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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  February 11, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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any last comment, gretchen? >> i want to know if this is ashley's tea or yours? no, no. i'm nervous about the market today. i like the last guest who said it was 2011 and not 2008. stuart: interesting. ash, gretchen, neil, it is yours, take it away please. neil: big news item, do you serve your fests tea? >> yes. neil: that is british set for you. you can't let go, can you, varney? thanks, guys. we're focusing on on the big selloff, what is driving it. oil goes down, these guys go down. we're really keeping a close eye on nasdaq, in and out of bear market territory which would be a tum he -- tumble of about 20%. we're looking at highs from 19%. netflix is dragging down technology. this has been really the swan song of technology stocks but a couple of some of the other bigger names, they kind of held
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the nasdaq up for a while because, if you think about it, 2/3 of the nasdaq components are well into bear market territory and well past correction territory. why do you follow that so much? well, sometimes when we dip into a bear market we don't dip out of it. normally when you do, you sort of stay around town for a while. meanwhile instant beneficiary when people get rather anxious about the market and stocks, wellthey park their money in bonds. the yields have collapsed as a result. think about what that means. people would happily accept 1 1/2% on their money rather than lose their money. so that is interesting development. you always see when the market cascades. all right. oil started this, as i say, phil flynn, on what's goings-on and how low do we go. phil, what do you think? >> well right now, neil, we hold the low for the year. they were testing that when the global markets were melting down.
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and that's going to be a key number. a lot of people, more people than ever are betting that oil prices are going to go to $25 a barrel. how do i know that the? you look at the open interest in the options. that's how people bet where they think oil prices are going to go and there is a regard amount of people that oil will hit $25 a barrel in the next 10 days because as options expire the 17th. what we're seeing there is still a lot of bearishness and that is the price level people are going to. but right now the markets seems to have a bit of a bounce. oil seems to be rallying off of some of janet yellen's comments believe it or not. it is amazing to me those comments the way everybody is watching to see what she says. she said she didn't anticipate the dollar strength. she doesn't anticipate negative interest rates. i don't know why she shouldn't
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because she really should have. whenever we see markets move a divergence of rate course between what we're doing and rest of the world is doing. she should have seen that coming. that has disturbed market a little bit. neil: my present, thank you very, very much. it is scary time down there. to new york stock exchange we find our nicole petallides on what sectors are really getting creamed right now. nicole. >> all 10 sectors are lower, neil. financials, industrials, materials and energy are the four worst. financials when we look at that take a look at the dow down 320. tumbling interest rates. when we see interest rates are the lowest since 2012. that weighs on these financials, right? as rates go up there were hopes for the group. you see goldman sachs, year-to-date, 20%. we have a few warnings, citigroup down 25%. bank of america down 6%. wells fargo when you look at
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group in the s&p 500, half are hitting 52-week lows. names like prudential, down 19%. lincoln down 40%. these names obviously are very, very susceptible to the moves, not only the treasury moves but the global worries about the slowdown. this is the worst group of 2015. these are in everybody's 401(k)s and ira, whatever you have. s&p, dow and big picture here, there is also the worries about the banks abroad. that gives a little trickle effect. back to you. neil: nicole, interesting when you talk to folks, when selloff started gaining steam middle d year it was greeted calmly. i notice with each success, triple digit hit. >> what started gaining steam? >> when selloff gaining steam. >> the selloff. neil: i'm wondering whether the calm reaction not to the point happily accepting it, but being sort of low-key about it i notice a few more frantic traders these days. >> i heard some times, neil, they want real carnage. they want the real selloff.
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they want what is called capitulation. neil: right. >> they feel like we're getting a little slice, little slice. we had 26 days of 200 point swings. enough already. that is really feeling here. they want that big selloff so they can purge and start over but they're just not getting it. there is somewhat of anxiety. see that in the fear index. neil: nicole, catch her bright an early. great disposition, great move. even if markets are tanking, way, way early at 5:00 a.m. she is sort of there to brace it for the day. we talk about this capitulation. very analogous to ripping off a bandaid. you know it will hurt like heck. get pain out of the way and deal with it. little bit of sort of ripping it off a little bit at a time, depend on trader, how it suits them. john tamny is a bull through all of this. dan shaffer a bear through all of this. dan, bear argument certainly in vogue today is what? >> well, janet yellen testifying on capitol hill certainly shows
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that she does want to raise interest rates. everybody keeps talking about these negative interest rates but i don't think the fed is going to do that. so the way my technical analysis is lining up is that the dollar will continue to get stronger. interest rates will inch much up this year because the fed has to follow mandates which sun employment number which is right at their target. wages are right at their target. maybe the economy is slowing down a little bit but i don't think enough for the fed to say it is enough to lower interest rates. and this, neil, is very similar to the late 1930s which caused the great depression. so my targets on the stock market right now, going like phil saying options expire next week, into next friday cycle low. we're looking for 1760 on the s&p and below 15,000 on the dow. neil: all right. so by your math we still have about another 7 plus percent to go? >> yeah. it won't be the end. this will be a cycle low. neil: great. >> another low into april.
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neil: aren't you a harbinger of great things. >> sorry, neil. neil: john, you don't quite see things that way. what do you see that he does not? >> stronger dollar historically lured investors back into u.s. stocks. look at low oil price, we had oil much lower in the 80s and '90s and coincided with very major bull markets and by definition it should have. let's face it, backwards countries extract oil. think venezuela, think iran, think equatorial guinea. the fact that we can import for our much more advanced economy is a very bullish sign alongside a strong dollar and i think the fed is irrelevant. the fed interacts with banks increasingly shrinking aspect of total lending. neil: you know, dan, when i step back and look at this market, mentioned janet yellen i think she confuses foles because yesterday the read i got from her, i was in the new hampshire at time, well, market volatility comes into the equation, i'm
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paraphrasing here i think i'm paraphrasing but we have plenty of volatility. you would almost think markets and their volatile reaction would themselves lead to a calming wave of buying because because that volatility is what apparently the federal reserve would look to make a move or not mach a -- a move to eyes the angst out there. not happening. why not? >> that is a very good point and everybody does watch the fed. the point i see and the way janet yellen is talking, first of all, she doesn't even know if she has the ability to go with negative rates. she says she has to check. the second thing this time around the federal reserve may not come to the rescue. they have done that for over five years. their balance sheet matches dow jones industrial average increase. and now they're probably saying to themselves, you know, we don't have a mandate that says we're supposed to support the stock market. we need to get interest rates back to where they were before. and so they may take the path of saying you know what? one more notch up.
