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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  January 27, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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we will wait to see what the assessment is of the economy, what it says now about the global story. global markets, oil prices right now on move. take a look at what oil is doing, we are seeing losses in london, francfort. down a half of percent in each of the major averages throughout europe this morning. mix moves in asia overnight. look at china there. down another half of a percent. you did have some money moving into japan. shanghai composite posted a decline, it had been down as much as 4% and japan was up 2 and three quarters percent as measured by the nikkei average. hang seng also higher. on oil three and a third percent this morning. oil is once again sharply low. 30.42 a barrel on crude oil.
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apple in focus this morning. we are seeing signs of a slowdown but not very much, not a lot worse than anybody expected. steepest rate in 15 years, that was a guidance from ceo tim cook who blame it had strong dollar for some of the weakness in the quarter. another day of big earnings. boeing and united technologies will report today, you will also hear from alibaba, facebook. we are five days away from first votes cast. all eyes on the iowa candidates as they prepare to make final push. blake berman live in des moines, iowa with the latest. blake, good morning to you. >> blake: hello, good morning, from des moines. i will tell you this much when we landed yesterday, one of the first things when we saw political billboards everywhere.
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political advertisements just about everywhere. all candidates trying to making impression. once again it is donald trump who is staying front and center with the headlines. last night trump said he would not participate. a protest no-show because of megan kelly remaining as moderator. without a doubt, trump will not be there tomorrow night. they release it had statement and this is what he said, i'm quoting here. unlike the very stupid incompetent people running into the ground, mr. trump knows when to walk away. this take guts and mental althoughty our country needs to make america great again. ted cruz blasted trump yesterday saying, essentially, he is being weak by not showing up and challenged one-on-one, 90-minute
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debate. he called donald a fragile soul. >> you know, donald is a fragile soul. [laughter] >> if she asked him mean questions, i mean, his hair might stand on him. >> blake: of course, what remains to be seen is will this have any effect at all on monday's night outcome. 33% of iowa voters said they are still undecided and iowa voters are notorious for waiting until the last moment. >> maria: really good stuff. blake berman. dagen, what do you think? >> dagen: ted cruz has the opportunity to wipe the floor with everybody. remember, he was a champion debater at princeton, ted cruz challenging trump to a one
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one-on-one debate. here is what he said. be careful, donald trump, you need advise here, my expertise is not available. i think it'll be very interesting. cruz is going to have a different strategy for sure. >> maria: do you think, kevin? >> kevin: this plays into his stick. i think when you watch the debate he's kind of a fish out of water so this actually goes back. it's like putting an improv median. -- comedian. that's a big push for him, i thought. >> maria: the question was not such a good question.
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it was totally a fair question. >> this is perfectly into the play book of trump. it's his stick. what's less popular in america than washington politicians than the media. so you confront the media. it's on your own terms. look, you can make an argument that we will see what happens. there's a lot of candidates that are breathing a sigh of relief. they're going to get more air time. the bush's, a variety of people up there. but at the end of the day, you know, trump may win this debate by not being on it because of all of the press and media attention. >> maria: we are certainly talking about it again. the point that you just made is an important one. this is going to give a lot breathing space to the candidates and they may very well assess nate, those who have been at the bottom of the barrel. you just don't know what a decision like this can play out. >> now, they're not going to have to. >> dagen: i will praphrase.
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i'm an expert in reality television. i was watching the real house wives of beverly hills last night and the thing that keeps those shows going is conflict and it's usually a conflict between two individuals in particular and you have that thread throughout the entire season. this is part of that thread. it is the conflict. it's the fight that keeps -- that is kind of keeps the campaign going. >> mike: also he doesn't speak about politics anymore. i'm going back to the conflict that dagen is bringing up. in the last debate he focused on cruz being a canadian and whether he could constitutionally actually run for the highest office. this plays into that. >> he makes a good point. look, it's another debate. how many of those do we need? democrats wrapping up theirs and here we have one more debate.
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i think the public is begin to go feel that way as well. >> maria: what about the dem debate. they're talking that they want another debate? >> it's unclear whether the national committee is going to sanction that, additional debate. whether that's going to be allowed to be part -- >> maria: cnn wants the debate, is that what is happening? >> how many more debates will the public be able to absorb. he will score some points with the public on that. >> maria: be sure to tune in to the debate on the fox business channel, fox is teaming up with google on this one. the first debate begins at 7:00 p.m. eastern and the second begins at 9:00 p.m. eastern. join us on fox news for the next fox news debate. on to the markets we go where apple was a major factor last night after reporting earnings of the holiday quarter. a profit of $18.4 billion. that was the highest ever for a public-sharing company. the good news ends there.
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the stock was down in the premarket there this morning. iphone sales grew at slowest pace in nearly 10 years. revenue is likely to fall in the coming quarter for the first time in 13 years. now, this is not just apple story. we know a number of other technology companies are reporting today, alibaba, facebook, papal and we are all looking at china, we are looking at europe to see what the global back-drop means for corporate earnings. >> kevin: they've had a tough goal in the last year. they are getting competition from one of the things that stood up from the earnings report last night, they need the infrastructure over there to grow the upgrade to the lte technology, but interesting stat that he talked about was basically by 2020 he expects 500 million middle-class
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citizens in china to help drive the growth. that's more than the people that reside in the united states. that's up from 50 million in 2010. so that's a big hinge and that's why you can see leadership whether it's at starbucks or even at apple hinging on china as the next phase of growth. that's another reason why china is kind of impacting the markets right now. can they transition from that manufacturing economy to a consumer-based economy and tim cook and harold are banking on that. >> maria: it's most important today in terms of market action. are we expecting anything out of the fed other than assessment that the economy has slowed down globally? >> kevin: the fed needs to communicate that they are being conscientious and how that's going to impact the later half
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of the year. seeing oil go down to the price it's at, that's a global story. it's going to talk about an impact even developed countries like canada, like australia that are having a tough time. >> dagen: front page of the wall street journal of the dollar and reaction to that. >> the signal will be we are patient, our inclination is toward rate rises but we are willing to wait for the next one. as for apple, a sign that apple leveraged against china. that's bad news on the downside. apple's leverage against china. that's the good news. they are so far in the market. biggest overseas market. they penetrated it successfully when china recovers it's going to be very positive for apple's earnings. >> maria: great point. >> dagen: it's not like they're losing sales to samsung or sony or google's operating system.
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this is not a one-trick pony. this is not go pro. >> kevin: they did talk about the stronger dollar that you mentioned for. >> maria: sounds like you think it was an okay quarter. >> kevin: no surprises. >> maria: should president obama be nominated to the supreme court. according to hillary clinton it is quote a great idea. we will have the details when we come right back. we are watching markets, back in a minute. ♪ ♪ there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here.
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help individualize our cancer treatment? now through advanced genomic testing, we may be able to pinpoint and diagnose what makes your cancer different, which can reveal precise treatment options that were not considered previously. with this important breakthrough at the intersection of science and technology, we've arrived at precision cancer treatment. the evolution of cancer care is here at cancer treatment centers of america. call or visit to learn more about precision cancer treatment. >> maria: welcome back, breaking news overnight in an occupation of national wildlife in oregon.
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cheryl casone with the details. >> cheryl: good morning, authorities are arresting amond bundy in oregon along with 7 followers. this happened after a violent confrontation that left another member of that group dead. the group seized headquarters in what they call owner federal land restrictions. taxi drivers protesting for a second day against rival services like uber, road blocks and traffic disruptions as a result. drivers led fires amid striker their working conditions. the government promising reforms to the sector and emergency meeting that was held yesterday. and finally this, democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton saying at an iowa town hall that she is open to the idea of nominating president obama for a seat on the supreme
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court. hillary saying, quote, i will certainly take that under advisement, he's brilliant and step forward an argument and was a law professor, so he's got the credentials. let's all remember that president obama told the new yorker he wanted to get out of the bubble of washington. he miss it had classroom. can you imagine justice obama having to listen to an argument about the legality about the immigration reform that he is proposing right now? i mean, it could be a fun thoughter. >> dagen: obama made some comments in an interview just a few days ago refer to go her as good, smart and tough and up against a bright shiny new alternative who is less tested. he might not have endorsed her -- >> maria: obama is meeting with bernie sanders tat white house.
