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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  January 28, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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about them the folks not about you and you elevate to a place where you could win this if you could do that, am i crazy? >> you're not crazy. it's about making america great again. it's not because i want the position, it's because i know the potential of this country, how great the country can be. our leader is not doing the job. >> maria: be sure to tune in tonight for the fox-news google debate beginning at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. we are looking at solid gains in the u.s. this morning. futures indicating a higher opening for the broader averages, take a look after the fed meeting yesterday. fed raising questions about the next time it will raise interest racying that the economy slow down at the end of last year. checking european markets right now, low across the board. ftse down, cac in paris and the dax index in germany also weaker by about half a percent. three quarters of 1%. over in asia the markets look
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like this. shanghai composite having another tough night. sliding another 3%. nikkei weak three quarters of one percent. hang seng and kospi fractionally better. facebook is the one to watch today. social-media giant handily beat expectations last night. revenue soared better than 50% in the fourth quarter from a year ago driven by mobile, the stock jumping in premarket. take a look where facebook shares are. we are expecting a big move on the upside for facebook. more troubles, federal inspectors finding, quote, deficient practices at one of the company's lab facilities posing a threat to patients' safety. leader of malacia group that was occupying refuge now calling for holdouts to go home. three people were arrested yesterday. at least five other left the
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refuge through fbi check-points. now at least sis cases of this virus included in new york, delta airlines now joining united and american allowing to cancel to areas where it's affected by outbreak. the last gop debate before monday's iowa caucus, blake berman is in des moines with the preview of what to expect this evening. blake, good morning to you. >> blake: donald trump continues to maintain that he will not be at this debate tonight. very last debate before the iowa caucus still. this is a hugely important debate on the fox news channel tonight. keep in mind that of the candidates have been campaigning for months here in iowa. some longer than that. over a year. this is the final push before caucus goers head to the polls four days from now, monday night. there will be two debates, the first one at 9:00 o'clock. it will be cruz and rubio,
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center stage, carson and bush christy and kasich and rand paul will once again reappear on the 9:00 o'clock debate stage. it all starts at 7:00 o'clock with four candidates trying to make a good final impression as well. fiorina, huckabee and santorum and gilmore returns on that stage. i spoke to the campaign of ted cruz, they expect their guy to take fire from all over considering he will be the front runner on that stage later tonight specially they say from marco rubio. still as it relates to trump that adviser told me expect to not be led off the hook. >> at the end of the day it's not really that don aal is afraid of megan, it's not that he's afraid of sean or afraid of me, he's afraid of you.
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[applause] >> he doesn't want to answer questions from the men and women about iowa of how his record doesn't match what he's selling. >> blake: this is a national debate on national television, you can expect many talking points to be focused directly, lazer focused on iowa. >> maria: that's extraordinary, no one has seen anything like this. this is just unbelievable. >> blake: every day it gets different. >> maria: who will be the stand out in iowa tonight? joining us national reporter for real clear politics rebecca and dagen mcdowell joining the conversation. dagen, rebecca, good to see you both. let me start with you rebecca, who do you think with trump's absence tonight? >> well, maybe trump. that's really the question, maria. can donald trump still command the stage without being on it?
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it's going to be a challenge for ted cruz, marco rubio and some of the other leaders in this race to prove that they are potential front runners and that they can outshine donald trump even when he is commanding media attention. >> maria: it's really interesting that you say that. dagen, weigh on this, for so long we need to talk about donald trump getting more specific. we need to hear more substance in terms of the issues. here the candidates have an opportunity to do a debate without him, to offer that kind of substance and rebecca is saying, well, maybe he will still command the stage even though he's not there. >> dagen: if he's not there, my prediction he shows up at the last minute. nene los angeles, surprise appearance, comes back. [laughter] >> dagen: you still have to be on the thing that made him great, that is the republican
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for the nomination. i think there's still a chance that he pops back. i love how cruz is taking him on leading on to the debate. they set up a website and they're selling hats, make donald debate again. [laughter] >> i would love to get a hat like that. i hope that they take the time to really beat him up, if you do some analysis on what his policies are, specially on the trade side, i mean, there's hugely populist but they are the worst thing to really be enacted. if he got elected and he said he was going to do some of the things like raise tariff, i mean, we could ignite a global trade war that would come at the worst time. >> maria: he backed away from that. i didn't mean 45. it just means if they don't do what they're supposed to be doing -- >> even with the stand on china, this is not good.
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>> anastasia: he's got a point. maybe not on the tariff side, if you're an american company right now, if you're a caterpillar, for example, trying to sell tractors to brazil, china or japan, you're so not competitive because of the value of the u.s. dollar. maybe this is not the way to fix that. it's not even through fiscal policy, but this is a real issue. we are seeing that in earnings. >> maria: that's the thing. he brings up real issues. the same situation with immigration. it may not be the solution that people see as working and gets people talking about it, rebecca, what you're alluding to that he'll be on the stage anyway. >> exactly. i expect that some of the candidates are going to have to answer to donald trump, still answer for the policies that he has brought into this debate, which puts them really at a disadvantage, what ted cruz, marco rubio and some of the others wanted to do tonight was make this about them, not about donald trump and once again, he's stealing the spotlight and
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that doesn't help them at all. >> dagen: i cannot wait to see what marco rubio can do with ted cruz, in your debate that you and niel did, the end of the debate was well after 11:00 o'clock. rubio came to life and hammered ted cruz over and over about his conservativen consistency. it was some real -- knockout blows, he has to do that a lot earlier, he has to bring the heat toward the beginning of the debate. don't wait till a lot of people have gone to sleep. >> maria: can anybody on that stage tonight take it beyond what donald trump has been? i mean, he's already at 40%? >> i think there's a lot of opportunity for rubio because he needs guys to drop out. he needs kasich to drop out, bush, christie, those are more of the main-stream guys. those votes won't go to rubio. it's really cruz and trump. rubio is going to be on the side. rubio needs to hit cruz as hard
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like dagen was saying. >> dagen: if they talk about trump too much, they're the losers. >> totally. great point. >> maria: rebecca, anybody you see emerging right now without trump there tonight aside from rubio as we have been talking about? >> sure, maria, i will be watching ted cruz, he's a great debater as we have all seen. obviously won championships for that when he was a student. we know that he's good in the setting. the prize is iowa. he's second place in some polls and tied in others. he really needs to perform to win the caucuses on monday. >> maria: big opportunity for the others on stage. >> dagen: they better come loaded and better work on their debate prep, i mean, real serious debate. >> maria: it's true. rebecca, thank you, dagen, whether he see you later in the program. be sure to toon -- tune in for the debate.
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second debate begins at 9:00 p.m. eastern. don't miss it. also iowa coverage beginning right at mornings with maria all day long and niel cavuto will be live in iowa at 8:00 p.m. facebook reporting to the close yesterday, social-media giant posted a profit of more than a billion dollars, first time ever. stock is rallies more than 11% in the premarket on that earnings' news of a billion dollars. 80% of renew, up nearly 70% from a year earlier. so they are finding traction on mobile. facebook says it generates three dollars 73 cents for every one of its now 1.9 billion users. that's up 33%. >> anastasia: it was a huge quarter for facebook. you look at the earnings versus last year they basically doubled earnings. it's coming on exceptionally
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strong revenue growth. renew growth over year for the entire year was about 43%. i think it's an example of a company that can do well in this environment that is for so many companies. this is a company that is technology, consumer, cross section and they're doing amazingly well. just one other thing to mention on facebook is that if you look at their daily average users, it's a pretty good mixbetween u.s., canada, asia pacific and so forth. many international regions. if you look at the revenue, the majority of ad revenue actually comes from the united states. again, we talked about the high value of the u.s. dollar and the fact that the revenues are not impacted by that, because the revenue does come from here. i think puts it apart from everybody else. >> maria: do you see a long runway given the fact that only portion is coming from the u.s., perhaps that opens up for more potential in terms of revenue coming from around the world? >> anastasia: absolutely.
