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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  January 30, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EST

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he demonstrates the arrogance of a big government politician and i don't want him to be my president. that's our show. thanks for watching. for being with us. kennedy: here we are together just like it's meant to be and i'm watching you, iowa. i will say this. some of you in the hawkeye state if you are being honest actually agree with me. your state is annoying. it's all we hear about, iowa, iowa, iowa. but if iowa pulls through the country will stand up and say iowa-what?
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it got hip hooked on the presidential heroin and he will never shake the feeling of want to go gun power into his name starting in davenport. i want this elect to be unpredictable. if iowa gives us ben carson and bernie sanders, it's up for grabs. if hillary and trump win monday night, that means they are the inevitable nominees and they will run the table. >> how stupid are the people of iowa? kennedy: i don't know. but it forces politicians to sell out on issues like ethanol. it's environmentally unfriendly to grow corn. and processing it is more pollutive than a chines -- thana
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chinese toxic waste cup'. iowa, you are pretty and you are a great dancer, but we need to mix it up and see other people next time. this much attention forced on such a tiny receptacle is unnatural. there is a place in the process for small states. but let which and montana to have a crack at it. i'll argue three bernie sanders minons, who will triumph? a virus that causes birth defects has hit america. find out how prepared we are and what you can do by the. people are up in arms because a white person is playing michael jackson in a movie. i'm kennedy.
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the iowa caucuses monday. ted cruz says this is the last best hope to stop donald trump from trumping to the republican nomination. >> if donald wins iowa, he has a substantial lead in new hampshire. if he won new hampshire as well, there is a good chance he could be unstoppable and be our nominee. kennedy: let's bring in my diamond entrusted party panel tonight. megyn mccain knows a thing or two about the primary process. and today vine mcinnis. gavin, i'll start with you. a few months ago you were a cruz guy. so what ted stood up and said,
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was that an impassioned plea to a group of like-mind the pastors or was that total desperation? >> i don't know if you have groin with two dads, but when they fight, it makes your stomach, and they say shut up or i'll give you something to cry about. i'm dreaming of a batman, superman ticket. cruz and trump. they have been fighting a lot. i still love cruz but i think trump is what we need to destroy the liberal culture taking over america. immigration and culture are more important to me than economics. kennedy: iowa is ted cruz's fire wall. is it being extinguished with the sweat from donald trump's brow? >> ted cruz is getting burned. full disclosure, donald trump did tweet at me so i'm in bed
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with trump. kennedy: he tweeted at me, too, but it wasn't as nice. it's interesting. ted cruz, all he wants to do to shore up iowa to make sure he will get the evangelical vote, and he's losing it. he announced his bid for the presidency at liberty university. ted cruz gets 20% and jerry falwell junior came out in support of trump. ted cruz was the best friend to the girl and bought her the julie and took her to the movies. kennedy: now he's dating a jerk who won't call her again and probably will get her pregnant. can things still get weird in that state?
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>> i thought the iowa caucus was insignificant. i think if ted cruz wins he has the capacity to take the momentum away from donald trump and in kasich comes in second or first, all thing can happen. then it's an entirely new game. open field. but if donald trump wins iowa i think it' a mushroom that won't be able to be stopped. kennedy: i think there is a connection people have with him that's for vanlts and passionate. if that passion is real, i think he gets the nomination. >> i know iowa. who do they love? gary busey. he loves donald trump. make america fun again. >> i don't think you can underestimate the black horse sleeperhead. he was behind george w. bush and he was 5 points below in the
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latest polls. it's not over until it's over. kennedy: there are so many people in this race we don't know. the left side of the cornfield. it's a tossup between hillary and bernie. look at that. she has got a slight lead in iowa. there is some fella completely unserious and unpresidential who likes to slap his banjo in public. then there is martin o'malley. wouldn't it be a hoot if she lost in iowa? >> i love it. i love that she is driving pregnant chelsea out on the campaign trail. i love that she is bringing out bill. no matter what, america does not want the corrupt ugly disgusting clintons, and she is not going
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to get knighted queen of america. kennedy: who do you want to see win iowa on the democratic side? >> i'm pushing for bernie because i'm a sadist and i want to see him get abused, just battered. kennedy: every poll says he's beating just about every republican. >> i would rather have a socialist who is honest about who he is. at least bernie says, you want to fight, fight me. you go, owe kay, polled man. kennedy: if she wins, she wins everything, right? >> if she wins it's all done and hillary takes the nomination. it's very interesting. 90% of people in iowa bleach bernie sanders is trustworthy and honest. it means something in places like owe high oh. indiana, those places.
