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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  February 5, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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here we go. so he's telling that is jeb bush, hey, donald trump has problems with a little bit of snow. the war is on. now, is that going to affect me getting up there this weekend? no. i'm up there. take that, donald. trish, what do we have? . trish: neil, i'll be up there with you. we're going to have fun. thanks so much. we've got a big selloff on our way, everyone. up 221 right now on the dow, a lot of this ties to the jobs report, 150,000 jobs added, unemployment at 4.9%, however, wages aren't bundle, that's not great considering people expected upwards of 200,000. meanwhile the battle is intensifying on the left with hillary clinton and bernie sanders duking it out just four days ahead of the big first in the nation primary. >> and i just absolutely reject that, senator. and i really don't think these
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kinds of attacks by insinuations are worthy of you. and enough is enough. if you've got something to say, say it directly. but you will not find that i ever changed a view or a vote because of any donations that i ever received. trish: hillary clinton fighting back. of course the fight over who is the most progressive. certainly heating up these days with polls suggesting hillary is not online losing in new hampshire but bernie is within two points of her nationally. could bernie sanders become the democratic nominee? we're going to talk about it. i'm trish regan. welcome, everyone, we've got all of that plus a look at which republican might take second place in new hampshire. carl rhodes is going to be here. he's going to weigh in. plus carnival began in germany last night and there were 22 sexual assaults. these coming on the new year's eve the country faced more than 600 attacks on women predominantly by refugees.
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we've got the latest on these investigations and how many are linked to muslim refugees. but first back to politics with the latest polls showing a two-point spread between bernie and hillary is the democratic party at risk of nominating a socialist? michael, the executive director of the new york state republican party as long as with matt. both here with me. matt, i'll start with you. bernie who would ever thought he would be this far along right now. he's going to take new hampshire, within two points of her nationally. this guy is a socialist, what has happened to the party that they're willing to look at a socialist twice? >> yeah. no, it is an amazing story. i mean no one really thought that he would actually do as well as he did in iowa either, which you really have a photo finish, basically a tie. new hampshire i'll give him the fact that he's from vermont. but if you look at the national polls and the other polls, they -- hillary clinton might be their candidate of their head, but she is not the candidate of their heart. they simply don't really like her. she might have enough momentum
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and enough money and enough machine to get over the finish line. but it is going to be ugly. and all along the line, we're going to see that the democrats are just not excited about the prospects. trish: okay. >> of electing another clinto. trish: that said, i can guess maybe some people don't like her. but regardless whether you like her or not, the guy running against her stands for something that we as a nation simply do not stand for. i mean what's happened to the party that they're willing to go out on a limb and say i want a socialist? >> well, i don't know if it's -- i wouldn't touch that it is americans -- trish: we don't stand for socialism. come on. you want to be like greece? you want to be like venezuela? >> no. but what bernie sanders is talking about. trish: thank you. >> is talking about is punishment and this is what's interesting. this is a nuance. what bernie sanders is saying is, look, there are a lot of people who are responsible for our economic troubles over the last eight or so years. trish: uh-huh. >> why haven't these people been taking the task?
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so those are the challenges. trish: so big, bad wall street argument because people get we are a capitalist nation, and we need wall street to help finance our economy. >> i'm glad that you say that because that i think is the position hillary clinton is taking. first of all, she is popular. that's why her poll numbers are the way they are. but the reality is she is saying, look, yes, with he can do some punishment, but we also have to work with them. here in new york, for example, it's 20% of the state's budget comes from wall street. not like you can get rid of them. trish: i'm glad you said that, and you should remember that. everybody -- every democrat in new york remember that the majority of the tax revenue is actually coming from wall street. and it's funny because, you know, chuck schumer, he loves to bash wall street. can you imagine if you were a senator in michigan and you started bashing detroit the way some of these guys bash wall street? anyway i digress. back to the whether of whether or not bernie has a shot.
