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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  January 28, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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my god, it's coming my way. trish regan, she might be calling the studio. just pick up the phone. trish: been harassed by this guy neil cavuto. >> there you go. trish: connell, you can join my 6-year-old twin girls because they are very big taylor swift fans. >> perfect. perfect. i'm right there with them. trish: all right. thanks, guys. thank you so much. we are five hours, everyone, from the republican presidential candidates taking to the stage for their financial debate before the iowa caucuses i'm trish regan. welcome to the intelligence report. tonight is the big night. fox news is having that debate in iowa and just four days until the iowa caucuses. there are a lot of questions of who could emerge here. you don't have donald trump on the stage, so this could be a big opportunity for someone else, someone other than trump to really stand out. who might that be? well, new polls today have mr. trump leading in all three early primary states. nothing nonincumbent candidate
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has been able to do. joining me now rnc chairman mike shields, and blake burman on the ground there in iowa. and, blake, i've got to start with you. what are people saying? what are you hearing about who might emerge here tonight? >> well, there's a couple of different ways that you can really approach this because of this donald trumpless debate, trish. one is the way that the ted cruz campaign is approaching this and hoping to emerge from this is basically altering the strategy. they tell me that yesterday when they were preparing for this debate tonight that they now expect their guy to be taking all the shots from all sides because donald trump is not up on that stage. everybody here is trying to emerge whether -- either to manage the expectations game going into the last four days or so or just to try to boost their standings as they head into the caucuses on monday
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night. but the cruz folks to me that they are planning for a different kind of strategy kneading tonight. especially as the relates to marco rubio. they feel that their guy is going to be taken on by rubio as those guys are running two and three in the polls. that's one way to deal with it is to kind of. change everything up. the other way is to go about it business as usual. and that is what the campaign of dr. ben carson tells me is their plan heading no, i do not all of this. even though donald trump is not going to be there. the carson campaign tells me that it will be business as usual for them in terms of debate strategy tonight. he actually -- the candidate himself dr. carson joked about this with maria bartiromo yesterday morning saying if anything changes from him, that he's going to give himself a little bit more enthusiasm. here was dr. carson. >> hopefully they'll be able to focus on everybody rather than a specific candidate. that's going to help quite a bit. and as far as i'm concerned,
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you know, as you saw in the last debate, i'm a little more aggressive. i'm going to get even more aggressive this time. >> even more aggressive he says. dr. carson was also shaking up his staff over the last month or so. so that could have something to do with it. i tell you, trish, i was listening to talk radio here. one of the political shows just a little while ago and a lot of people are still just talking about trump cruz and those undecided voters where they might go. so if ted cruz has a good night tonight, maybe he is the one to emerge and potentially steal some of those donald trump potential undecided. . trish: all right. we'll be watching. of course thanks so much, blake. i want to get back over to mike shields, and, mike, if you were running the rnc today, what would you be telling the candidates about how to position themselves going into tonight? >> well, i think there are a couple of things about the iowa caucuses. people that donald trump and
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some of these campaigns need to go performed joni here in 2016 run a very good ground operation, use data to find those last voters you haven't got an to who haven't showed up in the last vote. i think the more the turnout, the more the propensity of the voters. i think all the candidates are scrambling around to do that. evangelical voters play a huge role in iowa. you've seen the last two candidates, one of them had strong evangelical backing. so going into this last debate, there's also the last part a lot of undecided voters. so this is a debate in iowa for iowaians, and i think in television tonight, a lot of voters are going to be making their minds four days from the caucus. trish: you know, it is very much neck and neck there. donald trump and ted cruz. so, chuck, you know, one of the things i pointed to this rather historic move here by donald trump to be the only nonincumbent and winning these
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three early primary states. could that come undone, though? what -- what's the danger should i say in peeking too soon? >> it is an interest, i love the iowa caucuses, it's one of the few places just a few voters make such a huge difference, have to show up on a cold monday night, you have to stand in a gy gymnasium for several hours, yump has a lot of enthusiasm and supporters, but will they show up? it's going to be a testament to his campaign. if they do show up and even after tonight if they're still throwing rocks at a empty podium, it's going to change everything, and i don't think he will have peaked too soon, i think he may be unstoppable . trish: well, is there anything that can stop him at all, chuck? and i'll let mike follow up on that as well. >> i think so.