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it's more important than deep fried birth or pig on a stick. >> there is a scenario where bernie would relationship iowa and new hampshire. her situation is much different than on the republican side. kennedy: i still want to see it blown wide open. i want to see martin o'malley win. >> he has god awful music. kennedy: please don't miss fb n's live coverage of the iowa caucuses. the panel returns. people are outraged about a white guy being cast to play michael jackson in a new movie. should this be causing such a stir?
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let's compare hoik and bernie sanders's tax plans. you have
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kennedy: hey, there. how are you? great, i'm assume big the way you look.
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hillary clinton and bernie sanders love taxes. and they have their eyes on your wallet, especially if it's fat. how bad are each of these plans? there is only one man who can answer these questions for the ages. i call it brian-omics. let's discuss what do hillary clinton and bernie sanders' plans have in common? >> they are totally focused on taxing income investments. in different ways, sanders' is worse than clintons because it's much heavier. i think everybody can recognize those are two things we want more of. with china melting down, europe's economy slow. oil prices plummeting, all these problems. the two things we need are more
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investments and more work. kennedy: don't you need rich people to unshackle that capital? and if there are egregious taxes on their capital gains they will just leave it there. >> they want to penalize people for investing their money well. why would you want to do that? if that's the capital the rest of us use to buy homes and start businesses and buy cars. they are taxing the things want to see more of. kennedy: what do they do to the economy? what do high tax for people paying attention for the first time, because it seems like a great idea. you take all the money from the rich people. sanders is taxing everybody. but he does tax the rich more highly. but they don't just sit there and take it. they are human beings. they say you don't want me into
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vest i'm not going invest. that's not what we want. please invest your money, create jobs. you get wealthier and at the end of the day we all pay higher taxes. kennedy: this is what i would rather have. maybe i'm a more giving person than bernie sanders and hillary clinton. i would rather have more people have access to money and realizing their dreams than a nation of people leading in the ordinary lives thinking $15 is just enough. >> i agree. and budget deficits are going to explode. we don't have the money to pay for the things we are on the hook to pay for. you need economic growth. but paying taxes on the money they are earning, that's great. before it won't happen without economic growth and that won't happen until bernie sanders and hillary clinton rethink their capital gains and income. kennedy: they use these magic
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numbers but what happens when you put the handcuffs on people who can create jobs? >> that assumes nobody reacts to the taxes. but if people react the way we expect them to. she maybe raises $200 million in new taxes. but she is killing 300,000 jobs. kennedy: how does it translate to snuffing good jobs. >> sanders' plan would kill 6 million jobs. it could shave 1e7b% off gdp. bernie sanders' plan is reckless. the problem with clinton's plains she is talking about carried interest and the buffet rule. people are saying whatever, i don't care about that. kennedy: republicans have done a
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horrible job the counter argument. you have done a great job. mosquitoes brought the zika virus to the united states. how dangerous is this? later on i'll lock horns with bernie-loving college students. that's coming up.
