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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  January 21, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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men are more likely to collect bacteria than grizzly faced men. you might want to consider growing out that beard. >> i feel beard attracts bacteria. all the food, huh. that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now >> bulls and bears out with heavy volatility shocking markets all week including today. the welcome to "risk & reward." i'm jo ling kent in for deirdre bolton. jo ling: we have lori rothman on the floor of the new york stock exchange. >> this is it where we stand right now. it was a rally. we closed off best levels. stocks fell off so deeply
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yesterday. we fell off the late august lows. they came back and of course you have got to talk about the price of oil. so oil came back above $30 for a time. it faded but still managed to snap a three-session losing streak to close at $29.73 a barrel. that was critical. so a lot of these oil names that had been absolutely clobbered over the last year came up big time. names like consol energy up 19%. southwest energy up almost 19% here today. that between the technicals and oil story people come back to stocks here today. dow will close at 15,882. after the bell earnings, starbucks is the headliner. kind of a disappointment. shares down in extended session. down 4% at moment. things were great here in the u.s. despite the whole big to do about the plain red coffee cups over the christmas season. everything was fine there.
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the problem we've been reporting, sales locations in asia and whole region were a little bit soft. they were concerned with all the companies with exposure to that part of the world. back to you, jo ling. jo ling: lori, thanks for joining us. arizona senator john mccain saying voters will associate the plunge in the stock market with president obama and democrats. with me now to break this down, cke, parent company of hardee's and carl's jr, andy pozner. what do you think of mccain's comments? did the loss in 2008 scar him to think it would happen again? >> clearly it scared him. there were other things in the economy going on that made the decline in the stock market more significant. we're 10 years or 10 months from the election so a lot can happen in 10 months if the stock market is still in big trouble in 10 months i say democrats will have a problem.
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but 10 months is a long time from now. jo ling: andy, we see latest gop polls or polls of the gop race, donald trump widening his lead to over 20 points over senator ted cruz in new hampshire, very important early voting state. do you think this means trump will carry a win and how much does that matter after carrying iowa and new hampshire? >> i think iowa and new hampshire are very important states and if donald trump can win both of those states i think it could be very significant. the interesting thing about the iowa poll for me, ted cruz after the comment about new york values and such, he went from 6% to 14% in the poll. he more than doubled percentage of vote he was getting. there is a lot of moving pieces. this is very difficult election to predict. donald trump is looking strong. nobody's voting yet yet. we need to have some people voting the poll i look at how
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does each republican candidate do against hillary clinton. jo ling: we see the monmouth poll the trump is able to carry it or republicans at least as of now. andy, i have to ask you who will you be supporting in the primaries? >> i wish i knew. at the moment i'm not committed to anybody. we have a great slate of candidates i could get behind from them for president. i become a one issue candidate, or one issue voter, who can win? if i felt positive about who has best chance to one i would support the person. jo ling: with donald trump making headlines he wants to force apple to manufacture all of its products including iphone in the u.s. if elected president. listen to what he had to say. >> we will get things coming. we'll get apple to start building their damn computers and things in this country instead of other companies. jo ling: for the record apple makes the macbook pro in austin, texas but looking at broader point, andy, does that work?
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>> he said he will get them. if you offer them incentives that make it economically rational to manufacture the products in the united states i think they would be glad to do so. the president can't force them to do that. it would take an act much congress. you really couldn't discriminate against apple in particular. jo ling: right. >> i'm not sure he is singling out apple. gm makes cars in asia. will we require them to make cars here? will we tell toyota and bmw we won't allow their cars to be manufactured in their country? it's a very, very difficult thing for him to do. he is appealing to blue-collar vote years that is exactly it. >> economy is coming in one way. jobs are going to china. jobs that stay here are being taken by people here illegally. what he is doing appealing to the base that risen up for him that is concerned about their jobs, families and income. part of that is jobs going to china.
