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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  January 22, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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dicey there. the price of crude oil set this off. they're still up 7%. neil cavuto, handing you another rally. don't lose this one. >> with the dire warning, i want to bring you up to date. i want you to be the first to know, charles. snow in the forecast in the east coast and the northeast. we're on top of it, thank you very much. we will get to the markets, first something dominating one out of four americans' schedule right now. snow. and if you're not affected in the direct area, you are going to be affected if you're looking to fly out of town from almost anywhere else because chances are, if the plane you need is in the northeast or the east coast, it's not getting to you any time soon. we're going to iron all of this out, sort of give you a good idea who gets what and where. first to connell mcshane on governors already scrambling with their own state of emergency. what do you have, buddy? >> a lot of the governors are,
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neil. this is supposed to be the real deal. this storm, people talking about life and death consequences up and down the east coast. here in new york city we'll get hit hard tomorrow. they're worried about the south. washington, d.c. state of emergency declared there. governors in new jersey, pennsylvania and maryland, same deal and north carolina declaring states of emergency as well. and those areas not only will get hit with snow, maybe two feet or more, but it's the wind that has people worried. that's why you hear them using phrases like life and death, because the wind is supposed to be so strong. it hit in north carolina earlier today. you had two traffic related deaths blamed on the ice early this week. scattered power outages in places like virginia already. it moves its way up and down the east coast. we'll have a lot to deal with. later in the show, we'll talk about the financial impact. there will be people buying the shovels and generators and everything that you hear about.
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flights canceled by the thousands. that will have a big effect. philadelphia tomorrow has shut down the airport for the whole day. all of that said, neil, the one saving grace in all of this, many of the local governments should go into the storm in good shape. it's been a quiet winter, so budgets should be better off than normally would be this time of year, plenty of salt for the trucks and what have you, but getting ready. >> buddy, thank you very much. and washington, d.c. by the way, the mayor publicly apologizing to residents saying the city screwed up in initial response to what was a little more than a dusting of snow the other day, to the fair to the mayor, it was problematic. even president obama getting back from a trip, took him better than an hour and a half to drive back to the white house once he landed. so everyone affected by this sort of thing. speaking of washington, james simon joining us from the "washington post" weather editor. james, certainly in your neck
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of the woods, you're in ground zero for this things are but spill it out, what are we looking at here? >> d.c. is in the bull's-eye along the cities in the east coast, expecting anywhere in the neighborhood from 16-30" in areas north and west of the city, so this is going to be a crippling event for us, starting this afternoon and intensifying overnight and into tomorrow when the winds crank up, and we're looking for the potential for whiteout conditions in the d.c. area. >> obviously, there are various stages of a watch, from a storm watch to blizzard watch, when you are at blizzard watch, what does that mean? >> watch is favorable and people should be preparing, a warning is a blizzard is imminent or already happening and we for a blizzard warning in the d.c. area, that takes effect from 3:00 p.m. and continues through early sunday morning.
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>> when you are in the blizzard category, you are talking about what? >> brutal combination of snow and wind, winds gusting over 35 miles an hour and visibility below a quarter mile. you can't see. travel is difficult, if not impossible, and all public officials are encouraging folks to stay off the roads tonight and tomorrow. >> james, thank you very much. and in washington, that's what federal government workers are told to do at noon. leave work. go ahead. be safe. don't be sorry. jeff flock with the latest on how much this whole thing is costing, and we haven't seen the first significant snowfall. what have we got? >> reporter: some ways, neil, it is a perfect storm in terms of impacts financially because this affects such a large number of people. it's a large concentration of population. so take a look at impact stocks like the obvious ones like interact, they make the generators that you might need if power goes out as well as
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the things that move the snow like snow blowers and other snow removal equipment. they are up. you probably missed your chance to get in on this, both of the stocks up after being beaten down after the course of this year. brigs and stratton alone, they, you know, just beat on earnings this week, that gave them an extra bit of boom. over the course of a year, jennerac was down, you may have missed opportunity on that one. what about the companies that sell the snow blowers, like home depot, lowe's and sears. maybe you missed your opportunity to get in on that one. i also mention companies like polaris and arcticat make snowmobiles. stocks beaten down as well. that may be the only way to get around over the course of the next few days. i don't know that's going to
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allow people to sell that many of them, you may have to have the snowmobile in the garage already. neil? >> yeah, can't just go dark out there right away. thanks, buddy. jeff flock. nicole petallides monitoring what's going on with the market. we are up today and a lot of that has to do with oil prices moving up and signs of stimulus on the way in europe, it's a tenuous grip on the plus sign. >> we had 27 of the 30 dow components in the green. we had the oil names that you mentioned going higher today and we've seen the strict correlation between stocks and oil. right now, here are dow winners, apple $99.60. that crossed over $100 today. that's a 3.5%. microsoft up over 3% and disney up nearly 3% on the day. year to date, so far, we've seen a little of improvement, neil, we talked about walmart
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being the one dow component in the green for 2015. we can now add verizon to that. we have two dow components in the green. the other 28 are well into the red. american express down over 20%. dupont, jpmorgan and cisco among the laggards for the year so far. >> now at laguardia airport, abby is among a lot of the travelers hoping to get out of town today. for you it doesn't look good, abby. what's the latest? >> neil, i have a flight out of laguardia tonight. who knows how that will play out. a lot of frustrated travelers along the east coast. dozens of airports announcing heavy delays and cancellations. i just got off the phone with american airlines. already they've canceled 2,000 flights. we're here at laguardia as you mentioned. it felt like the calm before the storm, things are running smoothly. we talked to folks just a few
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minutes ago, somewhere lucky they're getting out. some not so lucky. that's not the case around the country. according to today. 4200 delays and 3,000 cancellations. many of those coming in and out of charlotte douglas and raleigh-durham international airports. many of the airports cancelling flights today and the d.c. baltimore area where they are expected to be hit hardest, you can plan on many delays and cancellations tomorrow. saturday, no one flying in and out of the d.c. baltimore area. i spoke to the philadelphia international airport. they said the airport will be open, no flights will be going in and out. major airlines are trying to get ahead of this. wavering changed fees. somewhere offering refunds for canceled flights. they say if you want to change your flight and cancel it, make sure you contact them directly, as soon as possible, neil. they're recommending if you plan on traveling in this area the next two days, they recommend you doing that.
