growth. charles: if you can monetize it. the dow was up 17 points and now 23. and remember, the tension always early, the pros like to see the small guys get in and then right around 10:00 we may see something, but remember though it would be unlikely that we don't get a triple digit move. in the meantime, we'll shift gears. senator john mccain is looking at the waters, that they'd hold president obama responsible for the stock market plunge. more on varney after this. ♪
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>> checking the big board. it's going to feel like a script you have seen too often here. we opened up big and we start to drift around the same time. and we're off the dow 15 points. it may look innocent, but it's the beginning. we'll watch it second by second. in the meantime, let's take a look at oil and we're waiting for that inventory report at 11:00. it's hanging in there and this is the new march contract at 28.14. and now off to peter barnes in washington. senator john mccain says this year's stock market plunge will hurt democrats in november because americans are going to hold president obama responsible. >> well, charles, greg valliere degrees with senator mccain saying that the market selloff is bad for hillary clinton, the presumed democratic nominee,
9:47 am
hoping to run on the narrative that things were getting better and going to keep the good times rolling. it's hard to make that because the upbeat obama narrative in the state of the union two weeks ago, looks like this. and if you look at it, it's ten use. the classic example of a loser, herbert hoover, saw the market down and he lost. and looking at president obama, by the way, the dow today stands at nearly double seven years into his presidency despite the recent market selloff. sam stovall, u.s. strategist at s&p capital iq says for a politician or party tends to get hurt if a market decline is protracted, charles.
9:48 am
i'm not sure if we're protracted yet. charles: thank you, peter barnes. it has an 80% accuracy rate predicting who the president is. and we know that on the heels of the state of the union, all hell broke loose. almost everything he claimed, the opposite occurred to the national and economy. ashley: there were the statistics. to peter's point you can say that look, the market was doubled since back then and the turmoil continues through the year, the volatility, i think it works in republican's favor, you can look at the turmoil and hillary clinton will say, yeah, look how many people are back at work and we can continue those things. it can go both ways and doesn't help hillary for sure. charles: one thing that will help the republicans, people are near term. a lot of people won't say that it went from 6600 to 18,000 under barack obama, but maybe
9:49 am
went from 18,000 to 15,000. jo: you know, what you see here is this long sort of history of trying to figure out what the markets actually do for the president and vice versa, but if you look how people actually vote, there's a lot on a gut feeling. there's no debating that, when they go to pull the lever or punch the buttons, that's how it is, how your pocket book is feeling. i was looking at the stock trader almanac. and it's apparently not true that the idea that republican presidents are better for stocks overall. since the second world war, that the dow jones industrials posted bigger returns under democratic presidents according to the almanac. >> in fact, hillary made that point before. >> and so she's making that point and what i'd like to point out. you got a salient point when there are so many candidates to choose from. >> a lot of them say they inherit time bombs. >> congressman, i want to ask you on the same topic,
9:50 am
president obama, the economy really, it's been-- this has not been a robust economy and that's being nice about it and now the stock market reflecting that, how much do you think it will impact the election? >> well, the quarterback of the team fairly or not. tends to get the blame for how the team performance, george bush, in my judgment, he did not do anything to actively hurt the economy, but certainly come 2008 it was the bush administration that got the blame. barack obama is the quarterback of the team, and president of the united states, like it or not, he'll get the blame for the status of the economy come the 2016 november election. and barack obama's instance though, he's been proactive doing things in my opinion that have hurt the economy, particularly on the regulatory side of things that have driven up the cost of doing business in america, which in turn has made us let competitive in an international marketplace and cost us jobs as those jobs are moved overseas. >> you know, congressman, how dangerous is it to use the
9:51 am
stock market as a proxy? we could easily have a rally into november and that would not reflect the fact that people's paychecks haven't gotten fatter and all the things to your point instinctively the voter knows. should the republican bother talking about this short-term blip? >> i don't think so. i think that there are a lot of factors that go into determining how well the economy is doing and the stock market is just a small segment of that. the unemployment rate is a segment of that. equally important is the labor participation rate perhaps more important because that's at the lowest level since the 1970's. then you have to look at the price of oil and inflation and how the price of oil is affecting inflation. it's something that hasn't been brought up that i think is very important is the congressional budget office's recent report under this congress, our deficits are going to skyrocket again beginning in this year because the congress and white house have been wholly and completely responsible and that
9:52 am
affects people when you're looking long-term. >> the deficit up 100 billion and a trillion dollar annually and that's tough to justify. thanks very much, representative brooks, really appreciate it. >> thank you. charles: now i want to talk about a case of international intrigue. a judge implicating vladimir putin in the murder of a former kgb spy. what it means for the russian president after the break. at every turn...
9:53 am
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>> a new u.k. report claims vladimir putin most likely approved the murder of an ex-russian spy in 2006. all rise, judge napolitano is here. it's intriguing that they'll call out vladimir putin. they're saying probably, but they're essentially calling him out. >> this is a 300-page report, extremely thorough and comprehensive, filled with a lot of scientific data, data as well as political intrigue. but the essence of the report is because this former kgb agent was fired by the kgb by exposing a plot to assassinate, a plot that was successful, a zillionaire was assassinated in
9:57 am
london, the ex-kg about. agent became a part of mi-6 the british intelligence agency was paying him. he was poisoned by two kgb agents in london and because of the high level of this, an opponent of vladimir putin being assassinated, the british judges concluded that only putin could have ordered this. >> and what could be-- >> vladimir putin involved in murder, ho-hum. and they sought the extradition of kgb agents. >> and he has been given the highest award, he's in the russian parliament. they're never going to extradite these guys and certainly not going to charge president putin with murder and he'd start harming british
9:58 am
nationals located in russia. it's almost a standoff. charles: amazing. >> it's very, very 1950's intriguing. charles: it's the kind of stuff that led to the james bond novels. all right, guys, more varney next. marco rubio thinks it's unfair to criticize him for missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time. "one third of all of his missed votes in 2015 were missed before he announced he was running for president." over the last three years, marco rubio has missed more votes... than any other senator. washington politician marco rubio. doesn't show up for work, but wants a promotion? right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. they represent blood cells. .. forming a clot that can break free and travel upstream to the brain, where it can block blood flow and cause a stroke.
