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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  January 25, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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is the one that can beat hillary, this is the one that can beat sanders because i think it's so important. to me, the most important thing is, we need a republican in the white house to change the economic policies and our foreign policies, totally different direction. maria: rudy guiliani, great to have you on the program. anthony and anastasia, good to see you. "varney & company" is next, we're expecting stuart's return, but you're not stuart! >> no, i'm not. maria: he got caught in the snowstorm. >> believe it or not, believe it or not, we've got a lot to discuss. a lot to discuss. maria: take it away, charles payne. >> i know there's a slight resemblance, but he has been delayed and we're tracking him still with our norad technology. the blizzard has delayed his travel plans and a lot of people's travel plans, stuart is in los angeles and he'll be here tomorrow. >> you think. >> we think, we hope. the markets are down another
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big drop and we're going to see a big glut because of the storm. what does it mean for the oil market and gasoline. at mcdonald's, the highest in year for sales, and you can thank all day breakfast. a story you first heard on fox business, mike bloomberg, former mayor of new york considering a run. >> and "varney & company" we always go out on top, but we're about to begin. ♪ okay. here is what you're looking at, guys, the market drifted lower and lower and now we're looking at a down opening for the market, after the first winning week of the year last week. oil, of course, setting the stage and oil stocks down, it's going to be another one of those rollercoaster rides and already a tough day for
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caterpillar and goldman sachs, downgrading the stocks. you can see it's breaking down big time. hasn't been a winner in a long time and goldman sachs, now they don't like it. the gas prices, rather, they continue to drop and believe it or not, look where gas, $1.82, that's the national average for regular. i want to bring in john hofmeister to discuss oil. it's a new week, we're headed lower and i guess the big question is, last week we had the inventory number for a split second, oil was down, but reversed. can we suggest maybe that's a bottoming area? >> i think it's anybody's guess, really, if it's a bottom or not. i think the two big numbers to watch are not the daily oil trading number because that just gives you a headache if you watch it every day, except for the traders who are doing the trading of molecules. but look at capital spend number and the overall demand number, those are the two numbers that really matter, i think, for people in the
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producing world, for people in the consuming world, because too much production with too little demand, yes, we'll see lower oil prices and reverse it and we'll see the opposite. and i think we're really putting ourselves at risk, charles, of a major, major snapback in price because something in the 20's is going to shut in all of the small wells, that the little production wells that will take a million barrels of oil off the market in the u.s. and a lot of them will never come back because those are the strippers wells. >> right. >> so we're going to a danger point where a snap back and harm to the u.s. economy is almost growing by the day. >> so you're suggesting oil a little higher than 20 will harm the global economy even though it's come down from 100? >> yeah, because the price of oil snapping back, given the
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value destruction, the destruction in the supply chain of capability, the loss of a quarter of a million people, that many of them will never come back, we're setting up the conditions for a rapid rise later in the year and lord knows what happens when the high oil price starts to stifle other economic activity. >> the irony of it, of course, we've had lower oil over the last year, it's come down, i mean, it's fallen like a rock and still we see a global economy that's struggling with recession and deflation, we see a u.s. economy where a month ago we thought the fourth quarter would be 2% and now it's maybe 8/10 of a percent. i understand your logic, but it hasn't worked that way so far. >> no, it hasn't. because there's been a slight, you know, too much production and the excess production is a play day for the traders because they can leverage that up or down: however, the daily market
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psychology is operating. but my point is that we're going to find ourselves short of oil as demand rises, because of the
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they're looking for something different. if they want to know the prospects. he should look at how hillary clinton and jeb bush are doing. >> michelle, you you say voters are looking for something different. look at the g.o.p. we've got donald trump, whatever you think of him. this guy understands what voters are looking for. they're looking for a super
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alpha male and looking for business unusual in the beltway and the same is true, certainly, of ted cruz. both of these men have been brazen in their critiques of the way that business is done and, you know, both, i think, have brought to the table a sense that national sovereignty and certainly, with donald trump leading on immigration issues, strong border enforcement, yes, he's inartful at times in the way that he has talked about what needs to be done. however, people are this is why the establishment, the noises they've wanted are doing so awfully. i don't think that marco rubio should be happy about the iowa endorsement. i work for two major newspapers, one of them left leaning and the fact that a left leaning editorial board
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thinks that rubio shows promise with the g.o.p., meaning making it-- is not good for concerned voters in iowa. >> i'm not sure what the strategy is. michelle malkin, thank you for getting up and spending time with us this morning. you're fantastic. >> great to see you charles, thank you. much of the east coast has been paralyzed with this weekend's blizzard. lauren simonetti has the story. >> i've got a couple for you. there was a storm this weekend. turns out washington cannot measure snow correctly. snowfall totals at reagan national airport were measured incorrectly. the trackers did not use a snow board which they're supposed to use and whiep clean -- wipe clean. and the snow was left to accumulate late and compact. what does this snow look like
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from outer space? >> like this taken by scott kelly and posted to twitter. as the sun rose. that's from outer space. a giant panda at the national zoo in washington, had fun rolling around and stretching and making snow angels, look at him go. picking his feet up over there. all right. well others turned to empty new york city streets and the ski slope. >> that's stuart varney! >> and his friend was skiing next to him. yes, they were stopped by the cops, but that video went viral. stuart: thank you very very much. some people say that panda was having a psychotic breakdown. ashley: like a guy in a bear suit. the pear paris terrorists before they carried out.
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>> oil down and, yes, stocks are down yet once again. you're looking at the futures, dow back under 16,000. one bright spot, mcdonald's is set for a record high. strong store sales particularly at the united states and the breakfast working big time for them right now. isis releasing a video with a paris attack. . charles: nine of the extremists, charles, that were involved in the november 13th attacks in paris. very disturbing video, but shows the extent of the planning that went into the paris attacks, of course, that claimed the lives of 130 people at versus locations around paris. and it shows, also, all of it was coordinated from syria as paris authorities had suspected from the very beginning. it's a 17-minute video believed
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to be shot in syria. disturbing, it shows these nine extremists shooting and beheading captives and talking about their upcoming attack on paris and threaten the u.k. and show landmarks in london, tower bridge and st. paul's cathedral and even david cameron in the cross-hairs. stuart: the fact that they're so emboldened. colonel ralph peters. your take on the video? >> i think that ashley nailed it. the thing to me as a former military man how thoroughly integrated their campaign plans are, they're thinking about a massive attack in paris and already thinking about using it as a recruiting tool and media operations, how to exploit it after the fact. and that's something, frankly,
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we don't do. we need to, we talk about it, but we don't do it well. what really struck me, our reaction is always the same, oh, the beheading, it's repugnant, reput, horrible, how could anybody withdrawn by that. we're so politically correct, still, in our approach to terror, that we miss elementary things, to the young message the islam state wants to recruit, the chance to torture, murder, behead, rape, it's great, it's better than any video game out there and the thing that-- our intelligence, the stripes -- they really don't get and islamic state does get. in times of crisis when things are going wrong and people are angry and frustrated, they don't want rational explanations.
