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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  January 29, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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charles: as stuart would say we have a rally. that is highs of day. dow up 240 points. neil cavuto take it away. neil: thanks, charles. things from amazon that not all may be firing on retail cylinders. that is caveat. amazon reported record profits, not as i guess record as folks thought dee dee fight advance of the dow today, it is impressive, a lot of reasons for that, look what is happening to amazon by slightly disappointing. it is severely paying for it, down about 7 and 3/4%. i hasten to add that is improvement from previous selling today. lot many peep looking where this stock was a year ago, saying there is always time for comeuppance. man, oh, man, that is
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comeuppance. we'll go to iowa. we'll get latest read on obviously various camps who say who won and who lost. push on next couple days for that vote in this crucial opening state of the 2016 presidential campaign. blake burman on what they're doing right now. blake? reporter: neil, we're 80 something hours away until caucus night on monday night. to give you a little bit of a scene setter here in iowa, many presidential candidates on republican side were right here in des moines this morning doing national tv interviewss following up last night's debate to speak to wider audience, potentially hundreds of thousands of people here. here on out for most part it is about getting to every single potential possible place here in iowa to speak to people by the dozens or by the hundreds, to potentially maybe sway this election for somebody, a percentage point or two or a spot or two. all of these candidates for most part, i shouldn't say all, for
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most part are completely scattered across the state right now. rubio, cruz, bush, kasich, carson, i could go on, many of them are here. donald trump is not one of them. he is in new hampshire today though he just released his schedule minutes ago. he will make seven stops in iowa, saturday, sunday, and monday. i mentioned the debate. all of this follows up the first and final debate here in iowa leading up to the caucus which there was no trump but much of this had to do, at least headlines today here in iowa about the sparring back and forth as the headlines read in the newspapers between marco rubio and ted cruz, especially on one issue that is very important voters here, immigration. cruz tried to pit rubio as somebody who is pro-amnesty. at least was at one point. rubio at one point essentially called cruz a liar. here it. >> this is the lie ted's
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campaign is built upon, rand touched upon it. he is the most conservative guy, everyone else, everyone else is a rino. ted, the truth is you're willing to say anything in order to get votes. >> i like marco, the he is v. smooth. he told the people the state of florida i will lead the fight against amnesty. marco chose direction much major donors to support amnesty because he thought it was politically advantageous. reporter: by the way, neil, on the democratic side, bernie sanders hillary clinton are here as well speaking on college campuses. back to you. neil: thank you very much. ashley pratt where we had phenomena of senators rubio and cruz bashing each other, maybe that was smart strategy on the part of trump. let them go at it, let them divide each other in terms of alternative vote. he just goes through the clearing. what do you think? >> well it is no secret what i
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think we'll see in iowa is a real battle between, obviously, senator marco rubio and senator cruz. donald trump has solid lead as frontrunner. either he will blow out other two or it will be very close between the others who are trailing each other by seven points. so you know, you're seeing ted cruz with 25% and rubio with about 18%. so anything can happen in this whole election that has defied political physics and after what we saw last night with the fireworks that were flying between the two of them over immigration, i think we can expect a very heated battle in iowa. more importantly going into new hampshire because right now cruz has been banking on evangelical support in iowa. rubio has actually, you know, he has hired a faith coalition director. he has been out there talking about abortion a lot which has been things cruz traditionally is one to speak on. i think rubio plays to the moderate base as well as conservative base, that could really split the vote. trump is still obvious
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frontrunner in all the polling. neil: are you surprised, ashley, trumped picked up support of so many in evangelical community? i'm not smart enough to know a majority, when i see jerry fallwell, jr., supporting him, likes of sarah palin very popular, certainly in iowa evangelical community supporting him, wouldn't that be a kick, a guy who has his own personal issues, many marriages, ends up being the choice of iowans who typically go for the religious guy? i stress, i don't want any tweets from trump folks. i'm not saying he is not a religious guy or that he is lucifer, i'm saying that is a bit of a kick, isn't it? >> it is and i would point out there as a bit of a twist that actually on i believe monday there was a group of pro-life individuals that run pro-life organizations like concerned women for america, sorry, and susan b. anthony list and right
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to life came out and said trump would be horrible on this issue because he has flip-flopped on it so many times but yet he is now saying obviously i support pro-life values. i would not fund planned parenthood with government funding which is something he has not said before. that definitely ramped up his support among evangelicals. it is surprising to me. there seems to be quite a bit of a rift between those that lead pro-life organizations which is obviously major issue going into this election season with what happened with planned parenthood and their videos and feet fetal tissues an harvested. this surprised us with the support. there are couple others out there. family research council came out and endorsed cruz. faith leaders backing rubio. neil: they're all over the map. right, but trump could use that
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to his advantage, divide and counter, run up the middle. thank you, ashley. we have federalist senior editor on another factor that has nothing to do with candidates as much as mother nature. there is storm descending on iowa now. maybe the singer adele could not join me in iowa, there is concern for the storm. that storm is right off the west coast right now but it is expected to be directly over iowa we're told voting eve, sunday night, into monday, extended into tuesday which means i will be there all week which is fine. there are a lot of great steak restaurants. but i digress. to molly how a storm could affect the vote particularly bernie sanders enthuseists. what do you think? >> the storm is only slated to hit western iowa and not eastern
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iowa. we're talking about western iowa 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. it will be interesting. iowans are much better able to handle snowstorms than people in washington, d.c. where i live, one inch of snow roads go crazy. people in iowa are more used to this. there are contingents might be less enthused spending the night caucusing including some of hillary clinton's older voters. neil: rabid fans of a candidate will walk over broken glass to vote for that candidate. >> that is what is interesting. neil: fair weather friends, those who might attend a rally because they want to see a candidate, that is one thing. you know going through a storm, waiting a long time, that is another thing. so this is where a ground game and a loyal ground game counts. who has that edge? >> look at it in two different ways. hillary clinton has definitely superior resources. she couldn't be more establishment. she is active and involved with the democratic party in decade and known by everybody that she is unable to lock this down is
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more interesting story than a lot of media have been focusing on but bernie sanders definitely has all the enthusiasm. he contains all the enthusiasm in democratic race. will his people more likely come out? even though you can't count on younger voters to come if there is slightest bit of a problem. this might not be the case this time because younger voters are very enthused and much more likely to be passionate about their candidate. neil: warrant they enthusiastic about barack obama? when all said and done, while percentages overwhelmingly got young voters wasn't if he got a ton more of them? >> right. but younger voters are overwhelmingly choosing sanders. the question is are they registered to vote? how good are numbers we have? or are they college students that happen to be in iowa? these are things we find out on monday rather than relying on polls which might be a little sketchy. neil: i hope you're right about the weather. not that i'm afraid of snow, i just don't like it. >> you will have fun either way.
