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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 22, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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. moderator: welcome back to the republican presidential debate right here in north charleston, south carolina. let's get right to the question, maria? >> mr. trump, your net worth is in the multibillions of dollars, and have an ongoing thriving hotel and real estate business, are you planning on putting your assets in a blind trust you should become president. with such vast wealth, how difficult will it to be to disentangle yourself from your business and money and prioritize america's interests first? >> well, it's an interesting
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question because i'm very proud of my company, as you, too know i built a great company. if i become president, i couldn't care less about my company. it's peanuts. i want to use the same, up here, whatever it may be, to make america rich again and make america great again. i have ivanka and eric and don sitting there, run the company, have a good time, i'm going to do it for america. i would be willing to do it. moderator: you would put your assets in a blind trust? >> i would put it in a blind trust. i don't know if it's a blind trust if ivanka and don and eric run it. i would have my children run it with executives and wouldn't ever be involved because i wouldn't care about anything but our country. anything. moderator: thank you, sir? >> thank you. moderator: governor christie, going back to u.s. attorney days, you have been praised by both parties as certainly a tough law and order guy. i wonder what you make of
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recent statistics, sir, that show violent crime spiking sometimes by double digit rate in 30 cities across the country. milwaukee's police chief ed flynn said most local law enforcement officials feel abandoned by washington. former nyc police chief ray kelly says police are being less pro active because they are overly scrutinized and second-guessed and afraid of being sued or thrown in jail. what would you do as president to address that? >> well, first off, let's face it, the fbi director jim comey, a friend of mine who i worked with as u.s. attorney in new jersey here, was u.s. attorney in manhattan. he said it, there's a chill blowing through law enforcement in this country. the president of the united states and both attorneys general give the benefit of the doubt to the criminal, not to the police officer. that's the truth of the matter. and you see it every time with this president. every time he's got a chance, going all the way back to remember the great beer summit he had after he messed up that time.
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this is a guy who just believed that law enforcement are the bad guys. now i, for seven years, was the u.s. attorney in new jersey. i worked hard with not only federal agents but with police officers, and here's the problem, sanctuary cities is part of the problem in this country. that's where crime is happening in the cities where they don't enforce the immigration law, and this president turns his back. this president doesn't enforce the marijuana laws in this country because he doesn't agree with them, and allows states to do whatever they want on a substance that is illegal. here's what i would do, neil, i would appoint attorney general and have one very brief conversation with that attorney general. i say, general, enforce the law against everyone justly, fairley and aggressively, make our streets safe again, make our police officers proud of what they do, more important than, that let them know how proud we are of them. we do that, this country will be safe and secure again, not only from criminals but terrorists who threaten us as
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well. i'm the only person on the stage that's done that, and we will get it done as president of the united states. moderator: thank you, governor, governor kasich, as someone who has to deal with controversial -- [chanting] . moderator: all right! you guys deal with controversy. >> that's why you wore a red tie. moderator: deal with controversial shootings in your own state. what do you make of chicago's move to retrain police, maybe make them not so quick to use their guns? >> i created a task force well over a year ago, and the purpose was to bring law enforcement, community people, clergy and the person they named as one of the cochairman is a lady by the name of nina turner, former state senator, liberal democrat, ran against one of my friends, and head of public safety. and they sat down as a group trying to make sure we can begin to heal some of these
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problems that we see between community and police, and they came back with 23 recommendations. one is a statewide use of deadly force, and it is now being put into place everyplace across the state of ohio. secondly, a policy on recruiting, and hiring, and more resources for training. but let me also tell you one of the issues has got to be the integration of both community and police. community has to understand that that police officer wants to get home at night and not to lose their life. their family is waiting for them. at the same time, law enforcement understands there are people in the community who not only think that the system doesn't work for them, but works against them. see, in ohio, we've had controversial decisions but the leaders have come forward to realize that protest is fine, but violence is wrong, and it has been a remarkable situation in our state, and as president of the united states, it's all about communication, folks. it's all about getting people
