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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  January 29, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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and let's get things done! >> you're not going to hear a lot of polished political speech from me but i will hear the truth. >> this is bean bag compared to what the clinton hit machine will do to the republican nominee. >> bernie sanders is a socialist. i think bernie sanders is a good candidate for president, of sweden. we don't want to be sweden. [laughter] maria: we'll head to des moines momentarily. more highlights straight ahead. donald trump skipping the debate instead holding his own event to raise money for veterans. he claims he raced more than five million dollars, including donation from activist investor carl icahn. from other side of the aisle, hillary clinton and bernie sanders making final push in iowa. it has become a tight race for sure.
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it has been a rough start to the year as you know. the dow, s&p 500 both down more than 7% so far in january 2016. even worse performance for the technology heavy nasdaq. it is down 10 percent this month
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alone. that correction territory. candidates squaring off in the final gop debate before the first votes are cast in the 2016 election. blake burman with more on last night's action-packed debate from des moines. good morning, blake. >> maria, good morning to you as well. elephant not in the room as megyn kelly put it, donald trump was quickly addressed but from there candidates moved on to the issues especially immigration which is hugely important in the state of iowa. showdown on that front between marco rubio and ted cruz continued. trying to paint rubio as pro-amnesty. rubio essentially called cruz a liar. >> this is the lie that ted's campaign is built on and rand touched upon it. that he is the most conservative guy and everyone else, everyone else is a rino the truth is ted throughout this campaign you have been willing to say or do anything in order to get votes. >> i like marco. he is very charming, very smooth, but the facts are simple
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when he ran for election in the state of florida, he told the people of florida, if you elect me i will lead the fight against amnesty. >> chris christie widely panned that exchange. in fact maria he said he need ad washington english dictionary to figure it all out. >> this is what makes a difference when you're a governor. you can change your mind. ted can change his mind. marco can change his mind. it is perfectly legal in this country to change your mind. when you're governor you have to admit it. you can't hide behind parliamentary tricks. that is the difference. that is the kind of leader we need in the white house. stop the washington bull and let's get things done! reporter: three things matter for the candidates here on out next few days, one turnout. getting supporters out to the precincts, the caucuses on caucus night. two, maria, potentially weather. there could be a storm rolling in here on monday night into tuesday that might potentially have an effect. we'll see that. back to you. maria: that is another element we have to consider.
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blake, to you. main takeaway from last night's debate. >> chris wallace asked about it, the difference between the establishment republicans and this idea of sort of the purests who adhere to their philosophy because regardless of the practical consequences. kasich, bush, fell on establishment side we want to get things done. kasich talked about things that government had done in ohio to help people in need. that is, i don't think cruz will ever go there to say government can be a good thing. so, over time i want to see how that plays. are people saying yeah, i would like my government to help me, no, you know what? i don't want to pay taxes. government as reagan said, scariest word, i am the government here to help you. which side will win the tug-of-war. i don't know. kasich and bush don't have a lot of momentum. philosophically i think that is interesting. the elephant in the room wasn't donald trump to me. it was bloomberg. will he get into the race.
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bloomberg's sales pitch, i get stuff done. i would like to talk about what he did in new york. i think middle of the country could really unite around the model. maria: i think he takes votes from both parties. >> nobody who didn't live in new york was thinking about mike bloomberg was night. >> i'm saying for me. not the nation. >> i don't think anybody else was. >> not at all. >> most of these candidates had moments. it made people pay attention to them, look at them. chris christie went after president obama and hillary clinton in major way. maria: as i usually does. >> marco rubio was able to shine. he also went after obama and clinton. cruz had tougher time his primary nemesis wasn't standing on stage. he had to stand on his own. i will get to that in a little bit. even rand paul a lot of people in the audience were for rand paul. he made really important points on criminal justice reform, protecting people's privacy. i think everybody had really good night. >> does the needle move? i'm watching, looking something
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different from is. pretty much the same thing. everybody they said was the same thing we heard before. my biggest issue i wrote down two words here, debt and deficits. i was waiting for to talk about it. we heard it just once. in last week the congressional budget office said we're going to 27 trillion in debt and back to one trillion in deficits every year. >> after six years. >> cbo is usually too bullish which means it will be a lot worse. i want to hear a heck of a lot more. >> very disappointing moment when they asked new jersey -- chris christie about this. >> that is not helpful. >> sorry about that. exactly. maria: rings perry. >> he said i defund planned parenthood. now here was a great opportunity for him to say, i'm a governor. i had real budgets here is what i have done. he talks about something that is not even rounding error. could get rid of planned parenthood and wouldn't changes --
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maria: we have gopac chairman, david lovella he is on the ground in iowa. what is your take on last night's debate? >> last night's affirmed where we are in the race. probably didn't change any dynamics. rubio is on the rise, you hear it constantly from folks you talk to he is gaining more support. even as you talk to folks in the debate hall, maria, many said i'm down to two or three. down to maybe two people. rubio is on my list. then senator cruz and mr. trump are two most commonly heard. last night was important night for ted cruz. his people acknowledge he has to win here in iowa if he ultimately will become the nominee. we're going to find out here in three days if the lead that mr. trump has had since june is one that is going to materialize and is he going to win sigh waa. maria, probably time to polish
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of the participate participation trophy. some candidates have to sent after they lose iowa, their chance of getting nomination will be zero. time to say thanks but move on. maria: you're saying now the field will narrow and you want that? >> no question about it. we can only with one nominee. at some point folks have to accept they're not getting nomination. if you don't win you're not getting nomination. >> david only democrats hand out participation trophies. aren't conservatives a little tougher than that? come on now. the one thing i would say about ted cruz, and this is, this is an insult, i think like so many people watched the ronald reagan speech on the challenger, the 30th anniversary yesterday, written by peggy noonan. i kept that hung in the back of my head watching this debate. ted cruz, when he doesn't have somebody to trade shots with, when you have to listen to him talk on his own he is very hard to listen to. not what he is saying, but how
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he says it. maria: do you agree with that david? >> he certainly had, he had a very uneven performance last night. there were a couple issues that he handled well. how he talked about immigration. for those people who support ted cruz and for the target audience he went after he handled it very well but it made no sense for him to sit there and argue with moderators as to how the debate was going to work or what the format should be or how they should ask questions or -- maria: acted cool to the moderators. >> i found it interesting -- >> thing about that, maria, voters don't reward that. maria: no. >> voters don't reward people whining about the rules. makes you look weak. maria: you need a smart conversation. gary? >> i found it interesting they didn't rip on donald trump more the two hours. they had a real good chance. huckabee and santorum showing up trump. people are kind of sitting there
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to see, who is in your cabinet if you win. maria: oh, that is what that was about? good point. >> huckabee is running anti-trump ad in iowa. standing on the stage with him. that was really weird. but -- maria: did it for veterans, right? >> but they didn't bring up trump. that was pure strategy. they had, that was their stage. it wasn't his. maria: maybe that was the point. look, donald trump is not here, let's not talk about him. >> but you have to though. he is killing them in the polls. it has to be brought up. they're down by 20 point in some of these polls. >> clearly trump's analysis was by not showing up i will still be the headline. i think they wanted to take that away from him. look at "wall street journal" most read stories online, four out of five is donald trump. that is exactly what the guys don't want to see. i bet the advise soars said bring that name up as little as possible. stand on your own. make a name for yourself. maria: is there look shun season exciting as this, you guys? this is incredible?
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>> i never have more people come up to me in the street, ask me, get this close to my face and go, trump, what do you think? maria: that's true. that's true. >> and i am like -- >> in middle of downtown orlando, this week, people in the middle of the street with trump posters on tuesday and wednesday. a lot of backing for this man. a lot of emotion for him. maria: thank you so much, david, good to see you sir. >> thank you. maria: don't miss my interview with presidential candidate rick santorum, coming up 7:00 a.m. eastern. we'll talk with him on heels of last night's debate. one on one with jeb bush. why some are saying former governor had a breakout performance last night. starting 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. join us for a big show this friday morning. coming up next, amazon reporting largest profit ever for a change, the stock is plummeting. the it wasn't enough for investors.
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we'll tell you what is going on with amazon and. back in a minute. ♪ i think it landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven.
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maria: welcome back. earnings alert today, we're watching amazon. putting biggest profit ever in the company's 13 year history. still disappointing analysts who were expecting more on bottom line and more on revenue line. the stock is down 11% this morning in premarket trading. take a look at markets this morning, trading up. futures indicating 120-point rally. investors expecting so much from amazon, $482 million in profit in holiday quarter, gary. explain this to me, this is not enough. >> cardinal sin on wall street.
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when you're a big company and you're a, loved stock and you miss by 60-cent, a gargantuan number you will pay a stiff penalty. sampson should have preannounced or guided down last few weeks. big mistake. it only given back a little more than it got yesterday. not biggest of deal. they're making good cheese off their business which they didn't do in the past because expenses are down. if expenses start to pick up again there will be losses. the stock will pay a penalty. it is overpriced in the long run. maria: this is really a situation where the stock is trying to catch, i mean the investors are trying to catch up with already huge performance for the stock, isn't it? >> also, nobody ever bought amazon for earnings. the idea it is a perfect store. eventually you own all of retail when you own amazon. yes, it was gi-normous miss and how that discorrect happened. it worries me a little bit about the communication there.
