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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  January 27, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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tomorrow. dagen: and also what matters, loyalty and people know what i'm talking about. maria: i know what you're talking about, and that will do it for us. "varney & company," stuart, have a good show, my friend. stuart: i'll do my best indeed. another big day, let's get started. donald trump is out of tomorrow's debate. he's withdrawn, saying fox news moderator megyn kelly has not treated him fairly. ted cruz has challenged trump to a one-on-one debate, no response to that yet from the donald. meanwhile, open up today's left of center washington post, two opinion pieces, one bashes bernie sanders, another goes after hillary clinton's honesty. mainstream media beating up the left? has the world turned upsidedown? oil, again, leads the financial news. it's down again, hovering around $30 a barrel. and watch apple, please, down
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today on slowing iphone sales. how will the stock close out the session today? higher? any takers on that? how about this? barack obama to the supreme court, a good idea says hillary. i told you it's a big day. it's great to be back, you can't stay out of this, can you? "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> all right. first out of the gate, a developing story, listen to this, the manhunt for three escaped inmates in california on the loose since friday, all are alleged to be part after vietnamese gang. here is the news, one of them came to this country illegally in 1991 is. according to immigration officials he was ordered to leave seven years later after serving time in prison back then. the government in vietnam kept refusing to take him back and so he stayed here and committed more crimes. violent criminals here
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illegally and we can't deport him. judge napolitano coming up this morning. to politics, please, donald trump will not participate in tomorrow night's fox news debate. >> he's been threatening this and comes through. and now he accuses fox news of playing games, and concerns about moderator megyn kelly, it's set for tomorrow night in des moines. ted cruz, one of his main opponents spoke about this on hannity last night. >> i think he's afraid to defend his record, he knows he can't defend his record and he's trying to hide from the voters of iowa. donald and i are tied in iowa, neck and neck, the voters of iowa deserve to have a comparison of the records and vision of both candidates. >> i am happy to debate donald anytime and anyplace here in iowa between now and the caucuses.
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ashley: so mr. trump says he's going to attend a fundraiser for veterans and we have a statement from fox saying we're not sure how iowans are going to feel about walking away from them at the last minute, but it should be clear to the american public that this is rooted in one thing, megyn kelly, whom he has viciously attacked since august and has now spent four days demanding be removed from the debate stage. and that's, stuart, is where we stand. he will not be there tomorrow night, bottom line. stuart: bottom line, okay. let's bring in fiscal columnist liz peek, does it help or hurt donald trump in iowa. >> the prediction, i think that donald trump is not going to win iowa, i don't think it's because of the debate. i think that the people who line up solidly with him are with him no matter what. i don't think his campaign has the organizational structure to get people to the caucuses in iowa and the reason is, here is a data point i've heard, they don't have a single van lined up or reserved to carry people
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to the caucuses, it sounds sort of idioticic, but that's what these people do, they cart them in, wait around, take them home, it's cold and miserable, nobody wants to drive on snowy streets. i think this is, you know, trump played so smart a hand for two weeks stopping the ted cruz surge, now they're really tied, they're really pretty even and i think this is going to-- i think this isn't going to help trump, i think he loses. stuart: you think he loses, just iowa? >> iowa. stuart: but he's grabbed the headlines all over again. >> that's true, if i were fox i would stop this conversation and just have the debate, not make this about donald trump any longer. stuart: okay. that's where we stand this morning. >> yes. stuart: i'm waiting to hear if trump will go one-on-one with cruz at some point in the near future. that's the question. >> i think he probably would be pretty brief about that, cruz is good at this, he's a great debater and if he starts to pin down donald trump on some positions that he has or how
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are you really going to put a 45% tariff on chinese goods. donald trump can't answer that question, it's impossible and cruz could push him. so i don't think he'll do it. stuart: i agree with you exactly, liz. the stock of the day, let's turn to that one, no question about it, it's going to be apple. how much money they made last quarter. can you read that $18.4 billion in one quarter, 13 weeks. it's the most popular quarter in history. and another number, 74.8 million iphones sold, the most ever for a quarter, 13 weeks. now, that's all the good news for apple, okay? 18.4 billion in profits, 75, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. that's the good news, the stock is going to open lower, that's the bad news. jo ling kent. jo: it's down in the market, it's going to shave a lot off the dow. the bad news the sales growth rate is the lowest since 2007 when the phone first came out. plus on the phone call last
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night with reporters and analysts, ceo tim cook, said the current quarter actually may be a decline in iphone sales, that's not good because currently iphone sales make up 68% of all sales for apple. so, this is an iphone company. plus, you have a slowdown in china, even though cook says, i'm very bullish and i have 40 stores there by summer, it's still a concern. the c. cfo is saying there's softness. stuart: the good news is last quarter. it's already happened. the bad news is what they say is likely to happen in the future. jo: secretary. >> the trend against them. jo: revenue is going to be down, forecasted they're going to make less money than what wall street expected. and the reason china matters, it's the second biggest market for apple and see what's happening in terms of the stronger dollar, affecting indian, china, they pulled out an entire addendum in the
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earnings report saying why this had such a big impact on the company and they never really do that. >> no, they don't. >> that's a big signal from apple. >> it's down what, 3 1/2% from the opening. $3, 97 a share, 96 will the open from basically $100 yesterday. jo, thank you indeed. joining us now is michael robinson. now, michael is a long-time, super long-time, big-time bull on apple stock. this is the man who says that thing is going to a thousand dollars a share, that was way back when. what are you going to say now? going to open at 96, where is it going now? >> i think it will hover between 96 and 98 for the day: i'm in this for the long haul, i bought more for my portfolio. i believe in them for the long haul. never apologize for making a profit as we say in the investment business. 18.4 billion in a single
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quarter. i know this quarter is weaker than we like, but a million devices connected to apple services just in the last 90 days, that's eform must, $5 billion in revenue. they have a built-in customer base second to none in technology and really in the world and any kind of a consumer format so i'm bullish, but it i'd like to see the price higher, of course, we all would. if you're looking at the long haul, apple is still a stock to own, i just bought more last week. stuart: hold on a second, if apple goes to $130 a share, that's the equivalent of pre-split $1,000 per share. i think i've got the number. 130, $140 a share is the mark to watch. when do you think it gets to 130 or 140? >> i've lowered the target from 142.85 to $130 and i think you can do this by roughly labor day of 2017, that's 18 months
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out. apple sells off, people regain their senses and comes back again. i think that institutional buyers are going to move back into the stock. most of what we've seen in this quarter has already been priced into this stock, it was the all time high is what, just high of $135 earlier this year. this is a stock, i think, that got a little-- i've got to tell you the truth, it's a little overhyped. i got concerned, i'm sorry, last spring it seemed like everyone on wall street was trying to outdo each other with the highest possible price tag they could put on that. now we're seeing the opposite. i think we'll find steady ground here in the next 90 days. >> thank you indeed for joining us. >> thank you. stuart: liz peek and ashley. ashley: i want to talk about the company as a whole, ipad sales have been declining for two years. mac computer sales fell in the last quarter. what's on the horizon, iphone 7?
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they've got electric cars years away, oculus, is that a game changer? >> ooms i didn't mean to say oculus, i'm thinking facebook. but what do they have coming in the pipe that we're excited about? >> it's a sea change, it's mature company. it's a fabulous company, profitable. as your guest said it's a huge embedded product base. what's the new product and going to spur the growth? i don't know. stuart: michael robinson, thank you indeed for joining us. at this time in the next hour, we have the ultimate apple bear. not like the stock, he calls apple, apple, a dead company walking. just after 10:00 eastern. he'll be on the show. ashley: 18 billion in profit? >> we bring you both sides of the argument here, walking dead or going to the moon. the zika virus spreading to america. lauren has the story.
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>> i do, it's on two continents and two airlines, united and american are allowing companies with tickets to the affected areas to cancel or postpone their trips at no cost. the c.d.c. lists 24 countries, most of them in the caribbean as you can see and south america with active sika virus transmission. in the united states at least 19 people infected in at least eight states. this is a mosquito-transmitted disease and caused brain damages in thousands of babies. dr. manny alvarez joins us with more on this. next up, we have the power of oprah. she sent out this tweet yesterday praising weight watchers, saying eat bread, lose weight. what, #come join me. and included on the tweet was also a video where she says she's already lost 26 pounds on the program and she eats bread every day and look what happened to weight watcher stock. up 20% yesterday and that made oprah $12 million. yep.
