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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  January 22, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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>> she is following me everywhere, it's awkward. i'm like, okay, kate, i'm out of here. dagen: we end on an upnote at least the news in the market is good and charles payne will make you through the next three hours on "varney & company," charles. charles: thank you very, very much, dagen. that's right, sound the trumpets, everyone. ♪ >> not because the market is up today, but stuart is going to be back on monday, but we have a big day for you, so buckle up. ashley: stu what? >> i forgot his last name, but he has an accent. a foot or more of snow, two feet possible in some areas, folks, hunker down, please. look at the triple digit on the futures, we may be green for the week. the markets may be up. oil has been rallying the better part of 24 hours, up to $30 and to politics, national
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review devotes an entire issue to blasting donald trump. some very big conservative voices writing why he cannot be president. wait until you hear the donald's response. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ ♪ i'm on my way, i'm on my way ♪ ♪ home sweet home ♪ >> you know, we probably should have tracked that to norad. you know how they track santa? we should be following stuart that way. [laughter] >> he's never held a snow shovel in his entire life. charles: if he did, he'd have on flip-flops and socks. stuart says he's on the way home even if he has to pick up a shovel for the first time. 's been on a well deserved long
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vacation to australia with his family. and stuart and the rest of us probably are going to have a hard time this weekend no matter what about the weather. ashley give us the latest. ashley: 18 to 24 inches in d.c., west virginia all the way up to philly, baltimore socked as well. it's called a nor'easter, but it's going to hit the south part if you like. the mid atlantic is going to take the brunt of it. a nightmare, philadelphia will have no flights and expect the same for dulles and the washington airports and see how it does. winds up to 50 miles per hour. so you'll have coastal flooding the worst since sandy, by the way, not only are we going to have the snow and they'll see snowfall rates one to three inches per hour and it can go on and it will be five feet. we could beat 24 inches and i think it's a historic top ten blizzard of all time.
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charles: they've been wrong before. ashley: they have. charles: we'll see. let's go out to peter barnes. a few inches of snow cripped-- crippled washington d.c. earlier this week. >> we've got the snow coming probably about noon time here. they are predicting, as ashley said, 18 to 24 inches. if we get 24, that's the second worst since they began taking records. so, the local government and the federal government are taking the proper precautions and the federal government will close at noon today. we have a number of flight cancellations and ashley mentioned. right now, operations here at this airport, right here you can see a whole lot of people trying to get the heck out of dodge before this whole place shuts down. charles. >> it's interesting, peter, because it doesn't seem like a
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big crowd behind you, i understand that airlines have already contacted people so can you tell us exactly about these delays so far? >> well, so far here there are about 200 delays this morning and cancellations, rather, nationally, about 3,000 cancellations yesterday and today. here at reagan united has said it's suspending service at reagan and dulles airports, and american airlines is suspending all flights to the area and starting on saturday, american actually tweeted out this morning that the storm is, quote, snow joke and so wants to take the proper precautions and airlines are waving cancellations and rebooking fees to help people out. >> peter barnes, thank you very much. now to the market, we are going to have a rally the start of the day. stocks up in tandem once again.
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i want to bring in oil analyst steven schork. we've got inventory numbers the other day. do you think, steven, we could be at a point where maybe, it would sell on the rumor and shuttlebutt, whatever, now that the oil coming back to the market, maybe we're buying on that? >> that's potentially correct, yes, charles. that we had to roll over the contract the other day so we had significant selloff. now we're getting to the point here. with regard to supply, and the economy, all of that is known. if it's known, it's priced into the market and the wild swings and price variance, volatility has been very high and typically that parking and inflection points, your first clue that we're at the turning point is the spike in volatility. so clearly we could be at a short-term turning point, but let's keep in mind the economics going forward are
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still going to weigh heavily on oil prices in 2016. >> the global economics that dictate demand, but also industry economics and at some point, i understand the industry's losing hundreds of millions on a daily basis. at some point they have to stop producing, don't they? >> right, but that's the problem here because they're not stopping production. production is still lower, going by the weekly doe numbers, still over 9.2 million barrels a day. one year ago we are producing more oil today than we were one years ago and one year ago, all of the market bulls were telling us, oil production was going to be at 8.8, 8.7. so we're still producing, 4 or 500,000 barrels a day above a beyond what we were expecting a year ago. the bulls were expecting. the banks, remember, if i owe the bank a million dollars, i have a problem. if i owe the bank billions and billions of dollars like the ee
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p's do, the banks having a problem. the banks aren't tightening the liquidity. they're effectively kicking the production can down the road. not until we do get that knock-on to production which doesn't look like it's going to be significant this year, we're going to remain glutted in this market ap prices are going to remain challenged. >> steven, you're the best, stay warm this weekend. >> you bet. >> charles. and now to politics. the national review slamming donald trump in the latest issue. they've got a lineup of conservatives voices why donald trump should not be the nominee for the g.o.p. here is national review's editor rich lawrie. roll tape. >> if you truly are conservative, you believe in ideas and principles. it's not just attitudes, it's not just who you dislike, it's limited government, it's the constitution, it's liberty. those are the things that truly
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make the country special and they are basically afterthoughts to donald trump. charles: tammy bruce is here, what do you make of this? >> this is very exciting, what the process should be. it's been a very long time we've had a discussion in the public what conservativism is. there's something taken for granted by both the republican party and those who are running for president and other offices. because that discussion is not happening, we've had liberal republican having power and let them determine what it important. the american people, as a result, have been, well, we've rejected, shall i say, the nature of what happened and the mid terms. if people are now going to sit down and try to articulate what it means, that's a good idea. it's in the face of a republican party that hasn't applied those ideals at a federal level. we've got a government bigger than ever before courtesy of george w. bush. it's not just barack obama this has been from the bush presidency and then the one
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entity that actually cuts spending and balanced the budget, that was clinton-gore. we've got the issues and i think that-- >> and what i'm saying though, and this particular-- >> that's important. >> people aren't disagreeing what what you're saying, they're saying that donald trump is not the authentic pesch person to do what you're saying based on his past and i see people who are on the trump train who used to chastise people for a lot of things that they now found acceptable or say, well, that was a couple of years ago. >> look, i'm watching right now. i'm not on any train at this point, but what i can tell you is, when you're writing a magazine that's against trump. it's a reminder that americans vote for things and what americans have noticed, they've followed the lead of the party, the republican party. it has failed. america and the world is in a disaster now, the specialment has failed and we're looking for something new.
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i don't know if that's going to be donald trump. if could be ted cruz, but it's a good sign when articulating what conservativism is. let's not pretend that the republican party represented that idea. >> i'm not sure that these folks are the republican party or the g.o.p. is the entity. when mark levin has made some points and rush limbaugh made some points. they're know the g.o.p. i don't think that sole is orb lash is. >> it's hopefully at the g.o.p., trying to come out and articulate what conservativism is is good and not just if they see it as an emergency because some guy is coming up that they don't like. what about the party itself. >> i think that's a separate debate from some of the people who i think are dyed in the wool conservatives, fighting for the cause for decades. >> yes. >> and they're afraid. but we don't have a conservative nation.
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we don't have a conservative president. charles: we're going to faulk about this throughout the show and i want to hear from you guys, twoo please tweet us. we want to hear your voice as well. we've got one of of the conservative voices, brent bozell is going to join us at 10 a.m. eastern time. in case you missed it, the latest poll, bernie sanders and donald trump on top. >> as they prepare for iowa, on the g.o.p. side donald trump leading 37% support. ted cruz second with 26%, marco rubio, 14% and then ben carson, 6%. bernie sanders leading hillary clinton 8 points in iowa with 51% support versus hillary clinton 43%. north korea says it's holding an american student from university of virginia for committing a quote, hostile act. he was detained in pyong yang
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january 2nd. and the incident comes as the u.s. is seeking new sanctions on north korea for the recent nuclear tests and relax, yes, the message from j.p. morgan to 2000 investment bankers, an initiative called pencils down. encouraging bankers to take the weekend off pending a merger. and there's burnout and-- >> don't buy it. . ashley: i sense the sarcasm. charles: don't buy it, work the weekend. and john kerry admits that some of the money that went to iran is going to be used by terrorists. we'll hear what donald trump thinks about that coming up after the break.
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>> well, we've got a big rally already. look at this for oil.
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we were talking 26, 27, not today. something really big and on the other end take a look at american express, they posted pretty good numbers, but gave a disappointing forecast and you can see that stock is set to close, open, rather, much lower. secretary of state john kerry confirming some of our worst fears about this iran deal. saying some of the money that goes to iran will eventually end up in the hands of terrorists and that didn't sit well with donald trump, watch this. >> the stupidity of that statement. he says, so far we're happy they haven't given it to terror essentially, why don't they have restrictions? first of all, the money should have never been given back under any-- we should have gotten our prisoner back and the money we gave them is going to be used for terrorists. >> unbelievable, skoiry. >> why didn't they have closures that that couldn't go to terror.
