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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 10, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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stronger and hate us more. iran, venezuela, in better position to do harm to us and interests around the world. charles: and all more emboldens than before. thank you very much, chuck nash, thanks for the lesson on leadership. appreciate it. thank you at home. now the man himself. lou dobbs is next. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. republican presidential candidates tonight taking their messages to south carolina, a day after donald trump steam rolled everyone in new hampshire, a hugely successful night for trump who picked up ten more delegates, took 35% of the vote and proved he cannot only draw big crowds but generate lots of votes and from all walks of life. not one of his opponents received half as many vote as he, trump followed by kasich, cruz, rubio and jeb bush. >> we are going to start winning again, and we're going to win so much.
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you are going to be so happy. we're going to make america so great again. >> tonight, the light overcame the darkness of negative campaigns. >> we have done what the pundits and the media said could not be done, and what the washington establishment desperately hoped would not be done. >> we also need someone who can defeat hillary clinton in the fall. [ cheers ] >> for that matter -- jeb! jeb! jeb! >> not just hillary clinton apparently bernie sanders as well. who knows. >> we did not wind up where we wanted to be, that does not change where we're going to wind up at the end of this process. [cheers] >> donald trump taking the fight to south carolina where he has the 16-point lead in the polls. trump holding a campaign rally at clemson university tonight. we'll be going there, bringing
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you up to date what the other candidates are doing as well. we take all of that up with former reagan white house political director ed rollins, fox news juan williams, the weekly standard's fred barnes. hillary clinton's e-mail scandal widening, a day after 20-point loss to bernie sanders. a government official telling fox news some of clinton's top aides handled top secret intelligence e-mails that could have been so damaging to national security that they haven't been released. now turning to our top story, the shrinking field of republican presidential candidates. two of them dropping out today after poor showings in new hampshire. fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron is in seabrook, new hampshire, with our report. >> reporter: hey, lou, the new hampshire primary is in the history books and so are a couple of candidates. new jersey governor chris christie today called donors and supporters around the country and shortly after 4:00,
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the campaign confirmed he is suspending campaign. christie had a disappointing showing in new hampshire, bet it all in the granite state and not likely to qualify for the upcoming saturday night debate based on the criteria to be on the primetime stage with the rest of the field. christie leaves the race having not performed well in iowa and essentially not met his own expectations in new hampshire. in addition, former hewlett-packard executive carly fiorina, who had been bounced off of the primetime stage and fought arduously to get back on it suspended campaign. she hoped to go a lot further as the only female in the race but doesn't have the opportunity, the money or the space on the roster for the debate or on the trail in south carolina which is sure to be a much more combative campaign as we look forward. donald trump roars out of new hampshire and goes to south carolina where he'll have an event at clemson university near greenville spartanburg. ted cruz, marco rubio, jeb bush all likely to be in a major
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fight as this goes forward, and in south carolina, it won't be the end of the race. in all likelihood while the field could be winnowed, shrunk a little more, most of the campaigns now have the money and organization to continue on through march 1st when we have the sec super tuesday races where a lot of southern states will be voting and social conservatism down south will be the necessary voice and message coming out of all of them. it's not going to be over any time soon. lou? lou: and thank goodness for that. carl cameron, thanks for that report, and it looks like it's going to be quite a race going into march 1st, certainly. after carly fiorina and chris christie dropped out, there were six. seven if you include jim gilmore and i'm not including him since no one else does. the two junior senators marco rubio and ted cruz left the campaign trail today to attend to senate work, voting in washington. donald trump, governor kasich, former governor jeb bush and dr. ben carson all campaigning
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in south carolina tonight. trump has dominated the last nine polls in south carolina, going back to november. in order to prevail, he'll have to appeal to south carolina's more conservative evangelical voters and diverse society. trump is also the only candidate who does not favor boosting military spending, and south carolina has eight bases, 58,000 military retirees. fox news senior national correspondent john roberts in spartansburg, south carolina with our report. >> reporter: the lights had barely been turned now the new hampshire when republican candidates hit the ground in south carolina. ted cruz boasting his third place finish is his ticket forward. >> this is a national campaign, and one of the most important conclusions coming out of the first two states is that the only candidates who can beat donald trump is me. >> reporter: if cruz has a
