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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 28, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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rubio has been drafting. anyway, thanks a lot. going to be fantastic. byron, have fun out there, buddy. >> thank you, charles. charles: thank you for watching, every night, 6:00 p.m. if you can't see the show, dvr it. now the man himself. lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. republican presidential candidates getting ready to take the stage for their final debate before the iowa caucuses monday. brand-new polls out of the three early voting states show donald trump still leading in iowa, new hampshire and south carolina. senators cruz and rubio follow in second and third place in iowa and south carolina. and in new hampshire it's cruz and kasich and then rubio tied for third place there in new hampshire. we'll take all of that up with our political panel tonight. joining us national review's rich lowry, the blaze's amy
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holmes, including senator jeff sessions who has had significant influence on donald trump's views on illegal immigration and international trade. also tonight, the bernie sanders campaign raising questions. important questions about microsoft's involvement in the iowa caucuses. is iowa's voting system rigged? that's essentially what concerns senator sanders. what is microsoft up to here? the technology giant rolling out new apps for the iowa democratic and republican parties, trying to help precincts vet and report results. senator sanders' campaign manager in iowa says a number of high-profile microsoft employees have contributed to hillary clinton, and that quote, you'd have to ask yourself why they'd want to give something like that away for free? end quote. politics. so cynical. we'll take up that question and more here tonight.
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top story, the final republican debate before the iowa caucuses. front-runner donald trump not, there but will cast a shadow. fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron in des moines with our report. >> reporter: in the absence of donald trump, tonight's debate presents opportunities for all of the rest of the field. the latest nbc "marist poll" in iowa has donald trump at 32 point, ted cruz at 25 and marco rubio at 18. given the poll's margin of error means anything can happen on caucus night. in new hampshire, trump has a bigger lead and cruz, rubio and john kasich are virtually tied for second. in south carolina, once again, it's trump, cruz, rubio. cruz has been mocking the no show billionaire. >> apparently, mr. trump considers megyn kelly very, very scary. [laughter] >> and you know donald is a fragile soul. >> reporter: even before he got
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into the race, rubio was meticulously planning this moment for more than three years so he would not peak too soon, he's amps up the hopeful vision stage. >> we're going to win because i will unify the party. >> reporter: the cruz camp has a new ad out attacking rubio on immigration. >> marco rubio was part of a gang of eight trying to secure amnesty. >> reporter: super pac ads for rubio and cruz are filling the air with attacks. one group not aligned with any candidate is spending millions blasting trump in way, and new hampshire. >> trump can't handle tough questions, why he would let millions of illegals stay in america and supports a path to citizenship. >> you have to give them a path and make it possible for them to succeed. >> reporter: with fewer personal insults expected to come his way, jeb bush could have a make-or-break moment a chance to show policy chops and vision without being trumped. the tampa bay times dismissed rubio saying there is nothing in his record showing he is
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ready to be president. he will not be here on caucus night, he'll be in new hampshire. chris christie drawing big crowds, he's shown little movement in iowa either, may have to come out swinging so voters give him another look. rand paul is now back in prime time. mike huckabee and rick santorum taking part in the undercard debate plan to go trump's rally across town tonight. the event has been moved up an hour, so theoretically trump could make it to the debate tonight, lou? lou: interesting, carl, thank you so much. carl cameron. the gloves are off in the democratic race for president as well. hillary clinton hit by senator bernie sanders who continues to climb right behind her in the polls. once considered a shoo-in, will clinton be able to recover from the latest rounds of attacks? fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry with our report. >> reporter: bernie sanders is starting to look like the
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front-runner. drawing larger crowds than hillary clinton, plus the usually affable candidate is suddenly taking fire and giving it back. at a bloomberg breakfast with reporters, he lashed out at clinton suggesting ally david brock is spreading rumors the democratic socialist is recruiting college students to break the law and caucus here monday. >> you talk about negative stuff, really? based on what do they say that? based on david brock's long history of honesty and integrity. a man who tried to destroy anita hill? every one of you knows, that every day you are flooded by the negative stuff from the secretary clinton super pac. >> reporter: clinton aides spire fired back team sanders is mauling a negative ad blitz about wall street ties over the final weekend. clinton's state director calling it a cynical political ploy in a primary that had
