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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  February 4, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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not just, you know, moderates and conservatives but young and old. >> maria: trouble in the skies for donald trump. jet made emergency landing in nashville, tennessee, pilot reporting engine problems. tax filing season getting underway and the irs facing problems. agency hit with a computer outage. what that means to your tax refund, coming up. the zika outbreak is worse -- worsening. future showing some strength this morning. higher opening for the broader averages, we are all watching for the employment numbers out tomorrow. that is the job's report for the month of january. oil prices once again very dictating the market in equities. oil is up 32.51. check out equities overseas.
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we are seeing gains as well. weak inflation will not stop the central bank from adding more stimulus and with that money moving into equities. we saw mix perform ands, you did have china bouncing one and a half percent on the shanghai composite. nikkei down almost 1% and hang seng and kospi were up. on capitol hill, shkreli will testify after he appeared in court yesterday as part of security's fraud case against him. he told me earlier in the week he plans to take the fifth on the hearing. join us at 7:30 a.m. eastern. hillary clinton and bernie sanders facing off in a town hall debate last night. peter barnes with the latest. >> peter: bernie sanders has made a huge issue of the $675,000 in speech that hillary
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clinton took from goldman sachs as proves to her ties to wall street in new hampshire town hall meeting in cnn she struggled with questions about payments. >> look, i made speeches to lots of groups. >> did you have to be paid $675,000? >> well, i don't know, that's what they offered. [laughter] >> you know, every secretary of state that i know has done that. >> peter: donald trump and ted cruz traded insults and accusations in new hampshire, trump charging the texas senator with fraud and demanding a do-over. the reality tv star doesn't like the reality of losing and tweeted that he's having a trumper-tantrum. trump's private plane made an emergency landing. scary moment for the candidate.
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it happened when the pilot reported engine problems. trump did eventually make it to aurally in little rock, arkansas last night. back to you. >> maria: peter barnes. lee speakerman, thank you so much. a little worried there with trump's plane. he was fine. he went onto his speech. give me your take about last night first on the democratic side and the town hall? >> well, i think really the question that was asked hillary that she was ill equipped to answer was why was she taking fees fees from wall street really tells a story. frankly she's a wall street tool and began with her husband and robert rubén who is a smart guy who began the wall street deregulation, she's a cre -- creature of wall street.
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you know, she might nip around the edges and show you hot rhetoric against wall street. the truth of the matter that she's not going to do anything to anybody else on wall street. >> maria: this is what i've been asking a lot of our guests, some people in banking are telling me that they're hearing privately from hear camp that she's not going to do anything that she says. >> i'd be shocked if that were true. >> maria: i don't know how the supporters are okay with that. are you lying then or are you lying now. >> i don't think they're okay with it. that's why bernie sanders is doing so well. >> maria: okay. >> engaging in plit cat contact and warfare by bringing up the speaking fees, you know, i think he's tapped into something that's. >> legitimate. >> morgan: i don't know about you but what i was most surprised is she didn't have her
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response prepared for him. he's been hitting on this for weeks, it's been effective specially in the last debate. to me that was the most shocking part of the town hall. i would have thought her people would have had a response ready to go. >> maybe there wasn't a good response. [laughter] >> sometimes when there's nothing to rehearse or there's nothing to rehearse. >> jo ling: maybe what she's trying to do there is come across as more open and transparent, so to speak and you get a different answer. >> it was a bidding war. very authentic. >> maria: who do you think won last night? >> bernie, bernie because i think he's connecting. hillary has a terrific organization. she owns the democratic power structure, but he beat her in iowa. let's face it. it is a candidate hillary clinton who is 50 points or nearly 50 points ahead, owned the democratic power structure
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in iowa, tom, very close, former governor, influential in the party and she took it to a tie. and if you look at house she's performing with young people, i mean, the message that she's articulating to the extent that there is one it's not resinating at all with anybody really under 30. >> maria: you're right. he has young people vote. let me move onto latest conflict between dr. ben carson and ted cruz. carson responding to the claims that cruz's staff told voters carson was dropping out of the race. listen. >> if in fact, he agrees that this was an inappropriate thing to do, then he needs to do something about it. if it does represent his values, he doesn't. >> maria: what do you think went on there? >> it's true when they say ted cruz will do anything he wins. i'm not sure that separates him
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from any presidential candidate. but you have to look at the fact that there were several thousand vote that is separated trump and cruz, so even if they engage and let's face it, they probably did. you're talking about a bunch of caucus supporters that are not being recorded. most of them are not on television, so you know, who knows what they were spreading. probably a lot of other things that candidates wouldn't want broadcast nationally. trump won by -- lose by enough that nothing like that could have made the difference. >> morgan: trump is not saying, you did this to me, i'm doing this on behalf of western carson. i'm the defender of ben carson who is probably the nicest guy in the race. it's like probably hitting a puppy. >> voters do not care about. you talk about the ultimate and process. i don't think anybody in new hampshire cares at all what the
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iowa caucus rules were or what rumors might have spread. i think that's just a waste of time. to me donald trump's concession speech was better than ted cruz's victory speech. he really came off of a high note there and now on assessing and wasting time and annoying voters. >> jo ling: you see acceptance and then denial and then using ben carson in a lot of ways to question the results, which it seems are not going to be redigested if you will. >> no, there will not be a rematch. >> maria: that whole idea that ted cruz could have stolen the election now, donald trump has put that out. >> it will make zero impact. and i will tell you another thing that struck me about the iowa race and what political is
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focused on how television was, marco rubio had the television game. the air game, he dominate it had television spot advertising leading up to the caucuses and then he aired a 30-minute tv show in each of the major tv markets. television is usually responsible for how well marco rubio did. >> morgan: i think it's a little bit more than television. marco rubio had a message, had a tone that conveyed to a lot of voters that didn't wanting to with the angriness with the trump-cruz message. television works but i think marco rubio really caught wind so to speak with the message but as resinated a few days before the iowa caucuses. >> i agree with that. you have to have a message. it's like it was heavily advertised but nobody wanted it. you have to have a message. rubio has a message and produce good tv spots and bernie sanders, having good commercials
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work and i think both rubio and bernie have conveyed that and comes through and produce television ads that convey that. >> maria: by the way, real clinton is postponing fund raisers, black rock and gain capital because of this pressure, because she expect -- accepted the $675,000 from goldman sachs. >> jo ling: what you are seeing is pressure in new hampshire. as of yesterday there were no public events on the schedule for both bernie and hillary clinton. whether he see how they adjust strategies for the final votes. >> maria: come back soon. computer troubles meanwhile at the irs right in the middle of the tax season leaving the agency unable to accept taxpayer returns. hardware failure wednesday afternoon leaving many of the tax processing systems unavailable into the night. the irs say it is problem could affect refunds.
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it does not anticipate major disruptions. it's work to go restore normal operations as soon as possible. morgan, how significant an issue is for the irs where we keep seeing problems over and over again? >> morgan: underscores why you are seeing sentiments in the republican race, people being frustrated with the government. you had all of the candidates over the past few weeks and months talking about various tax plans, voters are looking for simplicity. ted cruz has a great tax plan. it's a little silly that the government can't get it together. >> maria: what's the issue. >> jo ling: if you can't file your taxes electronically, millions of americans aren't able to do it at all. this is a basic function of the irs that they're not able to do right now. what actually has happened, was it an internal failure, cybersecurity concern, we don't know any of that yet. that's a very big deal. a lot of personal information. >> morgan: should be a big
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if the chinese are able to hack information of our most secret spies, why could not they not hack into american taxpayers' information. >> maria: you're right. that could mean changes, viacom as well. we will tell you about it. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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>> maria: welcome back, new reports say a top terrorist leader has been killed by u.s. air strikes, cheryl casone with the stories and the other headlines. >> cheryl: good morning, guys,
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top al-qaeda commander speculated to become new leader in yemen reportedly killed by u.s. drone strikes. commander who was killed along with 11 other militants in the overnight strikes. balidi was driving in a car when he was reportedly killed. rick scott declaring emergency in his state because of the zika virus. four counties with the virus is present. nine cases so far with 48 cases now across the united states. also we are learning united airlines flight crew members, they can opt out of some of international assignments. and a changing of the guard at cvs as chairman redstone will step down from his role. what's not clear is now who is going to be chairman at viacom.
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viacom board guys is meeting today, redstone issued a statement and many are speculating this is going to put her in a fight maria with felip at viacom. both companies should not be the trustee of my father's trust. that board meeting is today. a big showdown between sherry redstone. >> maria: jo, how do you see it? >> there's a lot of properties that are at stake here. big brands where their direction is very crucial to their survival, right, what do they do digitally? whoever does become the leader has a lot of responsibility. >> cheryl: it's up to the board now. what's interesting with cvs and
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viacom is both of the stocks have been under pressure. now, remember cvs has the super bowl this weekend what you talked, of course, a lot about, the revenue situation at cvs may be changing to the positive thanks to the big game and advertising attach today that but on viacom side, mtv, paramount pictures and they've had missteps. >> maria: the entire industry. people worry about core cutting. if you look at all the media stocks, you see a similar chart as that. >> jo ling: he has pushed and supported digital very much so at cvs news and corporate, what you see here is whoever does become the head of viacom will they be able to take a page book. it's much, much harder when you're talking about entertainment, focused television. >> cheryl: there's a great piece about board meeting today. all of this is happening
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quickly. we should say a big piece of this is mental health and why this happened so quickly. he's being sued by a former girlfriend and she actually wanted mental health evaluated. that happened two weeks ago. the lawsuit is going to be hitting at the end of the month in front of an la judge. we might get more clarify about senator redstone. you never know what's going to happen specially for large corporation that is employ tens of thousands of individuals. >> maria: to be a chairman at 92. >> jo ling: very full life. that's my first reaction. >> maria: we will take a short break. we are hearing about price gouging in the pharmaceutical industry. first he joined me telling me he's innocent earlier this week, he's been instructed by his new-high-powered lawyer to stop talks. we have some details when we come back. stay with us.
