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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  January 25, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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the east coast is having ripple effects across the country. one airline is under fire making it easy for passengers coming in from mexico, letting them bypass u.s. screening. that's not good. david: manning versus newton. will manning's super bowl experience pay off. [closing bell rings] first, stocks, man, oh, man, whatever happened. wasn't a good day from the get-go but got a lot worse. stocks at session lows. we're about sinking into the close. the dow down over 200 points as bells sound on wall street. this is where we're ending the day. only thing up, gold, flight to safety, melissa. melissa: yeah. there is the culprit crude oil. driving stocks lower. crude ending the day down nearly 6%. phil flynn, price futures group, fox news contributor, standing by at the cme. phil which gave all the gains on
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friday and that tells you a lot when they canned hold on to the gains, right. >> it does. economy is doing well, you can see here. you can say oil driving down the stock market or the stock market is driving down oil but definitely this mood that demand just isn't going to develop. look what happened last week, melissa. we saw a big buildup on the expectations we would see stimulus from mario draghi that we could potentially have demand. of course now what have you done for me lately? we have a big fed meeting this week. we had a ton of demand destruction because of the storm. look at products, they are getting slammed today. distillate inventories down almost 6.7 cents. gasoline down 6.4%. 20% of the country couldn't drive. you didn't fly. over 10,000 flights canceled. demand weakening at a time you need it to perk up. melissa: phil, i filled up the night before the storm.
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i didn't want to be caught off-guard, waiting in line. gas is already cheap. i can only imagine where it is heading now. what do you think? >> i think it will continue to come down. i'm happy you could find your car after the snow. that is the big part. melissa: this is before. >> i know. that is amazing. this is the perfect snowstorm that is weighing down on demand but there is more to it. you will have to look to the federal reserve to bring this market back up. we heard the report from iraq they're pumping record amount of oil. we knew that was coming. we knew iranian oil was coming. it's a question about the demand side. we haven't seen that perk up at all. when you get a story like the storm that hurts demand it looks that much bigger. melissa: phil, can i ask you real quick, what are they trading hine you? i know you can barely hear me? >> the stock market. they're making new lows. this is the s&p 500. they see the lows. they're looking at oil prices. they're driving it down. so we're getting a lot of
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activity. it has been very loud. melissa: phil, appreciate it. that's why i wanted to know what they were so animated about. the market. >> there you go. melissa: david? david: going lower at close. a week until the first votes are cast in the first presidential election donald trump is stilt one to beat. in a new "fox news poll," trump is trouncing ted cruz with double-digit lead in iowa. attacks against the texas senator are getting sharper. peter barnes with all the details. hi, peter. >> from fighting ted cruz, now, over cruz's charges that trump is the establishment candidate in the republican party, to try to fight back in iowa, that new "fox news poll" shows trump pulling away from cruz in rye waa. trump now at 34% up double digits from early january. cruz at 23% and marco rubio at 12%. in a new web cop meshal, trump says he is as anti-establishment
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as you can get the. >> the establishment, the media, the special interest, the lobbiest, the donors they're all against me. i'm self-funding my campaign. i don't owe anybody anything. i only owe it to the american people to do a great job. reporter: tonight trump hold as rally in new hampshire where a new "fox news poll" shows he is maintaining his big lead, double digits once again over his rivals. cruz and rubio stumped in iowa today. >> 177 hours. that is all we've got until the iowa caucuses. all the noise, everything has passed and 177 hours, iowa will speak. >> if you nominate me we will win this election. i will beat hillary clinton and she knows that. that is why she attacks me. that is why she doesn't want to run against me. reporter: in democratic contest in iowa tonight, hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and
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martin o'malley attend a candidate forum in des moines. dave? david: peter barnes, thank you very much. melissa? melissa: ted cruz is picking up a couple of notable endorsements from former texas governor and 2016 candidate rick perry an conservative radio show host glen beck. >> a principled conservative is what we see in senator cruz and i'm, i'm very happy and proud and honored to be able to work on his team. >> i am here to announce that i am officially endorsing ted cruz to become the first hispanic president of the united states. [cheers and applause] the first, first generation president of the united states. the most conservative president of the united states since ronald reagan and the next president of the united states, ted cruz. melissa: every moment counts between now and those first votes in iowa which means there
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is a lot at stake this thursday night when fox news hosts the republican debate live from iowa, starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern. you are not going to want to miss this one. i know i won't. david. david: a lot of fun. meanwhile michael bloomberg is mulling something he told our neil cavuto he would never do. the former new york city mayor is reportedly considering a third party run for president. he is getting mixed reactions on the campaign trail. >> i would love to have michael bloomberg run. i would love that competition. i think i would do very well against it. i would love to see michael bloomberg run. >> the way he said what he said, if i don't get the nomination he might not but so i will relief him of that and said he won't get the nomination. david: charlie gasparino who has the best sources in the world because a couple weeks ago, trump says he wants bloomberg in. that it would be good for trump. do you believe that? >> i could tell you what i reported. it was the day after fox business debate.