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they want revenge. they want somebody to blame and the islamic state knows how to give people an excuse for their own failure. >> ralph, that's what i wanted to talk to you about, vladimir putin, implicated in the murder of a former russian spy. and you have a piece out "if vladimir putin would only become more murderous and dangerous" what makes you say that? >> one, he's never been not allowed to go unchecked. he's gotten no reverse here, and until he hits a wall he's not going to stop. building upon that, the russian economy is now facing serious troubles, primarily due to the collapse in commodity prices, oil and gas, but also the effect of relatively weak sanctions are more or less compounding that. the sanctions are working and by the way, john kerry just
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last week raised the possibility of lifting those sanctions in the coming months. same thing with iran and the reason i say putin may well become more dangerous now, because suddenly his imperial ambition, then ear they iterly imperial ambitions is to rejuvenate his military and modernize it. so far the budget for the next fiscal year which is evolving as oil prices drop. it's still fencing in his military operations and military improvements, but that can't go on and my concern is that he's so used to winning now and so angry, as he feels the pressure, he may become more violent, more aggressive, rather than less so. charles: well, one thing, the ruble is nothing and yet, his popularity is high. and hopefully you'll get shoveled out. >> i'm going to start shoveling
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as soon as we hang up. charles: a big weekend for the super bowl. the lineup is set, the denver broncos against the carolina panthers. more varney next. we're the hottest young company around but if we want to keep the soda pop flowing we need fresh ideas! >>got it. we slow, we die. >>what about cashing out? no! i'm trying to build something here. >>how about using fedex ground for shipping? >>i don't need some kid telling me how to run a business! i've been doing this for 4 long months. >>fedex ground can help us save money and deliver fast to our customers. not bad, kid. you remind me of a younger me. >>aiden! the dog is eating your retainer again. let's take a short 5-minute recess. fedex ground is faster to more locations than ups ground.
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>> okay.
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take a look at the price of oil right now. down a buck 20. 30 going to be a new support point? and okay, now, we've got to shift to another area, another stock, having difficulty. twitter over the weekend. four top executives leaving and you can see the shares are going to open lower, complete disarray there, the ceo will probably speak more later today. all right, guys, super bowl 50 is all set. the denver broncos taking on the carolina panthers at levy stadium in san francisco. they were the top seeds in their conferences and jared mack is here. what have you got? >> i think i like carolina. ask me in another 10, 11 games. time to soak in. and thomas davis says there's no way to miss the super bowl. i think carolina brings more.
9:25 am
i saw memes, the offense is amazing. and you did like seattle, i mean, you had seattle and new england a couple of weeks ago. >> yes, but i also had-- ash, ash, come on. ashley: jared did call for peyton manning over brady. charles: okay. so i'm busting your chops. [laughte [laughter] >> this super bowl, i think a lot of people were thinking the matchup we saw between manning and brady, a ratings juggernaut. but this could be-- >> it's east coast and rocky mountains. if arizona would have win here on the east coast i'll watch on sunday and not buy into the hype so much. peyton manning is a story in himself, but the denver broncos defense, what they did to tom brady yesterday. he had been hit no more than 12 times in the season. yesterday they hit him 24
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times, and sacked four times. denver has to play near perfect football to beat carolina. charles: thank you, going to be a great, great game. the oil is down and the opening bell is next.
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>> curious your backdrop. the first off week of the year. make it a stand this week. a lot of earnings are out. this is the week that it will turn around. the dow is down about 13 points. nevertheless, we know that 50 is nothing up or down. buckle up, everyone. let's bring in ashley webster. >> typical. the mid- 20s.
9:31 am
go back and retest that wednesday low? >> bleeding out a lot of the excess leverage. that is a part of the equation that i am still wrestling with. if that is gone, then we make a stand. >> volatility is amazing. do you think that what you and equities have to make a stand? >> they will have to make a stand. the question is, how? nothing fundamentally has changed. we will need to see an economic revolution. it moves us back towards, maybe
9:32 am
we have to dial things back here. i think that the fed could help fight i'll link back their rhetoric. ashley: janet yellen should understand the power of being able to job on this market around. let's talk about one stock that is really standing up. strong numbers. all day breakfast is a big hit. >> boy, he is eating his own breakfast today. eating his own words, at least. global sales of 5%. sales up 5.7%. they have also announced they are opening up restaurants this year, by the way. 120-23. first dow stock to hit an all-time high.
9:33 am
they will add mac and cheese and sweet potatoes to the menu this year. charles: mild weather actually helped us. it has not even had that one year anniversary yet. that really does affect the long-term growth prospects. charles: a year ago it was all about chipotle to the upside. you bought stock at mcdonald's. you are getting crushed. could that scenario play out other places? >> that is a really interesting question, charles.
9:34 am
all of which mcdonald's has surprisingly brought to bear at a critical time in the country's history. i am one of those guys that does hunt for value. >> i think that it all begins inspiring field management. people may be stuck in some of these bloggers. >> i think you kind of summed it up a little bit before. they splashed here is when people thought that they had money. [laughter] e. coli may have played a role in that. let's talk about caterpillar. downgraded by goldman sachs. >> that is like betting on a
9:35 am
horse race after you know the results. no good deed goes unpunished here. charles: china's economy not coming back anytime soon. let's talk about a great merger. let's go down to the floor of the new york stock exchange. >> this is a winner to the upside. going to merge together. down 6.7%. that is what we are working at overall. burger monday, we will eat that one. you have to take a look at twitter. tweeting out for jack dorsey. what is going on here?
9:36 am
>> he is cleaning house and he is trying to save the company. what do you see here is the head of products and engineering. both of those guys coming out of twitter. getting new users to come to twitter and use it as a normal social media products. there are issues about how long the tweets may be. if you look ahead, jack dorsey facing a big challenge. >> just taking away the heads of those divisions. >> i do not know what instills investors that to try to turn it around? >> just downgraded it to a whole.
9:37 am
we do not see how it can be viewed as a positive at this point. >> we are watching the big names for you every single day. let's start with netflix. have a good rebound last week. that stock trading now. of $5. a double-digit move very. facebook climbing back near the $100 mark. apple reported earnings. >> looking for growth. looking for iphone growth, specifically. generating revenue. maybe they will finally break out those apple watch numbers. the championship game, it cannot be good news either. >> you follow apple very
9:38 am
closely. here is the thing. is this finally a moment for tim cook to pull a steve jobs? start talking about this new phone that doubts over the world. >> i think that he clearly has the potential. it is all about that because we are now. this is not about the device driven company. tim cook is moving it beyond devices. apple everywhere. i think that he will get there. to me, apple is significantly undervalued. >> he has seen the stock move about 11%. holiday season, the stock outlook. charles: let's talk about this historic snow for the northeast. take a look at what we call these blizzard stocks.
9:39 am
keith, do you like any of these stocks? will you be chasing any of them? >> this is a speed bump. it is unfortunate. longer-term earnings are very hard to pull out. >> they did catch a m of grade this morning. they do trade around these events. >> the rumor was we would get it. i did not want to get involved. we are talking recession. >> it may be just a little premature. we have start to see some economic numbers come through. kind of getting us going again here.
9:40 am
the fed will have to go back to data. we still do not have any inflation. our manufacturing sectors are still getting her. i want to see some grassroots some where. >> seven-year loans. evidence they may have peaked in september. >> the measurement, millions of americans never left the recession. i think the people have less money in their pockets. a lot of uncertainty. whether there is supervision in washington. millions of americans never left. >> i agree with you. maybe 10-12 years ago.
9:41 am
thank you guys very much. i want to check the big board now. down 88 points. it is going to be another volatile day. donald trump says african-americans will like him even better than president obama. we will get the reaction to that at 10:30 a.m. eastern time. schools are closed. congress has been canceled. we have some amazing photos to show you right after this. ♪ the biggest challenge for business today is not competition, it's protecting customer trust. every day you read headlines about governments and businesses
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>> let's chat a look at the big board. the big technology names are. the market is struggling a little bit. new all-time highs. looking absolutely phenomenal. new management, take a bow. major divisions. streets are still hearing what the game plan would be. the nation's capital, well, we are dealing with the aftermath. let's go to plate bourbon. >> hi, they are -- hi there, charles. we are out in front of our bureau here. this sidewalk is fine. starts to be here a lot of snow.