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>> cheryl: she better be watching that a bit. it'll be interesting to watch him after he leaves in january 2017, his daughter is going to be a sophomore in high school. they want to stay in the dc area. what is he going to do? supreme court justice, i don't think so. >> kevin: continue to go on tv and hang out can celebrities and go around raising money. >> dagen: i will take it a step further than that. he gets a tv show and gets a talk show. i'm not joking, i'm dead serious. >> kevin: bernie sanders is try to go block president obama's for fda. >> maria: that comes up today. >> kevin: he has to be careful about the game he's playing. president obama. >> maria: look, he's not going to work for an equity firm. >> as a citizen of this country, don't you kind of want somebody on the highest court in the
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land, somebody who had to wrest well the real-world problems of running a government and running policy. it's not a bad set of credentials to have on the supreme court. >> cheryl: the next president he or she is going to have three appoints during the first four-year testimony. >> dagen: if you're a conservative you don't want president obama or john boehner. >> as a set of credentials. governors tend to be more attractive because they've had to sit down at the tapele. >> maria: they had to do it. >> wrestle with the social service, wrestling for money. they've had the breath of experience this you want on the court. >> maria: we will see. there's also the ideology, though. [laughter] >> i put that to the side. >> kevin: if he does get to the court and --
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>> dagen: insulted them too. they loved him because they held up obamacare. >> maria: good conversation, you guys. oprah's weight lost. mornings with maria coming up. stay with us. ♪ the biggest challenge for business today is not
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>> maria: welcome back, crude oil once again the factor this morning. crude oil down three and a quarter percent. phil flynn is in chicago with
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the action. phil. >> phil: every time the future's market try to look ahead they get blind sided by the present. yesterday oil prices were railing, potential opec production cut and major capital spending cuts by the biggest shell producers in this country only to be blind sided by a report from the american petroleum institute a supply of 11.4 billion barrels. it's five times what you would normally expect to see at this time of year and it ruined the momentum, every time the market tries to get excited about looking ahead, about possible cutbacks in production, they're reminded that right now we have a whole lot of oil that we still have to get through n. that report we did see sign that is u.s. production may be falling with the drop in oklahoma and canada, it's not enough to overcome the wopping number. >> maria: that's a dollar one
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lower on crude oil. kevin, hear me out for a second. i feel like equity investors are going to have to get used t where oil is in its 30's. is oil ever going to go back to 80, 90, 100 over, i mean, given the supply in the market? >> kevin: even the saudis are saying they won't ever see it in 100's again. it's really driving the action but the most important thing to think about when it comes to oil, as oil gets more expensive, say 30-35 people are going to start even selling more. it's a self-full illing -- fulfilling prophecy.
6:25 am
>> maria: 37. >> kevin: china and the emerging markets because there's a lack of demand. we built this excess capacitys t demand? you know what's going to happen, we have seen that dividends are start to go get cut. jobs have come down. >> maria: can the equity's market, global equities cut from oil? >> kevin: that's a second-half story. it has played into the market. we have seen equities move down, not only in the oil patch but globally in every other sector even in consumer staples. everyone was shocked to see oil going from 60 to 30 to even 25. right now what's the biggest move, 30 to 20 or 30 to 40. >> what we have been waiting for, which is the lower cost of oil working its way into the
6:26 am
economy, driving down costs for all of the other energy consuming industries is going to happen, right, costs are going to drop. big news yesterday also was iraq speculating about a production cut by opec. that didn't materialize. that was wishful thinking. he says, look, with or without production cut, by the end of the year it'll be 60 bucks. that could be wishful thinking. >> dagen: be aware because denise said yesterday i'm not going to see 40-dollar crew in my lifetime. >> it got down to 10 bucks. >> maria: i love the next story, you guys, eat more bread.
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yeah. make more dough. that's oprah's recipe. stay with us. ♪ ..
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maria: welcome back. i maria bartiromo. when they commit you to turn a seven-figure top stories coast. reagan is overnight. a gunfight involving protesters occupied a wildlife refuge. a traffic stop led to a shootout where one person was killed and another injured. the leader of the militia arrested. front runner donald trump will skip tomorrow night's crucial fox news today. it is the last gop debate before the iowa caucus on monday.
6:31 am
here is the main rival, senator ted cruz weighing in on the decision. >> if he thinks megyn kelly is so scary, what does he think he would do with vladimir putin? it's a lot scarier than megyn kelly. maria: fox news releasing the statement reads in part politicians, a moderator and standards. trump's campaign manager cory lou dobbs gave megyn kelly. we will take you to des moines, iowa for the latest developments right here on markets with maria. a lower opening for the broader average. dow jones industrial average x acted to open down 50 points. nasdaq, s&p 500 weaker today as oil prices are down 3%. federal reserve and focus wrapping up a two-day meeting. investors waiting to see how the volatility in the stock market and economic uncertainty will weigh on the central bank and what they will say about the economy today.
6:32 am
waiting for that assessment. global markets either fed as well as oil prices. frankfurt, paris across-the-board declines, half a percent lower and the major averages. mix moves with a volatile session in china. the shanghai composite ended the day about half a percent. the shanghai composite down as much as 4%. the nikkei average in japan at this session almost 3%. after first-quafirst-qua rter results, we see signs of a slowdown, but not very much different from what a lot of people expected. the technology giant that revenue will decline at its steepest rate in 15 years next quarter. ceo can put blaming the strong dollar for weakness in the quarter. another big day for earnings on the calendar. after the close will hear from alibaba, qualcomm and facebook among others. watching the federal reserve
6:33 am
wrap up its policy meeting today. markets have tanks and set up the trigger last month for the first time in nearly a decade investors focus on any shift in policy to account for the recent market turmoil. ltd. address chief investment officer tony roth and wall street chief economic correspondent john hilson wrapped in washington. good to see you. thanks for joining us. what you expect to get out of the federal reserve today? how much of a factor while the selloff in stocks he had what he think that within terms of their own assessment of the economy today? >> it is certainly undermined not just selloff, but oil, and looking very carefully at bond market or they see measures of inflation expectations. all of this is a reason to delay another rate increase. they will not do anything today. the big question is what do they signal about arch. they could send a strong signal or weak signal about whether they hold off here and we end up
6:34 am
getting a weak signal in march. maria: tony, what do you think? >> we look at our client base. we have a seasoned client base and we are getting more confusion from our clients than we have seen in a decade. what is going on in the world, why is the fed raising rates and we have a weak economy? this is really working from meeting to meeting and looking at the economic data. i don't think they have a long-term plan. when this is because it has been in with the market under stress, they are not going to do anything. there dots will to maybe two increases. >> i'm looking at the fed fund futures rate spirit hikes are not in the cards right now. the biggest question right now is the new members on the open market committee. they have a hawkish history. do you think they can turn dovish in late two not raising
6:35 am
rates later this year only doing it once? >> i think at the end of the day she gets the votes she needs to get the outcome she wants. there's a more hawkish voters on the fomc this year. i don't think that changes the outcome yellen and that getting. they penciled in interest rates this year. it is certainly looking a lot more remote that is going to happen. i also think we have to keep in mind two important factors. one is the job market is strong and the job market is important to janet yellen. we have a 5% unemployment rate. it could be 4.5% by midyear. we also despite all the market turmoil prices if you look at measures of inflation underlying inflation, that is firmed quite a bit and it could be starting to move. the fed is paying attention. they are trying to look through
6:36 am
oil prices. dagen: john, how much did they discuss this market volatility and their responsibility in creating it? and the collapse of the commodity bubble and there was an stability and pumping it up, not just the federal reserve by central banks around the world and what they have done since the way? >> that's a good question. i was just in downloads with maria glaspie. i talked to a bunch of global central bankers there. i talked to the bank of mexico and i said is this all the fed fall? he said he didn't think it was. but market turmoil we see is emanating from china and oversupplied oil markets that when the fed raises rates in december, there really wasn't that much of a reaction. i don't think i completely agree with that. the rate increases have pushed up the value of the dollar. there's been a lot of anticipation which put down pressure on stock markets.
6:37 am
but there's other things going on. >> tony, what we position ourselves in light of the market? >> not only in terms of the recession -- there's probably a one in four chance we are in a technical recession today. we know we have very soft retail spending. we will see personal outlays in gop report on thursday. remove underway risk on january 1st and i think given the backers i cited as well as potential volatility later this year, no one is talking about the possibility that the u.k. exiting the e.u., which is a referendum this summer as a real possibility. maria: that would be crazy. >> we are 90% invested.
6:38 am
in an environment where we expect the returns come in the certainty of income -- >> can i ask a question? how low does the market has to go to get you interested? what multiple schedule interested? >> at not a question of the multiple. it's not an attractive level. if other earnings can grow and whether or not there is growth in the economy. maria: word is growth come from? >> let's talk about oil for a second. when thinking about oil as an effect of global growth and its seen it is weak and there's no global growth. if one looks historically, what you see his oil it had a profound impact on the economy. we've never had a recession which is fascinating clear as when we look at oil in the mid-20s to $30 a barrel, the fed will look at that and say that is actually a positive as they try to figure out the trajectory of the economy the
6:39 am
rest of the year. maria: all this will lead to growth is what you are saying? >> right now the economy is on a knife edge. we could fall into recession. we might not fall into recession. oil ironically could help us. if on the other hand we are done. >> a hike in oil prices and a fed hike will not be good for anybody. >> that's a really important point. oil prices were through the roof over $100 a barrel. there followed not just because demand globally is weak, but is just supply on the market from the u.s. and elsewhere. maria: john, great point. that's why we've got a 5.6% savings rate as well. good to see you. thank you. oprah's weight loss turning into a game. >> that's absolutely right.
6:40 am
overtaking the twitter to celebrate losing 26 pounds on weight watchers and doing it while she's still ate what she wanted. >> i love red. i now just manage it. i don't deny myself bread. i have read every day. she lost the weight and gain financially. it surged over 20% after oprah proposed treatment in a cool 12.5 million bucks. when she announced she was biting into the company late last year, it has calmed down since then but obviously a famous celebrity like opera. there's a lot of apps and things online you can track your food and calories and exercise. maria: nicole, thank you i don't believe you could need bread and still lose weight.