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bozell, what's going on? why are people rallying around him? >> well, i think there's an argument that he's engaging people's heart and emotion. that's absolutely true. but that's what's interesting about the difference between hillary and bernie. bernie is talking about nauseas very emotional way. but if you're looking at solutions, you know, bernie's very good at sort of pointing out the problem what i think hillary is doing is taking itana problem. but we also have to find solutions for those problems. trish: it's disturbing to me -- and, matt, i'm curious to get your thoughts -- i think it's disturbing that voters are being all heart here and they're not wanting to look at some kind of solution. >> well, look, what bernie sanders is saying is that he is the logical person to carry the obama torch. the obama policies are left of the most left wing policies we have seen in my lifetime for this country. no democrat would pretend to be this left, they wouldn't get elected. >> but he got elected. >> he did. he did. he did by saying he would be a different kind of democrat and
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then turned out to be an old-fashioned democrat and a very left winged government and it's all about bigger government and higher taxes. trish: you're right. he has put us in such a situation, our economy is so lousy right now that you have all of these young kids out there for the last ten years i've gone nowhere. i might as well give socialism a shot. >> lowest unemployment in eight years. how is that a lousy economy? . trish: oh, come on. come on. even out there today trying to sell that. >> wall street is doing better than it ever has. today's not withstanding. but wall street is the best it has been. trish: here's the problem. have gone nowhere. wages have gone nowhere. in about 20 years adjusted for inflation, 4.9% ain't what it used to be. >> here's what's interesting about that. if you argue that people aren't in the labor force because of wages, is that the president's fault? because what he could do is something that he is talking about doing is raising the minimum wage. >> oh, please. that's insulting. >> okay. i've done everything that i can to bring the economy -- trish: raise the minimum wage,
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this is economics 101, people are not going to hire as many people. you're going to figure out a way to do less. matt, you know, and this is the crux of the argument. i am going to continue this with you guys in just a little bit. anyway i want to move on right now because we've got four days left until the new hampshire primary and a new poll shows that donald trump is going to win it. the new york billionaire snagging 30% of likely primary voters a 13-point lead over marco rubio, ted cruz coming in at third place with 15% of the vote. so how much is new hampshire going to matter here? joining me with his perspective carl rhodes former senior advisor to george w bush, carl, welcome. great to see you. >> thanks, trish. trish: carl, i know that you said trump blew it in iowa, and we can talk about that. there are a variety of reasons for it. but you also said as a result of his actions in iowa, this mainly results in a very long road ahead for the gop nomination. with that in mind, how much does new hampshire matter this year? >> well, it does matter a lot.
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i mean my point about iowa was that if trump had won iowa and then won new hampshire, that he could conceivably run the table. but he lost iowa, and i think he's going to win new hampshire. but let's be careful about relying on one poll. these were primaries hard to poll, polling is not as scientific as we think it is. and in new hampshire, basically one out of every two voters will be making up their mind between basically today and election day with close to maybe one out of every five making up their mind on the election day itself. that's why it's a mistake for trump not to be in the state today. but take a look at the real clear politics. the real clear politics average of where it is. trump is at 31 in the real clear politics average. rubio was -- and moving down. rubio is at 15 moving up. cruz 11.7 moving up somewhat. down a little bit from where he was earlier but up since iowa. kasich flat, bush has been
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moving up since january 25th and christie since january 6th has been moving down. but this is still -- i mean remember trump was ahead in iowa by 7 points in the real clear politics average going in, and he lost by three. so i think this is is likely to tighten up particularly since he isn't showing up today. trish: well, what you're talking about here too, carl, i think is trend; right? i mean you want to be catching that momentum. i mean. >> that's right. trish: you look at marco rubio in iowa and in some ways it was brilliant where you didn't hear his name a lot going into the caucuses as much as you would think for someone who is going to finish that will. and all of a sudden he comes out and does extraordinarily well. big surprise there. so these candidates that can catch that upward momentum, how does that help them? the wind beneath their sales so to speak? >> well, look, it causes people to look at them with fresh eyes. particularly in these aerial primaries. iowa, new hampshire, we think