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i think that if he doesn't have a stronger showing tonight and then also when you start seeing people fall out of the process. when you see the establishment coless around one person rebuke right now they're all over the place and there's no antitrump or anticruz, and when that happens, a better show but will it be too late is the main question? . trish: if donald trump does actually succeed in getting the nomination as chuck suggestions, mike, what does he need to do to win the election? because there's some real concern that he's never going to be able to bring in minorities, hispanics, women in the way that, say, the democrats could. >> first of all, i don't think it's over if we have one candidate win the first couple of states. this is a long process. the way the map is drawn out this time, i think there's always going to be an alternative candidate that is going to emerge to whoever the front return is. that's been the history of these things. there's going to be a lot of move and history for these
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days, and it's going to feel this person is the nominee. that's not really what has happened in the past. we have a lot of contests coming up in quick order here. just on that point, i don't think one candidate is going to own this whole race by having won iowa. but, look, when i was at the rnc, we commissioned something called the growth and opportunity report, that was a look back at why we lost the 2012 elections. mitt romney carried voters over the age of 30 by 1.8 and under the age 30 by 5 million votes. basically the voters recommendations got to appeal more to young women, to minorities, to latinos, and to whomever the candidate is. i believe the party is going to nominate somebody who can do that, and i think that is something on the voters' minds, how did we win that election, how do we appeal in the future? and i think that's going to play a big role in the nominating contest and how we nominate. trish: it's a challenge. the whole thing with
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primaries, you've got to play to the base. and in playing to the base, sometimes you alienate the middle, but you need the middle in order to win the national election. >> trish, you could be a political consultant. i go around telling people this all the time. we have the same thing on our side if you run too far to the left, how do you bring them back in the middle? tonight the republicans are having a debate in the bellwether and the person who is leading decided he's not going to show up. that's how much the establishment is freaking out because there's someone not playing by the rules, making his own rules and ahead by 10 or 15 points in every state. i can't wait to see how this plays out because a lot of anxiety out there amongst republicans and democrats that are fed up. trish: good to see you. former rnc chief of staff mike fields and chuck, i'm going to see you again in a little bit. tonight is the big night. the gop contenders are going to be heading to our sister network. fox news. it all starts at 7:00 p.m. eastern. you do not want to miss it. all right. the economy sure
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to be a huge topic in tonight's debate. and of course in this election. investors have been feeling a lot of pain and especially since the start year s&p is down over 8%, the dow down over 9% and the nasdaq down over 11%. has a lot of voters very nervous. some are even worried that a recession is in our future. well, what's that going to mean for the shakeout here? forbes media chairman and chairman himself steve forbes. wonderful to see you. >> great to be you, trish, thank you. trish: where do you think we come out in this? do you think that recession is potentially in the cards for 2016? and if so, what is it going to mean for the candidates? >> i don't think we're going to go recession, i think we're going to stay in second gear. however, the rest of the world is going to be under a lot of pressure. but this is why this debate tonight is so important is the political uncertainty. what is going to happen after november? are we going to get pro growth
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policies, major reform on taxes, federal reserve and the like? or are we going to continue with what we have is now? or are we going to get a trade war? . trish: yeah, there's two different schools of thought in terms of how you can get this economy going right now and that's what's decided in november. >> well, the fact that bernie sanders has likes at all, even though it's remote that he's going to get anywhere, that's what the markets have to factor in. trish: yeah, i don't get that one because americans really do socialism? is that what you want? do you want to be venezuela. the best case scenario you can be one of the netherlands countries but i don't think most americans would really go for that if you put it to them. >> well, that's why bernie uses the socialist word less now. he sticks to things like free college. free health care. who can be against that? oh, i'm going to raise your taxes, we're going to save so much money in health care you're going to end up with a effective tax care. he disguises socialism as well
