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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 21, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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>> doesn't take much -- charles: about a half a million, aren't you afraid? aren't you worried? >> a little bit. we only had a couple incidents and they were big. charles: thanks a lot. got to leave it there. thank you at home for watching. here's the man, lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. shocking new revelations concerning hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. fox news has learned that some of the e-mails on her private server were so top secret that even some senior lawmakers who oversee the state department didn't have high enough clearances to read them. desperate for a defense as the evidence mounts against her, mrs. clinton now claiming the intelligence community's inspector general is politically motivated. >> as the state department has confirmed, i never sent or received any material marked classified.
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and that hasn't changed in all of these months. this seems to me to be, you know, another effort to inject this into the campaign. lou: we'll have a full report and discuss why the former secretary of state has not been charged? we take it up with our legal panel tonight. also, big news on the power of a sarah palin endorsement. a brand-new poll out of iowa showing donald trump surging a few days after palin endorsed him. the cnn orc survey showing trump far ahead. 37% support, 11 points ahead of senator ted cruz. this is the first poll to have been in the field after sarah palin's endorsement of trump. i'll be discussing the policy issues that are now seemingly shaping this contest. talking with national review's rich lowry, mary katharine ham and former trump adviser
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tonight. and stunning admission from secretary of state kerry. he now admits that some of the billions of dollars released to iran under the president's nuclear deal may end up in the hands of terrorists. kerry saying, quote -- you know, to some degree, i'm not going to sit here and tell you that every component of that can be prevented, end quote. we'll take that up with fox news military analyst major general robert scales, later in the broadcast. our top story tonight -- the ever worsening scandal that threatens to derail hillary clinton's presidential ambitions. earlier this week, we learned some of the former secretary of state's e-mails went beyond top secret. now we're learning those e-mails are so highly classified that even top lawmakers can't read them without special clearance.
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fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge with our report. >> reporter: the white house seemed to distance itself from both hillary clinton's attack on the intelligence agencies reviewing her e-mails and conclusion that some were beyond top secret. >> the reviews done by inspectors general are done independent of the administration. decisions to pursue a particular review and the results of those reviews that are presented to capitol hill or made public are entirely decisions made independent of the administration. >> reporter: as the liaison between the intelligence agencies and congress, inspector general charles mccullough iii appointed by president obama is not providing his own judgment. nonetheless, secretary clinton questioned the motives and the findings. >> this seems to another effort to inject this into the campaign. it's another leak. nothing that this says changes the fact that i never sent or received material marked
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classified. >> reporter: two sources tell fox news not even senior lawmakers are permitted to read the e-mails. without additional permission from the intelligence agencies who ran them. a senator on the relevant committee seemed to choose words carefully given the sensitive nature of the e-mails in question. >> we've looked at that and have more to say about it, and the chairman is going to be the source on that. >> reporter: the clinton campaign claimed the highly classified intelligence is nothing more than a news report about a drone strike. >> how a "new york times" public article that goes around the world could be in any way viewed as classified is one of the difficulties that people have in understanding what this is about. >> reporter: security clearance holders cannot confirm the drone program's existence or expand upon the details in unclassified settings like personal e-mails. next batch is two days before the iowa caucuses, and state department spokesman may miss the deadline.
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>> i can't say we'll meet the next deadline for the release of the next tranche of e-mails. >> reporter: not clear whether the next e-mails will be released with redactions or withheld indefinitely for national security reasons. fox news is told when the e-mails hit the server they were classified beyond top secret, not after the fact, lou? lou: catherine, thank you. on the republican campaign trail, new polls today show donald trump continues to dominate his opponents. an 11-point lead in iowa. trump today campaigning in las vegas, and he had this to say about his closest competitor, senator cruz. >> ted is starting to go down, he's getting nervous. you know his new line of attack is that i've become establishment. give me a break. [laughter] >> because bob dole, a terrific guy said trump will do better than cruz. believe me, i will.
