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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  January 28, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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great to see you. that will do it for us. >> was that the best trump interview you have ever seen? bill o'reilly and the donald went at it. it is fascinating and entertaining. they'll try to persuade trump to be a part of tonight's d-day. we will show you the give and take her out the show today. trump's lead in iowa and new hampshire is widening. berlin alone has 700 hard-core extremists. including 50 isis fighters and one city. the new dominant power in technology. talking about that.
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watch it go straight up today. watch this. a stunning cloud formation. i think it is over portugal. they are calling this the hand of god did "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ on to donald trump with bill o'reilly on the "x factor" last night. telling donald why he is wrong to not be there. roll tape. >> let's look at it at a broader point of view. you are running for president. i believe you want to improve the country. i believe that personally. you want to improve the country. by walking away from it, you lose an opportunity to persuade
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people that you are a strong leader. stuart: he really performed. he was on this. world the tape. >> i think you are wrong. this treated as we were with the iran deal. you would have made a much better deal. i was not treated well by fox. >> we will have takes an in out throughout the show. i say that trump is making a tactical error by not being at the debate. >> let's look at these polls. i think that this tells a story. trump at dirty 2%. that, by the way is of papers that. down 3%. rubio, 18%.
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take a look at new hampshire higher. marco rubio 11. unbelievable. he has not changed positions. stuart: folder those polls take their course before tonight. he is on a roll. let's move on to your money. waited till until you see this happen this morning. the share price of facebook will go straight up. they have made more than a billion dollars profit in a three month period what else do they have going? >> i was writing these down. 1.59 billion active monthly users. one and a half billion. $1.62 billion in profit just in the last quarter.
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to a point, 100 million hours of video were watched. 100 million hours of video. profit for 2015 of 40%. it is amazing. we always wondered back in the day how would you would monetize this thing. ads. >> i want to bring in christina warren. here is my obvious question. is facebook the new dominant power in technology? >> they are certainly the dominant power in mobile. >> as the headline company and technologies, i think that they are taking over from apple. >> they are taking some away from apple and google. they are pulling in the amount of revenue that they're pulling
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in. and then they have revenue streams. they have a lot of opportunities to grow. >> they do not make any money. they are not monetized. >> they are talking about 100 million hours of video. they have already got an 80% of the revenue coming from mobile ads. >> you say turn it on. turn on the money stick it. >> i think it will take a little more than that. it will not be as difficult. they are already so good at targeting users. companies are paying so much money. i know they will pay a premium. >> are you a big fan? >> ima big fan. they own instagram. they own what sap. staff chat is a fun company.
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when it comes to the amount of users you just got, facebook is the dominant social player. the dominant player on the web right now. >> i am glad you are with us. it is going straight up. that is extraordinary. thank you very much indeed. the price of oil. up and down all day. a four and a half% gain. $33 a barrel. what does it mean when oil goes up? stocks are likely to go off as well. look at that. up 100 odd points. caterpillar reported strong profits. that is a dow stock. of 6%. all right. moving on. let's go to europe. islamic radicals who fought for
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isis. they are now living in berlin. fox reporting. 700 hard-core islamic extremists in that one german city. look who is here. former secretary of defense donald rumsfeld. i do want to talk to you about your new app. our viewers will find that extraordinary. i have to ask you about berlin and europe. it is finished. i we being too strong on that? >> probably. i think that it is changing. there is no question about that. coming because they want to be there and they want to be part of that culture. when you have a large influx of people who do not want to come up all want to bring with them their own culture, that is quite a different thing.
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>> i believe that is the latter that is happening. they will bring their own culture and stick with it. what are the consequences of that? >> i think that it is unfortunate. these people do not want to come there. they are fleeing from danger. what is the endgame? >> it seems to me that what they have to do is step forward and find safe havens for people who are trying to flee their home country. otherwise, they will have an influx of people who do not really want to be there. they would rather be in europe stand where they live because they want to stay alive.
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that is what they know are there. i have been listening here. [laughter] stuart: you sent us a trailer about this app. let's show our viewers. >> pay to sharp. now, the most diabolical has been brought to life. it will keep you coming back. compete against thousands worldwide. you deserve victory. >> we think that this is
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terrific. stuart: we want to know. did you write the code for this? >> i did not even know what an apt was. winston churchill taught that to a belgian diplomat. during world war ii, when the bell jones were in exile, when the nazis took over their country and the felted diplomats were there at nato in 1973 when i became a un ambassador nato, as far as i know, very few people are even aware that it exists. i found it a fascinating game. why don't we turn it into an app. i said terrific. let's do it. here i am a technology wizard. stuart: i believe it is the second most downloaded apps
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available. the second best going. you are making a fortune. >> i am not making a nickel. the church of people we are cooperating with, anything they make will go into a foundation. any profits that i make will end up supporting military charities here in the united states. >> you are a good man. we thank you very much for being on the show this morning. >> downloaded. i am sure you can win. >> i will move onto a few big-name stocks. starting with ali baba. strong profits. some call that company a tool of the beijing government. like it or love it. we will talk about it at the opening bell. ebay. watch out below. down more than 10% in a few
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minutes time. big drop in revenue. we will do with this coming up to. zika outbreak. trying to kick out 80,000 refugees. talking to a european that is fed up after this. ♪ you can fly across welcome town in minutes16, or across the globe in under an hour. whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites provide earth with unlimited clean power. in less than a century, boeing took the world from seaplanes to space planes, across the universe and beyond.
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and if you thought that was amazing, you just wait. ♪
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the dow is going to be up about 100 points. oil is up. still $33 a barrel. higher profits because it is cost-cutting. up it goes. zika virus is spreading explosively. being used by the world health organization.
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they call for an emergency meeting next week. it spread by mosquitoes. especially in latin america. brazil has reported 4000 cases. babies are born with smaller heads. shrunken brains. the question is, why is this exploding? el niño has helped the spread of mosquitoes that potentially have this virus. only one in five people actually showed any symptoms. that is a danger for pregnant women that may not exhibit any of the symptoms. >> that is a health scare. we are going to follow. we are following two stories. local law enforcement. hundreds of islamic.
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700 of them living in germany. that includes 50 isis fighters living in berlin. officials now planning to deport 80,000 recently. joining us now from the uk is katie hopkins. welcome back. >> thank you. my yesterday. that was seen as very offensive to migrants. it is and even asian. another member with migrants. you used to try to work together. now separatingt in.
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europe is breaking apart. >> what is this about the bracelets? migrants supposed to wear imprinted. >> tell me the story, please. >> you would not believe it. here in the uk, because we have to be differential to people, to which i have none, they were having to wear these wristbands. not chanel watches. they had to wear those in order.
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>> anytime you want to come on this program, you can come on this program. >> you say that every time we talk. >> it is true every time. we thank you for addressing it. all right.
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how about this one. a plane forced to make an emergency landing. passengers and flight crew came down with a mystery illness. it is debate night. starting tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern. last debate before the iowa caucuses. listen to this. >> what do you want to see from the candidates? >> i like to see them talk about our expense. also what they will do with the economy. i would like to hear some specifics. iall across the state belthe economy is growing,day. with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow.
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like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at
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>> looking better and better for the opening bell. look at oil. up over $2 a barrel. they are both going up as of right now. a plane heading to los angeles had to return to london went seven crew members and several passengers all became ill. do we have any idea what happened? >> truly a mystery. all of a sudden, one of the crew members fainted. other crew members thought that they felt dizziness.
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they called for a doctor. the pilot said, we have to turn back. stuart: did you see the cover of the interior of that plane? not funny. facebook. that is the stock of the day. it will go straight up. 15%. that is the new technology power. anyone going to challenge me on that one? the opening bell is a few minutes away. ♪
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>> did you write the code for this? what do you have to do with it? >> i didn't even know what an app was until recently. no, indeed. but winston churchill taught that to a belgian diplomate. he taught that. but during world war ii when belgians were in exile. stuart: he's talking about an app he's produced and created called churchill's solitaire. he makes no money out of it. it there's any to be made, that's donald rumsfeld at the top of the hour. you have to tune in each
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weekday. and the opening bell in 17 seconds. we're going up. why is that? because of the price of oil is rebounding sharply up over $2 a barrel and futures are showing a gain of 100 points for the dow jones industrial average. it's 9:30, we're off and running and the horse race begins. we're on the upside, close to 16,000, here we go. the real story, the key story to focus on this morning, and that's individual stocks and that's facebook. that thing is off to the races. will you look at that? that's a 13% gain. that's the new power in technology. any takers on that one. jo ling kent and jeff. do i tear look at that? >> it's not new, but it's certainly a power in tech and certainly what you see in
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facebook is 1.59 billion monthly active users and growing, so the user base is growing, revenue, profits, all beat estimates. what you also see is more investment and more spending by mark zuckerberg, in all of these other products, like artificial intelligence, instagram, bringing internet via laser beams to people around the world. this is where they're spending and this is why analysts and investors like facebook because it's performing. >> now, jeff is here and he's well-known to us as a major leagues bear. he hates everything. are you bearish on facebook? >> no, i'm going to shock you right now. i actually was blown away by facebook's earnings. i think anytime there's over a billion people using something with multiple silos of moneyization possible this company can make money even in theage chaing environment we're in. i want to see 20% user growth. we saw a little above 20%. i was blown away.