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it's $5 million a pound, by the way. and a fresh quinnipiac poll out of iowa. bernie sanders, leading, and martin o'malley, and latest poll taken two weeks ago, monday you have the iowa caucuses. >> thank you very much lauren simonetti. take a look at dow futures, i don't know if we've done that yet. where we're likely going to open this morning. down 60 points. holding right around the 16,000 level. why is the market going down? because oil is down this morning, and they're still in lock step for a long time. we're at 30 bucks a barrel. at 10:30 eastern, we'll find out how much oil we've got in storage, that could move the market all over again. take a look at apple, how it's likely to open around 96, 97 per share and iphone sales growth slowing, and shares are set to open. that's lower, likely to be the stock of the day. how about in?
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israel's power grid packed. if that's hackable, what is safe? informed opinion next.
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>> all right. 14 minutes from now, we open the market and we will be down 60 odd points for the dow jones industrial average. it's moving in tandem with oil and oil is down to $30 a barrel and that's why stocks are going to be down, too. how about boeing. that stock is going to be lower and significantly so, 6 $7 lower, they gave a weak forecast for the future. that's what's hurting boeing this morning. the fbi foiling a mass shooting plot in milwaukee. details, please, ashley. ashley: you see the picture there, 23-year-old sammy mohammad hamza. the fbi has been on this guy since last september. in fact they used undercover agents to work with this guy. so eventually they could move
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to arrest him. he planned essentially to kill dozens of people at a masonic temple in milwaukee and got to the point they sold him the guns, thank you very much, put him in the car and he was arrested. stuart: still on terror, a link to terror, we have this one for you. israel's power grid hit by a big hacking attack. it's called one of the worst cyber attacks ever. come in, the senior advisor for the senate foreign relations committee. welcome to the program. i always assumed that israel would harden its defenses, especially a
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and malware on u.s. control systems, so we should be concerned. stuart: we always concerned that israel is the best in the world when it comes protecting itself from any kind of terror attack. this is a break through for the opponents of israel, is it not? attackers. the attackers are one step ahead of the defense. we've got to keep the defense up. stuart: got it. i want to bring this to your attention and to our viewers as well. italy is covering up nude statues while iran's president is visiting that country. that's a pretty good coverup job. i don't see much in that picture. i see a lot of coverup right there. now, jameel, i'm astonished
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quite frankly, this is the so-called moderate leader of i ran and italy is doing the ward while you're in town. what do you think about that? >> we've talked about that before. the entire world is shifting its view of iran in part by our making a nuclear deal with them. and funding hezbollah and funding terrorist activities and stoking the war in syria, we're making the deal and why they're coming around is unclear to me. >> why are the italians doing this? >> they want orders. europe is moving into iran aggressively seeking business deals, and boeing, a huge aircraft deal signed with one of the european vendors, this is what europe is all about. they want into iran, it's a big economy, a big country. stuart:. ashley: they are he an
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apologizing for their culture r comply, they've never complied with deals in the past and we're setting ourselves up for failure. stuart: they've bought europe. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. >> thank you, stuart. the leff leaning washington post publishing today. one with bernie sanders and the other with hillary clinton. who would have thought it.
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you both have a
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perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness,
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liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> this struck us. two op-eds, first one democrats would be insane to nominate bernie sanders. ashley: what do they think.
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stuart: what do they really think? and the other one entitled hillary clinton's problem with honesty. i was-- >> the establishment is terrified what's going on. very little what's going on on the democratic side. guess what? bernie sanders is probably not a viable candidate for a general election and democratic leaders are terrified of this. he's doing so well in iowa and new hampshire and the polling shows hillary clinton is a slam-dunk in south carolina. they don't know bernie sanders. the other night on the town hall, he did a good job, very likeable and persuasive. i think they have their hands full keeping him out. stuart: after the two editorials-- not editorials, op-eds, i think all eyes on vice-president joe biden. because if you knock out bernie sanders because he's not electable and worry about the honesty and credibility and indictment of hillary clinton.
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ashley: king joe, come on down. stuart: and last look at oil before the market opens, we're down around 30, now at $31 a barrel and the dow is trimming its losses, but it's likely to open with. so we're 31 on oil and dow losses are about 60 at the opening bell. apple, that's the stock to watch to today. down roughly 2% at the moment. my question, do you think it might actually close higher? back with the opening bell in a moment.
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we were born 100 years ago into a new american century. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better. and what an amazing time it's been, decade after decade of innovation, inspiration and wonder. so, we say thank you america for a century of trust, for the privilege of flying higher and higher, together. ♪
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>> seconds to the opening bell. here we go this wednesday morning, we're expecting a loss of maybe 60 points on the dow jones industrial average. it's now 9:30, where are we? we're down 32, how about that? the thing to watch right now though is apple. how far down is it going? premarket, it looked like it would open at 96. it happens opened at 96. so it's down 3 1/2%. that's a big deal. joining us to discuss all of the above, ashley webster, liz macdonald, todd horowitz and shah galani. i've got to put myself out here, apple could end today higher. does anybody want to take-- todd horowitz do you want to take me on this one?
9:31 am
>> you know i want to take you on. i think that apple trades 92. i think more to move on the downside and expect it with a 6% move, not 3%. more work to do on the downside. i think it's going to find the footprint that it output. 92, i'm taking you on here, it does not close higher today. stuart: you're on videotape taking me on. that's okay, todd, you'll never be on the show today. stuart: 95, i'm looking bad here. shah galani, what do you say? apple made more money in one quarter than any other company in history. and it still sold 74 million iphones in a 13 week period. do you think you might end the day higher? >> i think it's the greatest company on the planet. it doesn't matter in terms of the stock. and it hasn't performed well and frankly, it's a core position, it was a core position, we're out of it at higher levels looking to get back in.
9:32 am
and it didn't perform until the latter portion of 2014. and they should be leading the market and something is wrong, overhead selling, time to get out. i agree the stock could see 92, the previous lows. stuart: people pay attention to you, shah galani, you've been consistently right. and you're not right on microsoft, but-- you're taking me on, it won't close higher. >> for the market to go up. for this to go higher the market has to go higher liz: it's trading like a value stock. what tim cook said, the water cooler talk says the same thing. a new iphone comes out and then the next quarter which they forecasted, the history for apple. it will likely trade to the down side when you see the options trading and it could pop back up, if tim cook assuages wall street's fears,
9:33 am
with all sorts of offerings. ashley: the dow just two companies over 70. and boeing is 7%. stuart: that's not a huge loss, 128 points, with apple and boeing. and now, about 20-odd minutes ago we had a super bull on apple. in about 30 minutes from now, we have' found perhaps that apple's greatest hater, the guy who calls the company the dead company walking. he's on the show just after 10:00 this morning, we'll bring you both sides of this program. let's be aware of apple. we're down 130 points at the dow industrials and apple opened at 96. that's cleared decks on those two. i want to get to boeing, sharply lower. boeing is a dow stock, it's down 7%, what's the story, nicole? >> yeah, this is down about $10 here at 118 and change. they came out with the quarterly profits. the profit was fine, but it's the guidance going forward. they have to cut the number
9:34 am
jets they're going to be producing and delivering. they talk about a weak market overall for the aerospace market and they're coming off a record year for the 747, for example, they're going to cut that in half for the amount of delivery. with that kind of news, the stock gets hit hard and weighs on the dow jones industrial average to the tune of more than 50 negative dow points. so, i mean, that is a good chunk of the down arrows this morning. >> it's rare that you find such a huge industrial company down so sharply, very, very quickly. just like that. and boeing way down there. nicole, thank you very much indeed. let's turn to oil, please. we'll find out at 10:30 eastern time how much oil we've got in storage, if we've got a whole bunch in storage, supplies go up. you can expect that the price will fall. we'll see what happens with the price come 10:30 eastern this morning. todd, come on in, please. i say that oil is an economic
9:35 am
indicator for the global economy. what say you? >> i say that oil in conjunction with all the commodities are a great indicator of the economy because what we're seeing right now, because of the glut, because of the economy, because of the manipulation of currency, we're not getting in the drive to use these, which we're not hiring people. overall, the jobs that we've created are not very good. which is keeping the oil and the production down, which is causing a major drawdown on the entire economy, which is why the central banks around the world keep having to step in and manipulate their currency, so, try to overcome what they've done with everything else. >> all right, shah, oil, a negative economic indicator for the global economy? >> not only is oil an economic indicator, it's the benchmark for the economy. the weakening demand for oil, that says global growth is not accelerating, it's decelerating. on the supply side we've got so much oversupply of oil, we know
9:36 am
that the capex that went into the oil fields and production, that's gone. no spending to be done on that and then the overlay of the companies that may go bankrupt, the overlay of the banks that loaned to the companies, the high yield debt that they floated. that's in a lot of investors pockets now and weighing heavily on the market. >> i've been cheering on for cheap gas, i love it when i buy it. >> eventually it's a huge positive, but at least a year and 18 months for them to settle out for that. to be positive. >> 1.82 by the way, for the national average for regular, i'll take it. big names, we're watching them for you. i'm going to start with general dynamics, less money coming in. the stock is down 2 bucks. know the a big loss. health insurer anthem reports lower profits and it's down $3 at 1.34. the same story with norfolk southern. they're shipping less coal, but the stock is up about a buck at 69. at&t, we've featured them a lot
9:37 am
recently because they pay a solid dividend. they've signed up fewer wireless companies, that's dragging on sales. the stock still though right at 35. it fields 5% dividend yield, 5% at 5. facebook after the bell today, 4:00 eastern time, we're going to find out how much money they made in the last quarter. shah, i used to think you liked facebook and it was going way above 100, you're not big on the stock? >> similar to apple, the stock hasn't been acting well. it did great into the fourth quarter, but they've been hit. when i look at it on its own merit, great company, but something is going on with the stock. stuart: i can see money coming out of apple and going into facebook, i could see that switch liz: possibly. >> it's a fantastic company. user engagement 1.55 billion people every month. 1.39 billion are mobile.
