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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  January 29, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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donald trump wins iowa, then will win we'll see you bright monday morning, charles payne for stuart today, have a great show. >> thank you very much, you, too, maria. just when you thought he was back for good. stuart is off again. you know that american thing, he's getting used to tdon't worry he's back on monday. for you, here are the big stories, it's the economy, now official, it's a huge economic issue, the reason the fourth quarter gdp just in just 7/10 of a percent. it has to hurt democrats, to dagen's point. the market today will open up today, triple digits, but a lot down for the year, it's been a rough month for the market, let's face it. what does it mean for the next 11 months? a lot of theories on that, we'll bring them to you. amazon is the stock of the day, record profits, that wasn't enough and you can see down, it's going big time. and, of course, we can't forget the final g.o.p. debate before the iowa voters go on monday.
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immigration was a hot topic, we've got two candidates with us today. big friday edition of varney starts right now. ♪ i'm a maniac and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat and ugly, and ben, you're a terrible surgeon. now that we've gotten the donald trump portion out of the way. the debate is a policy issue, but gosh, if you guys ask one more mean question, i may have to leave the stage. >> first of all, don't worry, i'm not leaving the stage no matter what you ask me. >> those are highlights from last night's g.o.p. debate on fox and there was a lot of substance there, a lot barbs, of course, but we've got it covered. and we've got senator rand paul, a solid night last night at 10:50 eastern time, can he follow through?
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and just a few minutes, governor mike huckabee joins us from iowa. the gdp coming in less than 1% the last quarter of last year. we were supposed to have cheap gas and everybody going shopping. everything was in place for everything to be better than this, ashley. ashley: this comes out with a resounding thud. a problem as you mentioned in the supposedly big shopping season. the falling exports. you can thank the dollar for that. the bottom line. the economy grounding down to a near stop for the end of the year. for the entire year of 2015, we haven't gotten over 3% since 2005. >> the atlanta fed tracks gdp every time economic data comes out. 2% for gdp for the fourth quarter.
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they were at 0.6%. the fed knew the number was coming and still hiked rates and people are upset, look at this economy and you're hiking rates into it. jo: you can look at the global economy as well. pumping stimulus back into their economies and the u.s. economy which is such a driver is not able to perform. more more can be done? >> i don't know, sometimes you have to take the licks. oil is holding up pretty good. this has made a remarkable recovery and it's holding up well above $30. and we'll see if we can get higher. that would be remarkable, maybe some short covering. take a look at dow futures. of course to jo ling's point, stimulus today comes from japan. jo, do you have the details on this? you have to pay them, guys, right, to hold onto your cash. ashley: 0.1%. following the lead from, this took everyone by surprise. boosted asian shares and weakened the yen which is what japan wants, but this is a
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country that condition get anywhere near 2% inflation. is this going to have an impact? it hasn't so far from the ecb. >> two lost decades from japan. let's bring in governor mike huckabee. 0.7%, just anemic, the worst post recession recovery ever and we know that this hangs on president obama heavily. we didn't hear a lot about this last night or the economy, but this is obviously a huge issue. >> it's his issue and no matter how many different ways he tries to spin it, he owns this economy. his stewardship of it has been dismal and part of it is because people who hire know their costs are going up. he doesn't want to lower taxes, he wants to raise them. obamacare is killing them. met a man in davenport makes $59,000 a year. this year his health insurance is $28,000. half his income. when you're busting people like
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that, they have no money to spend. they can't go out and buy anything, not even simple things. and as a result, the economy is not just anemic, it's basically on life support. >> now, this is something that's right in your wheel house, you talk about it a lot and always have, i think because you were a governor and understand the nuances of it. how do you articulate what you said to the masses out there sold a different story from the bernie sanders' of the world, it's not obama's policy, it's the fact there wasn't more of that? >> well, anybody-- i said this last night if you've got an iq above plant life, you have to know that if you what you do is take more money out of the economy to the government there's less in the economy for people to spend and stock shelves and hire people. if i'm a business owner, and you raise my costs, what do i do? passing it on to my customers making my products unaffordable for cut the number of things on
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my shelves, customers don't have the choices, aren't as likely to buy. you don't have to be a genius to figure out there are fundamental rules to the economy that democrats and a lot of socialists like bernie sanders just don't get. when he says free college. there's no such thing as free college. get it free when you're 20, pay for it when you're 30, 40, 50, that's how it's working right now. my grand kid's going to be eating a $20 trillion debt because of guys like bernie sanders. >> no doubt about it. governor, i'd like you to stay there and talk more about the debate and first, get back to the market here. the stock of the day is amazon. you can see it on the screen, it's going to open up significantly lower. here is the worst thing to do this earning season. say i have record profits, apple saw it yesterday. jo: that's right. >> don't say record profits. jo: if they don't beat the street, it doesn't matter. a big expectations game played in 2016. there are two things to watch for in amazon and why it's losing.
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one, the outlook, how it will do in the current quarter missed by a lot. they're saying the operating profit is 400 million. and the street was looking for 687 million and also, it's costing more money to get you your stuff. fulfillment and shipping costs are up by 33%. that's what's bringing amazon down in addition to a very big profit. >> the same old story, spend freely, do what it takes to get more customers and keep them and cost be damned. at some point they'll say where is the real profit here. >> they did that in 2014 and i think that's why they started showing profits this year, they want to get back to the bread and butter. building the business. i think he doesn't care from time to time. get back to governor u.k. had. you went to donald trump's event after the debate. why did you go there? i had mixed feelings about it. >> for me it was simple thing,
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nothing else to go on at 8:00. i offered to take donald trump's spot at the podium at the debate. >> you didn't want to watch them debate? no, i wanted to debate at 8:00. since i wasn't invited to be there, heck, ail he do something for the veterans. i was glad i did, it was a terrific event. i was grateful donald trump asked us to come, it was really not a campaign event for him. i'm sure he got some benefit out of it. but it was gracious of him to invite us and we were there even though we were competitors for the caucuses on monday, we were colleagues when it came to our support for the veterans and it was an electrifying, moving event. and i don't know of anybody who could have been there last night that was not truly reminded of how much we owe these veterans who stand between bullets and bombs and our freedom. and i was glad i went. >> all right, good, good. some people maybe think you were auditioning for the number two spot. [laughter]
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>> could be that donald trump is auditioning for my number two spot, wait until the votes get counted. >> governor, appreciate it. oh-- thanks a lot. want to say on the debates and talk about jeb bush embracing what he's called establishment. take a listen to this. >> i'm an establishment because of my dad, the greatest man alive was president of the united states and my brother who i adore as well, a fantastic brother, was president. fine, i'll take it. >> let's bring in the reporter, ed, you think that was a smart play. just come out and embrace it, everyone knows you're establishment. be proud of it. >> he should be proud of his performance last night. he was strong, he was confident, he was presidential, and it was a very good substantive debate for jeb bush. you know, charles, that was the jeb bush floridians know and the jeb bush on the heels of announcement of .7% growth of the economy in the fourth
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quarter, under jeb bush in florida, florida economy grew 7.2% annually. that is in comparison to what we saw today. that's why jeb bush has and will be ready to be president from day one. >> you know, i guess, the one of the things that was sort of there and it's been dominant in the whole thing, this whole race for the white house, is the term conservative. what is a conservative anymore? and you know, there was one point when jeb talked about legalization or getting legal status and, you know, paying a fine, learning english, paying taxes and he says that's the conservative's position, i found that to be interesting. i think the new thinking is that's the establishment position, but not necessarily the conservative position. >> well, you know, george will call jeb bush the most successful conservative governor in our country's history. and so what we've seen in florida as an example, immigration is two reasons why we think immigration is important, one, it's aspirational, charles.
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it's who we are as a people. we are a country of immigrants. and second, economically, immigration serves as a driver for this economy from the top of the job market, all the way to the bottom. and smart, sensible, immigration policy is important. first and foremost we have to secure the border. jeb bush made it clear, the first thing you have to do is secure the border and then deal with legal immigration. >> it was a good night for you guys. we'll see what happens from here. >> thank you. >> let's take a look at the futures, the dow futures have been up most are the morning and gaining a little bit of strength. i want to take a look at microsoft, microsoft, going to open higher, maybe stuart new about that and he's somewhere partying. [laughter] and their cloud division grew faster than amazon and that's a smart transition there. want to switch to germany, guys, germany says there are hundreds of radicals living in berlin. of course, yesterday there was news that sweden wants to
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deport 80,000 refugees and yesterday a muslim man arrested for trying to bring guns, a copy of the koran into disneyland paris. the man who killed usama bin laden is going to join us next.