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i said, aides to bloomberg are telling people he's really think about doing it. you know, and he's heartened by his internal polling. i have some of the results of the polling if he runs head-to-head with hillary clinton as republican, put out scenarios in private polls. put out private polls are different than public polls. actually cost money. thinner margins of error. so they're important. if he actually runs head-to-head with hillary clinton he beats her if he ran as republican. that's what poll says. in three-way race, beats trump, narrowly loses to hillary. she wins. what results showed that there is a sort of window, a path to victory for bloomberg. by the way the poll was done in december. hillary's unfavorables have gone up since then. so there is a path here. now does donald trump want to run with him in there?
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i don't think a three-way is good for either trump or hillary. you know, they're very polarizing figures and this is a guy that can come in and i don't agree with a lot of his policies but i know he is extremely competent guy, you kind of want his finger on button. >> he is competent but very liberal when it comes to politically correct stuff, social issues. remember -- >> not politically correct stuff. david: hold on, we have a fox poll, 15% of republicans say they would never vote for donald trump. could bloomberg rely on at least this percent of the republican vote? >> maybe. but i want to point something out to you as someone covered bloomberg. he is not that politically correct. listen he is liberal on certain things. kind of a nanny state guy. david: that is what i was referring to. >> butlyally correct he implement and pushed stop and terrific -- frisk. one of the least politically
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correct police procedures. crime went down. david: he is riding on rudy's coattails? >> he was very good on school choice. appointed joe klein as schools chancellor, really forward-looking guy. david: they're giving me a wrap but wouldn't this help bernie? could say two billionaires over here here, bloomberg and trump. you have me over here, i'm guy that doesn't represent billionaires? >> except the real far left people are not hung up on billionaires. they're hung up on policy and positions. michael bloomberg is kind after centrist guy on these things. david: everybody wants to be a billionaire. i know i do. melissa? melissa: sarah palin's future with the donald trump campaign. the billionaire speaking out what the rest of the election cycle holds for the former governor. >> are we going to see sarah palin campaign with you beyond iowa? >> i think so, yes. i would like to have her do that she is very supportive person.
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she is very, very loyal person and i think the answer is yes. melissa: be sure to catch maria bartiromo's full interview with donald trump tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. david: more on that storm over the weekened. massive blizzard, paralyzing the east coast, shutting down the u.s. government. not everybody thinks that is a bad thing. federal, state, offices closed in the nation's capitol. d.c. will seek funding from fema to help pay for the snow cleanup. i thought they were all part of the same mix. at any rate, blake burman in washington, d.c. with the very latest. blake? reporter: now the story in washington, d.c. is about the cleanup. believe it or not because of some good weather, sunshine out, it feels like some of the snow has actually melted but as you can see here there is still a massive effort underway to get the city up and running once again. i was told by somebody within the city administrator's office, just in d.c. alone there are 800 pieces of equipment out on the
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streets trying to clean everything up. some 5500 tons of salt at that have been used. that doesn't include what is going on by private business, homeowners, people who live in condos, apartment, et cetera. the mayor, muriel bowser, held a news conference earlier today. she warned there is still a very long way to go yet. >> we knew we would have 24 inches of snow in the district and very cold temperatures throughout the week. several days of cleanup ahead of us. we know that we're going to be dealing with snow all of this week. reporter: the other part of the story is what is going on at the airports. they were shut down for the better part of two days. flight cancellations are still severe though today as these airlines start to get back online at dulles. some 250 cancellations into and out of that airport today. over at reagan national, much closer to us here, about 200 cancellations in and out. bwi, baltimore, about 125.