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facebook is pursuing the same strategy in other places as they have with the united states which is focus on user growth first and then revenue growth second. remember when facebook first went public, everybody beat up on it because they didn't have the revenues to put out, the advertising revenues to put that. they fixed that and then some and i suspect they'll do that internationally as well. >> facebook ads, that is the space that really is driving revenues for these companies and when you get into digital marketing, this is where it's at. you can actually see where these ads go, you can put hard numbers on them and that's what people who are advertising trying to figure out, they want to hit your audience, spin convert and get sales. that's what you can do with these devices, so it's awesome. >> maria: that's what they invested in measuring systems to be able to say to advertisers, here is who you're touching, here is who is active.
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>> that's what i love about them. >> maria: snowy weekend could not stop the fed about second increase in march. a lot of people pushing to later in the year. will let you convey a large emotion s. ♪ there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade.
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you've got the power, to turn on the light shape the best sleep of your life. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology adjust any way you want it. the bed that moves you. only at a sleep number store. >> maria: welcome back, breaking news, new arrests in connection with the three escaped california inmates. cheryl casone with that story and the other headlines. what a story. >> cheryl: it really is. local law enforcement says that at least five arrests have been made in connection with those
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inmates that escaped that southern california jail friday. they're still at large but the new airplanes are still expected to happen actually today. fox reporting that one of the three convicts was supposed to be deported back in 1998 but was able to be in the u.s. on a technicality, so, yeah, it had help. the cars along local highways. >> debris was all over the place. the sky was black. i was scared for my life. >> we heard a loud crash, screaming. >> cheryl: place say that it was a miracle that only one person
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was actually hurt. according to new study by the associated press, once shut, 15,000 resident in more than 31 towns in 15 states no longer have access to fresh produce and to meat, closures are going create food deserts that's according to federal government because the mom and pop places shut down and they're all gone, now you have empty cities basically. >> maria: this is really tough news. it represents a tough economy, obviously for wal-mart to shut these stores but the implications in terms of the no-access to fresh food, andy. >> i'm out in illinois and chicago and we have problems with grocery deserts in the city of chicago specially on the south side, thigh really try to push these through. because they have more
6:19 am
disposable income, they're not shopping as much as wal-mart. i don't know -- this is an interesting -- it kind of goes against that because these are really in the areas where you think that they really would need it. lower cost and everything else. i wonder if you step back nationally, maybe that's part of the problem with wal-mart. >> cheryl: i don't know, part of it is people are moving to things like amazon. you can get almost and sometimes better deals on amazon, you can have toilet paper delivered and everything else. >> maria: fresh food. >> cheryl: i think that the wal-mart -- like every other retailer in america is dealing with the online revolution. >> anastasia: how do you combat that? andy is right, people are saving, 50, $60 a month on lower gasoline prices and we know one place that it's going to is buying up a higher-end grocery store cart or maybe buying up on restaurants, so i think it's definitely one of the explanations, but amazon has got to be the other one.
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>> maria: they're saving the money, savings rate is 5.6%. they're not actually spending the money. >> certainly not at wal-mart. >> anastasia: people are spending very selectively and really who benefits actually is the restaurants but apparently not wal-mart. [laughter] >> maria: cheryl, thank you. federal reserve acknowledging that the economy has, in fact, slowed down, is march increase rate off the table at this point? talk about rates next. if you ate at wendy's recently, check your bank statements, keep an eye on your credit card bill. coming up. ♪
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sounds like my ride's ready. don't get stuck on hold. reach an expert fast. comcast business. built for business. >> maria: welcome back, we are watching crude oil this morning trading welloff the 12-year low set this month after a key data point show that a chance of production cut is on the horizon. phil flynn is at the cme group. good morning to you. 33.63. not bad. >> phil: it is. almost 25% off the recent low which is a pretty good comeback considering the market. it's looking more like co punishing itulation. rumors yesterday that we are going to have an opec submit between russia and other nonopec production. it had a mix reaction. today instead of oil following the stock market, they're going to focus on the dollar.
6:25 am
it looks like the fed statement t possibility that they're acknowledging the global economy, it's going to start impacting oil more. i think oil can get away from that direct relationship with stocks and start looking at that relationship with the dollar. i think that's where we are at today. back to you. >> maria: that's sort of one move above $32, but anastasia do we believe that there's going to be enough of a production to impact the supply, that's the issue for these markets? >> anastasia: absolutely. in opec and russia, i'm not so sure. in the u.s., the reality is if you look at shell oil production as percentage or fraction of overall production, it's more than half. meaning full share. the issue is decline rate is a lot faster than conventional oil. for example, a 30% decline every year. if we have about 5.2 million barrels a day in shell oil production, then you
6:26 am
can say that a third of that will be depleted. the third of that will be the decline rate this year. as we progress, we expect we will start to see production declines out of the u.s. the wild card is going to be opec, the wild card is going to be saudi arabia and now iran, will they make up and then some for what u.s. gives up. >> maria: they've been unwilling to do any cuts. >> iranians are going to pump. they're going to pump a lot of oil as fast as they can. the u.s. will shut down, who is going to cut first? that's what we don't know. russia is bleeding money on oil. >> anastasia: and saudi arabia. >> they're all hurting. they need the money. can they cut to get the price up and will the u.s. remain on sidelines and not increase production. >> maria: why would they give a
6:27 am
cut if this is their product? >> they need the hundred. >> anastasia: when u.s. production declines they're going to be left. saudi arabia and opec will be left with a greater market share. so they will be the ultimate beneficiaries of that price going up again. >> maria: then there's the federal reserve, keeping rates the same, we will see the rates say lower for longer, more on that, what to expect from the federal reserve this year next. ♪
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tree and to welcome back. i am maria bartiromo. thursday, junior 28. but he anastasia amoroso and engage communications andy bush. your tots are raised at 6:30 p.m. p.m. the event hosted
6:31 am
by our sister network, fox news channel is the gop debate before the iowa caucuses begin on monday. front runner donald trump will not participate in tonight's event did he win on "the o'reilly factor" next came the decision. >> i submit to you that you need to change and get away from the personal they hurt my feelings, they are unfair to me and make it about then, the folks. not about you. you elevate them to a place where you could win this if you do that. am i crazy? >> you are not crazy at all. but it is about making america great again. that is what i'm doing this. it's not because they want the position. i know the potential of how great the country can be. our leader is not doing the job. >> to mention that the fox news debate that begins at 7:00 p.m. eastern. looking at solid gains in the u.s. this morning. features indicate a gain of
6:32 am
60-point after the two-day fed meeting ended yesterday and raise questions about the next time it will raise interest rates, basically saying the economy slowed down at the end of last year. markets are lower across the board. fractional moves to the downside to the tune of half of a percent to 1% or the cac and the dax in germany. another session for the chinese stock market. the shanghai can posit down 3%. nikkei average in japan down three quarters of a percent. the bank of japan coming out on friday this week. facebook want to watch today. came out with revenue up better than 50% just in the fourth quarter. take a look at the stocks driven by mobility. the premarket this morning we will see my name in the name as people are impressed by the mobile improvements that facebook. u.k. says of the zika virus
6:33 am
confirmed in the united states. at least six cases in the u.s. including in new york. delta airlines allowing passengers to cancel her post on trips to areas that are fed by this outbreak. the federal reserve signaling concern yesterday about the turbulence and slow economic growth overseas. it did not rely the gradual rate increase in march but very few people believe it. "the wall street journal" john helsing that and market strategists in the studio eventually. good to see you. thank you for joining us. what did you learn from the fed yesterday? >> well, i learned they are worried about how the economy is doing and how it is a fact that in particular by overseas development of market turbulence. they came out of their december rate increase expressing confidence about the outlook for employment and elation. this time they say they are not sure if it is going to be time to revise their forecasts in march.