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see how this plays out. things are running along. >> good luck to you. thank you very much, abby huntsman. real quick back to the market, i want you to be aware of things that happened since going to nicole. treasu treasury yields are moving up. you can see the flight to quality, the nervous let me find a haven to park my cash, when stocks are better, there's no need or the feeling there's no need to park cash in something so safe. so you see the yield inching up, 2.06%. i hasten to add that's very low. mortgage rates are very, very low, but again out of one into the other just like into one out of the other, uncanny that when stocks look like they're getting battered. they move into instruments like bonds, interest rates come down, a little less, though, just the opposite. the phenomena i find intriguing, never fails. and what also never fails, iowa
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polls, what if i told you on other networks what they say -- they're always wrong. why do we have polls? well, because we like polls.
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. neil: all right, if you want to know why stocks are up the degree they are back over 16,000, i don't know if it was the fed or i told you it was oil. oil back up over 30 bucks a barrel, holding in and around that range, now 31 bucks a barrel. a gain of about 7%. there are technicians that argue it went down too far too fast, the same technicians who completely missed out oil at 26. that's neither here nor, there
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as oil goes, stocks goes, it goes down, you know they go down, it goes up, they go up. we're also following interest rates, they're back up a little bit. the flight to quality has dissipated somewhat, stocks enjoy a good day, not a great day but a good day and that has a 10-year note pegged to a lot of mortgages, at 2.06%, back up a little bit at yield. back to politics, a week away from the iowa caucuses, and jack welch concluded it's pretty much down to two people, take a look. >> you think it's going to be one of those two? >> right now, it looks that way, and i don't see anybody gaining momentum yet. we've got free elections coming up quickly, and we'll see if momentum changes, right now it's a two person race. neil: all right, he was talking about donald trump and ted cruz. for those who fight it out and one is going to be the nominee
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of the republican party. i'm sure ohio governor john kasich surging in the polls of late, including one in new hampshire, he's second. i think he might slightly disagree with that. now to political historian extraordinaire and economic and market svengali on what he thinks of that. and iowa being the sign of the first surprise. what do you think, pat? >> i think it could be. right now, south carolina, in my opinion, is not -- not south carolina, that's where i'm sitting where, it's raining hard. not snowing yet for you. neil: so that's really the green screen behind you. you just said it's raining. >> that's right. neil: it's just a green screen? >> nope, just close your eyes. neil: i understand. >> the answer is this. iowa is hanging on one thing turnout. i was looking at the turnout numbers. the republican party has, in
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the last two, in 08 and 12 has had about 120,000 people turn out. so i am saying my friction is, if you have big numbers, you will have a big difference. if it's 120,000, that helps cruz, if it gets to 150 or more, probably helps trump. same on the democratic side. their average is around 125, except for 08, when they had 250,000 people come out. >> you know what? i hear you, pat, the one thing we've noticed is a lot of polls get it wrong, they didn't see rick santorum four years ago, they didn't see mike huckabee eight years ago and didn't see barack obama eight years ago, you put the state on the map, the emergence of jimmy carter in 1976 who finished second to no choice. but it was enough -- >> uncommitted. uncommitted. that's the way the delegates are. neil: understood.
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>> nobody paid attention to iowa before that. neil: that's right, that's why i'm not paying attention to the polls. >> these polls are all over the place. what i was starting to say is the cnn poll has a sample where it has trump ahead of a huge turnout. if you look at people, the caucus attenders, ted cruz is up by a couple points. we don't know what's going on. it's going to play out with two candidates hammering each other, and i continue to say that's when you get the demolition messes. you can get somebody can pop through. now the only person in iowa that i think could make a better showing, could make a strong showing is probably rubio outside of the two front-runners. neil: you don't put john kasich in the camp whom we will be chatting iowa? >> no, not iowa, not playing in iowa, playing in new hampshire. totally off the screen in iowa, and the other person who had a
12:18 pm
lot of votes there, carson is down. you had two other former winners, huckabee and santorum who are not showing well. neither is jeb bush. and it's -- and yet, i don't think they're players this year. so that's the mixture in iowa. this could be very tight, it could go one way or the other. on the democratic side you got, you know, i think hillary is really in deep trouble. neil: she could lose both iowa and new hampshire. we'll watch it. >> we don't have a third -- you don't have to worry about o'malley. though. one thing we can count on is it will be one of those two. neil: that's why i'm putting my money on o'malley now. >> there you go. neil: patrick, thank you very much. in a very rainy south carolina. don't let that backdrop fool you there. we've got a lot more coming up, including what's going on not only with oil and stocks,
12:19 pm
but how long that can hold on. don't forget we've got governor kasich coming up. remember, he and chris christie were getting into a little dustup in a nasty war of words. i think christie took exception to kasich calling himself a savior. i think -- think christie used another s-word. i think.