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until recently been characterized by respectful back and forth about the issues. last night in mason city, a tiny town where sanders nonetheless drew 1100 people with help from susan sarandon, the senator insisted he's not going negative, just contrasting their records. >> my opponent is not in iowa tonight. she is raising money from a philadelphia investment firm [booing] >> frankly, i would rather be here with you. [cheers] >> reporter: clinton spent most of today outside iowa raising more campaign cash in new york. a sign she's struggling to keep up with sanders' low budget internet fund-raising machine, and in case she loses iowa and new hampshire, clinton is looking ahead to south carolina where, a new nbc news "wall street journal" "marist poll" shows clinton leading by 37 points, thanks to a 57 point edge with african-americans. she has a new radio ad there
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featuring former attorney general eric holder. >> serving under president obama was one of the proudest moments of my life. >> reporter: david brock pushed for sanders to release his health records which aides to the 74-year-old senator felt was a dirty trick. he released them showing a series of ailments but sanders' doctor says he's ready to be president. lou? lou: ed henry reporting. the oregon standoff may soon be ending. we're told there may be as little as fewsa one protester holed up at the wildlife refuge, police have taken down the checkpoint on highway 205. a news conference is expected soon, and we will find out more as that comes to us. fox news correspondent claudia cohen was in burns when the checkpoint was set up and filed this report. >> reporter: they are tired, they're leaderless, and more wet winter weather is moving in. early this morning, one of the
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occupiers posted a youtube video where he said the group is negotiating with federal agents to make sure one of the holdout is not arrested when he surrendered. here is a clip of the youtube video shot around a campfire. >> we're asking him just to drop the charges and we'll just go. >> and nobody dies. >> and nobody dies. >> if they're not willing to do, that we're willing to stay here and see what happens? are they going to kill five people? >> reporter: we tried to get closer but the fbi checkpoints are still in place. no one in so far, no one out. we wait to see if the occupiers leave peacefully. 11 people arrested on charges of conspiracy for essentially preventing federal officers from being able to do their jobs. yesterday in portland, the group's leader ammon bundy and six others pleading not guilty to conspiracy charges, they're back tomorrow for a detention
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hearing and will be arraigned next month. outside court bundy's lawyer delivered a message telling followers to leave the compound and go home and hug their families. no doubt the people in burns will be glad to see the volatile occupation come to an end. for the past three weeks they've been inundated with law enforcement officers and media. residents supported protests over federal land policies. others did not, that created a lot of tension. now the hope is that this whole situation ends peacefully and soon so that life can get back to normal, lou? lou: claudia, thank you very much. claudia cowan, for dwight and steve hammond life will not get back to normal soon. they're in federal prison. forced there by what is a gross abuse of federal power by the bureau of land management and the u.s. attorney in oregon. having already served prison sentences. this is a deeply troubling
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issue, and oregon has a state delegation and congress, that is frankly, they are either impotent or utterly indifferent to the rights of citizens in that state. we're coming right back. we'll have much more. stay with us. tonight, the final republican debate before the iowa caucuses. republican candidates stepping into the spotlight. will the republicans have a new front-runner? national review's rich lowry joins me next. and a base jump over train tracks, what could possibly go wrong? this guy is about to show us. that video tonight when "lou dobbs tonight" continues after these succinct but very important messages. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on
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lou: well, republican presidential candidate carly fiorina is offering $1.5 million to get in on the trump-cruz debate challenge. ted cruz asking trump to go quote mano-a-mano during a saturday night event. fiorina pledge the same as cruz to give to veterans charities. they should give the million and a half if they don't need it. could be better used by the veterans and not put conditions on it. i don't know what they think of that. but there it is. joining us from des moines,
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iowa as he revs up for the caucuses this coming mondays, editor of the national review and fox news contributor rich lowry revving up for the fox news debates. good to have you there and to be speaking with us. >> thanks for having me. lou: give us a sense of the mood, the expectations, what you can divine from what is happening there, in the venue? >> lou, what i've learned from being on the ground a couple days here now, is no one has any idea what's going to happen. no one has any idea how trump's debate gambut is going to play. no one has any idea who's really going to show up monday night and turnout is such a big factor in the result. so this is great political theater, lou, because everyone is on the edge of their seats. kind of with their jaw-dropping from moment to moment, waiting to see what happens next. >> the great thing is i have a responsibility for one hour of broadcast time, this show, and i have to tell you, watching the spectacle is great
