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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 1, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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and everyone they could, hillary clinton's team sat on their hands and waited for it. i don't think they will be like that. charles: no room for error. very exciting. glad you joined the show. thanks for watching every night at 6:00 p.m. here is the man himself. lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. breaking news one hour until the beginning of the iowa caucuses. the first nominating contest of this election. months of campaigning debates and political attacks, all coming to a head tonight as iowans publicly declare their support for a presidential candidate. the candidates themselves spending the day making their final pitches to voters. >> we're going to take our country back, we're going to make america great ben. we'll be so happy, we'll be so thrilled. >> we have now been to all '99 counties in the great state of
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iowa. this is our final stop on caucus day to be here in jefferson to stand in front of the men and women of this state, to ask for your support. lou: we'll have the best political analysis tonight. we'll talk with former reagan white house political director ed rollins, pulitizer prize winning columnist, michael goodwin, digital politics editor, chris stirewalt. new damaging information about hillary clinton's email scandal. top secret emails found on her private server that contained operational intelligence that if revealed could have put lives at risk. hillary still blames the scandal on republicans, blowing her actions she says out of proportion. not taking responsibility herself nor the obama-appointed ig who revealed so much herself inflicted scandal. we'll be taking it all up here tonight. the world health organization
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declaring a worldwide emergency over the explosive spread of the mosquito borne zika virus. health officials now strongly suspect a ling between zika and surge in thousands of birth defects in the americas. we'll have a full report on the threat coming up here in tonight's broadcast. our top story tonight, decision day in iowa. caucus participants at this hour lining up, filing in to public meetings across the state of iowa where they will render their first verdict of the 2016 presidential race. fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron in jefferson, iowa, with our report. reporter: thanks, lou. we have had a record number of candidates. there has been record spending and attack ads and countless battles between the candidates but now finally iowa republican caucus-goers get their say. donald trump had sarah palin back on the stump with him today, rallying caucus-goers to
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brave tonight's storm. >> to have a crowd like this on the final day, can you believe it? this is the day, this is the day we take our country back, remember that. reporter: palin fired back at ted cruz's iowa chairman, congressman steve king who more than once in recent days implied palin's support for trump was paid for. >> why would a good conservative guy like steve king from the heartland of america want to say something he knows isn't true? maybe he has been hanging out in cornfield too long huffing ethanol or something. earlier trump had empty seats in sparsely event in waterloo. he cut it short because he had to commute with the event with palin to go by car. i learned we can't fly in and we're driving. we'll get the hell out of here fast, is that okay? reporter: you waa secretary of state says there is 116,000 registered republicans in iowa.
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record turnout is 122,000. there were 3048 new registered republicans since beginning of the year. cruz says he is seeing little evidence of trump. >> we're not finding trump troops on the ground. they don't have a organization per acceptable. a lot of candidates spent more time in iowa than i have. we spent a ton of time in new hampshire. a ton of time in south carolina. a ton of time throughout all the southern states, super tuesday, sec primary. a ton of time in nevada. we're running national campaign. reporter: rubio third in precaucus polls is downplaying iowa as just beginning of 50-state marathon. >> iowa is important. it is first step in the long process. irrespective what happens tonight this campaign will continue. tonight is important. the first time any americans will get to answer what comes nextfor america after barack obama. it will be important. no one will win the nomination tonight. >> i am counting on you, and i
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trust you and ask for your support for me tonight. reporter: now that caucuses are underpair, peer pressure begins. they use secret ballot. friends and neighbors talking politics. each has a precinct captain make speech on their behalf. they have been armed with talking points. in cruz campaign urging anybody over lesser candidate suffering in the polls having hard time to get traction abandon their candidate off the bat, go with cruz in order to block trump. bare-knuckle politics at the neighborhood politics level. lou? lou: thank you very much, carl cameron. on democratic side, hillary clinton hoping to avoid repeat of her crushing defeat to president obama eight years ago but the former secretary of state is now embroiled in email scandal of her making. her opponent bernie sanders continues to surge in iowa. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry has our report. reporter: eager to stead der her once inevitable campaign hillary