6:34 am
they are in wait-and-see mode. it looks like a pause mode, too. >> is that what you heard? >> confidence is very important to the fed. they don't want to back track on their position from a few weeks ago. but they did leave himself an option to basically go on pause and get closer to where the market is. the market has not been on the same page. >> i realize not everybody predicted the mac story 2015. but how did the fed miss this? a fair amount of people said we could go into recession in 2016. things are slowing down. how is it possible all the sudden now they say the economy is slowing down? >> we did have signs at the end of last year. in defense of this that i will say they didn't totally messed this up because they acted on the notion the economy has improved so much because we have
6:35 am
this cumulative body of evidence that it's time to raise rates. they've always said they will be data dependent. we've always said until they're smart economic momentum we will not see a whole lot more rate increase is. >> this is a central bank that missed their opportunity to raise interest rates of 1% or 1.5%. two years behind the curve on this. they were so scared to do anything for so long they allowed this to elongate and now they are in a difficult position. >> the fed is looking at the economy and we have a tendency to look at the market. one influences the other. if you think about what the fed's responsibility is, the u.s. economy is doing okay. certainly impacted by the weakness overseas and in oil. the labor markets quite strong going into year-round. not so much on inflation but otherwise if you think about but the responsibility is, they were
6:36 am
justified in doing what they did. >> i want to make two points. one relates to your question how did the fed miss this. i will tie you what they missed and what a lot of people miss and that is china. when i talked to officials over the years about the booms in china, the real estate boom in industrial capacity, and they had the sense chinese officials were effective at managing the economy, more than anyone else in the world, said they had magically engineered the 10% growth that would go on for a long time. they overestimated the ability of the chinese to manage the economy and for the economy to sustain it out. it wasn't just them. it was everybody. the other point that the fed miss an opportunity to raise rates, frankly i don't get that. if the fed raises rates up to 1%, where would we be right now? the economy is barely growing.
6:37 am
if they move rates up to 1%, and with the housing market be coming back at this point? >> would've gone through four rounds of quantitative easing and every time is less bang for the buck. the fed knows it is not working anymore. >> race should be a full percentage point higher than they are right now. why would it be able to manage 1%? >> we are no longer in an emergent a london situation. now the fed is in a position where they can do when it didn't. maria: are you defending the qa? >> i didn't say anything about kiwi. i'm not defending anyone. i don't get the argument every should be be a full percentage point higher when the economy can barely row and inflation is below 2%. i just don't get that. >> two years ago -- inflation
6:38 am
was so low they felt they had to do more. if they were raising rates two years ago, we could be inflation. maria: are you saying that the fed didn't miss anything? >> the fed has missed a lot. i don't see how if an economy can barely grow right now with rates near zero, and why would we expect it to be so much better than 1%. >> no one is making the argument. the fed has to be cautious here and the reality is definitely slowed. maybe the market need to be cautious, too. any thought on the near-term? >> the market will like what the fed did yesterday to the extent it takes pressure off the dollar. it's been driving currencies and that is then deflationary.
6:39 am
if it takes pressure off back, maybe we can find and stability in the market. if the markets don't respond and the dollar doesn't respond in a sustainable way, i'm afraid up on shaky ground in the next move is lower. train to what you want to tell clients? >> for the near-term be cautious. to be slow to put it back over. values are beginning to emerge. if you are a long-term investor with a well diversified or polio, did the course. the u.s. economy would be just fine. maria: do you agree with that, anastasia? >> strategic allocation is the most important decision the love for me. i think there's opportunity to be more tactical. certainly select the company was trying and there's probably nothing wrong with trading the range is a little bit. there's nothing wrong with the rally and taking money off the table and maybe sometime further
6:40 am
down the road. you don't want to do this with 100% of your portfolio. you want to do this with a smaller portion. that is how you add that also appeared maria: john, real quick. i expect them to move in march? >> we have received and we said all the time. we have to see what numbers look like. if the jobless rates keep coming down, we've got a 4.7% handle on the jobless rate, they do have to keep moving because they respond to slack in the economy and that means less slack. maria: they are going to get so criticized if they move interest rates in march. i don't know. probably get criticized either way. we will see. john hilsenrath, thank you for joining us. the wendy's restaurant chain with reports of a possible credit card reach. this important story next. reporter: fast food wendy's is investigating claims of initial cavity in its restaurants.
6:41 am
the ohio company began receiving reports this month indicating fraudulent charges they may have occurred on credit cards after being used at some wendy's locations. the fast food restaurant has hired a cybersecurity firm to perform the investigation and they are encouraging customers to watch out for any unauthorized charges. when this has not yet disclosed which restaurants are affected by the data breach. over 6500 restaurants world wide. when you look up now where, more than 25% was actually created last year. obviously very prevalent and they are obviously working with authorities to break this down. >> you don't know where breach is going to happen next. nicole petallides, don't forget to start your day every day on the fox business network right before "mornings with maria" at 5:00 a.m. eastern. the store opening of trading after the social media giant
6:42 am
posted a profit of a billion dollars. jo ling kent breaking down the numbers next. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. so i'm going to take this opportunity to go off script. so if i wanna go to jersey and check out shotsy tuccerelli's portfolio, what's it to you? or i'm a scottish mason whose assets are made of stone like me heart. papa! you're no son of mine! or perhaps it's time to seize the day.
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maria: welcome back. and occupation of the web (-left-paren each in eastern oregon may be unraveling. cheryl casone with the story and other headlines. reporter: that is right, maria. just hours after ammon bundy
6:46 am
scholars to give up and go home, police had arrested three more protesters. after an appearance in federal district court in portland, ammon bundy issued a statement and told his followers to stand down. five people tested positive for the savvy pirates in new york. new york city has two cases officials advised pregnant women to reconsider travel in 21 other countries and territories that have zika out rates. ♪ and yes, that is mike huckabee's latest ad showing the presidential governor. a parity of adele's parity and iowa caucus goers, but it takes a few swipes at democratic contenders and texas senator ted
6:47 am
cruz. the parity became the fastest video to reach a billion views on youtube. not kidding. a good effort by mike huckabee. maria: did anybody see the snl skit about this? thank you, cheryl. in the program attack with presidential candidate mike huckabee. we'll ask him about the ad for sure. coming on at 8:30 a.m. eastern today. facebook surgeon this morning. one of the technology companies. we will talk with the ceo and what is going on with him. stay with us.
6:48 am
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maria: welcome back to facebook shares. more than a quarter billion dollars. >> good morning, maria. beating wall street estimates in the fourth quarter, revenue came in at $5.84 billion a ticket, earnings per share of 79p. basically 1.59 billion people using facebook every single month. nearly a billion people there. mobile advertising was where the money was. $4.5 million making it 80% of all ad revenue. facebook giving youtube a run for its money. 100 million hours of video daily on facebook. feature would be expensive. they tend to spend a lot more on virtuality and doubling investments in mr. graham.
6:52 am
after hours trading spike in more than talkers and. alibaba getting a lift this morning almost 3.5%. expecting eps of 87 cents per share and revenue of $5.03 billion. maria: thank you so much. i will. i will be the name to watch. other names reporting earnings today. alibaba as well as amazon and microsoft after the close. we will talk more about the ceo dan rose in the studio today. thank you for joining us. when you see what is owing on facebook, tell us the viewers exactly what it does. you are also farmers the io. >> when he was 20 years old and introduce sheryl many years ago. obviously i'm a big fan.
6:53 am
$4 billion now they do a billion dollars in earnings. maria: that would've been nice. >> look, the overall message is scale wins. the internet is all about scale. amazon, advertising, performance advertising. facebook is just first icon the biggest five. if you're going to market online the reach is so big there multiple platforms there's no big. the knowledge of the customer so strong that you can just keep dying. the gap between them and everybody else is getting bigger and will only get bigger. even when i was at yahoo! in 2002, 2003, they separate themselves from the pack.
6:54 am
if advertising for facebook. i want to buy facebook for mobile. they say i want to reach my audience. maria: that is the point and he made earlier. that is how the client this is how many people are using facebook right now. >> we spent a lot of money on my marketing and they'll be facebook and google. >> the gap between facebook and everybody else is so great that no one will chip away at them. >> you can't then no one will ever be there because technology changes though much. data, ad networks. but it reminds me when google began its search data unless someone can dethrone them about why would you try to market anywhere else? they have an extraordinary management team from
6:55 am
extraordinary sales team. they are hitting on all cylinders are the numbers reflect that. they get a billion dollars in profits and in profits in the quarter with 952 million for the year. that is down from when i left from the billion five. one goes one way, when the other way. it tells the whole story. maria: that is why the constant question out there. it makes such sense to me when they can just rent them. >> the evidence is showing they don't want to buy them. i have a 22-year-old and my 20-year-old is still in college. even if you can afford them, why would you? >> i just went through this process. starting two years ago it is like forget writing appeared by which you she want to buy it? renting is the way to go.