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let market come in a little bit. neil, the market could come in another 1,000, 2,000 dow points. they still don't have to be jittery upset about it. if they're trying to get cash into the system, they need to start paying interest on cash balances and money markets. neil: i don't know if they're going to do that. john, one of the things i noticed, we're talking about, you know, adding cash to the market, whatever, we're looking at treasury yields that are the lowest in close to four years. we're looking at lowest gas prices that we're seeing in this entire cycle. so you could argue that that is a cushion for these markets. what do you think? >> well, yeah. why would we want to put a cushion under the markets in the first place? a correction can be a very healthy thing whereby -- neil: as long as it is just a correction, right? free falls into a bear market, that last as while, right? >> yeah, but ben affleck had a
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correction because he made gili. but forced him to make argo. neil: that is very good. >> i have a lot of good things. but beyond that, you look at the fed here. the fed interacts with banks that lend a shrinking amount of total money. i think 15%. the fed can not increase credit. all it can do is force the misallocation of some of it. so if the fed's doing nothing, that also is bearish because it is going to mean the real pros will allocate capital and credit to where it needs to go. neil: the question is when i guess. gentlemen, thank you both very much, movie references and all. you might notice no one mentioned the upcoming batman versus superman movie. i think wisely so. blake burman. candidates are addressing this on the campaign trail. a little convoluted here but blake, what are you hearing from them? >> they don't get into day-to-day fluctuations down red, up green. the economy is certainly talking point.
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the republicans talk to lack of growth they see in the economy. give you within example. john kasich in south carolina. just wrapped up speech we were listening to. he was talking about the economy. said it is coming along he feels. but he added that the government is quote, bungling everything. >> it's not great. it's terrible. worst recovery since world war ii. but, you know, if they got it right, control regulations, cut tax, don't raise them, and control the spending we would start growing like you wouldn't believe! reporter: senator marco rubio long contended that lawmakers don't create jobs. says the environment for which businesses can provide those opportunities. he's in south carolina as well. yesterday he pointed to just like kasich, slow growth as well >> gas prices are down but the economy isn't growing. jobs are aren't being created. there is lack of confidence in the future as well.
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all of these things combining at once. that is the road we're on right now. reporter: democrats, they pound wall street, neil, for one example, bernie sanders gone on as far to say that the system he feels is rigged. back to you. neil: blake, thank you very, very much. take one more look at the markets before we take a break here. we're down 318 points. an interesting development, it might be esoteric i want to pass it along, how companies are getting skiddish we see recession coming or slowdown coming. one thing to whine about it and do it in what you're doing. royal dutch/shell, canceled a better than 14 1/2 billion dollars bridge credit facility. that was mechanism which it was going to complete a purchase. it is using cash on hand. it doesn't see value in doing that as oil prices slip away. better to deal with the cash on hand than the volatility in the credit markets themselves.
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when you're doing this at cycle lows in the interest rates, they seem to be saying, you know rates could go lower. we don't see great level at borrowing at high level to do something. they have obviously shook their hands to say, you know what? we see rates going lower. why should we go ahead and borrow at these rates, much like you holding off decision to refinance a mortgage or buy a home if you think that you can get a better deal on rates or better deal on the home? when a big oil giant starts rea- reassessing things and means it will pay for things, that is something to watch. i know its boring but i am boring. that is what i live for. someone disagreed. all the rest of you nodded their head. chris christie is out. chris christie is out. he did have a lot of big money backers. where are they going to go? where do you think? after this.
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neil: first thing that hit me when i got in from new hampshire. it is cold here. maybe colder. i immediately called my staff on the phone. that is way i roll. we're always moving. we have to get weather update because there is cold-snap across the country. neil, our meteorologists are busy. they can't do anything. i understand that we're never in short supply of those who know the weather. that is where i want to bring in my buddy to sort of tell us what is going on. >> hi, neil. neil: matt, we should stress you're not a meteorologist? >> i'm not. neil: you're a pretty good judge of weather. >> i think i am. neil: help us out. >> well, moments ago, actually
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sunny out. now it is kind of cloudy. i think they call that partly cloudy or partly sunny perhaps. flags are moving so windy out. probably, 5'10" mile-an-hour breeze. neil: really? can get the five, 10? >> sure. stuff coming out of people's mouths down there. like smoke. neil: those are our viewers. careful. are they wearing coats? wearing heavy coats? >> yes they have heavy coats on, yeah, yeah. it's cold. neil: okay. well there is your weather update with matt. we'll be going back to him lately. matt the meteorologist. >> oh, you are? great. neil: thank you for that weather update because we're here to serve, america. just because people, the right people, i'm not saying matt is not the right person but far from the right person for this particular subject. we can look out a window too, say, hey, you know, it's cold. all right. brings to us this guy. who is very qualified when it comes to talking about the weather. political weather. political weather. all right.