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>> check this out, guys. michael phelps made an appearance behind the curtain of distraction at the arizona state basketball game last night. between free throws, phelps ripped off his shirt and then showed himself wearing just speedos as the curtain was pulled over the foul shooter, believe it or not, missed both shots. oh, man, that might be a new line of work for him. all right, guys. several overseas stories, police at disneyland paris yesterday arrested a man, detained him and a female companion and discovered he was caring i two guns along with a
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suitcase along with a koran. and sweden wants to deport 80,000 refugees. and at least 50 with direct ties with isis. jing me rob o'neill. the news is fast and furious out of europe. seems like an aboutface, even angela merkel is looking at a new plan to deal with the refugees easier to kick them out of the country. do you think finally an ep epiphany has happened over there? >> i wouldn't say an epiphany, sometimes the truth upsets the emotional, a case of "i told you so", look at the problems we're having and look who is causing them. it's the migrants. we're trying to help them leave the war torn countries, but a
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lot of the bad apples are coming with them. they're not all from syria, even though they have syrian passports made falsely, pakistan, afghanistan, moracco, tunisia, and they're bringing the problems with them to different places and the european people are seeing it. charles: essentially, you're saying this is such a dangerous situation, we still probably should be vigilant against all muslims because in his-- if you come here, you can't bring your family for at least two years, except moracco, ol gear -- algeria, tunisitunisia. >> look at isis, they're barbaric, arkchaiarchaic, wildl superstitious, believe in religion from thousand years
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ago. and we have men from country that are know the, don't act the way we do. gangs of them in packs waiting for the sun to go down and the best thing is hurling slurs hat women who wear t-shirt because they're not dressed the way that sharia law is happening. they're not reporting it, i've been to germany and this is long before the crisis and bringing in thousands in a year. charles: you hit on something. the way it's reported the new year's eve thing in cologne was an absolute disaster, hundreds of women faced sexual assault or sexual intimidation and even yesterday, with this situation at the disney paris-- disn disneyland in paris, immediately officials said it wasn't related to terrorist. >> of course it's not connected to terrorism because we're not allowed to talk about the 800 pound jihadi in the room. he's from france, a restaurant
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there, he's got a koran or how to koran. a gun in a bag, trying to sneak into a hotel in euro disney because he felt for his own safety because disneyland is a very dangerous place. why would his female friend take off as soon as something happened. in a place like that, and walked to a popular tourist place and just blast people. charles: 10 million people visited in 2014, that's one heck of a target. rob o'neill, thank you very much, really appreciate it. >> always, charles, thank you. charles: well, the evidence mounting against hillary clinton and they can't believe what they're finding in her e-mails. is an indictment coming? more varney after this.
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>> there's a new report out claiming that the fbi is stunned at what they're finding in hillary clinton's personal e-mail server and that an indictment could soon be on the way. jessica tarlof is with us and perhaps there is another dump and it's uglier and mounting and the fbi seems to be on the case. >> absolutely, i think it's correct. it doesn't mean they're going to indict her, but certainly because the clinton campaign or the state department has
9:24 am
decided to slowly leak these e-mails out at the end of every month when they should have really just dumped them at first and we'd be past it. i thought it was interesting earlier this week, at the democrat town hall, people in the audience were cheering her about the benghazi hearing. i don't know if you watched it, but, yes, so i feel that what they're doing with the e-mail is prolonging something that she could be over and done with if if they put them out. charles: what's revealed in the e-mails, you're not alarmed by, you don't think some things there is a potential coverup and obviously lied, she's playing fast and loose with the word "classified"? it's apparent that certain e-mail went through the server that shouldn't have gone through. i don't like it. i think her using the word "convenience", at the democratic town hall was a mistake and acknowledge every time that it's a mistake.
9:25 am
at the same time we haven't had evidence that our national security was compromised. i know that chris went off on that last night, but we haven't seen it and we should let the fbi do their job. charles: right, and that's not what the fbi is looking for, they're looking for whether she broke the law. we don't know if anything was compromised, depends what was revealed and who had access to it and the point is, judge napolitano points it out all the time. whether it was deliberate, that she had certain marching orders and should be-- >> i disagree. i'm not a lawyer so i can't comment on it, and classified after the fact, i think we'll have to let it play out. i think it's affecting her honesty and trustworthiness number and she's doing quite strong, and iowa-- . i wouldn't say strong. >> poll numbers 80% of democrats think she's going be to the nominee.
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charles: hanging in there. >> whatever you want to say it, she's hangening there. >> and there are only two candidates. >> there were three, am martin o'malley with his jacket off. charles: and this was up big time yesterday too, the last trading day of january, a rough start to the year for your money. what does it mean for the rest of the year. the opening bell just moments away. iall across the state belthe economy is growing,day. with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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charles: five seconds from "the opening bell" we are going to be higher, triple digit move is, can we hold money in for a few minutes? let's check the big board, looking at the dow picking up 50 points, we should be higher, maybe triple digits, microsoft, the stock of the day, amazon down 2%. largest profits in history not happening. ashley webster, jo lin kent, scott shellady, and kevin kelly. your thoughts on amazon? >> this happens when a stock is priced for perfection and we have seen that time and again but what drives stocks are valuation, multiple and dividends and we see what is happening now that they were able to drive the earnings they
9:31 am
needed and that was a lot of expectation, there was gross margin pressure, everybody knew what service was going to do, they did well again, 65% so that will drive the stock but next quarter, we got to see what happens with the cost of the markets. charles: the last nitpicking here, by the way amazon, and -- >> psychologically an issue for investors. and this makes amazon work. when you see fulfillment billups 33% is alarming and you see massive guidance guiding operating profit from $100 million to $700 million well below what the street is looking for so for disappointing. charles: stock gets hammered. it is the 50 or $60 yesterday.
9:32 am
this volatility you got to love. >> we love the volatility but with all the things happening around the world's it is more difficult. we have negative rates inert japan causing a problem. stocks are up today, we have not had great news, bad news if you the get the numbers, the volatility will be here and that way all year long. charles: gdp numbers, 1%, here is the thing. the december quarter, people are supposed to be shopping. i won't say it was a complete surprise but when we get that news it does have this impact on us. a sobering impact. >> the thing that is going on is all the numbers we got today while disappointing to very disappointing are on a downward trajectory from the last number we saw. it is likely turned the corner.
9:33 am
i don't know how to talk about interest rate hikes, when we go from upper level to lower right rather it and the other way around. charles: the atlanta of fed which marks this, to scott's point the fed seems to be terribly mismanaging their hand here. unless they see something no one else can see in this economy. >> one of the things that has happened over time when the fed has become interventionist is they lead to multiple extensions. we saw the s&l from trading on average up to 19 times earnings, one of the biggest things was asset inflation and adjustment of allocations of investing. we see that go through in the oil patch so we will see bankruptcies coming so they are worried about that, markets trying to get back on their feet figuring out how can companies survive in a normalized market and that is happening. charles: when the fed was
9:34 am
created the regan two mandates, ultimately to lead to mandates, one was employment and i would add wages and another is inflation. and too much money, and too much cash out there. >> with cit and going negative like the ecb and china pumping money in there is no way there will be a rate hike from the fed in march. charles: why didn't they articulate that? they could have hinted this week instead they kept march on the table. >> this is where transparency is a bad thing. doesn't leave them any wiggle room. it takes too long to turn the aircraft carrier around. $40 and up the street $62, that is bad transparency. and too transparent. charles: those are better times.
9:35 am
>> focusing on that. they paint themselves in the quarter because now they have three new governors, and deciding rates and those governors want to tighten. charles: focus on the market, the dow and s&p, over six years, probably the fifth worst year ever so january, we know the cliches, the first week, so goes the year, as the first day goes so goes the year, as the first month goes how goes the year, how worried should we be about the rest of the year? >> we should be really worried. at the end of the day the only thing that will underpin this market is real true growth. not negative rate for central banks pumping more cash into the system but true growth. like i said look at these economic indicators we keep getting. they keep declining from one month to the next whether we miss them, it doesn't matter. what did that trajectory. we don't have real growth.
9:36 am
charles: there are two size to the equation, monetary policy and fiscal policy. there cannot be real growth with what is coming out of the white house. >> hitting the nail on the head. it is a tough year for the market with a january or february. what will matter is there's an election this year and the overhang and we see that impact, one of the biggest sectors of the s&p, health-care, drug pricing first and foremost, everyone is talking about it. we saw from the start of earning season financials down and they are the ones who will give us a good indication how light year is going to be because they can lead us into the growth and give an indication what their lending and did it too well, second largest sector, with information technology, facebook has done well but amazon has not, their consumer discretionary but you got to be careful. charles: on the financials that is the place to be.