6:56 am
there's some pretty big margins in the rental space. >> we always knew when i joined the company less than six years ago we had afford a relationship with good business for transaction business, but not a big platform. the last five years we hope to match the colleges. colleges pay us because we know more than anybody. much like facebook. we get them required materials for cheaper online or offline. we help them at home or every of the largest database. maria: they have data on free scholarships. in the world of such student debt, how do you see it? >> the largest search for has posted an online before they go to college and scholarships. $1.3 trillion in debt. you can't refinance government loan.
6:57 am
the economy is in grave. they are not getting paid a lot of money. we are literally forcing the future generations of this country to pay off the debts of their parents and grandparents. it is unfair, unnecessary and if there was a free-market economy they could refinance for much less. maria: really important insight. thank you are joining us. dan rosensweig, chegg. we will be right back. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships,
6:58 am
attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at
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7:00 am
maria: welcome back up thursday morning. i maria bartiromo appeared thursday, junior 28. jpmorgan asset management anastasia amoroso. top stories at 7:00 a.m. on the east coast this morning. republican candidates gearing up for tonight debate in iowa. event hosted by the fox news channel is the final gop debate before the iowa caucus begins on monday morning. front runner donald trump will not participate in tonight's event. on the o'reilly are in think his decision.
7:01 am
>> i submit to you that you need to change and get away from the personal. and make it about them, the folks, not about you. you elevate to to a place where you could win this if you do that. am i crazy? >> you are not crazy. but it's about them. it's about making america great again. it's not because they want the position. i know the potential of the country. our leader is not doing the job. maria: be sure to tune in tonight for the google debate beginning at 7:00 p.m. eastern. main debate at 9:00 p.m. eastern. architecture is cutting earlier gains in negative territory. a mixed story looking at the dow industrial opening lower. this after the federal reserve yesterday raised questions about the next time they will raise interest rates. the economy slowed down at the end of last year. in europe, markets are lower
7:02 am
across the board. half a percent to better than 1%. in europe as well as the u.s. this is one of the reasons the u.s. is lower because european markets are now down better than 1%. it all started in asia with a sharp selloff in china. shanghai composite down 3% on the session. the nikkei average down three quarters of a percent. facebook stocks to watch today at. the media giant handling expectations. revenue source that about 50% in the fourth quarter from a year-earlier driven by mobile advertising. the stock up in the premarket pretty much where it had then. it is not cut losses on facebook. new cases of the zika virus confirmed in the united states. at least six cases of the virus including new york. delta is joining united and american allowing passengers to cancel or postpone trips to the areas affected by the outbreak. we turn now to the 2016 campaign trail.
7:03 am
candidates are getting rid of days off work tonight fox news debate in iowa. the last debate before the iowa caucuses. blake burman in des moines by the preview of what to expect tonight. good morning to you. reporter: good morning to you. donald trump continues to maintain he will not be at the debate tonight in des moines iowa on the fox news channel ever so important because not only is this the last debate but also the first debate here in iowa as well. candidates have been here for months on end here's some more than a year and this is their last chance in some cases to make a final push before monday night caucuses. there will still be seven people on the stage at 9:00 tonight. cruzan rubio will be front and center beside kristy and bush ayn rand paul returns to the 9:00 debate as well. before then, setting the stage is fiorina, huckabee. jim gilmer joined the stage once again.
7:04 am
i was thinking speaking to an advisor of ted cruz then they told me they expect their guide to be basically surrounded by your tonight now that donald trump is not in this debate. they say everybody shoots up in a few other guy is the one taking on the crossfire. still trump is not going to be about off the hook. they anticipate marco rubio been the one specifically going right at cruz. rubio gave a bit of a preview last night about how he might treat trump. take a listen here. >> voters in iowa deserve to know what the next commander-in-chief and president is going to do. they serve as an opportunity to answer questions. voters deserve to know what you are going to do. >> by the way, "the wall street journal" "wall street journal" released a slew of polls this morning which showed trump leads in iowa, new hampshire and south carolina.
7:05 am
the three early voting states with 7.32. cruz 25 and rubio at 18. maria: thanks so much. big night tonight. the stage set by blaster publican presidential debate before the first votes are cast. we'll bring in right now senator johnny ernst. good to see you. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. great to be with you. maria: who will be the standout in iowa tonight? >> we have so many candidates. not having having candidates dedicate several miles an opportunity to state for policy positions are. maria: i know you are not ready to endorse anybody but europe had nice comments about marco rubio recently in terms of his commitment to destroy isis and him being near and dear to my heart, are you considering the vice presidential position with marco rubio should he get the nomination? >> now, i am not pursuing that.
7:06 am
we have great candidates across the board and every one of our candidates i want to make sure i say this. every one of our candidates has a great position when it comes to national defense, much better than anyone we have seen on the other ticket. i think we will do very well. >> i've got a question. for iowa, if you look at the top three candidates overall, what do you want to see for iowa? what would really make you feel great about a candidate on an economic plan that will help iowa? >> well, iowa has really set the standard. we do have a very low unemployment rate. a lot of job growth, expansion. we are looking for a plan that would allow for less rules and regulations or businesses can can further develop in iowa and allow them to expand less government interference and of course low taxes is always a
7:07 am
great way to stimulate growth. that is what we need to look for across the board in this candidates. maria: here is bob nardelli. >> who is the best candidate to meet those requirements? >> i'm not going to pick winners or losers here. there's a lot of horses in the race. again if you look across the board, all of them have put forward pretty good plans. i am not going to state who i think would be best. i don't want to dissuade iowa voters from going onto the caucuses monday evening. i want to make sure they look at policies and decide who is fitting their needs and their values. >> who has the best gdp plan to get out of this low and slow growth? will it have the aspiration of three, 3.5% and end up somewhere well below that. >> if you look at those who have served in governmental roles, whether as a governor or
7:08 am
senator, they have all dealt with those types of plans. i would look to those that have experience in the areas and i've worked with government and those that have successful career tracks. i would say start they are and see what they come up with tonight. maria: that's a great point to make because many on the stage had the experience in the background -- backdrop to make a difference. you just really painted a picture of a pretty good economy and iowa in terms of the unemployment situation, in terms of growth there. what do you think is most important to iowa voters? what you hear from consumers and can issuance in the state that they are most worried about? >> there were two very big issues with the always come to the surface. the first is always national defense. iowa is a great export state. so not only do they look at the economy, but they are looking not to world stability in those
7:09 am
areas we are doing trade with. they would look at national defense. they want to know they are protected. second as jobs and economy of other internationally or domestically and how the economy will impact everyday lives. those are the top issues. i know those were important my race in 2014. those are still important as we move forward to 2016 and we need a candidate that has policy behind their work. i encourage iowa voters to take a very close look at what policies are presented and does not reflect the iowa way of life? is that what they are looking for in a candidate? maria: here we are in an economy that domestically we see some strength in improvement when you look at the jobs numbers. that is the international story that keeps capping the ability to grow export part of that story is reflected not. exports are down on a national level. what do you propose in terms of
7:10 am
fighting back on automation, technology has displaced workers. what do you propose in terms of growing in the face of this weakness we are seeing for multinationals question mark >> well, as we look at the international scale and what needs to be done in the united states as well as iowa specifically is take a look at what her future will bring. you mentioned technology and displacing workers. we still need workers than we need more workers in the technology field. we are working on back in iowa. we are expanding technology, directing young students into those types of areas. iowa is a great cross-section of america. we have a great agricultural base. we have great manufacturing base but move forward and take knowledge he and us were ready to go. maria: here is anastasia amoroso from jpmorgan. this is exactly what the issues
7:11 am
are. iowa is a great picture to show what is going on in terms of the multinational weakness in the global economy. >> yes, absolutely. i went to go back to something you mentioned earlier, that people who have the experience to fix this are governors or senators, but those are the same people defined by the voters of the establishment and the campaign has been all about the antiestablishment. how do you solve that? how can you bring experience and still appeal to the voters? >> i think you can bring experience, that you need to look for those who are fighting for what we desire to see us republicans as a party and that is job growth. who has a great track record? maybe in their state, maybe the senate with their ideas and policies and understanding we haven't had that majority in the past. who has been on the forefront of that and really try to move ideas forward? they may be considered establishment by some, but again
7:12 am
we need to look at them individually and take a look at policies and what have they really worked on? i want to push back. i think they've got all great candidates across the board. we want to see them be successful. we want the best nominee we can come up with and of course our nominees are going to be far better than what we see from the blast. maria: is a very different on that stage tonight, senator? >> it will be different. every candidate will make a choice on whether they want to show up or not. this is the last opportunity our candidates have to talk to the iowa people and convince them that their policy is right. that is a lost opportunity. but again, they will take a look at policies. they will turn out the caucuses on monday night and see what the iowa voters do. maria: senator come a busy couple days for you. we will see you soon. senator joni ernst.