9:38 am
it's a fantastic company. ashley: on a daily basis. they'd passed that mark last quarter-- >> extraordinary. stuart: here is my favorite story of the day liz: me, too. [laughter] the stock goes up when oprah winfrey's weight goes down. look at the stock right now, it's up 4% at 13. basically here is the story. oprah said she'd lost 26 pounds on weight watchers. when she said that, the stock went straight up and it's up again this morning. so, here is a hypothetical liz: there you go, okay. stuart: this is kind of a joking point to me. if some of oprah advisors watched her losing weight and figured out it was because weight watchers was doing the business and that she owns a ton of weight watcher stocks,
9:39 am
would it be insider trading if she bought weight watcher stock as they saw oprah's weight go down liz: no, she would have to verballize she's doing something. >> what she did, she tweeted out, i lost 26 pounds eating bread. boy, if she can say eating spaghetti and meatballs that stock goes up, too, she owns 10% of the company. eat bread, lose weight, what? isn't that a great time to be alive and eat bread and lose weight? by the way, she made 12 million right after that tweet and the market cap of weight watcher went up 150 million after that tweet. stuart: so she personally made $12 million. ashley: yeah liz: on her 10% stake after that tweet. stuart: that's about 5 million a pound liz: that's right. >> making people a lot of bread. [laughter] [buzzer] >> and unfair navel gazing.
9:40 am
i'm not navel gazing, but just mentioning. we're going to get talk from janet yellen. if the fed hints that they're going to move rates up again, then the dollar goes straight up and oil comes straight down. what do you say to that for reasoning? >> i think your reasoning is 100% spot on, one of the biggest spots we have today, the dollar is too strong because we are so much stronger than the rest of the world. if they tighten or raise again now, it will send the dollar higher, it will send the entire market into a tailspin because we're having enough trouble when we're essentially right now with a dollar too strong for the overall economy. so you're 100% correct. >> they're not going to raise it today. >> not going to happen. >> supporting possibly two rate hikes, just two, not--
9:41 am
>> that would be enough to put the dollar up and oil down. >> given the global market conditions and domestic market conditions, and they always watch the markets in spite of what they say, they're data dependent. things aren't great. there's no way, i can't imagine them coming out and being anything, but dovish, we're not going to do anything, let's see. there's no way they're going to spook the markets. stuart: i agree with you, they're not going to do that, no matter what they say they watch those markets closely. check the big board now, we're up -- down i should say, 100 points. we were down 130 and thousand we're down about 100. how about apple, 95 and looking for takers. and-- . [laughter] >> the band of forlorn hope. congressman says that hillary clinton's backing president obama's agenda, she's doing that to avoid indictment.
9:42 am
he's going to make his case. louie, a favorite guest on the program coming up. a violent criminal escapes from prison, he's here illegally. we can't deport him. the judge is next on that. ♪ you don't love me, you just keep me hanging on ♪ ♪ you don't really need me, but you keep me hanging on ♪ ♪
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>> we're coming back a little. we were down 130 and now look at that, a mere 83 points. i'm telling you, there's hope that apple closes higher. look at this, we have boeing and apple, dow stocks hurting the dow industrials. boeing is down what, 10 points, good lord! and oil, back to 30, just about 31 a barrel and that's hurting
9:46 am
the market as well. listen to what hillary clinton said when someone suggested putting president obama on the supreme court, roll tape. >> wow, what a great idea. nobody has ever suggested that to me. wow! i love that, wow! he may have a few other things to do. stuart: wow. ashley: a lot of wows there. went on to say about mr. obama, said, i mean, he's brilliant and he can set forth an argument and he was a law professor so he's got the credentials, but you know what, we need to have a democratic senate in order to have this happen and get him nominatedment obama was scattered about this in 2014, he said i think being a judge is little too monastic for me. and he said i need to get out
9:47 am
more. stuart: judge napolitano hasn't said. >> william howard taft after leaving the white house became chief justice william howard taft was. stuart: i don't know what william howard taft's record was like as president. >> i think it would be unlikely and unusual because of the taft experience. stuart: the supreme court looks after the constitution and here we have a president obama who has been, i think, playing fast and loose with the constitution. >> he might be very different as a supreme court justice. stuart: might be? >> just as he was as a senator. stuart: you're prepared to take that risk? >> not at all. i agree with mrs. clinton, it would be unlikely he'd be confirmed without a democratically controlled-- . [laughter] >> and one of the prisoner who escaped and friday, he was here illegally and ordered to be deported, go back to vietnam. the vietnamese wouldn't take
9:48 am
him back and he stayed and racked up more criminal charges. what's wrong, trying to get rid of the criminals and can't? >> can't justify this behavior at all. this guy slipped through the cracks. here is the cracks. deported to his native country, which rejects him, and you can't hold somebody for deportation for longer than a year. so end of the year they let him go and he commits more crime. the order for deportation was prior to the horrific crimes that he committed for which he was incarcerated and from which he escaped. stuart: he had been convicted of criminal offenses. >> very, property criminal offenses not murder and mutilation. and they shouldn't let it happen, there has to be a place to deport them. stuart: guantanamo, what's wrong with that?
9:49 am
>> that's a devil's island off the coast of florida. stuart: you've got a problem would that? >> yes, so does the constitution. and i don't know what the answer to that is except what the government and society suffered because he's still here and committed a crime and now he's at large. stuart: now you know trump is popular. he wouldn't put up with it. >> he says he wouldn't put up with it. when he says these things, he doesn't engage in sophisticated constitutional arguments, it resonates with people and shows in the polls. >> that's all you have to say? >> he ma i not resonate with me, but with people who want a quick solution and he has a quick solution. stuart: i'd rather have a quick solution, even though it's vaguely unconstitutional in your terms, vaguely unconstitutional to deport someone to gitmo? that's not a deportation, that's an incarceration.
9:50 am
stuart: he's going to prison anyway. >> deportation means you have no right to be here, you go to your own country, up to them whether they want to put you in jail. gitmo, under the supreme court rulings is the-- controlled by the united states of america and it is a prison camp. stuart: couldn't you put him-- >> at the time he was being deported he was not worthy of incarcerati incarceration. i can't defend this guy and the system that put him through the crack. stuart: couldn't you put on on air vietnam, saigon. >> i don't know what happens when you land in saigon and they say no. do they at their expense send you back. stuart: hope the door and say, you're here. goodbye. >> and sending him back. back and forth at taxpayers expense.
9:51 am
stuart: are you coming back at 11:00. >> i can tell you got a good night's sleep. stuart: i did not. i'm jet lagged. the question, why are evangelicals flocking to ted cruz? they're not, you know. the answer to that question in a moment. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit?