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neil: says you, washingtonian. molly, thank you, thank you very much. to remind you we are going to be in iowa through the weaken and big vote on monday. special "cost of freedom" on fox news, 10:00 to 12:00 p.m. special "your world" on fox sunday, 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. on this fine network, 8:00 p.m. on. prime time. we give candidates the time. we give voters the time. good luck looking forward on any other financial channel. running reruns of shows that were pathetic in the first run. just saying. that is up to you. we are closing january at least what appears to be thunderous war but the month, not so much. after this.
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♪ neil: well rumor has it that adele is going to call us back. all right, it has been 24 hours and she hasn't. all i know, that i focused attention on governor mike huckabee's campaign ad which tongue-in-cheek played off her song "hello." as soon as i heard that the
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adele camp, i'm saying it is the adele camp, not adele herself. i know adele. she and i go way back. she would not have a problem with any candidate using her song because the woman desperately needs to sell albums. she only sold about a billion. furthermore when she does call, here is the motif, when she calls, hello? i love that joke. i've done it again and my boys laugh every time. they're teenagers easily amused. all right, so we'll see what happens. but adele, you know the drill here, call me, anytime. [laughter] yes, she still is screen safer here. enough about me talking about my really warped obsessions, nicole petallides who is a pro through all of it at the new york stock exchange. we'll have a good day so far but not a great month. spell it out. >> good day, not a great month. if adele comes to the new york stock exchange i will
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bring her right in the booth to call you right away. here is look at monthly chart. as we kicked it off here, we saw extreme selling. market oversold. there were jitters. last couple weeks we've seen up arrows for the dow. that brings me to volatility we've seen. so much stems from global worries, look what went on every single trading day, you can up to today, we're up 250 points. triple digits moves. up 117, up 282, down 390. this is white-knuckle, roller coaster ride january 2016 that probably nobody will forget, right? 15 times one way or the other. that being said, we did have the fed raise rates late last year. first time in almost a decade. they're worried about volatility and global growth. dow down 6.1%. s&p down 6%. nasdaq composite down 9%. put russell small cap, transports also big laggards.
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so much stems from volatility we've seen in oil, as oil went so went stocks. we saw that correlation by the closest correlation in years. we're seeing it higher and higher. oil down 10% this year. as far as sectors what we've seen overall, materials, financials, health care, those have been the big, big losers of 2016. but you know, they're taking them back at least for now. this is our second week in a row of up arrows. this volatility game here is enough to make anyone, their stomach is get being upset, right. 401(k)s, iras, if you're in it for the long term, you don't look but if you need money right away, suggestion by traders sell on rallies, don't sell on dips. neil: a lot of young people in particular, nicole, say it is too crazy for me. i don't have the stomach for it, you know? >> if you love certain stocks, you have to have a tough stomach. you have to know what your risk
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tolerance is. that is what any professional will tell you. lifetime highs with mcdonald's, lifetime high today, facebook, lifetime high today. there are pocket of winners. neil: thank you very much. let me know about adele. i might have missed something. you pick up the phone and say, hello. maybe with adults it doesn't go quite so well. steve lieb, with me, steve we'll finish the month with gains, there is no guarranty, the only thing that counts is end of the day and the bell. having said that, worst january, worst opening month in six years what does that portend. >> i think, neil, it mixed up. my eyes are strained because i stare at these bloomberg screens and every hair i have left gets grayer.