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as he should. trish: let me ask you about donald trump. because, you know, you've been in the new york area for some time. you certainly run across him. he -- he is doing his own thing of course tonight. what are has your experience with donald trump? how do you regard him right now? as a voter, as a businessman, as someone who cares deeply about the economy. >> well, i think what he has done is shown his gut is better than most political consultants in terms of running a campaign, which has been why he's a frontrunner. but in iowa they take those caucuses very seriously, they're very proud of them, even if you don't participate, this is one of the things that makes iowa unique. and by not participating in the debate, donald trump is showing disrespect. trish: for iowa. >> for iowa. so put aside ratings. what people are going to be looking at. they're going to be looking at these other candidates wanting
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to see if they may want to go to them. trish: uh-huh. >> and candidates who skip big debates like ronald reagan in 1980 and others in the past have paid for it by losing caucuses. trish: do you think he's going to lose it? >> it's a very good chance ted cruz will win it unless something dramatic happens tonight or donald trump shows up at the end. trish: and do you think if ted cruz wins this is going to be the turning point? >> i think it's going to be one of them we have to keep in mind is that this thing is extremely fluid. iowa caucuses in the last three or four days you see in the past enormous swings and supports. same thing in new hampshire. so the key thing is trump can spin. donald trump can spin that he lost iowa because unusual state, the caucuses are very complicated in all of that sort of thing. but then he's going to have to really double down on new hampshire. he cannot lose iowa and then lose new hampshire. trish: no. but it looks like he's going to win new hampshire. i mean he's -- >> yes. he's --
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trish: ahead in the polls right now. >> yeah. he's ahead and the question is who emerges from iowa. not just if ted cruz finishes first but is there going to be a surprise third place finisher or someone that does better than expected? . trish: because so many people have said this is pretty much locked up for donald trump. he's going to win the nomination. it sounds like you're not full of that. >> well, i've been around long enough to know -- if he wins iowa and new hampshire, it is over. trish: uh-huh. >> but if he loses iowa and then wins new hampshire, you still have a race and it all focuses on south carolina and then the big primary states, the big -- march 1st when they have the scc primaries and caucuses, enormous number of primaries in one day, that will be critical. but if trump winces iowa, we have a race, if he wins iowa and new hampshire, it is over . trish: who do you like the most? >> i'm still on the dating game. i'm still trying to find someone who combines what i'm looking for. others have elements of it. some i'm waiting for it to gel
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i hope. trish: well, tonight maybe we'll get some insight on that. >> yes. thank you, trish. trish: all right. pulling up the welcome map. deporting refugees after more than 600 women came forward saying middle eastern migrants sexually assaulted them. is this all a warning for us? plus later on the campaign bernie sanders poised for an attack. only four days until the all important iowa caucuses hear his strategy to take down clinton after this the biggest challenge for business today is not
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competition, it's protecting customer trust. every day you read headlines about governments and businesses being hacked, emails compromised, and intellectual
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trish: police have arrested a man with guns at disneyland paris. the suspect a 28-year-old man was arrested at the entrance
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of a disneyland paris hotel and was carrying a suitcase with two handguns, a box of shells, and a crayon. the man was stopped after the suitcase went through an x-ray machine and was arrested without resistance. the police are now holding his companion, a woman. meanwhile i want to turn to other security concerns happening in berlin, germany. law enforcement official telling fox news that there are hundreds of potentially violent radical islamists just in the city of berlin alone. including at least 50 former isis fighters. and throughout germany federal law enforcement estimates that there are 700,000 active fundamentalists who want to return to the original ways of islam. this as german lawmakers vote to make it easier to deport criminal migrants and sweden is now gearing up to deport up to 80,000 refugees. where are they going to deport
2:19 pm