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clearly a store that can put everybody else out of business. that's why you own it. what, 3, 400 times earnings. it is not earnings story. maria: we knew it was tough quarter for everybody else. that is all what we talked about christmas. people are not spending money but spending at amazon. >> their job is to keep wall street in line. you can not miss by that much. that is how you get a big hit. >> web services division, renting computer power to companies is still incredibly. revenue up 69%. revenue growth slowed from north of 70% in the prior three quarters. every little thing like that hammer ad stock that more than doubled last 12 months. maria: if you more than double last 12 months, there is lot of -- expectations are up here. >> earnings were 482 million, something like that. in apple's last quarter, it was over 18 billion with a "b." that is earnings not revenue. earnings.
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just puts those numbers in perspective a little bit. apple is clearly earnings machine. everyone is so disappointed because growth has slowed but would you. maria: there is microsoft. microsoft up. >> web services. maria: all right. >> then of course it is final trading day of the month. horrible month for stocks, right, gary? maria: down 7% year-to-date? >> i still want to be jeff bezos even though he lost $7 billion overnight. maria: i gotcha. >> one thing about this month that is interesting. we're on track to be the fifth worst january ever. the others were oddly enough, 1970, 1980, 1990 and 2009. every single one of those years was very good for the market. maria: while january was really bad? >> was awful. maria: that is interesting. because as january goes so hold the market theme. >> doesn't really hold true. >> just really quickly. very worried about our economy because small cap stocks, again worst performing of all major market gauges. maria: russell 2000? >> we're talking bear market.
6:19 am
if people are not bullish on small u.s. companies that is dangerous. >> even though oil prices crashed. if that doesn't tell but the economy i don't know what does. maria: we'll talk about markets and 2016 coming up. there is difference of opinions hire. you're saying, when you look at other januaries, that were down, those years turned out great. dagen is talking about russell 2000. gary talking about transports. >> i don't think it is great predictor, people say it will only get worse. this bad month doesn't mean it will get worse. these indicators are real. the other is spread between junk bonds and stocks that usually goes in favor -- >> there is a lot of hope and prior for the year. maria: more to come on 2016. coming up, rapidly spreading zika virus ringing alarm bells around the world. there is vaccine that could put fears to rest. we'll have details. former florida governor jeb bush holding his own in last night's debate. he said he is proud to be part of the establishment. listen.
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maria: welcome back. a man arrested at a hotel in disneyland paris. cheryl casone with story and other headlines right now. >> that's right, maria, good morning. french police arresting a man carrying two guns at entrance to a hotel at disneyland paris. according to police the man was carrying a copy of koran and bock of ammunition. his bag triggered metal detectors as he entered the new york hotel. that is the name of the hotel at disneyland paris. vaccine for rapidly spreading zika virus could be ready for emergencies by end of this year, according to one of
6:24 am
the lead developers. the world health organization says zika is spreading explosively in the americas. it could affect as many as four million people by end of this year. wells fargo and bank of america working to integrate mobile payment system apple pay into their atms according to technology web news sight techcrunch did a report. unclear how apple pay will work at atms. apple declined comment. wells fargo giving us hint, maria, chase calling contactless atms basically. got your phone, atm you don't touch. get your cash out. kind of thinking behind all of this. that is the speculation how this will work. they do it in spain and canada already. maria: you could do a lot with your phone. i don't know how that -- >> apple pay -- maria: would you use it that way? >> i haven't started using apple pay yet. maria: neither have i. >> it is limited. >> it is not taking at a lot of retailers.
6:25 am
i'm guessing this will let you transfer cash from your checking account or safe eggs account on to the apple pay account? is that what it would do? right now it is linked to the credit card. >> if you have apple pay and debit card, credit card already stored. the problem with apple pay it is limited. you have only certain agreements. certain merchants only accept apple pay. but there is also android pay. there is not just a widespread use of the technology out there yet. maria: how crazy have we gotten. go to atm machine, you have got to type it like this? is this how lazy we've gotten. >> get in cab my apartment and order food on seamless so it is there when i get home. maria: i would do that too but going to atm machine and going like this, instead of -- >> this thing we don't need to carry cash. now you use this thing to go get
6:26 am
cash which seem as little silly. >> so many ways to pay. it is getting confusing and too many ways for thieves to get money off your phone. i got cash and credit card and i'm done. >> talked about that earlier this week. yeah, this is skimming, stealing come on. you know that is there. >> if i take out more than $6 out of an atm, there is 50% chance i will lose it i will drop it in the street somewhere because i'm a doofus. maria: billionaire activist carl icahn strikes again. this time striking big. "wall street journal" says it is xerox. we have the story in a minute. ♪
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tree into good friday morning. ear top stories at 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. republican candidates for the last time in the 2016th cycle appeared fox news and google hosted last night's debate. look at some of the top moments. >> hillary clinton this week said iraq obama would make a great supreme court justice. the guy who systematically and habitually violates the constitution. >> the greatest man alive as president of the united states and my brother as well as a fantastic brother with president appeared fine, i'll take it. and i'm part of the establishment because barbara bush as my mom. >> iraq obama, hillary clinton has never been responsible for those decisions where they were held accountable. i've been held accountable for six years of the state of new jersey. >> at a national reporters did their three lanes the establishment line, antiestablishment lane.
6:31 am
the reason is i've been a reformer all of my career. i will apologize to nobody for the vigorous miss with which i will fight terrorism, collector isis, hunt them down wherever they are an utterly and completely destroyed isis. >> i have had more to a.m. phone calls then everybody here put together, making life-and-death decisions. >> drug use is between white and black. i think something has to change. i think it's what they need to be part of geared >> a lot of back to me last night. overnight the bank of japan taking aggressive action, measures to spur economic growth, cutting interest rates, putting them into negative territory in japan. the mark sparking a rally this morning and teachers this morning pointing to gain that devoted economic data out this morning including day gep. joining us now, chief investment
6:32 am
officer bill kennedy and wealth management chief investment strategist bill stone. good to see you. thank you for joining us. first let's talk about the bank of japan. >> from a policy standpoint it is bad policy. you try to play a cyclical solution to a structural problem which is a debt overhang. it is compounding the courier in place. i'm concerned what the response will be from the chinese. most of all i think it means continuation of the strong dollar. a strong dollar mincemeat oil. recoil because of the correlation means docs will be under pressure. maria: no real impact to the japanese economy or monetary politics stimulus. dagen: again, we had comments in a major bounce back in global stock on monday. >> this is if it is the market. it is fake, ephemeral, and a pretty poverty to market. there is nothing substantial
6:33 am
here. we get excited about more than encouraging people to take more risk of the risk is blowing up in our face. >> for years, finally the fed was saying we are going to end back. the market tanks and now you've got the draghi and bank of japan. it is not real economic growth, but knowing the club do we see real economic growth. train to the bank stocks were up negative. the rest of the market rally built. >> i will get more positive. by the way, japan had a lot of problems. what i will say is at least they are trying to break the cycle of deflation. this may not do it, but if you are going to do it, you have to be consistent and do everything you can. part of what is haunted japan has been done partway and stopped in things have slid.
6:34 am
we are over japan. we like today. >> i think you have to separate job and these companies turn their economy. japanese companies do a lot of business outside japan. it is real money, so it matters. >> importantly, they are finally breaking out of lousy practices where i am your stock, you are my stock and we give each other deals. we see that finally improve. >> that is absolutely the biggest deal for me. they now care more about shareholders. they didn't used to frankly care what shareholders thought about anything. now you see a return of capital shareholders. that is what i'm interested in. maria: that is true. the earnings are there. the dow jones industrial average year-to-date 2016 down 8%. 7.7%. correction for the nasdaq and
6:35 am
then nasdaq and banderas amazon. what is your take on the earnings? >> overall, earnings expectations have been coming down. the consensus is 10% to 12% in 2016. you need 3% gdp growth to achieve that. maria: that is a high expectation. >> right now it is closer to 8%. that assumes that the dollar stays flat or weekends. the dollar appreciates another 5%, we will have flat earnings for the s&p in 2016. the market has not discounted that. >> we would definitely sell any of the rallies here. dagen: i am worried about financials is the second worst performing. >> 50% earlier. dagen: on the down 11.5%? how is that not sending negative signal about the overall economy. >> it's a great point between the two-year and 10 year has flattened the fed has raised rates. we think that is a very troubled signal to the market.
6:36 am
>> they were a better when people thought maybe not the fed would raise rates four times this year, even though the fed said that. most of us thought more like three. not the market is seen more like one. there is also the overhang was of them on worries about energy companies. i don't believe that it's a huge part of it. that is pretty contained. >> especially for the big banks. maria: it is still a negative story. >> who was holding onto the debt? if it's not the banks, you must eat the shadow banking system or somebody else. much of what we've seen in january is a liquidity crunch. we see u.s. assets sold to a lot of that is capital repatriated to the big oil exporters. we think that it's really been a
6:37 am
key driver of the downdraft in the market. maria: glad you mentioned this. you guys reported saudi arabia in particular were selling stocks and bonds. is that why the market has been so weak? >> there are more sellers than buyers. clearly there is a really big seller with the whole a lot of money and the selling pressure is not going anywhere. saudi arabia will continue to unload assets to short the balance sheets. this is another interesting aspect of the falling price of energy. one thing i will say about banks, while it is a negative indicator, i am not jumping in right now. at some point the contrarian has to get excited. his evaluations and balance sheets are in fantastic shape versus i don't know how far back you have to go to see this capital in the books.