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metro service, our you know ground subway system is just starting to get online, up and running again. this is north capitol. a major thoroughfare to the capitol. this normally is slammed on and mo. as you can see, looks like a weekend. we'll send it back to you in new york. david: blake, thank you very much. melissa. melissa: the snow is over for now but flights are still being canceled across the country. fox business's jeff flock at o'hare international airport in chicago with the latest. jeff, how is it going there if. reporter: if you look at the board, melissa, you see a lot of these. the newark flights for example, late inbound crew. awaiting aircraft. it is repositioning equipment. that led to cancellations and a lot of delays. put numbers up, latest ones from flightaware, cancellations approaching 1600 for today alone. delays over 1300. back of the napkin
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>> there are a burn much things to fight terrorism. when i look at it really carefully. i say, on balance this is the something that we need to do. to keep us safe. melissa: former republican presidential candidate says the issues doing hillary clinton will force an outsider to jump into the race. hear who he says may be the democrats white knight. it will surprise you i people miss. hands on. if they could ever catch you.
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melissa: three candidates competing for presidential nomination in spotlight answering questions in iowa today. this with just a week to go before the state's caucus. and that is where we find fox news's ed henry with the latest on how democratic candidates are strategizing ahead of the big day. ed? >> melissa, what is fascinating that momentum continues to build for bernie sanders. the democratic socialist senator is out here at iowa state. part of the reason why he is surging is he getting young people involved, excited, hoping for him that they will turn out a week from tonight for the caucuses. remember, that is a key part of the obama coalition. both he and secretary clinton and as well as martin o'malley he is much lower in the polls still in the race. they're not in debate. they appear back-to-back-to-back
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but not head on. hillary clinton her strategy continues to be, look i have more experience to be commander-in-chief in very dangerous world starting on day one where bernie sanders espoused foreign policy positions as normalizing relations with iran drawn fire from the clinton camp. the other thing clinton is touting that electability, that a democratic socialist could not win against someone like donald trump for example. sanders has been out here on the trail holding up poll numbers, suggesting in hypothetical match ups he would do better against donald trump than hillary clinton would because he would get more progressives to fire up, turn out the base on the left side. interesting, bottom line right now is, we've seen sanders taking a double digit lead in new hampshire whereas hillary clinton has had a steady lead here in iowa but bernie sanders has cut that it is essentially a dead-heat in several polls that have come out recently. and so, look, it will be all about ground game here in iowa,
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one week from tonight. and i think the clinton camp is hoping that they have a firewall when this race goes beyond iowa and new hampshire, states like nevada, south carolina, particularly african-american vote in the south, but final point i make for you, today a young african-american law maker in south carolina who had previously endorsed hillary clinton said he is changing his mind and he has flipped to bernie sanders because he has gotten to know him more. he knows more about his positions. he wants to go with him. one lawmaker. but sanders camp hopes there is mow momentum in the south. melissa: clinton embracing idea as experienced candidate could come in on lead on day one that sounds a lot like d.c. establishment which voters are against this time around. cuts both ways with that strategy. >> sounds like 2008. 2008 as well. barack obama pushed back. melissa: they don't want that. thanks so much, david. david: fascinating stuff.
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a week away from iowa. before that we have another debate. stay tuned to fox business. we'll release democratic side of the fox news, national, iowa and new hampshire caucus primary polls. if you want to know what is happening with the dems, stay tuned with fbn. 6:00 p.m. tonight we'll release the polls. no sanctions, no problems. iran's president is ready to do business with europe. why one official says, quote it is just the beginning. also exodus at twitter. what the resolving door there means for company and it is stock value. that is coming up. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪
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you owned your car for four years, you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs...