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entertainment for me. i'm going to confess that because we're watching a leader who says he wants to be president of the united states. he's made choices as leaders do. we're watching all of the others involved, making choices and decisions. this is high drama. this is high theater, as you suggest. there will be consequences, though. what do you suppose they'll be for all who are assembled there, that is seven candidates tonight? >> we know -- lou: on the primetime debate. >> the most immediate consequence on the debate stage is you would have thought the biggest clash if donald trump had shown up would be cruz versus trump, and it seems as though donald trump has the slight advantage here, that's certainly the body language from ted cruz who's been very aggressively hitting him for supposedly being afraid to show up tonight and for dissing the people -- lou: do you think anybody -- >> instead trump's not going to be there. lou: do you think anybody
7:17 pm
thinks he's a coward? he won six debates and -- i mean, come on. >> the risk, lou, i think is the dissing the people of iowa. lou: now, that to me is a profound issue. >> well, for the people of iowa it is. for a lot of people it's a matter of manners. when you're a front-runner in a presidential race and invited to a debate, you just show up. that's what people do. we'll see anecdotally, you hear that from people on the ground. again, lou, this goes back to how the race is so gloriously unpredictable. no one has any idea. i will say in a couple hours, we will see a major cruz-rubio clash, because rubio has been coming up in the polls and cruz launched a negative ad against rubio which suggests that cruz's team sees the same thing happening, so that will be the proxy and what we'll have to settle for in lieu of the trump-cruz clash.
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lou: you have a way with the phrase, in "lou". >> like how i worked that in there? lou: incredible. these are major issues confronting these candidates. we don't have, at least in this point, a great differentiation between two people who have differences on illegal immigration, i'm talking about cruz and rubio. we are looking at a group of people who have an opportunity, perhaps to become a new front-runner tonight. we don't know, we can't divine that consequence from what trump has done here, but there are risks involved, and they're great opportunities for these folks, it would seem to me, for those at the top of the pack. >> right, lou, you never know what the moment is going to be. it turned out the most telling moment from the last debate is when ted cruz launched his new york values line, and donald trump came back with the
7:19 pm
september 11th riff, and ted cruz had to stand there next to trump and applaud him. and ever since, it's been at least a slow, slight decline for ted cruz. so what is the moment like that tonight that either bumps someone up or suppresses him? we don't know. i don't know anything, lou, i can't be very helpful to you tonight. lou: it's been a wonderful, edifying few minutes with you. so delighted you're there. as always we appreciate your insight and candor and have fun tonight. >> thank you. lou: fun in the sense, it's enjoyable to pursue your craft, and rich has that opportunity in immense proportions tonight in des moines, iowa. be sure to vote in our poll tonight, the question is -- cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs news. we like to hear from you about
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your confidence in our electoral system whether the caucuses, the primaries or the general. and a reminder to follow me -- links to everything found at lou breaking news tonight, the world health organization says it will convene an emergency meeting. the purpose of that meeting is to find ways to stop the transmission of the zika virus, a mosquito-borne infection with possible links to birth defects. it is spreading explosively across the americas. it could, in fact, we are told, as many as four million people over the next year. zika is not causing outbreaks on the continental u.s. yet, but it has been identified in the united states among some travelers. but 31 americans have contracted infections while traveling abroad, and the
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reality is right now, as far as we know, the department of homeland security, immigration, customs, are not doing anything to test for this virus. and we're going to continue to follow what is obviously an important story that is growing in importance every day. rule number one for b.a.s.e. diving as we change subjects, know where you're going to land. scary video capturing a thrill-seeker landing in razor wire. look at this. he comes crashing down pretty hard. legs were caught up in the razor wire as he flies over railroad tracks. these are not excellent choices on his part. the b.a.s.e. jumper had to get 40 stitches for injury, it could have been much worse and he is arrive to tell the tale. up next, a few thoughts on what may be the most inept department in the federal government. there is a competition, you know? if you think seeing the northern lights from the ground
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is spectacular, you are correct. but wait until you see how one spanish daredevil saw the celestial phenomenon. announcer: a horrific terror attack in paris.