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i heard he was a great debater but i beat him in the last debate. lou: carl cameron is following the candidates in new hampshire and has this report for us. >> reporter: campaigning in new hampshire, ted cruz got hit by mike huckabee, a former baptist pastor for donating to the church. >> if i tell you god is first in my life and last in the budget, you are going to wonder about that. >> reporter: cruz who regularly quotes scripture held his fire. >> i'm not going stand in judgment of anyone's faith, and i don't intent to attack anyone's faith to score political points. >> reporter: donald trump hammering cruz daily. >> ted is getting very, very nervous, he should. because a lot of polls are coming out. they're not looking good for ted. they're not looking good. you know his new line of attack is that i've become establishment. give me a break. [ laughter ] reporter: cruz unleashed new criticism of trump as
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hypocritical flip-flopper on immigration. he cited a 2013 trump tweet quote -- . >> reporter: trump took his attacks to a whole new level yesterday, suggesting that cruz's admitted failure to disclose to the fec two loans for u.s. senate campaign combined with dual citizenship in canada make him suspect. >> with being a canadian citizen, he said i didn't know that. how did he not know that? then he said, with the loans, oh! i didn't know. that smart guy. he doesn't know that? yeah, that's worse than hillary when you think about it. >> reporter: a new poll of registered undeclared voters has trump in the mid 20s with bush at 10, marco rubio at 7, carson and paul at 5 and
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christie and fiorina at 4. when it comes to which party primary they will vote in, 33% of registered undeclared voters are undecided. important because new hampshire allows voters declared independent to vote in either party. >> they made the assessment that marco can't win the race, and the washington establishment is rushing over to support donald trump. >> reporter: with a major winter storm bearing down, candidates are trying to get to new hampshire before flights cancel tomorrow because on saturday, though the storm may not hit the granite state, there is major republican cattle call and last gathering here because the iowa caucuses are a week from monday. lou? lou: carl cameron, thank you. the state department and iraqi officials are working to locate three americans who were kidnapped in iraq over the weekend. u.s. government sources say the three were kidnapped from a baghdad apartment and are being
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held by iranian backed shia militia. but iraq's prime minister today had an official statement saying, quote -- the group just went missing and he very much doubts iranian involvement. which i take to mean the prime minister doesn't want to go missing himself. now the weather, or the east coast, and about 70 million americans. those folks in the mid-atlantic and northeast are bracing for the first major snow of the season. up to 2 1/2 feet of snow is forecast to fall over at least 15 states from north carolina to new york. united has already begun cancels flights around washington, d.c., and washington last night received a sneak preview of what we're in for tonight when an inch of snow wreaked havoc on the roads and highways in the washington area. that's right, just an inch of snow did that in the nation's capitol. among those stopping the
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crippling traffic, president obama, witnesses say his motorcade was seen slipping along snow covered roads and streets at one point hitting a curb. mr. obama may be preparing for what it will be like next year. we're coming right back. much more, stay with us. hillary clinton's lead is slipping and slipping fast, her chief supporter admits it. >> this has turned into interesting election. we're on a home field disadvantage here. >> reporter: hillary's baggage catching up with her going into the iowa caucuses. we take it up with rich lowry and mary katharine ham. and you're right. this is a formula one car. is this any way to treat a beautiful ski slope or a formula one racer for that matter? thank you, red bull. we'll have that video coming up after these messages. stay with us.
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only at a sleep number store. . lou: front-runner, seems redundant to say that these days, donald trump campaigning in las vegas, and there trump hit back at senator cruz. >> there is total gridlock, guys like ted cruz would never make a deal. he's a strident guard.