6:41 am
>> the whole thing is nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. >> u.k. made as much bread as you want as long as you workout. dagen: no, you can't. not if you are a woman. you can't eat all the bread you want and lose weight. that is why we are listening to opera and not you. everything in moderation. that is what she is preaching. trades are up next, major announcement on the recent corruption allegations paper got that story when we come back. day with us. ♪
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maria: welcome back. the zika virus spreading. cheryl casone with headlines. reporter: that's right. a virginia resident who travel outside the united states have tested positive for the virus. also later president of arkansas at any baby born with a deformed rain in hawaii. they will now allow customers concerned about the virus to postpone their trip since they are ticketed 252 areas affect the buyer. the governing body said tennis announcing they will commission
6:46 am
a review of the anticorruption unit. this comes after report of fixing over the last decade that was not investigated. yesterday opened earlier today. take a look at these terrifying pictures. it while cheetah approaches a photographer. but instead of attacking the intruder, the cat the photographers feed and then lay down next to him. the photographer had been hanging out to gain their trust. this is in botswana. the photographer knew to stay still. back to you. maria: cheryl, thank you. the fbi arrested a 20 throughout mena milwaukee after he allegedly purchased machine guns and plan to attack it simple. joining us now is chairman of the threat knowledge group. good to see you.
6:47 am
thank you for spending time with us. i was struck by your report about one of the real disturbing aspects in the u.s. 30% of those intercepted have no intention of going abroad to fight jihads. tell us about that. >> we published a report you can download and is just a collection of all the data in the united states. since they declared the caliphate 90 people on u.s. soil affiliated with isis. only half of them wanted to be jihadist in the middle east. 20% would facilitate the best way to serve with you to kill americans on u.s. soil and we are seeing again and again to republish that before san bernardino. now we have milwaukee.
6:48 am
this is the new trend. maria: do they have a new way of doing things? have they changed their strategy? >> yes, if you look at the tag decks, the way the attacks were executed in paris, if you look at san bernardino and to report on this arrest, we are not seeing suicide attacks like 9/11 anymore. we see individuals prepare extensively and will do an attack and do another attack somewhere else. the bad guys got away. we saw it in san bernardino they were wearing masks after they get the massacre at the christmas party, got back in the suv and went somewhere else to do another attack with this type alms. what do we find? the individual not only bought machine guns, he bought a suppressor, and to use in the attacks.
6:49 am
to the people in the temple and go away without being found to do something else. this is a new approach to jihads. >> sebastian, give us a sense of how the united states is doing offending people before they are able to attack. are we getting better at locating them and how are we doing it? >> do you want the good news or the bad news? the good news is we are arresting for intercepting three times as many isis suspects per month on average then we were intercepting al qaeda suspects. a 300% increase in our interdiction of these individuals on u.s. soil. what is the bad news? that means they are recruiting three times as many people here in america to kill americans. we are doing something well. the real thing as they are masters of social media and we haven't even begun to fight the fight.
6:50 am
>> tell us how they are doing the interdicting. there is this great debate going on about privacy intrusion into phone. how is that happening? communities turning them in? >> area, very rarely. very rarely do we see people in the community doing this. less than 20% of people who are coming to tell us there is a problem. in most cases in milwaukee it is our informants are undercover agent and it's the model that the n.y.p.d. developed after 9/11 to insert your human intelligence assets to find out what is going on. that is what works best. >> really interesting. how do you think this most recent a lucky man investigation and arrest ways into all of this? >> the interesting question within the next few days or weeks is what are his connections because we've never seen somebody dismissed about
6:51 am
somebody in their basement getting on the internet in becoming a jihadist. either they travel to the middle east are spotted by somebody who assist them on the line and get some training. where do the connections that will be the real question. maria: sebastian, thank you for your time. we will see you. we will be right back. it was always just a hobby. something you did for fun. until the day it became something much more. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. ♪
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when you're on hold, your business is on hold.
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that's why comcast business doesn't leave you there. when you call, a small business expert will answer you in about 30 seconds. no annoying hold music. just a real person, real fast. whenever you need them. so your business can get back to business. sounds like my ride's ready. don't get stuck on hold. reach an expert fast. comcast business. built for business. maria: welcome back. the focus today on technology and the many players in the tech sector expected to report earnings. jo ling kent joins us of the details. this will be important to see what's going on in terms of economic growth. jo: failed overall and consumption. high record once again that disappointed wall street on revenue and the number of iphone sold.
6:55 am
the future is looking terribly bright. ending december 26 that was the slowest growth rate since 2007 when the iphone first came out. it was a guidance for the quarter and the stronger dollar that heard as well as china. cook said on the call we do think units will decline in this quarter. q2 is the toughest compare. revenue is expected to be lower as an analyst estimate of 50 to $53 billion. the stronger dollar definitely hurt overall results for a rare addendum to the report explaining the impact. cook also remains bullish on china citing a growing middle-class and 40 stores to open by summer. the cfo was beginning to see a change in the economy in china could create a softness that apple has not seen before. china's apple's second-largest market. 3.75% putting the iphone make her on track to shave 25 points
6:56 am
off the dow. facebook, paypal, alibaba in less than five minutes. >> if there's anything that reflects what's going on, i would say this iphone sales. dagen: absolutely. we used to talk about ge. now it is apple. >> $216 billion but they can't expropriate that back in. two thirds of the sales are overseas. it is a big global growth economic indicator. they did say in the march quarter they would talk about what they are going to do with the $216 billion. maria: look at a company like johnson & johnson cut by 38 billion overseas. 38 billion in cash. jo: they broke out services in the cloud for the first time ever and that is doing very well for apple. he sat on the call we are breaking this out for a reason and we will see more and march
6:57 am
potentially if the new iphone apple watch event. maria: thank you. next hour we'll talk super bowl stat. we will be back on "mornings with maria." i've been called a control freak... i like to think of myself as more of a control... enthusiast. mmm, a perfect 177-degrees. and that's why this road warrior rents from national. i can bypass the counter and go straight to my car. and i don't have to talk to any humans, unless i want to. and i don't. and national lets me choose any car in the aisle. control. it's so, what's the word?... sexy. go national. go like a pro.
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maria: hi, everybody. i maria bartiromo. with me this morning fox business network dagen mcdowell, kevin kelley and "the wall street journal"'s john busey. top stories at 7:00 a.m. on the east coast a break and is overnight. the gunfight in oregon involving protesters who occupied the federal wildlife refuge. a traffic stop led to a shoot out where one person was killed, another injured. the leader of the militia and seven others arrested. republican front runner donald trump says he will skip tomorrow night crucial debate. he was trump's main rival. an undertaker's blame it on the decision.
7:01 am
>> if he thinks megyn kelly is so scary ,-com,-com ma what does he think he would do with vladimir putin? i promise you, putin is scarier than megyn kelly. maria: will take you live as candidates make their final push in the day. checking markets at the lower opening for broader averages in equities. the dow jones industrial average worsening in the last half an hour. nasdaq and s&p also under water this morning. the federal reserve wrapping up its meeting later today. we would get the assessment on the economy today. investors waiting to see other recent volatility in the market and economic uncertainty is going to weigh in on the central bank's decision and assessment of the economy. global market sinusitis all as oil prices. losses across the board in london, frankfurt, germany down half to two thirds of 1%. overnight in a shack in the next lives in china. in fact, the shanghai could posit posted a decline at the close of trading but it had been
7:02 am
down as much as 4% early in the session. japan was up at two and three quarters of a percent. apple with the first quarter results last night in a slowdown. iphone sales in the first-quarter growth to first-quarter growth is slowest pace since 2007. the outlook was a concern. a decline in revenue for the second quarter. another big day. names like boeing and united technologies, alibaba, qualcomm and facebook after the close tonight. five days away from the first vote cast in the 2016 race to the white house did blake burman is live in des moines, iowa with the latest. good morning to you. reporter: hi, maria. good morning to you as well. we'll find out if donald trump's decision and subcontinent. a third of voters there is undecided as to who they will vote for in monday night. trump is staying in the headlines once again this morning after last night he and his campaign said they will not
7:03 am
participate in tomorrow night's debate on the fox news channel. they are setting make in kelly's participation is the reason why trump will essentially boycott the event. the campaign put out a statement last night. it was fairly lengthy. i will quote you a little bit. unlike the very highly incompetent people running our country into the ground, mr. trump knows when to walk away. they and the statement by saying this takes guts and is the kind of mentality or country needs to make america great again. trump is running one and two attackers in every single poll that you see here in iowa and cruz took to the national airwaves yesterday night on talk radio here in iowa as well and absolutely lit into and absolutely lit into trump on this issue. he wants to debate mono and mono for 90 minutes. he called trump a fragile soul. >> you know, it donald is a fragile soul.
7:04 am
[laughter] if she asks him mean question, i mean, his hair might stand on end. [laughter] reporter: by the way, the poll shows statistically tighter than the republican side raking this one a quinnipiac university iowa shows bernie sanders is still on top of hillary clinton. basically unchanged from last night sanders up by four points. i points. i went to go until late monday night as well. maria: they are trying to get another debate. the democratic national parties won't do it. >> in new hampshire, yeah. potentially take place in new hampshire. a lot of democrats have been pushing back on that one. the nature of the ever evolving race. maria: amazing. lake urman with the latest set of either.
