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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  January 25, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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keep in mind that you do not have to go on and on and on to make a point quickly and clearly. with a wink and a nod to the same press. that was then. on the left in the right. not quite now. trish regan did to you. trish: did cut taxes. neil cavuto, thank you very much. here we are. one week, seven days away from the iowa caucuses. donald trump is back on top with a wide margin. will his voters show up on caucus day. that is the question. a new poll has trumped that 34% compared to ted cruz 183%. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are neck and neck right now. as reports surface, billionaire businessman and mike lunenburg
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may launch a third tardy presidential bid. so with trump on top into key states, does he have this nomination locked up? what is the establishment to do? joining me now is that wakeman and leslie marshall. lots of good stuff to talk about. first i will start with brad. >> look at those polls. trump likes to quote the polls all the time. the only ones that are is where people are actually doing something. in iowa, caucuses are like meetings. you have to motivate people to go. you have to spend hours there. then you have new hampshire a week later. a secret ballot. there is a lot of work that needs to be done. you have to have it for voter. time will be really telling in the next two weeks. whether or not donald trump's fan base is a voter base.
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if he wins in iowa and new hampshire higher, i would say at that point, he is probably inevitable. if he doesn't, he is not. trish: any sense of what he is doing from an infrastructure standpoint. actually getting the span to go out and vote. this is one thing that barack obama was absolutely brilliant at. really had the troops on the ground. bringing people out and bringing them to the polls. does donald trump has that kind of mechanism, leslie, in place? the mac i honestly do not excel. coming in on his plane or helicopter speaking to people. now he is staying at a holiday holiday inn express in going to church. the big thing is we look at
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those numbers, i agree with brad on this, support in the polls is not necessarily a voter in a caucus. this is not a primary. even if donald trump wins iowa, it does not mean he will be the nominee. hello huckabee and santorum in the past. iowa normally calls democrats more so than republicans. 43% of the time. i would not be surprised if donald trump loses iowa. that does not mean he would lose the nomination, nessus there late here and. trish: you have to be careful. we have to be careful here. we saw some evidence of that over the weekend. watch this. him talking about how he could pull out a gun on fifth avenue and be okay. >> they say i have the most loyal people. do you ever see that?
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i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i would not lose any both brad, maybe he is right. we saw a lot of people really freaking out on twitter when he said that. he was making a joke. is he perhaps overestimating his opportunity here? >> i think that is a politician's achilles' heel. you have to underpromise or overdeliver. that is what defies expectations. trump has set the bar so high. if he does not win, then he is a loser. i will came in second in new hampshire higher. i would be playing that barbara walters interview. if you are not winning, you are losing. trish: we have talked about hillary did before.
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if she winds up losing iowa and new hampshire higher, she will still plow forward. she may still get the nomination. >> absolutely. yes. trish: much higher minority vote. exactly. >> she is really trying to play to that right now with talking slavery reparations. let me talk to about the wild card in all of this. was not interesting enough. now there is talk of mike bloomberg, billionaire mike bloomberg, former mayor of new york city, getting into this race as an independent. could it happen? >> i think it could happen. i think he could be that guy. he certainly had the money. he has the experience. if you look, most of us are leaning more to the right fiscally.
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more to the left socially. he comes in at a time where there is not only great fragmentation, but certainly a lot for the top two candidates right now. trump and cruise. he may even get some democrats that are happy with the selection of hillary or bernie, for that matter. >> i used to work for mike bloomberg did his news organization there. i know that he works pretty hard on this. they concluded that he could not win. they, being his team. he could not win in 08. that is very important to him. i would think, brad, this time, probably be better than any. we know, historically, how tough that is. this is a race. unlike anyone we have ever seen.
