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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  January 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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over 160 clydesdale horses where he will learn how to make super bowl viewers cry with the annual commercial. that comes not this weekend but the following weekend. >> that's right. always fun part of the super bowl. now they have a new foal. how cute. david: a lot of people watch for commercials. that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now. deirdre: gop frontrunner donald trump will not participate in the fox news debate tonight n a fiery interview with bill o'reilly trump defended his decision. >> i think you should forgive not only journalist who is come at you in ways you don't like, but i think you should be the bigger man and say you know what? i didn't like it. and you should make that case all day long. but, i'm not going to take any action against it. you know, don't you think that is the right thing to do? >> it probably is but you know it is called eye for an eye i guess also. you can look at it that way.
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>> no, no no. old testament. if you're christian the it goes out. turn the other cheek. right here. >> take it more seriously than i am. i am not taking it seriously. i will have a wonderful time tomorrow night at 9:00 at drake university. >> but you -- deirdre: other gop contenders want to take advantage of trump's absence. >> we've got a venue at western iowa tech. it is already reserved. i told donald he can invite half the people. we'll invite half the people. i think anyone that wants to win the eye iowa caucuses owes it to show humility and answer voters questions. >> if donald trump actually believes is treated unfairly by the press that is pretty laughable. >> shows when he gets criticized he can't take it. that is a shame. i don't think as president you will take it that way. >> i have got a double win. i'm in the main debate and don't with to put up with donald
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trump. i don't think he added much of substanes. i don't think he is really conservative. >> he has a right not to come. you can't force someone to come. i think voters in iowa deserve to know what the next commander-in-chief will do and that's what these debates serve with the opportunity to answer that question. deirdre: with hours to go before the fox news republican debate, kaley mack men any is with me now. kaley, with trump out, what does it mean for the other candidates? what message do they want to get out with one less candidate on the stage? >> if there is one name of the game this evening and it's still the trump vacuum. trump's absence leaves a huge vacuum for a powerful voice to step in to be hero of the debates winner of the debate. trump has won the last six according to polls. tonight there's a vacuum. if you ask me ted cruz and chris christie are really kind of poised to fill that vacuum. chris christie overlooked in a lot of debates but he has very
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strong dominating personality. done exceedingly well. likewise ted cruz. they have that kind of domineering personality that can fill the trump vacuum. you will see a lot of bickering as well and targets at trump, invisible man who is not at the debate but he will still be hit from all sides. deirdre: kaley, talking about bickering, lots of conflicts. some pairs we're expecting whether it is direct or at a different time, cruz versus rubio. rubio versus bush. which candidate has to hit the hardest and how? >> i really think rubio has to hit the hardest because the latest poll that came out today, "wall street journal" poll, showed rubio at 15%. he is poised to have a strong showing in iowa, to be that third place candidate, by the way would make him the establishment candidate because you have cruz and trump vying for conservative and tea party vote. the real question who is the
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establishment guy. kasich rising in new hampshire. rubio third in iowa. if rubio hits hard and he is poised to overtake kasich in new hampshire and really be the conservative establishment guy. deirdre: more conversation on the topic to come. hold that thought. we need to tell our viewers about a hotel at disneyland paris a potential target. french police arresting a man carrying two guns, a box of shells and a koran. officers are hunting a 28-year-old man's female companion. so he is in custody to be clear. she is believed to be on the run. fox news military analyst, retired lieutenant colonel bill cowan is with me now. colonel, this is a preliminary investigation that shows apparently it is not linked to terrorism. the man said he carried weapons because he feared for his safety. what is your take? >> i think that is pretty lame
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excuse. don't we all carry guns when we go to disneyland? i would dare say this does have a ways to go but it will be very difficult that he was walking into their version of disneyland with a couple guns for any reason other than something nefarious. i commend the french authorities for being able to grab the guy. deirdre: for what it is worth i happen to believe with you. i have seen other journalists write, the guy had handguns basically in equivalent of a backpack. there are natural screening points. or he didn't think it is true or what he is saying is true? >> didn't think it through either way, deirdre because he should have known he was going to get caught. you know, again i think this investigation may indeed show that this guy had something nefarious in mind. we don't all carry guns around because we're worried about our safety. that is a very lame excuse. at best i think he had something going on, something he wanted to do and hoping he would be able to accomplish it.