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no, you cannot have that! i told you he's trying to paint me as part of the establishment. and somebody said establishment? how come sarah palin just backed him? lou: joining us tonight, editor at large of hot air and co-author of end of discussion, mary katharine ham. great to have you with us, editor of the national review, rich lowry. both fox news contributors. this is quite a day. there's a different atmosphere today, and that atmosphere has to do with the direction toward donald trump. he seems to be perceived somewhat differently by all factions in this campaign. is he, at this point, after we get the new poll from cnn-orc, 11 points ahead they show him does. this mean he has a chance to win iowa, rich? >> certainly has a chance. i'm not sure about the poll with 11. no doubt, it's much closer and
7:16 pm
he has a chance to win. sarah palin doing everything but drinking ethanol at every campaign stop helps a lot. and the other big story in the atmosphere and why it feels different you have the establishment which loathes ted cruz, beginning to play footsie with donald trump. and i don't think that speaks well of donald trump or the establishment, but it's happening. lou: yeah, i think it speaks far better of trump than it does the establishment, i would certainly say. but mary katherine, does it look like we're looking at an imminent victory by whatever size, for donald trump? >> first of all, i think ethanol is like 140 proof, and we all may need a little bit of it before this is over. so i say have at it everybody. but look, this is really tight in iowa and getting really tight at the right time. so that these guys are going to go to the mats here toward the end of this race.
7:17 pm
i think trump has a chance of winning. when you look deeper in the polls, you see that cruz's folks are more likely to not be convinced to go elsewhere as opposed to trump so that he has more likely caucusgoers in his camp. there is that going on here. there's a little risk if you're sanders or trump with the voters, are they going to get through the and do the caucus process? lou: the idea these are new voters, there's question about the size of the trump organization, which by the way is a corporate trade style. i'm talking about his ground game. rich, how strong is it? do we know how strong it is? >> we don't know, we don't know how much it matters and this is why have you caucuses and primaries to find out who shows up and there's been a series of polling embarrassments in the united states and around the western world, so that's what's going to make the night of february 1st so interesting. this is almost an existential struggle for ted cruz in iowa.
7:18 pm
if he loses there, he is very damaged after being ahead and paying so much attention to that state. whereas if trump loses it's a problem, but he's very strong in the next state, new hampshire. lou: big margin there. turning if we may to the democrats. hillary clinton saying that the inspector general appointed by president obama is politically motivated, that's why they're coming without all of these negative reports. now revealing, rich, that some of the people on the oversight committee don't have clearances high enough to read what was on her private e-mail server. >> everything, single thing about hillary clinton at the moment wreaks of desperation. whether it's this line or it's troding out the establishment members, now he's a dangerous socialist or adding the forum, a new debate on monday in iowa
7:19 pm
to try to help her reset and save her campaign there. lou: mary katharine, are you surprised that the campaign trail, on some levels it's obvious, but on the other hand, looks like admission of weakness here? >> sometimes i wonder if bill is the supportive husband we've always known him to be. lou: he has a history of being immensely supportive. [laughter] >> here's what's interesting. ex-presidents like to pontificate, he's happy to do it. putting on political analyst hat, and i think it does weaken her case when he's saying look, we're in a home field disadvantage and bringing down expectations for her, and her response is classic clinton, this cannot be our fault, it must be someone who hates us fault. it's not a plausible argument. lou: i don't know we should attach former pejoratives to the former president's analysis, it seems he's trying to be more objective than some
7:20 pm
suspected. >> his job isn't to be objective. lou: mary katharine ham and rich lowry, thank you very much. >> ethanol shots all around, it's on me tonight. lou: i'm going to be a teetotaler. donald trump dominating the polls, do you believe he has the ability to gain the votes? links to everything at the team over at red bull, they're on thin ice after pulling off amazing stunt. let's talk about the stunt. there you go. whoa. that's right. he's wowing fans when he drove his formula one race car up and down famous ski slopes in austria. there was a problem, apparently no one asked permission. you would have thought someone
7:21 pm
would have noticed them ascending the mountain, but apparently not. organizers didn't get the appropriate approvals from local authorities. they faced a fine, we're told is very high indeed. who would have dreamed that a formula one racer would have chains on the tires, let alone be going up and down a ski slope in the austrian alps? you gotta love it. up next, a few thoughts on the fight for iowa, and forget self-driving cars. the coolest new gadgets is a self-piloted drone. you won't believe what computer piloted drones can do now. it's the computer running it, not somebody with a little, you know, radio control rc outfit. we're talking sophisticated drones, and more of them. you'll be amazed. stay with us, we're coming right back.