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people have a choice, but you really need to think about iowa and new hampshire in a fundamentally different way. they have a basket of choices. some of them can be different from each other, they've got a favorite at the moment but two or three in the basket are acceptable. and what happens here at the end is the guy who has momentum generally gets a bump. and the question is how big is the bump? . trish: uh-huh. >> now, winning iowa is not necessarily the way to get momentum. iowa -- i'm sorry new hampshire reacts negly to what happened in iowa. george bush lost in iowa and won to 19 points to a guy who was trailing in new hampshire a week out. after iowa, we begin to lose in new hampshire even though we've won iowa. so lots of weird things go on here. saturday night is -- yeah, he should be there. saturday night is going to be high stakes for everybody. and their individual conduct on the road in the last five or six days matters a lot because that's where
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new hampshires say to themselves it's up to us, let's make a final evaluation and that's why you have one of every two making up in the final four, five, six days, and making up their mind next tuesday when they go to vote. trish: yeah, it can be last minute, and i grew up there, carl. they want to feel like they know these candidates. has his campaign style hurt him at all in that he's flying in, doing these big rallies? but he's not there shaking everyone's hand and having the little coffee down the street in mrs. smith's house. >> yeah. trish: is it some ways less personal? it's big descried. it's very media driven, very large, huge rallies. but in some ways those folks in new hampshire they like the personal touch. >> yeah. they do but we do have a conflict between two different styles of campaigning as you pointed out. but we also do have a changing electorate in new hampshire. new hampshire is one of the states in the union with a larger percentage of the population that are not native. so this long-standing tradition that goes back to the 1950s of we've got to see
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a person, democrat candidate for president once told the story about how he heard -- well, how are you thinking about missouri and the barber said i don't know i only met him twice. a little bit of that has been diminished. what trump has to count on is that there are a lot more people in the state who might support him who don't care about having that kind of personal contact. trish: interesting. >> but i do think he's likely to win, but i think we're likely to see that trend line continue and trump's numbers come down. think about this. in iowa, between in the last five days between the poll on the 26th of january and the caucuses on the first of february, trump's number in the poll versus his actual performance was down 25%. trish: very interesting. >> so one out of every four people field off. trish: carl, good to talk to you. i look forward to talking to you after the primary too. i want to hear your analysis of it. >> excellent. and i've got to tell you, trish, you were tough. i wouldn't want to be the vice-chairman of the new york
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democratic party. trish: thank you, sir. i appreciate that. >> all right. trish: 22 cases, everyone, this is a tragic sexual assault in germany carnival celebrations kicked off this after nearly 1,000 cases of assault were committed on women all across the nation on new year's eve. we have the very latest on this story. plus the zika virus is spreading and spreading fast. three new cases in florida is as the governor declares a state of emergency. what you can do to stay safe, that's next. and we're going to continue to stay all over this market, which right now is off 255 points. you know what? people don't like this jobs report. i'll see you back there in two
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trish: on the streets of manhattan today after a christina crashed just a few blocks away from the world trade center. this was this morning at the height of rush hour. that's the video we're getting in, you can see the christina actually falling there. had to have been an incredibly terrifying moment for all of those people nearby. one person tragically was killed. several others have been injured. the large construction christina, it fell onto numerous parked cars. one of the victims was actually inside a car at the time of the accident and a full police investigation is now underway. all right. i want to turn right now to the zika virus that is spreading here to the u.s. now. florida confirming that the state has three new zika cases bring the total to 12. this the governor declares a state of emergency in florida. now, nationally some 50 people have been sickened by this virus that is linked to birth
