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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  January 28, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

12:00 pm crowley and why. stuart: out of time, but neil cavuto has a lot of time in front of him. neil: this facebook thing is going to be big. [laughter] what do you have against people covering up statues? are you going after the good father? stuart: don't get me started, young man. neil: enjoy your next trip to the vatican. stuart: thank you very, very much. neil: opus on those who are and focus on the guy who will become the new focus. some say punching bag. blake burman with more on that from des moines, iowa. reporter: i had a very
12:01 pm
interesting telephone call with one of his one of the top advisors. senator ted cruz as you mentioned will be the focus most likely tonight at the debate on the fox news channel before the iowa caucuses. for the very first time, standing front and center at the center podium. i asked the adviser did you change about your debate prep? it's going to all be the same. they said yes indeed we change things up and they are anticipating a much different debate considering donald trump will not be there. it was essentially politics 101, which is you don't punch downward. you punch upwards. if anybody is going to punch upwards tomorrow night, they have to punch towards ted cruz as every single poll that has been taken in the last few weeks if not longer shows cruise running second come in some cases first to donald trump.
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they anticipate ted cruz will take a lot of fire tonight, especially for marco rubio. these two have gone out in the last couple of debates, including the fox business debate a couple weeks ago. they think that rubio is going to come after their guy, ted cruz later tonight. as far as donald trump goes, of course that will be some thing to look at rod up at some point. trump is going to get broader. delegate brought up in the first couple questions. they tell me donald trump is not going to get away with it. here's a direct quote from the cruise adviser. they said to me, just because he is too chicken to show up to the debate doesn't mean he gets a free pass. a couple things from the cruise campaign. one, they expect their guy to get a lot of attention tonight and trump is not going to get a free pass they feel. neil: that doesn't sound like
12:03 pm
the script to west side story. blake burman, thank you. here's a communications advisor also a des moines. now the focus seems to be on ted cruz and they are all gunning for ted cruz. that is a problem when you're are in the center podium position. how does the candidate feel about what is in store tonight? reporter: well, we certainly anticipate that. i will not necessarily be a west side story, but a des moines caucus story this evening. here is the thing that is so important to know that the decision by donald trump to avoid this debate tonight is unfortunate given the fact that this is critical. this is important as four days out from the all-important pockets. people have been window shopping all the candidates. they have come to the various
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appearances, even the large ones were donald trump airship in and out. this is the time they want to see the two candidates on stage contrasting their policies on the issues and to that away from them. while his fans have been baiting him for months and months, come yesterday they will have cold feet in the caucus. not just because it's snowing. they expect to have the candidates go on stage tonight and debate the issues. neil: i'm sure that might be the case. polls are ever fleeting. they do show donald trump holding onto a lead. his iowa in the senator's mind in your mind a must win state? does ted cruz have to win iowa? >> we don't. what we like to win iowa? absolutely. our campaign is not a single
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state strategy campaign. we have a phenomenal organization here. we have more than 10,000 volunteers. we have precinct captains and all the precincts -- stuart: you guys have an incredible ground. it's enviable even when other campaigns look at it. the reason i asked the question if senator cruz himself said the other day that if for some unforeseeable reason donald trump picks up iowa and new hampshire, he might be pretty tough to stop. do you agree? if you are right. he did say that at a meeting at of evangelicals was his call to action to their churches this week guilty members of the congregation to let them know if they don't get together and stand behind someone who will protect their religious liberties and faith and family. they are also concerned about the economy and someone who stands by convictions to lift up our economy and protect their nations.
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he was encouraging them to galvanize conservatives together because his point was if they don't do that, if conservatives don't rallytogether, then donald trump has the opportunity to do well here in iowa as well as new hampshire. he was making the point that it is time for them to get together. the key here is we don't have to win iowa. we would love to, but we have a strong organization. we have one in new hampshire, south carolina and ted has been quite a bit of time in the spc primary states. georgia, alabama, louisiana and other primary states has a good solid base of support there. this is not a one and done campaign whatsoever. we will do well here and we have the organization and $50 million race to execute not just the solid ground game. neil: you are ready to go. you are ready to rumble.
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this datatype as i suspect the senator can do pretty well. i look forward to seeing you when i am in iowa this weekend. thank you very, very much. >> tanks. see you soon. neil: you were mentioning the cruise campaign that the evangelicals will essentially caught rally around ted cruz. but a very popular evangelical community is iowa support donald trump. would not be a kick at that very community rallies around donald trump? >> well, i think it was you i would bet that ted cruz would end up winning a solid majority of the evangelical has had evangelical preacher network that he had signed him in in iowa.
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however, as in so many other things, donald trump has been very shrewd here. he has divided and probably conquered yet he will not win a majority but he doesn't need a majority because he says go well with the non-both. as you mentioned, he's got a key endorsement in the evangelical community. he is taking a slice of what might have a long cruise before trump raised questions about his citizenship and all those other controversies that we don't want to get back into at the moment. neil: it is interesting. i will judge what we get back into on my show. i'm kidding. i love you dearly. i keep losing bets to you so i lash out and that is a peer in >> it doesn't hurt me at all. neil: here's what i don't understand. the notion of expectation at least in iowa's case are twice as unreliable especially when it comes to republicans battling a nice day. why is that?