6:38 am
at some point in single-digit earnings, good return on equity, these things will be out. maria: i know you're a seller of this market. are you a buyer? >> i think he's gotten a selloff. you have to think longer term thinking, but it's gotten so negative that is worth being on the other side of that. maria: great to have you both on the show. though kennedy, bill stone joining us there. >> good morning, maria. "the wall street journal" reported xerox will announce plans to split into two companies as well as give activist karel icahn sheets. they will split the businesses into two publicly traded companies. the plan is expected to be announced when xerox reports earnings later this morning. he will be out to get three board seats, maria. he did disclose a 7% stake in the company back in november and this is yet another american
6:39 am
icahn company reinventing itself is putting the hardware on one side and business services on the other. maria: my take away, nicole, and the activists have been really successful. >> the stock in the company overall was undervalued. maria: do you know how many activist funds there are right now? >> i look at a company like this and i just can't get excited about a company that had a wonderful invention in 1938. we don't need that anymore. this is why we're having such a tough time at hp because this is a legacy product that you need to have one of them in your office to my bed is getting less and less use. maria: don't copy it for me. just send me an e-mail. don't forget to start your day every day with nicole petallides and lauren simonetti at 5:00 a.m. a shocking turn of events, the hunt for those three california prison escapees. what a story. a woman asunder by rest.
6:40 am
the fugitives themselves are still on the run. back in a minute. ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today.
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maria: welcome back. police arrest a woman in connection with the southern california jail escape. cheryl casone with the headlines. transfer the shawshank redemption escape. the 44-year-old woman is accused of helping the three inmates escaped from a maximum-security jail. she taught english as a second language and may have supplied masks to the man. 10 people have been arrested in this case. the doctor that was depicted by will smith in the movie concussion says o.j. simpson may suffer from brain disease. dr. bennett, lou is a forensic pathologist who identifies a condition called cte caused by repeated brain trauma. he is beyond confident simpson suffers to the disease. he has been taken a stand one of every four nfl players. here is something you should not do while on vacation. this tourist from germany travel to egypt specifically wanted to
6:45 am
climb great. made, took his camera captured the whole thing. the problem here completely illegal legal to do this could be a 2-year-old faces 18 years in prison. he was allowed to live at the video, was questioned by police and again, don't do this at home, kids. maria: thanks, cheryl. temper your parents magazine preview. let's take a look at the cover. jack otter, editor of barron's online. you basically see a market down 8% year-to-date and looking for opportunities. >> yes, but cannot sectors down far more than that. two examples are technology and banking. the nasdaq is down 10%. serious bear market territory. the story says the stock student about overnight. some are overvalued, but some dirty cheap. a lot of these companies that you know the products will be used in our devices or in our
6:46 am
virtual world for a very long time, very good prices. i mentioned the banks earlier. very strong balance sheets. excellent return on equity. if you look back historically, when you saw by you wish and, it was a good time to buy. over the long term it was a good time. maria: do you get a sense from money managers to talk with that they do feel like things got overdone and 2164 d. you get a sense that people feel like the market is reflecting exactly what it should be reflect in which is a weak global story. >> i would say the latter. it is a fairly depressing day long conversation. these guys are very global. maria: the negativity continues. >> zilla is extremely negative and shorting the emerging market index, shorting the s&p 500 to others who says i am not happy about it.
6:47 am
the bond market is sending a negative signal but i'm finding opportunities. one of my favorites was good luck recommended something called brookfield total return. it closed end fund with mortgage-backed securities. they sell it at a discount. the fund is selling a 10% discount to the discount values. he says look, there is such a note here that if things go bad you get your 10% dividend. if things go well, the discount will close in the capital gain as well as the nice payout. we are kind of splitting the difference in saying things are bad, but also the reaction has been too much in some cases nec opportunities for opportunities where things are oversold. >> ares magazine came out this weekend, the front cover would be 10,000 stocks to sell. i think we are in a bear market. when you see the strongest bots being utilities, food, drug,
6:48 am
beverage and it is yelling and screaming we are headed for global economic trouble. the bear markets usually have three legs and only number one we have months ago. i don't try to predict going now, but typically markets will bother me not sober when everybody thinks it's going to crash and that is what i'm looking for. maria: but his cover on bearings is basically looking for opportunity. because of what happened to them, do you find no opportunities in the market? >> there's always something. drat can get worse. i think we are in the first leg down. i don't see the coffee not just yet. just remember, when you look at the transports, the retail come in believing group with the biotech, health care yesterday. it's telling you a lot.
6:49 am
we haven't had a bear market in seven years because central bank is way overdue and the time is up. maria: there's a lot of distrust and i don't know. the notes he got from wall street firms and professional analysts. dagen: they just don't know when they don't come out and say it quite like that. maria: they know that they lack a certain stock at a certain price. >> exactly. this doesn't mean it's the absolute bottom. if you look to the bear market, you saw some stocks bottoming in october and november of zero wait, even at the market didn't thought until march of 09. the stocks are more expensive. >> will show up before the market bottoms. maria: wendy bonham, you come on the show and tell us. greece live revving up its engines at the latest show gets
6:50 am
ready. we've got a brief preview within michael camero coming up. hey, michael. ♪
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
maria: welcome back. "grease live" leading up to the televised broadcast. michael camero has all the juicy details of the "grease live" production of the classic 1978 film. notice how i didn't thing there. >> you can carry a tune, maria. i've heard you before. the most karaoke musical of all
6:54 am
time. this is fox's first live musical event on television. they will follow up with rocky horror picture show later in the fall. this happened sunday night 7:00 on fox. it stars people who goes to broadway and yet gave. he is stepping into the shoes that travolta built. such an iconic role. we asked him if he felt any pressure about that. >> what he does is so interesting because at all times he is funny and honorable and tough and cool. it is like all of these at once. i feel that there's a responsibility to honor that. >> tell me about it, instead. [laughter] >> harley rejected please raise.
6:55 am
it is light rain or shine. they have a live audience that is part of it. it is that warner brothers studio. >> a live audience is critical because i watch the previous three baghdad with peter pan being ghastly. but even the wiz was good, but it's missing the live interaction. you need the vibe. maria: none of those nbc programs. dagen: i'm pretty sure not. >> this is incorporated into the production. you see people in the shed for the diner, those are audience members. dagen: my goal in life was in life was to wear the sandy outfit. i never dated in general. it just never looks back at it i've gotten close, but never lets the house senate. too embarrassing. >> you have a little bit more of a risk though saying away non.
6:56 am
dagen: she was great. maria: michael tammero. to name for grease lightning on fox for the life remake of this iconic film. it really is iconic. days away from the first voting day of 2015 presidential cycle. her public and presidential candidate jeb bush will join me right off of last night gop presidential debate. you don't want to miss it next. announcer: a horrific terror attack in paris. then, a brutal act of terror here at home. it's time for a tested and proven leader who won't try to contain isis. jeb bush has a plan... to destroy them. and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis
6:57 am
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maria: welcome back. i maria bartiromo. friday, june the 29th. fox business dagen mcdowell, capital management cherry cult on. 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. republican candidates facing off for the last time before the first votes are cast in the 2015 election cycle. fox news and google hosted last night's debate.
7:00 am
here's a look at the top moments. >> i am a maniac and everyone on this stage is, and ugly. and then, you are a terrible surgeon. not that we have a donald trump or shine out of the way. >> that is the book where you change the position on immigration because he used to support a path to citizenship. didn't say a word about legalization. >> the only republican i didn't show up for it. >> if you ask one more question i may have to leave the stage. >> stop the washington bowl and let's get done. >> you will not cure a lot of polished political speech from may,, but you will hear the truth. >> this is what the clinton hate machine will do with the republican nominee. >> bernie sanders is a socialist. i think it's a good candidate for president of sweden. we don't want to be sweden. >> we will take it to do when life.
7:01 am
donald trump skipping and instead held a histone. on the other side of the outcome of vertically than hillary sanders -- hillary clinton and bernie sanders. the nbc poll has the candidate in a statistical tie. onto the market to go. breaking overnight, the bank of japan took aggressive measures overnight to spur economic growth in japan. they cut interest rates into negative territory. the most stark and a rally in asian markets across the board. take a look at the nikkei average in japan up almost 3%. shanghai in china of better than 3%. this morning across europe morning across europe on the news, markets in london, paris, frankfurt to three quarters of a percent on the ft 100 above 6000. onto the u.s. government futures indicate a higher opening for the broader market. economic data this morning will likely set the tone.
7:02 am
the first reading on fourth-quarter gdp this morning. consensus calls for growth of eight tenths of 1%. even with the indicator typically moving market expected to open up 126 points. today marking the final day of trading for the month of january. man zero man has it been a rough start to the year. the dow and the s&p 500 down better than 7% versus the nasdaq. technology and biotech down 10% even for the nasdaq in january. kennedy squared off in the debate before the first votes are cast. blake burman with last night's action from des moines life right now. good morning. >> hi there, maria. off the top last night they address the elephant not in the room as megyn kelly put it. that of course being donald trump. from there they moved on to the issues and it was a substantive discussion last night. one of the issues that matters most here in iowa is immigration
7:03 am
and that allowed the discussion between marker rubio and ted cruz to resume once again. crews tried to portray rubio as a candidate when the pass was pro-amnesty. rubio on that point called ted cruz a liar. >> this is what his campaign is built on. he's the most conservative guy and everyone else is a rino. the truth is throughout this campaign committee that want to say or do anything to get votes. >> i like marco. he's very charming, very smooth. at the facts are simple. when he ran for election, he told the people of florida if you elect me i will lead the fight against amnesty. >> there was a conversation of amendment did not mate chris chris d. say that to essentially translate the whole thing to pull out his washington english dictionary. >> this is what makes a difference when you were governor. you can change her mind. ted can change his mind, marco
7:04 am
can change his mind. it is perfectly legal. but when you're governor, you have to admit you can't hide behind parliamentary tricks. that's the difference and that's the leader we need in the white house. stop the washington role and must get things done. reporter: one thing matters from here on out. that is getting the turnout, getting those who intend to caucus actually at those locations come monday night. maria: big monday ahead. lieberman in des moines this morning. who do you think stood out last night in the debate? dagen: rubio was smooth. he was third in all the polls. drop in all three, iowa, new hampshire and south carolina leads by seven points, 19 points and 16-point with marco rubio. maria: even though that is rubio's sensitive spot, they had a good discussion about how he has been open borders.