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clinton brought cookies to her ground troops. she declared she is excited about tonight. >> i'm feeling so energized because of all of you. >> we're going to win. [cheers and applause] reporter: democratic socialist senator bernie sanders is banking on influx of new voters to hand clinton her second humiliating defeat here in eight years. >> we will win tonight if the voter turnout is high. [applause] reporter: clinton may benefit from the secretary of state iowa today releasing numbers suggesting not a lot of new voters registered on the democratic side. from january 4th, 2724 democrats registered and a mere 624 have signed up in the past four days. not the type of surge sanders needs. she has been buffetted by revelations about her email including fox news report tag some of the top secret emails on her server included operational intelligence which could jeopardize sources methods and individuals n a series of interviews this morning clinton doubled down on dismissing
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fbi-led investigation as another partisan witch-hunt. >> it's a little bit like what the republicans and others have tried to do with respect to benghazi. just a lot of innuendo, a lot of attacks. reporter: sanders again told reporters at peace not making emails an issue focused putting together the obama coalition. he may have slipped up writing mildly blurb for bill press, blasting president obama, citing buyers remorse. aide to the president neutral in the race rushed to bash sanders including speech righter jon favreau. not a good look, bernie. >> senator sanders quite clear when he spoke to all of you in the driveway five days ago on the fact he was quite proud of the president's record and legacy. reporter: former maryland governor mart ino'malley mired
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in third place was pressed whether his supporters will go to clinton or sanders. >> i want my supporters to hold strong. [cheers and applause] reporter: o'malley supporters chanting there, hold strong. if he does not reach viability at caucus sites, 15%, his allies are free to move on. they can go with clinton or sanders. o'malley supporters may end up tipping balance in a close race. lou. lou: thank you very much, ed henry. turning to the latest provocation now by iran. iran's supreme leader today awarded medals to iranian troops who captured what he called intruding u.s. navy sailors last month. late last week, defense secretary ash carter said he was quote, very, very angry, end quote at iran for videotaping those sailors on their knees as iranian troops took them and their boats into custody. the world health organization today took the extraordinary step declaring zika virus a
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worldwide emergency. the virus, that experts say is spreading explosively could infect four million people in the americas next year. four million. so far cases have been reported in 13 states within the united states, all of those infected contracting the virus while traveling abroad. the cdc today warned pregnant women to avoid any travel to 24 countries and territories in send tall and south america. world health leaders strongly suspect a link between the virus's arrival in brazil and the surge of babies born there with abormally-small heads. this is the fourth time that the world health organization has declared such an emergency. the last time, during 2014's ebola outbreak. we're coming right back with much more. stay with us. iowa caucuses are finally here. >> i love you all.
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go out and caucus. let's have a big, beautiful victory on monday night. >> first time that any americans will get to answer the question what comes next for america after barack obama. >> we are working night and day, to earn the votes of the men and women of this state. lou: so who is going to win this thing? ed rollins and michael goodwin on that and much more. storm watchers get a shocking surprise a little too close for comfort. that video and much more when "lou dobbs tonight" continues. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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lou: republican presidential candidate ted cruz turning his attention from rival donald trump in a new iowa ad. cruz is now targeting rubio, labeling him the gop's answer to president obama. >> they called ted cruz obama's nemesis because cruz fought obamacare, said no to big spending, stopped amnesty in its tracks. caucus for cruz to undo obama's damage. marco rubio's different. the republican obama, who championed obama's amnesty and led the "gang of eight." lou: that to me is confusing ad but that is just me. former reagan white house political director, republican strategist ed rollins will help us straighten that out as will
7:15 pm
pulitzer prize-winning columnist for the "new york post," michael goodwin. good to have you here, gentlemen. that is lousy ad, what do you think? >> point fingers with whole lousy ads with here bush spent over $70 million, and not one single ad i can remember, most money of anybody in the campaign. lou: only i've been keeping track of which ads have exclamation mark after jeb apwhich don't. >> do not matter. none of them worked. rubio starting to make strack shun on cruz. basically instead of going guy in front of them, which is trump, they tried to knock rubio back an whether it will work or not we'll see. my sense of the night, turnout increase of 10, 15,000 votes, trump is going to win this. lou: governor branstad michael, 140,000 people are expected now which would be a new record eclipsing for republicans 2012. >> well look, that would probably favor trump in that case then.