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four years ago they didn't do rick santorum coming. for years prior they didn't see mike huckabee coming. what is it, particularly on the republican side even though barack obama was a surprise as well for the democrats in 2008. what makes it so difficult to gauge? >> first of all, we are all charlie brown with the football. we know that lucy has pulled the football up repeatedly, but we know this time it will be different. she is going to keep the football down. neil: by the way, you're one of the most out of great reputations on the planet. you are a historian extraordinaire. for the purposes of this broadcast, one of the most well read figures is quoting charlie brown and lucy. continue. >> well, i am on your show. i want you to understand what i am saying. [laughter] neil: touché. go ahead.
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>> there you go. there you go. but look, here is the reason. first of all we are addicted to poll numbers that we don't have any real votes except for a few absentee ballots around the country, no real votes have been cast in this race, but you think it's over. >> i am confused. because this is such a layered almost isn't in process, it is hard to gauge who will have the wherewithal, the patients, even the stomach to put in a long evening. you are going to be judging not on the base of passionate supporters who would. >> absolutely. it is like any other thing in life. those of people promised to do things, but only a slice actually come through. you have worked hard to get these people at the caucuses and to keep them bair wants some of them realize how long it is going to go one. so that is why there are
12:11 pm
question marks and they are going to be even more? since we moved in to monday because of what will happen tonight at the debate, what will happen over the weekend. do you think some of the candidates have saved endorsements and maybe some of their campaign have planted nasty, dirty tricks at the last minute? these things happen. i do want to shock you into more live view about politics politics, but these things go on. neil: are you going to be in iowa this weekend? as i am. >> i know you were going to be there so i thought i would just talk to you. you could be my reporter there. neil: really? give me your cell number. professor, always a pleasure my friend. thank you very much. i don't know what i learned today, but most days i do. thank you very, very much. we are awaiting bill clinton at
12:12 pm
his get out the caucus event. bernie sanders is separately slamming hillary clinton. so you have both of these going on concurrently, sometimes within feet of one another. this weekend as we will see, they will be bumping into each other. i remember going to the state a few times at this quadrennial events. especially in a lot of people in the race, they are feet away from each other. it's like personal wrestling. behind each others backs they say the most horrible things. but to their face, hey how are you doing? good to see you. it is weird, but it's politics. it's a quadrennial event, americana. it is fantastic. stick around.
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not untrammeled. adult people are a little bit to talk that users are might've violated the copyright. you are picking up you should
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this ad is brilliant. it is hysterical. i think if huckabee had done this a few months ago, but then again adele song was not out a few months ago. but it is now. just brought it to's attention. hey, hello. you can't do that. i don't know whether it is coming from the singer herself. adele, call me. that's a weird story. great ad, funny ad. it got a lot of publicity. which brings us to sheriff joe r. pio. he is backing donald trump and is always in this back-and-forth with the administration on whether he is too rough trying to round up illegals. they seem to have more rights. it is very good to have you, sheriff. it's for coming. >> great to be back.
12:18 pm
neil: donald trump is your guy. why is he your guy? >> because i am not going to get into my background, but he saw the parallels of what i believe in. illegal immigration, drug traffic terrorism, protect the second amendment goes on and on. he's a good supporter of the veterans. i was a veteran in 1950 when the korean war broke out, big supporter of the police. he is my type of guy. neil: he's does lead in the polls? whether he shows the debate or not, it gives a good chance of winning iowa from a good chance of winning a hand. even ted cruz has said if he wins both of those he could well be on his way. do you think he is? >> who was on the way? donald trump is on the way. people like him. we need someone willing to speak
12:19 pm
out, protect our country and not be afraid to do what he feels is right for the people that live in our country. i have confidence. you know all of the people running for president last cycle visit me in my office or get together. you do know i went with kerry. you discussed that before. neil: kerry has gone with ted cruz. how do you feel about that? >> i was in iowa two days ago. i wish we could've got together for a little meal. politics is really strange. neil: do you mean rick perry wouldn't even get together with you? >> no, he never called me the cycle when he was running again. but that's okay. politics doesn't offend me. neil: really, that is interesting. you kind of put them on the map that he doesn't even return your phone call.
12:20 pm
it is what it is. >> hey, that is the way it goes. neil: gap, i understand. in this race we are getting reports from the democrats, sheriff, but they sure hope donald trump or ted cruz get the nomination because they think both guys are essentially buffoons and easily beatable. when you make of your guy could be the republican nominee and if that doesn't work out, ted cruz at the back of choices and all that bad either because they can't annihilate either of them. >> let me tell you, when donald wins the primary, the democrats will be in deep trouble. do you think he can't be the democrats, especially hillary? come on. that is again the airplane. i know they would hate to face donald trump. neil: do you like governor huckabee? >> great guy. i met him a few months ago. great guy.
12:21 pm
neil: what he think of all this fuss he got into with adele. her song, hello, you can't use it anymore. >> i don't know while this mickey mouse stuff that goes on. it has nothing to do with what it's facing our nation. neil: but have you heard the song? it's a great way to illustrate his point and introduce himself to iowans and now he can't use it. do you think i should talk to adele and have her on the show? >> the only song i like since i'm italian to is my way. maybe they had to start doing now. neil: not a bad idea. >> i do a highway. he dusted his way. i've got together to play that song. is a better choice. adele, if you've heard that, you are now facing competition from sinatra. thank you, sheriff, very, very much.