9:37 am
this is a winner today, they reported better profits. some where stewart is smiling ashley: i can hear him laughing from here. microsoft tries to transform itself out of the pc market which is continuing to decline. cloud numbers very interested, cloud business up 5%, $6.3 billion in profits. a 40% jump in revenue year over year. moving to the cloud going very well. win those of revenue down 5%. >> 365 is a strong product, growth up 70% but what is interesting is microsoft is headed for the graveyard, 4.5 million units, it is pretty bad. >> it went to the graveyard and they can manage the company well. cloud is in the eyes of the beholder. is different from microsoft, and
9:38 am
do it differently. charles: the other one was dead in a rival. charles: mcdonald's was left for dead. now it is hottest stock out there. the turnaround continues. >> turnaround stories, with microsoft, we saw the results to date, with mcdonald's, and they were getting negative things, if you turn it around, as all they breakfast turning into a big hit. and dean chipotle and other places. ashley: they're launching 150 customize burger stores in july that this year. charles: the comparison will be tough, 5.7%. waiting till next year. they bask in that sun. >> they are leveraging. they're buying back shares and that was the biggest thing that
9:39 am
came out of the shareholders meeting so they are going to be buying back and that is why they're trading at a high multiple. charles: they have become so efficient and in new management, let's talk about higher profits, electronic arts but the stock is getting hit. the star wars game thing is ahead of schedule. what is the streets upset about? >> star wars battlefront, the big video game producer electronic cards the number 3 loser in the s&p down 5.5%. and surpass their 13 million units sold which is fantastic, ahead of schedule but bittersweet because they did not raise guidance. they met their goaltending would be beyond the goals. the street is discounting this and putting it under pressure. charles: victims of their own success, and look at facebook,
9:40 am
those shares yesterday, the gangs make mark zuckerberg the 6 richest person in the world. how much is he worth? >> $4.85 billion is how much his net worth went up. you see stock climbed 12% and that means his total worth is $46.25 million. not too bad, and intelligence providing more internet, a bunch of money doubling the investment. charles: instagram is this a year. and when is this going to end. facebook is rocking coin. >> a bunch of different silos, did a good job there. and if you're going to get that stock, not really bullish on it
9:41 am
as a whole. at the end of the day you get a good company cheaper. >> true but the mobile story, are defined as any other tech company. and people spend money to their customers. charles: exactly what wall street challenged them to do. >> that is the most important bottom line. charles: we have been about 11 minutes, we eat out small profit. i don't want to hold onto it but it will continue to be extraordinarily volatile and a crazy market. we have come back a little bit. oil and stocks hit bottom two weeks ago. in the meantime rand paul setting himself apart from the crowd last night. in many ways to address the war on drugs and its effect on the african-american community. i will ask him will that be the winning issue at 10:50 eastern time. immigration was the topic in the
9:42 am
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charles: checking the big board. the dow positive not just today but for the week. look at chevron. they had a surprise loss and that stock rebound with the price of oil taking a little bit of a hit down 2% lead xerox announcing plans to split itself into two companies and give three to activist investor carl icahn. goldman sachs cut the price target on cruise lines. we know about the sika virus in the global economy. the cruise lines are up and have been pretty strong. the sika virus is spreading,
9:46 am
scientists are working on vaccination. what is the latest? ashley: we have the olympic games coming up on real addition narrow and more than 4,000 cases of the sika virus that there is concern 2,000 americans are expected to travel to rio for the game is. the problem is many adults, many people can be bit in by the bis quito that has this virus and show no symptoms of a come back to america, get bitten by a mosquito year and all of a sudden we have the virus being passed around. that is the concern which health officials joy not believe it is an issue of the mosquito carrying programs are good but i get bitten every year multiple times so i'm not sure about that. the who holding an emergency meeting monday whether this is an international emergency but the bottom line on this pregnant women are at risk because there's a believe the virus can
9:47 am
cause birth defects. before in colombia they is a scary thing. marco rubio and ted cruz going 5 to 5 on a lot of things, roll tape. >> marco rubio chose to stand with barack obama and harry reid and shut schumer and support amnesty. and jeff sessions and steve king, and this is against amnestied the >> the lie is built on an touched upon it. everyone else is a rhino. the truth is throughout this campaign you have been willing to say or do anything to get votes. you want to trump trump on immigration is >> marco rubio made a choice to go the direction of major donors to support amnesty because he thought it was politically advantageous. charles: let's bring in steve hayes. to do you think won? >> that was an interesting
9:48 am
exchange. when marco rubio is in a debate writers confusion and people's positions that is good for him because he was a participant in the gang of 8 and when ted cruz pulled back a camera and made the big picture argument marco rubio was for the gang of 8, i opposed it. that is when ted cruz is at his strongest. rand paul had a good night, jeb bush had a pretty good night, marco rubio had good night. ted cruz seemed off his game yesterday. charles: i will interview rand paul later in the show. i thought marco rubio won. he really hammered home, and the evangelical on numerous occasions that he took the leadership role, ted cruz was the centerpiece. it was his chance to shine. it took away from him. >> ted cruz was trying to be funny about the absence of donald trump, making jokes about
9:49 am
it and i might leave the stage and he got into a back and forth with moderators about tough questions, started complaining that the other panelists have been asked questions about hitting ted cruz and that wasn't fair. he didn't really own that attack on a moderators. he lobbed it out there and let it sit and didn't really own that. you got to make it yours and developed it or you shouldn't want it at all. charles: he squandered an opportunity to be the center of attraction in my mind but having said that do you think donald trump will carry iowa? >> ten of the last 11 public polls show donald trump with the lead in the iowa ranging from a point or two with 11 points, everything you hear on the ground, and it is almost like they can't have enough people in
9:50 am
their office to answer the phone calls they are getting from democrats and independents, want to find out, and what the process is at the caucus. they are doing a little tutorial in the trump campaign. if everybody who calls shows up they feel pretty good about where they are. charles: president obama's latest plan to combat gender inequality, he wants to force companies to tell the government how much did a male and female employees, more on that after the break. you both have a
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charles: take a look at shares of amazon, the biggest profits in history, the street isn't happy. it has been a lot lower, wobbling and trying to bring back up so some people are buying on weakness and it is week down 9%. the obama administration announced a new plan that will force large companies to disclose salaries for men and women in the entry to combat what they called gender inequality. he financing independent women's forum is with us. what is your take on this? >> it is likely to create more confusion about like the planned women are paid and craig uses information like the national wage get statistics which show the disparity where women make
9:55 am
$0.79 on the dollar compared to men but the statistic is simple average that doesn't take into account different professions men and women enter or the hours per week they work, and education they have some with we collect data like this from large companies it will be a simple average, it is not going to be useful where we can compare. charles: $0.79 to the dollar is to your point misleading and as you go down the aids scale millennial women are on par and in some instances even ahead of their male counterparts but companies have to be worried about, companies with 100 employees or more gathering this information that will help him with respect to launching investigations, it feels like the administration is gearing up to go to war with businesses over this and if their numbers come out that somehow you are discriminating without taking into account what you talked-about like maternity leave it will be disaster.
9:56 am
>> across the economy women are more likely to make trade offs where they get those benefits like you mentioned, flexibility in terms of work schedule, the ability to take paid time off work from home. those are benefits many women enjoy and celebrate so we shouldn't limit opportunities of women by overstandardizing the way they are paid, we want men and women to be treated fairly but simple averages are not a good measure of fairness. charles: you have to wonder, something obama likes and talks about because of a grievance, victimization sort of thing works pretty well to hand this baton to hillary clinton and her run for the white house as her support among women fades of little bit. >> former secretary clinton who is also a former senator can understand sometimes on average could make more money than women. that was the case in her office as u.s. senator so if we compare these averages we have to put it
9:57 am
in context, take information into account and sex discrimination in the workplace has been illegal since the 1960s because of legal pact and the civil rights act. there's an opportunity to bring cases, that would be a good use of government resources. charles: they wanted to be public knowledge and you will bring those discrimination lawsuits. >> it is important for women to keep in mind when employers make decisions about compensation they are making it on an individual basis. unless comparing apples to apples you won't have a lot of useful information. charles: thanks a lot. you always have all the facts, thanks a lot. kabul seven years of president obama, what do we have? and economy with near zero grows, the worst post recession recovery in history and a stock market crashing into the new year. hour two of varney two minutes away.
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
charles: a triple digit rally up 200 points, we are up for of the week. we are following a couple big names hitting a lifetime highs, facebook and mcdonald's. the action is the economy and that is not good news. any growth in december. following amazon. a couple bounces off of low low. and giving back what it had, the street was disappointed, record numbers, the second hour of varney and this starts right now. no one can describe this as robust, is 0.7% was the growth
10:01 am
in the last quarter. obviously you at this, and the start of the stock market, it stays like this for the democrat nominee. cheryl: you don't hear much about the stimulus in 2009. and four years later the cbo said only four years later money came in and watch this, only added 0.1% to the u.s. economy, without it 4.1. charles: it should be more. $800 billion, should be $2 trillion. liz: with the cost of $8.3 million. ashley: that was her job. charles: it was 3 or 4 grand.