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the only blood thinner that lowers your risk of stroke better than warfarin and has a specific reversal treatment. talk to your doctor about pradaxa today. charles: big stories, the stock market first and foremost, down 32 and down 150, up 150, quiet so we it is waiting for this big oil inventory report an hour from now. it will move the market. when president obama said he would save the stock market john mccain says you can blame the president for this year's gigantic sell-off. the storm that has 50 million people worried about this weekend, two feet of snow possible in places, already gridlock in d.c.. imagine when the real deal comes. the real deal, "varney and company" second hour starts
10:01 am
right now. quick check of the big board, looking at oil down slightly, major report on inventory coming out, looking at oil more specifically gasoline, steady as she goes but that is the calm before the storm, this session should be extraordinarily volatile. d. r. barton is with us. this is a repeat of 2008, you say when we get going you will see a snap back rally. did it begin yesterday? >> it is possible we put in a low yesterday. once we get into a negative price flow like we are now. the biggest up days we had in the last 25 years, 19 of the 20 biggest the date of come in this
10:02 am
market and down markets of 2000, 2008-9, and 2011. we are watching for that really nick snapping snapback rally. but i don't think the downside is over yet. charles: this morning looked at key transportation names, union pacific hammered, feels like the proxy's for the economy getting hit over and over. >> very insightful. one of the things that makes this different than the august full back is we are just getting some of those negative economic movers coming to fruition. line a we knew was slowing down, now we have numbers that confirmed it even though it is much lower than 5.8% gdp. we are seeing problems in the emerging market from the commodity prices dropped. we know the oil story and all of that coming to fruition we are
10:03 am
seeing lower freight levels and things that say this time might be different and we might need to ban the hatches for lower price levels and not just a nice nap back rally like we had in august. charles: for more than a decade they said the department store model is broken but you like macy's. why? >> macy's actually on the snap back i don't like it at this price but on pull back for the next few months while starboard is on board and they are going to be looking to see if macy's can unlock the real estate value, it is possible that macy's could do better than the market over the next six months as activist investors start pushing this thing out. right here it is nice, 15%, 18% of of its lows. charles: it could be real-estate play. alexander went from $2 to $400 a share. kimberly-clark another interesting one.
10:04 am
why do you like this? >> kimberly-clark is like p&g's little brother. they hate to hear that but it is a smaller more nimble company yet they have some really big names that are really making a great inroads globally. they had organic growth, growth where they did better,
10:05 am
10:06 am
charles: apps to stay with oil,
10:07 am
cheaper gas, there are a lot of things oil -- more expensive. quote, let's talk about milk. gallon of west texas intermediate crude equals have a gallon of milk. charles: try that out. ashley: this is interesting. a barrel of crude is three times cheaper than the steel drum it comes in. the steel drum is $99 or $94 if you want to buy four of them, that is five times more expensive than the stock or senate and cheaper than a pair of pants or london or new york. charles: it underscores the fact you can't produce a product you are losing money on. ashley: it costs you more to drill bit and sell it than -- charles: 2250, sharp, painful
10:08 am
and that is a sharp rebound. thanks a lot. let's get to politics. a new ad, roll tape. >> almost all of the vote, we can project that hillary clinton will win. i am watching hillary clinton received a victory tonight. >> donald trump, the greatest gift from heaven and easy person to be in the general election. charles: "national review"'s rich lowry is with us. production quality is nice but would it be effected? >> the key vulnerability of donald trump, we're disparity, the general election polls, he performs more poorly, pretty routinely than any other republican but look at the polls, republicans when they are asked the most electable, best chance to beat hillary clinton they constantly saying donald trump so the bush ad is trying to to get the wedge and say look at the evidence the we have that
10:09 am
he would be worse. charles: the grassroots driving donald trump hysteria, the trump train if you will, you guys always miscalculate, year after year and we put you in power, you squandered it. would it fall on deaf years with respect to the primaries? >> don't know if this that is going to convince trump voters, pretty convinced it won't but part of the message, he's trying to get across is to the establishment saying i am the guy willing to stand up to donald trump said that is why bush has been so consistent attacking donald trump week after week even when he doesn't seem to be getting anything from it. charles: i have seen marco rubio attack bush and i thought he was out of it, he's starting to nibble a little bit here and there but i have a theory that he accepted the role of the structure sort of like the old nfl kickoff, the wedge breaker, his job was to go down cast as
10:10 am
hell and jump into the crowd. in other words he is trying to beat donald trump not that he will win but he will disrupt enough for someone else to win. >> i don't think so. he is spending millions and millions against marco rubio with some effect. you are seeing marco rubio slipped in the polls and is not helping jeb much, maybe a little at the margin but definitely hurting marco rubio and that is the guy ted cruz and donald trump fear most coming out of the establishment. charles: as i look at the numbers for the most ardent on establishment numbers, aid little under 50%, that will tell you perhaps to find one establishment candidate maybe he would have a shot but the eagles are too big to go that route. >> in new hampshire's you have the establishment candidate and they get around 50. other places, the florida poll the other day nowhere close so maybe there is really no viable
10:11 am
establishment candidate who emerges in this race. if one does emerge after new hampshire that candidate is in third place client for his life. charles: thanks, really appreciate it. we have a new report that russian president vladimir putin will likely authorize the killing of a russian spy back in 2006. ashley: not a huge surprise. back in 2006 he was a very outspoken critic of the kremlin, former spy up for a long report, 300 pages long, concluded with the u.k. government saying it is very probable that vladimir putin ordered the death of him saying he was an outspoken critic, he was poisoned when some radioactive material was put in his tnt died a very painful death several weeks
10:12 am
after that. the uk saying two russian agents responsible for this, arrest warrants have been issued, good luck getting them back to the u.k.. charles: over a decade ago, the judge said nothing will come of its 0 why do you think they would have gone through with this? ashley: part of the process of public inquiry. edlund to -- he was demanded of the russian spy, should impose sanctions on moscow. none of this will happen but no surprise with the conclusion was. charles: got a report. hillary clinton saying she never sent classified e-mails through a private survey. turns down those e-mails were so classified they were above top-secret, so top secret lawmakers on the oversight committee, many of them need a special player to take a look at some. more details for you on "varney and company". >> what difference at this point does it make?
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
charles: let's check the big board.