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to listen to one another's problems, and when you do that, you will be amazed at how much progress you can make and how much healing we can have because, folks, at the end of the days, the country needs healed. i heard a lot of hot rhetoric here tonight. i got to tell you as somebody who actually passed a budget that paid down a half a trillion dollars of our national debt, you can't do it alone. you got to bring people together, you got to give people hope, and together, we can solve these problems that hurt us and heal america, and that is what is so critical for our neighborhoods, our families, our children and our grandchildren. [applause] >> senator rubio? under current law, the u.s. is on track to issue more new permanent immigrants on green cards over the next five years than the entire population of south carolina. the cbo says your 2013 immigration bill would have increased green card holders by
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another 10 million over 10 years. why are you so interested in opening up borders to foreigners when american workers have a hard enough time finding work? >> first of all, this san issue that's been debated for 30 years, and for 30 years, the issue of immigration has been about someone in this country, maybe here illegally, but looking for a job. this issue is not about that anymore. first and foremost, this issue has to be more than anything else about keeping america safe. and here's why, there's a radical jihadist group manipulating our immigration system, and not just green cards, they're recruiting people that enter as doctors, and engineers, and even fiancees, they understand the vulnerabilities we have on the southern border, they're looking to manipulate the visa waiver countries to get people into the united states. so our number one priority must now become ensuring that iskiss not get killers into the united states. whether it's green cards or any other form of entry into america, when i'm president, if we do not know who you are or why you are coming, you are not
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going to get into the united states of america. moderator: so your thinking has changed? >> the issue is a dramatically different issue than 24 months ago. 24 months ago, 36 months ago, did you not have a group of radical crazies named isis burning people in cages and recruiting people to enter our country legally. they have a sophisticated understanding of our legal immigration system, and we now have an obligation to ensure that they are not able to use that system against us. the entire system of legal immigration must now be reexamined for security first and foremost with an eye on isis. because they're recruiting people enter to this country as engineers, posing as doctors, posing as refugees. we know this for a fact. they contacted trafficking networks in the western hemisphere to get people in through the southern border. they got a killer in san bernardino posing as a fiancee. this issue has to be stopping isis entering the united states, when i'm president, we will. >> maria? [applause] >> radical islamic terrorism
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was not invented 24 months ago. 24 months ago, we had al qaeda, boko haram, hezbollah, iran putting operatives in central america, it's the reason why i stood with jeff sessions and steve king and led the fight to stop the gang of eight amnesty bill. it was clear then like it's clear now that border security is national security. [applause] >> thank you, senator. >> it is also the case that that rubio-schumer amnesty bill, it expanded barack obama's power to let in syrian refugees, enabled the president to certify them en masse without mandating meaningful background checks. i think that's a mistake. that's why i'm leading the fight to stop it, and i would note, the senate a few weeks ago voted to suspend refugees from middle eastern countries. i voted yes to suspend that. marco voted on the other side. you can't say we need to secure
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the borders and give barack obama more authority to allow middle eastern refugees coming in when the head of the fbi tells us they cannot vet them to determine if they are isis terrorists. >> maria, let me clear something up here. this san interesting point when you talk about immigration. ted cruz, you used to say you supported doubling the number of green cards, now you say you're against it. you used to support 500% increase in the number of guest workers, now against it. you used to support legalizing people here illegally. now against it. you used to say you were in favor of birthrights citizen ship. now you are against it. not just on immigration, you used to support tpa, now you are against it. i saw you on the senate floor flip your vote on crop insurance because they told you it would help you in iowa. and last week we saw you flip the vote on iowa for the same reason. that is not consistent conservatism. that is political calculation. when i am president, i will work to keep this country safe,
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not call everyone snowden, as you did, a great public servant as you did. edward snowden is a traitor. if i get my hands on him, he is standing trial for treason. every single time there has been a defense bill in the senate, three people team up to vote against it. bernie sanders, rand paul and ted cruz. in fact, the only budget you have ever voted for, ted, in entire time in the senate is a budget from rand paul that brags about or cuts defense. here's the bottom line, if i'm president of the united states and congress tries to cut the military, i will veto that in a millisecond. moderator: gentlemen, gentlemen -- >> i'm going to get a response to that neil. there's no way he's going to launch that. he had no fewer than 11 attacks there. i appreciate your dumping your research folder on the debate stage. >> it's your record. >> i will say at least half of the things marco said are flat-out false. [booing] . >> absolutely false.