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defects in babies. could do be starting the start of a national outbreak? board certified anesthesiologist. great to have you here. >> we're going to continue to see cases, but that doesn't make it an outbreak, people exploded onto the world stage, we're hearing we're going to have two two, three, 4 million cases by the end of the year, and it could be associated that could lead to a lifetime of developmental delays. trish: and there's no cure for that. >> exactly. i've got three kids, i'm happy with my three kids, and as far as i know, i'm not having anymore any soon. but if i were trying to have a child right now, the last thing i would be doing is going to florida or the caribbean or south america or any of these places. would you say that's smart? >> well, first of all, all mothers are worried about their children. we want the best so your worry is understandable. but this is what we have to say. the c.d.c. has issued a travel
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alert for women who are pregnant or planning to get pregnant. not to travel to these areas to protect yourself. trish: because you don't know if you have the virus; right? >> four out of five people have symptoms, and if they do, it's fever, red eyes, headaches, something else. you just don't know. trish: what are your chances of getting it if you're in one of these countries? >> well, they're having an outbreak, there's several hundred thousand cases in brazil and other areas. there's a possibility but there are things you can do if you travel again. if you're pregnant or expecting to have a baby -- trish: don't go. >> yeah. that's the travel alert, and i would also want to extend that to the men, you cannot reroute your trip. there are things you can do first speak to your physician. talk to them about things that you can do to reduce your risk wearing insect repellent. there are stuff you can do for that. trish: thank you, doctor, great to have you here.
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>> thank you. trish: we're continuing watching this market right now, which is off 255 points. a reaction here to today's jobs report. coming up, everyone, 22 sexual assaults reported in germany and last night as the country kicks off carnival celebrations, this on the heels of more than 1,000 cases of assault. many on women by migrants on new year's eve. is this going to be the breakup? in the eu. be can it not exist under this threat of a culture clash as we know it? we're going to talk about all of that next.
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trish: police in germany are reporting 22 incidents of sexual assault during the first night of carnival there. the complaints ranged from harassment to one reported rape according to police. now, these incidents are despite all the extra security in the, quote, unquote, safe zones. yes, safe zones where women could go.
2:24 pm
there would be social workers and psychologists on standby. this is what it has come to in germany because of the huge refugee population and all of the assaults that they saw o on new year's eve and throughout germany. it is safe to assume that migrants were probably involved. we don't know that for a fact but they were involved in many, many attacks. europe is clearly facing a huge culture clash right now and why through the influx is something lawmakers here should probably be watching. but are they? mike gonzalez with the heritage foundation joins me right now. mic, good to see you. i want to talk about these safe zones, first of all. safe zones that they've had to set up for women in germany. i find this pretty tragic. this is a country where western women have enjoyed freedom and independence and colonel peters said there the other day that girls just want to have fun.
2:25 pm
they want to be able to go out and enjoy themselves and they can't because of the threat of these migrants. what is the culture clash that we are witnessing right now in europe, mike? >> well, as you said it is a culture clash and the europeans have created a big problem for themselves. you bring in people from very often rural backgrounds, different religion, and you put them in a urban setting where women are treated differently, and you -- and europe has compounded the problem for years. its pursuit of multiculturist approach. so it no longer has immediateating institutions. so you have what you say is a culture clash and, by the way, they're mostly men; right? mostly men coming in and they have really done themselves a huge -- they've created a huge problem for themselves here. trish: yeah, these men -- you know, middle eastern primarily islamic, there is a term in
2:26 pm
the arab world, and i'm sure i'm not saying this right, and it basically means that the sexual harassment of women. is this something that's actually commonplace in islamic territory? and now that these people are in germany, they think it's a free for all? they can do that there too? >> well, you know, when i have been in the islamic society, they really believe that a woman should not leave the house without being accompanied by a male of her family. very often as you know -- trish: she might get raped. >> right. so when they see -- and they have just come out of these cultures; right? they have not been really been accultured and germany is trying to change that. so you do have a problem. trish: how do you change it? let me share with you some of the pamphlets that they're sanding out and distributing to these refugees.