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trout victory it runs through the bible belt. 56% of republicans in south carolina are evangelical or born again. a group instrumental in propelling cruz to victory in iowa. donald trump is appealing to the same disaffected voters who pushed him over the top in new hampshire as well as the huge military vote here. ahead of a big event at clemson tonight, trump's campaign launched initial bombing run against cruz with this new ad. >> ted cruz, the worst kind of washington insider who just can't be trusted. >> reporter: after being left at the side of the road in iowa, jeb bush comes into south carolina with a head of steam from his fourth place finish in new hampshire. bush has deep family ties here. his brother, the former president expected to campaign for him. bush pledging to keep taking it to donald trump. >> and he said we're going to bomb the -- using the vulgarity. i, for one as a candidate, here's another commitment to you, unless i'm caught with a camera i didn't see, i'm not
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going to use profanity in public. >> reporter: the surge was the worst possible outcome for marco rubio who blamed fifth place finish on the infamous debate moment saturday night. on the way to south carolina, he pledged to do better. >> in seven of those debates, divery well in the debates, i had a bad incident at the beginning of this debate, it's all on me. we'll make sure that doesn't happen again. >> reporter: a big question in the palmetto state. how will john kasich fare? he has very little organization here, and polls in the low single digits. on the trail today, kasich pledged to resist south carolina's famous bare knuckle politics. >> i'm not going to be a pincushion or marshmallow, but i'm also not going to spend my time trying to trash other people. i'll tell you why. if this message works, it's fantastic. >> reporter: the latest polls are a couple of weeks old, at last count donald trump led the pack by 16 points.
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50 delegates at stake in south carolina, still proportionally allocate bud more than iowa and new hampshire combined. lou? lou: john, thank you very much, john roberts reporting. on the democratic side, bernie sanders riding high after his blowout victory over hillary clinton, 60 to 38%. sanders last night told supporters he plans to go all the way. >> together, we have sent the message that will echo from wall street to washington, from maine to california. [cheers] >> sanders now has to prove he can attract minority voters, iowa and new hampshire, more than 90% white, that's likely why sanders today was having a meal with the reverend al sharpton in new york city. the next battleground is nevada where white voters make up 65% of the electorate. south carolina where voters are
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just about 43% white. and the department of public health announcing alabama is the latest state to announce a resident diagnosed with the travel related case of the zika virus it. becomes the 17th state including washington, d.c. to report a case of the virus. the world health organization is now warning pregnant women to, quote, determine the level of risk they're willing to take end quote before traveling to zika-stricken nations. zika is relatively mild when it affects adults but has been linked to serious birth defects throughout south and central america. we're coming right back, there is much more tonight here. stay with us. donald trump wins new hampshire crushing establishment candidates. >> we learned a lot about ground games in one week, i have to tell you that. lou: trump with the advantage turns to south carolina and nevada. juan williams, fred barnes, join me here next.
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eventually they have to end. unless you have the comcast business voice mobile app. it lets you switch seamlessly from your desk phone to your mobile with no interruptions. i've never felt so alive. make your business phone mobile with voice mobility. comcast business. built for business. . lou: as i said off the top of the show, donald trump is
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holding a campaign rally at clemson university in south carolina. we're told it's about 3,000 folks in the venue in attendance, let's hear what he's saying. >> that i can tell you. this guy, he says anything and so does mine. but you know, he's gotten so much money. here's a statistic that just came out. in new hampshire, he spent $39 million, and what is he fourth or fifth, right? think of it. $39 million. look at all these people standing. this place is unbelievable. the place is massive. look at all these people. he spent -- i love you, too. look at all this. these people. [cheers]
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. lou: donald trump, talking about fourth place and about almost $40 million spent. he's talking about former governor jeb bush. as he is implying with what he is saying, certainly money does not necessarily correlate to victory in new hampshire. governor bush, for example, spending a staggering $1200 per vote. 1200, we're going to do it this way. keeps it simple for me. $1200 per vote for a fourth place finish. marco rubio spent 508 per vote for his fifth place finish, john kasich finished second place, spent $250 per vote. you see that little number down there. $40 a vote. that was donald trump. ted cruz spent the least, though, he won on the economy, 18 is per vote.