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. lou: a few thoughts now on the brutal battle between donald trump and senator ted cruz. the two are locked in a tight race. they're vying for the top position in iowa ahead of the february 1st caucuses, and ever since cruz said game on last week, questioning trump's ability to win the general election and then criticizing trump for his, quote, new york values, the battle has gotten worse and you could have imagined. but as you might have expected, the donalds that taken the fight to cruz. battle continue on the campaign trail. listen to this. >> if as a voter you think what we need is more republicans in washington to cut a deal with harry reid and nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, i guess donald trump is your guy. that's what the washington establishment is saying. >> ted is getting very, very nervous, he should get nervous, a lot of polls are coming out. not looking good for ted. they're not looking good.
7:27 pm
you know his new line of attack is that i've become establishment. give me a break. [ laughter ] >> in my opinion, trump's timing is, well, it's impeccable. just a week and a half before the iowa caucuses, palin's endorsement delivering a blow to cruz, the former alaska governor and vice presidential nominee campaigning for cruz during his 2012 senate run, her endorsement timed perfectly for iowa, helping trump with conservatives and evangelicals and fact, it appears that trump is already benefitting. the latest cnn-orc poll shows trump's lead expanding 11 points in iowa part of that after the palin endorsement. could this be the picture of a new leader. trump anticipating and managing events time and time again. i personally believe trump's ability to time events and issues and bring issues to the
7:28 pm
forefront, well, just might mean he could run the table and the primary process. that speculation has begun. we've wondered about it all on wel e.s donald trump's clear-eyed vision, it's an important gift. our quotation by the imminently successful business leader, jack welts, former ceo of general electric, he said this talking about business leaders, as trump is improving day in and day out, it goes beyond business, he said, quote -- we'll see where it leads us. we're coming right back. stay with us. ten days until the iowa caucuses and a new poll shows the sarah palin endorsement paying off huge for donald
7:29 pm
trump. former trump adviser roger stone with me next. and lining up on a see-saw is adventure for the old-timers, i'll bet you can't wait until you see the video. the wait will be worth it. "lou dobbs tonight" continues. stay with us. t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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dow up triple digits, crude oil moving up above $29 a barrel, a 4% rally. turning to politics, republican donors apparently are shifting their views a bit that donald trump could, in fact, be the republican nominee for president, and according to the hill, it interviewed coo's and business owners in six states, and a phoenix business owner considered himself an establishment republican all his life until mr. trump came along. he said i always vote the party line except in this case, because i'm not sure what the party line is. joining us former donald trump campaign adviser roger stone, political consultant, he's worked for presidents nixon and reagan and the author of the clinton's war on women and the soon to be released book, jeb and the family, good to have
7:34 pm
you here. >> thank you, lou. lou: there's a shift from the quote, unquote establishment to donald trump and they perceive him to be the -- you know, the nominee in waiting here, do you see that happening? >> i don't think it's so much support as it is a recognition that trump is going to roll through the primaries and he is potentially the strongest potential republican nominee. for two reasons. one because he's not only the republican establishment, he can criticize both democrats and republicans and win the votes of independents and he's got great crossover appeal to white working class democrats and in the end, african-americans and potentially latinos. you see polls that have him running ahead in those two groups of where mccain and romney ran, there's a recognition here that trump could actually win. lou: i want to go to that, but i want to point out that's
7:35 pm