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9:55 am
>> well, tupperware not doing well. a disappointing forecast. the stock was down 14%. a new low at 44 for tupperware. you've got to get back to politics on this program. todd starr, the question question, why are evangelicals not flocking in overwhelming numbers to ted cruz. i don't think they are. >> you see, i think they are and i know people are saying when they are looking at the polls, but i think at the end of the day, i believe that the evangelicals are going to embrace ted cruz and i think that the reason why, he's reaching out to key demographics boots on the ground, holding large gathering with influential pastors. and those pastors have some influence who their parishioners vote for. stuart: look, the polls that i've seen in iowa suggest that donald trump is getting upwards of 20% of the evangelical vote support.
9:56 am
now, why would an evangelical support donald trump? >> you see, evangelicals are not a monolithic voting block. it's like baskin robbins, they're all flavors, the-- all sorts of people with different beliefs in the evangelical belief system. you're right, some are going to donald trump. jerry falwell, jr. endorsing donald trump. yesterday, tony perkens, just as conservative and i suspect that tony perkens, his endorsement for ted cruz is going to hold a lot of weight. don't forget about marco rubio, he also has a lot of support among the more intellectual evangelicals and those folks have their own block within that movement as well. stuart: now, i can understand an evangelical going for donald trump if they make the calculation, not based on spiritual belief, but on who
9:57 am
can win. isn't that also a very important sort of a motivator? >> i think it is and i think that's the significant-- >> who is going to win. >> for people supporting donald trump, they see a winner in donald trump and someone who is not going to be-- >> surely, with donald trump doesn't that conflict with the evangelical spiritual point of view? >>, but at the same time they don't see someone like donald trump who is going to hit them over the head with a baseball bat and their values. that's going into the caucus. that's one of the reasons we're seeing significant support for trump coming out of the evangelicals. stuart: you think that ted cruz wins iowa? >> i think he does because of the evangelical votes and the boots on the ground. stuart: thank you. three things are weighing on the dow. boeing, a dow stock way down. apple, a dow stock way down and
9:58 am
the price of oil at $31 a barrel when oil goes down and then you've got the stock market going down and we're down 100 points on the dow. the ultimate apple bear, calling it dead company walking. we'll have that in a moment.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> we're a half hour into the trading session. following boeing down, apple down, price of oil down. and cost of apple, dow jones jones 70 points and the price of oil could move the market further. we'll have supply numbers in a half hour. again, those numbers could move the market. also this hour, congressional louie gohmert. he says that hillary clinton is backing president obama to avoid indictment. is that strong enough for you? here comes hour two. ♪ >> all right, breaking news for you.
10:01 am
new home sales numbers, repeat, new homes. ashley: yes. stuart: ashley. ashley: pretty impressive up 10.8 p-ers, versus november 1.9% over october. so that's a solid number liz: an eight year high. existing home sales high not seen since 2006. stuart: new homes sales are not as important as existing home sales in the real estate world, fewer of them. an eight-year high. ashley: up 20% in the northeast. so, 31% in the midwest. those two airs areas had the biggest growth. >>. stuart: that's fascinating. we had numbers on automobiles, very strong sales, 15 million a year in america and now, new home sales also doing very well. ashley: they had mortgage applications up recently 8% which took everyone by surprise. stuart: you know, my premise was that the economy here is slowing down, obviously slowing down, but those two items, coyotes and new home sales liz: and existing, that's right.
10:02 am
stuart: and existing. check that big board, went down 134 points for the dow industrials. apple and boeing combined are creating a loss for the dow industrials. that's u.s. steel. it's down 13%. okay, that's a dollar down, but it's at 6.72. u.s. steel lost a ton of money and the stock is down 13%. i want to focus on apple, that's the stock of the day. right now it's at $95 a share, down about $4. our next guest says this, apple is, quote, living off the creativity of steve jobs, it's a sick company, a dead company walking, that man there is eric schiffer, he's nodding because he said apple is a dead company walking. you've annoyed a lot of people, you know that, don't you? >> look, i'm speaking the truth, stuart. i love the products, there's no question, but the company has
10:03 am
really died with steve jobs, unfortunately. they're living off the estate of steve jobs, just like elvis presley heirs are living off the estate of elvis. elvis hasn't had a hit in decades and there's a reason for it, he's dead. stuart: you're looking for a headline. you're being dramatic, talking about a dead company walking and comparing apple to elvis, for heaven's sake. i think you're looking for a headline, don't forget, they made-- that company made over $18 billion clean profit in a 13-week period. you can't call that a dead company walking. >> well, here is my point, vurt. and frankly, you said the key word "made", what investors need to look at, the reality is, the products we're talking about, even the iphone, apple is saying is going to be down significantly over the next quarter. these are products that were
10:04 am
created by steve jobs. these are not new products. so when you look at the new products ulook at the apple watch, which has been a failure, you look at apple tv, very watered down and is a failure. when you look at apple music, which is frankly terrible and overall failure, there are no now creative products. and then, you know, i'm not getting into the fact that app apple, unfortunately, is ripping off the american worker. they are ripping off the security of the american people with this communication that they're allowing isis to do. so there are a lot of things, frankly. stuart: okay. >> as well as i like the products, i have issues with apple. stuart: now, what about the stock price? if you said the company is a dead company walking and you're so negative on it, what do you think happens to the stock prices? it's at 95 right now, where is it going? >> look, i said about 10% ago
10:05 am
that they are the greatest overvalued company and they've since lost some 20, 30, $40 billion off the valuation. i think that the company has another 10, 20% downward. that's roughly about 100 billion dollars that i still think they're overvalued by and i think you're going to see it happen. i do. i think that people are going to wake up to the fact that this company is living off the past, and investors are all betting on the future and frankly, in a world of smart phones where android continues to get better every year, absolutely better, china, which is a market that's slowing down. where you have showme one of the biggest competitors is absolutely is making traction on apple. there's not the innovation that they need, which is what the foundation of good technology companies are based on for them to continue to have these type of valuations. stuart: all right, we hear you, you spoke very loudly and clearly and made your case, we appreciate that. eric schiffer, we'll remember
10:06 am
exactly what you had to say. thank you very much, eric. >> thank you. stuart: e-mac, you were on the call. i'm not going to ask you about eric schiffer, what did they say on the call to the company? >> they said that it's basically the global growth slowing down. they've got a billion devices hooking up to services and offering. and when you look at apple numbers alone the sales are bigger than facebook, google and amazon combined. and surpassed microsoft in total. the ipad sales, passed facebook on a quarterly basis and itunes, the watch, the tv beat netflix. with the cash, it can buy netflix and test la and twitter altogether. stuart: they've got a billion devices, a billion devices hooked into apple services, that's a cash cow. >> that's a cash cow, that would generate enormous money
10:07 am
down the road, that would be my point. >> that's what tim cook kook is saying, apple now, that's where it's headed. stuart: what a day, fascinating. back to politics, please. five days until the hawaii caucuses. new poll numbers from the democratic said. come on in, blake burman from iowa. >> the numbers for bernie sanders are very good. comes from quinnipiac university and released the numbers, up over 4 over hillary clinton here in iowa, 49-45. when you kind of peel that back a little bit, sanders scores well here in iowa with those who are very liberal. who are younger and with men. on the flip side, clinton does well in women and older voters. the number one issue according to the poll, economy and the jobs situation. even though the unemployment rate is here letter than the
10:08 am
national average, with that group sanders tops clinton as well. i will add two more points, number one, 19% of democrats in the polls say they could change their mind. one in five, something to keep an eye on and several abc news and washington post polls had clinton up nationally over sanders by 19 points. all eyes are here on iowa. stuart: it's fascinating. a couple of days to the caucus, great stuff, blake, thank you very much. new this hour, italian officials, they fear a massive influx of 400,000 new migrants, largely from north africa, just in the coming weeks. 400,000 trying to get into the italy in the coming weeks. here is ralph peters. you and i, this program is with you, we've covered that migrant crisis in europe.