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. neil: all right, we've got surprising news on home builders and why they're up smartly today. existing home sales were storming ahead in december. far stronger than faut thought. up 14.7%, that represents the biggest monthly increase ever recorded for the more year over year up 6.5%. the wind at the back of the economy, proving those skepticalf the market hit, that the underpinnings of the economy were sound. larry glazer says not so fast. what do you make of the cross
12:23 pm
currents here? housing in particular? >> lot of cross current, neil. today's rally needed to be suspicious, a little cautious on because stocks are irrationally held hostage to the movement in the price of oil for better or worse odehs when rallies like today you see stocks mover up in a jerk-like fashion and on days where oil is down, obviously you see stocks plummet. it's great to see better housing data and great to see stabilization and manufacturing data. at the end of the day, the stock rally is for the wrong reasons, on the basis of additional stimulus rather than the hope of better earnings, and if we look at company earnings right now, seeing revenues come in light. 15% of companies are missing revenue numbers. we want to see that reverse, we want to see the overhang lifted from the market. neil: you were referring to mario draghi who hinted of stimulus to come. you and i have gotten into this before as we look at the oil and stocks joined at the hip thing.
12:24 pm
that's getting back to how the markets love their nicotine fix. they need a hit. they need government help. need a central bank, having their back, which is weird for this once laissez-faire capitalist crowd that they can only go so far without someone pick up their sorry you know what. that's what worries me is they respond to that and not what would be other fundamentals. what do you think of that? >> sure. that's right. neil, the overhang on the market has been fed, fed, fed, china, china, china, oil, oil, oil, and the weakness in the markets and the global economy, maybe the fed takes a step back and not quite as aggressive in raising rates, and we're listening to the fed comment. neil: do you think that's the case? the fed goes slow? >> yep. well, i think the move at the end of the year was suspicious, looks like the fed was trying appear they were independent and not political, ahead of election, the fed doesn't want to be aggressively raising rates to cause disruption to
12:25 pm
the market. and i think that probably lingers. neil, we all know nobody wants a history lesson the year of an eighth year of a presidential term is not a good one, but you also typically don't get recessions typically before presidential elections and the fed certainly doesn't want to induce that. when you look at housing data. rates are still low relatively speaking by historical standard, so with the bump in rates, rates are incredibly low. the one thing i think will affect housing as we look forward. we've seen a lot of money coming in overseas, chinese buyers coming in, foreign buyers pulling money into the united states. fleeing the other currencies and countries, that's going to stop. china is not going to let that money out so quickly in the future. for luxury homes in new york and florida, california, boston, you're going to see the luxury trophy buyers take a back seat. and texas market, very good housing numbers, they'll be affected by numbers in oil.
12:26 pm
housing is slow even though interest rates are low, and that goes with the slow growth economic story right now. we'll see more as the year progresses and hopefully the overhang is lifted and we can do bargain hunting. neil: you covered everything, larry, there you go! larry glazer, thank you very much. we are focusing on the storm to can. lot of folks think there is economic and market impact of that. ahead of, that a lot of buying and everything freezes for a while. literally. everything staying in their homes, i'm predicting nine months from now, a baby boom. not myself. where are we going? that's what happens with storms, nine months later. okay, look at time. we've got donald trump, he is getting slammed in the national review, sort of a who's who of conservative thinkers have done something that would appear to the donald to be thoughtless and mean, and why that would be helping him, conservatively speaking. conservative named pat buchanan weighs in after this.
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within minutes of that, they got word that they had been disinvited from a february debate. the problems are only compounding. now, wondering whether donald trump may have the last laugh. what do you make of this? individual editors and writers. >> when i first saw mixon after that disaster, he said to me, you hear of a good storming up. this is nothing new, as you pointed out. what it does do, if prince trump
12:32 pm
credentials. gathering in a desperate effort to stop him. it probably reinforces their loyalty and they feel like they have the right guy. i do not take any people are asking today, say, what is national review. they seem to make themselves somewhat relevant to get into the conversation. it may have done something to them in that regard. neil: do you think that it was fair for the republican committee to say that you are disinvited? >> well, sure. i do not think that you really belong in the debate. on that side asking questions. i do not think that republicans would invite over to a debate if they had taken a stand one way or another on the candidates.