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he may have wished he spent a little more, buying third place for 18 bucks a vote isn't bad. joining us executive editor for the weekly standard, fred barnes, co-host of "the five," juan williams. thank you for joining us. this is a victory for trump, one they have never seen anything like it. he won all categories. >> that's what i was going to say to you. what's stunning if you look at exit polls it's across all categories. not only that he outduelled everyone in terms of angry voters, outsiders, he won people identified as conservatives. hard-line conservatives, ideologically conservatives. he won people designated as conservative to moderate. lou: right. >> so i don't know what category he didn't win. lou: yeah, fred, i can't recall seeing a dominant performance like this in terms of all walks
7:17 pm
of life that a candidate attracted. can you? >> well, there hasn't been one since ronald reagan, that's been a while. trump's a 20-point margin over the second-place finisher in new hampshire john kasich was the biggest since ronald reagan won the new hampshire primary in 1980. it's astonishing, trump was criticized after iowa because people said well, the polls were better than he actually did in the vote. well, the opposite was true in new hampshire. he did better than the polls, which shows that somehow the pollsters in new hampshire didn't reach all the trump people. it was an extraordinary performance, and i think the path ahead for him, starting in south carolina, looks pretty good for the next several weeks. lou: let's turn to south carolina here. who's going to be his main competition, do you think? is it cruz? running second in the polls down there.
7:18 pm
we reported that trump doesn't favor increasing the military budget, even though he talk base stronger, better military. how do you think that's all going to play? >> i think it's happening already. we've seen ads from the cruz campaign aiming at trump, and trump aiming back at cruz. so clearly there's an interested warfare among the outsiders for that lane. do i think there are people in the establishment lane, lou? obviously, rubio hopes to regain some of his momentum, but he's going to have to show something because i think he got hurt badly in new hampshire. lou: it's a hard thing to judge, fred, isn't it? obviously stopped his -- if you want to call it momentum, momentum in new hampshire. disappointing finish. can he really reset? can kasich take advantage of what he did in a very different state, new hampshire, and make
7:19 pm
it work in a far more diverse, in every way state like south carolina? >> i don't think so. kasich did very well in new hampshire, no question about that. so many of the late deciders went for him because he was very appealing in that debate last saturday night. no question about it. i think all of new hampshire must have watched that debate. it seemed that way to me. >> i agree. >> look, kasich doesn't have a national campaign. he doesn't have much on the ground in south carolina. he has less money, i think, than the other candidates, so we'll have enough to get his message out and, he just looked like a one hit wonder. we've gone through candidates like this before in new hampshire. if they don't have the strength and organization and the money and the support to follow up new hampshire, then, their campaign fizzles. lou: got a kick out of donald trump and his victory remarks last night, saying that he and his campaign figured out this
7:20 pm
ground game thing in about a week. and fortunately for him, they did. thank you, both for being here. fred barnes, juan williams, thank you. >> thank you. lou: do you believe establishment attacks against donald trump will succeed or backfire? we'd like to hear from you on that because they're coming after him. go twitter and vote away please. a reminder, i should say one vote, one viewer, that's the way it works. when i say vote away, follow me on twitter, "like" me on facebook, follow me on instagram. links to everything found at breaking news, the justice department just moments ago filed a lawsuit against a city of ferguson, missouri. the 56 page lawsuit alleges the city and police department continue to violate the civil rights of black residents. ferguson has been under scrutiny from the department of justice since officer darren
7:21 pm
wilson shot and killed black teenager michael brown, who was attacking him. that 18 months ago sparking violent protests. a professional bmx rider has just secured himself a new world record. travis pastrana completing a stunt, a double back flip 360 or the ozzie roll, i continue as the ozzie roll, the first time a stunt of this kind has been perform. pastrana wrote on facebook, the trick took three years to perfect. up next, thoughts on history made in new hampshire, and a note to all criminals, don't run from police. we're coming right back.