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stuart: monetize that. >> compared to youtube, 100 million people-- 100 million hours of video are watched on facebook daily, stuart and they're going to make a new home for video there. stuart: scott shellady, the man in chicago, wears the cow jacket, he was on the front page of the financial times. have you any input for facebook? >> i would agree with jeff. although i'm a debby downer, i think you're going to get it for a better price, i think they're the real deal, they have multiple silos, but get it for a better price some time soon. thanks for weighing in on that one there. big tech names, the ones we watch every day, they're doing well this morning. netflix reported high profits last week, people are signing up, it's up again today.
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92 on netflix, amazon, there's a bounce back. reporting profits after the bell today. it's up another 4 1/2% as of right now, that's 26 bucks higher. the profits don't come out until 4:00 this afternoon. google, profits reported next week, it's already up $20. all right, joe, are all of these moving in lock step because facebook has gone up? >> it doesn't seem that that is the case. because you have a lot of tech companies not performing well. what you see is tech companies used by a lot of people, especially in the american market do well. google and facebook are similar, they have their hands in lots of different successful ventures. google has youtube and platforms that people use every day. products that people integrate into their daily life. you see that with facebook and messenger and instagram. stuart: it's not facebook dragging this higher? >> they're causing this in google-- >> they're separate from the facebook? jeff sica, we've just gone through the list of all the other big name techs. you like facebook, do you hate
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the rest? >> no, the market is not for stocks, i keep telling people, the market is not for stocks. the problem is people will pile into the companies that have good earnings and i'm very confident that that google and it's going follow through and i like netflix numbers. you get four stocks that get the attention and that are deriving the best earnings from what they have, you run the risk of this is a missed-- these are mispriced assets and even though they look good and they're growing. the buying opportunity is certainly absolutely not now. at some point, maybe, but not now. >> nothing except facebook? >> facebook, i think, i was just so blown away by it, it's going to have a pot. now, keep in mind, if too many-- if the valuation is priced to perfection, if this stock is priced to perfection, it could quickly, investors have to change course rapidly. okay, now, we left out apple.
9:35 am
that's one thing we didn't deal with. it dropped 6% yesterday, this morning, it's at 93. still below, well below 100, jo, what do you think about that? >> there's growth in terms of apple phones. the current quarter, tim cook saying they probably won't sell more year after year and that's a big drop in the significant for apple, it speaks to innovation and they're concerned how much the products cost. if you think about the coming march, there may be an event with a cheaper iphone 6. ashley: the average price for an iphone, 691, throw times more than an android. carriers are not giving the discounts with contracts now. i asked about the discounts and he said, look, i don't see us deviating our approach. they don't want to lower the price because they don't want to take away the unique--
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>> will they though. jo: when you see that, and mac books and ipads continues to drop, what comes next. stuart: ladies and gentlemen, we've given you five minutes on stocks. i think it's time to move on to oil, that's a driver in this marketplace, like it or not. 33.93 is the price of oil right now. in the back drop we've got russia, they want to talk to opec about output cuts to boost prices. scott shellady, this is your turf. do you make anything of this? there's the report, it's having an effect on the market. do you think that they will get together and cut output? >> i tell you what, i'm not quite sure what they're going to talk about, but i can tell you the last four days i've seen a lot of smart money pile into that market getting long on the dips. i think that, you know what? what's 28, what's 25? we're at bad levels already and the market has been oversold. i think it's time for oil to take a breather here and i think you could see it up to 38, 39.
9:37 am
stuart: whoa. >> yeah, i don't think that oil is going to be-- go ahead. stuart: scott, you have just changed your tune. up until now, you've been saying we're down, we're down, we're down, it's going lower, now you're saying maybe we've hit the bottom and maybe a bounceback. this is a big deal. >> it is a big deal because, well, yeah, look, are' going to make 35 if you short it today and goes to zero. that doesn't make sense to me. at the end call 22, 25, it doesn't matter, it's bad, but we're going to see oil get a little breather here, the market was oversold and in the short-term i could see a rally. stuart: we've got oil up and i want to concentrate on big name stocks, under amour, higher profit and higher sales. look at that, a 16% gain. ashley: it gets that high in two-years. stuart: two-year high. sica, do you hate it? >> no, at this point a lot of
9:38 am
the under amour products, that is a stock that's priced to perfection. i don't can't fathom why people are buying at these levels, honestly. the earnings were okay, but there's not much growth there whatsoever. stuart: how about profits at harley davidson, better than expected. not great, but better than expected. but the stock-- look, all you've got to do is better than expected. go up 9% at harley davidson. now, ebay, now there's a story. falling out of bed, ebay, down 10%. they come up with a disappointing forecast, that's why they're down so much. more money is coming into paypal. more customers are signing up and that stock is up-- a huge move today. 8% up on paypal. 10% down on ebay, what a story. jetblue, they say their fourth quarter profit more than doubled from a year earlier. why would that be? >> cheap oil, baby. but look at that, not much-- they doubled their profits and
9:39 am
the stock moves what? 1/2 a percent. i can't work that one out. i thought, you jeff sica, i am confused. >> and then we have caterpillar, strong profit outlook that is. nicole, i think the stock is bouncing a little bit and here is the stock. >> no doubt, it's a dow stock and it's adding to the dow, it's up 4% now and had been up 5 1/2%. we're seeing profit taking. what's interesting about this, obviously, worldwide company is they gave the stock an outlook and see a stronger profit outlook and so many things are stacked against them. the ceo is talking about soft markets and a difficult year ahead. they had to cut the sales guidance and noting weak demand for their equipment, growth in china has stalled and the growth is affecting them. there's a whole list, and, yes, they're talking about strong profit outlook and that's why they're seeing the stock higher. >> nicole, thanks very much.
9:40 am
>> how about alibaba. we call it the chinese amazon. higher profit. higher sales, i got it. but you know what, jo, a lot of people say that alibaba, jack ma, they're just agents, tools of the beijing government. what do you say about that? >> there's a lot to say about the company and who they report to, but if you look at the earnings report, 5.3 billion in revenue, not a bad number, beating across the board. the numbers i thought you would look, 4.7 billion annual users, that's bigger than the entire united states of america, you have a lot of people not on-line yet and that's where the story of growth is. then you take the chinese macro situation, where the economy is in china right now and you see there's jitters, the markets haven't been doing well, but alibaba able to keep going at least for now and on the calls, the executive vice-chairman says we can weather this because we are part of this consumer push economy. so we'll see what happens.
9:41 am
stuart: jeff, you're going to say the same? >> no, they keep talking about the consumer economy in china that was supposed to drive revenue for these companies. the consumer economy in china they were referring to is contracting, it is not expanding. i don't know what alibaba management is trying to get across here, but i would not trust their growth projections in the least. stuart: in the control room i'm going to ask you that you get the buzzer ready. we're going to talk about the federal reserve very briefly, very briefly. a march rate hike, is it on the table? scott shellady. >> absolutely not. and i think the december 16th one should be taken off the table as well. look, we don't have anything fundamentally changed between let's say last september and today. the economy's only gotten worse, it's not gotten better and they did their first rate hike and i think that was ill-advised. i say the next move is down, not up. stuart: okay. now, that's interesting.
