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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  January 26, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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have both of you here. thanks for joining us. ed rollins, k.t. mcfarland among our guests tomorrow. [♪] kennedy: welcome to it! i'm watching hillary clinton get slapped once again by one of the bird flapping around on her behalf. lena dunham is putting her foot in her mouth. here is the girl tar holding court, pitching, whining and complaining about hillary's gender treatment. >> the way hillary clinton is being talked about in the media is so rapidly sexist. kennedy: you interviewed her. does that mean you are sexist? if not, then you just necessity
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gate your own tape. or how do we fix it. >> i literally want to make a list to media outlets, niece are the word you cannot use when describing a female candidate. shrill, frumpy, difficult, plastic. kennedy: a writer is defining words she find sexist. how is she going to enforce it? someone who calls hillary clinton inaccessible will face more jail time than hillary herself. len lena goes on. kennedy: who is disallowing you this power? some soul controlling warlock? has she not heard republican
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candidates criticizing each other's appearance? hillary was based my new favorite question. >> i heard from quite a few people my age that they think you are dishonest. but would i like to hear from you on why you feel the enthusiasm isn't there. >> look, i have been around a long time. people have thrown all kind of things at me. i can't keep with it. i just keep going forward. they fall by the wayside. they come cup with outlandish thing, i just keep going forward because there is nothing to it. kennedy: you are a lying old shark with no self-awareness who just keeps swimming. that's no justification. that's an explanation for why people hate you. black voters have abandoned her in the last few months by 1%. she is feeling falsely confident.
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more millennials and black voters are feeling the burn. isis is using fake passports and they are not using them for under aged drinking. judge napolitano joins me with the latest on the email scandal. and dominic monahan from "lord of the rings is here. we are all thinking about hobbits. hillary clinton has dropped below 50 percentage points. democratic primary voters now support clinton. look at bernie sanders, 37% and martin o'malley is meaningless. sanders is within striking distance in iowa.
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will you lena dunn happen is on the case. -- lena dunham is on the case. we have national review writer charles cook. welcome, everyone. charles has agreed to share his beard so we have plenty of fair hair to go around. joe, i'm going start with you. has she not been paying attention, lena dunham, that is. those guys have been cruzifying each other. rand palms hair. marco rubio's booties. it's been endless. >> not just the candidates against themselves but a lot of the media against trump and cruz and a bunch of candidates. when you are running for
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president, these things are going to happen. people are going to criticize you. i think it's great that women are also being criticized. it means we are equal. >> she is used to it. she has taken criticism for years and years. she is also not the only woman in the race. who is more annoying lena dunn happen or hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton for sure because they will have more power over our lives. what is crazy is inaccessible. hillary clinton is inaccessible. she said during the debate she has done nothing wrong with her emails. she did not use an error in judgment. she was putting her work emails in an inaccessible location so the rest of us cannot file
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freedom of information requests to see what she was writing about. kennedy: and she was also willingly taking classified stuff and cutting a franken part in it and putting it on an open system which is a no-no. you are a political animal and i want to feed the beast. she dipped below 50%. she had a rebound from this last summer where she also dipped. will she recover before the primaries? >> i think she'll recover during the primaries. bernie sanders may do well in the first few stages. the problem for bernie sanders is there are a lot of places in this country where he's not going to be popular. having said that, there is a panic in the clinton camp. last time she has a fire wall in south carolina. obama won iowa and the next day as one of her fans put it, the
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bottom fell out. kennedy: the fire wall in south carolina is black voters. and they issued their support is eroding. like said, 17 percentage point drop since december. >> the black female voter as a percentage of their population, they are the most enthusiastic voters for barack obama. so can hillary clinton rally black female voters? they are overrepresented in the female population. kennedy: let's switch to ted cruz. he released a new attack ad against donald trump in the final sprint to the iowa caucuses. >> what does trump think about iowa? >> how stupid are the people of iowa? >> donald trump, new york values, not ours. >> my view ofs are a little bit different than if i lived in
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iowa. kennedy: trump has passed the 340 percentage mark. however, trump is on top of the latest iowa fox poll and latest quinnipiac poll is basically a tie. cruz 29 percentage points. has cruz's moment passed? >> the new york values, all of that press around that. i'm over it. get a more creative ad. there are other wonderful states as well. if this is the national hockey team. see you what is the forward scoring the points. but so is new york, the enforcer in body checking people left and right. it's good for the team of and for entertainment. kennedy: new york is the goon and what would hockey be without a few skirmishes? are you surprised cruz hasn't gotten a little bit more creative?