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start with immigration. let's start with immigration and have a little clarity. marco stood with chuck schumer and barack obama on amnesty. i stood with jeff sessions and steve king. marco stood today, stand on this stage marco supports legalization and citizenship for 12 million illegals. i opposed and oppose legalization and citizenship. and by the way, the attack he keeps throwing out on the military budget, marco knows full well, i voted for his amendment to increase military spending to $697 billion. what he said and said it in the last debate, it's simply not true. and as president, i will rebuild the military and keep this country safe. moderator: we have to stop you, i know you are passionate about that. governor bush, fears have gripped this country obviously, and you touched on it earlier since the san bernardino attacks. since our last debate, it has
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changed according to facebook data as well. this issue grips people right before the attacks and now after, the interest of islam, homeland security and isis loom very large. the fbi says islamic radicals are using social media to communicate and it needs better access to communication. now the ceo of apple, governor, tim cook said unless served with a warrant private communication is private, period, do you agree, or would you convince him otherwise? >> i would try to convince him otherwise. the last back and forth explains why we have the mess in washington, d.c. we need a president that will fix our immigration laws and stick with it. not bend with the wind. the simple fact is one of the ways maria to solve the problem you described is narrow the number of people coming by family petitioning to what every other country has so we have the best and the brightest in our country. we need to control the border, not just go back and forth. moderator: would you answer
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this question. >> i'll talk about that, too. you haven't asked me a question in a while, neil, i thought i'd get that off my chest. [laughter] [applause] >> fair enough. tim cook, is he going to keep it private? >> there is no confidence in washington, d.c. there needs to be more than one meeting, complete dialogue with the large technology companies. they understand there is a national security risk. we ought to give them a little liability release, so they share data with themselves and the federal government, they're not fearful of the lawsuit. we need to keep the country safe. this is the first priority. cybersecurity challenges we face, this administration failed us completely, completely. not just the hacking of opm, but that is just shameful. 23 million files in the hands of the chinese? it's not just the government, the private sector companies, it's our own government that needs to raise the level of our game. put the nsa in charge of the
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civilian side of this as well, that expertise needs to spread across the government and there needs to be much more cooperation. moderator: tim cook is telling you no mr. president. >> you got to keep asking. this is a hugely important issue. if you can encrypt messages, isis can, over the platforms, and we have no ability? moderator: do you ask or demand? >> the law has to change. if we are too punitive, you will go to other technology companies outside the united states. and what we want to do is to control. this we also want to dominate this from a commercial side. there is a lot of balanced interest. the president leads in this regard. that's what we need. we need leadership, someone who has a back bone and sticks with things rather than talks about them as though anything matters when you are talking about amendments that don't -- are part of a bill that ever passed. moderator: governor, thank you. when we come back, closing statements. stay with us.
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. moderator: welcome back. candidates, it is time for your closing statements. you get 60 seconds each. governor john kasich, we begin with you. >> in our country, there are a lot of people who feel as though they just don't have the power. you know they feel like if they don't have a lobbyist, if they're not wealthy, that somehow they don't get to play. but all of my career, you know, having been raised in a -- by a mailman father whose father was a coalminer who died of black lung and losing eye sight or a mother whose mother barely spoke english. all of my career i thought about giving voice to the people who elected me. whether it's welfare reform and getting something back for the
11:20 pm
hard earned taxpayers. whether it's engaging in pentagon reform and taking on the big contractors that were charging thousands of dollars for hammers and screwdrivers and ripping us off. or whether it's taking on the special interests in the nursing home industry in ohio so that mom and dad have the ability to stay in their own home rather than being forced in a nursing home. that's who i stand up for, that's who's in my mind's eye. if you want to believe you can get your voice back, i will continue to fight for you, because you'res ones that built this country and will carry it into the future. thank you. moderator: governor bush? >> who can you count on to keep us safer, stronger and freer? results count, and as governor i pushed floored up a to the top in terms of jobs, income and small business growth. details plans count and i believe the plan i laid out to destroy isis before the tragedies of san bernardino and
11:21 pm
paris are the right ones. credibility counts. there will be people here that will talk about what they're going to do, i've done it. i ask for your support to build together a safer and stronger america. [applause] . moderator: governor chris christie? >> maria, neil, thank you for a great debate tonight. when i think of the folks out there tonight watching, and think about what they had to watch this week, the spectacle at the florida house of representatives with the president of the united states who talked a fantasy land about the way they're feeling. they know that this country is not respected around the world anymore. they know that this country is pushing the middle class, the hard working taxpayers backwards, and saw a president who doesn't understand their pain, and doesn't have any plan for getting away from it. i love this country. the most exceptional country the world has ever known. we need someone to fight for the people. we need a fighter for this country again.