7:13 am
the first debate kicks off at 7:00 p.m. the second main debate at 9:00 p.m. eastern. don't miss coverage of the iowa caucuses this monday beginning on our program at 6:00 a.m. eastern as we anticipate the happenings. a p.m. eastern, neil cavuto takes you through the caucuses live from iowa. i alibaba releasing numbers. jo: breaking news here. alibaba posted revenue of $5.33 billion committed in expectations of 5.03 billion. earnings-per-share at 99 cents. the estimate was for 87 cents, really healthy. you see mobile revenue for alibaba up 192% year over year. listen to this number. $101 billion. global merchandimerchandi se volume also up 23% year-over-year to $149 billion. alibaba now says it has
7:14 am
407 million people buying each year on its platforms. that is more than the entire population of the united states. the chinese economic concerns may not be affecting alibaba just yet. we will have to wait and see. maria: thank you so much. jo ling kent. we will be right back. stay with us.
7:15 am
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7:17 am
maria: welcome back. the armed occupation of a wildlife refuge in eastern oregon may be unraveling. cheryl casone with another stories. reporter: hours after ammon bundy, the leader of the group told his followers to give up and go home, police arrested three more protesters. one in seven others arrested tuesday factored into the that killed one man. they spoke posting impressive quarterly results of topping more than a billion dollars for the first time ever. social networking company beating estimates on the top and bottom line as this summer at the park from users.
7:18 am
shares rallied right now is to the yes network to more than $46 billion. that makes him the sixth richest person in the world. finally, a los angeles americans fight for us to return after several people, including some crew felt ill. roll tape. >> there was a lot of commotion and they immediately through the light on. and maybe five minutes later they announced that seven of the 13 flight attendants on board have either passed out or were too sick to fulfill duties. reporter: officials say they discharge six people and complained of feeling lightheaded. 188 people on board and we should take the air of the plane was immediately tested when they landed back. still today no answers to what happened. maria: amazing story. carolina pale or his quarterback
7:19 am
cam often criticized for his touchdown celebration doesn't plan to change anytime soon. we've got more in sports next. ♪ there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find
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cme group: how the world advances.
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maria: welcome back from the old school to new school comes a tale of two quarterbacks in super bowl 50. the favorability is in question. good morning, jerry. >> good morning, maria.
7:23 am
to that hate manning? do you like cam newton? banning has many more happy to wave his flag than that of the super bowl counterpart. the new york daily news. i know why you hate me. cam comes out swinging on racist super bowl buildup. this into what the quarterback said yesterday. >> i said that since day one. i'm an african-american quarterback that may scare a lot of people because they haven't seen nothing that can compare me to. >> suffer will be the sixth quarterback to start the game 20 years since doug williams became the first to win it in super bowl 22. look at what head coach ron rivera said yesterday. people should be scared of a quarterback with the skill set more than anything else. i don't think he wants to be known as an african-american order back. once be known as the quarterback and a great one at that. do some people dismiss cam newton because of the color of
7:24 am
their skin or because he is so darn good and unlike any other player we have seen. peyton manning could irritate me with all his history sometimes, but cam newton could rub me the wrong way with childish antics. he is who he is and he is hiding from it. trade to and he will not hide from it. why should he? >> he really shouldn't. dagen: people don't dislike him. it is not because you are black. it is because you are so good. he is 65, 250 pounds and he floats like a butterfly in things like an e. and i love your end of the celebration. keep them coming because if it was me and i was that talented, which i will never be, never have end, not even in the next day of bias. i would be hopping the turf when i celebrated atd.
7:25 am
>> does the opinion represent most of america that i don't know if it does because i'm looking at stories, scared white people are running out of reasons to hate cam newton. >> raises a huge story in america after ferguson. i come from illinois in chicago with unbelievable problems with murderers. it is representative of bad and very sensitive to and rightly so. we go back to when doug williams was the quarterback. >> these are all the same stories. >> that was the story. dagen: this is the fourth black quarterback to start a super bowl in the road. >> he doesn't want to be known as the hispanic coach. and north carolina a poll was taken last week. democrats say cam newton is her favorite player by 45 to 19 ratio. luke equally, who was white as their favorite player, dirty four to 27.
7:26 am
dagen: i question that. get down. mvp, baby. >> we've never seen someone like ted as demand fell quarterback you're >> i hate tom brady and it's not because he is white. it's because he's tom brady and he pays for the patriots. >> it does distract from the game, which the panthers have been unbelievable. the many points they have, i don't know if that's happened to games in a row. if denver's defense doesn't show up, it is going to get ugly fast. >> it will be a great headline. i am going to root for the broncos. sentimental favorite. cam is going to crush everybody. maria: thank you, guys. he lied lilly ceo is with us and a fox business exclusive to react to the fourth quarter earnings. he will tell us what drove the
7:27 am
growth there and the ever evolving state of the business. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ lost shipments, lost invoices, lost prospects, lost respect. well-crafted solutions for today's problems in commerce. pitney bowes,
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welcome back. it's thursday, january 28th. first, your top stories it's 7:30 a.m. in the east coast. the event hosted by fox news channelle is the final gop debate before the t*eu owa caucus on monday. be sure to join us on the fox news debate on the fox news channel.
7:31 am
went negative then backing in positive territory it looks like a flat to slightly better. this after the federal reserve meeting yesterday. the fed reached questions about the next time it will raise interest rates. the economy cloud down last year. in europe markets cloud across the board and lower. down 1%. this is off the worst levels of the morning. looking at a decline on -- that set the tone for asia markets. the shanghai market down. in japan the nikkei down 3/4% of a market. facebook son fire this morning. the social media giant handling the revenue expectations. driven by mobile advertising. the stock jumping in the premarket as you can see there. new case of the the zika vie u
7:32 am
russ in the united states. there are now six case including new york. allowing passengers to cancel or post phone trips to areas effected by this outbreak. let's look at markets because were watching crude oil this morning. trading off the 12-year lose rallying today another half percent. so we're back at $32 a barrel. what does that say you, phil? >> it says to me that we're seeing a lot of con tiplation on a lot of fronts. when prices went down or when they crashed earlier in the year, it did a lot of damage. because of that, we heard an announcement from the biggest shale producers in the country. we can't keep doing the this. we have to cut back spending. we had to cut back production. continental resources said we are not making money to innovate. we are squeezing as much blood out of a turnip as we can.
7:33 am
those those warnings from the u.s. producers, it's not just u.s. producers, it's oh opec across the board. >> so, thank you. my next guest said there's nothing to worry about. there's no recession coming to the country. good to see you. >> always a pleasure. >> you manage money and you invest in financials. i want to kick you off with that. because financials have their one -- but what the heck is going on with these major banks -p here. the way these stocks are traded, they reflect all the damage being done from a full recession.
7:34 am
not a oppression like we had in 2008. energy is a problem. no doubt about it. >> they made lot. >> the big banks have big energy loans as well but it's 2%-3% of the portfolios. manageable. well, jf morgan earns $5-$7 billion-dollars a quarter. it's not a giant problem for them. >> it hraoepbs more on the man -- it leans more on the manager's market. that seems to be off the table. talk about that. what's the outlook there? >> banks reflected that. they didn't because they weren't up last year. these stocks now traded lower multiples than they did two years ago and the book values
7:35 am
are higher, their earnings are higher. i think the funds are majorly responsible. they love u.s. banks. not naming which one. but they are major holders to u.s. banks. some of the selling that was going on was clearly like we don't care. when bank of america reported good earnings and went down that day. i was shocked. okay, somebody is just selling for the sake of selling. you have these technical people selling stock, period. the reversal can kpw as savage. >> that's when they put another billion in the reserves. i thought they had a good quarter. very conservative building their reserves an they still got whacked. >> for no good reason other than they existed. why is this happening? if you were the texas banks a
7:36 am
lot reported numbers better. there was short squeeze on them with a big buy-back yesterday. >> another big trend is the consolidation. a lot of small deals happening. you think a continues. it execellerates because cost cutting is one of these monster things that the industry still has to do. >> anything from $50 billion under in the non--50 states is really exciting. i think $20 billion is where it's at. the regulation continue to hurt bigger banks but it's the small that accumulate in assets and that's where i think growth is interesting. it's in the defracking industry. >> i think you will see a lot of consolidation. the services will get costs out. >> so some of this consolidation will be forced.