12:22 pm
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neil: all right. we are still getting to the bottom of this incredible dustup in the mike huckabee campaign. in case you didn't hear, not coming from the singer herself, the adele people did not respond kindly to see her famous song, i think it sold a zillion records already all over the world, hello, that was used in a mike huckabee spot. it was all tongue-in-cheek. i highly doubt adele herself got involved in this because the song has been parodied by so many venues from "saturday night live" to a restaurant chain. it is hard to believe should personally get involved here. generally, campaigns are a whole mother matter.
12:26 pm
even born-again christian campaigns. we will keep you posted. the word has gone out that adele having risen to her entire album i can tell you hello with the tip of a beautiful piece of work. i cannot imagine that this gift from god would be against a man of god using said song in a campaign. that is all i'm saying. i don't think it's a bias towards any candidate. the more you hear it, the more you like it. if i am wrong, i want you to check back here right away. so on what is at stake tonight because all of them will be focused on the new guy and that is ted cruz and the fallout for the race in the fast and various. on the other side we have bad news for hillary clinton. that lead melting away.
12:27 pm
many say bernie sanders could not only win new hampshire by double digits, he has a very crack right now. it's not a valid ticket if of what is happening in these two states. but he wins both of those states. donald trump wins both of these states. we could have a very different picture. we've got a democratic strategist. sabrina schaeffer, executive director. sabrina, what if i were to happen, if i could flip to the democratic side, hillary clinton and that not winning iowa. she ends up losing new hampshire. she has an incredible operation and i know her husband had to deal with the same zero and two deficit from 1992 until today. >> were, in this election is about anything it is about authenticity, transparency, whether you're part of the establishment or nonestablishment. we see this on both sides of the
12:28 pm
aisle. >> they've been in washington since the civil war. >> you know what you are getting. neil: that is the next one point. what do you make of that? whatever you say about bernie sanders. i don't like a lot of his views on taxes. he is consistent. i was interviewing the guy when he was mayor of burlington. he has the same views now that he had back then when i was four years old interviewing him. what is going on? how do you explain what is going on with him and what is not going on with hillary clinton. >> i'm not sure what you mean. this is what we live on my side of the aisle. this is what i do for a living. this is all the pundits, all that goes out the door because those are getting cast. no more polls. neil: i know that. i know that. i know, i know, i know. if she were to lose both of these states, would not be a
12:29 pm
game changer? >> don't forget this is about delegate counting. is bernie sanders wins by a little bit in iowa or hillary clinton wins by a little bit, they come out with the same delegate. that's the lesson hillary learned in 2008. neil: okay. sabrina. >> is absolutely real problem. hillary clinton is facing possible indictment charges from the judiciary department which is very, very serious. she is very vulnerable. but look, she is vulnerable with a lot of voting blocs that she should not be vulnerable with. most recently, new research shows she is very vulnerable with millennial's all marble on ghazi. we don't think about them caring about foreign policy the way older voters, moms, others do. neil: i don't think it is a matter of just liking hillary as much as they like bernie sanders
12:30 pm
i can't figure it out, but i definitely think there is something there that we are not coming to your point, registering. what you think? >> bernie sanders has an interesting message that democrats and progressives like to latch onto. he's talking about free college, free health care, things about everyone at the income spectrum, no matter where you fall to have a shot at something. >> pretending it does, but okay. >> he puts forward and hillary gives the pragmatic answers. we are not going to have a single-payer system in this country. we are not designed that way. it does set the bar for the discussion making her look or moderate. neil: people are voting on candidate largely on policies that they are voting on likability, character to connect on some personal bubble. that is where people connect with bernie sanders. neil: i want to thank you very, very much.
12:31 pm
either way, we did just call adele. guess what? she picked up the phone and said hello. [laughter] got you. i just love this story. she is like phenomenal and she's right in the middle of the political mix here she probably hates me, but it's okay. amazon is on the new big earnings numbers we are looking at here. always so many companies reporting. these are some of the barometer stocks. apple is stocks. apple is fair, ebay, facebook. all different stories. amazon is the next-line teaming up up with microsoft later on. but what is hurting amazon is the incredible expectation. we know they are on fire. we know that half of all u.s. households, one out of five americans. so try announcing an earnings report in the middle of all that
12:32 pm
euphoria. we're the hottest young company around but if we want to keep the soda pop flowing we need fresh ideas! >>got it. we slow, we die. >>what about cashing out? no! i'm trying to build something here. >>how about using fedex ground for shipping? >>i don't need some kid telling me how to run a business! i've been doing this for 4 long months. >>fedex ground can help us save money and deliver fast to our customers. not bad, kid. you remind me of a younger me. >>aiden! the dog is eating your retainer again. let's take a short 5-minute recess. fedex ground is faster to more locations than ups ground. ....
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>> hello. we're back here on cavuto coast to coast. i am connell mcshane. i have some stocks for you to watch. facebook is one. look at that game.
12:36 pm
15%. best day for the stock in two years or thereabouts. great numbers from facebook. especially on mobile advertising. another one i am watching is mobile advertising. a lot of people associated under armor with big-name athletes. with the super bowl coming up, a lot more people, ken newton. expecting to continue to do well. ebay, not so much. revenue growth was disappointing it lowered the guidance. the stock is down 13%. finally, neil, amazon. you mentioned this before the break. can it meet expectations? that is a good question. especially when the expectation is going to go up by 250%. we will see if they can live up to that. >> that is the problem.
12:37 pm
these guys come so big and then have to live up to it. connell: apple. 70 million iphones. >> adele. we will get to the bottom of this. i cannot see her being recently involved for taking down this music for political antics. we still have another hour and a half to go. still working on it? excellent. the game that is played here, you and i are old enough to remember it was okay to be what you are earning either in the quarter before or the year before. now, of course, it is all about expectations. i think it builds on expectations of continued momentum. amazon can almost do no wrong. a little something that is not as great, they are in a world of hurt.