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>> jameel jaffer is with us. what donald trump is saying, americansen shaking their heads, everyone felt it was a bad idea from the beginning, that they had us bent over a barrel, because they wanted to reveal to the world this they'd do anything to get it done and the admission that it will one day be used to hurt innocent american people pan westerners. >> charles, thanks for having me. it's kind of ridiculous. we always knew that iran supported terror did it for a long time, the '80s, hezbollah, and no question from the beginning that when we gave the sanctions, some would go for terrorism and for the president to denied it so long and john kerry suggesting it wouldn't happen and admitting it. he's admitting what we've always known, it's troubling and a problem. charles: how could the deal could have been done, maybe there could have been a clause that the money wouldn't have
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gone to terrorism. i don't knowing we can trust iran. once they get the cash in their hands, that's this that. what should have been done? israel begged us not to do this deal? >> this is a terrible deal, we never should have done it. there are all sorts of concessions including allowing, u.s. red lines we've had for a long time that iran walked through and convinced us to take part in the deal because the administration wanted to make it so badly they were willing to do anything to make this deal. could we put a provision in there? at this point the right thing for the president to do is to take this deal and get rid of it. impositions sanctions back on iran, we should not let them have the money and it's too late to unwind that. barack obama and secretary john kerry own this deal and we should get rid of this deal for the next republican president. charles: how easy would that be
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from an execution point of view. we've locked in with partners around the world. do we need congressional approval or an executive order. >> the sanctions have been removed through waivers and the president gave them that congress gave them and the next president could repeal those immediately. what happened with europeans, they'll continue to implement sanctions and relief. the reality is not true. if the u.s. imposes sanctions europeans will have the choice of banking with the u.s. or giving iran money and the reality they've had to make that choice before. last time we imposed heavy sarpgss they make that choice, it's not a close call, they have to go with us. charles: you've educated ourselves. and once again we're shaking our heads. >> thanks for having me. charles: google has a high-tech plan to fight isis. what are the companies coming out and saying what we want to
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hear. we'll explain it to you right after this. every year, the amount of data your enterprise uses goes up. smart devices are up. cloud is up. analytics is up. seems like everything is up except your budget. introducing comcast business enterprise solutions. with a different kind of network that delivers the bandwidth you need without the high cost.
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because you can't build the business of tomorrow on the network of yesterday.
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>> another big name reporting last night starbucks is set to open lower. government guidant for the current quarter is going to be down.
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to google, an executive saying that it's been a while since we locked them out of the internet, keep them out of the open independent. jo ling kent is here, is that possible. jo: essentially you'd have to cut off certain groups from the internet and the idea is that google would step in and hurt the pipes and make it harder for them to access and relegate them to the dark web where a lot of recruitment is taking place. it's interesting to see this. donald trump had something to say about this, talking to bill gates about shutting down part of the internet. this is google ideas saying they need to be pushed off so they can't reach people for recruitment. >> if i'm not iraq and not part of isis, you would keep me from icing the internet. how do you stop people from isis when we don't know who they are.
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jo: it's difficult, twitter and facebook has the problem. ashley: in reality i think it's going to be difficult. charles: it would be a dream come true. ashley: it would. charles: thanks, guys. the price of oil is making a strong come bback. we had a huge gain yesterday and followed today. huge moves, another percentage point it will be a bull market. but that's semantics and setting up the equity market really good. look at 232 points. the opening bell is just minutes away. the biggest challenge for business today is not
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competition, it's protecting customer trust. every day you read headlines about governments and businesses being hacked, emails compromised, and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime, and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to investigate and fight cyber crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information, so we can track down the criminals. using our advanced analytics tools, analysis that used to take days to run, we can now see in real time. and we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. our passion is making life tougher for cyber criminals, and making it safer for you and your customers.
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>> when you're writing a magazine that's against trump, it's a reminder that americans vote for things and what americans have noticed that they've followed the lead at the party and the republican party and it's failed. america and the world is in a disaster now, the establishment has failed and we are looking for something new. charles: that was tammy bruce at the top of the hour. remember, we start every morning 9 a.m. eastern time right here on fbn. the opening bell, they're clapping in the background.
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it was down and a 300 point reversal and now indications are the dow will open up 200 point. was the bottom established wednesday or was this a flash in the pan. >> everyone is clapping and this time they've got reason to cheer, the markets are going to open up. ashley: we hope. charles: let's go to the big board, up 48 at the gate. bring in ashley webster, jo ling kent, sco sheady d jad le. latity, u thk ist hereo st andedneay i some sort capitulation low? >> i'd be careful arguing the capitulation side of things. volatility is here to stay. volatility has been low since the recession. we're getting back to what has been normal since the '90s. i don't think it goes away. i think investors have a lot to ponder, we're in an earnings recession and this is the third quarter. we'll see negative growth in revenue and earnings.
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you've got oil driving the markets because people are looking to see if there's truly a deep recession globally. i'm in the camp, i'm fearful and there is problems out there. america is the best place to be and american equities should demand a look, volatilities here, i wouldn't plan on it going away anytime soon. charles: when we tell the audience to get used to 2 and 300 point swings. the ironic part about it, 48 hours ago we couldn't have said there's a chance the market could end up higher. does that mean anything? >> it means that nothing goes on a straight line. what we're eeg is a -- seeing is a little bit of a recovery. nothing changed in the last 48 hours except one thing, mario draghi gave comfort on the oil and the markets. and the folks did well the last
9:32 am
couple three days or last week. nothing has changed. the volatility is here to stay. it's hard to tell mom and pop you're going to have the 200 point swings up and down. ultimately, until we see true growth. we don't have true growth. we have the manufactured growth from the central banks. that's the problem. true growth solves all ails and we don't have any. charles: jo? >> that's the problem coming into the rally. yesterday it's indicators that central banks have a lot to say and we have to look ahead. what will happen. you saw china making moves and ecb. looking ahead to bank of america of japan. the market there rallying, giving us a lead into the rally. we're up 207 points, charles. charles: mario draghi without taking any action. i thought they lost the ability to jog the markets around. the big news this week. oil has made an amazing move above 31 the first time in a week. scott, what's going on there?
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>> a little bit of the same thing. we've got short covering going on after we ran out of steam. we were oversold and we had a technic technical, the big story isn't the plunge and rebound, we had two big days as far as percentage moves, only a couple of dollars. down here a couple dollars is a lot in terms of percentages. like the interest rates lower for longer, oil is lower for longer. >> i want to get back to joe's point about the central banks. the process of stimulus has given perhaps some more positive sentiment to the oil market, but i don't think that anything has changed. we had a build in stock piles of 4 million barrels announced yesterday. nothing has changed. i don't see what fundamentally has changed that we'll not see oil go lower. >> you know, again, i spoke earlier today with schork. and some of reasons oil is
9:34 am
going down, iran is coming on the market. does it feel like the sell on the shuttlebutt and when it happens, it's built in. not saying that about you has it found a bottom? >> i study a lot and talk about market psychology. we say that things are built in. to say it's built in is correct, but all of these facts were known, when they become reality they're 70, 80% chance of happening. when they become reality, it's now 100%. and to be honest, the fundamentals aren't there for higher oil. you've got a confluence of things coming in pushing oil lower, i'm trying to think of a reason why oil would want to move higher beyond 35, i just don't have one at the moment. ashley: like god, the oil market moves in mysterious
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ways. [laughter] >> now they say there's any catalyst for it to go up, you wonder how far does it have to go? and it was over 100 not too long ago. cheap oil has taken a bite out of ge's profits. >> that's right, when you look at this, this is one of the few tou components that have a down hero. only three have down arrows out of 30. ge is down and they tried to wind down the lending business so weakness came from the power in oil and gas business. that's their industrial earnings, and that fell, profit fell 7%, orders slid 35%, so that's hitting their quarterly numbers overall and the stocks today. but i will note that ge when you look at dow 30 over the last year, is number three best performer. >> it's up 18%. the only two that were better-- >> we're watching the really big names this morning and of
9:36 am
course, we want to start with apple, a widely held stock, it broke 1100 recently. it's up a couple of bucks and netflix had an amazing earnings reports. and nevertheless, it's up right now. let's take a look at amazon, big wide moves at amazon, made the huge clips and want to get it up there in a minute and it's up pretty big today although down recently. facebook also down, open for the year, but coming back this year, boeing has a lot of people worried. they announced they were cutting 747 aircraft production. here is your facebook quote. by 50% and talked about slow demand for the 747 as a car bow plane. a lot of people saw this news coming to jared levy's point, but it's the pace of the cut. and people will think more ragsally about it, it's all about the dreamliner, not the 7:47. whenever there's a big storm we always look at the companies
9:37 am
that stand to make a whole lot of money and you've got to start with generac. and this company that makes rock salt and jared any big stocks? >> they all look cheap. and compass is thought to be a warm winter and they're in a bad spot. we could see a surprise. generac, these are flash in the pans, you could make something in the next months, i'd be careful, and those two for a couple of weeks. >> by the same token, home depot has been amazing over the last three trading days. what do you make when people have to make a decision to try to take advantage of event-driven things that don't last. so it's got to be a quick move in and out. >> well, if i think that, like
9:38 am
i do, that fundamentally nothing has changed. all the problems we have four days ago are still here, you're going to get these things for cheaper and i have another thing i can say, also. we have a word for what's happening on the east coast and the english language. >> it's called winter. you'll be surprised by winter. >> i couldn't agree more. >> you know, you're going to force me to talk about global warming and we're really going to digress, so we'll pick the stock-- we'll stick with the topics ahead. take a look at american express because they had a pretty good number last night and disappointing profit forecast, the company says they're going to cut a billion dollars in costs, ashley. >> that's a lot. by the end of 2017, charles, and lost some lucrative customers, costco, fidelity investments, jetblue airways, and merchant complaints, they're using cards from their customers are just too high. and so, it has been a tough run
9:39 am
for amex, so, also, they have stuff competition in the payments industry. so you put that together, although the numbers are pretty good, charles, the numbers from the bottom line is tight. >> we had a guest on yesterday. this is one of his stocks, i told him i don't like it until they get rid of ken chenault, but he's lost control of the company. >> let's talk about the outlook from starbucks. >> we saw them do pretty well in the reports. this is in a downfall for a lot of companies and then you have to look at china specifically. their same store comps, 5% there, howard schultz, planning to open 500 more stores as that did not meet expectations, so a little bit of concern there in china as they see that as a critical market. >> you thought up 5% was bad news. >> did not meet expectations. >> all right, i've got heavy, heavy-- let's take a look at general motors, ashley, the first of several ignition switch lawsuits are starting against them.