7:37 am
it's like louisiana and texas that have direct and oklahoma. there will be some that are saying get me out of here. it will be tough to tell. >> even the big guys with the emps you don't drill you lose it. they are quieting letting the lands go back. >> clear hi, the bank -- clearly, the bank haves a head wind and effecting that interest margins. the biggest for the banking sector will be close consumer recredit and it's been phenomenal 5%-6% wrapping up. are we seeing the top or is there more here? >> i think there's some runway here. let's not forget that all the bad gin good for the consumer. so. credit card numbers are reflected lack of spending.
7:38 am
they are able to allocate it elsewhere and in savings as well. their balance sheets are much healthyier. >> here is my question. r-p we seeing increasing lending and that sphupb going towards cap-x wednesdaying or is it going toward m and a? >> you think about the cap-x spending, it's not happening in energy. all the the budget will cut back. when you look at the broader numbers. you see that through if you remove of that. there's still good growth in a lot of parts of this economy. if reremove the cap-x it's al le kateed towards the drilling. were talking 6%-8% loan growth on the the smaller guy. >> is it lower growth because of m and a? >> the bottom market has taken a lot of that. it's long growth for doing nuts
7:39 am
and bolts. we are seeing a lot of relocations to the united states because of bad energy. what's your favorite stock now? >> i love new york community. they have deals an they were trading at forward earnings that are cheap and large dividend yields. >> thank you for joining us. >> up next, the ceo former giant eli lily. involved in everything from cancer treatment diabetes. we will talk about it. big news for amazon and the super bowl we will talk to you next. ♪
7:40 am
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welcome back. earnings alert. revenue under $$5.4 billions. earnings of th $3 billion in buy-backs and dividends. john, good to see you. welcome. >> morning. >> how would you characteriz
7:44 am
launches that began in 2014. >> tell me about the cancer treatment and specifically where the cancer is in t that came out of our in-clone acquisition back in # 2008. in succession, in 2014 we received approvalle of gastric cancel and approval for lung can cer.
7:45 am
three different kinds of cancers all all seem to respond in some way to this particular drug. >> important stuff. >> and buy -- we know diabetes that the leading kill near this down industry heart disease. they wonder when they will gate break in terms of pricing. what can you tell us about price of these drugs and your efforts to keep prices affordable? >> well, i think it's snag we think about and pay a lot of.
7:46 am
this has to be a part of this discussion.
7:47 am
>> this is a great point. we all know that alzheimer's is one of those diseases that we are still learning about. if you live until 85, one in two people will get alzheimer's an there's not a cure. i know you are collaborating on this diagnostics. i don't know how much that would go for if you were to the see up for alzheimer's. this is the kind of thing that people say, don't tell me about kaps on drugs because we want get str*eupbsment from the -- we want to get tin vestment from the private sector. >> drug pricing is a very important issue for the consumer. this is about financial results. my question to you on a financial result aspect, i know it's a big impact on earnings last year. the u.s. doll thrar 9% -- dollar is 9% year over year.
7:48 am
i. this is also deterring your revenue generation as you do quite a few other countries.
7:49 am
margin line. we have a little but there's no question back in 2015 this took a billion dollars or so out of our revenue the fact that thehe pump, i think it will will them economy. now, we are seeing there's also a down side in the the energy sector. i think the fundamentals are pretty good.
7:50 am
vy confidence in our economy, in the u.s. economy in particular. >> thank you for stopping by. we appreciate your time morning. >> ceo of ellilly. the zika virus confirmed in another part of the united states. >> this is coming in. the u.n. health janecy will hold an -- agency will hold a meeting next monday. at least five people have tested positive for the zika virus here in new york state. they their advising pregnant woman top not travel to brazil and other territories with outbreaks. >> ? a tornado wrecking havoc in southern florida it over torn -- overturned cars. it's a miracle one person was hurt. amazon rehe'sing a
7:51 am
teaseer -- amazon releasing a teaseer video for the super bowl next month. >> i thought you were the expert at these tpaeurs. >> alright. -- parties. >> whats a snack stadium? >> a stadium built entirely of snacks. brilliant. >> amazon coming out after the bell. back to you. >> i like that. we will be right back.
7:52 am
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7:54 am
welcome back. former ceo of chystler, home depot. >> it's very mixed. we heard from eli lil hi. auto industry sa bright spot,
7:55 am
pharmaceutical is a bright spot. i think we have some pressure out there. we are seeing a lot of po ten potential disruption. innovate or evaporate. we are seeing a lot of activists forced consolidation. they are bigger. >> amazing how successful. >> very successful. tkpwrao*erpb also the chairman of tyco also with the ceo of dupomt. joining with johnson control will also be an inversion. we are seeing a lot of that. >> one was invasion. >> then you have the activists work that is coming with it and you are seeing a hot of productivity this year through software. if you look at the systems
7:56 am
software to drive productivity -rg it's two times the gdp last year. people are buying in a way to drive productivity an earnings. they are still doing the stock buy-back. they are joining forces to get larger base of customer, broader portfolios, taking cost out of the back offices. i the they's what we will see this year. >> when you don't have growth you acquire growth. >> yes, you do. and very importantly, now that we actually are seeing somewhat higher wages they seem to execellerate it since the beginning of last year is how do you still deliver those profit margins. you more in wages but you replace some of that labor with technology. >> automation, yeah. >> so you look at agency and they are look looking with that
7:57 am
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and making it safer for you and your customers. good morning. welcome back, the top story is on this thursday at 8:00 a.m. on the east coast. the event hosted by our sister network fox news channel. donald trump said he still won't participate in night's event. he went on the oh riley factor last night to explain the decision. >> you need to change and get agray the personal -- they hurt my feelings and make it about them. the folks, not about you. and you elevate to a place where you could win this if you do that. am i crazy? >> you are not crazy but sit
8:01 am
about them it's about making america great again nap's why i'm doing this. it's because i know potential of this country and how great the country can be and our shraerd not doing the job -- our leader is not doing the job. >> be sure to tune in night on the fox news channel. let's look at markets here. futures focusing to modest gains. were expecting a higher opening for dow about 40 points high. nasdaq up and the federal have every yesterday raised question about the next time you are k raise interest rates. economy did slow down at the end of last year. take a look down between 2/3 of 1%. that is the low phoft morning down better than 1%. >> a tough night in china the shanghai composite down nearly 3%.
8:02 am
the nikkei down 3/4%. the social media giant beating earnings expectation. revenues sword better than 50soared this morning. facebook up right now. growing concern about the zika virus. the *ub united nations holding a meeting on monday to deem whether it should be held an emergency. there are six case including new york. >> getting the ready to face off night in the the fox news debate in iowa. lake is in des moines now with a preview of what to expect tonight. blake? kpwaopl to you. -- good morning to you. donald trump continues to maintain that he will not be here at the fox news debate late tphaoeurgt here in de -- later on tonight in des moines.
8:03 am
not only is it the final debate and the lead up but also the first debate near iowa as well with the issue eurbs for iowa voters will be front and center. there will be 11 other candidates here tonight. they have 7 candidates on that stage. they will be flanked by carson and bush and they return or the the 9:00 but this all kicks off at 7:00 with four candidates. i was speaking with an advisory yesterday of ted cruz and that advisor told tphae his campaign feels that cruz will be the one are receiving the cross fire now because if trump isn't there people shoot up in these debates and cruz is run canning second in the pole -- poll. they toldny donald trump will not gate pass.