7:05 am
he had to defend it. >> if they even want to appear and if they are legitimate gop presidential nominee because that is what they will face from hillary clinton and how they contradict themselves. >> i love a playback of video >> i think he's got to lose at this point in time. >> super tuesday could surprise people. there's a lot of names we haven't heard of since. i will bring up an obscure thing that i think it's very. george bush used the word sunni for the second time. did i say george? more coffee. maria: and you're talking about jeb bush. >> he mentioned sunni and marker rubio mentioned the word she had.
7:06 am
this is the first time those words have been mentioned in a debate. it is so crucial. we were lucky enough to have dinner with michael bradley. he said this is the number one story in the globe right now. the shia sunni battle. if we defeat iss, we have to understand the dynamics there. making the sand blow was a wonderful applause line, but it actually doesn't work when they are embedded in cities with civilians. we can't actually destroy an entire city of civilians. we have to understand the dynamic in his mature advantage. >> is that going to change anything in the caucus? >> politically now. i think voters should start paying attention to this issue. how do you solve a complex problem? maria: sunnis are running countries. they are trying to topple actual governments. >> was the problem in iraq that
7:07 am
saddam was sunni and by deposing him, we put them in power. i says is a sunni country with the nation by nation without a country and so they've got to figure out how to deal with it. dagen: one thing i will point out about ted cruz figures get criticized if he used the word to describe a woman. he sounds shrill. he needs to work on his delivery a little bit. his voice about the bombastic donald trump standing next to him. again, look at these men. >> i know he's had his fair share of fights within the senate and that is what everyone talks about, that he doesn't have any friends there. he sticks to his principles. you are right. he fights with the establishment then he will stick to his principles. >> on some things. ethanol, yes.
7:08 am
he voted against the really feel because of the massive amount of spending. but he had to defend his inconsistency voting defense spending bills, but advocating for bombing isis out of existence. there is the inconsistency. >> 's inability to work with congress and crews can do a better job.ll. despite the largest profit ever, amazon stock taking a dive this morning. jo ling kent on the story they are. this has been startling and pastors. >> it was way up, 5%, 6% and there is a u-turn reporting a record that quarterly profit of $482 million. biggest ever in history, but still disappointed analysts expecting disappointed analysts expected a bit more on the bottom line. api for 1 dollar, revenue 35.75 billion. the company said prime
7:09 am
memberships grew by 51% in 2015 so that is good news. the company is operating cost claims 20.5% year-over-year and this is where it costs money. , fulfillment jumped 37% in the quarter. would you also see here is the exciting quarter is not so well. they had 400 million actually looking for 687 million. >> we all knew the fourth quarter and all the summer we kept talking about how amazon and apple are the only ones doing business. what is the disappointment? we all knew it would be a tough holiday season. >> you have apple also experiencing the same thing. super high expectation not been necessarily. these are the numbers that would cost more. >> the disappointment if everybody expected $1.60 in a cave with 1 dollar.
7:10 am
it is overload, over and in the momentum crowd goes from great to hear very quickly and you'll see a lot of that in the next few weeks and will go lower it even from the gap to the downside. maria: is basically an example of the taped on the market. >> what we see is a lot of blowups in stocks and you don't get a lot of blowups in bull markets. it's indicative. dagen: that is why the surprise about apple. it blew up dramatically after the earnings. they've got so much pent-up demand for the iphone, people kind of miss that. 60% of people who own an iphone before the six came out in the fall of 2014 who still haven't upgraded. all of that pent-up demand and the stock got hammered. >> netflix, all of these companies. everybody loves them until they don't and when they don't get ugly. >> what about actually creating new projects.
7:11 am
that's a long-term concern. is that that psychological process of an investor should be worried about? >> the problem for apple if they are a gargantuan company. go in florida has less of an impact. and the reason why coca-cola is where it is from 1997, wal-mart 2000 because they got growth stalled in stocks stalled maybe it is happening to apple finally. >> admits the stock stock into a different category. you move into value. it is large numbers. >> one more point about amazon and that is the film that cost is a big deal. they might turn into ebay where they sell other people stop and there's not as much margin. >> expenses come expenses come expenses. jo: that is the lack year-over-year. maria: i know you have really
7:12 am
good data on how social media is covering the election. we will cover that later. jo ling kent coming out. millennial friendly platforms like facebook and snapshot plan a huge role in the election. we've got the story coming up next. the biggest challenge for business today is not competition, it's protecting customer trust. every day you read headlines about governments and businesses being hacked, emails compromised, and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime, and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to investigate and fight cyber crime. we use the microsoft
7:13 am
cloud to visualize information, so we can track down the criminals. using our advanced analytics tools, analysis that used to take days to run, we can now see in real time. and we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. our passion is making life tougher for cyber criminals, and making it safer for you and your customers.
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7:15 am
maria: welcome back. a woman arrested as the intent search for three inmates continues in california pay cheryl casone with the headlines right now. what a story. reporter: they have been on the run for days. they do need another missing for 16 hours and police say the
7:16 am
woman is accused of helping the men escaped from a maximum-security prison in southern california. she taught english as a second language. she met supplies to mats today and save -- maps to the inmates. they are still on the run. meanwhile, the zika virus could be ready for emergency use. 31 cases in the u.s. this is another step in the new surrender by the app known for disappearing messages very popular with teenagers across the country. a spokesman says the goal of the shows to educate and inform them voters about political events and candidate by opening up a live stream feature to everyone that has an iphone. the feature allows anybody on face book to live stream the video off their phone. i will also go across countries.
7:17 am
peter him be used to be at cnn, maria. he says i am the guy who's been very important people. i will tell it like it is on snapchat. maria: that is good. they have really good measurement tools to actually make it more interactive. reporter: get them to vote. that is how we made. dagen: i am not live streaming anything. there is no quicker way to get you into trouble. maria: cheryl, thank you. will smith concussion filled pudding enters back into the spotlight. the doc dirt was by the film has another groundbreaking alec action. garrett macs with sports when we come back. ♪
7:18 am
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sounds like my ride's ready. don't get stuck on hold. reach an expert fast. comcast business. built for business. >> that was a clip from the controversial movie concussion big night in the brain injury debate within the nfl. the doctor who inspired the film is out with another bombshell. jared max with all the details. >> good morning, murray out. pathologist bennett claims that o.j. simpson is suffering from the brain disorder cte, chronic
7:22 am
dramatic encephalopathy, the disease that can only be diagnosed postmortem. it has a range of symptoms beyond oppression, misery, domestic violence, unjustified violent tendencies. portrayed by will smith told "people" magazine given his profile i think it is not an irresponsible conclusion to suspect that he has cte. since the hall of famer became the first running back to rush for two dozen yards in the season currently serving a 33 year sentence for a 2000 armed robbery nevada had reported the o.j. considered using a brain disease defense in this case. according to espn, o.j. said i was knocked out of games for such head repeatedly in the 1970s and other times. when i first heard this story, my immediate response was that is interesting. what do they make a story?
7:23 am
dr. dr. omalu said i would bet my medical license that o.j. has cte. those are strong words. >> if you think about the murder of nicole brown simpson, that was premeditated. it wasn't some violent outbursts. you know, if we are going to use cte to excuse what he has done, i take issue with that. >> this is excuse versus reason. for the first time that was an excuse, but maybe the reason. maybe this could be a reason. if such a big 30 years later and now people might say if still doesn't excuse it. it still makes you wonder. >> is also done some bizarre things since then and maria: steal the trophy back.
7:24 am
it didn't make sense in the context. again, it is not an excuse. the guy should be behind bars. i have spoke to a doctor who worked on this and examined brain tissue. he said the brain tissue looks like 90-year-old who of alzheimer's for 15, 20 years. when i first started going under the microscope, they could not believe it. >> he has a history of domestic violence. the leave no doubt, in the 80s i met football players that were stuttering, couldn't walk. this is somewhat of an epidemic and its about time it is front and center and something gets done about it. dagen: but football is still the number one sport. you still have -- i mean, i guess the treatment of brain injuries and concussions is better, but these men who are risking their lives in every game are still at risk. >> o.j. simpson played for 11
7:25 am
years from 1969 to 1979. every play in the nfl particularly as a running back asleep reading in a car accident. i think a punchdrunk fighter, guy who played during o.j.'s time. when we talk about tony dorsett, we hear he appears to be suffering from symptoms that cte. we've never heard anything as clear-cut as dr. omalu who was the subject of this movie concussion. maria: how long has he said vincent has had it? has he had it for 20 years? >> we just saw player tyler sachse played for the the new yk giants are just as september. he was only 27. it probably starts from an early time sought, so i would gather if that is the case he might have had cte for many years. dagen: essentially the brain is dying and it dies in different ways in strange ways. the behavior you get from cte is
7:26 am
extremely erratic and hard to predict. >> we have the trial of the century because of the so-called purpose to believe. o.j. did this. forget about the football stuff. maria: some people thought it was hard to believe. i believe it. >> at first it was like o.j.? dagen: people versus o.j. >> the evidence is overwhelming. why would he do a thing like this? dagen: the people versus o.j. simpson is next week on tv with john travolta as robert shapiro. maria: john, thank you. still to come, rick santorum the campaign trail ahead of the first copies of 2015. later i'll set you down with candidate jeb bush to talk about what many call his best to bake at your keep it here on the fox business network. >> i thought it was interestingly the best night jeb had been all the debates. i might even say he might've had the best night of the group in
7:27 am
this debate. ♪ lots of vitamins a&c, and, only 50 calories a serving... good morning, indeed. v8. veggies for all.