9:40 am
>> this is interesting. >> it just got dismissed. this could be a bellwether for a lot more legal action that's taken against gm in the wake of the ignition recall, you remember that, where cars could turn themselves off and that meant the air bag wouldn't deploy. there were claims and allegations against the plaintiff that the plaintiff gave misleading testimony about his physical condition and financial condition and basically said the crash financially ruined him and his wife, turns out that may not be true. the judge dismised the whole thing and said all right, we have another case coming up in march, maybe that could be the bellwether. charles: i wish they'd do something about any lawyer that would allow that to happen. despite this, general motors or government motors has been taking market share. might be the stock to buy. want to check on the big board. we were up at one point over 200 points in the dow and we've given some of that up in the past couple of weeks, given up even a little bit of the
9:41 am
rallies and led to, again, a snowball becoming a boulder. forget about the bull or bear, it's a shark. it's got to keep moving. right now 179 points. we've got a jam packed show for you, including the new "x-files" that premier, mulder and skully coming back and we're going to talk about vince gilligan, the creator of "breaking bad" and an original writer on "the "x-files." and writers were teaming up to slam donald trump in "the national review". we're going to hear from donald trump. and stuart, we want today call norad to see if we could borrow the thing to track santa with because stuart is on his way home. he had a well deserved two week vacation in australia. and i'll keep this seat warm for him until 9 a.m. monday morning.
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>> checking on the big board, we've gotten back over the 200 point mark. the sessions we know, pretty crazy. it's going to sigh how the last hour of trading and how the next hour trades. stay with us right there. looking at the big board right now. the dow jones industrials, only two spots are down. and we've talked about that and ge essentially unchanged. want to check on the price of oil, that sets the stage up over 6%, 1.7%, up 5% yesterday. maybe it's found equilibrium. maybe it's found a bottom. in the meantime, a big news this morning, republicans slamming the obama administration. two big political news.
9:46 am
they're slamming the obama administration. yesterday, we had new changes to the visa entry program for foreign tourists. and blake burman is in washington with the details. this is interesting, it's a gaping hole that almost everyone agreed about and the administration said we'll fix it. did they? >> well, the problem here that republicans have here, charles, is about the exceptions to the new waiver rules laid out by the state department yesterday. the new rules, passed by congress late last year and stipulated if a citizen from a country entitled to the program had traveled to either iraq, iran, syria or sudan in the last five years, they would need to be screened through the tougher visa process instead. however, the final changes that were announced by the state department yesterday added several exemptions and among them are for people who travel to iran for business. the white house said, they don't want to disadvantage businesses, but the house said that they're breaking their very own law that he signed, charles.
9:47 am
>> another carve out for iran. and now to the firestorm in america on the political side. the national review not hiding their stance on donald trump's bid for the white house, there it is. you're looking at this, their new issue they released and the i think the cover says it all. simply reads against trump and that set donald trump off yesterday. watch this. >> the national review is a dying paper. it's got circulations way down. not very many people read it anymore. people don't think about the national review so i think they want to get some publicity. >> to the national reviews, well, guess-- i guess, is there a lot of angles? before we talk about where you guys are as a business entity. bringing together 22 conservative voices or known conservative voices they knew that this would be controversial. >> right. >> why now? and is it because donald trump appears to be well on his way to being in the white house and what a lot of people are
9:48 am
saying, why hasn't he spoken out before on the myriad of issues, including the rhinos who have taken over the g.o.p. and more or less the beck and call the president. >> and people were fed up with the establishment and i think that trump's personality and coming out, i say it like i mean it attracted some people. what they're saying, put that aside and take a look at what the actual stance and issue is, eminent domain, singer payer elk had, i call hillary out on these things, it's fair to say look at trump. he hasn't addressed any of the actual issues, i'd like to hear him say this point, this point, this point instead of saying the national review is a loser. charles: he's got some fans, a lot of fans leading significantly in the polls. not over 50% which i guess this is sort of a last stand, but would you say the national
9:49 am
review has joined with the establishment republicans in saying their livelihood is at stake or he wins this thing and takes away the ability to move the masses. >> there were voices, libertarian leading ones and that's why there were so many voices instead of the establishment type people. regardless in you're establishmentee or not, there are things about donald trump, i'm a libertarian and have had a hard time supporting anybody, frustrated with the two-party system, but this is a guy saying no muslims allowed into the country. there are things that basically anybody could be concerned about. we should talk about the stance besides i like the guy or don't like the guy or look who he called a loser. charles: he made it crystal clear he wants to protect america, he wants a temporary
9:50 am
ban on muslim. >> that's not an american value. charles: let me say, the people who are ready to vote for him and saying that these are conservative values, that he wants a smaller government. that not only does he want these things, they have faith in him he'll do it which is what they're saying you guys don't understand. everyone else they've elected in the last eight years or so they're lost their trust. >> we should talk about these things, too, we should talk about and have a discussion. what it does is open a discussion and say, hey, look what this guy has supported in the past whether you like him or not. he's not willing to have that discussion, that's more concerning than he said, hey, i felt this way and changed my mind instead of saying, you guys are loser. charles: and believe me, you'll have fun today and this weekend. >> i know. charles: and also this weekend, it's going to be a big, big week for football fans. two championships game for you. the super bowl matchup will be determined. and two the greatest quarterbacks of all time are going to face off.
9:51 am
you talk about a dream matchup maybe for the last time. that's next. thanks. ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪
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>> huge weekend this week for the nfl, both conference championship games. the one that a lot of people
9:55 am
talk about is peyton manning taking on tom brady. and panthers host the cardinals and the winners of course go to the super bowl. joining me now emanuel, let me ask you first of all, something that happened this week. i'm sorry? okay. let me ask you about the matchup, okay? brady, manning, a matchup, a dream matchup for everyone. how do you see it going? >> you know, a lot of people don't talk about the x-factors, what i mean about that, 80% of the time the team with the better defense typically wins. this year the denver broncos have the better defense, although you're talking about two amazing quarterbacks who have reached incredible heights in the nfl, i think it's going to be the x-factor and i think that the defense of the denver broncos will pull it off. charles: i know, but who is going to win, brady or manning? >> if you want to talk head to head-- >> when the tale is written
9:56 am
monday morning and ten years from now, it's going to be one of these guys won this game. >> i'll say that peyton manning had as a way to pull it off. tom brady's first start was against peyton manning he is a colt. i'm rooting for peyton manning and i think it might be his last chance for sure. i absolutely love him. shifting gears, the bills announced they're hiring the first full-time female coach. what are your thoughts on that? >> yeah, i think it's a great thing for the game. arizona cardinals hired a temporary coach, a nice transition, but bringing in another female coach allows the opportunity for other females to think and believe and really be payable to coach in the nfl. you look at a school like alabama, they have a national championship and also have the heisman trophy contender.
9:57 am
up until 1970 when usc's cunningham played them in a home away series alabama wasn't integrated and look 45, 46 years later they're a perennial powerhouse. who knows what it holds for females in the nfl, but it starts with one. i'm happy to have her in the league. charles: it looks like you won't be snowed in, but we will. >> enjoy it. charles: and bill clinton is worried about hillary's campaign. he told her staff, you must change your super tuesday plan asap. we're talking about "breaking bad "s creator and he was also on the "x-files" and he has a great story how brian cranston got the role of walter. it was through the "x-files." second hour of "varney & company" two hours away -- two
9:58 am
minutes away. bio-engineered organs. it sounds like science fiction but it's becoming a science reality. we're focusing on restoring organ function for esophageal cancer, central lung cancer and life threatening conditions of the trachea. our technology uses the body's own cells and a 3d scaffold to help the body heal itself. by using the patient's own cells you avoid the potential of an immune response. our first generation product extended life by a year to two years with patients that were originally diagnosed with a month to live. we're participating across billion dollar markets and we will look to file with the fda in 2016 for our first of hopefully many indications. hart. symbol h.a.r.t. for the full interview go online. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today.
9:59 am
all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, . . . elp grow your company's tomorrow, today at
10:00 am
>> charles: all right, guy, here are your big stories, we have a lot of them. first we have a bonafide rally. oil, of course, sparked it all in big-time as well. 7% today. and then there's this. big-name conservatives gaining up on the donald, devoting an entire issue to blasting him. we have one of those conservatives in just a few moments. and we are bracing for a huge know storm. 75million people in its path but first this: we've got breaking news right now. existing home sales, ashley, crunching those numbers quickly. >> ashley: as we speak. pretty good. estimate was 5.2 million. it came at 5.46 million, that by the way is up 6 and a half percent year over year and highest level in 2003. that's pretty good numbers.