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7:26 pm
votes of senator cruz who finished third. trump's dominance extended across all major voting blocs and demographics, young men and women, old and conservatives, trump won, he split the vote with john kasich among voters who decided in the last few days on their vote. the win added ten delegates to trump's total of delegates which stands at 17. he is the front-runner in the delegate count as well now. on the democratic side, bernie sanders dominant in his win over hillary clinton. the socialist senator want to clinton in nearly every voting bloc and nearly every demographic category except for two, voters over the age of 65 and those making over $200,000 went for clinton. slightly older, a little wealthier. so we have a billionaire populist and a democratic socialist tearing up conventional wisdom.
7:27 pm
they're stupefying sagacious analysts and moving the nation to take note that partisan politics this year is actually working. as our founding fathers intended. democratic and republican candidates are talking about real issues that matter to most americans. issues that had in the been debated seriously by presidential candidates in almost three decades. the third rails of social security, entitlement, for that matter, what candidate would ever before have insisted on debating socialist versus capitalism. confronting corporate power on the issues about sourcing of jobs outsourcing manufacturing plants and factories, the loudest and most direct voices on all these issues happen to belong to the two candidates who won in new hampshire. both have excited their supporters, animated voters expecting far less of them, and they're putting fear in the hearts of those in the
7:28 pm
establishment who assume that imperceptible wage increases over 30 years for many americans, a stagnant, stubborn economy and middle class living with frustration and fear and now dwindling, could all be ignored for another decade. that the new normal would be tolerated by americans in perpetuity. not so, not until we see whether the establishment will succeed in killing the candidacies of the two leading disruptors, sanders and trump. onward to south carolina. now, the quotation of the evening on disruptors and disruption from naomi wolf. she said, quote -- free speech is exactly what americans have always expected of our leaders and it appears
7:29 pm
now we have a chance of realizing that expectation through the campaign of 2016. we're coming right back. hillary clinton's campaign is in deep trouble. voters who like honesty and integrity apparently don't like clinton. we take that up and much more with former white house political director ed rollins here next. a cheetah surprises tourists on a safari. we'll have the video for you, coming up right after these messages. stay with us. equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis. every year, the amount of data your enterprise uses goes up. smart devices are up. cloud is up. analytics is up. seems like everything is up except your budget. introducing comcast business enterprise solutions.
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lou: joining me now ed rollins fox news contributor. >> thank you. lou: this had to be spectacular for you to watch. particularly with your interest and knowledge to watch unfold. what is your take away from new hampshire. >> that there is something going on in this country that is revolutionary it occurs maybe every 30 years, trump and sanders represent that. anyone that underestimates their movement or their ability to stay in this race, they are kidding themselves their are a lot of unhappy, young people who are on both sides, we need to study this election. donald trump no matter, if he wins loses the rest of the way, i believe he is a serious candidate, he be the factor.
7:34 pm
lou: trump is sending out signals he is adjusting, his persona will adjust. it seems he says, you know, disregard some of my colorful language, don't worry about, that but listen to what i'm saying. >> that is important, iowa is a good exercise for him, coming in second there woke him up a little bit. he is till not run a real campaign, he is not spending any money, no advertising. lou: he put in a good half million. in new hampshire. >> yeah, 30 something odd million that bush put in. you know, really about him at-this-point. lou: that is interesting how it works, other people's money, and your own. seems there is a divide.
7:35 pm
kennedy: the interesting thing is, he is a billionaire. you are smart, you dont' waste your money. asimov forward -- z you move forward, he has to be favorite, he will be on stage with two senators and governors it will be interesting how the dynamics go. lou: with governor christie stepping out, is this a fair fight the debates, one could argue it was never. he won every debate he has been in. >> trump? lou: yes. >> certainly, he will be front and center again. my sense today is not front center, he has a big victory there is a confidence level. lou: he is not short on that. >> no, and he is catching on to the game, and he has been substantive.