10:02 am
liz: cash for clunkers, and that is a good point. charles: they have stimulus money, into the pockets of big donors and what went on, the last three months into november for the stock markets, 87% accuracy rate determining who the president is. it is no doubt it will help the gop. liz: you are right. january sets the tone for the year. liz: with hillary clinton trying to to mesh her campaign with president obama doesn't work with this economy. charles: some people may say bringing in the protection team, you know what that is? liz: central banks throughout the world, we are watching them
10:03 am
too. charles: do we have a market watcher with us? john layfield, before i get to the gdp you know about the plunge protection team. >> no i don't. i assume that is something the democratic debate will have at the superbowl. charles: in 1987 when the market was falling apart, ronald reagan set it up and a bunch of people buying the stocks and the plunge protection team goes to work so we don't have to worry about this market, they have to kick in. >> sounds very much like the chinese market right now. charles: let's talk about the economy, if you follow the fed was not a surprise but it is a surprise if you follow the fed this week, the idea that what they are saying and communicating to wall street is different than what we are seeing in the actual economy. >> you were talking earlier,
10:04 am
average recovery post recession for six use the gdp is up 27%, and since 2,000 for every job we added we put 3 people on food stamps so the middle class is disappeared and the kansas city fed chief's biggest worry was you have to raise rates into a systemic problem. we don't have that except for the fact the fed thinks they have to raise rates and we are raising rates into what looks like certainly a slowing economy may be heading into recession. before the stock of the day come amazon, lasting you want to say, corporations have record profits. >> that is terrible. the most profitable quarter in company history. any company's history and stocks down. stay with amazon, jeff bezos is a guy who runs a company like you should, worries about long-term, they are going to get these shipping costs under control which is one of the
10:05 am
problems that have, it will hurt ubs and fedex, they get their drone delivery which will hurt u.s. ps, they will get these under control. he is doing the right things by investing his profits. charles: i agree with you 1,000%, these are buying opportunities. in the meantime microsoft is that in part because there cloud business is growing faster it and amazon's. >> economies of scale, you mentioned coca-cola and walmart, the same thing with microsoft, hard to move the needle with the x box, the one thing they diversified for microsoft word, did not move the needle significantly, the cloud is. they finally found something out there besides microsoft, this is good news at y stuart varney's stock is up today. charles: i bet he is somewhere down there with you. check the beaches in bermuda, you may run into him. let me ask about facebook. i don't know why it sold off as
10:06 am
much as it did and still people talking about this can't last but it is that a new all-time high. >> two three years ago with mobile revenue, they had a chance going away on myspace or what they're doing, mark zuckerberg is a brilliant guy. they figured out the mobile video going after youtube and twitter, this stock to me, they figured this thing out and do will be a juggernaut for years to come because of that because of zuckerburg. charles: smart acquisitions, the instagram thing is phenomenal. we will see what happens with the virtual reality stuff. next document inert earlier but i want more details on apple, took a real big hit, never got the support i think from wall street, single digit ratio of, people say it should be a growth name, getting beat up either way you look at it. >> of $500 billion market cap
10:07 am
and $200 billion in cash equivalent, the biggest company in the history of the world and they act like it is on its last legs. iphone sales have slipped. you will see an upgrade from iphone 4 to iphone 6. 01 problem i have is i hate to buy any stock where i have to compete with jeff bezos. the amazon affect, you are seeing jeff bezos get into music which hurts the recurring revenue with itunes, also the prime video will hurt itunes as well. that is a bigger concern. charles: iphone is next, no big major demand and charging a premium over good phones. i think it is not. thanks a lot. if you si stuart varney tell him i said i. last night marked a the final gop debate before the iowa caucus. blake berman on the grounds in des moines with the reaction. what are people saying?
10:08 am
>> reporter: a couple points. about the reaction, one of the headlines going in, marco rubio and ted cruz getting the opportunity for the first time to be front and center with donald trump not being in attendance. a couple newspapers here statewide picked up on that and from what happened last night, as they put it on the front page between ted cruz and marco rubio, the main reaction, the main headline. one newspaper in dublin, the largest newspaper in the state has this headline. rough , the largest newspaper in the state has this headline. rough night for ted cruz. but that the pri endorsed marco rubio for president. others are questioning a lot of these poll. one campaign doing very well in the polls and another trying to
10:09 am
break out. at these polls based on how they are judging voter turnout. 20,000 republicans show up to caucus and some have been testing their models up to 170,000 or 200,000 so they are questioning if indeed the number is going into this. charles: the more turn out the better defer donald trump. and ted cruz. last night. appreciate it. to the federal investigation of hillary clinton's e-mail server now six months on, and fbi officials said decision to file charges can go later this year. and governor, this saint feels like you have the fbi, james comey who is a stand-up guy, everyone agrees with at and his
10:10 am
mission to his job, there is some conspiracy theory out there that he is being read deliberately running out the clock to see it hillary could be elected in time. >> i don't think the fbi director will pull his punches in terms of substance or time but the fork in the road is when the fbi completes its reports on less it vindicates hillary clinton, a probable cause for this to be prosecuted or considered for prosecution then you have the obama administration department of justice in the conflicted situation, you will see calls for special counsel and prosecuted to be appointed which they are supposed to do if there is conflict of interest or perceived conflict of interest which there would be in this case. charles: dribbling out the e-mails and more this afternoon, according to judge andrew napolitano their two or three smoking guns and feels like a
10:11 am
slam dunk, a is a matter of when, not if. >> based on what we know, chatter is increasing about how serious this is, there is no known public disclosure these e-mails with designated at the time they rescind received classified. they were subsequently classified. here is an interesting point. we don't know all the e-mails or fbi characterization of that yet but there are certain e-mails we are told by a congressional inspector general that were designated part of special access program and those e-mails regardless whether they were classified or not you would not get them or receive them unless you were part of that program and that is another kettle of fish. charles: we appreciate your time this morning, thanks a lot. liz: still 9,000 e-mails have been turned over to the investigators from the state department. charles: might be something later today when everyone goes to sleep. escaped prisoners in california,
10:12 am
one of them should have been deported in 1990s, after getting not longer rap sheet, you will hear more. i think it landed last tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here.
10:13 am
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10:15 am
charles: we have hot rally, we have the convoy. rev up the diesel. almost every stock in the dow is up, not an extraordinarily volatile week, a lot of hope for investors. facebook and mcdonald's, how many go to mcdonald's to drew's face book everyday, and amazon at a record profits, wall street, getting slammed, giving up the gains yesterday. back to these republican candidates appearing in last
10:16 am
night's debate in iowa, the last one before the caucus on monday, which candidate has shown the most on social media? jo lin kent is here with that. donald trump got 6 million followers, anyone out there? >> donald trump took part of the debate on twitter and is leading ted cruz and marco rubio who had less than half of his share of the conversation but what is interesting is the most tweeted moment with marco rubio going after bernie sanders talking about how he would be a good president of sweden but looking at google the most search on google donald trump as well, outnumbering marco rubio 3:1 so that doesn't bode well for the rest of the candidates but on face book, looking at the issues and what matters most on social media is immigration, isis, and
10:17 am
the economy. people are voting with their pocketbooks. charles: 30% for donald trump, he has got the people, he has 50% of the overall so interesting. hash tag gop debate is the number one trend. isn't at the fun part was jim gilmore on twitter. charles: who is this. ? jo lin: are we really inert january? charles: complaining about lack of air time. now to this, we are learning one of those violent convicts who escaped from the 7 california jail last friday had been ordered to his native vietnam in 1998. with me is katie payne. we hear this over and over, how
10:18 am
come this keeps happening? he was ordered to deport, how did they not take him back to vietnam? >> this is an epic domestic security fail across the board, in custody in 2003 but because immigration policy, unless you pose a, quote, national security risk you cannot be held indefinitely and let out a year later. he reported faithfully for ten years, and along the way, he is committing burglary, carjacking and attempted murder. that is not a domestic security risk and it is in sane and seems like vietnam is taking over the united states immigration policy because vietnam's that we won't give them the papers to send them back to us so you can keep them. charles: the first -- let the prisoners out, you talk about a national security risk.
10:19 am
once you are in prison doesn't that mean you are a national security risk? >> once you commit violent felonies, that poses a serious risk to us domestically. i totally agree with that and what is insane he breaks out of prison with two other people deemed to be more violent than him, one with ties to iran and the other a convicted murderer, they cut through barbed wire and last i heard, you probably should not be playing on a rooftop of the prison but at this prison in california they have their recreation yard. so these guys were pretty resourceful, pulled a shawshank redemption but these are not good guys, they should not be out in the street. charles: baffling stuff, really appreciate it, thanks. o.j. simpson, one doctor says he is suffering brain damage because of football. we are going to discuss it right after this. ♪
10:20 am
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charles: higher profits that electronic revenue, they missed the revenue and they did not get upward guidance. one of the biggest losers in the s and be right now down 6%. and move to las vegas, the details on this. ashley: las vegas raiders, apparently the chairman and ceo is meeting with mark davis, the owner of the oakland raiders today in vegas, in las vegas, a patch of land they botch, the raiders, if charges don't want to move the rams, could move to
10:24 am
l.a.. will lot nfl ever allow them to be played in vegas, the big gambling capital of the world. charles: the way they gamble right now. ashley: a $1 billion domed stadium. a public/private partnership. if we shall be public. and when profits net indeed out the exact opposite. now to is this. in the movie concussion the same doctors convinced o.j. simpson sustained brain damage in the nfl that he says he, quote, that my medical license on it. dr. mark siegel is with us. this is interesting stuff. the plot thickens. >> this is amazing. i never thought of this. o.j. with his aberrant behavior,
10:25 am
violence and maybe depression, he was never proven as a murderer but there's the issue of robbery. he is in jail now. it could be due to in this. chronic traumatic and civil law but the behavior, it can make you violent, it can make you lose judgment and one studies it came out in september, looked at autopsy and the only way to prove you have this is by doing an autopsy and one group of boston university claims 96% of all nfl players has this problem with chronic traumatic -- i interviewed dr. russell who did the autopsy on jr.'s green died of suicide in 2012, he says the problem is much rarer than that. until we see an autopsy we would not know this. charles: everyone with in this condition who sustained enough injuries to have it, the behavior, was erratic and eventually committed suicide.