10:16 am
i promise you a triple digit move and we have gotten it. it is just getting started up 123, we could be up or down a bunch. the dow 30 the majority of them horribly huge it shifted to the upside, this will be a crazy session, buckle up. there is a great disturbance in the force, a seven months disturbance to be exact, disney delaying the release of star wars episode i the, originally scheduled for may 26th, 2017, now you have to wait for december 15th, 2017, and i guarantee you a lot of -- the new finding, hillary clinton's private server were so top-secret that not even lawmakers on the oversight committee had declared three of them. maybe she was telling the truth, maybe they were top-secret, maybe they were super top secret. she got away with words. >> seems it is a semantic issue but a few -- the fact of the matter from fox news is the
10:17 am
e-mails were so sensitive they can't be released because even by releasing the date and subject line it would hurt britney important for nation in danger and this is called special access program which is above top-secret. fox is reporting basically a undercuts the claim secretary clinton originally said that material e-mails were harmless or innocuous but there are going to be another batch of e-mails released right before the iowa caucuses. that may change the game. a very tough battle with bernie sanders. charles: saturated with so much of this, more or less people think she lied about it but we will see. 15 years ago the then president bill clinton issued a carden for the fugitive marc rich wanted for charges including illegal trading with iran. peter schweitzer is here, author of clinton cash. recently, rich is now dead but saying clintons are still
10:18 am
benefiting big time from the money in his circle. talk to about this. >> if you remember when clinton pardoned marc rich 15 years ago yesterday there was a huge controversy and part of the controversy was not only the fact that mark rich was a pretty bad guy in terms of why he was in trouble with the law but in the run-up to the pardon, marc rich's ex-wife made large contributions to the clinton foundation and the democratic party. what we did was go back and look at who was providing the clintons with money now whether that was the clinton foundation, what you find is some of marc rich's best friends, his lawyer, business associates have sent tens of millions of dollars to the clintons over the years raising the question were the pay offs the clintons received not just those payments denise rich made before but payments that are being made now. that is the question. charles: i don't know how easy
10:19 am
this would be to prove in legal court but the court of public opinion from the moment this was issued its smelled bad. since then bill clinton said he regrets it but it seems like they are benefiting big time from this. >> no question about it bill clinton said it was a political mistake because he got a lot of blow back for it but it has not been a financial mistake. take a nigerian businessman who was a longtime business partner with marc rich, basically what they did was smuggled oil out of nigeria and take the money and put it into bank accounts in europe, gilbert was convicted in europe for aiding and abetting criminal enterprise and money laundering but this gentleman who is a longtime business partner of marc rich has committed $1 billion to the clinton global initiative. he helped arrange speeches for bill clinton and given millions to the clinton foundation and is just one of a parade of
10:20 am
individuals with very strong mark ridge connections giving money to the clintons. charles: it feels like the media, you have been ahead of the curve, it feels like this is something the current administration can no longer ignore. the fbi and others are starting to look at connecting obvious got. >> i think that is right. certainly kathryn heritage at fox reported that the fbi brought in its investigation not only to e-mails but clinton foundation fund-raising. if you look at recent cases where public officials have been prosecuted on this sort of pay to play charge whether it is governor mcdonald in virginia or senator menendez in new jersey i would contend a pattern of evidence is far less detailed and established as it is in the case of the clintons of wood will be interesting. prosecutions are not just an evidence decision but a political decision so we will see what happens. charles: great stuff, we
10:21 am
appreciate it. it is coming. a huge snowstorm on the east coast, washington d.c. panicking. we have gridlock run the city and much more for you next. .. you pay your car insurance
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switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. charles: the east coast bracing for what is projected to be a major winter snow storm. washington d.c. seeing some snow and crippled by a few inches. we talk about this in washington. ashley: when you say gridlock you think of washington, nothing to do with the weather, they could get two feet of snow. these are watches not warnings we expected in place, two feet of snow, winds up to 35 gusting to 50 miles an hour. this is a heavy wet snow which
10:25 am
brings down power poles and we're talking block roads as well, a swat from the appellations into washington d.c. philadelphia, the question is how much gets to this neck of the woods, new york city, this city is under blizzard watch 8 to 12 inches and the mayor issued a travel advisory, people in new york, try not to travel if you don't have to from saturday morning through sunday afternoon. we have been here before committee missed before but we shall see. jo lin: airlines are responding to this, waving cancellation fees. charles: it's hard to get ahead of this. donald trump sounding off looking for an oscar boycott. >> i think it is a tough situation. i saw somebody on your shows a what do we do with black entertainment? whites don't get any nominations. i thought it was an amazing interview, i never thought of it from that standpoint.
10:26 am
it would be nice if everybody could be represented properly. charles: donald trump went on to say he recovered himself i think on that answer. i will say before you jump in, i've thought dumb quote about why there are historically black colleges, black people were considered half of the cuban so had to form their own college so bt was formed because blacks could not get roles on regular tv unless they were playing donkeys or weiner 0s. i don't think it ever lived up to its commitment to black people to put on smart entertainment. at this point i think the oscar snafu is about elitist blacks who want all the other blacks, will smith and data pincus, a all blacks should be upset about this, you found out your friends don't have high regard of your talent, too bad. wake-up call. jo lin: if you look at the last couple years, it has been all white for the second year in a
10:27 am
row. i find interesting that we didn't care, only a little clip, that he is actually in addition to calling for bt to be more diverse said it is sad that the situation with the oscars is the way it is a. he is calling for more diversity there but ben curtis and weighing in on this saying he is not concerned about the oscars, diversity at large is an issue for him. charles: it should be on merit in the argument is there were a couple movies that should have -- factors that should have been warranted. i didn't see all the movies. president obama loves to take credit when the stock market is doing well so john mccain has got to take the blame for the sell-off, more on that next.
10:28 am
thanks. ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪ ....
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10:31 am
ashley: a new report out saying that vladimir putin likely started a killing. >> nine and a half years now. the uk firing back. accusing the government of provoking and putting attention between the two countries. this is a whitewash. he goes on to say it does put additional pressure on russia and existing differences. the british authorities, they cannot help put off bilateral situations. they call it absurd. vladimir putin. >> i am not surprised. all right. a check of the big board. we have been all over the place.
10:32 am
this is just the start of something big. either way, down or up. thirty minutes, you get a big inventory report. david spieth is with us. you talk a lot about oil in the past. we just had 22.50. it was bullish longer-term. >> in the short term, anything can happen. longer-term, we are optimistic the capital expenditures is grinding to a halt. it is just a matter of time before prices start to move higher. >> let's talk about stocks. why do you like walmart? >> it is down about 30% last year. this is one of the quickie essential blue chips. it is coming in at 1.3 billion a day. trading over 3% dividend.
10:33 am
that is almost double what the 10 year treasury is now yielding. charles: it would this be considered, every year you take the stocks that did for performing. strong dividends. money in the bank. not going out of business. sort of a win-win. >> the story is far better than that. this dividend has raised 14% per year on average. just by a dividend stock. we want to see that growth, two. >> it is your food and beverage company. you can buy a 12% off of this type. also, the currency concern for the u.s. dollar rising. a 3.2% dividend. it is better than a treasury. >> the name or the ceo made a lot of mistakes i share. i love that guy.
