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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  February 7, 2016 9:30am-10:01am EST

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profits are headed doup. >> what do you think? >> i don't think you can predict that, however, i'm going to make a prediction for the next 30 years. >> that's it. thank you so much for watching. keep it right here. the number one business block contues with eric and cash. donald trump shifting gears as he gears up for the new hampshire primary. >> we're going to be spending a lot of money. spending money on ads and on the ground game. >> trump promising to spend more green on the ground game to secure a new hampshire win, but will it work? our crew this week, jonathan, michelle fields, juan williams and jessica, welcome everybody. now, michelle, will spending more of his green in the granite state put him back on top? >> we know the other strategy, what he was doing, it wasn't working. he can't just draw great crowds and expect these people are going to go out and vote. he needs to have a ground game.
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people in new hampshire and iowa, a huge event, where they have to stand in line to talk to the candidates. they want to talk to the candidate this their diner, in their local library, their shop. retail politics. >> and it's been said that in new hampshire, if you've only shaken someone's hand twice, you haven't done it enough. >> true. but remember, trump got a tremendous number of votes in iowa. he lost, but he did very well in terms of getting votes, but i think the big difference here is spending money. so, eric, the answer is yes. it will make a difference. the question all the pollsters ask, will they show up at the polls. some thought after iowa, that was a problem. the crews people told me they did not see the ground game in iowa. i expect to see it in new hampshire. >> new hampshire has about a third of the population of iowa. yet more people vote. doubling the amount of people to go out and vote in new hampshire than iowa, so what's the trick?
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spend more? >> spending has nothing to do with it. money is irrelevant when it comes to winning elections. and jeb bush, trump always talked about, jeb bush has a hillary would be trouncing sanders and bush would be running away with it. voters are not like pavlov's dog. they tony respond to -- go out and vote. they vote on morality, ideals and the vetting process of these primaries has steered the attention away from cruz and towards trump. >> what do you say? i think he needs to get the ground game going. shake some hands, meet some people, kiss some babies. he can get 10,000 people to a venue, but he needs to get down into the libraries and cafes and say hi. >> i think what trump has going for him is that he's quite likable in small dwrogroups.
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he has a charming personality. i think that's part of why he gets a lot accomplished also in business. i think smaller crowds will benefit him. i think spending more, i don't think it can be a mistake as long as you're not perceived as trying to buy an election, which he's not. he's not using a super pac. so i think that yes, he's spending more money, showing i'm investing in this because i believe in my message and you that it will benefit us. i don't know. i think rubio is the one on the rise here personally, but i don't think he can be hurt by spending. >> michelle, go ahead. you followed rubio around iowa. what was the difference between rubio and trump in iowa? what did aruba you do right? >> you know, trump had a different strategy. like i said, he thought his celebrity status and the huge crowd he was drawing was going to bring in all these people. where as rubio was doing like i said, retail politics. cruz was doing almost nine events a day, an entire score of every county in iowa, going on a
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bus, doing the hard work. that's what you need in order to win and trump seemed like he wasn't interesteded in doing that. that's what we're seeing. while the stuff on the left -- for nothing. based on morality. >> it kind of does. >> what he didn't do, what trump didn't do, they point out that he was relying on so much advertisinging. seeing he was on every network, on every channel. relying on that rather than going on, hiring people to help him retail politics chlgt. >> chastised jeb bush for doing. couple of thousand dollars per vote and why jeb bush lost.
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>> i would argue, hold on. i would argue that coping would go vote for him are first time caucus goers. many don't know what to do, where to go. he needs money and boots on the ground. explain to these people, no, not uninformed. it's their first time, so they need someone to explain to them where to go. they didn't have that information. >> organization. it's called organization. needed the organization. spend the money on organization. so, maybe going forward. >> let me quickly, you pay money, not necessarily to persuade people, but to get them to the caucus in iowa and micro targeting is what cruz did. he put a lot of money into specific messaging for specific audiences even within his evangelical conservative crowd. he knew how to reach people, whether it was guns, abortion, gay rights. he knew their trigger issue and don't forget, the question about
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what he did with with carson, the question about the fphony mailers. >> jessica, the other interesting thing is that 64% of the iowa kcaucus goers ended up being evangelical. cruz is doing a lot of handshaking, but that costs money, too. >> it does. i thought it was sbresing trump got jerry falwell jr.'s endorsement. saw great pictures of michelle out with cruz at these events where he was shaking hands and talking about his faith, his pastor father and i think you know, having a presence and seeming genuine, especially about your faith is hugely important. zwl john, back to you because we want to focus on new hampshire. iowa's in the past. new hampshire typically doesn't follow what iowa does at all. they say you know, whatever iowa does, we're going to do something different and trump is is leading in all the polls by a
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nice margin. so you say that's not going to last. >> this is a horse race and all the candidates are going to bat here. i think the basic assertion that spending money changes everything. with these elections are basic ideas. the voters are going to the ballot box saying what do i want the party and nation to go about. it seems to this point, they're going towards more i guess what you could say traditional conservatives. >> final thought, michelle. >> you know, i think that donald trump's secret weapon is his daughter. i think that she can win over a lot of women. and what cruz is using -- >> said you get two for the price of one with hillary. >> i think his daughter can win over a lot of women. i think she needs to be on the campaign trail as well. >> you cannot compare ivanka trump to chelsea clinton. one is in the realm.