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kennedy: you may have heard about the zika virus. while its symptoms are piled in adults. but when contracted by a pregnant woman it can result in birth defects. five cases have been confirmed
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in the united states. >> last year the virus was dede texted in the americas where it is spreading ex ploation pleasively. up to today cases have been reported in 23 countries and territories in the region. the level of alarm is extremely high. kennedy: that's not good. so what can you do and how scared should we be? we turn to dr. bob who is an infectious disease specialist. >> love the show. can watch it all day. kennedy: tell me about the zika virus. why is it so horrific. >> it's the perfect storm. it started in brazil, you have el nino pumping all kinds of water into south america causing flooding. you have warmer temperatures,
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and more mosquitoes and you have this outbreak of the zika virus. normally it wouldn't be a big deal. 80% of people have no symptoms. if they do they will have joint pain or a rash. nothing anything you would want to write home about. but if you are a pregnant woman there is the risk of a terrible birth defect called microcephaly which means the child has a small head and a small brain. imagine you are a business woman and you go to south america. you are bitten by a mosquito. you have no symptoms. you come back and you don't know for nine months your baby has been infected. the centers for disease control is behind the 8 ball on this. kennedy: they always are.
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the government agencies are always so slow to respond to these things. i think sometimes the best thing you can do, and people thought i was crazy when i said this about ebola is bring it to this country. with our technology and the way the private sector and doctors and researchers are able to respond, there is no comparison to south america. >> your wish has come true because it's here. it's in the united states. it's not spreading from person to person. because it's spread by a mosquito. that mosquito is all across south america except chile. all across india, subsahara, australia. there could be 3 million to 4 million cases of this. the centers for disease control is advising women who may have been exposed to get a test. but the test is hard to get
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ahold of. not enough tests for people who may have been exposed. and it may on work for a coup weeks for people who have been infected. there is another mosquito which is an asian tiger. that can spread the virus up to new york in the spring and supper. in the spring and summer we can expect lots of it here. kennedy: nanotechnology? will viruses be the wave of the future? >> this is simple basic prevention. spray, spray, spray, get required of the extra water. you will have to have the right kind of insect spray on. sleep in air conditioned rooms. this can be very low tech. kennedy: i'm covered with mosquito spray from head to toe
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kennedy: one weirdo new story at a time. this is the "topical storm." topic number one. you may ask yourself who would be so crazy as to point a rifle at himself under water and pull the trigger? this norwegian would. he's a physicist and to show the difference between air resistance and water resistance with a bullet he set up an under
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water shooting range point at his white belly. he pulled the trigger. did he explode? watch. he may be norwegian but to me he sounds like a guy. >> that's disgusting. save me from myself. liberals will see this stunt and tell everyone it's okay to shoot guns as long as you do it under water. >> obama will use this as an excuse to take away our second amendment rights. nobody is doing that. kennedy: now we only get to
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losing has its rewards. topic number 3. a newborn fole can stand on its legs a half-hour after birth. but he's unsteady when he sneezes. >> i think i have that on video. kennedy: i'm so glad you did, it's going viral. the real question we have to ask ourselves is why did that horse sneeze? that's right. cocaine. silent horse killer. everyone knows someone who knows a horse whose life has been
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affect bid cocaine. 15,000 horses die every year from overdose. most of them at lindsey lohan's house parties. but don't take my word for it. >> cocaine is no way to believe in your self. it can kill you. it's topic number 4. it's a magical moment in life when you finds out whether your baby is going to be a boy or girl. but if you already have four daughters and then you find out you are having a boy, it can be downright overwhelming. >> it's a boy! tragically that man had a heart attack and died. no, that's not true. he fainted.
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he was so excited he passed out. imagine what his reaction will be when we break it to him that i'm the father. isn't that weird? topic number 5. if you have been trying to quit smoking because your ultra communist family tried to convince you have it's detrimental to your health. this 112-year-old napali, she has been smoking a pack and a half of cigarettes for the last 95 years. look at her. she is adorable. do you realize how many fun she is having? if that isn't health and success, i hate to see failure. serious moment here. smoking causes cancer and it's a terrible habit to take up.