7:05 am
fox news responded to donald trump's decision not to participate in her next year paid today. fox has donald trump is refusing to debate seven of his fellow presidential candidates on stage that night which is near unprecedented. we are not sure how iowans will feel about him walking away from them at the last minute, but it should be clear to the american public eye now that this is rooted in one thing, megyn kelly, who is viciously attacked since august and is now spent four days demanding she be removed from the debate stage catapulting to politicians ultimatums about a debate moderator via the old journalistic standards as to threats including the one bubbled a trump's campaign manager toward megyn kelly. a call on saturday with the fox news executive stating that megyn had a rough couple of days after that last debate and he would hate to have her go through that again.
7:06 am
lewandowski was warned not to level any more threats against megyn kelly of fox news. he continued to do so. we can't give in to terrorist nations towards any employees says fox news. scott walker senior advisor. >> this is typical trump. if you look at the race and what is happening in iowa, the race is very tight. if you look at the internal numbers, internal numbers, use down is supposed to have for the assumption would be. he is now coming under scrutiny in a way he hasn't. there is media from the other campaigns, other groups going after him and the only way he can respond is to grab the earned media and take it off in a direction that gets it from scrutiny. i think he was afraid to go to the debate. i think he was afraid he would have to answer some of these questions being raised by the groups. trent dude you don't think this is about megyn kelly at all? >> not at all.
7:07 am
this is typical trump. it's somewhat plays against the narrative he has built up there, which is he is tough, he'll stand up to anyone and that is backing away from this. i think it goes back to he doesn't want to do the debate. >> you get sort of the double advantage of pounded on media, which the public is fine with that. tell us about some of the scrutiny that you feel he is afraid of answering to. >> i mean, if you look at donald trump over the years, he has changed parties five times in the last 20 years. he has present positions he has changed virtually on everything. certainly they are raising the question whether he had a philosophical compass, much less a moral compass. or certainly whether his conservative or is it just plain this kind of show what this is
7:08 am
the way i'm going to play the game and i'll say what i need to say. maria: who do you think wins the donald trump not on the debate stage? >> if you look at the numbers in iowa and this is where some of the broader numbers on the polls are not getting it right. there's about 160,000 caucus goers that either voted in 2000 made, 2012, 100,000 of those voting each year. the first increase comes from those past caucus goers fully participating in the race. if you look at the polls, every one of days has about a third of their voters be in new coming into the process. that means that there's 120,000, he has to bring in dixie dozen new voters. if it goes to the full 160,000, he has to bring in 80,000 new voters which returned the caucuses for 120,000 to 240,000.
7:09 am
those numbers are very, very tough numbers to deal with. when you look at caucus goers, cruz is fleeting. >> this is victorious about trump on the stage. cruise is a winner. >> there're two narratives that come out of iowa. who won and who did better than it acted as a narrative that seem to be moving this week is cruise when and rubio actually is the one that performs better than x acted. >> the debate about trump on the stage. dagen: it gives trump cover if he loses in iowa. it is an excuse. again, he takes whatever happened and uses it to his advantage in the media and on twitter. >> it is a gambler, but from a strategic standpoint not a bad gamble to take. you have to bring it down to
7:10 am
what is real. >> beyond iowa, beyond new hampshire, what happens and who gets the nomination? >> i hear a lot of talk about it being abrupt and convention. dagen: at what happened because of a televised. if they had trouble -- 52 with democrats and republicans with 48. they had trouble nominated eisenhower. it wasn't brokered but it was broadcast. it was one of the first convention senate puts off all. can you imagine what it would look like today? maria: do you think it will happen? >> no, i think it's gone to 5%. so it's very distant in terms of being able to do it. one of the roles of the convention is you have to get a majority of delegates in eight states the chance to be nominated from the floor. so the chances of having a large enough number of candidates they can get nominated is highly
7:11 am
unlikely. depending on what happens with trump, right now what i see in the distance is a cruise rubio contest. i think it's very interesting what happens on the democratic side, especially if hillary loses iowa and loses new hampshire. i think she goes back to the base and away from her middle-class message she is putting out there. dagen: that is for bernie sanders is doing. dagen: she is below for% for the first time in the national poll. >> very high likelihood. i think there's several narratives. one attack in the obama administration kind of looking like a third term of obama. >> one of the other things they are missing is a lot missing is a lot of the unions out there said they were going to go with the candidate most like them from a policy stand point but ended up going with hillary. they will have to revisit that.
7:12 am
maria: they are feeling the burn. dagen: they are feeling the trump, too. maria: trompe, bernie sanders. unbelievable. thank you for joining us. ed goeas. it all kicks off at 8:00 p.m. on the east coast with neil cavuto live in iowa. join us on the fox business network. onto the market, apple reported earnings after the close last night posted a profit of $18.4 billion, the highest ever for a publicly traded company. the stock is down in the free market. iphone sales grew at the slowest pace in 10 years to company ceo of tim cook offered guidance for the quarter same revenue as likely to decline for the first time since 2003. i want to bring in jo ling kent from our newsroom. jo: it was a record order. tim cook was accurate when he said that, but overall disappointing. you can see it shaven several
7:13 am
points off of the doubt. the most interesting story to come up with the china story. kind of two stories out of apple. first you have tim cook seen on the call very bullish on china. there's an expanding middle class and then you have the cfl who is saying that they are seeing softness and that could be a source of concern. the fact the output is disappointing as well. $53 billion in the current quarter. iphones may end up selling us the euro per year for the fourth time this quarter. maria: there are the numbers. not a lot different than what many people expected. jo: it was really close. >> everybody is waiting for the seven to come back. people are in a two-year refresh cycle. apple is trying to upgrade a one-year cycle. this isn't a surprise at all and not everybody can have an iphone.
7:14 am
they are expensive. apple is not compromising on margins. maria: by the way, do you eat carbs? >> yes. maria: not everybody eats carbs to lose weight, but opera does. >> i love bread. i love bread. i now just manage it. i don't deny myself bread.oking. i have read every day. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix definitely helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse or of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you have these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have heart or blood vessel problems,
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maria: welcome back. breaking news. arrested the leader of an armed group occupied the national wildlife refuge in oregon for more than three weeks. cheryl casone on the story. reporter: the leader occupying a refuge in oregon for more than three weeks along with seven followers. this happened after a violent confrontation with the fbi that left another member of the group that. the zika virus spreading in the united states. health officials say resident who traveled outside the u.s. has tested positive for the
7:18 am
mosquito transmitted virus. the disease has been linked to a resident of arkansas and a baby born with it to form rain and hawaii. american and united airlines will allow customers concerned about to cancel or postpone if they are ticketed to fly to areas affected by the virus. finally, oprah winfrey and this video yesterday said she was 26 pounds while eating bread everyday and i must immediately weight watcher's stock skyrocketing 20%. chance are than 6 million shares of the company. she is sitting on the board. stock closed at 1329th. 2011 the stock was $80. they have a lot of competition still. i realize she's eating bread, but weight watchers has a lot of competition they didn't used to have. dagen: even with the recent pop in the stacks. >> down around $6 they couldn't get out of their own way. there was a lot of hubbub if
7:19 am
they were going to survive and here comes oprah. you are seeing this kind of health and goodness revolution going on. everyone rented it, under armour is coming up with health box. this is playing into what the consumer is looking for. maria: marie osmond is on which one? nutrisystem. this is a trend, but it is funny to see her moving the stock as much a she is by these commercials. dagen: i am for anyone a general who is pro-bread. i can lose weight in moderation i need to get a little bit of red. >> it is nice and investor put their money where their mouth is. maria: she is eating bread and baking bread at the same time. >> good for oprah. weight watchers before, dan
7:20 am
marino walking around the mac i lost this way. i can throw a football. here you have a great inspiring woman who was losing weight and it's working for her. that actually peaks my interest. maria: i think john said it right. dagen: dudes can't talk about eating bread it has dudes eating bread can still lose weight. women do struggle depending on the volume of carbs. maria: a word about bread men at the table. how about peyton manning? one day away. how this could impact the future hall of famer. back in a minute with that.
7:21 am
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7:24 am
maria: welcome back. peyton manning during up for what could be its last radio. the nfl getting ready to conduct an investigation of the human growth hormone allegations that landed on his doorstep a month ago. all the details now. >> good morning, maria. if it is conducting an investigation of claims based on what aired in a documentary titled the dark side on the soon-to-be closing al jazeera america. in it, and then turned and antiaging clinic was secretly recorded and suggest that peyton manning's wife had with dave deliberates of human growth
7:25 am
hormone in 2011. peyton manning sat out the season because of a neck injury. hgh is banned by the nfl. the league has to take these claims seriously. peyton manning is not the only player involved. the steelers james harris and many others as well as nature that baseball players. while the nfl plans to interview men in as well as other players involved, they've been investigating several weeks and is allegedly will not interfere with super bowl 50. could peyton manning's legacy be called into question? only if the nfl finds a fire near the smoke created by a soon to be defunct network. >> this is smoke because the guy actually recanted that he said this never happened. the nfl has to investigate this, but this is put to rest, put to bed. it is all lies.
7:26 am
even peyton manning is listen the driver candidate. i won't dignify this, this is, you know, it is a shame that it's coming up again because it was put behind and there's nothing to this story than having some intern that didn't have anything to do with dispersing from its mouth about al jazeera. get out of here. >> it's a great argument. the nfl needs to take these claims seriously. if they really -- if it was that important and they believe something was here, i think this is potentially an the super bowl. they would have peyton manning. two weeks until super bowl 50. plenty of time to sit down with roger caddell. >> this is, as you would say, and nothing hurt her. >> that phrase is a hand in my house. i have heard that way too much.