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the other part is jobs going to people that aren't here legally. he is appealing to his base. i would love to see him do things that made, that incentivized companies to manufacture in the united states any president should do that. jo ling: andy, you have news today. hardee's and carl, jr.'s is putting out $4 menu. you want to compete with wendy es and other fast-food chips in tough fast-food environment. >> yes. jo ling: why go in that direction but not stick with the cheaper items on menus that type of thing? >> we've never had dollar menu. we're bundling products. for $4 you get really great double cheeseburger, get great spicy chicken sandwich, soda and fries. it is i think superior deal to what our competitors are offering. when computers are bundling selling products at set price, if you don't respond to that you will lose customers. we want to keep people coming
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into the restaurants. we think this is a good deal for them. we'll do fine with it. i'm real happy with it. no dollar menus. dollar men use are a bad idea. jo ling: you heard it here. andy puzder former romney advisor. your endorsement up for grabs. we'll look out for that. >> thanks, jo. jo ling: hillary clinton emails on her private server contained emails so secret that people involved in oversight could not read them or access them. one of the lawmakers is here, judiciary committee member with oversight of the department of justice and fbi. representative doug collins. representative, thanks for coming on. >> glad to be here today. jo ling: i'm told you have military clearance to access lots of classified information. what does it feel like not to be able to access this sensitive data. >> it is interesting for those of us in the military who dealt with classified information on
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various levels of our career also as members of the congress, mystifying to me why the former secretary of state is having such a problem trying to frankly, trying to explain away something she should not be explaining away. there is nothing that the justice department now should not do to get to the bottom of this whatever it takes, this was a malfeasance of law. i'm calling on mrs. clinton to suspend her presidential campaign. she needs to be straight with the american people. if she mishandled classified information that could put people's lives in danger. that is disqualification of as commander-in-chief and i'm shocked she is taking it so lightly. jo ling: does this undercut in your opinion, the claim that the material was innocuous an fully contradict that? >> it totally contradicts that. when you deal with special access kind of programs, these are deals that deal with current ongoing operations that are so classified that they require even a more disclosure notice
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past the top secret clearance which normally members can have. when that is even mentioned remotely to be unclassified setting that should throw off alarms throughout the system. for here to cavalierly say there is nothing but innocuous stuff on here, frankly disingenuous. i think she is lying to the american people because something she doesn't want to talk about. jo ling: representative, one quick question for you, because you can't access, what do you think are in those emails? what do you presume in them? >> i'm not going to presume because at this point in time they're classified the way they were classified because of significance of national security and world implications. >> okay. >> to say any different, that is something should make her to have to answer this. department of justice needs to be all over this even more than they already are. jo ling: congressman doug collins, good to talk with you we appreciate it. >> thank you so much. >> judge napolitano weighing in on hillary's predictment saying last night this could be clinton'sdown fall. >> the case against her is
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overwhelming, damning and from her perspective grave. jo ling: coming up, hillary clinton responds. hear what she had to say. first sexual assault and now some german refugees are suing. find out why. we have an attorney who says the u.s. could face a similar situation. bringing new meaning to the phrase, killing them with kindness. facebook chief operating officer sheryl sandberg saying likes can help fight terrorists. colonel ralph peters weighing in on sandberg's counterterrorism strategy after this. >> they launch what think called a like attack on the facebook page of the npd. [gunfire]
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>> this is continue you ages of inneragency dispute that has been going on for some months. as the state department confirmed i never sent or received any material marked classified. and that hasn't changed. >> when she says she never sent or received anything marked classified it's a word game. nothing is marked classified. it is marked confidential, secret, top secret or sap. jo ling: former secretary of state hillary clinton continues to brush off reports that her private server contained highly classified intelligence. troy slayton is here to break it down. is hillary playing a word game here? are we talking about very cab that is different? >> she is, jo. anybody that understands what the secret service does, that is her main defenses, that secret
5:15 pm
service was protecting server, knows they're not looking at traffic going in and out of this server. she is playing a word game. just because it wasn't marked classified at that moment doesn't mean it didn't contain classified information. she should know. the i.g. report confirms what everybody already knew. she had some of our nation's most secret stuff on the personal, unsecured server. jo ling: we have sound hit, something hillary clinton that had ulterior motive that when she praised president obama in the last debate over the weekend. this is what she said. >> that is one of the greatest accomplishments of president obama. thanks goodness, president obama vetoed it. president obama has led our country out of the great recession. >> you notice how positive she is about the president? you know why, right? you know why the. because she wants to stay out of the klink. jo ling: all right, troy, do you think that hillary is appealing