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is this his last chance? he is not getting any younger. >> it would be very tough, even in these times. for a third party and independent to win. this much is true. what are the so circumstance. that is party apparatus and republican and democrats. a trench at the local level, state-level and federal level. you have apparatus on the ground. trish: he does have money. he put a billion dollars into this no problem. right out of the gate. here is what i wonder. does this actually hurt the democrats or the republicans more? who will he take votes from, in your view? >> republicans. if you are watching, run. he would need the route nader for the right.
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trish: i disagree with you. i disagree with you. this is a guy that is very, very anti-gun. to someone who, you know, yes, on the fiscal issues, have a lot of appeals to conservatives. they look at things like how might you know, his record. all of this alternative energy. also, a lot of others that look at all he has done in terms of gun control and they do not like that. i actually see him being able to siphon off voters from bernie sanders, clearly, or hillary clinton. what do you say? >> he will appeal to both on the right and the left. i think he has her both. the question is, who has he hurt the most?
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>> i can tell you who the winner in all of this is and that is probably the media. this just got all that much more interesting. i will see you again in just a moment. facing off in the final debate. you do not want to miss it did stocks trading slightly lower here. down about 70 points. the reset wild freeze on the stock market. just one of the items that the federal reserve will be facing. ashley webster joins me right now with a preview. this is under age amend this amount of criticism right now. >> it is interesting. we will have a policy meeting this week did you will not get a press conference. you will not get any economic interpretations. most people are looking forward to february 10 and 11th when janet gallant has to go in front of congress to testify how
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things are going. we are getting down to semantics again. that is fed watching. there is a sense that they are having a really interesting article. industrial production is down. the stock market is moving lower. economic growth around the world is either slowing or coming to a standstill. the conclusion of the article is a really does not feel like it will be a recession. what does that do to the fed and its language? >> this is something that they should have done. could have done a long time ago. they waited until the 11th hour. maybe they should not have been doing it anymore. >> absolutely. now they go up 125 basis points. they take away the 25 basis
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points. >> eight ecb is talking about lowering wages. >> it may start printing out even more money and stimulus. trish: where does that leave us? >> it is a very difficult situation. painting itself into a corner. i do not see them raising rates. what can we do? that is the question. trish: i do not like the thought of it. there are risks that we are now facing as a result. it is something that, you know, maybe traders would like. to use that classic word, mild decoupling.
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my old from oil to the market today. in the past, we saw oil loose. trish: i love it when you geek out on me. [laughter] thank you very much. refugees and border control. serious issues that we are facing. which candidate has the best plan to keep our nation safe? we will have experts weighing in on that. whatever happened to letting kids be kids. many of us enjoyed the snow. towns across entire country has been banning sledding on public land. still ahead. my intel on why this is just another case of government gone wild. i will be back here in two. ♪
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switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. trish: just seven days to go forth of voter caucus in iowa. the battle between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. accusing her of releasing an unprofessional pit man to attack him on slavery reparations. watch this. >> why do you stop short on that issue? >> for the same issue barack obama has and the same reason i believe hillary clinton has.
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absolutely wrong and unacceptable that we have so much poverty in this country. it is even worse than the african-american community. >> answer why you were not in favor of reparations. >> the same reason that the president is not geared we have got to invest in the future. >> invest in the future and not look back in the past. really did not answer that question. of course, it did not bother asking any of that. brad, this is amazing to me. slavery reparations. calming a way to go after bernie sanders. people got out there last weekend started by shinning sanders and his view on slavery
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reparations. is this just total desperation on her part? >> this is what the clintons do. maybe the cottage industry. >> slavery reparations? i would like to share her on record did saying she wants slavery reparations. do you think that this is smart? what is already out there in the media. especially when you see senator sanders coming up with it. quite frankly, not only did he not answer the question, you did something that i feel a candidate should never do. consistently name the name of
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the current president that is not running for reelection. there is a different way to turn it. when he talks about poverty and then he admits that the african-american community, huge numbers, i think he could have answered this. he certainly could talk about how these people, if i were president, you would need to look at something. >> perhaps he was caught a little off court. he also try to turn the stock on her. she starts campaigning more and more in carolina. will we hear her say you need to be given this, that and the other because of our past in america? >> i am not sure that she would. she has such a huge lead on him with minority voters. it would also have to be
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something that she herself has said he had she needs to be able to sell them. the other thing is, she has not come out against them. i believe she feels this way. much more adamant about certainly not favoring reparations. trish: it has to be asked. as for if what a cool strategy, maybe last a couple of days. hillary clinton. do you believe in slavery reparations? yes, that will go to the next leg. i think she could probably take a big him politically. given the limitations in this
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economy. look at what is happening today. they are vampires democrats. is a crime and corruption and dependency? where have they been here and now? it should be about the future. there is no future for these people. that is what they think. let down by the very people that profess to be caring for them. >> this is the law of unintended consequences. we all want to help people. we all share that goal. if you are a single mom living in new hampshire higher, first in the nation, you are getting roughly her dh thousand dollars a year from the government for staying home and not working. people make logical decisions.