10:34 am
that could be the catalyst. >> well, i think that it could be a catalyst. the stock is down 30% over the loss of one customer. costco. five-6% of revenues down 30%. no thank you. >> trading. about 12 times earnings. i could see that rising. charles: something i talk about all the time. these are 100-year-old plus companies. they find a way to survive all types of things. essentially, those kinds of companies to find a way to survive. they'll outlive people watching this show. >> blue chips being thrown out. >> eggs a lot. really appreciate it. senator john mccain holding president obama responsible. steve moore is with us.
10:35 am
i get the notion that the market definitely has an influence of the market on the election. it is a dangerous game to start correlating the stock market with presidents. >> it is. you go back 100 years. herbert hoover lost the election because of the stock market. jimmy carter lost the election because of the stock market. john mccain was still feeling the sting of that loss of 2008. early october of 2008. john mccain has a slight lead on barack obama. it was all over. look. the political point here is that there is no question. if the stock market continues to do as poorly this year as it has so far this year, it is hard to see how a democrat can win.
10:36 am
>> the dow was 6600. >> unemployment was double digits. home prices have come back. how have they encountered all of that. it feels like this he said she said thing alternately. >> that is exactly the argument i would make. the dow was at 7000. now it is at 11,000. whatever the numbers are. there was a really good response to this. marco rubio said, we want to see where prosperity is. look at the red states. look at the cities. we want to see a place. i think it is a very valid point. i will give barack obama his
10:37 am
due. i have been very greater goal of them. the one thing he does have going for him is the stock market has done very well. >> there has been a fracking me or call. >> i would not be surprised if obama did not blame this latest crash. charles: probably already did. steve moore, thanks a lot. it has been tight. you can feel the bias shift. still to the upside. investors have been wondering about this. have we entered a bear market? what would make it a bear market? >> 20%. you are officially in a bear market. you know this past. forty markets around the world. let's take a look at our markets. the dow, that is bear market
10:38 am
level. we are about 1200 points off of that. the s&p is 1704. we are back 160 points. the nasdaq, 4175. we are about the hundred points off that. once you get inside this market, you see the ugliness. the reality is more than half of s&p stocks are in the bear market. some of the names that you know and love, city is down 32%. apple 28% from its highs. walmart is down 30% from its highs. some of the biggest best known most loved consumer names. they are in a bear market. trish: 1300 stocks that new 52 week lows. it underscores what you are saying. forget about the averages.
10:39 am
the majority of stocks have been taking it. >> you have been really good at calling it out. sometimes only a couple of stocks that are waiting. charles: the audience is not buying it. joe, you have a couple of retail names you are looking at. >> right. i want to start with grub hub. it will be intensities. l.a., new york, london and austin. kind of like what grupp of dust. they are experiencing a downturn. it grew in 2014. it was actually that growth dropping 25% in the second quarter of 2015. i am also looking at walmart as well. they are raising wages across the board did earlier than
10:40 am
expected. they are doing it for a couple of reasons. they want to hold onto their workers in a tighter market. also, they have some issues on their hands in terms of store closures. 154. >> it is best when it works that way. thanks a lot. >> we know that it is all about benghazi. no mention about hillary clinton or president obama. iran. about to give billions of our dollars. dollars. more varney next. ♪ retirement savings. for over 75 years, investors have relied on our disciplined approach to find long term value. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call a t. rowe price retirement specialist or your advisor
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10:42 am
>> i am nicole petallides with your fox business brief. right now, stocks are up. the s&p 500. the nasdaq composite 25. all major averages are up. dow leaders here. we see home depot. nike. verizon. boeing leading the way. coming out with their quarterly revenue. better than expected numbers. oil gains. looking at oil right now. yesterday it sold off about 7%.
10:43 am
right now, 2869. energy stocks. general motors. 9.8 million people. start your day at 5:00 a.m. ♪
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10:45 am
>> a drug for depression failed in studies. now, shareholders are depressed. recounting on this program. what it was like the night of the terror attack. we have had it. roll tape. >> we found sean smith's body pretty quick. at that point, we did not even know if he was in the building. we had to make a decision to leave. charles: "wall street journal." you have a piece out this week about benghazi. >> those guys who help break the secret soldiers, not trying to make a political statement. that movie is not necessarily political.
10:46 am
it is about what they are at just describing. rescuing the ambassador. then finding their way of mile away. that is what that movie is about. >> some would argue that it is political. should any sort of recounting of that incident have some sort of mention of the powers? >> no question, charles. that is what i wrote about. i was thinking about nothing other than the fact of their explanation of what happened and then ghazi was a you tube video created it by some guy in california created a spontaneous reaction by a mob. susan rice went on television five days later. repeated it on a sunday talk show.
10:47 am
about two weeks later, barack obama mentioned the video six times by way of explanation. >> she was a sacrificial. talking the talking points. it was embarrassing. since then, we have seen hillary clinton e-mails. >> she knew that evening what was going on. most of people in washington were watching it. sending images back. they were at least aware that these people were under attack by militia. using rocket propelled grenades. ultimately using a mortar to take down the office. hillary clinton was complicit without false story about the youtube video. >> i think that it will be. will anything ever, puppet.
10:48 am
will someone be held accountable? >> gilded person that could be held accountable is the leading person on the attack of benghazi. he is in jail in alexandria, virginia. he has been indicted. perhaps, if put on trial, the question will be raised why weren't those guys helped. >> things a lot. really appreciate it. it might as well be used to combat isis. >> clo cheryl sandberg said the best way to combat isis propaganda online is counter speech. it is positive reinforcement on
10:49 am
pages. interesting example here of germans who are against video not fees in germany. flooding with messages of hope and lots of likes. charles: a good old touchy-feely type of thing. it would not hurt. >> taking away from what she said. it is under a lot of pressure to do more. they have not been receptive doing it. we will see if anything really comes of that. >> the like button to beat isis. coming up, the latest numbers on oil inventory. the dow is rocketing. how low could everything go? we bring in eric von who has been spot on. more varney next.
10:50 am
more varney next. >> no one saw 35 when it was 50. no one will see the $25 price. ♪ eeks to sequence and analyze a genome. now, we can do a hundred per day. with the microsoft cloud we don't have to build server rooms. we have instant scale. the microsoft cloud is helping us to re-build and re-interpret our business. this cloud helps transform business. this is the microsoft cloud.
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charles: the mayor of d.c. has are ready to declare it a snow
10:54 am
emergency. the snow has not even arrived yet. good luck on that. literally just moments away. jeff, what are the traders telling you? >> six minutes away. it is a huge number. we are still up $0.20 by oil today. expecting a gain in inventories. if we get anything more than that, i think it could send oil lower. oil goes lower, so does stocks. >> we will be back to you, jeff flock. thank you very much. the country is already ramping up its oil supply. chris harbour with the institute. iran now getting access to this money, old money, i guess. can we trust them?