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to president obama here especially as some of his sure sure -- surrogates could go out and campaign for her? >> that is something more nefarious. the person that decides whether or not she is indicted is attorney general for the united states. the attorney general is the d.a. for the united states. she is the one, loretta lynch, will decide whether or not hillary is indicted. loretta lynch was appointed by president obama. it would be scandal of all scandals if it turned out president or white house was putting any pressure on the justice department to stop an indictment from coming out just because she is running for president or this is election year. jo ling: we have other developing news, troy. changes to the u.s. visa waiver program, nationals who have been in iraq, sudan, syria, can no
5:17 pm
longer visit the united states under the visa waiver program. over in germany you have developments there. refugees welcomed by chancellor angela merkel are now suing the government, some of them are for taking too long to process their claims for asylum. my first question, do you think the u.s. is going to face any sort of backlash like that from refugees? are they entirely different situations here? >> i mean they are different situations. it looks like the people in germany are really fighting back against this onslaught of what was unfettered migration of people they weren't really able to properly vet. i think it is good the united states has put the brakes on this but no, the congress has ultimate authority under the constitution to regulation immigration. i don't think anyone would have successful lawsuit to say that the united states is taking too
5:18 pm
long to vet them and decide whether or not they could have entry into the united states. but in germany we're seeing people coming in not with a chance to asimulate because there are too many people coming in, they're having mass sexual assaults and rapes in cologne which happens to be the same city where they're filing lawsuits for taking too long to grant them asylum status. jo ling: there is a lot to debate but we have to move on to a lighter topic. a snow border survived a avalanche in a resort in california facing serious matter. it's a lawsuit for criminal trespasses. you can see the gopro captioning christian merits tumble down the slope. he was lucky dodging all the trees and landing half buried in the snow. pretty lucky to be alive at this point.
5:19 pm
lawsuit filed by the resort that he triggered avalanche in area clearly marked. he said he didn't know the area was off limits. how do you think the case will proceed here? the sheriff's office has the case now? >> he is facing two potential problems. first criminal action initiated by the sheriff, prosecuted by the d.a. that alleges that he was trespassing. he was in an area on private property without permission. but he is also facing a potential lawsuit by the operators of the ski resort who had to mount a response to rescue him, and it place ad lot of lives in danger because by him going into that off-limits area he triggered this avalanche. 27 people die every year from avalanches. this area has been off limits since the 2010-2011 season. so he has a lot of explaining to do. it may ultimately up to a jury to decide whether it was clearly
5:20 pm
marked, and whether an average, reasonable person would know that you're not supposed to go there. the fact that he had a gopro camera mounted to his helmet may lead people to believe he was an extreme sports advocate and therefore looking for some danger. jo ling: either way, it is very well-documented. troy slayton, thanks so much for joining us tonight. >> thanks for having me, jo. jo ling: whoopi goldberg threatening to leave the united states. >> i don't think that is america. i don't want it to be america. maybe time for me to move? jo ling: find out what donald trump said that has her potentially packing her bags. facebook coo sheryl sandberg is trying to kill isis with kindness. coming up, colonel ralph peters talking to us if a facebook-like attack would actually work. >> they launch what they called a like attack on the facebook page of the npd. ♪
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[gunfire] jo ling: facebook executive, the coo, sheryl sandberg believes that facebook likes can help counter isis recruitment. listen to what she had to say at the world economic for in davos. >> the best antidote to bad speech is a good speech. they launch what they called a like attack on the facebook page of the npd. that is the new nazi party. that is page of intolerance. rather than scream and protest, they got 100,000 people to like the page who did not the like the page and put messages of tolerance on the page. jo ling: retired u.s. lieutenant colonel and fox news military analyst ralph peters joins me
5:25 pm
right now. colonel, can we really kill isis and their recruitment an propaganda with kindness there? >> we should send cupcakes. i like cupcakes. they must like cupcakes too, right? truly miss sandberg's remarks in davos are one of the most remarkable combinations of naivete and cynicism that i have ever heard. they don't want to block sites. they don't want reputation blocking sites. this is seems to be immaculate solution. don't block sites but write nice things instead of bad things terrorists write. that is where you get the naivete. jo ling: how do you think this plays into, colonel, the broader discussion the white house is trying to have with silicon valley and big tech companies to hand over information they believe they need without a search warrant? >> silicon valley does not take terrorism seriously as you saw in the case of miss sandberg.