10:01 am
we know the housing market has been choppy. >> we saw medium houses go up. >> charles: i want to bring jason, also, maybe break it down for single family and multifamily. that's been a major issue, right, jason. we saw one of the big stories is the rent last year went up again, huge, huge. it feels like to me, particularly millennials have got caught in the rent tramp. incomes have gone this way. how can you ever buy a house. >> no, you're right. a two bedroom in tribeca, you have to make a salary like the president. >> jo ling: it's true. >> going back to the sale market, existing sale market, i wouldn't take so much credit from one month's numbers.
10:02 am
we have been losing steam. the economy is losing steam. >> charles: would you say, though, we have been losing steam because we have low supply. we didn't have construction workers but a huge spike in construction workers. could have been that the tri is so much flat-footed. >> you talk about supply, there's incredibly glut of supply in new york city. >> that's right. seven years or eight years of free money spur growth and development. there's a lot of product on the market right now. >> charles: where's this big building, the tallest residence in the world? it looks like a middle finger sticking out like a sore thumb.
10:03 am
[laughter] >> charles: a lot of it is foreign buyers. >> that's another concern. i'm starting to see the foreign buyer drive up. china has had a major impact. i'm starting to see that china is getting ahold of people. >> charles: i'm a millennial and saved up 50 grand, do i buy a house or put it in the stock market. >> i think you hold off a little bit. prices are going to come down. >> charles: that's what we call a compromise. tell your dad i said hi. >> i will. >> charles: we are up 240 points. 234, it all started with oil. oil had a big move overnight. 6% up as much as 7%. yesterday the reversal sparked all of this. well, al is with us and oil up,
10:04 am
stocks up. do you feel like we can go back and look at wednesday and maybe both found a way to stabilize there? >> you know, ray -- really, we have to figure out what's going on overseas. we have a glut, we have overdemand supply. you're looking at iran coming into the picture. i know a lot of people have said that we counted that in there and iran can maybe promise and underdeliver. the fact until we figure out supply and demand, i don't think anybody can tell what's going to happen with oil. >> charles: having said that, al, energy prices, input got lower, stock markets crashing. it seems like it would cause
10:05 am
people to manage corporations, households. why can't that help spark the economy? can oil go down and stocks go up? >> i mean, it could happen. the thing we are not seeing, the connection we are not seeing right now is the fact that with oil being down, you would think there's more expendable dollars and consumers are going to spend more, however, consumers are not spending more. i think everybody right now is -- is taking a look at the whole global economy and thinking, wow, our economy is not doing as as well when it's probably not as true. so you know, we haven't had a robust economy but we are hanging in there. >> charles: having said that, you like target here. >> when you look at times like this, consumers go for the bigger-box-type-of stores and thing like that. you don't go to target.
10:06 am
target sold pharmacy to cvs. they got an infusion of 1.9 billion. they are concentrating and updating their stores with groceries. so that's, you know, that's something if you're looking somewhere to go it could be a possibility. >> jo ling: what do you think about wal-mart, they are closing 269 stores, committed to the higher wage, trying to compete with target? >> yeah, i find that interesting. you know, they're going through a lot of changes right now. wal-mart has typically been a place where investors will look at also in times like this because they have been able to hold. with all the changes they are going through, it's almost a wait-and-see. >> charles: all right. al, i want to ask you again about one more stock, verizon
10:07 am
had good numbers. do you think people can chase the stock here? >> yeah, i think that's another if you're looking to get around this time when we are in no-man's land is what i call it. they have a healthy balance sheet and i think they're going to continue to be able to deliver to their customers. the other thing, too, they are holding a pretty good dividend and that will be able to hold for them. >> charles: in that kind of market, the dividend looks sweet. >> thanks for having me, charles. >> charles: big news today, national review slamming donald trump in their latest issue. look at that cover. national review editor on the kelly file last night. roll tape. >> if you're truly a conservative you believe in ideas and principles.
10:08 am
it's not just attitudes, it's not who you dislike, it's limited government, it's the constitution, it's liberty. those are the things that truly make this country special and they have basically after thoughts to donald trump. >> charles: brent is with us and of the 22 names, yours sticks out, my man. you're catching a lot of heat from the trump followers, they say that you guys are just part of the establishment, that you're worried about your paycheck, that you lost influence and this is your last grasp for glory. i have to tell you, i see a lot of names on the list and the heros have been at it for decades. >> well, you know, i guess another question is how does it feel to be part of the establishment, you know, calling me a part of the establishment, i don't know. that's about the most ridiculous thing imaginable.
10:09 am
i have been fighting the establishment longer than a lot of people have been living on this earth. i was a member in '92. there's nobody who was more disliked on capitol hill than i am because i stand up to these people. that just doesn't apply to me and most people on that list. the point of the matter is if you are a conservative and if you want to fundamentally change and restore freedom to our federal government, you've got to ask yourself, is this man going to do it. he's tapping into a populist streak and it's a very rich streak there. and that's all well and good. he's tapping into the anger, and it's there but i ask the people to consider, do you just want to be angry and throw hand grenades at washington, d.c.? >> charles: that's exactly what
10:10 am
we want to do. we want to send donald trump into dc, we want to blow the joint up, what if the answer is yes? >> do you want to bring into washington somebody who has championed hillary and bill clinton, someone who has championed supported planned parenthood. someone who has championed being a democrat. he says suddenly, i changed. i'm no longer all those things to which the response is ronald reagan spent decades building movements, he went from a liberal democrat to a conservative republican. he spent decades supporting organizations. donald trump has done none of those things. i'm a conservative and everybody get behind. i'm not buying it. >> charles: if he's the nominee, will you support him.
10:11 am
>> ted cruz is going to be the nominee and that's why aye -- i've endorsed him. i would ask donald trump to please stop immediately invoking william supporting him, my uncle would never support donald trump for president, and i wish he would cut that out. >> charles: before i let you go, the key issue a lot of people talk about, the difference between a ted cruz and a donald trump is the constitution, ted cruz is wedded to the constitution and donald trump is a deal-maker. is it possible that we need both and can washington, d.c. actually ever work without a deal-maker? >> the furry is people want one thing, what does it tell you
10:12 am
folks? the establishment leaders of bob dole are now public i will saying they prefer donald trump over ted cruz because they believe they can make deals with donald trump. they know they can't make the kind of deals with ted cruz. they don't believe that he believes the things that he's saying. they know ted cruz does. so i would say to my fellow conservative out there, if you want to change washington, if you want to stand up to the establishment, you should not be supporting someone the establishment wants. >> charles: we appreciate it. we will see you again real soon. >> thank you, charles. >> charles: bill clinton is getting worried about bernie sanders. latinos in florida say donald trump is actually hurting the gop. there next.
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
10:16 am
♪ ♪ ♪ [laughter] harls charles all >> charles: all right, guys. stewart varney making his way home. you will see him monday morning bright and early. we miss him. by the way, we want to talk about snow here because the blizzard is going to do a number on us. these are blizzard stocks. these are all up significant higher, probably will continue to go up particularly the numbers are what they say they will be. we just got numbers on existing home sales out. the biggest surge ever in the last two months, well -- >> best in last ten years and a
10:17 am
surprise to the upside. it may help on the market we'll. >> charles: yeah, i think so. we will look at home stocks a little bit later. it's been a tough going for them. also bernie sanders, we haven't forgotten about you, bernie. hillary clinton, she doesn't look back anymore. now she looks forward. bill clinton is worried and allegedly planning his plan for supertuesday. what do you make about this? forget about using me. your game plan looks pretty bad here. >> you have one of history's best campaigner is your spouse you should be listening to him. he's not saying all is wrong, iowa and new hampshire is important, let's get out in illinois, let's get out in ohio, florida. >> charles: she seems that she's not putting enough resources there? >> it's a common strategy to
10:18 am
take the iowa team and move them over to illinois. one day you have one person on the ground and the next day you have 100. right now as the polls are obviously shaking up and bernie had the 8-point lead in iowa, hillary is up 17 among. >> charles: bernie sanders and donald trump have reached audiences that may be unique to the -- >> it is. >> charles: that's a wild card. being the wildly politician that he is, is bill clinton setting up good excuses. we moved resources a couple of weeks early, seemed like could be burning up reasons for bernie crushing hillary. >> i don't think they'll be crushing. in iowa he's still up in the average and nate who has been right across the board, 82%
10:19 am
chance of taking iowa. that was this week. >> charles: changes his mind every two weeks. >> like donald trump. >> charles: calling them up in the superbowl. >> jo ling: you have an effective split going to north carolina. what does it look like going into march and for voters who are still thinking about who they're going to choose? >> i think it looks really good for hillary clinton if she can take one of iowa and new hampshire for sure. i think it's all that she needs. with all from the poll about socialism and all of the conservatives have been right when they say we are not going to elect a socialist. >> ashley: doesn't that show that she's desperate, jessica, she said, look, they're not going to vote for a socialist. >> this week we saw in the debate last weekend and in case we are going to have an extra
10:20 am
debate on monday night, which is a great thing. >> charles: we would like to invite to promote the cnn thing. >> i'm sorry, don't watch it. [laughter] >> in the last debate we saw hillary clinton really drawing daylight between the two of them based on policies. >> charles: jessica, jessica, she's getting drowned in the polls. >> in one poll where she's up 17. i never deny that. >> charles: we have to go, guys. another terrorist out of gitmo, this one is one of al-qaeda's top makers. we will discuss on more varney next.