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let me give you one of the best performing indexes. crv commodity index is up 3% that basically encompasses what factories are paying for commodities. that doesn't jive with what the news is, you know, china is headed for hard landing, growth is very weak. you never see industrial commodities not determined by trading picks but actually by factory prices, they have reversed. they have reversed a major downtrend. neil: what does that mean? when something like that happens what does it mean? >> it typically means people are scared to death and i understand it. this is the first time probably in the history of the modern civilization where you have a developing country, a developing country, namely, china, being the most important economic hog in the world. when china sneezes, even if they don't sneeze, we think they sneeze, we don't know what to
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do, we don't know what to make out of it because we don't have any great guidelines. sort of what i keep looking at right now is oil. as long as oil stays let's say, between 30 and 60 i think this market can do pretty well. i think we can sort of maintain it. if oil jumps to let's say 70 or 80, which is twice as high as it's low, history shows, watch out. if oil goes down to $20, history shows you probably have deflationary event, watch out. if investors want a barometer, i would make it the price of oil. you need a goldilocks price, not to high, not too low, stay within 30 to 60 i think stocks continue to do well. facebook, o'reilly, stocks with lots of downside protection can do well. one other point i want to make, historically, neil, the a lot of dangers here, this is so unusual, are either inflation or deflation. i think investor should all have
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at least a little gold. gold does best, believe it or not, going back to the 1550s on, gold does best in deflation economy, holds purchasing power. in deflation. obviously with inflation you want to have gold. i'm not saying buy 50% of the gold or anything like that. just a little bit as some sort of protection against both inflation and deflation. if we have goldilocks you make a ton of money like o'reilly, facebook. neil: you're saying o'reilly, not investing in the tv host? you're investing in the company. >> right. i like the tv host. neil: sure. >> o'reilly is an auto service company. neil: exactly. >> whether auto sales collapse or they surge it does well. it is one of those 20% growers that really has that kind of protection. it sailed through the 08-09 crisis. it will continue to do well in
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my opinion. neil: you're scary smart. you know that steven? >> thanks neil. you're scary good at moderating. neil: thanks very much. i wasn't at the debate. but i appreciate it. somebody needs a group hug. steve, has adele called me on the phone there? >> no. i have to compliment her, she is one of the most genuine superstars around. neil: hello? so immature. but not steve, me. a lot more coming up including senate democrats. hersall at proof you need they're the ones worried about a michael bloomberg run. they're gathering fearing a michael bloomberg run. that he could siphon votes away from hillary clinton. yikes, after this. can a business have a mind?
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a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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neil: i do not know if michael bloomberg was watching the republican debate last night on
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fox news. all indications are that he is seriously considering a presidential run of his own. independent error of new york. keep in mind, it is pretty liberal. he watches portion sizes and large rings. the argument among some democrats is he will siphon votes from the democratic nominee who they think will be hillary clinton. charlie gasparino who knows all things. charlie: who reported this verse? i want some kudos here. neil: the "wall street journal". charlie: no, it was not the "wall street journal." neil: it may have been a a -- charlie: he thinks i think he is 51% running. he is a very, you know --
12:27 pm
neil: i got you. charlie: 51%. all the poll numbers that have come back since, i reported a pullback in -- private polls. around the time that we were at south carolina. there is another pulled that they are doing now. both polls show windows and avenues to victory on my 2008, unlike 2012. if he runs a three-way race with bernie sanders and trump. neil: he would pick up 270 electorate votes. charlie: popular vote. neil: we do not know. charlie: we should point out that if ross perot did not have that meltdown, he probably would have won. there are windows, potential avenues for victory for him. even in two-way races.
12:28 pm
if he runs as a republican. he can beat hillary clinton. some democrats are faring that he would actually hurt democratic nominee more than republican and 23 i do not know. it depends what type of campaign he runs. pro-choice, pro- school choice, anti-gun for low taxes. likes wall street, but he wants to control how many beverages you drink or whatever. he is all over the place on issues. neil: he can frame his own debate. charlie: i do not believe that donald trump has a billion dollars lakewood. pulling a billion dollars. neil: -- charlie: it is hard. bloomberg, i believe he has $1 billion lakewood. he has a lot of money.
12:29 pm
he has more money. neil: he ran as a republican just to clear the field. he spent a lot of money. those ads were really good. charlie: he will have to reintroduce himself. you talk about money being spent, this will be insane. i am not saying he will run. if you talk to people, one day he is going to run, next day he is not. that is a the feeling they get from the camp. though polls are much more confident this election cycle then in private polls. not the crummy "wall street journal," you know, the nbc pulls. i'm not saying though "wall street journal" is corrupt, i did not mean it like that. the polls have very high margin of error. they are very tight.
12:30 pm
neil: do you know that adelle loves me. p 23 what is your fascination with the dell? neil: mike huckabee used her song. i do not think it came from her. charlie: first pumpkin spice lattes. then it is a dell. then richard simmons. [laughter] neil: you are an idiot. do you know that. session highs here. charlie speaks, stocks soar. meanwhile, a curious meeting today of marco rubio with some big donors. this is right after the gop debate. he did very well last night. slow enough to even when i was. is that true? more after this. ♪ the biggest challenge for business today is not
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>> hillary clinton is disqualified from being commander in chief of the united states. one of her very first acts as president would be to do this herself. we will turn this country around after the disaster it is from barack obama.
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neil: these are always subjective statements when you raid a debate. you get these poster ports after debating. a lot of people said that ted cruz. nothing to gain, but everything to lose. marco rubio. chris christie the same. this guy did pretty well. frank, it is always good to have you. frank on the phone with us right now. rubio takes advantage of the device. i never see a little bit more. use of anything mechanical or choreographed. he could be taking advantage of the ted cruz and ben carson and
12:36 pm
mike huckabee. dividing that blow. what do you make of that? >> you have the two front runners. ted cruz and donald trump. they share 25% of the vote. i think that it is important to separate himself from the rest of the pack. he appears to be doing that. personally, i am really delighted with the debate. i thought that it turned out really well. he did well and he made his point. i think he separated himself. neil: he is an excellent debater. he got to where he is. he is an excellent speaker. he is a skilled debater. welch is a big fan of senator
12:37 pm
rubio. what do you make of that? what do you make of he is so skilled, his comments are so tight, they almost have the feeling of being, again, this is a perception of one of the most heralded cios in history. >> i think that he just stands up above the crowd. he is so precise. you can actually understand and you start saying i understand why he is doing this and what the position is. neil: you mention a good point. did you know the dirty little secret is rubio tends to get less time.