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you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls, and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. david: the islamic state releasing a sickening new propaganda video which claims to show village of the militants who carried out the november 13th attacks. all nine in the video were killed during the attacks or aftermath. also the extent planning that
4:26 pm
went into the atrocities in paris. a new video thought to be a recruiting tool to rally other extremists and terrorists to join isis. melissa. melissa: here to weigh in on terrorism is terrorist national security expert rich. rich, let me ask you. what strikes you as significant about either the timing or the content of this video? >> well, we've got to remember the video is a weapon for isis. it's a force multiplier. it's a way for them to recruit both people and money for their operations. but also a way to inflict another wave of terror. beheading people also london landmarks including st. paul's cathedral. exact same thing we saw years before in al-qaeda where they attacked the world trade center as targets, legitimate targets. so putting this attack in our mind and i think what the obama administration should be doing is putting the national
4:27 pm
security team and legal team to see if there's any way to keep this off the airwaves and there might be a direct ban to violate the first amendment. but without the proper release forms being signed. without giving the life rights, obviously that's a violation of -- >> yeah. that seems like a real waste of time. breaking tons of laws. they're killing people. >> right. it's the -- >> this video -- >> well, they're certainly not going to observe the laws. but the television networks in western europe and united states, they are law-abiding corporations and they would have to follow the law. you keep the video off television. you deny isis a powerful weapon. >> yeah. i don't know. there's always the internet. i'm not sure about that. meanwhile let me play for you. this really struck me. this was george bush back in 2007 describing basically what's going on right now. listen to this. >> would allow terrorists to operate with a safe haven with access to the world's third largest oil reserves.
4:28 pm
failure would increase the probability that at some later date american troops would have to return to iraq to confront an enemy more dangerous and more entrenched. failure iraq would send an unmistakable signal to america's enemies that our country can be bullied into retreat. melissa: i mean this words seem prescient now, especially as the president goes on sunday morning television this weekend saying ends better a lot of the things that george bush did and some of the things that we have to do to keep the country safe. what's behind all of this do you think? what's his motivation? >> i think it's surprising how much president obama is willing to admit that he's a lot in the last few years. he said on television just this past sunday that some of the decisions he criticizes as a candidate, he now understands as a president. but also listen to what bush is saying. we know what isis is using -- captured oil reserves to make millions of dollars. to finance. the tax against
4:29 pm
the west. and to wage its civil war in syria that has displaced more than 3 million people and killed more than 200,000. obviously some sayer strikes are needed against those oil facilities and turkey our nato ally needs to cut off its trade with isis, which is fueling them with money. but listening to that video that you just showed, it's amazing how precedent the former president was. melissa: and even though obama says he appreciates some of the things better now, it doesn't seem like he's changing his tactic. and you listen to president bush say in 2007 if they left iraq, they would use it as a safe haven to retrench and get stronger. that's exactly what they've done and even if president obama appreciates, it doesn't seem he's doing much about it. i don't know if he will before the end of his time. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. melissa: the unstoppable trump. saying his campaign is so successful, he can do just about anything. >> i could stand in the middle
4:30 pm
of fifth avenue and shoot somebody, and i wouldn't lose any voters. okay? it's incredible. david: we report. you decide. meanwhile one basketball team is too good to play. would y their talents are being bounced off the court. this one's going to make you mad. that's coming up next ♪ lots of vitamins a&c, and, only 50 calories a serving... good morning, indeed. v8. veggies for all.
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melissa: could donal donald trump's unconventional campaign be unstoppable? the republican front unrer hard hitting attacks seem to
4:34 pm
propel higher in the early voting states of iowa and new hampshire. here to weigh in is kevin paul scott institute founder and author of 8 essential exchanges and chris, former aid to senator chuck schumer. gentlemen, thanks for joining us. kevin, i don't know when we've seen someone go out and dominate and stay in the lead like this for so long. is there anything that can happen? because now we're hearing so many people have heard the phrase run the table. i keep hearing that on every network. run the table. do you believe that and could anything derail him? >> well, it certainly seems there's an air of inevitability around donald trump right now. if he's to win iowa, i think you could see him run the table. right now the more outlandish things he says while he turns off a small fraction of people, it just seems he gains more and more supporters. so at this point it's tough to see something that really takes donald trump off track. melissa: yeah. >> unless it's just a colessing of all the competition against him. melissa: chris, one thing i love about iowa.