12:38 pm
>> i totally agree with you. there has been talk of peak apple. apple will be a victim of its own success. look at these numbers. apple's iphone sales alone surpass and beat microsoft's entire sales. it is making more revenues than google and amazon and facebook combine. itunes beat netflix sales. what apple is talking about now, industry doesn't like it, and it should not come as a shock him a iphones saturation. a billion people, 1 billion people in the world on some kind of apple device. they will be connecting to certain parts of the apple empire. we will leverage money off of that. they're trying to leverage that
12:39 pm
did. neil: only in this world and in this environment. selling 75 million iphones being a disappointment. how do you play that expectations game? how do you as an investor play? >> this is an objective environment. everything that we do, we rattle off a lot of numbers, it is really subjectivity. how do we feel. how do we feel about the future. there are all of these great things that apple is doing. there is nothing in the minds of investors that does this will be a game changer. our new map book -- >> so what. isn't that exactly what you are saying systematic of this? apple has come out with a, hello, it has to come up with
12:40 pm
these products. we are in a different world right now. i am not a cheerleader for apple. i own the stock. full disclosure. i am just saying what you are seeing is systematic. >> it is a reality. you can rationalize it all you want. it is a value stock. it is a growth stock. the majority of people do not believe that there is a catalyst that takes the stock to the next level. we have crime. it is things in the future. liz: apple tv, apple car. late to the game. already upending the music industry. they can do it again. they can be tesla added. >> that will change the game.
12:41 pm
>> it looks like the conversation i had with the dell before her latest, came out. i said, adele, how are you going to top this? she just said, hello. i know a lot of you are looking at this. your sensation is young enough to be your daughter. okay. okay. i think she's a great singer. i am moving on. more after this. [laughter] ♪
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neil: the middle of a political soap opera. mike huckabee stopped using my song, hello, in his ads. we will be talking to governor huckabee shortly. look, you cannot use that song in your ad. we do not know if this is coming from herself. it does not sound like the adele i know. we may not have huckabee. this is not looking like a good day for you, ralph. just saying. i am very confident. maybe, huckabee.
12:46 pm
all you have to do is pick it up and say, hello. this is why the staff hates us. i am like a dog, i find a bone. take a look at oil. we are told that russia may be working in concert with opec to cut production. we will increase production. may be the american crackers and everything else. some of these others say, no, no. we are working in concert to go the other way. it was just about a week ago. in and out of $26 a barrel. you know the story with this.
12:47 pm
we are looking at epa rules. changing the way a lot of them go about their business. some say force them out of business. involved in slapping this down with an overreach. the president is negative order are not such things. general, very good to have you. >> hello, neil. neil: very good. i do want to talk to you about the locality. i will save that for the end of this interview. you guys are arguing, the 30 states protesting this move, arguing that it is an overreach or it would be economically damaging. or both. the president has talked about using a pen and a phone to rule
12:48 pm
by executive order. we have the ability to go into court and try to stop them. we ask for a stay of the implementation. the administration did not do it for cost analysis. we know that these rules will be job killing. really part of the war on call, war on fossil fuels. >> i think that there had been an earlier supreme court ruling. epa. you have to consider the cost that you are doing. continuing to do this in disregard to that. the epa. issuing these new rights and regulations. they will comply.
12:49 pm
years later, making it through the court, the epa, the course will be overturned. they will say that they did not do that defective cost-benefit analysis. businesses have spent billions to comply with the rules. asking with them to stay, to stop the implementation. neil: i know you are a great lawyer. back to this adele thing. they said stop. use a song or melody.
12:50 pm
>> normally, you listen to your radio or you have apple music. i think we saw something very similar when chris christie tried to use -- >> you see this pop up every once in a while. a little more conservative or republican. i don't want you fixated on a dell. we have to go. oh, this thing. how did that get there. more after this. the local ♪
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>> looking very carefully at the situation. obviously, a major malfunction. neil: obviously, it was. what was so perplexing, 30 years ago today, 30 years ago today, a lot of people did not know quite what happened. it took a lot of time to sink in. america's space program was trying to die along with those astronauts. it was all downhill since. you could keep going back into space time and time again. looking at a routine event. the interest in it was weighed with the risks. now, there is a future in reusable rocket technology.
12:55 pm
popular. beyond that, the lessons we learned 30 years since. >> i think that some of the lessons we learned from the challenger, we can still apply today. you need to make sure that you do not let politics dictate that you must launch on a day where conditions are not good. engineers working on a product. wasting safety concerns. the people that are actually naming launch dates and communicating with the public. >> trying to find a private solution. that is the future. you hear these other astronauts. no, we have to keep thinking big. it has to be a big effort.
12:56 pm
companies like this, starting to take over more of the near earth missions. spacex will be delivering cargo and crew to the international space station. in the meantime, focusing on going deeper into space. it was a fantastic accomplishment. not just that, looking forward to ideas. focus on more distant exploration. neil: thank you very, very much. space travel has its risks. they are looking up. we will have more after this.
12:57 pm
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>> what is it about paris. what do you have? >> a baker rand found in his suitcase. 28-year-old guy trying to check into one of the hotels. now believed to be connected to edit all of core two the reports. he appear late try to pass his suitcase in one of the x-ray machines and they caught it. a couple handguns. a small to tell of her handgun. the koran was the other piece of evidence. >> thank you very, very much.