10:26 am
with that justify violent behavior? would impact people differently? >> absolutely. impact everybody differently and you bring up another point. what is the spectrum in this? maybe we don't need the full blown ct e but just repeated blows to the brain but harry carson thought that. repeated blows to the brain or concussion can alter your behavior. how much does it have to alter you for you to become violent like this. charles: i can't wait to talk to the judge from a legal point of view. the bottom line is o.j. was on a pedestal, he was arrogant, the world was his and he could do whatever he wanted. he was the ultimate negative coddled athlete. i could use harsher words than that. >> not trying to excuse it. i know the judge would look at evidence. without an m r i that these days can prove this. that is my point, m r i does not prove this. you have to be dead.
10:27 am
there's no way they can use this in evidence can say i had this weekend prove he added. it is an interesting subject but there are a lot of reasons is think it was just o.j. doing this. charles: terrorism in milwaukee by the fbi but make no mistake, terror inside our borders, that is next.
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
him. charles: i am sorry. take a look at the dell. up 187 points. microsoft of future. stuart varney is very happy software. drinking a margarita. [laughter] businesses rocking. governor chris christie.
10:31 am
putting pressure on hillary clinton all night long. watch this space that for for her convenience, she put america's secrets at risk for her convenience. she put american strategy at risk for her convenience. let me tell you who is not qualified to be president of the united states, chris, hillary rodham clinton did that to our country. she is not qualified to be president of the united states. charles: he went after her so hard. he mentioned that he is a prosecutor. use a word prosecutor, prosecutor, prosecutor. >> he went full bore on hillary clinton. we will see whether or not it lifts his approval rating. >> too little too late. he had a good debate.
10:32 am
>> yes, he did. i think that marco rubio looked good. charles: he went after hillary. even went after bernie. let's go to kiersten powers. what do you make of the whole think? going after hillary clinton. talking about prosecuting her and putting her in prison. it is not just about an indictment, but going the whole 9 yards. >> she is the front runner in the democratic party. it is red meat. i think that it is something that can resignation. in terms of prosecuting her, that is not something you can justify to do on your own. the president himself does not just prosecute somebody. sort of putting himself out
10:33 am
there think he can do something that he actually cannot do. he is pulling very low. right now, he is not the top contender. they have cut down rather hermetically. bernie sanders has all of that going into iowa. >> a couple things. you see the polls tighten up the closer you get to people actually voting. they are really finding that senators sanders message is designating with him. you look at the national poll and she is obviously still reading. both people that look at the map they bernie sanders will probably do well in iowa.
10:34 am
what happens if we start getting into states like south carolina and other states that are more diverse. he has not built this relationship over the years, the clintons have. it is a little more complex. until we can get out of iowa and new hampshire higher, i think that that will be a little bit hard to tell. sanders will definitely win iowa. we do not really know that. she is still pulling ahead of him. she has good ground operation. we will wait to see what happens here. >> you are right. bernie sanders has a message that is designating. voicing these things to other communities, he may be a juggler. i want you to stay there, if you can. i want to talk to you more about
10:35 am
this. adam shapiro is with us. they want it broken down in part by gender. this is an equal unemployment opportunity. here is what is going to happen. they already require employers with 100 or more workers on staff to submit information on sex, race, and the city and job ratings. it will be grouped together to protect privacy. there will be public input on this through april 1. then, that report would be put into place in 2017. this is the anniversary of president obama signing the first piece of legislation. there is no time limit.
10:36 am
the supreme court years ago said it is preset with every paycheck. valerie jared says pay gap between men and women is very challenging. that is the guys under which they are doing all of this. the labor department reported that one of the reasons these numbers are skewed and they tend to work in overtime jobs. they do not get overtime. this pacific's may be skewed right there. charles: what is your take on this gender pay? the obama administration feared it is not necessarily the gas that it is made out to be. >> right. it is a complicated issue. most of the difference can be accounted for by things that do not have to do with
10:37 am
accommodation. they feel that there has been this and it designates with women. i think that it is a double edged sword. my life experience as something different. i think that it is worth looking into. i think the obama administration has gone a little overboard. with that said, i do not think that it is a non-issue that other people are claiming that it is. have a lot of fun. charles: we will talk to you again real soon. thank you. what could have been a major terror plot in milwaukee. >> isis has declared war against the united states.
10:38 am
if you are going to be successful in combating an enemy, you will identify with you it is. we need help from the federal government on this. we're not getting it because they are in denial about the real problem here. charles: former nypd officer here with us. it is really shocking. one is making an impression. had a machine gun. had a silencer. looking to buy more stuff. >> it is political correctness. you cannot go after profiling people and everyone else. political correctness has to go out the window. >> we do not know how many of these things have a birthday today. >> the information leads us to
10:39 am
the important. you are not profiling. if you see something, say something. charles: they will not leave. [laughter] >> the police and fbi in authorities have to not be afraid. people did not understand what stop and frisk is. they believe that they are throwing them against the wall and searching them. that is not right. >> they have articulated it differently. the idea that because it is a plaque male wearing a hoodie, he is a criminal. i do not like that. >> racial profiling is not something that has to be done.
10:40 am
a guy driving a black chevy was oriental. >> this basic thing. police 101. someone walked out of a bodega on july 4 with a codon. i love the idea. taking over. >> it is funny. i wrote this as a novel. it is coming true. the fiction fiction of the year for 2015. charles: thanks a lot, buddy. really appreciate it. time now for our sector report. up first, amazon. they reported after the bell. a record number. it is a little bit off a heist. on the other end, facebook had an amazing number yesterday. stocks are at an all-time high
10:41 am
right now. later this hour, my interview with windfall in his take on the economy. the drug war and the iowa caucus. coming right up. ♪ a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive? these are the hands, the hands that drive commerce, that build business across borders. these are the hands of pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce. these are the hands that sew the seeds of business growth, that weave the data, and find the perfect spot to thrive.
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these are the hands of pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce. >> i am nicole petallides with your fox business brief. stocks have kicked off with negative fashion. the worst we have seen in six years.
10:43 am
we see some of the arrows. 16,251. the s&p 500 up nearly 220. oil gains. technology leads the way. here are some winners to watch. sony is a real winner. up 17%. here are your dow leaders. lifetime highs from the s&p 500. we want you to start your day every day on fox business app 5:00 a.m. we have all the breaking news. lauren simonetti and i will see you there.n, it's prot ♪ about governments and businesses being hacked, emails compromised, and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime, and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit
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10:45 am
>> last night was the all-important gop debate at the iowa caucus. jeff flock. jeff: 5:60 a.m. we have been listening to some of the callers. >> as a result of that, i think it kind of her cruz a little bit. speed factor you think cruz benefits or does trump benefit
10:46 am
from holding an event with the vets? >> you are a voter that cares about the issues. if you don't, you want to see the circus. that is why trust. the pep rally. you could get elected very well by saying make america great again. i will cut great deals. china sucks. it is not the specificity of the issues. the greatest politician out there is the guy that claims not to be a politician. >> a lot of interesting comments coming out of this debate. charles: coming in incredibly close over the flaxseed. what is being described as unsafe and unprofessional. putin is just playing around. >> yes.
10:47 am
he gets away with it. we have seen a lot of our so-called allies really test the united states. a pentagon doing a briefing coordinating with the russians very closely. they had that press conference at the same time that they knew that the russians were doing moves at the same time. it is troubling to see the pentagon's not call this out immediately and harshly. >> we keep talking about this administration is looking the other way. it just them pulled everyone from our largest adversaries. >> yes, totally. i think weakness once our allies
10:48 am
and enemies smell weakness, it is really a slippery slope. it is clearly something that all future presidential candidates have to be talking about. we have to be concentrating on it. clearly, this administration will not hold iran to the letter of the deal. >> i was glad it came up a couple times last night. i am not sure what this will take. it will not be an executive order. a combination of a new president that wants to keep it safe. thank you very much. really appreciate it. market holding up here. my interview with prince paul is next.♪ ♪ understands the life behind it.