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>> come on. >> be careful. >> chelsea clinton's a big girl. she's a 35-year-old pundit. they're pulling her off the trail. >> one last thought. jonathan. you're fired. that was a trump line. we have to leave it there. don't forget, wake up america is the mohottest political hash ta on twitter. also the name of my new book. the final chapter was turned in yesterday to the editors. it's provocative and i certainly don't hold back at all. preorder your copy now. coming up t youth are feeling the yaern for the bern. young people backing him, but what does that say about the future of american?
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now, that's progressive.
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bernie sanders striking a nerve with america's youth. this after the under 30 crowd overwhelmingly supported him in iowa. now, jonathan, bernie's
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socialism message is resognating with the young folks, but what does it mean for the future of america? >> young people are idealistic. they believe in morality, issues, consistency. that is bernie sanders. >> they do? >> of course they do. that's why they're going for bernie. because he's consistently idea logical and socialist here. this is what he's all about. the sacrifice. that's what today's young people have been taught is is right. ask the average young person today, they think capitalism is bad, it's mean, evil, heartless. socialism is nice. it's kind. it's what's right. of course, couldn't define socialism, but they know it's somehow right and that's why they're -- >> socialism good, is it nice, impactful. >> can't even define it. >> it's when the economy is
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organized around the needs of the people and that's what comes first. that's what it is. that's what everyone should have said. that's why you should know sanders is not the right candidate on the democratic side. america runs because of capitalism. we need a healthy social safety net and that's what hillary clinton is talking about. but the young voters, between 30 up to 50% are saying socialism is the way we should be running our country. calls for a complete overhaul of what makes america great and i don't really understand it. i talked to a lot f people ab it and they don't understand that if you raise the minimum wage to $15, i'm for raising it to 12. we know 10, 10 would be safe. >> go for 100. >> let me go to michelle. why are young people flocking to the socialism message? >> eric, we're doomeded. i went to a bernie sanders event in iowa and it's filled with
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tons of people my age. they don't understand what socialism is. they just hear free college, free this, free that and jurisprudence on board. the reason why, they have professors telling them that socialism is good. they've been indoctrinated to believe that. they don't understand it. >> we heard the bernie sanders hillary clinton debate this week and talked about a bunch of program, free education, health care, free this, free that. bernie sanders said we'll do that, pay for it by taxing wall street. >> you could tax wall street into on live o blif yan. >> i thought jonathan was supportive of these young people. those young people do not like a broker like you. they think that guys like you on wall street -- your stock tips. >> because you're misinformed. >> i'm wrong, but they do thot
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like people who are involved in wall street. they think those people are thieves. they think they were bailed out after '08 and guess what, not bailed out. the young people want a resolution, jonathan. they want what bernie is calling a revolution. they don't feel they can make a living right now in this country. >> you sound like you're a bernie speech writer. take a step back when you're miss iing the bigger point f it not wall street they're against. it's self-interest. making money. profit seeking. >> you're wrong. no, jonathan, you're wrong. they want to make money. they just don't think they're giving the opportunity. >> they want to take other people's money. >> guy, hold on. >> if you listen to bernie, put your own needs aside, worry
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about the greater good, let bernie or hillary tell you what kind of car to drive, what school to go to, what kind of coffee you can have. >> let me side with the liberals on the panel. if you listen to the democratic debate, what they were talking about was in fact wall street. they were calling it a rigged economy that -- billionaires are taking from the middle class. now, michelle, that message would probably resognate with a democratic young person as well as a republican young person. >> well, i disagree with juan in a sense that these people want to make money. they want to take money. they feel entitled. i grow up around these people. i'm around these people. >> this is how i know, michelle. >> these are a lot of my friends and they feel entitled. tell me. >> i know you want opportunity and you have been struggling in your career to make something. >> i'm an anomaly.