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. lou: a few thoughts now on the massive bureaucratic beast charged with protecting us all. the department of homeland security. a new inventory report from dhs reveals that more than 1300 badges and credentials were lost or stolen over the last 31 months. lost or stolen. almost 900 of those were lost or stolen. no one seems to know which from customs and border protection agents. 165 dhs firearms were lost and stolen, but again, about half those, the responsibility of customs and border protection. the bulk of the remainder from immigrations and customs
7:27 pm
enforcement, a handful of those firearms belonging to the tsa even. what a mess you say? there's more, lots more. dhs is comprised of 22 separate departments and agencies with a budget of some $45 billion. almost a quarter million employees. its stated vision is to, quote, ensure a homeland that is safe and secure and resilient against terrorism and other hazards. not a big fan of that language. nonetheless, homeland security recently released a report on visa overstays. nearly two decades late by the way. almost 20 years after congress mandated that that report be done each and every year. so we get one for the past 20. this two decades late dhs report reveals more than half a million foreigners overstayed temporary visas last year. more than 400,000 remain in the country illegally.
7:28 pm
we don't want to cause any fuss, do we. and deportations of illegal immigrants plunged last year, hitting the lowest level since 2006 and fewer arrests at the border, about 337,000, that's the lowest level since 1972. what are they doing? and just last monday, passengers on a flight to new york from cancun, mexico, were able to exit jfk airport without going through customs or immigration. that's just the second time that's happened in the same airport on the same flight from mexico in recent months. coincidentally, do you think? i don't think either. the tsa no better, failing 95% of the tests to detect explosives and weapons on passengers last year. 95%. let me put that another way, instead of putting it so negatively, as a 95% failure rate, they have a 5% success
7:29 pm
rate! that's more positive, don't you think? no matter how you look at it, it is a disaster, and in any other administration but this, it would be an embarrassment. all of this based on what we know. can you imagine what we don't know about dhs and the rest of our government? and there's no reason, no sense in calling for changes for reform or improvements. have you ever watched the homeland security secretary jeh johnson testify before congress? well, i have. and in my experience, he never says he knows anything. he's never nonplus to his credit, a very even fellow and never answers any question directly or indirectly, that makes johnson one of the administration's most inspiring leaders. our quotation ever the evening, the status quo that lead this country, i thought
7:30 pm
our quotation deserves treatment tonight and i turn to george carlin for his perspective and judgment on the subject. he knew quite a bit about absurdity. this is what george carlin said of the immutable status quo in washington, d.c. he said succinctly -- there you have it! we're coming right back. bernie sanders attacking clinton's absence from iowa just days before the caucuses. >> my opponent is not in iowa tonight. she is raising money from a philadelphia investment firm. [booing] . lou: will the socialist steal iowa from clinton? david drucker and monica crowley on that issue and many more, here next. a fearless teenager takes her dance moves higher and higher, and while free falling, she dances in the sky. we'll have the video for you
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when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. our passion is making life tougher for cyber criminals, and making it safer for you and your customers. . lou: joining me now, from des moines, washington examiner, senior congressional correspondent david drucker. david, how are you? and also wditor fox news contributor, monica crowley. great to have you here. david, let me turn to you first, out there, how excited are but the debate? how much excitement in the
7:35 pm
room, or is there some hesitation, some hesitancy? >> i think there are two ways to look at it. obviously, somebody will be missing tonight, we presume. on the other hand, for a lot of republicans and movement conservatives, this is going to be the debate -- lou: we can say his name. it's donald trump, donald trump. >> this is going to be -- this is going to be the debate that they always wanted to have. a debate that's probably going to focus on senator cruz and senator rubio who many republicans consider to be the future of the party. both of them, not just one, a collection of governors with accomplishments, so it will be different without donald trump there, but it might just be different in a way that happens, at least some of them really enjoy. lou: well, some of them, i'm sure. i could not -- i could not, monica, help myself. the candidates as they learned that donald trump announced he wasn't going to be there,