7:36 pm
lou: it has been varied, but he has been so on message. some sounds like repetitive phrases it is, whether it is the military or transpacific partnership, the free trade he comes down the same place. >> equally important is what he said when you put the post election, and pre-elect polls he says what the people agree with. there is nothing controversial at-this-point. they start out controversial. lou: and he said this now, trump said he is the guy who started talking about it. guess what? he is. but on the democratic side, sanders, you talk about revolution, he is not backing off a dime on any one of these radical by my definitions, proposals. >> and mine, he is turning on the young people, here is th
7:37 pm
the inevitable nominee president, he beat her worse than obama did, with a tremendous victory there yesterday in a state that people pay a lot of attention to, now they say. i am telling you, he will give her a run. they are pr proportional, not like she can go to south carolina and the game is over issue he will get delegates, the irony today my 20-year-old daughter is a big hillary fan in ireland, and she is saying, if they play superdelegate game, and take this away from him. lou: clinton is ahead on that. >> that is all of the establishment. she should know she lost by superdelegates last night, the idea he is going away is crazy, he is a significant force. i would not have wanted to be in the clinton campaign today. lou: as we look to south
7:38 pm
carolina that looks like the most exciting contest. it will be, like we say this every time. this is a test for all of those candidates. >> no queens bury rules, it is fists, and elbows. lou: what do you make of super pac, to destroy donald trump? who is funding that? >> they are not doing a good job whatever. lou: they talk good. >> they do. lou: anyway, i've -- i getter leave it there, ed. >> thank you. >> vote on our poll do you believe establishment attacks again donald trump will succeed or backfire? cast on twitter at lou dobbs news. >> a london thief took a fall, he was -- he can be seen on the video, he was tripped up.
7:39 pm
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7:40 pm
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to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ lou: breaking news. senate just passed new sanctions against north korea. sanctions to punish north korea are in carrying out nuclear, and ballistic missile tests. the bipartisan bill approve 96-0. >> pentagon planning to deploy 500 soldiers to afghanistan helmand province, marking a reversal for obama administration that pulled troops two year ago from the area, afghanistan not only forey policy challenge. nato today, announcing plans to deploy troops to eastern europe, and amid growing russian provocations there, but that decision on make up of force is the decision of the force will not be
7:45 pm
finalized until summer. united states planning to deploy several f-15 fighter jets to finland to take part in joint military drill, those exercises to provide a counter point to the russian military exercises. however, our f-15s not being sent until may. joining us now, former pentagon official, fox news national security analyst, kt mcfarland. is this theater of the absurd. >> yeah. lou: this is so silly. >> it makes motion look like progress. nothing is making a hoot of difference, the real elephant in the room and iran, and their nuclear program, the fact that obama administration gave up everything, everything that the iran's wants in
7:46 pm
hoping that moderates in iran would be in top. that deal is not worth the paper is it is written on. lou: they realize they missed revolution by 6 years. >> they don't, when the iranians initially went to streets, they were saying obama, where are you, he turned his back. he was the already trying to negotiate with -- thinking somehow he would term them out of their zeal. lou: he realized we're witnessing, nuclear proliferation at alarming rate iran we're financing it rather than constraining it and nok next we're doing nothing. -- and in case of nok nec north korea we're doing nothing. and kim jong-un did not get a memo from this administration,
7:47 pm
we look like a bunch of fools, this administration is the laughing stalk of the world. >> president obama came into was thinking that america should be taken down a couple of pegs, if we sketc skep back, somehow a company byia will breaky documen kumbaya will come? lou: i can't begin to imagine the debate rubio, and christie going at it over the issue of whether obama knew what the heck he was talking about or didn't. the reality is that end of the day he does not. >> it does not make a difference, the result is the same. here we are, being pushed around by everyone. and for the next year, until a new president comes in. this will accelerate. lou: are we in danger of
7:48 pm
watching neocons reemerge? who are ready to go fight. >> another war? i soa hope not, i think that neocons have a lot of explaining to do as does president obama fors passive approach he had. lou: it is really, the polar ar extremes if you will. >> the worst of all worlds, policy that works is one in middle, that is what the neocons have not followed and president obama not followed, interestingly that was president reagan's policy that won cold war without fire a shot, ushering in the greatest period of peace and prosperity. lou: i have a number to share with you, 344. i got that from device you were kind enough to give me on marking number of days, until we have a new president. thank you so much.