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if i have a choice of going to work every day and how i will get the kids to daycare, this, that and the other. you can understand why a lot of women are making the decision to take that check. that handout. nearly $60,000 a year. it is an example of policy meant to do good did actually holding people back. we have seen this throughout the country. chicago being the latest example. how do they spin a new economic usage knowing that their policy has failed? >> benefiting the rich. any legislation you will pass is not going to benefit her.
2:23 pm
whether it is daycare or preschool. all of which they want to cut, they will give some more training or paid education. we will help you. we will help you get off this program. we had former governor and president clinton, not mrs. clinton, husband and democrats come up wanting something that i was in favor of. unless we honestly have, in this country, left and right, able to work together, then how do you have that conversation? >> you are talking about more freebies and more handout. >> well, it is senator sanders. he is doing and continues to do quite well running as a democratic socialist. also, we need free community college. we need free education.
2:24 pm
we need to stop wall street and corporate ownership of politicians. obviously, this resonates with people. not just democrats. they like bernie. they do not like what trump or crews are selling. >> sometimes i think that it also comes down to personality. like bernie's personality. they like his energy. most of their paycheck would be going to the government. thank you so much. all the action getting underway monday night in iowa. fox business has you covered. neil cavuto will be there. right here at 8:00 p.m. eastern. only on fox business. isis ramping up threats across the low. which 2015 candidate has the best plan to keep our country safe? that is next.
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speed isis out with a gruesome new video. terrorist attackers plotting their action of the death of 130 people there. militants beheading and shooting captives prior to the paris attacks. major london sites in the crosshairs. with the world on high alert and the iowa caucuses just one week away, we are asking which candidate really has the best land for our national security. >> we will see the military so big and so strong and so great. it will be so powerful. >> i would on the [bleep] out of
2:29 pm
them. there would be nothing left. getting along very well with vladimir putin. >> why do we always have to do something? very little downside. >> we will have people come in. they are coming in legally. >> he wants less intervention. he says that he supports local forces overseas. no american boots on the ground. it kind of sounds a little like hillary clinton's plan. bernie sanders has other things to focus on the head. >> the biggest threat was climate change. do you still believe that? >> it is directly related to the growth of terrorism. trish: who has this right?
2:30 pm
expert analysis. serving on the white house national security council under president george w. bush and barack obama. good to see both of you guys. do we need troops on the ground right now? >> it has not changed since the wars of the world. it takes a man on the ground holding a weapon. 1000 years ago or whether it is a rifle today. air power is great for one thing. to get top gun and to get dogfights. it prepares the battle space for people with boots taking back the territory that groups like isis have captured. yes, some of these are required. somebody -- trish: you had me there.
2:31 pm
i thought you were going to tell me you were no fan of ted crews plan or rand paul plan. it would advocate for local forces doing the majority of the work here. it does not necessarily matter who. >> i will have to do it. you know that the local actives, the good guys sunnis that are on our side, they will not deploy. this is what i like. senator rubio's ideas. coming out of the arena and ben carson. what we need is to enable local actors by putting our people back down there as advisors. the kurds are not enough. they are not going to do it by themselves.