them to? who's going to take these people? and, by the way, should this be a warning us to considering president obama wants to bring 10,000 refugees right into this country from syria and hillary clinton wants 65,000. kt mcfarland joins me now with her analysis of all of this. i mean here your plot doing a good thing. opening the door saying we're going to welcome a million of these migrants into germany and then what do we learn? new year's eve more than 600 women were sexually assaulted by these people in communities throughout germany. what is europe going to do about dealing with this? >> they're in a huge crisis. why? they can't send people back. in germany alone, half of the refugees don't have passports, don't have papers. so where are you going to send them back to? the other thing is a good half of them disappeared. they don't know where they are so the numbers you talked
2:20 pm
about of the potential radical islamists who are in germany already. who knows how many are there that you don't have track of. and the other thing it's now going to fracture europe. why? because they want to go to germany, they want to go to sweden -- trish: why not stay in italy -- >> because there's no jobs, not the kind of infrastructure to give them housing, social, with of benefits. they all want to go north. they think they're going to be welcomed and well treated and given a lot of goodies. on the other hand when they're getting sent back from sweden or from germany, where are they going to go? they're going to go back toit lieberman they're going to go back to greece, which can't afford them. which already has huge economic crises problems of their own. so i'm concerned what we're going to see -- not only today but flash forward six months when you have another wave of refugees in the spring, you could have tens of thousands roaming around europe with no place to stay, no paperwork, nobody wants them. trish: and we haven't even
2:21 pm
talked about all the isis fighters that they say are now in germany that they believe migrated to germany. how does this change the fabric of europe? >> well, you know, the numbers that you see where they're saying, well, it's only maybe a million refugees in germany and in the population 30 million, what does that matter? that's not the number to look at. look at the age cohorts. so if you have a million refugees who are the ages of 18 to 35 and male, what does the male cohort and the german society? less than 10%. so you're looking at a really big population demographic crisis going forward. trish: of young men. >> yeah. and, you know, think about it. how fair is this to the people who were the refugees? they're going into an environment they don't speak the language, they don't know the culture, they don't have jobs, far better to keep them in their own neighborhoods, own part of the world than bringing them into europe where we've talked about this culture clash. they know have pamphlets that they're handing out in germany
2:22 pm
which show a big x. >> uh-huh. trish: red x through a -- here's one of them right here. a man is trying to grab the woman there on the tush and there's an x through it because they're trying to say, listen, you cannot grab women just because they're not dressed in a berka. >> yeah. it's a real clark of cultures i think that gets worse. now, we don't have the same problems. first of all, we don't have the migration of refugees here, at least not in the same kinds that they do in europe. and we also assimilate refugees. we're the land of opportunity, the land of immigrants. the problem is multiculturism and political correctness that says don't assimilate. don't become an american. keep your own national identity and the result is -- well, what we're seeing in europe. trish: yeah, and national identity that views women completely differently than the western world does. i mean that's just not going to work. >> uh-huh. trish: and i think there's a real national security concern obviously as well. >> yeah. trish: for europe right now --
2:23 pm
>> big problem. there's the economic problem because the countries that don't have the resources to support them. there's a crime problem as you pointed out of what's happening. the cultural differences and then finally there's that national security crisis problem where terrorists are not only showing up in the refugee streams but will recruit from the refugee streams. trish: all right, kt, thank you very much. always good to see you. health officials warning that the zika virus is spreading explosive. spreads by mosquitoes and causes the babies to be abnormally small creating terrible birth defects. there's no cure and no vaccine. what you need to know to be safe
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trish: the kabul to the virus is exploding, the virus has an linked to thousands of birth defects in central and south america, detected in 20
2:27 pm
countries and 4 million new cases expected this year alone. medical aid team member dr. mark siegel, welcome. this sounds pretty scary when you hear about this. tell us exactly what the sika virus is. >> i want to put it in perspective because the who is only scaring people and they have a history of spreading exclusively is enough to scare anybody. the sika virus has been around since the 1940s. the same mysterious brands during a fever. it is in the gulf states in the caribbean in latin america, not in the north. it can take root in the gulf states and we have to be concerned about the united states. here is the good news. it doesn't make you that sick. it is up mild virus.