10:09 am
now we've got the possibility of 400,000 going to italy alone. tell me the end game here? where does this end up? >> well, it ends up with you and me talking about it for long time to go. because there's not a quick end zone on that. stuart, you made a point that this crisis, rather than the europe crisis, this breaks up the european union or at least listening. what you're seeing are not scrambling with those holding the refugees. while italy is panicked about the refugees coming from africa. in the north, denmark, liberal in the past, has taken on the most refugees after sweden has yesterday the danish parliament
10:10 am
if you come here as a migrant, we're going to confiscate not your wedding rings, but we're going to confiscate you for your stay. i think this is a beginning to the race to the bottom. each country is going to make itself look less attractive to migrants and the spiral goes downward. the plot line is the political correctness is exploding. universal values are a myth. >> hold on a second, we had news that the iranian president is going to italy and they're kowtowing, they're covering up ang gent works of heart and
10:11 am
covering up to do a faith to a fist -- a visiting politician. >> in the words of the great economist in the last century, cyndi lauper, money changes everything. [laughter] europe is scrambling for as many contracts as they can get and others are in competition. they're happy to betray krull dural heritage if they can get orders for machine parts or mon money. >> i don't see european surviving this. i see nativist parties taking power in europe rather quickly, actually, and that upends the whole european union. now, wait a minute, are we in agreement with this or not? >> and i can't predict the future, at least not fully, but there's a little shockenfreud
10:12 am
here. >> the migrant immigration and flow, suddenly the government decided they'd put the my dprants in a -- migrants in equivalent to the upper east side. this is a long-term problem and history has a bitter ironic sense of humor. a millennium and and a half ago, they found they couldn't stop the flow, and there were dark ages. i'm not saying dark ages, but could be dark times. stuart: good place to end it, ralph peters, thank you, see you again soon. >> thank you. stuart: we have donald trump, yes, he's pulled out of the fox news debate. will that help or hurt him?
10:13 am
more money in a moment.
10:14 am
10:15 am
10:16 am
>> watch out everybody, we're down a bit more. now down 174 points. boeing and apple, both dow stocks, they're down big. they are responsible for some of the dow loss. by the way, we had home figures at 12%. the news broke at 10:00 eastern, no impact. boeing is down nearly 10%. that's a huge drop there and gave a very weak forecast. 116 on boeing is a two-year low. i've got breaking news for you now, it's about wendy's looking into a possible hack involving credit cards at its restaurants. ashley: as they put it unusual activity on payment cards. they say they've been contacted this month and use of fraudulent cards in restaurants. it doesn't say where they are, but encourage anyone to look
10:17 am
for unauthorized charges on their card if they've been to a wendy's. stuart: that's just breaking. got it. back to politics, donald trump is backing out of tom's fox news debate. ted cruz says he'll debate trump one-on-one anytime. no response. meghan mccain joins us, trump saysno, and will that affect him particularly in iowa and new hampshire? >> normally it's the highest watched debate ever for an iowa caucus and i think it's the first big tactical error, i think it looks like he's scared of megyn kelly and if you're an average voter, how are you supposed to go up against hillary clinton and i think he'll regret making it.
10:18 am
stuart: if you want to be the president of the united states and want to be the putin's of the world, what is the problem with going up against megyn kelly. >> she's a hard-hitting journalist and everyone knows she'll come with her a-game. and american politics, i know there's a double standard for trump, but at a point point in time you'll be asked some tough questions, and if he can't handle the heat, he looks like a coward. stuart: and in other words, he's dominating the news. ashley: exactly. stuart: he says he can and almost certainly would and back atop of the headlines. >> he can about you i think this looks particularly juvenile even for him and gives his opponents an opportunity to bring that up during the debate, which still will be watched by many, many, many americans and i think, when they're going neck and neck with iowa and ted cruz.
10:19 am
stuart: instead of going to the debate, he's holding a fundraiser for wounded warriors, veterans. i think he wants to look good in that respect by doing that, you don't think it's going to work? >> it's going to be quite the monumental moment. we've never seeing thing like this, whether it hurts him. it may not hurt him. he may be attacking people at the debate-- >> it doesn't seem like anything hurts him. we say this is the one host going to put him over the top. he's going to sweet -- tweet out and that will create its own coverage. so, in that sense, that's when he begins liz: what are they going to do all of a sudden a tweet comes in from donald trump, are they going to debate him at the debate? >> i nout that they would mention it. i'm beginning to think you may
10:20 am
be right by walking away from an open debate, it tends a bad message and i think you might be right. >> press against hillary clinton you can't make the decisions to pull out and not debate anyone. we're talking about the leader of the free world and this is no reactionary and i get the same anxiety like i did for sarah palin, it's too much for me, we're living in scary perilous times and i need someone who is calm. if that is against a heart-hitting journalist, what are you going to do about isis. stuart: and ted cruz said he could debate him. >> sit down, ted cruz, don't try to pro manes out with donald trump and-- >> no, no, i disagree. i don't think that trump will
10:21 am
agree to debate with ted cruz because i think that trump would lose debating ted cruz. >> he would lose. but ted cruz, i'll leave fox news and we'll do a pinney debate. stuart: he said he'd debate with him-- >> i'd like to see the debate with all of the candidates for president. it's exhausting. stuart: it is exhausting. >> i'm over it this morning, i'll say that. stuart: well, i have jet lag. this week, you know, it's shaping up as-- if i use the word disaster, that's strong. i'm going to use it anyway, it's a disaster for president obama. i've got two examples of the disaster scenario and you wouldn wouldn't-- you probably miss it had because of all the other things going on. you pay your car insurance
10:22 am
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10:25 am
>> how about this, biogen, that's the leading stock of all the of the s&p 500, higher demand for the multiple sclerosis drug, up 4 1/2%. not bad. later this hour, headline from congressman louie gohmert who is on the show. why hillary clinton is backing president obama's agenda, because she wants to avoid indictment. the zika virus is spreading and is here, a lot of people are very worried. it's only wednesday and the week is shaping up as a disaster for the president, very bad news on the debt and obamacare. i guess we're all focusing on tomorrow's debate or next week's iowa caucus, what a shame, this is about your money and the obama legacy. bad news on both counts. you can't ignore this. first, the red ink on debt. we learned monday it has become
10:26 am
a gusher. we will have to borrow well over a half trillion dollars this year and a whole lot more every year in the future. what's the problem? same as usual, run away government spending. the left led by president obama is buying votes with your money and charging it on the charge card. massive run away debt is a rotten legacy. this week we find out how bad it is. and then there's obamacare, it's a rolling disaster which this week went public. the government's own bean counters report add huge amount of shortfall in the enrollees and jump on the amount spent on health care and again, it's getting worse in coming years. obamacare is having a shortfall. and down goes another
10:27 am
platform. obamacare is unravelling, this is a mess of the left's own creation and they don't have a clue how to deal with it, but it's you who will be paying the price.
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
stuart: i have a stunning number for you now. and increase in this up by of oil in storage. >> 8.83 million. higher than it was forecasted. stuart: distillates. that is like heating oil. that is down a few million barrels. >> the demand is off about 15%.
10:31 am
>> you have a neutral market. an increase in the supply. maybe the market was expecting this. inventories were way of. >> $1.50 gas soon. >> may be. 152. >> we're getting there. >> the sooner the better, in my personal opinion. >> a driller. going after oil in texas. i think that that is bad for you guys. >> there were some estimates. we are on maintenance mode right now for some of these rough
10:32 am
finders. i do not think that the price of oil will go down based on this. we expected to see a decrease in the price of oil. things in this market are pretty crazy right now. >> and lot of the drillers, they issue bonds to finance the building of the drills and all the rest of it. those bonds are tanking. there is a great danger of significant bankruptcies. is that accurate? >> we have been talking about that for the last six months. i think that there will be a severe shakeout. talking about wells fargo. a lot of these companies cannot service those deaths. the price stays at $30. these guys are cutting their
10:33 am
x-uppercase-letter budget. we sell noble cutting 40-60% of their cap ex budgets. we hope to shakeout. the balance was supply and demand. starting to trickle in in july. we started off at 2016 here. >> at this moment, oil production is down, i am told, 400,000 barrels a day. is that accurate? >> it is accurate. we're talking we are talking about 750,000-1 million. we talked about iran. talking about the supply factors coming online. if those things do not materialize, we could be at market parity by the end of the year. fifty, even $60.
10:34 am
we're bringing that. innovating and constructing more oil out of this rock. this year we don't have any tricks left. the supply will come off. >> i think that america feels bad for you. i do. i really do. some people are down on oil. i've got that. and lot of americans say thank you. thank you very much indeed. you put us on the road to energy independence. you are drilling like crazy. now, kind of in hard times. i think you have the sympathy of the nation, if i can put it like that. >> very difficult on oil and gas. we have turned this country from a huge importer to exporter
10:35 am
countries. the export ban is gone. we are shipping oil for the first time did it pains me to see 200,000 hard-working americans to lose their jobs. these countries do not like america. they said what price of oil does it take to kill you guys off? how do we get rid of american oil? now it is more and more obvious. i do not want people sympathy. we have done a heck of a job keeping production up. look, if we go to eight and a half billion barrels, we will have to import more foreign oils. that is not the direction the
10:36 am
country needs to be going right now. >> switching to politics. governor john kasich. getting a big endorsement from the boston globe. the governor spoke about that on this program. watch this. >> awesome from an iconic newspaper. they are really recognizing that, experience matters. >> right with us right now. >> lehigh. why did the boston globe go for john
10:37 am
complete partisan fight. compromising getting objectives. >> that could be the kiss of death for a republican candidate. this guy is the most moderate out there in the entire field. he is the guy that liberals have a little time with. that is not what they want, is >> he has the paper. the national paper.