11:22 pm
i lived my whole life fighting for things i believe in, fighting for justice and protect people from crime and terrorism, fighting to stand up for folks who have not had enough and need an opportunity to get more and to stand up and fight against the special interests. but here's the best way we're going to make america much more exceptional, it is to make sure we put someone on the stage in september who will fight hillary clinton and make sure she never, ever gets in the white house again, i am the man to bring us together to do that, and i ask for your vote. moderator: dr. ben carson? >> you know, in recent travels around this country, i've encountered so many americans who are discouraged and angry as they watch our freedom, our security, and the american dream slipping away. under an unresponsive government that is populated by bureaucrats and special interest groups. we're not going to solve this problem with traditional politics.
11:23 pm
the only way we're going to solve this problem is with we, the people. and i ask you to join me in truth and honesty and integrity. ben, we will heal, inspire and revive america for our children. [applause] >> senator marco rubio? >> you know, 200 years ago america was founded on the powerful principle that our rights don't come from government. our rights come from god. that's why we embrace free enterprise and made us the most prosperous people in the history of the world. that's why we embraced individual liberty and became the freest people ever, and the result was the american miracle. now as i travel the country people say what i feel. this country is changing, it feels different. we feel we're left behind and left out and the reason is simple, because in 2008 we elected as president someone who wasn't interested in fixing america. we elected someone who wants to change america, who wants to
11:24 pm
make it more like the rest of the world so he undermines the constitution, and undermines free enterprise by expanding government, and betrays our allies and guts our military. that's why 2016 is a turning point in our history. if we elect hillary clinton, the next four years will be worse than the last eight and children will be the first americans ever to inherit a diminished country. if you elect me, we will turn this country around, we will reclaim the american dream and this nation will be stronger and greater than it has ever been. [cheering and applause] . moderator: senator ted cruz? >> 13 hours, tomorrow morning a new movie will debut about the incredible bravery of the men fighting for their lives in benghazi and the politicians that abandoned them. i want to speak to all our fighting men and women. i want to speak to all the moms and dads whose sons and
11:25 pm
daughters are fight for this country and the incredible sense of betrayal when you have a commander in chief who will not speak the name of our enemy, radical islamic terrorism, when you have a commander in chief who sends 150 billion dollars to the ayatollah khamenei. i want to speak to all of those madened by political correctness where hillary clinton apologizes for saying all lives matter. this will end. it will end on january 2017. if i am elected president to every soldier and sailor and airmen and marine and effort firefighter and law enforcement officer who risk their lives to keep us safe, i will have your back. [cheering and applause] . moderator: mr. donald trump? >> i stood yesterday with 75 construction workers.
11:26 pm
they're tough, they're strong, they're great people. half of them had tears pouring down their face. they were watching the humiliation of our young ten sailors, sitting on the floor with their knees in a begging position, their hands up, an iranian wise guys having guns to their heads. it was a terrible sight. a terrible sight. and the only reason we got them back is because we owed them with a stupid deal, $150 billion. if i'm president, there won't be stupid deals anymore. we will make america great again. we will win on everything we do. thank you. [cheering and applause] . moderator: candidates, thank you. gentlemen, thank you all. all of you. that wraps up our debate. we went a little bit over here. we wanted to make sure everyone was able to say their due. he's upset. thank you for joining us.