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>> required to be appear before a congressional committee tomorrow on the advise of counsel, mr. shkreli will be invoking the fifth and not answering any questions. >> maria: that was martin shkreli's defense attorney after court appearance in new york yesterday reiterating what he told me this week. listen. >> i think it's ridiculous that they would force me to be in person when i've stated that i will be taking the fifth. i think it's unethical. the dc manual states it's unethical to bring someone and
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subpoena them to take the fifth. it's nothing but advertisement of congressmen who want to get some votes and publicity off of my name. >> maria: wow. he says things almost to stay, stick it in your eye, congress. he's going to enuriate them more. his short tenure as ceo and whatever he did in wall street, which wasn't significant is over. he's playing himself as a the villan. he's playing with the media here. >> maria: believe it or not, jo, i think america is changing their thoughts on me. i know i was a little snarky initially but i realize it and now i want america to see who i am and that is coming with drugs
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for diseases. >> jo ling: i think the wearing off of shock is making him better because we are digesting exactly what's happened here. there's a lot of sentiments that this type of individual doing this is not really acceptable and it's not very good for society and then if you look at how much he's spending on getting himself out of the situation. he saw 40 million-dollar trading loss on securing his bail. big money being spent on his own behalf plus, he's not a hero here. >> morgan: this is a big win for him. he's going to tons of media attention. it's a win-win. >> maria: that's what he wants. it's going to be interesting. morgue manager he needed to be spanked as a child. >> maria: there are only a thousand people that need it had aids drug and raised by 5,000%. we will bring you more of that interview.
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it's pretty enlightening. wheel he's pleading the fifth, investors are watching jobs. we are going to take a look next and preview the big number out tomorrow morning. stay with us. tuesday. one second it's there. then, woosh, it's gone. i swear i saw it swallow seven people. seven. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪ ..
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into good morning. welcome back to a maria bartiromo. it is thursday, triggering for it. fox business network jo ling kent top stories at 6:30 a.m. on the east coast democratic candidates hillary clinton and her defenders taking questions in a town hall meeting. the two taken on issues but clinton struggled when asked about getting paid $675,000 for speeches at goldman sachs. >> well, i made speeches to lots of groups. i told them what i thought. they answered questions. >> or did you have to be paid $675,000. >> i don't know. that is what they offered.
6:30 am
every secretary of state that i know has done that. to be honest, i wasn't committed to running. >> you didn't think you would run for president? >> the latest candidate to drop out announced his decision last night. marco rubio is the candidate to bring the party together. meanwhile, the zika virus is worsening. rick scott declaring a health emergency in florida. nine cases of the illness have been reported. turning to markets. we are written for the jobs numbers. showing strength ahead of the opening. that helps the market rallied big at the close. oil prices this morning. crude oil well above $32 a barrel with a game this morning as two thirds of a percent. look at the currency trade. the dollar's weakness caused
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money to go into stocks because people basically surmised the federal reserve is in no rush to raise interest rates and that is helping us you can see the euro, pound, canadian dollar, mexican peso all up versus the dollar and over again. on capitol hill, martin shkreli will appear before the house oversight committee. first of course he joined us earlier in the week and yesterday appeared in court as a securities fraud cases now against him. he told me earlier in the week he plans to take offense at that hearing. later in the program, the chairman jason chase said will join us to preview the upcoming testimony. back to markets, futures higher. this is ahead of the big january jobs report coming out tomorrow morning. consensus calls for 190,000 jobs added to the economy last month that would be down for the 292,000 was on december. the unemployment rate to hold steady at 5%. cumberland by researchers in
6:32 am
trade chair and chief investment officer in the course on it. good to see you both a thank you for joining us. how significant was the move in the dollar in the dollar and what did it tell us? >> i think it is really important in the markets view about the fed is changing as we speak. the fed has been saying they would do interest rate increases this year. the market might not do anything at all in because they see the fed shifting, they take it out on the dollar. maria: that is where the market rally gave it. what do you think in terms of the dollar going yesterday? >> we bought into the rally. we are in the market. i agree with john's assessment. may be one this year, certainly not for and the market realizes the fed is not going to kill a struggling economy. it will do maybe 200,000 jobs. they are not going to do it. they are smart enough to realize
6:33 am
you don't squash a weak economy. maria: $200,000 is the number to watch in terms of jobs created. we have this very slow recovery that really is not showing much growth. jo: some analysts say 190,000. we will have to watch what kind of jobs created. will we continue to see a small pickup for hopefully a significant pickup in the labor force participation is the number i always watch for it continues to be such multi-decade lows. >> maria, one point i would like to throw in there. 190,000 is a strong number. this economist going so slow and because so many people have dropped out does it need to produce a lot of jobs to bring in one or breakdown. anything over 100,000 is bringing the unemployment rate down with all these retirees moving out of the labor force spirit
6:34 am
maria: it's interesting to look at the federal reserve. the big story for markets this week with the bank of japan held a negative financial straits. what are your thoughts there? >> i think that is the most powerful force, maria. we now have five current days, 23 countries. one fourth of the real output of the planet is housed in those 23 countries and they are following a negative interest rate policy has some type. this is remarkable. it is bullish for financial assets. how much economic recovery remains to be seen? >> do you think it will work in terms of encouraging spending in japan and getting people to take out loans and spend my money? >> no, i think it is inactive almost desperation. this suppresses interest rates worldwide. in the u.s. and everywhere else. the effect of lower interest
6:35 am
rates is to raise asset prices. maria: you bring up a good point because the broad economy in japan is still in recession and we are seeing if there's anything that could move things in japan. at the same time, corporations are cash rich. pretty good earnings from the corporate sector. >> if i cannot, the risk premium on japanese stacks to 700 basis points over a zero interest rate. that is double normal. currency hedge, digit and index of 17 are sent to redirect dirty. because it is such a bargain. maria: john become the federal reserve raised interest rates and now we've got japan negative? >> i mean, the market is concluding this week that no it can't and that is why we see the dollar drop and why we see bond yields go 2%. one other point about negative
6:36 am
interest rates. we look a lot of central banks for the explanation for this. when i see interest rates going negative around the world is an insight into human psychology. people are so reluctant to put their capital to work right now that there basically being paid to do it by the rest of the market. that just tells us how skittish the world economy is right now about doing any kind of investment at all. >> i want to take a contrarian view here because the fundamentals of the economy are quite strong on looking at the jobs report. john mentioned earlier the market has been wrong before. back in september about whether the fed would raise rates are not. considering the forecast for 2016 i don't see how they go the entire year without raising rates. i know we've had a very bad january for the market since 2009. the fundamentals are strong enough that i think the fed will
6:37 am
have to raise rates. >> this is what they are looking now. if the job market keeps improving and the unemployment rate keeps coming down, if we start seeing some takeout than wages, they will move and i'll just have to live with the financial results that come from that. they always say the data always comes back to them to their jobs numbers and inflation numbers. that's right tomorrow would get so much attention. >> good to see you both be a thank you. we will see you soon. a rough quarter for sales may not be the only worry for buffalo wild wings. >> good morning, maria. taken a hit after lower than reported sales in the fourth quarter. buffalo wild wings reporting earnings of $1.32 per share. $490 million in revenue but analysts expected $1.40 per
6:38 am
share. the drop in shares also comes after at least 10 people were sick and after eating at one of the company's chance in kansas. the cause of this sickness is under investigation at the company did have a third-party vendor claimed the restaurant, reopen after consulting the health department. some other things such as dead bugs on employees not washing hands and the like were things that came out. nobody likes that. the company hasn't recovered after the last report i stop over. maria appeared maria: do you want to add to that? >> this is probably a big weekend for buffalo wild wings. maria: thank you, nicole. start your day every day with nicole and warren simonetti before "mornings with maria" ibm eastern time. this nhl player received a hefty suspension for attacking a referee. we will break it down.
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maria: mark weaker earnings. loved that show with the energy space. confirming it will cut 10,000 jobs. phil flynn at the cme group at the latest in chicago. that is where the job cuts are accelerating the energy space. >> they really are. that is 10% of the global workforce when it comes to shell. you're not the only one. every energy company making major cuts in the job space and a love for 250,000 jobs worldwide will show up in our job numbers eventually, especially if they fight texas and across the path. what it really is saying is the energy companies get close to the point where they can produce a lot more oil. shell has taken dramatic steps to keep investors interested. dividends going to be strong. we are going to keep the dividend and place but it will come at the hands of jobs.