4:35 pm
so a third of voters said in this poll, they can still change their mind. >> yeah. melissa: they want to make sure that you don't really count on them and you're still sitting there recording them right up to the last second. >> it's amazing to me. but that said, most of trump's voters, about 70% of them have made up their mind. so they don't have to make up their mind to go with ted cruz, who is in second place. although ted cruz has got a phenomenon organization in iowa. so i'm not counting them out just yet. but with that said, what donald trump said about going out there and shooting somebody and no one leaving his support, seems about right right now. i have to tell you, melissa, i've been wrong about donald trump since the very beginning. the guy is an entertainer, and they are disintegrated and probably going to be disintegrated for a very long time. melissa: and not spending money. so really turned everything with his head on this. let me move on. vice president biden may have closed the door on his presidential run but a former
4:36 pm
candidate think so it's still a possibility. says hillary's e-mail scandal could bring in new players in the democratic side. a lot of people saying this. along with vice president biden he's also eyeing secretary john kerry and governor gary brown from california. chris, i'll let you start with this since you're the democrat here. this is the idea that if hillary is knocked out by this scandal and there's the footsteps behind her have grown louder. >> right. melissa: that they're not going to just let bernie sanders hang out there by himself. they're going to rush in with some other democrat. what do you think about that? >> well, one i don't think the scandal is going to take her down. but let's say for the moment it does. i do believe there are many other democrats besides bernie sanders. and let's say hillary clinton wins the nomination and then gets into trouble. at the convention should she withdrawal, there are plenty of democrats in this country, gerri brown would be a fantastic one. the fact we don't talk about
4:37 pm
him says something about our society that we have ageism. melissa: isn't that what the problem is? no, inning say that. >> he's a lunatic incredibly well. he does very well. but joe biden and others, i think there's plenty of people out there. melissa: yeah, i don't think they have any water right now because of some little smelt that they were trying to save. so i'm not sure i would point to california as the panacea -- >> well, melissa. melissa: i led you off topic there. i forgive that. let me bring kevin back in here. what do you think of this idea because bernie sanders people would be pretty angry if they got all the way through the process, she's out for some reason, and the democrats decide he's not good enough, and they spring somebody else in. i personally think it would be biden before it would be moonbeam out there in california. >> well, i would agree with that. but the reality is it's not going to happen. the democrats have made their bed, now they're going to lie in it. none of these people, not joe biden, not gerri brown, none of them wanted to run. they paved the way for hillary clinton and now, now she's in trouble, they're going to have to deal with it.
4:38 pm
their own only is if sanders is the nominee. they're going to be cheering for michael bloomberg, the independent that comes in and saves this thing. >> she's not in trouble. she's not in trouble. melissa: i'm going to save this tape, chris, and we'll see what happens. >> okay. absolutely. definitely. melissa: a lot of fun. thank you. david: all right. well, meanwhile a big shapeup in silicon valley. twitter ceo jack dorsey announcing that four executives are leaving the social media giant. marking the biggest shakeup since dorsey returned as ceo. deirdre bolton joining us now. >> well, founder better have his recruiting hat on. he needs to pull in top management talent and very quickly. you said it, david. four top executives are leaving. and if you look at twitter stock price, it is really getting hurt. closing lower today. down around 50% over the past 52 weeks. so actually trading below its ipo price. that is to say below the price at which twitter was brought public.
4:39 pm
so more importantly, twitter is just really facing a kind of identity crisis. a user crisis. it has about 300 million users. and if you just look at instagram, which of course facebook bought. something like 400 million users. so if you're going for short, sweet, and snappy, you have instagram, you have snapchat, you have twitter, so you need bigger -- i don't know bigger hats in certain desks but also just more users. david: okay. they've got to monetize it better, though, to get the stock price up. deirdre, thank you very much. we'll see you at the top of the hour for risk and reward. melissa. melissa: strange inheritance one of my favorite shows returns tonight with two all new episodes. jamie colby brings us the amazing story of a massachusetts woman who inherits the oldest known team baseball card in existence. here's a sample of the story. >> oh, my goodness. is this what i think it is? may i touch it? >> sure. >> look at the players. 1860. >> before the civil war. >> did. melissa: and a relative is in here? >> my great, great uncle.