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much more to come in the spin room ahead. >> our special coverage of the sixth republican presidential debate continues live from north charleston on the fox business network.
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>> the candidates debate performance concludes, they prepare for next part in the spin room, maria bartiromo and neil cavuto will join them there as well. an exciting two hours of debate. we saw the flashes we expected . sharp elbow, it was a fascinating exchange amongst these candidates. we'll take this up with brett baier, joining us from washington. charlie gasparino, sandra smith, trish reagan from debate in north charleston coliseum in charleston, south carolina. brett your thoughts?
11:29 pm
was this as contentious as you expected? >> i think so, there were a lot of different exchanges. a lot of candidates had good moments. politically speaking donald trump did not fumble the ball. it was most vigorous he had been, he had the upside of new york values back and forth with ted cruz. may have not won on birther issue. but overall, trump probably had a really strong debate tonight, as far as his supporters are concerned. marco rubio sometimes he comes off as practiced, tonight he was on point with some of the back and forths, the last one especially, where ted cruz said you are dumping the research on me be he said, no it was the your record. jeb bush with his best night,
11:30 pm
don't know if it's too late. i guess chris christie the other one, the others, i'm not sure if they made a the mark tonight. lou: trish in your thoughts on this two hours, after your earlier debate. with sandra smith moderating. this quite a little more -- >> we saw a lot of back and forth. >> donald trump and ted cruz had fireworks. which was interntaining to watch, i think that ted cruz shows he is an excellent debater, donald trump brought forward the humor we're accustomed to knowing him for. his humorous side came out in full force tonight. marco rubio also did a good
11:31 pm
job. there were good performances. it and was a intend a -- entertaining debate. lou: the content, i don't think that anything slipped through. by the same government this president of ours will turnover $150 billion, your thoughts on substance, what struck you most interesting. >> it was a huge night for donald trump and ted cruz for those predictioning the gloves were coming off we saw that as far asthma, mark, charlie gasparino is sitting to my right, he might disagree, but i think he felt like he was missing on the action, and forced his way in.
11:32 pm
john kasich was far left on the stage. he really got himself up there in the fight. >> i wrote down best one liners. and three naming came up, cruz, trump, and marco rubio, the best comebacks and commanded the stage, this is not oxford debating point, ronald reagan beat mondale after coming up with that catchy thing about youth and experience. a brilliant man put it in you may know. >> i like your instinct. >> my contract is coming up. as you know, this is not one on won on one liners and come back, those three had the best debate, i don't think this
11:33 pm
changes the race, jeb did not go well enough, kasich, did not do well enough, christie did not do well enough, carson did not do well enough, these 3 guys did well they controlled stage. lou: there was great talk about unity amongsts candidates. >> at times. lou: also reince priebus, i think fair to say suggested to governor haley she make things right with trump. in this came off as to me a performance of strongly contested issues by the candidates, but brett, it seemed to me that there was certain if not -- a certain avbility with it all. >> ben carson had the most fun up there laughing the most at some back and forth questions.