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deirdre: i heard what you said, colonel, the fact french police got ahead of this. they stopped him. they arrested him. speaking of which the fbi arrest ad milwaukee man accused of wanting to attack a masonic temple. are we getting better at policing both sides of the atlantic? >> i think we are. the french after the paris attacks have gone way out on their intelligence ability to help them identify and locate potential terrorists. deirdre, here in the united states, i can not give enough credit to our law enforcement and intelligence personnel. hardly a week goes by when we don't see reports of two or maybe three people, somewhere across the united states, being arrested for it being in the middle of planning or plotting some kind of an attack somewhere. that is just good, diligent work on part of law enforcement. and i think we have to be grateful for that. certainly some day something is going to happen. it won't be because of our
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fellows, our people were not working as hard as they could to make sure it didn't. deirdre: question of manpower, and question of being able to hire extra people from what i understand as well. lieutenant colonel bill cowan, thank you as always. to the market, amazon down around 15% after hours. of course the company missed across the board. so it missed on top line. it missed on the bottom line. i'm bringing in jonas max ferris with me now. jonas this, was well-beloved stock last year. i was going through many soft metrics. overall sales and profitability have improved. third straight profitable quarter for amazon but they missed targets. what is your take on the stock? is that an opportunity to buy? >> they didn't miss their shipping costs targets. that keeps going way, way up, how much they spend ship nothing people, especially prime customers. the stock was expensive last year it was already expensive. one of the few very hot stocks in the stock market. everything else was down.
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basically doubled. put it in perspective, not that far off apple's market value, apple earned last quarter what amazon learned in the whole quarter in 48 hours. it is wildly expensive. every year this stocks takes a big dive. when is the profit coming. bezos goes, later later of the we're growing with shipping. many more years he is basically a shipping company. that whether it is through airplanes or however he will do it, little helicopters it will cost a fortune to become ups essentially. there won't be big profits like an apple or reason like facebook but the growth is there. a lot of people are adopting prime. 50 million people or something are prime members now, pay $99. there are good signs there. i will say the web services overvalued. that whole thing is tied to the startup boom in venture capital. even though that is highlight i want to say, that is questionable business model for
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growth next few years. deirdre: you're right, jonas. prime music tracked really well, and fire tv, watch basically almost 1000 different channels, run apps, play games. that seems to be the fastest streaming service as far as growth goes in the u.s. i want to talk about what you just mentioned this cloud, awf. seems like they're adding asia, a new region of canada. maybe even if a tech boom is slowing here in the u.s., do you think it is picking up in asia? >> if it has been it won't be for long. they mentioned they had currency issues related to their profits. it has been a huge success for them. they're beating so many competitors. microsoft is doing okay but not as well. i want to say that a revenue model tied to success of other cloud businesses and apps. that is a great business, growing very fast. if that was stand alone business it might be worth 50, $100 billion because of potential growth. like the dot-com bubble of '99,
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all startups can't get financing and all apps collapse, there will not be such a demand. then they're competing with microsoft and lower prices. not such a great business. all that is shining star with profit growth and revenue growth, it is still a small part of the company. i'm concerned overall tech boom might be phasing out globally as far as overall growth. deirdre: good opinion on amazon and its decline. i want to check in with you on microsoft and other big market moves today. catch up with you in a bit. meantime europe's refugee crisis is in crisis. sweden may kick out 820,000 refugees. -- 80,000 refugees. my next guest says we should think about refugees as well. crackdown on hover boards. raining down on december's hottest gift. health organization warning that the zika virus carryied by mosquitoes, is spreading
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explosively. their terms, not ours. a doctor tells us how you can detect it elf. >> last year the virus is detected in the americas where it is spreading explosively. as of today, cases have been reported in 23 countries and territories in the region. i think it landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪
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don't get stuck on hold. reach an expert fast. comcast business. built for business. >> last year the virus was detected in the americas where it is now, explosively as of today, cases have been reported in 23 countries and territories in the region. the level of alarm is extremely