10:38 am
i think the only real outlier at this point is the manchester union leader. the four. someone who could really get the job done. >> i only have about 20 seconds left. have you guys at the boston globe endorsed ernie sanders? >> no. hillary clinton. stuart: i am surprised. stuart, on. >> we endorsed charlie baker last time around. stuart: i was not aware of that. >> i is something rather different for you.
10:39 am
it turns out, only women run the senate. a republican from alaska joins us now. senator. what happened? >> it just happened. i was opening the senate. senator collins from the great state of maine. you have maine and alaska. you have both ends of the country here. we looked around. all of the parliamentarians were women. all the pages were women. there were a couple of guys on the floor. stuart: senator, are you implying with kind of a wink and a nod, that they are kind of was is.
10:40 am
>> not at all. i was out shoveling over the weekend. i saw my fair share of men and women shoveling the driveway. i think it was an equal opportunity. women are working together. the senator from washington and i will be on the floor as to women leaders beginning debates on an energy bill. it is kind of interesting that yesterday we opened up the floor. today the women will be leaving the floor debate. stuart: we like it. senator, thank you very much for joining us. i've got to do that. jo ling kent is here.
10:41 am
>> looking at the oil inventory that just came out. halliburton. natural resources. all looking better on this news. if you look at some of the other oil companies, those are actually mostly down. just trading just about flat did you see these companies have a different reactions. we are actually up by 8 million. >> you have a huge increase in supply. i would have thought that the price would go down. >> relatively steady there. >> thank you, joe. hillary clinton is backing president obama's agenda to avoid indictment. he is next. ♪
10:42 am
10:43 am
nicole: i am the call petallides. the dow was off. down one full percentage point. the s&p moving seven. down nearly 181 points from the dow. talking about boeing. that is the big blogger. cutting their guidance going
10:44 am
forward. making apple almost a ladder as well. on the upside, johnson and johnson are the winners. bed bath and beyond. citigroup. putting them as a cell. watch for unauthorized charges on the credit card. they are investigating and cooperating. ♪ ♪
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10:46 am
hillary clinton continues to back is in obama's agenda. that is to avoid indictment. throwing it around there. you really are stirring it up. >> she is covering her on. we still know what she decided to do. stuart, you know, i have told you before. in washington, no matter how cynical you get a month it is
10:47 am
never enough to catch up. they knew about his affair for 10 months or so before. with hillary, yeah, they have had enough to indict her a long time ago. she may be about to tell the truth on benghazi. it will be all over. >> whether or not hillary clinton is indicted, assuming they find indictable material depends on president obama. she has to stay in with president obama to avoid an indictment that she could hold down. >> he holds her future in his hands. she knows it. she has played these kinds of games before. she went after the bimbo
10:48 am
eruptions. you give an indication that you would hurt bill clinton and she would come after you to destroy you. she knows how the games are played here at she has played that game. as long as she plays nice, i am telling you, she is coming after him. i was a district judge. a former prosecutor. that is what the defendants would say. president obama wants more than anything a democrat to succeed him. that defend his legacy. is it bernie sanders or hillary clinton? that is a decision the president will have to make.
10:49 am
vice president biden to run? >> well, as soon as he does that, the pressure is off hillary to keep her mouth shut about the mistakes she personally witnessed during the obama administration. if you believe the book, there is not a lot of love loss. they have been friends of necessity. politics making strange bedfellows. they are found right now. let her start to pull on that thread. >> i think you are having a lot of fun. i really do. i think you are really enjoying this.
10:50 am
let us close this out with a prediction on your part. ishii indicted? yes or no. it is like the chinese proverbs. whether he is alive or dead, is in your hands. i think that it is in obama's hand at this time. stuart: comedy texas expressions can he get into one? [laughter] >> that is just the way we talk here. i appreciate you being here. >> serious subject. it does cause of birth defects. it is spreading. it is here. it is in the united states and we will deal with it. ♪ every day you read headlines about businesses
10:51 am
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10:54 am
>> amos quito born illness linked to birth defects is causing a worldwide concern. only a handful of cases reported here in the u.s. it is spreading and spreading fast. how concerned should we be? we know that this can cause
10:55 am
birth defects. >> the immediate concern is for pregnant women. you are talking about microcephaly. the head is smaller. the brain is smaller. this leads to low iqs. learning disabilities. if you look at the incidence, maybe in a country like the u.s., we have about 400 patients born each year in this country. there are genetic factors. in a country like mozilla, you have 4000 in that ovulation. the alarm should have been going off a long time ago. everyone is welcome to read it. since 2014, there have been clusters of cases. dealing with microcephaly.
10:56 am
looking at the length of this. now to have the cdc in january. pregnant women in america. don't go to 22 countries. south america, central america is in our backyard. some of these countries have been telling each other -- >> be careful. you have to tell the public. even doctors were not well informed. >> there is no vaccine and no medication. it will take years before you see anything. >> the time is out. donald trump. a fox news debate.
10:57 am
the third hour of arnie is three minutes away. ♪
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
stuart: 11:00 o'clock eastern. here are your top stories. that is a supply of oil. the price of oil actually did not go down. it stayed virtually flat. it has hit a two-year low. some of that loss and boeing is reflect did in the loss with the dow. apple. huge profit. record iphone sales. disappointed with their outlook for the future. down it goes. oprah winfrey. lost 26 pounds on weight watchers. 10% of the company.
11:01 am
the stock went straight up. judge napolitano on insider trading. we kind of have way joke about this. donald trump will not participate. participate in from debate to debate. varney and company our three starts right now. ♪ three or 4:00 o'clock in the morning for most of us. imagine the collect this gasp will we solve two headlines. number one. nominating sanders would be insane. number two. clinton's craft credibility.
11:02 am
that is food for thought. remember this is a left of center democratic reading. today trashed both lead democrats with less than a week to the first boat. he says, sanders policy make him on you like the ball. it just will not fly in america. democrats will therefore be insane to nominate him. there is a dose of political reality. she is more middle-of-the-road. there is not policy. it is character. she goes through the long list of clinton's evasion's. why water and travel gave. lost records.
11:03 am
now, the benghazi video and the e-mails. clinton says parker has a history of betraying the public's trust. these two opinion pieces run counter to the main streams narrative. it is the gop that has a front runner. never be in the oval office. bashing republicans has been the medias stable diet. the left realizes it is indeed in trouble. stock with a socialist. a candidate that may be indicted. they are running out of time to switch. focusing on joe biden. >> come on in. media research centers. do i have a point to pick on the washington post? coming up with two editorials.
11:04 am
bashing hillary. what is going on? >> it needs to be pointed out. if you look more deeply into the actual pieces, i think it would be different. also a very rounded in abusive and tuesday at stake endorsement of bernie sanders socialist parties. politically, it will not work. politically, it is not a winner. kathleen parker does not say this. the suggestion is, because of her ethical problems, hillary clinton is not livable. which one is the most electable
11:05 am
democrat? >> okay. i think you are right. >> you are right. this is a departure. there are raising critical things. like it or not, they are not electable. that is progress. donald trump. skipping tomorrow night's fox news debate. you are not a trump fan. what are your thoughts? does he win or does he lose? i do not believe that trump is a conservative. this is insulting to making
11:06 am
kelly. all i can think is him having to deal with vladimir putin. this guy makes everything personally and he sulks. he loses by not being at that debate. >> i think so. he has no right to do this. i think that ted cruises calling him out. >> hank you very much for joining us. let's bring in ebony k williams. smiling throughout the day. >> just so enjoyable. stuart: do you think he wins or loses by not being in that debate? folks in iowa caucus and new hampshire higher. >> i believe that he does not
11:07 am
show up to that debate when i see it. it is too big of an opportunity. this is the sixth or seventh time or so. you go back to august 1. twenty-four plus million people. now it is kind of trickling a bit. now the headline is making kelly versus donald trump. it was cruz versus trump. >> okay. if you stays away. they finally get the monkey off their back. >> maybe that is true. it has not heard him yet. like you said, his own words, i can chew shoot people and they will still be there four him. i do not think that he loses any real support.