11:34 pm
i think when you look at ted cruz, he had -- there was the most exchanges involved cruz. he as trish mentioned very good at th the exchanges, a couple of them he did not follow-up on end, for example the rubio exchange and donald trump on new york values. i think that big loser of the night might have been the "new york times," it was hit many times from candidates. >> didn't you laugh every time they were to attack one another, they would say i really like marco, then they go out and vic -- vice rate them. >> it was funny. >> donald trump said, you know i like you tonight. >> a comrade i think, you know. >> you could neff tell whethe never tell if it was based on less to lose, and a vision of some doubt about what you
11:35 pm
could gain on part of the candidates, a terrific debate. a terrific moderator i get to return to now, neil cavuto is in position. over at the spin room. now, now you work really begins neil. neil: interesting, these guys came loaded and prepared, they wanted to be clear, there was something out there like the unspoken elephants in the room, they were all addressing them. including ted cruz issue. they really came out with their a-game, i am a little too close to this. but there were great lines and irk chargi exchanges and a lot of good humor, interesting
11:36 pm
this stage in the game they maintain their composure, and go at he or sh each other thigh were getting their points across. lou: your question to trump on tariffs and chinese trade, elicited i thought terrific information that many in the audience were surprised about. and by the way, donald trump knows where of he speaks in talking about the barriers to fair trade in the relationship with china. he had some interesting ideas, and suggests. and then the response to your question, of as you brought in jeb bush. saying we have to have a carefully consider approach here, which is a description of the approach that united states has taken for 20 years, this was a fascinating exchange, what do you make of
11:37 pm
it? neil: it is interesting talk about that, we have a couple trump fans behind me, i heard, cavuto you are a jerk, i thought is that ben carson? it is interesting. i just really, maybe i was slow at the take. but, when you talk about increasing a tariff, it is not the country that pays it but the americans who pay. i want to get it straight as to whether he advocated that 45 percent tariff. i don't know where that went. because, some of their fans behind me were feeling differently about that particular question. lou: a terrific job, neil, it was great fun to watch. you and maria outstanding. neil: we had a lot of fun lou, thank you very much. we're here in the spin room,
11:38 pm
ben carson is with me. i took a golf cart to get here, he walked and we get in roughly the same time, you must have a stride. how do you feel? >> i feel great, there was a lot of good issues you covered well. did a reasonable job of keeping that rowdy group under control. neil: you had one of the great lines, not your turn to speak, you said everyone. when you are in a venue like that, and you mentioned, you said, i really want to try to be a little bit more aggressive. i am paraphrasing, but, what were you eager to do. much as been written and said about staff shake ups. >> i butted in a couple of times, i wanted to butt in more but, you know, in terms
11:39 pm
of staff changes. it has been positive. one thing that you do when you make something good, is you change it. as it goes. you reach a certain point you move to something else. it is effective. neil: i noticed on foreign policy, you admitted in your early days is your weakness. have you been doing some homework. >> i am very comfortable with it. neil: you made a point of addressing that. >> because i think that is one reason that my poll numbers dropped, people thought that i probably was not well versed in foreign policy, and then you know, what to do with domestic terror. believe me, i can wax eloquently on that with any of
11:40 pm
those guys, seldom do you get an opportunity to do that. neil: you had a very good night, great seeing you then dr. ben carson there thank you. >> thank you. neil: donald trump coming up and more in the spin room, they put their own spin on who did well, who did not. i don't think a candidate would volunteer they not do well, i thought they all did pretty well, more on how to take this to iowa and new hampshire, you are watching fox
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neil: who just dropped in now, donald trump, how do you feel. >> i feel great, you were very good, maria was fantastic, the two of you a great team. neil: the citizenship issue came up ted cruz, how do you think he did you did? >> i think i did well, he did fine, there are a lot of lawyers that think he can't be running, he has to straighten it out. hopeful he can do something. he has to do something, you understand, if there is a 2% chance, you can't do it. neil: you say, if i don't raise it democrats will. >> they are all right saying they will bring a lawsuit. neil: he is out as your
11:45 pm
running mate because of that. >> he has to do something about it, he is a good guy, a nice guy. he has to do something about it, his professor from harvard is one of the people saying, not settled. others are doing worse, they say you can't do it you were not born on the land. neil: you had been almost like, a bromance going on but not tonight. >> i thought he was nice, then he hit me with this, he made a mistake. neil: his response? >> with his -- neil: you can't blame him. >> he could have done it in a different way, then he knocked hell out of people of new york, you can't do that. neil: that was descroj. strong. >> i love the people of new york. neil: what do you think he meant. >> i don't think what he meant, i love my people, the people of new york are special people, what they did with world trade center and the way we lived through that, i have never seen anything like it
11:46 pm
you can't knock those people, and whole world respects new york now because of that. neil: do you think he meant, in this, southern state in a reference to iowa, donald trump is from new york. east coast city? >> he insulted maria too, he said wow that was insulting, you can't insult the people of new york after what they have been with the world trade center coming down. neil: i am he said liberal town, donald trump is a a big guy. >> then i said great william f buckley. >> right. >> were you now, whatever whether it was this issue you were raising, with citizenship of ted cruz, something has -- >> i never dwashington posts interviewed me, they asked me one of many questions, was this question, what would happen, i said he was born in canada.