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welcome back. a pretty good day for markets this morning. good numbers after doj came out. lower rates in japan is triggering a rally across the world. the dow jones industrial average expected to open up 125 points wu then there's amazon as the story of the morning and it's down. >> microsoft is up. their last three quarters of sales is minus 5, minus 12, minus 10. i don't know what they think they are doing. they are following europe. it hasn't worked there. i think they are flushing it down the toilet at this point. i don't hike how it will end up.
7:31 am
>> i feel like so many people have been on the the show and there are opportunities in europe that things are improving and you said earlier bill stone from pmc said, yes,er japanese economy may not be that much but look at japanese companiess. they are cash-rich and are paying dividends. >> i can promise you in the next few years after their initial public offerings we will find companies that double, and triple their earnings which mean there is stocks will fly. in bear markets we keep them down so it will be a while before it kicks in. >> very, very tough to manage. webber who you interviewed many times said that all this additional stimulus doesn't do much on the margin and makes it hard to operate a bank. >> >> the iowa caucus just three
7:32 am
days away. had a strong call of action at fox news in the debate last night. listen. >> ladies and gentlemen you have a chance on monday to gut record straight about who you want. not who will entertain you. who will fight for what you believe. >> the republican presidential candidate rick santorum. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. >> if nothing else senator, this election is about leadership. make the case why you think you should be in the oval office. >> you want someone who is a fighter and a winner. someone who has a track record. people are frustrated because they are looking at washington, d.c. and it's dysfunctional. there's nothing getting done. there's frustration that people are making promises that they are not keeping. the bottom line is maybe put someone up who has promised, fought, delivered and won. there's nobody else many this
7:33 am
race that has a track record in washington, d.c. that fought for anything and fought for conservative principles. >> to be clear, john casic has been among the team who balanced the budget. you have governors on the stage who had real decisions. to say you are the only one who has done anything is a reach. >> well, i give john credit for working as a budget chairman chairman. he didn't pass any pro-life bills. i three of them and had democratic support. he didn't offer the e tran sanctions bill or the syrian sanctions bill. it was bill that i authored the and president bush opposed and i was able to go through there.
7:34 am
i will give john the budget. you talk about 16 year of a body of work on social issues and even the republican makes the center thereof health care plan nap's something i introduced over 16 years i was there. >> right. real accomplishments. i know the whole team wants to get your take last night and how you feel things are going for. i want to ask you about attend donald trump's event after the debate last night. >> surprised. >> i was surprised. what were you thinking? >> well, if someone asks me to come support an raise money for veterans, it's a pretty easy call since i didn't have anything else to do at that particular time last evening. he said would you come. we are raising money for veterans. we both worked 40 years at the va. we f we can't put politics aside
7:35 am
and say, support our veterans, i gave a speech last night at that event calling for reform at the va. i have a very detailed plan on how we will do that and addressing the 22 suicides a day that we are seeing from our veterans in this country. i would have taken the opportunity to go on nationalle tv and talk about that and encourage people to help out our veterans and if people want to take shots at me because i'm standing next to donald trump then go for it. >> i'm not. if you are doing it to help veterans. it didn't have anything for you to be donald trump's vice president. >> i am not running for vice president. i am running for president. you need to know, this is very personal. i spent the first 18 years of my life living on a veteran's hospital ground. this is really personal for me. >> good for you, senator.
7:36 am
>> senator, so you think donald trump approached you and governor huckabee because i believe donald trump said when you first announced that two candidates approached him. so he reached out to you. >> i didn't approach anybody i can tell you right now. i have no idea what discussions were going on. there may have been other people -- i got an invitation about 12:00 yesterday to come and we responded that we would come. >> there's a lot talk about the establishment versus nob non-establishment. i don't think voters care much about that. they do have a sense about getting stuff done. all these people are constantly fighting and the posturing rather than trying to solve problems. how do you do that? you are known for somebody who does stand on principle.
7:37 am
how you cross the aisle? there's still going to be a tough minority more to fight with. how do you get stuff done? >> i listed all those accomplishments all were conservative things. in that case, i worked with democrats who wanted to see doing something to change to try to help the board. bill clinton vetoed that bill twice and i never gave up. i'm a fighter. i keep after it. i will give you an examplele how we got it done. i fought harder than any two people fought. we had one of the most epic debates on the issue of adoption over 15 year period. we fought like tkat kats and dogs. -- we fought like cats and dogs and never made it personal. i called barbara up and i said
7:38 am
if i can get barbara to join me knowing people know how far apart we are on everything then there's probably a good chance i can get people between me to support this bill. she said yes, not because she likes me. she doesn't. i'm not fond with her. we were honest with each other. we didn't burn bridges. that's important. you want a fighter who can get things done and have someone who respects everybody and treats people respectfully and that's what this the president doesn't do and that's why the atmosphere is so toxic in washington. >> it's what we all face. he's got a question. >> the cbo just came out and said were heading for $27 treul kwrop in -- trillion debt. we keep hearing about what you may or may not do for anybody. you have any specifics because the taxpayers are getting killed
7:39 am
at this junction and much more going forward. >> growth is a big part of the problems that we're having now. the anemic kpwro*ut that we are looking -- growth that we are hooking at. i put forth a comprehensive economic plan that includes regulatory relief which is a huge part that we are not competitive. you want to get people back in the work force. the working age americans who don't have a college degree. you have to have jobs to excel. to me, china's reaction and shifting away from manufacturing is a real opportunity for america to see some of that market sharing and move some of those jobs back here. tkpwo*ut will be a big part of it. we have a tax plan to do just that. you to have reform of entitlement. we have obama care an replace it with a tax credit system that will be much less expensive. i have a plan for social security, i have a plan for
7:40 am
medicare and have a plan for medicaid. i was able the to leave that effort. finally get bill clinton to sign the bill. it is a very simple process. we are blocking these problems to the state and putting work requirements in place and giving the state's maximum flexibility to do whether it's food stamps an whether it's medicate or other types of throw income assistance. than's the kind of cooperation that we are able to get that can't happen again it can happen if you are willing to sit down and make compromises and work the other side and we need to give you a little money here and tphaoepd need to tweak this happen. >> that's called leadership. thank you so much. appreciate your time this morning, sir. we will see you soon. >> you bet. >> coming up next t we will sit down with former governor jeb bush and we will talk about his
7:41 am
debate performance last night and what's next for him. stay with us. i think it landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪ can a a subconscious. mind?
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sometimes they just drop in. always obvious. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. it was big surprise. the fbi releasing this video of state police off officers
7:45 am
shooting one of the armed oregon protestors who took over a remote wild life refuge. the special agent in charge of the fbi said was income -- show the video and made a motion of a gun in his coat pocket. this morning, kp*e rox making it official. it will flit itself in two companies. they will also give three board seats. the stock it up 5% of free market trading. >> who says you can't have fun on tv, two anchors in los angeles entertaining themselves during a commercial break. i never knew that steering a wheel of a car involved this. but this was during a commercial break an they filmed it. there's the weather guy. >> that isly -- that is hilarious.
7:46 am
>> morning show humor. >> cheryl, thank you. next up, republican presidential candidate jeb bush joins us and how he likes his chances now. back in a moment with governor jeb bush. you both have a perfect driving record. perfect. no tickets. no accidents. that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no. your insurance rates go through the roof... your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades,
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7:49 am
i'm an establish because my dad, the greatest man alive was president of the united states and my brother was president. fine, i will take it. i am part of the establishment because barbara bush is my mom. i will take that too. >> last night's gop debate he joins me now live in des moines. governor, good to see you. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you, maria.
7:50 am
>> thousand do you think last night went without donald trump on stage. >> i thought it was subsultive debate. the mod raytors did a good job and talked about things that were important in iowa and around country. i thought it was fine. i enjoyed it. i love the part of this about being part of thes establishment. >> it's a lot of labels. a lot of people are talking positively about you for that reason that you weren't afraid to run from this label of establishment. >> i was governor of the state of florida so i disrupted the old order there and had the skill to disrupt the order in washington. whatever i am it doesn't matter, i have the leadership skills to fix the mess. >> we had hank on the other day
7:51 am
and was real supporter of yours. about this whole immigration issue, i was happy that you got into it with marco rubio and the other candidates about im. this is one of the fundamental issues of any election. who gets to come and live in our country, work in our country and participate in the democracy that is america? can you talk to us about how your views may have changed given terrorism? given the reality that we all face? or how they stayed the same? what is your logic around this? >> the fundamentals haven't changed. we are an immigrant nation and we need to embrace our diversity and creates a kalt list for incredible things to happen. . there's an epidemic of heroin that comes across the border. .