7:36 pm
number of them, every one of them had great chesher cat grins and some of them outright bubbling over with -- i don't know, perhaps relief. it's good see everybody having a good time, who knew he was casting such a pall? >> who knew? tonight is a huge opportunity for the other candidates. in particular, as david points out, ted cruz and marco rubio running second and third in the state of iowa, heading into monday. ted cruz, this is a major opportunity for him, he'll be at the number one podium. gives him a chance to behave like number one and tempt voters, see him in the tough position. on the flipside, the slings and arrows coming in his direction, he'll bear the brunt of the attacks, i'm confident he will handle brilliantly. marco rubio has the biggest opportunity to gain ground in this debate because he is running third. he has been gaining on senator cruz, and honestly, senator rubio has to win, place or show
7:37 pm
in iowa to continue his viability as a candidate going forward. lou: and david, the idea that huckabee and santorum are going to be joining trump in his -- whatever it is -- alternate -- >> the big show, lou, lou, it's the big show. lou: big show? little. the one thing, the idea that they're over there, it looks peculiar to see candidates going over to attend another candidate's deal. there's some interesting political psychology working here. i don't know if it rises to strategy, but what are people thinking? i mean, i get this isn't a good week for conventional wisdom, but man, the consequences of all these choices are fascinating to contemplate, aren't they? >> you are right about that. there are so many dynamics here, so many primaries going on in the larger primary.
7:38 pm
look, i think for mike huckabee, he and donald trump have been friends for a long time. mike huckabee really does not like ted cruz. he thinks ted cruz is a phony. that's what the huckabee ads have been saying, and cruz, the only one that can stop him from winning iowa is donald trump, and so anything that he can do to needle cruz and help donald trump come out on top in that race is something he's going to do, and santorum, i think is somebody who's won before, is desperately seeking as much attention as he could get, would go anywhere that he thought benefitted his case. he's a very frustrated candidate given how successful he was four years ago and pow poorly it's going this time. lou: turning to the democrats, monica, hillary clinton looks like she's in jeopardy of losing this thing. >> trending toward bernie sanders, and bernie sanders stood up with a strong statement. she's demanding more debates.
7:39 pm
he's not going to cave to that, they're not going to schedule debates because mrs. clinton says so and needs it politically. lou: both of you, quickly, sanders brought up his concerns about microsoft, david. are you hearing concerns about electoral integrity, and if you will, sinister influence of big tech in iowa? >> no. and i think this is typical bernie sanders. he's suspicious of corporate america. he doesn't like them, he thinks they're out for themselves. in a general election i think this would backfire on him, it makes him look a little conspiratorial. but there you go. lou: you agree? >> yeah, actually. but it might help him with the base. a big evil corporation, you know the left-wing base that's going to come out monday might respond to a message like this. bernie sanders is very clever, he knows exactly what he's doing. lou: and looks like it's one tight race. we'll find out. david drucker, good to talk with you, monica crowley, thanks for being with us. >> thanks, lou.
7:40 pm
lou: breaking news now, we now know what caused those mysterious sonic booms that were heard all along the new jersey shoreline and part of new york. the navy says it was conducting flight tests of an f-35 c fighter jet over the atlantic ocean that resulted in at least nine big loud, even painful sonic booms. the navy says the tests were routine, the sound effects were not. staying in the air, a danger -- a dancer taking her sport to dangerous new heights. watch as a 19-year-old russian teenager performs her acrobatic dance 14,000 feet in the air over the netherlands. she has 500 jumps under her belt despite only having two years of experience. this is very -- this is elegant. she hopes to win the world championship that will be held in chicago later this year.