12:38 pm
less time than other candidates and yet he seems like the most solid. you are quite right about that. let me ask you about what i -- iowa will mean to the senator. he has to do at least the same in new hampshire higher. >> our reading this. ted cruz is not electable. he is a good man. the in your face kind of thing. it does not make sense. in the national election. donald trump. the other folks. marco has a perception in iowa.
12:39 pm
all he has to do a separate himself. this one is out of there. the alternative is to ted cruz and donald trump. it is marco rubio. the searches during the debate. crew starts out really, really well. by the end of the debate, everyone is saying rubio. rubio in the first place. and now in fourth place. people were looking into rubio. that is what he needs. neil: by the way, we have an adelle update for you. apparently, donald trump played a song rolling in the deep, good choice, mr. trump, after a new hampshire rally today.
12:40 pm
using it in an ad. her people said stop that. don't do that. we go way back. i dow it was her. is the camp responding to donald trump now using another song? at a rally today. more after this. ♪
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♪ neil: i am sorry. you know, the adelle situation. it is true. new hampshire higher today. that song. playing at a donald trump rally. so far no calls from the singer. they did not waste a nano second when huckabee used her famous song "hello." they jumped on him and said, no, you cannot use it in your ad. what does that signify? i have no idea. all right.
12:45 pm
in and out of session highs. the dow was up 274 points. traders are saying, hello, two stocks. okay. [laughter] trying to get into it here. having some issues. all right. let's take a look. not everyone going along for the ride. stocks are going to get hit hard. amazon is going to get hammered. what did i say yesterday on this show, be careful being the all that stock. everyone pays attention all the time. anyway, that is where we stand right now. it is well off the lows of the
12:46 pm
day. that does not mean that the stock still had a nice year. not this year, over the past year. all right, jonathan. a bit too much or what do you make of it? >> neil, hello. [laughter] it is too much. i am worried, neil. you have seen two of the stocks. facebook, amazon, netflix. yes, stocks rally today. a lot of damage has been done now. especially if you say apple. the worst thing possible for a stock. good news and a bad reaction. this stock was put in equities in general. >> i see it a little differently. superhigh expectations. they missed their earnings
12:47 pm
estimates by, what, 33%? they came in at $1 a share. i agree, a phenomenal country. they made a ton of money. they missed the target that everyone must pay again. you have to pay the price. neil: do you think that we overpay the price on this? it has not been a consistent theme. i do not know what you call that. just wariness. what is it? >> i think that something is different this time. >> they are fantasy multibillion-dollar private companies. i think that you are seeing the same thing in the equity market. it was just about growth.
12:48 pm
when you see stocks like bigger picture stocks like american express and ibm happening to rise 70 or 80%, i just think that there is a lot of damage in this market. that is why think it is your friend and it is lower. >> the stocks within all of the averages. it could be a sign that they will follow the indians. why do you think of that? >> i agree 100%. i think jonathan hit the nail on the head. in the past, i thought the economy stunk. at least you had the fed at your back. now the economy stinks and you don't have the fed at your back. you really have nothing going your way. i think the market has to head further south before we see any kind of significant bottom.
12:49 pm
>> it will certainly humiliate the bears on the upside as well. you see stocks like citigroup and bank of america, and a lot of the big financials, a 52 week low, down and down. you have to be frightened right now. >> rumor has it, we have some issues. >> thank you, very, very much. he is now meeting an effort to get all of these illegals registered to vote. u.s. citizens ahead of election day. he is a fine and honorable man. if he knew for a fact that every single one of them would vote republican, would he have the same drive? we will decide. after this. ♪
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♪ lost shipments, lost invoices, lost prospects, lost respect. well-crafted solutions for today's problems in commerce. pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce.
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neil: all right. amazon. maybe something with donald. that issue at another all-time high today. a lot of this fueled by that all day breakfast. of course, as i predicted on this all day network. it is huge. we think mcdonald's, what i said was, all day breakfast was a good idea. i did not necessarily predict that it would turn things around. just like the adelle stuff. she has not called. ♪ hello ♪ trying to create new u.s. citizens out of election day. leading this effort right now.
12:54 pm
the push is to register legal so they can vote. think about that. they were all going to be republican. the view from the republican side did the democratic side. if you knew every single one of them would register republican, what do you think he would do. >> he does not know. given that the republican since george bush left office had taken 40% from the hispanic vote. >> this is all nonsense. i will tell you right now. neil: let him in. he does not know whether they are republican or democrat. he does know if they are going
12:55 pm
to be nationalized citizens, what their rights are, what their obligations and responsibilities are. why not get a jump on that. >> he knew that they were going to register republicans. >> i will give a rhetorical answer to a rhetorical question. what are you thinking? eighty to 90% first generation immigrants will vote democratic. the push for amnesty over the past decade has not been about solving our immigration problems. here is another problem that they have. 39%. hillary clinton is worried that minority voters will not turn out for her the way they did for barack obama.
12:56 pm
trust me. they're not talking about any other immigrants. neil: by the way, you should not be voting -- neil: that they are not illegal. 8 million immigrants that are eligible to become nationalized citizens. of that, 3 million hispanics. >> that is exactly right. you are not interested. >> making sure they occurred to american citizens. eventually, this welcome back to haunt the democrats. >> bypass that in the last six elections. good job.
12:57 pm
saying this. you both establish your views. we will have more after this. ♪
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neil: it is a wonder these guys do not trip over each other. bernie sanders on the republican side. just about 85 hours i had. they are gathering in gymnasiums, cafeterias and the like. donald trump not in iowa today. he will be crisscrossing the state over the next two days. must be a pretty busy fellow at that. the issue about the candidates frantically trying to make their final cases. >> that is right. gdp coming up for the fourth quarter. seven tenths of a percent.