11:08 am
this is the trump that they know him to be. >> bernie sanders leading hillary clinton. forty-nine-45. look at that. >> this is such a rejection, stuart. no sarcasm here. my heart breaks for true progressives. they, as much as anyone, deserve choice. they do not have any viable choices. they have someone who is recommended to be indicted by the fbi. >> they have bernie sanders. that message is getting across. >> do you agree with that? bernie sanders is on the left above. >> you heard it here first.
11:09 am
>> no. she is the nominee for the democrats. she will lose to anyone on the right. that will not be has fall. that is a very conservative candidate. >> i am still crying about his decision. [laughter] stuart: ebony k, thank you very much indeed did fox news debate tomorrow. rick santorum. carly fiorina. that is followed by the second debate. 9:00 p.m. eastern. then carson, chris christie, rand paul. we had a big increase. the supply of oil in the price of oil is up. a huge increase in supply.
11:10 am
jeff flock is live at a refinery. what is going on? >> i will tell you why that happens, stuart. it was going to be an $11 billion billed. that was more than the initial estimates. that is why oil is now not doing so bad. there is a lot of storage here. this is what today's report is all about. a million barrels of oil in storage to the u.s. we run out of storage. it sounds like we have a whole lot here. that is less than a month's worth of supplies. things can turn around real soon.
11:11 am
the price of oil is at dirty one. jeff flock. you look like you are freezing cold. now this. rupert murdoch. what is he saying? >> this is bloomberg's last chance. you never know. you never know until your hat is in the ring! let's look at the take on the current situation. >> he jumped in. apple announcing the first quarter earnings. missing the revenue mark.
11:12 am
why is it down $5? >> lois growth rates and 2007. for anyone else, it would probably be huge numbers. $7.9 billion. the prophet beating by a nickel. what you see here is the story, there are two stories here that we need to follow. stronger dollar hurting the results. jim cook, the ceo very concerned. he is seeing softness in china for the first time. bullish on china. they are going full speed ahead. >> that is down 5%. plus you have an outlook for the third quarter.
11:13 am
will history repeat for hillary clinton? we will deal with it next. ♪ thanks. ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪
11:15 am
iall across the state belthe economy is growing,day. with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at
11:16 am
>> a man in milwaukee has been arrested. details, please. >> 23-year-old sami mohammed. you just saw a picture of him. they had him under surveillance and this last september. he made threats in downtown milwaukee. threatening to kill dozens of people. defending the muslim religion. they have charged him now with anti-terrorism counts, but charges of possession of a machine gun. he was very exact. he did date to her of this
11:17 am
place. he had pulled into people to help him carry out this attack. they happen to be fbi undercover. okay. got it. >> the question that a lot of people are asking. is history going to repeat itself? look at this. new quinnipiac poll shows bernie sanders leading hillary clinton in iowa. this idea of history redeeming itself is about hillary losing iowa as she did in 2008. that would be a huge blow. >> it would be a massive blow. that is how i imagine that hillary can clinton campaign. doing everything they can to reverse. to not lose iowa. she has had these little intimate after rains.
11:18 am
serving in a band for some private jets. she has also brought celebrities to this day. she has a massive operation. bernie sanders continues to catch up. there are a few things that could give her campaign a little comfort. wake her up from this nightmare. >> older voters are much more likely. bernie sanders is relying on unreliable caucus goers. making a huge push. we will see if that actually works. could be tracking some of obama's coalition. her support is spread out throughout the state. having supported these concentrated college towns. it is not a popular vote.
11:19 am
supporting these tiny towns does not necessarily mean more delegates. >> people meeting schools. sometimes high that homes. you have to sit there and you have to talk about your candidate. hillary clinton does have support from people who are going to those caucus. bernie sanders is introducing snap chat. spreading the message that you need to go caucus. actually very informative. texting young supporters, not calling them. really is making a huge push. let's prove those pundits wrong. let's get out to vote. >> 49-45. i think this is a poll in iowa. is it day disaster for hillary?
11:20 am
>> it is embarrassing. bernie is all of those things. actual votes. >> if you take a look at back, it is a time you can get conservative about it. bernie sanders is destroying iowa right now. there is no sense. they have a home-field advantage. >> hillary loses iowa to bernie sanders. if they win hands down a new hampshire higher. >> there are some voters in the southern states. they haven't made a decision yet.
11:21 am
>> wait a second. this is "wall street journal." shelby holliday. you do not go anywhere via forecast, do you? >> i will not forecast anything. between iowa and new hampshire higher, clinton has tremendous support. it would be a huge climb for bernie. organized in those states. >> sold out of that forecast very cleverly dare. >> lots of good stuff. stuart: appreciate it. thank you. how much would a presidency cost to the taxpayer? we have come up with some numbers and we will have them for you in a moment. ♪
11:22 am
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11:27 am
we lose 311,000 jobs. stuart: glad you went through
11:28 am
the numbers because those are not the great thank you very much indeed. oprah winfrey tweeting yesterday about her weight loss. she's a big shareholder. the stock winds trade up. guess who we got to comment on weight watchers. judge napolitano of all people.
11:29 am
11:30 am
11:31 am
11:32 am
stuart: her boss, rupert murdoch tweaking about politics today. joe, tell me what he said. >> the newest i want to share with you is rupert murdoch saying google has cleverly planted dozens of their people in the white house downing street in the u.k. the government is the most brilliant new blog enough for yet. what is interesting as they face legislation in europe about a lot of different privacy issues that need to use all of your data when you google products. he's also gone on to tweet saying they are making enormous profits most places funneling dollars through tax haven annual growth local businesses who do pay. so interesting to say here from rupert murdoch. he was talking earlier about how or whether bloomberg should get in. >> tax evasion --
11:33 am
jo: in version. they have been had. they don't pay taxes on a lot of that. a heated debate. stuart: rupert murdoch is in that debate. we are coming back. we'll bring you up-to-date on this one. we are down 50 points. earlier about 130. oil, that is the reason the market is turned around because oil is now up, reaching $31.98. market watcher eddie gabor. oil and stocks are still in lockstep. have you seen anything like this before moving simultaneously? >> they are. normally they are not correlated as closely. one of the biggest reasons why is the market is trying to determine whether oil prices have dropped so much because the player demand because if it is a
11:34 am
demand given job, that is bad for the equity market. it's very clear that it's a supply driven issue and sooner or later when oil find the bottom, investors will be rewarded handsomely when the market recognizes how positive it is cheap oil is for the u.s. economy. stuart: waiting to determine the bottom and then we'll see stocks moving nicely. i know you like amazon does make the huge downside recently. would you buy it now well below 600 bucks a share? >> yes, if you don't have exposure to amazon and obviously you have to be willing to take the risk. amazon is going to be one of the best stories over the next few years. take a look at how little foot traffic there isn't retail stores right now. the big reason why is because of amazon. stuart: how about apple? i will call that the stock of the day. read it 94 now. would you buy it now?
11:35 am
>> i would. i would continue to buy apple all the way down. they definitely have some challenges here in the short term and truth oil bubble right on the iphone seven in the second half of the year. i believe in the company and i like the amount of cash they have on the balance sheet. the biggest challenge they have is what many companies had its lack of corporate tax reform and forcing a lot of assets to stay overseas. if we see some type of corporate tax reform, companies like apple as well as u.s. economy is going to see growth that we've been waiting to see for many, many years. true you just could tax reform. i become more common thank you indeed. talk used in. i want to get into the oprah winfrey story, which is this. she lost 26 pounds instantly watchers. she is a major stockholder of weight watchers. when the news hit the ship life so much weight, the stock went straight out. just consider this story that
11:36 am
came. suppose you were an associate of oprah winfrey and you saw her weight loss and he figured wait a minute, she is a stockholder of weight watchers. she is losing a lot of weight. assume she goes public at assume she does publicans as weight watchers is responsible, the stock goes up. if one of those associates had not weight watchers stock on the basis of her observation of oprah winfrey, would that be insider trading? >> probably not. the technical legal answer is that depends on where this occurred because insider trading means different things in the second circuit, will which is basically new york and connecticut than it does in the ninth circuit, which is the 15 westernmost dates. because this issue will be resolved by the supreme court of the united states and the issue is this. is insider trading take place where the inside information
11:37 am
with the teens and laying or by observation or without financial benefits of the person who gave it. the answer is in new york if it is innocent and there is no benefit to the person who gave it, it is not insider trading. in california, it can be innocently obtained and you can still be insider trading. i have never heard of an insider trading prosecution based on the observation of weight loss. stuart: well, it's a theory argument. >> it just occurred to me. if someone did have weight loss and figured because of weight watchers and you thought the stock -- would be the same observation.