relatively faint praise in the two instances, we have to repair to george w. bush to see strong performance among particularly hispanics. >> if you just look at african-american, increase of 4% is the election. it's the election. lou: big deal. you were reminded of reagan. >> in the '79-80 period, he's a disaster, he can't win the south, he's another goldwater, and you have the establishment recognize not only was he going to win the nomination, he was potentially a strong nominee. lou: he also had help, he had jimmy carter chasing killer rabbits with a canoe paddle. if that can be achieved for the democratic nominee, then republicans could be assured. >> well, we've got barack obama. lou: yes, well, only for 364 more days. let me turn, if i may, to the
7:36 pm
race here and what is happening between cruz, in your judgment, because cruz has clearly moved into a solid number two position. we're seeing john kasich lined up there as well in new hampshire. how is this going to break, in your judgment? >> well, it is certainly possible that cruz could win iowa. iowa is going to have less participation. it's more of a mechanical exercise. it's got -- >> and two cycles hasn't been close to producing the nominee. >> has a disproportionate amount of evangelicals harks not historically predicted new hampshire or the nominee. here's the point, ted cruz cannot afford to lose iowa. donald trump can afford to lose iowa. i think he would recoup in new hampshire where trump supporters have greater intensity than any other supporters and more stick-to-itiveness than any other candidate. lou: the fact is good ground organizations have been essential throughout,
7:37 pm
particularly in the caucus states. we watched president -- well, then-candidate barack obama outmaneuver the clinton people both in texas and iowa in 2008. how strong a ground operation does trump actually have? >> a very good operation, but what they're trying to do is very difficult. pull new people who have never voted or stopped voting because they decided it makes no difference into the process. remember, this is a caucus, that means you got to sit in a cold gymnasium or fire station for three hours and listen to speeches before you show a hand to vote. not the same as walking into the booth, flipping a lever and walk out. you have more limited participation. ted cruz is extremely well organized but i think trump is very much in the game. lou: in the game, but i didn't hear you tell me how strong his organization was? >> i think pretty good. we're not going to know until they count the votes. they have a harder job getting
7:38 pm
new people who have never participated before. trump could afford to lose iowa, he's got a fire wall in new hampshire, and if he wins new hampshire, he will win south carolina going away, the gateway to the south. this nomination will be his. lou: roger stone, thanks for being here. >> thank you. lou: a reminder, vote in tonight's poll -- cast your votes on twitter at lou dobbs news. we'd like to hear from you on this issue, it could be critical, the answer. sometimes older doesn't mean wiser. i can't imagine that, but anyway. 14 retirees in france were trying to take the perfect picture by balancing, whoa, balancing themselves, oh, lord, i love this picture. it's very, very important to decide which side is the right side. one by one they toppled over as
7:39 pm
the see saw shifted. only five members managed to stay on the log after the ordeal was over. they were given national medals for achievement. thankfully none were seriously hurt. up next, major general robert scales joins me, and talk about a plot twist, you won't believe what one minnesota driver was caught doing behind the wheel. there he is, being caught. ♪
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go long™. ♪ . lou: russia's about to build a new airbase in syria along the border with turkey. senior defense officials tell fox news that russian military personnel have been surveying an airfield in the city. move follows a military buildup in latakia last fall where they built the first airbase for the russian jets. the potential base likely to enflame further tensions with nato member turkey that shut down a russian warplane in november, an act that putin described as quote a war crime. joining us, retired major general robert scales, former commandant of the u.s. army war college, fox news military analyst. good to have you with us. >> hi, lou.