7:16 pm
given some of his backers are new to this, haven't participated before, and, not really part of the establishment operation in iowa, so that should favor him, if branstad is right about that. he is somewhat hoping for that if only because -- lou: branstad hates cruz, good grief. >> he has been after cruz. to the extent he could bump up trump that would serve the ethanol business. >> which his son runs. the only interesting thing, 121,000 is the record. it was 120,000 four years ago. most whoever voted in republican primary, not the caucus was the joni ernst, about 140,000 votes there. not like there will be a big massive change. i would be shocked if 140,000 people turned out. lou: you're disputing governor branstad? >> i've known governor branstad -- when i was young man he was the governor. now that i'm an old man he is still the governor.
7:17 pm
lou: he would love the way you put that. let's turn to rubio. suddenly his people are telling us it is a surge, it's a surge, it's a surge. is it a surge? >> seems to have fairly tight lid on it if it's a surge. i don't think any polls showing him with more than 15%. that would be respectable. but hardly definitive. it would get him obviously to new hampshire. somewhere he has got to win. and i think that is clearly what cruz is b cruz is about pushing rubio down as much as lifting himself up to separate them. lou: and sanders, and sanders and trump seem to be, you know, by nary relationship there -- binary relationship, the candidates of change and disruption. are they going to prevail and do they both depend on higher turnout or do they have unique individual reason for prevailing on their own? >> they both need higher turnout.
7:18 pm
both campaigns created an energy. obviously hillary went through this process once before and she hopefully has structured in her mind or -- lou: can you imagine what is going through her mind? or bill clinton's mind. you have done what twice, to bernie sanders, give me a break. barack obama was bad enough but bernie sanders? >> talk about the dead raccoon. >> same way, the establishment, conservative organizational candidate is cruz who has put a lot of money into the normal resources getting out the vote. we'll see whether that works tonight. >> i'm a big believer in enthusiasm. when the wind is at your back as both trump and bernie sanders have it, i think in situation like this, unless the weather is just horrible in parts of iowa anyway to me enthusiasm carries day in these events. there are outsiders and insurgents each in their own way. they share enthusiastic base, if
7:19 pm
they don't turn it out it will have been squandered. lou: trump has, as senator cruz said, his organization, his ground game isn't per acceptable in iowa. >> i hear that also but from the people that are there on the ground but that doesn't mean, he has had big crowds going to these rallies. most interesting thing, there with sarah palin i have to drive from waterloo to the next place. the place is between, lot of miles as most people find out he can't fly because there is fog. he has new experience, drive across iowa which is unique inexperience. no disrespect to iowans but having done it many times. lou: i love iowa and iowans, but i have to say when you have to put the pedal down, to cross the state of iowa you have -- >> fortunately not many other cars on the road but you can go pretty fast. >> i think he is with sarah palin for the whole trip. lou: what are you implying,
7:20 pm
michael? let's get right to it, what are you implying? >> will make it longer than it is. >> he will pay for that endorsement. lou: let's turn to bernie sanders though. this is a man, going into it the last poll, three points within the margin, just outside of the margin of error. no, it is within the margin of error, four-point margin of error. is this really this close? >> i think it is because i think it is a protest vote. i think a lot of young people have had decided that hillary clinton is not the candidate they want. even a lot of young woman. we all thought would be inevitable nominee. certain extent, integrity issue, he is basically talking their language and basically exciting a lot of young people. lou: who wins in iowa, michael, democrats and republicans? >> i'm going with enthusiasm, sanders and trump. >> i'm going with hillary and cruz. lou: wow. >> close. close. lou: you heard it here, folks. >> i've been wrong on trump every time.
7:21 pm
lou: don't tell the audience. we don't want a caveat. >> walk off pretending i have some expertise sitting here in new york trying to decide what is going on in iowa. lou: precisely, ed. >> have to watch the fox guys from washington tell me what went on there so. lou: ed rollins, we'll be doing just that as well. >> thank you. lou: michael, great to have you with us. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. are you more or less enthused with this year's presidential election. a, more, b, the same. you can guess what c is. cast your vote on twitter at lou done news. follow me on twitter at@lou dobbs news. links to everything on we were mentioning weather in iowa. national weather service says iowa and four other states are directly in the path of what is expected to be a massive snowstorm barreling across the plains.