10:21 am
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10:24 am
>> charles: all right, guys, the market is up. look at american express. company says they cut a billion in costs by 2017. not enough. oil taking a bite out of profits sending the stock two and a half percent. cheryl casone, you went to check it out. [laughter] >> cheryl: this is what i do for the varney & company team. watch. >> charles: all right, let's take a look. >> cheryl: dueling it out in grand central terminal with hopes coming out on top on the jpmorgan championship. there's some serious price money involved too. >> both division are 32
10:25 am
main-draw players. 25 different countries all around the world. price money for each division is $150,000. >> cheryl: number one woman in the united states, she's got the workout regimen to prove it. >> training consists of all different things, working with my coaches on tactical things, reviewing previous matches, gain the mental training. >> cheryl: forbes magazine named squash as the healthiest support. you can work out about a thousand calories. the pros says that isn't the case. >> in my opinion squash players have been to be more fit if not as fit than tennis players.
10:26 am
>> cheryl: even a pro needs time off. >> a lot of times is just going out being relaxed and try not to spend as much time spending on squash than i do the rest of the week. [laughter] >> charles: cheryl, i have to tell you. what's the deal? the sport they are talking about, the benefits of it, what makes it better than tennis? >> cheryl: the court is so much smaller. it's basically half of the size. you have a lot more play involved, which tennis, you have the bigger court. basically you're moving less in tennis than you are in this court. >> charles: long rallies, you know what i mean. >> ashley: the ball doesn't bounce like a racket ball. you have to hit it hard or cover the drop shot as they say. >> cheryl: that's it.
10:27 am
>> charles: two villains plays squash. [laughter] >> charles: i didn't know people were still playing squash because it was hot. >> cheryl: one of the fattest-growing sports. if you think about iv league or whatever, everybody is getting into it now. back to you. >> charles: now to this, iran getting billions of their money back. obama administration admits that some of that cash is going to terrorism. vladimir putin, a uk judge says he probably ordered the killing of a spy. judy meller is going to join us next. ♪ ♪ ♪
10:28 am
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>> charles: all right, take a look at the big board. it's 232, hanging up there. big week for the market reversal. you have to check the price of oil. remember yesterday when those numbers came out and they were really negative for a single moment it looked like it was going to go gown. gasoline we are at a 1.84. maybe we will get under a dollar, we will see. take a look at general motor shares. stock is up 46 cents and now this, secretary state john kerry
10:32 am
said that some of the money from lifting sanctions is going to end in the hands of terrorist. >> the stupidity of that statement, so far we are happy that they haven't given it to terror specially. why don't they have restrictions? first of all, we should have got tennessee prisoners back. >> unbelievable. that's scary. >> why didn't they close so they don't go to terror. >> charles: why, why? >> donald trump would have made a much tougher deal with iran. with that being said, the business, the specifics of the deal, it's too late. the issue now is how are you going to enforce the deal, are we going to make the deal absolutely certain full-proof that the iranians can't cheat.
10:33 am
>> charles: you've already said it's too late. >> it's too late. >> charles: there's enough lope holes for iran to do certain things. all they do is violate the deal every other week. >> trust has nothing to do with this agreement. what do they have in place are some verification measures that go into the international inspection agency that are the toughest that iran has ever accepted, no president has been able to get this and this president got it, however, the real issue now is what will this money go for. >> charles: well, yeah. they are going to be building playgrounds. >> they're not. you know what they have to do if they want to continue to export oil, they're going to have to invest estimated $150 billion in their oil infrastructure, which is really, really --
10:34 am
>> charles: real quick, report of vladimir putin, a uk judge, putin said this was a joke. ashley, you know this also. >> ashley: vladimir putin, quote, probably ordered the death of litvinenko. how they can prove it? >> charles: why? it's a decade later. why go through with this? >> ashley: you have to get to the bottom of this, it was the use of radioactive material to kill someone on british soil. >> charles: what are they going to do about it? >> ashley: that's the question. more sanctions on moscow. two people that carried out the murder they are in moscow.
10:35 am
they're never going to come back . >> one of them was given an award by putin. there's no way that he's going to turn on putin. we just don't know. even the report 327 pages, probably. >> charles: you never know someone with a poison-tip umbrella may be walking around. >> exactly. >> donald trump has a problem in florida. getting the latino vote. donald trump is hurting the brand. former florida speaker of the house is with us with thoughts in that. donald trump says he's going to win the hispanic vote, what's the deal down there in florida? >> charles, who has donald trump not offended. it's clear he has offended the hispanic community not just in florida. he's defended the disabled, muslims. there's still time in the campaign for him to do that. he has major problems if he were to get this nomination.
10:36 am
i don't think he will get this nomination because we are -- >> charles: how would you explain donald trump's polling in higher than the two combined hispanics in florida, including rubio who comes from the state? >> all the polls that everybody has been paying to are irrelevant. the real polls are the votes in iowa and new hampshire. we are going to move from the entertainment of the campaign to campaign. my person is jeb bush. >> charles: here is the thing, we hear a lot of people who have been in the process in the past and they say this is all sort of a show. i think it's a jug or not. i'm not sure how the establishment continues to ignore and down play it. even hispanic voters, women
10:37 am
voters, they're all going to say, i do want strong borders, i do want fair trade, i do think donald trump is probably -- could be a better demander in chief. what do you say about that? >> but, charles, do they want universal health care because that's what his for? do you think that putin is a good guy? donald trump thinks that putin is a good guy. this is a guy who has used a lot of buzz words and language and i think the voters vote in iowa, new hampshire and south carolina and ohio, they are going to vote for someone with leadership experience and someone who can handle the complexity of the united states of america. jeb bush is the only person in this race that can actually do that. >> charles: we will see. it begins in two weeks. we will start to know what the real deal is. thank you, buddy for coming on. >> thank you. >> charles: we have the conference championships.
10:38 am
the panthers hosting the cardinals in the nfc. peyton manning versus tom brady. here is what brady had to say of all of the times he has had to face manning. >> been watching him and being involved in those games is awesome. i have a lot of respect for him and what he's established. i have a lot of respect of how he has done things and all of the milestones in his career. >> charles: that interview by jim gray. all right, jim, you're going to be broadcasting the championship game. we know manning is a little bit older but has touchness of greatness in the last couple of years. what do we expect? >> we are going to expect a game
10:39 am
down to the wire. the two teams played earlier in the season. tom brady and the new england patriots had control of the game. a man fumbled the ball in the fourth quarter when they were up 14 points. they went into overtime and broncos won in overtime early on after the broncos failed to score. what do we look for here? we look for a close game, usually involves a turnover or two. peyton manning is not the player he has been. he's more of a game manager. brady is at the top of the game. but the broncos defense is best defense in the league so i expect a close game. >> charles: thank you very much, baudy. you're going to be broadcasting
10:40 am
again. westwood 1 beginning at 2:00 p.m. eastern time. jo, what's going on? >> jo ling: strongest holiday season ever, but the profit forecast for the current quarter was short of expectations. even though revenue was up 12%, you saw a profit outlook, plus in china they missed estimates. they only grew by 5% in asia pacific. that was not up to the expectations. that's why you see trading down this morning in about even now. >> charles: starbucks is still a darling of investors. this is the stock you guy. here it comes. a big storm, 75 million people in its path, this could be one for the history books and stacy dash facing comments about óscar and plaque entertainment awards but she's found a new fan with donald trump.
10:41 am
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10:43 am
>> nicole: 16,099. s&p up 35 and nasdaq gaining, 2.3%. dow leaders include and as oil move higher, apple back over 100. right now a hundred dollars and 3 cents. american express, now low there after it came out with earning's outlook. we are waiting for the first storm of 2016. we are seeing home depot, lowes, that's also a winner. how about the snowplow company? all of these are doing well ahead of the big storm that everybody is looking for. start your at -- day at 5:00 a.m. lauren simonetti and i will see you there.
10:44 am
10:45 am
>> charles: and now this the obama administration just releasing an al-qaeda bomb maker. >> jo ling: he's been released after 12 years to bosnia and the reason that bosnia matters is because this is where he first became radicalized. he's expected to go free because he has his wife and daughter there as well. what you should know is this is a terrorist that's cooperated a lot with the u.s. government reportedly and handed over a lot of information.
10:46 am
so in guantanamo he had what is called a studio-apartment where he was able to eat a lot of food and has become overweight. he's extremely apparently obese, headed to bosnia. >> charles: you become a terrorist bomb maker. >> ashley: that's one way to look at it. >> charles: speaking of crazy, the controversy of racial discrimination of oscars on continues. donald trump, he agrees. >> i think it's a tough situation. i saw somebody on your show today saying, well, what do we do with bet, black entertainment, the whites don't get any nominations, and i thought it was an amazing interview, actually. i never even thought about it
10:47 am
from that standpoint. it would be certainly nice that everyone was represented properly. >> charles: that somebody is here stacy dash. i know you're taking a tremendous amount of backlash. people shouldn't be offended that there were no black nominees for the óscar for two years in a row or bet when they have award choice they narrow it down to black people. >> stacey: i'm not saying either of those things. either you want to be segregated or integrate. if you want to integrate, don't have a special channel or special clubs or special awards. make sure you're a part of the mainstream. whoopi goldberg said it perfectly. bet was created because no blacks was represented in networks. we weren't represented.