12:33 pm
i do not have any problem what they did. >> that is an excellent point. i guess the establishment is much lighter than the moderate community. the conservative thinkers of the party were kind of establishment to and we do not like it. for donald trump, that is like a win, win. >> we are standing up together against him. he has to be doing something right. again, the conservative movement is so broad and diverse. there is really not to be a movement at all. i think that he will secure the border. none of the others will do it. secondly, he will deal with some
12:34 pm
of these trade deals. third, he may keep us out of these wars that have been so disastrous. none of the other so-called conservatives have even address the issues other than call people names. neil: some of the other candidates that we will be talking to, he cannot win. he cannot win. they extended to ted cruz. two far right or too extreme. too often a reservation. not a real republican. you heard similar things yourself. how does he address that. do you think it is a legitimate problem? >> i again at bringing far more to the party. >> trump has a real potential cross party appeal. i can see 20% of
12:35 pm
african-americans. he is a builder. he brings jobs here and there. he does get things done. maybe they can move toward him. trump has a potential to take states like michigan and pennsylvania. maybe wisconsin. search or the borders. stop the mass immigration. stay out of these foolish wars. things like that. bernie sanders, also opposed the iraq war. neil: trump may be the latest guy with a pitchfork. >> a pitchfork in manhattan. neil: thank you very much. all right. you know, everyone is worried
12:36 pm
about this, you may have heard a thing or two about it, without having to report with the jeff flock code detail. he is back from davos to give us an update. whether this chaos is overdone. after this. ♪ this for a long time. and we'll keep evolving things. knowing you is how edward jones makes sense of investing. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess.
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neil: i caught peter barnes earlier. to peter's credit, he pointed out that there was not much greatness. sure enough, it looks like it is fair. trust me, no doubt, peter, it could be any moment. to you. [laughter] >> that is right, neil. the edge of the storm is just
12:40 pm
coming into the metro d.c. area. 127 flights out of reagan national already canceled this morning. nationally, the delays are about 1100. cancellations around 3100. are ready canceled the hundred flights for tomorrow in anticipation of the storm coming in. 4:00 o'clock today. american airlines is suspending all flights starting on saturday. tweeting out that this storm is snow joke. obviously a pun there. that airlines are waiving fees to help out travelers today. the government closed at noon. the entire braille system will shut down for the whole weekend. >> all right.
12:41 pm
tell those people to climb down. we will get through this. we go to gerri willis now. there is a flipside to that. >> that is right. you have warned us about this. the energy chief for president president obama saying that we will not make that million-dollar mark that the president protected back in 2008. it will be another five years. $1.85 a gallon now. gas prices coming down. that makes electric vehicles less attractive. this report is not new. out of 250 million. think about that. small portion of the total. electric vehicles are down.
12:42 pm
edging lower. i have to bring up the chevy volt. this is the car that the president loved. he drove it around at the white house. 18,804 in 2014. look at those numbers. i want to cite a "new york times" article. it is ideal and more economical. well, it was 1911. >> devastating news. i remember it so well. thank you very, very much. neil: a little perspective as we get very close to the iowa caucus. what if i told you one of the most rheumatic lace way surging candidates in the race is not
12:43 pm
named trump or cruise, but kasich. as in john kasich who is next. ♪ ♪
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12:47 pm
neil: the liberating market news. >> come to my neighborhood. i was doing a little research in of my storm watch mode on the economic impact. a lot of it is overdone. we did see some impact. the last couple of years. it was different. the economy contracted 0.9%. it grew only 0.6%. we had sustained periods of bad weather. we had a lot going in our favor. it will happen on a weekend. you will not see that as much. people talk about retailers. we will get into this a little later on.
12:48 pm
they are just delaying it. they will buy a pair of boots. you do not necessarily see that impact as well. it has been such a quiet winter. and a lot of these municipalities should not be hit as hard. in fact, gap, maybe. not as bad as the last few years. i understand it is getting a little crazy. take a peek there. i am sure those people are just about to be told your flight is canceled. you are here for the weekend. prepare yourself. ♪
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neil: all right. you may want to hold the phone on those predictions.
12:52 pm
it is a two-man race between donald trump and ted cruz. there is a pullout that shows governor kasich is in second. crucial in that state. essentially, even. governor, good to have you. >> hey, neil. even those that try to minimize, these polls really are not the deal. chris christie told me that. i am kidding. others are taking note of this. what do you think is happening? when you build background game, when you build from the foundation, you get to the first
12:53 pm
floor, the second floor. then all of a sudden, it starts to look pretty good. i just think that the ground game is really important. all the big money is coming in. they are starting to attack me. it is kind of hard to argue with the record i have. neil: you attack them. chris christie. >> oh, really. neil: yes. >> looking apple numbers in new hampshire higher. out of the blue comes john kasich. telling people, my opponents are like satan. >> that sounds a whole heck of a lot more like satan. i have known john for a long time. i have been around when his colleagues talk about him. neil: i think that the gloves
12:54 pm
are off, governor. >> first of all, everybody spends their time looking in the rearview mere. i do not like his policies either. i have been very positive. in all my campaigns, they become almost like a movement. it is not just that i am such a great guy or anything. people tend to believe when they're connecting something bigger than themselves, they get it cited. that is what is happening in new hampshire higher. you will come. you'll laugh. you'll learn. a lot of people came in down. i am leaving kind of hopeful. i think that that is a great thing. i love chris christie. no big deal. we will just stay out there. stay positive.
12:55 pm
>> it is like professional wrestling. i know how that goes. very big endorsements. this is a big coup in new hampshire higher. obviously, they are placing some fade in your canada steve. the more you rise, the more you become a target. >> we are just not going to sit back and take it. none of us ever do that. six of the polls have me in second place. i am kind of uncomfortable talking about this. let me just do my job. what i am trying to do is to tell people that in our country, we have serious problems.