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high. deirdre: world health organization director general issuing a dire warning on the zika virus. it has links to severe birth defects and showing up in the u.s. the cdc confirmed 31 cases and is forecasting as many as four million people could be affected worldwide. dr. kelly powers is with me right now. in private practice in connecticut. >> great to see you, deirdre. thanks for having me back. deirdre: to what extent to people need to be concerned about now. in connecticut and new york we're -- >> public awareness is always good thing but public panic is not. important to know the symptoms. giving us idea what symptoms to look out for. fever, acute onset fever, myalgia, joint pain, loss of appetite, dehydration, excessive sweating. things similar to fever or
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common colds but if -- deirdre: that is what is tricky. these are common symptoms for almost anything. but real risk really for woman who are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant, right? >> that's right. deirdre: everybody else the risk is low they will have sustained long-term damage. >> correct. if you travel to one of the endemic areas, subtropical, tropical, south america, central america, you recollect being bit by mosquito or showing some of those symptoms, present to primary care, e.r., infectious disease. it is showing human-to-human contact is rare however we're not really sure yet. mostly mosquito-borne and transmitted through a mosquito itself. deirdre: all 30 u.s. residents have confirmed case actually traveled to brazil, other parts of south america, right? >> that's correct. deirdre: governor of el salavador urged women to postpone pregnancies for two years. does that strike you as extreme? >> this so new, we're learning as we go. two years might be a good mark.
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however there is some talk from the department, university of texas showing that incubation period is 12 days. and it is staying in the system for approximately three weeks. deirdre: okay. >> so still really new. deirdre: seems like a precaution. i understand what you're saying. early days and in the spring my guess you will have a lot of people knocking on the door of your office. >> perhaps. >> doctor, thank you so much, joining us there. she is in private practice in connecticut. moving on to the markets, facebook founder ceo, mark zuckerberg now the world's sixth richest person. if you look at facebook stock you will know why. it is up more than 15% in the regular session. blowout earnings, beat on sales. beat on earnings. beat on acquisitions. and customer ads. jonas max ferris back with me now. jonas, users, they even log more users than they thought they would. is the sky just the limit for facebook? that was remarkably good earnings and revenue report.
5:18 pm
really market needed, including tech stocks and facebook are having a tough time this year. it shows you, gawk appeal looking who is the biggest, richest people, tells you a lot what is going on. they make $1.25 a customer. less than five dollars a year. richer than larry ellison and koch brothers oil, because they have a billion 1/2 customers. that is way internet is going. you make very little money from some people versus selling expensive database program or computer systems like 1990s tech guys like larry ellison, who is still wealthy and owns more of his company today than a facebook company started a few years ago. one is 40 years older than zuckerberg i hate saying talking about $50 billion in personal wealth, donating 99% a way. larry ellison put as lot of that into yachts and private islands.
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deirdre: everybody makes his choices and her choices. jonas, back with me shortly. warrant to get your take on microsoft. thanks for the facebook take in meantime. fed officials seized more than 16,000 counterfeit hover boards worth $6 million. if they had been sold in the u.s. the government has been on lookout for counterfeit boards after reports that substandard batteries in the products were prone to catch fire as you're seeing right now on your screens. europe's refugee crisis is getting more intense. sweden may kick out 80,000 refugees. my next guest says the u.s. should rethink it is position as well. noer to just drug hiker ceo, martin shkreli maintaining bad boy image. what he did this time that has people very annoyed with him. walmart shutting down 154 stores today, causing what some
5:20 pm
people are calling food deserts across many towns in the u.s. my next guest says minimum wage was a big part of that equation. [shouting] >> walmart, walmart, you're no good. treat your workers, like you should, walmart, walmart, you're no good! the microsoft cloud allows us to access information from anywhere. the microsoft cloud allows us to scale up. microsoft cloud changes our world dramatically. it wasn't too long ago it would take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome. now, we can do a hundred per day. with the microsoft cloud we don't have to build server rooms. we have instant scale. the microsoft cloud is helping us to re-build and re-interpret our business. this cloud helps transform business. this is the microsoft cloud.