10:55 am
>> no. we have never been able to trust the iranian regime. there is not a single instance where they have acted responsibly. look at it from a financial perspective. iran had a high cost basis. today, with the sanctions coming off, they have a lower to support terror. they will not stop supporting terror. it will just get cheaper for them to do so. charles: that is my next question. they will be up to the activities. what are some of those activities, do you think? >> islamic revolutionary guards. plus a huge militia. looking at all the total rockets that have been fired. about 21,000 at a minimum.
10:56 am
a primary producer of that operation. it ran through its era get. approximately 60,000. it is a mass attack against israel. antimissile defenses. >> just saying about an hour ago, the administration fully expect some of this to go towards terrorism. just another example of why it is a bad deal. >> it is a horrible deal. as a price tag on matter, it legitimizes everything else the iranians are doing. they are not impacted at all. they just have to adhere to some very minor restrictions on their program. it is a really bad deal for us, a really bad deal for the middle east. ashley: thank you for joining us to talk about this. we are just now going to talk
10:57 am
about it. more varney next. ♪
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
charles: do just about 12 seconds away. oil inventories crossing the wires any second. we we're going out to jeff flock. jeff: we do not have them yet. we're still waiting. go ahead and take charles up to the board. figure build on crude than we thought. we expected 2.8 and we got 3.9. it was a drawdown. that is good news. gasoline a much bigger build. this is bearish. oil, again, expecting 2.8. gasoline, we were expecting 1.3. we got 4.5. this is not good at all.
11:01 am
oil has been positive all morning. it is the lowest it has been in the last hour or so. we will approach negative territory. we have been up as much as $0.35. this does not look good for oil, charles. >> thanks a lot. oil on this program. >> a few weeks ago. all year, charles. all year. [laughter] >> right ashley. eighty, 70, 50. my $35 prescription was upgraded. there is a big build in inventories. this week we have a massive building gasoline. third week in a row. last week was 8 million.
11:02 am
gasoline demand is slowing down. we already know we had a massive oil glut. inventories in america are running 50 higher. 450 million barrels of excess inventory. when it gets to levels it has been four years, you start worrying. the supply side is strengthening. it is also putting a negative pressure. >> you definitely were spot on when it comes to crude oil. a positive for the economy. we have not seen it yet. >> we have had too many years of $3.04 gasoline. if put save massive debt. you take $2 off a gallon of
11:03 am
gasoline, you are putting a quarter trillion dollars back into the pockets of america. it takes a little while to realize we have that extra money to spend it. based 70% on consumer spending. eventually, it will work its way into people's spending habits. this is good for retail stocks. it may drag the stock market down temporarily. stocks are where they are intentionally. $28 a barrel. a gallon of oil, a gallon of oil is about $0.69 a gallon. there is taxes. there are refining costs. there is a massive amount of profit in their. go with the refiners.
11:04 am
>> it is a pure play. i actually like chevron, two. >> a little bit on the crude side. what would you say now? we're looking at oil. it is up, not down. maybe, just maybe we are bottoming. >> we talked about it for years. farther than anyone expects. charles: with these numbers, would you expect $27 by now. we are going up instead of down on this number. >> whatever logic in trading. every other asset class commodity. do not apply to oil. it is absolutely crazy. you could be up for four hours. >> thank you very much. let's take a look at the big board.
11:05 am
about 20 minutes ago we were up 180. then we were up 120. now we are 100 points away. we are all over the board. jeff, just like eric was right. crude oil and gasoline. you have been spot on about the markets. market reaction from yesterday. about a 40500. reversal. does that signal anything from you? >> there was momentum coming off the rally. here is what we have to realize. this is entirely, as far as today's concerned, the mario draghi. he issued this whole quickfix response.
11:06 am
it is an absolute debacle. what he did today is he instilled false whole. reevaluate the policies come march. people anticipate while it looks like they will cover. charles: central banks have been printing money and doing extraordinary things for a couple of years now. it feels like these guys, for lack of a better word, they have no potency. >> i think they are responding temporarily. stock investors are renters of stocks. yesterday, i was hearing a lot of chatter about what you think mario draghi will say tomorrow. it will be consideration of we will do whatever it takes to save the european union. i see these acts of desperation
11:07 am
give the market a boost. when we see pullbacks from a technical perspective, and i have not spent a l this point, what ultimately happens is they cannot last. >> to your point. that has been a script. we have room to do something, if we have to. a lot of people have been asking about this. it made a huge reversal off the bottom is today. are these the names? places people should be looking. >> i made that comment that twitter has no strategy. the only strategy is to be acquired. that was at $29 a share. it is down $17 a share right now. twitter wants to be acquired or wanted to be acquired. since then, they may make acquisition now.
11:08 am
i know that they have considered that. it is far too soon to buy a company that has no definable plan to grow revenue. only counting on somebody taking him over. charles: unimagined and election day between donald trump and hillary clinton. an unprecedented victory. let's talk about jeb's strategy there. i think he has accepted the role of disruptor. no longer trying to win. trying his best to make sure that trump does not. >> while he has rants on negative ads against rob, he has ran most negative ads, the super pack has against marco rubio since december. if his target really is trump, his super pack has been a lot of money going after marco rubio. i do think that there is this
11:09 am
battle. playing out in new hampshire. climbing a little bit in that establishment lane. will the establishment, are the eagles to big for any of these guys to step aside? they call him and establishment. they will go to one central candidate here. that will be a dream. they could clear the deck and have one person. john kasich, chris christie, marco rubio or jeb bush. they make that fight with a unified front. you add all of them up.
11:10 am
maybe even throw carly fiorina in there as well. the war between ted cruzan donald trump. cool it. you are pushing it too far. you will wear each other out. ultimately making whoever wins in the general election. >> it is true. the battles became a little bit more fierce. ted cruz going after donald trump. 201320. talking about amnesty after the border is secure. trump going after crews. not just his canadian birthplace. also flip-flopping on a number of issues. expect that to continue as you get closer to iowa.
11:11 am
marco rubio and others are hoping there are 218 wheelers hitting each other. >> or two locomotives. bret baier, thanks a lot. appreciate it. taking you to the "new york times." questioning hillary clinton's ability. i think you know the reason why. we are all over that next. ♪
11:12 am
11:13 am
11:14 am
>> even though all you'll, on all aspects, take a look at crude oil. it is higher.