4:40 pm
>> who were the brooklyn atlantaics. >> i think it's the oldest baseball team in history. melissa: joining us with more of what we can expect in tonight's episode. i love the uniforms that they were wearing. the success of your show brought out better and better stories. >> thank you. melissa: it's incredible. >> it's an adventure every day at work and this one in particular because i didn't know that baseball existed before the civil war. and that this team existed and that there's a team that mirrors how they played that still exists today. the brooklyn atlantaics, and they let me go out and play with them. but a lovely woman who lives in massachusetts who cherished this family heirloom and wanted to learn more. off she went to a genealogy class only to learn that her great uncle was a very accomplished baseball player
4:41 pm
led his team. she just doesn't know which one she's in the picture hoping that when we air the episode, it is possible, other people may recognize the relative and by process of elimination, we may find out. but she decided after it had been in her family for over 100 years to sell at auction, she does very well. you'll see tonight. and she's able to pay off a mortgage she has to take in order to rebuild her home, reconfigure it to take care of her aging parents. it's almost a wash. like, it's the perfect amount of money for her. so that had a very happy ending. and then we go back to dallas to reexamine the assassination of kennedy. a tough topic to tackle, especially when the inheritance is left knee harvey oswald's tombstone. it is called strange inheritance. melissa: yeah, strange is right. thank you very much. look forward to it. david: incredible stories. meanwhile iran is open for business, and it wants some help from the pope.
4:42 pm
the president of iran is setting stage for a european meeting tomorrow. meanwhile the crisis in flint, michigan is getting worse. the attorney general of the state has an alarming warning for parents. >> i was certainly would not bathe a newborn child or young infant in that bad water. and if you can't drink the bad water, you shouldn't pay for it. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at
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thcompetition, it's protecting buscustomer trust.not every day you read headlines about governments and businesses being hacked, emails compromised, and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime, and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to investigate and fight cyber crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information, so we can track down the criminals. using our advanced analytics tools, analysis that used to take days to run, we can now see in real time. and we're
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building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. our passion is making life tougher for cyber criminals, and making it safer for you and your customers. david: well, fresh off sanctions and eager for foreign investment, president begins a four-day european visit. first off where he's going to meet with pope francis. also a member of the house foreign affairs committee. let's first talk about business in europe. i don't trust either the europeans or the iranians comes to business, by the way. i assume, you know, no matter what the iranians do, the europeans now are going to continue to do business with them; correct? >> that's correct.
4:46 pm
first but i do want to thank god the hostages are home from iran and safe with their families. but, yeah, you're exactly right. this is a dangerous situation. and, unfortunately, this administration has opened the door for iran to do this, to negotiate contract and negotiate business deals. let alone the terrorist issues that are going on. this frightens me. melissa: and the idea that there could be a snap back, which the president talked about when he was selling the deal. it's ridiculous. we might snap back a little but the europeanians aren't going to snap back at all, are they? >> no. first of all, you know, this is -- this he can give the farm away, end up empty handed and then he tells the american people that we can declare victory? this president doesn't care about foreign affairs, it's
4:47 pm
unusual or inept, and i think it's all three. charles: by the way, what's the visit with the pope about? >> well, the pope is pushing social issues. i'm a catholic this is an attempt by the president to push those social issues. but i think the pope, he's his own man. he's going to stand up and address the issues not only with president obama when they meet but also with the president of other countries if that's going to happen. and particularly the dictator from iran that when is he going to stop funding terrorism and stop killing people? david: well, he's in a snake pit for that one. but first we have this new video that came out and this is kind of alarming to say the least. we had the british prime minister david cameron in the crosshairs. it looks like they're targeting him specifically. now, a lot of these videos do
4:48 pm