5:26 pm
they're fine with disrupting way we communicate. but they don't see how the terrorists are disrupting the world. if i may say, you know, what she wants to do is get people to write nice things. our state department and others have been trying to counter isis on the web and it doesn't work. it doesn't work because people who graduated from mit or harvard or yale, they have no idea how these terrorists think. what we offer, our counteroffer is crazy. islamic state offers dysfunctional young basement dwellers revenge, a chance to torture and kill males. to rape and enslave women. if you get killed you get bullet train to paradise. what is our counteroffer? a job at walmart. jo ling: you look at what sheryl sandberg is attempting to say here, regardless what you think of her argument, counterspeech and propaganda needs to be done. >> you can't do it. jo ling: the white house says they want to do it with you who
5:27 pm
knows if they actually agree with it. >> we can't do it because we have nothing to offer those guys. jo ling: colonel, were with all due respect who controls pipeline and ability much terrorists to communicate it happens on those platforms so, that is, being able to work with these companies and actually convince them to do something more, perhaps you could argue is one of the ways to counter what is happening in terms of recruitment right? >> of course we did, yes we want them to block their sites. we need some back door deencryption capability at certain points but when you get into these ideas that, no, we just have to say nice things to counter their bad things, example of used neo-nazi party, npd in germany. bad example because since cologne their numbers are increasing. this doesn't work. when you have overeducated trying to convince the undereducated if you really, you need to be nicer everything will go your way it does not work. jo ling: so you're looking for
5:28 pm
more out of them? you're not looking to abandon cooperating or collaborating? >> oh, of course not. we want them, we need silicon valley to do far more and -- jo ling: speaking of silicon valley i want to ask about google. they are saying isis must be blocked out of the open web. donald trump frontrunner said something relatively similar. listen to this. >> we're losing a lot of people because of the internet and we have to do something. we have to see bill gates and a lot of different people that really understand what's happening. we have to talk to them, maybe in certain areas, closing that internet up in some way. jo ling: it could be argued that google and trump may be on the same page here. what do you think, colonel? >> i think google is much closer to the truth than miss sandberg was. the internet is without question the greatest tool for spreading hatred since the invention of moveable type plates for the printing press in the 15th century. it is just remarkable how effective it is. the point i am trying to make
5:29 pm
is, if you can't outthink your enemy symphony metrically you do it asymphony metrically. we can't win argument with speech with rhetoric. you have to kill them. yes, you have to kill them. jo ling: colonel ralph peters talking about asymphony metric warfare. we always like talking about that. >> thank you. jo ling: whoopi goldberg and threatening to pack her bags and leave the united states. >> i don't think that is america. i don't want it to be america. maybe it is too many for me to move? jo ling: find out what donald trump said that has whoopie pack being her bags. there could be trouble in paradise. >> do you consider yourself a feminist? >> yes. absolutely. jo ling: a new report saying that actress lena dunham very avid hillary supporter, has some miss giving how the candidate
5:30 pm
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security are paramount. our passion is making life tougher for cyber criminals, and making it safer for you and your customers. >> i i have been part of that when they use a blanket statement to talk about black people or white people or women or any other group.
5:34 pm
i don't think that's america. maybe it's time for me to move. i can afford to go. >> where would you go? >> i don't know. i have always been an american. this has been my country and we have been able to have discussions. i need all the candidates to get it together. get back to american values. jo ling: that was whoopie gold berg saying she might leave the country if donald trump is elected president. what do you think about whoopi goldberg's comments? go, whoopi, leave. you already said you have enough money to leave america. you don't like to donald trump's discussion.