11:15 am
let's not have a knee-jerk reaction. maybe we have hit a near-term low. maybe. we will see. former running mate sarah palin. and her endorsement. let's listen to what she has to say. my father has a spouse is not popular anymore. i understand that. for me, it is hard. someone who works on the campaign for almost two years of the life. my extended family. it is hard to watch her indoors donald trump. >> monica crowley. john mccain saying he respects sarah palin's decision. he made nice with the whole thing. his daughter was more emotional about it. >> who can blame her. they are so wild.
11:16 am
i think on both sides. no one knows how to get a handle on this. the reason that sarah palin was important and a lot of people say she has awesome firepower, well, sure. she still has enough firepower to make a different in states like iowa. her timing was right on the nose. also, she has the ability to reassure some conservatives that may be nervous about the principles and how he will govern. it can be very effective. >> a story about how she is raising money. >> they are both private sector. charles: i want to also ask about this. >> hillary clinton's threats with women.
11:17 am
lena done him was at a fundraiser. she talked about being disturbed by the clintons. women that were sexually abused by the president. i want to bring in camera holder. the "new york times." reporting that kind of stories that you may not normally see. hillary is in trouble. >> i don't know if he is in trouble. this is separating hillary from her private life and her public life. a champion for women's rights. you look at her private life. women stay in marriages for all kinds of different reasons that we do not know. the people that they love for all kinds of reasons. we just heard sarah palin abused her son.
11:18 am
maybe she had an ambition to become president. >> one thing about someone defending their husband or their son. hillary said, i am not one of these regular women who knee-jerk -- in other words, she separated herself from other would-be victims in this kind of thing. this has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. >> how the ground has shifted beneath the clintons. the scandal that we saw would be least impactful this time. the 1990s and all of that. really coming to full force. when it comes to her possible election here, it is the millennial women who were not necessarily around in the mid- 1990s when these scandals were
11:19 am
happening. they are going, wait a minute, we no longer smile upon it or make excuses for it. i think that that is what lena done him was saying behind the scene. she did not expected to go public, but now it has. >> i need you out there pressing. >> these people on both sides used people to their benefit. to their political benefit. donald trump is using sarah palin to his political benefit. >> starting to turn. she does it publicly. that would be a huge blow. >> i do not think that it is a huge flow. we have a lot of hollywood people who are coming out for hillary clinton.
11:20 am
>> now learning about this. >> i think that there is a serious issue in america about sexual abuse. ray rice to bill clinton to bill cosby. we need to not politicize it. taken seriously back then. maybe we would not have this problem today. many different parts of my life. you need to go to the police. you need to stick to your story. all of a sudden, people were not believed. hillary clinton spouse herself as a champion of women and girls. everyone mentioned being believed. she has stood by her husband. we do not know why she stayed with him.
11:21 am
>> natural that the wife would stay with the husband. she had would-be victims. she separated herself from the crowd. all right. thanks a lot. president obama's final beach rail. talking about that next. ♪ we're the hottest young company around but if we want to keep the soda pop flowing we need fresh ideas! >>got it. we slow, we die. >>what about cashing out? no! i'm trying to build something here. >>how about using fedex ground for shipping? >>i don't need some kid telling me how to run a business! i've been doing this for 4 long months. >>fedex ground can help us save money and deliver fast to our customers. not bad, kid. you remind me of a younger me. >>aiden! the dog is eating your retainer again. let's take a short 5-minute recess. fedex ground is faster to more locations than ups ground.
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11:25 am
>> a major winter storm making it towards the northeast. >> several major northeastern cities are prepared to issue lizard storms ahead. record numbers of snow. twelve-16 inches could fall between friday night and sunday morning up and down the northeast. mayor bill de blasio has issued a hazardous treasure advisory. washington, d.c. could see the worst. it would be a major they have are ready declared a snow emergency that starts tomorrow morning. just last night they had 1 inch of snow that shut down the city. turning into four-hour commutes. they were struggling with the snow. several motorcade videos were
11:26 am
scenes getting on the road. if you are flying somewhere this weekend, you may want to call. all offering travel labors or even refunds in some instances for passengers. make sure to check with your carrier before you head to the airport. charles: cool. thank you very much. the most recent washington times. read all right. talking about closing. in his academic order on the first full day. here we are seven years into his presidency. wonton am okay. obviously, wanted to close it. i think he was delivered late waiting until last year. in addition to releasing these
11:27 am
known terrorists who at this point are the hardest of the hard-core. it is twofold. the most encourager bowl. matriculated them into the united states. it decimates the whole argument. wonton of mowbray is somehow a recording tool for terrorists. more importantly, the united states itself is a recruiting tool for these terrorist groups. it will become more so if you bring them onto u.s. soil. >> who we are and what we represent. >> we are the enemy. especially if you bring them here. >> destroying the 1400 old -- they hate us. we should keep ourselves safe. >> letting out some of the world's worst terrorist.
11:28 am
rejoining the fight. more importantly, i think he will turn over the entire base back to cuba. he has reestablished relations. the cubans will turn around and lease to the highest bidder will probably be flat amir putin. >> marco rubio's fate. waited till you hear the senator's response. that is next. ♪ have a little faith in me loco have a little faith in me ♪ ♪ have a little faith in me loco have a little faith ♪ ♪
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11:31 am
11:32 am
. charles: all right. check the big board. we remember remember we had a 300 point reversal to the upside. carrying it so far today. another 160 points and here's the big thing. despite the build in oil, oil is higher. probably should be down 70 cents, up 70 cents, but we watch it minute to minute. i want toking to michael, and, michael, you say investors should not be surprised by the way these markets are acting. >> yeah. i don't think so. one of the statements by the
11:33 am
great philosopher and boxer mike tyson says everybody think so they have a plan until they get punched in the face this are powerful words and we've been talking about this volatility for quite some time. a lot of the market strength has been government induced. and now that the financial stimulus or the steroids or if you will have worn off and it's not time for folks to be speculating in the market, especially with retirement dollars. charles: so what do people do? they sell everything right here and do you think they have the wherethol to get back in? >> well, not necessarily. here's a great thing to think about. from 2009 to today. the market's up about 140%. that's great news. don't get greedy. now's the great time to take some of the gains off the table. preserve your principle or invest for income rather than try to speculate. charles: yeah, i get the
11:34 am
problem, though, that so many people sold and only recently started getting back in. >> that's right. charles: because often sells low, buys high. >> that's right. charles: you watch at&t; right? >> yeah. at&t one of the things i talk about i'm big into dividends and at&t is a great dividend play. they've got a long track record of at least moderate or increasing dividends. and currently the yield is about 5.6%. so it's still a great opportunity for folks. charles: would you categorize them as a modern day widow and orphan stock? because it's hard to see where the upside comes from but it is a cash machine. >> yeah. it depends on your philadelphia and strategy. a lot of the people we work with are retirees or conservative investors. so they're he recognized for income-generating investments. dividend-paying stocks are those things that can do it very well. including preferred stocks. charles: all right., michael, thank you very much.