prestage hits, terrorist hits. are you concerned about this? >> yeah. absolutely i'm concerned worldwide. i'm concerned what could take place here in the united states. i'm tender what could happen with our allies, israel, i support israel very much. but here's what we have to concentrate on. we have to kill them all. we have to kill everyone in isis as many and as quickly as possible. david: congressman, thank you very much for being here. we appreciate it. melissa. melissa: few other stories on our radar right now. new warnings for residents suffering from water contamination in flint, michigan. the state attorney general now telling parents to keep their kids far away. he adds that the water is so unsafe that he would quote certainly not bathe a newborn or infant in flint water. can you imagine? authorities are still attempting to figure out how three prisoners escaped from orange county men's correctional central jail, which is maximum security. police are struggling to put
4:49 pm
the pieces together of how the escapees were provided tools to cut through the walls and tunnels. the escape had gone unnoticed, by the way, for 16 hours. and living up his reputation as america's cheapskate. says $70,000 worth of products was stolen from the cheese truck this weekend. this comes after a similar theft of $90,000 of cheese. my question is what does that much cheese look like? david: and how soon is it going to smell awful? police don't have to do much. and football's biggest night. what to expect when peyton manning takes on cam newton
4:50 pm
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david: the match up for super bowl 50 is set, peyton manning and broncos took down tom brady's patriots. and cam newton and panthers destroy the cardinals, vegas odds favor the panthers, old-timers, are rooting for peyton manning, who at 39 will be oldest quarterback ever to play in a super bowl. jason smith and jtthe brick joining us, this is like rocky, coming back to rise to the occasion, will he, could he? >> he could, this is the greatest movie script that i've seen, do you think that john elway winning two super bowls at the end of his career is big? this is nothing. this is a disney movie ski script.
4:54 pm
i have seen this movie before. nothing is getting in the way of peyton manning. david: elway, was with broncos, he was 38, he won the final game, preceding year as well. would this eclipse that and why. >>, of course, it would, peyton manning would have won two, with two different teams in his legend would be secure, we look at peyton now, say, he is great, but he really chokes in the play-offs, and needs to win more, he wins this and goes out? he fixes his reputation. david: but we have to face reality, cam newton, he is on. it is possible if he is playing as well as he did yesterday, peyton stands a chance against him. >> absolutely, cam newton could not play any better, he will get the mvp award, the defense is loaded irk like denver, he is more athletic,
4:55 pm
if he runs football with two rushing touchdowns in the super bowl that would be difference. but peyton manning is too smart. this is the end of his career. i think they will build a game plan around him to manage the game and win super bowl 50. david: let's not guess credit the rest -- not discredit the rest of the broncos, their defensive line destroyed brady yesterday. >> that is what people are overlooking, no disrespect to seattle and arizona defense, they are like rubio and cruz, to trump. i am trying to figure out a way to get bernie sanders in there. david: we can't bridge bernie sanders in. j.t. the defense of broncos is the fastest i have seen, they are on the quarter pack before the quarterback bees what happened. >> demarcus, in secondary to
4:56 pm
von miller and the way he play ised yesterday. it denver wins the super bowl it will be based on defense. who is going to step in front of peyton manning, he knocked out boston, all of new england, tom brady he did the world's favor. david: stop drooling on camera. j.t. and jason thank you, it will be an exciting game. melissa: without question. calling foul, why one basketball team is getting the boot for being too good at the sport. >> this is absurd, they win games, that is appropriate. i've smoked a lot
4:57 pm
and quit a lot, but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq.
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4:59 pm
melissa: too good to play, a girl's basketball team is being ejected from a youth league for being too good. david: the minnesota team was put on sidelines just because other teams in the like want to play them because of their
5:00 pm
quote, skill level. it's not fair. melissa: i mean it school sports. david: but it's not fair. melissa: maybe a tougher league. david: the search for excellence is what we're interested in. "risk & reward" is now.. >> if i can win iowa, i'm telling you we're going to run the table. it is going to be important. i want you to do what is right, i want you to go for the person eubut i believe it is important, have you not had a winner in so long. you will have a winner, i give you my word, you are going to have a winner, we're going to make cu our country so good. deirdre: brand-new fox news poll shows donald trump surging in key states, a week before the caucus in iowa, this is risk


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