10:49 am
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10:53 am
conservative. seven tenths of 1%. it is disheartening. what do they do about that and how do you turn this around? >> i think the issue is how can we elect republicans and sometimes the deck gets worse. the debt doubled under barack obama. republicans keep asking, what are we doing? how come we are not controlling spending. the voices are coming from people that want to increase military spending. i want a strong national defense, i just do not think that there is a big threat to our national security. i truly am the only one on the state that is willing to do that. we think that our numbers are surging in iowa. >> the whole grassroots movement
10:54 am
initially was smart because of that. thirteen party in this other outrage that we are seeing. six, seven, in terms of importance. is this the right political atmosphere to walk there and say let's get back to the original thing that we talked about. our kids never had the chance. that resignations in the area of terror and resignation. >> i guess that i just do not look at polls. i just look at what is wrong and i try to fix it. i try to solve problems. i think it is a mistake to sort of be driven away where the real issue is. when the two-party started, one of our biggest issues was chastising republicans that had not been faithful. one of the really big issues is we did not agree with ailing out the banks.
10:55 am
i think that that is one of the things with trump that is a big issue. somehow, he has been pulling it over their eyes. he was a big supporter of bailing out the banks. i do not think that he is very conservative. i think the voters and i will have discovered he is not conservative. i think you will see people breaking away from him and the pole shifting genetically. >> that is serious compromises in places we have not seen before. you really differentiate yourself with the party. talking about criminal justice. talking about blacks and the war on drugs. it seems like in other dangerous -- you know what, let's take a quick listen. last night, this is one of the things that resonated with a lot of people. >> we need to make sure that the war on drugs is equal.
10:56 am
charles: when you talk about equal protection, there is real enthusiasm in the party. this seems like the last thing that would make them both for you. >> i find it actually received very well. you know, i am a christian. i believe in redemption. i believe in second chances. i think a lot of kids make mistakes. white kids, brown kids, black kids. they deserve another chance. we want people to work. i think we should give people a second chance. i think it's plunging records, giving people a second chance, i think that it is the right thing to do. >> congratulations.
10:57 am
we will see how it all shakes out on monday. >> thank you. >> hanks a lot. the third hour of arnie is thren minutes ♪ ontain isis. jeb bush has a plan... to destroy them. and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. weyoung company around but if we want to keep the soda pop flowing we need fresh ideas! >>got it. we slow, we die. >>what about cashing out? no! i'm trying to build something here. >>how about using fedex ground for shipping? >>i don't need some kid telling me how to run a business! i've been doing this for 4 long months. >>fedex ground can help us save money and deliver fast to our customers. not bad, kid. you remind me of a younger me. >>aiden! the dog is eating your retainer again.
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let's take a short 5-minute recess. fedex ground is faster to more locations than ups ground.
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11:00 am
's 16 and answers 11:00 a.m. here on the east coast. we are positive for the week. amazon is our stock for the day. the big question for the day is should we be buying this right now? hillary and benghazi. benghazi committee is here. he is fired up. the third hour of arnie and company begins right now. ♪ charles: let's get right to it. the economy growing less than 1% in the first quarter.
11:01 am
obviously, this is not good news for the democrats. it is just really an awful bunch of news. >> it would not surprise you that i see things a little broader. you're up and the rest of the world are having difficult times. we are unable to export. that will affect the immediate economy. it is not what i want for election day. we have quite a time before election time. charles: a strong dollar has had some negative impacts. the 5% number, i think americans are getting a little hip to this one. a mass exit of millions of people giving up on the american dream. 5% in this particular case, it
11:02 am
will push back a little. this will affect the obama administration. take a look at what happened last night. chris christie and john kasich. claiming it is the greatest. saying that same thing. they are all taking credit that their states are doing well. fifty states make a federal government. we are generally trending well. i would rather have this economy than eight years ago. charles: that was an extraordinary time. we had a massive meltdown. they are the right wing to say. it is either this or that. >> barack obama. the one that prevented fracking.
11:03 am
that makes our manufacturing strong. it is cheaper today. charles: y 0.7%. what went wrong? >> when gas prices fall, it has a double effect. again, we do not have any export markets at all. this is a great time for europe. >> stay right there. we will talk more about foreign-policy. the stock getting hit pretty good. i know that you like exxon mobil. i know that you like it for the dividend. is there a risk for getting a little bit to queue right now. >> you look at companies like exxon mobil. though world will still be using
11:04 am
oil and gas 10 years from now. at some point, this will turn. charles: another stock that you like. >> bank of america just listed some preferred shares. in a volatile market like this, 6.2% dividend looks pretty good to me. >> the financials are the place to be. it is the worst performing sector of big year. if you get 6% dividend, the rest has lost the principal. >> i am looking at a third shares for bank of america. we do have value on that stop. we do have some protection there. >> let's talk about public storage. this stock has had a heck of a run. you still have more upside.
11:05 am
>> i like the preferred shares. 5% dividend. that is about 18 months. if you can pick up five and three quarters, that is not that either. >> will not have to deal with that in digestion here at what about amazon? i think that they will fly on this weakness. what do you think? >> i like amazon for a long-term buy and hold. i will still consider amazon. it is relatively calm. whether the stocks are the biggest out there. the most volatile stock in the market. i think that that is the right combination. the big bet on the one that can drive you crazy. >> absolutely. thank you very much. really appreciate it. do you own any of these names? >> yes, we do.
11:06 am
we do public storage. >> my subscribers on amazon as well. u.s. air force spy plane just nearly missing the american plane. not the first time that this has happened. what do you make of the belligerence of the rest of the world? now, sort of testing us. almost on a daily basis. >> this is good politics for vladimir putin. i had of a country that is moving on oil prices collapsing. sanctions giving it a hard economic time. we will not import from europe. they have nothing. nothing. if you look at israeli's, his ratings go up. you know how you can tell his ratings, look at the sales of mcdonald's hamburgers.
11:07 am
the best barometer of vladimir putin's popularity, they plummet. military confrontation and his ratings go up. make donald does better when people are mad at putin. >> the rebels and serial. it is a number one to buzz by u.s. spy planes. that is taking it to a whole new level. is that disrespect? i disrespect america in this leader. >> at the same time, i am talking about syria. i need a little boost in my ratings. i will buzz you a little bit. charles: has the economy is collapsing. >> i think that he will be gone before our election. >> more than 600 islamists.
11:08 am
at least 50 of them actually traveled. traveling to fight for the islamic state. what do you make of that? this is a report from german security. they are good at what they do. we have to worry about the ones we do not know about. i am telling you -- charles: we should not miss some of these guys. we allow them to go five for isis and then i'm back. should we take a stand? you go in dubai for our enemy. >> certainly security. you need to watch these people. >> do not let them come back.
11:09 am
think about how most of these kids went there. how do they let them go? went aside use chemical weapons, they went right. you cannot tell in syria the good guys from the bad guys. they come back radicalized. then you have a problem. >> who do you think came out on top? >> to me, it looked like there were two on top. kasich and jeff. it looked a little bit like rubio and crews got in a sandbox. i think a second bush had a good night. >> i think that kasich is trying to claim the mantle of compassion. claiming that he was the only one. is that what attracts you to him? >> he does not know where the vote is.
11:10 am
again, i will not win every state. one size does not fit all. i will tell you what i believe in. >> we will let the voters decide. we will see. appreciate it. a really good earnings report last night for microsoft. for the first time, partnered with both parties to develop technologies. now starting to raise questions about the partnership. >> very difficult. especially on the democratic side. microsoft comes out with technology. hold up, you are a company. we will use our own results and our own system. don't these executives support
11:11 am
my opponent, hillary clinton, anyway? >> i don't know. we will not have a hanging check kind of thing. >> technology should make it easier. >> working for the first quarter. calling hillary clinton a liar. after trey gaudi gives us an update. >> i do not believe that woman. she lives. she lied to me. she told me that it was the video. she is going on tv saying that i am the liar. she is a liar. ♪
11:12 am
in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at
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11:14 am
>> marco rubio coming out strong in last night's performance. the last one before the iowa
11:15 am
caucus. listen to what he had to say about possible democratic nominee hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton is disqualified for being the commander-in-chief. hillary clinton, hillary clinton stored classified information on her private server and hillary clinton lied to the families of those americans that lost their lives in benghazi. charles: congressman trey gaudi is here. you endorsed marco rubio. >> yes, sir, i have. he is very persuasive and hopeful. charles: no one came out unscathed. do you worry about that? he kind of dodge that one last night.
11:16 am
>> well, i think he went out equal with electability. as opposed to where he was two years ago, charles, i do not know anyone that has not changed his or her opinions on immigration. i think that it is a sign of strength. we consider a previously held position. i want my leaders to do that. i think that it is a sign of strength. charles: that they flip-flop. i am sort of with you on that. one of the benghazi victims on the program this week. you were the head of the benghazi select committee.
11:17 am
>> yes, sir, we have about a dozen more interviews. it is so unfamiliar to your viewers. in washington, they rarely do it the right way. as the interview general picture a us and others, new names have emerged. we will finish those interviews. i would rather have the report out sooner than later. it is exhaustive report. artificial deadline when i cut it off for the mainstream media. >> you mentioned the criticism. i think the reaction to your endorsement of rubio, donald trump really skewered you all over the place. this has been a failure.