1:01 pm
could any of these candidates do any better. what kind of economic growth these candidates would be able to usher in with the tax policy. the best performer. ted cruz. almost 14%. over and beyond what they will do. trump does pretty well. take a look at ernie sanders. his policies would usher in a negative 9.5% economic portfolio. we have to look at job growth. no good job growth. donald trump. does the best. again, here is bernie sanders losing almost 6 million jobs. why? because of his tax policy. the big missing element. nobody has wage growth.
1:02 pm
bernie sanders loses ground. senator bernie sanders would be even worse. even with the really super positive economic plan flight crews. each and every year from the tax policies. neil: what is going on in new hampshire higher. that is where donald trump is today. former senator with us right now. how do you play this out? most of these candidates are all iowa all the time. new hampshire higher could be a tight race as well. >> thank you for having me on. new hampshire higher is very
1:03 pm
fluid. the only thing about new hampshire is it is unpredictable. they are starting to make up their mind this weekend next week. right now, what i see happening in new hampshire higher is trump will probably get maybe 20, 25% of the vote. that is 65% of the vote available for everyone else. i suspect it will be around one or two candidates. one of the things that is unique about new hampshire higher, small interest groups really do not affected that much. secondly, independents can vote. i think they will come into there were public and primary here. most of them were formerly republicans. a lot of them very educated women. social policy issues which they say is too harsh. as they come back into the
1:04 pm
primary, they will not be trump votes. i suspect that you will see one of the conservatives, or maybe two of them, move up very strongly here as people start to decide here it my guess is it will be eight jeb bush or john kasich or both of them. neil: really. you know the battleground is better than i. another issue that comes up, senator -- >> they really do not mean much. >> somebody answers a poll, stuart. they may be frustrated. they kids maybe yelling and you may have a bad day at work. neil: having said that, all of that, donald trump picking up bio and new hampshire higher, i think even ted cruz has said he may even be pretty tough to be. what do you think of that?
1:05 pm
>> i think that that is a reasonable expectation. a one-on-one or a three candidate race, donald trump probably has a tough time getting a majority. i think we will go through a broker convention on any scenario. neil: i agree with you on that. are republicans in trouble? >> i do not think anybody knows. we have not had one in like seven years. it will certainly dominate the news. the republican convention will be anything anybody wants to talk about. if people can reunite after the convention, depending on who the convention ends up choosing, i think it may actually be a plus. neil: it worked out for that guy abraham lincoln.
1:06 pm
>> thank you very much. good talking to you. neil: what is going on. they live cost to freedom. back on sunday. a two-hour version there. fox news. everything on this spy network beginning at 8:00 p.m. continuing coverage from the votes from iowa. meanwhile, on a day where wrapping up trading for all the month of january, at least we are going out so far. the biggest winners and losers so far this year. >> it is a nice way to wrap it up. the dow with 16,343. it is still bad. if it stays above sick steam thousand 280, it will still be the worst month in august.
1:07 pm
with that said, almost all groups of stocks are down. materials have gotten hammered. given all the news that we have had about that sector. many of those stocks are down. financials have had a rough month. many of those stocks are down double-digit percentage wise. about the only thing that is up with a traditional safe haven play. overall, for the month, the dow and s&p and nasdaq, 6% or so. the nasdaq, eight or 9% for the month. here are your biggest losers. american express, dupont and owing. two of the three bouncing back a little bit. american express was down last year. that is how bad it has been. the glass half-full version. i know you are a positive person. burr arrived in, walmart
1:08 pm
bouncing back from an awful year. to be up for this month. cavuto. mcdonald's is off to the races. congratulations, by the way, on that. >> you are right. remember, if she calls,. ♪ hello ♪ kerry has had enough of this as well. what do you make of this? don't get too spiked and we have these upticks and all of that. >> i think that all the sellers got washed out. we are in rally mode now. of coarse, japan, 0% was not enough. >> government stimulus.
1:09 pm
we seem to rely on it. that is not a good thing. >> the economy is heading south. even value a czar going up. eventually, it is all tumbling down. i think we have a bear market rally right now. all japan is doing is following your up. >> they are all slowing down. france, germany. >> japan is in recession right now. we are kind of sort of close. i think you will see the unemployment rate sort of pick up. i do not know if it gets real, real bad. they're using money across the globe. i do not know if it will stay that way. zero for the rest of the year. neil: that is important.
1:10 pm
these are people betting money. the federal reserve stops with the hikes. do you buy that? their statement says that they are all but ignoring the markets. >> i think that they 100% want to. we break the lows of the last couple weeks. there is no chance. she has to watch markets. they are quite indicative. they are forecasting what is to come. a lot of durable goods numbers not good. market saw that a few months ago. that is why you see the industrials. the materials. i am amazed that the dow is not down 30 right now. >> they try to raise rates. they had to take them back. we are trying to buck that trend. do you think we can succeed at that? >> i doubt it.
1:11 pm
debt has skyrocketed around the globe. that is the big headwind. it is killing economic growth going forward. i do not know how we get out of that. >> to the candidates offer you any surprising -- >> no. everybody has been talking about less debt and less spending. we have more than doubled last year's federal spending. what do we get for our money. a lot more deficit. a lot more debt. the market wakes up one day and says how much does the u.s. have? we will see. i will keep my fingers crossed that that never happens. neil: how low do we go? >> just keep in mind, 14 sixes only six is only a 20% drop on
1:12 pm
the dow. it happens. we have not had a bear market in seven years. we are way overdue. >> well done. she is a very well singer, by the way. it is amazing. you always hear evangelical voters. obviously, they are very religious. they are very decent people. they are also very angry. drifting to candidates. preaching getting us out of this. i will explain after this.