9:42 am
see, we just talked about the federal reserve without a single use of the buzzer. jo: there's still time. [buzzer] >> check the big board, where are we? we're up 100-odd points and now 80's-- scott, what do you say? and looking at the dow jones industrial average and four in the red. that means 26 are higher. four are on the down side. now this, a terror plot foiled in milwaukee, a muslim man charged with planning a mass shooting at a milwaukee temple. david clark helped foil this and he's going to be on the show this morning, 10:15. next, the man who won the iowa caucus four years ago. does rick santorum think that donald trump is making a
9:43 am
tactical mistake by skipping tonight's debate? more on varney after this. every year, the amount of data your enterprise uses goes up. smart devices are up. cloud is up. analytics is up. seems like everything is up except your budget. introducing comcast business enterprise solutions. with a different kind of network that delivers the bandwidth you need without the high cost. because you can't build the business of tomorrow on the network of yesterday.
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>> check two markets at the same time because they are linkedment the dow average is up 120 points. the cost of a barrel of oil is up 1.60. they move in lockstep as we say every day. look at the dow 30. 26 of them up. 26 up or down. facebook clearly the stock of the day. will you look at that? a 13% gain for a huge company like facebook has bounced up to 106. we're following the zika story closely. new developments there, ashley. ashley: the u.n. health agency saying they are expecting 3 to 4 million cases of the zika infection in the americas just over the next year, this is
9:47 am
explosively spreading and to quote the world health organization, which by the way has called for an emergency meeting next week to decide if it is an international emergency. there is no cure, stuart and no vaccine for the zika virus. it was detected in the 50's in nigeria, it's been around a long time and health authorities are scrambling, especially who, the world health organization, criticized for moving too slow during the ebola outbreak. stuart: the real danger is to pregnant women. ashley: it can cause birth defects and small brain syndrome. stuart: look who is here, presidential candidate rick santorum. i want to start with trump. you won iowa four years ago, you think that trump is making a tactical mistake by not being at the debate tonight? >> i can tell you my experience
9:48 am
in iowa and they want to talk to you and hear your vision and get a sense who you're about. i look forward to the opportunity. i've done 45 or 50 town hall meetings this week to give you how much of an idea i want to see and hear from you. stuart: look, you won four years ago, i know it was a belated result and a delay in announcing you, but this year, four years on, you're not. you're trailing. do you have any explanation for that? >> yeah, well, you know, i would just say let's wait until caucus night. if you were interviewing me this time four years ago, i was still, i think, in third place. even though i was starting to pick up. and there was only, five or six people in the field. it's not like it was 11 people as we're seeing, or 12 this time around. so, i would just say, you know, wait until caucus night and i think you're going to see some surprises. i just was talking to people on the way in, some very important
9:49 am
folks here in iowa are starting to realize that, you know, the person who has got the best record, someone who they can trust, someone who can deliver in washington d.c. for conservatives, that's what we pitched four years ago and i think now they're starting to see, but maybe, maybe, you know, shiny flashy new isn't so good as something we can trust and someone we know will deliver for us. stuart: have you got the money to stay in this thing long-term? >> the answer is, i remind you, stuart, when we came in second place, we weren't declared the winner four years ago, i raised more money the day after the iowa caucuses than i did in the year prior to the iowa caucuses, so the answer is, you know, if we do what i expect we're going to do on monday, which is bolt out of this pack and a strong finish in iowa, an alternative to cruz and trump, i think we'll have the money we need. i think they're looking for a conservative, someone they can
9:50 am
trust, doesn't have a lot of baggage, consistent, proven they can bring people together in washington and get conservative ideals passed, iowa can give that break and change the entire tenor of this race. stuart: i don't know how you can appear on national television and looking bright-eyed and bushy tailed and i don't know how you did it. >> i've had a town hall meeting this morning this isn't my first event of the day. stuart: i don't know how you do it. >> and last one at 10:30 last night. stuart: you must love it, clearly you do and we wish you the best of luck come monday. rick santorum, everyone. >> thank you very much, stuart. stuart: the evidence against hillary clinton is mounting. fox news reports the fbi says it can't believe what they're finding in her e-mails. napolitano is coming up on that. thanks.
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>> congressman louie gohmert says that hillary clinton is backing barack obama's to avoid indictment. >> they had enough to indict h her, but the minute she would tell the truth about benghazi it will be all over except the slow walking and talking. stuart: and katherine heritage is quo, incredulous by what's being discovered in hillary's e-mails. judge napolitano is here. you write this morning in the washington times, the biggest threat to hillary is not bernie sanders, but it's the fbi? >> it is, it is, because the fbi, at least this team of fbi agents that's investigating her is apolitical. they're very aggressive,
9:56 am
they're very serious, all they do is investigate potential breaches of national security. and stuart, the case for her failure to secure state secrets is well documented and easy to make. one of these things, talked about this morning, this sap, select access program, is such a hot potato that the fbi agents who are investigating her themselves lack the security clearance even to read it. that's why they're incredulous to see this sitting in an unsecured server, which is, as we know, for a while was in a barn on her husband's-- in their property in chappaqua and then in a bathroom in colorado springs. it's almost incredible and i agree with congressman gohmert, i'll say it this way. in her name were hillary rodham instead of hillary rodham
9:57 am
clinton, she would have been indicted months ago. stuart: the case for indictment is clear and maybe she's not indicted and the obama administration will not follow through on a recommendation to indict is that not a constitutional crisis, but a constitution of crisis, what does the fbi do? >> resign, he'll have to resign, but he's of enough intellectual honesty and professional integrity he would resign if they rejected. stuart: to crunch time. >> he said, director comey, in october, expect our decision by january 15th, last week. but since then the investigation has been expanded into her probable granting of favors to foreign entities that-- through the foundation, another 100,000 pages of documents to examine. stuart: come back in the 11:00 hour because it's a hot potato story.
9:58 am
the market is up, and oil is rally, however, our next guest says the dow is going to go down to about 6,000 by the middle of next year. how about that? he's going to make his case. second hour, "varney & company," two minutes away.
9:59 am
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>> 10:00 precisely eastern time, a lot of big-name stocks are rallying today. there's a long list, facebook, under amour, paypal, all of them straight up. so is oil, opec might discuss cutting production, up goes oil a buck 53. and trump on the o'reilly factor. and the zika virus, the world health organization uses this word, it's exploding, they say. we'll update you on this one. ♪ yes, it is a rally.
10:01 am
the dow is up over 100 taking it above 16,000, thanks largely to the price of oil. i'll have more on that in a second. i want to concentrate first on facebook. ashley, i've got to say that a stock going up of that size, going up what, 13, 14. ashley: 13% right now, stuart. stuart: the stock of the day. ashley: the stock of the day with mind blowing numbers from facebook, 1.59 billion active monthly users. sales up 52% year over year in the quarter. and last year, for the whole year, 40% appetizing revenue or mobile devices have gone off the charts and they haven't really maximized their potential and i want to say this quickly, sharyl samberg says we have a super bowl on our mobile every day. think about that. stuart: how about you e-mack on oil? they're talking about opec getting together to cut production. what do you make of that? >> and russia, too, maybe cut
10:02 am
by 5%, oil and stocks haven't been this tightly correlated in 26 years, you know, there may be a 5% reduction cut. we don't know what it will be, but oil is popping today and energy stocks are up as well. kuwait hinted there may be production cuts as of last week, so we saw this possibly coming and oil is now pricing in the possibility. stuart: maybe, maybe, maybe, possible. all right. got it. how about under amour, higher profit, better sales and the stock is up 15%. ashley: this is a surging stock. under amour had a terrific year and quarter. double digit revenue and profit. thanks to the footware and apparel. they've got steph curry and they paid him a bazillion dollars and it's paying off. it's up 95% year over year. stuart: 95% sales? >> 70% around the rest of the world. under amour is very, very impressive right now. stuart: investors like it. alibaba, they're reporting strong profits.
10:03 am
wait a second, some people say alibaba is a tool of the beijing governments liz: it's got a cloud and obtuse-- it's split into different entities. they've got a board about twice the size of the average board here in the united states. and so, they could be reporting profits in different units and we don't know who is benefitting from the profits. that's always been the problem since alibaba's ipo. ashley: sounds like the chinese government itself. stuart: you know what got to me, jack ma who runs alibaba, decided to buy out the south china morning post, a bastion of press freedom, it worries me. the market is up, 90, 100 points at the moment. however, our next guest says the dow is going to drop. it's at 16,000 now and he says it's going to drop to 6,000 by mid 2017. with me now is harry deck, the author of a great book, the demographic cliff.