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>> she happens to be republican. you might want to point that out. >> i like money and i'm a liberal. i want to succeed. but i work in the private sector. >> hold on, guys, this is good. jessica is a young person and wants to make money. >> i'm also supporting a democratic candidate, hillary, not bernie. >> also want to pay up to 90% of the money you make to the government. >> that's bernie. >> the 90% number, we're not going to go that high. he's really looking at clearly 50%. >> oh, so you're okay with 60. >> i support the other candidate. i believe these candidates, my comrades, do want to succeed just as all of us did. they feel the economy is -- >> we'll give jonathan the final thought. >> not going to -- that's the
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great fallacy. and then they came for me. >> all right, we're going to leah it there. on that note. coming up, president obama pushing for a billion more bucks to fight the war on drugs, but is
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debate. there's another big story, new hampshire. the state's growing heroin epidemic and as the candidates ask for votes this week, president obama is asking for $1.1 million to help fight abuse. obviously, this is a problem across the country, but is
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spending more money on the war on drugs the right answer? >> as we remember from the reagan years or from higher mandatory sentencing, this is what yu call more attention to counseling and rehabilitation and if that's answered, yes, we need to put more money into saving human being, getting places, not just new hampshire, this is nationwide. when it was a black and hispanic problem, you didn't see this kind of outpouring from the politicians. >> i don't think it's a race issue. we've spent, the estimates are a trillion dollars on the war on drugs since the 1970s and if you look at the number, more people are dying from heroin abuse and it's a growing epidemic. john, more money towards this war. >> as you said, a trillion plus since nixon. bush. under all presidents. have perpetrated this continuing war on drugs. it's in the only been a cost in the pocketbook, but how many
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lives have we ruined by concentration and all the things they could have done, forget gitmo, socialized health care, why didn't he push uz towards decriminalization. >> our treatment centers. we need to stop the flow and access of these drugs, which is why e with need the cure our border. >> these prescriptions aren't coming from mexican doctors. they're coming from american doctors who are overprescribing. >> this is one of the places where we have bipartisan agreement. let's go with it. i'm all for it. >> in 2004, there were 27000 heroin relates deaths. more than motor vehicle and gun violence. in 2014, 47,000. 47. 75% increase and we're still spending on on this. >> coming up, my message to america. ahead of new hampshire primary.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like vacations equal getting carried away. more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis. you can head to fox to see jonathan's stock pick. time to wake up, america. just a couple of days from now, the primary will be underway in new hampshire. the two front-runner, trump and sanders. the quintessential capitalist and declared social iist.
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quite a statement on the state of the union. we've become a divided nation under barack obama. the democrats have had the ball for eight years and are in the process of transforming this great country and they hate the right wing so much, they're pushing as far left as they can to socialism. blows my mind. excuse me, we fought wars trying to stave off socialist regimes. it's a wake up call. hillary will likely win the nomination, but the rise in socialism in america should be kept in check, not celebrated. hillary is just an undeclared socialist as opposed to the unabashed, sanders. meanwhile, squishy, moderate republicans are drained the coffer, only while whining that the the democrats are tax and spenders. not them. i beg to differ and moderate republicans don't win the white house u. john mccain and mitt romney for proof. nice guys, but not the patriots
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we need to turn the barack obama liberal cruise liner around. capitalism is a lighthouse. the shining beacon on the hill. choose wisely, new hampshire, there's a ton riding on who you nominate. have a great weekend, everybody. g program is a paid advertisement for the food lovers fat loss system, brought to you by provida life sciences -- practical solutions for better living. >> i've lost 55 pounds on the food lovers program. i've had it off for nine years, and i've done it by eating every single thing i love. >> let's face it, i can't cook. so i eat out seven days a week, and i still lost 40 pounds using the food lovers fat loss system. >> i've lost 35 pounds, and 5 inches in each thigh. >> i lost 25 pounds in 12 weeks, eating ice cream every single night. >> i'm a food lover, and i've lost 60 pounds, and i have kept it off for a year. i know now that i will be happy and healthy for the rest of my life. >> for years you've been taught how to diet to lose weight.


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