9:46 am
a lot of the city remains shut down because of what happened over the weekend. how can they clear out all the snow and the side streets? not necessarily the main streets which are fine. mass transportation as well. major airports. starting to get back to what they are describing as limited service. more than 1300 flights have been canceled nationwide. a good portion of that has to do with the major airports here on the east coast. the metro, which is our subway system, just trying to get back on a limited basis. this should be slammed on a monday morning. it looks almost like a saturday here. charles: thanks a lot.
9:47 am
back to politics. 34%. cruise is that 20%. it feels like all mold trump's momentum now gaining strength in iowa. the difference has been two weeks ago. very conservative. now it is neck and neck. >> he brought sarah palin on that stage. people do laugh and they should not. the far right. he is still a hero. that is a brilliant move. a little bit more of a politician every day. here is the reality check and the question.
9:48 am
are his voters, and those that would come out and vote in iowa, will they come from the republican party. only republicans can vote. if that support is from any democrats or undecided, it could be a whole different game. >> a tough go of it around the world. one thing we should also point out is at this very moment, rick santorum was in sixth place. a donald trump port and enthusiasm. he came from six places and eight days to win that aim. what do you make of the internal
9:49 am
battle amongst conservatives? they criticize donald trump for being called the establishment. is there any room for disagreement? he is their hero. >> i think the american people are angry. i think that they field disenfranchise. trump is not a joke any war. it is time for us to step back. that national view magazine, the way it trashed trump, what are we thinking?
9:50 am
charles: they themselves have been fighting it for a long time. charlie gasparino, by the way, reported people kind of played it off. >> under any more circumstances, third-party candidates never have a chance. this is not a normal election. mike bloomberg is not a normal candidate. he has more money than donald trump, actually. >> willing to spend a billion dollars. michael is tough skins. the attacks that work for donald will not work so easily for bloomberg. it will not be easy.
9:51 am
there may be a path down the center. >> that would depend who the nominees are. >> he is not real happy with hillary clinton right now. charles: i really appreciate it. the water crisis in michigan. every single level. there are lawsuits. criminal charges. we will talk to judge napolitano about it next. ♪ the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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charles: the government continues the contaminated water situation in flint, michigan. people are wondering, who is to blame? i think, obviously, implications for the legal point. >> there are two sets of blame. we may never know the answer. the reason is because the same government, the same government in flint that went bankrupt, the
9:56 am
same government in michigan has made itself on the own from litigation for the consequences of its negligence. there is nobody to sue. charles: we had an attorney on friday that is suing in behalf of the children. >> this is the type of lawsuit that ends up in legislation. it is so heart ripping. innocent children could have the rest of their lives ruined because of pluto called miscalculation. an intervention by the legislature. changing the law to allow or give them health care specialized for the rest of their lives. it will not produce a fruitful litigation.
9:57 am
charles: that is sort of amazing. could the people of the state of michigan say we would like someone to represent us. the ability to finely sue our state. >> that is a good question. i do not think they have valid initiative. if it does, i am unaware of it. a long, long road ahead. medically and politically. the legal world will end up in the political. >> some of the victims will get something. there was no opening of that year. simply trying to make a name for themselves. intent to harm. it is hard to believe. it is not enough yet. >> i do not think that there is
9:58 am
a difference. the city ran itself into the ground. thanks a lot. michael bloomberg. the anti-gun mayor. stay right there. the second hour of our new company is coming right up. ♪ iall across the state belthe economy is growing,day. with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at
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charles: i am charles payne and for stuart varney. extraordinary volunteer. i am sure it will be with us today. same-store sales through the roof. caterpillar, not so much. they are both dow stocks pulling in two different directions. following the price of oil for you. 3120. that will set the tone. it is all about your money. billionaire michael bloomberg is considering a run for the
10:01 am
presidency. the third hour of varney and company starts right now. ♪ >> european. weather. we are told -- >> an american citizen. a look at twitter over the weekend. it adds to the uncertainty. the big guy there does not know what he is doing. nonetheless, putting pressure. that all day breakfast thing is working for him.
10:02 am
a new all-time high. we have fourth-quarter gdp this week. the wall street journal mentioning that they are worried. before we even talk about what could spark this economy, is the recession is reality or potentially a reality? >> i think that it is, unfortunately. look at the foreword indicators. you look at corporate profit. you look at business investments. that is down. you look at shipments. always in my opinion a good forward indicator. all moving south. i am not saying that there will be a recession. i think we will have a one-one
10:03 am
and a half% rose in the fourth quarter. given how this first month started in the first quarter of 2016, yes, i think you could possibly see another quarter. charles: here is the thing, you and i have talked. i know you want to see more business investments. who in your mind, of all of these candidates out there can get the american public on both sides of the ledger. going out there and having the confidence. by the way, it has to be part self fulfilling. >> i am just joking. it is crazy when it comes to the economy. i will not even ask that question. we all have a very progrowth message.
10:04 am
donald trump wants to do this. the corporate tax rate to 15%. you have 10 crews. you have been carson. i do think we need a pro- america energy policy. shutting down the coal and oil and gas industry. you have to have these regulations. we can get this economy going again did think about this, charles. if ray get one, one and a half% growth this year, during his recovery, growth less than 2%. we should be growing out 4%. the number one issue. who can get the economy moving? who is it that can get middle-class wages up again?
10:05 am
it is in our dna. steve moore, thanks a lot. appreciate it. >> let's start with mcdonald's. still having room to grow. >> the one thing i do like about mcdonald's is they do pay a very healthy yield. microsoft style dividend. this volatile world, something to embrace. i like that they are getting healthier. asking me, a vegetarian if i like mcdonald's.
10:06 am
i am shocked that mcdonald's is well above $100 per share. if the trend is your friend, it is higher. >> people have to invest outside of the things they necessarily like. having said that, what are some of the names that you like? i am comfortable with that. i still believe that facebook is the ultimate growth stocks. that will provide a boost to sales. they do announce earnings on wednesdays. i am telling everybody five-10-15% correction on facebook. truly an incredible buying opportunity. >> the stock is here to stay.
10:07 am
apple gave up a lot. the sales in china will be very important. every time they report, china sales have been phenomenal. >> that is the thing. apple and facebook. modern technology stock. very different points. facebook is still such a gun mpan ape isery mure. ey a notriceike gros stoc they will continue to default. >> coming off the bottom of that channel. jason, thanks a lot, buddy. not tovery own charlie gasparino.
10:08 am
michael bloomberg is considering a run for the race. michael bloomberg, donald trump. what would it look like? >> i think that trump will stay strong in that scenario. bloomberg does not draw two trumps space. very pro-gun. very conservative. they are a lot of things. they are not anything that bloomberg has. pro- regulation. look what he tried to do. >> one guy who had a trump had on said he would be intrigued. that is a large part of donald trump. he will not eat anyone's
10:09 am
pockets. >> that will really hurt hillary clinton. it would be a big problem for bernie sanders. ideologically, it will not pull too much for trump. 25% of trumps supporters would be willing to consider somebody else if there was somebody else for them to consider. i do not think once you get to the general election and people get to know bloomberg more, i don't think the rest of the country, middle america let's reduce the size of softer example where taxes on everything. >> maybe that explains why did my old over the weekend. while i enjoyed most people say it would hurt crews the lease.
10:10 am
somehow, rubio was the nominee. having an impact. murray is saying he thinks that bloomberg and trump were both moderates. >> i think absolutely. you will see that you will definitely see more of a hurt to rubio. rubio is seen as an establishment did somebody coming in again. not in the pockets of others. i think that that would hurt rubio. charles: you are going to have a busy week. see you soon. the real work begins for everyone. jeff flock is at chicago o'hare airport. jeff.