7:27 am
hopefully the nfl will come out and squash it right away. >> i hope so as well. they are hiring a whole new group to check out their integrity unit because they don't trust it's going on. i don't think there is much to it. maria: google taken a strong delivery step further. how plans to drop them off at your home. that is next. finally take mcdonald's secret sauce on. so in 4000 miles of the famous sauce for $5 in the country. if you are in australia, get one of those while they last. we will be back in a moment. ♪ can a business have a mind?
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good wednesday morning. welcome back. with your top stories. breaking news overnight a gun fight overnight in oregon involving the protestors. a traffic stop led to the shoot out where one person was killed and others injured. >> >> donald trump says he will skip tomorrow night's crucial fox news debate it is the last debate coming this monday. senator ted cruz weighing in on trump's decision. >> if he thinks megan is scary? what will he do is putin? ty guarantee you putin is a lot scaryer than megan kelly. >> checking markets. once again selling under way with the price of oil leading things. the dow industrials expected to decline at the opening of trading this morning.
7:32 am
the federal reserve is in focus wrapping up its two-day meeting later today. we will hear for the statement on the the global economy. investors are waiting to hear the volatility in the the market this year it is weighing on the the central bank how that goes into its statement. the oil prices this morning. in europe were seeing losses in london, across the board. these are the worst levels of the morning and expected a decline and a third of a per sent to half a percent on ta*f rapblgs in europe. mixed moves very volatile session in china overnight. the composite ended down half a percent but hasn't been as much as 4% earlier in the session. the nikkei average in japan was up 2/3%. apple, we are seeing slows of a slow down. t*eu phones are growing at the slowest pace since 2007.
7:33 am
ap the forecasts the decline in revenue for the first quarter. >> the focus is on iowa as candidates prepare to make their final push. >> reporter: good morning. so the focus on iowa and donald trump as he was making the headlines not only here but across the country far decision he made last night. trump campaign saying the candidate will not participate in tomorrow night' debate on the fox news channel. last debate before t*eu owa caucus on monday night. this is a protest no-show if trump feels through for megan through as the debate moderator. trump has been going back and forth for days. the campaign put out a lengthy statement yesterday. they say of their decision, "unlike the very stupid highly incompetent people running our
7:34 am
country in the ground. this takes guts and the kind of mentality needs to make america great again. fox said mr. trump cannot dictate the questions or the mod raytors but is still more than welcome to show up tomorrow night should he choose. if you pick the race on the republican side is close the one on the democratic side could turn out taoeurgt when the results are in monday night. a brand new poll out this morning in relation to t*eu owa shows that bernie sanders is still on top of hillary clinton here. 49-45 nap is well within the margin of error an unchanged from month. about 20% have yet to decide or could change their mind. it's believed to be a third on the the republican side. there are two things that you realize when you get here to t*eu owa. first it's cold. the second is all the the
7:35 am
advicements and -- advertisements. after months of campaigning it's both sides as people make thereupon mind. >> what a debate. >> don't miss our all-star coverage this the monday starting here on morning with maria then at night at prime time 8:00 p.m. on the east coast with neil cavut oh o. turning to market, we are getting boeing earnings out as we speak. $1.60 share. we know that the worry over earnings comes from a global slow down of crude oil for example. one of the indicators down 3% near $30 a barrel. phil is in chicago this morning. what's driving the oil. >> good morning. they a weighing on this market again. it shows that we are a getting
7:36 am
floods with with crude 11.4 million barrels of oil. they driving down the cost of oil after we rebounded. we were rebounding more signs and the u.s. production is getting ready to roll over. three of the biggest shale producers in this country said they will drastically cut their spending which means that their production is going to fall pwaeuz much as 20% but it's hard to look towards that when you're swimming in supply. >> thanks so much. joining us now is opec chief analysts. tom, good to see you. >> nice to be here. >> it looks like the earnings per share is better than expected but revenue light. do you think the oil story is telling us what's going on in the world that we are seeing a slow period, a glut or is it going to be positive for markets because it's so cheap. >> it's chicken and egg. i think oil is reacting when
7:37 am
there's any sign of weakness. the one given that everyone looks at in the oil patch is the fact that desphapbd supposed to go up this year and any slow down, companies disappointing, bad data from china or whatever, that builds the calculus and they are already suggesting that there's 3 million more barrels coming to market every day than there is demand for it. the glut is about 1 billion-barrels. we have to get rid of that before we have a balanceed market. >> you look at a company like boeing because the stock is down in the premarket. that will impact the dow jones industrial avenue kwrapblg, it's a dow component. >> this this week, we had prices that were boeing aircrafts.
7:38 am
those prices were $3 and $4 in the last few winters. they can buy fuel 1/5 or 1/4. it's not helping the passengers like myself. >> they want to put american on the american producers. drive the business because they are afraid of losing market share. is that a winable battle? once the price of oil begins to rise again the american producers come back online. >> i don't think the united states are their targets. i think their targets are the russians an iran and some of the other non-disciplined opec members. >> do you think lit put americans out of business? >> i don't think so. one thing we paoeupbd with fracking and -- one thing we find request fracking with oil shale is it brings the oils down.
7:39 am
you seal break even at $50 or $60. it's come down to that in the united states. >> i want to go back quickly, we have a billion barrels of oil in storage based on current consumption and demand how long will it take us to work that off? >> it will probably take us most of this year. the market will look ahead. the next 60 days as ugly as you can possibly see. >> why? because we have refineries that are going into maintenance so they will cut back in the amount of crude oil they use. it will continue in to april. so that means crude toil stocks are going to increase more. we may rub up against the top of the storage. the united states is the world's sponge for oil in terms of crude and it's real difficult to see when it turns around. now investors are looking out for the last quarter or whatever. they may start to bid the fries
7:40 am
higher but it's going to be a rocky february. >> can the saudis win against russia in iraq? >> that's a geo political question. i'm sure they can punish them quite a bit. right now iran doesn't feel it because they are getting revenue they weren't getting before. >> to avoid bankruptcy or avoid cutting dividends, the whole thing just came out at $37 a barrel. >> it varies. for shale they need a $4 5 or a $50 price. >> you said it's not out of the way to think that oil could go to $248. >> -- $24. >> no. i think you could see pure panic in the next 30-45 days. you will get these bills every week. $5 million $10 million so forth.
7:41 am
when you walk in on a ph-pbd and the chinese markets are down 6% and counting on a growth to deliver that 1.1 barrels of additional demand. we are really screwed and this sounds like -- you can see a couple of moments where we trade from $9.99 to $19.99. >> the majors can handle this. banks that have lent a lot of noun oil company has are going to be in trouble in the second quarter. >> does that stretch out for weeks? >> is that episodic. >> i think longer is the right theme. i think what like to say is longer per long person you have people predicting single numbers
7:42 am
forever when we go down to $24. you have people predicting $-p 0 -- $70 and $80. we are looking at $25 and $46 a share. we think gas prices will average about $2.19. with these prices we will spend $306 billion. big deal. that's a couple bad bank deals going down and that still does some real damage. >> appreciate you tom this morning. thanks. >> coming up, start your engines. a new drone racing league that is taking flight here on the fox business hour. stay with us.
7:43 am
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welcome back. strong reactions fall donald trump decided not to attend tomorrow's gop debate. >> that's right. at the campaign after mr. trump's campaign announcement,
7:47 am
the decision not to attend the debate. the texas senator ted cruz challenged the front run tore -- to a one on one debate. we can debate with a iowa town hall. >> tomorrow is hosted by the fox's news the channelle is the last gop debate before the iowa caucuss. net flex releasing a new teaser for full house. the stars recite from full house. they share their love for one another some 20 years after the original full house ran. they are hugging, they are dancing and delivering lines before a laughing audience. one of the top trending videos now. google's secret delivery project have packages. it describes a delivery resipable is designed to have an
7:48 am
ariel delivery price. they have registered their aircraft with the the government in the first month since the faa required that online system. this is under project wing. their biggest threat is theft of packages. >> it's stale limit, five -- it's still a limit, five pounds. >> still small. >> all these technology companies from drones. coming from the sky. >> the federal government came in. you have to the register your drone if you are a consumer. you are seeing it is in the commercial an enterprise space. >> you cannot have anything more than five pounds in terms of the
7:49 am
package. so, i don't know what you are buying. they have to go up to 25. >> we are not there. >> the faa is getting in the way of it rather than designing regulations to encourage commercial drone use. you are seeing nit law enforcement the. >> thank god you are have to register. they are a menice. >> they this run in to the power leans, puppy dog on the front lawn. >> is go-pro attached to it? >> how is this a major delivery system across the industry that makes much of an impact at all. >> they are all saying that this is the way of the future. it makes sense for world areas particular. i understand that but not just
7:50 am
the regulations but the safety returns. >> in rural areas the economies don't make sense you need to be near a delive try hub -- delivery hub. they can only fly so far. >> a unicorn company has not had a cfo in almost a year. look at these pictures, a wild cheetah approaching a photographer. instead of attacking the intruder the big cat licks the photographer's feet before lying down next to him. we'll be right back. was engineered...