11:35 am
appreciate it. >> my pleasure. charles: let's go to a new report that claims vladimir putin quote probably ordered the killing of a russian spy ten years ago. >> probably? . charles: what do you make of this revelation? >> i think -- charles: we just had the news alert. >> yeah, sorry. i stepped on that. but i think any reasonable person looking at this and knowing who vladimir putin is that he did, in fact, have this carried out. remember putin is a old kgb hand, a old kgb operative, top spy. he has eliminated his enemies in the press, political enemies and so on he continues to do so. this is no surprise. i also don't expect him to be held accountable. charles: and some of the sense court of public opinion ruled on this a long time ago that the uk would go to the expense of a 300-page report and then put it out there. what are they trying to do here? because, obviously, it's going to provoke russia.
11:36 am
>> someone is killed on british soil. charles: obligation to -- >> they did absolutely. whether it's a poison tipped umbrella or it's radioactive material and cup of tea. >> right. but then the question is this has opened up to the consequences. because you don't just put a report out there, maybe you do and there are no consequences. i don't think putin is particularly fearful of the consequences, whatever they might be. charles: well, so far the west has gone through sanctions. getting crushed in part because it's an oil-driven economy. he's got serious issues and this is a way of applying more pressure on him in some kind of way? >> maybe. maybe the relationship is already strange let's put it that way. this doesn't help the russian ambassador to the uk, accuse them of trying to provoke and create an intense situation where it wasn't there and a white wash report where the intelligence agency had a massive failure on this issue,
11:37 am
but it's obvious what happened. >> true but putin think so in a bigger picture kind of way and what he's doing in the middle east by grabbing a strategic foot hold in syria. this about grabbing control of the world's oil supply and coming out of the middle east so he can strangle europe even further so he's not worried about this report. charles: all right. marco rubio. we're going to shift to him rubio claimed it would be his downfall. listen to rubio's response. >> you shouldn't be worried about my faith influencing me. in fact, i think you should hope my faith influenzas me. here's why. my faith teaches me that i have an obligation to care for the less fortunate. my faith teaches me that i have an obligation to love my neighbor. my faith teaches me that i have an obligation for those who are hungry to help try to feed them. for those who are naked, help clothe them. my faith teaches me i need to administer to this in prison. my faith teaches me if i want to serve jesus, i have to serve each other. and i think you should hope that that influences me.
11:38 am
charles: what do you take of it? >> well, i think that was a strong moment for marco rubio in iowa, and if you watch the whole video, which you can at, this was an atheist saying are you running for pastor and chief or commander-in-chief? what about the people like me who are atheists and don't believe opinion rubio had a couple of good lines he said of course you have a right to believe what we have you want. no one is going to force me atheist believe to believe in god but nobody is going to force me as a presidential candidate to stop talking about god, and he continued to defend his faith in a robust way. we're a pluralistic company where everyone's viewed views are expected. and then you guys clipped the clear part of the answer saying even if you don't believe in god at all one ought to hope that my catholic faith does influence how i view the world. charles: and bringing this
11:39 am
back a little bit. this argument between church and state and to what degree do we take this? of course the pledge of allegiance out of schools and this big atheist movement. i think it speaks garrett to these quote operations that he had and maybe this is a good foundation for this country. maybe this is the kind of foundation that to your point helps all americans. >> that's right. he was basically making the argument that judaho christian values. so maybe this was an opportunity where he could have slammed the guy, it was filled with christians in iowa. he, in fact, praised this gentleman for having the guts to stand up and saying here's what i believe and challenge him and the answer was -- it was vintage rubio and reminded us why it is great politicall. charles: when we hear the fight for evangelicals, it's
11:40 am
ted cruz, donald trump, is rubio also. >> he's definitely in the mix. i think a lot of people are stunned by the extent for evangelical vote for donald trump, which is read and exists. ted cruz in that hunt as well. but there's another one the des moines register poll one week out before the iowa caucuses and what people are saying watch rubio because he's making inroads there. and if he's close enough to the top two, he could carry them forward. charles: well, he spent a lot of time in des moines. not in the rural areas but in the city pounding door-to-door, in those fancy shoes, by the way. so how do you think? how do you think what kind of -- what should we brace for with this poll? >> well, here's -- we take a step back with the rubio campaign. they are now starting to tip their hand a little bit about what their strategy is, and they've made it very and lift over the first three states to a number of reporters they're going with the strategy called three, two, one. third place in iowa, which looks good for them in terms of polling. second in new hampshire, which is dicey.
11:41 am
possible but dicey, and then they're saying we've got to win, come in first in south carolina. he's a distant third there right now. so they think they've got that path. i think the risk in putting that out there and broadcasting the world three, two, one. if you miss any of those benchmarks, you prescripted your own failure. charles: well, the endorsement, maybe nicki haley. >> tim scott. charles: tim scott. so maybe. good stuff, man. appreciate it. hillary clinton and her e-mail scandal. well, she says just another one of those vast right conspiracies. i think we've heard that before, but you've got to blame something; right? we'll be right back in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives,
11:42 am
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stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. we were in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. so i just started poking around on ancestry. then, i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. it turns out i'm scottish. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt. >> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. we've got a lot of down arrows so far this year. but so far the dow jones industrial average up 143 points sitting at 15,910, the s&p up 14 and the nasdaq up 24. leading the dow jones industrial average you're seeing home depot, verizon come out of the with the quarterly report and nike up three and a quarter percent and home depot up as well. and the quarterly numbers that
11:44 am
stock is down 1.1%. the profit was hurt by lowering under riding and investment gains. grubhub, well, uber into the market share of grubhub and the stock is really reacting. in fact, the stock is down over 5% today. sitting at 19.32. and actually cut their price target. we start our day after the bell, by the way, american express and starbucks. start your day every day 5:00 a.m. on fox business
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11:46 am
charles: take a look at united continental and southwest. both shares up right now. both companies reporting earnings. expectations, you know, so. look at them. both stocks are moving a little bit higher. of course the big deal here 37, 40% cheaper overhead because of oil. also check the price of oil. major bill. oil is starting to rock it higher. ashley, you know, what do you make of this? >> the snow storm is going to be massive, north carolina, virginia, dc declaring states of emergency. we had an inch of snow in dc overnight. last night complete chaos. look at this and of course an apology from the -- charles: that was called rain, though. i mean come on. give me a break. that wasn't snow. >> they are expecting up to two feet of snow. people being encouraged all the way up to new york city the mayor here bill de blasio said don't travel, we've got
11:47 am
winds up to 50 miles per hour on the coast. we could have power outages, you name it's a mess. the airlines are saying call ahead. please call ahead and they'll give vouchers maybe even refunds because of the affected cities. so many affected by these storms. maybe. i say big. maybe. charles: hillary clinton says the controversy over her e-mails is just another right wing conspiracy. but it now comes out that some of these e-mails are just so top secret that even lawmakers didn't have clearances to read them. all rise judge andrew napolitano is here. this category above top secret so top secret, in fact, that elected officials didn't have the proper clearance. >> it's actually a subpart of top secret. so when hillary clinton says -- maybe we'll put aside the right wing conspiracy because this was put up by the right wing conspiracy called "the new york times." [laughter] but what she says -- and she
11:48 am
said this over and over again and very carefully used these exact words. i neither sent or received anything marked classified. that's a word game because nothing is marked classified. charles: right? >> it's marked ca confidential, secret, or top secret with. and the most is the selected ap. that's so top secret that even the members of congress whose job it is to regulate the cia, do not have that privilege. the secretary of state has it, the president has it, the vice president has it, the director of the national security, the head of the cia and after that it's on a need to know basis. what is it? it's information about the methods and the human intelligence with which our intelligence community derives intelligence. so if there's a mole, somebody that works for a foreign government that's also on one of our payrolls, that name is in there.