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>> he's trying to win iowa. if donald trump wins iowa it will be a pretty boring republican race. iowa has always been run by social conservatives. rick santorum came out of semi nowhere to win the in 2012. so ted cruz is basing it all there. that ad is clever in that it shows donald trump dissing iowa give name. kennedy: the "national review" published an anti-trump edition. what do you think of that? kennedy: jeb bush released a series of ads using donald trump's words against him. it hurt jeb bush. he has been a disaster. but there haven't been that's ads. you would need more than usual
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to counter the a. media attention donald trump is getting. although i don't particularly like the new york val use attack. i think point out the stupid things he has said and pointing out the facts that the man is a charlatan is necessary and it's come a bit late. finally we thought it was right point out, this is not just me or jonah or in particular a portion of the party or movement. it's a bunch of people across the spectrum. there is a deep-seeded aversion to not winning a majority of one party. kennedy: does that combine to make up the establishment? >> i think the establishment has become malleable. what does it actually mean? kennedy: what does it mean? >> i don't know anymore. "national review" has been
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around for a long time. but i'm far more libertarian and consistent than donald trump is. i don't think a man who inherited $40 million of his father's money if not more and built a real estate empire that hasn't done any better than the stock market where i, a guy who came over four years ago as an intern can be seen in the same way. i just need that $40 million from my dad. kennedy: give something to the kid, charles. so much more with the party panel coming up. make sure you have watch the last republican debate thursday at 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. those times are eastern on the fox news channel. bernie sanders confirms he will raise taxes if he's elected president. at least he's honest about rifling through your wallet.
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a video surfaced that might spell big trouble with a capital u.
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kennedy: bernie sanders went full pinko drenching his fellow lefties in red hot socialism and he revealed how he will pay for everything. >> we'll raise tax, yes, we'll. but let us be clear, chris.
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there is a little bit of disingenuity out there. we may raise taxes, but we are also going to eliminate private health insurance premiums for individuals and for business. kennedy: oh, thank god. matt welch and charles cook. let's discuss this. the gnat. it's pretty simple. all you have to do is raise taxes, provide services and people save money. >> the math doesn't add up at all on this. it's not just national review and cato that said this. even the new republic. bernie sanders at one level is being more interest electric actually honest than hillary clinton, not that he dock what he says he's going to do. but if there is to be a bigger federal government taxes will have to go up, not just for rich people, but for everyone. the middle class.
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one of the big lies progressives tell is that we can have all these services and middle class people won't have to pay extra taxes like they do in the u.k. and france. they will. kennedy: he says in the long run it will save us money. >> americans don't like long term. if we did more of us would have savings accounts. 62% of americans have less than $1,000 in the bank. kennedy: how about investigating the free market. maybe we'll find some better cheaper insurance than what the government providing. but it's democratic socialism. that's totally different than regular socialism. it's like decaf socialism. let's imagine what we have already. this is pre-sanders revolution.
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we have according to the congressional budget office. we'll have trillion dollar debts in the next five years. the outlook is horrendous in this country. it is going like this debt and deficits as far as the eye can see if we had republicans controlling both houses of the congress and doing all the crap they are doing. put bernie sanders in charge of that. barack obama when he came to office said if we don'tific these entitlements his presidency will be a failure. kennedy: but he totally fixed the entitlements. and the debt it's like nothing now. >> which barack obama called a threat to america. it's un-american. now it's $19 trillion? >> if you get to a certain level and we passed it a long time ago, it puts a permanent drag on the economy.
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and if you don't have an economy doing good things, you can't have all these delicious things. >> i remember ... kennedy: michael bloomberg reportedly willing to spend up to a billion of his own money to run for president. a potentially intriple hear it inning video for hillary clinton surfaced as the email scandal continues to grow. judge napolitano is here with the latest. the biggest challenge for business today is not competition, it's protecting customer trust. every day you read headlines about governments and businesses being hacked, emails compromised, and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime, and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit
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we run on quickbooks.that's how we own it.