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deirdre: sweden is xcelling 80,000 asylum seekers after multiple attacks including one where a refugee murdered a young female worker at a migrant camp. milwaukee count sheriff david clark is with me. sheriff, thanks in advance for the time. is this murder, which is tragic and other incidents, one example, there was a mother attacked in front of her children on a subway platform, what can sweden do or what can the u.s. do to learn from the swedish example? >> what a disaster this syrian refugee crisis has been, a
5:24 pm
direct result of the failure of the obama foreign policy and what he has done in syria or has not done. there was a chance early on to get involved in this situation, get out in front of it, create some safe haven in syria. if you had to airlift in food and supplies, that is all a good thing. but, to keep these individuals in their own country. you don't have language barrier, the culture shock going to another country. now they're scattered all over the world and now everybody else's problem. i think that -- deirdre: talk about the safe zone now it makes -- you said that before but now it makes more sense than ever. it seems there is language barriers, to your point. there is cultural barriers. these european countries are really struggling. >> well there is no doubt about it. there are no records to check these individuals against anyway. james comey, the director of the fbi admitted as much. i think it is reckless on the part of the obama administration
5:25 pm
to ask the american people to assume this sort of risk. look, we owe the syrian refugees, when i say we, the american people, we owe them nothing. if we do this in orderly fashion, that's fine. but these are special circumstances. there is nothing wrong with pushing the pause button on this thing until we get our arms around it. right now we can't. deirdre: i was just going to say, sheriff, do you think that is likely to happen, seeing all these examples across europe? do you think the obama administration will in fact hit the pause button? >> no. he is hard-headed. there was a chance in congress but the democrats, everyone of them filibustered, just putting a pause on accepting of these syrian refugees. so that political battle is going on in the congress right now. i'm hoping that mitch mcconnell and paul ryan stand fast and stare down the obama administration as i said, it is reckless to ask the american people to assume this sort of risk.
5:26 pm
any policy developed out the congress and the white house has to err on the side of caution and protecting the american people, not pity for the refugees. deirdre: yeah. it will fall on local law enforcement officials such as yourself, if these plans do go through. sheriff david clarke, thank you so much. we appreciate your perspective. sheriff clarke joining us there. >> my pleasure. deirdre: according to page six of the "new york post," notorious drug hike ceo martin shkreli threatening to destroy property. here's the catch. something he owns. one-of-a-kind wu-tang clan album. he bought it at action for $2 million. he was arrested for fraud and conspiracy charges for running his company like a ponzi scheme. he is out on bail. he will testify before a drug congressional hearing this tuesday, but meantime threatening to destroy this album. teen girl under fire on a crowd funding website after she asked strangers to donate $3500
5:27 pm
to buy her a car. my next guest says, she should try getting a job. new photo will renew your faith in humanity. find out what happened when this truck teetered over a hillside. walmart as well shutting down stores, 154 to be exact. creating what people are calling food deserts. more details coming your way. thanks. ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪
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[walmart walmart you are no good] deirdre: walmart is closing 154 stores in 13 states today. almost 10,000 people will lose their jobs. minimum wage workers like you just saw on the screen are according to my next guest partly to blame. deirdre: are you telling me they wouldn't pay minimum wage and run a profitable business? >> i got my first job working at a pizza place for minimum wage. the pizza sthoch was owned by
5:33 pm
guy who used to be a pizza worker. deirdre: that's a local store. the waltons are one of the largest stores in the u.s. >> government handouted are their bread and butter. their employees are able to get by because of welfare benefits and a lot of their customers rely on food stamps. the people who are elderly are going to be impacted. the minimum wage hike is hurting the poor and walmart is not exactly the good guy in this situation either. deirdre: what do you see if you have see any role of unions in this situation? >> the seiu service employees
5:34 pm
international union, they have weird things going on. they have been pushing fight for 15 which has caused people to lose their jobs all over the country. at the same time they are fighting for immigration. they are bringing a lot of people who don't have the skills who will be competing for these $15 jobs. deirdre: chris, thank you. one american town feeling the loss. coal hill. residents will have to drive 15 miles to get to a supermarket and pharmacy. mayor, you have a population of just over 1,000. how many people in your town are losing their jobs because of a walmart closing?