6:44 am
if you look at the oil price is the last couple days we have been rebounding. a lot of that on the weak dollar, but a lot of it on concerns that supplies will start falling across the world. back to you. maria: thank you so much. oil is up today. florida governor rick scott declared a health emergency because of the zika virus. cheryl casone with our headlines. >> the headlines won't stop on the zika virus did the order covers four counties where the virus is present. florida health officials have confirmed nine cases so far. during a 48 cases across the united states confirmed. also united airlines allow in-flight crewmembers who are pregnant or want to be pregnant to opt-out of assignment especially to latin america and caribbean. the national hockey league has suspended calgary flames defenseman denis weidman 20 games for crosschecking alliance than last week. we showed you the video. suspended for violating physical
6:45 am
abuse of officials at the suspension will lose more than $564,000 of salary. another republican dropping out of the race for the white house. pennsylvania senator rick santorum ending his bid dosing for senator marco rubio. he made the announcement with greta van fester last night. we have talked about this this week. the names are starting to fall. maria: you want to see the lineup narrow so people can make a decision. it is time. >> five days to new hampshire. we are actually on the bus of john k. say, governor from ohio. he's basically tied for third place right now. before you had a second-place hole. now rubio is tied for a third and he is telling me he cannot change the strategy going forward. he's not going to throwing a hail mary's.
6:46 am
>> you did such a great job. how was it in terms of the sentiments of the people of what was important to them. >> as insect voters think there's two races going on. you have the trump cruised brave and then then you have everybody else. a lot of voters think am i going to go for jeb bush. am i going to go for a jog kasich korey chris christie and help them make it to south carolina or am i just going to go with the winner. cheryl: it is about the money though. it all comes down to how long can you stay and financially. >> as was the most cash on hand. ted cruz. more than the republican national committee. it was still a point for his campaign. what's interesting about rick santorum and earthy marco rubio is that with a real hit on cruz because everyone thought because santorum went to the rally that he may be endorsing him. really santorum has the
6:47 am
credentials of being the bona fides of being the real conservative in the race. he doesn't get along with ted cruz. he endorses marco rubio, another conservative senator. we saw the field narrowing. i was surprised when paul got up yesterday. brand paul has more cash on hand and more votes in iowa. >> but he has a senate race to tend to. rick santorum going back to 2012, if he did well in the midwest against romney and although he hasn't campaigned, he could deliver that for marco rubio in the crucial state there may be more evangelical. cheryl: >> was interesting to me about governor rick scott declared the four counties in miami, marco rubio is still a sitting u.s. senator for florida. i don't know how this plays into it. it is quite scary to think the florida governor is declared states of emergency over the zika virus.
6:48 am
darker rubio has gotten criticized though he may need to pay attention. >> were you bringing this funding. emergency funding and that is what they need because they are trying to treat what they could see is a widespread virus. he mentioned something about new hampshire. i agree you are so great they are. donald trump's ground game iiow. i wonder what his ground game is a new hampshire and if it's going to be different. jo: he is supposedly saying it is different. there has to be disagreement about how much money could be spent. he's known to fly in on the jet, had a bunch of people and to his credit he's able to attract those people but he doesn't necessarily want to go door to door. the people play well in new hampshire which according to polling data he is. rubio, bush, and kasich who are
6:49 am
the next three after trump, these guys have been building ground games for a month. this is not something you build and escape because you realize you need it. >> eat it in that we could have had a better game. thank you. don't miss the interview with republican john kasich. he will join lives on countdown to the closing bell. you know the story. what was that? one of the most hated couples in america. richard drake is an travis and blythe danner discussed their portrayals of ernie made off and ruth made off next. ♪
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>> and that is why he made it and that is why people should watch a because if we only made a movie, we've failed. if we made a movie that got people looking at one another and saying this happened.where were we? are we that, and blind? where were the people to stop this? maria: academy award-winning actor richard dreyfuss playing ponzi scheme or sub six in the new movie madoff. much more in the end up. ladies, your reaction to the comments. >> i was watching that thinking what an interesting interview. what he was going to play martin
6:54 am
shkreli. overall, fascinating. i would be curious to know what it was like in the preparation process to get into this role and how will it be viewed by wall street and those close to it. >> one reason that dreyfuss wanted to do this film and he made the film. it was his idea was because he was very upset after the 2008 crisis. he said he wants to make sure americans understand money issues and where money is. >> that is interesting. i'm not sure he knows the answer to that. we will see. when you look at these movies like the picture, for example, that doesn't talk about how thin and pretty helped create the mortgage crisis. hollywood often glamorizes the financial market and the total misdiagnosis of what would happen. you may see it on an airplane. maria: you make a great point. it plays out to the public to say the banks are evil and they
6:55 am
will still your money and this will keep happening without actually holding, for example, lawmakers to account. the fact they were asleep at the wheel. it wasn't just the banks doing evil, but the fact there was a structure in place and the lawmakers just didn't do their job in terms of understanding that that the banks have. >> sub six was one of the most reprehensible characters we've ever seen, disgusting. it will be interesting to see how the movie portrays him and also what he does in terms of the trade wall street as well. tranter interesting to talk to them both. tune in for the interview with richard travis and blythe danner. you won't when i miss it. coming up next on "mornings with maria." as martin shkreli pleads the fifth, jason chaffetz will join us in an interview you'll want to miss at 7:30 a.m. eastern. keep it right here on the fox business network.
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maria: welcome back. happy thursday, everybody. thursday, february 4th. this may matter of pax, morgan tran allowed then and it transfixed. democratic candidates bernie sanders and hillary clinton taking questions from voters last night at town hall. but to take it on top issues. clinton struggled when asked about getting paid for his speeches that wall street banks. >> well, i made speeches to made speeches to lots of groups. i told them what i thought. answer questions. >> is you have to be paid $675,000. >> i don't know. that's what they offered. every secretary of state that i know has done that. >> they were not running for office. >> to be honest, i wasn't committed to running. i didn't know whether or whether or not. >> you didn't think you would run for president?
7:00 am
>> rick santorum, the latest candidate to pull out and announce his last night and quite a bit faster show where he also endorsed marco rubio at. take a lesson on why he made the choice. >> he is a leader. he's a born leader and i just feel a lot of confidence that he is the new generation and someone that can bring the country together, not just moderates and conservatives, but young and old. maria: a little trouble in the sky for donald trump. his private jet to make an emergency landing in nashville, tennessee. newport engine troubles while headed to a rally in little rock, arkansas. he ultimately made it and it was fine. tax filing season underway. the irs a similar problems are the agents he had with a computer outage was consistent to be shut down. what that means for your refund coming out. the zika outbreak is worsening. rick scott declaring an
7:01 am
emergency in four counties. nine cases have been reported in the state. expecting a higher opening of future showing strength again on the heels of a big rally at the end of the day yesterday. things are up to the best levels of the morning right here with the data expected to open up 25 points. currency trade looking like we see a more. the dollar was lower against major currencies. as you can see at the end of the day yesterday. the european central bank president mario draghi. mixed performances. in a k. average is down, but most initiative or higher. overnight as you can see mixed performances there. meanwhile this morning on capitol hill, martin shkreli will appear before the house oversight committee where he was subpoenaed to testify after he appeared in court yesterday for
7:02 am
the fraud case against him. first he spoke with us in the program earlier in the week. later in the program i will talk with house -- jason chaffetz. peter barnes in washington with all the details. reporter: hey, maria. bernie sanders has made a big issue but the $675,000 in peeking fees as proof of her ties to wall street to the new hampshire town hall meeting last night on cnn she struggled with questions about the payments. >> well, i made speeches to lots of groups. i told them what i thought. >> did you have to be paid six or $75,000? >> i don't know. that's what i offered. every secretary of state that i know has done that. reporter: she also said when she took the speaking engagement she had not yet committed to running for president.
7:03 am
donald trump and ted cruz traded insults and accusations yesterday charging the texas senator with broad in the iowa caucuses which cruz one on monday and demanded a do over. ted cruz shot back the reality tv star does not like the reality of losing and said trump himself is losing it. ted cruz tweeted trump as having a trump or tantrum. maria: i like that. peter barnes in washington. i would grant permanent resident president george w. bush, brad lakeman joining us. you're in the studio is mike or bloomberg advisor and gore campaign strategist hank shenk off. thank you for joining us. first of all, bloomberg advisor, is he going to run? >> i played a role in this mayoral reelection campaign. it is 50/50. the question is, who knows what could happen after new hampshire.
7:04 am
maria: what are your thoughts on hillary having to defend the speaking fees? >> the operative word is wall street, not speaking fees. he has made this into a more populist argument. he wants to get those democrats with an. people will turn out and say we don't like things. we don't want to break system. wall street represents that. maria: he's starting to postpone campaign event that wall street. it's not canceled. she's still got this with an capital but not until after new hampshire. they push back for a second. i did not realize -- over the last couple of months it wasn't that much money. $675,000. what is wrong with hillary clinton making money? >> hillary clinton is running against bernie sanders. she's been around too long. that means being part of the establishment that is under attack. you see it on both sides of the aisle. is there something wrong with making money? as part of what the clintons are
7:05 am
accused of. >> i think this is all because of seven years of failed obama policies. if young people fall for confident about the job market, i don't think sanders populist message would be as popular as it is. hillary clinton is suffering from a very tepid and very anemic seven years of a bad economy. >> that may be part of it. it's been around too long representing bernie sanders. if the best the democrats can do is to have bernie sanders looking fresh. >> he is certainly no spring chicken. jo: there is no one in the middle or younger choice in age. it's very interesting after all of this knowing what could happen. >> at the demographic republican -- problem. their younger looking, fresher looking. cruz, rubio. they are interesting to look at it now.