10:11 am
>> you can see that cancellations. they are primarily on the east coast. still in huge trouble. new york has problems, too. 31 inches at jfk. looking over out baltimore. this is just a united board. you look at systemwide today. number of cancellations. over 1400 today alone. do lazar upwards of 400. tired of going anywhere, you have potential problems. this storm is going to italy. >> i am going to dublin. >> through washington? >> through washington. i have been here since yesterday.
10:12 am
they are scheduling my flights today at 6:00 p.m. >> what can i tell you? be careful out there. >> no one is taking hostages. [laughter] >> iran already making deals. they are in talks to buy jets from boeing. that is right. ♪ ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return.
10:13 am
♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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10:15 am
>> we are near the lows of the session. obviously, grappling right here. right now to the downside. i think it will be another one of those days. growth of. giving and the fourth quarter. a big winner today.
10:16 am
one of the biggest in the s&p 500. 570,000 shares on friday. that is some confidence. amazon. successfully landing in texas. >> it is completely different. they have a blue origin rob. a complete reusable rocket. bringing down the flight. it does not necessarily carry people with it. >> the video was incredible. watch it land that down on earth. charles: the use of government bonds or taxpayer money.
10:17 am
ultimately-- >> a are able to innovate when nasa is not able to. charles: economic sanctions. >> catherine gorka. is it un-american for boeing to be doing this? >> i think our government has created a very difficult situation for american companies. a long time before we see any actual deal. very skittish about doing business with iran. this 50 page guidance that they have issued is very complex. they are not the only ones issuing guidance. the problem is, american
10:18 am
companies are going to be very nervous about doing business with iran. the fact remains that iran is the biggest state sponsor of terrorism. what happens when they are tied to an active terrorism? i think that this is making them nervous. >> announced a day after sanctions are lifted did they will start building trust there again. it is a large economy. i do not think they realize how big it actually is. the europeans will take advantage of it while we sort of wait and see. >> i think the europeans will be slow to move. the banks in britain are being very, very slow. they have been slapped by the americans because of violating sanctions. even though the market is big,
10:19 am
the republican guard in iran has 60% of iranian companies. that will make people nervous about getting involved in the sponsor of terrorism. charles: somehow, boeing did not negotiate a do with them. import export bank involved. that is their stated goal. to get exports going. >> i agree. this whole deal is such a bad idea. american companies will suffer because of it. charles: what do you make of iran. they will bring back all of this oil. they have some barrels and
10:20 am
weight. their whole infrastructure has broken down dramatically. would it be okay, and some respect, or just completely dumb politically? reduced the output. >> i think it will all come back to us. we will create a landline for our companies. iran remains so involved in sponsoring terrorism. i just think a lot of companies will be really nervous about engaging here. charles: i want to talk to you about this isis video. it is just one of these things that isis is known for. it is shocking.
10:21 am
>> it is shocking. at the same time, they have been sending us these signals. they have made it very clear. if you look at the number of isis injured actions that we have had in this country, we are up to 95 now. since march 2014. who have been arrested, killed or charged. we know that they have the supporters in this country. this latest video makes me nervous. they are telling their supporters in this country, go ahead and carry out attacks wherever you can. unfortunately, i think we will see some of those attacks. charles: they give very much, we appreciate it.
10:22 am
>> one business owner says the storm was worse than superstore and sandy. next. ♪ this weeks btv spotlight features parnell pharmaceuticals, parn on nasdaq. parnell is focused on delivering innovative solutions to unmetanimal health needs in the 70 billion dollar pet market. we have core competences in drug discovery and development, regulatory filings, we have our own fda approved manufacturing facility and we have a significant commercial presence in 14 countries. zydax is our lead compound that we've been marketing in australia zydax affectively regenerates cartilage and can literally save lives. we had one of our sales executives tell us a story of seeing a dog in a clinic that just four weeks earlier had been brought in to be euthanized. the pet parents had to carry the dog in, it couldn't even walk. after just four injections of zydax the dog was bouncing around in the clinic. we will soon launch
10:23 am
that drug in the united states and also europe. parnell pharmaceuticals, parn on nasdaq. for the full interview go online.
10:24 am
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10:25 am
charles: shares of caterpillar nerve pressure. while most of us on the east coast digging out of the snow over the weekend, in south jersey, snow was the least of their worries. joining me from phone in new jersey. have not really heard that the flooding was as bad as you are describing. tell us what is going on. >> the southernmost tip of the state. when apples nor thieves, we have a small harbor in cape may.
10:26 am
consequently, coming from the northeast, it has a dramatic effect on the wave washed in the harbor. charles: already this morning, we are hearing amongst jersey oh facials that there are different views what is going on. it is really bad. to your point, excess of sandy. so far, perhaps, the governor not agreeing with them. it could be catastrophic. >> yes. i agree with that. it is a difficult call. the tide was the highest tide we have ever had in history of cape may. an excess of 9.2 c. that leads me to believe it was worse in terms of flooding. i think the difference between
10:27 am
the sandy storm and this one, we had sustained wind between 35 and 45 miles per hour. that creates more of an impact on the water. it does not help with the flooding. tell us about the response from the state and federal government and how long it took for you guys to get your business back up. >> they were very, very prepared. we were very lucky that south jersey was not impacted. they made a couple clicks to the west. we missed the brunt of that storm. i do know that the state government said, they were very easy dish and beard they did a good job. i cannot say a bad thing about them.
10:28 am
>> no one underestimates what is happening. the big problem could be flooding. you want people to understand this. >> yes. absolutely. we had a lot of snow. certain sections where there was absolutely no snow. with the rain that we had, have, it just melted a lot about. it exacerbated the flooding issue as well. perfect. your business, we just took a picture of it on the screen. are you more concerned from an economic or safety point of view? >> i think both for me. every storm that we have been having, it seems that the tides keep getting higher and higher and higher. we are called the storm bar
10:29 am
because we are high and people can get to it. the next one, if it gets beyond that, i have a big problem. trish: thanks a lot. stay in touch with us. we will put out the word for you as well. donald trump cannot stay out of the headlines. better off with him there them may have with president obama. more varney next. ♪
10:30 am
10:31 am
10:32 am
. charles: checking the big board. again, holding steady. we're not used to this; right? let's consider it the calm before the storm. i still think volatility is going to pick up. certainly this week a lot of big news coming out. in the meantime check the price of oil because that's still setting the stage off
10:33 am
the lows of the session. down fairly well. down 3%, that's a lot pressuring stocks as well. shift back to politics here and donald trump making a bold prediction about black voters. watch this. >> look at african-american people in their prime. 30s, 40s, 50s. look at their unemployment rate. they want jobs. they're going to like me better than they like obama. the truth is obama has done nothing for them. charles: david web, the host of talk show on serious xm radar. what do you think of that? >> under the policy of donald trump, blacks would do better. how many times have we talked about this? that blacks should not give their vote to one party, young democrats, however, not at all they're looking at their choices, i get people on my radio show and they say i'm
10:34 am
25, i'm black, i'm 65, i'm thinking about donald trump and what he says. obama did give them promises and no delivery. you got promised all these things. what did you get? double-digit unemployment. black youth unemployment at ridiculous levels, somewhere of 30%, ask look at your future. how can you build a future? . charles: black wealth s down substantially under president obama and yet, you know, it's -- it's tough because he's -- president obama is seen as a hero amongst black people. hillary clinton not so much and certainly not bernie sanders. so i think donald trump would have a good shot. but what happens when they roll out barack obama on the campaign trail? and he starts to demonize republicans particularly donald trump. >> you know what? i'm going to be a little harsh and call it blacks who just vote for him because he's black. if you're going to do that, then you deserve what you get. the problem is your children don't deserve that. they deserve a future. look at policies and to the republicans, i'm going to say this. if you're going to claim you want to help the black
10:35 am
community, you should claim you want to help the american people and tell people how free market capital i am, a real pro growth system, real tax policies, real pair back of regulations so people can operate and own businesses. own what you owe. jay z taught so many blacks about capitalism. he cleaned it up really nice, sold it for 4.99 instead of 99 cents, learn from the people who have done it. charles: well, having said that, i think that does resonate with young people -- including my son who came out months ago and said he wants to vote for donald trump. but by the sam by the same token i think it was friday or saturday, donald trump tweets something from a white supremacy group. those kinds of things, people will vote for that over their own pocketbooks because essentially -- when i say "we," i mean all americans want to know whoever that president is, that person likes me. we still want to think that
10:36 am
that person likes me. >> that's stupid. donald if you're listening to me, pay attention to your twitter timeline, your social media, and whoever else is helping you with it. vet things. you've got to do these things. i washed him become compassionate in south carolina. there was a former employee of his. she had terminal cancer. i wrote about this in my hill article. she asked me for help. she was there, she had gotten permission to come there. donald comes over, talks to her. he takes the picture. encouraged her. there was nothing for him in it at that moment. there were no cameras around except for my cell phone to take the picture. that's the donald that needs to get out there to the peopl. charles: i think that donald is starting to get out there. i mean i know the anger set the tone for this whole thing, and i think he appealed to that, even stoked it a little bit. but a game plan. anger is great but a game plan is important. >> i've got a game plan for donald trump. charles: you going to give him advice? >> i'm going to give advice.