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but don't take my word for it. >> when you smoke you inhale 4,000 chemicals. it's a toxic toy onous substance including ammonium, the bleach and toilet cleaner. if you have any weird stories you want to see in the "topical storm" tweet me and you can find me on instagram. coming up, ben carson says the biggest threat to the presidential election is uneducated the voters. can that be true in our panel returns and an actor playing michael jackson who was a black man? good casting or racial outrage? in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing,
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kennedy: in a recent interview dr. ben carson said the biggest threat to his candidacy isn't donald trump or ted cruz, it's idiots. >> i see the threat being the fact that people sometimes are not well educated. kennedy: ben, uneducated voters are the only ones dumb enough to vote for a doctor who has zero foreign policy experience. >> he speaks so sloift's like he's on a 7-second delay but he's right in front of you. i don't understand. ben carson believes the pyramids were built and designed to store grain. it's just as serious as the
8:39 am
ancient' alien story that they are there to store a slight beam. kennedy: who is he insulting? >> he's desperate. he's running scared. he's going to lose bad and he probably won't get a job in the trump administration. he won't be holding any office anywhere. a lot of people when he was running. he's so nice and gentle. i don't care. i want you to rip out hillary's jugular and serve it to me on a silver matter. he's not ready for prime time. there are stories about bobby pins and his wife's umbilical. >> i want him to sign "tracks of my tears" from the beginning. soothing. i think michael moore said it
8:40 am
best. 80% of the voters are women, young people or visible minorities and those groups tend not to nerd out on the figures. they tend to go with the coolest guy. we had 7 years of the fonz. the coolest guy on this campaign. bernie is cool. kennedy: young people like him. >> you can't blame voters when they are not voafght for you and liking you. if he was number one he would say america knows what's best. kennedy: he was gusseted by uninformed voters who fell in love with his magical doctor fun. michael jackson and the upcoming film, elizabeth, michael and marlin. he's a white male where michael
8:41 am
jackson was a black male. well, except for 1982 about he was a werewolf. is the hubbub over joseph fines unwarranted? this is bad timing. are you outraged? >> this -- when i was reading up on this, i don't know what race michael jackson is? was he considered black at his death? kennedy: he's considered to be a home oh sapien. you are not bothered give this, how long have you been racist? >> he's playing an american icon and he's british. joseph fiennes.
8:42 am
give michael the best. joseph fiennes got famous in a movie called "shakespeare in love." i loved that feature film because i loved a woman once. it did not work out with the woman i loved. anyway, shakespeare in love. >> gwyneth paltrow looks more like michael jackson. kennedy: you can kind of see the resemblance there. >> michael jackson worked hard the entire latter half of his life to look like a white man. he should -- if you are doing a movie on caitlyn jenner and you had a woman playing him, he would be happy. they have black honeymooners,
8:43 am
black stir lancelot. trite out. kennedy: there is a black sir mix a lot, too. >> with the oscars, ther there o many movies that were successful and they are not getting any recognition at all. right now it's pretty tone deaf. >> it's also acting and actors act. will smith in pursuit of happiness. he acted. >> and he played a white homeless person in that movie. >> that's correct. kennedy: megyn i'll see you have later on coming up, i bring three college students into my lair to explain why they like bernie sanders. they are very smart people and i'll love it.
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kennedy: this is such an exciting time. i cannot believe this panel. socialist bernie sanders is the oldest candidate in the race for the white house. but he's got youngest supporters and three of them are with me tonight to answer why. why in god's name, why? eric is a columbia vfort
8:48 am
student. teresa hernandez is a student at st. joseph's college. christian is a student at utica. he's getting a degree in nursing. he's the gaylord be folker. >> it will be like a worker co-op. it's in our economy right now. kennedy: are you talk unions. rei where you buy a certain up in of thing over the year and at the end of the year you get a check for $200 if you bought a tent and four sleeping bags. >> socialism is a word thrown around like a bogeyman all the time. kennedy: are you put off by it? >> not at least. when you tell people socialism
8:49 am
means a $15 minimum wage. it means healthcare a right in a country where a million americans are going bankrupt because of health costs and a third can't afford the cost of their prescription drugs. >> we already have socialist programs in the united states. kennedy: we do, we need to get rid of them. once we abandon those failed programs maybe we can unshackle this country. >> big corporations are putting their money into them and it's not working for the people. we need to get money out of government which is what bernie sanders is trying to do. kennedy: you brought up the minimum wage. $15 an hour sound fantastic. but when you have got small businesses who can't afford to pay $15 an hour like that cute bookstore owner in
8:50 am
san francisco, they have to shut their doors. they can't afford it when that regulation is enforced. the other thing that it does is it helps the poorest -- it hurts the poorest people. so people can't get the $15 an hour job. >> they have done studies on minimum wage. they found out that raising the minimum wage does not increase unemployment and they did study whereas they showed like. kennedy: it doesn't increase unemployment. it increases unemployment for the poorest and youngest. you have never owned a business i'm guessing. >> i worked for myself. kennedy: that many not the same thing as owning a business. when you have to pay people you realize that labor is a valuable resource. you don't have to own a business to realize that small businesses are struggling in america due to all sorts of costs.