12:56 pm
the problems can be sold in different ways. it takes leadership. i spoke to the new hampshire higher house of representatives. i was so excited. that day they were passing anti-drug legislation anonymously. when you go home tonight, you will feel like you save somebody's life. you tell your spouse that we did something great today. that is the way that we ought to be working in america. these problems can be fixed. i hear you. the party and the fighting is going on. subsequently getting disinvited to an rnc debate. what do you think of that? >> i do not think much of it.
12:57 pm
i am not talking about the interparty fights as much as i am in washington. you talk about the u.s. defaulting on its debt. people were not putting the country first. he is not a conservative. do you agree with that. >> i am not interested. i am out here doing my thing. i gave you an opening. >> i know. i know. that is not where my head is that right now. at this point, today, i am in a really good mood. a lot of people saying i am not a conservative. performing welfare.
12:58 pm
then for the second amendment. you know, you have people that write an article. i do not know. i have not examined it. what do you think? neil: you are running for president. i am watching. >> you are the analyst. neil: they talk about medicaid. yes. you are as bad as barack obama. >> ronald reagan expanded medicaid five times. i think they call him a conservative. we are treating people and keeping them from going to jail. it saves them money in the long run. we do not want the mentally ill sleeping under a bridge. you give everybody an opportunity to write and share
12:59 pm
in the bounty of the united states. the slowest rates of any governor in the country. we manage it fiscally. we are also helping people. everybody ought to be given a chance to live on their feet and the god-given service. >> you know, i want you to explain it. a recent interview with bloomberg. you said do not hold your breath for low-income taxes. i really believe that the personal tax cuts will be there to achieve early on. i think that it is harder than balancing the budget. it would not even bother for tax cuts. what do you think? >> i cut the income tax in ojai and for the lowest level and i do not know how long.
1:00 pm
we cut the capital gains tax. >> i know you did. do not hold your breath. of course i believe in lower taxes for individuals. all i am trying to say is, when you do tax reform, all the special interest, now. it is very hard to get it done. i know because i have been doing it. that is all i am saying. first we need lower rates. i thought the corporate rate was easier to bring down. i thought they all know that the corporate rate is too high. just trying to speak the truth. i will not change. >> you were asked questions about bernie sanders. you had a funny line then. he gets the nomination, we get every state.
1:01 pm
do you think that that is looking more like a possibility? she could be in a whole world of her. if he were the nominee, targeting not hillary clinton, but maybe bernie sanders. >> bernie sanders will not be the nominee of the democratic party. i like bernie. >> no, he will not be. he may be the president of tenant jerry's ice cream. those are his buddies from vermont. he will not be the president of the united states of america. they are both way out there. hillary is a plumber. she is a fragile candidate. a business of the server and having this top-secret information, they have to get to
1:02 pm
the bottom of that. 95% tax rate. the american people are very smart. they will go from somebody that is conservative. somebody that is practical and getting the job done. neil: let me ask you real quickly. i am kidding. chris christie will be staying on the campaign in new hampshire higher. it could be dealing with a blizzard. what do you think of that? >> he is going backwards. do you think it is a good thing? >> he has to take care of his stay. it is his decision. i am sure.
1:03 pm
>> i am not against anybody. the reason i have been rising is because i have been talking about me. i will start attacking you. neil: i was looking forward to this interview. neil: thank you, governor. governor tom kasich. the trend has been governor kasich. chris bedford. what do you think? you can talk about outlier pulls. the trend x-uppercase-letter. why? >> he has been putting a lot of resources on new hampshire higher. if he does not do well, it is
1:04 pm
unclear how far this could go. about how the campaign or super pack is starting to court the black community. whether this strategy, if you will have any momentum whatsoever, we will just have to wait and see. >> it was changing just as i was asking governor kasich a question. he will in fact be going home to his state to deal with what could ea doozy of a storm. again, presumably in new hampshire higher. what do you make of that turnover? >> they both have been doing a lot in new hampshire higher. they have been doing that the old-fashioned, new hampshire higher way. pretty much camping out there. it has been a little tough for chris christie.
1:05 pm
get back and do your job or quit it. if he were to get caught in new hampshire and get snowed in, that would be horrible optics. we have to get back into the government thing. >> the risk is that it can help you or hurt you. you loose some valuable time. people might say, well, what do you think? >> i do not think that he could afford to not go home. i think that it pales in comparison. maybe a couple of those you could have picked up in new hampshire higher. that will hurt him. along down the road. neil: thank you both very much. for all the breaking news as well.
1:06 pm
when hillary clinton's poll numbers were shrinking. i was going back and forth. tit for tat with the governor there. whether hillary clinton will emerge as the democratic nominee. whatever the strength of her organization in the south and elsewhere. that could be problematic. what do you think? >> we are approaching panic mode. the entire argument for her candidacy so far has been basically her inevitability. her name recognition in this tremendous political machine that she had behind her. all of a sudden, he looks like a very viable candidate he had most democrats agree with him more on the issues than they do with hillary clinton were at least you her position with a lot more skepticism. donors start giving him a second look.
1:07 pm
it becomes a major problem for hillary. she needs to rebound in a big way. >> he sort of is like the 1972 democratic nominee. he got that nomination, but went down to a disastrous defeat against richard nixon. is that a risk? does the party try to look for an alternative? >> i do not know if there really is a political mainstream anymore. democrats are having the same problem that republicans are having. they go beyond the normal power structures of washington, d.c. i think the reaction is the same political impulse. similar problems to existing structures in d.c. there is not really much that you can do.