10:04 am
all right, harry, you've got changed your forecast, you were on several times you're saying 6,000, mid 2017. make your case. >> this is a bubble around the world. real estate around the world. every major city i go to, it's crazy valuations and everybody is saying it's not a bubble because-- when people are having to say it's not a bubble because, that means you're in a bubble because people go into denial. we've had three stock bubbles now, this is the third to peak. the second worst, and i'm finally getting signs that august we broke some key levels and we just broke 1880 on the s&p i've been warning about. this thing is showing this bubble is over and a question how it's playing out from here. and how long is that going to last. i'm telling investors get out on rallies and do not be buying the dips that everybody has been trying to do. stuart: the basic reason, the problem that you point to is
10:05 am
the printing of money all around the world and the debt crisis which it is trying to solve. that's the problem according to you, correct? >> exactly, the baby boomers created in unpress departmented boom which only i predicted back in the late '80s would be so strong and high and a great did et -- debt bubble. and the government lowered rates and when things happened in 2008. the central banks said we're going to print trillions and trillions of dollars to cover up the bubble. that's not a good sign. stuart: if i believe you and sell my stocks, if that's what i do, where do i put my money for safety? >> you know, you just go for safety, you be in the shortest terms safest bonds. don't go for 2 or 3% yield on this or that. you're talking about protecting your capital. if you take any risk, even 5, 6%, you know, junk bonds or something like that, you could
10:06 am
see big fall. so protect your money, just wait for signs the next bubble is going to burst. if we don't see something major happen this year i may back off and say, hey, the worst is over and the governments created a magic wand. i think this is going to be the worst year for stocks since 1931. stuart: that's a serious out. thank you very much. your facial expression during that interview was something to behold, what's your problem. >> he's as comfortable as calling dow 6,000 as dow 35,000 back in, you know, 1999. he said that the dow was going to boom and wrote another book last decade how to profit from that boom and then called for the dow to go to 3000 in 2011 and stocks just about doubled. i'm just saying, be careful, i don't mind prognostications, but take them with a grain of salt and look at the track record.
10:07 am
i think that prognosticators should come with fine print what their track record should be. ashley: i'm not a believer in extremes from the upside and down side. i think the truth is somewhere in between. i think he's right with regard to bubbles bursting, china's debt bubble is bursting and the real estate bubble bursted here as we know. but not to the levels that he's talking about. stuart: we hear you both. donald trump is going to skip tonight's fox news debate and so we're going to plant our flag in des moines iowa. what are the people in iowa saying about trump's decision not to be there tonight? >> yeah, that's certainly one of the big topics, stuart. i was e-mailing back and forth here in iowa on the republican side. he said if anything, this might
10:08 am
solidify trump's voters or support base even more, but warned with a bit of caution that he thought that people, i'm quoting here, are getting tired of the games. keep in mind, this state is poured in with millions upon millions upon millions of dollars in advertisements. that was kind of the feeling that i got when we spoke with voters, a group of voters, the word i would use is on faith. whether or not this is just the next in a long line of events they've seen over here in the next few months, we'll see, but uniphased is the word that i would use. stuart: okay, we'll take unphau unfazed. he's looking at what he's called a conservative crackup. with us is jonah, welcome back to the show. where is that smile, i wanted
10:09 am
that smile and i got it. >> got it smile nearly killed myself listening to that dent guy. [laughter] stay tuned to "varney & company." now, you say it's a conservative crackup. i've been more inclined to say it's an establishment crackup. >> there is a talk radio establishment, to listen-- there's a political establishment, a k street establishment, they're at war with each other. so, saying recently, it's like the fight scene from anchorman where, you know, it's hammer and tongs and tridents and ugly everywhere. stuart: jonah, we're very sensitive about shows ridiculing anchorman. >> nothing here. and look, the problem is that there have always been arguments and disagreements on the right. the difference now is that there's such a level of distrust.
10:10 am
to listen to rush limbaugh, to listen to the guys on k street, on capitol hill, everyone goes straight to questioning people's motives. national review came out solidly against donald trump. all of the criticism of us has been about our motive. this has all been about boosting circulation and we're relevant rather than the actual arguments that we made. and you know, it's like this on all sides where no one really wants to have a conversation anymore. the level of distrust that the republican party, generally, among the grass roots is incredible. i'm sure you guys are seeing it here at fox how angry people are at fox. stuart: we've got that. we want to look at the other side of the coin or aisle. if i use the word that the democrats are in panic mode, the idea that you would elect bernie sanders or know many
10:11 am
nate bernie sanders, and hillary clinton with this e-mail, possible indictment. i think there is a panic on the left as much as division on the right. what do you say? >> i think that's largely true and i think it's largely true because ours is a just and decent god, you know, he wants to make it fun for everybody. and so we're seeing on the democratic side is fantastic. and what they have the benefit of, first of all, a lot of the mainstream media is more inclined to circle wagons around democrats while they want to poke the bear when it comes to republicans and get, you know, republicans riled up and stoke disagreement. but democrats have huge problems in bernie sanders. bernie sanders could be poised to be an incredible spoiler. i think he could be poised to be the nominee. stuart: read "the washington post," the editorial this morning, i'm sure you have, "the washington post" about bernie sanders, not a truth tellers, just saying what the progressives want to hear. i think that's fascinating from "the washington post." jonah, unfortunately, we're out
10:12 am
of time. i could do a whole show with you. i'd like to ask-- >> sure. stuart: okay, you're on. jonah goldberg coming back soon. don't forget, the fox news google debate, first round 7 p.m. that will be eastern time. and the main event, 9 p.m. eastern, live from des moines, iowa on the fox news channel. i've got an update for you. here it is, the affluenza teen is headed back to the united states. what's with this, liz liz: he's basically saying he doesn't want to spend any more time in the mexican detention center. he wants to face u.s. justice. he's the gentleman, the teen who basically killed four people in a drunk driving accident and claimed his wealthy upbringing was the reason he couldn't tell between right and wrong. he faces jail time. some reports indicate possible jail time for every count of death that he caused. so, it could be years in jail for violating probation and all he needed to do, stuart, under that probation is to be free
10:13 am
and clean from any kind of substance for ten years and he was caught apparently in a video drinking game on twitter. whether he goes to jail, that's what the next step to be. stuart: what a mess he's made, a sad mess, too. check the big board, please, we're coming back and that will be back from the highs of the day. now, we're up to 60 points. 16,007, barely holding there. oil, still up, but not as much as it was. again though, that lockstep, stocks up, oil. we're talking a lot about winners. here is a loser for you, that would be ebay, big drop in sales. it's ebay's biggest drop, stock price, in seven years. plus this, the fbi stops what could have been a major terror attack in milwaukee. still, the white house refuses to call what it is, that would be islam terror. thanks for doing this, dad.
10:14 am
so i thought it might be time to talk about a financial strategy. you mean pay him back? so let's start talking about your long term goals. knowing your future is about more than just you. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. new zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam.