11:18 am
is it too early? >> it is way too early. we have not written a report. mr. trump nor anyone else has any idea of what we found. we have had close to 70 witness interviews. only one has been public. he is entitled to his opinion. i would just remind mister trump and everyone else, you would not be talking about secretary clinton clinton's e-mails if it was not for our committee. it was our committee that uncovered that. just like we uncovered ambassador stevens e-mails. it is way too early. for anyone to judge the advocacy of our investigation.
11:19 am
we have not written the reports yet. >> the democrats wasting a couple million dollars. >> before we even start, first of all, all democrats voted against for being. ms. pelosi did not bother. they cannot think of a single witness they want to talk to. they were content. writing the final report on king ghazi. frankly without interviewing susan rice. they are the defense team. the defense firm. as it relates to secretary clinton. i draw an exception for her.
11:20 am
she has really good questions. she served our country. a great and powerful sacrificial way. the other four, they are the defense team for secretary clinton. they really have been from day one. >> the victims and families of benghazi. we look forward to the report very much. the trim 11 viruses growing. as many as 4 million people could be affected within the year. 4 million. >> 4 million. this virus was first discovered back in 1947 in africa. has not really surfaced at all. all of a sudden there was an explosion of the virus. more than 4000 babies have been born with birth defects.
11:21 am
holding an emergency meeting early next week in geneva. there is no cure. there is no vaccine. 80% of people. showing no symptoms at all. within five days, it goes away. this virus is widespread in brazil. there will be some 200,000 estimated to go to brazil. they get infected. they have no signs of it. they go back to the u.s. they are here. they get bitten by a mosquito. it can transmit virus onto someone else. >> we have cases here in the united states. fortunately, all travel related. >> right in the height of summer when they come back to the u.s. charles: thanks a lot. proposing a $1 billion dome
11:22 am
stadium. who will play their football? we will discuss the next. ♪ you pay your car insurance
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you could pay no deductible at all. sign up to immediately lower your deductible by $100. and keep lowering it $100 annually, until it's gone. then continue to earn that $100 every year. there's no limit to how much you can earn and this savings applies to every vehicle on your policy. call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. charles: xerox announces plans to from investor carl icahn. amazon posted largest profit in
11:26 am
history. just like other companies with great news, stock has hammered. street didn't like it. taking back all of yesterday's gains. two big names we follow closely. both hitting lifetime highes. facebook and mickey d's. both up nicely. las vegas sands. stock is trading higher. there you go up 81 cents. casino announced it will build one billion dollars domed stadium. ashley, they made the proposal. who will pay for it? >> spoused to be public/private partnership. you're very skeptical. >> yes. >> it will be a whole lot more public than private. las vegas sands ceo, sheldon adelson is meeting with mark davis, the owner of the oakland raiders today in vegas. addison says we have 42 acres of parcel of land at university of las vegas will be perfect for one billion dollars domed stadium that is incentive to get
11:27 am
the raiders to las vegas raiders. nfl will not look too kindly. they are very cool any team being in vegas because they are gam blink capital of the world. they could move to l.a. if charges say they don't want to share with the rams in l.a. raiders could pick up the option. they're having discussion today apparently in vague gas. watch this space carefully. charles: we heard rumblings like this before. not a specific plan. someone like him with deep pockets we'll be part of this. we'll see. want to go back to italy covering up those cultural icons because of the visit from iran. now stuart got into very heated discussion with father jonathan morris on this. ben carson's faith visor will weigh in on it next. >> i'm wondering why pope francis is sitting down to talk about terrorism with one of the world's leading terrorists for heaven's sakes. >> likes to hang out with sinners. >> we're all sinners, father jonathan.
11:28 am
>> exactly. feel a cold coming on? new zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam. hundreds of crash simulations. thousands of hours of painstaking craftsmanship. and an infinite reserve of patience... create a vehicle that looks, drives and thinks like nothing else on the road.
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11:31 am
charles: check the big board. cool 200 points so the upside. we're positive for the week. facebook coming on in addition
11:32 am
to yesterday's rally. new all-time high on earnings report. amazon posted largest profit in history. missed expectations. some question marks. the stock is down. want to bring in market watcher michael ball. michael, start with your thoughts on amazon? >> for amazon they did have a miss and the stock is down. but if you look at context, back to where it was by end of the die on wednesday. earnings growth story is quite strong, dollar per share this past year, five dollars next year and nine dollars in 2017. the stock was up over 100% last year. to get profit-taking things tend to get ahead of itself. charles: you advise people to own it but buckle up? >> if you own it be prepared for pretty significant draw downs along the way because momentum stocks particularly in market starting to lose momentum will have significant volatility to
11:33 am
it. so you need to be comfortable with 20 and 30% declines if you stay in stock. charles: great point. you also say you like kraft-heinz? >> kraft-heinz, you have recent merger between kraft and heinz. given good international expansion abilities to the kraft brands. overall in the consumer staple sector, 6% expected earnings growth. they will grow at 19% this year. they have a strong dividend, upwards in the about 3% range. and, some good synergies, coming in from cost cutting. it will be one of the standouts i believe in the consumer sectors area. charles: i always thought this was cost cutting story. why would it outgrow the industry by such a large margin? >> part of it back to, what they have a billion dollars per year of cost savings from elimination of some overhead, streamlining of direction, things of that nature. in terms of being able to expand
11:34 am
some of those kraft brands in particular to international. charles: i gotcha. proctor & gamble, they reported volumes down across the board but so is prices. so some pricing power. what else do you like about it? >> well i mean it's about as exciting as watching grass grow with proctor & gamble because you do have 22 different brands that generate more than a billion dollars per year in sales. so just one of the linchpins of the consumer staples sector. it has had some headwinds from a strong dollar. earnings have been flat here recently and the stock is down 15%. the dividend still grows five to 6% per year. you're getting up to 3.4% yield. market where you're seeing above average volatility a better safe haven than a lot of particular areas out there that will be more economically sensitive. charles: i know you like enterprise partners, product partners. we have only 30 seconds. i want a quick read from you for the rest of the year. extraordinarily crazy start to the year.
11:35 am
tremendous volatility. downward bias and pressure. what are your thoughts for rest of the year? charles: >> for the overall market? charles: yeah. >> i think we have more volatility particularly markets outside of the u.s. most markets are down 20% or more. we are trying to buck the trend but we may get pulled down along with that. charles: michael ball, thank you very much. >> appreciate it, charles. charles: obama administration all companies with 100 employees or more to report salaries. they say it is effort to battle inequality. crystal, author of con job, this sounds like idea you may have come up with share with the white house. >> not my. big brother obama. do it his way. run around congress, you know? charles: not only that, isn't this part, you talk in "con job" what democrats have done with respect to relationship with
11:36 am
black people over the years. central part of that victimization card. someone is always out to get you and we're here to help. this is case where they're using old statistics women feel like every woman is being discriminated against in all the work places but they're here to help. >> i write about it in "con job" as democrats con blacks and convict tim, without the help of the government you can't help it. how about president obama, his own white house he doesn't pay female employees doesn't pay as women employees as much as the men? clean up your own house, obama. i'm all for getting paid for the same for same work but a lot of studies show the pay gap is actually because women go in and out of the workforce. deciding hey, i want to raise kids. i want to get married to have kids. i don't want to work as hard as men. how about that? charles: everyone is promoting these easier times to come and
11:37 am
leave work and that's a fringe benefit that you may -- >> right. charles: means you don't get paid more but get to go to the soccer game or whatever you want to do. there are tradeoffs in life. >> i'm a single woman. i hate to say this, but you know i had to pick up the slack because crystal can stay late and work. she doesn't have any kids. she is not married. maybe crystal want as life too. charles: i have a feeling you have a pretty good one. next one? >> i do. charles: senator rand paul last night in the debate says we need to overhaul america's war on drugs to make sure there is equal protection for african-american males. it was interesting, you've been critical of the gop for not reaching out to the black community and other communities. is this kind of thing they should be saying? >> no. because once again rand paul is playing the liberal card, the democrat card. oh, you poor black men. we have to make excuses for you. hey, black men, start taking care of yourself.
11:38 am
if you don't want to go in jail, maybe you should stop committing crimes. oh, black people, stop having 72% of the your baby out of wedlock. i talk about that in con job. i like rand paul. rand paul was trying to get the black vote but this is not the way, pandering to black people like we're children. we're not children. hold us up up to the same stand, right? charles: what should a gop candidate who is serious about this be saying? >> some of what donald trump said in his immigration policy which is on his website he talked broadly about, they need to be talking about black jobs matter. black education matters. go out ask for the black vote. where is it in your policies. don't give lip service to "black lives matter" like hillary is doing. if "black lives matter"ed" why haven't democrats like hillary been able to solve all the black problems for the last 50 plus years. charles: why do people say she has a lock on the black vote when i hear bernie sanders
11:39 am
talking, if you're a progressive, you're a liberal, doesn't matter what color you are, seems like he is trying to give away more stuff than she is? >> did you see recently eric garner just endorsed bernie sanders? charles: no, i missed that. >> eric garner's daughter. and i went, i just tweeted at her, poor, erica. black lives don't matter to bernie. he is not even asking for black vote. hillary, she has gotten nine out of every 10 black people in america said, who are democrat, i'm going to vote for hillary. people, wake up, my people, wake up. your votes matter to hillary, not your life. charles: thanks a lot, crystal. the book is "con job." italy covering up nude statutes and paintings. you remember when iranian president hughes sawn rouhani visited italy. >> i want a more muscular choice
11:40 am
i'm not apologizing for our culture. we stand for freedom and liberty. with should be proud of it. the idea we do kowtow to some visiting mullah is absolutely inappropriate. charles: john any moore, special faith advisor --
11:41 am
>> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. dow jones industrial average right now up 187 points. that is 1.1%. s&p 500 up over full percentage point. as well as oil gains.