7:22 pm
a foot of snow expected in some parts. the good news, it won't bury the hawkeye state until after most of the caucuses are over tonight. the storm expected to dump, as much as 18 inches of snow. man, that is a lot of snow. a close call in australia to tell you about tonight. two friends were taking shelter in a sydney boat shed as this storm rolled in. their camera was rolling when when the lightning struck, fairly close. just feet away. the two men later called the incident a shocking experience. pun intended. and i didn't see any quiet nobility of encouraged there. they just, got a shock. up next, a few thoughts on first moment of truth in this presidential race. police have a new weapon with which to take down pesky drones that fly into restricted airspace. it is old school but it sure works. we'll show you.
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lou: we're about half an hour away from beginning of caucuses in iowa. a few quick thoughts what is at stake there. it has been 315 days since the first candidate of either party entered the 2016 presidential race. that candidate? senator ted cruz. 315 days ago. and after all of that time, voters finally have their say on the matter. iowa caucuses beginning as i said in about half an hour. democrats are set to caucus at approximately 1100 sites all across iowa while republicans meet at about 900 sites, schools, churches, veterans halls, private homes, with growing enthusiasm for candidates, such as donald trump and senator bernie sanders turn
7:28 pm
out is expected to be high. we're told there is surge for rubio. we haven't checked with all the other campaigns. they may say the same thing. more than 6400 -- 6700 iowans registered to vote since the start of this year. including 1500 since last wednesday alone. turnout will be both critical for republicans and democrats. iowa's republican party expects the turnout to top the 2012 record of 121,000. democrats expect a strong turnout but nothing close to the record of 240 back in 2008 in the, if you will, obama tsunami when barack obama shocked clinton and nearly all the forecasters, savants and gurus. tonight could be just as exciting, it could be, and results just as surprising perhaps, perhaps. the 2016 presidential sweepstakes officially underway in iowa tonight in about, well,
7:29 pm
32 minutes. the quotation of the evening? from hugh who spent a few hours on the campaign trail. he said presidential candidates and reporters covering them have a new world as he predicted, quote, the legions of reporters who cover politics don't want to quit the clash and thunder of electoral combat, for the dry duty of analyzing the federal budget. as a consequence we have created the perpetual presidential campaign. this one started 315 days ago. in just over nine months it will be election day, november 8th. that is pretty close to perpetual, don't you think? by the way journalists covering just iowa caucus and presidentialandidates number somewhere between 1500 and 2000. that is a legion. we're coming right back. stay with us. george soros write as huge check for hillary clinton. he is always writing huge checks.
7:30 pm
how many more of those checks will she need? we take it up with fox news digital politics editor chris stirewalt in iowa here next. nasa's new imagery reveals the sun's magnetic field, something we've never seen before. you will see it here next as "lou dobbs tonight" continues. we'll be right back. stay with us. many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly.
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lou: if ever there was a night
7:34 pm
to go granular on things political, this is it. we have new fund-raising numbers to share with you tonight. donald trump bringing in more than 13 1/2 million dollars on the last quarter. nearly 11 million of that coming from, donald trump. he loaned money to his own campaign. strong fund-raising numbers for ted cruz as well. the texas republican raising $20 million in the fourth quarter. he has almost $19 million in cash. george soros giving up $6 million in new money to hillary clinton's super-pac, priorities usa. that pac raising 41 million on behalf of clinton last year. joining us now, fox news digital politics editor chris stirewalt himself. great to see you, chris, what a night. can you give us some sense of the turnout? can you give us a sense of the energy of the campaigns there that, it is all, we're moving toward what?