7:52 am
the illegal immigration broken is broken -- to the point they are making last night when you tube videos were on. at least i was inspired by those young people. we shouldn't -- we should be ways to fight them to our cause. i felt epl bell p*eled to be -- i felt for them to be republicans. so, how do you keep this momentum going? how do you stand out when we know that the jabs are going to resume once trump south and about with you. he's been tweeting about the debate and all he's happenings in the the last 24 hours. >> trump is going to be trump even when we were debating he was with me. swrae golden opportunity to
7:53 am
transform our country and move back to the principles that created its greatness and donald trump wouldn't be that guy. it's about him rather than the people stuck in poverty and the people stuck with declining incomes. i have a plan to fix the mess in washington. mine will be what people k-p do it. we will let the people begin this process and off we go in. >> and gop voters want to know who is going to have the boots to beat hillary. i have to ask you about some of these ads that you are coming out with. i know you said that you are not in control of the super packs who were coming out with these ads. some are making people scratch their ads. than the ad that has hillary winning. you think that was a good idea? >> i can't control what i can't control. i am focused on my campaign. hilly would beat donald trump.
7:54 am
all the the polls suggest that. she not truthful, she is not trustworthy and would double down on the failed economic policies and national security policies of this president. that's a serious question and you pointed out that the whole objective here is to restore america's greatness. stphaof hillary wants to phrase taxes more than a trillion dollars. $1 .1 trillion. and bernie sanders is talking about raising the taxes $ $1.6 trillions. >> it's scary. we need simplify the code to three rates. 10%, 25%, 28%. put a limit on reductions so higher the earnings don't receive the benefits. the corporate rate should go to
7:55 am
20% where we have full expensing where we eliminate world wide taxationp. sit the horrible that smaller foreign businesss are buying larger businesses taking away the jobs in reeve knew. we should fix this. there's parts of the plan thatvy laid out an we will fight for the rest. it's important for us to simplify the code to make sure the people have more power and the government doesn't. >> you think you can get it done in your first year in stpaufs. >> do i. i think there's a yearning in washington. hillary clinton when asked who her enemies were she confided that the republicans are her enemy. you imagine what president that would be where you already start with half the country agains you an you think they are enemies rather than people who you might want to purswuade? when you speak to people on the ground in iowa.
7:56 am
what you think theish teurb is. i think it has done back from economy and jobs to national security. what are people talking about there. >> i think it's both economic and national security but it's a question of security. people are scared about their future. i gate lot of questions about social security and about the student loan program and the threat of islamic terrorism. it's a dangerous time. people are really insecure about what their future looks like and their fashional security issues dominate because we see the headlines an we see the videos of these islamic terrorists that want to question tk*e stroeu western stk*euflation. people are concerned that. >> we >> we will see you soon. governor jeb bush in des moines this morning. political polls joins the conversation from des moines
7:57 am
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8:00 am
whatfy -- happy friday everybody. >> first on your top stories at 8:00 on the east coast. most of the republican candidates faced off last night. for the last time before the the first votes are cast in the 2016 election cycle. fox and google hosted last night's debate. >> i'm a maniac and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat and ugly and ben you are a terrible surgeon. now that we got the donald trump portion out of the way -- >> that is the book where you changed your position on immigration. you supported the path to citizenship. >> didn't see a word about legalization. >> he is the only republicans can show up for it. >> if you guys ask one more mean
8:01 am
-p question i spray to leave the stage -- if you ask one more mean question i may have to leave the stage. >> stop the washington bull and get this done. >> you this not hear a lot of polished political speech from me but you will hear the truth. >> this is bean bag compared to what they are going to do to the nominee. >> i think bernie is a good candidate for president. >> donald trump skipped the tkae bait. he held his event to raise money for veterans. he claims he raised more than $5 million-dollars for veterans. on the the other side of the aisle, hillary clinton and bernie made their push for iowa. the latest nbc polls had the candidates in a tie. turning to markets the this morning. breaking overnight the bank of japan big story this morning took aggressive measures to spur economic growth and moved the market. they cut interest rate in to negative territory.
8:02 am
the bank of japan did. they sparked major rallies across the board. shanghai up 3%. futures are indicating a higher opening here as well. later this morning we will get economic data that may change things but we are expecting a 100 point higher. should the point out year to date not so great. we are talking decline of the dow and s&p 500 almost 20% and nasdaq down 10%. even though that's a backward hooking the number, a -- even though that is a backward looking number a lot of people have that number. a trough start to new year the dow and s&p down more than 7% and the worst performance down 10% that is a correction for the nasdaq.
8:03 am
strong words from presidential candidate ben carson in last night's fox news gop debate. listen: >> well, i will gladly confess that i am the only one on this stage with no political title. you u this not hear a lot of polished political speech from me but you will hear the truth. i don't think you to be a politician to be the truth. sometimes it's the other way around. >> and joining us now is dr. ben carson now live in des moines, iowa. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> i want to ask you about the substance about your campaign. earlier in the week we talked about your tax plan which i am very impressed with. let's kick it off with the debate. how you think you did? >> i think i did well. i had the least amount of time to speak but think i said the most. that's what's important. we have gotten in a situation in our country where we want to be entertained. it's like the ancient romans,
8:04 am
see the blood and gore while sighty collapses around you. at least we had a chance to talk about a little substance. we did get an opportunity to speak about it. >> you don't think the time was ebg quitible. because you are not a traditional establishment outside and have got so much regard. people wonder how would you approach a cabinet? how would you approach leading the free world? have you thought about that? absolutely. >> absolutely. i think a good example is kwhepb i game director -- when i became the director. it wasn't on the map. i had to put in place the programs, the people so that by 2008, there's a world refort ranked number one in the country. that means you have to be able to assess people's talents.
8:05 am
you want to make sure that you have a variety of different advisors. in a multitude of safety -- so you don't want just yes people. you want people who understand our nation and understand our constitution and are the with are in aline there with the bell being with our country. i don't see that now. >> before you would put people in the cabinet like defense secretary, these tporpt leadership positions, would you put someone with a political background in there or outside? >> oh, absolutely. i think leader does not need to be somebody who is an expert in russian affairs. you can tell from talk to me they know a lot that.
8:06 am
i don't claim to be an expert with 30 years experience. those people you would need around you. no question about it. >> what you think is most important for voters today and how are you addressing that. >> recently you came out with details on the tax plan as well as your foreign poll speup. tell us what you think voters want to hear from you. >> well, i think there are three areas that concern people the most. the incredible division that's going on in our nation. a house divided against itself cannot stand. our unity is our greatest -- our irresponsibility, we are basically selling the future of our children. things like the fisca are l gap. why is it that no traditional politicians will talk about the fiscal gap. i am the only one who talks about it. probably because i am not a politician. i know how horrible it sit and what the effect will be. our our failure to take
8:07 am
leadership is providing the opportunity for those who are looking for weakness to take center stage. that's going to be there in the long run. >> you have a plan to fix and make social security and medicare for examplele viable going forward as we all talk about stealing from a future generation? >> absolutely. >> go to ben as far as social security it is scheduled to run out of money 2033. when it was put in place the average death is 63. now were approaching 80. we haven't made the adjustments. i will make closed a justments oh to people under the age of 50. it will take 25 years to get it up up. sit a slow adjustment. for people below that age it
8:08 am
would not be fair to make the change. we create a situation where they have the ability to direct the funding. they cannot take money out of it but can direct it. social security was never supposed to be your livelihood. it was supposed to be a supplement. by starting at age 30 and doing it that way it can be. >> dr. carson, good to see you as always. how's the fund raising going based on how much cash you on than. how long can you stay in this? >> well, it's picked up substancely and it's not a particular worry at the this stage. we have reorganized our campaign and we have people who are much nor responsibility in charge mow. >> dr. carson the idea of investing money for social security is very appealing in
8:09 am
some ways obviously. right now we have zero growth. i'm paying for my parents' social security and my kids will pay for mine. there is a possibility of investing in losses. the government's program is one of the best retirement programs around when you use a model like that or how would people invest for their retirement an social security? >> i would go back to the real source of the problem. it grew at a rate as twice as much as it was in 200 1. they say this is the new normal. it's nothing normal about that. it's because of what we are doing. e have the circled with untold regulation. of course it will not function under those circumstances. we have a tax system that has
8:10 am
not encouraged capital investment. of course it will run out of fuel. when you fix those fundamentals. i don't think we this have the problems that you are talking about. >> when you came out with your tax plan recently and knead case that this is going to lead to economic growth. connect the dots for us. how you expect a flat tax to lead to the creation of jobs? >> think about it, let me give you a good example, if i don't have the extra capital to invest i'm not going to create more jobs for other people. because it's those people who have vesting an maybe they are doing it for their own self fish purposes. maybe they want to make a lot of money but in the process they have to hire other people to do that. they have to build infrastructure to do that. all of that helps the economy. >> we will leave it there. dr. carson, thank you is much. we appreciate your time the this morning. >> always a pleasure. thank you.
8:11 am
>> coming up, check your passports because the federal government said odds are it's expiring why you should renew as as soon possible. michael phelps jumping out at last night's arizona basketball game. while he is channeling his inner chip in dale dancer next. got to see this. ♪ i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who've had no prior treatment.
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as long as you love me, it's alright bend me shape me, any way you want me you've got the power, to turn on the light shape the best sleep of your life. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology adjust any way you want it. the bed that moves you. only at a sleep number store. welcome back. some encouraging news to share about the zika virus. >> it's a fast moving sorry. a vaccine could be ready for emergency use before the end of the year. that's according to some of the lead developers.