7:41 pm
we will be there after watching this. and a spanish acrobat has one less item on his bucket list as they say. red bull releasing stunning footage of the man paragliding under the northern lights over norway. he was wearing a wet suit of battery heated gloves as well to combat temperatures of five degrees at that altitude. his spectacular flight fulfilling a lifelong dream. look at those northern lights. i don't know that he adds much to that, but certainly a thrill for him. and what a beautiful sight. up next, senator jeff sessions. he joins me. we're going to be talking about illegal immigration and what the government is or is not doing about it? iranian president rouhani received a warm welcome in italy where, they covered up nude statues. but in france his welcome was a little different. and by the way, what's his view on the holocaust again? i'm sorry.
7:42 pm
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7:46 pm
asylum from last year that both countries now estimate will be rejected. all of europe is now trying to figure out what to do with an estimated one million refugees and illegal immigrants, most of them from syria, from iran and afghanistan. joining us tonight is senator jeff sessions, a member of several key committees, including budget, armed services and the judiciary. senator, great to have you with us. as we are watching what is happening in europe, as we watch the eu being merkelized, if you will, for some reason, the chancellor threw the doors of europe open. wasn't necessarily her choice to make, but she made it, and we're watching, again, another surge of illegal immigrants across our border with mexico. the president talking about as many as 300,000 syrian refugees. what in the world? i mean, we listen to donald trump, to ted cruz, but we
7:47 pm
haven't heard a clear plan. your judgment about how important these issues are in this country, in this campaign? >> lou, it's very important, and to have an extremely liberal country like sweden take this kind of strong step is an indication of when people are involved and have their voices heard. policies can change. so i believe this country has got to understand, we cannot be the nation that accepts everybody from any war-torn area of the world. it just cannot be. and we need to try to help and help these refugees at their homeland, close to home, and try to help them get back home as soon as possible. but american people want a lawful system of immigration. they want one that serves their interest, that protects their jobs, their families, their safety, their hospitals, their schools and they have every right to ask for that. and they need to know where
7:48 pm
each one of the candidates are and i hope it needs the candidates ask how they stand on it. lou: one of the incredible things, and you've been involved in this in this struggle, this national debate on the issue of illegal immigration in this country. you've been involved in it over a decade, as have i, but this is the first time we've seen a presidential campaign, in the primary campaign season, we're hearing people take positions, they're talking about issues they don't want to, like border security, about the refugee program, it's extraordinary in that respect, isn't it? >> it really is, and they've got to talk about it because it's important to america. we have made a million a year a permanent residency, 700,000 working in america, came for the purpose of taking a job. we have 500,000 students, many
7:49 pm
of them work. we have 150,000 refugees and asylees, and i'm hearing just a few days ago under the visa system people who come for a limited time on a visa, 400+ thousand overstayed last year, and no effort is undertaken to deal with that. we have a lawless system, really. lou: a lawless system, an administration that refuses to take care to enforce the laws, as he is required to do, as you well know, by our constitution. but in the case of those overstays, that was the result of a report that was mandated almost 20 years ago by congress. it took this long to fulfill that direct mandate from congress. i mean, that's astounding! >> it really was, part of the funding bill that mandated that or no funding and finally was produced because they did not
7:50 pm
want the american people to know what a tremendous hole this is in our lawful system of immigration. and as time goes by, we're going to see more people, if they can get a visa and come to the united states via airplane, just never return, and unless they obtain or charge with a serious crime, they'll not even be deported. there will be no attempt to deport them. it's unhealthy, unacceptable situation. lou: and one of the other areas, we're out of time, but i want to mention the trans-pacific partnership. that thing was sailing through, until this presidential campaign, and people had to actually look at it and talk about it rather than be led along by their noses by the u.s. chamber of commerce and the business roundtable. it looks now as if there is hope for reason, in the interest of the country to prevail. senator jeff sessions, great to have you with us, thank you, senator. >> thank you, lou. lou: well, turning now to president rouhani of iran.