7:06 am
it's serious. maria: brat, jump in here. what is your take on the hill or controversy. she's talking about reining in the banks and holding account and then she got paid the money from wall street. >> maria, she was broke. she needed the money. when you are on defense and you're trying to defend something really indefensible, it is hard to do and that is why she was pondering when asked a question on cnn's debate last night. the bottom line is bernie sanders is in the court and you just did to you. the economy is anemic at best. now hillary is not distancing herself. she is joining herself that they have and that creates more of a difference between bernie sanders populism in hillary clinton's been there done that under obama. >> have about people are just angry. we don't have to be analytic about it.
7:07 am
the way they show their anger is attack the establishment. whether it's in the 60s in vietnam, the 1890s and industrialists. it doesn't matter. this particular populism is emblematic of american politics of a particularly in times of personal insecurity and fiscal insecurity. you raise wall street, bring something elite and talk about people in power. >> the 99% finding their candidates. maria: that's a good point. what is your take on the other controversy this morning? ben carson calling on ted cruz to fire staffers who were spreading false rivers about him dropping out of the race. theories are deirdre bolton yesterday. >> i've personally talked to him, yes. he said he was unaware those things were going on. i don't know what is going to do about it. maria: trump says he stole the election in iowa.
7:08 am
>> it is totally sour grapes. sore loser on trump's power. by all accounts, iowa is a million miles away in political terms are where we are today. iowa is logged in the rearview mirror. these guys better start looking ahead and stop crying about iowa. there are bigger fish to fry in less than a week in new hampshire. super tuesday is less than a month away. these guys better focus. dr. carson is talking about iowa and not what he should be new hampshire and south carolina, he is not for this race. >> trumps problem is his boat goes to new hampshire, the same perception doesn't get the numbers. cruz goes in the south carolina where evangelicals dominate the above. it'll be a very different picture. >> a big difference in iowa and new hampshire if they got organized by two people, cruising rubio.
7:09 am
a new hampshire there's a better chance for trump to win because there are so many people competing in new hampshire. of course we are going to see people drop out. i wouldn't be surprised on election night if one or two drop out before south carolina. even a trump is not well-organized, he is a better chance of winning because no one is organized in new hampshire the way cruz is in iowa. jo: no one likes hearing about iowa as much as new hampshire. they want their own vote and they place a lot of pride in the fact that there is room for candidates and they spend their money and organization. maybe that will change the dial a little bit. >> if you really want to get somebody to vote, just attack their candidate enough. trump has reinforced the cruz boat. he is reducing its own viability by being such a sore loser. going into new hampshire, will bernie sanders beat hillary? >> at not impossible.
7:10 am
right now the fake issues on the defensive. >> that is really the story. >> about how much she went. hoping that sure wouldn't be bad. they came back from disaster. >> ciardi tried that. maria: thank you so much. hank sheinkopf come to see you soon. thank you both. a health emergency has been declared in florida. >> more funding for the state of florida. the order from governor rick standard covers four counties in florida where the virus has been confirmed. state health officials have nine cases so far confirmed across the entire united states. we've also learned this morning that united airlines, there
7:11 am
might be more that allow to opt-out of assignment for latin america. in the caribbean. the irs hit with an computer trouble during tax season. the agency stopped accepting electronically filed tax returns yesterday to a hardware failure. irs says the problem could affect refunds but doesn't anticipate disruptions. it is working to restore normal operations as soon as possible they hope today. the irs so we shall see. a judge redirecting the testimony of a former prosecutor that says he granted though kospi immunity from prosecution a decade ago. this means the sexual assault case against bill cosby moves through preliminary hearing on march 8th through the 78 rob has been charged with drugging of violating the temple university employee back in 2004. this was a major blow to bill cosby and his defense team. back to you.
7:12 am
maria: let me ask you real quick on the zika virus, cheryl. when they describe the cases they talk about them as travel related. are we to believe that people who got zika because they went to places like the assailant came back where did it originate? this is a very important point. cheryl: at this is different than in florida for you had a transmission. these were people traveling. with the mosquitoes, the problem is that the fear among world health organization officials that mosquitoes are prevalent in the united states as well. a mosquito with blood is person-to-person is the spread as well. maria: so far it is because those people traveled. thank you. former drug ceo martin shkreli heads to capitol hill. the committee putting him on the hot seat. back in a minute.
7:13 am
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7:16 am
the mac it unethical. the law manual states that it's unethical to bring someone in subpoena them to you then take the fifth. nothing more than advertising for congressmen to want to get some votes in some cheap publicity off of my name. maria: so you think it is unethical for them to drag you to washington only so you can take the fifth, we don't think it's unethical to raise the price of the drug is so many people made a 5000%? >> is capitalist the company decided to raise the price of the drug and bends over backwards to make sure the drug was affordable and research
7:17 am
being done. it's a win-win situation all around good congress is just a ploy to embarrass me. maria: win-win. except those aids patients that needed it. that is martin shkreli speaking to me about his current legal problems. they will appear before congress is my number price gouging accusations. credit to him and his defense attorney. they won't be getting a whole lot. >> to appear before a congressional committee tomorrow on the advice of mr. shkreli will have his -- will not answer questions. >> poses no high-profile attorney. good strategy not to speak. >> this is brilliant television this morning. central casting called for a young, obnoxious powerful guy from wall street pharmaceuticals ceo to come before congress and. he will plead the fifth.
7:18 am
i think there will be some of the best television was seen in a while from the hill. jo: there is an serious questions in terms of the pharma industry and what martin shkreli has been able to do. when you look at how the public is perceiving him come you may think it's a win-win for him and for congress. if you look how people are suffering combat hiv patients are absolutely questionable what he's doing here. spending a lot of his own money to stay in this game. >> those are going to get answered today. maria: he is right that many drug prices have been going up. that is the answer to control capital markets and free markets like hillary clinton wants to do. >> clearly i don't side with hillary clinton on controlling free markets. he talks about making this decision as a businessman. if you. if you're a smart businessman, you will not raise some and i'm a life-saving drug. every decision you have to make
7:19 am
you have to look at the public relation to implications for what you're doing as well. there was a business. maria: is a pharmaceutical executive, you also have a moral obligation because you are producing drugs that save lives. >> cicely. if you look at who this person is, he spent $2 million on a wu-tang clan album. this is not an individual who has savvy business decisions to begin with. maria: will take a short break. what a comeback, today's cancer awareness day. we want to look at where we are in the fight against cancer. the company dedicated to finding new ways to find a cure for cancer. ♪
7:20 am
7:21 am
7:22 am
7:23 am
maria: welcome back. today is world cancer awareness day with more than 8 million people dying each year from cancer. health care companies find new ways to detect, treat and cure certain forms of cancer in new and innovative ways but i much guess. ceo stephen allen. great to see you. >> at morning the radio. maria: but you've been doing in terms of medical devices have been really innovative in ahead of the curve. talk about the most progress when it comes to cancer. >> i think it is really the early and more accurate diagnoses. the simple thing we can do and how things go politically is at the end of the day about reducing health care costs for better patient care.
7:24 am
the earlier more after we can detect cancers, what better way we can treat it because it's a lot less costly to treat and far less difficult on the patient. in both cervical cancer and breast cancer, two of the biggest wants with it on the leading edge of for many years, it's all about the earlier detected, the better we can treat it, less costly and much better survival for patients. maria: do have a 3-d machine for just that. early detection. tell us how it differs from the machines on the market now. >> in simple terms, it is the loudest traditional mammograms taken effectively one picture, one shop by clicking on most of mild. with 3-d we actually take what getting a boat piers 60 different pages you can look at and so it gets much more precise. the great advantages we've been detecting 40% more early-stage cancers that you want to detect them early.
7:25 am
we in the space of early. the other huge benefit is reducing false positives. so it is reducing women that have to go back in and have a painful biopsy which costs a lot of money, causes pain, some take off work recover, all of that. we reduce the false biopsies by 15% to 30%. the radiologist can read much clearer and stuff where it looks like it might be cancer, when they see 3-d they know it is not or it is. jo: think well of stories about how someone in her life is touched by this cancer. i have a question. you are talking about detecting cervical cancer. what about prevention? what about the hpv vaccine? that was mandated for younger women in haskell without help reduce cervical cancer? >> the hpv vaccine would likely help reduce if not eliminate it completely.