8:15 am
it says it's spreading in the americas and it could effect as many as 4 million people by the end of this year. well, police in france arresting a man who tried to bring two handguns into a hotel in disneyland paris. according to police, the man was carrying a copy of the koran and box of ammunition. and the state department says that you need a passport or need to get it renewed you need to do it as soon as possible. officials are expecting an epic amount of renewal requests due to the millions of passports set to expire. ten years ago had a request for people oh to have passports. also try to avoid a rerun in the backlog whine when trying to process all those passports. something else that has been catching people, if your passport expires, you cannot go
8:16 am
to europe and that's hurting a lot of americans as well. they reck phepd you don't. -- they recommend you don't. your passport is still legal. i had this discuss with someone recently. was going to europe and they said don't do it. that's not right.. it's still legal. >> what's the law? they say if anything happens that you get stuck overseas you only have six months. okay, that's fine. that's a good warning but i'm still legal for another six months. >> if i'm going for a week, how long will that stphra*s you will get arrested in europe? >> just saying that's the argument. >> coming up, we are bringing you a complete analysis of last night's presidential debate. fox new's out numbers co-host will join us with her take an
8:17 am
also talking with frank. back in a minute. i think it landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪
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carbon bonding is what we did in the the first persian gulf war. 1100 air takes a day. saturation bombing that destroyed the enemy. obama is not arming the kurds. we need to redefine the enemy an we need to be focused and lift the rules of engagement so were not sending our fighting men and woman in combat with their arms tied behind their back. >> the final debate before the
8:21 am
first votes are passed. want to bring in ted cruz, national campaign spokesperson in iowa. joining us here in the studio is the co-host. thank you so much for joining us. thank you for bring being with us. >> i hit the was another outstanding performance and had a little inkoeupl think he held up well. were very, very pleased. >> what you think the messages are that are most important to get to voters? when you are out speaking to voters in iowa, this is whey just asked ben carson and jeb bush as well. what is most important to them and what does senator cruz need to do. they want to turn this country around. they want defeat isis and want to come out. we have done and that finished 99 counties on monday. we have 12,000 volunteers out
8:22 am
and knocking thousands of doors. our people are excited and ready to go. were look tporg with ard oh to monday. >> one of the hinges that keeps coming up is the deviceiveness. we know what has been the case for the last -p years in terms of pitting sides together and people bring up ted cruz's relationships within the senate. is he going to be able to bring people together. i made the point that's because ted skrao*uz so prince. a -- ted cruz fights with other people. people want leadership to bring both sides together. does he have the goods to do it? >> the way oh do it is the to bring a country together. that's the way ronald reagan governmentened. you make a argument with their senator or congressman. if they don't want to go along, then the people replace them.
8:23 am
it's not getting along with the people who are bankrupting the country. it's getting along with the people. >> andrew onset. what is your take on that stp. i think what ted cruz does best is he doesn't get along people in the senate. the republican party don't want the senators getting along. they are really dissatisfied with what the establishment has been doing. >> this he sticks to his principles. >> he doesn't need dome out an say he will get along. the voters too angry. ted cruz has great politics position. he was rude last night. donald trump acted as a human shield for him when he's there. he took some cruz on him. he has some gloves on him. cruz is going to come out bruised last night because he took so many hits. >> what about that, rick?
8:24 am
>> today on talk radio millions are going to hear rush limbaug, shawn hannity. they know who was on whose side and explain it to their millions of listeners. the history is absolutely clear on that. we will clarify the position last night and know it ted cruz an marco rubio was for amnesty. we got hit from the left from jeb bush on the same issue. i they's a fatal issue. >> i'm not sure he can overcome it but i thought last night watching the two cuban men. fire with marco rubio. ted cruz looked in the camera and talked to the voters. there's no question that without donald trump it really is all about ted cruz and marco rubio. the question is can ted cruz win iowa?
8:25 am
>> donald trump would like quinn iowa. we this see whapbs. not a -- not a bad performance. >> you mentioned two cubans. you heard what chris ma matthews said. in terms of the ratings who will watch two cubans? i thought,er what you mean by that? he also said, i believe marco rubio wasn't a real latino. i never take what he says is seriously. i enjoyed watching the two cubans last night. i thought it was firey, good, it illustrates the fault line between establishment an non-establishment an ted cruz in any estimation has a much more compelling case that resinates with the mood of the election. >> i have to disagree.
8:26 am
how important is iowa and how telling is it? if he wins iowa monday night do you think that tells us something about the rest of the election? cruz or trump? >> ted cruz, if he wins, iowa, yeah. >> we have been the under dog in the entire race. we don't have to win iowa. we would be happy to win second place an we -- no one predicted that. this has been a investigational campaign. we are built to last. we have the money and the leadership all ready to go. we will go all the way to the connection. i want someone who will win the nomination. they don't want someone who has a single state strategy here. >> thank you so much. appreciate your time today. >> thanks a lot. >> good to see you. we will watch what number in the fox news channel. we are watching markets. we have to tkpaet get to a -- we have to get to a break and come back. e will tell you how it's impacting markets.
8:27 am
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8:30 am
>> a second away from the gdp number, fourth quarter growth hitting the tape. up 7/10 is the number. that's fractionally below the expectations 8/10 of a percent. again, up 7/10 of a percent. and this is on heels of the durable goods number yesterday. remember the durable goods number. this is the gdp for the fourth quarter and it's up 7/10 of a percent below the 8/10 of a percent expectation that we had. jack, your thoughts on gdp? >> a weak number, i want to see what the retail sales numbers were. we've been kind of at a 3% clip year after year. i suspect we didn't hit that,
8:31 am
but if we did it would be a positive number. 7/10 is a guess. it could be 1% less or one percentage point more. it's not really-- it's the trend that's important and we know the trend is down and low. >> no matter what, it's not a good number and no matter what, the fed is going to have to look at this and with their data dependency probably do nothing for a few months. that durable goods order, orders look terrible and i do not see any momentum. maria: i was tweeting it out. consumer spending, dagen, slowed within this number. not a great number. dagen: but it goes to gary's point and we saw it with the draghi comments and people want to drink more of the hooch that the central banks keep pouring. so when the fed released its statement earlier in the week, markets sold off because it looked like the fed was not backing off of the rate hike in march even, but, if it's bad
8:32 am
enough that the fed doesn't move, then that makes everybody happy. i mean, i'm dismayed by that. maria: we're back to bad news is bad news. the dow up 126 points, 128 points on the heels of an okay number on gdp, consumer spending going down. >> there is going to be diminishing returns as we move forward on anything central bank's done because they've been doing it for too long and it may work on asset bubbles, but it does not work on the economy. for me, i wish they'd go on a vacation for a very long time. they have distorted pricing yields for too long. maria: and just can you say negative interest rates in japan? and look what happened to the market overnight, up 3% on the nikkei average. are we going to get to the next guest, returning, the gpt presidential debate was in iowa
8:33 am
and we're joined by pollster frank luntz, how are you, frank? >> what's amazing about iowa i've got governor chris christie over here, rand paul over there, and inside is mike huckabee, you can't swing a dead cat and in fact, there he is right now. maria: that's great. [laughte [laughter] >> only in iowa. >> you spoke to a lot of people after the debate and give me your take first and foremost how the debate went without donald trump. >> and in fact, donald trump should have come. they wanted to hear him, they wanted to see what he had to say next to the other candidates and they were disappointed. point number two is that marco rubio took some tough questions, some of the toughest of the debate, he performed quite well and number three the gentleman to my left one of the highest debate moments when he took on the washingtonians and
8:34 am
said enough is enough. and number four, everybody is watching and listening and we still have with only three days to go we have one out of every five voters undecided. so last night will have had a major impact on them and this race is anybody's to win. maria: let me bring in jo ling kent, she's been following social media. jo: the most treated moment was marco rubio talking how senator sanders would be a good president of sweden. how did senator rubio resonate? >> very strong, it wasn't just his joke about being the president of sweden, what he said afterwards about the four heroes who died in benghazi. rubio took some very tough questions and some challenges from other people up on the stage and the key thing for him is, that he's basically-- he's got an answer for everything and that's very tough in those environments. you know you're on live tv, 20 million people watching you and
8:35 am
they thought he hit it spot on. it was his best debate performance. seven. maria: wow, go ahead, dagen. >> frank, was something missing in terms of ted cruz having a nemesis, when he has to take on other people, his delivery and his debate skills are more effective against a donald trump than somebody else? >> i'm impressed with that because that's exactly what our group thought and in fact, that's why those who came, we have a lot in the session and they were disappointed and cruz, and they were going between the two and felt denied. and cruz when he challenged chris wallace and kept on challenging and kept on challenging, audience started to booed the tv. it's okay to demand a smart question. it's not okay to interrupt the way that he did. >> that's a good point. >> somebody is tweeting right now. cruz won the debate, trump for president, cruz for
8:36 am
vice-president, what do you think about that? just one tweet that i'm reading, but it seems to be, i'm hearing it increasingly. do you think this is a couple? >> no, because take a look who rising, chris christie rising in new hampshire, and people are rising in iowa, are you going to look in the camera and say what you mean and mean what you say and to determine whether the candidates are using spin or mean what they say. maria: you and i were talking on e-mail last night about michael bloomberg and you said the lane is wide open for michael bloomberg to enter the race. tell us about that. >> what's interesting is that he takes about a quarter of the republican vote if trump is the nominee, 20% of the vote if