7:44 pm
lou: what do you make of this? the united states still it seems, the military expression is kinetic presence in syria and iraq at the level that matches that of russia. now, they're ratcheting it up. what are your thoughts? >> first of all, the airbase at latakia is able to handle 30 to 35 aircraft. it's very small. the new one is building on newer syrian airbase, a couple of points are important, lou, the new airbase is in the part of syria that's controlled by the kurds, and secondly, it's right up against the turkish border about, 20 miles from the turkish border. what this allows the russians to do is to poke a stick in the eye of the turks to punish them for shooting down that -- that russian fighter plane and also to expand their presence in syria. now russia today is an expanding power in the middle east and they're not going to
7:45 pm
stop any time soon, lou. lou: expanding power, the ruble is collapsing. the economy is in dire straits. we don't have a clear picture at all of the health of the economy, other than it is not, not nearly as seversa the president forecast, when he put sanctions in place against russia. we're also watching -- i wanted to add one thing to this, as you point out in the kurdish region of the country, that is also another stick in the eye of turkey which has no love for the kurds themselves and which provides something of a fire wall one would think for turkish reprisals. >> right, couple of points. first of all, really this isn't about assad. putin could care less about the future of assad. this is about putin. he will do what he wants to do. i don't think he's taken a course in finance, and i don't think he cares.
7:46 pm
his number one priority is to split nato. of course turkey is a member nation of nato. second ambition is to expand russian presence in the middle east, and the third objective is to feed this nationalistic nuttiness to the russian people, and by this move, he's succeeding in doing all three, lou. lou: go to the nationalistic nuttiness, that is precisely what is followed by the chinese as well. we call it nuttiness, they would call it patriotism, and the reality is he is besieged by european powers in the united states. what idiot would not think that there would be a response, a reaction from putin? >> yeah, that's true, but you know, we just remember that putin is his own man. when he wakes up in the morning and makes a decision, it's putin's decision and all of the diplomatic and national security apparatus goes along with him. i still believe, as do most military analysts and most
7:47 pm
people in the pentagon, that his prime purpose, number one objective is to split nato, not necessarily to mettle in the middle east. as long as we're in the middle east, he's willing to fill the vacuum. lou: fill the vacuum, to what end, we don't know. conjecture how likely it is with oil which russia is extraordinarily dependent and much of the middle east, they have a very common, strong interest there in raising prices. and conflict is one of the surest ways to do so. what is the likely conflict that could emerge that would achieve all that you've talked about tonight, plus restore higher prices for crude oil? >> absolutely right. it's win, win for him. but remember now, his object in the middle east is to prop up assad, to ignore isis, he considers isis our problem, and to continue to poke away at turkey and your point about the price of oil is spot on, we
7:48 pm
just saw it go up 4% today. putin, in order for his military to continue to modernize needs oil at about $80 a barrel. he's got a long way to go, and until he reaches that $80 mark, he'll never be able to fully modernize his military. isn't it strange that america's greatest national security advantage in europe and the middle east is the price of oil? lou: general robert scales, you are exactly right. appreciate you being with us. >> thank you, lou. lou: thanks, bob. on wall street today, as i said, stocks rebounded. the dow industrials up 116. the s&p gained 10. the nasdaq up a fraction. volume on the big board backing off from yesterday's very heavy trading levels. over 6 billion shares. and crude oil today snapping a three-day losing streak, settling back above $29 a barrel. reminder to listen to my reports three times a day, coast-to-coast on the salem radio network.
7:49 pm
never an excuse for reckless driving. this one is certainly unique. >> i was reading. >> reading? why were you doing that? >> i don't know. >> what were you reading? >> a james patterson book. lou: that's compelling material. reading a james patterson book, the minnesota man reading and driving at the same time. he ended up driving away with a citation. we hope he didn't read it while driving. we don't know which patterson book he was reading but it would be fitting if he were to be reading amongst all of the 100 titles hope to die or maximum ride would fit in with what he was trying to do. wait until you see what this drone can do. researchers at the german aerospace center accomplished a major fete. a self-piloted drone successfully landed itself on a moving car which was, we believe, not autonomously operating. this is important because
7:50 pm
drones without heavy landing gear can land heavier payloads and fly for much longer periods of time, so they land in the little net. now the part where the autonomous drone is operating seems compelling, and it's a pretty expensive way to land a drone, so i'm not quite sure where they're headed in germany. perhaps they're distracted by geopolitical events. up next a movie theater in big trouble while serving alcohol showing "fifty shades of grey." apparently, you don't do that in idaho, even if you have a liquor license in a movie theater. we take it up with rebecca rose woodland and thomas kinnet. woodland and thomas kinnet. stay with us.