11:49 am
if the mole has a handler, someone in our government that regulates the mole and communicates with the mole, that name is in there. if the government is dealing in some black ops, some arguably unlawfully unconstitutional behavior that wants to deny, that is in there. if she exposed that type of information, and she apparently did, by putting it a nonsecure venue, the server in her husband's barn. she not only committed a federal crime failure to secure a national secrets, but she exposed human beings to the wrath of those on whom they were spying. charles: it's just so hard to believe and yet, you know, continues to mountain. you've already pointed out the numerous smoking guns. this would have to go at the top of the list. >> yeah. it's hard to believe that the fbi will not recommend entitlement. if they do and she's endited, it's the end of her political career. if they recommend an indictment and she's not indicted because the president doesn't want to go through the
11:50 am
former secretary of state and leading democratic candidate being indicted for the presidential campaign, i think you'll see resignations and leaks and whistle blower activity that will make the watergate saturday night massacre look like a kiddie pond by comparison. charles: i know it will be really serious speculation but james comey has said -- head of the fbi has said, listen, his job comes first. so cuba alluding to someone as high ranking as him. >> yes. his reputation is one of intellectual, honesty, and integrity and no concern for politics. if there are resignations, he would probably lead. and that would be a disaster that the president doesn't want in his last year in office. charles: thank you very much. >> you're welcome. charles: well, vice president joe biden beginning his quest to cure cancer. do you remember he was given it at the state of the union. so we're going to talk with the doctor who actually treats cancer patients. how much can the government do?
11:51 am
and of course don't forget making money tonight 6:00 p.m. we cover it all right here on fox business. i've been called a control freak... i like to think of myself as more of a control... enthusiast. mmm, a perfect 177-degrees. and that's why this road warrior rents from national. i can bypass the counter and go straight to my car. and i don't have to talk to any humans, unless i want to. and i don't. and national lets me choose any car in the aisle. control. it's so, what's the word?... sexy. go national. go like a pro.
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charles: market continues that reversal from yesterday. you can see the dow up 180 points and what's really intriguing about it is oil.
11:55 am
oil inventory numbers, huge builds across the board. nevertheless oil making a big move up almost 5% taking stocks along for the ride. i want to shift agears here vice president joe biden in his new role assigned by the president to push for a cure for cancer. . charles: first, doctor, the demotion that if the federal government that can or should lead the way with respect to curing cancer rather than a private sector. >> i don't think the government is going to be ab ce nc. thk athe government can do -- which i think is a very important initial at this point is to really give the money. release the money. and the fact that they're talking about at least start with $2 billion to help with the research, with the grants, and things that have been going downfall, this will be important. but ultimately it's going to be the scientists, the doctors, the surgeons out there who really have to come together. by the way, it's an international effort with americans perhaps leading in this field. but you've got to involve alls
11:56 am
other countries who are doing the best genetic testing, screening, whatsoever to bring all together and cure this. charles: we've made so many medical leaps and bounds. we've cured a lot of things, fixed a lot of things, you made the point heart disease going down in terms of a killer, why is cancer so formattable. >> because cardiologists have taken care of all of these medications. cancer is going to be on the rise because of a lot of things we're doing. our diet. we just talked about how sugar could be really toxic to your body. belly fat, environmental factors, genetics plays a big role, and we're really not taking care of ourselves. we're not sleeping enough and working hard, et cetera. so one of those cells can go out of sync and become cancer cells. 1.6million americans a year are going to get cancer. one out of three women, one out of two men are going to
11:57 am
have risk of cancer in their lifetime. . charles: what about the a cynic who says there's a lot more money in the treatment of cancer than a cure for cancer. what do you say to people? >> what i would say is the government or somebody has to get involved and work with fda to reduce some of those costs. there are legitimate discussions that we can have about this. so whether it's immune therapy that's going to cost about $100,000 a year, you should reduce those. and that's what government can work with some of these companies. charles: right. >> mind you they spend years to come up with a new treatment. they should also. charles: right. >> get paid for -- charles: thank you very much. >> good effort. charles: really appreciate it. more varney after this
11:58 am
11:59 am
>> the irony here is he's getting tranced in the polls of course by trump. but if you look at what the polls say, what happened in a national election against a democratic candidate, jeb bush -- i think stands a much better chance because he has greater ability to appeal to the middle where trump has little ability. charles: that was jack saying
12:00 pm
jeb bush running, you know, running against donald trump because trump, well, is afraid of him. we're not afraid of the markets so far dow up 215 points. neil, take it away. neil: all right, charles, we've had to get on top of this, reporting live from davose right now, the markets coming back here, and we wanted to get to the world's financial and political leaders trying to deal with this and the cross currents trying to deal with it. so -- well, we had to leave. a big business trip here. so welcome, everybody, from davos where we're trying to get to the bottom of what's going on. charlie gasparino with what's going on. also with me in davos. charlie. >> you look like frosty the snowman, but you are not in davos. charles: i most certainly am. >> here's how i know. you haven't picked up one tab since i've been here, and i would make you pick up all of our tabs for all the great scoop i give you. neil: really? >> you are not in davos. neil: i am


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