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kennedy: a recently surfaced video from 2013, a diplomat in the state department suggesting hillary clinton and her aides shared information on her server
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that would normally be left to secured systems. >> now we have blackberries and it changed the way diplomacy was done. things appear on your blackberry that would never be on an unclassified system. but you are out traveling trying to negotiate something. hillary clinton us unapologetic. >> are you willing to say it was an error in judgment? >> no, nothing i did was wrong. it was not in any way prohibited. kennedy: the f.b.i. will figure that one out. now we'll throw it to our senior judicial analyst judge napolitano. did she confirm hillary clinton committed a crime? judge napolitano: yes, she and miss herman were exchanging information on blackberries. if they thanked used government issued secured black were yet is
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obviously that's not a crime. but mrs. clinton refused her government-issued blackberry and direct one of her staff to buy one off the shelf and connect it to the clinton server. kennedy: whoever goes to best buy and buys a blackberry and she is not allowed to use this blackberry on the floor at the state department. judge napolitano: this has given the f.b.i. yet another area to investigate. it's curious as to why she rejected the government black werive. she didn't want transparency, and she wanted to recreate history, to rewrite her four years of secretary of state to facilitate her entry into the white house. kennedy: delete the parts of
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history that were dam inning to her. that's the point. it wasn't convenience, it was obviously control. where does this one rate in the list of damning morsels for you? judge napolitano: the presence of a special access program known by its initials s.a.p. on her email server which was released about four or five days ago. this is among the four subparts of top secret, the most sensitive. an example of this would be the idea -- the identification of a mole, a person working as a spy for two governments that are adverse to each other. the mole's american handler. secret codes needed to access secret programs. the existence of black ops. illegal programs the government sponsors. kennedy: the location of an
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ambassador and his security detail? >> yes, particularly if he happens to be in libya. it doesn't matter if she was actually hacked. it's not necessary for this information to fall in the hand of wrongdoers to constitute the crime. the crime is the failure to safeguard state secrets. putting it on a server in your husband's barn is a crime. she claims she is hopelessly inept with technology. kennedy: there were revelations she had her under link ununder*t and paste. >> i say that in a none-per overtough way.
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she had an hour-long briefing from two f.b.i. agents who explained to her the law and procedures and the lawful requirements for safe guarding state secret. and she signed an oath under penalty of perjury complying with those procedures. she violated them completely. the oath is absolute. if you negligently violate it, you still commit the crime. kennedy: will we see justice in this case? there is so much we don't know that the fine knows. thank you so much, judge. the. kennedy: dominic monahan coming up from "lord of the rings." move over moon walking wind funnels. it's going to be so good.
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kennedy: there is a pot at the end of the rainbow. after you bound and gagged that feisty remember r -- remember r. did you know there is such a thing as indoor skydiving and there is a whole set of games built around it? watch this. it is an amazing display. the elegance of ballet with the majesty of flight. this is dance and athletics for when we gaze point wind dance. we must think truly man is not a rising a perks, but a stooping angel. then we think what does leo's dog look like? just a bad joke.
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topic number two. being a flat earther, given all the evidence in the known world it' pretty egregious. rapper b.o.b., you know who he is. he knows a thing or two about astronomy and biology. by that i mean he's delight any ignorant about proven and disprovable things. he's so convinced the earth is flat he has taken to twitter in anger. he says a lot of people are turned off by the phrase flat earth. but there is no way you can see all the imagery and evidence and not know. grow up. he tweeted no matter how high you are in elevation, the horizon is always eye level.
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b.o.b., it's not the elevation that's high, it's you. he thinks coates cause aids and you can get pregnant by kissing a toilet seat. drone racing is a new sport and some hope it will overtake nascar in terms of popularity. take a gander it many exciting. beautiful. if you glue razors, you can probably mow your lawn with it. wait a minute. drone racing seems like a high-tech reboost something i have already seen before. that was it. topic number 4. take a look at this picture of a
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sloth that has gone viral. he's smiling. that le their thick tree moth is clinging to a traffic barrier in ecuador as a transit authority person prepares to rescue him. sloths may be slow but they are very clever and super good at hiding. he's cling on for dear life. see if you can spot the sloth in these wildlife photos. how about this one. there is the sloth. how about now? oh, which one is it? that is adorable. did you know taupe shillues are endangered. last year when joanne tried to pet it it attacked her.
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topic number 5. the blizzards not on brought out this viral delight ... it also brought out a one-man milk loving army milkshake man. he has an obsession with creamy tete juice. he has a passion for selling his nature's white drink. >> we are telling people once you finish, once they finish shoveling their parents' driveway, drink a glass of milk because their bodies need the protein to make the body good. kennedy: sounds like he was having a few white russians before that interview.