7:26 am
there was a recent study, basically a huge study of 8.6 million women conducted by qwest published in the american cancer society that showed till about one fifth of all cases of cervical cancer are hpv negative. it is why we strongly believe in code testing, the php plus hpv. if you do just hpv, you can still get cervical cancer. so it is a huge benefit, but it is not in total. as they get smarter and smarter on the cancer side -- on the science behind cancers coming to realize that more and more precision or a lifetime. now a cervical cancer, lung cancer as we get smarter and smarter. that is where it's on the frontline of helping to diagnose what it is is well with us. the cervical php plus hpv will have a much higher detection. maria: looking at this cancers, where are we and the fight
7:27 am
against cancer? >> cancer shifting. i had the privilege of working for fred passed many years ago. cancer may shift from a terminal bad thing to something we start to live with a manageable. so the earlier -- so much of his stars with early detection. if we catch people early, we can treat them and it can make a manageable. i was at the cervical cancer survivor, a young woman in her early 40s who is now a grandmother. we caught it early, treated it and she is cancer free. you start to know more and more people. my own mother had best cancer 18 years ago but then perfectly fine. jo: that is amazing to what we always want to hear. the u.s. government experts panel recommended breast cancer be taken in hat at the age of 50 and up on average. you are talking about early detection.
7:28 am
when you think about that recommendation. >> we think it was incredibly flawed. one real simple data point. 25% of all women who die from breast cancer in this country were diagnosed in their 40s. we just had a government authorized task force that came out and said that is okay. we will save the country money if we wait until 50. 25%. maria: do not wait until you are 50 to get a. >> how many people do we know? maria: what is the appropriate age? >> the traditional five minus 40. if there's any potential risk. you are just talking about a friend in her 30s. we all know people who would not have made it under these guidelines. we are glad congress put in a moratorium on the usps of guidelines to actually recognize
7:29 am
maybe that was a flawed recommendation and to allow more comment. the funny part of the recommendation it didn't even look at 3-d. they did not consider the advanced technologies and. they still consider digital investigation all. it's been on the market 10 years. maria: this is very important information. what you know about the zika virus? what can you expect in terms of vaccine? >> we don't work so much in terms of the vaccine. we were contacted by the cdc and fda. we are the world leader in blood screening. when you make a donation, we are the ones they do it. we mobilize quickly a few years back to develop screening for west nile virus entertainment started jumping on looking at what we can do to help better detect the zika virus. it will be the pharmaceutical companies, vaccine companies that could develop a treatment. we want to first help -- back to
7:30 am
everything up first help diagnose and know what it is. maria: with obamacare command of facts they pushed out the taxes come in the medical device that's coming you are using the saving. >> it's very timely because we did just get the medical device tax repealed. we said this is a perfect avenue and when it be wonderful if washington gave us that piece back to a bus to better for human health by reinvesting in r&d instead of dropping it through to the bottom line. steve, great to see you. steve macmillan, ceo of whole logic. martin shkreli telling me earlier this week is pretty confident as he heads to capitol hill today. >> the chargers are meritless, baseless. i've let the corporate speak for itself. maria: strata had the chairman of the house oversight committee taking on martin shkreli. don't go anywhere.
7:31 am
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so,. >> welcome back. your top stories, first at the 7:30 a.m. bernie sanders and the hillary clinton taking questions last night in the town hall the meeting. clinton struggleleed a bit when asked about getting paid for speeches at wall street banks. >> i told them what i thought. i answered questions. >> did you to be paid the? >> i don't know. that's kwha they -- that's what they officered. every secretary of state they know has done that. >> to be honest, i wasn't committed to running. i didn't know whether i would or not. >> you didn't know whether you would run for president. >> trick santorum -- rick
7:35 am
santorum the latest candidate to drop out. well, the zika out break is worsening. rick scott declareing a health of emergency in four counties in florida. turning to markets this morning, we are expecting a higher opening for the broader averages. as you can see the futures are showing a negative opening for the the broader avenue. dow industrials, oil prices are really dictating things. that's likely leading markets down. oil now at $3 32 down a fraction. martin shkreli set to testify before congress earlier today. sth-rb announced his plans to
7:36 am
plead the fifth. he also said he would love to have a fight with congress. >> i would love to have a discussion with them. i'm not a shy person. they don't want to do any of these things. they want this to be a circus. >> they want you in front of the cameras. >> that's it. >> the community chairman -- congressman, good to see you, thanks for joining us.
7:37 am
>> good morning. >> is this what it's all about stp. >> no. we want to have a serious discussion. we are trying to have a discussion of the pricing of drugs. he said he would testify. the whole world turned on him. what's your take on it. on the the other hand, look at these number, the whole sale price for 30 of the drugs increased. what do you do about it? >> most of my questions will go to the fda.
7:38 am
>> if you a ra tpeud price when a drug goes from less than $200 to $700. but when you have more than 3,000 drugs in the backlog at the fda. what is it that they are doing to execellerate that. i do want to ask mr. shkreli and others who will be testifying about these prior thety restrew vouchers that you are able to go in and get for these drugs that are developed, these companies are acquiring these and turning them the around and selling them for hundreds of millions so a company get a four-month jump start. that pwaegs lot of questions. >> so on the the one hand we need the fda to work better because they need to get drugs out. >> after shkreli raises the drug by 5,000% up to oh $750 a bill another smaller company comes and says we will offer a generic for $1 a pill. >> this is a tkhraug has opinion out there for decades. if you are in the marketplace and you see it rise more than $700. you sayly get in to that market. there are compounding pharmacies and other things. that's why we are trying to have a serious discussion and not a circus like he suggests. >> i know neck appreciates you
7:39 am
taking it. >> how damaging for this guy look so arrogant? is that why you see a pile on that people make sure they get him on anything like the security fraud charges that he's facing. >> i know he's under indictment. i don't have plans to ask him about that. he's not going to be able to talk about that but we will ask him a series of questions that he has the right to need 5th but i don't know that he's necessarily done anything illegally. i want to give him a chance to do that. we will have a broad discussion about the pricing of drugs. >> i think he wants to have that discussion with you. he said he will take the 5th and his lawyer said he's not saying a word. >> again, until he's actually here. he said he can't wait to come to congress, he would school us, we will ask him the questions and see if he wants to plead the
7:40 am
5th an if he this answer a serious question. he wants to be a playa. let's have him come to congress. i heard him say he didn't raise the price high enough. >> we want get to any panel here. if we were to see the an alzheimer's drug on the market and we know if you live to the age of 85, one in two people will get alzheimer's. can you say it's going to be cast at a certain price? there's no alzheimer's drug in the market. how can the government say a company that created it is not going to be charge whatever they can stkpharpblg. >> there's going to be a strong profit motive but i don't want government price control nap's what i want to avoid. how do you get that competition. i think it will this go back to the fda and how they go through approval process.
7:41 am
we have this huge backlog of more than 3,000 to drugs ready to come on the marketplace. i think that will tim prove the quality of the marketplace. >> i agree. i love watching you on the hill pause you never shy away from controversy. you said you would have u.s. marshals to hupt down the emergency -- hunt down the merge city manager. where are you on that? >> last week we informed the emergency manager. we were having this hearing. it wasn't until the day before that he had -- he wouldn't be here which is wrong. we issue a subpoena. then he said we refused to get that. when you get an invite to the united states congress it's not optional. if i have to issue a subpoena which i did and have to his which i serve that and hunt him down and we have done that.
7:42 am
we have given the second subpoena. he will not denight electronically. that's how most people accept these things. >> how did all this will lead to the water in flint. >> we had a very good hearing. it's avoidable. you have is 100,000 who were poisoned by their government. they shouldn't have made this switch. when they did find out about it they covered it up. the epa knew about this starting in february in 2015, it wasn't until january of 2016 that they did an official notice. how did they do this for a year before they let the public know? >> they come out on top of regular layings on top of regulations. >> they want to control all the water in the united states and
7:43 am
they can't take care of this. we had other problems. they want to control every puddle in the country but when they know there's a problem they cover it up and don't inform the public and people have lead poisoning for a year. >> unbelievable. it's not right. i know you are planning on a frontal boundary for federal e-mails and record keeping purposes. telling you to not make it too political. is that pause you endorsed senator rubio stp >> the over the t committee has the federal records act. we have jurisdiction -- the speaker has never said don't your job. when i did this interview i said of course we will do our job. secretary clinton has herself in this e-mail scandal. that wasn't my doing, she did it to herself. over we will do our job and look at compliance.
7:44 am
>>vy every confidence -- they actually doing a very thorough job. i don't want to do anything to impede that investigation. we have problems at the department of defense, state department an other agencies that we heard testimony yesterday. than the epa is not fulfill fulfilling -- the researcher has one outstanding foya that has been there for nine years. >> and the irs, no problems there. everyone was trying to fig the you are out if it's going to impact their tax returns. can you give us any clue as to what's going on at the irs stp. >> i read the u news yesterday that they are unable to take electronic filing. my initial gut reaction is that may be a hack.
7:45 am
you don't have systems collapse and people can't use the systems online. it's not like they round of batteries or something. it smells like a hack. i have zero confidence in the irs commissioner. he was many there to clean that thing up and make sure there was no political targeting andvy no confidence that they've solved those problems. >> thanks so much. . was engineered...
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7:49 am
>> the faa said it happened yesterday afternoon when pilot reported engine problems. trump used a small charter aircraft after the incident. >> thank you. we will be right back. cheryl will be reporting thrive from the side of the big game. super bowl 50 in san francisco. coming up, now that january is over. are you keeping up with that new year's resolution to hit the gym? irect. ?