5:35 pm
>> there was 32 employees, i believe. i know the manager moved on to a different store and the authorities -- they are trying to move some of them but some of them will be out of a job. deirdre: how devastating is it to the community. are they worried about being first away from a pharmacy and fresh produce? >> our town is a small town with a convenience store and dairy queen. this was the only grocery store within 15 miles. it was our only source of family. it's deficitting to our town. deirdre: i ways just speaking with a reporter. we were talking about this issue of minimum wage.
5:36 pm
>> it was pulling a lot of business from the super centers. they are bigger stores. that's just my opinion. i think they are building the neighborhood stores. when they build a store in the next county in a bigger city. our city is 50% elderly. they could walk to the pharmacy. it's devastating for a little town. deirdre: it will change for the worse for those citizens. we wish you luck. thank you very much. ride-sharing companies such as uber have recently been surround by violent imagery. one parent is speaking out about a ridesharing app just for kids.
5:37 pm
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>> i know that i will be a better president because of way learned here in iowa. i'm asking all of you to go to the caucus monday night. because if you stand up for me then, i'll stand up and fight for you as hard as i can. >> if there is a large voter turnout, i'm not saying we can do with barack obama did in 2008, i wish we could, but if there is a large turnout, i think we win. deirdre: hillary clinton and bernie sanders are in a tight race.
5:41 pm
according to the latest quinnipiac poll bernie sanders has a 4-point lead over hillary clinton. eboni williams is joining me. does senator sanders have a chance to win iowa? >> absolutely he does. for months we have been situation is he going to do in iowa. because of the active participant event that it is, i think he will do quite well. we see he's dominating hillary clinton in new hampshire. that's quite a running start for the senator from vermont. deirdre: he had much lower if any name recognition for hillary clinton before this race started. both candidate on the democratic
5:42 pm
side have pitched significant tax hikes. how is this working for them? >> it's working for them great among the democrat voters. they have fallen so far left that it's astonishing. 49% of democratic voters prefer socialism or identify with socialism. that's why you see bernie sanders proposing a 77% top marginal tax rate and in his life he proposed 90%. they are proposing the highest capital gains taxes we have had in history. you see hillary clinton struggling to keep up. the on way you can win what primary is if you go so far rest we become norway and switzerland and denmark. derequire' an outliers campaign.
5:43 pm
tonight tune in to fox news for the fir debate. tock business will have all-day coverage of the iowa caucus. microsoft up 2% in this post-market session. jonas is back with us. we talked about facebook and amazon. microsoft is really moving. is microsoft new again? >> amazon is down. microsoft the expectations were so much lower than amazon. there was growth in the area they were competing against amazon, the web services.
5:44 pm
it's a third of the size. the pc area is shrinking. the phone area is a disaster. there are some strong areas. the company in general earnings are down year over year. but if you have an area is growing, that's all tech investors want to see. the surface, the tablet that in the future might be the only pc with windows did well, almost 30% sales. so there is enough in there that would make you okay on what's so low priced stock in the tech base. deirdre: they are calling a breaded hoax. mcdonald's customers on social media loudly complaining monthsg mozzarella sticks don't have mozzarella.
5:45 pm
the $2 menu. they are also available at their own price, a dollar for three sticks. but customers are finding out why. uber, ridesharing companies recently surrounded by violent image are you. look at oil prices, they rose today.