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charlie gasparino now on christie dash for cash. how are you you? >> i must say this. we might have been one of the first, if not the first on "cavuto" to break the story he was definitely out. neil: sad. >> sad. neil: you move on. >> certain news organizations gave it to abc news. i don't know why but we'll get into that. neil: you don't hold a grudge. one thing i admire about it. name of the organization. >> one very close to it. neil: he used to have a big money early on, ken langone and they were dropping off. who is out there. >> that is how you knew he was in trouble. another story we broke on fox business. ken was basically saying i can't raise anymore money for you. christie's wife, mary pat has wall street connections, she used to work at hedge fund, became his principle fund-raiser. he still has a good list. still a lot of wall street guys at that like him. he can be a really good fund-raiser for a certain candidate depending who he backs up. i mean -- neil: do you think he will
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commit to anyone? so far he says no. >> i don't know but i remember in 2012 he raised money, even though he and romney didn't get along because of big hug he gave him during sandy. neil: there was technically no hug. aggressive handshake. >> got a little ahead of himself. but he raised money from steve cohen the hedge fund guy and a lot of others. his support could help in fund-raising. i know a friend of mine, fairly significant investor in new york, wants him to back up kasich. neil: kasich. >> kasich. neil: people got back to me. reminding people that it is case-ich. >> kasich. neil: cadell does that too. who doesn't look at jimmy carter. did you hear? here is what is weird about it. they would never make a big deal about that. now that he is moving fast, interesting. >> listen this, race from the establishment standpoint is a muddle. neil: did you sigh a christie
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coalescing somebody like kasich. >> kasich. my guy who is fairly significant fund-raiser, very close with the inner circle of christie backers, langone and them, wants them and wants christie to support kasich. neil: kasich. >> i'm sorry, kasich. i can't help it. my tongue moves a certain way. neil: very good to see you. a lot of people asking for you. >> who? in new hampshire? neil: yeah. >> you wasn't from hottest nightlife places in world from des moines to manchester? what were the strip clubs like in manchester? neil: really? >> you had to do it. what did you do at night? what did you do at night. neil: look at the dow. we might have a weather update. are you around to help with weather. >> ask him, ask connell to give update on florida alligator story. neil: i will. i heard about it and -- but we have standards. meteorologist, matt, we have standards, right? >> we sure do.
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>> very low, right. neil: matt's getting ready for another update. janice dean, the weather machine, wherever you are, we don't need you, baby. i'm kidding. we don't need anymore sellers but we seem to have them. 350 points down on the dow. the nasdaq just peaking bear market territory. what does all of this mean after this? there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95."
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neil: selloff ensues. last president bush 43 is helping his brother out in south carolina. a turf very friendly to bush's under fire if you will. he is going to be there to help his brother drum up support in a state right now overwhelmingly, at least judging by polls favors donald trump.
12:26 pm
it was south carolina he turned things around after getting bested by john mccain in 2000. there is always possibility that lightning strikes twice here, we'll see for jeb bush who is bringing his mom in and video statements from his dad. now his brother. it is all-out bush assault. who knows if bush is better than the man who served under first bush, right, and second bush, no? >> no. neil: he is the guy and all around economic svengalis and alerted to me a galley of his new book, price of prosperity. it's a debbie downer, essentially says why rich nations fail and how to renew them. but for now they're all failing and very little hope of renewing them way things are going, i guess. >> there is still time, neil. you're a young man. you will get to see prosperity again. neil: time, we need to renew them now. first off on the political stuff. >> right. neil: is former president bush going to help his brother jeb enough? >> the question is, former
12:27 pm
president bush a backup quarterback to his mother, barbara bush, bringing second team of former president. look, we live in a kardashian world of politics now. and the bush family is known for its decent sir, really, starting with president george herbert walker bush and when you have got a ways being dominated by crazy bernie sanders on the left and donald trump reality star, magnate on the right, the question is, are the american people interested in hearing from folks who come from a more modest and moderately political background? and i think that -- neil: your theory is no? >> well, i don't know whether it is fear or not. but i suspect it is not what the people are looking for. remember the movie, "network," right? i'm mad as hell and i'm not going to take it anymore. fabulous movie, if any viewers not seen it. it is so prescient.
12:28 pm
it was 1976 came out. neil: won oscar. >> exactly. beat rocky? i think same year as "rocky." neil: i don't know, it got a lot of, mad as hell and can't take it anymore. >> that is the mood of the country. donald trump and bernie sanders are saying the same thing. they are saying, you the american people, whoever you are, you're being screwed by the sytem and i have got the way to solve it. same story from either side. they have got different solutions. neil: normally close to the polls you're told people get a little more thoughtful, not saying these guys are thoughtless choices. then they would go back to sort of like the safe choice of jeb bush in this case. and they're not? >> it's not happening this time, either it is because the mentality of the american people have changed permanently. neil: that is what i think. more they see of stuff, like big silloff, more they say conventional types brought us here. what the heck is wrong going outside petri dish because we
12:29 pm
can't do anything. >> we know what is not working. what is not working what we got. maybe we'll try plan b. neil: do you have a con date? >> do i have a candidate? no not at this point. neil: yes you do? >> who is my candidate? i'm not saying. depends what they're offering. neil: like a debbie downer this is not exactly uplifting. >> raid the last part of the subtitle. neil: really? because i don't have time. >> it says renew. rebirth. neil: nations fail. you have already taken the premise we're all failing. here is how we can renew them. i don't have time to renew them, right? >> you know what? you will have me back when the book is out in june and do several segments about this. neil: todd, thank you very much. breaking news and other developments but the network references were appreciated. you and i maybe only only ones, resident meet -- meteorologist got it. we're down to session lows, down 350 points.
12:30 pm
we're keeping closer eye on the nasdaq, down 19 from its highs. you know a deal from another percent loss. you're at bear market territory. that would indicate a decline of 20% from the highs. know it seems like a little arcane gobbledygook. when you get down that far. in and out of correction is one thing. in and out of bear market quite another. when you're in bear market for averages. you don't get out of that right away. history suggests you get comfortable. you sort of the stick around there. take a look around. after this. food truck, ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no. your insurance rates go through the roof... your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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neil: the dow down about 365 points. it is finding a way. interest rates finding a way. at least two of those three issues very beneficial to you, the consumer. your portfolio seeing it as trading. way too early to sort of put a stamp on this. it is not a very good stand. george is looking at this and looking at the puerto call fallout. trying to connect his support to marco rubio and all of that. governor, very good to have you. the senator was speaking about the volatility in the markets.