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
welcome back to fitens resolutions. it's also probably in full swing or in a stop.
7:53 am
joining us is e kp*eu nox's ceo, good to see you. we are all fans. what have you seen? >> thank you for being fans. i think people want to hra*euf healthy lifestyle more than ever. people used to say it's a fad or trend. it's real. you are seeing it in food and activity, technology, clothes. you are seeing it from all different directions and it's fueling a lot of different demands. a mass market. >> you own soul cycle. you taking that public. >> we filed but we all know what's going on in the public market. we are watching closely now. >> this is why we are living longer. in the next ten years we will live in our second century. >> i am a big fan.
7:54 am
your new program is commit to something. can you tell us about it? >> we believe a a lot of people have gone away from making commitments. if you will get results in a exercise routine we want to make a commitment. we launched a campaign about committing to something. whatever that something is that eup spires you. it could be something about your routine, your healthy living or it could be something you want to do in life. it was shot by steven kleine fashion designer. >> nice. you ru doing well but a lot of competition for at-home work outs. you have fly wheel. how do you fend off the competition and stay where you? >> they compete but they have competed in a different way. what i said soul has -- but in home this is a brick and mortar business.
7:55 am
you can supplement what you're doing with activities at home and there's nothing wrong with doing stuff at home. there's no replacement for the community and the energy. there's no -- all those things that we create at home. it's not so much a spike in business. i can guarantee the first monday and tuesday after new year's day -- we believe if you are using the product you will get results. we want that. others may not want that but you definitely see a spike. >> i can do get my work out shirt, i go to the spa it's a
7:56 am
great business model. >> thank you. it's a lifestyle. thank you so much. we will be watching. coming up, award winning actors are on their turn as bernie and truth madoff. back in a minute. . [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. all across the state the economy is growing,arts today. with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow.
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7:59 am
>> welcome back. first your top stories. bernie sanders and the hillary clinton taking questions last night in the town hall the meeting. clinton struggleled a bit when clinton struggled a bit when asked about getting paid for speeches at wall street banks. >> i told them what i thought. i answered questions. >> did you to be paid the? >> i don't know.
8:00 am
that's what they officered. every secretary of state they know has done that. to be honest, i wasn't committed to running. i didn't know whether i would or not. >> you didn't know whether you would run for president. listen to why he made that choice. >> she a born leader. i just feel a lot of confidence in that he is the new generation and someone that bringing this country together is not just moderate to conservatives but young and old. >> trouble in the skies for donald trump. his private jet forced to make an emergency landing in nashville, tennessee. the pilot reporting engine problems while the heading to a
8:01 am
rally. in little rock, arkansas. the agency hit with a computer outage forcing the e-filing system to shut down. last hour congressman said he thinks it smells like a hack. the zika out break worsening. florida governor declaring a t an emergency in florida. on to markets we go, f have been up and down today but now we are the lows of the morn. dow industrials down 50r point, bank of england came out. we are waiting on the the jobs numbers out tomorrow morning. this morning we have seen this market turn lower as oil prices also turned lower. martin shkreli plans on the pleading the 5th but last hour to he this sth-rb should tell the world why he thinks he's right to tra*eus prices. more coming up from congressman. >> hillary clinton and bernie
8:02 am
sanders facing off in a town hall depate last night. peter barns is in washington with more. it's more of a town hall with an audience. >> way went one after the other and sanders first and clinton answered questions from the mod raytors and the audience. sanders was hamering hillary clinton over the $675,000 in speaking fees that she took from goldman sachs after she left secretary of state and said that's proof of her ties to wall street. in that town hall she struggled with questions about the payments. >> i made speeches to lots of groups. i told them whey thought. >> did you have to be paid $675,000? >> i don't know. that's what they offered. every secretary of state that i know has done that. >> donald trump and ted cruz are trading new insults on twitter after trump's loss to cruz in
8:03 am
the iowa on monday. trump tweeting yesterday, based on the fraud committed by senator ted the cruz during the iowa caucus, either a new election should take place or cruz results -- he didn't win iowa he stole it. tweeting another trumper tantrum. he was angry with the people of iowa. they actually looked at his record. >> pack and forth there. peter barns with the latest. the publisher of the federalist. thank you for joining us. >> kpaod to be here. >> let's talk about bernie sanders and hillary clinton. who won. the that town hall last night? >> don't you love the audicity of hillary clinton. say someone no one would believe with a straight face. i think this is a significant
8:04 am
issue for her it gives off the impression that she is a figure of the 1% this' been insulateed from the political reality that people have been experiencing in this country for so long. it helps bernie that he has the ability to point to these connections and saying you can trust theseish eurs that matter to you when it comes to the young democratic voters who are not sold on hillary clinton at all. i think he will continue to be successful going forward. it will be an eurish that dogs hillary clinton in the general election should she be the mommy. >> in terms of paid by wall street banks. a lot saying they are hearing she will not do any of the things she says. she will not hold insurance companies to account. >> exactly. i think that's something that voters understand as well. they know they can't trust her on thoseish eurs. she's talking out of both sides of her mouth.
8:05 am
think about this for a minute, in iowa you saw a 3/4 vote on who do you think is honest and trustworthy when it came to selecting a candidate. 83% with bernie sanders and 10% to hillary clinton. what about this coin toss. six times? it's so strange. who provided the coin? >> what are the odds? you should go buy a power pal ticket. >> then when you look at&t the mechanics of the primary schedule coming up, in new hampshire, bernie sanders is leading in post polls by double digits. so hillary clinton has to pull a rabbit out of the hat so to speak in order to win it. eight years ago she cried before the new hampshire primary so she will have to figure out
8:06 am
something this. she can't get another win until south carolina which is not until february 20th. she will go a long time without putting points on the board. favorites -- how you think this ends up shaking out? are the democrats going to put up a 74-year-old socialist? >> i think they are illustrating of how much weaker she was. 2008, she was a stronger candidate. she was much younger she had more energy. this time she has so many more flaws, not just from her tenure. there is an idea that she has a fire wall. there's more of an african american population. i believe it where i see it. i think for the democratics that's true.
8:07 am
>> wow. i was wondering, what do you think coming out of new hampshire in the the gop side. who drops out? >> this is the last shot for john, chris chris teurbgs and jeb bush to make this a four-person race instead of three. they are all looking at marco rubio, he has a target on his back. they are trying to take him down a few notches. jeb bush has come out and said he will continue on no matter what the result is. we will see if that's the case. biggest story is when is marco rubio going to start to take on donald trump. you will see the situation where you would like to see the rubio do well there. if he ends up not doing second or third. that can take his momentum out going in to south carolina. so i'm thinking he needs to start taking it in seriously. >> you think they endorse
8:08 am
anyone? >> christie has been pretty vocal this morning. he was attacking rubio on his stance on abortion because he has no exceptions. i can't see him endorsing rubio or cruz. where do you think christie goes stp. >> it. one of the things that is difficult about this cycle is the fact that moderates have been going to donald trump to this point. you saw people who were self described going to trump. this iowa. you can see that happening in future states. it is interesting to me that someone like rand paul hasn't endorsed. i think you may see a situation with christie where they do the same thing. they don't decide until later on in the process whether they will endorse or not. >> did cruz's camp do something wrong stp. >> i think they are savvy. i think they shared around cnn
8:09 am
story about ben carson not campaigning that he could be dropping out. they did a direct mail thing that is a typical thing. i got one from mitt romney last time in 2012. and donald trump is using it to claim voter fraud. >> isn't he a little late to to that dance? >> it's been a few days. for a moment there it looked like he was going in defeat and more serious. and at that moment vanished very quickly. i understand he's trying to get attention and the conversation back on him. the problem is that the tactic he's using reminds people that he lost. i would shift to a different topic soon. >> thank you so much. >> good to be with you. >> coming up, what do national security agency leak ter edward snowden and presidential presidential candidate donald trump have in common?
8:10 am
>> details next.
8:11 am
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8:14 am
of some of their assignments especially if they are supposed to travel to latin america or the caribbean. play boy taking a wrap off its new look showing less skin. it will be the first one without fully nude photos. also doing away with two long running features, the cartoon and its monthry list party jokes. it's trying to reach new generation of readers. >> the republican presidential candidate donald trump reportedry nominated for the 2016 nobel peace prize. it's not clear who submitted the nomination for the billionaire. this year it included german chancellor angela merkel. anybody can kpw nominated but yes donald trump potential nobel prize winner.
8:15 am
>> wow. . president obama got the nobel peace prize. >> for doing nothing. maybe trump will get it. there is strength ideology and new us is the weapon against radical islam and communist china. >>ty hope he gets it. his speech would be epic. >> now we know he's nominated. it's a question do people believe a and with l the nobel committee take this seriously? they have people who work their life on serious issues and trump is now in the mix.
8:16 am
>> they are smart for putting it out there. >> up next, all eyes on the capital building today with former ceo just moments away from the appearance before the over site committee. back in a minute. i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me. with once-weekly trulicity. trulicity is not insulin. it helps activate my body to do what it's supposed to do release its own insulin. trulicity responds when my blood sugar rises. i take it once a week, and it works 24/7. it comes in an easy-to-use pen and i may even lose a little weight.