2:32 pm
it has to be egypt and. jordanians. trish: she is nodding her head in agreement with what you said. when you look at the different plans, i will be honest, all of these candidates have been a little then on detail here, when you look at overall what they are saying, who is it do you think that most has that right? >> it will be rubio and the arena. unfortunately, she has not climbed very high in the polls. they both love putting forth strategic plans. they have the right idea. they have the will. they both demonstrated the commitment. getting isis degraded. eventually defeated in the middle east.
2:33 pm
trish: donald trump saying that he would work with vladimir putin. kt mcfarland, a frequent guest on this program and others here. think about world war ii. she said, you know, maybe we need to be thinking about vladimir putin. i do not think that you are a fan of that. could it work? >> i am not a fan. sometimes you have to work with people you do not like. that is fine. seriously taking on isis. in syria. anywhere else in the world either. a trump, putin anti-isis alliance will get us somewhere. i think that that is just a file
2:34 pm
and see. trish: thank you so much. much more. i hope to see you back in the i hope to see you back in the next seven days. we're going we are going to take a quick break and be right back. ♪ [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. every year, the amount of data your enterprise uses goes up. smart devices are up. cloud is up. analytics is up. seems like everything is up except your budget. introducing comcast business enterprise solutions. with a different kind of network that delivers the bandwidth you need without the high cost.
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trish: the countdown to iowa is on. they would be about in a very tight race. fox news sr. white house correspondent ed amery is live on the campaign trail.
2:38 pm
ed, good to see you. >> trish, so good to see you. bernie sanders continues to gain momentum. wrapping up behind me. here at iowa state in ames. obviously, he is doing very well. nationally, with college students, with young people. free college tuition, initially. gaining a lot of steam. look, it will cost a lot of money. bernie sanders has not spelled out all of the details. she is highlighting and talking about how she would he ready to be commander-in-chief on day one in a dangerous world. you remember the 3:00 a.m. phone calls. it did not work for her. she came in third here at the
2:39 pm
iowa caucuses. a lot of public holing. too close to call in iowa. new hampshire higher shows ernie sanders pulling away. there is still time for hillary clinton to catch up. one last night here in iowa. there was an event where bernie sanders went to the northern part of the state. very small town. had over 2000 people in the town of decorah. driven three hours to get there. minnesota. that is important for both candidates as well. today, we have some breaking news which is in south carolina. now saying he is flipping. he is going with bernie sanders. why is that important?
2:40 pm
iowa and new hampshire higher. stopping the momentum with the clinton firewall. super tuesday and beyond. only one lawmaker. >> this is why they do not support slavery reparations. it should never have been this close. nobody thought it would be. you have a socialist doing well in the live free or die state. >> as well. i think the person, if we can get inside his wind right now would not be president obama, it would be vice president biden. governors, senators, others. everything is going. the endorsements.
2:41 pm
the money. trish: it is done. it is over. >> i have been hearing a lot of whispers from emma kratz. could he run as an independent? sure. very hard to get on balance cause. something happens with hillary clinton. things can change on the floor of the convention. the republican convention, we should point out, donald trump gets it. they have the delegates. there is a rowboat. that would be a more likely scenario. trish: at henry. it is all just so wild. thank you so much. a countdown to iowa.
2:42 pm
make sure you tune into fox business next month. you do not want to miss it. i definitely -- maybe went sledding with your kids. i did. we may be some of the only. all across america. now actually banning sledding on public land. next. my intel on why americans love lawsuits ruining winter for the rest of us. we will be back here in two. ♪
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meanwhile, another job on oil. dragging these markets. more than 5%. energy companies. some of the big lagers here. exxon mobil. about 2%. one of the few bright spots today in the green. up 1.4%. leading all-time highs. blackfish is what you have. the intelligence report will be right back. talking about sledding. ♪
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for the privilege of flying higher and higher, together. ♪ trish: it is a snowstorm for the record books this weekend. did you go sledding? my kids did. i will tell you some of these new york city kids, some of the luckiest. dozens and dozens of towns all across america have banned or restricted sledding, if you can imagine. des moines, iowa, lincoln, nebraska and even syracuse, new york. why are they doing this?