2:27 pm
here's one picture. they're picktoryials that they're sending out there's a man groping a woman's hand and they're all throughout sweden and denmark and throughout the area where another men is trying to grab a woman there as she's sitting in a bikini. they're trying to teach a different culture. but i don't know how to teach it overnight. i want to show you another story that's happening there just recently this week there was a train there in germany where three afghan refugees attacked two women. an elderly woman, a younger woman. well, several men, older men, and you're looking at some video of it there right now. it was all caught on video tape. this video went viral and causing a big stern in germany. some older men tried to defend the two women and they got in this altercation with the refugees. well, what do you know? germany says these guys have
2:28 pm
been in the country for years. several years. they've tried to -- you know, they tried to be made official refugees but germany hasn't given them that official stamp yet. and despite this video, germany is not willing to deport them because quote it would be unsafe for them to go back to afghanistan. i mean what is the pc culture like right now in europe? and are they going to find themselves in a real situation if they just can't handle? >> well, you know, a couple of things here. one is that the refugees that have been coming in have been practically unvetted; right? you have many officials, for example, greek officials have said they're overwhelmed. they cannot vet people thoroughly before they come in. so you have people coming in unvetted, and people coming in that shouldn't be coming in and then to refer to the refugees that have been there for years. during those years, you have
2:29 pm
not had assimilation, any kind of assimilation. compounding that problem, the population, the muslim population of germany has traditionally been islamic, has been turkish and the president of turkey goes to germany and said all the time we cannot have assimilation. assimilation is ethnic cleansing. so you have the -- trish: comes down to assimilation, you need some kind of change in the culture or you're not going to have a european culture left women already are being segregated already in sweden, they can't go to the same hot tubs as men, they're trying to deal with these migrant men who are attacking the women. i do want to point out quickly before we go in russia there was an incident recently, mike, 51 refugees tried to circle women and assault them in a nightclub there in russia. and what do you know, the russia men, they said no way. and they started beating up on these 51 refugees, punching them. 33 of these guys were
2:30 pm
arrested, 18 of them had to be taken to the hospital, these refugees because they were so badly beaten by the men in this nightclub that said you know what? enough. and i think we're going to see more of that throughout europe. mike gonzalez, thank you so much. >> thank you. trish: all right. marco rubio moving into second place in new hampshire, everyone, in the crosshairs of his rivals. this is jeb bush pulls out all of the stops including a secret weapon. his mom. that's the best kind of weapon; right? i know mine would be. that's next at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis.
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trish: the republican candidates pulling out all the stops right now. four days to go until the new hampshire primary. the first in the nation. marco rubio he's become the golden boy as of late. he's working on using all of this momentum that his campaign received from his third place finish in iowa, and he's attacking fellow candidates like ted cruz calling him calculating and saying that chris christie is a sore loser but not attacking donald trump who is stepping up his campaign right now. he is acknowledging his lack of a solid ground operation in iowa, this is trump where he came in second. keep in mind, this state has become a must win, new hampshire that is for trump since he has held such a sizable lead. he's got to do it. will he? it is a much needed victory. some kind of showing, some kind of placement for jeb bush who has been struggling in his campaign. he did bring out the big guns last night.