1:01 pm
going into the weekend of the big debate tonight. it is not on who is not there, but who is. there are all sorts of polls. we will get into that. presidential. the argument normally is, professor, every time a candidate avoids a debate, he or she rules the day. whether it is ronald reagan right before iowa, not wanting to be seen on the stage or, for that matter, you know, george bush junior, avoiding some initial debates, is that true? >> it often is. if we go back far enough, lyndon
1:02 pm
johnson in 1964 won by a landslide. richard nixon refused to debate in 1968. one both of those elections. he probably had been so burned by the jfk experience in multiple debates he had with him. it probably prompted him. he obviously went on to get elected resident without it. and reelect did without it. is it so crucial? since 1976, both candidates have debated in the general election. you could not able it a debate there and escape unscathed. that will be very on costly to the candidate.
1:03 pm
i do think that trump may be damaged a little bit. i do not think by that much. it goes on to win new hampshire higher. he may think that he is superman now. you will always win the nomination. that has been the procedure. jimmy carter started this 1976. he won in iowa. the victory in new hampshire higher. he was unstoppable at that point. if trump were to win iowa and new hampshire higher, very hard to stop. neil: i am probably dating myself. dropping out of the race. picking 1984. then there were following debates.
1:04 pm
he was a sizzling attacker. one of them got nominated. went on to lose. gary hart did well in the iowa caucuses. still lost in the end. you could lose either iowa or new hampshire higher and still win the nomination. if you lose iowa, you need to sizzle in new hampshire higher. you cannot lose both. there were exceptional circumstances there. the democrats did not offer their strongest field and it took them a while to sort it out.
1:05 pm
he lived to fight another day. thank you very much. >> thank you, neil. neil: a pretty good story, don't you think? when a big ego character comes out and the rest could fight it out, the darndest things can develop. marco rubio is hoping for his time in the sun. as is had crews. some of these polls show that work at rubio is in the very same position that rick santorum was. this was four years ago. marco rubio, maybe lightning strikes twice. >> that is right.
1:06 pm
what happens in vegas stays in vegas. it is really like and to an 812, rick santorum was was pulling. it was certainly possible that mark at rubio could do this next week. the characteristics of the iowa caucus goers and voters. it will be more clear. they tend to vote more conservatively than the rest. that would be the obvious outcome. you know that there may be a cinderella team waiting. what makes it so difficult?
1:07 pm
how can a candidate emerge? it seems that i will can be beneficial for democrats. jimmy carter, good example. not so much republicans. mike huckabee a good example. iowa has not had a tremendous history of success. predicting the gop nominee alternately over the last 20 or so years. rubio is a very skilled clinical operative. he has been running a very different kind of campaign. history will tell us if it is the right way to do it or not. one of the things he has been careful about is not to peek too early. that will show donors and also voters that he is running a very smart campaign.
1:08 pm
people have been waiting that out to see how that goes. the second thing is, iowa caucus voters tend to be more religious in many instances then maybe the broader spectrum of republican voters across the country. marco rubio has the same sort of message. that is something that he shares with ted cruz. it may not be as genuine. maybe more for political gain. he has that christian conservative message. he has a new type of campaign strategy. he has a broader potential. >> now is the moment. thank you very, very much. we have a jeb bush backer with
1:09 pm
us. all right. from a donor if. we shall begin with you. you have been in ted cruz's corner long before a lot of people even knew that he was running for president. i think this is a must win state. i think that americans are really looking forward to a showdown between two gunslingers ted cruz and donald trump. cruz has called drop a donald duck. who is he ducking from megan kelly? i don't think so. i know that that is a drill. let me ask you, i think it is a great opportunity for all of
1:10 pm
these other guys to braid then all the extra oxygen intake advantage of it. the other guys that are. what do you think your guy should do? >> writing that that makes a lot of sense. at the end of this day, the campaign is about growing and protect. who will protect americans from isis in these other threats. having a real debate of some sort. if he does not do well in iowa or new hampshire higher, at least finish in the top three. the bill clinton campaign
1:11 pm
recently. you may recall i am a history major from the university of them. this is a very interesting year. upset by the tactics of donald trump. as you get closer and people are getting closer to making decisions, it is interesting to see how the polls are changing. neil: ted cruz is close that checking the evangelical vote. they had packed donald trump. evangelicals gravitate to donald trump. not to ted cruz. still undecided.
1:12 pm
ted cruz is a great guy. i have played poker with him. i have played texas hold him. he played one card. i dink a number of people are interested in hearing him. neil: we will see. you are right. crazier things have happened. thank you both. good luck to you. >> we have everybody right now gathering against iowa. i am not there yet. bill clinton is wrapping up there. bringing out the big dog. just a magical politician. he can still bring in crowds. i think they had a percentage like 20% of americans who are alive today, i think it is president of the united states. this confirms something to me.
1:13 pm
time moves fast and, gosh, am i old. [laughter]
1:14 pm
1:15 pm
1:16 pm
1:17 pm
♪ ralph, you are still working on getting on the show. how is that going? >> okay. the problem is the adel, mike huckabee was using that hello song that has become popular. they do not like that. she is seen holding. she can get this. the albom i know what you are thinking at home. she is a rock star. hello. anyway. i am trying to get to the bottom of this.