7:35 pm
is it about 26 minutes from now, before the opening of the caucuses. >> the 26 minutes from now the opening of caucuses is another way to look at it the closing of the caucuses. unlike election day you remember, when you come all day long or can vote in early going or do whatever you want to do, you can mail it in, iowa caucuses you have to be there. they seal the chamber and then you're in there for two hours. and that is the deal. lou: i heard the door slamming shut right on the money. >> boom. exactly. so, look. we have entrance poll instead of exit poll here. lou: right. >> pretty soon we'll start to have, talk about granular detail, you start to have ideas this is the most important question as we try to predict the outcome. the single most important question, what percentage on of republican caucus-goers and on democratic are first-timers, didn't caucus last time. openly 15% republican
7:36 pm
caucusgoers, last two cycles, 15% of the caucusgoers are look like that, the ted cruz might be fine and might even win. if it looks like some polls show it to to be as many as four in 10 first time republican caucus-goers, donald trump will have a huge victory. it is all about that number and first-timers. lou: is there a sense how many people were coming into tonight's closing of the caucus doors are, are very real sense first time goers also undecided about the candidate they will support? >> well, you know we love voters. we love americans. lou: we do. >> they're great people. but though do lie to pollsters sometimes when they say they're persuadable or undecided. may actually mean they want a pollster to believe they have open mind n iowa though to your point there is more
7:37 pm
changeability and there is more swing in the iowa electorate than almost any place else. in part they have personal connections and personal bonds with these campaigns an candidates. hard for them to give up on ben carson. even though ben carson doesn't seem to have path to republican nomination i talked to plenty of folks out here who say, you know what? i will stick with him. somebody with 10% of the vote there, 8% of the vote there. iowa functions differently. iowa has one main job. iowa's one job in this process not to determine who the nominees of these parties are going to be but look at it this way. who they aren't. they will disqualify some folks tonight. they will send them home. lou: do you suppose there is special pressure felt by iowans, hawkeye state resident to get it right this time? they have screwed it up the last two cycles? >> oh. they didn't screw it up the last two cycles. lou: well, somebody did. >> they.
7:38 pm
they sent a bunch people home. they started to clear decks which is important part of their job. i went to a church on sunday and i talked to the pastors. i talked to the people and i said, what do you want? the one guy said, he was going to go for, one pastor said he would go for rubio. the other one said that he was going to go for trump. i said why? anger. we need to express that anger. we needed anger. i said, well what about the general election, how do i they would do? i'm not sure. what do you think about rubio's chances. rubio is my second choice. i actually hope he wins the nomination. iowa feels, iowa feels bligeed to send its message. lou: there is conflict there. >> it wants to send its message. wants republican party to hear it loud and clear. lou: if that is the case we would infer from that it would be trump because he is generally credited with being fairly angry about things. and --
7:39 pm
>> oh, he embraces it. lou: indeed. we're hearing a lot about rubio surging. what is evidence of it. >> well we've got a series of polls that demonstrate not just that rubio is surging. but delta between rubio and cruz is getting smaller in one poll out today, i believe it was down to four points. so that compression, the closing of that delta between those two, so ted cruz as you pointed out has a whole lot of money. enough money to burn a wet elephant. coming in and he has super-pacs. if he finishes close second to donald trump on they go, on they go into the sec. i would say this, if marco rubio gets inside of chris cruz here awfully for for cruz to make the case going forward and harder for donald trump because then the party will coalesce around rubio in way they wouldn't for cruz. >> these are live pictures of marco rubio arriving at the caucus.
7:40 pm
chris, very quickly as we wrap up, what are the surprises that you would be on the look out for tonight whether democrat or republican? >> look, i think bernie sanders could surprise here. i think he could beat hillary clinton here. his campaign has been feverishly managing expectations all day after a late poll that showed him with a lead but i believe his momentum is real. i believe that is happening. i think he could beat her. i think in his case, getting within a point or two is probably as good as a win if he gives her a scare. lou: chris stirewalt. great to have you with us. have fun tonight. >> you bet. lou: well dogs are not the only animal helping police fight crime. dutch police are now turning to, these birds, eagles! to take down those illegal, pesky drones. the hope, eagles will be able to disable drones that wander into restricted airspace without rick of the drone falling on to anyone on the ground.