1:13 pm
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1:16 pm
connell: we are back here on cove go coast to coast. the seek of virus. more than 30 cases being reported around the united states now. one here in new york. a pregnant woman has come down with the virus. a number of reasons for people not to panic as a result of
1:17 pm
that. mosquitoes. actually getting sick. showing joint pain or red eyes. that just means you get sick and you get old. it is quite serious. reports of birth defects and some babies. you have cases popping up in the caribbean. all the affected americans traveled to one of those countries. to get to the idea that we should not all be panicking, if the virus is transmitted by mosquitoes, what the experts have been telling us, something that is transmitted, they have to be bitten by a mosquito. it is helping us out.
1:18 pm
maybe a saving grace for many people. neil: thank you very, very much. what is the impact here? they are just than the ones. >> there is a high level of uncertainty at this time. at this time, we do not have the ingredients. for example, we have snow on the ground in certain parts of the east coast. mosquitoes love tropical. that does not mean we should be vigilant. that is what -- there has been no transmission by mosquitoes. neil: whenever we have a communicable disease.
1:19 pm
it just became a nationally identifiable disease. like malaria or the berkeley euro since -- tuberculosis. we have to report it. neil: the last go round of this virus, it was always discovered to be a big deal before we know it is a big deal. then it is a really big deal because we do not know what to do. any danger that we are not getting the full skinny on this? maybe there are strains of this. extensions of this. maybe we are not knowing about. >> have not provided a serious threat. a number of communicable illnesses. so many agencies are trying to get ahead of this.
1:20 pm
>> reports in canada. someone is holding me back. apparently, for travelers. what do you make of it? >> we do need to have a high level of concern. mosquitoes love aquatic habitats. it is a wonderful habitat for mosquitoes. it is nice and protected. neil: coming back into this camp. it is usually read while someone is expected. the likelihood is low. it is a recipe for disaster.
1:21 pm
they are saying it is more in the poverty structure neighborhood. it is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. there are some efforts that can be made. they are starting to work on a vaccine. this even talks about genetically engineering mosquitoes so they can no longer preach. we arrived at k did malaria. neil: you do not think this will get to the stage. >> thank you very much. we will keep you posted on those latest cases. we are monitoring it. lifting the shares even higher today. of course, facebook on fire. apple and amazon.
1:22 pm
could have had the same report. could have been looking at very different numbers. more on that after this. ♪ thanks. ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪
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>> mike huckabee was a surprise winner in the iowa caucuses eight years ago. he put on quite a challenge. the ultimate republican nominee. in arkansas, attorney general thinks that fire can strike yet again. the role evangelicals play and maybe now. very good to have you. thanks for coming. >> thank you for adding me on. it is great to be in iowa. mike huckabee has not changed in eight years.
1:26 pm
he is the same consistent conservative christian man that he was when i chose him on caucus night eight years ago. a proven record of leadership. someone who will go to washington, d.c. and be that leader. >> right now he has this dustup with adele. i am a big fan. i try to reach her to try to iron this out. i thought that the ad was hilarious. i think that it will give war moment on. what do you think about the fact that her people got back and indicated all but ceased and assist. she has not called me back to address it. >> i would cancel the national republican committee. this comes up more than we would hope in politics. i hope that iowans go out monday night. remember that they know mike
1:27 pm
huckabee. remember he is a proven leader. they need someone in washington, d.c. who is a proven leader with experience. neil: here's here is where you had legal expert. donald trump played a song whirling in the deep today. none of these people have gotten back to him. i could be wrong. the adele folks, preferred donald trump over mike huckabee. your thoughts? >> well, i hope not. i am a mike huckabee person. hopefully, she will call you back. >> i appreciate your sense of humor on this. they evangelical vote is always important. it is so divided.
1:28 pm
you can talk about than carson and ted cruz and rick santorum and another former iowa winner. they are all competing for that same boat. marco rubio or donald trump, running up the middle and taking advantage of all the others. >> right. it is such a crowded field this year. that is not what we saw four years ago. they need to remember that they know these things. they know mike huckabee. we need someone that will not just when the primary, but the general election in november. not someone who only appeals to people that already agree with him. he only appeals and leads among those people that rd of greed with him. neil: a journey general, thank you very, very much. the anchors and reporters talking to their respective stations at the same time.
1:29 pm
you cap your composure. i think that adele would be impressed by that. >> thank you, neil. i will probably be doing it again this weekend. all of these positions where they line up everyone just inches apart. it is who yells the loudest. after this. ♪ you can't predict... the market. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your investments through good times and bad. for over 75 years, our clients have relied on us to bring our best thinking to their investments so in a variety of market conditions... you can feel confident... our experience. call a t. rowe price retirement specialist or your advisor see how we can help
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neil: all right. let's take a look at big board. in and out of session highs at 280 points. though we might end on good note for first month of trading year, it will be a bad month on trading year. the way things stand right now, we will have the worst january for the market averages since 2010. again doesn't necessarily mean the rest of the year, other 11 months go the same way. jeb bush is crisscrossings new hampshire and iowa ahead of the big caucuses. of course next week is the primary in new hampshire. whether former house speaker and a big bush supporter, very good to have you, speaker. obviously you had your choice of
1:34 pm
two prominent floridians, one jeb bush and one marco rubio. why jeb bush? >> living in florida i knew men very well. i consider marco as personal friend. challenge we're facing only one person from florida ready to be president of the united states on day one, jeb bush. we had jeb bush show on very first day showed the american people he is ready on the very first day. neil: he is impressive governor, impressive, fellow, very smart. maybe donald trump, a year ago at this time, speaker, he was unstoppable force, aclaimed nominee. what happened? >> look, i think, this is what happens you know. he has been held to higher standard than anybody else because of his last name i think he accepted that. no doubt, no doubt when donald trump got in this race this
1:35 pm
summer it changed the game and die many that i cans of this race but jeb bush is peeking right time. if you luke at three early states, iowa, new hampshire and south carolina, in all three he is moving up in the polls. particularly new hampshire. neil: you don't think it is too late, speaker, we don't know, no one cast their votes and polls are volatile, but if he doesn't place in top three, particularly in new hampshire he is in trouble? >> he has to place well in new hampshire people like -- neil: what is place well? >> place well is certainly in the top three but marco rubio needs to place in the top two in iowa for him to be successful going forward. i like where we sit. we're within striking distance of iowa being competitive there. we're certainly going to perform well in new hampshire. south carolina with lindsey graham on the team should be very favorable as well. i like the way things map out for jeb bush. he is leader. we're moving from entertainment phase of this campaign to the leadership phase. when americans start looking for leader, they find one in jeb bush.