10:48 am
we put bet was. get rid of it. make sure -- fight to be represented where we should be, with the mainstream as americans. >> charles: would they just change bet and include more of a mix of things. >> stacey: of course, it's owned by a black man. viacom bought it. >> charles: when bet started, you know, a lot of the things that were on tv were good times, black family in the projects. [laughter] >> charles: the network won't show you in a dignified way. >> stacey: you have hollywood, elite liberal is ridiculous, they have black movies and movies. >> charles: i think they're the most phoneyest from the planet.
10:49 am
anticonservative, anticonstitution and be afraid of all of these people, we have your back. >> stacey: that's right. it's the plantation mentality. >> charles: real quick because i was supposed to wrap up a long time. [laughter] >> charles: are you going to pay them back that money? >> stacey: no. >> charles: he was the one who discovered while he was a writer in the original x-files the actor that went onto wow us and, of course, everyone is talking about the reboot of the x-files this weekend. a great guest because he's got the great stories and tells them in a special way. don't go away.
10:50 am
10:51 am
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10:54 am
i don't think there's a need to panic. le not worry at all, i don't agree with that. >> ashley: that was, of course, bill gates that he is worried about artificial intelligence. could robots take over the world? he's a good person to watch. do not miss it. hillary clinton intensifying attacks on bernie sanders calling him a socialist, but she doesn't seem to define exactly what that means. listen to this. >> neil: what's the difference between a socialist and a democrat? you're a democrat and would you like someone to call you a socialist. >> but i'm not one. >> what's the difference between a socialist and a democrat? >> i can tell you i'm a progressive democrat who likes to get things done. >> ashley: never really answered the question. does she know the difference
10:55 am
between a democrat and a social ist? >> i think she really knows. unlike matthews, he has never said a good word about this woman in years. honestly, i think she should have answered and the right answer would have been the dictionary definition that capitalism is bad and the government should control everything. i think a lot of americans perceive socialism and communism is the same. but, they do want regulation of that. and i think that was a clear answer that she should have if he let her get out, but i think she want today give the narrative on her, who and what she is as oppose today what senator sanders is. >> ashley: having said that,
10:56 am
leslie, hillary clinton questioning bernie sanders, he doesn't stand a chance and the republicans will sweep in the house and the senate and the oval office, does that show they're concerned with bernie sanders and his poll numbers? >> after what she went through in 2008, if i were hillary clinton i would be concerned not about new hampshire, i've said it all along. i would expect with even that money bernie sanders because he's neighboring vermont. he's almost like a homeboy, foster kid, if you will. but these numbers are closer than -- too close for comfort. if he wins new hampshire, that's not a huge deal quite frankly. but if he wins iowa, that's certainly a concern. >> ashley: thanks for joining us from la. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me.
10:57 am
>> ashley: there is one here moving up the east coast. we have the latest on the big winter storm just three minutes away. in 14 countries. zydax is our lead compound that we've been marketing in australia zydax affectively regenerates cartilage and can literally save lives. we had one of our sales executives tell us a story of seeing a dog in a clinic that just four weeks earlier had been brought in to be euthanized. the pet parents had to carry the dog in, it couldn't even walk. after just four injections of zydax the dog was bouncing around in the clinic. we will soon launch that drug in the united states and also europe.
10:58 am
parnell pharmaceuticals, parn on nasdaq. for the full interview go online. ....
10:59 am
11:00 am
charles: i am charles payne and for stuart varney. we have a rally in oil and stocks. it has been a wild week. it will probably get wilder. weatherwise. this weekend blizzard warning. the east coast. thousands of flights already canceled. we will bring you the latest on that as well. the man behind breaking bad. he is on the reef watch of the x-files this weekend. the third hour of varney starts right now.
11:01 am
♪ the winter storm heading to the east coast. at new york's laguardia aircraft port. >> a lot of frustrated travelers. delay's and cancellations. this morning and it felt a little bit like the calm before the storm. we are hearing more and more people worry about getting out. i spoke to some of the passengers just a few months ago. some not feeling so lucky. >> sunday night. that is when we are coming home. it is unfortunate. >> i think i will just go home. at least 3000 delta leis.
11:02 am
300 cancellations. many of those coming out of charlotte, douglas and raleigh. major airlines canceling all of their flights there today. said to be hit the hardest. you can plan on major delays and cancellations. no one will be getting out of those areas. the major airlines trying to get ahead of this. offering to pay back for the flights that have canceled. they say to contact the airline directly. >> thank you very, very much. take a look at the big board. giving some of that bad. some of these early morning rallies. this goes all over the place. what helped a lot was oil. yesterday we had a five-point move.
11:03 am
at one point up over 7%. take a look at gold. ride around the 1100 mark. most of the money going into treasuries on the sidelines. now to the big loser of the day. american express. very disappointing. the company says we will cut costs by billions by 2017. market watchers here with us. it has been a wild, wild week. this will be the new normal. get used to it. do you agree? >> wish i could say that i caused this. we started saying that we are in the selling stampede. typically seven-25 sessions. rally attempts yesterday. from a timing standpoint, we are close enough, oversold enough. we have record sales on
11:04 am
wednesday. that is usually a bottom indicator. i usually do not agree that this is our new normal. i think that this is a normal pullback. >> you would argue to a certain degree that wednesday was capitulation. one of the things that everyone says is this will fear the flood in the streets. maybe we have it. should have felt climactic to me. the new york stock exchange as oversold as it ever gets. that is about as compressed as you get. if we we can put back-to-back updates here, it will be the first time in quite a wild. where that went into rate hikes. we are looking at the data.
11:05 am
i think janet yellen will be true to her word. i have said it before. raising interest rates four times this year. maybe once or twice this year. i think that it will be very gradual. charles: week she will have to articulate that. you are one of the best. thanks a lot. >> my pleasure. charles: john kerry says some of the billions will end up in the hands of terrorists. lieutenant colonel, you know, i guess that it is obvious that it will end up in the hands of the terrorists. >> absolutely. it is good to be with you charles. after what the secretary of state said. iran is the number one sponsor
11:06 am
of terrorism in the world. they have entities that are listed on the terror list. it is also operating. as well, the iranian revolutionary guards, which, if you were not paying attention, those are the people that take our 10 sailors hostage last week. they had been kneeling at gunpoint. we will release billions of dollars to these individuals. having been in talk with the iranians. pretty sure he wants to be with the billions of dollars that they are about to receive. why would we think that it is so important to have this nuclear agreement that we would really solve these billions of dollars and not think that they will go to terrorist activities. charles: what is the message now for our allies?
11:07 am
do not do this. now we see saudi arabia in a proxy war. yemen fighting people. what does this say to our allies? it gives some sort of nuclear arms race in the middle east. >> our allies will be to pivot away from the middle east. they see him closing up with iran. they believe that we have a president that cannot be trusted. the president of the united states is much more concerned about campaign promises. maybe having an exhibit in his library then the reality on the ground. that is why you saw four of the six gulf cooperation council states. they did not come to campaign to sit down and have supper with them. they see what he is doing on the ground. charles: let's talk about the
11:08 am
risk. $150 billion. what is the endgame look like? how are they developing here? >> you are seeing a race. it really does come between the split. there are many people that they both go fight that out. there are many allies that we have in the sunni world view such as jordan. to some extent, saudi arabia. we can work with them to be a bolster against iranian expansion. right now what they see is our foreign policy and the money that we are releasing. we are creating a new nuclear arms race. they will pursue nuclear arms. we really are not avoiding a confrontation. charles: of course. lieutenant colonel, you are one
11:09 am
of our favorites. thanks a lot. >> be safe up there. >> a new fight right now. you are looking at the reason why. this is the current cover. again strom. crystal wright. author of the brand-new book con job. your take on this fight, crystal >> it is clear when they have to devote their entire magazine to trashing trump. the magazine, i actually went through it this morning and read through the 22 people that were commenting about trump and trashing him. it is exactly why we, the people are supporting donald trump. >> the key central issues are limited government, following the constitution and the key is
11:10 am
to restore freedom. they do not think that donald trump represents any of those things. he has backed liberal politicians in the past. >> i want to know who appointed a national review to tell us what the qualifications are of being president of the united states. you have to be 35 years of age and a u.s. citizen. what bothers me is of the 22 people that are blasting donald trump, you have only one that is a black american. really, he understands why people are flocking to trump. it is just full of snobbery. you pick romney. you picked mccain.