7:51 pm
cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪ >> feel a cold coming on?
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new zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam. lou: hillary clinton's email scandal, joining us now is rebecca rose and jag officer in united states army. glad to have you both here. congressmen on the oversight committee don't have a high enough clearance to read the emails in -- on hillary clinton's private email server. why hasn't she been charged?
7:55 pm
>> it's seeming like it's coming. this letter was released. hillary responded saying this is in anticipation of the iowa caucus. no, it's not, hillary. let's get real. the f.b.i. is a separate independent entity that is investigating her, and the f.b.i. is under the obama administration. lou: and the obama justice department which has not shown what one would call detachment from the president's political interests. >> therein lies the issue. lou: you have to question what's going none the justice department. rudy giuliani says he sees 13 counts she violated on the face of it. why no charges? >> her name is hillary clinton.
7:56 pm
lou: that's a damn shame when we get to that in this country. >> i don't like hillary clinton or her politics. we have way too many people getting indicted on charges that could probably be resolved some way other that criminal justice system. however, if you are going to arrest and prosecute someone like david petraeus, a national hero. then you have to call it both ways. and you can't destroy that poor man's life for something that pales in comparison to this. lou: the administration has to have some fidelity to the promises it makes to the american people. david petraeus shared top secret information with the mistress he
7:57 pm
was sleeping. the secretary of state shared it arguably with the intelligence agencies of russia and china. >> we don't know baits was not on a pro sected server. that makes it horrible. if you didn't know, you were secretary of state. lou: now we know she did know because -- >> it doesn't matter if she knew or not because it was her job to know. she is the head of the state department. so she is obligated to know. >> let's find out. then don't take the job. lou: it's too late for that. no mulligans on that one. how much is a dog worth? this is to me an extraordinary case. a dog value being determined by the georgia preep court because an 8-year-old dachsund was in the care of a kennel.
7:58 pm
died of kidney failure and they are accusing the kennel of killing the dog because they didn't administer the correct -- that's heartbreaking. how much is a dog worth? i thought it was interesting in this case. the dog is worth nothing because they rescued the dog and isn't have to pay for it. >> the law says a dog is property. a dog can't be considered a how or family member. so a dog is worth what it would cost to buy or obtain the dog. this cute adore and thing that probably suffered terribly is only worth what it cost to pay them for the rescue to obtain. >> i think it's a little more than that. a dog is not a person. you can't recover damages for the pain and suffering the dog might have gone through.
7:59 pm
the family sent upward of $70,000. just because they got in cheap doesn't mean it's worthless. lou: horses, market value is also very important part. but that again is apart from emotional value. >> and breeding right. where an animal is rendered sterile by the actions of someone else and the owner sues. lou: thank you for being here. what a country. 82% of you in our online policy you don't believe thing are work out in america. we have got time. i keep telling myself that. we have got time. i want to if i may you have a up a quick book suggestion. pick up lis weihl's latest thriller. it's entitled the newsmakers.
8:00 pm
the newsmakers. lis weihl. thanks for being with us. and join us here tomorrow evening same time, same network. good night from new york. kennedy: it's upon us. it's finally our time. i'm watching hillary clinton get devoured by a three-headed monster of her own creation. one has to wonder when the franken-hi are you will eat her -- the franken-hillary will eat her once and for all. >> i think the question on he reader's list do you consider yourself a feminist? >> yes, absolutely. kennedy:


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