1:18 pm
huckabee is only joking. she clearly has a great sense of humor. you name it. i am just trying to, you know, arrange a truce between the huckabee votes and adel. what are you laughing at. all right. i think i am a rabid fan of adele. i am reminded of her talent. kind of like supporters of bernie sanders. he is a rockstar. he is generating these huge crowds. feel the burn. you have seen it and heard it.
1:19 pm
what is going on with that and why is it happening? it is very possible that bernie sanders could pull a double. he could win not only new hampshire higher, but iowa as well. chris, good to have you. >> thank you, neil. bernie is resonating between students and even some conservative republicans. his message is pretty clear to people. they have to go through life every day. people now have to work two or three jobs to make ends meet. that is resonating. we think that bernie will do well in iowa. we think that he will do well everywhere. >> i agree and disagree with his positions. i interviewed him back when he was mayor.
1:20 pm
he is inconsistent. you may not like what he is saying. paying for college and things like this, he could not get it all from them. freely and openly about the middle class tax hike. it provides that you will get far more from that then you are paying. that is where conservatives and a host of others have said, that is the cynical issue. he is a goodhearted well intended liberal. you say what? >> i do not think he is clueless when it comes to money. they will be doing something with terms with that. he could try to stick with that.
1:21 pm
they are famous for adding names on. this $18 trillion debt. it gets uncontrollably huge. he will have to do working with people. looking at his record in the senate. he has been smart with republicans also. john mccain was one of the people that he worked with quite well. he will do whatever he has to do to make sure that he does what he says he is going to do. you may not like what he is saying. thank you, neil. i have one of the two players in the mike huckabee. one of the two.
1:22 pm
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1:25 pm
♪ ♪ neil: one of the most political ads i have ever seen. cease and desist. hello. we are averaging adele. we will have mike huckabee. it is a legal issue. if we had him on, we could both have this whole iowa thing backfire. possibly, land him in jail. i am just saying, and other artist is saying, hey, when it
1:26 pm
comes to this, is he on the phone? >> i am fine, neil. several police cars. [laughter] >> i think that adele is in the front car. >> she and i go way back. [laughter] i am not kidding. i thought that this was one of the funniest i have ever seen. obviously, they got back to your campaign. appreciating the humor and the tongue-in-cheek way. they say stop it and you have stopped it. >> i am not even sure that they contacted our campaign. we have not taken it down. >> are you a lawyer? this is protected free speech under the first amendment. political parody is protected.
1:27 pm
>> she said she will. she has been busy. >> i hear her saying, hello, it is me. i will take the call. you bet. because -- neil: they do not want them mixed up in a campaign. i think that it was ruth springsteen. what would you do? the difference between adel telling you that and her lawyers or people? >> we are not doing anything to make people mad. this is just humor. sometimes people need to get a grip and they need to get a sense of humor. some people loved it. some people quite frankly hated it. they thought that it was absolutely awful. >> i wish you well.
1:28 pm
i know adele. we go way back. she has a great sense of humor. i was talking to an attorney general. separately suing 29 other attorney generals. when i did touch on this thing, well, that is a slippery slope. if it was not a parody, if there's no money being made off of this, it is strictly a takeoff, a knockoff, it obviously is not her singing for heaven sake, saturday night live using the hello parody and made a hilarious things giving skit, there is a long-standing tradition and legal view that
1:29 pm
you are protected under the first amendment or political parody. when you say this is a slippery slope, i think that is when america loses its sense of humor and loses its ability to freely express political views, even some that abuse humor. everyone is so politically correct or overly sensitive. neil: on that part, i will agree with you. i want people to come to the caucus with me on monday. i downloaded the entire album, by the way. i should tell her i am fully invested in this album. she needs to know that i am not just somebody who is using hers long. i am a customer. she needs to cut me some slack. >> could be a future president of the united states.
1:30 pm
i know you are listening. governor, thank you. you have a very good sense of humor. look forward to seeing you in iowa. i know a lot of you are sitting at home. it is so stupid that you would think i have her on a screensaver. [laughter] hello. more after this. ♪ thanks. ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ cut it out.
1:31 pm
>>see you tomorrow. ♪ . . . .
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1:33 pm
neil: all right.