2:35 pm
>> jeb is the nicest, wisest, most caring, loyal, deep and honest. he's everything we need in a president. trish: awe. all right. michael and matt are back with me. matt, marco, for example. i mean he's trying to catch this momentum. why isn't he going after donald? we saw cruz do that pretty effectively in iowa. >> yeah. and what's interesting is that i think marco rubio and donald trump are occupying much of the same space. they both do better with moderatence than ted cruz. you asked a good question. he should be going after trump and those trump supporters. but the tricky thing of trump is many of these candidates have made the mistake of taking trump on. and the mistake with that is especially when they belittle him, they are attacking his supporters. that's a third of the electorate. they ought to be grabbing those supporters, and that's what they need to focus on. trish: that's a very interesting point because you
2:36 pm
don't want to alienate any of them. and as we heard carl rhodes say earlier, a lot of them in new hampshire they may be leaning one way but they're not going to make up their mind until the final, last minute, quite a big percentage of them. who do you think is going to take new hampshire? >> you know, it's interesting, i do think ted cruz will take new hampshire -- trish: what? what? whoa whoa whoa. number one? you think ted cruz is going to actually win this thing? >> here's the thing. i always felt that donald trump was light plus electability. so i've seen voters -- and what's interesting and i can -- trish: we've talked about this before and the evangelical religious community in iowa that one doesn't exist in -- >> that's true but i do think momentum matters number one, and i do think at that when you look at somebody like a marco rubio when you look at chris christie, who i think is going to eat into everybody else's lead, i think cruz is
2:37 pm
probably the one that has the biggest territory, the biggest political geography there. trish: okay. >> which goes to the point. i do think it's interesting to see what happens with chris christie. trish: well, and he's got the union leader the only statewide leader that came out and endorsed him, but it hasn't really translated to a whole lot. still trailing in the polls. kasich, another name we heard a lot about going into this, he's not doing well, bush needs some kind of showing if he's going to hang in there. how much is new hampshire, potentially, matt, going to change this race? >> here's the thing. eventually you have to start winning states if you're going to stay in this race and everyone is going to figure out how many tickets are there out of new hampshire? if you finished fourth, fifth, sixth, how many times do you get on those donor calls and say, look, i did better. eighth in new hampshire, sixth in new hampshire, maybe one day i'll get four.
2:38 pm
and donors say eventually, look, you have to get first. trish: so what happened with calorie with that in mind? she's not going to be on the debate stage this weekend. >> i think she should be on the debate stage this weekend. i think she actually has the case to make that she does is a unique voice and it's a unique voice that has to be a part of this nominating process. trish: wait. you're talking about. effectively aaffirmative action? >> no. no. no. hold on. wait. no. no. hold on. wait. wait. looked at the polls. look at the polls and carl said this, my old boss. if you look at many of the polls that they're using to make these decisions, these polls are very inaccurate and i think you're going to see once again calorie has a delegate, and she has a voice, and i think we're making a big mistake. trish: yeah, you have got to have some way of measuring this, and we do look at a lot of polls. it's not like it's one single poll. anyway, matt, good to see both of you guys. >> good to see you. trish: interesting day on tuesday. i'm going to be there. so make sure you tune in. i'll also be joining neil on
2:39 pm
tuesday night as we cover all of those rebuttal coming in from the new hampshire primary. "the intelligence report" we hit the streets asking folks what's the socialist? we got some surprising answers coming up on that one. that's coming up next
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trish: all right. we've got a big market selloff on the way right now. all triple digits, a loss of 235 points right now on the dow.
2:41 pm
1.4% bigger than on the s&p down almost 2%. this is of course after the government reported that we just got minus job growth last month. 150,000 jobs added. economists were looking up washing of 200,000, so they were way off on that, yes, unemployment did go down to 4.9%, 4.9% ain't what it used to be because those jobs aren't sharing. jobs of linkedin plummeting after they released a very weak forecast for the year. also said they will phase out a new advertising product that hasn't worked out as plan. apple is changing its trade-in policies and investors don't really seem to like it. off # .31 dollars. we're going to be back with more intel after that including a look at what is socialism? [bassist] two late nights in tucson.