1:36 pm
neil: he is impressive man. i take nothing away. i thought he put the establishment thing in great context last night in the debate, referring to his mother barbara bush, paraphrasing here. very good way to do that. i thought to myself, if he did that let's say in the first debate, maybe he couldn't be wrestling with the bush name as much as he was stuck to doing? >> you rather peek late than peek early. cream does rises to the stop. sometimes you rise it a little later than you like it to. i like where we are, neil, i really do. a lot of time left to be played. no one voted yet. he will not win iowa. there are others that need to win or come in second, people like ted cruz, marco rubio. neil: rubio doesn't have to come in second. the battle there is cruz and trump battle for that, right? >> i don't know. i don't know. i think rubio campaign, where do they go from iowa? they're polling fourth or fifth in new hampshire. not in the top three in south carolina the i think they
1:37 pm
need to place well in iowa. neil: better, rubio people in the new hampshire, depends on the poll. >> probably depends on the poll. neil: very good having you, speaker. by the way if donald trump is nominee, would you support him? >> i would have to think long and hard aboutta. i think donald trump has been reckless. i think he has been offensive. he offended women, disabled community, hispanic community and muslim community. the only people he hasn't offended is white men. there is lot of time in the campaign to still do that. he has a long way to go to win over conservatives and republicans thus far i don't like what i'm seeing. neil: put that down as maybe. speaker, thank you very much. good to see you. >> thanks, neil. neil: i don't know if you follow these white house developments it is kind of eerie. i don't care what your positions are on gender pay. the white house wants to force companies to hand over to the government detailed pay figures for what men and women all their male and female workers are paid.
1:38 pm
think about that. all the pay records. right to the government. we property, you decide whether that should be worrisome.
1:39 pm
1:40 pm
>> it is time now for your fox business brief on this bounceback friday with the dow up 287. we were talking about how earlier we were trying to salvage the month as west we can. talk about mcdonald's. things are going well with mcdonald's with all-day breakfast menu as neilly properly predicted. do you know the mcgriddle is being added. i didn't tell him before the report. neil: don't go there. >> horrible sandwich says cavuto. could be smart business moves because use same ovens for syrup pancakes an cookies an everything else. anyway, mcdonald's doing well. move on we have limited time and talk about facebook. facebook had the best day since july 2013, up 15%. up two more in terms of percentage points today.
1:41 pm
finally big losers, amazon did not beat lofty expectations. three of the quick losers as we go out, electronic arts, gilead sciences and netflix. bye. e. there are a lot of catalysts for this. higher oil prices help. japan trying to stimulate markets. markets love that. they are fair bastions that don't like government interference. the fact they do. they love it more than anyone. any hint that the government will step in to help them out they will happily take. a lot of sectors have turned
1:42 pm
things around. it is not benefiting amazon. one of the hits de jure, i mean hits as in selling off on very disappointing earnings. record earnings apparently way shy of estimates. those stocks are taking it on the chin. but by and large, a lot of various groups, consumer discretionary, those stocks that tend to do very, very well, oil companies slight uptick minus chevron. i should stress across the board especially when you get to financials and stable rates and talk maybe the federal reserve goes slow on follow-up rate hikes, add it all up we have got good times. i do want to get into that first. also talk about the gap in male and female pay here that the white house is pursuing. first to the markets with lizzie macdonald. lizzie on the market, what is the deal? >> i think you're absolutely right. i think all of the factors thaw cited, i think bank balance sheets are stronger. i think fed will hold off and
1:43 pm
not raise rates. only raise it once more and that's it. that is interesting, we've been talk about it all morning, january sets tone eight out of 10 times, nearly nine out of 10 times rest of the year since 1950. neil: wow. >> if we, end up, you know, it is going to be a razor, you know, close finish, then that means that we may be okay for the rest of the year in terms of an up year. neil: now we're down 6% so far for the dow. i think we're still at or around correction territory at 10% or so from the highs. if we don't get to a bear market, a lot of technicians tell me that is woresome. you need to flush the sim out, or to do you agree with that. >> i have never agree with the capitulation crowd. to what end? sounds technical, woppingky, self-important smart thing to say, but it is really not. talking about capitulation, talking about 401(k)s getting hammered. to set the new low.