2:48 pm
sledding. it can actually be dangerous. i will admit i got a little nervous. just told the kids to slow down. people do get her. the families of adult and children's awarding millions of dollars in damages. the fear of sledding injuries. not to far greater than the actual risk. 20,000 kids are injured each year sledding. only 4% of those kids were actually hospitalized for the injuries. 300,000 kids. fifteen times as many go to the er for biking injuries as opposed to sledding injuries. here is one more you will see.
2:49 pm
more children are actually injured by following television. we do not try to ban kids from crossing the street, riding in cars, watching tv or even riding their bikes. is it better for kids to be stuck inside playing video games? come on. let kids be kids. sledding after a snowstorm. it is a rite of passage. we have the market trading lower right now. off 100 right now. a lot of concerns about a dreaded recession right now. we will talk about it. i will see you back here in two. ♪ ♪
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>> baseball fans, you do not want to miss tonight's episode of strange inheritance. jamie colby meets a massachusetts woman. the card is 165 years old. predates the civil war. >> oh, my goodness. is this what i think it is? >> short. >> look at the players. 1860. >> a relative of yours is in here? >> i think it is the oldest baseball team in history. it is in brooklyn. >> it has been around for a wild. who knew that they even had cards. >> they were different parts. living in great barrington massachusetts. she really wants to know which
2:54 pm
of the people in the picture is her great, great uncle. must have been a great player. believed to have been on this card. through her and harry tense, when this episode airs tonight, we think that it is possible that someone will recognize the other people in the picture. she will know which was her great, great uncle. >> what a neat moment for her. >> the new and improved, i suppose, since 1860. actually play baseball the way they used to in those days. that is really heavy. >> do we have video of that? >> you can watch. look at the uniforms even. not the most flattering fit, i would have to say. one of the people in that picture.
2:55 pm
this is how he played baseball. >> i am stuck on this. >> they demonstrated for us. >> fantastic. she is so proud of this family heirloom. then she decided a genealogy class would help her learn more about her heritage. it tells an incredible story that we were privileged to tell. >> there are always so many wonderful stories. i love history. i was a history major. i was a u.s. history major. this is part of what you get into. these personal stories. also, parts of our history. >> you are so right. the fascination of president kennedy. our second episodes tonight is
2:56 pm
the tombstone of lee harvey also want. what they should do. it is beautiful. it is a labyrinth. it tells a very sad story of our history. we get to tell it through this inheritance. i do have the best job in television. i love these families. it is a privilege. >> thank you very much. make sure you all tune in tonight to watch a new episode of strange inheritance at 9:00 p.m. eastern. thank you so much. here we are about one hour away. we will talk about it right after this. we will see you right back here. ♪ these are the hands that plow the data,
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. trish: it is a big political week. gop candidates are facing off in their final debate before the iowa caucuses. this thursday, only on fox news. so do not miss it.
3:00 pm
we've got the markets off about 100 points here. big fed meeting coming up this week. investors mulling that over. oil getting hit again today, that's contributing to the downside. only an hour left to go in trading and liz claman is taking it away to walk you through all of it. welcome back! >> are you watching this level? not quite at dow 16,000, struggling to hold the psychological level. we are four, make that three points below it, at 15,996. of course, we're coming off last week's gain of 2016. there's a battle at this hour over whether stocks are still mirroring or in lockstep with moves of oil. traders saying the fact that oil, which settled down, 6% at $30.34 doesn't seem to have the power over your portfolio like it did last week. lining up the tradeers to


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