12:35 pm
he is trying to be ahead of the curve with this type of discussion. he looked almost robotic. obviously, you like him, that you support him. what does he have to do to break that image? >> i think that senator rubio is doing fine. i think he has articulated solutions. he has talked articulately about our record. i think that he will do fine. i hope you would have done better in new hampshire. just that one part of his performance. >> that is a big part. >> it was. i do think governor christie went to far. i really do. one of the reasons senator rubio
12:36 pm
did not do better in new hampshire, i thought that it was a three-way tie for third there. over $10 million. jeb bush attacking him. the direct target of other attacks like governor christie. he has been under the microscope. the others have not. mark my words. marco rubio will be the next republican nominee and president of the united states. neil: i will mark that down. how do they respond to what has been happening on the markets? we are seeing that more down days then updates. we are seeing a lot of averages well past correction territory. >> i think that it does bode poorly for the future of our economy here in the united states. as a republican, we can look at it as having monetary policy coming out of the fed which has
12:37 pm
done nothing. and then you have the fiscal policy of obama, hillary and the democrats in bernie sanders and washington. there is nothing wrong with the american economy that could not be solved. you talked about oil. you talked about oil. harris: would you do it? would they do it? >> i think they would do it in a second if they had a commander in chief that would untie their hands, give them -- harris: well, the generals have plans. >> sure they have plans, but our strategy is run by political types -- andrea: it's run by valerie jarrett. andrea: people with no military experience, and you're right, the coalition never existed.
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the only one higher is utilities. for that year, it is higher. con edison or some of these utilities have done well. the idea of negative interest rates being a possibility in the u.s. that is what people are talking about. >> star wars, certainly not bad. it is cold out today, by the way. connell mcshane. nearing a bear market level. technology related. what he makes of this. is it a big heal.
12:44 pm
they had for the nasdaq. >> not a whole lot of fun when that happens. it took a long time to hit the new time high after all the averages did. heavily tech and higher tech related. indicative of some of the other fires. no surprise. neil: one wanting to go in and out of a correction. visiting that territory. still a few percentage points away. then it gets to be something to worry about. >> this is not the first average. they have already went down 20. i tend to look at the broader averages. the s&p 500.
12:45 pm
these averages, there is nothing magic about 10 or 20. indicative of how significant a decline it has been. we are in a theater funk as we speak. will the u.s., will the globe have a recession. permeating the dialogue. no one can see that we are still having a lot of jobs. average hourly earnings are starting to move up. it is not a perfect environment here in the u.s., but it is not as bad of a recession that will cause in my view. frustrate the bulls. frustrate the bears. i think we will frustrate the bears and it will be a roller coaster. let's say by an index. the ones you mentioned. russell 2000. russell 500. s&p.
12:46 pm
nasdaq. hang onto that for the long-term. they still do that. put the same amount of money in. what do you think of that strategy? >> we all know that it is in time in the market. i find a lot of people who do that. they are very happy with their investments. when things get tough, like now, they back off. just the time you want to be doing it unless you think it will end. >> you would never make it in cable tv. you always have to be on the brink of disaster. thank you very much. it depends on your time. when you are retiring, maybe you should not be. a little bit longer term.
12:47 pm
let's say you kind of like your kids for the time being. you are planning for their long-term future. maybe, maybe it is a good thing. recommend someone you hate. go ahead. give them the market. you want to get it back in a month. you have heard a lot about john kasich. hoping to make a strong performance. some other states that are not quite as cold as new hampshire. double gold [woodworker] i live in the fine details.
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first hitting a new 52 week low. remember during the earnings are point they had pointed out that user growth had stalled. take a look at netflix. netflix is down today. it is also getting hit. netflix down roughly 3% right now. then there is tesla. despite missing their earnings, they are up today. they will be introducing their proto- type. also, deliveries of the model x. the crossover that everyone was quite excited about. pay attention to chesapeake energy. so far five percentage points, down over 70%. they were having some cash flow problems. they even be some bankruptcy problems in the future. chesapeake down genetically. back to you, neil.
12:52 pm
>> they give very, very much. economic record right there. no ground game. the republican chairman. serving his country very honorably. from what i understand, you have not committed to any candidate thus far. >> that is right. we are speaking of the popularity donald trump in your state. he has a double-digit lead. what do you think of him? >> i would not be surprised. it is looking a whole lot like the old gingrich campaign. you have to give him credit. he has a vision to look at south carolina very early on. i think you took a page out of bush 41's playbook. it will get tough.
12:53 pm
he has built quite a firewall. >> you are right. turning points for other candidates. i am thinking of governor bush right now. the former president. he will be campaigning there with him. campaigning on his behalf in new hampshire. will that lift his numbers? >> there is no question. president bush enjoys a great amount of popularity. we wish we had someone like that as commander in chief today. the gateway to the republican nomination. it is because in south carolina, it is something you do not have in ohio or new hampshire.
12:54 pm
the candidate that has one south carolina, a candidate that has been able to ignite that. neil: do you think that it is such a strong veteran state and they have made better issues in treatment. so has governor jeb bush and john k said. overwhelmingly supporting him. back in ohio. who is winning this veteran vote? >> i would say trump, but not by much. you have bush and kasich. look at where kasich is campaigning. south carolina. that is where the retirees are. people from ohio and the veterans. >> thank you very, very much. we will see what happens.
12:55 pm
we deal with a dow. temperatures across the country. slipping away. little to help energy prices today. they continue to slide away. we do have matt. he qualifies as someone who can look out a window and see what is going on. >> as you can see, slightly sunnier as it was before. partly cloudy outside. the staff has gotten me some graphics. low pressure. i am not sure what this is. >> you are looking out the window. that is what a lot of meteorologists secretly do. you have noticed what? >> people still have their coats on so i would assume it is still cold outside.
12:56 pm
>> yes, they do appear to be putting their hands in their pockets. neil: thank you. i am getting another call from your agent. that is your fox business meter logical update. i will take care of it from here. i will keep you posted. often times when it comes to the weather. we will have more after this. ♪
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
yes, we are twins. when i went on to ancestry, i just put in the name of my parents and my grandparents. i was getting all these leaves and i was going back generation after generation. you start to see documents and you see signatures of people that you've never met. i mean, you don't know these people,
12:59 pm
but you feel like you do. you get connected to them. i wish that i could get into a time machine and go back 100 years, 200 years and just meet these people. being on ancestry just made me feel like i belonged somewhere. discover your story. start searching for free now at neil: andre. i have many rules of thumb. the other one that i have is the where when anyone in washington -- it is the turning point. if you like your doctor, it you can keep your doctor. just know that you cannot.