7:41 pm
not because eagles eat what they kill? because they hang to them with those big sharp talons. here we go. there he goes. look at that clean catch. well, turning to nasa, just releasing stunning new video of the sun. take a look. this is the first ever simulation of the sun's magnetic field. it is magnetic sphere and extremely hot mixture of charged particles, scientists believe what is driving sun's complex magnetic system, will predict when the sun has rearerean erupn or storm or any number of events which occur in the sun almost by the moment. extraordinary. up next former pentagon official kt mcfarland joins me. we'll talk china, iran and zika virus, could it be? we'll take that up.
7:42 pm
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lou: breaking news. seven cases of zika virus have been just confirmed in the texas, houston, area. all confirmed patients reportedly recently traveled to latin america where the outbreak of zika originated. earlier today world health organization officials declaring zika to be international emergency. joining us former pentagon official, fox news national security analyst, kt mcfarland. great to have you with us. >> great to be with you. lou: a lot to talk about tonight but let's start with zika. world health organization, done it only four times. last time in 2014 with the ebowl law zika outbreak considered to be worldwide emergency. why has it taken so long to even with acknowledgement of seriousness of this issue? >> they have been criticized with ebola declaring it a
7:47 pm
crisis. this is far more significant. why? ebola you had to have human-to-human contact. you could separate hims out. lou: this is all about mosquitoes. >> this is mosquitoes, once they infect one person with it and then they take it to the next to the next, how are you going to stop mosquitoes? lou: we know people who have been infected returned from travels, primarily to latin america in 13 states. >> yes. lou: what is, why is the obama administration not ordering a stringent, immigration screening, stringent, all flights, all travel from central and south america? >> i think they're failing to understand how serious this could be when the summer months come. we don't have as much of a problem now. we don't have much of a mosquito population, it is wintertime. when the weather warms up, lori garrett, epidemiologist at council on foreign relations,
7:48 pm
she thinks this could be really significant worldwide crisis that will quickly get beyond people. lou: world health organization is saying precisely that. and again, no response from the administration. by the way, we should be used to no response. let's turn to the u.s. navy. for this past month the united states navy has had the worst period of, imaginable. whether it be drones flying over our aircraft carriers. rockets being launched near the same carrier. whether. it is, taking of 10 ever our sailors without response. this goes on and on, as if the navy becomes a passive organization, not a service branch of the united states military. >> it has become a punching bag. here is what happened. united states is withdrawing from the world, right? budgets are getting cut. obama administration talked about leading from behind.
7:49 pm
lou: that is all well and good -- >> iranians, russians, chinese are all taking advantage of it. russians in the black sea, iranians in the persian gulf and chinese in the south china sea. lou: think about what you're saying here. it's remarkable. >> first time in 100 years -- lou: we're being led by fools. what is it going on here? the united states navy is being embarrassed almost weekly so far in 2016? >> and humiliated, not just embarrassed humiliated. video of american sailors on their knees to iran at the same time, we're turning over $100 billion to iran and we're apologizing to them? lou: you know what? we're not even hearing from presidential candidates. we're not hearing from the republican party. you're hearing blather and nonsense from the republican leadership in the house and senate. >> i'm afraid your right. to be continued because guess what? it is going to get so much worse in the next nine months as other countries feel, this is their time. take advantage of america. while you can.
7:50 pm
get away with what you want while you can. because who knows if there is a new sheriff in town a year from now? lou: this is absolutely appalling. >> agreed. lou: account t, thanks so much. >> thanks, lou. lou: always good to see you. kt mcfarland, turning to the weekend box office, fox's "kung fu panda 3" debuted in first place taking in $41 million. "the revenant" troping to second, taking 12.8 million. rounding out top three, "star wars: the force awakens," making just over 11 million. the on the small screen, fox broadcast channel dominating with "grease" live. 12.2 million people tuned into the live musical event, beating out nbc's the wiz live and "peter pan" live. look at that. we're minutes from the beginning of the iowa caucuses. fox news monica crowley, radio talk show host chris plante joins me here next.
7:51 pm
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. >> well, the republican party of virginia as we approach caucus time in iowa is backing down from its plans to add a loyalty pledge in the march 1st primary. donald trump called that pledge a suicidal mistake by the virginia republicans that would turn away voters disenchanted with political politics.