8:35 pm
here he is trying to exit the interview wearing his new christmas snowshoes. >> careful, milkshake. that is one dedicated government employee. kennedy: he's a government employee? gross. he needs to be fired. where is a good sequester when you need one. if you have weird stories you want to see. and thank you, guys for sending me milkshake man and the panda. also finds me on instagram. coming up, president obama jumps into the middle of a gop civil war. we'll tell you have what he said. he isis apparently has its own fake passport industry. we'll have some startling revelations. don't travel ever again. with creative new business incentives,
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kennedy: the former new york mayor and possible elf is considering a possible run using billions of his own dollars. >> our initial response was i thought we already had one liberal billionaire the race. but i think represents something that is foreign to what i believe in. he represents sort of the nanny state. kennedy: does he ever. we don't need no stinkin nanny. donald trump also weighed in. >> i would love to have him in. i think i would beat him easily. bloomberg is the worst. kennedy: look at those two. it's orparty panel. they are back.
8:40 pm
matt welch and charles cook. bloomberg wants to spend a billion of his own dollars. is it too little too late? >> he's also ghastly. he's a gun-grabbing, salt-banning nag. kennedy: sugar hating, pot hating. >> he's a nag. worse than being a nag. he's a guy who doesn't respect anyone else's views. when you watch him interviewed. when you watch him put up against somebody who disagrees with him. his response is not i disagree for these reasons. it's so shall we get serious as if there is only one view in the world.
8:41 pm
>> also he's going humiliate himself if he runs. there is a big no-fly zone for republicans because it's the biggest gun controller in the country. that's a big issue for many republican conservatives. and he's mr. stop and frisk. those things are important to both sides as is winning. so he's going to spends a lot of his money to find out his new york values are terrible and people don't want them. kennedy: continues he do better things with his money? >> definitely, if you want to waste a billion dollars, buy an island. relax. this shows you having money doesn't bring you happiness. having authority does. when he was the main man. but he's been mulling over this for so long, he won't officially decide until march? sorry, bloomberg.
8:42 pm
people are not like please run. i think he's hoping he will get that response. kennedy: i don't know what a bloombergite is. i don't see anyone claiming, if only bloomberg would get in the race. president obama said the republican party completely changed since he ran for president in 2008. >> the republican rhetoric and republican vision has moved not just to the right, but has moved to a place that is unrecognizable. kennedy: he also said this about bernie sanders. when bernie came in with the luxury of being a complete long-shot and letting loose. hillary came in with the privilege and burden of being perceived as the frontrunner. you are also looking at the bright shiny object people
8:43 pm
haven't seen before. it sounds like he's describing himself. >> he described himself in the past as a bright shiny object. kennedy: then you are wearing a disco ball in your pants. >> the republicans have vaulted in weird directions when it comes to immigration and anti-muslim rhetoric. but at the same time republicans since 2008 have gotten better -- or at least some of them have gotten bert on things like fiscal responsibility. kennedy: i think the president is saying the candidates that can offer the most hope will be elected president. that's not hoik. that's bernie sanders for a lot of people. >> why do you want to run on
8:44 pm
hope? you got that 8 years ago. people are dissatisfied with hoping. unfortunately hope is like another way of anderring. kennedy: that's all he knows how to do. >> i finds it irritating. the party he hated in 2011 is now glorious. and today it's out of line. this is what people always do. kennedy: he said 2012 was the most important election of our lifetime. mitt romney. then they go spends your money and smile while they do it. thank you so much. they all have great smiles. coming up.