2:28 pm
you get a flu like symptom. you get red eyes, headaches, goes away, and no one has immunity to it. no one has immunity in brazil. you don't even get sick. why are we worried about it. because of birth defects, pregnant women, and in brazil over the past year 4,000 cases tragically where a person child born without a fully formed brain or smaller head and his horrible. >> would a woman as she has the sika virus if symptoms are not debilitating? >> that is why the travel advisories. women may not know they have it. women say this is the flu, it is hard to know they have this. you go to the caribbean, latin
2:29 pm
america, brazil, and where longer clothing, or insect repellent, they should be currently trying to wipe out the mosquito population in the gulf state, we have a lot of poor housing and have to wipe out these mosquitos. the problem is you could be pregnant, but chances are very low. if someone gives birth in a place like brazil, it is very low but the government of brazil and central america, and even in the united states you have to say we can't risk this. >> if you are a pregnant woman you should not be traveling to these areas. >> that is the advisory. i would never advise somebody to go somewhere and they get this problem. the chances are rare. it is a small chance you would get it but not serious. trish: the government in all salvador told women they would prefer that they not get pregnant for the next year to
2:30 pm
try to deal with this, good luck. they recognize this is a real problem in terms of birth defects. >> telling everybody not to get pregnant spreads fear more than a solution. travel advisories are wise. not sure about this idea of nobody gets pregnant. no one is going to listen to that anyway. public health officials have to spread reason and information here. i am telling you this is a mild virus in only of concern to pregnant women. i was going to the caribbean a few weeks from now and i am saying is it safe for me? trish: you are going to be okay. we don't want to -- thank you so much, good to have you here. coming up new worries for the clinton campaign as bernie sanders conceded going negative. what does he intend to hit her with? there's a lot out there already. what the sanders camp sees as her biggest vulnerability. we will tell you after this. announcer: a horrific terror attack in paris.
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then, a brutal act of terror here at home. it's time for a tested and proven leader who won't try to contain isis. jeb bush has a plan... to destroy them. and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven
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trish: a nice rally gaining steam over the course of the last 34 minutes the dow jones industrial average train up 140 points, part of the remaining 2 under armor and stand outs today and related to old oil, we salt will move higher amid news that opec and russia may cut their production of an earlier highs we saw earlier but at $33.22 a barrel. we will follow this market again
2:35 pm
trading higher, just off of highs of the session. the fight is on in iowa. known to the wire, the iowa caucus, hillary clinton has a slight lead over bernie sanders, 48% to his 45%. according to the latest wall street journal poll, this close race has sanders at a crossroads and considering the leasing an attack at his opponent before iowa head to the polls, peter barnes, republican strategist and democratic strategist the first to peter. does sanders said think putting out a negative ad is going to give him what he needs? >> according to the new york times, sanders gave an exclusive interview about this, yes, sanders has taken the high road in that kitchen been sticking to the issues rather than going negative against clinton but he has shown he is not above them when it comes to her ties to
2:36 pm
wall street. in the last democratic debate in south carolina, he criticized her for taking $600,000 in speaking fees from goldman sachs. sanders advertising team made two sets of commercials for iowa, one continuing feel-good spots, and clinton and wall street connections. and wall street attacks, and tougher financial regulations and prove she is not soft on banks. >> they are trying to stop me before i get too far. a lot of folks have tried to take me out before and i'm still standing and i will go right at the man to make sure they can't hurt us any more. >> in a statement in the last hour the clinton campaign called any negative ads by the senator's campaign a, quote, sheet last minute sneak attack
2:37 pm
and cynical political ploy. trish: is that what you are supposed to do in politics? going negative is part of what you do, she should anticipate this is coming. let's take a look at all of this and what might hurt the most and think about it. bernie sanders's whole platform, not much else to talk about other than income inequality and he hates wall street. the fact that she has a lot of wall street support, the goldman sachs bankers, they have come out and given her more money than they have given any other candidate, doesn't this actually released speak to what he is about? doesn't this helped him? why not do this a few days before iowa? >> who would have thought a 7-year-old socialist gadfly from vermont would cause the clinton campaign some heartburn? this is exactly what bernie sanders wants, helping the little guy and throwing big
2:38 pm
banks back, let's say this. if hillary clinton doesn't win iowa she will be shaking in her hands because bernie will turn the table in iowa. >> did you say shaking her pants suit? >> you got it. trish: that was a cheap one but we will move on. okay. she is shaking in her pants suit, if she loses iowa and she loses new hampshire, what happens in south carolina? >> her name is clinton and she has 100% name id, she has a lot of money. bernie can do really good and i agree there will be a lot of nervousness if he wins the first two but people have to remember this is a long slog on the primary side and she has universal name id and a lot of money i think bernie will have a lot of momentum and a lot of southern states with african-american latino voters coming, riding that wave out of there. we have never seen anything like that on the democratic side.