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7:54 am
welcome back u pw*e r valued -- uber valued. the company's old cfo left the company in march of 2015. what do you think? >> they are raising money. i don't understand how you can't have a cfo. they are going in to new market or fighting legal battles. i don't know how they are able to do that. all they are raising a cfo. a lot of these companies are writing down. this won't happen for long and i'm sure they will e need to get one soon.
7:55 am
>> somebody is in the company doing the books. >> yeah. >> they just don't have the title. they haven't filled that job yet. they are making sure that they and t*eu -- the irs. >> maybe they have a treasureer. you will not invest in a company if they don't have a cfo. the biggest story is not just the cfo sraeu vacancy but the evaluation. is it worth $64.5 billion? >> we don't know. we are not getting the financials. >> and there's no cfo. >> everybody is talking about tech bubble this or that. it's happening in the private market. look what happened, the market is a great pricing mechanism.
7:56 am
twitter is down, square is down. the market is pricing tech companies. this is giving pause to a lot of companies coming public. that's the point -- >> cashing in on drones. you can race your device and we will take you in the drone ration world. yes, this is getting bigger, back in a minute. . opportunities aren't always obvious. sometimes they just drop in. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities.
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8:00 am
a gun fight in oregon involving the protesters occupying the wild life ref tpao*ubg -- refuge. leader of the ma they have and -- militia and several others were arrested. . donald trump said he will skip the debate. >> donald trump says he will skip tomorrow night's crucial fox news debate it is the last debate coming this monday. senator ted cruz weighing in on trump's decision. >> if he thinks megan is scary? what will he do is putin? i guarantee you putin is a lot scaryer than megan kelly. >> checking markets. futures are indicating lower. were now looking at a decline for the dow jones industrial average of 85 points. also it is fed day and a lot of earnings day driving the action. results in dow components. apple weighing on futures now.
8:01 am
the company reporting that it's seeing signs of a slow down. iphone sales grew in the first quarter. the outlook the also a concern. apple forecast a decline in revenue for the next quarter. a second quarter. also a concern for boeing. they are well below analyst expectations. the stock getting hit this morning down nearly # 4%. that will have an impact on market. what results say about the global economy coming up. we are just five days away in the 2016 race to the white house. the big focus is on iowa. blake is live in deanyone right now with the -- des moines with the latest. >> the pweupg focus is on iowa but also on donald trump as the trump campaign said yesterday that the candidate will not participate in tomorrow night's debate on the fox news channel. that being the last debate before the owa caucuss here on monday night.
8:02 am
they cited the kpwroeg back and forth they had with megan kelly as being one of the debate moderators. they put out a lengthy statement yesterday. ly read to you a little part of it. "unlike the very stupid highly incompetent people running our country in the ground. mr. trump knows when to walk away. "this takes guts and the kind of mentality needs to make america great again. fox said mr. trump cannot moderators but is still more than welcome to show up tomorrow night should he choose. if you pick the race on the republican side is close the one on the democratic side could turn out taoeurgt when the results are in monday night. a brand new poll out this morning in relation to t*eu owa shows that bernie sanders is still on top of hillary clinton here.
8:03 am
>> donald is a fragile soul. if she asks him mean questions, his hair might stand on him. >> in the latest fox news survey, roughly a third of iowa voters said they still have yet to make up their mind. there were 120,000 last time around. we are talking about tense of thousands. we will see if we have any impact on trump's decision come monday night. >> joining us politics director. good to see you, larry. >> nice to see you, maria. >> give us the lay of the land here. trump is not comeing to the debate thursday night. who wins in this case? >> it's a big gamble even for trump although i will have to say based on past -- -- there
8:04 am
are still many people who are undecided or who can switch and it's at the margins what the changes occur in iow a and determine who wins and who loses. the reason that trump the probably will be able to pull this off is because it is a trade off. he is avoiding tough questions from the mod raytors. he is avoiding being the target of the other six candidates which he would have been. he is the run away front runner nationally so all of the other six would have aimed their fire power at him. he avoids all that and we this see what happen, but he's putting together an al gnat event. -- at alternate event. a shiney object to poach some of the audience. you put this together along with
8:05 am
with donald trump's rhett rhetoric an he gets by with it. that's my guess. >> but does the results from the iowa cause kus, do they matter? if you look back at history, we talked about those people who won in the last two presidential cycles. does it matter if he loses by a little bit to ted cruz? probably not it it's a small margin. if it turns out to be a bigger margin that would be quite a shock and iowa has delivered shocks with new hampshire. you are right. if you were looking to determine the winner, you really wouldn't look to the iowa caucuss especially on the republican side. they have a terrible track record. >> he also gets points for taking on the press for slamming the press in this case fox. that's always popular with the public as well.
8:06 am
this could give a little breathing room on that stage that he will not. dominating come debate time is. that not the case? is he so far ahead, not just in iowa but nationally that this isn't really a relief for the bushes and the others on stage. >> i'm still arguing -- i realize that a lot of people said it's finished. >> no real votes have been cast. it's too early to sites finished. i don't that it's finished at all. there's still an opportunity for someone from the establish lane if they can ever get their act together and decide who it is they are backing to have at at least a three-way race it could be bush but i think it's more likely to be marco rubio, john is a possibility, christie, but i think marco rubio is in the best position to be in that
8:07 am
lane. let me go back to what she said about the debate. you made a very important point. those other six candidates have a real opportunity thursday night to do what they want to do without the distraction of donald trump unless they make the fatal mistake of spinning the debate talking about donald trump. it's up to them. >> once again talking about donald trump. >> it is the move that the keeps the feud the thread within the reality show going. >> is this under lying an insecurity he may have seeing that the his supporters may not turn in to votes. he was threatened when ben carson came up and almost tied him. come on supporters what are you doing?
8:08 am
is this a little worrisome in his heart that this may not translate to actual votes. they can run their mouths on twitter and say they their for me. >> don't you think adding to what kevin is saying is that the voters may get mad that -- what is he doing by not coming to the debate? it's not that he's saying forget about you fox. he is saying forget about you voters. they want to hear him speak if they are his followers. >> yeah, iowians are sober minded. have you spent much time out there? this is not necessarily a jolly sort. they take this very seriously. if they think they have been dissed by donald trump it could backfire. >> they just got dissed. exactly. >> larry, thank you. >> thanks a lot, maria. >> be sure to tune in on the depate on the fox news channel. fox teaming up with tkwaog
8:09 am
tkpwao*gle for the -- google for the final presidential debate. join us for the fox news channel debate. coming up tennis world rocked by match fixing allegations. officials are launching a probe in hopes to restore the public' confidence. forget nascar we are kicking you in a new drone ration league. wait until you we tell you how much cash you can win. you don't want to miss it. back in a minute. ♪
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welcome back. the fbi arresting the leader the for the leader occupying a --
8:13 am
>> they were caught during a traffic stop heading to a community meeting. one person was shot and killed by an officer during that arrest. the group seized the headquarters earlier this month in protest of what they call owner federal land restrictions. >> the past and the future came together in the islands in scotland yesterday. look at these random pictures. storm troop theers mingled with vikings an thousands of then the paraded in the street for the annual event before surrounding a massive replica long ship and setting it on fire. gathering is set on viking tradition. hundreds the gathered to join in that is all the. it's like a big party. the governing bodice of tennis atphupbsing that they will commission an independent review of their anti-corruption unit. this comes after reports of possible evidence of match fixing that was not properly investigators.
8:14 am
this decision was announced earlier today at the australia open. this is 16 players that were accused by the bbc in this investigateive report. everything points back to the tennis officials saying you knew about this. you never did anything an now it this ruin the sport. >> they have to do something. they have to show that they their respond og to critics. >> an responding to what appears to be great investigative journalism which we should tip our hats to. we are all fans of tennis an watch it religiously, how much damage does it do to the sport? >> it could do a lot of damage. tennis is one of those sports that has not had the taint to the players. throwing matches repeatedly, tennis looking the other way. these big scandals that rock the sport leave a smell. >> it does leave a big stain.
8:15 am
>> people were winning singles title, they are talking women -- women -- an the french open. >> bribery is almost in every sport. >> you have kids that are pig tennis or football fans an grow up an they want to play. tennis has done so well. so, has it impacted the perception of tennis so far the way it has other leagues stp. >> not yet. >> if you have big names that come out that could really just tear up the entire sport. even with the pro. >> yeah, he is retired now but one of the most famous australian tennis players ever. his record was amazing. his link was linked to this report. he is denying it, of course. this is somebody that the that these children look up to and want to be some day. and tennis has been a healthy sport.
8:16 am
they haven't had this issue yet. >> except for the on court rage of mcenroe. >> are you serious? >> cheryl. thank you. >> coming up, oprah said she loves bread and will keep on eating it. i say you go girl. back in a minute on that. ♪ ♪
8:17 am
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8:20 am
welcome back. the federal reserve has its meeting today. watching for any shift in policy. joining us now the chief economic advisor and author of the new book, "the only new book in town." good to see you. congratulations on the new book. my first question oil an its relationship the to stocks. will oil or will equity investors decouple themselves from the price of oil? given the price of oil on the the market it doesn't look like it are go anywhere soon. into cow are right in soon that oil prices are volatile and low. you are right in terms that it seems that techty market is re -- the equity market is responding to oil. there's something deeper going on. both are responding to three big changes.