1:00 pm
they came to break about the unemployment rate. we are off to the races. just understand that we are not. republicans and democrats. you do not want to go there. you do not want to go there. those in washington say that everything is hunky-dory. apparently it is not. the markets are sort of a representation. >> they are. we have short memories on a lot of things in life. you get these kinds of jitters. right now, the big problem is that european banks. neil: what is going on? >> five almost $6 billion loss. >> they do not have the cushions. >> presumably. the bottom line is with the backdrop of the socialist type countries. they do not have the economies
1:01 pm
that they would like to have. big hanks competing with the goldman sachs of the world. you started to see, i think the switches down from set timbre. >> is this thing overdone? >> you cannot lose $6 billion in a quarter. >> they are okay. i remember a lot of banks doing that around the time of the meltdown. >> you tell me that your network is a certain amount of money. >> your first line at a prime rib steak house. do they really have the assets? today and yesterday, this testimony with janet yellen, it will put you to sleep. >> many of them missed this.
1:02 pm
it kind of panics you a little. their ability to work or be affected is almost as much. we do not believe them. we have not believe them in a very long time. the credibility is fading. if the dollar got stronger than they thought it would, they pretty much admitted that they had no idea that oil would come down this much. they did not take that to hike and it is unfortunate. it will be good. it will be good. absolutely. that is what is scaring the hell out of people. neil: this is what i always do to you. copy what you are saying. anyway, i got a sense from her that she is still sitting as she
1:03 pm
goes with these planned rate hikes. she is not going to stop. >> she is a known doug. yes. to your point. neil: she is trying to counter that. charles: they both really really were like him or hate, we will raise rates. suck it up. stop crying. the jobs report was evident across the board. no federal facial ever goes to that hot dog stand. these numbers can be extraordinarily misleading. though wages went up. >> went up for some people. >> certain degrees.
1:04 pm
>> this was the first. year after year. >> the irony is that that is the only thing that the feds are hanging their hat on. i think that it is flimsy. very flimsy. charles: this connection between oil and stocks is really amazing. you know, oil prices go down. stocks turn around. it is a hit here. average joe options. why is that? why is that? will we ever be able to break it? what do you think? >> first of all, i do not agree with that theory. i think that they are totally different. the whole problem comes back to the financial engineering. done by one that has common
1:05 pm
sense. not putting the money in. cheap gas. unfortunately, they are not making enough money to pay their bills. paint a regular everyday bills and learning how to eat. this is the same credit bubble that we have ever come out of. we have no real growth. we are now producing jobs. look at commodities. >> that is what worries me. i love gas prices. low interest rates. i love them as much as anyone. you know, they are just bleeding cash. whether there is something bigger going here on global deflation. what is it? >> there is something much bigger. you try to manipulate.
1:06 pm
you try to engineer a market. trying to solve a problem later. those problems eventually come through. we allowed all the things to bypass all the stocks. we allowed everybody to fluctuate out. all the bad lending decisions they make. then we pour on regulations. now you have banks that are in trouble because interest rates are not high enough. they cannot get enough return. they will take some money and give it back. the whole problem has been built by the engineering jobs. mario draghi. ben bernanke. even greenspan was a problem all of this. you cannot push problems away. you need to address them. you will continue to have those problems and they will get a lot worse as we go forward.
1:07 pm
>> this notion that we overdo it. i do not want to tie the two together. really handle it. it seems very disproportionate to what is actually going on. >> i would agree with that. we tend to overdo it. i think you have a tendency for people to overdo it. they do have some serious issues here. they need to be solved. we need free markets and prices. the market. not have the fed worried about price in the market. >> we have mentioned once or twice this campaign that is
1:08 pm
going on this year. just back from new hampshire. joined by meghan mccain. she has become a real donald trump fan. good to see you. >> he is on fire. i think that they had eaten each other alive. right now he will go on to south carolina with a lot of momentum and energy. >> chris christie may have added to it. unintentionally. that guy going after rubio. he just took out a shot. the party seems to be rallying. maybe for good reason. >> i think that that is 100%. neil: i literally made that up. [laughter]
1:09 pm
>> chris christie took marco rubio out at the knees. many people had told me that this guy is not ready for prime time. neil: the candidates can come back. your dad came back a number of times. >> even eight years ago. i think cruise is the most formidable candidate. he can take a punch from trump. he is not an establishment guy. listen. i am having to come to terms with the fact. it is not just that election cycle. i would go for a sandwich over him. neil: a tuna sandwich gets that call at three in the morning. that is interesting.
1:10 pm
you would live with, if it came to ted cruz or donald trump, you could accept either. talking about bob dole on this subject. a big fan of your dad's. neither of them are my perfect candidates. we are living at a time where the country is at such a breaking point. i would rally behind whatever candidate did i would love it to be jabbed. neil: that is interesting. and a lot of people tend to, and, i told you, we look at it as a conservative. i think part of the appeal, for many, we think that it is whether you buy this argument. you will be able to get stuff out. piling on. you refuse to give an inch.
1:11 pm
that is part of it. we do not like a lot of the stuff that he says. but, when push comes to shove, they will shove through progress. get stuff done. >> i have a cold, dark heart. good policies pacific. a lot of people into hope and change. i just need donald trump to tell me how he is going to make this happen. >> in mexico, it continues to come out. it will never happen. they keep coming out. i am so jaded. it is around so many election cycles. neil: what is the big picture? a lot of the media criticized.
1:12 pm
how are you going to get these rates done? how are you going to make america great again? where is this money going to come from? >> the leader of the free world for all intents and purposes. it is not the person i would want to put out in front of the rest of the world. i feel like i am in stages of guilt. whatever the stages are of depression. i am coming to terms with the fact that my kind of politics, my outlook on america is not what is being offered right now. it is just a are that we are living in. i do believe my people, the more moderate republicans, they will have to come to us at some point. neil: they feel, no, we don't. >> you only want to have a
1:13 pm
certain group of extreme conservatives. we will see how well it gets to the white house. neil: you just said that you are okay with a tuna sandwich. >> i have been around this block enough times. i am talking about the average voter. the average more moderate voter. at certain points, this rhetoric cannot be so divisive. you always disagree with me on this. neil: well, i think you have to be pragmatic. >> a broad mass of americans. young millennial's buying in. neil: how do you know the rhetoric is not bringing in more people than the types that are leaving? he is still as polarizing as ever. [laughter]
1:14 pm
the tuna sandwich really will do nothing. >> it has never told do anything illegal. i trust the tuna sandwich more than i trust hillary clinton. [laughter] neil: i want you to think about this. >> you would vote for hillary clinton over a tuna sandwich? >> well, i don't think i have that choice. i am being a little dramatic. [laughter] i love having her on. he is terrible. terrible. meanwhile, he took on barack obama. he got the united states supreme court to agree.