5:35 pm
finally we have a askedr candidate who is not talking in political correctness code. i illegal immigrants are criminals, they come here, steal our jobs and murder us. what is wrong with what donald trump said. we have a candidate sticking up for americans, too bad for you. jo ling: he has blunt things to say. but one of hillary clinton's supporters, lena dunham, according to her. she was disturbed about the women sexually assaulted by bill clinton. >> do you consider yourself a feminist? >> yes, absolutely. jo ling: could hillary's past
5:36 pm
come back to hurt her? how do you take a surrogate like lena dunham seriously when there are two different opinions. >> she alleges she was raped in college. yet she is going to stands by hillary clinton who says she is the poster child for feminism which couldn't be further from the truth. she stood by a man who disrespected her over and over again when he was the governor of arkansas. they tried to shut down the allegations when they said bill molested them. lena dunham is a farce, she is a joke, and she is a surrogate. jo ling: what about contradict trifeelings of -- contradictory feelings of women just learning about these issues for the first
5:37 pm
time? >> they look to leana dunham, and they don't do their homework. they say if lena likes hillary, i'll like hillary. jo ling: where do they go? do they go to bernie? >> bernie is getting a lot of millennial votes. people look up to dunham. she is a powerful figure. she is powerful in hollywood and college students are poisoned on college campuses with a liberal agenda. they are not getting the other side. i just think that bernie is pulling off some of the millennials but sadly a lot of young women in america are misinformed. we are not doing a good job as republicans getting our message
5:38 pm
out. hillary's message to women everywhere, is the on way you can be president of the united states is standing by a if i lanterning whore mongering man. jo ling: leonardo dicaprio selves the forum's crystal award tuesday. >> we simply cannot afford to allow the corporate greed of the coal, oil and gas industries to determine the future of humanity. those interestities with a financial interest in preserving the destructive system has denied and covered under the evidence of our change climate. enough is enough. you know better. the world knows better. history will place the blame for this devastation squarely at their feet.
5:39 pm
jo ling: dicaprio reportedly took 20 trips across the united states and europe in 2012 alone. >> let's talk about emissions on those private jets you are flying around the world. it's okay for den arto to have -- for leonardo to make millions for films but it's not okay for gas and oil companies who employ people around the world, their greed isn't okay. this is once again liberal hollywood hypocrisy. jo ling: do you have think you can count all of his campaigning about climate change as basically a neutral? >> i don't know how he could give that speech with a straight face, frankly. i don't. like he said. talk about his car gone footprints.
5:40 pm
you know. >> crystal wright, author of the book "con job." thank you for your perspective. jo ling: denmark announcing refugees have brought illness into their country that hasn't been seen in years. several health stories. we'll talk about lead in your water and how china's smog can affect your health after this.
5:41 pm
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ancestry dna. it turns out i'm scottish. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt. jo ling: denmark reporting the refugees brought in a con stay was and sometimes fatal infection into their country. explain what this infection does to the imriend what are some of the symptoms.
5:44 pm
>> i have always been one of the people saying let's not be politically correct when it comes to refugees and diseases because they may not be screened the way other people are screened. we are not screening for diphtheria. it's a dangerous disease. the worst thing about it, it gives respiratory symptoms. it's highly contagious. a lot of us had the vaccine for this but it wears often with 10 years. it could easily re-emerge in denmark. i encourage everybody to get the booster vaccine. everyone should have it every 10 years. jo ling: how does it spread and can you see a scenario where refugees being accepted into a country getting treated for it in a timely fashion. >> it spreads by coughing and
5:45 pm
sneezing, sometimes by touch. it's easy to get if you haven't been -- been immunized to it, but it wears off. jo ling: how do you think public health can prevent that from happening and still allowing refugees to come in. is that possible? >> no, it's not possible. you can treat it with an antibiotic. everybody around this cluster will have to be vaccinated for it. if i were practicing medicine in den maker would say to my patient let me give you a booster shot. >> what do you do to refugees who have been accepted. >> you have to give them the vaccination. so who is going to pay for that. you will have to give them the vaccine.
5:46 pm
jo ling: how much does that cost. >> over $100. jo ling: for each person? >> yes. we used to do that with tuberculosis, that wasn't a good vaccine. this is a good vaccine. over 7,000 tude trying to get the government to forgive millions of dollars in debt because they couldn't get jobs after college. a guest who says getting a job is their own problem. a jump in the polls for bernie sanders has biden on the attack on behalf of hillary clinton. >> we are 50 point behind the inevitable democratic nominee. well, guess what? that inevitable candidate ain't
5:47 pm
so inevitable today. >> why are young people drawn to bernie? the answer rapper killer mike gave earlier this week. >> how does a rapper support bernie sanders? >> smoking a joint reading his tweets.