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we spend days booking gigs, then we've gotta put in the miles to get there. but it's not without its perks. like seeing our album sales go through the roof enough to finally start paying meg's little brother- i mean,our new tour manager-with real,actual money. we run on quickbooks.that's how we own it. socialism. >> i do not know any progressive who has a super pac and takes $15 million from wall street. [clapping] that's just not progressive. trish: you know, okay. memo to bernie. just stop with the progressive stuff. i've got a news flash for you. breaking news, everyone. socialism doesn't work. you want to know how i know it doesn't work aside from just my understanding of basic human instincts? anyone can tell you if you
2:44 pm
destroy incentives, you will destroy growth. here's the proof for you. protesters this week are taking to the streets in athens, greece, because the country's socialist system of government has failed them completely utterly failed the people. yeah, i feel the need because apparently a lot of people don't get how messed up socialism really is. in fact, i'm pretty sure they actually don't even understand what it is. one of our intel producers went to time square and asked people what is socialism? here's what you got. >> what do you mean? social media or just socializing, like, fear. >> socialism is the opposite of capitalism. it's the understanding that you would want to have everyone have, like, equal -- equal pay, it is a very good thing because i happen to be a
2:45 pm
socialist. >> socialism -- i don't want to say anything wrong. i don't know. the exact definition to be honest. trish: so here's the problem. people don't even know what it is. just, you know, feeling the burn so to speak. you know, bernie would have been great in greece. socialism there, it has yielded the country an unemployment rate of 24% and a youth unemployment rate of 50%. he also would have been great in venezuela too where for decades the government has stolen private property. if you have money, the government takes it. if you build a corporation, the government will cease it. it's all for the good of everyone of course. of course. but you want to know the results? no one wants to live there. no one wants to work there, no one wants to invest there. and the people, the very ones that bernie says he wants to help, they're the ones that are left with nothing.
2:46 pm
you want to know what makes this country great? i mean you know it already. it's our work ethic. it's our ambition. it's our ability to compete. if you tax everyone and every business to death, you're going to destroy that. so the next time someone tells you they're feeling the burn, remind them of the protests in the streets of venezuela and greece where people are throwing fiery molotov cocktails into the streets, and they are quite literally there feeling the burn. socialism does not work. that's today's intel. all right. super bowl weekend. are you going to be watching? security officials, they definitely are. they're on high alert. we're going to take you live to the scene right after this
2:47 pm
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trish: super bowl 50 is just two days away, the south carolina panthers and the denver broncos are going to be facing off in the bay area this year. a game so big, it can only mean one thing. big security. joining me from california, our very own cheryl. hey, cheryl. >> trish, i had to tell you a million people expected, they've been arriving here in the bay area all of those fans of course the super bowl 50 are going to be under surveillance. there's a lot of concern especially this year about the threat of terrorism. department of homeland secretary jay johnson actually spoke to the media earlier this week, and we asked him is there a specific threat? here's his answer. >> at this time, we know of no specific credible threat directed at super bowl 50 or related events. however, -- and this is the point i want to stress. federal homeland security and law enforcement officials are
2:51 pm
working over time along with the nfl and state and local law enforcement to ensure a safe and successful super bowl event. >> okay. so that was secretary's johnson words but i've got to tell you we're looking at license plate readers, surveillance cameras, there are neighborhoods here just in san francisco that i'm at we're talking thousands of cameras per neighborhood. all of that surveillance is tweeting into local police. but the fbi and of course the department of homeland security have access to all of that surveillance footage, trish, and then the game itself? anybody that's going to be at that game, trish, and i actually am going to be there, smile to the cameras. every single space is going to be on camera surveillance. trish: wow. >> very cautious. trish: good. good. i want to hear that. cheryl, thank you so much. all right. adding to security concerns, everyone, that are facing our nation a new report out this week finds that 81 muslim americans were
2:52 pm
associated with terror plots in 2015. that's more than any year since september 11th and it's more than double the amount than 2014. double. here's the analysis. kathryn, president of the threat knowledge group. and, katherine, great to see you. >> nice to see you. trish: i was going to say why this big spike? but i think it's obvious. is it going to continue? >> i think it is. the report actually argues that we're seeing a dip from early in 2015, but i don't think that's actually true. you know, we had three clusters arrested back in february which artificially made the numbers look high. but we're staying consistent at about five arrests per month and that's what we're still seeing, and i don't think it's going to let up. trish: how are these people recruiting? >> through the internet, unfortunately, and the thing is this is one of the big problems. we are not keeping up with the technology of isis.