1:44 pm
neil: set new low. >> i get it. i understand what they're saying. across the board capitulation doesn't feel so great. may feel great when you're saying it, sound smart but you know what it hurts people when that happens. neil: what do you say about the last year, barely growth at all, .7 of a percent. similar reeds from western european countries, single-digit growth around there. things are slowing down. >> they have been. we had a conversation yesterday whether or not we're tipping into recession. when you look at it, gdp data, jobs market data backward looking. there are watercooler talk, market is saying hey, profits are not great. are we tipping into profits recession. we are seeing after tax corporate profits according to government data is still in solid, positive territory. neil: quickly as i can, before the dow went on tear, administration wants all
1:45 pm
companies to cough up pay records how much they're paying all their men, all their woman. obviously looking to confirm it would seem to me a gender gap. >> yeah. neil: what is happening? >> companies will have to report to the equal employment opportunity commission their pay data for men and women. and wow, this is the bureaucrat full employment act. imagine auditing and consulting industry will make a lot of money. will be really hard to calculate the pay gap, men and women are given stock options. neil: this is just the upper tier. >> all across the board. how do you calculate pay gap when you are given restricted stock stocks down the road. neil: what are they looking for? could be trojan horse to get information on others? >> that is a good point. the companies will have to report to the eeoc. then the eeoc could make discrimination claim against the company if they feel there is pay gap here. the equal pay issue it's a
1:46 pm
serious one and there are studies out there, 7 cents on the dollar women get paid, maybe 95 cents. the otherorgment would say if that were true, hire all women instead of any men in the workforce? i think there is a pay gap. should the government be in there? it is red cherry for the tort bar to jump in to start suing. you would have no pay and no jobs because of that. neil: privacy issues. >> thank you, lizzie macdonald. a lot more coming up, dow up 305 point. still looking at a dow month. as lizzie and i were up touching on here anything can happen in these markets. still more than two hours of trading to go in this month as we get ready for the iowa caucuses. normally in election year stocks do very, very well, let's see after this. ♪
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1:50 pm
neil: all right, stocks, so far going out of the month of january with a buying roar. dow is up 301 points. anything can happen, as steve lieb reminded me. final minute that counts. not the final minutes. >> china! neil: i knew it. >> charlie is here by the way. neil: aforementioned charlie gasparino. connell mcshane, dagen mcdowell. what do you think of this final day, dagen? >> it is ethem ral and -- ephemeral and phony. what? you don't know what ephemeral is no i thought you said it was effeminate. >> it will quickly evaporate. they want more from the federal reserve. that's what they think. weak economy came in barely growing. bank of japan -- neil: you don't buy this. >> no.
1:51 pm
neil: a month of wild swings proves your point don't get comfortable with one set of numbers on particular day. >> there is no more bipp bippit-bopity-boo from the fed. >> i don't i think there is anything left with the direction of stocks that are a little bit lower. issues there haven't been resolved. boy, that is something there. totals are -- >> that is best adjective that you can come up with? that's something? >> i don't have your same vocabulary. why are you so mad at things? we're up 300 points. >> i want the market, i want economy, i want the country to be better. >> screw that. i'm only kidding. neil: what do you think of all this? what is going on. one of the things we're finding now, last year went out on pretty soft note. we had growth of all .7 of a percent.
1:52 pm
>> right. neil: europe not doing much better in its final quarter. what are we seeing? >> i think what you have now is trade going on. the trade is contingent, stocks go up when oil prices go up. that trade will unwinded at some point. we'll get, and then the next trade, i think will be the trade on the economy. does the, listen, the fed is probably not going to raise rates. i don't think it can lower rates. in that context other things matter. the gdp and corporate earnings will matter. i'm telling you, gdp, corporate earnings, china, things that affect the economy and affect how companies grow, how much money they give back to their shareholders, is going to matter more in the weeks and months ahead and i don't think that is going to be very good. or at least it will be less than it was in 2015. neil: whatever we're enjoying now is short-lived. >> there is a trade. what does oil do today? what is oil? >> it is up today. >> why? >> purely based -- neil: what is this, charlie gasparino quiz time? >> i let you guys talk for a
1:53 pm
minute, and i didn't say a word. >> that's true. >> what is oil doing today? >> it is up. >> what is going on with china! >> japan goes negative interest rates. people have simply celebrated the fact that the fed is not going to raise again this year, probably. and i just say that is nothing to celebrate. >> you remember what happened yesterday. >> the economy, well the reason market sell-off, when the fed statement came out it looked like fed was going to raise maybe even in march. this is reverse al. sure it does. >> no. the fed said probably will not raise again that economy is bad. >> no. i have a note, keeping march rate hike on the table. >> read rest of it. >> this is from a -- neil: why don't you read -- >> read entire thing. neil: we have nothing better to do. >> sorry, i'm not -- neil: no you're not adele. my screen saver here adele. >> why not have steve lieb on screen saver.
1:54 pm
>> you like adele by way? >> no i do not. i'm going to see ac/dc. neil: why am i not surprised. should we draw connection that adele's people jumped on huckabee in an ad. trump used another song in a rally. of. >> she is with trump, yeah. >> mike huckabee had somebody else sing it and, hello --! neil: thinking of all things politics, they're expecting a snowstorm. >> in iowa, yeah. neil: how does that of a affect the vote? >> i actually can explain that. >> i have one number on that. i will have all the numbers monday. >> will you wear the fur coat. >> blizzard in '72. usually cold in winter in iowa. real weather event. neil: what did it do in '72. >> mcgovern finish behind muskie in second place and helped propel him forward.
1:55 pm
>> didn't muskie start crying? >> i have forecast for iowa. only hitting bottom third of the state and only hit after the people are going home from caucusing on monday. >> probably won't -- in '72 they had to postpone it. >> the biggest question, how is cavuto going to be dressed? >> does he have his adele look? neil: for a lot of coverage this weekend, clothing optional. >> cavuto wears uggs. neil: more after this. >> do you know uggses do better when it rains? >> a song? who won't try to contain isis. jeb bush has a plan... bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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