5:48 pm
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>> we were 50 points behind the inevitable democratic nominee. well, guess what?
5:51 pm
that inevitable candidate ain't so inevitable today. [cheers and applause] all over the country we are seeing huge turnouts of people who are sick and you tired of establishment politics. jo ling: democratic candidate bernie sanders continues to jump in the polls. vice president joe biden takes what appears to be a jab at the nominee in davos. >> we need a more progressive tax country not none my country, but other countries, not confiscatory policy, not socialism, a tax code. everybody pays proportionally a fair share. jo ling: with me is the former republican governor of new york jim douglas. you have known bernie sanders for 40 years. are the mainstream democrats
5:52 pm
officially worried about bernie? >> i think they are concerned. it's hard to know at this point what will happen ultimately. 12 years ago at this point howard deeb was leading in the the -- howard dean was leading in the the polls. howard had huge crowds as well. we'll have to see how it plays out. but there is no question the establishment democrats are feeling the burn. jo ling: i want to show you some highlights from bernie's last democratic debate over the weekend. >> bernie sanders fought for universal healthcare my entire life. he want to end medicare and medicaid and the children's health insurance program. that's nonsense. i don't take money from big banks. i don't get personal speaking fees from gold man action. we are not going tear up the affordable care act, i helped write it.
5:53 pm
but we'll move on top of that to care for all. jo ling: you have known bernie sanders for 40 years. what do you think is not coming across that the voters should know about him as they go into this early-voting contests. >> on the positive side what you see is what you get. he's very transparent and his message hasn't changed. the on difference is he substituted millionaires for billionaires. and i admire someone who has the courage of his convictions. but he's out of the mainstream. he believes in free college and free harris faulkner and taxing the rich regardless of the consequences. he's pretty much an isolationist in terms of foreign trade policy. but he has a certain appeal as you can see from the crowds he's been drawing. jo ling: what do you think the
5:54 pm
fine outcome will be from where you sit in the northeast? >> "happening now" is our next door neighbor and there is a home court advantage. but this is a long road to the nomination. we have been through this before, candidacies rise and fall very quickly. he would seem to be enough out of the mainstream that american voters would probably want someone more centrist. but he's appealing to a lot of the same people donald trump is. jo ling: a lot of the swing voters looking for something out of the mainstream. governor douglas, we are out of time. thank you so much for joining us. now -- people are asking, where's my job? 7,000 students are trying to get the government to foregive governor debt because they couldn't get a job after college.
5:55 pm
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it was always just a hobby. something you did for fun. until the day it became something much more. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. ♪ jo ling: in the past six months 7,500 borrowers owing $164 million have applied have their student debt wiped out. they are able to do that because an to be secure law allows them to do that if their school promised them a job. charlie kirk is here with me. the u.s. education department agreed do cancel $28 million for
5:59 pm
1,30 to former students of corinthian because that college went bankrupt. >> if the department of education agrees to forgive the student loans in this current pool, it could start a slippery slope. it's $164 million in the aggregate. there might be other students who say wait a second, they got their student loans forgiven, i was sold a bill of goods. jo ling: is it a qualifying claim to say i couldn't finds a job. does that actually work? >> in this particular instance i don't think. if a school goes bankruptcy and they were being deceiving and illegal in their recruiting tactics, they are saying they were deceiving. they weren't being strong the message.
6:00 pm
they are a college trying to rethe crew of the students. they are going to try to market their school as best they can. jo ling: coming up next, makingg money" with charles payne. charles: stocks moving back and forth. the dow with a 100-point gain at the close. the pop in crude oil. open bored were outrage. not only has homeland security admitted there are over half a million overstays. now they are giving iran a special carveout. vladimir putin apparently puts out a hit. donald trump keeps surging in the polls. but why does the establishment hate ted cruz. fox news just learned some of the former secretary of state's


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