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10:16 am
>> we were up 130 and now we're up 30. so obviously, we're not as high
10:17 am
as we were. look at the dow 30. that's changed, too. roughly half are up and half are down, that's a big change for a few minutes ago. how about caterpillar, higher profits, and a lot of cost cutting and the stock is up 3%. how about oil? that is still up sharply, a gain of a buck a barrel at 33. and that accounts for at least some of the dow's gain. we've got developments on the zika virus, there are now fears of a global outbreak. ashley the latest. ashley: the u.n. health agencies saying that 3 to 4 million cases of zika infection is possible in the americas alone, this is explosivesly spreading according to the world health organization. this is especially hazardous to pregnant women, the virus can cause birth defects, there are already countries, brazil has over 4,000 cases. in some cases some south american countries, stuart, telling women not to get
10:18 am
pregnant for the next two years. stuart: wow. ashley: now cases of airlines in the u.s. refunding or allowing changes without any penalty for those people that are travelling to these parts of the world, the caribbean, central and south america and allowing full refunds if they want to cancel their flights, women who are pregnant. stuart: that's a health scare. thank you, ashley. the fbi arrest a muslim-american charging him with planning against a temple. you were involved in this operation, can you tell us how you got hold and onto this youngster? >> well, first of all, this is a joint effort. i know the fbi takes the top of this, and it's not about who gets the credit, but the fact is, it's a joint effort that's going to disrupt these things. this individual had come on to the radar screen september of
10:19 am
2015 so five months later, finally an arrest was made. that's good investigative work. let's look at this thing going forward. he's not been charged with plotting a terror attack. he's charged federally with possession of a machine gun and a possession of a silencer, i don't know why these individuals, we continue to charge these individuals with this. this is an act of treason. he had dual citizenship, palestinian and the united states. isis has declared war against the united states, they're recruiting these individuals inside the united states to attack america. they should be charged with treason, and forfeit citizenship and held in at least a federal penitentiary somewhere, i think gitmo, indefinitely until we get our arms around this thing. james comey the fbi director made it clear there are thousands of individuals radicalized in the planning stages and admits his resources are going to be overwhelmed handling it this way. we're handling with a law enforcement paradigm. they had to actually let this
10:20 am
guy take hold of a machine gun and a silencer and put it in the trunk of his car before they made the arrest, i don't think we need to go that far on a person that's indicated that they're going to plan to attack the united states, enemy combatant and should be charged with treason and of course the penalty of treason is execution. stuart: detail. now, sheriff you made no bones about it, you call this islamic extremism, but those are words which the administration will not use. are you getting pushback, you yourself, in your department in milwaukee, pushing back on you, because you're not afraid to say it? >> no, not at the local level, but i know director comey has gotten pushback from the attorney general loretta lynch and president obama for talking in those ferterms. if you're going to be successful combatting an enemy you have to identify for who it is and understand their tactics. no thine enemy is what the rule is. we'll continue to investigate
10:21 am
and attack this thing as it is. stuart, we need help from the federal government on this, we're not getting it because they're in denial about the real problem here. look at common denomnators here. the guy is a palestinian-muslim male. i'm not suggesting all muslim males are involved in terrorism, but he's also claiming to be guided by islam. islam is an issue here, as an ideology, maybe not so much as a religion, but a political ideology. islam is at issue here and until the white house comes to grips with what we're actually dealing with, it's going to make it very difficult for us at the local level. stuart: sheriff david clarke, thank you very much for joining us as always. we'll see you again soon, sir. >> my pleasure. stuart: italy. covering up its heritage and i mean that literally. just to apease iran. europe seems to be terrified of its muslim minority. we'll deal with that next in my take.
10:22 am
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10:25 am
>> will you look at that? those are boxes placed over statues in rome. why are the italians covering up their heritage? because this man is visiting, hassan rouhani. he didn't approve of the display of the human body, he comes bearing money and we're sensitive to his every whim and he also does not approve of alcohol so the italians will serve no wine at state dinners. the italians, the west has surrendered to iran. it's abject capitulation. europe is literally covering up and suppressing its own culture. why is it that we submit to them? on what grounds do we suppress our tradition on the whim of a
10:26 am
visiting dictator? well, the immediate answer is money, italy needs the $18 billion worth of contracts that rouhani brings with him. beggars can't be choosers. ere'morehan at. thinthaturopis ft-ou terried. ere'a lae an aenat muslim minority over there some of whom are actively plotting against western values, remember pear ris. they're capable of letting terrorists loose around the world so why not surrender judeo christian values and get along, give in. that's what they're doing, b uncertainly of what we stand for ar fearful of their own population if they don't baugh down and cover up those statues. pathetic and very worrying. history tells us that democracies should never
10:27 am
surrender to the demands of tyrants. if they do, they betray the liberty and freedom that is at the center of who we are.
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
>> here is a development. we are now on the downside. price of oil. it looks like that is a relationship that has been open. >> good point. [laughter] stuart: facebook, under armour, paypal, amazon, all of them are up. more on facebook. how about this one.
10:31 am
donald trump still holding his lead in iowa. thirty-two. ted cruz. that is iowa. we should note that both of these polls were taken before donald trump announced he would be missing tonight ebay. with us now is the direct her. we, welcome back. good to see you. >> good morning, my friend. trump is out front. according to your poll, he is gaining groun time. the composition of the turnout has lots and lots of first-timers. he is running a double digit first lead.
10:32 am
ted cruz leads not only in iowa, but new hampshire and south rubio. maybe breaking up a little bit in favor of rubio. >> let me go back to iowa. trump does very well. the newcomers go out in force. now let's get to new hampshire higher. drops lead is astronomical. his lead does not depend on
10:33 am
believe it or not, there is a little dynamic here between bernie sanders and donald trump on the republicans. sort of a frustrated angry vote. watching the independence. he goes to for two. >> it is the independence you have to watch and that is a fact. >> thank you. lauren simonetti is with us. she has hit the streets asking what voters want to hear from candidates tonight. >> they want less attacking. issues. substance. which republican could take ernie sanders? is she worth the democratic nominee? roll it.
10:34 am
>> thursday night is a republican presidential debate. what do you want to see? >> coherent answers. i am tired of rhetoric. i am tired of people just grandstanding for attention. you want to be a president, act like a president. >> you do not want that. >> they have been very public. >> which republican will be in the oval office next? >> if i had to pick, i would say , i would say rubio or cruise. >> doing that before trump announced he was not doing the debate tonight. >> correct.
10:35 am
a lot of clues. people are watching cruise. this could be his time to shine. the younger people seem to go for ernie sanders. it is true. maybe the first lady. whoever would talk to us. stuart: bernie sanders having a five-point lead. and then on the heels of his one-on-one meeting, we hear that sanders, his campaign may unleash a new attack ad on hillary. she will defend bernie sanders. camera holder. how are you? >> i wanted to bring you something, but you cannot keep it. i bet no one has ever brought underwear to the set. >> good lord.
10:36 am
[laughter] >> i know some people may be super offended by underwear. the proceeds go to wounded veterans. they are clean. they are clean. stuart: i do not care. the message is, young people are really coming out for bernie sanders. 2300 people came out to one of his stops earlier this week. there were 430 that when doing hillary clinton campaign rally. they were all old people. >> you have to be very worried that bernie sanders is making such headway. the man is a socialist. >> here is the thing.
10:37 am
i like that you like to call me a democrat. i consider myself more of a middle of the road freethinker. i voted for romney. how many times do i have to tell you this. >> you are worried about bernie sanders, aren't you. everyone needs to look at the independent voters. they are looking to lead toward a democratic nominee. >> people are leaving hillary and going to bernie. the democrats must really, really be worried about this.
10:38 am
bernie sanders is not electable as president of the united states. >> i think that he is. i am talking to a bunch of far right people. a few tax increase. not just one. i thought terrorism was a big deal. >> economic policy is all about the return to prosperity. you know it. >> you do return to prosperity by making the banks accountable. is she going to do reform? no, she is not. >> what words did you use? stuart: massive tax increases.
10:39 am
you do not return america to prosperity. >> building more walls. keeping people out of the country. i think that those are issues, too. [laughter] >> i will take it. >> i am sorry. >> , on. >> can we get back to the market? how about facebook. why not. eleven and a half% of. they have a huge quarter. dr barton is here. [laughter] facebook at 105-106. still room for it to go up in the near future. >> the authority having a pullback this morning. there is still room for the
10:40 am
upside. though growth stocks that we will see in 2016, probably few and far in between, they will continue running the momentum. you talked about prosperity. prosperity is happening online. it is going to continue to do so. including those all-important advertising dollars. facebook is doing an amazing job attract dingbats down 93 today. that was the start. not the start now. >> i do not like it at 93 get. my byplay for apple, i tell you, the problem with apple is they do things so well and have for so long. unless they do something spectacular, people do not pay any attention to it. they happen to grow iphone
10:41 am
sales year-over-year again. they will probably go down from here. also, they had to downgrade the revenue forecast for the first time in 13 years. they have reached the peak of the mountain. >> apple will go down to 82. they have thrown you right out of town. not too far away. dr, thank you very much. president obama wants to spend $12 billion a year to give lunch to children at school on summer vacations. we will deal with that in a moment. ♪
10:42 am
10:43 am
♪ nicole: i am nicole petallides with your fox business brief. the dow jones industrial average is down 15 points. it had been up over 140 points. the s&p is fractionally in green. the nasdaq holding onto an eight-point gain. american express, pfizer and did me. you can see american express down 2.8%. weaker than expected. oil came off the earlier highs. only 130. here is a look at some of the biggest. caterpillar, under armour and facebook are the clear winners of the day.
10:44 am
facebook up 12%. on the other side did ebay down 13%. juniper down 16%. cite your day every day on fox business. lauren and i will be there. ♪
10:45 am
>> ere are some stocks that are taking it on the chin today.