1:08 pm
there is a tremendous wave of popular support. maybe it does not represent business as usual. >> thank you very, very much. volatility in the markets. all sorts of theories for that. the back and forth whether we're going into a global recession. a real clear markets editor. donald trump and some of his success talking about a potential trade war with china. it is unnerving. i certainly find that and intrigue proposition. maybe starting a trade war with china. how real of a threat do you think that is? >> you look historically. when the new year bring in, trump's polling numbers are
1:09 pm
actually improving. that is a big surprise for investors. pricing in the possibility of the republicans nominating. that is very dangerous for the stock market overall. it is a hedge more than anything. >> i have covered donald trump for a few decades. he is very clever. he has survived and grep see. all sorts of problems. being a pretty good negotiator. it is just a threat. getting the chinese to the table. thinking differently of an american president. we have played the same defense game with the chinese. he has argued that the chinese need us a whole heck of a lot more than we need them.
1:10 pm
we did not even have that ready. it did get the russians to the table. do you think that that is what he is up to? >> if it is, he is confused. i make something and i get done thing in return. something that i think is more valuable. every day the chinese get up and go to work. americans get a huge raise. why would you want to negotiate something that is so positive. >> he can say that. it involves individuals. the collection of individuals. low-cost goods. beautiful for most americans. >> thank you very much.
1:11 pm
what will happen. rick. >> this is a really big storm. icing going along interstate 95 to become just about to move into d.c. not hitting ground just yet. we are about to see heavy snow. get ready. once this starts it will not stop for 36 hours. that is why we will watch snowfall totals really pile up. we already had a lot of icing here across parts of north georgia. you are going to be under the gun for the next couple of hours. that is all kind of power outages. talking about some wind. this persistent northeast wind. we will watch this water really fill up and pile up here.
1:12 pm
long island. down to new jersey. we have all kinds of coastal concerns. a lot of flooding. a lot of beach erosion. seeing it with some record levels. especially with high tide. this is where we have all of the winter storm warnings. we have 29 million people that are under blizzard warnings. that includes d.c., baltimore, towards philadelphia. wind in excess of 45 miles an hour. watching very closely. maybe over 10 inches now. neil: make you very much. it is panic city. ♪
1:13 pm
neil: maybe they just will try to find a parking spot. about 3 feet of snow in washington. maybe finding out the flights are canceled. panic will break out at reagan national and we are there. ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at
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1:16 pm
>> have been telling you about the update on the markets. more incentives in europe. this was a nice little unexpected development. sales of existing homes soaring. representing the biggest monthly increase we have seen ever.
1:17 pm
up six and a half percent. both of these numbers up much higher than we expected. something was going on in september. what do you think it was? >> florida or california doing this report for me. i really appreciate you joining me. neil: we want you to stay calm. what is going on here? >> it is a great number, obviously. optimistic for short. i thought that it was good. last month was an anomaly. pulling back and pushing some of the closings. all in all, it is a good thing, for sure. the jobs market is improving. there is hopefully pressure on wages to go up.
1:18 pm
energy prices are going down. interest rates are low. they are getting confident. >> confidence getting whacked. starting off the year. >> the route in the financial markets has been good for interest rates. i would call it anxiety, if you are purchasing. that is the whole homebuying kind of consciousness. much more of an emotional decision that it is a financial decision. ultimately, it does create a chill. >> home prices rose 7.6% from a year ago. $224,100. that, too, was unexpected. it will be very short lived. would you say what?
1:19 pm
>> the challenges the low end of the housing market is so anemic. look at millennia old. only 3% of them have some sort of mortgage debt. the top end is doing really well. the energy crisis, on a macro level, it is wonderful. it makes housing seem more affordable. these ones that are dependent on oil, you know, those are not good things. you have the new energy state companies that rely on fracking, they will get decimated. >> i hope that you are wrong. thank you very, very much. we were in dow post yesterday. all of these rich guys, including bill gates, liz claman will have a chat with him later on, they are saying that robots are our future. they will be the majority
1:20 pm
running things. robots. i am thinking to myself, that is what cnbc has been doing for a long time. is that the future? not on my watch. stick around. ♪
1:21 pm
1:22 pm
1:23 pm
>> a disaster. warming up to stop fax. the credentials. that easterners have a desperate effort to stop him. they are feeling that they got the right guy. >> this national review front-page story. twenty-three conservative thinkers. saying that the guy would be a disaster. not really conservative. they will have none of it.
1:24 pm
disinvited by the rough public in national committee. charles pain and dagen mcdowell. dagen: it does help him. i have read every piece of the collection of editorials. the people that are backing trump, they don't care about the issues. i have been totally wrong. people want somebody who speaks strong and will carry a big stick. all those people down at that debate. >> someone else who has the baseball bat. taking care of that. >> it sounds like they are upset about jobs. upset about wages.
1:25 pm
how he fixes it, they don't know. neil: ironically, the conservatives that are not part of the establishment end up sounding like the establishment. >> i have the fortune of interviewing people. i had a great interview. neil: and one of those that is supporting. >> the twitter feed is the most the of god and in a three-hour period. neil: what were they saying? charles: calling it most of the establishment. you may have an opposition to donald trump. it is not necessarily knee-jerk to the establishment.