10:37 am
no, i'm serious about this. it's time for that speech and i'm not talking 45 minutes or an hour. in 20 to 25 minutes say, look, as a businessman i operated in new york, i operated conglomerates in different cities, democrats, i gave money to them, everything else. but let me tell you i'm going to govern if elected president. and then lay out a policy platform do that to the nation. stand up and give that address to the nation much in the way while obama did it for the wrong reasons as i see it politically, he did in philadelphia. he through his white grandparents under the bus but resent himself and went on to south carolina. trump needs to reset with the country that my past is not how i'm going to govern if elected president. charles: now, some conservatives are saying that he's going to do exactly that. but what he does that reset, it's going to look a lot more liberal than his campaign has been so far. >> that's the back and forth in politics. everybody has an opinion, even i've got an opinion. what i'm looking at is strategy and tactics and coming out and demonstrating and how you're going to do these things.
10:38 am
charles: but the bottom line is donald trump does promote a pro growth and pro business policy. it doesn't matter what color or age or race you are, when the tide is lifting -- >> everybody raises. charles: we've got breaking news for you right now. washington d.c.'s mayor says that the city's metro will be reopened at 11:00 a.m. but he adds that the clean unis going to add for several days and urges residents if you can stay home. and now to this. goldman sachs downgrading caterpillar, ashley with the details. >> we've got a lot more. okay. we're talking about caterpillar here. goldman sachs saying that we are they believe the beginning of a commodity deflation cycle and they say, well, caterpillar is going to get crushed. they've -- downgraded the stock from neutral to sell. their price target is being lowered from 67 bucks, charles, to 51. they say a plunge in commodity price is just bad news for machinery companies. especially a company like
10:39 am
caterpillar that relies on mining and agricultural companies who themselves are slashing their budgets. so all in all, it looks pretty bleak given what we know about the commodity sector right no. charles: yeah, it has been bleak for them for a long, long time. >> it has. charles: i think there's an indictment on china too. >> down more than 3% today. charles: thank you, ashley. we've got a new study that finds all those friends you have on facebook might not be your friends. >> what? . charles: jo ling, explains that. >> yeah. this comes out of oxford. this is a study that says you may not have as many friends as you think. the average person says only 27% of their facebook friends are actually real. and in their survey they say the average person who participated, say, 150 friends and they said only 14 would express sympathy online if something bad happened to them, which is really remarkable. that's less than 10%. charles: did they do that? if you needed a few bucks. because then your friends really nary it down. >> well, you're probably gotta
10:40 am
less than a couple of bucks or two. is actually -- also shows if you have a larger list of friends, which i'm sure you do, charles, it doesn't necessarily mean you have more close friends. so just because you have 3,000 friends, doesn't mean you're going to actually up the appear ante. charles: i call close associates buddies. >> buddies. i see how it works. charles: the shakeup at twitter. what the heck is going on here? >> yeah. four department heads leaving twitter all at once, you can see jack dorsey cleaning house or also a crisis of leadership in the company as they try to figure out what is going to happen next. it just -- twitter touching all time lows over the past couple of weeks and it's trading below the ipo price. the question here is the two new board members who are coming on the board later this week, who will they be? jack dorsey and other reports saying that it's going to be a big media celebrity personality. so i would like to know who is your guess? . charles: i know kanye was trending over the weekend -- >> and -- kim kardashian.
10:41 am
and the top people that are most active on twitter, i wonder if ellen degeneres might be making her slash over there. because she does use it a lot. she's a media personality. charles: ashton kutcher. >> that's true too. charles: this is what i think, the last six months, if dorsey can't get the job done by the end of the year, you've got to sell the company. >> stock down 56%. >> they didn't get fired, they chose to leave. charles: true. all overnight. >> and these are innovative people who left the company that were often seen as great leaders. charles: critical roles too. media, engineering, pr. >> a lot. charles: well it's peyton manning versus cam newton, guys. this is going to be one heck of a super bowl. right now the panthers are the favorites. we're going to discuss it. we'll be right back ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly.
10:42 am
great job. (mandarin) ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪
10:43 am
>> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. after a couple of days of gains, then we saw last week was a winning week on wall street with the dow up .6%, today we're pulling back, in fact, giving some of that back here because dow 16.3, losing on it points, the s&p down 13, the nasdaq down 21. oil gained the last couple of days too. a big surge in those two days. well, today giving that back as well to a certain extent. down about 3% right now 31.19, striking down energy names down with it as well as
10:44 am
equities. and exxon giving projections going forward on the global market on the rise in the next 25 years and saying energy demand will rise along with it. dow movers mcdonald's hitting an all-time high. and we're seeing caterpillar, goldman, jp morgan to the downside. caterpillar getting a downgrade from goldman sachs. and also twitter and grub had yogrubhub. stay tuned for that. fox business starts at 5:00 a.m.
10:45 am
10:46 am
charles: all right. guys, check the big board. the lowest we've been all down, under 16,000 starting to break down in part because of oil down, stocks down, the economy, we don't know what the heck is going on. but that's what we use as the gauge. also looking -- i'm sorry. independent panel that says they have a pancreatic cancer drug, that is your great, great threat when you buy these one potential biotech companies and pharmaceuticals. down 46%. back to the football field, guys. real big day yesterday as the denver broncos upset the new england patriots, they go to the super bowl and joining the carolina panthers and joining me now eric colman. welcome, iraq colman.
10:47 am
great games yesterday, huh? >> yeah. that was great football. charles: we have to ask right off the bat, who you got? >> i've got carolina. their defenses is one of the top in the league. they're the top scoring team in the nfl and cam newton is just like unlike any play i've ever seen. charles: so if you were playing them in the championship right now, how would you go about trying to disrupt them? particularly to begin -- it seems like you've got to slow them up from going on a role. >> yeah. you have to get at them early. they do such a great job of running the football. if you can get to a lead on carolina, that kind of limits what they can do. makes them one-dimensional. but, you know, stopping cam newton is a tough task. he has the flamboyance of a cornerback, physical like a linebacker. charles: although the broncos have serious people on the defense. von miller, i think this is the first time in super bowl history the first and second picks are in super bowl against each other.