10:46 am
ebay is down 13%. a pig drop in revenue. one, if not the biggest loser in the s&p 500. a total change of subject. proposing a $12 billion plan to give lunch is to underprivileged children in the summer. mother of seven joins us now. you are expecting number eight. >> i am expecting number eight. stuart: tell me about this program. this is a proposal for president obama. during long summer vacations come back into the school to subsidize lunches. what do you make of that? >> eight years of obama policies have not done anything out of poverty. there certainly are people, children, whose parents cannot
10:47 am
afford, what ends up happening, i can see this firsthand, my kids went to a public school in richmond. everybody was offered free lunch. certainly, my kids were not qualified for that had there been this need-based assessment. stuart: you are the wife of a congressman. the mother of seven, going on eight. should the government be feeding so many people on such a broad scale? >> seeing more in our personal private life to the government. here is what was interesting. at first, i am a fiscal hawk. i said i will pick up kids before the lunch break. i will feed them myself. we are all busy. these programs are so large. they are growing so big.
10:48 am
what happens if parents like me, we get in tight. this is what has happened. slow, insidious, well-intentioned parents that do not even need it, trying to avoid it and they are getting roped into it. i think that that is human nature. >> what is the proper level of food availability. who should get it? >> that is the problem with so many government programs. >> summer vacations or a christmas vacation. getting into a year-round. >> we should be able to identify who actually needs help. we should identify how to help those parents get out of poverty. that is not happening. >> you know what will happen to you. eight, we cannot afford it and that is not a problem we governed.
10:49 am
you wicked people, you are starving children. >> that is why they need to engage on the poverty organization. we cannot see helping poor people to people that just want to make them comfortable in their poverty. stuart: your husband is? >> congressman sean duffy. stuart: rachel campos duffy, mother of seven, going on eight, thank you. pleasure. trump and o reilly on the factor together last night. they went biblical. i for an eye. father jonathan morris on that coming up in just a minute. ♪ with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained.
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call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: let check shares of ford. a record year selling suvs. also just a little flat. talking about ford and what it is looking at. ford's chief financial officer. thank you so much for joining us. a record $10.8 billion. how much can we put to lower gas
10:54 am
prices. >> it certainly helped. it enabled customers to continue to move into suvs and the truck segment. it certainly was a factor. those little gas prices are sort of very low commodity prices. in places like brazil and russia. overall, it is very positive. >> a lot being made of the easy credit. an amazing year last year. is that a concern for you? >> we do not see any signs of a bubble. there is a lot of liquidity in the market. you have a lot of liquidity around the world, frankly.
10:55 am
certainly, that is a positive factor. we did not see any signs in the near-term. >> you can take a risk with that f150. the aluminum -based field goal. i guess that it paid off. >> it really did pay off. we made a big hat on that. it is good for the environment. a factor in our amazing results. we launched it in 14. took a bit of a head from the effects of that. we slowly recovered and some in 2015. >> i read some remarkable statistics. thirty-nine years. a best-selling truck. it is absolutely remarkable. where does that loyalty come from? >> i think that it starts with us. we have known them in a very intimate way. that has enabled us to give them
10:56 am
exactly what they want in terms of the product in capability. they love it. they keep coming back. >> you managed to turn a profit in europe. i do not think you have done that since 2011. is that an area of growth for you? >> it is growing very moderately. we think that it will continue to grow in 2016. you are right. it is a great resolve. $850 million. part of the story and 2015. in improved performance. that is a very encouraging fine for us. >> changing gears. how close are we to self driving cars? ford, maybe google doing some business together.
10:57 am
>> we have a large testing fleet on the roads now. we are really moving forward very aggressively here. we know that part of the market will be in the future. we said that we think somebody will be out there within five years or so. >> we will see. the third hour is straightahead. ♪ announcer: a horrific terror attack in paris. then, a brutal act of terror here at home. it's time for a tested and proven leader who won't try to contain isis. jeb bush has a plan... to destroy them. and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush.
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♪ ♪
11:00 am
stuart: the third hour. here we go. the dow is dead flat. that is hard to believe. now we are moving. we have stocks virtually flat. they have broken that relationship as of this moment. facebook stop. that is surging. a new tab power. they have a billion monthly users.
11:01 am
the stock is up 13 and a half percent. that is a surge. look at it go. 17% gain. the world health organization. the zika viruses spreading exclusively. their words, spreading exclusively in the americas. more on that coming up. they were even quoting the new and old testaments. father jonathan morris. yes, our three. "varney & company" starts now. ♪ donald trump will not be part of tonight's debate. at this point, the donald, will
11:02 am
not be there. it makes it look less presidential. taking the power job should not be taking it away from the debate table. it looks likes you scared. if he cannot handle a news anchor. third, donald trump is walking away from his iowa supporters. just days before the caucus. he does not show at the debate to steal the deal. sitting around and talking politics. being a caucus goer that has ever. last, bill o'reilly is right. the chance to learn more about him. not good. for all these reasons, i think
11:03 am
donald trump is making a mistake. trump already bleeds and i'll and new hampshire higher. he does not need to debate. staying away is just good tactics. dominating without even being there. consider this. trump has been a shining star of every debate so far. it looks like they are also. they do not show up with him to go out. i do not think we have ever seen anything like this before. a candidate comes from nowhere. it still drives everybody crazy. the last debate before the vote begins. that is what makes this a fascinating campaign. it is gripping and entertaining. you have to watch tonight. we will soon know with. yes, we will.
11:04 am
monica crowley is here. i think he is making a bad mistake. donald trump has been an unprecedented candidate who has been willing to roll the dice and take huge risks. he has gained huge rewards. i think this is a guy who's entire brand is being bold. he is coming to snatch up the existing order. that is exactly what he is doing. it is, it is not about fear. he will take on all comers.
11:05 am
what is going on, something that is really important. the president is a personification of how the american people brought the country to act. donald trump is saying i will not allow myself to be disrespected. i will not allow america to be disrespect it. a subliminal message. >> are right. we did hear that. you are with me until the hour. stay right there. dan henneberger is with us. i say, trump has made a mistake. you say? >> i think that he has made a tactical decision that he has iowa in the bad. keep in mind that what is at stake here is winning iowa. not the presidency. he has to come in first. he is right. he is pulling away and iowa.
11:06 am
there is no commandment that says thou shalt debate. he has decided to step away from it and just bad the iowa caucuses. i think o'reilly raised a very good issue. when will trump start acting i will build a wall in china. i said on this program many times, he just has not dealt out from those two points. he has between 30 and 35% between the republican vote. the question is, can trump build further into the republican or even general votes? at this point, he is not doing it. >> in iowa, seven points out. it looks like he will take iowa.
11:07 am
it is the first debate tonight. that is followed by the second debate at 9:00 p.m. eastern. kasich, bush, rubio, cruz, carson and rand paul. note the absence of donald trump. you can see the man in the lineup, but he will not be there. dan is still with us. he has an article today. it is called the humbling of the west. you are taking issues. in italy, they are covering up the statues. their cup lately capitulated with the iranians. they do not serve alcohol after state dinners. they cover up the statues.
11:08 am
i think that that is a terrible thing. >> okay. that is a horrible site. representing pieces from classical antiquity. the italian will not serve wine. you can make jokes about this. you have a billion dollar contract with the iranians. why do we always give in to them? i think they have set the iranian nuclear deal. he argued that this deal, on whatever terms he got it, would be a good vein.
11:09 am
we saw two or three weeks ago, the spectacle of big u.s. sailors being captioned by the court. the youth corps. kneeling down in a way that looked like an islamic state execution ceremony. the reason for this is that there is dust no u.s. leadership in the world anymore. what we're seeing is what happened in the absence of the u.s. leadership. they will simply roll over and do this with the iranian regime. >> i am certainly outraged. >> i could not be more outraged. donald rumsfeld. >> trump probably said it, too. [laughter] new app. [laughter] >> i cannot wait. >> dan hanna jerk, thank you
11:10 am
very much. to the markets show me the price of oil. uncoupled. i guess they have to some degree. oil is now up $1. it seems like they have uncoupled. facebook, that is the story today. they came out after the bell yesterday. the stock this morning going straight up. you are a facebook bull, are you not. would you buy today at 106. >> i would buy it today, i would buy it tomorrow, i would buy yesterday if i could hear it for the past year or so, i have been coming on and telling the world, whoever is listening, if facebook has any depth, it is a buy. it is a buy and hold.