1:26 pm
they have a couple of people, including a great e-mail saying he is not voting for anyone. he says that there is interest. dropping the ball at the very least trump is bringing it up. are you circling it because you want to preserve the principles or to preserve your way of life. he will make apple and products here in the united states. >> some of the social issues. >> it does not matter. people who have voted republican, they are tired of losing. we want a winner. >> there was a time where he was thought to be catastrophic to that chance.
1:27 pm
bernie way (make a move against hillary. why can't trump be a legitimate challenger from the right. neil: almost a alternate complement for ted cruz. not tom is sold. at this for about 30 years. a diehard conservative. the true establishment republicans saying, we would rather have trump over cruz. it almost proves ted cruz's point. ultimately, it could be good for the party. neil: thank you both very much. i understand that it is now starting to snow in washington, d.c. you can imagine how crazy things must be at reagan international airport.
1:28 pm
okay. well. they could all be parking their cars. [laughter] dagen: a whole lot. >> never has any wheels on his luggage. [laughter] >> right below this pandemonium. do not let the appearances fool you. craziness. >> you need to be. do not let those appearances deceive you. any minute we will be going back there with different elevator music. stick around. ♪
1:29 pm
thanks. ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪
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♪ neil: well, bill gates is very worried about robots. take a look at this. >> i think we have to worry about it. i don't think it is inherent that it will necessarily always have the same goals in mind that we do. i don't think there is a need to panic, the people will say let's not worry at all. i don't agree with that. neil: wait a minute. isn't bill gates himself a robot? [laughter] neil: i don't know. they interview with the aforementioned richest man on the planet. liz klayman. very long week here. now on to other technology
1:33 pm
developments. they rose the most successful technology company on the planet, trying to secure a deal with the irish. a lot of european authorities saying, you are trying to skirt taxes. we don't like it more than the american government. the definitive expert on all things apple. where is this going? >> well, he is trying to pressure the europeans into maintaining the status quo. you know, my impression of apple's perspective is, they genuinely, sincerely believe they have done nothing wrong. they have been operating within this bizarre tax scheme and have been doing so for years and years. the europeans are waking up and saying, maybe it is not
1:34 pm
such a good idea that ireland is a tax haven. neil: i'm sorry, are they saying more than that? the government itself in ireland extended illegal state aid to apple with these tax deals and it crosses and bribery. >> that may be what they are arguing, but we certainly see in the united states, governments do what a reasonable people could call bribery all the time. build your stadium here, and we will extend tax credits and give you money to help you build. one man's bribery is another man's tax incentive. neil: where does this go? i am looking at what they have been talking about. i understand why the europeans would be upset. i understand why washington
1:35 pm
is worried, but i don't see this trend changing unless there are more competitive tax rates globally. and there is a wide chasm depending on the country. >> apple has leverage with the eu. they do business and employ a lot of people. brussels has leverage over ireland. it is just one country and the block, and it is probably unfair the way ireland is a tax haven when other countries are not. those are the tension points. i agree, this is awfully complicated. by the way, i do not see corporate tax code changing anytime soon. we are not good at acting quickly on that. neil: even a presidential nominee was telling me it would be heavy lifting. >> very heavy lifting. agreed.
1:36 pm
to get a change, but primarily because it is so complex and represents so much revenue. these are not easy things for any responsible politician to give up lightly. neil: thanks, buddy. 75 million americans and its path. panic. this in washington. this, ground zero and mother nature's most vicious attack. ♪ neil: yeah. ♪ there's no one road out there. no one surface... no one speed... no one way of driving on each and every road. but there is one car that can conquer them all.
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♪ >> i'm adam shapiro live from the floor of the new york stock exchange. a good deal for wholesalers. existing home sales up 14.7 percent. the highest level of knew existing home sales since 2006. the homebuilders profiting, lgi. and solved building products. even taylor morrison, and
1:39 pm
beazer homes up 4 percent. coming up at five a special edition of stossel and at 6:00 p.m. a rerun of the presidential candidates debate. ♪
1:40 pm
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♪ neil: all right. we are watching netflix shares, down after the 3rd day in a row. 2 percent today. the top loser in the s&p 500. not surprising that whatever climbs the year before tumbled the year after about but we are keeping an eye on it despite the fact that they have more foreign users and subscribers period and a new line up, $5 billion with the programming. all well justified, they said. a quick take of what is going on in new york. mayor bill deblasio is giving new yorkers an update some criticism last year when cities seemed to be behind the curve. no mayor gets through these
1:42 pm
things unscathed. the very latest on the storm coming in those issues. >> you know, weknow, we always like to take the money angle. the storm is no different. as i mentioned earlier, economic impacts of winter storms, the predictable items, shovels, hat and gloves, sometimes you are spending money in a different place. that said, there are individual companies that will benefit. maybe you want to take note of a few. that makes sense. snow blowers, mixed generators. that type of company would make sense. again, a company that makes generators. something we heard a lot about. people who did not have generators said, boy, i wish
1:43 pm
i did. other storm related stocks, retailers. home depot, sears. people go out and get shells to get ready for the storm. individual companies will benefit, but overall economic impact, i'm not sure if one does not cancel out the other. neil: stay calm. i know there is bedlam behind you. >> don't give me a hard time. neil: where is the parka? at least dress for the part. >> i understand. neil: all right. bearing with the pressures. that is how he rolls. one of the worlds best weatherman, meteorologist extraordinaire who predicted this type of storm and more to come.