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8:19 am
the dc law manual states it's unethical toll bring someone and subpoena them to take the fifth it' advertisement for some congressman that want to get vote and cheap publicity off my name. >> you think it's unethical to drag your but to washington wu but you don't think it's unethical to raise the drug. >> only a few thousand people. the company decided to raise the
8:20 am
price of the drug to maximize its pra pro* fit and it will make sure that drug was affordable and new research is being done. what congress is doing is a fly embarrass me. >> you won't hear that today in congress. the former ceo martin shkreli told me this morning's congressional hearing is unethical. republican congressman and chairman of the committee holding the hearing. he said shkreli should defend his move. >> he said he can't wait to come to congress. he would school us and do all this negative things about it. well ask him questions and see if he wants to play the fifth or if he wants to answer a serious question. he wants to be a playa. let's have him stand up for himself. i heard him say he didn't raise the price high enough. >>
8:21 am
>> he said people in congress want to bring him to the thoeul embarrass him. i think he's done a good enough job. people are saying quit calling this guy a former hedge fund. he ran that to the ground. everyone pays the stick ter price. >> i think this interview is really important. if you read between the lines what he said. basically saying the fda needs to get better at its game ap make sure that drugs are coming out quicker. if he wants to raise it by
8:22 am
5,000% --. pharma companies have -- they do have -- when invasion happens. when you asahi was responding and saying let's move this quickly so the generics can compete in this case. he doesn't want to see a cap on drug prices. he wants to see the free market process work better. >> everything you heard from martin sth-rb shkreli this week. he answered everything. he was very clear. i am taking the fifth. >> well i think he may be able to get him in an answer. >> >> it's a self imposed gag order. if she has a shkreli track record it's being open with his mouth and saying whatever he wants. >> you want to have tip vestment into -- you want to have the inestment so you see the production of the drugs that people need.
8:23 am
in order to have that you need have investors believe they can make money on it. the free market, you to have the free market work so cheaper drugs can come in. >> the argument from the other side i imagine would be the fda needs to be in place to regulate debt and see what gets out there especially if you have drugs coming out too quickly. >> we will take a short break. presidential hopeful from foreign poll toy health care. which candidate will be best for oh the stock market and your money. this hobby rakeing in big money in cash prizes. you are looking at an outdoor race where drones hit speeds of up to 80 miles per hour.
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>> welcome back. royal dutch/shell continuing a trend of weak earnings from the energy sector. the company also confirming it will put 10,000 jobs. phil flynn at the cme group with the latest, phil. >> good morning, maria, yes, once again pain in the patches affecting the market today and once again, oil prices giving up earlier gains is impacting the mood of the entire market. it's stories like shell and total and bp that are amounting to massive drops in earnings,
8:28 am
56% from a year ago. and the announcements of these massive job cuts that are shaking up this market. we're also getting a sense in the marketplace that as we're making all of these job cuts and production cuts, it's going to impact oil output down the road. so there's a lot of concern what's going to happen, we're going to create a price shock in the future, but right now, of course, the focus is more on the mood of the market right now. we'll see if there are any impact on the jobs cuts with tomorrow's jobs report. we're expecting a pretty good report. but the job losses happening in the united states in the oil sectors have been higher paying jobs created in this country. so when we lose those jobs, it's very difficult to replace, the other thing that we're seeing is the drop in the dollar. it's not helping oil right now. you're wondering if there's a little bit of concern about the overhang in the market. and that could be because there
8:29 am
was talk of an opec meeting between a group of six, with venezuela, but it's going to include saudi arabia and down playing that talk and one of the reasons that oil is back down, back to you. maria: we'll be watching that, it's been volatile. we're waiting, initial jobless claims should be crossing moments taylor. the expectation 280,000 jobless claims for the last week. want to bring in s&p capital u.s. equity strategist sam stova stovall, characterize the earnings season. the earnings season so far has been better than expected for fourth quarter. expectations we would be down 6% and 70% of the companies are beating expectations, a little ahead of the long-term average, but the real worry for me is what's happening to 2016 earnings and that's not good. maria: estimates are coming down big?
8:30 am
>> they are. $120 for the full year and on a yeefr over year percent change, thinking it would be up. jo: do you really believe that in this case with so much volatility? >> i think people assume if january is down that the whole year is down, but actually it's more like, if it's up, it's confidence. if it's down in january, it's confusion. and i think that that's what we're likely to experience because for the remaining 11 months of the year when we've had such a bad january to start, it's a coin toss as to whether the market is up or down. jo: we finally saw oil rally yesterday, what do you attribute that to? >> basically you have relief rallies that take place in a bear trend and i think that's what we were seeing yesterday. we also saw the dollar come back off of recent highs, so, that tends to benefit oil because it's priced in dollars. so i think that people are trying to figure out where is
8:31 am
the fact bottom and you know, they want to get in before that bottom is actually reached. maria: we're extending the jobless claims 285,000 for the last week and productivity numbers as well. what is your expectation for the jobs number tomorrow. is a weak jobs story priced into the market or we're going to see bad numbers and a surprise and another selloff in the market? >> well, i think that investors are feeling a little better because now the assumption is, especially by s&p economics, that there will only be two additional rate increases this year. if we get a very strong employment number friday, then i think people are going to worry once again that, oh, this economy is too strong. maybe the fed will have to go back up to four and what about the inflationary expectations? right now we're looking at about 2% for the full year, but if we end up with a number that's stronger than that, then maybe the fed will have to try to get ahead of that curve. maria: you crunched some numbers for us and you looked at the market performance after each of the last three
8:32 am
presidents took office. the market reacted positively to bill clinton, but then it sold off during the bush and obama's first quarters as president. which candidate for 2016 campaign right now will be best for the market? >> history says that people on wall street want the republicans, but history really says, no, the market does better under democrats. mainly because, you know, they're tagged as the party of tax and spend and spend and spend and also, every republican president since warren g harding experienced a recession in theirs first two years of office. >> interesting. what would the markets say about mr. bloomberg? >> i think the market would be very happy if mr. bloomberg were to enter and obviously win the race because then it shows that there really is, at least from a fiscally conservative standpoint, an adult in the race. maria: when you look at sort of some of the policies, for example, coming under the g.o.p. candidates. they all wants tax reform.
8:33 am
they all want a lowering of regulation. wouldn't these be two things that would send stocks rallying? >> absolutely. and i think that that is something that corporate america is looking for and that's why we have five times the amount of cash on the books of companies in the s&p 500 than we did about ten years ago. >> waiting for tax reform. >> they're waiting for tax reform. the problem is we're not going to get it this year, we have to get it next year because mid term election years, congress usually sits on their hands and won't do anything before elections. >> people seem stressed out about their personal portfolios into the spring and summer. what do you advise for a long-term-- or medium term strategy for 2016? >> i believe that investors should be focusing on quality. at s&p we define quality as consistency of raising earnings and dividends over the last ten years so a good strong track record. what i've done basically is looked at a relative strength
8:34 am
between the s&p high quality index versus the s&p low quality index and i've found that whenever we've been in declines of 10% or more, there's an instant gravitatipvi toward the higher quality. >> when the seas get rough, sailors prefer a larger and better made boat. maria: will these margins ever decouple from oil? it seems to me that oil is not going up back up soon. you've got a lot of supply in the market. getting used to oil in the 30's or lower? >> a lot of people assume that oil and the stock market have zero correlation, that's not true, going back to the early 1980's, their correlation is .7 with 1.0 being the highest. maria: what's your correlation? tell us about that. >> basically when one zig, does
8:35 am
the other also zig or does it zag. maria: it's been zigging. >> zigging more closely than the average in the past, but think about it, if the economy is improving, if earnings and prices are going up for stocks, well, that's also reflected in increased use of energy and ditto on the way down. we have just recently hit on a year over year basis, i'm going to get statistical here. maria: all right. >> two standard deviations below the mean and the only time that happened prior was in 2008. so, possibly the worst is over, but now we're just sort of looking for a base. maria: all right. you're a geek, sam. we love that. [laughter] good to see you. thank you so much. sam stovall with us. before we take a break, take a look at moments you may have missed from earlier in the show. >> they're coming out for donald trump. you see this acceptance and
8:36 am
then denial and then using ben carson in a lot of ways to question the results. i think it's a little silly that we're going into tax season and the government can't get it together. >> i wanted to reach through the tv and smack him which i think is part of his plan. >> if you look at the believes r, they're younger looking, fresher looking, two candidates, cruz, rubio, you might not like their politics, but they're young. >> with the c.d.c., we're the world leader in blood screenings. >> we want a discussions, we've got epa and about to have a discussion about the pricing of drugs and he will actually testify. we are going to ask him a series of questions that, i mean, he has the right to plead the fifth, but i don't know that he necessarily has done anything illegally, but i want to give him a chance to do that. if we're going to have a broad discussion about the pricing of drugs, i think this is the right way to do it.