11:11 am
i have not changed my tune. it will reach all-time highs any day now. listen, priceline, you look at priceline. seven years ago, priceline was about $100 a share. it is $1000 plus per share. the trend is your friend. facebook is not going away. it is only going to grow. >> where does the extra profit, from that will propel facebook much higher. >> only kids are on instagram now. they own one of the biggest social media platforms on planet earth. it is instagram. instagram is just starting to get warmed up. companies are just starting to pay to advertise on instagram. it is a profitability standpoint. there is your answer.
11:12 am
stuart: do you want to put a price target on for this year? they can be 200. >> a couple of headlines right there. thank you so much. >> let's get to hillary clinton. could the e-mail investigation and with james call me stepping down. that is an interesting question. judge napolitano. approaching from my right. [laughter] ♪ was engineered...
11:13 am help sense danger before you do. because when you live to innovate, you innovate to live. the all-new audi q7. a higher form of intelligence has arrived.
11:14 am
11:15 am
stuart: oil prices are at a three-week high. that is slamming the airlines. i want to update you on the virus. that, too, may be affecting
11:16 am
airline stocks. what is the latest? >> three-4 million cases within the next year. it is spreading. it is exploding. it has scheduled an emergency meeting next week to decide whether this is an emergency. most of the risk is women who can give birth to them with birth defects. there have been over 4000 cases in brazil. they want to jump on this quickly. criticize for a delay on ebola. they are trying to get ahead of this stuff. thank you very much.
11:17 am
hillary. she could be indicted. this is the question. will the president allow that to go forward? what happens if he says no? judge a pulitzer on zero is here. let's go through this scenario. it goes to the justice department. it goes to the president and says what are we going to do? >> james call me has demonstrated in the past the type of independence and intellectual honesty that would make it. it would make it unsurprising. a very public announcement that the president made when he nominated now director call me to his position as director of the fbi.
11:18 am
he commented on a now historical event. then associate attorney general threatened to resign. if the bush administration pressed a sedated, signing off on a program. blatantly unconstitutional. his threat was taken seriously by the president. president bush back down a couple days later. are you serious about that? twenty-five or 30 folks that were going to come. >> president obama recognizes publicly about jim call me when you nominated them to run the fbi. the evidence of the failure to safeguard state secrets is well.
11:19 am
i think that it is clear that there is a consensus to recommend indictments. the decision has been loretto lynches. mrs. clinton is who she is and her husband is who she is. a great nomination for the president. my appeal is, the justice department are president says no to the indictment, you will see resignations and weeks that will produce the moral equivalent. he fired the watergate prosecutor. having a political career. there will be a devastating effect on hillary clinton regardless. >> yes. the evidence is going to prosecutor and is overwhelming.
11:20 am
more than necessary to achieve. public documents. you have seen it. this is so secret. even the fbi agents investigating her. stuart: on her private server. even if you forget it is there, it is a crime. that is actually an admission of guilt. it is the type of negligence that warns the basis of a prosecution. it is a threat from there. judge apologized all, thank you very much. today marks the 30th anniversary of the space shuttle challenger disaster. the second man to walk on the moon is buzz aldrin.
11:21 am
he will join us in a moment. i am sure he will remember when ronald reagan's said this. >> a manner in which they lived their lives. never forget them. nor the last time that we solve them. it will prepare them for their journeys to wave goodbye. slip the bonds of earth. touching the face of god. ♪ you pay your car insurance
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11:25 am
stuart: how about under armour. i am a very serious tragic no. today marks the 30th anniversary of the space shuttle challenger disaster. here is a question. what does that have long-term on america's space program. thank you to the program. it is good to have you with us, sir. do you think that the challenger disaster diminished? in many ways, i think it challenged us to redo our exploration efforts.
11:26 am
they all realized that the shuttle is a pathway to that. to redo our commitment. the apollo one fire. instead of january 28. and, the columbia tragedy, which was february 1, they are all within four days of each other. i think it should be a celebration for all. >> i am sure that you were either they are. it is the understanding of risk. until then it seems like space expiration was not exactly risk-free.
11:27 am
you did not consider risk for stand foremost. risk into the picture and on to safety. if anything, if it was an overly conservative view towards risk. this accident reminded us that bad things can happen. it acquires more knowledge. there is a learning process. we have done that for apollo one. it will be one week after the next president takes office.
11:28 am
buzz aldrin, thank you very much for joining us, sir. ♪ the biggest challenge for business today is not competition, it's protecting customer trust. every day you read headlines about governments and businesses being hacked, emails compromised, and intellectual
11:29 am
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11:31 am
stuart: let me report to you the dow jones industrial average is pretty much flat.
11:32 am
4.5 is all you got. the price of oil, looks like a lockstep relationship between oil and stock has been broken because oil is nicely higher up a bug at dirty 333. how about apple? any movement? ninety-three dollars a share down 4 cents. apple at 93. facebook beat wall street expectations in the first quarter and there are, as you say huge. 13% higher. josh marshall is that that's from convert social. have i got that right this time? you are the tech guy at the moment. i am saying facebook is emerging as the new dominant power in technology. >> facebook has built an unbelievable business. they got huge engagement. driving huge mobile bets on
11:33 am
histogram which is really successful. the dominant thing is really about owning the platform. the platform in which all other businesses use to engage and interact with their customers. stuart: facebook itself as a platform. >> it's a little bit of a platform, but the dominant platform is apple and google. facebook messaging is going to be the next major platform. we have earned a thematic nation where the conflict we chat to become the dominant platform for businesses to engage with their customers through transactions. faced that over the last year has turned messenger into the platform in the business conversation was involved in the taken business that hotels onto messengers today can you set the live chat channel to engage in due customer service. sure into the dominant technology company is facebook in the future may dominate the platform which are calling messenger. >> is the messenger is the dominant one in the west over 800 million users.
11:34 am
stuart: can you make money? the messaging platform to talk about, can you monetize it? >> if they deliver transaction and the filling customers and doing promotions that can be hugely valuable. stuart: is that part of your business? >> part of my business. we help engage customer service for all these new channels. we think the messaging has potential to revolutionize customer service. it could place e-mail, blackjack, even phone calls which is a better experience for the cut murders. messaging has a huge role to play in the future of telecom earnings are with consumers. stuart: got it i think. one last thing. facebook is about to reveal this oculus rift to the public. is that a platform of virtual reality? >> not yet. but there's a big that of platform beyond mobile. the next platform is virtual
11:35 am
reality will be the next major platform after that post in the way people communicate. stuart: let's explain to everybody. you write like a helmet. >> google cardboard from a very simple thing you plug-in with your phone. and maybe a thin pair of glasses in the future. you have the reality being able to superimpose visual 3-d images in the real world. a lot of innovation happening here. right now it is very early. i've used the oculus rift and it's incredible. you feel like you are there. i didn't get the set. stuart: and you've got to come back and spend more time. that is fascinating, the idea that virtual reality could be the platform of the future. josh march with convert social. get ready to buy your newest phone from a robot.
11:36 am
testing the phone store by path of the robot. it's a humanlike robot. you are sitting there wondering. ashley: a little bit. the question is how is this -- they are completely done the store out with robots. go in, and type in your request and then there's a series of questions. you get your product, the leave. a little frightening and i think you think forward as to where is this taking us. in conjunction with a local bank. the interesting thing is that this successful and failed are going to expand. stuart: do we have time to ask josh march? >> if you've been in the store recently waiting in line, you'll be pretty excited about this. in the end, if it helps deliver what customers want.