11:11 am
ronald reagan was a democrat before he was a conservative. trump does not have a record in the senate like ted cruz, marco rubio being flip flopper's. we know better than you. voters are not stupid. the establishment has lost political power. i, for one, constantly shut out of the party, i am glad to see this help people. charles: so far we have had a lot of folks, a lot of viewers wanted to hear this side of the argument as well. good luck with the book. i know it has been rocking. >> thank you, charles. battling it out for a chance to appear in the super bowl. ♪
11:12 am
11:13 am
11:14 am
11:15 am
charles: i want you to check the big board. you can look at this two ways. we are poor we are down. people get nervous. the cdc is warning. more countries are now adding to its list. >> the country is being added to the list. it has affected thousands of women. some nations they are. warning them not to get pregnant for a couple of months. basically, it causes babies to be born with small brains. charles: hanks a lot. were couple separated in january than any other month. why january? jo >> well, good morning, charles. thank you for having me on.
11:16 am
it is like a perfect storm for divorce. they taunt relationships. it will tend to go wrong. it has typically been there for a wild. born during the holidays, typically. maybe some tendency to hope. maybe during the holidays, it will be different. throw in the tax refund. it does not say a lot for society. on one hand, divorce rates are going down. on the other hand, fewer people are getting married. typically, when there is a divorce, usually, one of the parties has met someone else. someone is going on onto something that they believe is
11:17 am
better. generally, that is not a situation that invites cooperation here and divorces often are ugly. >> i always heard it was over money. i guess not. thanks a lot, buddy. we will talk to you again real soon. >> thanks for having me on. a big fan for football. the conference championship kicks off sunday. with me now is linebacker ted johnson. you do have, who do you have? it is kind of crazy. i would assume you are going with the patriots in that game. >> it is. everybody is focused on the patent versus tom brady rematch. kind of the play against each other.
11:18 am
a great quarterback matchup. probably most likely the mvp of the league this year. both very different quarterbacks stylistically. they come from different ways. cam newton on his way up. both of those guys have great defenses. that will be a really, really close game. they are very confident. i think that that will bode well for them. two of the all-time greats going at it. it will be fun. >> overtime. getting the ball down to larry fitzgerald. the game between if the patriots win, could manning come back to
11:19 am
make the argument that he is the all-time greatest quarterback? winning the super bowl. can he make that argument eschenbach. >> yes. that is quite possible. the last two or three years we were kind of having this who is better. at the end of the day, you are comparing super bowl. you are comparing regular season. it was kind of close. i do not think that you can say that now. production in the league. if he was to go on and win the super bowl, that would be a different story. >> i want to shift gears a little bit. if you can do it all over again, he would not play football. asking his wife the same questions every single day.
11:20 am
if you played baseball, he could still be a professional. talk to us about the pressure on the nfl players right now. >> this just in. it is a dangerous sport. it is a collision sport. a violent sport. we all know that. players now, i do not know what else there might be out there. as far as health risk wise. it can lead to long-term damage. that was the unknown. now we kind of know the cat is out of the bag there. they heard all of those former players talking about all the issues that we had peered nobody is going to care at this point. >> thanks a lot. we really appreciate it. charles: the mother of one of
11:21 am
the victims killed by terrorists in benghazi. she said hillary clinton flied out lied about the attack. her story next. ♪ you both have a
11:22 am
11:23 am
perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right?
11:24 am
>>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. charles: check the big boards. i wish i could blame the storm.
11:25 am
we have ended lower on days like this. we will see what happens. following through today. that is grand past eight. stossel on fox business. it comes in on 5:00 o'clock tonight. myth versus realities. watch this. >> raise the minimum wage. equal pay for equal work. >> republicans do it, too. they take our money and our jobs. many americans believe economic myths like it is good to buy locally. >> only coming within 100 miles of you. >> the middle class has disappeared. >> with me now is john stossel. i don't know where to begin.
11:26 am
living wages. equal pay. >> higher oil prices. that is a wonderful thing. >> a rough flexion of the strong economy. let's talk about higher living wages. we have all the states that went through new higher minimum wages. there is a responsibility of corporate america. >> of course if you force, some people will lose out. some people will not be hired did why not a $100 minimum wage. they win and we lose. if it is voluntary, everyone has to win or the trade does not happen. charles: what about when he
11:27 am
tells people he will bring these jobs back. these manufacturing jobs. >> google manufacturing in america and you will see that it is still going up. new manufacturing jobs. that is better. a president cannot bring them here. he can drive them away with that policies. lower tax rates. he does propose that. governments should not run healthcare or schools. k-12 or colleges. >> government is not very good at it. they never say we will fire the bad workers because they cannot. let them go by -- charles: one-hit wonder of the show. this spelling all of the myths.
11:28 am
tell them to stop drinking kool-aid. tonight. 5:00 p.m. eastern. followed by a rebroadcasting of the debate did we just made a bad peered we will tell you about it later. see you soon. breaking bad. vince gilligan was a writer also. rebooting this weekend. more varney after this. >> you said if i ever put the pieces together, you would confirm. and have you? ♪
11:29 am
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11:32 am
. charles: all right, take a look at the big board again, lost half the gains for the day. up 130 points. nip and tuck all session long. we've got the spark, reversal in oil despite disappointing inventory numbers. up 5% then, 7% now, maybe we found a bottom. and look at gold, not running away the way a lot of folks thought it would, some resistance at 1100. staying on the markets, scott shellady joins us. looks like the momentum is drying up, we know the last couple of weeks, every time
11:33 am
it's dried up, it's turned sometimes from positive to negative. >> it can sometimes get ugly. there's been a sea change of mentality. the last 12-18 months when the fed is involved, it's buy the dip mentality. sometime in december, we flip that and we're a sell the rally mentality. and i think that's what you're seeing here. guys trying to take advantage of a bump thinking they're going to get it back cheaper like they did not used to do last year. sell the rallies instead of buy the dips. charles: i guess the old support points are resistance points and until we take them out we for a crazy gyration with the downside bias? >> yeah, and the downside bias, i don't think i can remember earnings season where we're going to have to pay attention to guidance probably more than the hard numbers. i think it's all about the guidance, as we start getting through the tech companies and guidance, that's key. but i don't want to be a broken record, until we finally find
11:34 am
true growth where we can see the economy doing well, not just selling cars because we can loan you money for 7 years, really selling cars, that's going to ultimately what back stops the market and turns it around. until we see that happening, everybody else is deflating themselves, trying to inflate but deflating, that's not good for the market. charles: i agree 1,000%, scott, have a great weekend. >> see you. charles: the x-files launches on fox. vince gilligan was a writer on the x-files and got the idea to cast bryan cranston as walter white from one of his appearances on "the x-files." look at this. >> shut up and drive, you understand? >> what are you doing?
11:35 am
what the hell are you doing? >> composing a sonnet. what does it look like i'm doing, i'm slowing down for a light! >> joining us now, the man himself vince gilligan. that's a great story. tell us how that went down? >> a fun story. boy, he had a lot more hair back then, didn't he? in that clip. that episode is called drive. season 6 of "the x-files," and needed a guy to play a scary character but had to be likable and sympathizable, we had a hard time casting that thing, and one day rick milliken brought in bryan cranston who i thought i had never heard of, and brian auditioned and nailed it, he was fantastic. found out later he had been in a great many shows i'd enjoyed. he's such a chameleon i hadn't realized i had seen him before. i liked his work so.
11:36 am
i created the character of walter white for him to bray in "breaking bad." charles: did you have the idea? was it germinating before the audition for "breaking bad" or come about afterwards? when did you think okay, i've got an idea for a show? >> you know, it hit me one day on a phone call to a college buddy, and this was, gosh, back in 2004 or so, but when i got this character in mind, i thought back to bryan from "the x-files," and i really -- if not for the "the x-files" and cris carter's creation, the characters of mulder and scully and the fact i was a fan of the show and allowed to write for it, i wouldn't have "breaking bad," i wouldn't have -- "the x-files" taught me everything i been tv, really. charles: talk about the reboot. i think there are six episodes. i read some reviews, apparently the first show starts off show and gets heated up like gang busters. the crew is back.
11:37 am
were you -- did you do any work on this? did you help out at all? >> i did not, unfortunately. i would have loved to have been a part of it. i was unfortunately preoccupied with better call saul, our spin-off of "breaking bad." i would love to be a part of. this "the x-files" was such an important part of my life and career, i'm hoping there's more after the first six, i'm hoping that people remember just what it was they loved about "the x-files" want and more after the initial run of a half dozen episodes. charles: what people loved about it, vince, we didn't feel goofy. any time you say you saw a flying saucer, we got to throw the guy in a rubber room. maybe there are things out there, that we can't talk about that we cand define that are out there. by the same token, i want closure, take artistic license, help me out here, i know it's a
11:38 am
series and you keep it going and going. that would be my only beef with it, i'm absolutely thrilled and think the american public is, too. >> i think so, too. it comes down to everything you just said but also the dynamic, the interrelationship between mulder and scully, the two characters we love so much. that's a lot what keeps the show special. charles: great they were able to get both of the actors to come back and do the roles. typically, you wait this long and it's hard to get this reunion, and they both look great? >> absolutely. they both look great. it's great seeing them back together, and i've seen the first episode, i really enjoyed it. can't wait to see the next five. charles: we can't either. thank you very much, continued success, we appreciate your time this morning. >> thank you, charles, good to see you. charles: you, too. got to go to michigan where the water contamination crisis yesterday led to top epa
11:39 am
official in that region offering her resignation. the agency, of course, has issued emergency orders. they're trying to resolve the water problem. with me trial attorney hunter from the firm napoli and skullnick. >> yes. charles: this is an absolute disaster. we know that? >> certainly is. what we're dealing with is a tragedy that's affecting the community. i would think at this time, at the very least epa should be losing its director in the area and moving forward. charles: so now you're a trial attorney, do you already have team who have come to you? they want to file lawsuits? are you working on a class-action? what exactly is your role here? >> what we're doing is representing clients. our first client is a young girl, five years old, tested positive for lead. it's a tragic situation for her family. it's a tragic situation for all the children. we're proceeding with the
11:40 am
lawsuit on their behalf at this time. charles: is this just this one family or are you going to open this up? obviously, this is an entire city. >> exactly. charles: exposed to the water? >> that's the problem. it's not just one family. we have been contacted, retained by in excess of 35 families, young children across the community and a lot more. charles: what would the charge be? you have a city that drove itself in the ground, the state had to rescue and find ways to save money. you can argue, forget about the politics, i don't think that anything nefarious went on, maybe stupid things happened. what would you argue in court? >> well, to say nothing nefarious went on is understating the situation. what we have here is a change to the system, the water system that occurred in april of 2014. charles: to save money for a city that was essentially bankrupt? >> yes, to save money. within six months they knew about the problem. they knew six months later and did nothing, they continued to hide it. that's nefarious, that's not
11:41 am
just bad conduct. charles: thanks a lot. hunter. up next, the mother of one of the victims killed in the benghazi attack. her take on hillary clinton, right after this. feel a cold coming on?