8:21 am
one is weak globalle economy, the price of corporate earnings and prices of the oil and secondly both markets have lost their stabilizer. central banks are no longer unifyed in supporting the equity market an opec no longer plays a role of producer an thirdly capital has become -- people are got washing in to stabilize. i think this more in terms that these markets are responding to common factors. over the long term low oil prices is good for most of the members of the stock market because it means more money in the pocket of consumers. stpaoeut is reacting -- it is reacting to the global economy. do you the think when he go if a recession? >> i don't think this year, i think the chances next year is 30%. we never achieved lift off. we never got to what this economy is capable of and that's a tragedy.
8:22 am
so, mohammed, i think you bring up great point. we never achieved that lift off. we saw the s&p 500 go up 72%, 56% of that came from multiple expansion which is significant. that threaten credence to the federal have every going in to people going in to riskier say its. the three earnings are earnings, multiples an dividends. where will you drive this market? is the dividend payers? do we avoid those high pe companies. >> it's for money mentals to validate asset prices. we had the decouples and had it for good reason. the federal reserve has pushed people to take more risks by lowering it so low they pushed people many to reus it can assets. nap decoupled. as we open up to the 40 1k we
8:23 am
feel richer an we spend it. in terms of spes tick companies you want -- specific companies you want to look at balance sheets. that allow them to do thing. they have the resilience with a possible economic downturn and the agel jilllety -- agility to pounce as people tend to do. >> so the only game town, the central banks about what you have written a book,er did their efforts fail post 2008? or would it have been a lot worse without the intervention that we saw. >> # 2008 to 2010. they step in and normalize markets. they pivot to taking economic for much more economic issues. >> then they did well in buying time for the politics to step up to the plate. nobody stepped up.
8:24 am
now we are del dealing with the collateral damage. when you go unconventional it's about benefits, costs and risks. >> why are policy so afraid of the recession. it's a down part of the cycle. why are they scared of this? the more they delate, the worst it's going to be. >> because we have no spare tires. there's nothing left. >> >> can the feds continue to be on the right side in terms of not doing anymore qe twhaoeul the rest of the world is in stimulus mode where you japan and europe cutting rates. >> that's a great point. than is what's new now. if central banks are going in different directions. the feds are pulling off the the kpael accelerator nap's a very confusing world.
8:25 am
even successful countries are having difficulty tpha*f kpwaeuting -- we have -- navigating, we have a system built on the center are responsibility but if it turns the that sit acting irresponsibility in the advance world. >> a year ago you said i would be a sell near this market. it's nervous and cautious. you think we will have the the whole year as tough in terms of the equity? >> i think we will have volatility. we are exiting a period of low troll volatility. nap will create lot of interesting conditions. they will get trashed. that's the right stuff and the opportunity. i think you still need cash. >> that's a big cash. >> it is.
8:26 am
>> but starting from evaluations have been decoupled. >> should we look at the ecb what's happening in europe? i worry about europe because they are further behind in the economy healing process. if you want to pick up value and really have the stomach for volatility and it's sold off tory dick throus levels. -- ridiculous level. if you can stomach the volatility and be selective. don't do it through an etf. you will end up buying bad names as well. >> mohammed, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> appreciate your time. go out and buy the book, "the only game in town." we this see you soon. >> donald trump said he will not attend tomorrow night's fox news debate opening the floor for other candidates to sha*eu shine. we will bring in dr. ben carson
8:27 am
in from des moines, iowa. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> what is your reaction to this? trump says i'm not going to show up. >> well, i don't have much of a reaction it to because it's not about him. it's not ability me or anybody except the american people and the opportunity to give them a vision into what we propose as a solutions to the multiple of problems. our nation is about to go off the cliff. we are fundamentally changing into something else and we need to talk about solutions not about personalities. >> that's a great point. you have come out with specifics on your tax plan, on your foreign policy which i want to get to. do you think this opening gives you and other candidates on stage more of an opportunity do that oh to drill down given the fact that donald trump won't be there. >> it's always good to have more of an opportunity.
8:28 am
any time you can get beyond a 30 second or one-anyone sound bite you are going to be able to connect with people. >> i think these what you and your colleagues connected in your last debate. a lot of smart people were talk act your tax plan as being the best out there in the gop field pause you got a flat tax but there's no so-called vet tax included. explain the details. what do you want to do? >> well, i'm looking at liberty an justice for all. so, that's why i propose a flat tax 14.9% will come down from there. we have a lot of issues that we have to deal with now. no deductions, no loop hole, no shelt e no double taxasition. no death tax. all those things are gone so this becomes a progrowth-type of
8:29 am
agenda. what you need if you really want growth is an atmosphere that encourages entrepenuaral risk taking. we have stifled it with the policies an then we sit there and we blame other people. it's the rich and if we take their money question solve this problem. than will not solve their problem. lit make everybody poor. that's called socialism. america night wake up quickly before we end up there. are people not understanding your tax plan? and your numbers are not higher. >> people because people don't talk about it. i appreciate the fact that you are talking about it now. mostly they want to talk about some other personality. that's a problem. >> let me ask you about your plan against isis. i read your recent on foreign spoil.
8:30 am
tell us about your plan to defeat isis, sir. >> well, we have to be willing to call radicals jihadist what they are. we have to be able to attack their callifate an working in conjunction with our military tebgs perts an -- expert and explain the noon them. we do it just the opposite way. e say we need this in troops or this or that an the other and we are trying to dictate to them. that is silly an we also have to deprive them of their economic resources. isis is the wealthiest terrorism organization in the world. we have to shut down their monetary channelles. we have to come to this country and recognize that if we don't seal their boards we are spitting in the ocean. we have to work with the imams
8:31 am
and the clerics and let them know that they have to work with us. if they don't we have to treat them a different way because we have to protect our people. we have to declare war on isis. we need to revamp our immigration and visa programs. all these are necessary to protect the american people. >> what does that mean on a practical basis. we had air strikes for 18 months. are they working? >> not very well. they their not well coordinated. you have to have the right advanced people on the ground coordinating that and it worked very well in sinja a few months ago. isis had taken that city and in conjunction with the kurds, we cut off the supply risk and with our special ops people they were able to go in and air strikes behind them and complete the job quite easily. when it's done that way it works. >> you have been in iowa mow for
8:32 am
a little bit. what are you hearing from potential voters dr. carson in terms of with this' most important to them right now? >> i think they are extraordinaryly concerned about their own security and security of this children but also about the financial well being of our country. we are under mining the financial poupb tkaeugs of this -- foundation of this country with the continued boar borrowing. tom has -- tom has jefferson -- tom has jefferson -- thomas jefferson said was immore immoral. there are banks -- most people have no idea what the fiscal gap is. all the unfundsing liabilities and all the government programs
8:33 am
versus of what we have coming in in terms of taxes and other resources. this country owns $ 150 trillion-dollars in resources. you give that to a company and >> just a 2% return would look at the debt that we have. we don't run it efficiently. i'm talking a comprehensive plan to run the government like you'd run a business. i've had many years of experience in corporate america and understand what efficiently looks like. maria: what does that mean, dr. carson in terms of a specific. for example, social security, are you going to push the retirement age out? give me one or two specifics in that regard. >> well, first of all, i think we're scheduled to run out of money, social security in 2033. if we don't do anything. if we get the economy working again, it gives us a lot more time, but specifically i think for people under the age of 50,
8:34 am
we're going to have to very, very gradually begin to raise the retirement age and for people under 30, i think we need to come up with a whole new system whereby they will have the ability to direct the resources that are put into their accounts so that they will have a very substantial amount of money by the time they retire, but i'm not sure a lot of that will be necessary if we fix the economy. those who think we have to do if we continue along with this so-called new economy, but i don't believe in this new economy. maria: i hear what you're saying. >> i believe we have the ability to go back to the old economy. maria: if in fact we were to see growth, that changes a lot are to sure. how have the debates been for you, dr. carson? when you look at the impact of the debates, you're able to speak to, obviously, tens of millions of voters. has it been impactful for you, going up against all of your
8:35 am
colleagues on the debate stage and getting an opportunity to speak to millions at once? >> well, certainly, it's better than if you didn't have them, but honestly, i would prefer a different type of forum where, you know, you maybe put somebody on the stage for 15 minutes and you asked that person questions and let them really go into some depth. it's something like we've done here just now, so that people can actually get a real impression of what you're talking about. what we've fashioned is really sort of a gate, who can get a sound bite out in 30 or 60 seconds, something that experienced politicians are very good at, but that has led us to where we are now. we have to stop playing games and really get to the reasons that a person believes what they believe and what their real solutions are. maria: now, you know, you've been very vocal and articulate on the issues when you actually
8:36 am
start talking about foreign policy, tax policies. earlier, senator cruz said, look, he wants to go one-on-one with donald trump, he doesn't want to be in the debate, would you go one-on-one with donald trump? >> i would go one-on-one with anybody, i have no problem with what whatsoever. i'd welcome an opportunity to talk in depth about foreign policy and national security. maria: i would think so, you've got the goods. you're coming out with the specifics and want to talk about real specifics and granular subjects. >> i would say if anybody really wants to know what we think, go to our website, we've got loads of policy out there. and that's a case for a month since we've made changes in the campaign. stuff that's been getting out there and people can understand what we're talking about. maria: how do you think this upcoming thursday night debate will be different from past debates? >> well, hopefully they'll be
8:37 am
able to focus on anybody, rather than a specific candidate, that's going to help quite a bit and as far as i'm concerned, you know, as you saw in the last debate, i'm a little more aggressive. i'm going to get even more aggressive this time. i'm not going to hit anybody with anything, but believe me, we're going to be talking about what we believe in. maria: hey, i like this. dr. carson with the dukes up. we're going to watch you thursday night. thank you so much, sir. >> thank you, maria. maria: dr. ben carson. don't miss the final republican presidential debate before the iowa caucuses. tune in on the fox news channel. ben carson getting more aggressive he said. the first debate and then the second debate follows at 9 eastern. it begins right here on the morning show, mornings with maria and neil cavuto hosts live from iowa for the caucuses. don't forget, "mornings with maria" begins every day at 6 a.m. eastern.