8:04 am
>> >> at the end of the day, it's not real any donald is afraid of megan, it's not that he's afraid of mark or shawn or me. he's afraid of you. he doesn't want answer questions for the men and woman of iowa about how his record doesn't match what he's selling. >> a new wall street journal poll said he has 32% from iowa points. that poll shows another early state of new hampshire and south carolina that trump lead is big. back to to you. >> sthou much. joining us now is former senate majority leader. and former chairman and former mississippi government for. good to see you both. thank you for joining us. >> let me tkhaoep up with you. what's your take on what's going on now. is trump not showing up tonight,
8:05 am
is that going to be good for him. >> it's not good for him. the more important question is will -- -- >> so it won't be good for him. >> ted cruz himself said than if trump wins iowa and then goes on to win new hampshire which proves likely he will be unstoppable and on that i think senator cruz may be right. >> what do you think? >> well trump thinks it's good for him or he wouldn't be doing it. i don't think this is about his feelings being hurt. he has more to lose about being in the debate than not being in the debate. we will see. the polling is to be believed he has a solid lead in both of these states. i don't think anybody has got it in the the bag. i don't think the idea that somebody is inevitable if they
8:06 am
win both these debates but he gets a mighty powerful momentum. >> i think that's really good point. let me ask you about a he say about you. he was asked about you and said, hailey barber san old time politician up in my office looking for money many times. he's an old time politician that is losing his grip. reason e me and ted cruz are in the thread is because of that. what you think about this? >> she right that i'm old. the fact is george apologized for telling donald trump that i had said something about him that didn't say. i hadn't said anything about him. i only net the guy twice in my life and one time he took me to the heavy weight championship fight in atlantic city when i
8:07 am
was the chairman back in the the '90s. i stayed out of this just like i did in 20 08 and 2012 as the party chairman. ly su fort nominee of the party because i don't think the country can stand four more years of obama's policies. than is what we will get if we elect hillary clinton or bernie sanders. that's what he preached and practiced. >> that's right he apologized because he was starting the this thing between the two of you and you didn't say anything. it was henry, your former nefue. an trump lashes at you for no reason. fact that bernie sanders is in the lead in iowa and trump on
8:08 am
the lead in the republican side. what does this say about our country right now? >> this there's a lot of frustration, anger, that happens whenever the economy comes down and. they are got moving up in the new economy. we figured out a way to encourage invasion, we have the technological revolutions and we will be seeing in the future as important as it was the industrial revolution but we haven't figured out how to are replace the jobs that had been lost or the working man middle income jobs. we work and support a wife and two children and that frustration will continue far long time and it's the presidential campaign on both sides. but i think you are going to see a close contested the election in the general election. the country is pretty much
8:09 am
divided. parties will generally unite and support whoever the nominee is. in an interesting way, trump is the nominee will them democrats unite and secretary clinton is saying it will help the republicans unite. although his industry not much of a guide in this election you can have highly contested nominee processes an still find it come together. >> are you surprised marie saerpbds is beating in iowa? i he's beating her in the the polls and as you see from the poll results it's among young people. question still is whether they will turn out to vote. once you get past new hampshire, he isn't in favorable territory as she in these first two say its. >> what about you. you have been the chairman, what you think in terms of how this plays out next several months.
8:10 am
how important is iowa followed by new hampshire? what are the other states of who was back people are voting for. >> well, when you go down to the south you will see the different results but i'm not sure that you will. i think george mitchell made some important points. the country is evenly divideed. there's so much division an it's because people in our country are just satisfied and it's not the right or the left, it's both. you see it in both parties. nearly two-thirds of americans think that the the country is going in the wrong direction an thought that for two or three years. this is not phenomenon because something bad happened last week or last month or last quarter. people have been dissatisfied about the economy, national security an so many things that it's man tp*egs now that people
8:11 am
say -- it's manifesting now that they are mad at everybody in washington. hence bernie saners, donald trump, ted cruz. >> what do you think has the best plans to fix these things. you are talking about automation, technology displaceing people, wages haven't moved. there are a lot of issues that are upsetting people. >> and rare shreu that talked about in the news coverage. most of all it's about personality. we need more of the debate and that's the problem and the candidates that talk the most about that and the from our side and they get the least coverage. donald trump gets ten times more coverage than everybody else combined without talking about anything in any detail.
8:12 am
i'm not criticizing that's the fact. >> in our depate that we have done here in the fox business network we stuck to issues an got a chance to talk about tax reform. did you hear anything that will resinate with people. >> it's very difficult in the current campaign mode particularly these debates. they have of anybody when you have a dozen people up on the stage and have 30-60 seconds to answer a question it's conducive to superficial statements. if you tkpwoup and make a reasonable thought you will never get nit the television or in the newspapers. i just add one point. the feeling of dissatisfaction goes back a lot longer happen two or three years. >> you will recall until 2007, '08, '09. we were losing 400,000 jobs a
8:13 am
month at the bottom of the recession. and there was enormous dissatisfaction then. it's come back in the president's term with 15 million new jobs they recreated. we have the strongest so far. we have serious issues that we will not have been able to overcome. one of the disadvantages of these polarizing campaigns sites hard to get people working together after the when we need to pull together to solve some of these long range issues that are not to one party or to the another but really to under under highing the economics and culturalle forces that are tpebging not just the people of this this country and the people all around the world. >> as you said, people are frustrated that we are not farther along. the financial crisis in 2008 is
8:14 am
where the this started. they looking saying my wages haven't moved. my situation hasn't changed much. >> well, the recovery has been the weakest since world war ii which is half as much growth per year as after the last deep recession in the the '80s. medium house hold income is less than it was 8 years ago. a lot of people will say they -- people are down and we need everybody to work together. george mitchell is right about that as he's right about many things. >> good to see you. appreciate it very much. we will be right back.
8:15 am
can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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8:17 am
welcome back. forcing the an american airlines flight to make an emergency landing.
8:18 am
>> still no answers on this. a los angeles-bound flight forced to return to london after several people including a flight attendant fell ill. >> there was lot of commotion and they through the lights on and then in five minutes later they announced that 7 of the 13 flight attendants on board passed out or were too stoic fulfill their the duties. >> one flight attendant passed out. they examined and discharged six people of complained feeling light headed. that plane had 188 people on board. >> calgary defenseman had an intenseal hit it happened after he took a hit against the board for one of the national predators. he does face possible suspension over video. you may want to check your
8:19 am
credit card statement. it is calling unusual activity rehated to customers -- unrelated to customers cards. this is one that flagged wendy's that they had an issue. there's one for the banks for you. >> earnings blowout from facebook has the stock and the social networking giant serving this morning. more than 13% in the premarket. how a rally can push the company. back in a minute with more facebook. . . in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships,
8:20 am
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i've got two reasons to take that's why i take meta. meta is clinically proven to help lower cholesterol. try meta today. and for a tasty heart healthy snack, try a meta health bar.
8:22 am
two tech heavy weight surging in the premarket.
8:23 am
dave posted revenue of 5.3. $0.99 versus $0.87. more than the population of the united states. all the merchandise volume also up 23%. 149 billion. up about 4% right now. another big story this morning is facebook. earnings beat on revenue. $3.73 a share. i taught this was really
8:24 am
interesting. 100 million homes. we can see the spending rate continues to go up for facebook. it is mobile ad revenues. it is not just about mobile. advertisers say i want to be reaching clients. that is where the targeted clients are. >> you can reach a very large audience. you can actually get something out of it. she basically said you can deal with politics and small businesses and brands. no one is able to do that right now. this is really good news for the market. you can have a company that really delivers. it looks good.
8:25 am
you have a large concentration. it raises about a 10% loss. only about 20% so far. it is really monetized. also, the virtual reality headset is coming out. >> this is election-year. it will shoot up. >> it is going very well, politically. it is local politicians that are really using it to their advantage. >> the other encouraging story so far this morning. the transition from the investment riven economy.
8:26 am
the consumers holding up in china. especially when people are spending very small amounts. some people spend more. they continue to get people on board first. >> the infrastructure to the consumer. this is starting to work pretty well. i am always concerned. >> yes, you are right. a number of people were. >> presidential candidate mike huckabee will join me next. before we take a break, take a look at this. delorean going back to the future. making cars after a 34 year break. they will build 300 replica models. like that car and back to the
8:27 am
future. they start rolling off the assembly line next year. back in a minute. ♪ announcer: a horrific terror attack in paris. then, a brutal act of terror here at home. it's time for a tested and proven leader who won't try to contain isis. jeb bush has a plan... to destroy them. and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush.