5:46 pm
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. deirdre: there is a new startup called hop, skip and drive. it lets parent schedule pickup types for their -- types for their children. there are questions as to whether it is safe for kids to be driven around by complete strangers. parenting expert and concerned mother erika katz is with me. what do you make of this service? is it different than letting a kid ride on the subway with friends? >> it's different in different parts of the country. we have gotten used to services like uber that we think it's safe. would you let a stranger go into your kid's school and sign them
5:50 pm
out and take them to ballet class? deirdre: in schools in new york city a child cannot sign himself or herself out until 12 years old. but you are permitting a child to get into a moving car with a stranger. >> who is this person driving your child? they say they are vetting them. but one of the services on vets them on the phone. in different parts of the country they are on the highway. how old is this driver? is the driver male or female. i have a 12-year-old daughter and she is not getting in a car with anybody. dewere when you say vetting on the phone, i hope it's after doing a background check for a criminal record. >> sure they are doing background checks. but the other app says they are meeting somebody in person.
5:51 pm
when you call uber, you can call the drive. but try to call an app. you can't call an app so who is responsible if something goes wrong. you don't know what's going on. i just wonder who is responsible? is there someone overseeing it? if this is happening i want to talk to somebody now. deirdre: i take your point on familiarity being a slippery slope. just because adult use uber it doesn't mean it's age appropriate. oil down for the year, up huge today. but coffee down, prices over 30% in the past year. don't expect it to make a big different at starbucks or anywhere else. what is driving coffee prices lower? >> well, there is a general
5:52 pm
commodity collapse that almost every commodity is down as much or more than coffee. starbucks isn't a gas station. also the demand is there. it's not like we are in a recession and people can't afford the latte ma macchi, tos. we are not in a recession like in '08. where you have to launch cheaper products, not more expensive products like starbucks is doing. deirdre: starbucks had one of its best quarters ever. >> you a pound of coffee is less than a pound.
5:53 pm
there is minimum wage that does filter down to companies. you have rents that are high in urban areas where starbucks needs to be. you have got healthcare going up, pharma care. and the consumer is going to pay the premium prices. this does save them money per cup. deirdre: a teen girl under fire, asking strangers asking strangers to donate $3,500 to help her buy a car. my next guest said she should just get a job. ma he is releasing dolls with three new body types. radio host david, he says the barbie backlash is overblown.
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deirdre: a teen is facing backlash for setting up a crowd funding page to help her buy a new car. she set up a page asking for $3,500 to buy a car, and promised to donate 10% to charity. the young girl seemed to miss the sarcasm and asked, what's the place. he said it depends on your area. places hiring near me. >> it's economics and social media.
5:58 pm
you hear this a lot. gofundme. people want to start a business, help others. this teen tiectd wrong. you have got to learn more as a teenager and got a lesson on go get a job and earn it. deirdre: it's an important lesson in general. >> public shaping. others said whoa. teens work, they help out around the house. in winter they are out there plowing, shoveling snow. deirdre: barbie has gotten a makeover. there are three new barbives, curvey, tall, petite. what if these don't sell, does it matter for mattel? >> is there a deirdre barbie? if i look at it from the business standpoint, barbie
5:59 pm
reflecting the diversity in the market? does it appeal? if it doesn't sell make adjustments. but at least we are past the silly stories that she has to be 7 feet tall. deirdre: what about playing with other things. legos. >> i this tonka toys and playing with a yo-yo. kids will play with g.i. joe or other action figures. get them to play outside. it starts with getting rid of recess. look at the cop in jacksonville who started playing basketball with the kids when he got a noise complaint. deirdre: thank you so much for the time. david web joining me on barbies
6:00 pm
and getting a john. thank you for joining us on risk and reward. making monemaking -- "making moh charles payne starts now. charles: we are one hour away from the final gop debates. who will be the star in tonight's debate? and will it be the last stand for some candidates? of course it will be. >> just an hour way. not only is this the final debate before the iowa caucuses. but it's the first presidential debate near the state of iowa where they take their politics very seriously. these candidates can make a final impression on these caucus-goers who are notorious


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