1:15 pm
robert murray after this. ♪ >> but i am an american. they are destroying all costs of electricity in america. it is the livelihood of my employees that he is destroying. you may not be in the coal industry. you may not be as passionate about my employees. ♪ you both have a
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due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. neil: the president was selling that epa. he bought the law. i think he won. robert murray on the supreme court's slapping down.
1:19 pm
good to have you, my friend. whether the administration stops with this stuff. we have known from prior decisions. they do not necessarily have to. >> yes, neil. what they have been doing is a fraud. an absolute fraud. what does that mean, though? what do they mean by that? >> it is not a total outright victory. the d.c. court of appeals has been wrong. we will win the major fight. it stops.
1:20 pm
it stops the deadline of september. the states had to comply with their plans. it stops the utilities. it stops the sierra club. it stops the national resource defense council. my -- michael bloomberg of new york. it stops them in their tracks. >> all right. i have to get ready for the possibility that this is going to happen. i cannot stop. it is sort of like a kid in college. the professor took it back. i could read into that. you still have not dodged the bullet. >> there is one difference. they have been gaming the system from the beginning. we, last july 291 before the united states supreme court. obama and his democrats already
1:21 pm
post 111. they try to do the same thing this time. you have to wear the cost of the regulations you impose. what did not change out of the epa was that behavior. he still eats a lot of regulations. they did not change what they were doing. epa, obama, you have to count the cost of these regulations. that is one of our six arguments. in this case against the deconstructive expensive power plan. twenty-nine states. twenty-nine states.
1:22 pm
neil: no one is doubting the fact. let me ask on the republican side. not just a few conversations. >> ted cruz. he has been the strongest one on fixed income. the manufacturer of todd oakes on this climate exchange issue. others are supporting it, but not as much as ted cruz. am i supporting ted cruz? not necessarily. i think it is a mad scramble. she will expand obama's policies. the jobs that she destroyed.
1:23 pm
they do not want hillary clinton's welfare. they want jobs. >> we have meghan mccain here. she voted for a tuna sandwich over hillary clinton. it is not a whole lot of tuna sandwiches. if you were given that choice, i would not pick her or sanders. i would definitely take the tuna sandwich. >> that means a tuna sandwich would have to get the 3:00 a.m. call. it would not be as destructive as the obama administration has been to the poor people in this country. thank you, my friend. very good having you. >> take you, neil.
1:24 pm
neil: we will have more after this. ♪
1:25 pm
1:26 pm
1:27 pm
. . neil: want to bring in a news item. judge ordered release of remaining clinton emails. hillary clinton emails. but in stages, the first wave would be this saturday. again to make good on court filing to get all the emails out with all this going on we had senator mark kirk, republican of illinois booked on other matters but i would be remiss if i didn't mention this. senator kirk, where is this going? >> with regard to the budget we're now going to be over $3 trillion in debt and no chance of ever balancing budget. neil: first on the emails coming out, that we're getting first wave of them. some as soon as saturday. interesting that they're going to be released on a weekend. generally news like that gets kind of buried on a weekend.
1:28 pm
what do you think of all this? >> you know, they usually use the friday document dump to try to make sure things don't look so bad. neil: you're just looking for timelines, right? what she knew, what was classified that sort of thing, right? >> i want to make sure classified information was not made too vulnerable to the russians, to the chinese. neil: all right. so the argument, sir, i will get to this budget stuff, but the argument she and her folks have made at least when they were first being sent to her, and exchanged back and forth with her, they weren't classified at that time. you don't buy that? i think a lot of your colleagues say any kind of information by nature that is classified, right? >> i would say that classified information is rated on its ability to damage the united states if released. and that we are all under the
1:29 pm
law, even secretary clinton. neil: okay. switching to this surplus, sir, many are making great hey, well, these deficits are behind us, we're there, home run. you've been worried about not getting too excited in the eye of what would be a hurricane, right? >> that's right. neil: okay. so what are you worried about? that they're going to give up, both parties, resolve to get our debt under control, now 19 trillion? >> at this point the budget is way too in the red. that we have, it has been over a year since we lost our aaa credit rating and we need to make sure that we are much more fiscally conservative in our policies here in the congress. neil: are you worried that some running for president in your party are not addressing that issue enough, how to get the debt under control, how to get entitlements under control? that you could argue they are as much punting now? >> there is a lot of punting. we need to make sure that
1:30 pm
entitlements are actually reformed. i prefer the simpson-bowles approach which i think is best way to go. that is the best bipartisan layout for us to make sure we spend less and borrow less and tax less. neil: all right. thank you very, very much, my friend. good to have you with us. >> thank you, neil. neil: senator kirk. all right, we're talking about $55 billion surplus in the latest month. we should stress that could be just an aberration. statisticsly likely will be. with the baby boom generation, everything hits the fan in just a matter of couple years and deficits start getting worse. penny more added to the debt, cbo said it will be 30 billion in a decade from 19 billion now. back to the dow. down 329 1/2 points. financial sector is really getting hit. a lot of this started in europe with concern that big money banks over there are in world of hurt. this is interesting parallel you
1:31 pm
hear often times to 2007-2008 experience. they're selling first, asking questions later. even when institutions in europe come out to say, well, it is not that bad. a lot of traders say well, you know, we remember those institutions saying the exact same thing eight years ago. so they're punishing them all over again. when they compound their ills by killing their stocks, well it does create the very panic that the markets fear most. it's weird. it's real. more after this. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions
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>> tech stocks taking it on the nose today. that is why they call them high beta stocks. they're more volatile than regular stocks. s&p tech index down 9.5% infor the year. we're looking at alphabet, microsoft, apple. trading pe of 9.91 and at 52 week of 92 to $134 a share. as you can see down 11% at 93.11. google also trading in the middle of it us fifth week range. down but not in bear territory here. soft of course is down, it's trading down 11%. that stock at a 34 pe. as you're considering these stocks, if you're holding them and a lot of individual investors do, you might want to think about, is this stock have