8:38 am
before we go to break take a look of best moments you may have missed from earlier in the program. >> it's going to continue to go on tv and hang out with celebrities and go around and raise money. dagen: i'll take it a step further than that. i think he gets a tv show, eventually gets a talk show, i'm not joking, very serious. >> as much as you want as long as you work out. that's the important thing about-- >> no, you can't, not if you're a woman. you can't eat all the bread you want and still work out. there's no way. we'll listen to oprah and not you, kevin about weight loss. >> i think it's nice to see an investor put their money where their mouth is. >> she's eating bread and making bread at the same time. >> that's true. >> the job market is strong and the job market is very important to janet yellen. we have a 5% unemployment rate and could be up 4 1/2% by mid year, can't forget that, and listening to the candidate and i won't dignify this, the
8:39 am
indianapolis colts went to bat for peyton manning and it's a shame that it's coming back up again because it was put behind them and there's nothing to the story. >> welcome back to another tennis channel court report. a special presentation for fox business: andy murray has reached the finals four times at the aussie open, but never lifted the trophy. he faced the feisty ferrare for a price in the finals. murray blasted his way into the semis for the sixth time after getting past ferrare to physically chase down every ball and get to the end. murray managed to get across the finish line, as ever against the spaniard, it was far from easy. >> elsewhere, an upset in the tournament and took out
8:40 am
azaren azarenka. the german's victory over 7-5. and don't forget the live coverage of australia open hits the airwaves daily at 6 p.m. eastern. i think it landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪ ... ♪
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>> welcome back. predictions that the zika virus would spread to the united states is now coming true. cheryl with the headlines. cheryl: officials say that a
8:44 am
person who traveled outside, and arkansas and a baby born with a deformed brain in hawaii. they're going to ask them to cancel or postpone trips if they're ticketed to affected areas. and oprah winfrey said she ate bread and lost weight, and the stocks soared. she owns shares and sits on the board. the video is going to make you smile. a boy took home a special souvenir, moments after the game started, it hockey puck was thrown in his face and he's happy, it's priceless. >> thank you. >> major earnings out this morning. at the opening bell on the
8:45 am
floor of the exchange. >> take a look. >> take a look at futures, 55 points on futures at the dow after 280 point gain yesterday. and it's the correlation to oil and oil is pulling back, yesterday we saw energy surging and a different picture. you mentioned earnings, we're going to watch boeing and apple, with the numbers and outlook of these two companies, they're shaving off 80 negative dow points and we'll watch them more closely, boeing, 120 and change. apple sees the first sales dip in more than a decade. let's see what they did, 99.09. we're looking for the bid-ask under the $100 mark everybody is looking at. back to you. maria: and how about about drones flying, no longer just a hobby. a professional drone pilot in
8:46 am
massive arenas to compete in front of fans. can't miss this. back in a minute. ♪
8:47 am
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8:49 am
>> welcome back, drones soaring in popularity. aerial technology making huge strides. they're taking threats from hobby to sport and a league where professional flyers can fly their drones for cash prizes. and a ceo, you brought two drones onset. tell us what you're doing. >> we're starting a professional drone racing league.
8:50 am
they will be held in arenas and abandoned buildings and allowing people to compete with complex three dimensional courses. dagen: i have a question. i'm a professional racing fans, i go to the tracks in the country and should i be worried about a collision and getting injured? that's an issue in real auto racing. >> sure. dagen: if there's a collision, do i wind up with pieces of drone in our area. >> currently we're not having live audiences at our events. dagen: you will. >> our tracks are sealed off. there's a barrier. >> in nascar, the fences have been-- don't work, that's one of the issues. >> these are a few hundred grams of materials and those are giant cars, much easier to create a safety barrier. dagen: still, my hair. >> these drones, you've taken
8:51 am
the propellers off, so my tie isn't at risk here, but who is driving these? tell us the universal person who is entering these races. maria: in a remote location they're operating it. >> we'll have the first event in dolphin's stadium in miami and we brought in 12 of the best pilots of the world. they came from all over, from brazil, mexico, australia, the u.s. who are exceptional at piloting these kind of drones and they are-- come from all walks of life. some are people that were former professional video gamers and some used to be engaged in speed supports, motorcycles, hand-eye coordination, spacial awareness and nerves of steel. maria: and they're going 60, 80 miles per hour? >> yes. >> and they're wearing googles. >> for the pilot it's like
8:52 am
sitting in the cockpit of the drone. they fly it like a fighter jet. dagen: where do you practice? if you're a pro, where are you practicing in your yard? >> yeah, practicing in your yard, in buildings where you can find the space so people go to parking garages, go to closed off spaces where it's safe to fly and practice. our course in miami, for example, wove through the concourses and tight hallways. >> with what precision in mind. tell us about the prospects of these machines delivering packages around the united states? >> absolutely. i mean, one of the things that's exciting since we worked on the drone racing league is seeing the skilled pilots in command of the crafts and makes you understand how powerful they are and useful to society. and whether it's package delivery or first responders. >> it's not chaos in the sky knocking down helicopter. >> there's a large regulatory issue how to get in the air,
8:53 am
but when you see a skilled pilot they could bring an aed and drop it off for a heart attack emergency. these are the first in the world. dagen: i could think of some nascar drivers who would be into this in the off season. maria: what do you think about the regulation? >> for the f.a.a. it's a challenge. what we do, professional drivers on a closed course sort of like asking formula one about seat belt laws, it's relevant, but not particularly relevant to what we do. we support the efforts going on and beta program testing registration, we've got hundreds of drones. >> 300,000 people have registered, but it doesn't involve much training how to run these things. >> it doesn't, and it's a first step. our drones are registered and the f.a.a. >> how do they win? >> we design and build the drones, every one is designed by the ground up from the engineers, from the circuit
8:54 am
boards inside to thecarbon fibers outside are designed and hand built for us, when they fly, it levels the playing field with the skills. maria: they know exactly what they're flying. great stuff. thank you for joining us. >> yeah. maria: appreciate it very much. nick from the drone racing league. we'll be right back.
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8:57 am
>> all right. i want your final thoughts. >> we're expecting a lower opening for the broader averages. one thing i mentioned was overall volumes down 17% yesterday. financials down 15% versus the five-day moving average of about 10%. financials are getting killed. >> financials are going to lead the market out of here and a big driver. they're the second largest component of the s&p 500 and that's telling about the global growth story here, that's why tech earnings today are very important in seeing what
8:58 am
happens because they are one of the largest sectors of the s&p and they'll drive us out of here. >> using facebook is important, they're growing revenues in the tough environment and seeking to grow at 45%. 70% of their revenues are derived from mobile so they're getting the advertising volume and look at the options market. 7% move expected on a 4 1/2% average. so, everybody is kind of betting to the outside and below the price from last earnings, which was gang busters. >> we'll focus on the mobile numbers for sure there, dagen. >> i was picking up on something in the area and talking about in terms of this economy never achieved lift-off. something he did not touch on. overregulation, the biggest concern of global corporate ceo's in the new price waterhouse cooper survey that came out about a week ago. overregulation, listened to the candidates talking about removing regulation in that fox
8:59 am
news debate and the campaign trail. >> you're right, they all have tax reform plans and they want to collect obamacare and epa regulations, see if that moves the needle on growth. dagen: want to hear more about it. will it change the tone. maria: i totally agree. >> to china and oil. china may be slowing, bad for earnings for companies like boeing, and pushing total activity in china, a great place to be when the economy picks up again and oil eventually neglect gets worked through and the long reemerges and it's good tore companies. >> 30% cash that-- >> that was my take from him. maria: 30% cash? >> you do ent -- you don't have to be in the markets and bee saw boeing guide lower and you can focus on things like matter and important things, i'm going to be painting the park pink, raising money for komen tomorrow.
9:00 am
dagen: and also what matters, loyalty and people know what i'm talking about. maria: i know what you're talking about, and that will do it for us. "varney & company," stuart, have a good show, my friend. stuart: i'll do my best indeed. another big day, let's get started. donald trump is out of tomorrow's debate. he's withdrawn, saying fox news moderator megyn kelly has not treated him fairly. ted cruz has challenged trump to a one-on-one debate, no response to that yet from the donald. meanwhile, open up today's left of center washington post, two opinion pieces, one bashes bernie sanders, another goes after hillary clinton's honesty. mainstream media beating up the left? has the world turned upsidedown? oil, again, leads the financial news. it's down again, hovering around $30 a barrel. and watch apple, please, down


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