8:37 am
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8:40 am
>> a stunning video of the only known wild jaguar currently living in the united states. cheryl casone with the incredible images. cheryl: people are obsessed with this animal. this video yesterday shows a glimpse of the jaguar, 25 miles outside of phoen. they spent three years tracking
8:41 am
this jaguar, it's that rare. >> check this out. oh, yeah, narrowest scape for a fisherman after a shark knocked him off his kay yak, it happened in south africa. he was fishing with a friend when he spotted the shark headed straight for him. apparently interested in the fish the guy was using as bait. oops. and one more piece of video for you, maria, take a look at this. ♪ ♪ is it too late to say sorry now ♪ >> oh, he's so cute! this is a seven-year-old, some great dance moves. he's dancing to justin bieber's "sorry", internet loves this kid. 14 million facebook views. look at him. >> that's what i look like in the green room.
8:42 am
>> i love it, love it. >> confident. cheryl: he's having fun. maria: thank you, cheryl, great video. we want to show you breaking news, shkreli is arriving to the congressman hearing right now in washington. take a look, we know that martin shkreli is about to testify to the oversight committee. we spoke with jason chaffetz earlier, the congressman looking into price gouging and prices going up. there is martin shkreli. we spoke with him before this testimony. he was on the show this week tuesday and basically told him, look, i'm taking the fifth and i'm not going to say anything. even though it's not about his securities fraud charges, this is about price gouging in the industry. martin shkreli arriving at capitol hill for the congressional hearing. there is his lawyer, new lawyer, ben brackman, a big
8:43 am
time lawyer, told him to zip it and not say a word to anybody. he's done so and spoke to us at length earlier this week and basically told us that he thinks congress is unethical for dragging him down there because he already told them he's going to take the fifth. so why am i going there? what do you think about this? >> i think he could have put on a tie. i don't know, this is going to be a spectacle today and as you said earlier, there's actually real things to talk about when it comes to price gouging and what's happening in the pharmaceutical injury. i think it's interesting. >> it's interesting he walked into the courtroom and walking out. maybe because there's all the photographers and press there, cameras are following him. he walked into the courtroom and walked out again. maybe they're going to go and stay in a room until he's actually wanted. >> it's interesting about martin shkreli, he's taken on so much attention and drawn it
8:44 am
to himself. attracted all of this attention and now he's told that he has a self-imposed gag order on himself. so it will be interesting to see if he hangs onto that, if he commits to that. clearly, he has a lot of opinions as he shared with you earlier this week about the entire process and then jason chaffetz earlier telling you he thinks the drug innovation has to do with the pharma and investors. >> they walked into the wrong courtroom and now-- no, the same one, same video. this is moments ago, martin shkreli arriving at capitol hill. and viewers getting into the mind of a madman. one of the greatest financial cons in history, that's bernard madoff, "madoff" tells about the rise and fall of bernie madoff and the people who took down with him. and what it was like to play someone as evil and manipulating as bernie madoff?
8:45 am
>> actors rarely get a chance to play someone so vivid and complex and simple and straig straightforward and so impactful. you know, it's like who is the guy that changed the world? bernie madoff, all right, play him for four hours. okay, all right. maria: and what about you, blythe? what about you playing ruth? she takes on different emotions. at some point she finally says to herself and to him, why? why did you do this? but initially she was sort of not getting it. >> i don't think she had a clue, speaking of having good wig and good glasses has a lot, makeup and hair was very important and props. i don't think that she knew. she'd been with this man in
8:46 am
love with him since she was 16, her entire life she was with him and incrementally she saw this climb to the top financially where they were, but i don't -- and there may have been some -- if there were any suspicions at all. it's just that their life was so full and i don't think she questioned it, you know, as she -- what if she had? i wonder, would i have? i hike to think i would have taken the moral stand. i don't know. i don't know. >> do you think he would have taken the moral stand against your dad or your husband? >> i don't think so. i'd like to think that i would have. maria: this is important. so tell me how you met them. i mean, did you spend any time with bernie. okay. >> turned it down. maria: turned it down, why? >> because i realized, what was
8:47 am
he going to do, tell me the truth. maria: crooks are a dime a dozen. >> he couldn't and wouldn't tell me the things he wouldn't tell his wife and his children. he wouldn't tell me the things he wouldn't tell the federal prosecutors. so if he's not going to tell me that and he's not going to tell me his legal strategy, which includes that, then why am i on the phone with him. maria: good for you, that's very principled of you. >> well, it's efficient, you know? i didn't want to be (bleep) for, you know, an hour and a half on the phone with him. he was already the focus of so much and i didn't want to reward him with another hour and a half that he could put in the prison paper. maria: and how was meeting ruth? >> it was extraordinary. when i met her we were both sort of vibrating for emotion.
8:48 am
for me it was quite revealatory. how do you talk to someone who has lost both her children, and wounded, but i found her to be a wonderful person, a grandmother adored by her grandchildren. and her exdaughter-in-law was at her home and it was extraordinary that she was able to talk to me. maria: you saw her as one of the biggest victims? >> oh, yeah, and her sons. maria: it sounds like there was more in this for you than just playing a role in another film for you. this was important to you for a reason? >> yeah, and that's why i made it and that's why people should watch it because if we only made a movie, we failed. if we made a movie that got people looking at one another
8:49 am
and saying, this happened while -- where were we? are we that deaf, dumb and blind? where were the people to stop this? >> part two airs tonight on abc. and martin shkreli appeared on the house oversight committee. you saw him walking in moment ago. and 9 a.m. easternen ten minutes from now. this is a live picture of the room now as people are starting to fill in, into that room. shkreli says he will invoke the fifth amendment, but committee chairman jason chaffetz told me earlier on the show he should just tell his side of the story. we'll bring you the latest developments live on fox business as they come in. stay with us, we'll be right back.
8:50 am
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>> i'm nicole petallides live on the floor of the new york stock exchange. there's a reversal and oil has changed course and dow jones futures are down, jobless claims are higher, that's not good and labor costs have been on the rise and productivity falls. gopro weak fourth quarter, down the last year for the stock. revenue forecast is below the analyst estimates on weak demand. it's looking lower again. much more mornings with maria coming up after the break. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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♪ he has a sharp wit. a winning smile. and no chance of getting an athletic scholarship. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. >> welcome back. are you ready? the super bowl only three days away. the excitement is building. how are ticket prices? believe it or not, they're actually dropping. former baltimore ravens coach and 50 champ is working with the ticket retailer and explaining how it's happening. thank you, brian, for joining us. >> good morning.
8:57 am
maria: let's talk about seat geek and ticket prices. why do you think that ticket prices are down? >> i think it's very typical. they tend to be at a premium the weekend before. currently the upper level, lack of a better word, the cheaper seat are holding at $3,000. the lower level as high, one ticket reportedly sold for $20,000. those lower tickets are beginning to come down and much more reasonable. maria: this is an exciting game. you've been there, you've won, and flash your ring, will you, please? >> you know what? it's too early in the morning. maria: oh, no! . i had to get up at 4 a.m. on the west coast, i forgot it, i apologize. maria: what do you think the players are doing this week going to the super bowl? how do you prepare to play your best game sunday? >> well, you can't prepare yourself for everything that goes on around it, but right now, as we get into it, the players have finally gotten their week into normalcy. they practiced and yesterday
8:58 am
and today is going to feel like a regular week. and they covet that. the hard time is practice saturday morning until kickoff it's the longest day or days of your life because it's like no other game. the crowd is neither home or away. a different feel to it. the pre-game warm-up. it's so long, we had to warm-up twice. i don't know if people can appreciate it, it's like another game, just like you've been doing your entire life. the game itself is really the only thing that's going to feel normal. maria: interesting. jo: what do you think about the security measures that have been taken around the stadium in santa clara? >> the league has been doing this for a while. anybody at these games recognize they've got it down pretty good whether in super bowl city in the embarcadero,
8:59 am
the nfl experience, or the stadium itself. it's-- they know what they're doing and it's somewhat unobtrusive although obviously the presence is there, but they've done a pretty good job and it's not as obvious as you would think that there's clearly a presence there. jo: do you think it's different with san bernardino and paris just in the past year? >> i don't think so, only because i think the measures in place before this were substantial, whether it was in new york two years ago, down in arizona last year. i think because it was in such solid shape before, i don't think they've had to ramp it up necessarily. >> and bill, there's still an ongoing discussion about concussions in the nfl and people are worried about having their young people in the game. do you think it affects the super bowl or this is just america's game? >> i don't think those conversations-- they're important conversations to have and the league can be proud at leading those conversations and finding out exactly what is the connection.
9:00 am
we don't have enough data and we need to find that out, but this is a week for celebrating the game. there's a lot of things to talk about, obviously, in and around the nfl that as we get closer to the game it becomes more and more about the game and that's good. maria: brian, thanks for watching, coach billick, that will do it for us. "varney & company" now, stuart, have a good show. stuart: thank you very much, maria. like it or not. politics rules. the election has certainly captured attention just look at what's going on today. good morning, everyone. let's start here. a nasty fight between donald trump and ted cruz. it's all about dirty tricks. but as the two republicans fight does the door open to momentum man, marco rubio? for the democrats, bernie attacks hillary because she took millions from wall street. when asked about that, she stumbles and her e-mail trouble expands again. yes, it is a crisis for her. meanwhile, in little rock, arkansas, trump fires up a


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