8:37 am
hillary clinton is the nominee and then the he would be credible if he started to run. i've never seen an election like this. i got it wrong back in august and determined not to get it wrong again, that you have the frustration and the anger and the betrayal that so many voters feel, they're determined to get this right, which is why these debates have such high ratings and why people keep shifting from candidate to candida candidate. >> from last night with donald trump not there, who's got the most traction just out of last night with three days left going into iowa? >> i genuinely believe when all the votes are counted, i think that ted cruz is going to win iowa. i think trump's got more support here than cruz does, but cruz has the most amazing operation. not a single trump person had gotten a phone call, text, what caucus to vote in and a lot of them are first time caucus goers. >> you talk with ted cruz's
8:38 am
people, bombarded, three or four phone calls a day to get out and vote. i think that makes a different. maria: from barron's frank. >> frank, i'm interested in the memo i read from you about michael bloomberg. the guy has no charisma and i was here in new york city came in an 8 billion dollar deficit and looking in the camera and he said i'm going to hurt everyone, and annoy liberals slashing teacher budgets and firehouses and he balances the budget, gets a surplus and cuts taxes and restores some services, so he gets stuff done, but, man, at the polled ypolled-- podium and not an exciting guy. does he have a chance? >> number one bloomberg, accomplishment. cutting the deficit and turning it into a surplus, and maria, i want to give you guys credit. this rarely happens, each one of the questions you have you could not have known, we did not do a pre interview before
8:39 am
i'm on air. each one of those questions cuts to exactly what's happening among the voters, among the electorate and everyone focuses on the candidate, i'm focused on the people and they genuinely feel betrayed and want to find the person who is going to give them the sense of safety, security and most important, a peace of mind. maria: yeah, and also, jobs. peace of mind around jobs, frank, we got a gdp number out that shows the economy is growing 7/10 of a percent, not great. once again we see this slow crawl and not a lot of growth. which candidate do you think is going to be best for growth? who has articulated the story of economic growth and jobs best? >> i think you have to look at the one that's articulated it the worst and that would be hillary clinton. only 29% of americans believe that she has the honesty and integrity to be president. think about that, 29%, that's more than two out of three who question her judgment and question her character. so when she talks about jobs,
8:40 am
voters don't believe it. maria: interesting. final question here, frank, before you go. you said, you know, cruz could win iowa. if cruz wins iowa, is that basically an acknowledgment that trump made a huge blunder by not going to that debate? >> no, because i thought cruz was going to win iowa before trump made that decision. maria: is that trump-- is that trump missed it? he basically said, look, cruz already has iowa i'm not even going? >> anyone who thinks they can judge why donald trump says or does anything is nuts. [laughter] >> fair enough. >> guys, i don't know. maria: was it a big deal that he wasn't there? >> yes, it was. i think it was significant i actually thought it hurt cruz and i thought it hurt trump. maria: we'll leave it there. frank, good to see you. >> thank you. maria: see you soon. don't forget mornings with maria starts every morning 6 a.m. eastern on the fox business network. before we take a break, take a
8:41 am
look at moments you may have missed from earlier in the show. >> i was governor of florida for years and i disrupted the order there. i have the skills to disrupt washington, and i have the leadership skills to mix the mess. >> i had the least amount of time to speak, but i said the most and that's what's important. maria: how are you, frank? >> what's amazing about iowa is that i've got governor chris christie about 10 feet away from me over here, rand paul walks down the stage. inside is mike huckabee, i mean, you can't swing a dead cat and not hit a presidential candidate and in fact, there he is right now. [laughter] that's great. >> only in iowa. >> welcome back to another tennis channel court report. a special presentation for fox business.
8:42 am
serena williams and novac djokovic have been virtually instoppable and both have a chance to add to their hall of titles numbers. djokovic will be playing for his sixth aussie crown this weekend and 11th triumph at a grand slam. since last year's u.s. open he's only lost once against opponents and a major win against roger federer. if djokovic is on the cusp of greatness, serena williams is playing for a shot at history. she's having a chance to tie steffi graf on the all-time list. the men's doubles finals 5:30 easte eastern.
8:43 am
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>> here is one for you. michael phelps proving his talent is not just in the swimming pool. cheryl casone with that story. cheryl, you've got pictures. cheryl: you've got to see this video. he's bringing his own brand of arizona state's curtain of distraction. the curtains are drawn to distract the free throw shooters and killed the oregon state beavers. oregon state unable to hit either free throw. michael, pretty good. and finally, watching this.
8:47 am
yeah, yeah, we do. i'm fine with that. and the oakland raiders, this is huge for the nfl, the billionaire owner, will help to build a domed stadium in vegas and raiders, the big news. they have no stadium for next season and nfl owners shot down the move to l.a. it could be the raiders into vegas with adelson potentially running the show. maria: we're going to stick with sports here. super bowl 50 just over a week away, two teams yearning for a moment just like this one. >> throwing deep down the middle, they've got to! whoa! >> and the ravens are the champions of the world, hallelujah! . maria: sweet. joining us now is the coach of
8:48 am
the super bowl first you've got to get your take on raiders in vegas. >> it's not going to happen. maria: why? >> the league is not there. the shield-- we all know legalized gambling and fanduel and draft king and out there in the ozone. the direct connection if they want to eliminate all the gambling in the state of nevada, sure, maybe they could have a team. maria: what do you think about super bowl 50. >> two great teams, but typically in the super bowl, the hard thing is you could be a good team, but the matchup could favor one over the other just like my ravens and your giants. maria: you had to bring that up again. >> what a story for the denver broncos, but i don't think that the matchup with the carolina panthers are going to go well. i think they're a six point favorite. dagen: if you're a coach, you know that if you're the broncos coach. what do you do?
8:49 am
you know cam newton's strengths. >> yeah, that and collins, sit down and look at the film. first off, you're very good, you got to the super bowl so you're confident, but you know the matchups. you've got to give the players the hook. even if it's a placebo, whether it's a run, a blitz, whatever, this is the key to stopping cam newton. you've got to give them the hook to latch onto and say, yeah, yeah, that's what's going to work for us. maria: you also run your own race and we talked in the commercial break, you're not leslie-- when you're coaching a winning team, you want to make sure they focus on what they're good at. >> absolutely, that's the hook you give them. guys, look, we've done this all year, done this thing, not given up plays. whatever you're good at, what got you there. unfortunately, you can have two teams, we saw it two years ago
8:50 am
with denver and seattle. seattles overwhelmed them. denver was a good football team and had they played anybody else, they likely could have won, but that matchup. seattle versus denver did not favor them at all and it was a one-sided contest. >> carolina has a chance of 16-1 which is huge. how great of a team are they compared to the teams of the past? >> kind of like the opens, do it in the calendar year or people kind of dismiss it. the great thing to the nfl, you only have 16 games. one loss in the nfl is the same as a six-game losing streak in the nba, it's the same as a 12-game losing streak in major league baseball. the fact that you've only got 16 of them, the coaches and players, were all just about this week and the next opponent. you can't let the peripheral seep into you particularly like a super bowl. maria: what are you doing with the on-line ticket provider?
8:51 am
>> obviously, we're in the news as well. super bowl, you want to go to the super bowl, you need a ticket. seat geek has the ticket prices, you know what you're getting, see the tickets and the view and more importantly, analytics, i don't mind overpaying for a tickets as long as i know. the super bowl, like now, like the stock market, my now, by friday. >> could be a different price. >> seat geek, you can sell tickets on seat geek, but every transaction is guaranteed. if you buy a super bowl ticket on seat geek, you know you're getting a ticket. maria: you want to say anything about the concussion issue? >> i've got two grandsons and would you let them play? my pat answer, do i want them to play football? no, i don't want them to date, to sky, to drive. i don't want to let them do anything they might -- but you've got to let them follow their passions. maria: coach, good to see you. we'll be right back.
8:52 am
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>> good morning, i'm nicole petallides live on the floor of the new york stock exchange. we're looking at one of the big movers related to oil. a name under pressure is chevron. chevron is a completely different story, closed at 85.92. the bid-ask, looking to the downside. they did see the first quarterly loss since 2002. you have the oil market route as oil prices slipped and as a result that's likely to be a loser along with american airlines, amazon and electronic arts. much more with "mornings with maria" coming up.
8:56 am
8:58 am
>> welcome back. time for final thoughts. gary, you have noticed something really important about interest rates. >> yes, fed funds futures, say
8:59 am
that ten times fast, no rate hikes off the bad gdp, japan, china easing and everybody easing. >> and the durable goods reports. >> yuck. >> and no interest rate increases? >> we've not talked much about today, we've talked about it at least a year, slowing china, this is exporting deflation and a lack of growth around the globe. this was a bubble that makes the housing bubble look like nothing. you look at natural resources that china is no longer using up and that's going after the global economy, we're stuck with this for a while. >> no way that china is growing 6%. maria: you don't believe it. i think it's closer to 3%. >> round table says 2%. dagen: garbage there, and if
9:00 am
donald trump wins iowa, then will win we'll see you bright monday morning, charles payne for stuart today, have a great show. >> thank you very much, you, too, maria. just when you thought he was back for good. stuart is off again. you know that american thing, he's getting used to tdon't worry he's back on monday. for you, here are the big stories, it's the economy, now official, it's a huge economic issue, the reason the fourth quarter gdp just in just 7/10 of a percent. it has to hurt democrats, to dagen's point. the market today will open up today, triple digits, but a lot down for the year, it's been a rough month for the market, let's face it. what does it mean for the next 11 months? a lot of theories on that, we'll bring them to you. amazon is the stock of the day, record profits, that wasn't enough and you can see down, it's going big time. and, of course, we can't forget the final g.o.p. debate before the iowa voter


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