11:37 am
>> good question. thanks very much. i want to get to the fox news debate. i want to focus on the true front runners of the 9:00 p.m. debate. that would be marco rubio and ted cruz. come on in, lisa booth. tonight, make or break. let's deal with ted cruz. this is a chance to shine. >> absolutely at the chance to shine. it is still very much in play here. fox news had a recent poll that indicated 33% of iowa caucus goers still haven't made up their mind. historically we have seen caucus goers make up their mind at the last minute. if your member rick santorum was down heading into iowa and adelaide experimented that defeating that romney in 2012. ted cruz bay state fair talking about 60% of caucus goers identify themselves as evangelical christians and that is obviously a base and a can to choose the period
11:38 am
stuart: how about jeb bush? that could be make or break. >> absolutely could. the reality is 2470 delicate. 236 to win the nomination. i have represents 1% of the delegates. you have to look the new hampshire and if you look at a state like new hampshire in recent points, someone like john cusack has been creeping up in the polls. you have an opportunity for more moderate candidate like jeb bush, blake john kasich, like chris christie to have a showing to help them had into new hampshire. stuart: it is the last chance for the jeb bush of the world, chris christie of the world your last chance? >> i think it is. if they don't perform well in new hampshire, i don't know how
11:39 am
they recover from that. a state like new hampshire is absolutely make or break for one of the more moderate and establishment ted kennedy. stuart: okay the sack him i regret to say we are out of time. such a busy day. thank you very much indeed. >> thank you. stuart: officials in paris say they've arrested a man allegedly tried to use the canned guns into disneyland paris. >> details are limited at this point. they have arrested this man appeared we don't have a name. we don't have any information about his background. he was arrested at a hotel close to disneyland paris. the important thing to remember is all of these weeks after the terrorist attacks in paris that killed 130 people, paris and france in the larger sense is still under a state of emergency. any kind of thing that sends up a red flag under the state of emergency the authorities moved
11:40 am
out quickly. stuart: a handgun in europe is a very unusual thing. >> the suspect allegedly had two handguns. they swooped down on individual very fast. stuart: monica, thank you very much. up next, italy covering up its culture because of a visit or my rant. father jonathan morris on that.
11:41 am
11:42 am
>> your fox business back-and-forth action on wall street could the doubt over 140 points. oil coming off their earlier highs today. s&p 500. right now the dow was down three points. the s&p 500 up to, the nasdaq up 16. let's look at the biotech. it has been down in a big way. tracking the 14th down day out of 18 trading sessions. also seen some earnings here that of wade with some of the big movers. 11% down four and 5%
11:43 am
respectively. looking out weight watchers, here's a one-way charter. a search on tuesday and day after his spokesperson a big investor oprah winfrey. about 8%. amazon, electronics, spn on which i will see they are. its technology-filled cabin...jaw-dropping. its performance...breathtaking. its self-parking...and the all-new glc. mercedes-benz resets the bar for the luxury suv. starting at $38,950. as long as you love me, it's alright
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bend me shape me, any way you want me you've got the power, to turn on the light shape the best sleep of your life. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology adjust any way you want it. the bed that moves you. only at a sleep number store. stuart: profits down harley davidson. the stock is up 68 cents. about 1.8%.
11:45 am
higher profits. everybody worried about the u.s. and chinese auto market. ford is actually down. 11 bucks a share. we've got some new numbers on the outbreak of zika. ashley: the cdc reported 31 cases of the zika diarists in the u.s. all patients have traveled elsewhere. 19 traveled to puerto rico. it is getting close. we know this by risk has exploded in south america, central america, brazil over 4000 is. most at risk are pregnant women because the fear the virus can create birth defects. stuart: is guaranteed. father jonathan morris is here. i'm going to call this a troubling story out of italy. they are covered at paintings and statues in rome while iran the president of iran, and
11:46 am
rouhani. as i said, father jonathan morris is here. what is going on? we have to submit to their morality on our turf. we have to cover up our religious stature as rouhani visits the pope. >> this is not covering up religious statues, but rather -- western culture. kind of inappropriate statues according to some of the islamic. it's an important difference. it's not covering up the crucifix. it is covering up something they would be offended by that has nothing to do with religious infidels. that is number one. but it is a fair point to say why cover up any western art? why cover up anything that has to do with their western culture? i would say the decision they made was to say we are going to
11:47 am
do some reading that is negative. not evil but negative in order to attain an important goal. not doing evil in order to get good. sacrifice something. that is part of working together. we are going to do something we would not do on our own. this is what they taught about. they talked about terrorism. this is the official -- the official release from the vatican. they started working together to counterterrorism. mrs. pope francis view of that, that he believes the pact with the united states of america and with other international entities to avoid a nuclear iran is actually feasible. they are actually working towards it. whether they are working toward that i don't know.
11:48 am
the vatican says we believe it was a good pact and therefore we were willing to compromise on certain things that are not essential in order to create a peaceful world, in order to stop terrorism. i can say whatever i want. i won't lose a job, my priesthood. stuart: no you can't. >> try me. stuart: i wanted more muscular christian response to what we have from the muslim world. i don't want to cover up our culture. i'm not apologizing for culture. we stand for freedom and liberty. we should be proud of it. this is absolutely inappropriate. >> with pope francis he told international communities, use force as necessary, this is a year and half ago against isis and nobody listened. that's muscular. i think you got the wrong understanding.
11:49 am
>> there's no division. i'm not asking for that. i wondered why pope francis is sitting down to talk about terrorism with one of the world's leading terrorist for heavens sakes. >> he likes to hang out with sinners. stuart: we are all sinners, father. >> what he's saying is i think i can get something out of the sky. i can actually work towards peace and bring together people who might disagree. he believes it's going to work. i don't know so well. tsa would rather be able to talk and communicate with the messiah by the people whom i disagree. stuart: whenever you don't smile in your talking to me i know you are serious. you are very defensive. >> some things are worth defending. stuart: not bad. i will give you that one. 15 was. game, set, match. thank you very much good we will move on. >> you can hang out with the pope. stuart: i suppose i could.
11:50 am
we are all sinners, you know. super bowl 50 about a week away. roughly a more than not. next up, super bowl memorabilia up for auction. how much would you pay for the baltimore ravens super bowl ring. we will tell you how much it is going for in a moment. i've been called a control freak... i like to think of myself as more of a control... enthusiast. mmm, a perfect 177-degrees. and that's why this road warrior rents from national. i can bypass the counter and go straight to my car. and i don't have to talk to any humans, unless i want to. and i don't. and national lets me choose any car in the aisle. control. it's so, what's the word?... sexy. go national. go like a pro. you stay up. you listen. you laugh. you worry.
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stuart: super bowl 50, ronco's panthers about a week and a half away. ken golden of golden notch and has memorabilia from super bowls past. basically i'm interested in memorabilia. i want to know the price. this is the ravens super bowl championship player rating from 2012. >> correct. this is one of the gaudiest and largest super bowl rings after. if you look at the diamond content, it is absolutely ridiculous. it is huge. the current bidding on this is approximately 25,000. the auction ends at golden auction style, saturday. we expected to go for $40,000 plus. the auction is available right now. they can go online and place a bit now but it ends saturday. stuart: does every player get the same ring? >> every player gets the exact same ring.
11:55 am
stuart: the redskins from 1987. >> correct. this is the rookie or who would then become a super bowl mvp. we expect this ring to go also in the $40,000 plus range and i believe this is one of the only super bowl mvps average to sell a super bowl ring. stuart: do you happen to know why? >> you never know. personal planning purposes. stuart: that is pretty big. this one is from 1935. >> 1935 detroit lions. it is the nfl championship and this is very, very small. kind of like an afterthought. we will give the players something. stuart: i don't see any diamonds. >> it is very plain. this was like maybe one of only two or three known. people love to wear it.
11:56 am
due to the godliness of these in of these in a plain methodist, we expect to go to thousand dollars less. stuart: so there's the ranks. you've got the jersey right there. i can see the writing. that is his rookie year 2011 i think. >> correct. this is what they call an nfl game issue jersey issued to him to wear during his rookie season ended assigned by cam newton and authenticated by the nfl. this one did not see game action. if it did we would expect around $20,000. it didn't so we're looking at $2500 range for this. >> because it wasn't used. about 16,500 bucks. >> that makes all the difference in the world. no golden auction. i can join the bidding. >> go to golden thank you very much indeed. >> thank you. glad to be here.
11:57 am
stuart: upon the rings as we had said. -- as we exit.
11:58 am
11:59 am
stuart: we've had three stock bubbles now. this is the third ip, second-worst. baby boomers created this unprecedented move. they encourage this even more. every major city i go to pick discrete valuation. >> and is forecasting a big drop in the stock market, by the way. no drop in the facebook share price today. it has gone straight out. they had a blowout. now it's up 14%. ashley: that's the biggest day. stuart: for a company like facebook to go up 14% is an absolute stunner. do you like facebook, monica? >> i do. i am relaunching my page on facebook, revamped.
12:00 pm crowley and why. stuart: out of time, but neil cavuto has a lot of time in front of him. neil: this facebook thing is going to be big. [laughter] what do you have against people covering up statues? are you going after the good father? stuart: don't get me started, young man. neil: enjoy your next trip to the vatican. stuart: thank you very, very much. neil: opus on those who are and focus on the guy who will become the new focus. some say punching bag. blake burman with more on that from des moines, iowa. reporter: i had a very


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