11:38 am
>> i better get some of that stock. her dog walker -- i'm about to a morrow some things, which if you give me some money for it telling you now, i assure you will make 100 times that tomorrow. there you have the case of insider trading. stuart: speculation on your part. goodnight now what she did? she said six to 30 million followers in a very public fashion. stuart: whose idea was it to do this story? look at the market. show me the big board, please. we are down only eight points. we have come all the way back. one of the big stories today, which was a big feature in the downside move earlier was with
11:39 am
boeing. stuart: still down 8%. this has not been a good day for bowling. they release a profit forecast for the rest of the year, which was really below the estimate and caught investors by surprise you that is why we see the selloff delivering fewer jetliners this year. on top of all this, they have the technical problem so they have to scrap it and start again at 1:00 p.m. eastern time. if this holds up will be one of the worst days on the market. stuart: thank you very much geared a new report says isis, al qaeda and the muslim brotherhood to be discussing what some are calling a terror megamerger in libya. joining joe jones who fought in the middle east joins us now. we hear of a megamerger, amongst terrorist groups. does that mean anything to us in america? anything at all? >> yes, absolutely. if you understand al qaeda, u.n. and it was farmed to protect
11:40 am
jihadist all over the world after the perceived victory against russia in the 80s. al qaeda is an international global network of terrorists. if you can bring that to an area within the islamic state, now you have a tremendous amount of research is an intelligence that islamic state can use. stuart: basically libya has become a terror basic state. that is what it has become. >> yes, absolutely. the vacuum has to be filled. right now we have a global threat with a different tax all over the world did we know most of these factions have their own inciting. this is actually one report stated as a response for the fighting among al qaeda and the islamic state. perhaps an opportunity to create a central government or a central military for these different groups to operate through and share intelligence and continue the islamic state goal of creating a regional
11:41 am
caliphate. stuart: john akin at thank you for being with us today. it's an important subject. i'm sorry we don't have more time for this. you've given us some context or perspective there. thank you. i appreciate it. the napa valley state of the late robin williams has been sold. we will tell you how much it went for. by the way, we'll take you inside it.
11:42 am
.. i think it landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪
11:43 am
>> with your fox business brief come of the doubt in positive territory along with oil driving our markets this year. seeing a correlation right now. the s&p 500 up for and received a nasdaq: back 22. we got the news on home sales rose more than expected. single-family homes jumped 10.8%. a mixed bag to the downside, plus kb homes of 2.3%. we do have a lacquer here and that is tupperware. tepper came down with falling sales going forward and it blames the strong u.s. dollar. a big move down 15%, hitting a new low. apple and bow in past about today facebook, ebay and murphy oil.
11:44 am
starting with fox business at 5:00 a.m., we will see you there. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls, and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
11:45 am
stuart: just happened. bernie sanders arriving at the white house moment ago a private meeting with president obama. when you like to know what that conversation is all about. i certainly would.
11:46 am
check the big board with a complete turnaround on the upside. a 31-point game to the dow industrials. this is because the price of oil has completely turned around. oil up or that a dollar a barrel, close to $33 a barrel. oil stocks that mop stick. and now this. after years of being on the market, the late comedian robin williams napa valley estate has been sold for $18 million. just looking at what she got for 18 million not the. jo: is a beautiful 20,000 square foot mansion. five bedrooms, six full bath, five half past, 65-foot infinity edge swimming pool which overlooks the entire area. according to "the wall street journal" "wall street journal" "wall street journal," there is a tennis court, hiking trail, worse trail, fishing pond and a guesthouse. the interesting story here is the pricing and how it's changed over the years. it was first listed in 2012 for
11:47 am
$35,000,000.2014 is put put back on the market for dirty million dollars. august the 2013 robin williams passed away and eventually sold or $18 million. it was purchased by a french couple who were winemakers in napa. the question is will they start potentially making wine. stuart: the french couple are tax exile. how about the price of apple stock, please. that is stock of the day. ninety-five dollars a share right now. the company missed its expected first-quarter revenue total. what did they have? that is the question. michael gorman is an gadget is here. can you answer the question, michael? what is in their pipeline that they will come up with in the future? >> as much as i like to say i know 100% what is in the pipeline, i can't give you a guarantee i'm not.
11:48 am
we do have a couple of indications. they will always be new iphones. highly likely that we'll be coming out at the end of the year. we've also seen indications that there may be as moeller iphone coming back into play. something along the order of the size of the iphone five. the six made the dream quite a bit bigger. there's indications we may see one of those is really a march. stuart: at not a breakthrough. it's not a rare new whole area vehicles for future sales. you have no knowledge of anything like that coming up from apple. you might know. most of what we hear at this point is evolution, not revolution. there is always the rumors about the apple cart floating around. we've seen no indication that it's going to be something revealed this year or even next year. >> on the phone call last night
11:49 am
with all due respect, tim cook did say they are breaking up services and thoughts for the first time in the direct quote was we wouldn't break this out if it wasn't area very important to us in the future. that's a big hand from him. tree into my goal. >> to me, they see that their hardware sales are slowing down. they are branching out onto other things than he will be emphasizing areas where they have been seeing growth. a billion devices out there are active right now. if you are not selling more devices come in the way to keep the business growing is to have additional service is geared they are trying to engage people in these new areas of expertise. it's not anything that will change the way your iphone or ipad works here these are services that will make your life better and appeal to certain people. i don't think it's anything that will change up the business. sure into his checking cold water on apple. thank you for joining us. we'll be back soon. madness, a military wife was
11:50 am
american repairman who gave the deployment discount joins us next ♪
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stuart: you know how it goes. you've got to fix the furnace. it could be very expensive. so imagine the joy one military wife felt when she got a bill for 1 dollar to fix her furnace which the repair man gave to her. paul backlund is to repair man who gave the lady of 1 dollar bill for fixing the furnace. you're a good man. welcome to the show. >> good morning. stuart: what are you take us through. he knocked on the door, you kne. while i was fixing the furnace, she told me her husband could
11:55 am
fix it except he was deployed for a year in the military. and say the service call is free. i couldn't get the words out, so i wrote it on the slip, 1 dollar military discount. tree into your a good man. you did that off your own. she didn't ask for it. your boss didn't they do it. you decided that you are going to be -- you were going to do the right thing for that lady. that is terrific. what did she say when you give her the bill for 1 doloney.
11:56 am
i'm doing it for your husband. i'm glad it's protecting the country. stuart: your company. you on the company. was a milk man, he owned that land stare back in the day. he told me a couple stories and during the great depression he would go up to the front porch and the lady said mr. betlyn, we can't take any milk today. we don't have any money. i grandfather heard the baby crying for milk in the background, so he gave her the milk for free. he did the right thing. when i heard richard stevens has been was deployed in all that, i did it for free because i wanted to do the right thing.
11:57 am
i'm not a hero. stuart: you are. you are a good man and that is a fine thing to be. congratulations. paul betlyn, a good man. that is what we will call him. we will see you again soon. more bernie after this -- more bernie & co. after this.
11:58 am
11:59 am
stuart: there are three factors which are fact in the dow industrials today. first up is apple. apple is a dow stock down very sharply. ninety-five dollars a share, a 4.5% drop. boeing, same story. it is down very sharply up 6%. that is a big loss of 119. so why is dow down a whole lot? third factor. oil is $32 a barrel end up merely about today site news got a whole lot of oil in the supply chain. apple down, bowing down, oil up
12:00 pm
estoril at 34. two hours trying to do. neil cavuto, but time is yours. you thank you are a much child is not going to fox news debate. the fallout you hear throughout the is pretty much the same. this would be ridiculous. we're not going to tolerate it, for mother's day and it's a big mistake. fast and furious to those who want room for oxygen that they feel will be back in the room. blake burman with the latest on the reaction to a big no-show. reporter: certainly a lot of reaction on both sides. donald trump, his campaign last night said trump will not be participating in the fox news debate tomorrow night here in des


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