1:44 pm
good to see you. >> well, a blizzard up the eastern seaboard. there is some doubt in the boston providence hartford area. from new york city southwest roanoke, richmond, a slamdunk for at least a foot of snow. the epicenter of this will be in the washington area as far as 25 miles within the white house should have the most amount of snow compared to 25 miles from central park. if you can imagine how that will turn out. the storm is similar to february 2003. the presidents' day storm, 1983 we saw monster storm, a couple in 2010, the infamous snowman getting. it began around that time.
1:45 pm
all of those were el niño winters. winter specifically said from august this is the kind of winter. a couple of big, huge nor'easter's and all of your snow into were three storms rather than a dozen. neil: it started out snow. we had the warm christmas and everything else. it is coming. what are we and for? i here it from minnesotans who say we are wimping out on this, but what are we in for? >> in the eastern part of the united states it is an out and out blizzard. behind it, fortunately, monday and tuesday it starts to warm up a bit. a cold front comes through. another stormanother storm writing up the eastern seaboard. in these kind of winter patterns. neil: what did you say about another storm? >> there may be another storm. neil: may be or will be?
1:46 pm
>> come on, i nailed you sunday. me a break. neil: okay. >> if it is coming you will get your e-mail. i want to link things. in 1965 the same thing happened, amazingly warm december. another el niño winter. on the 23rd dc got hit, and that started that. the same kind of pattern exists right now. we expect this to back off in a week to ten days. over the next 24 to 48 hours they call this winter storm jonas. q wild thing from the movie major-league. neil: ii wish you have told us that ahead. we would have done that. i want to go live. those in washington, you
1:47 pm
just heard one of the most successful and accurate meteorologists on the planet. okay. you both have a
1:48 pm
1:49 pm
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switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ neil: their argument. >> absolutely, but you lost that money if you sell. if you don't sell you have not lost it. for long periods of time you do better holding on. the data is overwhelming. stocks for the long run. neil: ben stein was saying that. we want to have him on. that we like the way you can step back and take a different view of things. so he was combing is down. by the end of the week, for
1:51 pm
now he looks right. stay calm. >> i would not even look at it day by day or hour by hour. i look at it year by year. neil: but we do. [laughter] neil: just saying. >> that joke you made earlier about look at the bedlam behind that man. neil: have you seen it? it is too much. this is it now. nothing is going on, nothing. >> that is how the main hall at national looks all the time. that is not unusual. neil: these two issues. twenty minutes ago i was swimming in my pool.
1:52 pm
rub it in. you know, people after this volatile week are starting to say, i don't know. >> well,well, they can say whatever they want. they must, must, must watch fox business and follow it minute by minute. neil: a little after the fact. >> i make mistakes. for the long run, grit your teeth watch and wallow, don't, don't sell. when it goes down by more. it could take a long time, but eventually it will come back. neil: what if you are selfish and wanted for you and the heck with your grandchildren or even your children. i find my children extremely needy. do you think that people have to step back and time horizon it?
1:53 pm
i am sure you are not someone to be fully invested. it is different for a young person. what is the ben stein financial primer? >> sell as little as you can and keep liquid at all times. you should always have a good amount of liquidity. it is extremely important to have liquidity, even when stocks are rocketing upward so that you are not compelled to sell and can make for use of your resources. but that being said, you will be happy over the long run. the long run can take an awfully long time, but we are all young and innocent. neil: dashing in and out of our pools. can i switch gears politically on this national review cover story? twenty-three conservative thinkers blasting donald
1:54 pm
trump. trump is loving it. this invited to an rnc debate. >> expect -- except for the american spectator, the national review is the best in america. an unbelievably important magazine with strong thinkers, and i am not a great fan of donald trump. he said a lot of things that need to be said. government is a complicated animal. i would be extremely nervous to have him be the man with his finger on the nuclear curtain. neil:'s economic positions, basic philosophical views are not all in line with the conservative movement. >> mine are either.
1:55 pm
but i am scared of him personally. i am not scared of any particular part of his program so much as him personally. he is a loose cannon. disgraceful to criticize mccain and make fun of that disabled new york times reporter, disgraceful to make fun of your reporter, megan kelly. that kind of behavior is ablutely disgraceful. neil: with all of that, he remains the most popular candidate. >> because he is telling the truth in an era of political correctness where your not allowed to tell the truth. we have been in this era ever since mr. obama was elected, and people are sick of it. they are disgusted by the fact that they cannot tell the truth. neil: thank you. good luck.
1:56 pm
hunker down for the storm. ben stein. well, we are looking at whether effects, international airports, we are told everyone is okay, but the 1st of more things to come. just a couple nights ago they had a dusting. right back at andrews air force base, 15 minute trip turned into more like an hour and a half. even the most powerful man on the planet can't move. so the images we are getting now, everyone okay, but you can understand why fights aren't budging and passengers are waiting. more after this. on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms.
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neil: we talked about that
2:00 pm
chicago plane that o'hare international airport. everyone is all right. more than 6000 flights have already been canceled. ripping through what could be a big old storm. whether it. just like he did sandy. >> he is going to be here. tens of millions of americans are bracing for a snowstorm. the risk of coastal flooding. heavy ice accumulations. declaring a state of emergency. we have reports that a united airlines plane skidded off the runway at chicago o'hare airport. i am trish regan. welcome to the intelligence report. suspected power north all the way through


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