7:49 pm
>> the count down clock. lou: that is right. thank you. lou: thank you, on wall street, stocks closed mix, dow falling 100, s&p lost a fraction, nasdaq up 15, volume on the big board slipping down, a reminder to listen to my reports three time a day. on salem radio network. newly released time lapse video showing something you will find spectacular and out of this world. british astronaut tim peet with this stunning video from the iss, as electrical storm unfoldeds below him. flashes of light seen as the isspasses over north africa, turkey, and russia, peet is return to earth in june of this year. up next, bernie sanders having the best week o ever.
7:50 pm
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lou: ted cruz continuing his attacks on trump in a new campaign ad, featuring kids, there you see trump. the kids, there is one. allegedly pretending to be, we're told, a republican. >> i gave money to nancy pelosi, and reid and anthony weiner. >> -- i'm going to take your house. park my limo there. lou: trump, 35%. cruz 12%. now, we always turn to the co-host of red eye, andy levy.
7:55 pm
joanne. >> as well, it is dirty politics. >> it is. but excellent performances by the child actors. the names and words they had to say. memorize, i am sure they were fed lines. they did a great job. lou: do you think there should be a state or federal agency called by trump can pain to talk about the abuse of children? >> i think i agree with you on this lou. how -- how dare he attack the frontrunner. lou: right. >> i think i learned from this whole national review, their issue, a lot of people were mad. lou: the medieval issue. >> they were attacking frontrunner now ted cruz is doing it, what a shame, we could be look at jail time. >> i feel that barbie or doll
7:56 pm
looks like a hybri a hybrid between ted cruz and donald trump, if you were a child you could confuse that doll. lou: last thing you want is confusion over dolls. >> easy way to remember trump is one that tried to take old lady's property it build a parking garage for his limb seeps. limousines. lou: but relented and as i understand. >> relented. lou: he was told to back off. >> by the court. lou: she took a half million, which is less. >> charles manson has relented from killing people. lou: if he ran this year, manson, i would be more interested in talking about him with you, you pop culture savant. on sanders and basketball. this is historic. here he goes, one -- and
7:57 pm
their. it would be nice if we be see the whole -- there you go. take my word for first 2. look at this man, he is a machine. unbelievable. >> and you thought rubio was a robot. lou: i beg your towar pardon, you tooka wonderful athletic% operformance and sully it with an insult. >> ho dar how dare. >> you that say sweet spot like new hampshire for bernie. lou: in the zone. are you impressed. >> bernie was on his elementary school basketball time that won brooklyn borough championship, high was also captain of his track team, and took third place on new york indoor pile race.
7:58 pm
lou: i was a third grade hall monitor myself. . >> there's all this boycotting on, boycott the bag, give all of that to charity. lou: i wonder if the $200,000 worth of swag will influence them to break the boycott. >> lou, i lived in los angeles for ten years and i was the publicist for the 69th academy awards. lou: i think you want to hall monitor. >> every single thing in the
7:59 pm
bag is a necessity. lou: like what? >> the vampire breast lift. the walking -- lou: breath lift? >> breast lift. the walking tour of japan. do you know how hard leo dicaprio had to work on "the revenant"? he needs a walking tour of japan, lou. lou: that's the first thing he wants to do. >> you know this is great for the actors and directors for assistants, because they're the ones that get it. lou: that's terrific. turn to the pc police, is it time to turn in badges or weaponry? >> are we talking about the san diego? lou: yes. >> should i have -- i'm sorry, i forgot to mention the founding fathers, not to be referred to as fathers. >> i think our founding parents would have understood what was going on here. i thought this was like a computer error, like someone said we need to be better about
8:00 pm
gender biased language and instead of looking at example, a computer program flagged founding fathers. lou: i ran out of time, thanks for being with us, and join us tomorrow. good night from new york. kennedy: and hello to you. i'm watching two frustrated curmudgeons that launched out of new hampshire into a new phase of the election. bernie sanders and donald trump have won, so what does this say about similarities and the strange path ahead? here's a bit of bernie's unending victory speech from last night. >> because of a huge voter turnout, and i say huge, we won, because the energy, and


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