11:42 am
we saw the bank of japan cut rates. they went negative. and take a look here at xerox. xerox confirms it plans to break up into two companies. one would be hardware. the other one would be business services. carl icahn behind this. gets three board seats. that stock is up 6%. these are the worst names on the s&p 500 today. while we have so many up arrows, the top story is amazon. that is big one, down 53 bucks after its quarterly profit numbers basically disappointed. electronic arts down six bucks today. credit cards, better profit and seeing winning numbers for mastercard and visa. start your day at 5:00 a.m. on fox business. we'll see you there.
11:43 am
11:44 am
charles: okay we're back. we had little technical glitch. i pushed wrong button. back to johnny moore, faith advisor to dr. ben carson. what we're talking about, we're talking about iranian trip through europe and some of the ways they bent over backwards, covering up masterpieces because of nudity in an effort not to offend iranians. >> this is totally insane. at what point is all this road show going to end? as i was saying moments ago, i expect any moment for all leaders of the world to gather in the u.n. and new york city, put iranian leader up there and everyone bow down.
11:45 am
this is crazy. this is what happens when you do ridiculous deal like united states made with this country. we're apologizing for western culture? western culture gave us everything we appreciate. that is shameful. shameful when isis is destroying artifact the all over their part of the world to give one inch in this area, i didn't even believe it was true when i heard about it. charles: they just destroyed the oldest christian place of worship in syria. i think it was 1500 years old, something mind-boggling like that but having said that the rouhani was going to europe cutting all kinds of big megadeals. feels like they sold their soul, not only out of political correctness but for a buck? >> no, no common sense in any of this. who would do this? not a single business watching us talk would have a single business deal with this much
11:46 am
risk. let iran prove they will behave responsibly. what we did we gave them billions of dollars. gave them a blank check and embarrassing military officers we captured. referred to hostages they took from our country as prisoners in prisoner exchange. 19, $11 billion of deals they made in italy? this will continue. when all said and done we will have handed iran the ability to do as much terror as quickly as they want, wherever they want. we will have ignite ad holy war between the sunnis and shias in that region might feel like the apocalypse if we're not careful. charles: wow. i can't argue with you. johnny, real quick, how do you feel like your guy did? had least amount of time to speak although he feels like he got his message across? what do you think? >> i think once again dr. carson is totally unique person on that stage. everyone up there was career politician.
11:47 am
every was talking about policies they would do, this or that or the other. they were kowtowing to their particular audiences. i think it is not unlikely that ben carson's support will be much, much stronger on monday than perhaps people think around you can not question the brilliance and ought then the activity of this individual. i for one tired of politics. i want someone in office i can respect for other reasons than they got elected to a public office. charles: yeah. there were questions of authenticity on the stage but none directed at ben carson. >> not a one. charles: thank you. appreciate it. p hillary clinton may still be leading in a democrat it race nationally but there are serious concerns including to her health. listen to what happened to clinton in event on monday. >> [coughing] excuse me just one second here. a lozenge.
11:48 am
[coughing] i have one. charles: ed klein, author of book, "unlikeable" is here. you in the last few months have hinted that perhaps hillary clinton has or, some sort of health issues. so seeing that, sort of, you were first person we thought about when we saw this. >> i haven't been hinting about it. i've been saying pretty clearly that she has not been putting out the truth about her health. according to my sources who are people who she speaks to on regular basis, she has blinding headaches frequently. swooning spells, not fainting but close to fainting spells. after the benghazi hearing, 11-hour benghazi hearing, she literally had to be carried to her car because she had almost collapsed. i'm told that she has tremor in her hands. she's got a lot of problems sleeping, insomnia.
11:49 am
she now travels full-time with a physician because they're worried she may faint again. charles: i think if i had email situation i wouldn't get any sleep either. i get where you're coming from. >> right. charles: when they file those medical reports because i think bernie sanders just filed his, would any of that be questioned or revealed? >> well she did file medical report, i think last june if i'm not mistaken by her -- charles: some of these things could have happened after this report was filed. >> this report was like like it2 pages long and it was not very thorough. it is clear to me if you talk to her friends, associates and aides tell you hillary needs to take rest and naps between events because she doesn't have the energy she used to have. that she's on blood clot medicine that may have other effects upon her. i'm not saying this woman isn't, i'm not a doctor so i can't say she is not qualified to be president of the united states. what i am saying though there is a lot that we don't know about
11:50 am
her health and this coughing spell you've just seen is perhaps one more example. charles: sort of telling she had the lozenge. apparently wasn't that rare event. something maybe it is occurring. >> happened during the benghazi hearing. she started coughing like that too. i'm sure, i'm sure that we will get to the bottom of this eventually but i think it is going to take a long time because the clintons are very good at covering things up. charles: there is a lot to be said about the vigor, stress and vigor comes with that office. ages anybody, wears and tears anybody. if you don't go in there in tiptop, it could harm your performance. charles: i talked to -- >> i talked to a doctor who did not directly interhave you had here. he interviewed a lot of people that run for office, when they're in their 30s and 40s, it is hard on them. when you're in your 60s you can imagine. charles: ed klein, thank you very much. all eyes on iowa. caucus on monday but tuesday we
11:51 am
shift the focus to new hampshire. we're going to shift it early next.
11:52 am
11:53 am
11:54 am
charles: well right now all eyes on iowa's caucus. come use the country shifts its focus to new hampshire. jack keane, a new hampshire radio show host. tell us what due think? what are you seeing right now in
11:55 am
your state? >> charles, i think you might see continue wages what's happening in iowa as you head into the weekend. if the sanders surge is real there, and trump surge is real there, that's what we're feeling here. you have to remember sanders has much bigger lead here in new hampshire than he does over hillary clinton in iowa. trump has near 20-point lead here. if they both come out of iowa with bumps that will translate. that is not always the case historically, what happens politically speaking usually stays in iowa. if it translates here i think you're seeing sanders momentum here, he had 27-point lead over hillary clinton in latest "university of new hamphsire poll." that is a pretty big lead. donald trump had 20-point lead in the same poll. in republican side, jeb bush on my new hampshire today radio show this morning asking him what he is fighting for, a top three finish? yes he is, if he doesn't get it maybe not over but a lot of people on republican side fighting for bronze, silver and
11:56 am
bronze finish underneath donald trump to see who goes on after new hampshire. charles: say donald trump does not win iowa, i know he has 20-point lead but in the 30s, if some candidates drop out on so call establishment side, could it create a legitimate rival for maybe first place, for the gold, if you will? >> i don't think for the gold at this point. i think it will have to go beyond new hampshire. i think it would be pretty hard for donald trump to lose that much even if he doesn't win iowa caucuses. i think he will do well there. that is why he put ted cruz out on stage alone to take all the hits. i don't think it was much about megyn kelly or roger ailes, i think trump might be crazy as fox, no pun intended. i think he is in good shape here. his campaign manager is new hampshire guy. he knows the field here. feels like rubio is playing for that alternative spot. i don't know about cruz here. i think bush, christie, kasich
11:57 am
they're playing for third place finish. think it would be hard for trump to lose new hampshire. this morning he is here in big rally nashua, new hampshire, big event into the weekend going into the primary. i think trump is in pretty good shape. i think it is real. the two candidates with attitude, two rebellious campaigns with simple managers, simple messages, bernie sanders and donald trump seem to be resonating with anti-establishment thing here in new hampshire and seems to be happening in iowa. charles: who doesn't have a shot? who do you think this will be their last stand? >> well, you know, comes down to money. i think ironically carly fiorina and rand paul may do a little better in new hampshire than they do in iowa. i think john kasich made new hampshire a stand. i think christies will be looking at that as well. charles: i got to go, jack. thanks a lot. we'll ask you to come back on again because new hampshire is important. thank you very much.
11:58 am
>> thanks, charles. charles: more "varney" after this.
11:59 am
12:00 pm
charles: as stuart would say we have a rally. that is highs of day. dow up 240 points. neil cavuto take it away. neil: thanks, charles. things from amazon that not all may be firing on retail cylinders. that is caveat. amazon reported record profits, not as i guess record as folks thought dee dee fight advance of the dow today, it is impressive, a lot of reasons for that, look what is happening to amazon by slightly disappointing. it is severely paying for it, down about 7 and 3/4%. i hasten to add that is improvement from previous selling today. lot many peep looking where this stock was a year ago, saying there is always time for comeuppance. man,


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