11:47 pm
he was a canadian citizen until 15 months ago, i said, i think he might a problem but he has to check it out, they went to various people, you had harvard law professors, and constitutional experts. neil: john mccain raised questions rand paul. >> great governor of iowa certificate of saying, you have to figure it out. but you can't have -- as a party. neil: you point is, he said he removed that doubt tonight. >> there are people who say he not allowed to run, only one that will remove that doubt is court. neil: what do you think he said maybe you're not a citizen? >> i have been here a long time, i was born in queens. that is fine. neil: okay. bottom line, you feel good, where are you going tonight. >> to iowa, i am leaving right now, a show in the morning, and you know it is invigorating.
11:48 pm
neil: how much sleep do you get? >> about 4 hours not a lot. neil: i think that is a stretch. not much. neil: you don't need it. >> i don't need it genetically, my father perhaps issu. i enjoyed show. neil: we did thank you donald trump, good seeing you, we were elegant last time not this time. >> you were very elegant. neil: i like that. >> you did a great job. neil: donald trump frontrunner in this race, as he has -- better than 6 months now, all right, you are watching more coverage from fox business network, on first presidential debate, of 2016. more after this. ♪
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no we are in -- spin room and talked from visiting us stating his case. this is where they try to get their point across. i think i won and i think i did very well. even those who might not agree with governor jeb bush said he had a pretty good night. you are very focused and very surgical and your ipac and you would not let up particularly i notice when they came to mr. trump. and later on when you extended it to marco rubio and ted cruz and the back-and-forth over what they voted on or didn't vote on in the senate.
11:53 pm
was that your strategy? >> look, you have to interject. you have got to speak your mind. you have to say what you believe and we are electing a president. we are electing a leader and some of the conversations, the senatorial conversations were mindnumbing. i'm still confused about ted cruz tax plan. >> you shake your head but no more so than we got into the muslim debate. that really seem to hit a nerve. >> well look where a noble country. we are a big country. we are the inspiration of the world. if we start sending signals out that no muslim can come into our country how are we going to forge the consensus necessary to win? king abdulah came to the united states this week. president obama didn't see him. he's our strongest ally in the arab world than he has what, 1.5 to 2 million refugees in that country. we should be showing support to
11:54 pm
our arab allies in france. we shouldn't be sending signals that they are second-class and they are not important. they are absolutely important. imagine 4 million refugees languishing in these camps were we are not engaged with the strategy to destroy isis and have a regime change in syria. this will be a multigenerational challenge and the idea if you are going to ban all muslims sent a powerful powerful message that we are not serious anymore. >> you came out very strong and the comment you made bots do you feel that you are running out of time? whether you are up or down but time is running out and you would have to get out of new hampshire, at least third. >> i know your job is to the punditry in the process. i'm not capable of that. i have got to do one thing. neil: is there a number for you?
11:55 pm
>> now there is a man run a national campaign. this could go a long way but i intend to do really well, better than expected in the early states. that's not hard to do because the bases had been written off. neil: you said it's very liberated. how so? >> we are doing better than everyone thinks and i would love the fact that a eventually there will be comeback story. neil: you do have an extensive operation everywhere. don't have this roll the dice and i don't minimize it but you do have a ground game that goes beyond new hampshire ground game so let's say whatever the number is, where are you really strong let's say when you go to south carolina or the ncc stays? how would you define a? >> we are strong in florida and if you take the members of the house and elected officials in all these people they have two native sons.
11:56 pm
neil: what if you cancel each other out? >> that could happen but eventually the campaigns move on and a out and we will be in it for the long-haul. neil: you think we could get to cleveland without someone having all the delegates necessary? >> all i notice people are hurting. 63% of the americans can't pay for a fiver dollar on a repair. think of the majority of americans living paycheck to paycheck. all the processed stuff i know is really important and it's interesting and entertaining. my focus is on how do we change directions so that people get more income in their wallets and some of the ideas that trump is bringing out. ♪ lots of vitamins a&c,
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an step corp presentation of the gop debate starts now. >> i paid for this microphone. >> announcer: tonight the republican candidates for president are ready to capture their moment.


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