7:51 pm
striking big deals in paris now. the iranian president securing 118 airbus jetliners valued at $27 billion. where is boeing in this deal? we'll find out. while europe is welcoming of the controversial leader on the tour, not everyone certainly without strong feelings and protests. topless activist staged a mock execution, hang herself from a paris bridge next to a banner. it is a mock hanging. i repeat. the protest sign saying welcome rouhani, execution of freedom. and the ayatollah denying the holocaust, just to keep the spirit of the thing up. up next here, a tale of two candidates, one of these men will be generating headlines for staying at the holiday inn express. the other for his stays at boutique hotels with rooftop pools and bars, elegant living. we'll let you guess about it.
7:52 pm
we take it up with chris plante and the blaze's amy holmes, they're both here next. they're both here next. stay with us. that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪
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lou: joining me now, the host of the chris plante show on wmal, chris plante and amy holtz. let's start with if we may, iowa where it looks like it's
7:56 pm
anybody's guess as to who is going to he learning. what do you think? >> it's definitely anybody's guess anywhere you look. in iowa the polls are all over the place. i don't think you can believe the polls. it's contingent on turnout. trump supporters will turn out well. rubio has a good organization. lou: who has the best organization in south carolina and new hampshire. the ground games, i know when i have been able to talk to, they say we know this is what the ground operation is in iowa. >> who has the buses rented to bring their supporters to the iowa caucuses? this is donald trump's first type at rodeo. so he is doing this as ale politician for the first time.
7:57 pm
and we don't know how skilled he is at organizing his supporters. but we do know they are willing to stand in very long lines in very cold weather to listen to donald trump. the question is will they show up monday. lou: i can't imagine if there is any question those same people will show up for caucuses. >> i think the numbers will shatter all record. i don't think he needs organization. this is adifferent beast all together. he exists in his own political universe. we'll shatter records in iowa monday. lou: it's a fun contest. i want to bring up one other thing. sanders is ticked off right now. clinton' support percent and super pacs. these are devastating attacks on their part. there is no question now apparently he has some attacks planned for over the weekend and sanders is raising questions
7:58 pm
about the role of microsoft in counting votes, electoral integrity. you don't have to be too much of a conspiracy theorist to say who is checking? >> it is a conspiracy theory and yet another vast corporate conspiracy. and they are in bed with hillary because executives have donated money and they are offering up their services on the app for free. lee harvey oswald killed kennedy. lou: microsoft offering anything for free makes you question. >> there is a long tradition in stuffing the ballot box and rigging elections and dead people voting. at the iowa caucuses people have to show up and stand up and organize. if you want to look at rigging this elect look no further than the democratic national committee and debbie wasserman
7:59 pm
shuttle who rigged this in pair of -- rigged this in favor of hillary clinton. lou: i want to give you both the opportunity to forecast the winner of the iowa caucuses. >> do we dare? lou: amy, do you dare? >> i don't. but it is neck and neck and i think 1 and 2 will be trump and cruz. lou: thank you for that insight. it's bold. >> i disagree. i think it will be cruz or trump. lou: you are as bad as amy. stand up and be bold. >> i learned my lesson in 2008 then barack obama and hillary clinton. i thought she was going to walk away with it. >> i am going to go with ted cruz because of the organization he has in he county in iowa, and they have been there for a long time and things have gotten a
8:00 pm
little weird the last few days. lou: we noticed that. we are going to hold you accountable unless you are right, then we'll forget the whole thing. chris plante, amy holmes thanks for being with us. kennedy: here we are together just like it's meant to be and i'm watching you, iowa. i will say this. some of you in the hawkeye state if you are being honest actually agree with me. your state is annoying. it's all we hear about, iowa, iowa, iowa. but if iowa pulls through the country will stand up and say iowa-what?


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