11:42 am
new zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam. whei just put in the namey, of my parents and my grandparents. and as soon as i did that, literally it was like you're getting 7, 9, 10, 15 leaves that are just popping up all over the place. yeah, it was amazing. just with a little bit of information, you can take leaps and bounds. it's an awesome experience. . >> i'm nicole petallides with the fox business brief. stocks off the highs from the day. seeing gains, 111 points to the upside for the dow jones industrial average, at 15,992.
11:43 am
the s&p 500 up 25, that's 1.3%, and the nasdaq up 1.8%. herer dow winners, apple in fact in the $99.18 right now. microsoft a winner as is disney on the downside, american express a big laggard down 12% after quarterly report. ge is down 2%. schlumberger -- by the way, american express new low. schlumberger up 3%, with expansion plans for amazon and grubhub, grubhub explained delivery for los angeles and amazon is going to have more recruits in europe. much more fox business coming up, we start at 5:00 a.m. see you there.
11:44 am
11:45 am
. charles: joining me now, the mother of one of the victims killed? the benghazi attack, patricia smith. patricia, thanks for taking the time out with us, your son sean smith was killed on that day. you've been a very vocal critic how this went down, particularly when it came to hillary clinton, secretary of state hillary clinton at the time. tell us what are your issues with her and the role she played? >> it was her department. she did nothing as far as i can tell, other than order their murder. the people called and asked and begged for people to come and be security, and they were
11:46 am
turned down each time, and hillary says she never got the message. i want to know why she didn't get the message when it was her department. i want her to give back all the money that we spent on her being secretary of state because she did a rotten job! >> patricia, have you seen the e-mail that have been released that show hillary clinton speaking with her daughter and initially telling her daughter a version of the events that happened there, that were completely different to the version attempted to be sold to the american public that somehow this whole thing started because of an offensive video? >> yes, she told me it was the video at the coffin ceremony when they were bringing in the coffin, and i kept begging her, please, what happened? i've got to know what happened. and she just kept saying it's a video, it's a video. i didn't even know what the video was. i said what video is that? and she had to tell me.
11:47 am
she says the video. so i don't believe that woman. she lies. she lied to me. she told me that it was a video, and yet she's going on tv saying i'm the liar. i beg to differ, she is the liar, i am not. i don't lie especially about my son. charles: of course, of course, has the administration ever really truly reached out to and you said come in, let's talk, one on one, face-to-face, and try to have some sort of civil conversation with you, understanding the sacrifice that your son made for this country? >> the administration doesn't give a darn what i thought and what i felt. they only -- in fact, the state department told me they was not a member of the immediate family, so they did not have to tell me anything. and to this day, they have never once contacted me except to tell me i'm not a member of the immediate family. charles: you know, the movie "13 hours" --
11:48 am
>> i'm sorry. charles: believe me, take your time. i understand 1,000% what you're going through. you need to know and i'm pretty sure you know there are millions of americans who feel the same way you do. it wasn't your son but an american hero, and there's no way we should ever allow this to be swept under the rug, and the fact you're on tv, it's a brave, tough thing. we understand, take your time. i want to ask about the movie "13 hours." have you had a chance to see it? >> i was invited by the producer, paramount, to see the movie. i went there and only saw the first few minutes of it because when they showed my son coming on the tv or on the movie, i couldn't take it anymore. i had to leave. charles: do you have any faith in maybe perhaps it won't be this administration but maybe the next administration where someone will be honorable
11:49 am
enough to give you and other families straight answers and to be honest about this? >> i still, at this point, am waiting for hillary to call me back and tell me what happened, as she promised at the coffin ceremony. she said if it's any different, i will call. nobody has called me, i am still waiting for hillary to call, even though everybody says forget it, this woman will never call you. charles: patricia smith, you have our greatest sympathies and thank you very much for coming on, we appreciate it, thanks. >> thank you very much. charles: more varney next. you pay your car insurance
11:50 am
11:51 am
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11:53 am
. charles: all right, we've talked about this, look at the map, a winter storm heading for the east coast this weekend, is expected to not only disrupt travel in the northeast and beyond, but it is going to be one heck of a storm. lauren, what are the latest? >> two feet in d.c., 6-10" here. so far almost 2700 flights canceled for today. almost 2900 for tomorrow, and about 50 for sunday! will we see you at work monday, charles payne. >> i will subject here, i bought a jeep specifically for this occasion. [ laughter ] three years ago, speaking of, which i live in new jersey. in new jersey there was a town that fined two teenagers for
11:54 am
shoveling snow for a small fee. now while governor christie lifted that ban, ashley give us the update. >> two kids going door-to-door saying i'll shovel the sidewalk for a small amount of money. cops said that is illegal, they have passed the right to shovel law, makes me laugh. >> great kids' job. >> so it's now legal to go door-to-door. charles: a damn shame hay had to pass that law. >> to get a permit from the state, it was $485 and you had to renew it every year. the poor kids! >> and it's only good for 180 days. charles: no wonder people move from new jersey. all right, shoveling and stuff, what many people don't realize how the cold can be harmful to our devices. curt the cyberguy is here, and he's going to save our technology from the weather. >> are you ready for the snow? charles: i'm not. >> you will be now.
11:55 am
we're talking about incredible technology, first of all, let me tell you this. so many people don't understand this. as the weather cools down, it's the worst enemy for technology, from phones to tablets to computers, and there's something you need to do about it, insulate it, keep it out of cold. don't leave stuff in the cold. charles: buy the phone a coat or something like that? >> similar to that. this app is saying it's been 30 minutes, are you sure you're okay, and i'm going to say yeah, i am okay, i've downloaded what i'm awarding the best app for the winter. winter survival kit. a free app, and it's available on android or itunes and this is amazing -- charles: i'm stranded? >> that's what i pressed. but it is called the winter survival kit. what it does is you put in your aaa number, the phone number you are at, you also can put in how much gas your car holds, and you put the level of the tank and it will give you an estimate. it says here i've got about 14
11:56 am
hours that i can let my car idle to keep the heat going, and the case that i'm stuck in, snow. what it also does is reminds me every 30 minutes i need to get out and make sure the exhaust pipe is not plugged up or you will suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning, and lets me check in with friends. are you okay? if you don't answer that you're okay, it's now going to call 911 and give your position and ask for help. charles: that's cool. >> it really is. let me tell you this -- >> what? >> where is that coming from? is that the magic hat? >> this is the magic hat. charles: puff the magic dragon. >> these are bluetooth enabled hats, technology is integrated into our clothing, and it is called the upon beanie or beanie head wear. charles: when i say i have voiced in my head, i really do.
11:57 am
>> you really do. you can take phone calls through this. >> that's going to annoy people on the subway. come on. >> well, if you can get a signal. >> salt cases makes these, really innovative. i've got my phone in one. nasa developed technology that offers thermal protection to your phone. it's going to keep it warm when it's cold and also when it's hot in the summertime keep your phone from overheating, battery will last longer with this gear around it, and real quick, the raven, julia thank you for modeling. this a heated jacket, this has a half pound battery that will keep you warm for hours. charles: now my pets live better than me and now my technology. more varney after this. [laughter]
11:58 am
11:59 am
. charles: take a look at the big board, the rally starting to fade, up triple digits, looking
12:00 pm
dicey there. the price of crude oil set this off. they're still up 7%. neil cavuto, handing you another rally. don't lose this one. >> with the dire warning, i want to bring you up to date. i want you to be the first to know, charles. snow in the forecast in the east coast and the northeast. we're on top of it, thank you very much. we will get to the markets, first something dominating one out of four americans' schedule right now. snow. and if you're not affected in the direct area, you are going to be affected if you're looking to fly out of town from almost anywhere else because chances are, if the plane you need is in the northeast or the east coast, it's not getting to you any time soon. we're going to iron all of this out, sort of give you a good idea who gets what and where. first to connell mcshane on governors already scrambling with their own state of emergency. what do you have, buddy? >> a lot of


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