1:36 pm
growth that i can count on? what is that growth? what are its next steps to grow revenue even in a slow growth environment? these are stocks under pressure today because of this high beta nature of tech stock earnings. back to you. neil: gerry, thank you -- gerri, thank you very, very much. deirdre bolton on what is going on with twitter. what happened? >> you love it. i love it. candidates love it. you strongly like it. but in -- neil: everyone uses it, right? >> everyone uses it but they have not managed to grow their user base. they have 320 million people who use it which is not bad. they have not figured out how to make money. they are trying this thing, they will launch it called, first view. let advertisers get first crack at our eyeballs. you log in. go to the stream and launch a video. twitter is really hoping, i have this from very good authority,
1:37 pm
very high up there, making a big bet on this. also a big bet on -- neil: making video. >> in other words that will help them monetize it and make it attractive to advertisers knowing, pepsi, for example, we log on and we'll get a pepsi ad up front. i don't know if pepsi -- neil: wouldn't that turn users off too? >> that will be the big experiment. twitter's management is really going guns blazing on this. if you look at the price, past 12 months is down around 70%. a lot of analysts who say, listen, the best thing that happens to twitter it gets bought. anybody that i speak with on wall street analysts, only reason to own the stock right now is hopes of the company being acquired. linkedin is suffering too. the social companies, four professionals at least in this case, down 70% in the past 12 months. again same problem. how do we make money? if you look at some other companies, facebook more than a billion users. netflix, we're all addicted. neil: they leverage off the numbers. one thing i didn't understand
1:38 pm
with twitter. they were kicking around idea character limit? >> yes. people went crazy. go to twitter and type in 140 characters all the people saying they shouldn't do that. that is destroying identity. twitter is a bit between a rock and a hard place because it wants to compete with facebook. facebook has more than a billion users. that is a big number. they have a lot of power. twitter is suffering from identity -- neil: twitter has advantage in politics, entertainment. everyone tweets. a little more involved using facebook. >> i think for journalists are wordsmiths or like to think we are, twitter is great. a challenge. express yourself in 140 characters or letters. at least from the call on the street -- neil: i think it is overdone people say what they had for breakfast. >> if you're not in our field i don't really understand it. in our field i love it. i'm a self-proclaimed -- neil: i don't get it. but you do fortunately.
1:39 pm
thank you very much. deirdre bolton. to jeff flock on, you know, this cheap gas, cheap oil, where do you think some folks are benefiting? depends on the folks i guess. but the to jeff flock who knows who they are, jeff. reporter: oil today, neil, flirting with $27 but we're not flirtings back. help could be on the way. who would benefit? folks driving out there. ford announcing it will introduce four new suvs over the course of the next four years because of low gas prices. they just sent us a spot to advertise this. take a listen. >> nearly one of every three vehicles sold in the u.s. today is an suv. during the next four years, suvs are expected to grow to 40% of the market. that's dramatic growth. reporter: and, neil, it is not just ford going with this.
1:40 pm
in the last week fiat chrysler will ditch the dodge dart and the chrysler 200, two of their smaller cars in favor of making more jeeps. they will use that capacity, the plant capacity to build more jeeps because they can't build them fast enough. what does this mean to oil prices? well, you know we heard about demand destruction when people were getting more fuel-efficient cars. now we're talking about demand creation. people buying less fuel-efficient cars. that's bullish for oil demand and for prices. unfortunately, it might take a while. neil: normally, jeff, you think about it, the last to see or define a trend, right, oilfy -- guys this is way whole world is going and oil prices go up and they're caught off-guard. reporter: it happened before. neil: it has. thank you my friend, jeff flock in chicago with that. he is a phenomenon when it comes to winning overvotes but more of a phenomenon when it comes to win be over money.
1:41 pm
in case you didn't know bernie sanders is very popular with cash donors. and i mean those who really just hand it over in cash. 2bucks at a time. no one, even then senator barack obama eight years ago come close to this guy, who was a senator during the civil war! not really but it's amazing, after this. that is cyber-crime and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer.
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reporter: time for the fox business brief and the tough day continues to put it mildly for stocks, financials and energy. shares are down by 355 points on the dow. first look at financials, citi, bank of america, others are down today. and down big. this is the spdr, bass heket of stocks that covers entire sector. concern about the central banks not just ours but around the world whether or not there are options to help the markets out. six and 7% to the downside. crude oil continues its decline. nobody seems to know where the bottom is, below $27. energy stocks have been having a tough day today as well. with he could highlight chevron as example down 2.3%. only sector with large group of stocks is telecom. centurylink led the way higher there, better than expected outlook. neil is coming back with more "coast to coast" in just a moment. keep it here on fox business.
1:44 pm
1:45 pm
neil: we are getting numbers from the bernie sanders campaign just off the charts, you think just since the new hampshire primary vote, he has raised more than $7 million. $7.1 million we're told, more than any other candidate. and by far, and as the senator likes to joke, 27 bucks at a time. that is the average donation that he gets. so brags that he doesn't accept it from big banks and powerful interests, billionaires, that
1:46 pm
sort of thing. so it comes in small denominations like that. could that be something hillary clinton has to worry about, that appeal obviously has built post-new hampshire and extends maybe to the southern states that will be the target of at lot of pundits attention right now? democratic strategist on that. joe, what do you think on that? that is a lot of money for a guy thought regional candidate, might be branching out. what do you think? >> he definitely tapped into a vein. when we were at local levels we saw small dollar donors from a big crowd. he managed to take it to national level. his speech tuesday after a win is impressive. we'll hold the fund-raiser. go to my website. donate right now. the fact he maintained that $27 figure. 27-dollars donors. they give more than once. they are invested donors throughout the entire campaign. it helps keep blood in the system. these people are frustrated.