2:53 pm
their theology may be very medieval but their technology is anything but. they're switching from things like twitter and facebook to all the encrypted methods of communication like telegram - trish: telegram's an app i should just tell some of our viewers that may not know, it's an app that you can download and you're basically operating -- correct me if i'm wrong, cath written but on the sort of dark web underneath anybody's radar. >> that's absolutely right. and that's just one of several of these new tools where people can communicate in a way that's very secretive, very encrypted, very hard for the fbi to track. and we can't keep up with it. trish: so what's the answer? you look at the refugee crisis and i was just talking about all the sexual assaults on women they're dealing with in europe. we are planning to take in as many as 10,000 refugees here into this country.
2:54 pm
some politicians including hillary clinton have argued for more. 65,000. can we really be taking these people in when, you know, our own fbi admits we can't vet them? and we've got problem with 81 muslim americans associated with terror plots just here last year according to this new terror report. >> that's right. well, i think the refugees present one potential problem and many who were already here. the fbi director comey said we had more than 900 investigations going on in this country. the majority of which are isis related. so, you know, i think the big answer is we have got to step up the technology game. we have got to catch up with they're doing in using these up to date forms of technology and that's where we're behind right now. trish: lots of work. kathryn, president of the threat knowledge group. thank you so much. >> thank you. trish: . trish: coming up, everyone. why i probably know more about new hampshire than just about anyone.
2:55 pm
going to be on the ground. next tuesday for the new hampshire primary, it is actually the anniversary, the 100th anniversary of the new hampshire primary. and like i said, i know a whole lot about this state. i'll tell you why. next
2:56 pm
2:57 pm
when i went on to ancestry, i just put in the name of my parents and my grandparents. and as soon as i did that, literally it was like you're getting 7, 9, 10, 15 leaves that are just popping up all over the place. yeah, it was amazing.
2:58 pm
just with a little bit of information, you can take leaps and bounds. it's an awesome experience. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. trish: all right, we've got lots of accelerating as we head into the final hour of trading as a market that's off 900 points -- 300 points, less jobs added than anybody thought. oil continuing itsdecline, closing out the day there down 83 cents a barrel. all right, everybody, we've got a big week coming up. the first in the nation primary, it's just four days away x it's all happening in my home state of new hampshire. we are going to have a very special edition of "the intelligence report" live for you from manchester, new
2:59 pm
hampshire, both on tuesday at 2 p.m. eastern as well as tuesday night. i'll be there along with neil cavuto to walk you through every bit of it. it all kicks off at 7:55 p.m. eastern right here on fox business. now, when i tell you i know new hampshire, i'm not kidding. i am not kidding. not only was i born and raised there, i was miss new hampshire. [laughter] we dug up this old video. here i am in manchester, new hampshire -- i will be in manchester on tuesday -- winning the crowd, and for the next year i traveled all over the state to every little local community, did a whole lot of parades. i know the state very well. i also know the politics of the state really well. i grew up around this. in fact, i can remember as a little kid having one of the presidential candidates in my driveway, and i recorded his entire speech. and i went in to school the next day, and i played it, little parts of it, you know?
3:00 pm
it was, effectively, i j. so i guess i was destined to become a reporter. i'm really looking forward to tuesday. i hope you will join me there. i'll see you monday. have a wonderful weekend. ashley, you're in for liz claman today. ashley: i am. that was priceless video. it looked like it was shot last week. trish: you are such a sweetheart, this is why i love you. ashley: i hope you bust out the sash, i'd to love to see you wearing that, maybe in new hampshire. thanks, trish. a mixed january jobs report, that is for sure, adding to the uncertainty on wall street. the dow jones industrial average up 260 points, near session lows, as the markets digest that jobs report, and they say, ha, see you later. the economy adding 151,000 jobs in january, but that was less than expected. that's the bad news. but it was enough to lower the unemployment rate to 4.9 president. that is an eight-year low. i guess that is better news. president obama seeing the


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