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kennedy: isis reportedly controlling an entire industry devoted to producing fake passports and has been printing fake but legitimate syrian-looking passports since last summer. how likely is it the terrorists have come into the west using forged documents? we have a former cia officer and president of diligence llc. >> this is a fascinating problem. the good news is that intel community and law enforcement
8:49 pm
has been aware of this for quite some time now. once isis took over certain government centers in syria and iraq. they control mosul, and also libya, we knew they had the ability or could access the ability. but one is the nefarious part where we are printing passports with the intents of pushing some of them people into primarily europe. kennedy: they have a much more limited vetting process. they don't have the process we do here. >> that's the principal route. print the passports and hand them over to their people. they are official documents at that point. they are fake but by all accounts they are official. get them into the eu system then use those document to get legitimate eu documentation,
8:50 pm
then they can move just about anywhere. kennedy: within the eu. but we have visa waivers with dozens of countries. >> the other part of it is they do this as entry and by that i might's a business for them. kennedy: they have got all the equipment. >> they flooded the industry is selling fake passports to people who have no intention of joining isis but are willing to spend $3,000 to $4,000 for another passport. they are always looking for ways to make money. they make money through criminal activity, extortion, selling organs, antiquities, oil. this is another way to produce a revenue stream. their ability to use to it move some of their personnel who are intent on plotting and planning attacks.
8:51 pm
kennedy: shouldn't turkey be doing something? we only have 20 seconds. >> turkey has 2 million syrian refugees inside their borders. they are in a sense doing something. but how much can they do? this is where the breakdown in overall leadership at the top has caused the crisis. there isn't someone driving this train in a thoughtful, visionary manner. you know what they are thinking? where the hell is america. >> we are over here. if canada were attacking us we wouldn't call the saudis. mike baker, thanks for being here. always appreciate it. kennedy: coming up, dominic monahan of "lord of the rings" joins me. [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here.
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>> he's gone. kennedy: that's dominic monahan from "lord of the rings" and whatever the hell island that was on "lost." now he's has a travel showq "wild things with dominic monahan." >> all my life i have been driven by two strong passions. acting and wild creatures. since i was a kid i dreamt of traveling the fleent get my hand on the rarest, most beautiful amazing creatures out there. now, i finally have my chance. kennedy: do you like touching animals? >> yes, i do. kennedy: is that the best part of the job? >> i like to travel.
8:56 pm
but the show sparks me when i have got my hand on an an mall. >> when you are plotting thing out and spinning the globe, the best animals or places you haven't been with great who hes and great surf. >> it's all animals. we have the target animals. we'll always pick a target animal. this year we swam with the world's biggest fish. kennedy: what is the world's biggest fish? >> a whale shark. it's called a whale shark because of the size of that shark. kennedy: did you put a harness on it and ride it? >> i did ride on its dorsal fin. it can reach 35,000 pound. the's a huge creature. it could swallow you without thinking about it.
8:57 pm
it's based on creatures and we happen to go some places that have good elements as well. a lot of places have bad elements. kennedy: were there places where you feared for your life? >> todalife. venezuela. there was an issue. brazil can crack up a little bit as well. but i feel safer around unhuman creatures. kennedy: you group, your dad was a biology teacher. so he group with animals. what was the strangest pet you had. >> i wouldn't call them pets. but i kept a lot of wasps. i had a double layer. kennedy: were they living?
8:58 pm
>> think were. when i was in math and i didn't have the answer i would let them out and i wouldn't have to answer. kennedy: what can we look forward to? >> madagascar was the strangest. also the people there are living a completely different life than we wouldn't be able to relate to. kennedy: a lot of sharks. >> one of the most bizarre and primitive primates on the island. kennedy: various species have evolved on madagascar. do you still have your hobbit feet? >> in my house. i don't put them on. kennedy: do you watch "lord of the rings"? >> i have on watched it a couple times. kennedy: you lived it.
8:59 pm
>> that's probably why i don't need to watch it. i lived it. kennedy: if i were in "lord of the rings i would still watch it a lot. >> do you think harrison ford watching "star wars"? >> i watch "indiana jones." most of my stuff i don't watch. but moments like that seeing me and billy make me feel great. i'm almost 40 now. it ages you. i was doing that when i was 22. kennedy: congratulations with the show. on ward and upward. can't wait to see what adventures you have planned. bring a snake next time. >> i will. kennedy: thank you for watching the show. it's our one-year anniversary today from our very first show. i look forward to making the
9:00 pm
next 40 to 50 with you. you can email good night. f the space race capture the imagination of a young boy. >> we choose to go to the moon. >> the world was fascinated. the astronauts were superstars. >> these are the nation's mercury astronauts. [ applause ] >> announcer: it inspires him to collect all kinds of nasa artifacts. >> that's one small step for man... >> it's one of america's greatest achievements, and i think it's something which will continue to inspire. >> announcer: but when he dies too young... >> i thought, "this can't be happening." >> announcer: ...he leaves his widow an inheritance that's out of this world. ♪


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