10:48 am
if they can get after cam, they can make it a hell of a game. >> yeah. everyone said before the game tom brady, his release is too quick. there were a couple of times that von miller got to tom brady before he caught the ball. charles: that two-point conversion, brady looked wiped out. that is as exhausted as i've ever seen him. >> yeah. got hit 23 times that game. that's 12 more times than he had all year. so denver did a great job. their defense is lights out. charles: we have to talk about the manning factor. because he'll be the oldest quarterback in super bowl history. he brings a tangible to the game and that could make the difference. >> yeah. his leadership, his composure under pressure is unlike anyone else. he's so smart, you know, with calling audibles. knowing where to run the football -- charles: what does omaha mean? >> i think we're all trying to figure that out. but he does such a great job presnap of seeing what the defense is going to give him. calling the play that's going to be -- put them in the best
10:49 am
position and scoring from it. charles: so i mean, listen, nfl can't be happier. a lot of people joking of course that rodger goodell really breathing a sigh of relief. not handing that super bowl championship over to the patriots. that might have been an awkward moment but the league itself, these playoffs have gone pretty well so far. >> they have. they have been the most exciting playoffs i've seen recently. they had some great games in the wild card level next to the divisional finals were great. and afc -- nfc championships were wonderful games. so this league has been growing. the popularity is growing. and they're putting a great product out on the field. charles: now, having said that, one of the things they've been having trouble with is of course the perception amongst the younger players, big push back in a lot of places. former nfl star barry sanders actually says letting kids play football is pretty good. but, you know, just be aware of the risk. you don't hear -- the big story has been a lot of former players saying i wouldn't let my kid play. >> uh-huh. charles: you've got a star like barry sanders who, by the
10:50 am
way, quit early saying, yeah, it's okay for kids to play. >> yeah. i think it is safe to play, have you just to educate the coaches. if they look dizzy, and they look like they got their bell rung a little bit, take them out of the game. you have to be smart, the nfl has made great strides in health and safety. charles: you know, my son didn't like football, he kind of played because of me and his second practice, he had to go out with a concussion. strip his head to a gurney and everything. and as a parent, i sat there with tears in my eyes because i kind of forced him to do it. >> thanks for having me. charles: up next isis discussing a megamerger. we're talking about the axis of terror becoming reality. that's next nobody move! get on the floor! do something! oh i'm not a security guard, i'm a security monitor. i only notify people if there is a robbery. there's a robbery. why monitor a problem if you don't fix it? that's why lifelock does more than free credit monitoring
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call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
10:54 am
>> well, this will catch your attention. a new report out saying that isis, al-qaeda, and the muslim brotherhood all discussing a major merger in libya. zuhdi jasser joins us. zuhdi, this is a headline that certainly catches your eye. i guess my first question is is this possible and is it just to from the power vacuum in libya? what does this signal to the rest of the world if this indeed happens and then spreads? >> ashley, it's not only possible, it's been going on a
10:55 am
long time, the only difference now is it's overtly talking about what are has covertly going on and these are the islamist of the sunni variety, the al-qaeda, muslim brotherhood, swore allegiance to al-qaeda. there's a confidence now happening to fill in the vacuum. libya is prime territory for that because of how chaotic it is because we haven't supported civil society there. and this is also happening in response to the shi'a islamist forces be it iran, assad, and syria, they're seeing now billions of dollars flowing to the shi'a radical, the sunni radicals have to respond saying, hey, we're present here with we're going to call the caliphate before you establish. charles: does it combine to being a vigil? >> absolutely, and i hope the west wakes up to the fact that this has been a threat. isis hasn't been a threat itself. prime minister cameron also
10:56 am
talked about the conveyor belt of the muslim brotherhood ideas. so these are all common threads from the ideology out of saudi arabia. all of this is confluencing now, and i hope we wake up that it's the same trough of political islam, the land of islam and the land of war that they view in the midwest. charles: al-qaeda also saying that this hope this move would inspire islamists in other countries in tikal jeer i can't and egypt. do you see that happening? >> absolutely. now in the defense in egypt, so they are looking to find this and also the french concerning what's happening there, so they're going to push that movement, we're going to see it where isis has had a big movement as well. so the entire region now being filled with radical sunni islamists where they can put their ideas down. >> well, we're going to talking about this a lot more in the future.
10:57 am
zuhdi jasser, thank you as much as always, auto zuhdi. >> any time. >> hour three of varney. straight ahead ....
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
♪ ♪ charles: i were voiced to work must be welding laa. he has been stranded there all weekend. [laughter] in the meantime, we are all suffering here. the dow off.
11:01 am
about the low of the session. battling that 31 mark. it has been lower. it is looking pretty weak right now. mcdonald's stock had strong fourth order numbers. now trading at an all-time high. stuart. listen to what he had to say about all day breakfast. stuart: mcdonald's. they have announced their plans to sell all day breakfast. i do not think that that is a big deal. >> a huge impact on the company. >> you think that this is a good thing? >> a step towards the direction of an employment difference. >> doing pretty good so far.
11:02 am
>> i think that it was a great idea. a ceo about a year now, making significant changes. getting that stock price back up. charles: the lines are shorter. they move faster. they get people in and out. >> mac & cheese. sweet potato fries on the menu this year. >> is this mcdonald's or something else? charles: just one week away. one week away. donald trump. continuing. he is ahead of ted cruz by 10 points. he has 31%.
11:03 am
ted cruz is weighing back. 34% of the vote according to the polls. marco rubio getting the coveted des moines iowa register. hillary clinton getting bad endorsement. needed knowledge experience. a lot is made about these endorsements. everyone says that they do not matter. >> the endorsements do not matter as much. certain endorsements matter more than others. i think very helpful to donald trump. a big following. of course, it was a bit of a blow for ted cruz.
11:04 am
talking about the newspaper endorsement. the establishment types of candidates. many conservative circles, a very good conservative rating. again, this does give him some momentum. is that enough, charles? probably not. what is rubio going to do? focus his eyes on south carolina neared new hampshire higher, there is some openings there. it will be very interesting to see. again, you are talking one third of these voters in new hampshire higher and in iowa. >> eight days ago, rick santorum
11:05 am
was in sixth place. anything can happen. there is no doubt about that. >> they say i have the most loyal people. did you see that? it is like incredible. charles: what are your thoughts on those comments? >> if i were an advisor for donald trump, i would say keep your head down. make america great again. these controversial comments that become international headlines. my mother called me and said they are talking about donald trump shooting someone. he is a front runner right now. just stay away.
11:06 am
charles: the clinic opened it last, you said some like most hate. most like, some hate. >> timeout. looking at the gop voters. you have plenty of these folks rolling their eyes when they make comments like that. at the end of the day, when you are trying to get to these primaries, get to these caucuses, just stay focused on your messages. again, the media takes it too far. you then have cnn reporting, for example. it is just interesting. it is donald trump. the gop voters. you know what, it does not matter what he says. i will blow for him anyway.