8:51 am
labor right now is not one of the reasons small businesses are struggling. kennedy: i'm so glad you put a point on that. the reason they are struggling and it's something you hit on. it's crony capitalism and regulation and taxation. what happens is small businesses, actual small businesses with fewer than 30 employees. every time you have new regulations like they do in dodd-frank. what do they have to do? in order to comply, they have to hire lawyers. that's fine for wealthy corporations. if you are a small corporation and start in your garage and move to warehouse or office facility, hopefully in your town, i buy local, then you are spending all of your capital just on compliance an -- and dod frank. >> maul business owners find
8:52 am
regulations to be low on the list of things they worry about. kennedy: that's not true, the unintended consequences of small banks being gobbled up by the big banks it's small businesses can't get loans from the community banks who may say -- i'm worried about not small businesses not getting loans from small banks who have a much higher rate of loaning money to small businesses. i don't think there is anything such as to big to fail. >> i think the 2008 recession is a perfect recession of too big to fail ricochetting all around the economy. it's not easy to deal with regulations. but minimum wage. you just pay the minimum wage. i say the most prohibitive regulations. 40% of costs are going to overhead, paperwork and all
8:53 am
sorts of ceo pay. kennedy: you think it will be less overhead when run by a government bureaucracy? >> every other country that has a single-pair healthcare country. kennedy: we are not iceland and finland. you can't take the small countries and say one size fits all. it doesn't. and it creates a few if you are kateeof -- itcreates a bifurcat. >> people aren't getting arrested for trying to get healthcare. kennedy: they actually are. kids get hooked on their parents opioids, then they can't afford to buy them on the streets.
8:54 am
they get heroin and then they get healthcare. this is what i say, you have not convinced me of the merits of socialism. you convinced me you are well studied and passionate. i think there is something about bernie sanders that is authentic. i think he believes his message. i think that is grocery lacking in the political system. >> the $700 million bailout with the banks is a form socialism. kennedy: yes, it is. thank you all. >> prescription drugs has nothing to do with the cost of healthcare. >> it does. there is a direct correlation and i'll give you have my white paper. thank you so much. eric. you guys are lovely. freshly scrubbed and beautiful. it's time for your viewer mail
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kennedy: when the winter chills my bones, i finds it best to wrap up in a mohair blanket and called my throat with a piping hot mug of viewer mail. sage says kennedy, i like your spunk. teresa said loved your show on mtv and love this one, too. you know who doesn't face the libertarian point of view? libertarians thing we don't need borders. get real, @kennedynation.
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danny writes, libertarians switch uniforms more than the italian army. robert says very i am fa mature rhetoric for a woman who calls herself kennedy. we talked about how actress lena dunham wants words to be band like frumpy. frump versus trump. well done. last week dale writes, i love that woman. my wife says kennedy would make a good fourth wife. no judgments. i'm a libertarian. you can watch monday through
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thursday 8:00 eastern, 5:00 pacific on the fox business network. so many ways to send hate mail >> if you ask one more mean question, i may have to leave the stage? >> three days before the iowa caucuses, will that debate change anything? is it true trump drew a bigger awedins by not going -- audience by not going to the debate? >> everyone on this stage is side, fat and ugly, and ben, you are a terrible surgeon. >> should we be bombing both sides of the war? >> come out of the shadows, pay a fine. >> i don't think we have to destroy our economy in order to prott


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