1:34 pm
the well the president is determined he says to empty out gitmo before his presidency is up. he is rapidly succeeding in doing so but some senators are threatening to cut foreign aid to the country in this latest case he is sending gitmo detainees, ghana. two are going there. there is no guaranties ghana will look after them to make sure they don't do anything bad. senator roy blunt concerned. good to have you. you're scrumping heavy on ghana. ghana doesn't have a whole lot of money. so you're threatening what? >> well i think it is important to try to keep this focused more on gitmo and what the president is doing than ghana. one thing we could do so ghana has to perform is have a penalty in their foreign aid if in fact these people return to the battle, if they're not kept under the kind surveillance that ghana promises. frankly looking at their internal detention sim, looks like they have plenty of
1:35 pm
problems problems already loading what we would could, i would hope, high value in a dangerous sort of way, detainees but the president no matter what congress says is determined to keep this campaign pledge, no matter how much the world has changed -- neil: why not go after other countries similarly taken detainees? why, i think it's a dozen countries now. why pick on ghana? >> i think ghana is the latest example of the president stepping out after we once again passed another bill that says the president can't close gitmo. the president can't transfer these people to the united states, to what is he doing now? the process of looking for countries that may or may not be asking for financial considerations from the united states to take these detainees but we know that at least the intelligence community says their estimate is 30% of all the detainees that have been let go from gitmo have returned to the
1:36 pm
fight. neil: no, no. no doubt about that. quite right about the recidivism rate. but the fact that ghana is one of the poorest countries around. >> i'm willing to extend this to every country. ghana is the count by about to receive. neil: your response is disproportionate to what you're doing. you say what? >> would be fine with me to extend the same penalty to every country involved though some of these countries are not taking aid, but may be worse places than ghana to send people just to meet a campaign pledge that will be probably as effective as his campaign pledge to get, to eliminate our presence in iraq which created chaos. there appear to be stepping back from the other foolish campaign pledge about afghanistan. neil: right. >> but putting these people back to the fight is not the right thing. whether it's ghana or any other country there should be some reason for them not to willingly wrap their arms around
1:37 pm
terrorists bad for their country and bad for what is happening in the world. neil: senator, thank you very much. >> you bet. neil: we're looking at retail sector now and after the bell with now the world's biggest retailer by volume amazon. reports after the bell and all other retailers are watching it very closely as our folks who see amazon itself as sort of a mutual fund on the pulse of the economy. after this. this weeks btv spotlight features
1:38 pm
parnell pharmaceuticals, parn on nasdaq. parnell is focused on delivering innovative solutions to unmetanimal health needs in the 70 billion dollar pet market. we have core competences in drug discovery and development, regulatory filings, we have our own fda approved manufacturing facility and we have a significant commercial presence in 14 countries. zydax is our lead compound that we've been marketing in australia zydax affectively regenerates cartilage and can literally save
1:39 pm
lives. we had one of our sales executives tell us a story of seeing a dog in a clinic that just four weeks earlier had been brought in to be euthanized. the pet parents had to carry the dog in, it couldn't even walk. after just four injections of zydax the dog was bouncing around in the clinic. we will soon launch that drug in the united states and also europe. parnell pharmaceuticals, parn on nasdaq. for the full interview go online. >> time for your fox business brief. airlines stocks are getting hit quite hard today in general. a couple of factors at play. number one you have oil prices and moving up so that as it shows at bottom of the screen would hurt the companies. price of oil going up. the second thing is this zika virus, the virus that prompted travel alerts for pregnant women especially in central america, south america, becoming a very
1:40 pm
big story this week the with that the airline stocks are getting hit. jetblue, actually strong earnings jetblue but still down almost 7%. america, delta, southwest, you get the idea all down with macrofactors if you want to call it in the market. look broadly at the market it is up. we're gaining5 points as stocks move higher with the price of oil. neil continues with the adele coverage, on "coast to coast" in a moment.
1:41 pm
1:42 pm
neil: all right, awaiting on two things today. adele, of course, and amazon, earnings after the bell. jo ling kent with expectations for a very closely-watched stock. >> amazon is expected to do really well. the stock is already up and earnings have not come out yet. popping 4 or 5% earlier. what you see here investors betting on prime. it is already in 46% households. neil: which is amazing. >> that is insane. cloud always does well for amazon. we're looking at fashion accessories. i knew this would really move you today. neil: this is how i role. >> you're a well-accessorized guy. you're not wearing apple watch. neil: i vary it up. it is on my ankle. >> amazon, looking for new ankle watch is trying to compete here in fashion, what you see is serious growth, a growth of 91%.
1:43 pm
neil: incredible. >> that has retailers like macy's very concerned about their expensive real estate, how well their stock is doing. this is definitely shaking up the broader retail landscape right now. you have amazon i can making bigger investments, you want to do photo shoot -- neil: like with adele. >> with adele with watch on your ankle. neil: that is how she roll. >> take all your key cues from her. neil: that is jo ling kent. i'm going to from that. right now, former jcpenney ceo. you know, alan, on the phone with us right now, you have got to wonder how amazon has gotten this big this fast? obviously as jo ling points out pouring a lot of money into infrastructure but how did the traditional brick-and-mortar guys, even with sometimes awesome websites compete? >> you know, neil, i think
1:44 pm
amazon is an outstanding company. it is a unique concept. much broader in terms of offering than what department stores today have or have had. so they can cover many, many categories. i heard previous guest talk about that. they do small portion of their business in fashion. much more complicated to do with internet. sizing manufacturers have, so size 8 from one different manufacturer, is doltly different from another. they do a great job. they don't have to make a profit over 20 odd years in business. each. department stores, walmart, have all been up against earnings guidance and earnings expectations. but i believe that, you know, that the retail world in particular this, last suffered in fashion business primarily
1:45 pm
because of the weather which was very warm. you can't sell fall clothing and heavy clothing when it is warmer. you also have a lack of tourism because of the devaluation of the dollar and devaluation of other currencies. those are two big issues. i would say in terms of responsibility for the industry, i got to have it merchandise. there is nothing exciting in the fashion world. neil: what does that tell you, allen, all of sudden high-end to jo ling's point, all of sudden amazon gaining traction that people on high-end will buy a lot of their high-end goodies off of amazon? >> the high-end goodies are not being sold on amazon. neil: not yet. not yet. >> you do not see chanel -- i don't think they want to do that. neil: they have pretty pricey stuff. maybe it is out of focus. >> i don't think you will find too much of what neiman marcus or barney's or sachs carries on
1:46 pm
amazon -- sax. it is responsibility of brand to overdistribute brand and you overdistribute and allow it to be carried in many different outlets not protective the quality of brand or fashion that deteriorates the brand. see what happened with the michael kors where they overdistributed. neil: very true. >> i think bigger problem is not the internet. all the department stores have their own internet. that is a grow hing business for them. the biggest problem that you have i believe for department stores and brands are the outlet centers. they're discounting and they're selling all kinds of product. you have brands kors or rainfall rainfall -- ralph lauren, they say go over here. they used to be 30, 40 miles from the big cities, now they're next to the mall. neil: that's true. today's giant could be tomorrow's, we'll see what happens. >> that is the great thing about the business.