11:07 am
>> it actually backs up the statement itself. it is amazing. the obama administration is announcing a new set of rules as well. the obama administration, they have these new sets of rules for a government background check. a review of social media profiles, still not a part of it. people do not understand. everything that you need to know. it is right there. why won't our government look at it? >> talking about an e-mail that you sent to me is obviously private. the consensus of both of us or the warrant to get it. if you post something on a
11:08 am
public board, i do not think that you are allowed to use it. you have waived your privacy. available for anyone to look at. not just with a warned, but looking at it. why they don't want to go there, probably because of the political correctness argument. sometimes, these postings are limited groups. when it is out there, when it is a broadcast, anyone that wants to logon to see it -- charles: it is just reprehensible. if you are going to hire somebody, don't you want to know
11:09 am
what their track record for honesty is. >> absolutely. >> clarence page over the weekend. the fbi will recommend indictments. it is interesting. >> yes. i saw a clip of that. i was not surprised. he is an intellectually honest person. he is of the other side. he has certain values. if there is evidence, the government should pursue that evidence regardless of what your last name is. her legal situation is grave or worse than grave. it is of such a high level of secrecy neared she could not have mishandled it without
11:10 am
knowing what she was doing. you cannot press a button and opened it up. though code changes every hour in order to get in there. this document is so secret. it is so secret that the fbi agents investigating her do not have clearance to read the document. whether her husband server was hacked or not. charles: to your point. some people are intellectually honest about it. you saw the look on his face. charles: bye-bye. charles: thanks a lot. snowstorm. d.c. one of the hardest hit.
11:11 am
seems to have a particular hard road ahead. >> this is a fair representation of what is going on right now. it leads right into the capital. it is clear that they push the snow off to the side here. they feel good about what is going on. the highways and the like. the worry going forward. how to get rid of all the snow on the side streets and the less populated areas. also, what happens when all of this melts? the temperatures are still dipping below freezing. >> the roads are still dangerous. we talked to you about the weather conditions. any wet surfaces can be, i see. roadways, sidewalks.
11:12 am
>> of course, in other storyline here is the airfare. airports have been shut down for more than two days now. more than 1000 flights canceled nationwide. they are just starting to get the airports back online. it may not seem like much. i saw a plane fly out just a few minutes ago. >> thanks a lot. appreciate it. the denver broncos. taking on the carolina panthers. joe size men joins me. he will give me a super bowl pick next. ♪
11:13 am
11:14 am
11:15 am
>> checking the big board. starting again. slower than normal. we blame oil for that. it is starting to come down
11:16 am
hard. near the lows of this session. well, we know our super bowl contenders. denver broncos against the carolina panthers. i actually hear that you like the broncos. >> i do, charles. good to catch up with you again. charles: why? >> both of these teams have terrific defenses. the number one defense in football. you saw the amount of pressure they put on tom brady yesterday. i believe they can bring pressure and keep him inside. it really boils down to km versus denver defense. payton will be smart. he will not do anything foolish.
11:17 am
>> one thing i saw yesterday, one of the new major problems had been that midrange pass. always overflowing these guys. they apply that pressure you are talking about. it could be a much more interesting game. >> a fair amount. cam will be the mvp of the league. the best off-balance throw her i think i have ever seen. his feet are either on the ground or none of them on the ground did he still throws the ball like a rocket ship veered this is not just another football game. people can say what they want about the game. it is different. all the chips are on the table. i think it will be a terrific football game.
11:18 am
>> i want to ask you just a little bit. former nfl great. whether they should be able to play football or not. he says yes. has to be aware of the dangers. another two, three, four years. what are your thoughts? >> i have known mary for a long time. he just was not happy with the direction the detroit lions were going in. he is a man of conviction. a very good thing to teach young men. it is a great foundation for dealing with what life is all about. if you did not want your child to play football, what would you want him to play? they say soccer. i think that it is important that, eric made a great point in
11:19 am
this regard. make sure you know who is coaching your children. do the research and check the technology. help protect against the possibility of concussion. i think that those things are very important. it teaches too many things to our junkman and women. >> i agree. teamwork and commodity. learning how to follow orders. at what age should kids start hitting each other? >> i started at the age of 10. i think around the age of 10 or 11 years old. you go to flight football up until that point. what i would love to see happen across the country would be baseline studies. that way you have an understanding of where that young person is as they go
11:20 am
forward. it gives you a little bit of an idea if they are suffering from many concussions going forward. charles: you are obviously joining us via phone. a lot of people could not make it to the studio today. we want to show you why. trying to loosen it up a little bit. that is just outside the kitchen. trying to get out and create a path. creating paths. at least get it from the house to the garage. it is like nothing i have ever seen in my life.
11:21 am
charles: i will see you soon. tons of flights canceled over the weekend. stranding thousands of passengers. even our very own stuart varney. ♪ feel a cold coming on? new zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam.
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11:25 am
charles: checking on mickey d's. that all day breakfast is going to go national. >> of more than 1%. the ceo making tons of changes. bringing all day breakfast 247. people are loving it. really turning around this company. >> all day tweaking. it feels like it is a u.s. story. sales up 5%. charles: thanks a lot, lauren. thousands of others have this weekends. canceled due to the snowstorm. he got stuck here as well. you got on tips on how to never get stuck again.
11:26 am
>> you can just sort of step out of that line at the airport. you can get out of the line at the airport. this is musical chairs time. we have people and airports slowly getting back into gear. it is like a dimmer switch. you slowly raise it up so you have a portion of flights. i am trying to get to los angeles from new york. only about 40% of the flights are available today. the people that have this kind of stuff are going to get them. it gives me a real global look of what is happening in the market. virtually any major airport in the world. you can sort it by the time of flights leaving. trying to get from one location to the next.
11:27 am
if they put something back on the schedule and it is canceled. it is still gone. >> this is your way of jumping ahead of everyone. >> it gives you a whole glimpse of the airport. this thing right here, this is pretty amazing. charles: the bottom line, though, you will make it to l.a. >> soon. charles: we have to let you go. hillary clinton and marco rubio scoring endorsements from the des moines register. miss america 2008 weizen next. ♪
11:28 am
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11:30 am
♪ he has a sharp wit. a winning smile. and no chance of getting an athletic scholarship. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars.
11:31 am
charles: checking the big port. in part because of oil. under pressure all day. broke 31. i want to bring in market watcher. anthony, you liked a few stocks.
11:32 am
>> yes. absolutely. i am a little worried about stocks in general. you have to pay dividends at this point. it is more of a growth and dividend sort of play. they missed a few years there. they have done a few things to cut the fat out. they have made some new products. it looks like they have a bright future. charles: dividend in general. chevron is a name you like. a name i like. why do you like it? >> i think it is a win, win overall. i think we will stay at this range or maybe even a little higher. they have over 5% dividend. they are not going anywhere.
11:33 am
it does crash. the market and oil prices trying to figure themselves out. charles: listen, we will let 10,000 people. it underscores the fact that these guys are determined to keep these. even if it means laying off wide swath of people. >> absolutely. they are not going anywhere. it is a smaller companies that you have to worry about. i am not worried about the chevron, exxon mobil. i think those are good place. they are on sale. charles: you like that, too. >> again, everything that i will recommend now will be a dividend play. waiting to see what this market does. i think we have a long ways to
11:34 am
go. if we are going to go down, a 5.5% dividend. they have increased market share over time. the reality is, that dividend was paid for 31 years. when the market does crash and recover, it was not just a zero return. at least you got something. >> former new york city mayor michael bloomberg. maybe considering a presidential run. it was first discovered hereby charlie on fox business. charlie: this was the day after the south carolina debate. he was thinking about doing it. he got the results of his private poll.