2:39 pm
>> nominating contests for independent events with the ability to dramatically change perceptions of candidates. hillary clinton doesn't have a sudden fire wall, that is a minority firewall. it bernie has a realistic shot at the nomination, he will win both contests. we will have more debates, other voters outside protective whites and learn about bernie sanders and like the bacon he is putting down. >> every debate about you and bacon because when you put down bacon folks in the south will hear you come from. trish: he is talking about free schools and colleges and free health care and someone to take care of your kids, parental leave, all of these things that probably do resonate with a lot of people until they figure out who will pay for this so easily.
2:40 pm
that is a thing to be fighting back against for her. it clearly pushing her more and more to the left. >> see at 17,000 people in did you, a iowa. he has hit the same vein ironically that trump has hit of going after people who feel they don't have a voice whether from the far right, far left or somewhere in the middle, that there disenfranchise, people are sick and tired of being sick and tired so they want to lash out. you see 1.5 different people give bernie sanders $27 and all these people showing up at trump rally because they don't feel they have not voice in the government and the wall street thing is a easy way to have a target and people who don't understand what wall street is, they are big bad painters, and -- >> i agree with you but what hillary clinton doesn't want is basically for bernie sanders to open a pandora's box and the only way for people to find out about bernie sanders and he has
2:41 pm
a realistic shot at the nomination is by bringing home iowa and new hampshire and without it is not going to happen and that is why hillary clinton doesn't want to have more debates but only on february 4th in new hampshire because bernie sanders has a 19 point lead. team can win iowa and absorb the defeat in new hampshire but can't have both and that is the real story. trish: you are so right when you say who would have thought this socialist, somewhat of a maverick from vermont would be as far along as he is right now, kind of feeling like 2008 deja vu all over again, different but similar. good to have you here. the iowa caucuses for the republicans and democrats four days away. fox business will have complete coverage. neil cavuto, everyone, heading out to the hawkeye state. is happening at exclusively right here on fox business all day monday february 1st. coming up, a rare victory over
2:42 pm
political correctness by of all people of french. my intel on what france and italy and the rest of the world about standing up for your own culture in the face of intolerance. action will be involved wind. be will see you here. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships,
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attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at can a a subconscious. mind? a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive? trish: checking markets, lots of
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green on the screen up 127 on the dow. off of highs of the session, triple digit gains and oil prices part of the reason we see this upside, they are surging as the russian government talks with saudi government and the rest of the opec nations about cutting production end seeing oil response to that gaining 3%. will is also on the rise. a lot of earnings news to talk about, facebook shares surging after reporting doubling its profits, and there are hitting record highs after reports that expectations of shares tumbling on disappointing guidance. we will be right back. might intel on the iranian president's trip through europe and france talking to iran when it came to lunch.