1:47 pm
people are always coming up with new ideas. you have to come up with them or you're not going to be in business. neil: you're right about that allen, thanks for taking the time. we appreciate it. >> thank you. neil: allen questions strom. we should be hearing momentarily from adele. what a tease, huh? more after this. and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer.
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there's no limit to how much you can earn and this savings applies to every vehicle on your policy. call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. neil: in middle of everything going on this week, al qaeda, isis, other nefarious elements, all sorts of groups trying to form their own sort of corporate evil empire if you will to do god knows what. boko haram has already hooked up with isis. imagine if all these nefarious groups join together of dark avengers of evil, more than just
1:51 pm
a passing concern. retired general jack keane looking certainly what is going on as libya and isis, and al qaeda con to grow. good to have you, general. >> good to be here, neil. neil: how the groups compete with one another, one story i couldn't believe it was true, turns out it was true, they were competing how they recruit with pension plans and the likes. be that as it may, if they join forces, man, oh, man, that is whole different ball of wax? >> certainly, neil. they do have a common ideology, regardless of what country they're in or what organization they belong to. that is, in simple sense a radical islamic ideology and just about every single one of them believes in jihad or violence to achieve their geopolitical objectives. that is what they all have in common. there is certainly some competition among these groups. and i think what has got us concerned in libya is the beginning of formulation of a
1:52 pm
sanctuary in libya that isis is establishing, similar to what they have done so successfully in syria, neil. neil: you know what is weird too, general? seems like every time we get a chance to chat, which i love, something weird or dangerous or scary has happened. not only nabbing this guy in milwaukee planning god knows what, but even just this morning word out of france in paris, two terrorists caught trying to do something at disneyland paris. it's fair to say that there is a large network filled with many cells of people who wish us ill. how do we deal with that, if it is so entrenched and implanted globally? >> yeah, that is fundamentally the question. it is also the question that two administrations, one republican under president bush and now under president obama have failed to deal with. the political and religious
1:53 pm
ideology behind the radical islamic movement regardless what organization it is. tough go after ideas behind that movement. we don't have a comprehensive strategy to deal with that, that neil. even in 9/11 commission recommended that at least what we should do is form a global alliance to try to cope with it. and then put together a strategy to deal with that. unfortunately it is still not happening. i am hoping a new administration, republican and democrat, starts to face that number one issue that you put your finger on because until we do that, we are going to continue to chase this for a generation. neil: yeah. because it is officially whac-a-mole to your point. they're everywhere, i mean everywhere. general, thank you you, very, very much. >> good talking to you, neil. neil: you can imagine this is subject that comes up at the big debate tonight whether donald trump is there or not. of course this weekend when we're getting a pulse what is going on in iowa and how folks feel our iowa caucus coverage begins 8:00 p.m. eastern time. monday night, we're here till however long it takes.
1:54 pm
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1:58 pm
as effectively as she sold the album -- and, by the way, i downloaded the entire album. >> oh, me too. >> so i should tell her i'm fully invested in this album. >> and he's not the only one. connell mcshane. i mean an adele fan. >> trying to avoid this like the playing. but here i am. >> something creepy about you and huckabee, by the way. adele, it's okay. all right. so -- >> that's said. >> do i show you my picture i sent? >> earlier does have pictures all over his ipad that put you on a couch. >> you know, there's an argument if the singer's group doesn't want it, it's one thing. but if the singer says "no." >> really? this seems like a layup that he's right. it's a parody. >> right. >> like if it's a pair day like weird al, you would be in trouble.
1:59 pm
>> but bruce intervened. >> yeah. but that's his song. >> i understand. but he didn't want it. >> trump had some issues i believe with playing certain -- but those are the actual songs. >> you're not an adele fan. >> you said taylor swift. >> that was you -- you started that. >> you said you're a taylor swift fan. >> you said that. >> i can tell you swift is a lot longer than you. >> i'm fine saying i like taylor swift. my daughters like her. i did. i went to the taylor swift concert. there was nothing wrong with that. >> you're obsessed with her. >> i'm not obsessed -- >> look at you. >> you moderate presidential debates. this is embarrassing. you're killing us with this. >> really? okay. i'll stop. >> thank you. >> i feel like i accomplished something today. >> you did. adele will be joining us. my producers are, like,, oh,
2:00 pm
my god, it's coming my way. trish regan, she might be calling the studio. just pick up the phone. trish: been harassed by this guy neil cavuto. >> there you go. trish: connell, you can join my 6-year-old twin girls because they are very big taylor swift fans. >> perfect. perfect. i'm right there with them. trish: all right. thanks, guys. thank you so much. we are five hours, everyone, from the republican presidential candidates taking to the stage for their financial debate before the iowa caucuses i'm trish regan. welcome to the intelligence report. tonight is the big night. fox news is having that debate in iowa and just four days until the iowa caucuses. there are a lot of questions of who could emerge here. you don't have donald trump on the stage, so this could be a big opportunity for someone else, someone other than trump to really stand out. who might that be? well, new polls today have mr. trump leading in all three early primary states.


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