11:35 am
in the three-way race, he'd eats with trump and hillary. these are polls that you pay a lot of money for. a very tight margin of error. a three-way race with hillary clinton. it is narrowly defeated with hillary clinton. said he was still seated by hillary clinton. not by a huge amount. he beats trump. that is a huge scenario. if he ever ran as a republican, he can beat hillary. as a republican. these are the scenarios that the poll showed. we might be, based on this poll, this is what they are telling
11:36 am
political consultants. he may go in the race based on those polls. he did not run in 2008. he did not really see a path to victory. with these poll results, when was that, when was that debate? >> just came back from down goes. what he saw in these poll results was an avenue to victory. charles: that avenue is down the middle. >> lots of talk of hillary runs, he will not run. if trump wins, the republican nomination, does he go in? not just liberals from hillary. not just moderate democrats. he will also get gop establishment types. he may be able to forge a
11:37 am
coalition. charles: former miss usa. what do you think? >> i do not think that bloomberg has the ability. they come out to vote. the people that vote in this country when it comes to a general election, it is not as wide swath of people. they usually, they set out. that is why you end up with candidates that are so highly polarized. very anti-nra and very anti-gun. everyone will remember the national story. i think that he is actually more of a danger to some democrats. a republican electorate. i think that to certain people,
11:38 am
just the fact that he is so anti-gun. that is a major pillar of the republican and conservative party. >> back over the weekend. endorsing cruz. very polarizing inside the republican party. i am telling you, in the republican party. incredibly polarizing. charles: it is amazing. what do you make of the fact that cruises kind of falling apart in iowa.
11:39 am
people in iowa vote late. they make their decisions late. there is still a lot that can happen. in the middle of fifth avenue and not lose any voters. of course, you do not want your presidential candidate talking to someone. that express their overnight. is there any divergence between donald trump's poll numbers and what is going to happen in iowa? if they rub together, is he even kind of matches it and still loses, they could win the table. >> writing --
11:40 am
>> if he loses in iowa, people will start questioning. those retail politics still matter. they did not act fast enough responding to that water crisis in flint. next we will hear from a former water administrator. ♪ incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at
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11:42 am
nicole: i am the co-petallides with your fox business brief. a gain of more than a half percent. the s&p 500 down 12. the nasdaq down 25. major averages. we are seeing financials. some of the financials. the iras. down two and a half percent. citigroup down over 2% did suntrust hitting a new multi- year low. apple. it has been under some pressure. sunday evening. china actually had a buyer there. dr horton came out with their quarterly report. every day at 5:00 a.m. lauren simonetti and i get you started. ♪
11:43 am
11:44 am
>> let's check on twitter. down almost 4%. for the top executives have left the country. >> it is interesting. heading humid resources. these are some big situations. this does not inspire a lot of confidence. jack dorsey tries to turn this around. a time where you are trying to do this. you know, they just chose to
11:45 am
leave. this stock is down 55% in the past year. a stagnation of users. they need new products. it depends on how you interpret this move. >> new people coming onto fill these positions. charles: people coming with the right kind of pedigree. maybe. it all gets back to dorsey. wall street does not think that he is up to the job. >> that stock is below. thanks a lot. continuing to find a solution to michigan's contaminated water crisis. you ran an epa at one point. what is your take on all of this?
11:46 am
>> monumental failure at all levels. the first level, i knew that there was a monitor put in by the governor. the state ignored some of the findings, apparently. certainly, the epa, i believe the provisions is 1340. the obligation as well as the ability. the responsibility for the epa. a decision was made to use a different source for water. testing that water resting with the state. they are subject to the safe drinking water act. they are meant to convey those results to the epa.
11:47 am
the regional office was believing what they were hearing. not looking at the test results as a way that a should have. >> what do you make of it? you had a town that was essentially bankrupt. whether it is a city, personal business, you find ways to save money. this is all being framed in very political ways. i have heard the term environmental racism. what could have been done. these guys are in dire straits tonight. they initially thought what was right. >> they did not take the steps that were necessary. i understand that trying to save the water, supposedly a temporary mix, while they were building this pipeline for lake in iran. once they saw the quality of the water, once the people started
11:48 am
to come forward, the smell and seeing some of the problems that they had, they should have immediately taken action then. it is more expensive now than to deal with the pipes. they will have to do some major work. this would have prevented the leaching. it was because the water was so hard. it was you wrote in the pipes. steps they could have taken early on to prevent this. going through this transition to another water source. everyone just fell down on the job. there is no indication that there was any kind of conscious racial bias in the way that they handled it. they did this as being chronic complainers.
11:49 am
the evidence was pretty stark. charles: the pictures of the water, the pictures of bottled water being donated did it feels like a third world country. thank you for your time. really appreciate it. jamie colby heads to texas. she meets a man that has been hunting down lee harvey oswald's original gravestone. did she find it? we will find out next. ♪ ♪
11:50 am
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11:53 am
go long™. ♪ charles: strange and looms from family members. imagine inheriting a tombstone. not just of anyone, of jfk's assassination. >> you are talking about the tombstone. yes, it is here. he does not usually keep his strange inheritance in his nightclub. he has taken it out to show me. >> this is the original tombstone. >> it feels wrong. >> i am just admiring the carving and everything. somebody went to whip out of trouble to make this. >> let's go have a seat and talk
11:54 am
about it. what was the family's first reaction? >> what do we do now? the family actually contacted the oswald family. they found this tombstone in the crawlspace of a house they inherited. the oswald family, the brothers and sisters did not want it. they were stuck with it. turns out, it is pretty valuable. i did not know that lee harvey oswald was. the same day as the president. he was shot by jack ruby. this gravestone was stolen by some periods, the father of one of those children turned them in. they got it half. it was stolen again by a family. they have fought in courts for years. they wanted in dallas. it is eerie.
11:55 am
it is odd. it is historic. you have to see it. charles: craftsmanship. it shows you every mother loved her son no matter what. that is not all. you know that there is more. there are two episodes tonight premiering. if you miss this one, you've really missed it did the oldest baseball card known to exist. you may never see it again. it did go to auction. it was bought by a anonymous collector that may never show it again. charles: jamie, love the show. we know who will be playing in super bowl 50. it will be the broncos versus the panthers. lauren, tell us a little bit.
11:56 am
>> almost $3300. if you are coming from denver or charlotte, the cheapest hotel room and airfare starts at about $4200. >> the whole package is about eight grand. >> 42-4300 includes. the cheapest possible everything . anything is possible. more varney after this. ♪
11:57 am
11:58 am
>> not only possible, it's been going on for a long time. the only difference now is it's overtly talking about what are has probably covertly been going on. i mean there's a confluence now happening to fill in the vacuum. libya's prime territory for that because of how chaotic it is. >> putting a new twist on merger monday, that was zuhdi
11:59 am
jasser claiming that the al-qaeda and muslim brotherhood could get together to further their terrorist agenda. let's take a look at the big board. we have made some return here, of course mcdonald's leading the day, all day breakfast. >> yeah. it's a national thing. working for the company and the sales are up almost 6% and the stocks putting in a nice day as well. >> and we talked all morning, ashley,. >> twitter. four top executives booted late last night. of course jack dorsey, the ceo saying they didn't get fired. they chose to leave. we know what happened. what does that mean for the turn around? it doesn't make it any easier. >> i got the most tweets on this show were my grants wanting to leave germany. >> yes. >> a lot of people say of course go. you know, listen whatever. it's an amazing thing. it resonates all over the world in america and over there and that's one of the big things playing a big role in that political conversation. >> it is.
12:00 pm
>> all right, guys, market hanging in there. not a rally, but i'm going to hand it over to neil. neil: where's stuart? [laughter] >> good question. neil: we have video of him at a sandals resort. it's so weird. [laughter] so i'm not -- i'm not buying it for a second. all right. thanks very, very much, charles. i'm just kidding. wherever you are watching this at any sandals resort nearby, stuart, we're just joking. in the meantime we are not joking, one week away from the iowa caucuses. can you believe that? all of this buildup for the caucus event. the caucuses themselves are poorly telegraphed in polls, in fact, polls are rarely right, in fact, over the last 25, 26 years, they've always been wrong. very, very wrong. a lot of that has to do with the nature that these caucuses are carried out. so does that mean that the presumed favorites in this race end up being that way on monday night when fox business will be going wall-to-wall on this? anyone's guess.


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