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8:30 am
>> breaking news. the numbers just a moment ago. still looking at a decline. however, not as bad as the expectations called for. how do you see this number? >> the number continues to be a disappointing number. all of this is a function of three fourths. low oil, high dollar.
8:31 am
maria: it is down 5.1%. much worse than expected. 5.1%. >> that is an incredibly bad number. >> it certainly is. is that the number that is a huge disappointment. i get we have energy deploying for it. it would be a huge mess. >> it will be her rent this. we are ready from the atlanta gdp now number. i think we may take that down a notch or two for what gdp will be. things are bad, things are slowing down. this is all part of that. we know that these are things that factor into how you look at how much you should be invested
8:32 am
or not. slow earnings, slowed gdp. maria: i do not think we have seen an increase. i think we are continuing on this trend. >> we absolutely are. for example, whether you look at the employment. all of them have been declining. this mess is a huge mess. >> it is interesting. on the one side, manufacturing, it looks like unemployment is working well. instead of the monthly payroll numbers. i would like to look at that one. it is holding up really well.
8:33 am
it is hard to see a genetic drop off. or a recession in 2015 with those types of numbers. >> this is exactly why the fed had to do what they did yesterday. clearly, risks are building for the manufacturing. will they spill over into the service sector. there will be a few key things. even before we get into the job numbers. the second thing is consumer credit. once you seek consumer credit, that could be a pretty strong indicator. we are not seeing that yet. >> the jobs are holding up. >> for now. maria: do you believe this? you look at things like durable
8:34 am
goods. much worse than expected. you look at what is happening in the commodities complex. that is showing you a completely different economy. >> for now, it is all about the service jobs. as the stock market is down six or 7%, investors have not really seen stellar returns. investors look at their household worth. housing prices are still going up. that could potentially send it and further slow down the momentum that we have are ready seemed slow down. they only experience the great recession. the world will fall apart.
8:35 am
let's see if that psychology continues to play through. maria: the fox news republican presidential debate. candidates are hoping to make a lasting impression on voters. joining us right now is mike huckabee. good to see you. thank you so much for joining us. >> tank you. it is good to be here. >> we are just getting the numbers. it is called there as well. an economy that continues to shows signs of deteriorating. >> absolutely. i hear him trying to talk about how great the economy is doing. he would talk to single moms like the one i spoke to the other night in indianola.
8:36 am
talking about how difficult it is for her. she loses all of the benefits. davenport iowa. he told me on 59. that is all on their insurance. obamacare will cost them $28,000. these are the people that have lost their jobs. >> i think what is interesting on the republican side, i have not seen this in a very long time. it is a national sales tax. walk us through why that is important for i was. >> it is important for all of america. we tax capital and labor.
8:37 am
everything we make has 22% and that it tax in it. mexico and china. indonesia. as a result of that, we are getting hammered did 5 million since the year 2000. trillions of dollars of money is parked offshore. people are protecting it from the income tax. we have work and investment coming back. we're losing both. the fair tax is a superior alternative. maria: why do you think you will be able to get tax reform through when we have been talking about this for so many years? >> you have to have leadership to do with. it will never get done without a president that can explain it and articulated.
8:38 am
that is one of the reasons that i am in this race. i do not think most of the tax plans? the power of the tax code is to shake down the donors. they get tax breaks. look. the people that are taking the got punches are the folks out here middle america that do not make millions of dollars a year. they are hoping to hold onto and income, if that. they are the ones who tax reform makes a world of difference. put them back in the game of being in the middle class. maria: how do you prepare for tonight? what are you doing to sort of breakout? i have to answer the questions honestly.
8:39 am
quite frankly, i am not just saying that. i say that sincerely. they really genuinely worth. they need questions that focus on the people of america and what we would do as president to help them get back on track so we can hand this country to our kids and grandkids. do you think it will be a stark difference? i want to be on stage with them. way too many people are talking about donald trump. they are not talking about these americans out there who lost their jobs at the newton, iowa maytag plant when it shut down.
8:40 am
it is not about donald trump. it is not about me. it is not about any of the other candidates. it is about how americans are getting hammered out there every single day. you see their frustration and their anger. they will not miss a vacation. they will jet away to the caribbean when it is called. they will summer in the hamptons and go to maine. going 50 miles from home. that is why. >> i would love to run a little bit of your ad. do you have that? here it comes. ♪
8:41 am
♪ maria: what were you thinking with this? >> it was my inner adele. sometimes we have to pack up and have some fun with this stuff. we wanted to show that as we travel out there around iowa, on the frozen tundra, there are people in all of these cities. we do it in a fun way. some people said that is the funniest date we have seen this cycle and others say that is the dumbest. the good news is, everyone is talking about it.
8:42 am
>> we like her beautiful voice. governor, good to see you. thank you very much. >> we have more coverage of what is much worse than expected durable goods report. ♪ >> welcome back. a special presentation for fox business. serving a williams is already the oldest woman to win a major. the world's number one is all about the history books. williams blasted. off the court in their semi final. giving serena a shot at winning her second major title. eight aces and 42 winners.
8:43 am
playing for the title after the germans took care of business. beating williams just once. that victory coming back in 2012. do not forget the live coverage. thursday at 10:00 p.m. eastern.
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opportunities aren't always obvious. sometimes they just drop in. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. >> found massive weekend
8:47 am
snowstorm hitting drivers where it hurts. >> washington, d.c. handing out tickets. city has mentioned more than 5200 snow emergency tickets. $250. oregon state university. crews recovered a large phone on monday. more phones from several extinct mammals. santa claus under arrest. driving under the influence. they saw him driving on the wrong side of the street. this is amazing. barbie is getting a whole new body. actually getting three new bodies. petite, tall and my favorite is going to be curvy. great message going out to kids.
8:48 am
>> trying to be more realistic. >> i like that. there is facebook. an incredible cloud formation. take a look at this photo. some saying it looks like war the hand of god holding a fireball thin clouds. ♪
8:49 am
8:50 am
8:51 am
nicole: good morning, i am
8:52 am
nicole petallides. the dow jones industrial average. s&p futures up about eight. united micro, paradigm, texas instrument. ali baba and facebook. sales and expectations that wowed wall street. shifting to consumption and services going forward. that stock is likely to be a big winner. facebook shares soaring in the market. moving to the sixth richest man in the world. more mornings with maria coming up. ♪ a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit?
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8:55 am
>> welcome back. i am with anastacia from
8:56 am
jpmorgan. let's talk about the durable goods report. missing expectations by a wide margin. 5.1%. a very volatile defense component. a non-aircraft. orders were down about 30%. even when i take transportation out of the equation, you are still looking at durable goods being down. we also solve downward revisions to the november numbers. the state of the manufacturing sector and globally is in recession. businesses are holding back.
8:57 am
>> it is durable goods. the fact that consumer spending is not holding up. also, it underscores, as far as growth goes, we need to do something fundamentally. it is not quantitative easing anymore. and economic rough form. in the united states, it is really tax reform. i just want to point out. what does that mean? that would generate huge economic growth in the united states. do not believe me. it is really important. i believe that it will happen. >> they are not spending money on plants and equipment. up until now, it has been all
8:58 am
about the fed. we need some fiscal policy. tax wise on investing tax and equipment. >> you cannot do that with a plants. it is ridiculous. that is what i think. holding back to the united states. questions about off shoring. you cut their tax rate. they will bring this money back. i am excited about that. we need to get going on it. >> you analyze cruises plan. i want to hear your thoughts next time on carson's plan. we are already in recession. does this mean, does this make you feel like we could go into a
8:59 am
recession in 2016? >> i do not think so. you know, china is fighting a wild battle when it comes to the stock market. of course, the economy can't solve them all at once. we need a new fiscal policy that would be a stimulus. china was a huge global stimulus before. it is not anymore. >> it does have a lot to do with china. this is just happening in the last half an hour. federal reserve will never be able to raise rates in march. >> i think that that is exactly right. how long can it go on? >> good to see you. always a pleasure.
9:00 am
great to see you. that will do it for us. >> was that the best trump interview you have ever seen? bill o'reilly and the donald went at it. it is fascinating and entertaining. they'll try to persuade trump to be a part of tonight's d-day. we will show you the give and take her out the show today. trump's lead in iowa and new hampshire is widening. berlin alone has 700 hard-core extremists. including 50 isis fighters and one city. the new dominant power in technology. talking about


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