7:55 pm
holds an open primary where voters don't have to register by party. they relented, it's already an early victory i suppose for donald trump. joining us now host of the show on wmal from the nation's capital. chris, good to have you with us. >> hey, lou. >> washington times monica crowley, great to have you here. >> hi, lou. >> let's start. what do you sense in all of the numbers and all of the reports that we're getting that there's a rubio surge and unclear about turn out? >> no one knows. who the hell knows, lou. no one knows what is going to happen tonight, which gives it the real edge. look, if the polls are to be believed, donald trump has something of a lead. it might be anywhere between one point and five points. we'll see. >> or seven. >> to be able to translate the energy and enthusiasm for his candidacy into real votes. whether he has anything of an organization on the ground
7:56 pm
whereas ted cruz spent over a year building real infrastructure and real organization to turn out the voters to come out tonight. >> who do you believe, chris? >> well, you know, i think monica is right in everything she said. the polls i think are more or less useless in this particular instance, and i think we're going to see a lot of that this year. trump may get out a victory. but at the same time rubio -- and i was with you last week here, and i predicted marco rubio would win. >> in chris' face. he's sensation victory here tonight. >> well, i'm going to stick with that because i think it's the likely outcome. there are those that believe marco rubio will take second. now, i don't know if that's because their own personal biases or such. but i suspect donald trump's people will show up. but i think ted cruz's organization is going to, you know, help him out a lot tonight. >> hanging over both of these, it occurs to me that is the republicans and democrats sanders and trump. you know,
7:57 pm
there's been a lot of stuff out there for a long time. and to see if that antiestablishment, that, you know, we're mad as hell to discuss the appalling federal government and variations of that at state, local levels as well. whether or not that's real, monica. i mean if it doesn't convert here, what does that -- where does -- >> where will it ever convert if it doesn't convert in this election cycle? i think you're absolutely right. look, a lot of voters on both sides are really angry and they're frustrated. and they have felt that they have sent in waive elections conservatives to droves to washington. to do two things. fight barack obama's radical agenda, lou, and also fight for conservative principles and they haven't seen it. and not just in the last two big election cycles in 2010 and 2014 when republicans were sent and flipped the house and flipped the senate for the results.
7:58 pm
but also over many decades. and this is the frustration on the part of the conservative base but also standard republicans. a lot of independents and moderates as well. >> you see it the same way, chris? >> well, you know, listen. something happened today that i made a note about for my radio show tomorrow. we crossed the 19-trillion-dollar mark. >> yeah. >> right? >> the national debt; right? and we added the latest trillion from 18 to 19 trillion in record time. it took only 13 months. the two-trillion-dollar increments before that took 4 months. and this is with republicans in charge of the house and the senate. throw the bums out. >> yeah. and this is -- it's important to say. this is the -- this is in part now a plan and a deal, a grand bargain between paul ryan who's claiming conservatism as his ideological philosophical.
7:59 pm
but their pairing is going to be historic and -- >> working together in that budget deal and then as you say going forward this partnership, this helps to explain the rise of donald trump and the rise of ted cruz and the outsiders. and i think voters on both sides are saying you know what? we tried it your way, we tried it the establishment way and you know what? we're going to try something completely different this time. >> and nobody is talking about this $19 trillion debt. good luck finding any reporting on this. and that's just another trillion dollars. a trillion here, a trillion there, you know? >> trillions. trillions. 19 of them. chris, thanks for being with us. always great to see you. monica, thank you. monica crowley, great to see you. in our online poll 70% of you say the fbi is looking for a reason not to charge hillary clinton instead of looking for
8:00 pm
a reason to. that's it for us. we thank you for joining us must think oarages here tomorrow. we hope you'll stay with us and be with fbn and neil cavuto as we cover the iowa caucuses that again in just about three seconds. good night from new york. ♪ . neil: welcome, everybody, from des moines, iowa, now we know the caucusing can begin and 300,000 iowaians we are told are ready to do just that. sprinkled across better than 1,680 precincts, some as small as fitting three people, others as large as 3,000 people throughout a state that will decide -- at least


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