2:45 pm
2:46 pm
the net a lunch between the french and iranian president canceled because france will refuse to remove wine from the menu. the iranians demand a hello menu in keeping with their muslim faith, no alcohol, no vino. preparing the meals to the iran
2:47 pm
friendly it went against france's republican values, the french suggested a breakfast. it makes sense. would this be snubbed by the iranian leader, too gee, only give them your breakfast. the italians vacate, and and not to be offended by any of those masterpieces. i am asking why does cultural tolerance seem to be what were -- so 1-sided. declining the wine. and looking away from the naked statue. i would never go to someone's home and demand a special meal. out of good manners you show respect for their generosity. president ronny and the iraniuh
2:48 pm
iranians have a lot of work to repair relations with the rest of the world. they should not be in danger relations with the rest of the world. but they said no, no wine for me, that is today's intel. we are watching a rally up 112 of the highs of the session, nonetheless the triple digits. we will see you here. ♪
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2:52 pm
over to you, a lot of speculation that we could be heading into another recession. i haven't heard this much talk of recessions since the last recession. what is generating that? liz: we are going to get a read this friday on gdp. the atlanta fed slightly raised to 1% growth. and after-tax profits and corporations, and hit record highs last year and coming down in the fourth quarter, if you compare quarter to quarter it looks like we are in a corporate profit recession compared to standards in the prior quarter. what we are looking up right now is jpmorgan chase is one of four investment banks that are growing and cut their outlook for s&p 500 corporate profits and here is the way to look at it, gdp number, it backwards
2:53 pm
looking, the stock market is forward-looking, we could be in that u.s. economic recession in coming quarters. trish: where do you come out on this? do you worry about recession or just low growth? >> i worry very much about recession. don't take my word, check the markets. the market had a good day today but a miserable months. the dow jones ready skier is 1400 points off of its high. month ago we started the new year so the market is pricing in a serious slowdown if not an actual recession. this expansion felt like a great expansion so imagine how bad a recession would feel. to me is about energy, all roads lead to crude. if we are going into recession is because we lost the energy sector, the only segment of the american economy that was firing on all cylinders. it liz: if that happens that the u.s. goes into recession then you go to hear that the federal
2:54 pm
reserve do something, what would that mean? don't hike four times this year, just won and done or quantitative easing, what will the fed do if wall street start saying we are in a recession? >> two different things could happen, you could go to negative interest rates which happened in europe before. liz: ben bernanke talked about that. trish: that would be scary if we did that. another scary thing is q e 4. print more money and hope for the best. liz macdonald, we learned last time around no matter what the fed does it is affecting only on the margin. is not able to really generate -- liz: you, file error hedge fund -- we are in it-fuel cycle the last decades and that is what he has been talking about since the financial collapse and we are still working our way out of it. he is the guy to watch.
2:55 pm
he is something i have been reading about, how sticky it is to get out of the balance sheet recession. >> you have to pay attention to him given his track record or how successful has been a how much money runs the your point of the fed has proven that it is feckless but what is the answer? how do we get to launch? the answer is lower taxes and more regulation? if republicans win the fall both of those happen and you can see the dynamism of the american economy explode. it won't happen before them. liz: with 4% economic growth not out of the realm of possibility, since world war ii, 4% economic growth. it is not normal to see 1% or 2% is successful or the way it should be. >> i certainly hope we are not going into recession but a good point from all of you. you went to my high school.
2:56 pm
trish: different time of course. big gop debate and our own sister network fox news all starts at 7:00 p.m. eastern. you not want to miss it, we will see you back here after this.
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2:59 pm
>> lots of green on the screen, up 111 points, off the highs we saw earlier in the session but nonetheless investors responding positively to the fact that
3:00 pm
opec is now talking about potentially cutting production. they like the sound of that. because less oil out there, it means the oil prices will go higher, which you saw in today's market trading up about 3%. that is lending a helping hand we've got one hour to go, everyone. liz claman is walking you through it. liz: thank you, trish, all systems go on wall street as trish articulated. green dominating the screen, dow jones industrials moving higher by 114 points as facebook, under armour, caterpillar all beating the streaks. helping the market move higher. oil as you know has been surging, did settle up for the third straight day. up nearly 27%. it is pushing the dow over 16,000. the s&p 500 over 1,900, but also first-time jobless claims too that are helping this market. now, while wall street rides the waves, the center of the political universe is des moines, iowa right now. where tonight republican presidential candidates will answer the tough questions


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