1:47 pm
he has given them a voice. amazing to see this. team he has put around this is impressive. neil: think about donors like that passionate given type of folks show up to bank. >> when when he think of koch brothers or big banks or super-pacs they don't have to disclose donors that may be one person or small oligarchy of people running the super-pacs. this is antithesis of that. a whole bunch of people are literal giving $10 they have left to cause they believe n we've known the people out there. we've never been able to activate them. all of sudden bernie gave the group a voice. take away politics and the fact this candidate who was as you said beginning of this thing, not really taken seriously exploded on scene. done it through online donations through phones, website. all different ways.
1:48 pm
it is impressive. really impressive. neil: can he win the nomination? >> i don't know. i will say this. i'm going to come out a little bit here. if you have asked me that three months ago i pretty sure you did i would have told you no way. the biggest question i have super tuesday. $7 million is a lot of money. we shouldn't laugh at that he has to compete in lot of tv markets on super tuesday. that is expensive. he has to keep money into next big round two weeks later and has to come out with a ton of delegates. he crushed hillary with new hampshire but left the state with same amount of delegates for the convention and in the end that is what matters. neil: i don't know. >> it is a good fight. neil: he could be well on his way. we'll watch very, very closely. joe, thank you very much. update i want to pass along. donald trump and univision, going after each other over miss universe thing and pageant. trump owned pageant at the time. univision wanted to separate that relationship because of comments mr. trump raised about mexicans and all.
1:49 pm
anyway, the lawsuit is settled. we're not sure the actual dollar amount which it was settled but grievances are behind them and moving on. donald trump moves on. right now leading the republican race for president of the united states. a little more after this. we live in a pick and choose world.
1:50 pm
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1:52 pm
neil: if you were to be the nominee, i know it's early, you remind me of that, do you look at certain types, governors senators? >> number one i want to win. if i win then i think about this. there are really good people we know. i would think while the fact i'm political i'm not a politician i would want to choose a politician. neil: charlie gasparino if donald trump did become a nominee he has to start looking at number two. what he is saying there, buddy he has to look at establishment.
1:53 pm
>> not very political, hey, you know? [laughter] neil: yeah, i might. i'm unconventional i have to go for someone more conventional. >> i don't know if we really tallied this up enough about donald. if donald will win, he will win in the opposition of gop establishment, clearly democratic party establishment, not just that the conservative establishment. think about who's against donald trump. "wall street journal" editorial board despises him. "national review" did a whole cover story on him, hates him. "weekly standard," the whole right-wing -- neil: here we are talking potential running mates. >> that to me is unbelievable. neil: could you see that? >> yeah i could see it. i don't know if he is going to win, but if he wins that would be unprecedented. neil: if he wins crowd over, doubters, skeptics. >> skeptics? hater. neil: i understand. do you think he would have to not mollify them but go for
1:54 pm
safer choice, more conventional politician? >> my guess if he wins the republican primary he will pick some unconventional like him. neil: yeah. really? >> yeah. neil: chris christie the night before he got the bad news on new hampshire, this is from chris christie, asked this question about running mate. >> as a running mate for somebody you could be the guy that to be that attack dog. what do you think? >> certainly. certainly could be but i won't be because i will be one picking the running mate. and i just, you know -- neil: but you wouldn't rule out, if it didn't happen? >> i allowed mitt romney to consider me the last time, right? the fact that you don't run for vice president. neil: but he could be that conventional attack dog? which you see in running mate a lot of times, right? >> generally you seek attack dog or somebody that compliments you in the sense that george w. bush wanted to, dick cheney someone with a lot of experience or someone gives you a state. kasich, kasich i mean.
1:55 pm
did i say it right the first time? neil: kasich. >> so kasich. my tongue doesn't work that way. mr. k, mr. k, just call him mr. k, governor k -- neil: here is how powerful you are. they notice what when you say that. >> really? i saw him in the gym in south carolina. neil: whatever happens in south carolina stays in south carolina. in those days maybe it was fine but it is kasich. >> do you think he would be donald's running mate? come on. neil: i'm asking you. >> i don't know. neil: who stands the best chance of the crop out there? we're getting -- >> my guess he goes for someone really unconventional. neil: really? >> funny like donald has give money to so many politicians, he admits, i'm bribing them and they do stuff for me. but i just wonder, he has given so much money to so many that he
1:56 pm
attacked you don't get impression they could work with him. i mean he is really been vicious on everybody. like i say he hasn't been vicious on christie, right? nor kasich. he was a little rough on him. neil: the fracking thing. >> oil. he has got the best one-liners. i think it will be a very unconventional choice. i think most of these guys don't want to work for him. neil: no one ever turns down a veep spot. >> i will tell you this, neil. he becomes president, think about it. the conservative establishment is powerless to stop donald trump. that is amazing. neil: he could be on his way. it is way early. all right. we'll have more, a weather update from matt too right after this. [vet] two yearly physicals down.
1:57 pm
1:58 pm
martha and mildred are good to go.
1:59 pm
here's your invoice, ladies. a few stops later, and it looks like big ollie is on the mend. it might not seem that glamorous having an old pickup truck for an office... or filling your days looking down the south end of a heifer, but...i wouldn't have it any other way. look at that, i had my best month ever. and earned a shiny new office upgrade. i run on quickbooks. that's how i own it. neil: all right. american cold-snap weather update with meteorologist matt. matt, what's the latest? >> i found the thermometer on the bank over there says 25 degrees outside. neil: whoa, so it is pretty
2:00 pm
cold? >> it is pretty cold. neil: you had a chance to look out there, coats, anything like that, observation? >> coats. hands in pockets. neil: looking away from the window. how do you know? okay. thank you. that's latest from meteorologist matt. thank you, matt. trish regan here is how we treat our meteorologists on the show. trish: matt is making me cold looking at him. thanks so much, neil. breaking, everyone, major selloff underway on wall street. look at dow, off 340 points. you know what? the fed has nothing it can do to fix it. that is what is motivating this. we watch oil see a lot of volatility. dow jones industrial average off more than 2%. s&p off nearly 2%. nasdaq composite index off 1%. we're all over this. we're going in asking questions why markets are this challenged rit


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